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Welcome rudebois and rudegyals to the latest edition of Star Wars A New Quest,

Last time on STANQ; You leveled up in every area due to 15 sabers (now at 19, 6 off another unlockable), helped the mandos close a deal resulting in a magic talisman with a voice inside that can now talk to you of a long dead multi thousand year old survival spirit, who you showed the sensations of gyro kebabs and then gyro punani from the milf punk chick you tracked down and her blonde friend before getting thrown out by a force user who you gave your number too, and it stopped talking to you, until you jumped in and fucked the female spirit into submission, take your new little sibling orphan thing to out and it's revealed to be the force sensitive who force threw you out earlier and you steal a car together and have an all night forceball and rancor juice powered gaming tournament that ends in pranking KJ and some light kissing which you stop before it goes too far, but piss off athena again anyway when she realises she banged someone under the age of consent in coruscant freaking out who then refuses to talk to you, have to help out and take al home because rancor juice is illegal not just because of how fun it is, then troll the sith pureblood receptionist who wanted your d into revealing her location, and you attack killing them thanks to kj and take the sith to the hospital where you fuck her in a hospital bed to teach KJ how to do his own gyal better but do too good and comatose her permanently, and then you rough fuck a dirty twilek mechanic into giving you a better deal for a ship using all your credits, adopt alex, head back to the jedi temple and see someone's molested the sith in her sleep and call them out on it and say there'll be hell to pay if this isn't investigated and leave for tatooine, training the pups there

Longest thread yet blud, damn.

>Twitter: @WynautQM
>Archive: suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Star%20Wars%20Murderhobo%20Edition%20Quest
Fucking Tar wars
Also alternate image since old thread is still up

>Tar Wars
Topkekku, everybody remembers the bloody Tar Wars of Endor
File: 299678.jpg (363 KB, 550x600)
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363 KB JPG
Awww yisss
Fuck, vampire quest is running, ah well

Also, you have no edge points remaining

Edge points can be spent in advance of a roll to change a 1d100 into a 1d135, or used to reroll a crit fail into a fail, or a fail into a draw

Pokeqt's, nice.

You call your squad down to the bridge

"What's wrong Big K?" asks KJ, "I thought we delegated this as the day of rest and fun"

"Yeah, fun particularly, we're playing twister, because why the fuck not"

It goes for 20 minutes as your droid ICY reads out the places to put the limbs, and chooses the hardest places because he's a sadist, you all have fun though.

Firstly, KJ is eliminated with his gangly ass.

"I'm gonna win this, easy!" brags Al

"Yeah, nah famalam" You reply, moving your left foot to blue

Rolled 91 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolling for Al
Rolled 100 (1d100)


aka slaneesh

By the way where did we spemd that last edgy point again?
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Ah balls
File: 1381150391421.png (73 KB, 1000x700)
73 KB
Holy fuck

that's something.

lewd or no lewd?

trying to figure out what you want to do so what i should roll to go into or avoid
KJ's roll to fuck up that guy
was a 1d100+35 instead of 1d135 cos i didn't explain it properly but still
File: 1431277079242.png (244 KB, 700x700)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
Get on my heresy level

Eh I was just fucking around, no lewd, just arousal. And a very uncomfortable KJ
No dicking lewd, imouto pure, imouto perfect, imouto to be protected
Did we do lewds with her last time?
I think not?
Keep it that eay
File: 1431277292534.jpg (28 KB, 334x299)
28 KB
For now
ahaha got it
and them images tho

You two are playing even stevens, when she goes for a leg sweep to take you down.

Now, you've done a lot of of party games, twister, cluedo, snakes and ladders, each time you were naked though, and these clothes feel restricting slowing oyur movement

But nobody beats Kyran at fun.


sicne you're in a bridge and she's hovering over you, she has perfect positioning.

At least that's what you want her to think, as you kick your back legs into the air over her legsweep, and instead of her landing on your and pinning you down, you monkey flip her in middair, and spin yourself vertically and horizontally so you land over her instead, but with your hands in the right places on the board, while she's just lying on the mat.

"Looks like I win" You smirk,

"Y-yeah, you do, what, what do you take as your prize?" She asks whimperingly, legs rubbing together.

"i'm going to take your...

"my w-what?"

"Your nose" You say pinching her nose, jumping up and holding your thumb between your fingers, "Got your nose!"

She's just looking up at you on the ground, immobile

You cartoon villain run away while cackling, shouting to Icy to clean up the twister set as you do.

You get to your room and lock the door, as cute as she may be, and truth be told you've gone a week without, but you're a resposible older brother with an imouto now, and you want to practice restraint by not fucking her at any point soon really, hard as she's making it.

You're probably gonna have to listen to ehr later though these paper thin walls later, smfh, that'll just make things worse.

anyway, 9 hours till out of hyperspace

>what do?
>anything is a viable option here, including but not limited to, jumping out the airlock, timeskip 9 hours, time skip to star wars episode 1, and get high.
Spend all 9 hours meditating on the Force
Post on the chans and complain that you are attracted to your new adopted sister with some shitty greentext story, shitpost furiously, then run a short one shot quest.

Maybe later get some drinks with the crew?
Tut tut, tenets of your philosophy, nowt but rest or fun on the seventh day.
can't break that
it'll be out of character for a character who doesn't have a character
you can but the force will scorn you and misguide you for breaking your own shit like this
"dark side clouding our judgement" kinda thing
seems reasonable
Shit it counts as work?
Ah fuck
Shitpost on spacechans
You open up the chans and shitpost for a while, before writing a shitty greentext story about your new adopted sister being dtf, and you want to too, but you want to be responsible more

You get a myriad of responses, most telling you to kill yourself, or do it faggit, no reasonable advice, and it's annoying so you close it completely and instead go to run a one shot quest like you get back in the day

You go for 7 hours and no one archived and eventually someone dumped spiderman and gore until the thread fell off the board.

Fucking ingrates, they just don't understand you.

So with one hour left you just chill in bed and put on music for a while, but you hear a knock on your day

>come back on life day
>come in
>blank em (ignore it)
>write in

What I like about the character having rules and principles is not only can we not just go full murder-hobo again, but it sets lines for the player to think about what they have to do, and forces them to engage more and get in kyran's mindset more.

Which is mostly just poon and lightsabers, but still.
Come in
Come in

It's a medieval vampire who you've now just allowed into your room! GAME OVER

nah jk, writing.
"Come in" You shout, nodding your head along to the beat.

It's Al.

"Back for your nose?"

"...No, it's serious."

"Yeah, smell is a pretty important sense"

"Will you just shut up and listen?"

You nod.

"I feel for you like i've never felt for anyone else, and it's a feel I can't shake, that's eating me"

"Why don't you go and calm down with that electric toothbrush of yours? that normally helps right" you say smiling, but she doesn't smile, she's stonefaced still.

Damn, this can't be fun.

"Just... I need to be closer with you, why, won't you..."

"i can't, i'm sorry, because..."

>"i want to, but I have to be responsible for us, as btoerh and sister and master and apprentice etc... (write in)
>"You see this? This would kill you, that's why, you're too young" (write in)
>"You wanna know what happened to the last "sister" I did this with?" explain ranlis kyol (write in)
>"Fuck it" varying levels of lewd from kiss, light petting, heavy petting, genitalia but not intercourse, intercourse, bill clinton
>write in
Please don't vote for lewd if you feel like i'm just trying to push you into it because of how many times there's been chances with her, she's trying it on, not you, and this is just to test your mettle and build character, only pick lewd if you genuinely want it
>>"You wanna know what happened to the last "sister" I did this with?" explain ranlis kyol (write in)
She's with the sith and wants to beat me bloody.
>"You wanna know what happened to the last "sister" I did this with?" explain ranlis kyol
Kyran hurt her, he was unrealiable, he even betrayed her from a certain point of view. And for long he didn't care, but it changed not that long ago. He doesn't want to harm Al and end her fun with him, and he doesn't trust himself not to, for now.
Unless you want to get too depressed, because the full story is, trust me, and with qt grills being posted and funny shit, I don't want to sour the mood too much, so you could just say the current events and what she needs to know, or the whole depressing shindig.

>also yeah, roll 1d100 with your choices
File: 20757076_big_p1.jpg (144 KB, 663x780)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
>>"i want to, but I have to be responsible for us, as btoerh and sister and master and apprentice etc... (write in)
>>"You see this? This would kill you, that's why, you're too young" (write in)
>>"You wanna know what happened to the last "sister" I did this with?" explain ranlis kyol (write in)
Rolled 100 (1d100)

Rolled 37 (1d100)

What the shit is it with the 100s these days
All three were me, which makes it even funnier.

My post:

I am a force god now, bitch!
Well it looks like kyran is not only ready to share his dark past, but to share it with someone else.

hope you guys can handle it

"Have I ever told you about the last person I called sister?"


"Ranlis Kyol, after my mom disappeared on me 4 years ago, I had a knock on my door one day, to be face to face with a girl who looked exactly like me, because she was. My clone. DNA taken from me as a baby, putin a surrogate for a lot of credits, because people thought i'd be something, that I had a lot of potential.

We did a lot in the 3 years we traveled together. I always used to ask her "my genes look great on you, is it sex or masturbation?" and she'd normally punch me, but one day she replied "how about we find out" and I snapped, years of pent up rage and frustration combined with teen hormones and confusion lead to me forcing myself.. on her.

Sure, she reciprocated halfway through, and then told me of the feelings she had for me, but I knew it was lies. She reciprocated because she believed she caused it. She told me she had feelings to stay with me because we had no one else, and were together foreversies as our bracelets said. It took until after the winter until she started smiling again.

We were no longer a pair, deciding where to go next, huddled together for warmth. But we were two, the man who brought us food and clothing, killed other homeless to bring us a new less dilapidated shelter, and she was the broken woman, who got false love drilled into her, and followed along, as a recepticle, an outlet, a punching bag, a wingman in my dark days."


"Shut your fucking mouth, you wanted to know, you're knowing" you snap before continuing

"We carried on, surviving, becoming more and more of a unit again, she's even start with me sometimes instead of me just fucking while she flops there, telling me how we'd be together forever and i'd tell her the same, and she'd love to start a family with me and I told her the same. Until at the ripe age of 14 1/2, she got pregnant"

File: 1447913417864.jpg (207 KB, 500x655)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Rolled 81 (1d100)

wat le fug
File: 45135888.jpg (639 KB, 800x2256)
639 KB
639 KB JPG
Oh boy.
Poor Alex.
Rolled 28 (1d100)

Did I not tell you senpai? Everyone seems to have forgotten that up till about 10 weeks ago, KJ would kill for less than errant stares, or beating him in gambling, and took sadistic pleasure in it.

It's only through what's happened with the people he's grown to treasure friendship with and care for that this isn't star wars murderhobo quest anymore.
You guys did this not me

"I grew sour, we argued constantly. It was a relationship, my first and only relationship, these things happen, arguments happen. And we're rough kids, we fight all the time, so i assumed settling our arguements with violence was normal.

then those words

'Who even are you anymore?' through tears.

She was three months pregnant when I threw that punch and ruined all three of our lives.

It only took a second.

she miscarriaged, and I never saw her smile again.

She left one day, and I never heard her laugh again.

She was on plenty of bounty hunter teams and merc squads opposite my own, always aiming for killshots, and so was I."

Only that 100 can save us now
Rolled 47 (1d100)

"You see now? that I can't physically have a relationship with you? That I want to be the responsible big brother you deserve, that I can't give you what you want in return for what you need?"

"i'm sorry that's all happened to you, but your'e a good person, I know it"

"Alex, I can't"

"Look, I understand what you've been throu-"

"Do you fucking really now? What, daddy said you couldn't go out too late and grounded you so you jumped from comfy foster home to foster home until now? it's not the fucking same thing as killing niggas on the streets for bread, not having any parents at all, only yourself!"

"now what a sec-urghk!"

"No you wait a second!" You shouting, force choking her into the air, your veins pulsing blood red, "You don't get to speak! You spoke, I listened, I spoke, you interrupted with bullshit nobody cares about, literally, who does care for your bullshit?!?" You froth


And there he is, captain faggot himself, rushing at you, nah blud, no sneak shots on my ship, not on Funday


You've got them both by the throat, and it feels good to finally have nothing but silence and fighting for dear life fill your ears once again
Your eyes open clearly and you see yourself in the reflections in theirs.

What are you doing?

You force push them both out of your door into the oppostie wall with a harsh thud, slamming the door panel shut as they hit, and collapsing back against the wall, tears reflecting lights across the small room.

This isn't fun at all

Jeebus fug

Neega calm down neega

U wot, crits, save me crits

Crits pls, CRITS
What time is? How long were you asleep? Not logn enough since you aren't on the other side, your fucking head.

So that's what force rage feels like, fuck,, you don't eveer want to do that again, shit.

You check your watch, 7:30 am on monday

Fuck this isn't wizard at all

>what do

>crawl into a corner
>fetal position
>try not to cry
>cry like the little shitbitch you are
Good enough.

After you are done, put on your armor, helmet and go check out the planet. Time to clean up this place
>>crawl into a corner
>>fetal position
>>try not to cry
>>cry like the little shitbitch you are

When your life is in ruins mister ollis, then you have my permission to cry


you wake up again after more crying 3 hours later, shit the floor's soaked, you must've cried the entire time you slept, you take a sip of water off the table because you're out of fluids and notice.

Someone carved a hole into your room with a lightsaber to look in, but never came in.

How embarassing.

You put on all your stuff, grabbing two double sabers because you're in the mood to fuck shit up, 4 blasters because you want to look like you're packing, and carve a teardrop underneath the eye of your mando helmet, as a reminder of those that've passed on by your hand.

you learnt it in your brief time in prison

The two starfighters have gone, taken off west apparently from the trail and dust, but the car is still here, aswell as you car, and one swoop bike

>what do now? i.e, where go, what do, and get there how?

Oh wait, actually see the crew instead of going down if they are around.
Leave note you'll be back
Feel the closest city/town, time to shake the system
Nah they fucked off west in the starfighters.

You leav ea note you're going, but where to?
Find the closest den of scum and villainy. We are taking down a crime boss.
Let's say we headed north to the nearest town/city
Be back at some point
If important call I guess?
Sorry Al.
Alright, now what vehicle do you take m8's, or do you walk?
Car I guess?
geez, you ain't fucking about are you.

And sorry KJ we choked him too.>>44269316
Right. Also an extra sorry for Al because we kind of... Yeah.
You write a note and leave it on the table in the main hall

"Heading north to the nearest place

Be back at some point

If important call

Sorry KJ

And i'm really sorry Al"

You don't feel like there's anything more to say, so you get in your car, lwoer teh boarding ramp, activate the in ship security, and speed on into the desert north at speeds of 400 mph plus

When you arrive close to town, you hardly slow, instead just harsh turning and flipping, and you jump out as it flies in the air and spirals down, catching it with the force behind you as you keep walking away, stunning onlookers, and head into the nearest bar

>what do
At least he didn't rape, impregnate her and then abort the kid, after years of an abusive relationship.
>mfw sith got nothing on Ky's Edgy backstory
Ask who is the boss around here.
I'm honestly surprised Sith didn't feel his back story through the force and do stuff to him until he joined or something.
Shut up trips

Anyway, was it too dark, or was it just the right amount of feels and edge to make sense for the quest?

I feel like the exposition has opened kyran up to a lot of stored anger of his old days, and he'll need to work back for the fun side, and no matter what happens, will come out the other side more mature, and a man, not just a kid that looks like one.

And you guys are acting pretty IC for a traumatic experience like this right now, well done and a half

I considered adding a "I'm just like my deadbeat dad, but even he wasn't this bad!" but couldn't find a place to work it in and it sounded a little faggy to me

the receptionist kind of could when you revealed yourself even before the ayy bby, she could feel the snark side radiating off you, and so could the master when you first met the padawans with "why is there so much dark side aura radiating from you" or something like that

By the way, the stone was awfully quiet before/has been. We still got her right?
Should probably ask for some teachings from her later on.
Yeah it was pretty good, it was veeeeery edgy but it fits rather well.

And it opens up some neat opportunities, just eager to see the consequences of our little burst of youngling-genocidal rage.
You mach in, and everyone apparently heard the noise outside, because their eyes dart instantly to you.

"I've entered this hive of scum and villainy for one reason, to clean it. Now who is the boss here?"

Some gameorrean with a fancy hat strolls up to you

"Well, 'pardner" he says tapping the brim of your hat, "you can consider me your boss now, since the real bosses don't have time for righteous trash like you"

>write in

inb4 edge, you're not seeing shit clearly too hard right now as evident by what you're doing, it isn't out of character to buddy buddy him though if that's what you wanted

Completely slipped my mind we killed an unborn youngling and tried it on an alive youngling
A week in real time is 7 hours in stone time, and she doesn't want to depart knowledge too quickly. Though you could always persuade knowledge out of her that's relevant to your current situation, or fuck any info you wanted out of her.
It was good.

>Dear (is the mind killer)
Fucking autocorrect
So you want to raperomance him?
Mind crush before a spot of tea and biscuits dearie?

You stare him down

"Raise your hands"

"are you making me surrender?"

"No, i'm giving you a chance to fight back. Now raise your hands before I make pork brisket out of you"

The crowd's on edge watching.

He raises his dukes and immediately swings, which you effortlessly dodge, and snap his right arm.

He lets you make the attack this time, and you chop a pressure point on his chest lifting the other arm, before you snap that too.

"L-look i'm sorry ma-"

You jump and double dropkick his kneecaps through the back of his knees, and he falls face forward screaming

grabbing him by the neck you hoist him up, showing his crying pig face to the crowd,

"All I wanted to know who the boss was" You say pulling his head off, and dropping it by his twitching corpse, "And I still do, now, who is the boss, without doing something stupid"
You say using the force to bull the trigger on the rifle slung over your back, ricocheting off the ground, and hitting the guy behind you under the neck and up into his brain.

"Randall the hutt in the large building opposite" shouts a hooded figure in a deep voice

>what do
Thank you.
Now, you worked for him didn't you yes?
Are you sure you don't want to quit?
Maybe start a nice moisture farm somewherea to retire to?
If yeah retire let him go
Of no just kill 'im and go see his boss
Thanks stranger.
Sense him, depending on wheter or not anhing ticks interrogatr further, else:

Leave and go check it out, sense for.traps
You sense him, and he's telling the truth as far as you can tell

"thanks stranger-"

"but you're going about your crusade all wrong my friend"

Who is this prick?

"So what, you work for him? trying to dissuade me from freeing these lands?"

"Oh know, I don't work for him, i'm just a valiant crusader myself" He says standing up, pulling back his hood, and putting his hands on his hips, "Because I AM... a jedi"

Half the crowd sighs like "the last thing we fuckin need" and the other half is relieved to see someone who can stop you, and a few cheers

He continues, "And killing a crime boss won't free people, it'll only debt them and remove employment,y ou must find a better solution that isn't wrong to d-"

"What the fuck do you know of the streets apart from getting lost in the wrong neighbourhood and whatever mission you're here for? these people are slaves, and this land will be cleaned"

"Tut tut, temper temper, anger leads to the dark side"

"And being a righteous prick like you leads to the snark side you creamy robed asshole"

"How uncouth"

>what do
>gimme your lightsaber bruv (speech, beat down, kill, or write in)
>start shit (what)
>Just leave the prick to the bit of zeltron poon eyeing him up and go dispense actual justice
>write in
slight delay cos i dropped food there laughing to myself about the snark line
>Just leave the prick to the bit of zeltron poon eyeing him up and go dispense actual justice
Personally I just really fucking hate huts.

On the other hand it might have unwanted blowback on KJ and Al...decisions decisions...
>ask him what would HE do instead if he's so smart
>what is he doing here anyway
>and who is he, we met the jedi council but not this dude
Eh I feel like this fella might be just what we need to restore Ky's internal balance
Rolled 1 (1d2)

i'd combine but one's leave instantly and one's stay for ages so rolling
*hands on hips*

doing anything but unbalancing kyran

If there's another jedi then yeah they could, but that guy?

nah, not on his best day
Hey, Kyran is a fun loving retard

This guy is a retard, he can help restore half of it.

That said he desperately needs some figure to help restore it.
"Whatever, i'm to go dispense justice, have fun fucking the force or whatever you do cunt"

You look down toa little sweeper droid "Clean this fucking mess"

You didn't think it could drag him, but slowly and surely it does so.

you leave, you see the large building opposite the bar.

Randall's palace

approaching the door you mind crush the body guards and walk straight in, you're not fucking about today

You just keep walking through until you come face to face with him

The slave girls keep dancing, the droids keep scrapping, and the bounty hunters keep twirling their drinks in their hands, not wanting to take off their mask to drink.

"Who? who are you?" He babbles in huttese?

>what do? write in

true, but your guy is depressed, and as such, you apprentices feel depressed due to the connection, and unless something happens with all three of you, you're just going to drag the other person down

also meta plot point, guys' a fake jedi, found a lightsaber on a dying jedi and toook it instead of taking them to hospital, pretends to be a jedi for randall for money. has actually gotten half decent at blocking blaster shots and practices sword fighting with his droid in his hutt.
I'm 18, i've been lurking since i was 11, and i've only just realised the numbers at the bottom right of the page are the posters and page number wtf

please tell me i'm not the only one?
Watcha doing mate?
Like, you the boss here?
It's a kinda newish feature tho innit
Also last thread had 15 unique posters, good job, probably from staying long enough toget different timezone players.

Stay silent and blast his face, forcethrow the lightsaber at the the bounty hunters anf use the other one to redirect blastershots.
Free the slaves and tell them what they can take is theirs.

"Watcha doing mate?

Like, you the boss here?"

"First you shall address me as Sir, not mate, and two I am the supreme Randall the hutt, and if my level wasn't broken, i'd drop you into the rancor pit myself. Now speak, what are you doing here?"

You remain silent

"Guards, please remove this madman before he- URGHK"

The two shots find their mark in his head, spraying the low roof with viscera and grey matter.

The bounty hunter behind you prepare to stand, but a thrown double saber which turns out to be black and white, nice, cuts them down to size, hiding under the table if it didn't knock their head off, and drawing other double saber revealing it as Bluey purple and reddish purple, blocking the few blaster bolts sent at you with it back into their senders.

In a few mintues, everyone with hostile intentions is cowering or dead

"You are a all free now!" You roar, "Take what you are owed!"

"B-but where will we g-"

"Do I care? I'm going"

You get outside and notice two starfighters parked up by the tavern.

>what do?


and it's a newer feature? thank fuck for that

and yea prolly, did go 28 hours in that thread, and yes the sleeping counts.

Also you've probably both figured it out, but there's an even number of you, meaning sometimes conflicting options get combined, including this post.
Check what they are doing in there
Also timeskips and perspective changes are perfectly valid options, for anyone we've met in game so far to be honest, something to think about.
Go say hi to apprentices, say sorry again
You head in and they're both just sitting at the bar, some new desert clothes on, attempting to talk to the freaked out locals about what's going on, when you walk in, straight past them, and order a dry shot, and down it.

Another one.

They sit down on other side of you.

"Hi guys."

"Hi kyran"

"I'm so very fucking sorry, about it all."

Al pulls your helmet off

"We're with you, both of us, let's get over this together"

You just attempt to smile

"Besides, you owe Kj one, and me at least 5"

>what do
Sure, we probably calmed down.
A bit of wanton murder always cheers up for users right?
"Aight. Hey, where'd that 'jedi' prick go?"
Fuck that, ten for KJ and fifteen for you.
Er, no offence KJ.
Fuck this is depressing.
So what kind of waves would killig the local crime boss do, you think?
"Yeah, I do."
Down the shot
"So how about we go explore this sandhole?"
Good question. Could always just take over as a non crime boss, cut down the crime shit, make a security force, get the peasants and traders to do better since they no longer have to pay exorbitant taxes to the local boss.
calmed down fairly enough now they're here
"yeah, I do" you say downing the shot.

"Fuck that, ten for KJ and fifteen for you." Al smiles

"Er, no offence KJ."

"none taken pal" he says slapping you on the back.

"Sorry." Fuck you can't stop apologising

"Fuck this is depressing." fuck man just say actual words

"So what kind of waves would killing the local crime boss do, you think? can I take his place" Not those words kyran what the fuck"

they just gawp at you

"I thought you wanted to start an academy not become a slave trader"

"I do, i just meant-"

"And the sith would just shell this place form orbit if they knew you ran it, how many lives would be lost?" kj inputs

hmm, didn't think of that, that's why you're so glad to have a team

Kj steps out for a piss for a second, and Al scoots over to you.



"You know that 15 you owe me?"

"yeah, could i redeem it all, for just one kiss?"

Holy fuck is she still trying it? Good damn, Have you learned nothing you foolish girl?

For fuck sake, one slip up and you could lose her forever, in many more ways than one

Gotta make this right

>So it's entirely write in, good luck lmao ;)

1d100 too, but only if you write in instead of just walking away or abstaining from the vote.
Rolled 38 (1d100)

Dammit Al
Are you sure?
I... Sigh groan rub forehead
Really super seriously sure?
>if Y ...fuck, do it, just a kiss.
Ahahah that paragraph looks like what an indian sends a white girl on facebook.

Funny shit.
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Ths but with a healthy dose of

>Y-you too
Rolled 50 (1d100)


but yeah, he is not sure, but he will try is a good direction for this
Rolled 34 (1d100)

>pft haha
>Kiss the girl
that 74 was for a lot of things.

You passed them all.

Except one.

File: ohdear.png (25 KB, 750x800)
25 KB
Oh dear
It wasn't a fail
It was just a pass that'll make you wish you'd failed, that's all
File: 1381154549295.png (123 KB, 1000x700)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
You look her in the eyes and ask a simple question , "Why?"

"Because it's what i ne-" "why?"

"w-well, because it's my choice what you owe m-" "why"

"Because I want to feel loved!

I want to feel as wanted as I did when you pulled me tight and took my first, as wanted as I did when you stroked my hair or carried me, or fed me soup, I just want you to want me, that's all"

Well, you still feel guilty, and that guilt is making you feel lovey dovey

"Just one Al"

"I can make do with one, for now..."

"You ready?"

"Yeah, i'm just so happy a met a guy like you!"

"Y-you too" Fuck sake Kyran, you think, before quickly pushing yourself on her to avoid the embarrassment

The tastes, like strawberry lipbalm and hard scotch, thought those might be you.

The feelings, like butterflies in you, having someone that really cares.

The texture of chewed lip of stress, mostly at the thought of you, phenomenal. This one guys deeper and longer

Your stone whispers to you, "kyran, think, think kyran"

Your thoughts, muddled and confusing, you must be responsible, but you want everyone to feel happy! And this is happy, and fun! Your exogorth starting to bulge in your jeans, each vein on it humming in please"

You place one hand on her hip and pull her closer, savouring this for as long as you can

"sense kyran sense"

Yeah, you know she's force sensitive, that's how you...

"senses kyran senses"

The smell, her perfume, strong wafting and beautiful... the smell underneath it, the smell underneath it...

"remember kyran remember"

Wait did we take the yellow saber + stone with us????
Always because why not?

You're in handcuffs, you can't believe she's ditched you! Some clone she turned out to be

You listen to your captors

God that smell is horrible, overpowering cinnamon filling the air

"A new experimental cinnamon scented drug that makes those around you reveal their true emotions, or act accordingly off of the emotions they're feeling at that moment in time, but it only works if the subject doesn't know they're under it's effects"

What a load of horseshit, wonder who would believe that crock of shit. Wonder who they're testing it out on?

Your thoughts stray to Ranlis, you can't believe she's fucking left you you start bawling, tears soaking your shirt in a matter of moments

"stop crying boy, if you're good i'll let you-ARHGHGK"

vibroblade through the chest? That's gruesome, you wanna retch

Oh it's ranlis, wow, she looks amazing, y-you didn't know you felt about her this way. So beautiful. Quick tell her to get you out

"Did I ever tell you how good my genes look in you? do you think it would be sex or masturbation?" What the fuck kyran, that's not you, you're no ladies man

She giggles

O-oh, she liked it? Shall I say it again?

"please don't make a habit out of saying that, or I may have to punch you in the gut next time"

New catch phrase gained, new mission, become more confident around her!

"Also you're being affected by a mind control aphrodisiac, snap out of it"


"snap out of it"

Your eyes go from half lidded to full mast, and you feel your tears on her face and her tears on yours.

You pull back from it slowly, not sure what to think, that was the smell you could detect, why she's wearing such perfume, you've deen essentially roofied! Since the ship, it's why you freaked out and couldn't handle how strong your force rage was, she thought she could take through science what she couldn't naturally.

This is not fun, you wish you hadn't noticed, and could've lived happily

>What do
>write in encouraged
>walk away
No, but that's why the stone is reaching out to you, she's force sensitive enough to send it, and your force sensitive enough to pick it up.

She could only send small fragmented words though to help because of distance.

You passed everything, including your sense of smell, and now are depressed again.

What emotions are yours?

Have they been yours all along?

You kinda want to hate fuck her and leave her in the desert, bu then you'll have been a responsible brother for naught, and you truly actually care for her.


Please don't rape me again
Er, rape me
Please don't, that is
Take her back to the ship, then ask why she drugged Kyran.
Tell her you're comprehensive, you did way worse, but you need to understand why she'd go that far
Teach her she shouldn't do that and tell her she can stay regardless?
Ask KJ what he thinks

By the way this only shows the emotions you already have right? But forces them out
Hug her, you don't have to do that Al
I won't leave you, I promise.
"Thing about that stuff, Al? Only works on somebody once."
"Keep using it around me and it's just going to start pissing me off. S'what got the first thing started."
Yes, it forces out emotions you feel, forces out emotions you're purposely repressing, and if you start to feel an emotion, say if something scary happens, you'll feel fear overtake you and your actions, or if you feel loved, then love will overtake you and all your actions, even if you don't love anyone or anything, or that particular person.

This drug's been known to make a junkie have sex with some ground up spice and water, it's really potent weird non understood stuff.

You might've kissed her with or without it, but you felt more inclined to kiss her than you ever have, your dick is pressing at your jeans so hard it's painful, and the fear from fucking up which also spurred you to kiss her has passed mostly,

Right, so take her back to the ship, silent the whole way, get her there, then interrogation but friendly?

How dramatic? like "i've been through a loooooot maaaaan, torture, pain, even drugs, why would you druuuuuug meeeeeeeee"


"why did you date rape me al"

Specific words or phrases would help
"Why did you date rape me Al?"
Nonchalant, sort of.
Al, you don't have to rape me. I won't leave you. I swear. By Force and Stars and stuff.
"I'll never leave you Al, I promise on the force and the stars" you say picking up your helmet, putting it on her, and princess carrying her outside to her starfighter, getting in your car and driving back to the ship.

She follows you back, and when you get there, she jumps onto your back as you head into your room and she goes onto the bed

you take the helmet off her and put it on yourself, as she starts to undress.

"Put them back on for now"

"okay :3" God, you almost feel bad ruining this chipper, almost, if she hadn't tried to roofie you.

"Got a question for you"

"Why do you feel the need to rape me?"

"hehe, maybe it's because you played, so hard to get, and i wouldn't call it rape, I didn't slam my vagina on you while you were sleeping did I <3"

"Well, the thing about that drug, is that it only works once"

She freezes, and you can feel the tears welling up behind her eyes

"That drug. The cinnamon one. the one that only works properly once. The one that made me say weird shit a long time ago. the one that made me tell you a story I wasn't ready to tell anyone, including myself, the one that pissed me off, the one that nearly made me kill you and KJ, the one that made me kiss you in that bar."

"I-i-i-it's not that! It's not rape, the man who sold it to me said it reveals true feelings, how was I supposed to know your true feeling was anger?" and before you can speak she cuts you off again "And it didn't make you kiss me in that bar, the same way it didn't make you kiss me at your house on coruscant!"

she speaks as if she's got you cornered, like she's won, but this isn't a game to you

"This isn't a fucking game to me Al, you too got hurt, it was a stupid fucking move"

"You just don't want to admit that-"

"I want you? i do, I really do, but I can't, I can't have what happened with her happen again"

"That's bullshit and you know it!"

This girl's a fucking idiot

you pull out the beast and she recoils in horror

"I've broken larger women than you, both physically, and mentally with this." you say slipping it away.

"I'm being responsible, I care for you, so please, stop, or i'll do something we both regret"

"I can't ever stop loving you"

"You're gonna have to try"

"No! I can't leave you, to sit and cry for hours on end, filled with confusion, lust, fear, you know how that makes me feel? How that makes KJ feel? we're connected to you, if we're not all having fun and being filled with love, then no one is"

>what say/do

also you have missed calls but it's a bit rude to check it now in the middle of emotional debate and character growth.
You don't need to resort to this for people to stand by you, to stay with you.
It's what helped cause the force rage before, and it will only cause harm.

If you had that same talk with me without the drug things would've turned out well regardless.

Tell her you'll understand why she resorted to something so extreme, but you'd rather she not. Dumb shit like this is what made you the shell of a man you are.
I tried to get everyone's responses in, or at least the tone they meant with the response

I'll move off this arc soon if it's bothering you lot being brought up every two seconds, but I feel it's realistic where if you treat a certain girl in a certain way, then certain things happen, ever if some of you voted against the certain things leading to this.


sets the mood nicely I think
Yeah this sounds okay
"You should've talked to me, properly. This isn't the way things had to go, and I want you to PROMISE me never to do anything like this. If you do, it's all over"
You can please her without the exogorth. Do so.
I'm fine with it personally
>This isn't the way things had to go, and I want you to PROMISE me never to do anything like this. If you do, it's all over"
Nop pls no don't push her do hard pls it'll just blow over badly
I like it, but my connection died and serious stuff choices/write in only makes replies less likely.
It isn't pushing, it's give and take.
The caps ism't shouting, just emphasis.

A better way to put it
"We'll stay together, but please don't betray my trust, please promise not to do anything like this again and I'll do my best for you"
>You can please her without the exogorth. Do so.

Gonna have to elaborate on that my friend, kissing, light petting, heavy petting, everything but dick in the two bottom holes, I need deets man.

unless you meant please her with words.

true, but write in is to stress it's your actions and words making all of this happen, not my suggestions.

will use moer options soon

don't push her too hard?
what do you mean by that?
h by "if you do it's over" directly after i'll never leave? yeah we'll leave the end piece off

reasonable enough

a lot better tbqh

can we get a consensus on

Both the one that got seconded and the one that got altered are mine, just one was for the other and the other was for this one.

Feel free to mix and add or remove whatever, at anons and yours discretions.

Also the writeins are fine, and awesome, just meant things take a little bit to gretgoing with them.
Cuddling, nuzzling, kissing, general foreplay shit. Get her to the edge and leave her there. As payback for cheating with that drug earlier.
Mandalore vagina tonguespeak, but only as much as she can handle

She can pay us with a handjob and licking.
File: 1446005212538.png (307 KB, 648x450)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
Wow what are you doing no pure imouto not for lewds
Kyran fucked and impregnated his genderbent clone.

I think he is not morally against it by default.
siscon best con
you're a fucking stone cold killer mate
so no exogorth penetration, but do you pull it it? does she touch it, like, you're fucking diamonds tbf, you could also just rub dick off pussy and not enter


very light lewds?
loving onii chan lewds isn't lewds

hmm, I like seeing reasoning behind choices, maybe/

I have an actual sister, and it grosses me out thinking about that in real life
but anime siscon is top notch m8y
Yes because that went fucking dandily
Pls want to be best bro for pure imouto
we can be lewds after a little growing up
if you want timeskip, just say timeskip
we can fill in the blanks until she's an adult with fixing her now and when she hits 18 and we're nearly 20, fuck it, if that's what you really want.


Seems you're kinda a bit outvoted

So the lewds will be as light as possible, and just to get her off to control her crazy teen hormones.
Shrug, I tried.
Teens will be teens.
The whole "don't actually fuck her" is because Kyran is taking ir slowly, your argument has no base because Ranlis was raped and abused by Ky, not protected and loved as he is trying to do now.
Yeah I guess we could get it involved but no entry obviously.
Well yeah, but I got the impression that Ky kind of regrets it and stuff and wouldn't want to go down the same path/fuck up like that again kr something?
Soz bro

very light lewds win

just to keep her at bay and satisfied so she stops being an emotional wreck.

true, but not no base, some base, kyr tried to protect and love ranlis and failed miserably

and that's what he's scared of doing to her now, repeating his mistakes, not being the big brother she needs to take care of her and make her feel wanted
Exactly why he is doing it differently dude, you are arguing for something but defending another.
He fucked up before, so he either wouldn't want ro get involved or he'd want to do thing differently.
He is not forcing himself, and he isn't being harsh or abusive

Doing thinga differentlt, this is the definition of it
Right, okay.
Sorry, I guess?
I blame total of 7 hours of sleep on the last 4 nights.
It's kool, it's a bit subjective I am just defending how I see it
maybe I should run less ennit ;)
nah don't apologise for an opinion bruv
finally writing anyway
"We'll stay together, but please don't betray my trust, please promise not to do anything like this again and I'll do my best for you"

She wipes her tears and looks up at you smiling, not as wide as the ones before, but a legitimate smile. The first one in a while.

She steps up to leave and you grab her shoulder, and she looks at you, full of confusion

"Imouto is not for lewds" "Uhh, okay-" "But for now you are not imouto, you're a very bad girl, who can't help but be horny for some reason"

She blushes "you know the reason... and what's lewds?"

You plants your lips on hers eliciting a squeal of delight and her eyes literally vibrate in surprise upon your tongue's entry.

The shock eventually wears off, and she looks like she's in wonderland, but you pull back, leaving her very confused, panting, tongue's hanging out, like a dog who's owner keeps dangling steak just out of reach

"You're a very bad girl, and you owe me one, but i'm in debt to you, and a debt must be repaid"

She just stares trying to figure out what it means, and then it hits her, in the thigh, because you pulled your jeans down getting comfy, and when you slip out of them, you pull hers down to her ankles too.

She's really confused and overwhelmed so she just stands there. Whatever, it's not like you've never performed ancient mandoa tongue arts while on your kness before, and you grab her by the cheeks, pushing her slit forward to your mouth, delving in to the hairless baby cave with the hunger and technique of a commando lost in the woods, hunting a bantha cub.

She stands there holding up the bottom of her shirt as you search around like you lost your keys up there and your tongue's a metal detector

"Ahhhn, ahhn, ahhn ahn, a-"

Just as her breaths keep taking more and more rapid breaths, you pull away, leaving her looking like a child who came downstairs on life day to find nothing under the tree
You just push her onto the bed and make demands

"There's what I owed you, now if you want to be finished off, you'll help out with this thing here you caused."

She is gobsmacked, not literally, as even that teasing is too cruel for you right now.

But she finally figures out what to do

Yes grab your hands and- no that's your- ooooh

You can't say you've ever had a footjob before, feet aren't your thing, but it feels very good, like softer thicker hands with more force between them.

She's pretty flexible to be able to do this while perpendicular to you, reminds you of that zeltron that sucked your dick while doing the bridge, fun times

when you're nearing an end you thought you'd never reach this way, eventually she just stops

"heeehn, if you want,,, to finish.... i need to finish too"

"You cheeky strumpet!" You shout pulling her legs against your chest, creating an L for lsut between you, with your dick above her slight in her thighs, rubbing hair snatch in all the right ways, and getting into a headbutt match with her clit

She moans out loudly and cutely again, and you hamemr hard on her thighs and slippery kidshitter, until she spazms, toes pointing straight up as she screams, as you cover her entire torso lower and upper with future babe magnets.

You stare at her, and find her plunging up to pull you back down to make out with.

"I love you"

"i know"


You spoon until she goes to get a drink, at which point you shout "and stay out! and lock to door.

pretty eventful day if you don't say so yourself


Do we
A. Timeskip until for 3 and a 1/2 years with no more lewds with imouto/very little, like once every 6 months when she can't take it anymore, where kyran incognito has set up his criminal empire, and used it to fund his academy he's just started for force sensitives
B. Stay in the present and what do now?
C. Timeskip (write in)
A. Timeskip until for 3 and a 1/2 years with no more lewds with imouto/very little, like once every 6 months when she can't take it anymore, where kyran incognito has set up his BOUNTY HUNTER empire, and used it to fund his academy he's just started for force sensitives
We diamond dogs now
Fuck off BigBoss

"Ky goes force rage at Al, Al Capone uses drugs to get love"
nice archive brah
A I guess?
I kinda feel bad for Athena though.
But I guess she found love with the Padawan
I just feel like going with something neutral like mercenary or bounty hunter work fits FUN more than some criminal empire, which is blatantly evil and fits the sith better
Maybe, or she'll see you come back and renounce her jedi vows and get back on your dick
they only lesbo out for stimulation, nothing else going on there

so 1 for a, 1 for a with criminal turned to bounty hunter, so instead of running a large area of tatooine smuggling all over the galaxy, we're a hirer's hub, a fixer for other bounty hunters

fairdoes, but i don't mean criminal, just taking over randall's cartel, which you could turn into bounty hunting, leave it the way it is, do things much more morally like no extortion of town's people or slavery, things like that
Much better, I mean just barging on Randall and saying all those things just to keep it all the same would be extremely incoherent.
Write time skip as you stayed here, usurped the title to all his lands, lowered taxes, outlawed slavery, created protection by using bounty hunters as police force, built your academy and have people scouting the galaxy for force sensitives to add to your collection/academy, and have adverts out for people to send their kids to you as an alternative to cunty sith and jedi, have AA guns and a fleet to protect the planet aswell as bringing schooling, stuff like that??

>Anything else to add to it and do it, or just say "that's the plan" and continue on as current kryan?
Don't forget actually teaching your students
>captcha wdemal
That's not how you write vvanderfel
Remember to learn from stone lady and teaching the students.
Don't use wookie techno.

And try to keep warm relations with the jedi, the whole "reeducate" thing, give them some support on actions in the planet we set up shop in
So no to academy being set up, first batch of students are in and you're training them?

anything else?
writing then I guess
Maaaybe talk to Athena, Ranlis, Trayce and try to reconcile. Try and make sure we are at least neutral, no animosity or grudges.
Possibly get the mandos in on our bounty thing?


3 and a half long years go by in a flash.

You usurped Randall the hutt's property, and instated the republic of fun, removing slavery for you eighth of the planet, aswell lowering the exorbitant tax rates he got rich off. You also install planetary defenses and shelters incase of attacks by anyone or disaster.

You contact the mandos and they become the de facto rulers of your police force, as aged as they're getting, having useful contacts, bringing you a steady supply we want to prove their might, and battle at the Colosseum for entry, and ingenious idea by your 2nd in command KJ, who's since gained a really really cool eyepatch and pirate hat, and privateers in his spare time to improve his leadership and battle stratagem.

Al's who's 17 and 18 tomorrow, became a little bit of an artist, aswell as taking a heavy interest in your academy, being one of your teachers along with you, KJ, Trayce and Symone who left for a better more fun life here, and half a remarkable level of fun.

recently you contacted Ranlis, and got through, and she will visit your palace on sunday, 2 days away.

The sith are more or less neutral now, only because it's been a while since you've pissed them off, and the jedi would be neutral since you're turning dark side users neutral for them (which KJ personally oversees), you're also turning their own younglings into people with a desire to flee to twatooine and join your academy of fun, aswell as a couple of padawans, thanks to your contacts on the planet who you smuggle with, namely Baka the hutt.

You've just completed your first 4 days of your academy, and now it's the fifth day of the school week, friday, and you have 3 classes to teach

>What do you teach to the 12-16's?
>What do you teach to the 8-12's?
>What do you teach to the 4-8?
>What do you teach to the 8-12's?
Space Twister.
>What do you teach to the 12-16's?
Hmm. Space Force Dodgeball. Blindfolded.
>What do you teach to the 4-8?
Blind Force Tag?
Sensing the force and the basics of understanding it, and being guided by it.
Understanding that the force can also alter the perception of others, and other basic concepts

Applying the force to the physical world, basic force tricks such as pull and push, changinf range, strength, scope, duration, etc with more intricate stuff for the more advanced ones

Applying the force on the perception of others, as well as pratical combat applications of the force. Remember to assign them exercises to strengthen the body as homework

All of it with a healthy dose of jokes and utilizing games and such to aid the education
>Not just teaching 4-8s regular force ball to hone their predictive dodging.
I don't wanna get sued bro. Good otherwise.
Sure that works
Can't sue what you can't catch!
Or in other words:
>blindfolded dodgeball and precog guessing games
>forceball and racing obstacle courses based on the force powers
>social shit for teens where they have to use force tricks? and playfighting/sparring, assign them shit for homweork like getting to weird spots in the city that require freerunning or something like "go lift, best scores get cool shit yo, lift hard bruhv"
As your tenets say, the last day of the work week is the most fun of the work.

With the 4-8 group You teach them the basics of understanding the force more, and how to feel it around you more, as well as that the force can affect the world, and other's perceptions of the world.

you start them off with some precognition guessing games to warm them up and test them, and then let them go at it in normal dodgeball so they can predict angles and feel where the ball's going to be thrown before it is


With the 8-12 group, you teach them about applying the force to the physical world, aswell as basic force tricks such as pull and push, , scoping range, and speed.

You put them straight to work in a precog blindfolded obstacle course with timed events, with them having to guess when to move and prove themselves with basic physical skills.

Those who complete the course are the advanced ones and are able to play blindfolded space twister, though it's mostly older ones.


The 12-16 group is a bit more awkward, as they know more and some don't have great attitudes, so you apply what everyone enjoys doing, exercising.

You put them up to blindfolded space dodgeball, and only the physically unable who are talented in precog but are slow are eliminated, so the pre cog side is fine, they just need to get buffer.

You assign getting buff as homework, and tell them that they need to increase their physical strength to be able to use before you teach them how to use the force to strengthen.

Those on monday with photos of themselves in hard to reach places will be given extra credit

The 16+ class is covered today, and so you grab a gungan brain and red seaworm gyro from the canteen and go sit in the council quarters, eating.

You could wait until someone might come with you for a problem, or you could go handle some other business, i.e, socialise.

>what do
File: 1360760448544.png (17 KB, 1000x800)
17 KB
Sorry bro it's 0634 time to meditate an hour or two. I'll try and not fall asleep like a bitch.
>what do
Talk to stone, talk about our progress?

Did we do anything of our own at all on these 3 years? Did she teach us anything?
Go socialize, check in to make sure stuff is going okay. Generally bullshit around with a side of administration stuff.
Try super hard not to freak about two days from now.
sure qt girl bruv
She's taught you a lot, basically your life span's been increased from 90 to 140 already, and you're ageing really slowly,
Nice trips

Also, does our school have any special events and clubs?
That's some pretty cool shit, hobbies are some cool shot.
you go around checking from class to class making sure everything is fine, and everything is.

The students have taken to fun like students to fun, who'd have thunk it? You.

You go around chatting with the admin stuff, making sure everyone's cool, and go back to your chambers, and decide to meditate for an hour.

You think of a lot, though mostly it's struggling not to freak out about Ranlis and that.

You open your eyes to see the poster for the track and field event 3 weeks away to mark a month, but what really caches your eye are the student societies

On the first day, students were allowed to create clubs, and the school funds their supplies and outings, including, but not limited to; detective club, video game club, pilots club, basically anything somebody finds fun has a club for it, and they're all at different times so students can have as much fun as they want!

Man you love this place


End of the day, what do now?


Check finances

Then go see our buddies on the time off
Your policies have transformed this place from a shit hole into a booming business hub who deals with all sides on neutral grounds, as well as smuggling and black market affairs
Your finances are fucking dandy.

You meet KJ by the gates and embrace his arm in a bro shake

"FIRST WEEK DONE BOY" You shout in his first

"Not so bad for an old man and his cripple bro" he says back.

You head to your "palace" and chill as your well paid servants bring you and KJ drinks, and watch the TV

After a while, KJ perks up

"It's friday bro, we need to be self improving, not just just having fun, end of the week!"

"I know just the thing..."

>write in
>swoop bike racing
>javelin toss
Free Run, AC/Mirror Edge Style but using the force for maximum effecticeness.
"You see that giant skyscraper block over there?"

"Yeah, the one with the scaffolding still being built?"

"Wanna race to the top?"

"Why the fuck not"

You both just look at each other for a second, before you quickdraw and jump up first and he grabs you to throw you back down

You btoh get to the base of the skyscraper at the same time, now just time to start climbing

>write in
>follow KJ's route and overtake him last second
>Jump from building to building to get height faster than the weird scaffolding could give ya
>Climb up the built part, throwing yourself up ledges
>Use the scaffolding
>Go in an elevator to the top

Roll1d100 with what you pick
Rolled 16 (1d100)

>Jump from building to building to get height faster than the weird scaffolding could give ya
Rolled 40 (1d100)

i just realized that last option is there, hilarious

Ah fuck, not the best pls
you got 1 more rolls bruv
and yeah, you could still fail that option aswell.
Rolled 82 - 100 (1d100 - 100)

Rolled 29 (1d100)

Let KJ go ahead while we get a space cola or something. Time it so we tie on purpose.
Rolled 81 (1d100)

rolling opposition
Wow by one, wow. Going full DSP now. Too wow.

You pretend to sprint up the building, but instead grab a Kyrca Kola out the vending machine, and leisurely walk into the lift and lose the door, pressing the button for the top floor, before putting a silly straw in your drink and enjoying the ride up.

You get to the top just before him but go slow and make it so you tie.

"How aren'y you out of breath?"

"Because i'm amazing, i'll race you back down!" you shout walking into the lift in plain view


You two get a sandwich and sit in the local park, you had a lot of water and grass imported to make this big glass terrarium, and it was worth every penny.

"So, Al's 18th tomorrow."


"Any thought on what you're getting her Ky?"

>write in

"Ah i see,"

>what else talk about?
>what do after the convo?
>write in
"A popped cherry"
"And a pendant"

>what else talk about
How is his love life?
What he thinks about our progress?
Talk about vidya?
Ih and the whole "Ranlis coming for a visit" thing, ask him for his take on things or words of encouragement?
Might give her the force stone. She might need it with Ranlis coming.

Otherwise. Although we gotta take her out somewhere decent.
"A popped cherry" pffft "and a pendant"

"You never change do you Kyran?"

"I'm more mature! and it's a nice pendant you know"

"yeah sure"

"So how's your love life anyway?"

"Coming to the party tomorrow, i'm picking her up from the spaceport later"

"Very nice, tell me though, what do you think of my progress?"

"Astonishing. YOu've really turned this place around, and now you're fulfilling your dreams. Spectacular as always"

"aww golly gee shucks u're making me bluuuuush"

"Shut up you nerd"

"Can't believe you're not into vidya"

"it's dumb"



"whatever, I need your advice man"

"about what?"

"ranlis" Now there's a name he hasn't heard in a long time, "she's coming on sunday and we're getting brunch, just to patch things up"

"Can that be patched up?"

"Well i'm gonna die trying"

"Just do what you do, and keep calm, you can take the whole galaxy dude, everybody else ain't nothing"

"thanks man"


And here is where I go to sleep because it's 5:34 am and i've got presents to get tomorrow

I'll probs make a new thread when I wake up or continue this one if it's still up

Thanks very much all of you for playing,hope to se you when i'm back on bredrin

See you next time, thanks for running.
Aww, hokay.
Thanks for running

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