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File: 090.png (29 KB, 640x480)
29 KB
You are in the pod bay, at the computer.
A new window comes up, with a header that says POD MANAGEMENT.
There are three subpanels, and the arrow keys move between them. The first two simply say POD EMPTY, while the third shows ERROR: EJECT FAULT
Previous thread here

QM twitter: @sZsSUGltNA
File: 091.png (28 KB, 640x480)
28 KB
Scrolling down you see several options, ARM, DISARM, LAUNCH and UNLOCK
Scroll to rightward then.

File: 092.png (32 KB, 640x480)
32 KB
You hear a whirring noise from behind you, then a series of clicks. A window dings up, indicating success.
You should tweet @Eisenstern to ask to get added to the QM list.


Also, you should learn how to archive threads at suptg.


Make sure you have tags on it the first time you archive it, if you do. Tags are important, as is putting a comma followed by a space between them.

Crank dat valve lock thing in zero G's
Empty. Of course
Flip 2nd blank breaker?
File: 093.png (65 KB, 640x480)
65 KB
[Thanks, I've sent him a message!]

After a surprisingly long struggle to get the door open (apparently getting a firm footing in zero-g is a pain, who knew?) you get the hatch open. Inside is some sort of capsule with a hatch and a small window.
Gaze into small window.

Save us science.
File: 094.png (54 KB, 640x480)
54 KB
A strapped in space suit occupies the single seat in the pod..
Haha time for a corpse party.

Open the hatch of ye ancient serviceman.
Please next time put a space in the title not to avoid filters, i know it was probably an accident.
File: 095.png (67 KB, 640x480)
67 KB
The hatch opens easily.

[I just used a single word the first time and I stuck with it. Next game I make will be properly formatted. I'm new at this.]
Drag suit out.

Detach helmet to determine its contents. Helmet GET.

Now you are the spaceman. It's you.
File: 096.png (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
You remove the body from the capsule and then from the suit. In that order. The body is remarkably well preserved. It doesn't even smell. Even so, you can tell it has been a while since... Tom died. He's wearing a generic jumpsuit with brass rank insignia pinned to his shoulders.
Sorry Major Tom.

Examine suit, does it have much of an air supply?
File: 097.png (50 KB, 640x480)
50 KB
The simplistic space suit has a battery and a filter. Both of which seem to be depleted. Why did Tom have to die with the suit running? That was rude.
Fuggggg. So much for turning the air off.

Does capsule contain literally anything else?
File: 098.png (74 KB, 640x480)
74 KB
Looks like it contains a beacon, a large chair in which to sit, and a screen with a keypad on the chair. The screen is displaying a terminal prompt that mirrors the one on the wall. It looks like this was designed more like an escape pod than anything more useful in daily life. Maneuverability is probably limited.
What does beacon unit say there?

>mirrors the one on the wall

Does it offer any options that one doesn't?

File: 099.png (25 KB, 640x480)
25 KB

It's a literal mirror of the other screen. They now both display this error message. It seems running a command podhelper doesn't recognize crashes the program.

Getting out of the pod to check you bonk the back of your head on the lip of the capsule. You rub the raised lump on the back of your head and wince. Your neck hurts a little too.
Huh. Close it back up.


see what DISARM on this rightward pod does.
Damn lack of spare battery packs or air filters.
File: 100.png (33 KB, 640x480)
33 KB
The computer displays a similar success prompt as before, and you hear a clunk from the rightward pod bay.

This stupid station sucks. It's short on everything but corpses and monsters.
See what it did.

Pls arm it with batteries
File: 101.png (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
It did nothing you can see.
Pod 1 is just a big empty tube with a slot that looks like an umbilical cable interface.

These pods are most likely ejected with cold gas, you're somewhat familiar with the system from when you served on a missile cruiser.
Wait, Pod 1? Not Pod 3?

Try to DISARM and then ARM Pod 3 to see what changes there.
File: 102.png (68 KB, 640x480)
68 KB
[@#$! left, right what's the difference (facepalm)]

The program warns you that the hatch is open.
It does seem to be a cold gas ejection system. Although only three of the ports opened. The fourth remains closed. There's an access panel next to it you could open with a magnetic driver.
Just the kind of thing we'd find in Engineering...

>hatch is open
Well, that's why we should
>Close it back up.

Before running POD_HELPER.EXE and ARMing it.

Although maybe we can change tacks and try SYSTEM_LINK.EXE
File: 103.png (12 KB, 640x480)
12 KB
You conclude you're going to have to at least VISIT engineering.

You closed the hatch on the pod and pushed the bay door most of the way closed before trying any commands. It seemed like enough at the time.

> ....

Your wrist buzzes. It has a popup that is asking if you would like to pair with the mainframe.
Score. Bluetooth 9.0 pairing GET.
File: 104.png (41 KB, 640x480)
41 KB
Your watch now displays a copy of the mainframe screen. Tapping on your watch doesn't bring up any keyboard, so it looks like you can't interact with it.
What a perfect opportunity to RUN CAMERA.EXE
File: 105.png (10 KB, 640x480)
10 KB
How convenient.

It will let us see where the monster is in P-shaped Level 1 at almost all times just by waiting a few seconds.
Huh, what kind of cameras do they use.

The lights are broken in two of those places.

If it's thermal we could flip the lights break switch to OFF. This is some straight-up Five Nights at Freddy's power budgeting shit.
Current status of toggled breakers?

Turn off PODS again.
File: 106.png (38 KB, 640x480)
38 KB
You enter CYCLE. A window pops up. Due to the round shape of your watch, the corners are truncated to fill the screen fully.

It looks to be low-quality color IR cameras, nightvision capable.

You switch pods off.

Air Hndlrs - on
Art Grav - off
Att Ctrl - off
Comp - on
Doors - off
Lights - on
Srgry/Med - off
Engr - off
Wtr Prf - off
Hydro - off
Pods - off
Blank - on
Blank - on
Blank - off
Flip Engr on, the last Blank on, Doors on, and Lights off.

Locate monster in the camera cycle.
File: 107.png (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
It gets dark. The glow of the screen and the emergency lights illuminate the room. The sound of doors closing echoes from above.

You wait for the cycle to loop. It takes about 10 seconds to switch through each camera. Medical shows only static, the camera must be damaged. You don't see the monster on the cycle.
Ponder what the hell could Att Ctrl could mean.

Flip Att Ctrl on?

Not antenna, too many T's to be atmosphere...
File: 108.png (32 KB, 640x480)
32 KB
Flipping Att. Ctrl on, the station shudders and you hear a noise somewhere between a hard drive spinning and a washing machine with marbles in it. The room seems to shift and you have to grab the ladder before your face smacks into it.
Jesus. Turn Att. Ctrl back off.

Is there a replacement surgery table in surgery >>44723206 since the first one got sent away.
File: 109.png (71 KB, 640x480)
71 KB
The noise and movement fade.

Surgical no longer has a table, and the door in the floor is still open.
Nothing for it but to ascend towards engineering.
File: 110.png (34 KB, 640x480)
34 KB
You stealthily float up the ladder. The emergency lighting provides just enough light to navigate.
Sorry for the short night, but I need to call it. I have class in 8 hours. Don't know if I'll be able to get on tomorrow, but I'll try.

As always, twitter will be updated with the link to the next thread. @sZsSUGltNA
Realize you can now see yourself for the first time in.... who knows how many years it's been.

Two and a half centuries
You still need to archive it so people will see it.


click on "Click Here For Request Interface".

Fill out the fields carefully since you can only do it once and it's irrevocable.


for examples.
It's cool. I figured since you started pretty late. I should go to bed anyway.

Also Att. Ctrl is the giant smoothie mixer, isn't it?!

We'll get that back online if it kills us.
I did, and it's on the archive, but it doesn't who under the tag. Does it take time to show up on the list?
Wait, no, someone else put it in as something else, I presume as a mistake.
>it's on the archive
No it isn't?

The latest archived threads would be listed

immediately. Same with being in the tag--


>44741877 Trapped in Da'ta Quest 12 Hamburglar enters a Rafe. Other stuff happens.... maybe Collective Game, Trapped in Da'ta Quest, The headmaster, trapped in a video game, trapped in a MMO, fresh start 2016-01-13 0


Oh, so naive and new.

No, there's hostility and trolling that's commonplace. You have fallen victim to a spiteful misarchivist.

It's probably not this guy >>44742947

Who was probably inspired by the, 'learn2archive' post earlier...
How rude and mildly inconvenient. I thought /tg/ seemed too polite, I've only been told to kill myself/leave about four times.

How do I fix this?
It can't be fixed. Not by you anyway.

It can only be prevented by archiving first.

Like, this guy appears to have struck and archived it 29 minutes ago if the server timestamp is accurate.

So you have to beat him next time.
I see. Looks like a fun challenge for more energetic threads.
The biggest guys go for archiving as soon as they start, yeah.

This guy is subtler than what the old misarchivists did. He actually makes it look like a quest that actually exists, instead of just putting a bunch of insults in all fields.

He did similar trolling of some Naruto fanfic quest.
It's a quest that does actually exist, so it's a two-birds scenario. Looks like the pokemon one is false as well.
>44741625 Pokemon Quest #128 Heading North, and taking the bait.

Well at least he admits the thread is bait right there.

>44741389 Maverick Hunter Quest 62 In which our hero takes an art class.
Trolling is a art.
>You've seen this symbol before. Reflecting on where brings back a swarm of rather hot, sticky impressions that are altogether unpleasant.

Of course, the space condom corporation.

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