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Welcome rudebois and rudegyals to the latest edition of Star Wars A New Quest,

Last time on STANQ; You survive several assassination attempts and gain a new servant in Alicia DarkBlade, aswell as Dulgon (bat man), Brixton, and Elena after finding them at a club and testing them, Baka owes you deep and he tells you who put out an assassination on you who you send assassins after in turn, make your servant dance to lewd lyrics, your friends show up fighting your bodyguards who handle themselves a bit too well for gutter trash, have a lot of talkies for your problems, find out how your head friends work, and give them some time to themselves which they abuse leaving you fucked up, more heart to hearts with everyone leading to Al lewds and a notadate with ranlis,

And now we're here

>To follow or talk with a Real G or give a recommendation or ask something, Twitter: @WynautQM
>Archive: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Murderhobo%20Edition%20Quest

"Let's see Jamie now, and maybe more hanging later. It was good to talk like this with you"

"...yeah likewise"

You drive the two of you back to the senate building and open the door to your room to see your five bodyguards on the floor with Jamie, playing cars.

He's older than the other kids you've seen, nearly 6 looking at him.

As you walk in you see Ranlis tearing up a little bit.

>what do?
>thread OP pic
Holy fucking kek
File: 1448819349120.jpg (3 KB, 109x120)
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>mfw changed my keyboard language by mistake and spent the last 6 minutes trying to figure out why it was spazzing
"Howdy, any red cars? I heard those go faster"
Sit down and play, ask if the kid's even see one opened up. Chat about his hobbies. Etc
ask if the kid's even see one opened up

one of what?
i'm retarded you'll have to bare with me

and lmao
how do you accidentally change your keyboard language you silly goose?
Oh yeah, not skip all the way to the end since we just need to know him a bit better before we think of something cool to do with him.
Oh right, does he know Ky's his dead? Check with Ranlis before going.

>one of
A car of course! : )))))))))

>how do you accidentally your keyboard language
I still don't know how I did it.
ayy finn is the best princess desu senpai and poe is his prince
still haven't watched the force awakens, sue me desu senpai


You sit down on the ground next to him

"Howdy, any red cars? I heard those go faster"

"That's stupid, but yeah, it feels like they do, or should anyway"

"You ever seen inside one before?"

"Yes, i've been to museums of cars and all sorts, I really like cars."

"You do a lot of things like that?"

"Me and my nanny do lots of things"

"Not you and mommy?"

"Only me and mommy when she's not moping over daddy or at work, Kyran right? I'm Jamie"

This is the most eloquent well spoken six year old you've ever met in your life.

"Very good to meet you Jamie"

"Likewise, i've heard a lot"

"Mostly good I hope"

"I can't tell through the sobs, speaking of, the sap is tearing up again" he says as ranlis approaches streams on her face

"Hi mommy's little man, can I play?"

"Daddy has the only spare car"

"Oh ok, do you like that new car anyway?"

"I do"

"Happy birthday son" She says kissing his head before he goes back to playing cars with you, vrumming and brumming like a normal kid.

>what do now?
"Hey ever watch a race? In public?"
And is he force sensitive?
All of your kids are force sensitive

In person*

"Maybe we can arrange something right mum? It's not every day ya turn 6"
That's a strong jizz if I've ever seen it
"Hey ever watch a race? In person?"


"Well I know of a swoop race that's happening today, and one of the bookies owes me, so i'm sure I could get tickets, if mum would allow it that is"


"Yeah mum, it's not every day you turn-" you freeze calculating the last time you fucked ranlis "5"

"*sniff* alright yeah, let's go to the races... excuse me" she says leaving

Huh, you comm Baka telling him you need 9 tickets for the swoop bike race on, and though he makes a big fuss of it, he procures you 9 tickets for the swoop bike race tonight.

Your thoughts stray to Ranlis running out in a hurry.

"She does this all the time, it's alright"

Very force sensitive this one.

>what do
Let's go then.
Oh, cheer on! See which one the kid likes the most and let's cheer for that one.
what are the odds someone gets injured beforehand and needs a replacement hmmm huehuehuehue
>what are the odds someone gets injured beforehand and needs a replacement hmmm huehuehuehue
Unless you take out a racer or get your bodyguards to take out a racer, not very high.

also the race is in like 5hours, what do in the meanwhile I mean
Oh right. Take him for a ride, with Ranlis, show him the sights of the city and all the cool cars that go around, fuck maybe go to that junkyard and see if we can score some shit and build a go-kart like thing for him to fuck with. We had some mechanics skill last I checked?
5 hours is a long time!
Maybe see if he's hungry after all that and buy snacks to eat before and during the race.
Just so we don't get too hungry when dinner comes around! Ask him stuff about his friends or how life is back in Korriban, etc.

Let's just give him a good time and showcase a bit of who Kyran is, if anything the kid should at least have some fond memories of daddy.
all noted


"Alright, enough pretend cars, time for real cars!"


"Let's go for a drive in my speedster, get something to eat, maybe check out some go karts"


"Alright everyone who wants to come to the race, meet here in five hours time, come on jamie"

You take Jamie and head out, scooping a crying Ranlis into your arms as you walk along the halls-

"OH Hey Kyr- What the fuck" Athena says as you round the corner bumping into her.

"You gonna introduce me Daddy?" Ranlis asks.

"What the fuck Kyran?" Athena asks again

>what do
I just spent like 7 hours reading the whole archive.
Now that I'm in a live thread, I don't know what to contribute.
Just... Holy shit. This is one of the wildest rides I've ever been on.

I guess now that it sounds like we're going to embark on a quest to meet all of our children in the near future, maybe bringing along that ancient stone with the lady in it is a good idea.
And what happened to the dark side shortsword thing we got on a job with the Mandos? Do we still have Athena's Yellow Lightsaber?
Those two have been with us through a lot.
>"You gonna introduce me Daddy?" Ranlis asks.
What the fuck [2]
"This is Ranlis and first lil' son, meet Athena she's the mother of my other lil' cutie, you're both amazing women jesus christ, I didn't know how much I wanted to be a dad this is... fun. It's his birthday so we're heading out for some car-related shenanigans. And how've you been? We need to set up something soon ya know?"

Wow kinda a rush but let's hope it's enough to leave her thinking so we have time of explaining with more care later on
Kyran is now octodad

I think we have all the sabers we collected, just not on us right now.

>stone lady
Fuuuck so much shit to do and I forgot about her again.
Drop Ranlis and go to a wall and proceed to headbutt it until everyone stops.

Athena I'm taking my son to the swoop races. Ranlis is the mother and is a clone.
Ooh ohh, forgot to add. Thank her for being comprehensive that day when we were all fucked up, we finally are back on track to work things out.
Good to have you here bro!

Everything from your previous lfie before you came here to fight randall is either in swagooine, or on the ship

You'll have to get it next time you're there.

>>stone lady
>Fuuuck so much shit to do and I forgot about her again.
The other you's won't forget her for quite a while, that was a hell of a few minutes.

>I think we have all the sabers we collected, just not on us right now.
not the ones you returned to the padawans though
I guess I'll agree with this guy.
Didn't we give our mando-helm to Athena's kid?

Maybe we should pick up another for ourselves, and maybe a couple more for the other kids. So that everyone gets a helmet. Mostly so that 10 years down the line they don't start stabbing each other for the one helmet you gave to one kid, when you have something like, 5 children?
That one has sentimental value.

Just give each of them a different token that has sentimental value.
""This is Ranlis and my first lil' son Jamie,"

"You two, meet Athena she's the mother of my other lil' cutie, Junior"



"You're both amazing women, force be praised, I didn't know how much I wanted to be a dad this is... fun. It's his birthday so we're heading out for some car-related shenanigans. And how've you been? We need to set up something soon ya know?"

"...I've been good, yeah, call me for more things, and stuff..."

"Oh yeah, she's my clone"


"also thank you so much for being so comprehensive that day I was so fucked up, I feel back on track now"

"...It's fine"

"I'll see you later then!" You say walking past

"It was very good to meet you" ranlis says kissing Athena on the cheek as she walks past

"...You too"

You carry on down the hall and Jamie perks up "how many siblings do I have?"

You go to tell him one but Ranlis cuts you off "At least 5 I know of, and 2 on the way"


"Wow, am I the eldest?"



You head to a local fast food place and get him a funny meal with chicken nuggets and you sit talking about his education, his friends, his life.

You finish and head off to the junkyard, spending a couple of hours building a makeshift go kart for Jamie, when KJ approaches.

"I thought I sensed you here Kyran"

"yeah, just having fun with my son"

"...I see,"

"Could you do me a favour Keej?"


"Can you get m my stuff off of the ship please"

"Can do"

You play around for another half an hour till Kj comes back with your favourite jacket, sabers, credits, sith blade, comms, all still in there from whn you handed it to him before running off to fight club

"Cheers man"

"Pop by tomorrow man"

"will do"

"YOU'RE DISPENSING FATHERLY JUSTICE ON YOURSELF KYRAN" "Yeah, it doesn't feel as sickly as last time either" "thanks guys, what does peter think?" "PETER IS NOT HERE RIGHT NOW"

You finish up in the junkyard and drive home with your kart, and are stopped at a blockade.

"License and registration"

>what do
We have our license and registration right? If we don't, maybe Adriana is still shadowing us, she could vouch for us maybe? I'd rather not have any conflict in front of one of our kids, this is supposed to be family time not slaughtering time.

That makes more sense.
But now we gotta think of at least 7 things.
Maybe that pink dildo saber? It was our first Lightsaber, I believe. That's another.
is there anything out there more deepressing than having to make yourself soup when you're ill?

eating then reading then writing
You search your pockets, and you don't have valid identification for coruscant, or any at all really, apart from a loyalty card at Joe's

"Come on man, i'm with my kid, can you allow me through?"

He looks in to see Ranlis in the front seat, and Jamie in the back with his head rested against Adriana's lap

"I'm sorry, rules are-"

"Jedi Business" Adriana interrupts

"Ah sorry, didn't see you ma'am, on your way"

You drive off but notice in the rear mirror he uses his comm as you drive off

Could be nothing but it has you feeling on edge.

You get back to the senate building with an hour to spare, but no one's in the room except for a guard.

"Excuse, the chancellor requests everyone's attentionin his chambers, so please make you way there now" He says leaving

>what do
Does anyone else have a bad feeling about this?
Might as well go.
Say cya's to Ranlis and Jamie, if they're not coming in.

If they sentence us to however many years to prison, request that we bring one item, that stone with the lady in it. She said she would teach us immortality right?
And to be honest, locked in a cell would give us some good time to learn that immortality, and how to un-fuck ourselves. Although that would mean not going on our quest to find all of our kids.

But maybe it'l turn out okay, you know?
"Alright well i'm going with you" Says Ranlis


"It sounds important, I want to be with you there..."

"Fine, Adriana?"


"Would you mind taking care of Jamie here? just until we get back"



You head to the chancellor's chambers and he seats you down.

"Fuck Kyran, I wish I had good news"

"Tell it to me straight doc"

"We're... Gonna have to lock you up Ky"

"Uh huh"

"Well, I did all I could to try to pardon you, and i'm still trying..."


"New evidence keeps coming to light, of lies told, of things you've done, of things you're doing"

"Such as?"

"Your child with this Sith Lord here, certain criminal activities, murders upon murders, assassinations of influential people like Grada-"

"That wasn't my fault, he sent assassins after me first-"

"so you say, but there's too much to be ignored"

As he lists off the bad things you've been doing, gazza swells with pride and Ranlis keeps shifting uncomfortably.

"Look, i've managed to bring it down to 5 years good behav-"

"5 YEARS IS NOT ADEQUATE JUSTICE" myran shouts out, "At least let me salt that fucking slug before I go in!" gazza adds

"Yes, we heard of your mental problems too, it's probably for your own god to go away for a while, and while salting Randall woud make my job harder for a while, personally i'd be greatful, but we never had this conversation eh?"

"When do I go in, if i agree to it?"

"two weeks, the day after your 20th if memory recalls"

>what do
Hmm well ya hear that Ran? Under intense interrogation from you I seem to have spilled the secret of where Randall is. And seeing as your sith it has nothing to do with the chancellor.
I don't know what to do here, either say fuck it like Kyran would have done when he was still 16 and become a galactic outlaw at large, or take the five years.

I'm leaning on the side of taking the five years, it'l be a good time to meditate, unfuck ourselves since having a total of 5(?) people in one is kind of a mess, and train I guess.

I'd imagine Al isn't going to take the news very well, or any of the others if we choose to go in. I can also imagine that they'd be upset if we go outlaw.
What kind of prison would I be sent to? Would people be allowed to visit me? Ohhh can I go to a white collar country club prison? I won't make a fuss and be a model prisoner I swear. I'll mostly be trying to hnfuck my head yeah?
"Hmm well ya hear that Ran? Under intense interrogation from you I seem to have spilled the secret of where Randall is. And seeing as you're Sith it has nothing to do with the chancellor."

She looks into your eyes before putting your lips together, detaching blushing, "I'll visit" and with that she leaves.

"What kind of prison would I be sent to? Would people be allowed to visit me? Ohhh can I go to a white collar country club prison? I won't make a fuss and be a model prisoner I swear. I'll mostly be trying to hnfuck my head yeah?"

"Those were all my intentions, and yes, people would be allowed to visit"

"Good, because I need those conjugal visits, I ain't looking for no man booty"

"Yeaaah, 5 years with good behaviour in a white collar prison, visits, therapy, the whole nine yards."


"Also on the matter of Swagooine, we're going to rig your first election to be the candidate the Randall and his accomplices don't support, and we'd like your recommendation fo who to put forward to rule in your stead"

"I choose the new ruler? What happened to democracy?"

"We both know democracy is a lie"


"So, do you walk out this door now and never return, or do you agree to these terms? 5 years for your and your faimly's and your friends' complete freedoms?"

>what do?
Agree. Kj might be a good choice. Course I don't actually know what's been happening there.
"I... Agree. two weeks till I go in right?"

"two weeks before the rigged trial, yeah"

"aight, and in the case of swagooine, KJ. Was my right hand during my time as a leader and during the rebellion, recognizable for these reasons."

"Alright, that's good"


"Well that concludes our business, see you later Kyran"

You get out and sigh deeply, it will be a good chance to meditate upon the lasy in the stone's lessons, and figure yourself out some more.

It will also give you some time away from the stresses of the outside world

it will also deprive you of the outside world though

The swoop bike race is in half an hour, KJ awnts to meet up tomorrow, and all sorts of shit is flying around your brain, for some reason, peter isn't in there either.

>what do now?
Go to swoop race and get decent seats.
You head back to Adriana

"Are you two ready for the swoop race?"

Adriana won't look at you in the eyes


"How many years?"

"...five with good behaviour"

"...I'm sorry"

"Don't be, we've got a race to go to" you say waking up Jamie "Race time little buddy"

"Where's mum?" he says rubbing his eyes

"She'll meet us there along with everyone else" You say typing a message to everyone to meet you there instead.

You pick him up, and you and adriana get into your car and head to the races

You head through finding ranlis and sit down next to her

"How'd it go?"

"Body double"

"Ah not great then"

"Still fun" she says picking jamie off your lap into her own "hi baby"

"hey mum"

The rest of the gang finds their way to you and the race starts.

A night time race, with the bikes and track covered in flashing lights, a rather spectacular show, and you cheer for the one Jamie cheers for, that eventually wins, and he falls asleep in the nanny's arms on the way back, her heading straight back to her hotel for the night.

You've got your 5 bodyguards with you, as well as ranlis.

>what do and who with
I think we need to talk to our whole crew about this, to notify them at least. We just volunteered KJ to become the leader of an entire settlement, something he may or may not approve of, and five years is a pretty long time.
Maybe find out why Peter is missing afterwords before bed.
Is it because we, as Kyran, are acting more like Peter? So we sort of assimilate him back into our being?
You'll find out why soon enough.
I get the feeling it's not going to be good.
Originally, you were going to go into that meeting and be confronted by Randall and have a confrontation but some anon recommended jail and i thought why not
I've been hinting at what happened to Peter though and when it comes up you'll be liek what

writing anyway
...Yeah I was the one that brought up jail time.
Was that a bad thing? Like, if you weigh the jail time and the Randall encounter, which one would be worse?
You need to talk to the Keej

You comm him and he says to come over now, so you leave everyone behind and hightail it to the junkyard

"What's up kyran?" He says welcoming you in

"Wee need to talk"

"What about?"

You sit down with him and discuss the events of today, that you recommended him for leadership and that your'e going to be going away.

"Well, this is a lot to take in. What did Al say?"

"I haven't told her yet"

"ah, what are you gonna do?"

"Still not entirely sure"

"Well you should at least talk to her and spend time with her if you've got two weeks"

"I know"

"Also Vi's been passed out for the whole day, did you do something to her?"

"Fuck if I know"

"How're your voices?"

"one's missing"

"that's weird"

"I suppose so"

>what do

Neither would be worse
Randall would've been him showing evidence and threatening your family, and blackmail and dialogue and shit like that, maybe shown his true intentions or who he reports to
Some people wanted a time skip anyway so I suppose jail is better.
Call Al. We need to talk.
Yeah I guess Jail is a tad better. Ranlis would still be hunting down Randall, I guess.

I'm pretty sure Vi's consciousness is stuck in the Ancient Stone when she threw a fit on us. Maybe have someone wake her up. It wouldn't be fair if she woke up and found out from second hand news that we agreed to get locked up for five years and are currently in a cell.

We also need to talk to Al, today preferably.
You call Al


"We need to talk"

"Oh ok, where are you?"

"On the ship"

"OH! Come by my room in like 5 minutes okay!" She says hanging up


You head to her room to find her putting on makeup

"Oh, Hi Kyran, please, make yourself comfortable" She says slightly robotic, stepping over Vi's unconscious form on the floor, "Would you like a drink, perhaps a hot beverage, or a coca kyrla?"

"i'm fine"

"What need is there for you to be discussing... it... with me...?"

"I'm going away for a while?"


"The pending charges have turned into actual charges with new evidence"

"...For how long?"

"5 years"


"two weeks"

"so just after your birthday then?"

How come everyone except you knows when your birthday is?

"I guess so"

"I've got something to tell you kyran, and i'm not sure how or-"

"You're pregnant, I know"

"You know? phew that's a relief, it was killing me trying to tell you"

You tap Vi to see if she responds and she awakes instantly, rips the stone out of her collar, and throws it at you.

You awake to the sounds of moaning, waking down the hallways, you reach the bedroom and find the stone lady having a smoke while Peter is rocking and crying with his arms around his legs

"Oh hello again" Push'Ti says

"What did you do?"

"How could I ignore such a strapping young lad with such a strapping strap when you've been ignoring me recently? I need you at least once a day remember? that girl isn't an adequate substitute either"

"BRO" Peter shouts running at you and absorbing back into you.

"Awh, that's a shame, feel free to invite yourself of any of the other lads back any time, ta-ta now" she says booting you out

You wake up on the floor half an hour later looking up at Ranlis.

"Why'd you leave me with your guards to come here and pass out? Cold Kyran"

>what do
Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like Al took that kind of well.
Glad to see Peter isn't dead or anything, his cock might be though.

Admit that Vi is likely very upset at us.
Ask what happened after you were hit with the stone.
How is Al taking the news? Where is she anyways?
"I was busy"


You look around

"Where's Vi and Al?"

"Vi? not sure, and Al's cleaning the blood off her hand" she says turning her face to show the gash on her cheek.


"Yeah, temper that one, probably shouldn't taunt her so much no?"

"Why you here anyway?"

"I told you, you left me with your guards and ran here to rendevous with girls, so i came after you"


Al comes back in, "ah you're awake"

"Yeah I got pulled into the stone for a minute"

"A minute? you were asleep 25 last I checked"

"Yeah, time works differently in there"

"anyway... you going will be hard on, but as long as I can visit, i'll be fine."


"we're going on vacation as soon as you get out though, promise me that"

"I promise"


>what do now?

his cock's as traumatised as he is
right now he's just repeating a mantra of "i'm unclean" over and over.
Hey where is that crystal. I have someone she might wanna meet. Send gazza into it. But for now let's get dinner Al. Just us yeah?
nowhere's open since it's past 12, and she isn't hungry, infact she's going to sleep, you plan tomorrow shit with her though

>what do now though
I'm sure he'll be fine, eventually.

That's a good idea, Gazza would have some fun in there.
And dinner with just Al sounds good.
We should probably try and mend things with Vi sometime in these two weeks, I'd rather not let her grudge simmer for 5 years.

Let's spend a few minutes finding the stone, and then giving Gazza a vacation in there.
Then let's just sleep with Al. Lewds or not, I don't mind. But one thing is for certain, we're not going to get much of that sort of thing for a long time after two weeks.
Sleep? Throw Gazza into the jewel.
You pick up the stone off the ground and try to force gazza in.

"I met her earlier before me and myran ditched peter in there, no thanks you" "This isn't a choice" "it is I choose not to go in"

Several minutes of ass kicking later you force him in and tell him you'll pick him up in the morning in like 8 hours, or 20 minutes stone time.

You kick Ranlis out who crocodile tears playfully as you close the door in her face and hop into bed, snuggling up behind Al

"I'm gonna miss this"


"Just cuddling up to you in my arms, falling asleep together, nothing sexual" you say lightly pecking the back of her neck, "just bedtime"


You fall into blissful sleep and dream you live in a rolling house made out of marshmallow.

You wake with Al still being your little spoon, unfortunately, someone else is big spooning you and ahs left a wet patch on your pack, and someone is big spooning them.

Rather big fucking bed this room has.

>what do
What the fuck?
Try and look over to identify who the other two are.
Damnit Sheulk no spooning me!
You turn your head over your shoulder to see an uncomfortable and awake adriana looking you in the eye

"What's up?"

"...Y-you left me in the car... so I came in and met the green lady, she told me that you'd like it if I slept with you and I don't know you must hate this i'm really sorry for coming into your bed and violating your trust, i just don't understand people or men, first, your secrets told, now your trust broken, i'm so sorry"

If her face and voice actually portrayed emotion you're sure her lip would be quivering and all sorts.

"It's just, that, after the other... night... things have been... weird for me..."

She's panting directly in your face between words.

You look down and sheulkie's unmistakable green hands are working on her.

"I... feel... wrong... and... confused... Aahn" Little bits of emotion in her moans.

You'd be really turned on right now if not for morning breath.


"Morning Kyran"


"I'm just having a little fu-"


"Fine" she says moving her hands from out of your bodyguard, who slowly starts regaining her composure.


>what do now?
>go find kj
>wake up Al for shit
>make up with vi
>organise son meet (which one)
>write in
>>make up with vi
>>organise son meet (which one)
To let our sons meet each other
this is not what i expected

But uh
Let's make up with Vi.
That's all I got.
You get out of bed and make your way to Vi's room, knocking twice and then when there's no response, entering.

She's lying on her bed fingering herself viciously repeating a mantra of your name and you clear your throat and she jumps, "Don't you knock!"

"I did, but you were busy with-"

"Enough, what do you want!" she says covering herself with the duvet

You sit down on the bed next to her

"I want to know why you're so mad at me"

"It's cos, u know..."

"No I don't"

"The stone and stuff-"

"It's more than just the stone isn't it?"

She sighs and blushes

"You can't make someone...addicted to what you've got when nothing else out there can satisfy that addiction, and then just leave kyran, it's not fair"

"ARe you really mad because I haven't dicked yo-"

"It's not that simple! I like you, and i thought you liked me too, but you left, no goodbyes, no nothing"

"It was complicated Vi"

"...Maybe it was"

YOu grab her hand

"I do like you Vi, that's why I spared you, I still remember the day we met like it was yesterday"


"Yeah" yo say kissing her, "listen, i'm gonna go away for a while in a bit, and i'll see you more before then, but for now just keep your chin up, k?"

"Ok <3" She smiles

With that out of the way you leave and get in your car to find the jedi already in the drivers seat waiting for you

You comm both parents of your miracles and organise a trip to the park in about 3 hours

>what do now
Go buy a couple toys and shit at a store.
Yeah lets buy a some gifts the two kids could play together with.

Also maybe talk to Adriana about her confused feelings. What did Gazza do to her? I'm curious.
sorry for this brah but i'm too ill and tired to continue, when i wake up i'll resume if thread's still alive or make a new one
night blud
Cya tomorrow then, have a good rest.
you too senpai
Ehh it happens feel better and get some rest.

Also git me my farkin scotch Timmy!
File: Gareth's Face When.jpg (19 KB, 358x350)
19 KB
So uh... How do you archive threads?
I've got no idea how to.
Seeya, I fell asleep kek

Usually you go to http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Murderhobo%20Edition%20Quest
and click Add Thread. request interface. down the bottom left of the menus.

Then the rest has guides in there and you can copy from the other editions to know how to.
I just archived it, but I get the feeling I did it kind of uh, early.
Nope, it auto-updates if we post more stuff.

And you can force an update by rearchiving.
Not if we post more stuff*, that was a bad way to put it. It auto updates every set amount of time, and if we post more stuff it'll be archived in there no problem.

So don't worry.
Oh, that's cool. I'm new to archiving.
Not much to it after you figure the basics. Anyway, hoping this thread is up for Wyn's return.
So how do you anons think the kids will fact to each other?
You'll find out later today
waking up but shit's on so i'll be on later to continue
Next update will be reaaaaal slow so make this one last a while


You head to a local toy store and buy some things you think either kid might like, some novelt stuff for junior, and a new red car for Jamie.

You also buy something they can both do, i.e, a baeblayde set with those spinning tops.

On the way back you're curious of Adrianna's behaviour as of late so you ask her some questions.

"Adrianna" she jumps in surprise, "about your confused feelings"

"I don't know"

"You don't know?"


"well, what exactly did Gazza do to you?"

"I-He-We, i'm trying to tell you but the odd feeling returns and it won't let me, what's going on?"

She's blushing crimson, if not for that, you'd just think she was retarded, not socially retarded.

>what do
File: Spoiler Image (53 KB, 540x400)
53 KB
No clue. Maybe see someone who can see in your mind to find out? Maybe he put a block on ya or something.

Johnny!! Where's mi scotch!?
Back from job interview and subsequent 45 minute walk back with chest pains conceived by the dark lord gandhi himself, so you should have me for as long as possible now.


You scratch your head.

"No clue, maybe you should see someone who can see in your mind to find out? Maybe he put a block on ya or something."

"I-i already tried that. i remember everything and it's on the tip of my tongue, b-but..."


"Just thinking of saying it gives me goosegumps all over that make me hate what i'm feeling, for not feeling more of it, and the guilt that follows"

"sure it's not a mind block?"

"I'm a jedi, my mind is a temple"

"Does it feel like a temple?"

"...It feels more like a brothel, what's wrong with me?!" She shouts, close to anger as you've seen her, "A jedi is supposed to be balanced, at peace, but how can I do my job without my mind clear? I'm endangering you as a bodyguard right now, do you need a replacement?"

>what do

holy kek that caption
and i don't care for your dubs, grammama said no more scotch grandalf1
Maybe you need to go get laid? Really helps sort somethings out.
Do you ever actually sleep sleeyp?

"Maybe you need to go get laid? Really helps sort somethings out."

"What's getlaid?"


"I'm female"

"intercourse I mean"

"that thing I heard about in biology class?"


"I-isn't that for making children?"

"Yes, among other things"

"Like what?"

"Pleasure, fun, lust"

"H-he mentioned something about the last one"


"H-he said..." she leans close and whispers into your ear "that he'd t-teach me about lust and penis, i don't know what penis is, but after he said that, h-h-he put something in my place. It didn't really hurt, but... b-but I still screamed, and shot juice out of my lady parts, and i want more, but I don't know why"

"What you felt is pleasure, a good feeling, and what you feel now is lust, the want for more pleasure of a sexual nature"

she seems more at ease now she finalyl got it out

"S-so you'll help me get, laid?"

>what do
>yeah, I will right now (details, ftb or not)
>let myran have a go and do what
>get gazza out the stone
>let the soft lover of peter try it
>"i'll help you find someone"
>"No, but i'll teach you masturbation, a suitable replacement (details, ftb or not)
>write in
>>"i'll help you find someone

Maybe I just take hour naps here and there throughout the day?
Nah, you're a fucking robot bruv

"i'll help you find someone"

"You will? much gratitude"

"Yeah, we'll head out tonight, find you a nice guy"


She goes back to driving but her reactions are slow, must still have a lot on her mind.

Every once in a while she asks questions about tonight, like where you're going.

"The club"

"isn't that a place for recon gathering?"

"It's also a place for finding someone"

"...Aren't they criminal meet up spots?"

"No, they're places to have fun and meet people for many reasons, criminals and bounty hunters tend to gather there only to spend credits on pleasure"

"Will I have to pay for pleasure?"

"Not with curves like that"

"He said something ery similar to that when... he... *mumble mumble*" she trails off, glowing red enough to singe her eyebrows.

You still have 2 hours before you have to head for the park for your kiddy meet.
File: Spoiler Image (39 KB, 112x184)
39 KB
Go buy some food. Mainly gyro.

HAHAHHAHAHa. I would be if I could afford it!
i see your advertisement and raise you my own

You tell your driver to head to a local takeout and you order a gyro for the two of you.

She seems captivated by it.

"What is this?"


"What's in it?"

"meat, grease-"

"I mean the thing making my tongue tingle, what is that? Why do you keep introdcuing me to weird feelings?"

"What? You meant he flavour in it?"


Aye aye aye, who the fuck raised this kid?

"Yes, flavour, as in what it tastes like, the good taste"

"How come protein rations don't have this so called flavour?"

"Because they don't"

"fascinating, you know, i'd like to thank you for putting up with me, i mean, you're always teaching me things and helping me and all i've done is brought trouble"

"No problem"

"It's like you're the one babysitting me" she says chuckling, then inquisitively trying to figure out what the weird noise that came out of her mouth was

She has seconds and thirds and eats half a fourth, but is full after that.

"much gratitude Kyran"

>what do now? 1 hour 20 minutes til you need to start getting ready for the park
Okay time for some mofuckin chikin. Best damned chikin this side of the UNIVERSE!
Jesus Christ are these normal jedi? Because they sound like the westboro baptist church version.
Tell Adri to make a list of the guys that make her loins feel on fire while we walk arouns town. Scratch down the ones that seem criminal or unemployed.
Plya Matchmaker.

Oh and tell her these stuff shouldn't be mentioned to other jedi, and apologize fot Gazzs
>Because they sound like the westboro baptist church version.
Only Adri, due to very x-23 like upbringing combined with being quite low on the spectrum combined with Jedi teachings, +her masters attitude of "just don't teach the dark side is a thing and no one will fall to it"
>"just don't teach the dark side is a thing and no one will fall to it"
Lost it, jej
"Okay, time for some chicken"

"Will that help me get laid?"

"It's worked for me before, but i'm still hungry so"


You head to the chicken joint and buy a boneless box for both of you

"i'm not hungr-" She sniffs "What are those?"

"probably the spice in it"


"Yeah, shit to add different flavours to the chicken"

"You mean there's more than one flavour?"

When your teacher used to tell you "explain this literacy problem to me like i'm someone who knows nothing about it", you talked like you're talking now.

"There's infinite amounts of flavours out there, and some of them are on that chicken"

5 minutes later, she's wiping chicken grease off from all around her mouth

"Spices right?"


"I just want to tell everyone what i've found!"

"everyone already knows, but yeah, good you enjoyed it"

You see some guys come in

"Hey Adri, do any of those guys make you feel like your groin is on fire?"

"Why would it be on fire?"

"I mean does anyone here put a sensation like the one gazza gave you in you?"

"Apart from you, no, why?"

"Just checking, point out anyone you see that does"


>what do now? 50 minutes until you need to head home to get ready for you playdate

"Your master never told you of the power of the dark side did he?! What it could give you, how strong you could become!"

"Power? How will the solar panels be powered at night? You confuse me, and how does that affect my strength?"

"What" Says the Sith, getting cut down by Adri in a moment of confusion.
File: Spoiler Image (457 KB, 494x700)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
So what do you do for fun or relaxation?
how the fuck did you guess she was chiss?
never mind
Because I'm behind you right now. Very interesting tabs you have open.
We didn't give her the D yet, so there is still a chance we can make her suffer less when we go to jail.
Buy her a dildovibrator and a pic of us, put it in a box and tell her if all else fails and we find her no match, this will ve plan B
Leave my 34 tabs alone bruv
Gazza gave her the D, and gazza's D is only just short of yours, peter's is quite a lot shorter, and myran's is a little bigger, incase you actually cared.
Bruv that's fine but why are 33 of them otokonoko?
And i do like the music of
So good taste there.

Also why tell us that?
Ok then we'll need to set up one more conjugal visit per month.
How much in need of D is she right now?
From 1 to Ranlis-after-5-years
none of them are otokonoko... currently...
quite a lot are porn though, but 15 are facebook, maymays and pron pages (none of them are otokonoko before you say)
and that music isn't in my tabs, only music i have open in these tabs are


Easily a 2.5, it'll fade over time or get stronger depending what actions you take
If you fuck her more than twice she'll need the exogorth in the future
if you leave her with the dildo she'll use it whenever she gets urges, but it'll slowly build up over time
"So what do you do for fun or relaxation?"

"relaxation I just meditate-"

"But that's work, that's jedi business, apart from meditating"


"what kind"



"it takes great skill and is soothing, it's like ear chicken to me."

"what about for fun?"

"...Don't laugh"

"I won't"



"...Magical girl wookie chan"

You have a hard time not laughing but you guess with her shitty skill at reading facial expressions you got off scot free


"I like the chiss magical girl sidekick... makes me feel whole, at heart."

"Yeah you remind me of her"

"R-Really? because I cosplay her all the time at conventions, and-"

5 minutes later

"The wand becomes really hard to swing after 8 hours"


"I know, that's why i do it"

Only a bit more time till tonight, so you head to a sex shop and by her a dildovibrator

"if we have no luck tonight, use this" you say handing her the present"


You head to the park and sit down on a bench, you're five minutes early so no wonder you can't see them yet, but you feel them in the area.

Rolled 12 (1d100)

i have lost me sides
Well you better find em fast sle-
Fuck me that roll, mfw

Rolled 1 (1d2)

oh yeah forgot my roll
alphabetical order btw
Rolled 24 (1d100)

Wtf wait for meee
Was an encounter roll, first 1d100


You see Jamie and Junior walk up to you and sit on the bench by you, they're talking about Force Power Rangers.

"Hey kiddo's, where's mommies?"

"On the monkey bars" Junior says


"Competition" Jamie adds

A monkey bar race? Are they kids

You cast your eyes over the monkey bars ranlis is lying on top of...

Her arms and legs hanging through the gaps...

Being pulled down on by a rather pissed off looking Athena upside down pushing her feet off the bars for extra pull leverage


"Ugh, I, heard, that when he did it with you, he nearly died, do you realyl stink so bad down therARGH"


"Never you whoooooooo"

Athena starts applying force lightning


"Please, stop, I dont want to-"


"I- I'm"


"I'm Cumming, AAHN!" she screams, a waterfall dripping out of her shorts directly onto athena's face amkign her forget everything and let go, dropping onto her back, hair glistening in the sun

"...WHAT THE F-"

"HEYYO KIDS" you shout over her outburst, "Check out these new baeblaydes I got for you to play with!"

"Cool" "Cool"

Ranlis slowly rises and jumps down, putting her dislocated shoulder back in

"Woo, you won Athena... You definitely won"

Athena is still just flabbergasted on the ground.

>what do?
Rolled 85 (1d100)

Inb4 36
Also, we could always tell adri to only use the gift if in (x amount of time) she still feels like it, with x being large enough that the decay of time is still bigger than the increase from using it, so it still eventually go away.

That said chiss girls are sorely needed, so visiiit ussss
Not in front of the public! How did that even star- actually you know what I dont care. So you little guys what do ya wanna do?
Ignore the sith clone masochist and the grey jedi politician until they start behaving, in front of the kids guys? CMON it's 2016.

Play with the toys then take them to the amusement park. Tell them daddy might have to go to a bad place full of burly tattooed men and species minorities to live there because he is a moron, but they can go visit whenever.
>That said chiss girls are sorely needed, so visiiit ussss
blue booty got you goin crazy brah
taking a shit so intense you have to strip <3

You decide to ignore the misbehaving kids in order to focus on the actualy behaving ones.

"So what do you guys wanna do"

"Ice cream" "I don't mind"

Resounding consensus of ice cream.

You buy them both and adri some ice cream and sit down.

"Where's mine?" Ranlis asks

"Naughty girls don't get treats"

"Whatever" The kids laugh, finish their ice creams, and play baeblaydes

"Hey listen, daddy might have to go to a bad place full of burly tattooed men and species minorities to live there because he is a moron, but you can visit whenever"

"that's okay daddy" "not like i really know you"

Resounding consensus of care.

You decide to ditch this lame ass park and take them to an amusement park instead, riding rollercoasters, eating candy floss, and having a good time.

You finish up and both of the kids are tuckered, and their respective parents carry them home, thanking you for the fun day out.

>what do now
Debate which magical girl is the best with Adri while buying stuff for a party with our crew, since we are going to prison.
Oh yeah, take the bodyguards too and extend them the offer to go work in the Fag't academy as campus security or something.

Buy KJ a good tie, everybody knows that is what makes a politician.
You start upa debate about which magical girl is best, and she goes for magical girl chiss chan, calculating and strong, while you go for promiscous but faithful and loyal magical girl zeltron chan

The debate on the way to the party shop lasts half an hour, and she looks rather annoyed afterward, wanting to say another word, but not doing so.

You buy supplies for a party, for your going away party you just have to throw that you didn't get last time.

You buy KJ a really nice tie, one that feels suits him perfectly, from a party store.

Smiley faces, top shit, though he'll probably try to strangle you with it.

adri even buys something, trying to conceal doing so, and doing a terrible job of it.

now there's just the choice of when to have the party

>your birthday, day before you leave
>write in date

Your date decided you head back to your room, Adri heading to her room for a bit, but your bodyguards are home so no worries.

Dulgon's bat has blood on it.

You look at him.

He looks at you.

You look at him.

He looks at y- "For fuck sake Dullard" Elena shouts, "Tell him what happened already!"

"What? Oh, assassin. Stabbed the pillow you under the duvet."

"And where is he now?"

"well that all depends on your beliefs of the afterli-"

"Got it, also, i'm extending you the offer now since i'm going to be going to jail soon, but my force academy needs security. sounds like something interesting?"

They huddle, but instead of talking, do sign language where you can't see.

"maybe, we'll let you know boss" Brixton says.

>what do now

2 hours until the clubs open btw
>>your birthday, day before you leave

Clean the mess up at least, you did? Do so if you haven't.
"Did you guys clean up the mess at least?"

"What kind of amateurs do we look like?" Dolgun says, blood dripping off his bat onto the floor

You point at the bloodppile

"Ah, I knew that" he says wiping up the bloodpile, "see?" he continues as the bat continues to drip

"Maybe clean the bat first then the ground?"

"that works" he says finally cleaning your floor

"Are you guys high or something"

"No but she is" Dolgun says

"Who she?"

"why'd you have to open your mouth dolgun?" Elena snaps

"You don't look high elena"

"...Not me alicia"


"yeah, she uh, was freaking out and wouldn't calm down, something about the master being away too long, so we gave her a pill we found in your desk thinking they were sleeping tablets"


"we had to lock her in the cupboard"


"Because the dragon was chasing her and she was freaking out harder. besides guards check up on your room while you're not here, we couldn't let her be seen"

"Guards check up on the room? That's disconcerting"

"I don't know the meaning of the word"

>what do now
Is she still ALIVE!?
Yes, you can feel/hear her
Get her out then.
Open the cupboard, give her the Kyran patented detox, hug her for a bit, tell her she is a good servant that went through a lot of trials.

How will she handle while we are in prison?
Maybe we need to get her arrested too, as a boy, fml.
ffs, spoiled my story arc of her arresting herself and manipulating herself into the cell next to you and making a hole in the wall so you can fuck her,
need to come up with something else now


"I'm gonna get her out"

"I wouldn't do that if i were you"

"Why not?"

"She's el pollo loco esse'"

"whatever" you say heading to the closet, noting that everyone ran out of the room

"Oh please dragon, don't come in and eat me, i'm only a poor princess!"

This is gonna be fun

You open the door

"*garble, gibberish*"

You use your crackhead translator app on your comm

"You're not the dragon! You must be the noble knight come to rescue me! He kidnapped me to sacrifice a virgin princess, but... I'm so sorry noble knight, you came to rescue a princess that isn't chaste, just throw me to the lava and leave, woe is me!"

What the fuck

"Don't worry, it's fine" you say putting a detox pill in her mouth, she tries to resist it but she thinks her hands she's holding above her head are chained up.

You mime unlocking the cuffs and her arms fall down onto you

"Oh Sir Knigh..Ran... my head, fuck"

You pull her into a hug, stroking her hair, and tell her she's a very good servant that's been through a lot

She smiles so hard she passes out

or maybe that was the drug

Who knows

You tuck her in and ponder what to do next

>what do

Still 1:30 till the clubs open
Hey you can still do it, I'd love thst, just add another twist to life in prison!

>wat do
Chat with the bodyguards, see if they already figured out we are the leader of Swagooine sector 69. Chat about shit like who they are and how they got here. And more importantly, which is their favourite magical girl.

Oh yeah tell them about the party if we haven't already?
File: Spoiler Image (165 KB, 600x849)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Soo where exactly did you find those pills?
File: 1425136995039.jpg (221 KB, 1280x960)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
Do you want me to fap or write? [3]
also she didn't find the pills, the bodyguards did in your draw.
>Hey you can still do it, I'd love thst
yeah but now it's expected, i had this surprise set up for id you decided to go in.

>Oh yeah tell them about the party if we haven't already?
they've seen you angry, they fucking vacated. You comm them to return though.

Post pics if ya do.
can we ask the stonegal in prison to teach us the secrets of plasma force powers, like lightning, flames, etc
File: Spoiler Image (437 KB, 670x720)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
What da fug mayng
force lightning is not within kyran's abilities, impossible, like a normal mind trick, and force fire is a sith royalty genetic thing that the receptionist uses to roast marshmallows

You stand there in your room waiting for them to return and they cautiously walk in.

"where'd you three go?"

"bathroom" "drinks" "avoiding your anger"

The two without the bat look at batman


"Anyway, i'm inviting you to the party i'm throwing before I leave. Invite any cuties you know"

"Got it"

"Also, who're all your favourite magical girls?"

Brixton goes first

"Obviously Wookie chan, how could it not be the main character? some people say she's just generic moe trash bait, but they just don't see her pure heart"

"Fairdoes, and you Elena?"

"myself, obviously"

Cheeky strumpet

"And you dolgun?"

"Chiss chan obviously"


"her identity issues at being the only chiss in her high school in a place that was invaded by them is the most compelling arc in the whole show"

"...Good to know"

He got a bit emotional there.

"Where'd you find them pills anyway?"

"Oh, in this draw" Elena says opening a draw completely filled with sex and drug objects.

Huh, you wondered where sheulk moved all that stuff.

.what do now?
Hey can you do me a solid and run this stuff to a guy named Gareth on Swagooine?

What is a perfectly reasonable and sane request from a fag't. RIGHT?
"Well I like zeltron chan, but to be honest all of you have good taste.
Worst girl is Magical Girl Gungam, she is DiSGuTiNg

Okay, but you are aware that there is more than one type of plasma out there right?
If fire and lightning are a thing, Kyran can probably use some type of it.
If we do that they'll miss the party no?
We could call a Courier service.
>Post pics if ya do.
That line confuses me, like in relation to what? me fapping instead of writing? iunno, too tired to comprehend words and meanings.
>Kyran can probably use some type of it.
maybe, unless any of it is directly related to survival though the woman in the stone might not know

"Well I like zeltron chan, but to be honest all of you have good taste. Worst girl is Magical Girl Gungan, she is Disgusting. "hey look meesa fell over again and my underwear and tongue are showing oh noesa!" gross. i'd eat her though"

Brixton looks at you weird "I don't think gungan pussy would exactly be fine dining"

that's not what you meant

"Hey can you do me a solid and run this stuff to a guy named Gareth on Swagooine?"


"as soon as possible if you wanna be back before my birthday"


"yes really, plus you'll get to see my academy and talk to gareth about whether or not you want a stable job as security there"

"sure boss" they groan

"listen, I have a lot of money on swagooine, you'll be paid well, now go"

They gather the shit and get going.

>what do now?
Oh come on, are we really sending them off before the party?

Glorified mailmen work for random drugs, kewl.

Fuck it, talk to Myran to practice force ATATATA to get you pumped up.
And I don't mean give him power, just practice with pointers.

Hey would it be possible to give them partial body part control?
Like let one of them control our hand for a sec?
You decide you need to get pumped up for your excursion tonight, so you try to get myran to teach you the force ATATATATA, but it's a lot more complicated than just punching.

each punch has to have intent to kill and damage, and have the force of a full punch in it, and be speedy.

You try your hardest, but you can't quite pull it off, either not being able to get speed or punching too soft.




"i'll keep that in mind" "ALSO GAZZA IS MISSING NOW"

"i know i put him in the stone"


"i know"

>what do now?

"Hey would it be possible to give them partial body part control?"
They take control of your mouth only every once in a while
So yes, you can go full megazord and give them a part each.
It's been quite and relaxing right?

Oh and if ya do fap post pics about it or i call bs.
are you asking me to post fapping pics or pics of what i fap to? Cos what i meant is if u put hot images in the thread i'm gonna take about 10 minutes extra to reply
Take Gazza off the stone and put Peter and Myran in
"Boys, maybe if you take her on as a team you can handle it better. Plus Myran is packing, even if JUSTICE stops him from being as lewd as Gazza."
"It's been quiet and relaxing right?"


"What are you on about?"


"How about you get in the stone then? i'm sure you and peter can take him"




"Seems like excuses"


>put the fucking myran in the basket (roll1d100)
>leave gazza in
>pull him out
>write in

>also include what to do after this escapade, 30 minutes till the clubs open
"Ok Myran, let's go bust a child sex slave trafficking ring. Let me get a ManSpider Rider costume."
Oh wait 30 minutes, just get the costume and beat random rapists and robbers on our way to the party. Tell him after the clubs we will bust a slave ring.
File: Spoiler Image (50 KB, 866x823)
50 KB
Where may I ask are you going to start looking for said child sex slave trafficking ring to bust?
We'll come to that bridge later then you madman.

Also, to sleepy, this is what i'm fapping to, spoilered for leeewd
Ask to buy kiddie slaves from a space slav.

More importantly, we will go to prison soon, Myran knows he will get plenty of justice right?
"Ok Myran, let's go bust a child sex slave trafficking ring. Let me get a ManSpider Rider costume."


"Unfortunately, we only have half an hour, so we're just gonna go around beating up thugs and bust a sex slave ring later"


You run around on rooftops jumping down and practicing your ATATATA's on common thieves, eventually you break up a rape on a child, you go to hand him into the police, but your legs won't move


"No, we caught him, that's enou-"


"they wouldn't want revenge this wa-"


"I'm thinking fin-"


"Well that's just uncalled for, just because i'm not acting upon my emotions?"


> what do
Oh comm bodyguards telling them if they can do the delivery and be back on time they'll each get a 2.5k bonus and cake.
Myran fuck off with your bullshit that is not justice. Thaat is punishment. NOW GET THE FUCK MOVING TO THE CLUB OR I WILL SEND YOU INTO THE JEWEL WITH GAZZA!

Also WTF!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!???
Rolled 25 (1d100)


Rolled 8 (1d100)

Rolling for justice
Rolled 8 (1d100)

Just fuck the dice up

>tfw you will never roll a 1
File: Spoiler Image (1.7 MB, 500x281)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
yfw you read what i write
What learn how to use hadouken?
File: my sides.jpg (4 KB, 116x90)
4 KB
"Myran fuck off with your bullshit that is not justice. That is punishment. NOW GET THE FUCK MOVING TO THE CLUB OR I WILL SEND YOU INTO THE JEWEL WITH GAZZA!"


That's what I thought you think, starting to walk before he thrusts all of himself into the arm holding the guy and snapping his neck.

"That's it!" You shout jumping inside and instantly getting decked by some prepared energy blast shot your direction

Fuck, you're down, that fucking hurt.

He picks you up,


Fuck, you just got outplayed, you'll have to serve justice on him later.

You try breaking yourself out but he's right, you're not at full power.

You instead go looking for gazza and find him, sitting up in bed, bloody knuckled.


"The fuck you want?"

"Well what happened her firs-"


"Well that isn't very fun of yo-"



"i-i-i'm fine really kyran, honest... I was wrong, and he put me right" she says forcing a smile, busted lip obviously making her flinch in pain as it stretches.

>what do
No hes an asshole. Sorry. Smack Gazza around.
Beat Gazza up and torture him by fisting him with a semi erect wookie's severed cock. See we can be evil and be truthful to our emotions!

Then take him back to the body, be quick about it.
weird 50 split roll, coming up
Rolled 53 (1d100)

fuck for the fuck god
that is probably the 6th worst roll you could've gotten
pray the next roll is a better result
Rolled 44 (1d100)

Rolled 45 (1d100)

Much better

You stand up to Gazza

"No, i'm doing the right thing here! YOu're being mean, and it needs to be st-st-stopped!"

Jeez, you really are turning into pete

so is your combat proficiency apparently, you're doing nothing, zip, nada, and he grabs you by the throat

"I'm sick of being number 3, now, i'll be number one" He says trying to absorb you

"No one absorbs me!" You shout as he gets stuck in you, struggling desperately and screaming to escape your consumation of him.

You feel your power return and get the fuck out of there.

You by your estimations spent about under 2 minutes in there, so it's been about 40 minutes real life time.

You wake up in your body on your bed in normal clothes and showered, with a comm message from Adri asking if you're still going out tonight.

>what do now
Thought we were going out with Al?
You forgot
Nooe call Adri and cancel then call Al.
You quickly text Adri to cancel and then call Al

"Hey Ky, sorry I can't make tonight, it's girls night out and I forgot about it when we made plans, i'll make it up to you I promise!"




Justice you guess.

>what do now?
File: Spoiler Image (447 KB, 1600x1003)
447 KB
447 KB JPG
Call Adri and say i got cancelled becuase of forgetfullnes on both parts. I'm sorry?
Here I am pulling bullshit, having the dentist song from little shop of horrors playing in my head with the word dentist swapped for QM, and here you are rewarding me for it with more cutey chiss chicks.

Feels like an abusive relationship senpai.


You try to comm adri but music is playing form her room now and she doesn't pick up, soy ou guess she doesn't hear it

So you get up and stroll to her room instead.

You knock knock and you hear her shout "Don't come in!" panicked

That's really odd, you've seen her pull a plug out of herself, what's gotten her so worked up?

>what do? along with 1d100
Rolled 82 (1d100)

Wait outside.

It-it's not like i like your anything. B-baka! Also NICE. Little shop. little shop of horrors.
She's kuu, not tsun
and i only called you senpai cos of senpai fucking word filter

also did you stroke out at the end of that sentence or what
Rolled 5 (1d100)

Enter the room.

What the fuck? We were going out with Al? Since when, what???? I thought we were having a party.
It made more sense in my head. In my defence i havent slepy yet for about 24 hours.
Yeah okay I can't find the reference to a date with Al.

No seriously, when please

"oooh i'm sleepy, maybe i just take loads of naps through the day"
shit nigga u need sleep then go to bed, don't kill yourself and your eyes on my behalf, you're practically old enough to be on a deathbed gramps
Oh okay so not an update. I was scouring the updates like a madman and wondering if I had gone crazy.

Dress as a chick and go to their night out. Pretend it's a fifth split.
You wait outside and she opens the door really distressed

She's got some kind of force illusion on that she's trying really hard to dispel, but couldn't do it due to lack of focus and balance, and is flickering...

in and out of blue and white

She has one red chiss eye and one contact in, and she tries hiding the other contact on her finger behind her back after brushing her hair infront of the normal eye.

She's got tears ruining her makeup

"Uhh, *sniff* hey Kyr-" She senses you see through her charade and she screams, "What's wrong with me?"

Before you can answer though she tries slamming the door in your face while shouting "Don't look at me!"

>what do
Sooo are you a Chiss??

Oi git me scotch bobby!!! Also prolly gonna knock off for a little after this. And git offa mi lawn!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (104 KB, 1920x1080)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Break down the door.

Throw her on the bed.

Whisper into her ear
"How did you know blue is one of my favourite colours"
nice quads
and fairdoes

Rolled 81 (1d100)

Rolled 65 (1d100)

Fuck yeah!! I seem to get those a lot in this quest eh?
Rolled 96 (1d100)

Finally decent rolls.
you're a fucking rolling machine mate
desu tho this quest gets a statistically too high amount of dubs and trips and quads

You slip in like a master before the door hits your face, and she runs and buries her face on her pillow, sobbing loudly.

You sit down next to her

"Sooo are you a chiss??"

"What do, wah, you think?" she says pulling out the other blue contact and tossing it, revealing both her red eyes, and finally removing the white skin illusion.

"Blue is one of my favourite colou-"

"But red isn't right!?"

"where is this coming from"

"th-that ranlis, *sniff*"

"What did she say?"

"th-that you're only helping me to get laid is because you hate chiss and their scary red eyes and blue skin, and that, and that, that you'd leave me alooone!" she shouts going back to crying, "that i'm next to nothing to you! that the only race you've ever turned down are us rats12

"That's not true-"

"You even argued against me about chiss chan's merits, and, *SNIFFFF* and... then you cancelled on me, o-on mee, and now you're here to l-l-l-laugh at me, lie the rest of the-"

You pull her closer and lie down with her and get close, hugging tight, calming her down

"Shhh, nothing's wrong with you, it's all ogre now"

She begins crying into you, and just keeps squeezing tighter until you feel like your ribs hurt, and then she relaxes.

>what do?
"I just didn't want to punish one more girl with being unable to live a fulfilling life without being close to this big ol jerk, that doesn't mean the big ol jerk (me) doesn't like you."

"That said, I feel like you girls might start a highlander style 'there can be only one' fight at any time now. I'm really worried."

Caress her hair and look her in the eyes.

"Red eyes are cool, blue skin is cool. Only blue cat folk are stupid, fucking Jomes Chameron"
"Red eyes are cool, blue skin is cool. Only blue cat folk are stupid, fucking Jomes Chameron"

"C-cool, but you hate it?"

"I don't, don't pay attention to what she said"


"I just didn't want to punish one more girl with being unable to live a fulfilling life without being close to this big ol jerk, that doesn't mean the big ol jerk doesn't like you."

"I don't care about a fulfilling life.. until i met you i accepted everything as reality... bu-but now I know there's a whole world out th-there, just waiting for me, and new sensations that fulfill me"

"still, I feel like you girls might start a highlander style 'there can be only one' fight at any time now. I'm really worried."

"You're confusing me, why would i fight anyone? i'm enjoying my time with you,a dn why is this so hard to say?"

"because nothing worth saying is easy to say, everyone faces this"


You start caressing her hair and pull her up and look into her eyes.

"I like you okay? calm down please"

She tries saying something, but each attempt is shorter and filled with more heavy breathing

You realise she's seated on your left leg and she's grinding, wetting your good jeans

She leans in and whispers into your ear

"I can't, ah, talk to you... uhgfn, when you look in mahhheyes, and why *pant* are my hips moving on AAhn :3 their own *pant pant*"

>what do
Rolled 60 (1d100)

roll a d100 you conveniently had
you roll a 60, she looks confused
>what do now?

"60 eh? Okay let's do this."
Do this. With wookie sized condooms.
"I should seriously consider stopping

Unrelated but could Gazza fuck these girls like Ky does?
If we ever really feel like being monogamous we could just make a construct body that our internal splits can share.
If she asks why 60
"Means nothing I just felt like taking that huge thing off my pants."
>make a construct body that our internal splits can share.
explain pls
"could Gazza fuck these girls like Ky does?"
he has to this girl, it's why she's been all weird and lusty
are you stroking out aswell, or am i stroking out?

either way i'm severely fucked up so i wiill continue the thread or make a new one when i feel like it, peace blud
Rolled 98 (1d100)

See ya.

>explain pls
Make a secondary body for more efficient timesharing, and this way the chicks try to rape Kyran if he ever goes monogamous.
don't try to*
Wew lad.

Oh if ye make a new one ye'll give a forewarning on twitter right? I'll be on the lookout.
course famalam, nice dubs btw

weed anon you trippin

night night
one more while im around
cum git u one!
File: Spoiler Image (96 KB, 626x750)
96 KB
"60 eh? Okay let's do this." You say lifting her off your lap and pulling out a wookie condom

"What does 60 mean? Do you leave your hands in fate instead of choosing?"

""Means nothing I just felt like taking that huge thing off my pants."

"What huge thing?"

"Your big blue ass that's what"

"I-i'm sorry climbing onto you so sudden-" You interrupt by grabbing both cheeks full force and squeezing while looking in her eyes, mashing them around, feeling the flesh ripple as you grab it and shake it

She bites her finger while looking you in the eye and you decide to teach her something

"This is called kissing, just follow my lead" you say leaning in and mashing your lips into hers, she eventually gets it after a while and as soon as she does you move into open mouth confusing her again, and as soon as she gets that down you make her jump with the addition of tongue, leaving her helpless at your invasion of this chiss base, shivering in restrained pleasure each time your hands find somewhere new to grab onto.

"The feeling... the fire in the loins... you make it inferno kyran, it's burning! You said yo could calm this not exacerbate it!"

You look into her eyes and lay her down, looking into her eyes from the moment her head hits the pillow, till her short shorts are off, and even when you start the ancient mando'a vagina tonguespeak, keep eye contact.

she keeps it aswell but her eyes are meeting in the middle, hitting the back of her skull, everywhere.

She waves her arms around similarly unsure what to do until you grab her hands and put them in your hair which she completely musses up, when it finally cums her time, she tries pushing your forehead back saying "aahn, weird, weird, weird-" but you just lick harder and faster, giving her clit a thumb war which you win, and she arches up soaking your face in surprisingly sickily sweet juices for such a cold species.
she pants there for a while and then she sees the exogorth and the wookie sized condom on it.

"But the fire in my loins.. Aaahn, has been extinguished" she says eyes locked on to the member, soaking her sheet as her orgasm find a place to rest.

You push her from the recovery position she's in onto her back and test her entrance, before slamming in

She screams and you stop at the base waiting for her to recover, she keeps trying to sit up which shifts her insides, putting her in the throes of pleasure

"Th-this is fantastic!"

"The show hasn't started yet" you say pulling back slowly, taking your sweet time in these grindingly tight but very soft walls.

Her head is in a state of thrown back, so you grab her and force her head into a position where she's staring you in the eyes as you pump, and tilt her head down to show what's going in and out of her

"You're, bigger, than, he waAAAS!" she says as little tom thumb finds his way into the little plum pie hole beneath the war torn punani, "But I poop from there?"

"Not today you don't" you say lightly probing her, and sending her over the edge.

But you're not done yet.

You grab her pig tails on her head and being slamming yourself in over and over, faster and faster during her orgasm, driving her over the edge with simultaneous multiple orgasms, before you shoot and feel your cum try to break through the condom like before, but the industrial strength wookie johnny handles it.

You pull out and remove the condom, tying it up, and nunchucking it around, and when you see she elects to lie there instead of cleaning you off, you strike her with it.
File: Spoiler Image (37 KB, 480x480)
37 KB
She looks it like "wha" and you say "After all i've done for you, you can't even clean me off with your mouth?"

She puts the tip in her mouth and begins sucking and licking around, trying to clean the cum of, and keeps going deeper and deeper, until she's 7 inches deep in her throat

"I didn't say you had to-Whoa~" you say as she takes the entire thing in her throat, boldly going where no woman has ever been before

These are entirely new sensations to you too.

As she bobs her head she runs her hands up and down your legs, sending shivers through you.

She manages to suppress her gag reflex from throwing up down your knob ole, and her throat spazming gags completely squeeze and touch your cock in ways a vagina never has

You're gonna, you're gonna-

You shoot what feels like gallons of unborn babies directly into her stomach, effectively diluting all her enzymes and giving her stomach aches and lack of appetite for a day or two,

You pull back in ecstasy and shoot another rope all over her, the white contrasting superbly with the dark blue, you staring really hard, grunting and panting, and her legs start shifting around.

"Th-the fire's coming back, so-so-sorry for the inconvenience!"

Fuck, shame this is jedi poon, you'd really love to cum in it you think pulling out the box of wookie condoms you intend to finish by tonight.


You awake with someone else breathing directly into your face with cummy morning breath and you nudge her awake, she looks at you lips pursed as if expecting you to kiss her, but you tell her "before you try anything, go clean your filthy mouth"


>what do now?
Now that was something.

Clean up both o'vye, go find our ship, meanwhile send a comm to the bodyguards telling to hurry up for a cash bonus. When we get to the ship, sneak in to our room and pretend to be an underwear thief.
File: we gareth now.jpg (163 KB, 885x1190)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Al's room*
grab a bite of gyro
Rolled 24 (1d100)

You send a comm to the bodyguards telling them to hurry up for a cash and cake bonus.

You shower and tell Adri to do the same, and she calls in sick, so you get a comm telling you her replacement will be there in 30 minutes.

When he arrives he elects to not speak to you, like at all, like he's mute.

very rude if he isn't.

Perhaps he just doesn't want association which is fair enough.

You stop for a breakfast gyro, and demolish it.

You drive to your ship and he waits in the car while you sneak in to your old room, Al's current room, with boxers on your head, to pull your panty thief joke.

And you see her asleep in the arms of another man.

She feels your presence and awakes, looking at you dreamedly, before she looks curiously at the guy asleep next to her, looking back to you watery eyed.


>what do
Pretend that you'll force choke her
"Eh" Shrug
As in pretend you're getting mad, but just stop and don't.

>implying this isn't why I opted for "Dress as a chick and go to their night out. Pretend it's a fifth split."
check his dick out then leave and tell your bodyguard your entire lifestory
You pretend that you'll force choke her, and as she flinchingly and begrudgingly accepts what's about to happen, and you put pure anger on your face, before it just disappears, you drop your arm and shrug with a resound "Eh"

"K-kyran, w-w-whatever you're planning, whatever you're thinking... I-i need you to c-c-c-calm down, okay?"

The guy next to her opens his eyes and looks at a teary panicking Al and a big man such as yourself with boxers on your head staring her down.

"Listen bro, you're making the lady uncomfortable, so I suggest you skeddadle to the fuck out of here, toot suite"

Who the fuck is this faggot?

"Who are you making demands of blud? You're the one making the lady uncomfortable!"

"She has no problems with me, i assure you honey"

God you wanna throttle this fu-

Did he just call you honey?

You need to know if this guy porked your gyaldemting

"Take off your p-"

"Yeah Chavito baby" he says talking on his comm, "Girls' night is over, when you're ready come pick me up, okay bye bye" he says making smooching noises into the headset

"I have to leave now, toodles" he says trying to shoulder barge past you, nearly flooring himself in the process.

You're so confused right now you don't even demand to see his dick, what the hell was his problem?

Is he into men?

You didn't realise that was a thing, how could you not love vagina?

You think deeply and hard and you nearly fry your brain trying to figure it out, Al just sitting there guiltily

>what do
"I just wanted to see his dick"
Grumble that and ask her if he's an escort or just a faggot.
"Well that was that, are the others in similar 'conditions' or just you? Just in case I feel like barging on another room"
track the guy down to check his dick
WOWOWOW wait is it grumble? Is that a word?
grumble works
i like grumble
its grumble 0.0
You grab the guy on his shoulder as he walks past.

"Lemme see your dick"

"kyran what are you-" Al shouts being cut off

"Why should I show you my dick?" he says looking you up and down before looking at your crotch, "jeez, i'll show you mine if you show me your-"


"Jeez, calm down, here" he says pulling down his short shorts.

this man hasn't fucked or came in at least three days.

"So, are you an escort or just a faggot?"

"Do't think i'm a self hating gay you can just bar-"

You close the door in his face

"This isn't over!"

You turn to Al

She looks at you and gulps, unsure of your diagnosis.

"Well that was that, are the others in similar 'conditions' or just you? Just in case I feel like barging on another room"

"Sh-sheulk brought home a girl and a g-guy, but no one else, w-we never had those intentions I swear it!"

"Alrighty then-" you grumble being cut off.

"I didn't do it Ky! I swear! We don't have any spare rooms and i didn't want him to sleep on the floor! P-please you've got to believe me, i-i love you!"

Will she calm down, damn, you didn't get much sleep, you don't wanna deal with this right now

>what do
Make awkward and heavy hand motions.

I don't mind.
We aren't married or anything, I'm not going to hold you down to some oath you never swore.
Plus I believe you, but really who was that guy? Is he really a faggot? Did I catch the gays by looking at his dick?."
"married or anything YET* "
Important inclusion. Ever notice how I need two or three posts for a vote? I might be retarded.
>Important inclusion. Ever notice how I need two or three posts for a vote? I might be retarded.

We're all retarded when it comes to waifus or 3am posting, all is forgiven my son

fuck that made me kek
but more like
No SteFINN i do not accept this treason, you traitor!
damn i'm good
do you think I'd hurt you if you did that no come on i only do that if i am drugged or if I am having my soul split in four. look, when aah circumstances change ill accept that you hold meerepsonible and ill hold you, but never to harm you
Oooh nice idea!
fit in between to yell at her "TRAITOR" and rush her (well not for real)
meerepsonible==me reaponiblr
File: Spoiler Image (24 KB, 858x471)
24 KB
"NO ESTEBAN, YO NO ACCEPTO ESTA TRAICIÓN!" You shout while making awkward and heavy hand motions, with her flinching each time your hand points in her direction.


I don't mind.


We aren't married or anything, yet, I'm not going to hold you down to some oath you never swore.
Plus I believe you" You say smiling

"R-really... because-"

"Do you think I'd hurt you if you did that you dumb traitor?" You shout pushing her to the bed looking in her eyes with a sincerity matched only by a kid saying that love doughnuts, "No come on, i only hurt the one I love if I am drugged or if I am having my soul split in four."


"I don't need to promise, because I know you know deep down.

Look, when our circumstances change i'll accept that you hold me responsible and i'll hold you, but never to harm you, only to be with you"

"K-kyran!" she says tears turning into happy tears.

"But really who was that guy? Is he really a faggot? Did I catch the gays by looking at his dick?."

"Y-you know, you shouldn't use that word, it's offens-"

"Shut up faggot" you smirk, stealing her breath and wiping away her tears.

When you detach she hugs into you, and you stroke her hair for a while

"Hey Al, up for something else today?"

Oh she fell asleep.

>what do now?

Just give up friendo
jusy wait get some eggs, wiait with her until she wakes up again, maybe turn the raido to speed it up so when she wales up just say that thing with the eggs
you don't have to tell me your name you just have to eat these
found it
r u serious brah
taking man for mongoose here
Place her back on the bed, go see what happened to that girl sheulk brought home.
You wake up in bed with a blaring alarm shouting to eat the eggs.

You look over at the alarm and it stops, and there's a bowl of eggs there.

What the fuck Kyran


You head along the corridors to Sheulk's room and on the way there a man runs past you crying with a limp

"Calm down baby!" Shouts the woman chasing after him.

What the fuck.

You get to sheulk's room and open the door.

Sheulk's just in underwear, and wow, she takes amazing care of her body, you have to pull yourself awy from staring.

"Don't you knock? trying to Sneak a peek?"

"Why was there a naked crying limping man running through my ship"

"Ooooh that?"

"Yes, that"

"He called me bitch, so I showed his girl who the real bitch was"


"Animals need negative reinforcement Kyran, be wise to remember that"

"I'll keep it in mind."

"Anyway, something else you needed, or can I go back to getting dressed?"

>what do?
"The heck did you guys even do last night? Why was there a gay man in Al's room?
And did you fuck that chick?"
If yes, give her a nod of approval, if no just shrug.
"Hey, so about my birthday party, I was thinking of stuff to have in it. Like a gladiator arena or booze fountains. Got any ideas?"
You once said i owed you a dicking...
go see if she ate the eggs then take her for lunch at some cool themed restaurant
"The heck did you guys even do last night? Why was there a gay man in Al's room?"

She lights a spliff, taking a long drag, stretching out.

"That's hugo, one of my girlfriends"

"Did you fuck that chick that ran after that guy?"

"oh yeah" she says blowing smoke

You give a hearty nod of approval, "Hey, so about my birthday party, I was thinking of stuff to have in it. Like a gladiator arena or booze fountains. Got any ideas?"

"Booze fountain, banging tunes, banging girls, banging two dickheads skulls together in the arena, sounds like what you should aim for."


"Anything else?"

"You once said i owed you a dicking..."

"Hmm, yeah i'll collect on that now, if you're offering anyway" she says winking

You might have to check on Al later

>what do
Wait Wynautt, can we project our mind/forceghost while one of the splits is commanding the ship?
If so, see if Myran volunteers to bring JUSTICE to our agreements/to her pussy (dude packs more than Ky does so) while we force ghost to Al and spook her.
you want me to dick you? make me
smile as the masterplan fulfills itself
>can we project our mind/forceghost
not yet
Oh. I guess we are getting raped then.
File: she-hulk.png (335 KB, 475x355)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
"You want me to dick you? Make me" You say smiling

- 4 hours later -

You down the rest of the glass, slap yourself, slap your dick, shake your shoulders, and head back in there.

- 3 hours later -

"She's tired out your bro Myran, tag you're it"


- 8 hours later -

You're inside your own head enjoying TV with peter and gazza, both looking slightly depressed.

Myran jumps in.

"BRO I'M DONE" he shouts throwing you back into your body.

Fuck he spilled your tea.

You open your eyes to find yourself hilt deep, moving as fast as your body allows, putting your hand on her sweat glistened abs for leverage

Her extremely unexpected girly moans reaching a screaming point are the chorus which drives you to empty your balls into her womb once more.

She lifts her legs up so her feet are in your face, and then slams them down on your shoulders pushing you onto your back as she grabs your leg and starts essentially rowing you like a boat sitting up.

10 minutes later you fill her again, it exploding around the sides of your dick and caking her thighs in more sperm, and she falls backwards, panting.

You finally did it, you wore her out.

"Wooh, give me a uh *pant* moment to get cleaned up so we can get ready for round 2" she says limping to the bathroom.

fuck your legs are dead.

so are Myran's

Gazza's missing

"Peter get out of there!" You shout throwing him in

he grabs your shit, wraps a blanket around himself like a shawl, and legs it out of the ship, only to find the Jedi grew impatient and drove off.

"Oh hun? Where are you? do you not want a round 2, because I kinda do"

"RUN LIKE THE WIND PETER" Myran screams, prompting a petey ghostly gazelle out of there to the nearest hotel, paying the man then hiding underneath he duvet and falling asleep due to sheer exhaustion.

You wake up, looking around, you're the only one here.

>what do
I'm going off now since I want more sleep, but i'll post the full lewd as a pastebin or at the start of the next thread since i'm calling the thread here, any responses will be the actions I start the next thread with, since i'm calling this one here.

Thank you all shit tonnes for playing, and night night famalams.

Much thanks for the chiss/superheroine pics and thanks to the funny dialogue and thanks to archiving anons aswell.

File: 1411078364023.jpg (131 KB, 600x800)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
See ya next time lad. I'm off for some sleep too.
goodbye, next time we will have otsa more fun
nice qt's
night night
weesa be habings all de fun!
Man, seeing Al in bed with another guy just makes me feel bad. Probably because I'm a pussy.

Me being a bitch and getting raped by Sheulk aside, man do we have some problems to sort out with our other selves.

I think Myran is right, without Gazza in us, we've been thrown out of balance. It seems like we've lost our killer edge, and I think us not immediately getting even moderately upset at the thought of someone else fucking our Al is kind of worrying. Sure we seemed upset, but I don't think we really felt it. Also, as Gazza demonstrated himself, our martial prowess is probably suffering as well.

I think we need to look at the other three differently. While they're still Kyran, they're something like extremes. I think it's a good chance to learn from them. Morality from Myan, kindness and balance from Peter, strength and prowess from Gazza.

I would also like to apologize to the Lady in The Stone and Gazza. Lady got punched because of us, and we made Gazza do something he didn't want to do.
> think us not immediately getting even moderately upset at the thought of someone else fucking our Al is kind of worrying.
I voted for acting nonchalant because I had already guessed where Wynaut was taking it. and I guessed Kyran wouldn't really be mad at her for something they didn't agree to, specially because he'd be a massive hypocrite considering he fucked a chiss girl (Adri) just before and then later on fucked Sheulk.

I think he'd get mad if he married her and THEN she betrayed him.
Plus they didn't do anything. Wynaut was playing to see how we'd react I bet, next time he may do it for real to fuck us up but that could end up like... Psion Quest I think?
Oh yeah, think we should check up on KJ, he's had some time to think about the whole running a settlement thing by now I think. Maybe check up on Al too, just because.

We've also been going at it for 15 hours, round 1 for Sheulk is 15 hours.

Yeah, you're making good points about the Al thing. I'm a huge softie so it's probably just that speaking.

(Un?)fortunately I've never read Psion Quest, but it sounds like that ended... Poorly?
I don't recall the exact situation (or if it's the right quest, memory isn't what it used to be), but the QM made the waifu cheat on the main character.
Players didn't like being cucked, shitstorm ensued. That's all I know.

I wouldn't give half a fuck but I can only speak for myself.
>I had already guessed where Wynaut was taking it.
I originally was gonna write that she was getting dicked but it kinda felt like i was trying to cuck you guys and it felt bad and disgusting so I changed it, even if she isn't your actual wife and you're fucking like 10 chicks a day it still would've felt weird and OOC for Al to me once i thought about it, and even if it wasn't OOC, i wouldn't want to annoy the Al-fags here. also i'm not an al fagso it woulda felt biased

after that it was going to be an actual one night stand she had while drunk and she was really guilty, but it was the nonchalantness you guys showed made me decide to do gay guy instead or you'd feel really dumb being non chalant if he got up and said "wow her pussy was great"

You underestimate how often I double back on what I write or delete an entire post if I don't like it bruv.

> think us not immediately getting even moderately upset at the thought of someone else fucking our Al is kind of worrying.
Yeah, because you guys acted that way instead of freaking out, it's made more canon if you will that you've been losing your anger and your edge, why I said Gazza was depressed aswell in the sheulk post, to show that you're still not one with yourself and your emotions.

>Lady got punched because of us, and we made Gazza do something he didn't want to do.
and it affected him. isolated from you guys in the stone changed him since you all affect and resonate with each other, he slowly lost concepts of justice fun and niceness and just went full anger demon.

>I think he'd get mad if he married her and THEN she betrayed him.
roll1d100 dc 90 to not murder everyone and everything ever level mad

Was just about to ask about psion quest, i've only heard bad things

and jesus, this is the board game board how do you not expect spectrum tier fits after having your character cheated on?
goddamn psion quest qm.
Yeah that sounds like it ended rather poorly.
I can imagine a lot of people wouldn't enjoy their waifu cheating on them at all, they put emotional investment in the characters (like me).
While I'd probably feel real bad about Al cheating on us, I wouldn't throw a shitstorm about it. It would provide a LOT of character development. It'd take a lot of willpower to not go straight dark lord sith mode for a long time.
But like you said, that's just me.
>That shit I said about being out of balance is right

Fffuuuuck, we have some problems to sort out.
I think we mended all the bridges with people that we damaged right? Maybe its about time to mend our own bridge. We need to start seeing the three as people instead of just things that sometimes annoy/interrupt us.
Rolled 46 (1d100)

>how do you not expect spectrum tier fits after having your character cheated on?
Hey man, QMs make mistake all the time, just like playahs.
Some dude kept bitching back at the players, another QM just kinda dropped his quest for a long time and tried to come back, another runs a quest where 1/10 rolls are critfails (thankfully his critfails are like reaaal lax at times).
Shit be weird yo, but that said, yeah Psion QM just fucked up ROYALLY.

>Kyran is losing his edge
Agreed kinda, I just feel like he'd need a -real- reason to go full edgy, like that talk with Al but turned a thousand fold. Angry I can get behind, say if we find a gang of siths trying to gank us I'm okay with just fucking them up and being mad about their shit.

>You underestimate how often I double back on what I write or delete an entire post if I don't like it bruv.
No no I get you, I just thought either way I'd go like that. Thought it'd be hypocrisy at this point at least, but if she acted cheeky about it or the dude did then maybe I'd consider shenanigans.
Of the murderous type.

>roll1d100 dc 90 to not murder everyone and everything ever level mad
Would seriously consider going Extinction Event mode and just freezing himself for 10000 years.
I found it funny that weedlmao kept trying to check his dick, nice reaction to it I guess. I mean, why? And then Wynaut made a good reason for it. Kek.
Yeah that was a little outlandish at first when I read it.
But what else would we do? The guy seemed gay, but he was sleeping in Al's bed. So... Compare dick sizes.

What really surprised me was Kyrans ability to discern if someone had fucked another person, and judge how long ago their last dicking was. That's impressive, well played to Wynaut.
>It would provide a LOT of character development.
If I got off on character development more than I already do, i would've came every time I watched a clone based episode in the clone wars show.
It's why I try to fill my quest with as much of it as possible, in my head, every character you've met has dreams, goals, aspirations, limits, pasts, and pre planned reactions to stuff, like if you asked dulgon if you could use his bat he'd probably hit you with it, that bat's his waifu he doesn't care how powerful you are and things like that.

>Yeah that sounds like it ended rather poorly.
understatement of 2016 and it's barely january. if i spent thread upon thread waifuing someone (i don't really like waifu quests but you know girlfriends exist so you can have them) and they cucked me after all the hard work I put in, write ins, pics, laughs, memorisations of moments between our characters between hundreds of threads, and then they jsut fucked another person, I would find the QM and throttle him, I don't care if he thought it'd be good character development, or whether there were outlying shit, i'd probs freak out too. Shit hits too close to home for too many people.

>I think we mended all the bridges with people that we damaged right?
you've missed one or two
>We need to start seeing the three as people instead of just things that sometimes annoy/interrupt us.
peter's been traumatised for ages, gazza a shorter time, and you haven't justice myran for killing thar guy and disobeying, accurate thoughts, until now you've seen them not as people just broken off segments, but they're you end of the day, and you're a person.

yeah mistakes happen, i've put shit I wish i could go back and retconn but it seems too much for me.
>he'd need a -real- reason to go full edgy
i'd prefer to avoid that if possible but if something happens to make it a viable in character action i'll go along for the ride, like the crusade to take on the first randall.
>but if she acted cheeky about it or the dude did then maybe I'd consider shenanigans.
>Of the murderous type.
being a cheeky prick/strumpet is a crime punishable by exogorth or death, depending on gender and level of hotness
>Would seriously consider going Extinction Event mode and just freezing himself for 10000 years.
kyran in the clone wars making fun of anakin's moping when
kinda sad i didn't cuck you out now
>well played to Wynaut.
cheers, options like that really conflict with me
sometimes i find them funny if done once and we make a whole thing about it like the gimp suit since it kinda made sense and got laughs, but going full weird and stuff like wanting to break a guy's dick with your asscheeks in jail letting a dick touch you kinda felt OOC and kinda like a kid screaming and his name is john cena
really conflicts me
like the egg thing was on the border between it and was hard to write and yes before egg anon complains you will check if she ate the eggs next thread
the dick thing was also on the border but it kinda made sense
i like how small and comfy the quest is but the downside to not being a giant quest is sometimes the only vote is one i really don't wanna write, like the gimpsuit, but that turned out fine so.
>What really surprised me was Kyrans ability to discern if someone had fucked another person, and judge how long ago their last dicking was
it was all i could think of to make sense of ordering some guy to take his dick out :p

anyway, night night all, any more questions/suggestions/ideas, my twittter is open to yam cos fuck making an ask
When you put it like that it makes more sense to not have the waifu cheat, at least not without obvious hints that she's discontent with you. Thus allowing the players to sense that someones wrong, and attempt to fix the relationship before the actual cucking. I'm thinking in novels instead of quests, I suppose. Where in novels the reader is out of the control of the story, in Quests the players are the storytellers.

Missed one or two?
There's the two Jedi we employed back in Swagooine, or something. One of them was a teammate to Athena, and wanted to fuck Kyran first. I keep on thinking they should meet up and make amends if they have any issues with each other.

Anyone have any clue who else we need to talk to?
Sheulk seems fine with us, we talked to Vi and she's fine now I think, Athena, Al, KJ... Fuck, who am I missing?
Aside from Lady in The Stone, I'd rather get the fleshy people out of the way first, since we only have 13 days or so now with them. We'll have 5 years to talk to Lady in The Stone.

The Jedi Council?
I don't know.
I thought we were neutral with the Jedi Council? There was that one Jedi Master that's cool with us because we sparred with him way back like four years ago or something. Wonder if he's still around.

We talked to Vi, turns out she had a problem with us suddenly leaving while leaving her addicting to the Exogarth or something. We sorted that out I think, I might have to check back.

Who's Irene again?

Receptionist got mind broken and now she has the mind of a young teenager, with a child. Or something like that. I thought we met with her? Also might have to check. But I don't think we talked to her yet.
>at least not without obvious hints that she's discontent with you
waifu's finally happy, having her cheat legitimately would be retarded of me to do in that sense.
>Thus allowing the players to sense that someones wrong, and attempt to fix the relationship before the actual cucking.
reasonable enough, be a shit BF and your girl might cheat. i'm gonna go ahead and guess that psion quest just did it out of nowhere for no reason then
>I keep on thinking they should meet up and make amends if they have any issues with each other.
didn't think y'all would remember that you split them apart, they reconciled due to you but then dereconciled during the timeskip due to blocking you and her to not leak out you had her kid.
your cries of "where are we going wrong" please my QM boner
there's weed jedi master who you're chill with, there's the one you fought and he killed himself actually later after a long spiral of depressioon due to the jedi life
council have never been friendly with you since that since they try to pin blame on you fought him instead of their way of life doing it, and it's why they supported the invasion
adri is still kinda worried you'll blame her for jail time since she's the one who ratted you out, and she wasn't really feeling lust all along, it was guilt, and she still feels it.
she also feels lust now though lmao
>Or something like that. I thought we met with her?
you did and named her kid, she's gonna be FUCKED off that you're going to jail,s eh had plans for you
>Who's Irene again?
Wulf Irene, he's cool, bored, but cool.
fine for now, still addicted heavily to the exogorth though and that might be a problem.
>Aside from Lady in The Stone
yeah she needs tending to at some point
no rush though, it's 24 real life days before a day passes in the stone.
Oh, Not-Wolverine.
I thought he would have been fine with us just disappearing, we didn't really bond all that much anyways. Guys' a solid dude though.

As for Vi, and a number of others, maybe we should take the time to cast an Exogarth sized dildo for them. Like, make it ourselves. It won't be exactly like the real Exogarth, but it'l be close enough hopefully.

Oh, so we did talk to the Receptionist, just not about the 5 years of jail thing.
We should get on that...

As for the Athena/Athena's Former Teammate thing, I don't think we'll have the time to do it. Maybe if we call the former teammate soon, she can hyperspace over and we can squeeze it in just before we walk into the cell.
>Maybe if we call the former teammate soon,
it's holidays for life day soon anyway, so no academy, i.e, so trayce can fly back with your bodyguards.
>just not about the 5 years of jail thing.
>We should get on that...
it might be easier to just lie and disappear, but you're too pussy right now to do that so
>It won't be exactly like the real Exogarth, but it'l be close enough hopefully.
Exogarth lmao
kyran's world, kyran's world, party time, sexcellent!
Kinda, some of them can cum without it, and on that ship, the only one addicted to the Gorth is Vi, the receptionist kind of but not really, she longs for something but she doesn't exactly know what for just that it has to do with you
ranlis is getting better and over it since you've satisfied her a few times recently and her being preggers at all, she'll be busy with that.
but she wants more before she gets too preggers or before jail or you'll piss her off
that new servant is addicted to you
the female bodyguard touches herself to the thought of you but is too professional to make a move and may not even reciprocate
>we didn't really bond all that much anyways
you bonded over a shared love of redheads, but he's been running and traitoring his whole life, he's not mad at all
Yeah I just realized my misspelling of Exogorth, whoops.

And yeah, let's call over Trayce, next session.

I think Kyran has an idea that she wants a dicking, I recall him thinking if her issue with him was about that. I think.

Forgot about the new ninja-servant girl. Might have to talk to her about that too. Maybe have Vi befriend her, she was very servant-y like her, but grew to be more independent. Mostly though being angry at us.

We can do it with Ranlis later, I guess. More than 10 days is enough I think.

We should get Adriana an Exogorth dildo anyways, she thanked us for putting up with her and teaching her new things. The dildo will be a uh, youre welcome gift.

Holy shit go to sleep Wynaut.
>he killed himself actually later after a long spiral of depressioon due to the jedi life
Oh wow, fuck. Maybe he'll come back as a holocron or a force ghost.
Peace to weed jedi.
File: 1425524257597.png (567 KB, 640x960)
567 KB
567 KB PNG
You know what we - should - do?
Kill 30 kids then get beaten and dumped in lava by KJ.

But yeah last I checked Darkblade (ninja) might try to sneak in on us for prison time together.

>you bonded over a shared love of redheads, but he's been running and traitoring his whole life, he's not mad at all
Also fun assassin missions and drinking. Altough we didn't do much of that either.
Fuck we should get some redheads to go to the party, that'd be cool for his moood.

>bodyguard chick touches herself
Well well well!

Unrelated thing but I wonder how many spacebook and spacetube followers we have. War criminal, juggler, sex-addict, gotta be a few nuts.
weed jedi's fine
it's the crazy aggressive guy you fought that killed himself, the one who literally was so bored he begged you to fight him.
>I recall him thinking if her issue with him was about that. I think.
you only fucked her mouth before the timeskip which is why she was less annoyed then athena was who violated a lot of laws and regulations and got punished while trayce never got caught, but you've fucked trayce quite a few times since you turned 18 nearly two years ago during the timeskip
>Maybe have Vi befriend her, she was very servant-y like her, but grew to be more independent. Mostly though being angry at us.
yuri lewd servantu post when wynaut you fag
>The dildo will be a uh, youre welcome gift.
seems reasonable, after how long you went at it with her being eventually satiable, that average dildo you bought her may turn out to be useless
>Holy shit go to sleep Wynaut.
yo i slept already earlier for like 2 an a half hours, when i'm ready to pass out and get some more, i will, it's only 6am, jeez.
ahahah just realised i called the thread an hour and a half ago
i do enjoy this background info and discussion about plans tho
>dumped in lava by KJ.
if i was darth vader and i had beautiful locks of hair that my best friend singed off completely tryin to kill me then you can bet your fucking money i'll be pissed off and kill that old man 20 years later.
>might try to sneak in on us for prison time together.
if i can't think of anything else then yeah probs
>Well well well!
said the man counting his wells
>get some redheads to go to the party
man would suck your dick, no homo though

"you can't accept any more spacebook friend requests" on the public one
no spacetube followers, others stole your video first.
plus the 60,000 viral video channels.
there's a few stalking nuts but they're mostly normal and you always detect lust aroud you, so you can't detect lovestruck stalkers with your force sense.
>but you've fucked trayce quite a few times since you turned 18 nearly two years ago during the timeskip
Do you uh... Have any of that written in a paste or something

Anyways, having Vi befriend Ninja-Servant could be beneficial if she doesn't decide to sneak into prison with us. Vi knows the process of getting angry with us, and she could guide Ninja-Servant away from that. Or in a better kind of anger.

The crazy aggressive guy is dead? Damn, I was thinking we could get some of our martial skills back after jailtime by sparring with him. Maybe we'll just spar with some of our crew instead.
Bro-time spar with KJ
Training with Al that turns into the sparring match with Athena.
Stuff like that.
File: Spoiler Image (9 KB, 261x198)
9 KB
>Training with Al that turns into the sparring match with Athena.
What? with you nearly dying?
>Do you uh... Have any of that written in a paste or something
Because trayce is a qt?
No, but i'll get it written up and pasted up for next thread, either at the start of as a flashback during the party. idk, but i'll write it when i wake up, then sheulk, then thread.
also i might be on later than normal since i'm having people bitch me out for not chilling with them, social circles to keep round knawhaimsayin
anyway, this'll be my last post, actual night night this time
With sex, almost dying is optional.

I have a thing for Jedi and waifus.
So Al, Adriana, Athena and Trayce are my favorites. I also like Vi but she's not a Jedi, hence not on the list.
Top 5. Vi would be after Athena, Trayce last, since there wasn't really a lot written about her I think.

Alright, cya tomorrow Wynaut.
But when ya running again?
Wakey wakey eggs and bacy you fat fuck!
Anon calm down he said he'd have other stuff to do.
Paging wynautqm! Paging wynautqm! A small child name Peter is at the concierge desk please collect him.
File: 1419184354809.gif (180 KB, 600x488)
180 KB
180 KB GIF
i called the thread you silly gooses
just fucking woke up aswell
gotta quite a bit of shit to do
i'd say 8 or so hours till next thread so just let this one die for now

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