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Welcome rudebois and rudegyals to the latest edition of Star Wars A New Quest,

Last time on the short edition of STANQ; You woke up in a monster girl prison with a slightly mentally off roommate, acted like top dog in the yard despite being a small fry in a limiter collar, started fights with a rat, some giantesses, and some harpies, before being shock collared, waking up in your cell, electing to have half of your room mates leftovers instead of going cafeteria, and that's where we left off.

>To follow or talk with a Real G or give a recommendation or ask something, Twitter: @WynautQM
>Archive: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Murderhobo%20Edition%20Quest

"No worries you couldn't get extra food bro, what's that you're reading by the way?"

"A history of this planet for non monster prisoners to understand etiquette, something you could surely use"


"These aren't people amigo, they're savages, tribals, until the empire landed here, they were still behaving like ewoks, throwing pointy sticks and rocks at each other"

"All of them?"

"Hell harpies would drop rocks and use claws but I digress, each clan would have their own heirarchy, the giants have their queen who as of right now remains uncaptured, but her princess daughter is top dog, the harpies have their matriarch, the lamias have their grand council, only 2 of the 9 being in here, and so on and so forth."

"Sounds complicated"

"Listen up pendjedo" your Bith roommate announces, "Don't start fights, the warden dropped two extra packs of rations here as protection money since you probably got jacked yesterday, I took one since we're roomies and you owe me, and information like i'm giving right now isn't free either"

"So, these are savages, hardly any men, why are they so hard to woo?"

"You tried wooing them? Which ones?"

"The red giant and the harpy matriarch"

"So you tried fucking the leaders of the gang and expected it done in one afternoon? This aren't some zeltron putas, these are bosses"

"Huh, what about martial arts?"

"The monsters only know grappling, striking is not of much use to learn, but if you get friendly wiht a sith prison guard, that's extra help and they could teach you"

>what do now
obligatory "the galaxy's your oyster because this is a sandbox quest" and youngling dump post
2nd and final youngling bump before I let the wind take the thread
When next we walk into that courtyard we do so without pants,
First person to look at us funny gets da dick
Damn blud you crazy, but still,

>what do now

The library is open, so is the courtyard, the canteen is not yet closed, the warden has a meeting slot free if you want to find a guard and ask them, you can go work out, socialise with prisoners or with guards, until night the cell bars are essentially open now lockdown is lifted.
File: 1405981758893.jpg (39 KB, 277x375)
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Bith are space Hispanics? Coolio.

Anyway, we should probably learn to fight, so we should find out what a Sith will want in exchange for training and then pursue that.

Also ask the Bith to perform freestyle Jizz for us.
This particular Bith is a space hispanic, not all are, but the majority of the Bith and Y'Bith in here are.
"Can you do some freestyle Jizz for me?"

"That's racist man, I don't even have an instrument"

"Don't act like you don't have a jizz stick sharpened to a point"

"...Aight, I do, but it's too dangerous to pull it out you puto"

"Ah whatever, what do you think a Sith will want in return for helping train me in a martial art?"

"Well the prisoners would want rations or shanks or food or info, maybe even relics of this planet or it's specific contrabands like peace pipes or some shit, but the guards? They can get most stuff out there, except some contraband. Information is good too, aswell as promising favours or kills or staging events to get them promotions, though your acting would have to be top notch and you'd be punished. Maybe they'll do it for free for fun"

"Alright, cheers...?"


"Cheers Esteban"

You saw a guard pace by your cell a while ago, maybe he's still out there, and there's a female blonde in the courtyard patrolling, but you could also look for another guard or try the prisoner route, or you could put that off for later.

>What do now?
File: 1389313432823s.jpg (7 KB, 256x170)
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We don't really have anything to offer a guard but favours, maybe we could convince the guard outside to give us a little training first, then use those skills to help him pull off some kind of bust? It probably wouldn't be too hard in a place like this to find out about contraband held by another prisoner, and then work together to bring them in, giving all credit to our benefactor.

We'd have to be extra persuasive though.
>So what do exactly right now?
Err, go tell him he can rely on us if he needs any help with troublesome inmates, if he can help us out with combat training.

Rollan', I guess.

So what the male guard in the halls instead of the female guard in the courtyard?
And i'll letcha know if I need a roll
speaking of,
roll1d100 boyo
Rolled 66 (1d100)


Wait, I'm not very good at this
Rolled 28 (1d100)

You head out of the bars and approach the prison guard

"Excuse me"

"What do you want inmate 3463?"

"Combat training"

"To what? Fight? Escape? Riot? To use against me?"

"No, to use for self defense and a hobby, and to use for you"

"For me? You think I can't handle myself?"

"No, but I can always 'deal' with difficult prisoners in many ways"

"You're no top dog, if I ally with someone, it'll be someone good"

"I'm good"

"Are you? Let me see your stance"

You stance up and block the first three punches, but he's using force speed, and the last uppercut he throws changes trajectory faster than your eyes can follow and a baton extends out hitting you square in the stomach, knocking you to your knees and winding you, gasping.

Fuck, you hate feeling powerless.

"You're that Kyran ain'tcha? Good, I could use a pal such as yourself, especially when we put you to work out there.

"..work.. Out there...?"

"Escapee and native hunting, word is you can track a female from several miles off"

"...Heh, dick's a compass for poon is just a motto"

"We'll see, wouldn't want you to disappoint the warden" He says picking you up

training is on the weekends during your free time, the yoga area of the courtyard

It's Wednesday now,

You go to sleep

You wake up jumping off the top bunk, and your cell mate is gone

guess you woke up late

"Exercise time maggot!" The new guard says leading you to the courtyard

>what do now?
File: 1421937799034.jpg (164 KB, 1111x983)
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164 KB JPG
Exercise hard, and eat our rations after to help build some MUSSELS.
Rolled 78 (1d100)

You don't need to roll for how well you exercise
You head to the lifting station, no one tries to take your head off today on the way there, but a lot of eyes are on you curiously.

You bench a lot more than they thought you would, your prison tattoo showing everyone your experience in this situation.

A harpy flies over and starts whistling pump up music and you make really sikh gains bruv.

You start flexing and eating your nuts from your rations and the harpy opens her mouth, probably expecting a treat for her performance.

At least she isn't trying to force them out of you like the other one did yesterday but just opening her mouth.

You notice Esteban doing bicep curls and laughing while shaking his head at the y'bith talking to him.

This harpy is being surprisingly patient for her nut,

>what do now in details
Why is shitechan making me do like 8 captcha attempts tonight on every post
What the fuck.
It was a nice tune, toss the Harpy a few nuts?
"Ayy Bbby Want some fuk?"
Rolled 81 (1d100)

>You don't need to roll for how well you exercise
I know but I like rolling, fuck senpai, I just ate 2000 kcal of M&Ms, drank 1.5 liters of water and 2 cups of coffee, then jumped rope, and it's 4 AM here.

Anyway, give her a nut. Nod to her and then go do rows, we doing CHEST/BACK because we are A FUCKING MONSTER
Toss the harpy her nut, she really helped us get stronk.

Ask Esteban if we can borrow his etiquette giude, I think that could really help us out.

Casually listen to any interesting/informative conversations going on around us, we need to know more about the internal politics politics of this prison.

What restrictions does the collar put on us?

Do we know if we are force sensitive at all?
>small fry
>beat boss giantess
maybe a social smallfry
You'd ayy bby but it didn't have an effect yesterday, you're not sure she even understands basic even if it did.

You toss a nut which she catches in her mouth and smiles at you, singing more, not in a "more nuts" kinda way, but more in a "my services have been paid for" kinda way, and you suspect once she gets bored of watching you workout that she'll leave.

You get to work rowing as she sings in rhythm with your rowing, shooing away other harpies like you're the new nut man and they need to back off.

You casually listen in to conversations, but all the groups are so spaced apart and the force limiter collar so high grade you can barely hear the high pitched squeals of ratboy peeling his skin in cold turkey without his cheese across the courtyard

Esteban seems to be discussing logistics and gangs though, and you're cool with him so you ask him a question

"Yo Esteban, can I borrow that guide on ettique-"

The Y'Bith snaps in

"Important discussion here, shut up, and no you can't, I smuggled this for 'im, so beat it pendej-"

"Eyy boss, this is my room mate, he doesn't know any better, he's new"

"Well the Los galaxy's desperados don't take no shi-"

He pauses and recognises you, but you can't feel who he is yet.

He turns back around and shyly talks to esteban again, ignoring you for now, talking in hushed tones.

The harpy lands on your shoulders, a claw on each one, and carries on singing as you walk around trying to listen, guess she really liked that nut.

>what do now?
>other (specify)
>prison guard
>esteban and friend
>write in what do

that got the shit kicked out of you three on one and were about to die in a harpy fight
you did gud tho, despite forgoing common sense to spack about
by small fry i mean prison hierarchy wise
Aha, 6 am here, 2l bottle of Dr Pepper and so many sugary snacks in my system niggas tryna use my ass as a vending machine
You wanna roll then roll, but it don't mean nothing.
Nice quads.
>observe the groups and see what kind of hierarchy they seem to have, behaviors, territories, make mental notes
>find a sparring partner, mainly practice evasion skills without the force
>see if you can spot any other humans

Completely blocks force powers iirc.

We rolled good on that fight tho iirc ;-;
>We rolled good on that fight tho iirc ;-;
Nothing short of crits would've won you fights and demands of snu snu against the entire harpy squad and against the top dog and her two cronies
jeez man, i was scared I was gonna have to call your death, but you rolled well enough for divine intervention in a lockdown being called.

You start observing the groups.

Giantesses come in many flavours and colours, the wider ones, the taller ones. multicoloured bright ones tend to hang together, but stay away mostly from the more traditional toned ones, different tribes and that.

Harpies are unified under the matriarch, and unlike giants don't report to their leader because of short attention spans and forgetting to do so, so mostly act independent and come running back only to show off something or to ask for help.

Lamias are very reclusive and have dens and tress in this giant dome instead of living in the traditional prison, and hang out on the balconies there across the courtyard, harpies having a similar thing, but the normal cells are big enough to fit the giantesses.

According to what you overhead esteban saying, you won't be in a two bunk for much longer, soon, general population for when you're no longer both new, in 4 person shared rooms.

You spot a few humans, some as pets in groups, some leading human supremacist groups that stick together, some doing their own thing inconspicuously just hoping to stay unnoticed for their years in here.

You walk around and are approached by a tan giantess, about 10ft, and your harpy tries shrieking her away, but she remains looking at you.

"Small man, why you pick fights?"

"Because I want to fight, let people know I can fight"

"There's better ways to do that"


"By not losing" she says guffawing "I kid little man, but you want to spar? I'm open for it"

>what do
>if "yes fight" give specific exact details on how you want to fight, what you want to say, and any specific maneuvers.
Rolled 68 (1d100)

Go into stance and say 'be gentle with me darlin', I've never had anyone as big as you before.' Don't try to match her strength, be fast like a freak and try to use her momentum against her, attempt to climb up her and bash her in the braincase if we see an opening.

Guessing this requires a roll.
Sure, i'll accept that as the roll.
Traditionally though i'd tally votes and then ask for a roll if appropriate, but since so little votes, why not like wynaut ya get me bruv
File: 1438207174443.gif (1.9 MB, 200x200)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
I get you bruv.
You shift your legs into a stance and pose

"Be gentle with me darlin', I've never had anyone as big as you before."

You start shifting your feet, taking two steps for every one she takes in the beginning feel out phase, soon stepping it up to three steps with erratic pacing and weight shifting, her eyes working on overdrive to figure out which step is the attack gonna come from, and what kind of attack it's gonna be.

In her head she plans out 4 moves into the fight or so before scrapping it when you change it up, and she decides fuck it, and charges.

You get out of the way, going for light glancing blows in the same places, knees, head if it's in range and you don't detect her blocking.

You get used to trying to read body movements without the force, looking at positions, stances, weights, and seeing what moves she does and compiling them for future and current reference.

You leave your legs open and she sweeps, but you jump and knee her in the mouth and she stumbles back, before erupting into laughter, and then rushing you again

She's almost matching your speed now, so you exert yourself stepping it up to keep yourself mostly unscathed, and she stops, laughing again.

"Fight done, you did well. Understand why you put red bitch on ground"

"Are you not friends with her then?"

she growls a little, but goes back to being relaxed

"Me guess you not understand why us normal giants and the freakishly coloured 'me gonna speak in the third person' giants don't get along"

"I don't, i'm new here"

"Aha, a possible ally then! You've already helped us out! Me saw her cry when she saw the words we penned about you two on her room wall when she think no one was eyed it. You fight smart and fast but you crazy, people not know to trust, calm down, use your words, show respect to our own princess, and you'll find protection and kinship small one"

>what say/do then what say/do after
there are armless creatures in here so be careful you don't meet one of those.
hint: psychic powers are not fun to deal with
40 posts in with quads and trips, noice.
Also fucking name
"Okay, thanks for the advice uh... what's your name again? I'm Kyran.. Or Big K. Yeah it might sound funny for you"
Oh yeah, ask her if there's anyone we should watch out for.

Then maybe go meditate? Does our healing still work? If it does we can speed up gains that way, since gains are healing.
It is a shame that the others could not stand by and watch while i killed her with snu snu.
we should work out with her
"Okay, thanks for the advice uh... what's your name again? I'm Kyran.. Or Big K. Yeah it might sound funny for you"

"Big...K...? Hah, humorous, or are you big for members of your race?"

"Something like that"

"Hah, well advice isn't free Big K, and you bust my lip, so you owe me, but we'll remove debnts if you align with us"

"Good, to know, I just think it's a shame that the others could not stand by and watch while i killed her with snu snu."

"Kill that red bitch with snu snu? Have you killed anyone with Snu Snu before little guy"

You stare deep into her eyes with an intensity of 1000 force blasts till she sees you're serious

"They don't call me Big K for no reason"



What follows next is uproarious laughter of the highest caliber "BIG K, I have some sisters that may like you I must introduce you too, now stay unharmed"

"Will do"

You head to the yoga area to meditate but so much is unclear and clouded to you, not because of the distraction of the harpy asleep on your shoulders, but because everything is wrong right now, you're 14 again, cold and alone, and you can't think.

Fortunately you still heal moderately well, getting your gains in and returning your bruises to mostly normal colour

Your folded up lotused legs creak as you shift and open your eyes slowly to a shadow standing over you, a blonde prison guard in special forces armour with your signature on it.

You look up at her, and she smiles down at you, dual batons in hand.

Well fuck

>what do
oh shit fight leg sweep
Rolled 45 (1d100)

Rolled 85 (1d100)

Roll backwards and go for a disarm when she strikes the thin air.
Use the other baton to defend against her and use your free hand to strike.
after prison is done we should probably go to mandalore to learn a bit about our dad's culture and they have great weapons and armour
Ask her if it's a fight first.
You try to leg sweep and catch her in the leg and you crack your ankle off of the mandalorian iron she's wearing designed to absorb monster girl impacts.

You roll back and wave your arms, stancing up preparing for an attack but no attack comes, and your harpy runs away chirping like a madman

"Attacking a prison guard eh? Gives me an excuse to fry your ass to get a good kicking in" She says holding up the shock collar control you which you make a dash for, knocking her to the ground, fighting for it.

The collar goes off, but since you're on top of her, she gets zapped too, but less.

She pushes you off, and rolls up very slowly to her feet, limping slightly

"You're... lucky... i'm too hurt to kick your ass"

You're dragged off by two other guards she calls in and you wake up in your cell, feeling injured, but appeared to have healed some boots imprinted on your face in your sleep.

You yawn holding your side.

"You're awake? Finally, i'm going cafeteria, you coming?"

>what do
Ooooooh unluckyyy
I'd already written near the entire thing before it updated and showed that.
Maybe think smart before you attack next time eh? ;)
calm yo mando bonana down bruv, you'll experience it eventually, but all that's on your mind right now is survival, hate at the chancellor, and your family.
yeah we'll go wait where is this prison
Well you realize two anons thought it was fight time, to be honest you made it sound like she was gonna beat us up with Kyran's reaction. So yeah, no think smart. I just realized it might not be the case because of untrustworthy narrator.
Go with him
We need an apointment with the warden. If he wants us to go out and hunt down prisoners we better clarify some shit, see if we can't get our collar set to a less intense setting while we are out.
And if you see that guard see what she wanted us before.
>because of untrustworthy narrator.
it's kyran's mind set
i only narrate what was happening
a guard you've fucked over in the past approaches with dual batons
maybe she was gonna hit ya, maybe she wasn't, maybe she was looking for an excuse, it doesn't matter anymore, what's done is done ennit ;)
and ofc kyran had a paranoid reaction, man's in prison, you can't afford to not be paranoid in prison.
outer rim, somewhere, not on any charts
it's on a planet covered in monster girl tribes and they've been rounding up the natives for who knows what and to get at the planet's natural resources.
Rolled 53 (1d100)

we need to start hitting on that guard
Rolled 39 (1d100)

File: loloooooololo.png (41 KB, 828x242)
41 KB
Exactly, and you cannot expect us not to have a paranoid reaction, or not be jumpy, so don't say "think smart".
What is funny about it? He is not 100% impartial as he is a character inserted into the story's context, so he is inherently untrustworthy, his views will be biased, but for us it's the only medium of "communication" with the enviroment he is in.

>maybe she was gonna hit yeah
Precisely, no need to categorize it as a dumb move then. Specially considering things like her facial expression being resumed to a smile which is ambiguous. Is it a Jack Nicholson "I'm going to rape you" smile or is it a regular "Oh hai Kyran" smile? Or the focus on dual batons, followed by an exclamation of "well fuck". While it is an information of use, it was used clearly as an attempt to mislead. So at this point it's not a choice between smart or dumb. Specially at 7 am in the morning or what have you.

I'm just saiyan, can't expect a lot from little.
Another example: the girl that was going for Brixton's throat. The description of the throat guard was added later on, among other things.
For us at the time there was no way to know she wasn't just an assassin, so we could've easily killed her. And it wouldn't have been a dumb move even if it costed us an ally, why? Because the scarcity of information defiine the actions we - know - we can take regardless of the actual possible actions.

So from a narrative perspective, the way the descriptions go will most certainly impact decision making. Thus, as one can never know wheter it is a problem in the view, an attempt to mislead, or a truthful account the flow of the story hangs heavily on the perceptions of the players to discern between those three, even if by simple luck as you'll have it most of the time.

>inb4 nigga why are you talking so much
took the happy pill
"Yeah i'm coming"

You follow him to the cafeteria, taking in the sights on the way there.

You pass a room with "Sasha X Tiny" carved into the plaster that someone's tried to carve over.

Before you get there you stop a guard and inform him you want a meeting with the warden tonight.

You get to the cafeteria and take the cornbead, apple, and bread with meat.

esteban stops you

"You can't sit at my table, sorry, the boss doesn't like you"

>what do
>sit next to esteban anyway
>human and other alien table
>harpy table (next to martiarch or nut harpy)
>coloured giantess table
>tan giantess table
>the solitary lamia table
>different monster girl table (specify)
>write in table
>eat while standing against a wall

did you just ditto yourself
what the fuck mayn
the lmao was just an expression of humour
i found "oh wait is it a fight" after i'd already written the fight pretty funny
i also enjoy wathcing anons speculate so at that too, gets my qm boner raging
>it was used clearly as an attempt to mislead
"well fuck" is any emotion, surprise mostly. i didn't describe the smile fully because opening his eyes suddenly to see it witha shadow cast over you and sunlight blinding otherwise
as players, we know everything, we're omnipotent, but as kyran, we know jack shit, and can only hope to react to bring the best result for us, i.e, pre striking to at least get in one hit before a beatdown, regrets are part of character development, and boy, you sure regretted that tazing.
>Because the scarcity of information defiine the actions
i didn't mention the jacobean ruff, misleading here, there, everywhere. tryna keep you on your toes and thinking and invested always writing in instead of some monotonous option picking slug.
>Thus, as one can never know
when kyran feels helpless i'll make you guys feel helpless, when kyran feels like a don, he'll know everything ever and have his force back to notice everything which he's deprived of right now
>coloured giantess table
tan giantess table
>the solitary lamia table
how did our dad die/where did mom fuck off to
I didn't "regret that tazing", I was just ranting on what is smart and it isn't. What we didn't isn't dumb, that is all that I'm saying, it fit with the very scarce info we had at the moment.
Same if we had killed Brixton's girlfriend.

>eat while standing against a wall
Mom "went missing" according to authorities but you feel in your heart she's gone
Dad apparently dead and you ain't seen him since you were a baby so you can't fee for him to tell or not.

Which one are you voting for?
And what's the auto there for?

>it fit with the very scarce info we had at the moment
it did, your action wasn't dumb according to the info IC as Kyran, but also IC as kyran, you want to do as little time as possible to get back to your senpai, but also IC as kyran, you let your emotions and fears take control of the situation, so everything's reasonable in a way. since we're not out to win anything, but to play out a story.
it's a hard slippy slope that goes in 8 direction and we must navigate it with the very little misleading info i give you.

Brixton would've forgiven you if you'd killed his girl, though he probably would've taken the shot for her.

He brought her there and trusted you enough to not outright kill her and stuff, and took her as his responsibility and wouldn't have blamed you if shit went wrong.
no clue but i'm good with any of those
Let's go with the one with the friendly giant who sparred with us then.
You think about choosing a table, but the giants all have ulterior motives at this point, but you feel not safe here so eat with your back against a wall.

after a while though, your side hurts a bit, so you sit down at the closest table, right next to a solitary lamia, her tail curled up onto the stool next to her.

She looks at you inquisitively as you eat your sandwich you made out of your bread and meat, and raises her hand.

And points at your apple.

At first you go to say no to her but there's a worm in the apple so you hand it to her, she takes the worm out, throws it at the harpy table giggling to some scorned faces, takes a bite of the apple, and then fucks it really hard at the centaur girls' head across the room.

when she turns, the lamia just stares into her eye viciously, and she just turns back around.

she raises her hand for a high five, and then fist bumps it, then extends t for a shake, before thinking hard... and going for a hug.

You guess she says thanks.

You sip your juice box in silence with her and listen for the whispers.

"with the outcast lamia girl?" "is that a declaration of war?" "does he want to catch what she's got?" "CHIRP CHIRP"

Huh, found yourself a problem girl.

>what do now?
what does she have also stand up and declare ow you will be the big boss of this hellhole planet
"May the force guide your steps sister."
Calmly finish eating. See if the blonde guard is around.
"Is What a Declaration of war! got something to say, say it to my face chumps"
You finish eating, "May the force guide your steps sister." You say, imagining al there, and headpatting her, eliciting a really shocked face and a couple of gasps, before walking away.

You turn and hear "wow does he really want to declare war?"

You shout "Is What a Declaration of war! got something to say, say it to my face chumps" before a loud *BUZZZZ* is elicited from your shock collar

which fucking guard did that?

"I'm gonna be the big boss of this hellho-" *BUZZZ* "of his hellhole planet-" *BUZZZZZZZZZZZ*

You're barely standing, you look around, to see the blonde guard with her finger on the buzzer


Your nerves are now all fucked and you're about to get the shit kicked out of you

"Appointment...warden" you manage to squeak out as she raises her baton

She looks disappointed, but carries you to the warden's office and throws you on the floor halfway there

"There should be feeling in your legs now, walk!"

You limp to the office, knock, and head in.


>what do
>what say
>what to act like in general
If we get a chance at talking to the guard again:
"Goddamn woman, if you didn't want to fight you shouldn't have looked at me like that. It was either lust or murderous intent. That said, my bad for the shock, you sadist"

To the warden:
Sit, just generally be polite and see what he wants.
What he wants that we can offer*.
I suppose inquire if he'd be willing to put us to something useful before Kyran dies of boredom.
"Yessir" You say seating yourself.

"Polite, that's good. Real good. How are you finding my prison? Made any friends?

It's been fine so far so, made a couple of people who won't kill me, but friends? Maybe not"

"You've made friends with a guard though, I really wanted to keep the job I had for you secret"

"Ah well, i'm dying of boredom not being put to use"

"Are you saying my prison is boring?"

"No sir, it's just that i'm a man who likes to make himself busy every once in a while instead of playing don't offend the savage 24 hours a day"

"Ah, well, there were several prisons you could've gone to but I fought the hardest to get you into mine. Your skills will come in useful, I've invested in you, and I thought you'd enjoy the stock. i've got harem of cock sleeve native wives at home that've been mind altered to love me, and let me tell you, each hole in every different way, splendid."

"...Good to know"

"Yes, remember, these are animals, not people, treat them as such, but do try to avoid trouble. There's only so many rations I can give you and lockdowns i can cause before calls of favoritism and corruption come in play and you're transferred out"


"Anything you wanted to ask me?"

"Will I have the limiter lessened while i'm out?"

"Ah yes, not being able to access the force must drive you crazy. I'll lessen it a bit for you now so that the most you can do is pick up a penny if straining, but while out on the mission, it will be lessened a lot, and the handlers and their leashes will act like a limiter"

"So i'm an animal like these animals now?"

"Now, you're just a top asset, and I need to take care of my asset, bye now, get some rest!"

The blonde escorts you back

"Goddamn woman, if you didn't want to fight you shouldn't have looked at me like that. It was either lust or murderous intent. That said, my bad for the shock, you sadist"

You get pushed into your cell, shocked, see the smile, then she goes, you sleep, then wake

>what do now
"I like sadists. They are very honest people" say to no one in particular.

"Esteban, you up?"
I'm off to bed, Wynaut, lad.

See you and the others soon, have fun!
u2 bruv
sorry bout wait, had to take a shit
resuming writing
"I like sadists. They are very honest people" you say to no one in particular coming out of a weird dream, "Esteban, you up?" you let out when your senses hit you of what's happening.

You hear nothing.

You look down off your bunk and he isn't here, his stuff is packed, and so is yours, guess you're moving to general population after today.

And there's a thunderstorm and the dome is opened you guess to show that the prison is in control and letting them feel cold.

You head to the courtyard and find is really packed today, even the lamias have had to come down from their tree due to lighting warnings, and they form a giant blob of skin and flesh writhing together in a mass of safety and heat.

everyone is together, in their groups, huddled for warmth as monsters tend to do when cold, since though they aren't cold blooded, as you've felt from touches, you're warmer than everyone in here.

You aren't cold or wet since you're using the little force you have to warm up and deflect rain, and boy are those thunderclaps freaking out the centaur huddle.

>what do/say/huddle with
laugh,at the giants at the centaurs, the lamia. This whole terror tactic is nothing but amusing, we could have done better.
Stand alone on top of a bench and stare up at the lightning.
Do some serious weightlifting, the cold water should make for a refreshing change of pace, while making lifting double as grip training.
You do some heavy weight training to the gall of some people, just weight training and grip training in the rain, but eventually you get tired and head into the centre bench area and stand up on top of the bench staring at the lightning, it's pretty.

You laugh a bit at the centaurs and the lamia, at how weak and chicken they area to be overcome by this measly downpour, shuddering and jumping with every roar of thunder.

Eventually, you hear cheeps and a soaking harpy badly flies over, taking cover under different obstacles to shake the soaking feathers and hide after thunderclaps, but gets to you eventually.

She reaches into a pocket on the jumpsuit with her mouth and you extend your hand and she drops a nut into it.

Must be a currency for them.

She then jumps into the hydrophobic barrier you put around yourself completely drying her, and she wraps her legs and wings around you like a fancy rainbow scarf with a heartbeat like war drums against your own mellow bongos.

eventually the rain stops and with it the storm too.

Most groups are still huddled together, shouting things like "gods are angry, stick together" and "will return, will return"

Well, it's now boiling hot out, and the groups are now in big sweaty hurdles, and the harpy is still too scared to leave you by herself.

The guards shout lunch in 2 hours, a shout you haven't heard yet since you're normally unconscious in your cell.

You wonder just how much you could buy with two ration packs worth of nuts.

>what do now?
Pet the harpy
meditate on our personalities while we wait for lunch we should be able to levitate a little off the ground if all of our divisions co-operate.
I kinda want to know if this will work, hell with our force so suppressed can we even access our splinters
You decide to meditate, but the harpy is making it impossible for you to center yourself.

You pet the harpy, and she's really apprehensive about ti first, but eventually settles into moving her head with your pats, loosening the bases of the wings you stroke, and you do this until she's calm.

There's some freaking out harpies to the side, and you'll have to ask Esteban what that's about later.

For now you meditate and talk to your other yous, urging them, begging them to lend you all the power they don't need, and slowly but surely, you float for a moment, to the amazed looks of a lot of onlookers, before landing back on your arse on the bench.

Fuck that was tiring, you're definitely gonna need that food.

Good thing you were meditating for a long time pondering life and death and asking the stone for advice in there, because it's supper time now.

You try to detach the harpy and she won't get off, until you point out her friends coming over.

She bites your hand drawing a bit of blood, and then flies away, having what seems to be a bumper car match in mid air.

You head to lunch and get your food, and now have the task of deciding where to eat, and what to talk about while eating with them, and how to act towards them.

>what do/say/act like
>sit next to esteban despite his boss disliking you
>human and other alien table
>harpy table (next to martiarch or nut harpy)
>coloured giantess table
>tan giantess table
>the solitary lamia table
>centaur table
>different monster girl table (specify)
>write in table
>eat while standing against a wall
Sit on the floor, away from any table for now, watch the general mood of the place.
sit at an empty table if there is one watch out for the blonde guard.
try to train in the force while we can to hopefully gain more power, levitate our fork, if that does not work or we are too weak use the force to mess with our food picking up peas and shit.
You go to sit on the floor, but there's feathers, and wet dirty footprints and all sorts, so instead of doing that to get a general feel of the please, you instead sit at the table the missing solitary lamia sat at that has a view of the entire room.

You chill out for a bit eating your sandwich and using the force to lift your fork and apple and shit, when the centaur that got pelted with an apple yesterday turns up, angry, almost neighing out of rage.

You see a couple other centaurs standing close by, aswell as some people who support the centaurs slowly start to rise, aswell as people who don't like the centaurs start to rise.

She just keeps staring you down,as you take bite after bite of your sandwich, chewing thoughtfully.

>what do/say/act like
"You swing first you ain't trotting away"
Wait if we have enough juice to lift an apple when the fight starts we should try to concentrate enough of that power on one of this bitches eyes to pop the fucker.
we should be able to sense oncoming blows with the force, so here is the plan, every swing someone takes at us nick an arm with our fork, start winging food trays if we have to.
>>44726989 Me

Wait We should make a loud buzzing sound just to snarkily remind these motherfuckers whats gonna happen in a few seconds.
sorry bout the wait, groceries.

You start making a loud buzzing noise, letting them know of what's gonna happen in a minu- The guards are all leaving.

Wow, someone called in some favours today, or it's break for them too.

Instead you mimick the sound of a loud thudnerclap to which she jumps to, getting angrier, her friend whispering to her to "do it"

Ah, she understands basic, good to know.

"You swing first you ain't trotting away"

You have enough force to just about pop an eye right now, but these are force resistant beings you feel.


You shove the apple in her mouth

"How'd you like them apples?"

She swings

You block it with a raised fork she punches into, and as she neighs in pain, you stab the fork into the same hand, and retract it back as she falls onto the table

"PRINCESS" a different less redheaded centaur shouts charging you

>what do with her
>what do in fight in general, i.e, surrender, call guards, flippy, stationary, taunt, etc,
>also roll 1d100 with your choice
"you stab the fork into the same hand"

Was meant to be

"you backhand her with the metal food tray full force and she sprawls onto the table holding hand on hand on face"

Don't know how i spacked out so hard.
Break her neck while turning to face the redhead.
shout "What did i fucking say you animals", look at the redhead while we wail on the "Princess" you just wait your turn darlin"
Rolled 83, 60, 94 = 237 (3d100)

These fuckbois really forget to roll?Guess i will roll for em

Start legsweeping taurs while singing a bawdy mando drinking song
Please tell me we are keeping these rolls.
Wow, decent rolls.
Okay, leg sweeps all around, attempt to break the less redhead's neck, start wailing on the princess, taunts, being generally really aggressive.
writing but more votes will be counted ennit
Of coursh!
avg of 79 is pretty good btw
If "These fuckbois" forget to roll you can roll for them, new rule
Think there is only four of us here counting you hoss.
"What did I say you fucking animals?" you say leg sweeping the running redhead into a wall, "You jsut wait your turn darlin"

You turn to princess and just start hammering, lefts and rights.

She raises blocks, but is being worn down, especially with distractions on pain in her fork stabbed hand allowign free shots whenever you hit, and her block becomes limper and limper, eventually not reacting as her legs limp out and bounce along with your further blows, and further blows, and further blows, like one of these fucking animals.

You detect the carrot top come from behind so you pull the apple lodged in princesses mouth otu along witha tooth imbedded in it and smash the sprinting horse in the face with it, pulp and pits exploding into the air, before you lock your arm round her head, choking her out as you whisper taunts to ehr among the screaming and chaos, before you attempt to break her neck.

Wow, centaurs have much stronger spine support than you thought, you only served inc reating enough pain to knock her out.

Wow, she got a knife in your shoulder during it, some crudimentary shank she'd been hiding in her brasseire by the smell of i-

And you're tackled down by Sasha the red top dog who stands there smiling "Sasha redeem debts no-"

Tan giantess and some white giantess you haven't seen take her to the ground and begin ground pounding with her.

You hear a voice from your collar, it's the warden

"Time to work, there's a riot going on. no guards, no killing, I want to see you restore order" He says as the limiter clicks off "Now don't try anything, the collar will explode and kill you. but no pressure, and use your imagination, no just wookie rave techno party or whatever it is, the weaker ones will die from it, and NO KILLING"

The mic switches off, you feel a lot more powerful

You see the red's two backing bitches, blue and yellow approach you

>what do

and we're all in that rain storm hiding from lightning together brah
We are powerfull enough to make the motherfuckers Lift up into the air yes? we can just antigrav the whole room.
he said no killing why don't we break reds arms with the force, take princess mares eyes with the shiv she so kindly stuck us with, and you know launch some tables at motherfuckers.
Rolled 67 (1d100)

Time to Ghostly gazzelle, with a hop skip kick and punch kyran quells the riot.
Rolled 71, 58 = 129 (2d100)

You motherfuckers need to start rolling
You smile at the yellow dasha and the blue... uh, blue, and ghostly gazelle.

with a hop skip kick and punch, both of them are down, the slightly conscious blue underneath the unconscious yellow, a nice green colour where their blood meets.

You turn to princess, one of her eyes is already mashed potatoe, and she isn't breahting, but you might just take the other ey-

And red runs at you, but you lift her with the force, which is hard since you aren't usd to your body using this much, plus her force resistant nature along with everyone else here, but you snap the bones in her arms and dislocate her shoulders and she screams into your eyes,a nd you throw her down.

You fuck a couple of tables around leveling crowds, and focus, calling upon your three amigos in your head, and gravity lift the entire room, conscious or not.

Now you've gotta decide what to do, since you can't hold this forever, and will he send more guards since he did say no guards, but is he expecting you to incapacitate everyone? scare everyone into submission? brake everyone's arms and legs individually? They don't ahve enough infirmary room for that.

"Please tell em you didn't just kill one of the princesses I need? God damnit Kyran, i said no killing!"

Oops, you'll take punishment for that later, but for now,

>what do/say/act like

65.3 ain't bad an average tbf
'Pretty sure she is still alive! and i may have done that before you said that! you might wanna send a medical team though.'
Well lets set our old roommate down, and break his bosses kneecap at a awkward angle.

"So You cunts still think i am a small fry?"
Simple soulution to our problem is to force choke everyone until we feel them black out
>is to force choke everyone
Fuckin dream big jesus anon
you're gonna wanna roll a 1d100 covered with the blood of a virgin
Rolled 98, 98 = 196 (2d100)

attempt a force roar since these animals are so primal it should hopefully supplant us as the alpha.



Rolled 8 (1d100)

i guess try to minimize damage?
kek. found something kyran is not so good at
still there lad?
>Mistyping a captcha where you match pictures literally how?
You quickly speak to the Warden

"Pretty sure she is still alive! and i may have done that before you said that! you might wanna send a medical team though. Hope you enjoy the show!"

You slam everyone down, "So You cunts still think i am a small fry?"

The whole room looks to you.

You roar.

The most primal guttural alpha roar ever roared, and they all drop to the ground cowering, the energy, the primal raw force as it tumbles off of you from every orifice, the force lightning unlocking it's deadly potential as the thunder in your voice tames every bit of beast in the room, fires spring up, sprinkles go off.

You are the inclement alpha god of fear!

You touch and kiss every shivering scared sket you walk past, letting them know who the new alpha is, and then the limiter switches back on and the guards flow through, and everyone is shocked out.

You wake up in your new room, 4 bunks in total

There's a horse sized bed, two human sized beds (one of which you're on), and a giant sized bed.

It's Saturday.

The giant bed contains a sleeping slightly bruised white giantess you remember scrapping with red, the other human bed contains a sleeping Esteban, and the horse bed is empty, but has some jewellry in the packing area.

The cell bars open and it's courtyard time, you're awake for the start of the day for once.

You crack your shoulders.

Later today you have martial arts training, and then your first mission is tomorrow.

>what do now?

98,98, FORCE LIGHTNING UNLOCKED, The secrets to it eluded you, but you finally tapped into your beast side, and discovered how to radiate pure anger out of yourself as arcing electric energy .

it's been 10 mins since last post, giz a sec bruv
and i dunno, it hates me.
I blame moot and that nippon jew that took over.
wynaut i gotta go bruv i have to say mate for the last 4 hours you and me have been the only people in the thread.
later bruv

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