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Welcome rudebois and rudegyals to the latest edition of Star Wars A New Quest,

Last time on our short edition of STANQ; you woke up wondering what happened last night after a celebration party, met with the committee to discuss plans, decided plans, take Wulf to kill a darth and their apprentice, super force powered cock slammed the apprentice four stories through the floor, I fell asleep as usual, you calmed down and slapped the apprentice a few times, gain the apprentice musclegirl as a PoW, gained a lightsaber putting you at only 1 more needed for an unlockable if memory serves, interrogate her in the infirmary, find out that wulf and the apprentice called sheulk know each other, assigned wulf on a new assassination target but first went drinking with him, bumped into an at first mute girl who after drink loosens up and tells you the events of last night including gyro tattoos, robbery fucking, make overs, and more, you interview this now really loose girl about her name seven which you assume to be fake, and in payment for her actual story/name, she wants fug

And now we're here.

>To follow or talk/ask, Twitter: @WynautQM
>Archive: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Murderhobo%20Edition%20Quest

Also cheers to archive anon once again brah.

(cont) 1/6,7,8?
You're in the moment.

Here you are on a barstool, in a seedy bar, with your cock pressed up against some girl's back as she sits on your lap, pushing backwards to apply pleasure and to conceal your activities.

You use the force to see if it's really a guy, and no, 100% woman, not a trap.

You get to work on her strangely long points ears, light nibbling, and sensual whispers, with questions of her story woven in between, similarly woven as your three fingers nearly at the knuckle already, working away, digging for precious materials deep in her folds.

She whines, she moans, she laughs, she brags loudly about how much better she is than "any of these nasty ratchet zeltron skets" in the bar.

"You like it when I do this?" "Hmm mm <3"

"What's your real name?" "I h-hardly know you-hnnn!"

"Where you from?" "I don't kn-know, really!"

You grab a medium handful underneath her shit and rub your wet hand from the glass condensation along her breast, stopping to pay attention to the now rising nips, feeling yourself rising higher as you thrust through her cheeks and up her back, feeling the ropes wrapped around her rubbing you in a weird way.

"What's your real name seven?" you say pulling your fingers out just enough to maintain pleasure, but not enough for her to cum, just to leave her on the edge, "You'll tell me"


"Please what?"

"Please m-m-me..."

"Do I look like a slut?" You laugh, just enough to see the tears well up, but you slam some credits on the table, hoist her over your right shoulder, and walk to the motel a couple doors down, wheel chair in you left hand being dragged along, clit in your right hand being dragged along.
You cruise into the motel and walk past the receptionist to your safehouse room, putting her onto her feet leaning on you, fingering her still the very minimum and you grab the back of her head and share saliva with her.

Sweet, but very bitter, with how much she's drunk her spit's probably 60% proof, and her cum might be addictive, but you keep exploring your tongue in looking for an exit, and you find one as she detaches panting hard

"D-d-d-dick, now, please"

You rip her clothes off, making sure to keep one hand on rope that covers her so she doesn't drop.

"You misunderstand the situation, I do what I do, and you tell me what I want to know, you have no demands"

She just keeps on looking like a lost puppy and you pull her back in for more lipsing, before you push her onto the end of the bed sitting up.

You just hold the exogorth in front of her

"If you want to cum, I will too"

She huffs but then realises that you aren't kidding around and begins trying to work more and more of the monster into her mouth, getting about 5 inches in before you tire and grab the back of her head and start thrusting, but not too deep since you ain't here to kill her.

She sucks and vacuums on your beast for a while but just as you're about to finish she pushes off panting heavily.

You lift her face by the chin, slapping lightly a few times as she dazedly looks into your eyes, and you pull her off the ground by her chin, inspect her, and as she goes in for the kiss, you duck, flip her over into a standing 69.

She squeaks in surprise and pleasure as your tongue and mouth begin their work but she's cut short before the squeal hurts your ears by your thrusting manhood hitting her uvula.
The gagging throaty protests are soon replaced by muffled delight as your mastery over the ancient art of the mando'a vagina speak brings her to a peak, splattering your face and mouth with her sickeningly sweet addictive juices, still nibbling on her clit, you shoot three large loads upwards forcing her to keg stand your cock before you pull out, shooting a fourth and final rope upwards over her face, with it dripping to the ground of her head and through her hair like the pearlescent waterfall in her mouth, the two streams even joining together temporarily.

You walk forward still holding her and plant her on the bed headfirst, legs flopping away from you, glazed eyes looking up at yours, before you grab her legs and spin her 180, moving into and positioning your glowing exogorth at her entrance.

She leans in for a kiss, but is struck on the pillows behind by a mighty backhand, and lays there before your grab the collar and leash around her neck, pulling her forward to your face, looking into her eyes.

"Slaves don't get to kiss master with a mouthful of cum" You say putting her hands above her head and tying them together with the leash.

"Understoond master-AHNNN, AHHHHH" Is cut off once more by you thrusting full force into her tight wet folds, holy fuck is she tight.

"Don't interrupt me" You bark, starting your thrusts

"Yes, yes, yeeeeaas, Awwnnnnnnn <3" You can't really tell if she's okaying you or whether the exogorth is just doing well
With each slam down to the hilt, slamming your crotch against hers and her clit, she bucks and arches, screaming in delight as her womb is invaded and sieged by the enemy machination, and looking down you see blud.

You halt your necking and ear nibbling for a minute you squeeze her cheeks and turn her eyes into yours

"How're you still a virgin, fuck, if you had me 12 times yesterday? Speak"

She looks up at you like a mother explaining cooking to her infant son.

"Hnn, regenerative abilities, did you forget, ahhhhn, your shouts of breaking me in over and oveEEEEERRHHHNNN"

You Stick a thumb into her backdoor, cutting her off, normally you wouldn't ever do this, but she takes remarkably good care of herself down here, some light flashes of last nights' memories showed you even put your mouth near that, gross, you flip her onto her back prone and start slapping her ass with herculean strength, turning her ass space tomato in seconds and making her even tighter on her, "No more weird stuff seven"

"I-i-it's L-l-lucy, and i-i-i'm from korribaaahhhnnn"

"Good girl, now for your reward" You grin, hitting mach 1 and bruising your own thighs, before you hit your climax, shooting hard up into her womb, leaving the enemy soldiers to fester to muffled moans of "nyot insyed" whatever that means

You let your seed deposit in, her surprised anxious face quickly going to pure please

"It feels...SOOOOO much better... inside....."

"Thank your master for his gift of your 4 wargasms now"
When there's no reply, you look over to see her idly fingering and emptying herself with one hand, and eating your cum with the other.

She snaps out when she sees you staring, and starts begging for m, eh, you've still got that glow thing going on so why not you think.

You pull her up and throw her into the wall, using your weight to keep her held to it instead of falling, you put it in her backdoor, just as tight as yesterday you remember, and she screams out a mixture of pain and pleasure and she pushes wildly to get you in and out faster.

You broke your only backdoor bonely the stonely rule, but it was worth it, this door's even harder to get through than the baby cave you were just spelunking through.

You quickly feel yourself getting close in this oddly spiraling and contracting hole, and her sudden clamping and releasing forces you into her ass and simultaneously out her ass, sperm wise, some splattering up into her intestines and some shooting between her legs onto the wall.

She looks back at you hungrily, force b damned, fucking nymphos, each one is a challenge to you as a man, a challenge that will be be beaten.



"Report Arnold"

"The midichlorian scouter confirms two force sensitive lifeforms in the vicinity of the inn and out motel"

"Excellent, send the search teams"

"I do not think that necessary sir, it's probably just two jedi on a romp away from their ilk, they all turn to us eventually, and if they don't-"

"I don't need an apprentice telling me about what i've done and what i've accomplished"

"Sorry master, do you think we'll really take this place over?"

"It's not just about our power apprentice, there's loads of legal loopholes and politicking that needs done first, our briber senators in the republic are closing the channels for diplomacy, but the damn goody two shoes senators like Senator Athena are stalling our plans"

"Sounds complicated."

"That's why i'm the master. Come, i'm in the mood for that italian place again"
You never thought you'd wear that novelty drink hat with the straws, but you're losing a lot of fluids.

You've broken 8 hymens now and delivered 21 orgasms, 4 of them being your own.

You're holding Lucy in a full nelson, thrusting up as you hold her legs and have your hands behind her neck, her constant hours of screaming having left you slightly deafened and with a headache, tiring of this you pull out all the stops and even pull out the magic words "ayy bby, u wan sum fug" as you cum, making her shout out a force roar that shakes the room as you fill her with seed she shoots straight out back down onto the wheelchair you're holding her above, before you release your grip and drop her into the chair dejectedly, slumping unconscious.

You take a quick shower and get dressed.

You text Vi and Wulf whether they know anything about living sith weapons, and await a response.

You also text the manager to let him know to restock your room, and remove the girl to a different room with a complimentary Big K goodiebag (which contains your spacebook add, your trap comm, your "i survived the exogorth and all i got was this lousy t shirt", and a morning after pill.

You hear three hard raps on the door.

You send another text

"Make sure to bring a mop aswell"

>what do now
>dis shit again
>just when going to travel 50km again
File: K MEN.jpg (349 KB, 659x494)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
also obligatory "this is a sandbox quest, you direct it, you make the characters and all, if you want to kill yourself, sleep in a cryo pod till the clone wars, teleport into the real world, leave Not!Tatooine, open up a hat store, w/e, then vote for it, the galaxy's your oyster senpai!" post

>just when going to travel 50km again
nice to see you too cute girl anon, at least you'll have a lot to read when you get back.
File: 1432510837122.png (295 KB, 256x256)
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295 KB PNG
>midichlorian scouter
been saving it for a while
but yah i put it in
sloooooooooow staaaaaaaart
youngling bump
Sup, you still here?
>morning thread on saturday
Of course it's slow, silly Wynaut!
sup, I don't leave brah
unless i fall asleep
sh-shut up!

and it's weed o' clock pm here

i don't mind slow too much since i can watch shit and chill and ting
How'd the job interview go?
A'ight bruhva.
Then I say Kyran better ready up and go out for a walk, see if there are any interesting things he spots or people getting harrassed by the enemy. Go on his way to the academy to see how the other plans have unfolded, etc.
Then after that we'll see how to proceed
Ah it was just go there and prove identity thing and shwo documents and sign shit
gotta do it again in three days kmt
You get fully dressed and disguised up and open the door, closing and locking it behind you since the manager has a key.

"Ah, I was wondering if I could... One moment... Sir?"

You just stroll through the group of people with charity buckets and keep walking all the way out onto the streets.

You decide to take a nice long leisurely walk around the place, seeing what's new.

There's little active harrassment since there's no tax collectors running around, since you civilised and buruecracised the fuck out of this desert planet.

You see your plain clothed patrols every once in a while in your controlled areas which are very few, and sometimes in the neutral areas.

You stop a bit near the academy when you reach it, observing from a nearby cafe which you eat a sandwich at the new gun turrets and AA batteries on the roof, fucking nice.

This was a nice sandwich.

You pay and head back into the academy through the secret route after checking no one was following you and you get in.

You fill in a bit of paperwork just for kicks and slump into your chair.

It's only 5pm but it feels like three in the morning.

>what do now
Well uh... check on that kid, the martyr one. Comm one of our buddies to see how our story spins and radio project are going.
Then comm Al and tell her you're thinking of doing something to unwind later when her "shift" ends, see if she's up.
You head to the private infirmary of the brave teen who took out 4 soldiers with naught but a vibro knife before being gunned down, and sit on the edge of the bed.

He opens his eyes and then opens them wider when he sees it's you

"S-s-sir!" he says saluting, "It's an honour and a privilege to have you visit me, sir!"

"Ease up soldier, you did a great job, i'm told you took out four men by yourself in H2H combat"

"It was three, I spun one guy around as a bullet shield and his friend shot him"


"Just doing my job sir"

"No, you were doing more than your job, you outperformed everyone you know and you're providing to be a great asset to us"


"We're telling your story, minus the heroics as a morale booster, than an innocent teen was gunned down by their soldiers on our pirate radio station, you're helping bolster our resolve and turn citizens to our side."

"Minus the heroics?"

"Sorry if it hurts you not getting the recognition, but after the war, you'll be granted a badge of honour, a spot in my academy, in my military, in my business, where ever you want, for now though, rest up, you've earned it"

"...Sir yes sir"

"Carry on"

You leave the room and check the report from the radio station, your popularity has increased, and some civilians stage riots and refuse police orders if not in your colours, and are creating their own propaganda now.

You message Al if she'd be down to do something to unwind when her shift ends and you get an instant reply saying that she's free for the rest of the day and to call her whenever for anything.

A runner also sprints to you with a note about the droid factory owner wanting to meet with you whenever you're free, and that he's keeping the backdoor open for you to just waltz through for your meet.

>what do
File: 1451681224222.jpg (38 KB, 245x320)
38 KB
Go meet with him now, tell her you'll grab her at night for your date.
Yes word it like that.

And send a comm request for the kid to see if he'd like to train with us when he is recovered.
Damn she hawt
File: Spoiler Image (185 KB, 500x259)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
You mean the pic?
IT (WAS) A TRAP: that's a dude, it's an edit
You flip you comm up and type "I'l grab you at night for our date, put on something nice"

You're laughing imagining her blush reading that message, and decide that she can stew in her nerves for a couple hours.

You also comm the kid to let him know once he's done with physical therapy and recovery, you'll train with him.

You take your car on a drive to the outskirts of town to the factory, and park up before going in.

You find a note that says "Sorry, got my own interests at heart. If it's any consideration, I support you, I just can't support you."

You hear the distinct sound of a lightsaber activate and dodge a swing that cleaves through the table in front of you.

Oh great, a double dual saber user

"My name is Iniga Montez, you killed my master, prepare to die"

3 and a half years late for revenge isn't she?

>what do in extreme detail along with 1d100 roll

looks like incognitymous eyes
Rolled 63 (1d100)

"Your sister? NO, I AM YOUR SISTER"
Two can play this game

She will probably use the momentum of one swing to propel the next one, we just need to dance according to that and follow our own blocks to keep pushing the "weakened side". Keep her worked up until you set her up with her back turned to something pointy, then force push her. If that doesn't taker her down use the opportunity to cut the hilt of her saber.
Sense for any other intruders to the party.
If she is too agressive for our mobility play to work then light up another saber and use one for the guards and another for the counter-swings.
Rolled 34 (1d100)

The rule.
File: 1451587896633.jpg (82 KB, 450x401)
82 KB
Rolled 64 (1d100)

It's like the rolls are asking for it.
Those slutty fucking dice
File: 1421293526937.jpg (263 KB, 850x1544)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
>looks like incognitymous eyes
My thanks.
>mfw he has power pack stuff too
Patrician taste desu
"I killed your sister?"

"No you killed my ma-"

"You got it wrong, for I AM YOUR SISTER" You say channeling the force into a pure blast.

When you open your eyes you have the tits the opponent had, and you don't feel anything between your legs.

You start freaking the fuck out, and your opponent does the same.

You focus really hard and you feel the dick again and the tits are gone, but the opponent just freaks out, in their mind, they're still a guy.

Must've been some fucked up mind trick, you need to be careful.

They start screaming and dash at you

You pull out the yellow saber and use it in a fencing upright style to just swat away every double strike that comes your way, eventually after an oversight due to anger, you cut one double saber in half, and in surprise they raise the other one for a quick block which gets cut in half aswell.

As their brain starts to remember how to double blade fight, you sweep the leg and as they're falling you force blast them across the room and through a table.

They stumble up, glowing red in anger, force rage, wow, just makes her even more predictable.

Her first dash ends with a punch to the face which seems to groggy her.

>what do now with explicit detail and 1d100

you get a 34 an then a 63 and this shit happens, too good to pass up, genderbent kyran anon figured out my grand plan weeks ago

Rolled 33 (1d100)

Holy fuck, kek

Grope her for the emotional imbalance and then use the force to pressure her tendons to make her drop the sabers. Push them away and grab her by the neck.
Ask if she's alone or if her comrades know of her little mission, also where is the factory owner.
So grope the tits she doesn't think she has anymore just to fuck with her? Sounds good

Also if you want it to transform into lewds, i'm kinda lewded out, so i can FTB or pastebin it while waiting for responses and ting if that floats ya boat.

nice dubs roll
enjoy the castration though ;)
Rolled 75 (1d100)

Sure FTB and then pastebin it later on.
wew lad, nice roll

ftb, if ya choose lewd in the next option that is.

File: 1448143405708.png (57 KB, 347x169)
57 KB
>enjoy the castration though
Rolled 6 (1d100)

Yeah go for it

Don't worry, dice will save us. Pls
File: 1424141207367.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
Rolled 86 (1d100)

Fuck, wanna see me roll good just because it don't matter no more?
File: raisin-sip.png (40 KB, 500x593)
40 KB
>dice will save us. Pls

>meanwhile, dice
Clearly the dice gods aren't simply sluts, they also have a wicked sense of humor.
you're lucky i already started writing and didn't go for a random number
shouldn't give this to you, but guaranteed success in next action, as long as the dc is 86 or lower anyway.


She tries to strike with both sabers at once, and it's easy enough to block with one saber, and cunt punch.

She drops a saber, and tries to strike with the other one, but you block, and spin kick her, and as she goes flying you pull the saber out of her hand.

(25 sabers achieved! You have an unlockable unlocked! next milestone is at 50 sabers! collect them all!)

She goes for a punch, more using force embarrassment then rage now. and u duck under it getting behind her and going into a full nelson, but move an arm down and start viciously groping her large bosoms.

She freaks out at first and continues looking for a way to get out of the hold, her force embarrassment turning into force lust as she tries to use emotion to power out not knowing fun tops emotions any day

You free the one arm in the actual lock and she gasps realising this is the perfect time to counter, tries to, but the now free arm finds her other breast and starts ravenously mashing her other breast.

She sqiurms and wiggles around, trying to get free, switching between moving her arms to yours trying to wrench free, and between your body, looking for an adequate grapple spot, but your stance is too good.
File: PCs were here.gif (72 KB, 450x600)
72 KB
keep on believing
why is Dan such a best?
You find yourself sporting a semi, and she freezes for a split second when she feels it, then goes back to futilely struggling to get free.

You kick the back of your shoes into hers and a pair of cuffs pop out and lock around her ankles, and her breathing gets worse.

You get a little confused, but she cums and shouts, and her back arches throwing her head backwards over your shoulder, guess those big baps were sensitive as all hell, or maybe that force lust did it for you.

"You liked it i'm guessing?"

She snaps into reality, and tries a back elbow, which you duck under, grabbing her leg and pulling sending her flying onto her back and you mount onto her stomach, grabbing her arms and holding them with one arm over her head against the ground.

She growls at you angrily, stubbornly, but that growing wet patch and pheromones clouding your vision gives way that she wants it, even if she doesn't know she does, and while you've made unwilling into willing during battle before, it's a very fine line you don't want to cross lightly.

>what do?

not enough cute girls posted as sacrifice methinks

don't talk about my waifu like that
that filename tho
Tease her a bit more then tie her better and call for a pick up from KJ, take her to our prison.
While she's there she'll suffer from withdrawal

Go get the factory owner, let's have a little chat.
coughing up a lung, eating my burger, then writing
Did you try to imitate weedanon?
File: ded.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
nope, chest infection or summat, flemm all day erry day
Damn that sucks, I'll sacrifice a cat for your recovery.
very nice lad

aight, writing
Just a cat? Son I am disappoint. Sacrifice a mofuckin tiger at least!
Rolled 56 (1d100)

Look Sleepy, I have ten cats and no tigers. I do the best I can.
"Do what you want to me, just know that you'll never break the connection I have with my master, and you'll never break me!"

Was that consent? That sounded like consent Kyran. Yes it did Kyran.

With your free hand you free your member and take in the face of surprise at the size, you've got like a bank in your brain just filled with reactions to the beast, and begin working on her chest again, seeing her grit her teeth to hide the pleasure she's receiving, and the anger in her eyes mixing with the lust, and disgust, and fear, you throw your eyes deep into hers and mash your lips into hers, invading her mouth, leaving a bit of you permeating every cubic parsec of her tongue and gums.

You've learnt how to breath through that and even siphon the other person's oxygen with the force for a kiss of death, but she hasn't, so you have to break so she can take her heavy breaths.

"Scum! Filth! Trash! Scumbag?"

She's confused, at the sight of your monster inbetween her sweater'd breasts, pushing her tits inward to titjob you

She's stopped speaking now, to hide the arousal probably, and you reach back with your left hand and start mashing through her bottoms into her folds.

She squirms harder, legs kicking and back arching as you thrust between those oversized lumps, thrusting your fingers deep to her sacred parts.

At this point you realise you haven't even been holding her arms down, can she fight back or is she too exerted? does she truly want this? who cares?

You pull the sweater over her head and use it to tie her hands together at the top, and her eyes start darting everywhere trying to figure out what's nice.

You take one last saliva swap from her to savour the test, and she almost jumps into it the horny sket, and then place your beast between the now exposed beauts on her chest.

You pull her head forward and start fucking her mouth through her tits, focusing on yourself with nothing for her, but you can feel the juices flowing behind you.
You eventually pick up pace as the lipstick smearings on your dick that match the colour of those bright red crimson pools stares up at you suckling your tip, and she starts moaning, right before you cum straight down her throat, not letting her spill a drop of you, pulling it out to hear her moaning.

At what

Oh, muscle tits behind you fingering her.

"What are you doing here?"

"Having fun, what's it look like?"


"Was sent to help you get the droids"

"Well they ain't he-"

"they in the truck"


"Did you not see the note that said he was gonna support you but he actively couldn't and on the back of the note said he'd hidden them nearby and he's feigned injury to make it look like we tortured the droids out of him?"

"..." oh yeah, you should read the backs of notes more often.

"Whatever Sheulk, just don't let her cum, I need her in Kythdrawal for questioning"

"God you just leave everyone in kythdrawal don't you nerd?"

Did she just call you what you call KJ? that's fucked up, you're the fun one, not her.

You slap her ass, "You won't need to be in Kythdrawal for much longer"

"Ahaha, sure" God, you're not this cocky are you?

She gets on the ground and starts making out with the tied up girl.

"You guys taste good together, you need more fruit in your diet though kyran"

"I eat enough fruit"

"You are a fruit, not having fun with this, my turn" She says lowering herself onto the prisoner's face, gym shorts pulled down, bouncing her hips, rubbing every way.

At least she's taught the prisoner to breath through her nose for you.

You idly watch while you comm KJ to bring the car around and get the force shackles out of the boot for prisoner transferal

You didn't hear the sigh but you know he did.

Eventually Sheulk begins thrusting the prisoner's face and cries out, soaking her face, graebbing the back of her head and cuddling into her crotch while stroking.

KJ arrives and you apply the shackles and put her in the van.

>what do now
Yeah! Get off his back NarcolepticAnon, he got trips, and at least he's trying to help!
Rolled 42 (1d100)

Congratulate the team on a job well done, then go for the date.
Tell Shulkie that she can call dibs on the "prisoner interrogation" if she's into that fuck it, gotta let the lads/lasses have their fun
File: Spoiler Image (195 KB, 978x1134)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Go get cleaned up and ready for date night with Al Capone!

Hey listen I'm a certified hunter with over 30000 confirmed kills don't fuck with me. You don't know the level of hell you just unleashed upon yourself. Or not. You never know. But here have this to make ya feel better. Spidered fer lewdness.
We Aizen now?
File: Spoiler Image (69 KB, 680x383)
69 KB
Nope just wrong pic. Using my phone for this and thought that was it.
Fuck, now I need to go ZA WARUDO on someone.

What if we upped Wookie-Techno's frequency until it becomes full on mental white noise that paralyzes the victims' thoughts/perception completely making them think Time Has Stopped
"Team, well done. Apart from revealing the info about the droids in front of the prisoner. We have to take her as PoW now."

"Like you weren't going to take her 'prisoner' for your 'interrogation' KO" she says airquoting certain words.

Cocky bitch, really makes you want to go even further than hilt deep, been a long time since you had a good anger fuck.

"Alright then Sheulk, why don't you interrogate her?"

"I'm not having your sloppy seconds to interrogate, i can get my own prisoners, infact, i rounded up two on this mission. And if you keep blowing me off like this i just might have to 'interrogate' you in your sleep"

"Wouldn't have been the first to try"

"Yeah shut up" she says sauntering away

You catch a cab back to your old apartment, sneak in, dispatch a couple guards, and check your old suits for bugs, and finding none, put one on after a long shower once you return to the academy.

You get in the car KJ drove back, comm Vi to put a really light vibrator in your prisoner to put her into maximum kythdrawal, and go to pick up Al.

You knock lightly and her parents open the door.

"Ah Kyran, good to see you" Her dad says


"Al will be right here"

And with that al appears behind him, in a silver figure hugging dress.

"Hi Kyran" She mumbles.

>what do?
>how to greet Al?
>how to act around parents with the greeting?
>go in and say hi to the famalams or leave for date?
>where will the date be?

i haven't seen jojo yet, please don't lynch me, though you send me links or pics to what you want to happen and it can happen
>what do?
Compliment her dress
>how to greet Al?
"Hey, long time no see" tight hug
>how to act around parents with the greeting?
Ask them how they've been, make some small talk and see if everything's been alright, if the supplies are coming in fine, etc
>go in and say hi to the famalams or leave for date?
Don't go in, but tell them we should totally set up something sometime, BBQ? We make some mean Gungam BBQ.

>where will the date be?
Take her to grab a meal, chat while watching this beautiful war torn city, then go to a movie theater? See how things go from there. Ask how things have been at the academy, tell her about our growing saber collection, etc
Say hi, ask how they doin, shoot the shit for ten or so minutes then go on date.

The anons idea about mental white noise where time appears to stop is cool.
I'm not saying go full JoJo and do Force-Stands, but za warudo is hilariously fun
File: 1451762316320.jpg (34 KB, 429x397)
34 KB
Unrelated, was browsing /co/ and this reminded me of Irene
You grab Al and pull her into an extraordinarily tight hug, "Long time no see, you look great in that dress by the way"

She just looks to the ground shuffling her feet, unsure of what to say

"it's good to see you anyway sir" You tell her dad


"WE should get together for a BBQ sometime, I make mean gungan"

"I hope that's a joke, some of my best friends are gungan...PSYCHE, used to eat that all the time on Korriban"

"got me there sir"

"I know"

"How are you doing anyway sir?"

"Well, a little worried with the war in the city, but I trust you can take care of our little girl"

Al finally reacts with a raised voice and a raised hand, which you grab hold of to hold her arm, and she blushes harder than she already is burying her face in your arm, almost burning a hole in your blazer when her dad shouts out to use protection which the mom slaps him for while the younger sisters laugh.

You get in the car and drive to a cafe, have a delightful meal which she's too shy to speak through mostly, and you only get nods and one word answers.

The film was good, she held your hand and was even brave enough to kiss you at the part where the plucky guy finally gets the plucky girl.

You eventually drive her to a hill with a nice view,
You look at the stars and hold her hand.
You tell her about the events of today, only what is reasonable date convo though.

"You took another prisoner? Is she pregnant now too?"


"Kyran..." She sits up, "my heart belongs to you, but i just feel like my heart will never be yours... I simultaneously love and hate you make me feel, I love how you make me feel special, but i hate how you treat everyone else special, i love how i'll always be yours, but i hate how you'll never be truly mine, I hate it, and I hate you, but I love you, i'm not sure how I should feel. You just confuse me. is this some courtesy thing? Just the teen love flame to play with when bored?"

There's a light stream of tears on her face

>what do
That is art
>i haven't seen jojo yet
cheers for the spoilers brah
nah joking, i get ya now
yeah sounds cool, learning how to do it though if it's possible sounds like a drag.
you could deffo learn it if you devoted time to it or during a timeskip.
There's a difference between sex and love desu famalamdang!

If random fuck #3535 gets shot it's not like Ky will care, but does she think he'll care if KJ gets shot? Of course!
And her? Even more so. That's the difference.
That's the difference between fun and love, and she has your care. Afterall, she is special, didn't he wait years before doing things because he wanted to do it right?
She is his one and only lewd imouto.

Do we roll?
Hijacking the thread to ask what's the best system to play a Star Wars campaign.
Rolled 1 (1d1)

And I'm praying that Sleepy and other anons vote, I'm not really in the best state of mind to reason this through.
Rolled 54 (1d100)

If you want
there's like 8 star wars generals at any one time
fuck if i know i've never done it, if i ever ran it'd be something like this on roll20, just going with the flow, whatever.
nice 1d1 m8
Rolled 81 (1d100)

Edge of the Empire if you're going for a grittier smuggler/bounty hunter type campaign or something
Age of Rebellion for all your underdog rebel fantasies (or stormtrooper I guess?)
Force And Destiny for JEDI & SITH shenanigans
>Force And Destiny for JEDI & SITH shenanigans
Thank you, that was what I was looking for.
Is this an opposed roll?
fuck if i know m8
why not
Rolled 261 (1d666)

the almighty satan can't even break 333
Rolled 59 (1d100)


I was busy making some grilled cheese sammiches.
Rolled 567 (1d666)

nice, i like that number

you all passed several times over, but did you want to pass?

find out on next week's stanq!

nah it's right now


any more write ins will be added in tho
I have something. Wipe her tears and give cuddle her until she calms down.
Rolled 808031 (1d1000000)


"Ay bby, wan sum talk?" You sigh rubbing her head, pulling her closer to your side as you do, "There's a difference between sex and love Al."

"yeah, but there's just so much sex that the difference doesn't matter"

"Do you know why I have random fuck #3535? Because i have to cum like 5 times a day, i've came 6 times today you know"

"I-i could take it all for yo-"

"I leave people in wheelchairs Al. Do you not remember that you were a virgin up until not too long ago? Because I spent years making sure I courted you right? if that's not lo-"

"That's just because of your problems, keeping me pushed away until I was legal, that wasn't for me, I can take it, it was for you"

"Everything i've done with you was for you, you think I care if random fuck #3535 gets in danger? No, but it kills me when you do, that's the difference between sex and love, between fun and love, you're my one and only lewd imouto, and I love you as such"

"One and only lewd imouto, with your one and only lewd maid, and your one and only lewd clone, one and only means nothing to me when there's decades more of them, you have kids with some,experiences with some, I was just some poon you only smashed when you knew I was legal to do so"

"That's not true"

"That's what it feels like!" She starts sobbing pretty hard now, "A-a-all of me wants all of you but i'll never get it, i've been dragged along for three years, tricking myself that i'd be able to be one with you, falling in love with how you treated me, with what you did to me, with what you showed to me, but never truly you, deep down I knew, when you invited me for a date, it just clicked."

You pull her into you, holding her close and she cries and screams onto your shirt "I want to marry, to be the only one, to be scrubbing dishes and lift up my foot to kiss you when you get back from work like in those old sitcoms, and it's jut a life i'll never get sharing a house with your other wives and their kids. I'll never truly be with you

>what do
Stay with her for a while and mull over what to do.

Well it's not like you ever took another girl for a date like this, or like any other real type. So it is something different, from being a lewd one to being a waifu
But it's not like she'll see it like that.

Take her home once she's tired, kiss her and tuck her in bed, tell her you'll reflect on this.

Grab KJ and go have a guy talk about girls, he knows how to handle that stuff right? Right. Maybe do so while wrecking random enemy patrols and drinking.
You need a drink.
that'll be in the next scene

writing a thing first
Is it Satan?
no it's choice time
character affecting choice time

so yeah i'm satan
File: 1451689903769.jpg (51 KB, 338x423)
51 KB
Rolled 92 (1d100)

That roll and face are almost as horrifying as e giving you a choice and then blanking it to make a hard choice post


She cries onto you for a bit and eventually looks up at you.


"Promise what"

"Promise me that you'll be able to be a husband to me and me only, please"

"I can't promise that. At this rate, I can't even promise we're gonna make it to tomorrow"

"So it's like that huh?" She says wiping her nose


She grabs your hand and brings it to her face, before kissing you.

There's not even a choice here, you're trying to do whatever to stop her crying.

She slowly moves up onto your lap where she starts straddling, before breaking the kiss, and looking into your soul, moonlight shining in her dark brown eyes.

"In the end with you it just comes down to this huh?" She scoffs

"You brought it here, I only intended for this to be my first ever actual date date. I didn't even bring condoms, and i'm wearing my embarrassing superhero undies" You say laughing, trying to ease the mood, but no change is visible in her.

"If there's no promise we'll live together or even live to tomorrow, then today I need at least some of you... Not that I really need to ask, you can't help yourself, and neither can I really, the shit i've done to try get with you, drugs, mind games, but all I really needed to do was hit a certain age"

"Al, it's really sad if you think like that, but i'm not a normal guy, I love you more than I love anyone, but-"

"Please, just fuck me again"

"I didn't fuck you before, we made love"


>what do
>reciprocate (details, pon the bed, pon floor, against wall)
>"wha ya fi say rudegyal *backhand* mi cocky nuh for yu", i.e, Don't reciprocate and go chill with KJ.
>write in
File: 1450617912935.gif (81 KB, 182x249)
81 KB
I don't like doing posts liek this, writing without your character input so it seems like ti's my character and i'm shapiong your options, instead of the other way around, but sometiems it has to be done to advance story or i'd have to make 80 posts for each sentence response, I try to copy the style you guys pick best as I can.
Rolled 26 (1d100)

"I'll promise... if we win this. If I don't die or you don't die, if I'm sure that there is something to look for in the future. And if we lose, well the last thing I'll do is kiss you.

BUUUUUUT masturbation is a free zone deal? (grin at the awful joke... that is semi serious)"

Offer her the pinky then see the response.
Rolled 84 (1d100)

Oh addendum, set your relationship status on spacebook to "engaged", partially to show seriousness and partially to cause a shitstorm
Reciprocate on the bed. Lovingly. Slowly. Afterwards cry like a bitch.
Honestly no clue what to do.
Rolled 618 (1d666)

Waaaant some help with that? One little soul and I can make all the problems go away!
Are you high or am I because i'm not sure what you're saying.
I can't tell where the afdul joke is meant to be.

Help, i've fallen, and i can't read for shit.
blud you're a madman
>Honestly no clue what to do.
I know, i'm evil.
gosh dangit satan
no stealing souls until bedtime!
>where is the awful joke
Kyran making a commitment (. And the masturbation thing.
Still lost.
Is there meant to be a pun?
You'll have to work with me m8, I had like 3 hours sleep. If i wasn't questing right now i'd be napping.
>promise commitment
>then say "But I can still masturbate/be masturbated by other people, k?" in a jocose manner
>basically the manwhore making a joke at his own expense
fairdoes, i kinda get ya now
File: ok.png (57 KB, 1200x1300)
57 KB
If you want rest go rest Wynaut, unless you're having tonnes of fun in which case ignore me.
"...Look, I promise myself to you, alright? Masturbation's still free game though right?" you smirk.

Oh she didn't like that.

"...Free game nothing, I can't be with you, no matter what you promise, since you'll never be a husband to me, why'd you make me fall in love with you Kyran?"

This is bad. Think. Think. Got it.

You show her your newly edited spacebook. "Engaged"

"Do you understand how serious I am now?"

"Serious nothing Kyran, all you've done is made it so i'll get depressing questions when I get home. What does that prove?"

"That i'll be-"

"That you'll still be fucking sluts three times a night for the rest of your life, you probably only changed it to engaged to seem more exclusive and get more messages"

"... It really saddens me you think that low of me, that you don't think I care for you at all."

"You might aswell not, either way, we'll never work out"

You're getting sick of listening to this

You raise your pinky, trying to cover your anger with a joke

"What if i pinky promise?"

She just grabs your hand and moves it to her lower area, pulling her dress up, and putting your hand in.

You go to lay her down on your jacket but she refuses in favour of seated straddle where you're both upright.

You enter and immediately she starts crying, not out of pain, but of pleasure and out of heartbreak.

She slowly moves up and down on you for a long time

"It's a shame that we'll never be anything more than fucktoys to each other"
That's it

You jolt forward leaning her against the jacket on the grass so she looks into your eyes and into the cosmos, and start pumping, and pumping, and pumping.

10 minutes later, you cum inside, and she follows suit, seizuring around, stiffening toes, cramping legs, tears stopping.

She lays there with you in a good 5 minutes refusing to let you pull out, and you finally do when she silently nods, and you pull her dress back down and pick her up

"...take me home"

You get to her house and waltz in, putting her in bed and tucking her in

"No matter what you think, i'll always love you"

"I love you too, but I can't"

You leave, texting Kj to meet you at the nearest bar right fucking now, that you don't care if he's asleep or not

You sit at the bar of some seedy as fuck place waiting for him and he arrives rubbing the sleep out his eyes.

"What's up bro?" He says seeing you rubbing the wetness out of yours.

>what do
>cry hard
>go mental
>go mental case and get assaulty
>call up a ting (elaborate)
>steal a monkey
>drink the liver destroying shit till you pass out, and sadness covers you like a blanket
>make a tfw no gf post on spacebook

This shit's the most fun i've had in a long time.
Nice pic
>>cry hard
Then drink all the alcohol. ALL OF IT.
>make a tfw no gf post on spacebook
>explain the situation to KJ
>ask what he thinks
>play pool
cry manly tears
Don't go fun drunk mode, go into sad drunk mode. We're here for strict talk business only.
Rolled 44 (1d100)

rolling for tears
File: 1451455669795.jpg (36 KB, 500x500)
36 KB
Rolled 97 (1d100)

Dubs confirm, Obi Wan time traveller
You quickly make a tfw no gf post on spacebook.

The manly tears start flowing onto your clenched fists.

You explain through drink and watery eyes and choked words that you have no idea what to do, that you love this gyal, and every time she says you don't really love her cuts you deep, deeper than you've ever been cut.

He engages you in the second bro hug of the week, and you accept it.

"Hey, once you homos are done crying, wanna play pool?"

Two Mon Cal, hey that's jeff, don't know who his squidy friend is, he bought you a drink once.

You stand up and do two on two and win all three games.

His friend gets testy

"You must've cheated!"

"You lost" You groan

"You cheated you force using fuck!" He says prodding you with the end of the pool cue


Fuck, you keep drinking at the bar.

This didn't go right. You were meant to come here, fuck him once, and then go. Why are you still here? Oh yeah, closed spaceports, can't even go home and see Jami-

Is that Kyran? Should we say hi? We've danced to this song before, maybe you should invite him to danc-

What's that look in his eye? that's the old kyran, the one you feel in love with.

And he just snapped a pool cue out of a Mon Cal's head and stabbed another with it.

You just got a little wet.

Better not go over there, his anger is fierce. Just keep on drinking in the corner


You apologise to the bartender and throw him some credits

"...Kyran" Kj says

"I'm fine, now where's my drink?"


You snatch the drink and down it, now hardly able to stand, just leaning against the table ordering drink after drink

"For now Kyran just give her some space"

You grunt, Fuck you're hammered.

>what do
>cry hard
>go mental
>go mental case and get assaulty
>mingle (hood table, hood in corner, bartender, mon cal's table with his friends)
>call up a ting (elaborate)
>steal a monkey
>drink the liver destroying shit till you pass out, and sadness covers you like a blanket
>make another tfw no gf post on spacebook
there wasn't a roll so i'm giving you an EdgeLord point to turn a critfail into a fail, a fail into a tie, or used to roll a 1d135 instead of a 1d100

aren't i nice

I think you all deserve it after this tbf
>make a tfw no gf post on space /r9k/ and /pol/
>sit with KJ and ask him what to do while giving her space, do you just pretend nothing happened? What does he think?
>cry moar
>clean it up and go with KJ to fuck around with the mon cal and pals, find out if there is a fight club around
Forgot pic
>>cry hard
>>go mental
You feel the tears again cascading down your face, so you go to your places of support in dark times.

You go onto your favourite imageboards and create a feels thread on r9k
On pol, you make a filthy mando post about how this mando'a ho'a think she's better than you and after you gave your life to the bitch she three it away, filthy mando, though i'm allowed to say that cos i'm half mando

KJ just looks at you judgingly

"F-fuck you... maaan, what am I sposed to do?"

"Well, give her time"

"But howwwwww?"

"Pre occupy yourself, make new friends, join a club, i don't know"


"Great idea Keej"

You saunter drunkenly over to the mon cal's friends

"You guys are MY friendssss nowwww"


"Where's the fight club at?"


"Your friends are beat up so i'm wondering where the fight club at ahahah little joke"

"The fight club is actually not far from here, would you like us to take you?

fuck yeah


You mount him. He raises his block but you just punch straight through it, splitting his nose in half vertically, knocking him out, maybe he'll survive, who cares. these 8 so far have been nothing, these bruises and cuts are nothing

No you have to wait to see who'll win this fight so you can fight after.

but somebody strolls into the basement

"I heard there's a fight club here, I Reginald R Pennywinkle of the Sith shall trounce your best fighter"

"Fuckin... dash me liiiiike"

"Ahaha, you shall be a good warm up sir" He says removing his coat, "Put up your dukes then drunk injured man!"

>what do in detail
with 1d100 obvs
Rolled 100 (1d100)

"yA SEEM i,ke a nice egeetyn, ILL go esey n u"
Rolled 26 (1d100)

Ehh fuck you ya panty waist!
Full frontal assault. We're drunk won't feel nothin.
Rolled 40 (1d100)

In common: "You seem like a nice gent, I'll go easy on you"

>we're drunk won't feel nothing
Can confirm

Space Jesus Christ, Lord Almighty
"yA SEEM i,ke a nice egeetyn, ILL go esey n u"

"My new friend, if i took it easy on you, you'd be dead in seconds."

"Ehh fuckyee ya panty waist, lemme get a warm up furst deeenn" you grumble decking the closest guy to you, goading the rest of the club to try it.

Thee first guy that does ypu pukes and he slows, but he still swings, which you catch and spin him, and then drag him towards you for a launching uppercut 8ft into the air to flip into the puke pile.

No one else moves.

"Neee un? shhyame" you grumble locking the only entrance with the force, before your force speed and force rage makes quick work of everyone of these tanking brutes, but one pleading for help, who's soundly mindcrushed silent.

Reginald is silent, but starts some fancy martial arts stance.

You've seen every kung fu film ever, nice stance faggot you think foreseeing his actions, striking him on the sixth block as you predicted, then on the predcited third, then on the predicted fourth, then eighth, then second.

Wow are you good drunk or is he bad

He tries swilrs and spins now, hoping to be more unpredictable, but you see right through him.

You counter with spins and twirls of your own and hit a jumping heel kick in his open warcrying mouth. pushing through.

you nearly split his head in half, dislocating his jaws, opening his face like a snake.

You leave him twitching when you hear his comm

"Apprentice? Your vitals are going crazy! i'm sending a full fledged battalion of police with some other available special forces to retrieve you. Apprentice?"


>what do
>stay (and do what? loot? surrender? last stand try it with your fists since you gave everything to KJ to take home?)
>leave (and do what?)
>stay and loot
>post on facebook "if I don't come back I've been abducted by pigs"
>once you feel the police coming start focusing on how to take the same thing going through your mind (he is drunk, so basically nothing of worth) and extending it to everyone
Let's make Wookie-Techno 2.0 untill we can white noise Za Warudo

And holy fuck is Kyran a drunken master? Give the man a ladder and a baby
Rolled 53 (1d100)

Pls Sleepy come back, I can't take the burden of this ;~;
Rolled 8 (1d100)

Why you got this. Why do ya think I'm SleepyAnon? I fall asleep during the day cuase I'm awake all night.
Rolled 33 (1d100)

But sleep is for the weak, join the Coffee Side and together we will rule the Boards!
You decide to stay and loot

Fuck it, let them come

kyran nuh haffi move fu no bludclarts famalam

You take a fancy blood covered cloak, wipe some of the blood off your face and chest with it, then put it on.

You post to spacebook using the fucked up guy's comm "if i don't come back, the pigs got me, one love" and log it off

His eyes are locked on you

Oh he's still alive

You sit down next to the twitchy paralyzed fucked


He just dribbles and gargles at you

"Me too famalam, me too"

Once the door comes down and smoke fills said area, you try your wookie techno but to no avail, these are special forces, with force repelling helmets.

You charge up and focus on lack of brain activity and force it out yourself into everything around you

You hear two sets of steps continue their course, four sets halt holding their head, and 5 drop to the ground.

Someone with the air of a darth and a special forces agent are the first two, though you can feel a sith and three special forces agents in the smoke still not completely taken out of the occasion

>what do blad

I thought it was because you had narcolepsy
coffee tastes like shit though.
staying awake until you pass out and carry on going when you wake up #squad
File: 1424143432486.jpg (39 KB, 600x828)
39 KB
Rolled 59 (1d100)


"Ugh please tell me you've got some pills, these weak shits gave me a headache"
See how they respond, if attack:

Use the force to rip out some pointy femurs from the dead/asleep guys and multiclass as blade-mage.
Shower them with these and block attacks as well while you work on finding an escape route, or at least a way to get to open terrain to fight there.
Oh yeah forgot to say, if not attack then just talk and see what's up exactly, I doubt they'll just talk at first tho, more like they'll straight up try to kill us.

>stay awake as long as you can
True once you adapt into it it's actually pretty easy too, my third year of high school to my fourth semester of college were done on a 4 hours of sleep basis.
longest i've ever been awake was 7am friday morning to 10pm monday

i was a fucking retard

there was a point where after school i'd got to sleep and wake up at like 1am and then be nocturnal, to avoid morning wake up hassle, but I was always energy sapped by the end of learning and it affected me cos i'm a mongoloid like that.

What if they try and arrest you if talks don't work?
Rolled 82 (1d100)

Ask them if you can pay a fine.
If no then call out the shitlord on his patriarchal s... wait no. Call out the sithlord and challenge him to a duel, if his apprentice was the type I gotta believe the master is too. If he wins we'll tell him everything, - EVERYTHING - right now.
Rolled 82 (1d100)

One more roll-e for the good ol' days.
You remain seated and the SF guy keeps his weapons out while the darth sheathes

"Did you see what happened her boy?" The darth asks, "who committed this massacre?"

"He's wearing reginald's cloak, he did it!" The special forces shouts

"Now now, don't be too hasty, did you do it boy?"


"See? let's arrest him"

"Calm down randy, why did you do it kid?"

"Bored... angry,...drunkkkkk... he challenged me and i wonnnn"

"And the others?"

"Warrrrrm up, can I pay a fine or summat?"

"Sorry, i'm afriad we'll have to drunk tank you"

"Dueeeeeeeeel me to decide"

"No, sorry, I don't fight blondes"

Blondes? Oh shit you're blonde. You're also pretty dark. Looking into the reflection of his breastplate you see that isn't you either.

Is this a new force power? Change person?

"So who are you anyway?"

"i'm garry, but most call me gazza"

What the hell, that just was so natural to say, are you in someone else's body right now? evenfeeling yourself with the force you don't feel like yourself.

"So, Gazza, will you take a ride with me in the cop car, talk, share stories, go to the drunk tank? OR do you want to resist, in which case i'll be very sorry to put down a potential new friend" he says tapping his weird circle saber hilt, "you choose"

>what do

holy doubles batman
Rolled 84 (1d100)

Hey guys wanna see a magic trick? Za Warudo! Can ya move? Wait wait! Hold on I have it!! Za Warudo!
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Kek, this, when it obviously fail just play along and pretend we're this Gazza fella.

Wargwan bhruv plaese?
Eh he can still shout za warudo like a drunk and notice he isn't doing anything aside from straining his own vocal chords.
"aw damn seems like I'm not a vampire"
then go with it
"hahaha, you thought it was Gazza, but it was me! Dio! Za Warudo!" You shout throwing your hand out

"So your name's Dio ZA Waruto?"


Nothing, damn

"...no it's gazza, sorry"

"Ahaha it's okay friend, well get like this when drunk!" he says putting his arm around your shoulder resting on your new cape, "off to the drunk tank we go!"

In the car on the way there you have a nice chat with the Darth while he slyly texts the SF guy, you can tell exactly what they're typing byt he slight finger moments.

They're talking about putting you in the tank for the night, bailing you out, and using you, as an intern at first then moving on to missions for the sith, since the guy could be useful against kyran, since he probably shares his bloodline with abilities like thos. they're also giving you the option to refuse it seems and just get on with your life

but what life

right now you'd rather be anything than Kyran Ollis, probably why your force changed identity (your lightsaber unlockable aswell as something else when it's appropriate to reveal it)

You claim top bunk in the cell, which is all well and good since your astromech prison cell partner can't get up there anyway

You wake up to the rattling of a metal baton against the cell bars, hurting your already blaring migraine

"Gazza, you've made bail. Darth Cognito posted it.

>kk go to the darth (and act how and say what)
>kk go elsewhere (where)
>nah blad, i'm staying here with Short Circuit
>nah blud, take me to big man jail
>write in
>kk go to the darth (and act how and say what)
This could be a useful downtime from being Kyran, let's see what we can accomplish.

By the way, did his aura change/reset or is it the same? This will affect my next opinion for where to go.
Fuck me, ignore the "go see Darth" I don't know why I put it there.
Kyran is still the same guy, but his aura right now is disguised as just blank person slate, so he's at true neutral, but it's a mock aura, and not affecting your actions.
>>kk go elsewhere (where)
Call Kj where the fuck did he go last night?
>put on a goody two shoes persona and find some jedi

We are not as Kyran right now tho.
File: Spoiler Image (94 KB, 566x960)
94 KB
food then writing
ice cream if there's any in, if not, another microwave burger
that image kek
and writing
You try to forget being Kyran, and instead focus on being peter, and you change.

Some fresh faced human from a nice part of town, with senator parents, did some jedi training, a reaaaaaal good booooyyyyy, in Swagooine on holiday

You'd text KJ but you remember you stormed off to the fight club when he begged you not to go, and he has all your stuff, including comms

You're in a part of town you actually don't know, but you see some jedi

"Hey Jedi!" you shout running and waving, "I'm Peter, i've done a bit of Jedi training. Can I join you? please please, you guys are my favouritest heroes!"

"Sure kid" Some hoity toity padawan calls out, trying to look cool.

"gee willikers, thanks mister, i'll be sure to help out however I can-"

"A thief!" The hoity toity padawan shouts running after someone nobody else saw, so no one else follows.

>what do now?
>1 male master, 1 male padawan (one of whom is casing the thief), 1 female padawan, on a scouting recon mission that's essentially paid leave
You sure it was a thief?
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Sense what he is sensing and go follow him
"Hey why not go help him out, this planet is really dangerous! Darths and droids everywhere!" say to the master and girl padawan
That's a point, only one way to find out (or is there :( )
"Hey why not go help him out, this planet is really dangerous! Darths and droids everywhere!"

The master snorts and the girl padawan speaks up

"He runs after anything that so much as goes above average walking speed, a terible glory hound that one"

"Well i'm gonna help out!" You say proudly puffing out your chest, dashing off, languishing in the surprise when they see you gazelle off with a distinct lack of ghost

"So what are we chasing then?" You say running alongside the padawan

"Damn you caught up fast"

"I'm a swift little bugger I is!"

"You sure are, come on, they're this way!"


You follow him up the stairs to an abandoned warehouse to find The darth from last night sitting there

"Who's this?" He asks

"Just some kid following me about, don't worry, he won't snitch"

"Ah good, so the attack in a month?"

"WIll go on as scheduled with the sith and jedi working together"

"Very good, see you later Francois, and you too little man"

You leave

"What was that all about big bro?"

"We need to work together with out mortal enemies to create a greater peace alright? Don't tell anyone or i'll kill you though, I don't care how fast you are, i'll catch you. But you're smart, you know that the enemy of the former mob boss Kyran is our friend right? Good"

>what do
"Wait so which mob boss are we friends with, the Hutt guy against the Kyran guy, yeah?"
go back to the others, keep quiet about this and make a mental note to get some comms

Chat up the master and the padawan girl, ask what the jedi need doing in this planet, and how you can help.
Why do you hate this Kuran? He didn't seem that bad for th people here.

Yes Kyran is misspelled on purpose.
I love it, keep misspelling the name throughout the story.
"Wait so which mob boss are we friends with, the Hutt guy against the Kyran guy, yeah?"

He facepalms

"Yes, we're with Randalll the Hutt, a mastermind tactician, he's the one who set this whole shindig up."

"Why do you hate this Kuran? He didn't seem that bad for th people here."

He double facepalms

"Because we are, so many questions, trust me Randall is going to revitalise this poop hole"

"A-and where is he?" Not that you care, you're a good boy he plays by the rules.

"On coruscant surrounded by his Jedi guard"

"Wait, so he's not even here?"

"Yes, now quiet up we're back at the group"

The girl looks at you

"Did you catch them?"

"Yup" You beam, "I tripped him and we turned him in. Onii chan said I did faaaaantastic"

"Wow" she says stunned, "if my name is jemima, you caught one"

"Of course I did, i'm Francois."

"Watch the pride young padawan"

"Of course master"

You get talking to jemima on the walk to where they're going.

"are we there yet?"

"Why don't you check?"

"Where are we going?"

"The fag't academy, to recon"

Fag't academy? Rings a bell kinda, doesn't sound like a nice place though since it isn't jedi, hmph.

>what do now
>timeskip to escape reality
>timeskip while you face reality
>me being peter doing peter things (what specifically)
>shift reality (what new person are you and what do?)
>"hang on, i'm kyran" will save 1d100

Who even named him Kyran again?
Funny how I started out first thread expecting a slightly force sensitive smuggler getting by on wiles and mechanical skills and we're doing jojo shit while drunk at a fight club
Rolled 61 (1d100)

>me being peter doing peter things (what specifically)
"How do you plan to do that?"
"If you want I can (try to) infiltrate the place, after all they must be on lookout for Jedi and I'm not fully one, what do you say?"
Peter is such a nice boy that he has a nice boy smile
his last name is Gudboi
>>me being peter doing peter things (what specifically)
Try to figure out what the fuck happened. Find out information and go back to being Myran.
We playing the triple personality game?
Yes. Though that one was a mistake.
Rolled 4 (1d6)

>Who even named him Kyran again?
I don't know, all I know is I suggested stuff like Ranlis.
I remember some anons made some hilarious contributions.

Basically improv is taking us places! d6 for next mexican soap opera twist

1 - we meet our force ghost dad
2 - irene meets the love of his life, Je Angrey
3 - big K finds out he is KJ's lost cousin
4 - Big KJ finds out he is pregnant
5 - big K finds out Ranlis is pregnant again
6 - we accidentally stumble upon a dying man who we save and then he says he'll owe us a favour

We have Gazza = Sith, Peter = Jedi, Kyran = Fag't
I could see Myran as a thing tho
"How do you plan to do that?"

"How do we plan to recon? Just sit back and watch, why?"

"If you want I can (try to) infiltrate the place, after all they must be on lookout for Jedi and I'm not fully one, what do you say?"

They look at you oddly

"Sure, why not, but there's some weird happenings in there, and they aren't as squeaky clean as us. Their fun mantra is just an excuse to be evil like the Sith"

"Noted, well i'm off"

You stroll the the front door and knock, before the door snaps open and you're pulled in by a long green arm

"Hmmph, thought you might have been Kyran, but shota's my thing too" She says licking her lips before some weird looking fuck with a commander in chief badge pulls her off.

"What are the police doing here?"

"You don't know?" He says

>"No, i'm Gudboi, Peter Gudboi, on vacation here (what else)
>shift reality (what new person are you and what do?)
>"hang on, i'm kyran" will save 1d100
>write in


some of that was in mind

though this power, though I don't want to reveal much, puts you into a persona, right now you've forgotten you're kyran, at first as Gazza you didn't, put being untrained and forcing yourself to change person your brain is spazzing out.

You don't want to meet Myran, famalammanaman will bench press a building and throw it at the moon, he don't fuck about.

>Big KJ finds out he is pregnant
wtf mayng
>>shift reality (what new person are you and what do?)
I'm Myran FUCKING Ollis. Now where the hell is my little fucking brother at? That little shit has caused enough problems and needs to come home.
Rolled 27 (1d100)

>"No, i'm Gudboi, Peter Gudboi, on vacation here (what else)
"Did someone die or something? What's wrong?"
Fuck okay, I agree with that. Let's go with it. This way we can keep the original intact while having 3 different personalities in each faction.
File: 1450037855501.jpg (266 KB, 665x970)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
need another vote or a 1d2 to choose between
also the myran one will need a 1d100 to know about kyran to fabricate a story.

this doesn't solve it
still confuzzled

fuck it someone 1d2 for mi
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Well fuck you too!! Nah I joke bruv ere ya go.
Other fuck=2
Rolled 13 (1d100)

I meant "let's go with the myran thing" in that post you linked:

So no need for d2
Rolled 78 (1d100)

lucky number!
Better explanation would be that you're a new person, but remnants of you remain, so you can remember fragments and beliefs and behaviours, but nothing coherent, like Peter wouldn't start BDSM'ing some hoe if she offered himself, but even through gudboi chastity might agree to it with a little self mental manipulation
by 9 seconds sleepy got quads and d1'd your option instead
funny shit

This numbers in this quest are supernatural blud.
Rolled 8 (1d100)

"The word for "eight" (八 Pinyin: bā) sounds similar to the word which means "prosper" or "wealth" (發 – often paired with "發財" during Chinese New Years, but is used alone or paired with numerous other "compound words" that have a meaning of luck or success, Pinyin: fā). In regional dialects the words for "eight" and "fortune" are also similar, e.g., Cantonese "baat3" and "faat3". Note as well, this particular symbol matches the mathematical symbol of infinity. While Chinese does have other words for luck, this full understanding of luck that includes the infinity concept marries into a Chinese understanding of this particular word.

There is also a visual resemblance between two digits, "88", and 囍, the "shuāng xĭ" ("double joy"), a popular decorative design composed of two stylized characters 喜 ("xĭ" meaning "joy" or "happiness").

The number 8 is viewed as such an auspicious number that even being assigned a number with several eights is considered very lucky."
"No, i'm Gudboi, Peter Gudboi, on vacation here, did someone die or something? What's wrong?"

"The kid doesn't know anything Gareth" Says the big green lady. She looks really strong, she's even flexing.

"Stop Flexing sheulk" says gareth, "we lost someone, they haven't reported in yet and they ent a message saying they might be arrested"

"Well you should stop at nothing to get them back! You should go search for them right now! Try jails if he's been arrested!"

"We just might kid, thanks for you persepctive. WHy you here anyway"

"To learn how to be good and fun"

"Uh huh, we're not accepting new applicants right now though"

"Awwwh pweeeeaaaase?"

"Considering you were talking with those jedi over the road, i'd sayyyyyyy no"


"Not even as my pet gareth?"

"You wanna look after this kid 24/7?"


"that's what i thought"

>what do

thanks satan
Rolled 44 (1d100)

"Oh come on, what if I tell you a little secret later on, in return?"
Rolling to seduce him and have him allow us to enter
This is a joke by the way (I'm crazy but not crazy enough to try to seduce Mr. I need your dirty gimp suit to smell it), don't try to seduce him, try to convince you can talk to them like totally! You totally know stuff! Yeaah.

no but really don't try to seduce Gareth that is suicidal and ooc
Oh if it fails just sulk and leave. Take back the info that Kyran is missing/Arrested
I'd typed up a "wtf mang" post
you better not just be backing out cos you only scored a 44 famalam


"Wait! I totally know stuff, yeah!"

"Like what?"

"Sith and Jedi are attacking in a joint attack together in a month from now!"


You clean the gravel from your face and dust your checkered jumper with your house's crest on it off.

"And stay out ya cute little idjit!" Green Girl shouts after you.

She didn't need to throw you through the doors, nor did she need to grab your crotch so hard as she did it, you're a gudboi, you just wanted to prevent blood being spilled.

Feeling around, you sense that the jedi have abandoned you.

>what do now?
>"Hang on it was a prank bro, let me back in!"
>"Hang on, i'm being serious, let me back in!"
>timeskip to escape reality
>timeskip while you face reality 1d100
>me being peter doing peter things (what specifically)
>shift reality (what new person are you and what do?)
>"hang on, i'm kyran" will save 1d100
Rolled 4 (1d100)

Try being Kyran again?
>not because of 44
No, if we rolled a 100 Peter would end being buttfucked by Gareth.
It was lose-lose.
Rolled 43 (1d100)

>>timeskip while you face reality 1d100
There's no worse feeling than being behind by like three/four/eight threads for a quest you like and finding out tis' running/running in like an hour.


Fairdoes, totes lose lose, and nice dubs
>me being peter doing peter things (what specifically)
Find Jedi, inform them Kyran is missing and supposed dead and that there is no need to wait for the attack.

Apologize, leave, turn into Gazza and do the same for the sith.
Which one is it?

Also what does the option Sleepy chose entail exactly
Trying to become Kyran and dealing with depression over a month period, and the dealings related
File: 1422856936254.jpg (46 KB, 711x422)
46 KB
I see
by the way, the option I chose was because if we had them assault while they haven't fully prepared and while they think we are weakened, and then BAM, KYRAN IS HERE FAMALAMS, we might deal a crushing blow
Keikaku off
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Gonna help your rollerskates too in case this is the go-to.
So is inform both the jedi and the sith as peter and gazza, turn into unknown hero myran who saves the day, before retiring to try to remember his identity and fight the sadness good enough for you lot?
just tryna get best of all worlds here.
Myran is the Hero the Galaxy needs but not the one it deserves.
File: Kamen_Rider_Black_RX.jpg (32 KB, 348x450)
32 KB
Rolled 48 (1d100)

You sniff out the jedi and say hi

"Oh you're alive kidda, what did you find out?"

"I found out that Kyran is missing and/or dead so you guys should attack in like 10 minutes while those guys are out looking for him and disorderly"

Their mouths are agape

"I'm gonna go see your sith friend now and tell him the good news Francois" you say running off, hearing a "explain francois" as you turn the corner

Wow today was a blur, you can't remember what you've even done today, you burst into the sith warehouse to look at darth reginald


"Yeah mate, anyways, kyran is missing or dead at the academy and the jedi will attack in about 5 minutes while everything's tits up, seeya"

"...seeya" he calls after you as you sprint away

You get somewhere safe, but not safe enough, but you must make it safe because you are kyyyy... you are kyyy.......ran? Myran, MYRAN RIDER, YOU WILL PROTECT THE INNOCENT, and right now, a lot of innocents who probably lift are about to be attacked by two very powerful enemies, TO JUSTICE

Looking at the crowds gathering, it's 40 sith and jedi vs 10 fagt's


You drop down in the middle of the triangle of the three interconnecting crowds

"Who the fuck is this?" you hear some guy with a 'best bro' medallion shout, and you shed a tear for some reason, brodom, yeah!



"You think just because my little half bro's missing that they'll be easy pickings? No way! Myran rider protects his own, and their own!"

There's a lot of fucking murmurs, a ridiculous amount from all sides.

A plucky sith steps forward, triggering your self defense muscle memory of a wave, techno wookie'ing into the crowd, putting everyone here no matter what side into a state of headache

"He really shares his blood!"

>what do now?
Rolled 72 (1d100)

Before you face fag't you must face - I - THE HERO MYRAN RIDER
ATATATATATATATATATATATATA at the Sith, then jump back to dodge their attacks, the good news is they are so many they'll have a hard time to attack a single opponent without fucking each other's motions
Rolled 4 (1d100)

the Jedi and Sith faces off.
Rolled 70 (1d100)


"I SHARE NOTHING, ALL MY GAINS ARE MINE, AYYY-ATATATATATATATATA!" You scream with fists of justice rushing through the 30 or so Sith, carving a hole straight down the middle, as any attacks on you prove futile with your master positioning.

They try to fill in the hole and you just MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA speed right through them again.

By the time to realise to spread out, you've ORAORAORAORAORA'd through them and caught a flying yellow lightsaber

This feels right in your hand, this feels....

Wait, this blade has felled innocents, are these visions? memory flashes?

Oh well, you must use it to have actual effect, you run in cleaving with it taking on multiple sith at once.

Most of the jedi turned tail, but some stayed and fought with the sith and were taken out by the Fagt's

Right now, there are no Fagt casualties but 18 downed sith


But you count for ten men easy so you finish off the battle no problems, quickly throwing the yellow lightsaber on the ground once you've no need for it any more, filthy thing.


You are KJ, you and Vi have frozen in place a warrior claiming to be big K's big bro

He struggles

Muscletits and Al come along aswell to force restrain him, but upon seeing them two, something in him snaps, and he runs on the ground fast enough to run through our grips, and once it's ended knocking us down, he bounds away, shrieking like a madman.

They are more powerful then Kyran ever was that's for sure, that headache is killing

Muscletits' hypothesis was that stress based force powers can activate in an individual, and like a normal person who sells themselves lies to remain sane, these force powers do just that, very rare, and often causing incurable insanity when happening to those with a weak will.


Keks were had
File: Spoiler Image (41 KB, 427x231)
41 KB
kek now nigga!


You burst into the safehouse after a several mile rooftop sprint

What is going on

Your brain feels liek it's going to explode Kyran


No you're myran, you gazza, you're peter, you're kyran, you're kyran, you're ky-

*ding dong*

"Is that a delivery for me? I'm such a good boy!" You shout running to the door

"Hello mate i'm gazza" you distorting mouth says

The pizza boy screams in abject terror


You don't have a a pizza cutter, don't worry though myself, you have a broken shard of mirror from the one you smashed!

Cutting into the pizza you see your face

A horrid amalgamation of flesh and fear, growing ever scared and ever horrifying


"Don't worry i'll save you!"


What a dumb film, the monster in it is literally fucked up faces

You snort

"How dumb is this Al?"



"...Nothing, thanks for the d-date"

"Anytime beautiful"


You wake up

The mirror shard now only shows pale white skin, green eyes, dark hair, and tears distorting the entire image since your green eyes are pooled with them

3 weeks later
You've one bottle of jack left which you down, spluttering half a lung everywhere

The other hand containing the toaster, which releases it into the bathtub.

You'd use force lightning if your sorry ass could ever master it, god you hate baths, why did your safehouse have a shower in it

As the cold takes you you hear your door booted down
You'd just replaced it aswell

Where are you?


Fuck why do you feel like death?

Oh yeah

>what do
Check surroundings, but stay comfy and still don't want to fuck up anything.
Try and sense where you are. Discretely.
You try to check your surroundings, but are in too much pain to accurately do so

You look at the chart across the room with sense, the paper indents describe infection, probably due to the self done tattoos and falgellation, maybe it was one of the whores you fucked for a bit of cash, as in, you sold yourself, even off your game you can still get whores to buy sex from you, hehe, how pathetic are you?

Burning and nerve damage, yup, toasters in bathtubs tend to do that, fuck.

You sense with more focus this time and feel only three people, some person you've never seen before in fishnets and business wear by the draft and their seating position, someone in complete business wear, a child, and... Glenda? Isn't she in retirement on Coruscant?

"When's he gonna wake up doc, I need to speak to him" you hear glenda say

"For the last time i'm not a doctor!" Fishnets says, "i'm a therapist" that's even better, "and any moment now, there's nothing keeping him sedated or whatever.

>what do
Go back to sleep this hurts.
"Ughughg I refuse doritos"
then go to sleep for a bit, we need to be in our best game for talking
"Ughughg I refuse doritos"

You go back to sleep.

You wake up with a slap.

"Oww, oww, oww, hospitalised here"

"If I don't get to nap, then you shouldn't either"


Wait wait

Oh god no, not today

The receptionist, she was due to arrive about a week ago, guess she's here now.

"Why won't you let me sleep?"

"Because there's so much fun to be had when you're not sleeping, and I wanna sleep aswell so you don't get to!"

fuuuuuck, forgot about the mind of a child part, though it seems more young teen now.

"Please? Just let me sleep?"

"Nuh uh, they haven't told me who you are, but I recognise that voice anywhere, it's one of the only things i recognise..." She sighs sadly, "You're my baby's daddy! You did dirty stuff with Mommy!"


Sadness covers you like a blanket, tucks you in, why won't they just let you die.

You detect the therapist who you really don't want to talk to coming this way

>what do
I'm not feeling very well so can we play tomorrow?
"Yeah yeah... how is the baby doing?"
"I'm really not feeling well, daddy won't be able to play with baby or mommy ever, let me rest and i'll play with you tomorrow, how is the little slugger doing anyway?"

"Hmph, I know you're manipulating me right now, but i'm going to allow you to just this once, and you''ll find out tomorrow daddy" she says blushing.

You close your eyes and will yourself to sleep

The last thigns you hear are

"Daddy is still not awake and is restless in his sleep, he needs more rest and sleep"


You yawn and stretch on instinct, and go to feign sleep, but no one's here, thoughtful, the only person who was here had their job to guard you or interview you, everyone still really cares.

You knew this'd happen

You look out the window, sunny day.

You feel pain, not you, someone down the hall, being dragged by their ear "me sorry me sorry me sorry owwie"

The receptionist got found out, fuck

There's a lot of footsteps headed for the room, fuuuuuuck.

Your hands are bound, FUUUUUCK

>what do
>mission impossible break out and out the window you go
>feign sleep
>stay awake
>write in
>stay awake
>>stay awake
>>write in
Try and remember that happened
You lie back, eyes open, fixated on the ceiling, trying to recall things.

Well, you tried to kill yourself, after 3 weeks of self deprivation, self abuse, self flagellation, manwhoring, self tattooing, and lots of other stuff that's a blur due to shit you were taking.

You look at your bound arms, the track marks healed themselves instsantly due to the force, but the self inflicted wounds are perma scarred into you.

You've lost some of your prison jackedness, gotta be careful if you don't want to be scrawny again.

Only one enters the room, the fishnet therapist.

"Do you know why you're here sir"

"because i'm strapped to this bed"

"so the straps are what's keeping you here?"

"no, you and all the people listening in on that headset are keeping me here."


"Shut up alright? You don't know what the fuck i've been through alright? Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my academy anyway? Get the fu-"

KJ bursts through the door slamming it behind him hitting the receptionist to the ground

"Bro..." he says


>what do
>accept help
>refuse help
>timeskip (how far?)
>find a way to try to kill yourself after kicking everyone out
>piss yourself to delay this meeting, whatever, shame's for chumps
>write in
sleepy anon voting to stay awake with trips
The fuck am I?
>accept help
"Broo....." You say as the tears start flowing, "what the fuck am I?"

"We're trying to find that out bro"

"You don't know what I a-"

"Calm down bro, we need help, YOU need help. Let this woman help you"

What with her judging face and snide sneer? No way in hell will you do that

"Sure bro, i-i'll accept the help"

What the fuck man you didn't want to say that, you forgot how emotions made you act weirdly.

If you still had that toaster and jack now you'd kill everyone with the toaster, enema this fucking cunt with the jack, and wear her like a glove to beat down the cops until you were put down.

Hehe, that image makes you smile

"Awwww, see? You're smiling already mr split personality"

What the fuck, does she really want to die, nah, fuck this, i'm backing out

"I'll do this for you bro!"

"that's what i thought, seeya in a bit ky" he says leaving

Fuck you did it again

10 minutes later

"If you don't change your tone i'm gonna kill you, don't you EVER fucking talk about my mom with that condescending voice of yours!" You say applying a force choke while still bound

Is that perfume? Aah, a cloaker, shoulda noticed before they thwopped me up the side of the head.

You wake up and no one's here, but the receptionist is asleep curled up next to you.

Oh, and a force collar, great. It's not stopped you before but it's a hassle

>what do
Chat with the receptionist, talk about teenager shit because why not you are bored
Okay really what the fuck is happening?! Get off me ya ratchet sket!
>Get off me ya ratchet sket!
fucking kek'd


"Good morning"

"Ahh, daddy, good morning" she says nuzzling you, "So what do you want to do today? charades? chat?"

"How about you untie me so I can do things with my hands?"

She blushes and playfully punches you.

"I got in a lot of trouble for yesterday, so no!"

"Alright, then get off me ya rachet sket! What the fuck is going on!"

"Ahhhn, did I do something wrong?" She says tearing up

Fuck, "no you didn't, come ere"

She cuddles back into you reassured

She starts talking about teen inssues and broing shit, complaining about students, and the teachers, and the like.

"Sounds like it's been tough" "It has?" "do you know my imouto loves headpats to relieve stress?" "Headpats?!?" "Yeah, I could give you one, if you unbound me"

She blushes again, and you expect a playful punch, but she mounts you, raises her fists, and gives you three full blows, two to your right side, and one to your left

"that'll teach you...?" she says, before freaking out when you cough up blood, "Really sorry, I don't know my own strength, really really sorry, let me make it up to you, please!"

>what do
"Just... get me something to eat willya? I'm starved"
Please stop
The bound
Wounded guy
File: Spoiler Image (24 KB, 548x395)
24 KB
"Please stop, Hitting, The bound, Wounded guy"


"Just... get me something to eat willya? I'm starved"

"O-o-of course, i'm going, by now!" and with that you're alone

ahaha, nope. that cloaker is obviously still here

They could take the behind and left where you can't see, but they elected to switch places to the in front and left, since that corner's shadow is off.

Good to know

That retard will take at least 15 minutes to make food, and you don't know how much time you have alone

You can only move your wrists and fingers, and this is a high quality force collar, fucking collared like a dog, but you're a high quality guy

>what do
Rolled 99 (1d100)

Try to ascend to the next plane of existence by medidating on the Buddha's teachings
Rolled 51 (1d100)

Close call, almost did it.
Become Pete again?
You meditate on the teachings and things in the room start to float, you can feel the cloaker get a little bothered by the force collar apparently not working

You don't quite ascend to the next plane, but you get a better idea.

You couldn't escape reality on accident, you couldn't escape reality as kyran, so let's go back to escaping reality as someone else on purpose, bye memories.

You turn into little Peter, and slip out of the shackles, rolling forward, grabbing a chair, and fucking it as hard as you can at the cloaker.

They fall off the wall to thr ground still cloaked, they'll need medical attention, but w/e, it's an infirmary.

You wonder why you just threw a chair, good boys don't do that

Anyway, you have to talk to the jedi again, something's not quite right here

>what do
Walk out of the room and look for the Jedi.
Yeah sure
What is up with you Sleepy
I have become the numbers. I am the force of posting! I actually have no fucking clue but watch my quads.
Sleepy is on a mad ting today

You peek out, see the coast is clear, and go for a walkabout.

You look around for the jedi, but can't find them or the way out.

"I thought I smelled deliciousness" You hear as you turn to see green girl licking her lips

She doesn't have good intentions at all!

Evil radiates from her!

You instinctively run, and when she grabs you with the force, you slap it off

"What the fuck"

As you round the corner you hear her open her comm

"He's escaped and relapsed, he's a little boy now, find him and tie him back up!"

Oh jinkies

You run through the halls but when you reach a soldier you can't manever around...

Shit what the fuck is going on, last thing you remember was talking to Darth Reginald, well, that, and decking the soldier who was terrified by your transformation.

Transformation? What? Escape! The jedi must've captured me!

>what do?
Rolled 26 (1d100)

Turn into K̷͛͋͌͗ͫ͌͐ͧ͟͟͏̗̪̻̤̖Y̛̹̺̙͇̭̼̜͈̞͍͙̜̏̏̒̓͗́͡Ŗ̡͓̺̯̣̻͒͋ͮ͊ͯ̆ͥ̾͗̌͂͞ͅA͔̖̻̰̜͚͖̻̯̜̍̎ͭ̐ͮͫ̇̋͂ͭ̎̀́̚͟N̛̿̉̓͂͋ͩ̿ͬ̍̑͒ͤ̒҉̜̪̺̦̞̣̻̟̯̝̖̲͈̖̝̀
Rolled 65 (1d100)

Nooo turn into P̧̩̳̬̲͇͉͇̼̪̺͔̙̻̗͙͌́͆̑̓̋͐ͪ̚e̵͐̂͗̅ͨͧ̿ͬ͏̴̢̖̭̟̯̺̤̀ṱ̸̛͇̟̠̆́̏ͥͦ͆̀̄͐̐ͧ͋͞ͅȅ͓̱͚̮̜̣̩̺̥̩̗̺̠̭͙͂̿͌̊ͮ̀̚r̅͂̈̕͢͢҉̜̙͙̬͎͇͓͎̘̝̥̭̭͓
Rolled 20 (1d100)

Freak the fuck out. What the hells happening to me!?!?!?!?

But I ṱ̢̧̠̻͉̩̯͎̼͚̥̯͕̯͌ͣͥ̄̊͊̆ͯ̇̊ͨ̆͂̀h̲͉̤̲̺̝͎͔͕ͩ̇͂ͩ͋̃̚͘ơ̴̙̺̙̮͓͇̥̣̲̥̪̯͊ͩͧͫ́̐̾̂̋̓ͦ̈́̋̌͂͐̃̓̕͢͡ͅư̤̻̗̟̱̤̤̲͖͋̉ͭ̐͌̏̌̆̉ͧ̓̃̽͊͋ͫ͢ͅg̢̍̐̈ͥ́̾ͤ͋̿̃̀҉̶̻̙̲̼̙̳̞̣̯h̔̓ͩ̆ͣ͂̋҉҉̢̝̼̦̘̻̯̩͕̻͖t̵̢̛͔̥͙̪̺͙̲̪̹͔̻͙̮̳͙͔͓̪̳ͮ̄̈̈̈́̒͋̈́͌͟͢ we w̷̧̮̟͚̟̳͓͇̱̯͇̟ͥͨ̈͗̉ͥ̽̿̊̓ͬ̄ͬ̃͒e̛̩̣̥͇̥̠̔ͫͯ́͂̈́ͣ̀ͩ͗̚̚̕͜͜re Ḡ̎͌ͧ̇́҉̴̥̖͍̼̺̕͠ą̭̫̯̟̬̩͚̱̟̲̘̠̦̘̰̆̓͌̎̃ͤ̀͠͡͞zͭ̓ͯ̏ͫ̈́ͬ̈̚͟҉̴̣̘̮̳̟̩̖̗̯̘͈͈̤̮z̨̧̖͕͖͇̻̱̝̣͎̺͕̹̻̭̰̼̆̂ͮ͛ͧ̆̅̃̾̀ͩͨ̃̽̇͛͗̅́̚̕a̷̸̰͖̘̜̯͚̙̳͙̫̤̗̪͚̻̿͗̓ͤͯ͐͐͘͢
The voices scream, they want you to turn to yourself, to peter, to survive, to flee

You don't even know who or what you are right now, going into a mini breakdown in the halls, snapping into attention when you're surrounded by lightsabers

"Wave the white flag of friendship"
"Kill the dissenters!"
"Cry hard and run"

You scream, a force roar of four souls, all in pain, all fighting for dominance


You walk down the highway and run into Gazza, you.

You wave at you.

Then peter you comes up to you and you wave at you and you wave at you back

myran you waves at you and you wave at you back

The first blow is struck, you take out you with a fist of justice in his evil face

you looks at you happy go lucky, not sure of what you will do to you

>what do
Rolled 23 (1d100)

C̷̰͉̰͔̝̙̫̲̠͉̝͍̲̐̈ͨ̓͆ͧ̅̂̾̀͋̑ͪ̈̍ͩO̸͚̠̲̣̜̲͆́͊ͫ̉́̃̔̇͐̂̅̊͆̀͢N̡̿̐ͤ͌̎̇̈́̋ͪͤ̐́̏͐ͤ̉̑̀̚͟͏̮̪̣̣͎͉̗̺͟Ş̸̛͇̤̩͕̹̜̻̮̣͓̟ͬ͛͑̿ͭͪ͗̄͐͑̀ͅƯ̢̯͍̮̜̜̗͖̬̯͗̂̽ͩ͊̈́ͅM̛̛̦̲̫̝͖̱͎̙̟͉͔̥̙̥ͨͭ̓̏͗͟ͅĘ̶̖͔͎̰̩͓́͊ͮ̇́ͭ̚͡ ̛̙͎ͥ̈͋ͨͫ́̓͒̉͌̂͡ͅY̧̛̭̩͍̣̘̲̞̺̥̱̹̩͈ͦ̓̄̿͒ͮ̄̍̐ͩ́̽͗͂̂ͧ͟Ö̧̦̬͈̪̝͓̯̮̝̞̙̣̣̫͖͇́ͤ́͐ͤ̆͌̃͂ͮ̓̔ͬ̿̇̿ͧͪ͞͠ͅƯ̸̜̮͇͚̥̪ͯ̂͌̂͌̅̓̅̇͑̓͟͡R̶̢̮͎͕͍̫̹̅̓̄̉̀̔̀͑̃̾͂ͧ̌̀ͅͅS̈́ͧ̑͗̾̄̀ͩ̎̏͌̃̇ͪ͟͏̼̰̰͓̯̳͖͓͉̱̤͍̗͚̤̀ͅE̿ͮ̽̉͛̒̍͂̇͛͗̋̂̓̚҉̖̮͔̻̩̘̫͖͎̼͔̣͡͡Ľ̶̵̴̸͓̝͇͍͚ͧ̒̓̀̾̍͗̚̕F̳̥̬͙̏ͦ̎͂ͧ̓̑ͭ̋̑̽ͯ͟͢͡͡
Until only YOU are left, and all the yous are inside you, part of you again.
File: 23.jpg (30 KB, 780x440)
30 KB
Rolled 17 (1d100)

Oddly fitting number
You grab little you by the throat and the pacifist prick you just squeals in terror as you suck him into yourself.

Looking over you see that muda you has dispatched evil you

Justice vs fun

Out comes a battle of epic proportions of fist on fist, ending with you in a full nelson

Is this the end of you? will you take over instead?

You hear a beautiful voice calling you, beckoning you...


The siren's call draws you

"Who's gonna fuck me in the arse if you die here? Him?"

Oh it's just the stone lady, you've been neglecting your duty to her recently.

It reminds you of something though.

This is your world.

You phase through him behind him and plunge your hand into his chest, ripping out his heartbrain, which you consume, along with the rest of the justice, still keeping your grip tight on the motionless myran, you wake.

With your hand around al's throat, other hand holding the red lightsaber that just cut muscletits from the base of her spine up to her left shoulder, tornado of swords attacking the 12 fagt's attempting to stop you, but the tornado slows down, leaving you vulnerable.

>what do
jim carrey went through a goth phase?
Uuuh what the fuck.
Drop the sabers and run the fuck away.

Try to reconcile Fun and Justice, the Dark and the Light as you run. Run run far away, steal a ship and set course to Coruscant, you need to end that Hutt shit even if your reputation dies it's no longer about that as you simply want to end the danger to your friends.

Top kek, yeah weird crappy suspense movie he did
Wait wait wait, one sec, before running, see if Al and the other friends are alive. See if anyone died. Force can tell you that, I think?
Oh is that actually jim carrey? I was joking, shit.
Aand if anyone is then please opt in for another write in instead of directly going to my vote option.
Jesus this is a hard time.

Hahah goddamn man, yeah it's Jim.
damn jim
and i can't decipher the top part

If anyone is dead* then let us react to that instead of just running away.

By the way if I became dumber or started writing poorly, pls forgive. I feel like I'm giving birth to a xenomorph and a yautja and they are both ducking it out in my nonexistent uterus, fug, this hurts pls halp
No sympathy from me, i accidentally flemmed on my keyboard earlier, had to wipe tat shit up.

You drop all the sabers, and Al.

You look around, returning to your normal naked deprived abused tattooed form, seeing you've killed no one since everyone was on top point today

You notice a mortal wound on yourself slowly bleeding

You scream that you're sorry and run through the wall

You're pretty sure literally every jedi there tried to grab you, but you talked with the voices, and they acknowledge that it's you, you were the true on all along, and now you can shapeshift like a normal shapeshifter

(force change identity upgraded to force shapeshift!)

You turn into a viscous liquid, making them unable to grab you as you keep re and de forming, escaping down the road, ghostly gazelleing for the first time in years, feeling alive as you do so, leaving a bleed trail, before hopping to the sky and jacking a hovercar and flying straight to a spaceport, and sneaking yourself onto the first ship you see about to leave

You touch your side and feel the world go cold.

Huh, gg no re life.

The light gets closer and closer, all your friends are partying there, without you, you run along to the light, no, why is the light getting further away, No! Come back! "I command you bring back the light" You scream, eyes flipping open, hand wrapped around a headscarfed woman's throat, you release and apologise, before falling asleep.

You wake again to the sight of headscarf girl without a headscarf playing some kind of stringed instrument.

"You must alllwaaaays help a strangeeeer!" She sings, being repeated by a chorus of children.

Fuck, space hippies or space nuns, you're not sure which is worse

>what do
Rolled 452 (1d666)

"Uggh but what if the stranger is Space Satan? I wouldn't help Space Satan"
Where am I? Who are yoU?
Also, I just don't feel like puking or shittin lad, it feels like I ate screwdrivers and nails, and they fused to become screwnails, and now they're nailing and screwing my inside holes.
It feels like the gas inside me was set on fire, and the organic matter has turned into zombies to cannibalize itself.

I'm never eating grandma's candies again
File: image.jpg (85 KB, 433x600)
85 KB
This pleases me.
My suffering pleases you? ;-;
Are you a sithlord by any chance?
Dropped your name there satan.

"Where am I? Who are you?"

"Oh kids, looks like the stranger you helped me patch up is awake" She's laughing jovially like you didn't put those marks on her neck, "i'm Mother Latifa, head priestess of our church, and you're on our orphanage's ship, headed for coruscant."

"Okay, next question, what if that stranger is space satan? I wouldn't help space satan"

"Kids looks like we've got a smart arse here" they all giggle, "either way, I would help space satan, even if someone's done bad, you must help them, not to turn them good, but out of your good, and to help"

"I've done bad, am I space satan now?"

"Your cheeks are too chubby and cute to be space satan, at least when the other you is here.

Peter? "yeah sorry all the other us's were out of it so i had a nice conversation and we got cookies, they tasted good, lick around your mouth and try" he wasn't lying, half decent. "it's fine peter"

You stop talking to yourself in your head and focus back on mother latifa who's playing another song.

>what do now?

yeah flemmed, as in, coughing fit while typing and a hard cough shot flem onto my keyboard, gross senpai.
and that soudns kinky
and yeah well, that's your own fault then, they forget those sweets have been a musty cupboard open for three years, surprised you're not dead famalam
nice pic
you'll meet him at some point, haven't decided when yet
sleepy's gareth
"Uuuh, thanks for helping me, how did my wounds look like? I'll owe you one"

"Wait coruscant you said, when are we arriving?"

And yeah it was my fault, I'll admit it
Hey do you know space lacuna coil heaven's a lie?

Random song from Pandora. And no I'm. It gareth ya bastard. I'm SleepyAnon. Dens fightan werds!
Is this the song?
I know that's a song, but if that's a vote to go space fedora i'm gonna write it the way an abused spouse picks out an anniversary present

maybe dey be fightin werds!
No space fedora. I will kill everyone in here if you do. I sweer on me mum.

And yes that song.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

But Kyran knows god exists
in himself, Apotheosis when?
"Hey, do you know space heaven's a lie?"

"Hey do you know how to stop being a smart arse?" more giggles, along with a giggle that sounds like yours, which you push to the back of your head, you've got a mission.

"When are we arrivin-"


"right about now chiiild, if you ever have time come visit our orphanage! WE do a great big brother program"

You thank her for fixing your grievous wounds and she insists it was nothing to help.

You head straight to the galactic senate plowing through everyone and everything to get there, guards falling to the wookie rave techno one by one, till you get to an unused seat at the galactic senate which you hide in.

Oh, would you look at that, randall's frisbee seat in the senate is in the middle of the room, above a several hundfred foot jump.

You could always send your frisbee at his, leap it, attempt to kill him from here, wait it out, but he needs to die, you've promised yourself that.

He's shouting about how his sources within the temple inform him that you're bedbound and ill and incapable of ruling and that the republic should send their invasion fleet.

"You can't do that!" Athena shouts, a senator, fancy garms and hat she's wearing, "What about democrac-"

"Did you forget he killed my father to take leadership?"

"Your father was a tyrant!"

"Temper temper young exiled jedi"


"As I was saying, for the good of all the civillians, we need order as soon as possible, send the invasion fleet."

Poor Athena, she's taking this almost as hard as you are, almost, fists clenched, tears welling up, she hasn't quite self flagellated yet.

>what do
try and kill me blud, i'll push your mom off her mobility scooter bruv, tag her scooter with my area code in rainbow graffiti, i don't fuck about nigga.
Send Athena a comm somehow saying "We are gonna do the right thing"

Quickly hack into Randall's space book, since he's so close we can drop on his shit through the senate wi fi service
see what kind of dirty shit he does, Hutt do all kind of illegal shit even one image of a naked 12 year old is good enough
When we get it, drop on the sage with the evidence and say
"Aha! But it is I the hero of Justive Myran Rider! Randall has been a naughty boy"

How many rolls for this insanity?
Don't know athena's comm, no hacking tools, Randall can't carry a comm in them folds and doesn't concern himself with trivialties like spacebook or materialistc or hedonistic desires, you don't have a comm, literally just trousers and a cape, and if you can summon Myran without him taking over then you can say that.

So about a DC 2 or so?
Rolled 45 (1d100)

By evidence I mean show his acc in real time.

What is even the Jedi punishment for child pornography, considering Athena was so afraid?
Must be something harsh
And just who are these sources? Are they reliable? By all accounts, except for yours, after deposing your worthless father he has been more helpful than anyone in bringing law to the planet? The republic is not bound to start invasions on the hearsay of mob bosses you fat slug. Say any more and I'll get my giant salt shaker you fat fuck.
>What is even the Jedi punishment for child pornography
Jail time, exile,

Distribution and child sex slave rings to make child porn is guaranteed torture and execution, even in Jedi space, if not the jedi, the lynch mobs.
Rolled 87 (1d100)

Wait what, uh okay, so he's a non hedonistic hutt. Still maybe evidence that he runs a child trafficking ring? Or something like that? He's a hutt, his money comes from somewhere, which is inevitably crime.
>can't carry comms
Sure, but surely he has an assistant?
We can get business logs or something?
Just go wikileaks on his ass.
Rolled 81 (1d100)

Say any more and I'll get my giant salt shaker you fat fuck.
So what? move your frisbee into the middle and talk to him?
Also kek
No dirt, and is funded by the republic since they want to intervene and this entire thing was planned out from the start to put him as a puppet dictator with the republic in true power.
Also non hedonistic since his pleasure is outwitting and outplanning, not shoving a stinky 8 foot tongue up a fat twilek's anus
Well fuck.
Odds that the senate or Jedi would listen if we showed the list of things we did up to and including banning slavery, building hospitals and creating a real police force?

I feel like you're cornering us into killing this fat fuck
File: 1451774286157.jpg (217 KB, 700x1056)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Or the real pottery:
we cornered ourselves
It's not like i'm trying to shit on your idea, I like it, outplaying the player, if it was any other hutt or you had tools on you, yeah i'd allow it, but you're a madman in jeans a cape and bandages.
I'm not trying to corner you into it, but >>44532828 "Run run far away, steal a ship and set course to Coruscant, you need to end that Hutt shit even if your reputation dies it's no longer about that as you simply want to end the danger to your friends." is the option I wrote.
You can change now ennit, like you can talk your way out of this situation, with a good roll what sleepy put would actually work in your favour, sorry if it seems like i'm cornering.
Bribing me with power girl?
+modifier to your next roll

oh there's text too
deep words senpai.
Yes I would. I would do things Kyran hasn't even oh wrong thread for that huh? Sorry.
I have to agree with th... oh yeah.

No man I just feel outplayed, but that's because that is the situation, we've been outmaneuvered. Let's go with Sleepy's writein.
Nah it's cool man. We got outplayed by a master fucking schemer yeah? Is fine. Some random joe dirt fukstik? We'd be pissed. Also my write in was t that good was it?
You move your frisbee into the middle next to randall

"And just who are these sources? Are they reliable? By all accounts, except for yours, after deposing your worthless father i've been more helpful than anyone in bringing law to the planet.

The republic is not bound to start invasions on the hearsay of mob bosses you fat slug. Say any more and I'll get my giant salt shaker you fat fuck."


Randall looks stunned, and fearful, but remains calm

"Surely you are mistak-"

"I'm not mistaken about anything, Not mistaken about my words, about your sharpshooter in the dantooine ambassadors seat, about the Jedi master disguised as your assistant, about you blatant ploy you and the republic have set against us, your plan to take a sprawling profitable metropolis from an independent system to forced into yours with a puppet ruler!"

"Now you list-"

"NO, you fucking listen right, I brought Hospitals, schools, a real police force, I abolished slavery, created business, really helped people, when you'd destroy and start fake proxy wars for profit and power and-"

You punch the laser bolt directly back at it's target.

"Where was I?" *aaah i'm hit*, "Your aims, right, taking voer my flourishingempire to ruin it with your hedonistic hutt ways? Probably reinstate slavery? You're nothing sluggy, you thought you cornered me, outplayed me, but ehre you are, completely surrounded by those who see through your lies-"

You force catch the saber and crush it in your hands, seeing the despair on the jedi's face

Randall claps "well done, but you've done nothing, now everyone knows how crazy you are on camera, the people will support invasion, and the senta will follow suit, you've already lost"

"You're bluffing"

"I'm 50/50 commander"

>what do
With his combined yeah it did a bang up job

the senate, is like Randall's assuredness, in a 50/50 split.
"And what if I resign and consent to democratic elections under the republic's watch. Differently from you I don't mind not being in power"
A hutt winning an election? KEK YEAH RIGHT

What if outkeikaku the keikaku by becoming keikaku
shapeshift into Aizen The Hutt
>"And what if I resign and consent to democratic elections under the republic's watch. Differently from you I don't mind not being in power"

Didn't even consider this a possibilty, you fucking guys just out keikaku'd me.
And when I come to refute you in person you attempt to take my life and silence me? I am not mad. I am disappointed that the vaunted republic could be brought so low as to consort with the vilest scum just to bring down a small light in the far reaches. That the Jedi, who stand for peace promote war and assassination. That one Hutt thinks he is more important than the thousands of lives he risks with his shadow wars and assassination attempts. For if I had come bringing rage and murder very few would be able to escape.
This story is going places holy fuck kek
>political ingrigue
>more sex
>power girl
>sex again

> sex
I like it, maybe add in that they went so far as to help the Empire and fight alongside Sith.
For what? To reinstitute slavery?
The chancellor steps up

"the new delegate from Swagooine voices concern witht he current delegate of Swagooine, final statements before we vote, randall first."

He clears his throat, "How I rule will bring power, wealth, and influence back to the republic."

Not too shabby

"And now the new delegate, Big K?"

"When I come to refute you in person you attempt to take my life and silence me? I am not mad. I am disappointed that the vaunted republic could be brought so low as to consort with the vilest scum just to bring down a small light in the far reaches. That the Jedi, who stand for peace promote war and assassination. To even go so far as to help the empire, and fight alongside Sith to attack a place of learning!

That one Hutt thinks he is more important than the thousands of lives he risks with his shadow wars and assassination attempts. For if I had come bringing rage and murder very few would be able to escape.

Also, would there be need of a vote if I resign and consent to democratic elections under the republic's watch. Differently from you Randall I don't mind not being in power"

His jaw drops


the chancellor interrupts him

"What? Democracy?"

Randall shrieks and points at you, flying his little frisbee dejectedly back to his slot with his depressed jedi.

"So you'll submit to elections?"


"Where you will be barred from running as a main candidate due to pending war crime accusations?"


"very well, the vote is cancelled, i'm very, but for our safety and your own you must submit to detention center time while here, Now your land is democratic, these war criminal charges should be dropped in due time"

>what do

there's no story blud, you guys are the story <3
and more power girl is needed.
and you didn't include enough sex, look at the OP post ffs bruv
File: image.jpg (91 KB, 800x720)
91 KB
I don't know why but I feel very fucking worry right now. It just seems to flow as well with no backchecking or rewriting or very little. No clue have a butt.
File: 1451262615667-1.jpg (338 KB, 1280x1758)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
thanks for the butt
have a sheulk
someone give me a power girl
File: Power_Girl_Vol_2_27.jpg (473 KB, 1988x3056)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
Just this once
You're a fucking angel
And so is she

>what do
"Sure bro, as long as I get somre grub. Space nuns have good cookies but they ain't filling"
Wait war crimes? What war crimes?
I think he's referring to killing people in horrible new ways.

But I'm sure he'll be happy to list the shit we did that on their conception categorizes as a war crime.
"Sure bro, as long as I get some grub. Space nuns have good cookies but they ain't filling"

"Then it's settled, you will remain here as a guest of honour in a spare senator room, and given Randall's bodyguard until further notice.

You walk to your room, depressed bodyguard in tow, and when you get in, you give her the remains of her lightsaber and she sheds a single tear, but remains strong, and simply pockets it, pulling out a spare. promising to fix it later.

You flop onto your bed and begin punching the air

You saved Swagooine

Yet,,, you kinda don't care.

It's just good to beat that slug cunt at his own game.

You take a bite from the red seaworm stew, nice, needs some gungan.

You hear a knock on your door

>what do

Anything the rebellion did or you did while not in power was a war crime, but now it's revealed you did it for democracy, either the charges will be dropped once all the necessary paperwork and hoops are jumped through, or the charges might even pass on to Randall, as a scapegoat.
Uhh no ones here?
OOohkay. Peter, Myran, Gazza and Kyran are here, who do you want to talk to?
"Uhh no ones here?"

*knock again*

"No one is here, do you have ears?"

*knock one more time*

"Who do you want to talk to? Kyran, Myran, Gazza and Peter are in here"

"Kyran... please....it's me, Athena... I need to speak to you..."

>what do
>fuck off you jedi rachet sket
>come in
>jedi bodyguard please escort her away
>ignore the voices and put music on
>^dance too
>come in
Shapeshift into a slightly taller Kyran. Bigger Kyran.
Oh yeah sure come in.
>>ignore the voices and put music on
>>^dance too
You try to shift into a larger kyran, but you can't add mass, so you settle on just making you appear more sculpted.

You also hit the music player and begin dancing

"Come in!"

Athena start talking mono-tonal and serious, but you're not listening to a single word, dancing and swaying away, damn, you really like this beat. What kind of genre is this? Nautolan?

You continue dancing without a car until a hand rubs your back eliciting a large flinch jump, and your attention, she instantly retracts, but moves her hand back onto your getting an aftershock tremor flinch which doesn't stop her.

"What the hell is this all over your body?"


"No, the scars, lacerations, tattoos, what are they?"

"Experiences" you say as her fingers trail over the 4 colour barbed wire chessboard, before moving onto the chemical symbol for ethanol, before she reaches the spot you cut off muscle to see how much you could grow back

"Who tortured you like this?"


"She cut you?"

"No, I cut me"

"Kyran, I need you with a stable mind right now" She says wrapping her arms around you, 180'ing you to the nearly 3 year old kid walking into the door, "this is junior. Say hi junior" he waves.


"Any doubts he's yours?"

"No, he's mine, I feel it"


>what do
Pat his head
"You're a good kid that listens to his mommy aren't you?"
Okay so what the hell was wrong that you couldn't contact me for several fucking years? You know what I'm done go away. Come ere junior how ya doin?
Rolled 610 (1d666)

No swearing in front of the kid.
File: Spoiler Image (316 KB, 641x316)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
"Okay so what the hell was wrong that you couldn't contact me for several fudging years?"

"I-i-it was complicated Kyran! I was exi-"

"You know what I'm done go away. Come ere junior how ya doin?" You pat his head, "You're a good kid that listens to his mommy aren't you?" He nods, "You a shy one then?" He shakes his head "what am I scary?" he nods, "what you know what's really scary? the tickle monster!"

Laughter fills the room, enough to drown out Athena's light sobbing, well for a normal kid, but fucking force sensitive kids are a pain

He looks up to you with them big ol greens

"...Daddy? Mommy cwy"
>what do
>mommy'll be fine, let's go get an ice cream sport
>let's go comfort mommy then
>ignore and just ticklemonster louder to drown her out
>write in

tfw satan acts like this
I... I know kid.
>let's go comfort mommy then
Tickle mommy.
"Why, why cut contact? Where you worried I'd harm the kid or something? Ya know growing without a father increases the chances of criminal behavior right?"
>>let's go comfort mommy then
So talk now Athena this is for the kid.
"I... I know kid, let's go comfort mommy then"

You come at her with the tickle monster but feel killing intent so instead pull her into a hug, which she graciously accepts squeezing tight, and the little'un gets in there too.

"I *SNIFF* thought you were *SNIIFFFFF* done with me forever?"

"I said I was done with you, but Athena, this is for the kid, and you and him are a package deal"

"So, i-i'm not good enoug-"

"Cut the poop and tell me what's wrong"

"After... You left, i found out i was pregnant, but i loved you too much to get rid of it, so i had it, and was expelled from the order and given community service, a lot of community service for that crime aswell as statutory rape of you as a minor, would've given birth in prison if not for the aging senator who wanted a jedi to replace him, and pulled some strings for me. I've raised little Junior ever since, it hasn't been easy..."

"But why completely block contact? I've tried to get in contact with you, I was doing very well, I could've helped. Where you worried I'd harm the kid or something? Ya know growing without a father increases the chances of criminal behavior right?"

"I-i-i didn't want to inconvenience you in case it made you not love me anymore, by the time I felt ready o introduce him, i'd blocked you so long it would've been weird to call"

"You're a complete sap athena, he's not an inconvenience, he's a blessing" you say patting his head some more

"You don't know happy I am to hear that!" She shouts hugging even tighter, and you take the time to point out the difference to junior between sad tears and happy tears.

There's a long ass tight cuddle, after a long while, you realise your leg has a wet patch on it, and athena's breathing heavy, and you're scared she'll try summat, but she's asleep, so you lie down both her and junior on the bed, and sit in the big chair peacefully, cont,and fall asleep in it.

When you awake no one's here, only your bodyguard outside.

>what do
Ask what happened the woman and the girl.

Send them comms and say you were happy you had that visit.

And then uh... check the news? Grab some grub? Exercise as you eat and watch?
Hey can I get some gungan brain gyro up in this bitch?
Since it's 6am and we've hit a "you just woke up" moment, i think it'd be good to call the quest here, and resume the next at/with this choice, 15 hours is decent enough run time I guess.

Will probably continue an hour or two after I wake up, soon my schedule will be covered with shit so I want to get in as much STANQ before then

Thank you all so much for playing as usual, sleepy, satan, cute girl anon, laughing montage anon, the rest, aswell as thank you for the power girls and keikaku mastery.

Night night famalams

sleep tight, don't let the ratchet skets bite

hear mi now
Night bro. See ya next time and thanks for the good run, as usual!
Thanks for the run famalamyylam.
np [2]

you know the way to my heat anon
night again
>to my heat
Hahaha, she gets you in heat then, gooood
File: image.jpg (14 KB, 300x200)
14 KB
This also pleases me.
>that cat's expression
Is it grumpy?
And night to you too sleepy!

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