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Welcome rudebois and rudegyals to the latest edition of Star Wars A New Quest,

Last time on STANQ; learn some martial arts, a few perspective switches, fighting giantesses again and beating them, tattoo, alliances, blonde guard talk, recruit ratboy mixt as translator and your harpy into gang, find out about lamia, work for big guy, leave the prison on work and help bring in a wolf girl and the sister of your harpy, and break up their fight, take the shelter in the yard during a storm and only let certain people in.

And that's where we left off.


You decide to leave this turning weird conversation and play a couple games of space chess, and Esteban joins you.

"Didn't know you played esteban"

"Guidado gringo, just because i'm in here, don't think i'm an idiot"

You play and generally do well.

"So what exactly happened with that harpy? Tell me everything."

"What the fight?"

"No you meeting her, what did you do to make this happen?"

>what do/say/act like along with 1d100

>stop talking to focus harder on game
>change subject (to what)
>explain (with what words and questions)
>ask him about what girls he's on
>find safety and jump in stone (where, who bodyguarding?)
>write in


>To follow or talk with a Real G or give a recommendation or ask something, Twitter: @WynautQM
>Archive: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Murderhobo%20Edition%20Quest
Rolled 2 (1d100)

>play more space chess
Apparently we're shit at board games.
focus completely on space chess or?
>explain: I dressed up as a harpy. Didn't even need the coconut!
"I dressed up as a harpy. Didn't even need the coconut!"

"You'll have to explain deeper than that"

"I was out hunting escapees for the warden, and i snuck up on a harpy dressed as a harpy, and she fell for it, got real close, was confused and didn't know what was going in even as I pinned her wings down"

"...You pinned her wings down?"

"Yeah, so?"

"So you're signalling sex with one and instead taking her to prison, and her sister is the one that holds onto you all day? seems pretty legit to me, why does her sister hold onto you anyway?"

"...Let's just play space chess"

1 minute later

"How did I lose in seven turns?"

"Probably got monster girl booty on the mind, when i'm at the board, it gets my full attention man, ain't never lost in chess, los galaxy desperado's grandmaster you puto!"

>what do/say now
Play again. Tie breaker up in this bitch.
>Go cruisin' for a bruisin', inquire on where your roommate "Princess" is
Rolled 24 (1d100)

Rolled 14 (1d100)

"Nah, we going again, tie break up in this bitch."

"It's 1-0 but whatever"

1 hour later

"3-1 to me, not bad K, you got a game in"

"Only because you were busy turning your pawns into a giant moving penis"

"True, so about that harpy-"

"Yo, where's our roommate at?"

"This giantess princess?"

"No the other princess, the horse bitch"

"K, listen... You fucked her up good yeah, rights and lefts with power punches and robot arm punches, she was lucky to survive."


"Several days in the infirmary, scars, still blacked eyed in one eye that'll never see the same again, and the other eye being cybernetic."

"You're tell me all this bec-"

"Because she's not only a friend, she's important to the warden"

"How do you know what's important to the war-?"

"You're not the only one having the limiter raised and being put in the warden's pocket, look, sh-she's still sleeping it off in our room, j-just don't hurt her anymore"

You can't feel any force from him

"How co-"

"I'm hiding it, neat huh?"

"I won't hurt her if you teach me that"


"And don't use precognition to see my moves either you cheat"

"Fair enough gringo"

>what do/say/go/act like now
>put him in the stone, have all of his knowledge drained so that Push'ti can teach it to us without any agendas
>Go see if there's any scrap you can refashion into spare parts laying about, been a while since we've done anything handy.
Hey wanna see a magic trick? Catch. Toss him the stone.
Hey, we could remove Princess' gimp eye and replace it with the stone to give Push'ti a physical body!
"Hey wanna see a magic trick?"

"Not really"

"Catch" you say throwing the stone at him.

He stops

He looks up at you

"Yo I smuggled this out of korriban in my ass and gave it to some bounty hunters eons ago, what is it anyway?"

"This was in your ass?"

"It was wrapped up, don't worry"

"It's a stone with a magic bitch in it"

"Huh" He throws it back at you, "This thing was more trouble than it was worth"

"Whatever, i'm going" you say leaving

You star acquiescing through the halls, eventually finding a room with scrap and meager tools of kinds

but what do you attempt to make?

>what do with 1d100
>ship parts
>escape tools (what kind)
>write in creation
>leave and go talk to somebody
>take stuff back to your room and hide it
>write in action
She can't possess.
She's linked to the stone.
She could try putting her thoughts above princesses and essentially annoy princess so much she obeys but that's it, it'd be a choice.
it's essentially her, it'd have to be a corpse, a specific one, and push'ti would have to be convinced to leave her mortal rock in pieces to climb into a body that will die and she may not be able to be immortal again.
>Something that can either make a lot of sparks or a boomstick
Shivs. Hide one immediately after making it.
Rolled 40 (1d100)

three posters including me bruv
one of you's a repeat or a ghost.
Rolled 41 (1d100)

>something like a jammer, or a transmitter that can mimick another controller's signal
Sleepy, you gotta roll
You look at all the spare parts to determine what's available to make.

Not much, nothing electronic, mostly mechanical.

You're a few components short of a working one use pipe pistol, so you hide those ones, and elect to make a shiv.

It's not great, but it's not bad.

You can slip it through the space in armour or the space between someone's ribs pretty easy, and it's sharp and legit enough, but also primal enough to be a useful threatening tool

You take it back to your room and stash it in your personal footlocker, only the warden's masterkey or your combination can open it.

You need the bathroom to check if your toothbrush has been turned into someone else's shiv, and when you approach the door you hear a shout of "Don't come in!" panicked.

>what do now
>Try to see if we can sense what they're doing in there with our limiter on
"FINE, JEEZ" you shout

You feel fear, but realisation you're not going in, and eventually as you sit on your bed you feel movement.

More specifically, princess grinding her back/lap on something

Guess centaur's can't touch themselves with vajajay's like 8 foot behind them

You feel tears though, tears and more fear since she's looking in the mirror's direction.

>what do now
Go in whatever is going on in there just ignore it for what we came in for.
Give Peter reign, see if we can figure out some power that would help her pain/make her eye sharper.
See what s up with Athena?
You go into the bathroom, not caring about her shouts or moans or feeble attempts to hide what she's doing and check your toothbrush, it's fine, no one's put it in the toilet or anything either, though someone else has used it, and it's not Esteban at least.

You check through your shit and she stands there looking at you weird before finally speaking up.

"Well? Come to mess with me more?"

You sigh, and switch to peter, noting that the collar hasn't changed size to accommodate so it's not as tight, huh.

she's surprised by the change and Peter takes over.

Normally she'd knock someone out for stroking her, but scared of what you'd do she lets Peter do his thing.

He closes the toilet lid and stands on it, stroking he man as he hugs her, her mashed up bruises going away as e strokes and hums.

She feels at ease, whether that's an effect of what he's doing or a legitimate feeling, you don't know.

he then climbs off and goes around her, leading her to the sink

"Lean against it"

She grips the sink the her hands, and then grips too hard when Peter starts exploring her from behind

"W-what do you, think, you're, ahn, doing?"

"You can't take care of yourself, so i'm being nice and taking care of you"

"I-i'm saving myself, d-d-don't even think abou-"

"I'm not" He says gingerly letting his fingers do their work, as he lets 4 fingers worm around, hitting secret spots you didn't know existed on a race you didn't know existed a week or so ago.

"P-p-please, no, please... OOH" A loud shout fills the bathroom, and her feet kick and stamp at the ground as she struggles to control them.

She falls down holding onto the sink for support as peer walks forward and leans over her washing his hands in the sink she's holding onto for dear life, before he dries them on her jumpsuit, leaving her to fall to the tiles and leaves to lie on your bed reading.
"I wonder how kyran's doing" Athena think while voting on a new bill
You wake up with a book on your face.

>what do now
>A book? Where'd this even come from?
>Inspect the book, and start reading it in the yard while we're doing pull-ups with our good hand
>Timeskip some training, have Myran Rider act like Joruus C'baoth to establish us as a ruler over all these people by dispensing JUSTICE
"Peter? Where'd you get this book?"

"Found it"


"While you were unconscious one time"

You get up and head to the courtyard, need to get your workout in.

You get in your harpies run down and begin super swole dual pump up tunes sitting on your barbells as you lift, and acting as a double weighted belt for other workouts.

"At least you've got in power what you lack in chess skill"

"Hardy har esteban"

"It's really not funny, i've never met someone so bad at space chess"

You start doing pull ups with real hand while reading the book

"Moby dick was a pirate who sailed the seven lemonade oceans- Fuck sake Peter this is a kid's book without all the pictures!" "and candy is made for kids, yet you still eat it all the time"

Fair point actually.

You learn a bit about friendship and trust, now wasn't that nice?

>What do now?

Gonna need a lot more details than that, timeskips are hard enough to write, need exact details on most character interactions and general acting, and what you say to convince Myran to give up his comfy chair in exchange for dealing with prison, how much missions for big guy and how much percent to put in helping the warden, how far you'll go, etc etc, everything man, i need everything.
not tryna be awkward about it but still.
>what you say to convince Myran to give up his comfy chair in exchange for dealing with prison
Well, I was thinking we could let Myran deal with disputes and acting all like a jefe until the next mission.
Test out what our homeboy esteban said about our harpies shit man its been what two weeks in game time? the exogorth hungers.
>wonder just where all the birdshit goes
He doesn't want to deal like a jefe though
He wants to chill with gazza in your head all day.
He'll be let out to take justice but that's it really, it'd literally be you doing everything and just letting him out to kick the shout out of people, i.e, the fun part, unless you can convince him to take over as permanent resident while you learn the stone's secrets.
Are you telling us what our soulmate wants and how he acts when it comes to JUSTICE?
You guys decide how Kyran runs yeah, but Myran only acts as you say for justice, if there's no justice, he doesn't care.

what's important to understand about these people, is that they're personality snippets, so too long without touching each other or you, or too long controlling the body, and they become one dimensional, with peter in your head, justice, fun, and emotions take some part in his decisions and thoughts, but in control, only the peter part influences decisions, same with the rest of the gang, they aren't fit for long time solitary control of you.
So we can't play as the other three anymore?
Ask if it's possible to immunize ourselves even if partially to harpy poison.
I think Gazza could pull it off so long as he empowers us with the Dark Side.
Challenge a big shot to a dance fight
Dude, we're already the big shock.
You look at your harpies idly looking at you while perched, feathers swaying in the breeze, and you think to yourself, where does all that birdshit go?

"Hey esteban, where does all the bird shit go?"

"Giant methane generators"

"The fuck are those?"

"That's what the warden told me" good, you weren't the only curious one.

"Anyway, i'ma take your advice and try the harpies out, if ya get me"

"First, are you married to them?"

"I gave eaturn a nut and she gave it back"

"So you're engaged, give it to her again and you'll be married"

"Wait, how does that work?"

"It's a provider thing, i'm guessing you didn't specify meaning behind the nut you gave her?"

"She doesn't speak basi-"

"So she thinks you gave her the nut as provided food, at that point the harpy either eats it, or keeps it for a while and then eats it, or puts her scent on it and gives it back, as a i don't need temporary one food item, but i accept you kinda thing"

"So she allowed me to give her this nut as an engagement ring?"

"Essentially, but harpy society marriage is essentially a symbolic gesture or tribal dispute ending, a male can and often will have multiple marriages since there's very few male ones, and apprently they keep the gene pool diverse by marrying off all sorts of different clan females to crashed star pilots, well, unless the other females get to them first."

"Do I need to marry them to fuck?"

"slam i'm guessing not if you take her sister, as a very familial thing they tend to share unless your eaturn's greedy or doesn't want her sister being broken in without being married, pure luck i guess, eaturn you'll have to since you're engaged,"

"what about poison? Can I immunize myself to them?"

"Your harpies aren't poisonous, rainbow is come here not don't hunt me"

>what do now?
>lewd, (who, and get married to one, or neither)
>go do something else (what)
>talk more
>write in

You can, but not for long periods of time or you'll lose control, and they'll be very 2D
This shit was cheesy af at point but i've enjoyed the series so far, interested to see what happens.
If poisoned, there's a technique that opens all veins at once and opens the skin, and the blood freezes and pressure shoots out any undesirables in the blood, very secret technique, gazza won't know it.
you'll discover it at some point, but it leaves you extremely vulnerable, and only the strongest users can do it without killing themselves on the spot.
Keep in mind Anons that we're basically engaged to Al too.

No decisions from me, I'm busy doing something. And I don't know what to do either, so yeah.
>what do now?
Can the skin be used to lessen damage? Maybe practice that. We going Shaolin Monk Steel-Skin mode.
>Keep in mind Anons that we're basically engaged to Al too.
We said we'd go on a vacation with her. Don't worry, we're not tied down yet, just chained.
I only watched up to 3, does it go further?
>lewd them both while having a chicken sandwich (heheheh), nut between them
Any marriage here doesn't count anything on the galactic stage and isn't even worth noting down.
besides, they'd probably want to stay here and find a new guy or just raise your 98% chance daughters in relative peace if they get knocked up.


You do that anyway, but steel skin, no, unless you find a shaolin master, the ancient wisdoms of the east shall not be revealed
You mean you didn't give us birdgirls so they could perch on our shoulders while we go off being a space pirate?
Thanks for link.

I guess we could just make more gains and possibly recruits some fitness nuts for our cause.

Have we tried talking to any other humans aside from blondie?
They can if you persuade them and they don't know they're pregnant and they aren't scared of the ship or trash compactor you leave through.

The guard that teaches you is human, but you guys ignore the human supermacist table, and the human and alien tables at lunch,and they keep to themselves so they haven't invited you over,
We could go the human supremacists and ask them if they ever think about a huge human empire ruled by a guy with a black cloack and cool mask.
who dat referencing?
Well, yeah we did do that. She will probably be very upset at us if we marry though. Like, extremely upset.

I also had some thoughts from the last thread, maybe you guys would like to hear.
So, why are there prisons here, and why is the Empire/Sith opting to take over the planet?

If there are force resistant research to be done, the Sith would just drop a team of researchers to do their thing, and kill anything in their way. No need to waste resources and manpower on the natives.
If it's a slave thing, why aren't they being shipped off world for slave labor or slave training? The Empire and Sith don't have a shortage of slaves, I'm pretty sure of that. So it might be a high ranking Officer doing his own personal campaign, instead of an operation backed by the entirety of the Sith/Empire. Maybe because he gets off on Monstergirls.

Also this weather thing. The bolt of lightning that we redirected struck us at a strange angle, the post said. Disregarding the rain thing because rain is supposed to taste pure, especially on a world like this where there's no industrialization to pollute the air. We would have seen huge smokestacks if it was. There's probably some sort of weather machine used to keep the native population afraid.
Likely due to religious or natural disaster, they seem to fear the rain, and lightning won't help either. During dry seasons lightning would be notorious for causing wildfires.

Anyways, a weather machine might take a lot of power. When we asked where all the bird shit went, Esteban explained that the Warden said to him, there were giant methane generators. Methane being a natural gas, could be used to power said generator or power other systems such as lighting or doors.

Dunno how to apply any of those thoughts right now, but that's what I got. Maybe it'l be useful.
>She will probably be very upset at us if we marry though. Like, extremely upset.
Whatever. She'll probably take it in stride, a future with us like she would want is pretty much impossible.
The Empire (of Sheev) they were pretty human-centric. With pseudohumans kinda being okay-ed (Chiss are technicallly humans)

Wynaut said what happens in prison planet stays in prison planet.
And not like anyone gives a fuck about monster girls' feelings, they're not people WOOOOH.
We need to just focus on missions so we can explore this planet, there's really not that much to do here besides train and lewd.
We could meet the other prison gangs, play prison politics, do missions for the warden, further interpersonal relationships, plot an escape or riot, smuggle shit outside to plot, play games, hit on blondie, learn the ways of space spics, etc.
*raspberry noises*
Besides, exploring could get us access to better materials for tinkering.
Yeah, he did say that. It just doesn't sit all that well with me, but if you guys want to, go ahead.
Can we marry them as Emergency Food Supplies?
Nah I don't really want to fuck them.
Or anyone else.
Sure, let's marry them, install them as the matriarchs, and wipe the other kind of harpies off the face of this planet.
>Well, yeah we did do that. She will probably be very upset at us if we marry though. Like, extremely upset.
Who cares? We should have fucked her when we first met her and got it over and done with.
You take your harpies to a secluded dark corner of the courtyard and pin down eaturn's wings on the ground, the hungering exogorth throbbing as you lay it on her chick parts.

She looks into your eyes shouting the harpy word for nut, and you tap your pocket and she looks away slightly huffing, clearly not pleased you're taking her without claiming her as your own, but not resisting.

her sister comes along, clearly older and more experienced, no virgin like eaturn.

"If you want K you can have me, i don't need a nut yet" she says turning and repeating the same in harpy to taunt her sister.

eaturn mumbles "no, i take him, you no take before mine" in harpy while spreading her legs slightly, and Slam goes to translate, but you inform her you speak harpy.

Slam looks confused, and you pick her up put her down on top of Eaturn with them looking at each other, both with arms pinned

"I will take you both at the same time"

All you hear are confused noises as you put it between them, and start thrusting.

It hits slam like an old friend who just came round with booz,e and it hits eaturn like a tazer as she spazms slightly with each thrust, the girthy ruler spreading and mashing their lips apart, grinding against clits with bulky veins.

They both cheep and chirp as you use one hand to squeeze the flesh of each one.

"Apologise to your sister Slam", They both act confused through moans, "prove how sorry you are"

"y-yes sir" she says apologising to her sister the ways harpies do, kissing deeply and slowly as you crowbar between them, moaning into each others' mouths.

After a while, the sensations become too much, and as Eaturn's body rocks your cock into turning the chicken sandwich into a chicken mayo sandwich, with Slam's orgasm following shortly after yours.

You pull out from between them, wipe your dick off on eaturn's feathers wrapped around her sisters back, slap slam's ass, and put the exogorth away.

"You girls' clean up."

You head to the human supremacist area of the courtyard and introduce yourself.

"Kyran Ollis, at your service"

"Ah, good to meet a fellow normal in here" the leader says shaking your hand, and leading you around the group to shake everyone else's hand

"Say, do you lot ever think about a huge human empire ruled by a guy with a black cloack and cool mask."

They all look at each other seriously

"Only every day bro!" They roar high fiving each other and patting your shoulder.

You guess you've made an alliance with pro human frat bros.

>what do now

with the harpies, it's not marriage, that's just the closest word, it's a claim.

They take the nut, break it open, eat the inside, and use the shell as a hairpin, letting them know they're claimed by you with your scent saliva on it, so no other men get to have their way with them.

On a 98% female planet certain liberties are taken with consent and the limited males for the good of the clan and to keep children coming.

they're actually in line for title of matriarch, but eaturn is too young, and Slam's been broken in and claimed before, so they're kinda far back, and only matriarch for the rainbow clan.

By pure, he didn't mean pure rain, he's had that, and there's plenty of industrialization with giant mining equipment and from this facility, ky could tell it was essentially bottled filtered water not even pure rainwater, fake weather.

>No need to waste resources and manpower on the natives.
They want to uplift them, but first, need control of all clans to do so successfully
>why aren't they being shipped off world for slave labor or slave training?
some have, from ranlis perspective i put, darth reginald had a monster girl.
>We would have seen huge smokestacks
not huge but kinda, 2000 characters and a disdain for splitting text mean a lot of descriptive things are taken out, if ya need descriptions of a place at any point include it in the vote.
>Good, then you're all prepared for the Grim Reaper's escort to Hell.
>Punch the shit out of them as Myran.
Go see if there's more missions available. If not, see if the training guard is up for some.
Yeah I'm voting AGAINST this. Really out of nowhere.
What? They're cool with being lead around by a humanoid figure in a black cloak.
File: 1448939510786.png (346 KB, 500x487)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
Uh.. why?
I get the joke, it's still out of nowhere, we haven't seen they even do anything bad, as oplosed to others who have done so blatantly.
I don't like humans.
We need to dispense more JUSTICE to be a more complete person.
All of our friends here so far have been aliens.
instal self of leader of human supremisists
File: 1360789545745.jpg (29 KB, 435x351)
29 KB
Well you are human silly, and so are Kyran and most of his allies.

Yeah and justice isn't punching people who are just sitting around being idiots.
I get that you're going for the simplest solution to a perceived problem but Wynaut already stated the main issue was being cut off from the force. JUSTICE doesn't need to be going full vigilante on unsuspecting people who aren't doing anything and are technically already paying their dues as they are in goddamn prison.
>Well you are human silly, and so are Kyran and most of his allies.
Not in this prison on a monster!world.

Are the monstergirls themselves force resistant?
And what does that have to do with being a complete retard and punching people out of nowhere?

And what does that have to do with just assaulting more people out of fucking nowhere, jesus christ dude get your shit together.
Are you seriously trying to come up with shitty excuses as to why this would be Justice?
>people who aren't doing anything
Giving our vests and cellmates the stink eye is doing something, making us mad.
Justice needs no excuses to be executed.
Everyone in this prison has given Kyran the "stink eye" for assaulting random people, acting like top dog before he could pull it off and aligning himself with outcasts
You didn't even vote to go talk to them and out of nowhere you wanna start shit instead of actually getting to know the fucking prison.

This isn't fucking justice jesus christ stop acting like a toddler.
>hey dude this isn't justice its being a dick
>justice needs no excuses
Head outta ass asap
>You didn't even vote to go talk to them
Yeah, because the only interaction I would want with them is fists in their face.
By definition, it's a reaction to an action or a state of being so nah.
nice trips tho

yeap, and some are force sensitive.

Myran doesn't care about Justice, he cares about beating people up and shouting JUSTICE.
living emodiment of justice doesn't care about justice

okay i'm not sure who's who and who's arguing with who

but that's just wrong.
Are you actually triggered by fictional characters or what?

You are playing as a murderer and generally careless asshole who has mindbroken a chick, killed countless others, goes fucking nuts on a regular basis and so much more and you're actually telling me you hate fictional character X, inside a prison, where people are mostly criminals, and you hate them because they have a shitty viewpoint?
Without them actually having done anything?
Please spend more than 10 seconds mulling over this with actual reason instead of just weeded up excuses as to why this fixes anything.

Okay so you are the retard who still didn't get what the problem ass and are coming up with a half assed attempt to "rebalance" Kyran's internals.
Just let me tell you something: it's stupid.
Short. Simple. Straight to the point.
Ah, okay, I get it now.
Things are making more sense.

Well shit, that means the Jedi are going to have some issues in a future war if all goes well for this operation.
Its the dude who is voting to beat them because he thinks it will fix the internal issues of Kyran and company
Yes, your own words.
You have the reading comprehension of a brussel sprout.
>"He'll be let out to take justice"
as in he'll be out to kick the shit out of bad guys.
>" it'd literally be you doing everything and just letting him out to kick the shout out of people"
as in he'll kick the shit out of bad guys but do nothing more.

Okay, writing.
>who has mindbroken a chick
File: 1451195582884.png (76 KB, 188x232)
76 KB
>Please spend more than 10 seconds mulling over this with actual reason instead of just weeded up excuses as to why this fixes anything.
How about because I feel like doing it since we're stuck in a prison with time between missions to do whatever we want?

Wasn't us who did that.
>Wasn't us who did that
I'm actually shocked you're saying that, I suggest you go back and read the threads all over. Kyran left her with brain damage from his fucking around, she has the mind of a teenager because of that.

>How about because I feel like doing it since we're stuck in a prison with time between missions to do whatever we want?
That is more valid than making shit up to back it.
A little self correction: She has the mind of a teenager after the jedi fixed her up a bit, and not long ago she has the mind of a child as their repairs were an entirely new field of study.
>Kyran left her with brain damage from his fucking around, she has the mind of a teenager because of that.
Nah man, we checked the sperm. There was a second person's sperm in her oral cavity. We told the order to conduct an investigation to find out who did it, they probably didn't find that guy.
I'll explain this in a simple way:
1. Kyran left her in a coma through (ab)use of his Ayy force powers and sex
2. She was left in a coma in the cares of the jedi
3. The sperm in her mouth was after the goddamn coma, she was abused when she was already mindfucked.
4. Kyran told the jedi to handle the coma patient rapist problem
5. The jedi also tried to fix her mind later one, as Kyran had left her mind in shambles due to abuse of the Ayy
6. They woke her up and worked her from kiddie mind all the way to teenager
7. Even Kyran himself admitted IC he feels guilty about it

You know what, if you still don't get it, that's okay. But you really need to go back and re read everything.
"Good, then you're all prepared for the Grim Reaper's escort to Hell." You say switching to Myran

Myran just stands there.




He mentally blcoks out your voice and does your training with your guard you've bribed.

You sit there in a huff until he comes back in, relinquishing control to you.

>what do

is this bait? i don't expect you to remember everything, but still.
essentially, i also mentioned offhand they caught the guy and the jedi hate you a bit for it since it disgraced their order a little.
No, another jedi with a mechanical arm did it. Probably one of those we helped jailbreak.
>Throw Myran in the stone for being a bigger bitch than Peter. When you want some ultra-violence, you'll damn well get it.
Or in other words:
The coma patient rapist did not leave her in a coma with fucking brain damage. We told them to find out who did - IT - as in, who fucking came inside a chick's mouth while she was asleep

Read Wynaut's post... Jesus christ dude.
Kyran put her in a coma and - THEN - she was abused, during her stay in the jedi medical facilities.
Dude, seriously, reading comprehension. Work on it, it was said IC multiple times, it was mentioned at the time.
I know it's cool to skim shit but it was mentioned again just 3 threads ago or so...
>Kyran put her in a coma and - THEN - she was abused, during her stay in the jedi medical facilities.
People don't get comas from sex.
"Well okay"
Go see if we can scavenge more materials around the place, specifically electronics, or people who have electronics.

>he is a bitch for not doing what he isn't supposed to do

I... My god. Okay you clearly didn't read anything of this quest.
He used force powers on her, specifically Force Seduction, aka "AYY BBY".
>He used force powers on her, specifically Force Seduction, aka "AYY BBY".
Those haven't given people brain damage before, I think you're reaching.
Or more clearly so you can get it:
He used Force Seduction multiple times on her to the point where she got brain damage and went under. She was then abused during the coma.

The QM himself has already answered you as well.
i've said the because of the stone increasing force power, along with the 15 lightsaber force power increases you got, aswell as ay bby'ing her three times, she became comatose when you finished.
Jesus fucking christ it was stated fucking clearly that he gave her mental damage from abusing that force power multiple times, which he fucking did, you fucking dipshit.
It was then stated that Kyran acknowledged what he did, he also said IC before it happened that he was worried about what might happened.
And then later on he admitted guilt over what he did.
OOC wynaut has said it's what happened, and we all treated it as what happened, because it is what fucking happened. Until some moron 12 year old who can't fucking read got here and started shitting it up.
That's stupid.
If the jedi use mind trick on someone enough, or if enough use it on one person, it fucks with their head, I applied the same principle here.

It's stupid, but this quest isn't exactly intelligent, knawhaimsayin
>"Well okay"
>Go see if we can scavenge more materials around the place, specifically electronics, or people who have electronics.
I'm seconding this guy.
One of those times was like a month apart from the others, and the one after that was a few hours before the next one. Are you telling us that "Ayy bby u want some talk" will break Al's and Athena's minds the next time we say it to them?
File: 1446529828854.png (192 KB, 1252x1252)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Well if you think it's stupid then you should just leave.
It's what happened, it's what was said explicitly to have happeend, and you are unable to grasp it somehow. If anything you are stupid.

One more time to see if it gets to you:
>he used force powers on her head so much that it caused brain damage
>he is also the guy that induce seizures with force powers
>"well that's stupid"
Where's our 25 lightsaber award?
If we say it three times without actually giving release to the fuckery in their heads? Yeah. He explained it has some permanence over them until they get release.
From an IC perspective, what evidence do we really have besides the QM's metaspeak that we were responsible for Catia's head and not the Jedi who spazzed out with force powers when he was literally fucking with her head?
You think about throwing Myran in the stone, but on reflection, he's right. They're not bad just because you disagree with them, everyone has a viewpoint or opinion, not matter how much you like or hate it.

You instead decide to scavenge some components, you belay the order to mixt aswell and to Esteban to let you know if they know someone or somewhere helpful, and you go looking.

There's a couple of old scrapped cleaning droids, but nothing to really make anything with, just base parts to put in shit, or with shit, or for repairing things.

You sit down in the work out area slightly deflated and yawn-sigh.

>What do now?
ayy bby u wan sum fug are the only words that affect, it's not a traditional mind trick, it's a force seduction as the other anon put it.

>One of those times
oh so you do know what we're on about and this entire thing's been bait then, that's nice. thought so.

basic force power increase, force shapeshift, and running like usain bolt instead of some once a week ting ;)
just leave it mate, go into the archives and read if you really truly care and aren't just shit stirring.
i have mentioned it before so it's there somewhere.
Kyran's IC musings, interactiond over it, and the fact that jizzing in someone's mouth doesn't fuck their brain, but using force powers specially Kyran's, ehhich if you haven't noticed are very violent to the brain of the afflicted, does.
Come on dude. Who is "reaching" now?
See if we can get any news sources from the outside.

Ky fucks people brains with wookie techno and ayy bby, it's the nature of his powers. He naturally - can't - do the mind trick because he - by default - just spazzes around in people's heads.
His powers are inherently mind fucking.
Fuck I corrected myself once and couldn't even make it straight talk:
>his powers fuck people's heads
>blowjobs don't
>she was already in a coma
>therefore, Kyran caused it
>interactions over it
Which ones in particular?

And none of these Jedis have ever gotten laid before, they couldn't handle sex like we do.
Thread right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjTdO5bNHj0
File: bCdgUuS.png (607 KB, 669x521)
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607 KB PNG
Thread right now.
File: ANON YOU ARE RETARDED.png (17 KB, 662x214)
17 KB
>here, let me make shit up to try and defend my theory that even word of god has said is wrong
Which interactions? The one where we found out she was in a coma itself.
Or for instance:
""What the fuck is wrong with you? How the fuck can you just call a child a 'demon'? And stop acting like kids and pinning blame,"

"..." "..."

"if anything this is my fault..."

"b-b-because of the brain fuckery business?"

"No, for trusting you two babies to act like adults! Can't even trust you to not swear in front of them!" "

>"b-b-because of the brain fuckery business?"
So for the love of god, stop.

Pic for proof.
>Which interactions? The one where we found out she was in a coma itself.
That was a joke to bring levity to the situation.

>"b-b-because of the brain fuckery business?"
How does Ranlis even have the evidence to form an opinion on this?
File: jairdd_farcry3_vaas.jpg (101 KB, 1144x836)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
And I'm gonna stop replying because you had evidence shoved down your throat, as well as the IC admissal of guilt which he has done multiple times, as well as word of the QM.
If this doesn't convince you then nothing does and we'll just raise the post count with meaningless banter.
Wynaut, how come the Sith Receptionist at the temple of Korriban joined a strike team to attack us at our house in the underbelly of Coruscant when she has people to do that for her?
Honestly this doesn't prove it,

But you got the information about the receptinoist leaked to you, and then space weed jedi confirmed it saying he was the leaker and explained the entire thing.


You decide you want to know what's going on outside the prison, and elect to find a news source, but can't find one, so ask a guard

"Huh? The warden's the only one who knows that stuff"

And so there you head

You knock.

"Enter and sit" and you do so

"Kyran! Me little monster hunter, how you doing?"

"Better if I found out somethings on the outside world"

"Ok kyraaaaan, it's punishment and rehabilitation? Why would I reward you?"

"Other prisons do, plus i got you two captives."

He flicks the radio on to an independent news channel.

"Shouldn't we be listening to Sith news?"

"Not always reliable"

You sit and listen

"I main news the chancellor was assassinated today by an exploding panel in the senate. They claim it was the work of bounty hunters and they're investigating, but everyone knows it was teh work of the Ollis cartel, in revenge for a prison sentence too high, no evidence required, I just know,

In other news, celebrity and rehab reject Pawmela Anderson has gone missing, nobody supposedly knowing anything about it, authorities are investigating"

"Eyy Kyran, I suppose I should thank you for bringing that wolf girl here, a celebrity in my prison, aswell as you. I'm going places. I'd get jiggy with her, but she's a lot less animal and a lot more intelligent than the other monsters so I wouldn't feel ethical tying her down and taking her you know? Those are the cries of a sentient, not of these animals"


"Anyway, i've got a tribe in the other room that requires some love, so kindly fuck off" He says as a guard escorts you out

>what do now?

She created the strike team after you handed in your forms, and was pseudo leader, so she escorted them to coruscant, also wanted D reaallly bad in the back of her mind influencing her.
>Get some harpies to go outside and bring you materials
Prison is completely cordoned off and courtyard is domed.
the harpy structure doesn't have any materials in it either.
Then how did Slam get out?
I know it doesn't prove it Wynaut, but he asked any interactions that acknowledged it, and I gave him an example.

>what do
Well we've got a while till we do another mission or anythiing.
I guess we can train or try to get more brawn on our back, just mooks to keep the enemies busy just in case. Maybe see if we can get some talkin with that blondie see if we can turn then love-hate thing a bit further from hate.
Possibly see if there's any interesting shit going down in the prison, or if anyone wants anything that we can help with for some favours.

But the anon does bring up an interesting point, we could try to find something next time we leave on mission.

I'm not him, but that's a fair point too. I'm gonna guess they rioted and had a big breakway and then the prison was sealed off afterwards, which would make all the escapees around are out from a single event,.
>Throw Myran in the stone anyway, he's the only one of us who hasn't had one on one time with the lady.
You really don't know.
You wish you did, you'll have to ask around about a riot or breakout event or even ask the warden, or Slam.
"get in the stone Myran, you're the onyl one who hasn't had one on one time with her-"


"Why not?"


"Then take him o-"


This motherfucker.

You head to blondie in the courtyard

"Well kyran, what can I do ya for?"

"Well, I want to see if we can turn that love-hate thing we've got going on a bit further from hate"

"I don't hate you, technically I should yeah, but it was my own fault. I was a slacker, undisciplined, I let you slip away, now i'm focused and determined to serve and prove myself"

"Well that's-"

She drops you to the ground standing over you, baton out

"But don't ever imply there's a slightest thing of a love thig going on between us, ever"


"heh, you're cute when you're scared" She licks her baton seductively then gets a bad taste in her mouth and spits, before kicking your leg and stomping off in a huff that she ruined her own entrance.

Okay then.

You decide next step is better alliances, so you look around for mooks.

>soliatry lamia
>monster people (and which race?)
>write in

next step on your to do list is where to get work from

>big guy directly
>leaders or members of which monster girl race
>human supremacists
>guards/warden (write in who0
>write in


>write in
>monster people (and which race?)
Ratboy Genius' family he's providing cheese for.
>we should get work from our cellmates
RAtboy Genius doesn't have a family, he hasses rat bosses if you want to talk to them tomorrow after he sets up a meet, but cheese is like crack to his race, he's a cheese junkie.
Oh, so he'll introduce us to the Family?
>monster people
Anybody unaligned.

Maybe try to get more info on the politics about the Lonely Lamia Lass.

He is a bro.
It's getting late and everyone's heading back to their bunks, so you tell mixt to set you up a meet with his family tomorrow and head to your room.

There you see your bunkmates getting ready for bed, Esteban listening to music, the unknown to you white giantess who tackled red during the prison fight, and princess who isn't looking in your direction.

"Hey Esteban, any work for me?"

"Not me particularly,.. maybe, there's some guy, Rodian, hangs out with a mixed human and alien group at lunch times."


"I want you to get him to stand up and then throw him on the floor, tomorrow lunch, can you do that?"

>Yes push
>No push

"Also Esteban, what do you know of that Lamia alawys chilling by herself?"

"Powrful mage and force wielder, intelligent beyond the rest of these beasts. it was either an issue over a guy, or because her sister took the crown of main leader of the lamia council and kicked her out, i can't remember."

"Is every girl in here a princess?"

"Only the ones you tangle with it seems, now leave me, i'm getting my beauty sleep famalam"

You head to the giantess

"We haven't been intro-"

She gets you in a rapid headlock, noogie'ing you

"YOU'RE KYRAN, GOOD TO FINALLY TALK, WHAT A FIGHT THE OTHER DA-" She shouts interrupted by esteban shouting to keep it down, "What can i do ya for?"

"Your name?"

"Call me Miss"

"Okay miss, got any work for me?"

"Nah, me let you know if me do."

You head to princess

"Hi princess, any work for me?"

It's all just mumblings and breaths.

Ah what ever you think turning around-



"...lunch, canteen, tomorrow, smooth things over, apologise"

>Yes lunch
>No lunch

"goodnight princess"


You lie in bed and wake up hours later, and convene to the courtyard.

>what do first today?
>Yes push
Ask what the guy did to him, must be bad.

>Yes lunch

First? Do the lunch with centaur girl.

Then excuse ourselves once it's time to deal with Esteban's business.

Uh finally, ask the Lamia about the sister business and if she'd like help with that.
"By the way, what did the guy d to you that was so bad?"

"Did I ask you to slit his throat and fuck his mom? No I asked you to push him, no more, no less, capiche?"

"Yeah i'll do that"

"Thanks man"


"Yeah i'll do lunch"



You head out into the courtyard and see the lamia girl sitting by herself idling around, occasionally laughing, and you head over, Mixt in tow, who translates for you and for her.

"Excuse me, how-"

"You shouldn't talk to me, you'll get in trouble, though that may be kind of funny"


"Because the lamia have forbidden contact with me, thinking it will drive me into a pit of madness and loneliness, they are wrong" She says laughing at a bit of dirt on the ground.

"Well that's why I wanted to talk to you, maybe I could help"

She lifts you with the force, and then drops you

"I don't need your help"

"You're gonna let this bad situation of being alone and not being allowed conversation worse just because of your pride? I saw how hard you strained to pick me up, don't be an idiot"

Mixt pipes up

"I don't wanna tell her that boss"

"Tell her"

"..." and then she's told, and stands up on her tail, towering taller than the giantesses

"Believe me when i say that it is not might that will solve this"

"Then i'll solve it with words"

She laughs

"You want to talk to my bitch sister? Go ahead, if they let you in, and then only if they let you see their leader, go, leave me now"

You turn to leave but she grabs your shoulder pulling you back and hugs you, crying for a moment, before pushing you far away, sitting back down, and going back to her blank faced self.

Loco bruv, loco, with that embrace your probably on the lamia watch list now.

>what do until lunch
>chill with a group (what group)
>timeskip till centaur meeting
>write in
Hmm I'm thinking a good way to get the Lamias to allow us in a meeting would be to help one of theirs if trouble arises.
For now train and keep an eye out, maybe chat with Esteban about strategy and tactics, if he's a chess grandmaster maybe he's into that.
You sit and chill with esteban.

"So, into strategy and tactics and that since you're a chess grandmaster?"

"I'm not an actual grandmaster, you're just terrible, and not really into it, but it is my job being right hand man and all"

"How come you weren't in the prison me and big guy were in?"

"Because I was networking in a different prison"


You chill for a bit but you see a tail coming out of a mass of harpies on the basketball court, like a lamia is trapped in there.

You head over and the harpies dissipate, and the lamia dusts herself off

"Hmm, you've interrupted a very important diplomatic meeting"

"Didn't look like that"

"Well yeah, it was, now what do you- You're Kyran aren't you?"


"Well I guess it won't hurt to tell you, i'm not really a... popular lamia, not the other one that nobody's allowed to talk to, I...I just get given the shitty jobs like informing the harpy's of their new taxes. Without backup. And orders not to fight."


"It is isn't it"

"Look, I was wondering if you could get me a meeting with the lamia leader"

She looks at you with a weird look, wondering what your endgame is

"Sick of talking to the small fry with no importance?"

"Not that at all, I just need a meeting with her that's all"

"Hmph, i'll see what I can do" She says slithering away.

Well there's another thing on your to do list accomplished

You head to the canteen for the start of food and sit down at the centaur table when you've made your choice

"WHAT IS THIS" Shouts the ginger, "Why is he sitting he-"

"Calm down" says princess, "he's here to smooth things over"

"Fuck off is he, smooth the table with your blood when he roughs you up again!"

princess visibly cringes at the memory, well, this is going well.

>what do?
>the proof is in the pudding
>an eye for an eye makes the whole galaxy blind
"Hey, I am serious about this. I won't start anything, if you don't start anything. I'm here to make ammends."
>Feed her our pudding with us holding the spoon
"an eye for an eye makes the whole galaxy blind"

The ginge stands up and has to be physically seated by the two centaur next to her.

"Take this seriously!"

"Hey, I am serious about this. I won't start anything, if you don't start anything. I'm here to make amends."

"So you say"

"Hey, the proof is in the pudding"

"What does that mean?"

One centaur in glasses perks up "Human phrase. Means that his actions will demonstrate that he means it"

You pull out a pudding cup "It was also a comedic double entendre, since he has pudding. ha"

Thanks nerd.

"S-so what? you give us a pudding cup and then we forgive what you-"

"Say Ah" you say lifting the spoon and offering the princess a mouthful, the ginge is in shock, and the princess nervously and cautiously (since she remembers what happened last time you brought cutlery near her) eats the mouthful. "Yummy right?" she blushes and nods, looking downwards, and you take the next spoon, and then her, and then you, and then her, making exaggerated mouth movements on the spoon each time you eat to torment the ginge.

"Will you stop doing th-" And she takes a spoon of pudding right in the mouth, and you quickly iterate "don't be mad, this is rare and good stuff"

She dirty looks you with a crazed ferocity, before she eats it off the spoon and you retract it, eating what little was left on there.

You've lost one of your two puddings now, but it may've been worth it.
Princess speaks up

"...I'm making him my new caretaker"

"Caretaker, what's th-"

Boy ginge is furious

"BUT PRINCESS, I was doing a fine job of it, why let this brute assole be the caretaker! i take care of you!"

"...I know, but he owes it to me, and it's getting harder and harder to get you to help when he's my roommate"

"Like he's tender enough to do it-"

"He actually is"

"Bullshit princess, how's he coercing you?"

"umm excuse me" you ask, "What's the caretaker?"

The ginge looks at you, "Looking after the princess, doing hings she can't do for herself, like relieving her stress but keeping her pure"

Oh that, fucking Peter, what's he gotten you into.


"No you look, i'm a better caretaker than you could ever be, i'm challenging you for the right to be the caretaker!"

"Did you just challenge me to a fuck off?"


>what do
>agree, name terms date and location
>"i don't want to be her caretaker anyway"
>"i'm her caretaker, deal with it"
>just leave
>spark her jaw
>agree, but on my terms, not yours
>"right now" if so, wait for her to start, or you start, and who, princess or ginge.
>find an independent judge
>go to the library, you need a nice audiobook to deal with this shit.
>agree, but on my terms, not yours
"Let's do it Rattataki style, I try to get you off, you try to get me off, whoever takes less time to go off loses.
If that ain't good enough, then tuff luck.
Unless you can convince me otherwise, it's my terms for this one, as you are the challenger."
tuffle luck?
Tuffles are all dead anon, so I'd say so.
"I agree, but on my terms not yours. if you're the challenger, I make the rules of the challenge"

"That's not how we-"

The nerd centaur speaks up again "This is the human custom, and we must comply, otherwise you lose honour"

"Why should I lose honour?"

"Because your challenge is evidence you think yourself better, so he chooses a field he wants to prove you wrong or right"

"Fine I accept, what terms?"

"Rattataki style, I go first, then you, whoever gets the other off first wins"

"When shall this be?"

"Tonight, until then I bid you adieu"

you head to the human alien table and tap the guy on the shoulder

"What brrroooo?" he says standing

You push him and he falls on his ass, and Esteban quickly helps him up from behind taking something out of his pocket during the momentum, with sleight of hand you've never seen before.

"Hey man!"

"Do something about it"

"...Just be careful next time" he says sitting back down.

Okay, so later tonight, you have fuck off, then rat meeting, but it's still afternoon.

>what do?
>food, and pick a table
>pick a table
>find a particular person to talk to
>go library/materials room
>write in

sorry for long write times btw

i think he means the act of nut scratching
Can we grab the food and eat it as we move to the library/materials room?
If not, sit wherever there is not many people,, just so you can eat in more or less peace and concentrate on the challenge.
not... really, the guards will stop you leaving with a plate of food
if you wanna confront a guard about it to get through with it and then confront any guards on the way, plus librarian, then yeah
Bollocks, just sit with whoever won't start shit so you dont have to fuck a bitch up, and eat.
You sit at an empty table, eating in relative peace, focusing on the challenge ahead.

She's a caretaker and from the way she acts around men in gnereal, not just you from wht you've spied, she's a newcomer to this kind of thing, must've killed her to suggest.

It should be easy enough to pleasure a new comer not used to sensations, but with these girls, you never know.

You've heard somewhere that some animals have like juices they excrete to make their partner cum repeatedly and nonstop, you wonder whether you might have to use your mouth, or fist, or w/e to get the job done.

You start wondering too what kind of fetishes a personality like that has, kissing probably or romanticism, but that's impossible with centaur body, well not impossible, but you'd probably have to break her back to do it, her body isn't that long compared to princesses'

some guy comes up to you

"Spare a bit of your sandwich sir? Mine was taken"

He looks a bit scruffy and underfed.

"I-i'm neil by the way sir"

>what do
"Who took it and why?"
"Who took it and why?"

"R-Really, that's not the issue, i-i'll be out of your-"

"Who took it... And what?"

"...that harpy over there" he says pointing to the matriarch, "But i-it's not an issue, i-i'll ask someone else for food"

>what do
"Take my sammich, and if anyone else bothers you tell them they can come talk to me.
But... remember, if you ever hear anything or see anything interesting, who do you come to first?"
"Take my sammich, and if anyone else bothers you tell them they can come talk to me."

"T-t-thank you sir!"

"But... remember, if you ever hear anything or see anything interesting, who do you come to first?"

"I-I come to you first sir!"

"Thattaboy, now if anyone takes that sandwich off you i'm killing them, so enjoy if all for yourself"

"Thanks again sir, you got it sir!" he says leaving, chowing down on the sammie as he walks away.

He could be playing you, but now you've made it clear he owes you information.

One sandwich is nothing compared to info

>what do
File: Spoiler Image (26 KB, 400x400)
26 KB
See what's up with Athena. Gawddamn famalam food comas are getting serious.
aww, cute
and i know blud, food comas all day everyday, it's the only way to live.
and we already saw what's up with athena, the same shit before you came to coruscant, just working in the senate.
Did they vote a new chancellor already?

Finish eating your food and go get ready for the challenge. See if the boys (Gazza probs, or not) have any tricks that can help us out.
Jesus one line? The fuck famalam. Okay how are our kids doin?
You're in prison, you don't get to know ;)

nah jk, they all doing k, receptionist is kinda depressed but kane's taking it well, and she's abiding by the last thing you told her and helping them both control the fire better, she's naturally maturing now.

Jamie and junior are doing just fine aswell.

btw wasn't in a food coma i was doing some business

Wew, okay
You finish munching down your lunch and get ready for the challenge, a nice shower but a little tiny workout before hand o bring some manly musk to the top.
Shaving face and then bush with a shiv since razors are prohibited, doing your hair and that.
You decide to ask the boys for help

"Lads, how do I do this?"

"Easy" gazza kicks in, "1 in the pink, 1 in the stink"

"Don't you mean 2 in the pink 1 in the stink?"

"You have three fists?"


He clears his throat

"Be gentle, concise, and when she really wants it, make love till the grey matter combusts"



You punch the air a few times, and head to the spot, to find them all there, watching.

"In front of all these people?"

"Only way to make sure this is fair" ginge replies.

"Alright, since you're into it, sure"



>what do
>how to act like, how where on the scales of;
>hate fuck-romantic
>cunnilingus yes or no
>write in techniques
>what do you say during it?

>add new terms
>pussy out
>demand a different sket (who)
Kyran's fucked Sheulkie before, he can do this.
Confidence muh nigga.

"Alright, just rememeber, while we're doing this -I- am in charge, so no funny business trying to screw with my work"
Approach her, and turn her head enough just to look at the princess.
"So are you ready to show the mistress what a slutty girl you are?"
Count on her to keep looking and get down on it. Start gentle for the false hope, then go down heavy, put that fist to work on finding whatever hits the spot for her. Use the other hand to give stimulation to the externals. And as a surprise kicked do tongue-to-ass because fuck it

If possible could we apply tiny little shocks for the "buzzing" sensation?

Give her some talk about her and the princess and her sluttiness while we are at it, keep the psychocological game up. Demoralize her and then bring her up with the pleasure.

I lost the whole lewd cos pop up and pressing backspace went back and it's gone

anyway, you win, i'll rewrite it later.


You head to your meeting with the big cheese of the rat family, and find mixt fanning a really fat rat.

"Kyran I presume, now why is it you wanted to meet?"

>what do/say/act like
Your boy over there damn near shanked me askin for cheese. Thought I should see what the head of his fan was.
Fuck if I know what the other anon wanted.
Well, uh... We wanted to discuss diplomacy, the rats aren't to be messed with and we want to see if there are any possibilities for cooperation. We are building our own thing, but if there is anyone you want on your side, it's the rats.

(rats are pretty fucking intelligent to be honest, plus who doesn't love Skaven?)
"Your boy over there damn near shanked me askin for cheese. Thought I should see what the head of his senpai was."

She looks suspicious

"Is this true Mixt?"

"N-no! He's just messing about! I've been translating for him!"

"Hmmm, so what do you want then"

"We wanted to discuss diplomacy, the rats aren't to be messed with and we want to see if there are any possibilities for cooperation. We are building our own thing, but if there is anyone you want on your side, it's me, and if there's anyone I want on my side, it's the rats."

She chuckles

"Why would I want you on my side? what can you do:?"

"I'ma force us-"


"I can-"

"YAWWWWWWN, bring me some flare! Why should i care about tiny boring man like you?"

>what do
>Just wanting to know what Kyran Ollis can do you for?
>Sensible Chuckle.gif
"Tiny? Oh, also I have access to the outside occasionally."
Liberal use of ghostly gazelle and Force lightshow (as in force lights, lens flare, etc)

Kitten here you farkin coont. Do not interrupt me again. Or I will kill everything in this fucking hole. Just release waves of Myran and Gazza
Might as well mention the moon-dwelling dick, considering that comment, eh anon?
"Tiny?" you say sensibly chuckling, "Does a tiny man have this!" You say releasing the exogorth

She licks her lips but she's essentially a hutt so you gag a little, let's go down a different route.

"Can a tiny man do... THIS!"

You strike a pose

She leans forward

You dance spectacularly with as much lights and ghostly gazelle as you can muste-

"Impressive, but are you a dance act?"

"first off, kitten up, i don't care who you are you fat cat, don't interrupt me again, or I will kill everything in this fucking hole"

She can feel you mean it.

"I get outside access, i'm a man about town"

"...So you are, if you find any rats to bring back here, i'll reward you, more under my command makes me more powerful, just don't let them in on that info"

"Got it"

"Anything rat related of importance will also be rewarded"


"Now please leave"

And you do

"Goodnight sir!" Mixt shouts after you.

You go to bed that night unsure of the future, thinking of escape plans.

when you wake, you awake tired, and everyone's already in the courtyard.

>what do?
horse pussy pastebin for anyone who wants it
Go there and roam about, see if there's anything new today. Do some exercises because prison.

What's his physique looking like anyway?
Get something to eat the. Get swole.
Slightly larger than fight club Brad Pitt, but a lot more toned too.
This force heal trick is helping you get swole fast, but it'll fuck with you if you do it too much and may have negative results.
Could always just get space roids and do one cycle or two with a low amount. That said his natural test must be like 1000 so it's not like he'd need it unless he went full retard.
File: 1452804358644.jpg (336 KB, 2048x1536)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
Would you say about pic related (on the right)
You go and get breakfast for your carbs and protein, and roam a bit looking for anything new.

The harpies have been a bit chatty and chirpy a lot, and the horses are being really close together and chatty.

The wolf girls are a bit more active and friendly with everyone for some reason, but the spiders are in a foul mood, attacking anyone that goes near their nest area.

You instead start working out and find only Slam comes out to give pump up tunes today and resting on your barbell, decreasing your workout proficiency, she better have a good explanation for this later.

Esteban works out too doing light bicep curls and such, but leaves after a while when his girl comes over.

You just do an extremely large amount of working out, putting on a show for all the gallies in here.

you take a sip of water and sit, it's been hours of working out straight.

>what do now

no, less wide, man's naturally scrawny, with abs more tucked in, but more tight and bulgy, like 1%bf.
>less wide than skeletor
Jesus christ I need 500mg of test-e injected directly onto his lats and 5 series of weighted pull ups, we can still save him, Doc!

There are fucking dryders?
Anyway, see if we can get another sparring partner, it's been a while and he can't get rusty. Oh and maybe check if we spot that lamia we helped, just to know if she's got any news on that request.
Only a little less wide, child birfin hips blad
and yeah their are dryders, there's even more girls in here i haven't mentioned, plus any monster girl within reason you can think of let me know and it'll be in there.
You look for the lamia you helped but can't spot her, hopefully she gets back to you soon.

anyway, it's been like what 3 days since you fought? You don't wanna get rusty, so you roam around looking for a sparring partner and finding no one, even got to a section of the courtyard around a corner you've never been to.

It's scary, but there's four seperate structures to go to

>the hexagonal covered structure
>the red steamy structure
>the wooden open structure
>write in structure
>leave and go back to the main area to fight a (write in race)
>write in
>the red steamy structure
Why not go to hell!

>monster ideas
Alraune, Insects, Mermaids, Kitsune, Catgirls, Dragongirls, Fairies?
I didn't pass out i went for a shit
back and writing
Aight. Brb.
You hed into the red building and find a normal looking girl in there.

"Hello ma'am, i'm Kyran, nice to meet you"

"Well i'm Saaaaandy, welcome to my ho- Ranch!"

A very southern sounding slightly tanned brown girl, who you think is normal introduces herself.

Nice to meet you sandy, say, you don't know if anyone around here wants to spar do ou?"

"Well yes I do! I shall spar with you"

"Okay then, let's go"

She takes you to a dojo looking area of this remarkably looking normal place, and throws you a really sharp serrated sword and a fencing tiny blocking dagger.



>what do with 1d100

Rolled 76 (1d100)

So no
>what do
Rolled 53 (1d100)

Oh? Oh right sorry I'm a bit speepy.
Leemme thing of something
fairdoes lad, we're all a little speepy
Okay, try to gauge her skill, really no idea what she's up too or what she can do.
Fencing is different from lightsabering, so watch out for that, and try to confuse her by using the weaponry in non conventional ways, such as closing the gap, blocking with the sword and stabbing with the dagger.
If she's the fast type, avoid and tire out. if she's the strong type, attack with ferocity to wear her defenses. If she's the type that plays smart then try to outsmart her with feinting, counters, or even stupid force user acrobatics.
You circle at first trying to gauge skill, but she straight up lunges, fire in her eyes, using the sword to try and inflict lethal wounds.

You realise this isn't no kids party, and elect to start going in with full fighting intent too.

Your blades are clashing and fucking off each other, and your fencing gauche is finding lots of use, and you even have to use it as the weapon during clashes.

You trade blows for a while, and see her stamina isn't even affected, and her hard hits are wearing you down slowly but surely.

Eventually she goes for a swipe and you do a force back-flip over it and go for a vertical downward slash but she gauche blocks it and goes fora straight thrust, lust of death in her eyes, a look that she won't make it quick and probably let you bleed out.

You feel fear, legit palpable grim reaper hand on your shoulder for the first time in a long time, and without thinking you open up.

Literally, a hole opens in you and the blade passes through, and she retracts it.

A simultaneous "what the fuck" is heard from both of you, but you snap out of it and stab her with the gauche, it deflecting off one of her scales and slightly shattering/peeling it.

Was that a bit of scale.

That was a bit of scale.

She recoils back mouth frothing in anger, and roars, smoke forming out of her nose, slight horn indentation showing on her skull.

the fuck.

>what do with 1d100
>intimidate (write in)
>beg for life (write in)
>negotiate (write in)
>"calm down now"
>fight (write in)
>write in
>Leg it



Your 180 and fucking leg it as fast and as hard as you can, panting like the fat kid in a horror movie, legs burning as you push them to limits never reached

Nah nah nah famalam i'm audi.

You finally make it to the exit with her hot on your heels and as you run the road gets longer and the house gets closer, like reality isn't working.

Or magic.

Something's in your brain isn't it?

You jump into your head to find a literal demoness stood facing down your three guys, who see you and continue back off, providing the distraction you need.

You sneak up and shout "Check ya self sket!" as you sneak attack her with a vicious charged right swing to the side of the back of her head, knocking her out.

You jump back out of your mind to see you have 1 arm tied into some weird kind of torture chair, and she's holding her head in agony, and you untie your arm before you kick her down, and leg it for real.

You eventually get back to the courtyard work out area, check your head to make sure it's fine, and then go to lunch.

You collect your food.

>where sit next to who and what do you speak of?
Rolled 36 (1d100)

>"calm down now"
>"You don't know how horny this makes me" (ha)
you're lucky i finished writing because with that roll i wouldn't have liked to have written what happened to ya.
Esteban. What the duck is up with that place?
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Should've pressed Sleepy for one then.

Ask about dragon girls.
You take a seat next to Esteban.

"Hey esteban, what the fuck is up with that place?"

"What place?"

"The red steamy place"

he drops his sandwich onto his tray and crosses his heart.

"H-how are you? No permanent damage?"

"None thankfully, you know of it?"

"Do I know of it? It gets most newcomers, the day you arrived it'd taken me for the first time, by the time i realised i was under some kind of mind spell i'd bee tortured raped and branded, Not good man, couldn't even tell my girl, had to run while she was getting a drink of water with no clothes and sneak through the courtyard to the laundry room"


"Yeah, riding me as i'm tied up, had to pretend to still be mind controlled or who knows what she would've done, people aren't meant to remember their experience, mind wipes everything but the meeting and the goodbyeman i chant exorcisms everyday just in case some evil spirit is in my dick."

"Was that not a dragon girl?"

"What? The only captured dragon girl lives in the tower above the warden's office, advising him, that was a demon"


"Yeah, he's tryna warm her up to him, fat chance"


"what happened anyway?"

"i fought her, I ran, i fought her inside my brain, i untied myself with my free arm, I kicked the bitch, then i got the fuck out of there"

"well it doesn't look like you were branded while you were out, though there's a slightly foamed on lipstick covered hickey on your neck, so you were claimed a little"


"Why doesn't the warden do anything about it?"

"Because it keeps popping up in different locations looking like a different building, and always in a place you've never seen before so it's perfectly camouflaged essentially."


>what do now
Rolled 66, 54 = 120 (2d100)

So chess?
you pat him and head to the chess board, and beat a random spider chick at chess very narrowly, check mating her with just a castle and a king left, very close to stalemate.

Eventually esteban comes over and you play him in 6 games of chess, losing 4-2

"At least you're getting better!"

"Fuck off esteban"

"Anyway what did you take from that guy I pushed over?"

"You're a sharp one amigo"

"What'd you take"

"A shiv so he couldn't use one against my friend when he jumped him with some boys later that day"


"Don't worry i put in a few good words for you, and you're kinda owed, but not by much"

>what do now
See if the demon wants company.

...what? Kyran isn't supersticious, this could be an ally. Plus it must get kinda lonely.
Any chance a message could be sent and then a return message brought back?
"I'm gonna go see if the demon wants company"

"Good luck"

"I don't need lu-"

"As in good luck finding her, the building moves and she only makes herself visible to people once"


You go looking for her anyway and find the building missing

"Uh, Kyran?" "Yes Gazza?" "The demon's waking up"


You jump in your head


"Yes, tis I. Tea?"

"Untie me and show me the way out before I rip your-"

"If I untie you, you'll kill me, so no, we're gonna chill for a while until you're calm, and then i'm gonna drop you out"

She just scowls and growls, but you poof up a chair next to her and start shooting the breeze

"So how are you?"

"What the fuck?"

"Okay, that's a fancy building you have, can I locate it so i can bring you b-"

"Listen what the fuck are you trying to do to m-"

"Aight, I thought with all the supposed kidnapping and stuff you do to guys here, that you might be feeling a little lonely, and I wanted to help"

"So you wanna fuck the dem-"

"No, I wanna help you, i feel fear and sadness within you, even before we were fighting, like you're depressed or something, and i've felt it"

She looks down

"What you want to help? Because i'm some basket case? Listen mortal, don't think you're getting a favour out of me because you wanna h-"

"I hit you, therefore I owe you, therefore letting me help you makes us even"

She thinks.

"Okay, go"

"What's your name?"

"Not important"

"You've gotta at least try!"

"I don't care for smalltalk, either throw me out of fu-"

You stroke her cheek, it burns your hand but you go through it

"You hurt, i feel it, let me heal you"

She blushes at the embarrassment at having a lesser man touch her in such a compromising position and bursts into flames becoming a giant beast

You kick her out of your mind and feel her presence across the prison with a fiery rage before it disappears.

You jump back out of your head.

Shit your hand burnt in real life, that was dangerous.

>what do now
>plot escape
>write in
with certainty, no.
you can always escape or timeskip ten years or until someone else breaks you out.
I meant ask Esteban that ya dork.
Esteban says no you neeeeeerd
>>plot escape
With everyone on our head.

Have we been getting better or not? It's hard to tell.
You head for the training grounds to begin working out, and as you do, you have a conversation with your head friends about how to escape best

There's always guards you're friends with if you try it, maybe, there's your shapeshifting, inquiring with previous escapees, trying the garbage disposal, etc

getting out of here should be easy enough, the warden's sending you out tomorrow, but how to get off planet or hide and steal parts to make a transmitter, if it would even transmit.

Pawmela arrived in a ship that crashed on the planet somewhere, but she's being stingy with that information, maybe a slave escort ship out you could sneak in on? too many possibilities, all with risks.

You finish your workout and flex, you're definitely getting swoler, and you know that this pressure is making you better with the force, but it's still limiter'd so you won't see the improvement until you're out of here.

>what do now?
>send a message
>explore looking for escape routes (where)
>try to escape now (and how)
>talk with someone (who)
>write in
>>send a message
Thinking about escaping. Would need help. Could you guys find out where the hell I am and try to get word back to me?
>not even spend a month in jail
Well okay. Feels like time wasted desu, we built up to nothing. W/e
You head to esteban

"I need to send a message, same people"


"Thinking about escaping. Would need help. Could you guys find out where the hell I am and try to get word back to me?"

"Ha, they won't figure it out, but the message will be nicely received"

"How does this work anyway?"

"Don't tell boss I told you, but we put the message and intended target in the trash in a special pheromone'd package that can be sniffed out, they find it on the general trash planet all sith prisons and other places dump at, bring it to whoever needs it. Simple"

"Could we sneak out in the trash?"

"It's possible, though they crush everything, then instantly send it off. If you had good stealth skills and speed or had some bribes of some kind you could probably make it, it'd take at least weeks of planning though"



>what do now?

build up? nothing's building up ever, just jumping from spontaneous plot hook to spontaneous plot hook.
though i get ya, you'll probably be running around in the wilderness organizing militia's before you escape, it won't be easy.
getting out of the collar is easy enough for you but that's not the problem, getting off planet is.
but if ya want i could time skip a couple months in, but you'd have to tell me everything to do and how to act during the timeskip so we know whether you want to escape to forest, or become human don, or general don, or warden's bitch, and who to waif or not or w/e
get me that info and i'll timeskip a month or two in,
Waif drag (who we just met), harpies, lonely lamia (whose plot hook we didn't even effing resolve yet), work with rats, see if humies need anything, work for warden a bit for coverup, work with biths in exchange for any useful parts or info.
Lots of stuff desu, not even gon a write a lot cuz Im kinda fucked rn
Timeskip to just before big breakout of most human prisoners.

Get made human don. Waifu no one. Fuck to relieve stress. Get on wardens good side. Keep up the same front for people.

>Okay, so how do you breakout?

>How do you plan riot or whatever

>How do you slip out of your collar, or do you wait till out before you do so and then come back or just leave?

>How do you plan to get off world/or get to the outside/take over the prison for yourself

Can't plan a breakout without planning a breakout.
Ooh and ah basically:
>resolve lamia problem and get her as ally
>find out about demongal and maybe recruit her ifposs
>find out about draggal
>find out more about estebie
>do ALL da sidequests
See here's the thing. Fuck you. Do it for us.

There are supply drop offs right? Well we time the break out to take control of one. Get a couple guards ho like us and or bribe them to go with us. Collar comes off right before a big riot that covers the hijacking of yransport shuttle.
the fuck
not really a fair question is it
unless someone autistically completeley samefagged it being personally insulted starkiller and revan were compared
probs lmao


so every side quest, fuck all the gyallies, bring every relationship to top tier, people and group wise, plan the breakout for you when a supply shipment arrives with bribery and ting


ending thread here because not just writing, but thinking for that...

Gonna take me at leeeeaaaast an hour or two

and i've been running now for 13 hours

so at some point in the near future after this thread dies, i will make a new one, and start it with giant timeskip post.

Will post on twitter when I do

night night my breddas
okay then
whatever mang
>fuck you do it for us
Nah you know what? Let's just not timeskip.
Heres why we need to flow into it by plauing rather than just jump off randoml
To be honest I think this is kinda bs, it's not like the other timeskip either tbqh.
so what more development and characcter relations and geting in good wih factions before timeskip?

aight next thread starts with waking up after today
Well that or a few more hooks for possible escape deals.
Pawmela is one, the escaping birds are another, messaging our crew, etc.
A series of shorter timeskips might work better.
messaging crew won't help them find you, they're gonna find you eventually too
and yeah those are good

maybe some short timeskips

i'll start next thread with normal and put a few month time skips in there

each one saying "aight your relationship level is this with each faction what do this event is happening"

fuck man

this gon' be effort to write

but i do it for the squad #STANQ
Sleepy really seems to have missed the point dis time.
"Fuck you do it for us"
Its not like this situation is you know different from every other quest on tg the lazy fuck.
Fucker admitted to voting after not even bothering to catch up on a thread he missed in the archive, what i am gettin at is Sleepy i like ya, but your a cunt m8.
shots fired blud
Wew lad, some heavy fire there.
Or it was a joke??
>but she's essentially a hutt
Dude, what's wrong with fat chicks?
>Dude, what's wrong with fat chicks?
fat people smell, dying early, greedy, doesn't take care of herself, kids'll likely end up the same, can't clean between her folds so i hug her and get pizza on myself...

chub's fine, no more than chub though

but i wanted to make it seem like the female rat's are the hutt's of the planet, she's 8 times the size of mixt and shit, and covered in a later of goop and stink
...does Mixt have any chubby sisters?

some have to be moved on carts they're so big and lazy, but he does have some chub but not obese sisters that don't fall into female rat ways.

their race is that the women grow large and the guys stay scrawny to keep them subservient and keep the population going.
>timeskip to the next mission, forget that other timeskip trying to reach too far
You gave us a new status quo and we're sticking to it. Let us play one of these minigames for once instead of doing things like abandoning our rebellion for crazy times.
>timeskip five years until we've found enough tech to have all the prisoners revolt against the warden
>Let us play one of these minigames for once
Also thread's over, i'll create a new one when I run next, so just let this one die.
To send votes, ideas, complaints, or powergirl/chiss pics, contact ma twitter with a tweet or DM
That rebellion game we never got to finish because of waifu drama giving us the Fight Club in our head.

Anyways, it's just way too sudden to have a timeskip for our escape, we just got here and we've only done one mission, and it's always better to fuck girls in the present then do it over a timeskip.
>Anyways, it's just way too sudden to have a timeskip for our escape

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