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Welcome rudebois and rudegyals to the latest edition of Star Wars A New Quest,

Last time on the short edition of STANQ; A lot of shocking events, thunderstorms, to alliances formed, to figuring out how to force lightning, before waking in your new cell.

And that's where we left off.

>To follow or talk with a Real G or give a recommendation or ask something, Twitter: @WynautQM
>Archive: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Murderhobo%20Edition%20Quest

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266 KB JPG
You're yawning and stretching, shoulders cracking.

Three of Four beds are full, one being you, one being esteban, one containing a white giantess with a red horn, one being empty but made for a horse.

You peek around confusedly, and the cell doors open for courtyard time which you're awake to witness for once.

>what do now?
>wake someone up (write in)
>find someone to talk to inside the prison (warden, a guard, etc)
>write in
And I keep readin STANQ as stank. Also archive now or lose the thread.
done so bruvva
You decide you're hungry.

Only guards are allowed breakfast at this time, but when you tell them you're gonna be working for the warden and need to be fit and strong, you're let through, and you feel why, since blondie sitting down in there eating paged him to let you in.

You sit at a nearby table and eat, not wanting to throw yourself as someone who shouldn't be there in between a load of guards, she doesn't do anything, she just stares as you eat, her trying to think of punishment, or pleasure, or how to say hi, or how to get you to hit her.

Those eyes are an enigma and you're too stunted force wise to read her.

This is a good breakfast though, at least it has gungan in it.

>what do now?
>wake someone up (write in)
>find someone to talk to inside the prison (warden, a guard, etc)
>write in
Ask other guards about her. Ask prisoners about her. Stay away from monster girls.
Monster girls are trouble capitalised, and you'd do good to stay away from them right now, especially after yesterday.

You ask a guard on your table about her.

"Oh her? She was on the way to becoming a top officer, but was not only caught slacking, but let a suspect go free during a chase due to negligence."

"What chase was that?"

"Coming up 4 years ago, some guy fucked shit up at the academy and broadcast his butt on the emperor network"


"Yeap, demoted, put to prison guard duty, been here 2 months on special assignment, probably hoping to get back in someone's good books since this is all classified and hush hush. Also watch out for her temper and sadistic streak, several other guards have been in the infirmary due to her, which is the only reason i'm revealing this to you. Now let me eat my scrambled eggs in peace" He snaps returning to his meal.

>what do now
Well shit. They have a library here? Go check out a book. If not go to cell and do squats, leg lifts, crunches.
You go to the library, but most of it is not books.

Well, the restricted area is a lot of books, but shit is mostly children's picture books, donated scrap books and the like.

Seems this place has little budget or wants most of the budget off the record.

You find an audiobook, though it's of a legend the harpies tell but badly translated into basic.

You head back to the cell and with your audio player and headphones, start getting prison jacked.

It's about a woman who meets a man, and hates him, but does not eat or reject the offer of proposal because everyone deserves second chance, so instead she keeps it through a long winter of hunger/want? The translation isn't very clear.

He finally returns after a year, and nurses her back to health which could've been avoided if she'd accepted ?? more bad translation that doesn't make sense.

She realises the error of her ways and returns it and they live happily ever after until the man goes to the heavens in the box and doesn't return again.

seems like a story of redemption and making impulse thoughts, but simultaneously not, harpies are very contradictory and not intellectual it seems.

You then force heal for a bit to keep your gains and ready the next workout, and it seems your cellmates are awakening now.

>what do

seems like it's just you and me for now sleepybrah
Go take a shower. Really nothing worse than being sweaty and emitting man musk in prison. Someone will try to rape ya. Or make you rape them. Seen that once was fucking weird as hell.
>Or make you rape them. Seen that once was fucking weird as hell.
Yep some guy started shit and dropped trou and damn near got the other guys pants off. Weird as fuck.
Shower time is a specific time, but you don't want to emit a manly musk, bad in a normal prison, worse in an animal one.

You'll be raped, or made to rape, the thought makes you shudder, especially with the alpha you showed yesterday, you'll have to be beating them back today.

You sneak to the shower room and shower, disposing of your sweat clothes and nicking a new set from the laundry room, one with ripped arms for harpy wings to fit through

You look badass, not too long before you fully fill out those torn sleeves.

You head back to your cell to find the door locked, and everyone gone.

Guess it's courtyard time.

You head to the courtyard

>What do now?

that just raises more questions
Put back to wall and keep watch.

Was visiting my uncle when I was 10. No clue hat the fuck happened or brought that up but yeah. Made me never want to go to prison more than anything.
You put your back to wall and keep watch.

There's a lot of looks your way and you look back at them making them either look harder and look away, or just straight up look away.

The nut harpy comes over and doesn't touch you, but just stands within 15-20 feet of you and hisses away other harpies.

Esteban strolls up to you at one point.

"Hey humie, the boss wants to talk"


"at lunch, he'll invite you over, and if you don't come, he'll come sit next to you"


>what do now
>"aight fuck off now lad"
>pop him in the jaw for being rude and not kissing the don's ring
>write in

and that's crazy bruv
So whys he want to meet now? Been saying things about me?
"So why does your boss want to meet with me now? All the good words you've been putting in for me?"

"The way you carry yourself, the way you act, your skill and power, your brutality, he blieves los galaxy's desperados could use someone such as yourself"


"Yeah, i mean you've been here days and already have an allianec that doesn't make you a slave, and have your own bodyguard"

You turn and the harpy rakes another one across the eye, keeping three at bay.

they shout at each other in chirps you barely understand, until that word that came up in the dual language audiobook you listened to came up.


The harpies hiss and fly away while your harpy nurses and licks a cut.

"Well anyway, think it over, if you want to meet than in the canteen we shall, you don't have to, but at the very least we'll be off your back for a while, after that while if you don't join, dues will be expected"

"I don't do dues"

"fairdoes, later anyway pendejo, unless you had something else to say"

>what do now
Anyplace to work out without gettin shanked or raped?
You head to the benching area and start lifting and everything else, pump up music playing as before getting you extra swole.

You work out for a while and then the guard you'd ask martial arts training from arrives

"Ah, so are you ready to work out?"

Oh yeah that was today

He touches you Slap Fu, the art of redirecting blows and momentum and bending arms, aswell as throws and grapples so close the opponent can't physically strike, so an opponent three times your size won't land a hit and even hit himself at times, and teaches you light striking in order to keep distance and not overextend or cause too much damage but to taunt anger to make a more predictable opponent that's easier to fight with this style.

It's very anti sith, and in some ways, anti jedi, though it's affects on monsters are that aren't perfect humanoids are questionable.

after a few hours he bids you adieu and leaves with the information that your first mission is tomorrow.

It's not quite lunch time yet.

>what do now
File: Spoiler Image (34 KB, 442x399)
34 KB
Practice not tai chi.

Also might be a good idea to call it for now seeing as it's just us ya know?

Also also Chiss hotness.
File: Spoiler Image (16 KB, 400x525)
16 KB
You decide to practice not tai chi for a while to center yourself and center your force

With the constant force healing, you're getting swole quick, and you feel relaxed doing so.

You do that for a while aswell as eating your protein bars and sipping your protein shakes, all to the orchestra of your harp.

after a while, you see the three coloured giantesses approach

>what do/say/act like

snigga if ya wanna go then go bruv, don't want you forcing yourself here on my behalf or nothing.
i'll stay on until i fall asleep at which point i'll continue when I wake up, or if thread's dead, start a new one over the weekend.
and nice chiss hotness.
Nope nope nope!!!!!! Stay back! Don't touch my dick! Okay what ya want?

Assume control of Al??
You make a sudden movement to shout at them to get distance and they flinch.

nice, the power balance has been flipped.

Fuck sake Al, how did you let this happen?

You sit there reading the letter one more time.

"10 years with good behaviour in a secretive Sith prison"

No, this isn't how it was meant to go at all, he was meant to serve 5 years and then start a family.

... You tricked yourself again. a family? With that man? Not likely.

You sigh and put out the cigarette before texting the signal to KJ

Before you know it on the broadcast, the chancellor's voting panel explodes viciously, cutting the man into gore.

This doesn't soothe you, you thought it would bring some closure, some hope, but nothing.

You flick the cigarette into the nearby plant pot and pocket the letter before taking your feet off of the magazined coffee table, time to head in for your check up


"L-l-look, sasha don't want trouble" Red starts

"S-s-so don't make trouble for dasha" yellow continues

"do what the fuck ye want just don't lightnin me" blue spits out bluntly to vicious glares from her 'crew', "Crasha not like sparks, deadly, tools of the gods, and of the demons"

>what do now?
>more perspective (who)
>shoo away (who to shoo)
>write in
Been waitin for this all day
>>more perspective (who)
Kj stay as him until we get any outta prison
Dick the red one

>>44759745 i think you are missing the point blud
i for one want to go through the steps of becoming the boss of this prison
You guys tried that last time. Didn't work out.

And Ky can't do that while we focus on someone else? I for one would like to see what the hells going on at home. So to speak.
did you read the last thread mate? all the monsters are scared of us. also Do you really trust Kyran to be on his own? really?
trying to dick the red one now will only get you a nut shot and tazed right now.
but you have a point about the boss, 10 years is a bit too long as kj.
point of coming here was to reflect upon the stone and shit, self improvement

Also to anon of last thread, no need to be 3 different people.
Sorry boss.. halfway through i kinda just wanted to see if i could.
i even made a different personality for each one
Nice dub dubs. Anyway do we even have the stone with us?
>three different people
Wew lad.
I mean, I left at what was 6 am for me, when I came back I thought it was 2 people still in the thread but then I saw the final posts and had a laugh.

Also: Shep here.
"Oookay, so what - do - you - want -?"
Wynaut ya fall asleep??
"Git gone tryin ta lift here"
are you new?
Anudah Bumpp
Dubs bumpen
i know, shit was cray blud
wargwan bruv

Jeez, didn't take long for me to pass out
"Git gone, tryin ta lift here" you grumble

They edge back, but red holds her ground.

"N-no! listen to S-sasha!" she says nervously

You clap, earning some nice flinches.

"Oookay, so what - do - you - want -?"

"...To let you know Sasha s-s-s-still in debt to demon-"

"Demon? that's not nice"

"S-Sasha mean, de man"


"Y-yeah, but debt will not and cannot be payed in snu snu, Sasha saving self for gods, h-however Dasha and Crasha have offered themself as replacement payment

They shift nervously

"You're in debt to me, not them"

"But they in debt to Sasha"

"I. Don't. Care"

She considers it.

She gets real close

"Sasha no care what demonic powers you have, Sasha crush tiny man"

She's close enough that you're pressing into her leg as she looks down on you from 7 foot above

She freezes and blushes, at the size, or the embarrassment of the exogorth indenting into her firm thigh

She goes to grib her hand on your arm, to gauge your muscle mass, stroke you, or throw you you're not sure, but your harpy swoops in and takes a finger off, to a loud scream.

Red turns to the hovering harpy in a stance and yellow Dasha and blue Crasha stance up at you.

>what do along with 1d100
>negotiate (how)
>cheap shot red as she looks at the harpy
>focus on yellow and dodge blue
>focus on blue and dodge yellow
>focus on both equally
>try the force storm
>ghostly gazelle away
>exogorth hard and out
>write in
Rolled 1 (1d100)

>>cheap shot red as she looks at the harpy
Take her out the. The others.
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 519x633)
51 KB
Roll under right??

force be damned

still got two more rolls though while i think of what critfail punishment to bestow
Rolled 4 (1d6)

1. lowest roll
2. middle roll
3. highest roll
4. mean
5. range
6. reroll 1 1d100

if 1, no more rolls, if 2-5, 2 more rolls, if 6, three more rolls.
Rolled 58 (1d100)

Rolling separate in case someone else joins.
Rolled 27 (1d100)

And last one.
add em, 86
You see your chance and go to cheapshot red, unfortuantely she dodges perfectly and your harpy cuts along your arm not realising you're going for her target.

Red then takes advantage of the precious moment and boots you flying into your harpy into a nearby wall next to Esteban.

He stands and blue tries to get him to sit the fuck back down, but he lifts his shirt to show his gang insignia and shank in his waistband, keeping blue back off him, but distracted by him in the mean time.

red and yellow advance on the heap that is you and your harpy menacingly as you pull yourself to your feet, aching and bruised, and the harpy does the same.

>what do/say/act like along with 1d100
>focus on yellow and dodge red
>focus on red and dodge yellow
>focus on both equally
>try the force storm
>ghostly gazelle away
>exogorth hard and out
>negotiate (how)
>write in
Rolled 32 (1d100)

>>focus on red and dodge yellow
Braaaap! Oh man the breakfast isn't sitting well with me eh?
Of course ya burp as close to the face as possible.
more rolls if ya think you've got them in you unless ya think 32 is a reasonable roll
Rolled 50 (1d100)

Rolled 94 (1d100)

Numbah 3
File: kuki.jpg (12 KB, 279x300)
12 KB
Woooow a whole 50!
Get ya shit togeth-
So I guess we are domming her as the alpha Bale we are?
Sleepy, pragmatically, why not?
File: Spoiler Image (40 KB, 650x366)
40 KB
You shake yourself off and head into battle, focusing on red while the harpy works o yellow in order to allow you to dodge yellow easier and less often.

They're good, very good, especially as a team.

It's clear that they're military, or at least trained in military team tactics and drills in their previous savage life.

They're good, but you're better.

You dodge flawlessly, scoring light blows on yellow, and harder blows on red.

You work them both down eventually wearing them out, and during a free shot, jab into red's throat leaving her gagging and gasping.

You duck under yellow's next swing and further wind a gasping red with a double uppercut gut punch lifting the behemoth off the ground with it'd force, before you grab both legs and use the momentum to spinebuster her down onto her back and the back of her head.

She lays there groggy as yellow rushes you going in for the kill, getting swiped by the harpy knocking her off aim, and your grab both her arms and spin her to the ground, landing her next to red, and holding her arms behind her head.

She's a lot stronger, but due just being slammed down on her head swell, the position her arms are in, the beast digging into her chest, the fact you're too tiny to use her legs to get you off, and your liberal use of force, you have her pinned, and she starts crying, and you can't understand what's being said.

It may be a cry for blue to help, but looking back you see Esteban stenciling on her arm and her blissfully unaware.

>what do/say/act like

>domming her as the alpha Bale
We did say we would try and not fuck everything. I'd rather keep that word.
>We did say we would try and not fuck everything.
You said you'd try that with Al, and you aren't with Al, but i get where ya coming from

Though there is reason to not do so right now, they allow monster on monster and monster on human in the courtyard since they're animals and can't help it, but will probably sleep gun or normal gun or tazer if it's human on human, or if it looks like rape

There is also reason to do so, like the throb you feel.

Eh, your guys' choice, but I may have to compromise or roll for votes.
"God fucking damn it, stop trying to fuck with me. All I want is to establish the pecking order. It goes like this:
(1. The warden
2. The guards)
3. Me
4. The gods
5. The dirt
6. The shit in the dirt
7. The worms eating shit in the dirt
8. You
So put out when I tell you, shut up when I tell you, and arm up when I tell you. "

Dickslap their faces and tell them to scamper before you decide to fuck their shit up in all the ways possible
Well to be fair we haven't fucked a single thing.

And smoking during pregnancy means waifu is dead to me, yes yes personal issues but w/e.
>goes to monmusu prison
>doesn't taste at least one of each flavour
I sent her for a checkup and i forgot she was pregnant holy fucking shit am i retarded.

Aight it's canon, but it was one smoke, and she hates herself for it since it was a moment of weakness. since for a minute or two when she was having doubts and really considering abortion.

dw, she won't take up drinking either
"God fucking damn it, stop trying to fuck with me. All I want is to establish the pecking order. It goes like this:"

They expectantly await your list of the pecking order.

"(1. The warden
2. The guards)
3. Me
4. The gods
5. The dirt
6. The shit in the dirt
7. The worms eating shit in the dirt
8. You"

Red looks at you fire in her eyes

So put out when I tell you, shut up when I tell you, and arm up when I tell you. "

Red goes to object with that fire, and you dickslap her head back down, extinguishing the fire, a single tear rolling down her eye as she realises she's helpless to your claim.

Yellow leans her head up to object to your dickslap still crying and gibbering, and you let her arms go so she can lean up and dickslap her back down too, both hits of the tiny man big dick bruising or further bruising the faces.

You climb off them to their surprise and happiness

"Fucking scamper before I decide to fuck you up in every way possible"

Yellow picks up red and they limp away rapid, before red looks into your eyes with nothing in them, and turns to blue getting a tattoo

"Crasha, come!"

She whispers to Esteban who whispers back to her

"Hasta luego puta!" She shouts before red and yellow confusedly walk away, wheezing and clutching wounds.

You decide to force heal while your harpy sings melodic healing music through a bust lip,

Eventually Esteban pipes up

>"whatcha gonna do now homes?"

>get a tat
>questions (for who)
>talk to who and about what
>write in
Dick big red
Try to keep our deal with Al no kissing don't come inside, We have no condoms so she will need to forgive us for that.
too late niggaaa
Bit late homie
get back to working out, the weights aren't heavy enough for us so we will have to get our harpy friend to perch on the barbell
Start a blitzball league
They won't understand it, even less would want to play it with you, and even less people would be willing to sneak in the materials.

basketball is the only sport here and harpies own the court and hoops
"I'm gonna get swole" You reply

You start benching, harpy resting on the barbell as you do weights of all kind, singing pump up tunes gleefully, spitting out a bit of blood every once in a while.

You pump iron and feel your body strengthen.

You then resort to other kinds of workouts like squats and pressu ps and pull ups, either with the harp on top of or around you like a weighted belt/hat for further gains.

After a while esteban asks you

"So what's the deal anyway? Pinning girls down? Having one act like your wife? completely smashing their heads in?

You've got a rather complicated love hate relationship with broads ain'tcha?"

>what do/say/act like
>reply (with what)
>get a tat
>questions (for who)
>talk to who and about what
>heal more
>write in
"Eh I wanna show I am not anyone's bitch, if I have to make others my bitches in the process then so be it. So a bit of both.
That said, my Exogorth hungers, and when the hunger is too great I just have to let it feast...
But don't worry I don't fuck males."
Oh yeah ask him more about his gang. What kind of shit are they good at, do they just want a tough guy to put up a front on their side or what? Tell him as long as they don't start shit with you, they are good people on your books.

Also tell him we wanna see his ink skills, think he can make a cool pecs tatoo?
"Eh I wanna show I am not anyone's bitch, if I have to make others my bitches in the process then so be it. So a bit of both."


"That being said, my Exogorth hungers, and when the hunger is too great I just have to let it feast...but don't worry, females only, prison won't break me" You say pointing to your back and trap tattoo saying this is your third stint.

"Ah, si, you know, I could touch that up for you, really make some of the letters stand out, maybe some flames"

"What else could you do tattoo wise. My pecs?"

"I could, but with how quickly you're gaining mass, it might distort. I could do skulls, blades, barbed wire, tribal, fire, lightsabers, blasters, ships, women, got a picture i could do it too, i'm an artiste. here let me show you" he says stopping putting runes into Crasha's arm, and lifting up your harpies jumpsuit to show her belly, with an intricate drawing of an acorn on it

she chirps aggressively a little thinking bad intentions, but when sees you're looking deeply at the tattoo remains still

"Heh, I threw this one a nut once and she ate it instantly, was a little hurt to be honest. But yeah, i'm an artist of the best caliber, I will draw anything you throw at me"

"Good to know. oh yeah, about your gang, why do you really want me-"

"Do you not remember what you did in the cafeteria? shit was loco bro"

"I know"

"Anyways, he was distant at first since he said he remembers you from a different prison, but told me not to tell you, and that you were a madman there, but after seeing that, wants to recruit you"

It's not quite lunch time yet, but it's getting closer

>what do/say/act like now?
Get a tattoo Of an exogorth Rising from an asteroid.

"Haha son i am kyran ollis i ran tattoine if anyone was gonna recruit it would be me. Which if you guys need jobs when you get out hit me up at my academy there"
>"I'm not used to joining up. But I can do alliances. Specifically, if you need something hit or scared off, we can work together. My price is to not be crossed, and maybe some friendliness in business, that's that"
"Let me get a uh, tattoo, of an exogorth rising from an asteroid"

"uuh, sure thing"

You make idle talk as he tats you, pain nothing, harpy on the lookout, ready to chirp like a watchdog if problems arise.

"You know, you really could use a gang like ours to watch your back, you should accept the baddesy gang in the galaxy's recruitment offer-"

"Haha, son, i'm Kyran Ollis"

Jis jaw half drops

"The. Kyran Ollis... of swagoo-"

"The very same one, i ran that place, if anyone here's gonna be doing recruiting, it's me

I'm not used to joining up. But I can do alliances. Specifically, if you need something hit or scared off, we can work together. My price is to not be crossed, and maybe some friendliness in business, that's that""


"Which mean if you guys need jobs when this is all said and done, you hit me up right?"


The tat is finished, and your force heal helps, but you've still got to give it time

"I'll let you know if I want a another tattoo, like a teardrop or something"

"you've done too much for a teardrop, maybe a little raincloud" he says laughing before going solemn

You pat his shoulder laughing too, cheering him up.

You hear the bells of lunch and head into the canteen, your harpy finally leaving you for the harpy table, and you hear soem accusatory chirps and feel some glances, but those are eventually directed in the direction of the giants table.

>You get lunch and sit
>sit next to esteban and his boss
>human and other alien table
>harpy table (next to martiarch or nut harpy)
>coloured giantess table
>tan giantess table
>the solitary lamia table
>centaur table
>different monster girl table (specify)
>write in table
>eat while standing against a wall
Glare at some bitches till they clear a table.
You find a table with a random assortment of bitches on ti and just glare.

They consider challenging to save pride, but since it's you, they just leave and head to a different empty table.

You sit down with your king's meal of extra meat and bread and a pudding cup as well as an apple and some cornbread.

Finally, some respect around here, you'l have to thank that lunchlady later.

You sit there chewing and three centaur approach, one misty eyed and shouting "WHERE IS PRINCESS" in absolute pain, while being held back and eventually dragged off by two other centaur.

Jeez, fucking horse bitches are so volatile, that one needs the princess treatment at some point.

You eat some more when a bulky Y'bith sits across from you, and offers his pudding cup.

"I'm big guy, we met on Endor"

Oh you remember this guy now, he was the leader of the gang who's members included the guy whose dick you snapped with your butt cheeks. Dark days.

"I'd like to offer you the pudding of alliance, see, pudding cups are really rare, there are only two a day given out, and i'd like to give you mine even though you already have one"

Though the actual pudding is wroth fuck all, the actual gesture and the meaning is rather touching.

You check the expiry dates on both; Non perishable, could be decent trade items along with your rations.

"So, considering an alliance with me then, Big K?"

>what do
Certainly, i am sure that Esteban gave my offer of employment to any of your boys when they get out, i can always use muscle on swagoine. i have recently thought of expanding my enterprises if you catch my drift.
"Certainly, i am sure that Esteban gave my offer of employment to any of your boys when they get out, i can always use muscle on swagoine. i have recently thought of expanding my enterprises if you catch my drift."

He clears his throat

"We trade narcotics, contraband, people, we deal in protection, mecenary work, espionage. believe me when I say that los galaxy's deperados re capable of anything, and it's for this reason, i refuse your offer of future employment for my work of current employment"

"Is that so?"

"I was in prison on a light stint, purposefully, to have alibi for my orders, to make contacts, to create networks and prison smuggling. i had contacts.

But all good things come to an end, I was shipped here, and what I can do now is very limited."

"You can send messages out?"

"That and so much more even while limited, I just need you to work for me-"

"I don't work for, I work with, or I make allianc-"

"Not what my contacts say about your past wor-"

"That was the pas-"

"and what they say about your agreement with the warden too, I keep order here for him, I'm important you get me?"

"Big K isn't anyone's work dog bruv, I make agreements and alliances"

"...Well, we're allied slightly for now, but unless you come work FOR me, I can't guarantee it'll last. We won't be able to protect you from shanks from behind forever, and our own shanks may have to turn on you one day"

"I'll keep that in mind"

"Keep the pudding" he says getting up and leaving back to his own table.

You eat half of the rest of your food.

>what do now?
>sit next to esteban and his boss
>human and other alien table
>harpy table (next to martiarch or nut harpy)
>coloured giantess table
>tan giantess table
>the solitary lamia table
>centaur table
>different monster girl table (specify)
>write in table
>eat while standing against a wall
>guard (which one)
>write in
Chat up blondie, ask specifically why she still has our signature on her armour.
You leave the half of the food not eating, pocketing the pudding cups, and head out, seeing your harpy claim your remains as you leave out of the corner of your eye.

You find the blonde prison guard looking over a balcony, smiling when she feels you approach.

"Sup?" You ask


"I see. Hey, how come you still have that signature on your armour?"

She seriouses up

"As a reminder of my fuckup, why i got demoted"

"Ah i s-"

"Plus it's permanent marker you dick"

"You could paint over it?"

"Yeah but it's a famous person's signature, plus it shows I encountered you and survived."

"yeah, sorry about choking you the other day again"

"...all your files said you're incapable of force lightning, yet you went up like a tesla coil yesterday"

"I just figured out how to do it I guess"

"really? well the roar on that bass made me cum a little just to let you know" She says punching you in the side.

Oww that really fucking hurt, she just punched your tattoo, ouch ouch ouch.

"Awh, baby got a booboo? Anyway, you're not allowed to be on this balcony inmate 3463, skedaddle"

>what do now
Check out the other tables and see if there are any stragglers you can add to your band.
"Well I'm glad you enjoyed the show at least" wink at her and go check dem recruitables. So far the lamia and harpy seem to be into our shit, anybody we could find that is independent and works with contraband? Maybe some muscle too. We don't want to play big, but we want a tight circle around our back.
But alot of women survive meeting ME its the EXOGORTH they don't survive meeting
"A lot of women survive meeting me, it's the exogorth they don't survive meeting"

She rolls her eyes, but licks her lips too. weird.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed the show at least" you say winking at her and leaving back for the canteen, looking around for people to recruit.

It's hard, since most don't talk basic, but translators can be found you guess.

Speaking of, you see the ratboy you met first day begging all sorts of different races for cheese in all sorts of different languages.

You break off a bit of cheese and throw it at him.

"Oh, thank you mist-" he freezes seeing you with the eye not in an eyepatch. "W-w-w-w-"

"I want you to translate for me and join my crew, i'll pay you in whatever you desire in you'll have the protection of the baddest guy in the prison2

"YES SIR" he shouts saluting

You grab him by the chin, "Translate properly and don't fuck with me because i'll be able to tell, alright?"

He gulps

"Y-Yes sir!"


>next on the agenda?
>the entire lunchroom is your oyster

three whole votes, wew lad
i swear to the force snigga y'all better be three different people, no more shenanigans
Hey guys I'm finally h-

Holy shit is that the person we were talking to at the gyro stand? Didn't we sign her armor way back?
Good to have ya here brah.
She was after you, you signed her armour, and ran.
she got demoted so fucking hard for that, so hard.
It should be noted i was surprized that there were more people in the thread than you and me blud.
Find someone for muscle to watch our six. Along with lonely lamia and harpy I guess.

And I'm here, just one guy, can only speak for myself.
But you know who I am. I am THE alien fucker.
Ah senpai, it's Friday! Weekend traffic ya get me? I'm gonna run straight until death or monday morning.

The alien fucker? What about predators? you fuck them too lad?

And more votes pendejos and pendebros!
How the fuck does this thread have 10 votes in the archive?

Someone's been up to funny business, because there's only 6 posters in this thread so far.

Yeah I just read the rest of the thread.
Man she got put in the slammer because of us. Kinda feel a little bad.

Also I've not been contributing as much as before since this is a new setting for me and I guess I'm getting acclimated to it. I kinda like our bird-guard.
Can we use Force Heal on things other than ourselves? We should patch her up every time she gets hurt.

It's good to be feared, sure. But being compassionate as well will bring more people to our side, or at least make people more inclined to. Show that we'll be good to people who are good to us... And well, we showed what we can do to people who don't.

Also Anons, consider working with the Los Galaxy's Deperados. Yeah we have the Warden with us, but the Warden can only do so much without giving favoritism. We need allies. Remember that we're basically alone here.

We should also work towards building a relationship with the blonde guard. Not that kind of relationship, but a buddy-buddy one. Another friend in the guard force will help.

Could be lurkers. I've lurked for the past two(?) threads, and I wasn't here up until after the first timeskip into Swagooine.

Also I'm assuming that we're doing good with Gaz, Pete, Myran and The Lady in The Stone off-screen? Wait, do we even have the Stone?
I get what you mean bout lurkers, but, it's 10 votes, compared to 7 then 4 as the next highest. I only have 5 twitter followers mind you, this is someone having fun, there's a misarchiver running around, could be that.

You can't force heal, you can only emditate to speed up natural healing process, but the harpy heals faster than humans anyway.

And if you want those tings then vote for them bruv ;)

>Also I'm assuming that we're doing good with Gaz, Pete, Myran and The Lady in The Stone off-screen? Wait, do we even have the Stone?

Yeah you used them for the lighting trick, you're good, and yeah, you snuck the stone in, she's been teaching you stuff on the side while your body sleeps, you're making some progress.
Also keep in mind that we should trust the ratman as far as we can throw him, at least initially. He's hired by cheese, and anyone can give him a better price to betray us.
Communication is an important thing, and miscommunication can cause needless wars. Maybe have him teach us the languages he knows.
Until he is loyal to us, he is not truly aligned us.

We can trust the Harpy-guard a little more, she became our bodyguard of her own choice. At first she was just singing us a nice tune while working out. And I feel that we've built some loyalty with her through what happened during the rain thing.

Ah, yeah, I heard about that misarchiver in the AT-TE Commander Quest. Probably that.

Hm... Maybe show the Harpy-Guard some care anyways. Build some more loyalty and trust between us.

I also don't really like voting, or rolling. I have shit luck and I don't really like influencing things directly unless I really want to, especially since my voice wasn't here for a good more than half of the existing threads. Doesn't stop me from voicing my opinions and providing alternate viewpoints to the other, more willing to vote Anons.
I kinda think of myself as the Peter of the thread.
If any are down votes, there is a misarchivist out there that is also mass downvoting quests.
You tell the rat that he'll need to teach you language at some point and he doesn't want to because he'll lose usefulness, but he agrees.

You decide to look for more muscle to watch your back and to handle some shit for you, and you find a good place to start, your harpy.

Your rat translates for you, about having someone to watch your back and be loyal.

She comes to your side of the table from her friends and climbs on you, wrapping her wings around your back and herself around your front with her head over your shoulder.

Lookit that, it's a hug and a stabproof vest/human shield that'll warn you of people approaching from behind.

She's still silent even with the translator, but she whispers something to him.

"She says to call her Eaturn"

"That's not her name though is it?"

"It's not"

"Then why?"

"it's some ancient word or something, I don't know the meaning, or maybe it's a last name"

"Let's go eaturn" She chirps softly in your ear still as a reservoir apart from her heartbeat as you head to the lamia

The rat doesn't want to talk to her, but does, and tells her exactly what he told the harpy.

She laughs, she finds a lot of things funny

"she says why would you want to ally with her?"

>what do/say/act like along with 1d100

all positive, it's score is ten.
>she became our bodyguard of her own choice
is she a bodyguard?
well now she technically is
>I kinda think of myself as the Peter of the thread.
maybe you should name fag as peter then, NEEERD!
lmao, famalam just vote ennit, i want the players to influence and create the story.
sandbox quest niggaaaaa
"have you not noticed how i dont care about the petty disputes that were around before i came here?"
File: D20.png (1016 KB, 858x1030)
1016 KB
1016 KB PNG
Rolled 49 (1d100)

Rolled 62 (1d100)

"Why not?"
Genuine question.
Asking this gains insight on the Harpy/Lamina cultures and viewpoints. Even though she's a loner, she's still a Lamina. As well as being a Loner, either she hasn't been here for very long and needs friends like we do, or she's been here for a while and knows ways to keep herself alive. Ways that would be beneficial to us.

Hopefully I rolled right.

Alright fiiine Wynaut, I'll vote and roll and namefag, pretty much all the stuff I don't want to do.
Also she pretty much became our bodyguard when she was helping us with those Giantesses or something.
"Why not?"


"A lot of reasons sire, family, enemies, a dispute"

"Have you not noticed how I don't care about the petty disputes that were around before i came here?"


"She assures you, and I assure you too, that her dispute is nothing petty. she's outcast from the lamia, and we're not to help her or harm her in any way, she is non existent, to be ignored by all, even the warden respects the decision of his powerful and wise lamia prisoners to leave her alone."


"Well I offer her friendship and companionship now"


"She accepts, but we must leave her be for now so she can think of terms"


"Oh yes, royalty doesn't come for free apparently"

You bid her adieu for now as she wishes, lunch is still going on buy you could leave if you so wished.

>what do now

>pretty much all the stuff I don't want to do.
don't take shit so seriously nerd bruv
rolling and voting are a given, i want you all to drive the quest car off the cliff where it spurts rockets out of the tires and flies into the sun.
namefag thing was a joke though, only do that if ya wish bruv :p
Shiit bruv i gotta get ready for my classes
kk bruv
Eat some more for extra gains.

Find someone that can smuggle a message outside? "Hey Al, KJ, I got doublecrossed by that dick chancellor. At least I still alive"

Ooc we know they know buy anyway

Then after that retire for the day?
Too bad Wyanut, it's happening now.

So she's a royal Lamina who had a falling out with some relatives. Befriending her could get us some very powerful enemies, and potential opportunities for some allies. We should learn more about the Lamina and overall situation surrounding that before actually moving towards making our alliance/friendship official.

For now let's grab some lunch if we haven't already.
Maybe talk to Eaturn to see if she knows anything about Lamina culture or the incident with the Loner Lamina. If not, tell her we'll talk to her about Harpy stuff later.
We can also speak to Esteban to see if he knows anything about that, and maybe ask to see if we can borrow the his Monstergirls For Dummies book sometime. Nothing lengthy, just a few hours at a time, probably before bed, in the cell with him present. Just to make him know that we don't run off with the book.
We also could speak to the Los Desperados boss, tell him that while we are unwilling to work UNDER him, we are perfectly willing to work WITH him for now, if he has any jobs for us, we will consider it. We may work under him in the future, but for now we're getting our bearings for the place.

The Los Desperados Boss can smuggle messages outside, that's the only person we know of for sure that can do that. Perhaps the Blonde Guard can? But I doubt it.
Man ya MF's
i like that trip bruv
aight again

startin to write
You ask the rat to ask the harpy about the lamia

"She says 'bad, no, bad idea, not need'"

"Why is she speaking like a child?"

"Comfy I guess?"

You kiss your teeth in disappointment.

"tell her i'll ask about harpy stuff later"

He tells her and she nods.

You've already had lunch and you aren't ready for more, but you're slightly peckish, so you open a new ration pack of nuts and fruit and shit, feeding yourself and your entourage on the way to Esteban's table.

"Hey Esteban, can I borrow that etiquette book?"

"Nope again bro, I had to get this smuggled in and it's one of a kind"

"but what about-"


The boss laughs

"Nice harpy, my wife holds onto me in the same way!"

"This isn't my-"

"So you need lessons on etiquette do ye? i might be able to get you in another one of those one of a kind books, maybe a print of a leaflet summarizing, but it'll cost y-"

"I'm not gonna work for you. At present I will work WITH you and what you need me to do and maybe in the future for you, but for now-"

"Aight, fine amigo"

"Also I need a message sent out to Adrianne the jedi that says-"

"Save it for when you've helped me out, that being said..."

"What do you need help WITH?"

"Ration packs. that guard has 4 on him, take three for me which he owes me and the last one for yourself"

"How do I get them off him?"

"Use your imagination"

>what do? with 1d100 aswell
>discuss/question more (and what)
>leave and go somewhere (where, library, room, sneak around)
>write in
What's the name of our gang? Krazy Kunts?
Rolled 6 (1d100)

Female or male guard?
Rolling to seduce either way, no need to put outm
Rolled 62 (1d100)

Rolled 1 (1d100)

What the absolute fuck are these rolls.
Did you just delete a post for bad rolling?
Please don't do that, it's beyond bad behavior.
You are very lucky I can still see skele's deleted roll of 8 or we'd have a critfail on our hands
I shouldn't let y'all have it, but I will

Rolled 94 (1d100)

We don't know the Los Desperados' Boss' name, but uh... Yeah. Let's say,
"Give me some time with that Boss, also, is your wife a Harpy by any chance?"
If his wife is a harpy, we may have just been married unintentionally to a Harpy.

Go to the Lamina apologizing, after a minute of consultation and thought, we might actually have to rescind that offer of companionship for now. Emphasis on the for now, we're not in a position of power. Maybe we will offer it again soon, but not now.

Check guards gender.
Ask the guard for the 4 ration packs politely.
We don't have a gang name yet, and I don't think we have enough members to be named, since we're just Kyran, Eaturn the Harpy, and Ratman, whose name we don't know yet.
>We don't know the Los Desperados' Boss' name
Big Guy
from the prison on endor, go to thread 4 and ctrl f "desperados"
Ah, okay.
I was thinking about just calling him Big Boss like from Metal Gear, but we know his name. All I remember from the Prison on Endor was meeting the padawans, and then breaking out with our Mando buddies.
because of how mental the prison was
nobody remembers it
you certainly hardly do
Okay the thread is now at score 20 with all the other threads left alone and still below 8
what the legit fuck
somebody's doing summat
"I'm asking because I'm slightly concerned that I might have just been unintentionally betrothed to a Harpy."

Guess Mr. Misarchivist did you a solid?
Also what the hell maybe the quest is actually refering to another thread in there? Did you try opening the archived version?
did we not crush a dudes penis with our ass cheeks?
"Give me some time with that Boss, also, is your wife a Harpy by any chance? I'm asking because I'm slightly concerned that I might have just been unintentionally betrothed to a Harpy."

"Yeah, my little Snooturn, and harpies are materialistic creatures, love their shinies and their symbolism, it's different with different tribes so whether you've been wedded or not I don't know. also, don't tell my snooturn about my concubines will ya?" he says bouncing a small tomboy looking harpy on his lap.

"...I won't"

"Thanks, now, toodleo" he says waving you off

First things first, the Lamia.

"excuse me, after a minute of consultation and thought, we might actually have to rescind that offer of companionship for now. Keep considering terms since I will be in a position of power eventually, but i'm not now and have nothing to offer."

She nods after taking in the translation, giggling a little, and you head to the male guard.

"Whatchu want?"

"Mate, you sound really aggressive and pent up"

"Leave me al-"

"A cuddle"


"Come on, take it, don't fight it, it's happening"

You pull him in tight, and he pushes himself into you and the harpy, calmed either by the tightness of your arms or the smell of her, you're not sure, but ratboy pockets the rations in your jumpsuit after he takes them, and you leave waving goodbye.

You head back dropping his three ration packs and keeping your own

"Good job Kyran, i'll send your little message off but the book costs more than this, i'll let you know if i need help again"

>what do now?

dark times friend
all the quests at the top of the archive have been rated twenty, they're fuckin around.
yeah it's the right version
Go see if we have any jobs up by Warderino, and maybe learn the secret arts of walking with three legs?
Wonder why the Lamina giggled at that?
Ask Ratman if he's translating right, like 100% right. Word for word, no shortcuts. If he's taking shortcuts, ask him not to do that. Translate word for word. There might be slang or innuendos that we're not aware of.

Also ask Ratman for some basic Harpy-language. Stuff like, Yes, No, Thank You, etc. Starting with Harpy speak because we have a connection with the Harpy people through Eaturn. And the Harpy faction seems to be neutral with us for now. Give Ratman a piece of cheese for the lesson. Tell him that even if we master all the languages here, he'll still be useful. Make him feel wanted, useful, and important.
Because he kinda is wanted, useful and pretty important right now.

Then we can do this, I got nothing else at the moment.
>Wonder why the Lamina giggled at that?
because the lamia's only recourse in here is humour
it's why she fucked an apple at the centaur a few days ago aswell as fucking a worm at the harpy table, literally nothing other than making jokes in her own head and situational humour.
That makes sense, I guess.

Let's still ask Ratman if he's doing the shortcut/slang thing or not. Let's also ask for his name.
You decide to head to the warden, entourage of ratboy and new vest coming with you, but ask ratboy for his name on the way there.

"I'm Mixt"

"Good to have you Mixt, now are you saying slang or hidden words? Why was the lamia laughing?"

"Because she's insane and finds everything funny" you huff at that response.

You walk into the office past the guard and sit down.

"Ah, Kyran, I was hoping you'd show up, today is mission day after all."

"So it is sir"

"So here's the shit, we're gonna take you out of here with a three guard contingent, get you to the outside world after a ride, put a electro leash on you attached to your collar which can't be tampered with if you want to keep your head, unlock your limiter mostly, and let you sniff out poon with a couple of sensitive nose girls to bring back savages"

"What are we attacking tribes?"

"No, just searching the areas and wilderness for escapees, I have my own people for military operations, don't you worry"

"Could I be promoted to that one day?"

"one day, for now, find me some girl- Oh you've found me one already"

He looks at Eaturn, and they start having a conversation, him being extremely adept at harpy speak apparently.

She gets increasingly tense and hostile shouting Eaturn a lot, and the warden gets increasingly smug

You interrupt "Enough, what's going on Mixt-" but before mixt can answer the harpy turns to you and starts shouting, crying, using eaturn even more than she already has,

She reaches into your pocket and pulls the nut she gave you back, and then flies away and out the room bumping into shit because her eyes are too watery to see properly

"Wow Kyran, wow, you're not a nice guy"

"What did you tell her?"

"Aha, what you didn't, that you're hunting down her people. Now get a move on"

You begrudgingly head outside, get in the ride, and are taken to a nearby forest, where you're collared.

You're given the options of where to search
>empty village
>write in
Rolled 42 (1d100)

Empty village, the closed spaces could help maybe?
Also we should talk to harpy girl and tell her this is all part of the plan (translator note: plan means keikaku)
Sorry for the wait on that post, thinking of shit's hard.
>(translator note: plan means keikaku)
fuck that still gets me

and you won't be punished if you don't bring anyone back, the reason you're helping is because they're having real bad luck, they won't blame you.
Ah, makes sense.
Goddamnit Wynaut, you're taking away all the characters that I like.

We're going to have to apologize to Eaturn. Like, really apologize. Ask Mixt how to do a heartfelt apology, in German there's several words for sorry. I don't remember my german, but there's a phrase you say when you've really fucked up bad. Perhaps Harpy-Speak has the same phrase.
Harpys are also materialistic, Big Guy says. An apology with a gift might be more effective.

Let's go to the Empty Village. Don't particularly look for escapees, per say, but instead investigate the village itself. If the Guards ask what we're doing, say we're learning to understand the natives a little bit better. Insight in where they live might give an idea of where they would go if on the run.
We can't just whip the dick out and expect the escapees to show up.

What we're actually doing is looking for text, musical instruments maybe, art. Learn the culture of the people who lived there. The more insight we have on the people, the smoother we can communicate with them.

This gives me ideas, but we're still bound here. We can't break out or anything or else they'd go after Al and the rest of our friends. Unless we get permission from that we should do so, we shouldn't.
I'm gonna head out for a few hours, gotta get some shut eye before classes.
Don't get us into bad positions anons, good luck boyos.
You go in the direction of the empty village and sniff around, feeling for presences.

They keep the lead on your collar at a liberal length and chill in the center of town while you essentially get free reign to look through huts and that.

You take not of how particularly tribal they are, spears being the main weapon aswell as dropping spikes.

They don't have instruments, they're a vocal people.

They paint, but it's mostly just wings.

Like literally covering their wings in colours that match their feathers, and chronicling the colours and designs over generations, like family trees.

This is a rainbow coloured wing tribe, you've seen completely grey wings in prison, and the one on the bosses lap was blue and white.

It seems like the matriarch you hunted ran not this tribe, but lead the tribe that lead this tribe, like multiple settlements, since she's in the guest section of rainbow wings.

You keep exploring and find a large hut that looks recently lived in, and pick up the scent and feel of a harpy in the direction of the lake.

You also pick up another one headed towards to the lake, but a different type of harpy, this one smells of ash like the grey harpy you bumped into once, maybe looking for escapees too?

Leaving the hut you see tracks on the ground from a wolf girl, not the ones used to help sniff around here with their trimmed claws and pampered fur, but completely untrimmed claws, with fur hitting mud, you don't pick up a scent though so they may be old tracks.

>what do with 1d100

later bruv, and fuck your favourite characters bruv ;)
Rolled 58 (1d100)

Track the harpy and see if she's got anything. Maybe point out the wolf thing to our handlers and see if they think it's worth a shot at seeking the wolfgirl
Rolled 35 (1d100)

it makes my little heart hurt you meanie

Let's look for little things around the huts, things that would seem to be used for beauty or jewelry. Like necklaces. Mostly for inspiration to make something of our own as an apology gift for Eaturn.

Then lets go after the tracks from the Wolf-Girl. They don't know if we can accurately detect monstergirls or not, and if they ask, we can say that we're unused to the life on the planet. And we're not trackers, most of our force-ability lies in attacking things. So we go after the concrete tracks for now.

Alright now I'm out.
You want to make it up to Eaturn, so you search around for jewelry, and stuff like that, when you pick up a feathered frilly neck thingy, and you feel her on it, so you pick it up, what's a better apology present than this eh?"

You talk to the handlers

"I've got a trail"


"Yeah, a harpy. I need you two to follow the wofl girl aswell"

"W-what wolf girl?"

"There's wolf girl tracks there that aren't from these, see them?" You say pointing

They're astounded

They hit their hounds "How did you not pick up on this?"

"...sorry master"

They dirty look you for revealing the escapees, ah, that's why

"well what do we do first?"

"You could let me go, if i'm not back here in 2 hours hit the killswitch, i know there's the capabilities for it"

"yeah but-"

"The collar is untamperable right? exactly, so go track the wolf and i'll track the harpy"

"Alright, you have two hours to be back before I activate the auto reattach and you're dragged halfway across the landscape by a magnetic force through whatever's in the way"


You head to the lake in ten minutes and find a rainbow harpy washing herself by the lakeside, sniffing around, trying to catch a scent as she keeps vigilant.

>what do
Rolled 81 (1d100)

>flap your arms with some leaves over them and half a coconut on your mouth and pretend to be a male harpy
>cacaw cacaw!
It is mating season, we shall sneak on her with our amazing tactics.
Jesus christ anon, the more escapees we bring in, the more disdain we earn from the people imprisoned inside of prison.
And we're not put in separate living quarters either. We're living with the people we're putting back into jail.

If we actually do our jobs effectively, that's a good way of getting lots of enemies and lots of potential shanks in our back. Things I'd rather not us have. The Centaurs already hate us, don't give them reason to hate us even more. Don't give any of them reason to hate us, because we live alongside them. Hell we are sleeping across from them.
Doesn't matter how badass we are if we get a shank in the neck while we're sleeping.

"Accidentally" make noise as you approach carefully. Like stepping on branches and shit to make noise.
We never received stealth training.

Okay now I'm gone.
Don't fuck this up, and don't give the people in the prison reason to ally together to put numerous shanks in our back. We already got a vision, or someone got a vision and told us that they saw us bleeding out, leaning on the bars of a cell.
>someone got a vision and told us that they saw us bleeding out, leaning on the bars of a cell.
a literal 3 year old's vision.
i need to go through all the threads and count how much time exactly has passed because i've got no notes and i'm really confused desu
and later mater
>don't fuck this shit up
But anon, we can always convince the escapees that returning with us is for the best.
for the keikaku
Plus it'll serve good morale reasons that might not be directly obvious.
You stop and think.


You wrap leaves around your arms to make yourself a green winged harpy, but can['t find a coconut to make a beak, fortunately, because you remember last minute they don't have beaks.

You fake stealth out and are looked upon with wonderment.

A male harpy! After the invasion and the genetic problems they face, a pure healthy specimen!

At least that's what the look of happiness in her eyes shows.

well, at least until you grab her by both wings and pin her down, putting the manacles on her legs to nullify them and holding her wings.

She shouts but to no avail, and eventually starts struggling

"Not harp! Look harp, smell harp, not harp! Why-" she stops and starts sniffing, before shouting a lot of words in harpy you don't understand

"Speak sense!"


You think, that's the number on your harpy's jacket

"That's eaturn, what of her?"

"Eaturn eaturn eaturn you" she finishes with a lot more angry harpy words until she calms down

"... is she fine"

"She's fine"

"...Slam go with you, safer there than out here..."

You attach her collar to your collar, and wonder exactly how she managed to escape, but she's ignoring your questions for now at least.

>what do now?
>look for other harpy
>return to town center early
>write in
Pet her and nod
"Safer together"
>return to town center early

One harpy is more than the warden's forces have accomplished so eh
She's really edgy so you pat her and she freezes, but accepts it.

"Safer together"

She nods and you lead both of you back to town, and you pick some stuff up on the way she wants, but you can't shake the snaking suspicion that you're being followed.

You get back to the town centre and find the guards there with the wolf girl with the guards.

Hang on

You look at the wolf girl

That's a celebrity, that's Pawmela Anderson!

"UNHAND ME, i'm not one of these savages anymore! I just came to visit, th-there's credits in my ship I swear!"

"Yeah, shut up" the guard says kicking her up the ass to a whimpering noise, "Oh Kyran you're back early. We caught the thing from the tracks you pointed out, not an escapee, but still, a prisoner is a prisoner."


"Wait, Kyran Ollis?" The celebrity interjects, "Y-you've donated to my charity! You were on a top 50 influential people list last year, why are you-"

"Because things change"

She looks at her feet sadly

"Oh hey, didn't even notice the harpy there, two for one, nice job. Well that's enough for today, let's head back"

You head back in the prisoner part of the convoy with the two+one wolf girls and the harpy.

>what say/do/act like on drive back
Rolled 60 (1d100)

"Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best...
...always look at the bright side of life!"

Work on our musical act to cheer the escapees and the guards. Maybe ask them what is the policy of the empire over this planet.
You feel as if the mood is too low right now, and so improve a musical number.

"Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best...
...always look at the bright side of life!"

The harpy whistles with melancholy and the guards are the only ones who jump in at any point.

"Hey, what is the policy of the empire over this planet?"

"Policy, pfft"

"You know what I mean"

"Well, uhh, stamp the native resistance out, prison and concentration camp then, collect the leaders and royal family members of all the tribes, establish complete control, you know, general sith takeover plans"

"anything else?"

"Anything else we normally do, slaves, sexual or otherwise, and I mean, this planet, wooh, this is a lot of money in that area. Maybe check for Sith artifacts since nearly everything here is force sensitive or resistant in some way, I really don't know what else, ask the warden"


You get back to the prison and are debriefed, and you don't need to report to the warden since he's busy with the actual sith.

>what do now, free time, everywhere is open
Go check in with the Warden.

Also yo.

Also also farkin coont!
welcome to the world of the awake ya farkin coont

>you don't need to report to the warden since he's busy with the actual sith.
>Go check in with the Warden.

God damn sleepy you love trouble don't you
No just didnt read the whole thing.but wait around the hallway though and try to hear whats going o?
You wait for a wile pacing, hiding your loot of a few harpy narcotics and medicines on you, aswell as your jewelry, and then head to the door midway through his meeting, standing with the guard, listening with the force.

"-is a good amount-"

"We should've had much more, fuck, he was my ticket to-"


"-and stuff, you get me?"

"I get you, but it's a good haul, and there'll be more in the future"

"Alright, get out"

One of the guards heads out, nods to you, and then leaves, and you walk in.

"Mr warden si-"

"What i'm very b- Oh, it's you, sit"

You sit

"One escapee, and a monster girl celebrity, quite busy you got today"

"Not busy enough thou-"

"Yeah, don't eavesdrop, ever again, or i'll cut your fucking ears off. anyway, congratulations, keep being this good and you'll be out of that collar and into a guard uniform in no time, now get the fuck out"

You leave

>what do now
Go apologize to our dear buddy Harpy Eaturn, as we had planned already.

>we have a bomb gps magnet collar
>warden is probably force sensitive
I don't think so
Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but at the very least, he's not a warden, he's high ranking imperial military from the aura of respect around him.
go lift? Dunno famalam.
Go apologize to Eaturn and take her the gift we picked up.
Also every prisoner has a bomb collar. there's no kill command, only shock to stop purposeful kills when not needed, and only explodes when tampered with.

The GPS and magnet is in the attachment they put on when you go out since it's mega expensive and not worth giving everyone.

You try to look for your harpy, but they won't allow you into the big harpy structure in the courtyard, so you decide to go lift instead.

it's harder without pump up music, but luckily Esteban smuggled in a tape for his audiobook player and he's letting you borrow it.

The lyrics are in space spanish, and occasionally a basic sentence or phrase, but the beat is good enough to pump you up for now.

as you pump iron you see two figures fly out of the harpy tower locked in embace and hit the ground.

Oh they're fighting

Oh that's Eaturn and Slam

They show off their impressive wingspans as they beat each other viciously, before coming to a standstill and a harpy screaming match.

Slam takes eaturn down and goes into her pocket pulling something out and running to you.

Fuck why do you have to be involved in everything.

Eaturn comes along and screams somemore, before slam puts something in your pocket.

Oh it's the nut eaturn took back earlier, why is she-

She jumps onto you, shielding you the way eaturn once did.

"ME EATURN NOW, TIS EATURN KON" she shouts before jumping back off to stance again.

Wow, now it's a staredown, between your former vest and your current one.

You pull out the necklace but both are still too entranced in combat and anger to focus on anything else, circling each other,

>What the fuck do
Hold the fuck up! What the hell just happend? Get out translator here.
Get mixt in here and tell them both to stand down
"Mixt what the fuck is goin o-"

"I'm not sure sir, if I knew what Eaturn meant i'd-"

Esteban laughs, "forest harpies call it Hurturn, ash harpies call it Smooturn, i can't remember what water harpies call it, but Rainbow harpies call it eaturn."

"what the fuck are you on about esteban"

"The suffix urn means claimed, the prefix is the clan or family name essentially, so I guess you're claimed by the eats"

"...well fuck, Mixt, what's stand down in harpy?"

"flap whoof, why?"

You run in shouting it trying to disarm the situation, "Slam what the fuck are you fighting for?"

"Because she idiot! She dumb! Dumb!" And before long she's shouting in harpy at her.

"Mixt, translate in your head until they start fighting or give up, then retell it to me.

Soon negotiations break down, and they're circling wings raised again

"So, apparently slam is really annoyed because eaturn is a retard who never understands anything and always jumps to conclusions and never thinks, and claiming you was a way to prove it to her that she's an idiot. that she came her of her own volition, and that you're right for bringing people in since it's safer here.

Also the word nut comes up a lot aswell as eaturn, been a while since i seen a good catfight"

"What the hell mix-"

"Don't what the hell me, this is your fault"

"How is this my fault-"

Slam hits a mighty hit and your old harpy flies and hits into you, and looks at you angrily, till you raise the necklace into erh face and she starts tearing up, before reaching into your pocket, taking the nut out, acting like she's going to eat it, before putting it back in.

she climbs aboard you again, before turning and shouting "TIS EATURN, TIS CRICK, TUS TON"

You look at Mixt

"I'm lost, but she said "my eaturn, my feed, yours not" whatever that means"

Fuckin useless rat

You turn to Esteban

"She's claiming your engagement nut as yours and hers, not yours and slam's essentially"

>what do
"Ladies, my clan is strong and big. I protect all those that swear themselves to me, and I have more than one nut.
Big heart! Big dong! Big muscles!"
Take one in each arm
"Come on, group hug. Just make up gals, you are friends no?"
By now the crowds have dissipated, and you put the necklace on Eaturn, and clear your throat, "mixt, translate this for me"

"Ladies, my clan is strong and big. I protect all those that swear themselves to me, and I have more than one nut.

Big heart! Big dong! Big muscles!" And mixt translates.

You pull Eaturn into one arm and slam into the other.

"Come on, group hug. Just make up gals, you are friends no?"

Esteban leans far forward with a fist raised with a look on his face like "this is my favourite part" like a wookie kid on life day, which is kinda weird, does he like seeing group hugs

"Crackstun" Eaturn says

"Sisters" Slam replies as they start kissing, as Esteban slams his fist down and shouts "Familial forgiveness, woo!"

So that's what he was looking forward to seeing, what a fucked up culture. Nuts to get married and this is how they say sorry.

They stop and look at you before both nestling into you, two sets of wings wrapping you up like a warm coat, with them whispering harpy words to each other so your translator can't hear.

You're almost falling asleep it's that comfy

Slam looks up at you "don't make me wait too long for the nut" before nestling back down,

Esteban pssts at you

You turn

"Let me know next time they fight, I wanna be there for the resolution, always a sight to see"

You turn back round shaking your head.

Hectic day.

>what do now

I blame you
File: Spoiler Image (28 KB, 399x509)
28 KB
See what Kjs been up to.

Kyran lifts.
Also boss didn't the force collar cut k from the force?
Uh dinner. Sleep. New day. Maybe fo what sleepy wants too, why not. Interlewds are always fun.

We got the force collar thing tuned off in exchange of work
there's an adjustable limiter
First you were completely shut off, then the boss allowed some in so you can feel at ease with the force guiding you instead of empty and abandoned in exchange for helping him.
having the force at all times and then not having it is like losing your sight or smell.
Ahh wasn't here last thread. Thanks for that mate.

Well ain't you all hoighty toighty with yer adjustable force limiter! In my day you were either cut off or not! Damn kids and their limiters. Bobby git me my scotch!
You lift a little with a dual concerto of pump up music, getting swole like never before.

You eat a snack and go to your room, apparently the harpies are allowed in too since they can sleep anywhere for some reason, but you tell them to go sleep in their own harpy tower for tonight, and they do.

The horse bed is still empty.

You put your head on the pillow and fall asleep.

The scrabble board goes flying across the room and your girl flinches as you shout into the phone

"What do you mean it was just half a ciggy?" You hear sobs through the phone, "Watch when I find kyran, watch what he says!"

"You, y-you, *SNIFF* You won't find him though, that's the thing!"

"You don't know that!"

"E-exactly, it was a moment of weakne-"

"THAT'S HIS CHILD, in you" She just starts crying harder, "Listen, we'll talk it over later"

You get a call on another line

"i've gotta take this"



"Message from gang member from drop of items."


"Al and KJ I am fine, betrayed, but alive, from Kyran"

Phew, that's good at least

"Thanks" *click*

You put the phone down and help tidy up the scrabble pieces and apologise.

You start meditating and receive a vision

"But miss! We can't follow you there! It's not even on star charts!"

"I know, you fool!" Is that pawmela anderson? "It's a very secretive sith prison planet, don't follow me, and don't tell anyone where i'm going"

"Yes mistress, i'm glad you're back from rehab, though you shoudl probably shave, you're looking very animalistic"

"RUDE" She shouts slamming the cockpit and taking off

You awake in your bunk, everyone asleep, and the horse bed filled, with dark red hair.

Huh, guess princess survived.

"Courtyard time maggots!" You hear as the baton rattles the cell bars, and the door opens.

>what do

shut up bruv, no scotch 4 u
Go to the yard and meditate in the stone I guess? It hurt talk with Myran, Peter and fucknuggets.

And screw yew boyo! That's me scotch and ifn I wan sum I has sum!
God damn guess I should proof read the posts huh? It hurt should read If not
you should proof read your proof read posts brudda
You head to the yard and start talking with you other yous

"How's everyone doing?" You say sitting on the sofa, before you realise the place is in flames, "Oh" you think imagining up fire extinguishers and putting them out, what the fuck man.

"Yo who the fuck's alive?" They all subtly step out of the stone "What teh fuck happened?"

"You happened maaaaaan" Peter replies, "lack of justice, lack of emotional attachments, acting like a little btich and taking orders"

did Peter just call you a little bitch

"Shit's fucked maaaaan"


"look everyone calm down, just have a cup of tea and relax"

holy shit they were fine yesterday, did the woman in the stone do something?

You head in, but by the time you find her, esteban slaps you awake.

"Pendejo, if you fall asleep in the courtyard on the ground, for 10 minutes like you just did, the vultures will eat you alive, fucking puto idiot"

shit, you think back into your head and they're doing fine again, but they're all jumpy and weird acting, was probably something to do with the limiter resets fucking shit up.

>what do now?
I was talking to people in my head relax.

See what Ranlis is up too?
"I was talking to people in my head relax."
You wash down your meat and greens with a glass of eggs, gotta stay healthy, gotta eat pregnancy foods.

"Mother, when's Daddy getting out?"

"I don't know Jamie" you say ordering some more lentils, "Once my spies find out the exact co-ordinates of where general stink-finger is running that prison from, then mommy can go visit and see!"


you brush your hair some more and get dressed, for your meeting with darth reginald.

4 hours later

What the fuck was that bird bitch on his arm?

"Pendejo that doesn't surprise me" He says pulling you up, "Next time i'm taking your shit and if someone beats me to you, you better hope you wake up before you end up being slammed into the sidewalk."


You rub your eyes and look at the sun.

Those clouds mean a storm's coming, you wonder whether or not they'll be dicks and keep the roof open again.

Who knows.

>what do now
Look for a place outta the rain if they do.
You look for a place out of the rain early in the day, and claim the spot.

Eventually your harpies arrive and cling onto you, confused at the new spot.

You count down with your fingers as the rain starts hitting the dome and the thunderclaps start, before the dome opens up letting it all in, freaking everyone out.

And you have the only legitimate shelter.

People will seek to enter your shelter.

This could fit in 30 people comfortably, centaur's and giantesses counting for 2 people each.

It could fit in 60 max but be really uncomfortable and smelly and you could be pickpocketed this way.

By your estimation, at least 90 will come and ask for a place in your shelter.

>how many do you let in?
>do you demand payment and favours, if so, what payment
>any races to let in or not let in
>any certain people to let in or not let in
>any other conditions
>write in
>>do you demand payment and favours, if so, what payment
Esteban and mixt will help us keep people out. Only 30
>>>do you demand payment and favours, if so, what payment
so do you demand payments/favours?
Payments from people who look like bottom rung. Favors from those in power. Large people are two.
Congrats on your first gold thread!
Cheers, but a gold thread due to archive fucker uppers means about as much as big tits on a fat chick.
You allocate Mixt and Esteban to people letting in work, and they do good, demanding favours from people in the know or important, and small items from the lower rung citizens.

You allow in very few centaurs and giantesses that aren't friends with you since they take up a lot of space, but since you, mixt, esteban and your harpies only take up about three spaces, you get in more than you thought, getting in 45 or so with buffer room.

At one point, lightning comes crashing down at a weird angle at the group, and you absorb and redirect it across the courtyard to amazed gasps.

Didn't know you could do that.

Was that even real lightning? Is this even real rain? It tastes like pure water.


Eventually the call for lunch happens, and they all follow close to you the god of storms to the building opening.

as you look back, the dome closes and as such the lamia head back to their own tree safe from the threat of lightning for their segregated canteen.

You go in and get good, where do you sit?

>sit next to esteban and his boss
>human and other alien table
>harpy table (next to martiarch or nut harpy)
>coloured giantess table
>tan giantess table
>the solitary lamia table
>centaur table
>different monster girl table (specify)
>write in table
>eat while standing against a wall
>>sit next to esteban and his boss
You park your arse in the free seat between Esteban and big guy

"Hey, it's Kyran! don't worry, your message is on it's way, and hey, Esteban told me about yesterday, hey, i'm a multi harpy man too"

"I'm not-"

"But hey, only one has a nut? same, Juanita here doesn't have a nut, isn't that right?" he says bouncing the blue harpy on his lap

"...Yes" "What did I say to say?" "...Si Papi" he starts laughing loudly "By coincidence that's the same thing I make you say when i'm deep in you, right darling?" "...Si Papi"

Everyone's pretty awkward acting, and then you notice why. As feminine as that harpy is at a first glance, that Adam's apple is a bit too big, fuck, prison really destroys men huh? You need to get out

"Perhaps we can swap sometime Kyran?"

"No thanks" you say almost gagging, "Any more work you need help wit-"




>what do now
Play space chess?
Having internet problems, so I'm gonna fuck off for now and start a new thread after this one has 404'd and I've woken up
Thanks for playing all you farkin coonts, and see you all next thread which should be from friday until monday
Remember man can be reached on twitter and ting
Ok see ya.

We did some... Smooth things today.

That said how are we acting like a bitch? We go in and do as we please, then we see it's not working and adapt, and still keep imposing our own dominance as possible, we try to stop a conflict between the harpies we had our rage released a few times, we had our kindness show a few times, we returned favours and followed agreements letting the justice be done, I think your internal conflict thing is a bit of an ass pull
>how are we acting like a bitch?
apart from taking orders, you aren't, it's just it was anarchy in there because your force is out of wack and limited
>I think your internal conflict thing is a bit of an ass pull
Rolled 58 (1d100)

Just saying.

>why follow the warden, taking orders is bad and bitch-like
Because he is following his emotions, which when without contact with the force, and powerless make him feel defenseless, lonely, sad and afraid. So he is willing to make a contract with the devil for power.
Remind you of anyone?

>still bitch-like
Except he is only taking orders from the guy who could kill him at any moment. That isn't being a bitch that is called not being suicidal. He still adamantly refuses to join gangs and has been doing havok to the prison social hierarchy. Refused Los Desperados, refused giants, refused harpies, fought multiple opponents one vs many for his freedom from anything except the guy that can kill him with the goddamn collar or shut him off from the force. Fuck even against the guards he went up, with full risk.

>neglecting emotions and impulses
Well, force rage, sent message to the others at the very least which would've been better than neglecting them entirely, tried fucking as his what... first act in prison?

>being good and nice, with friends being nice back, in a way
He could've brought the harpy in by force. He could've also ignored Esteban instead of making a friend. Could've not been with the lonely lamia, or given the nut to the other harpy.

>being lawful
Sure he hasn't exactly been hunting any criminals, but some of the acts on being good and nice kinda fit, and he hasn't exactly been breaking deals left and right. Plus everyone in here is a criminal, even if only by sith standards, so roughing any of them up technically counts as justice?

And that's the final bit, which is in his every action. Even the lawful ones.

I'm just saying I'm not seeing anything particularly bad. Maybe if he had refused to make any friends or contact his buddies, maybe if he joined a gang and followed their orders around, maybe if he betrayed a few people and roughed some younglings up.

Plus, escape plans?
Or maybe I just like overanalyzing things, but whatever. I do it for FREE.
no you weren't being a bitch or neglecting anything, but everyone was fucked, so a fucked Peter decided to completely blame you and was grasping as straw, any other time, they'd be fine, but cut off force, no way jose.
You definitely do it for free

Escape plans? You'll have to discuss on your own watch, but here's some i'll give you for free.
1. wait for kj or al or ranlis or w/e to do it naturally
2. message them to speed it up
3. pawmela anderson has a ship hidden somewhere on the planet, if you escape and find it, maybe
4. find out how messages are being smuggled out and follow the same route.
5. hostage the warden to an escape pod, maybe he won't shoot you down, and maybe they don't have a tractor beam. maybe.
>but cut off force, no way jose.
Gonna ask this right off the bat, is it possible to go nuts from it?

>You definitely do it for free
Of course, you've got me invested in this, mang.

>3. pawmela anderson has a ship hidden somewhere on the planet, if you escape and find it, maybe
Which begs the question.

But really, I'm not sure any of those is even close to being an immediate possibility. Plus we still have to fix the house (the mind) and the lawn (shit on the outside) from all the messes we've got ourselves into.

>fucked Peter
I'm gonna guess looking like Gareth
>Gonna ask this right off the bat, is it possible to go nuts from it?
It's why people use force limiters instead of things that shut off the force, jedi, sith, anyone with power instantly deprived of it and their otherwordly connection eventually breaks down,
>Of course, you've got me invested in this, mang.
aww, cheers mayne
>from all the messes we've got ourselves into.
but aren't they more fun to let fester?
>I'm gonna guess looking like Gareth
nope, it was legit petey, gareth was crying
his hair was fucked up and darker, his prep outfit was torn to ribbons, and he had goth fingerpaint on though.
File: gareths face when.jpg (20 KB, 358x350)
20 KB
>I'm gonna guess looking like Gareth
nope, it was legit petey, gareth was crying
his hair was fucked up and darker, his prep outfit was torn to ribbons, and he had goth fingerpaint on though.

I meant like pic. Also:
>goth fingerpaint
my brain had a fart because gazza is meant to be a pet name for gareth/gary, like bazza is for barry and i got confused
yeah he looked like that pic a little, lmao.
Part 19 is my favorite, Wynaut.


W-why anon?
That song doesn't make a bit of sense and I don't like it.
We should gangbang Push't with our soulmates.

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