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Welcome rudebois and rudegyals to the latest edition of Star Wars A New Quest, two sessions in a row recovering from extreme exogorth use.

The last thread went for 25 hours before night night, a new record, one that i don't aim to beat today though. the 8 hours i spent sleeping count, shut up!

>Last time on STANQ; You cleaned your kitchen, tried to gauge police feedback time by stealing a purse, got caught by the 3 ninja jedi you know who you world's fastest splits falcon cunt punched and force juggled and ting, got home, find out more about the nature of the heist, head to the jedi temple to win a fight and get athena poon only to bleed out into a coma when you finish at which point the quest would've ended if you'd rolled badly cos i don't fuck about nigga , are interrogated by the jedi for sith activities and theft of the purse which you dutifully replace and pay the fine for, 68 with the tsun padawan trayce who brawls with athena who's depressed because she thought you two were an item but you "i'ma furee spirit, rastafarii!" her back to acceptance, get breakfast, make them kiss and make up a bit too far too far, meditate a lot, release the beast some more, commit the heist, appreciate your new armour, got kryan'd, was a big brother to a little orphan wookie child, backstabbe a double double-saber jedi with four arms instead of dueling him because the cunt broke your teacup, and that's where we left off.

You have 1 edgelord point saved up, and having collected 15 lightsaber blades have achieved your first unlockable!
Which is... a platinum belt buckle with the exogorth on it with an eye of amethyst and teeth of topaz, that can be removed and function as a knuckle duster, and your force rage, force repulsion, force speed, force mind trick, force ghostly gazelle, and force mind crush all gain one level!
The next unlockable is at 25 lightsabers, then after that at 50! Collect them all!

You look down at the dead body of the Sith sent to kill you after picking up his two doublesabers, the colours of which you don't know since he never actualyl activated them.

You guess he was listening out for a lightsaber humm to block or dodge, not a straight up Bowie Knife Sith Artifact being plunged into his back, especially since you seemed so honourable.

Teach him to break your fucking mug, the fucking mug.


>what do now?
>also loot or not loot?
Shit forgot to name up

Also, obligatory "the galazy's your oytser because this is a sandbox quest set in TOR era" post.
>>also loot or not loot?
We killed him, his shit is ours ow.
1 holopad, 5000 credits, a nice black and red cape, space j's, an elegant blaster, a half off voucher for a gyro he took from your table the cunt.


>what do now blud
Find out who this guy was, just for kicks
Dispose of the body. Toss it off the roof.

You check the man's holopad to find out who he is, and after copying his wife's nudes to your own holopad, you go intto his recent transmissions.

Woah, you are very lucky you backstabebd this guy, he's a darth, multiple times more powerful than anything you've fought to this date.

Darth Reginald, just a few brown nosings away from joining the dark council apparently.

You decide to pull out your saber and cut him into six pieces, pushing each one off the roof, and kicking his head as far as you can, and give a thoughtful eulogy.

"What a cunt"

Yeah head downstairs to find KJ nowhere to be soon, with a hastily scibbled note, "I pledge myself to whoever survives"

Wow, his lack of faith is disturbing.

>what do now
Call that cunt up and berate him for doubting us. Then make a sandwich.
>comm that line to KJ
>comm the mandos to see what's up

Eh he joined us to escape the whole shitty deal the Jedi and Sith did, maybe berate is too harsh a word?
Whatever tho
More like," yo man, why'd you leave, said I'd be right back."
Aww yiss it's Fag't Grand Master Plow Pwoon time
>To do list from what I understand of you guys;
Start an academy of FAGT's, get a midichlorian scouter, try out your new jetpack, get some transport, feed the exogorth, take more kids out on trips including the jedi younglings to build a child army for your academy, think of where you want your relationships with people to go and how you're gonna get there, think about what you're gonna do and how you're gonna get there, deal with the sith threat, and more I can't remember right now.

You dial up KJ and put him on loudspeaker in the kitchen while you make a sandwich.

"Uh, h-hello, mr Darth Reginald, sir?"

"It's me you prick, psh, Why'd you leave? I said i'd be right back. why you doubting me for? You've seen what I can do!"

"KYRAN! Thank the force it's you, I really didn't want to apparentice under that guy, only 11/12 of them survive... But you must understand why I doubted you! I once saw a holotape of him pnching someone so hard, the shockwave traveled through his head killing the man behind him!"

Wow, a big deal huh?

"Whatever KJ, i'll see you later, sandwich time" you say cutting off the call, and taking a bite into your dewback sammie

You really need to find somewhere that sells gungan brain, you're spoiled for the stuff since korriban.

You dial up the mandos and receive heavy breathing


"When are you gonna put the gimp suit on again, it's losing your scent"


Okay, try her personal number then.

"Hey Kyran, it's Glenda, what's up?"

"Hye Glenda, jsut checking in. Wuu2?"

"Just about to go close a deal, you'd be good backup actually"

>do something else (and what)

Wargwan bruv, and you've already posted that one.
Sure go help the fellas.

Did we get any feedback from the orphan place? Shame we were returning her early.
[spoile] just how strong is an infant wookie?
That makes sense.
File: 1447225097421[1].png (1.54 MB, 900x1200)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Sure yeah lets go
>Did we get any feedback from the orphan place?
What happened with that thing anyway?
>you've already posted that one.
As nice as it would be for it to be otherwise, I only have a finite amount of that kind of pics
Shitting so posting on new phone

Slow writing
Also what's a decent mizer for liquor, oj a shit
We took Rargle back because we had to fight that sith. At least we had a short bit of fun, like 40 min tops?
Didn't she want to go back when we have her the tou or sumtin
Rolled 46 (1d100)

You pull on your fancy new super armoured but still maneuverable af bounty hunter armour on, you fancy hat even has minituature magnets to attach to your mando helm, grab two sabers and two blasters and head to the meet
Uh... No, the sith dude accosted Kyran and Big K told him he'd fight him, but he had to let Kyran go take Rargle to the orphanage first.
He asked if Kyran was afraid he'd use her against Kyran and Kyran replied that he just didn't want her to witness it.
Oh. Huh.
You arrive at the meet with the 3 mandoes (gareth watching the ship) and sit ona nearby bench with your balsters out, flexing them almost.

Eventually four big power armour fucks come around a corner and decloak asking if "the package is here"

"Your damn fuckin right it's here!" Shouts Glenda, "The meet would be pretty fucking useless if we came without it"

She places a large obsidian box on the ground, and when the guy opens it she puts a gun to his head.

"Take the rest of your fellas and yourself out of those pwoer suits roit now you backstabbing arsehole, I intercepted your betrayal transmissions."

"You're making a big mistake Glenda" The man shouts with barely restrained anger.

"Out the fucking suits, now!"

You detect his intent to strike.

>what do?

also roll 1d100 with your choice
Rolled 38 (1d100)

Blast their armors off, with force and shots?

"Just pay the lady and stop trying to play dumb"
Rolled 51 (1d100)

Nobody else?
Goddamn, typing while shitting is impossible, soz about the wait.

Basically you contact them to schedule days out with their orphans.
You spent 2/12 hours jsut walking around, shooting the shit with Rargle, then gave her the toy, which she really liked but brought up bad memories, so she asked to go home, half an hour later you're accosted and take her home.

So you got 3 hours with her give and take, and she turned out to be non force sensitive.
and awh cute, better get more of those pics you wasteman.
I only drink cheap shit so i wouldn't know
11 1/2 year old wookie, if you had no force, could easily take you to the ground in a test of strength.

That would destroy the suits, and in your estimation, Glenda is robbing them of the suits.

You can still demand that of them, flash your sabers a little, threaten to destroy the armour so no one gets it, ya know, kyran shit.
Rolled 93 (1d100)

oh I misread it I suppose
>which she really liked but brought up bad memories
Are [little green guy] kiddie diddlers? Is this why Yoda trained the younglings?

Huh okay I thought she'd still rather not get backstabbed but k, that'd be good enough
>Are [little green guy] kiddie diddlers?
Nah, just the last time somebody gave her a doll something abd happened so she doesn't want to risk it.

And yoda could've well been a kiddie fiddler, keeping that ice cream for youngling bribes.

93, noice.

"Don't act dumb! Just get out of your fucking suits before we take you all down" you shout, opening your jacket and revealing your saber.

"Should've known you were in league with the-"

"Just shut the fuck up and vacate the suits now!" You say choking the man, and his friends step out of their suits, and soon after, his suit decompresses and he falls out the back, gasping and clutching his neck.

Glenda laughs, picking up and handing you the box "Thanks for doing business with us lads" at which point Gareth flies in, and they load the suits up the boarding ramp

"This isn't over!" The leader croaks.

"Whatever you wasteman" you shout as the ramp closes, ship flying away.

"Woo, good job Kryan!" shouts beatrice, clamping you in one of her trademark bearhugs.

"what's in this box anyway?" you ask

"Fuck if we know, but it's yours now, we've got 4 suits of powered armour kiddo, we dont need no weird gem shit"

Oh nice, you got paid, kinda.

"Anyway, we've no use for you anymore so we're dropping you off and heading to our boss, we'll put in a good word for ya don't worry"

She drops you off at

>where, and you do what when you land?

You wave goodbye and get off the ship.
It was fun while it lasted, a good bye smoochie.
Didn't lightsabers use gems?
Ask Athena what other stuff building lightsabers needs
We got shit for future apprentices k guess?
Well if they wanted it, it must've been rare, might want to test it out ourselves depending.

fun academy could have the tradition of stealing your first saber
>fun academy could have the tradition of stealing your first saber
Yes this pleases me
This pleases us all.

However this isn't a lightsaber crystal, still trying to decide what it is desu. If you want it to be a lightsaber crystal you can, but i'm thinking more along the lines of Krayt Dragon Pearl just to spite the other star wars quest that wants one, or the munn talismann thing anon recommended, or even just a force grenade. idfk, maybe it's a dathomiri magic crystal ball or summat, you guys tell me what you want with it.


You wave goodbye to the mandos and blow a kiss, which they return.

Next, You call up athena

"Wassup stud, you coming over again? Knew you couldn't be away too long"

"Not right now actually, I want to know how to build a lightsaber."

"Shame, well actually, you need a lightsaber crystal, a focuser, a beam keeper straighter, a..."

5 minutes later you know what you need for a lightsaber, but you're considering making your future disciples steal one for their training.

>where did they drop you off and what do now?
I'm okay with whatever you come up with I suppose, I like the suprise.

>drop off
At home to get our munchies and look up this thing we got
fuck man
the reason i'm running a sandbox quest is to not make decisions

You arrive at your house, to find KJ has made you a steak dinner in apology, and then leaves to leave you alone with your new baby.

You destroy the steak, grab a bag of spacedoritoes, and head to your old ground. The galaxynet, to find out what the fuck this thing is... But nobody knows apparently.

Your search "bling wit a stone init" turned up no results that match.

But you can feel it, speaking to you, willing you to put it on, you think he's talking about the music, so you hit the switch and the apartment starts to shake with more bass than the club upstairs normally gives you, but then you you feel it trying to reach your neck, so you put it against your neck, and nothing happens.

But yo do notice tow hooks on the side of the of it, maybe for a chain or a necklace? You're not entirely sure.

>what do now?

yeah it's a dead guy in the stone, going down that route
Grab a hobo off the street and put it on him first.

Ok no, just put it on, whatever.
Fuck it, strap some streap on it and make it a lightsaber strap and Charm thkng.
You grab something that could be used to tie it round you, and slip it through the two hooks, and it tie it around the back of your neck, and it begins to speak to you.

"Hello bearer of my stone"

"New phone, who's this?"

"I am Push'ti Taulk, an ancient force user"

"How ancient we talking?"

"Oh I hit about 4000 years old before I sealed myself away in this talismann to avoid death"

"That's pretty cool to be honest, how do I do that?"

"All in due time child, but for now, I will help guide your actions, and I shall improve your force powers while you wear me."

"Including my wookie techno rave power?"

"What? Yeah, sure, just anything force related."

"Cool, do I have to wear you around my neck or?"

"I mean, yeah. i'd prefer to be available to give you advice at all times, but you could attach me to a lightsaber if you really wanted"

"Would it still improve my force?"

"Only through the hand using the saber and saber related force powers"

>what do now bruddah
Not jnto neckties, reminds of nooses
Saberstrap (sabertrap? Kinky~) will do.
So did they have gyros back then
"Okay, saber strap it is"


"One question though, did they have gyro back then?"

"Never heard of it"

"Dude, we definitely need to go out and experience gyro together at some point, I assume you are piggybacking off my senses right?"

"A little"

"Good, gyro time then"

You take him off and tie him to your main saber, the
>what particular saber or sith knife

and head to the gyro stand, getting your regular gyro, the bantha

"So fucking good, what did I tell you?"

"It's alright I guess"

"Guess specialising in survival made you forget about having good taste huh?"

"I care not for material pleasure"

"uh huh"

"well at least I can still talk to you and affect you attached to this stolen blade, you must have a strong connection to the force to be able to do this"

"I know, i'm Kryan motherfucking Ollis nigga, I have a strong connection with everything"

>what do now?

also would you like more options to pick from as references, or keep it at the current level of 95% write in only?
>>what particular saber or sith knife
Yellow seiba

>>what do now?
When was the last time he got laid
He needs to getlaid
Les be a bro and help him get laid

>also would you like more options to pick from as references, or keep it at the current level of 95% write in only?
Shrug, options with the option to always write in for best of both worlds
Kind of like being bi
k, k, and k.

writing, you lewd hungry bastards.
File: 14786491_big_p0.jpg (1.3 MB, 1753x2480)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
I'm sorry I'm so perfect bb
The talismann really compliments the yellow saber really nice, so you attach them, and put it on your hip and think of what to do next.

"I know, when was the last time you got laid? You must miss the sensation right?"

"I looked into it for passing on gene purposes, but found it was inefficient for survival purposes, so i never have"

What the fuck

"What do you mean you've never been fucked? We're changing that blud, truss in me, we're getting your rocks off tonight rudeboi"

"Oh dear"

You're on the hunt for poon? What do?

>Anyone particular you've met so far? any of the jedi or sith you've met, bounty hunters, milfs at check outs?
>Go on the prowl for poon, but where?
>Hit up a pimp, you can afford to splash a little, what kind of pimp looking for what kind of qt though?
>say "nah senpai allow it" and just go home, to beat your meat, or browse the web, or sleep early or whatever
>write in
Find that punk bounty hunter chick from Baka's club and full Nelson pound her again.

Also the new Star Wars movie is bretty gud. Go see.
>Also the new Star Wars movie is bretty gud. Go see.

Seeing anything but the new alvin and the chipmunks on the day it comes out

gg no re scrub
Saw it last night bruv. Jokes on yew.
You decide that you want a familiar fun little poon, and go off to find that bounty hunter you exposed to everyone.

however, you never got her spacebook, so there's a chase for her, you find one of the videos uploaded from the night of the club and look through the comments.

Apparently, her name is Tylana, and her crew is the RoadRunners, a team that blends into the background and steals shit from under people's noses, or assassinates them.

With a few calls to some of your old bounty hunter contacts, half who ask to meet up and the other half warning you there's a sizeable bounty on your head. you find out her crew had a run go south, and are holed up at a safehouse on the west side of town.

So you head there, long walk, but you get there, climb the stairs, and knock on the front door, looking into the peephole

>roll 1d100

jokes on you, i'm not even real, just an advanced quest prototype AI.
Rolled 13 (1d100)

more rolls please
Rolled 23 (1d100)

Hey hey relax. Was checking other threads.
Rolled 19 (1d100)

Calling foor 33
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Aw fuck
>that picture
hearty chuckle
Didn't mean "ROLL NOW NIGGA"
"lmao you better roll higher if you want to survive this"

too late mein freunde

23, writing.
Don't worry were Plow Pwoon we got this shit
File: 1356828449462.jpg (77 KB, 706x1000)
77 KB
>go shoppe for breakfast at 2100
>come back and suddenly people
I should eay more often jf this the result.
it's not a lewd roll, it's a perception and dodge roll.


the peephole suddenly stops showing light.

What? Did they close it or something.

You hear something that sounds like "sorry pizza delivery guy" and a click before your talismann screams at you, pushing you, and you take a blaster bolt in the side of the helmet, rattling your head, and probably concussing you, it knocks you to the ground at least.

The door opens and the guy comes out blaster lowered

"Wait where's teh pizza? Shit, I jsut killed a guy so that no one would know where we were, and I killed an innocent, oh shit"

"For fuck sake Daryl" Shouts a familiar voice.

"Just drag him in!" Shouts another familiar voice

"Fine," he says, draggin you by the legs and droppng you in what you assume to be a living room, good thing about these mandalorian helmets, hardy, especialyl shot at an angle, and eye concealment, so you can look around no worries"

"well, here's the body"

"Wow, a bounty hunter, nice work. A mando and everything" says the first familiar voice.

"One question Daryl" pops a new voice.


"Why'd you bring an alive guy in? I can feel he's alive, hear his heartbeat"

"Nah, that's jstu after affects, and since when have your force abilities helped us ever?"

"Whatever, i'm going to go lock myself in the bathroom for half an hour and come out when i'm proved right"

"Whatever. Now, the rest of you, how do we deal with this?"

You now feel not dizzy enough to stand if you so choose to.

>what do?

nah i'd miss your qt grills if you left too much.
File: 20573177.png (85 KB, 348x628)
85 KB
Luv u 2 bb
"Sup bb, I heard u missd me. No need 2 lie, Force told me."
Eyy gurls wan sum fug??
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Get a postmortem boner
very cute
"Ayy bb" You shout sitting up, and hearing 2 vagines moisten and the tenor of your voice, "I heard you missed me, no need to lie rudegyal, the force told me, so u want some fug or what?"

She practically nearly creams over that rank sofa right on the spot.

Wow, you've never had the magic words be this effective before, "B-b-but what about me?" you hear from behind you, and turn to face a another woman you've never met before, thighs rubbing together something fierce.

You've also never had it hit two people at once before, damn, your voice must be getting smoother and deeper everyday!

"There's room for you too don't worry" you tell the young blonde, "Room for everyone! Except you Daryl!"

He puts his blaster away>

"I'm going to go wait at the front of the building for the pizza" he says, obviously really pissed off, but not willing to get into it while you're getting into them.

You remove your helmet and jacket and get to work instantly on the punk milf chick, since you came here for her, you'd rather not disappoint her by banging her friend first.

You know how she likes it, so you waste no time in hoisting her up into a full nelson, and pounding her while she crazy legs in front on her friend.

She's as tight as you remember, and screams even louder than last time, probably because you went straight into her favourite position, and you learned a little more about technique after spending sometimes with the woman in the red dress, which you don't remember too well.

Her friend stares wide eyed at the long motions the exogorth is making, and begins going to work pleasing her temporary master, cupping your balls in her soft delicate hands, and licking a certain spot that half the time encompasses your dick, and the other half her vag, all while fingering herself with her ass up in the air for you to look at.

You forgot how much fun threesomes were.

You feel weird groans and feelings of confusion emanate from the stone, almost enough to make you think it's a foursome really, but you push those thoughts to the back of your mind and carry on pumping, harder and faster, until her seizure with the shouts of "No, Kyran, it's too much for me" makes the tip of her womb squeezes your head in just the right way, and you shoot a rather large load straight up into her, watching it explode out of her snatch as you retract and onto the blondes face.

Well, she's going to be out of action for a while, but luckily the spunky spunk haired blonde climbs onto you "Make me cum again, and like a normal person this time Kyran"

You didn't think either of them knew your names, but you push it to the back of your head again, and push yourself into her, revelling in one of the tighest poons to date, almost togrutan level, and her small chest arch as her body struggles to take it all in one go.

nearly ripped your foreskin there, gotta be careful with this one.

You start pumping slowly at first, but steadily increase your speed, and each pull out you do, she pulls herself back down onto you faster than you can thrust up. You're surprised she hasn't completely gone limp and fell backwards onto your legs and can still ride you, and you like the fact she hasn't.

Makes completely destroying it that much more fun.

You hold her arms behind her back and go completely ham, soaking her small pink nips in saliva as you do, just before she clenches so ahrd it makes your dick nearly impossible to retract, and sending you over the edge, shooting your load in, and jsut lying there like dogs, waiting to empty into her and shrink, before releasing.
File: 1450118868037.gif (1.08 MB, 332x173)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF

You button up your jeans and take a sip of the cup of water on the table, and get ready to leave when the door to the bathroom opens, revealing some boyish girl who force pushes you flying backwards, out of the door into the wall, and catching your helmet with your face and jacket which lands and flagpoles on the you slowly shrinking nob.

"why don't youuu join in aaaal, sooo goooood" says the blonde, barely holding onto consciousness.

"Yeah, nah, goodnight" She says slamming the door, and then berating someone who falls asleep ten seconds in.

>what do now?
>go back in?
>go home?
>go out? (where?)
>any options to take while going where you're going or doing what you're doing, like message someone or talk to the talismann or get gyro?
>write in
>get gyro
>ask how's life and other plans and why he thought it was a bright idea to turm into a rock that isn't dildo
>any options to take while going where you're going or doing what you're doing, like message someone or talk to the talismann or get gyro?
>get gyro (order it)
Whats with the force user chick, lets try and recruit her. She aint not jedi and aint no sith, GET TO WORK PLOW POON
Ask her buddies whats up, when they wake up, or the dud.
Sure. Haha.
Well that was unfortunate, and now your head hurts even more, and you're hungry to boot

You talk to the guy having a smoke



"So that force user told me I should get her comm number, but then said bye and i felt awkward going back, so can you give it to me?"


"worth a shot eh?"


You move on and decide to talk to the talismann

"Who's up for gyro?"


"How's life anyway?"

".... fine"

"How was that?"

"... please just leave me alone for a minute"

you've never considered that a disembodied thought in the back of your head you assume is a person but could actually be schizohrenia to have laboured breathing or ask for time alone.

Oh well, gyro it is.

You head to your favourite stand and get a sloppy greasy shit fest, and scarf it down, knowing they feel the good taste, ask again.

"what's up? really?"

"honestly just please don't try to draw my thought for a while, please, until i talk to you"

>Don't make me come in there and beat you up
>OK, sure
>Use your words kyran, and say what?
>Check internet things for replies or what else, orphanage, spacebook, write in,
>write in

Keep getting sandwich captchas, making me well hungry bredrin
Welp, fortune hunter quest is running. There goes my productivity and half my audience.
Overwhelmed? Yeah didn't think it'd be a threesome but eh I had fun.
You decide to use your words you've used so many times to ease nerves up until now.

"Overwhelmed? Yeah didn't think it'd be a threesome but eh I had fun. Did you?"

"I told you please don't make me think of that, because all I can think of is the purely amazing utilization of the force, and the pure skill with the way you handle the female form, just enough, no more thoughts, no more thoughts"

That is really really weird.

I mean you can't hear whoever it is, you can only feel the message they're sending, just a disembodied thought, and hearing it say things like this is putting you on edge.

>what do now?

>Don't make me come in there and beat you up
>OK, sure
>Use your words kyran, and say what?
>headpat the talismann better
>Check internet things for replies or what else, orphanage, spacebook, write in,
>write in
>Check internet things for replies
>go back and scribble our phone nunbers on the chicks we banged. Tell the force chick to call us too. No sex attached
Take the gem off. Sell it to Baka or someone. Shitpost harder.
Why sell the gem?
is gem male or female
You check your spacebook and find general messages from females you've banged or are plotting to bang, and reply words that let them know you'll visit them soon/eventually to each one.

You tell Athena you might stop up to visit and talk business at one point and she just sends a winkyface back.

you also check on the orphanage people and find another email asking you who you want to take out this tuesday (2 days away), unfortunately, you can't pick rargle, you can also elect to pick no one, or ask for another child

You make your way back to the apartment and knock on the door, this time not getting shot in the face, to see Daryl again

"What do you want?" He asks as you push past him to the girls, writing your comm message number and spacebook name on them, despite them weirdly apparently knowing your names and one of them saying "make me cum but better this time" on your first go on her.

You also reach out with the force and find the force sensitive sitting in the backroom reading a comic


"Do you mind? I'm reading."

"Yeah I don't care, but i'm looking for force sensitives such as yourself for something, call me" you say throwing a scrap of paper with your number on it and she doesn't even try to catch it, letting it hit her in the face.


You leave past a confused Daryl and close the door behind you.

You talk to the gem one last time

"Listen right, if you really don't want to impart advice or whatever like you first said you would, I can remove you and let you sit in a cupboard for all of existence or sell you to a hutt, your choice"

"Look, i'm really sorry but I jsut need a little bit of time for myself, I feel really weird and I will teach you immortality eventually, just, please don't confine me to lonliness again."



>Alex! Alex is an energetic older kid at 14 1/2, who loves sports, music, and adventure
>Jeff! Jeff is a mon calamari 8 3/4year old boy who loves swimming, reading a book, and science!
>make yourself look like a prick by requesting a different yute

>take gem off
>sell gem now
>leave gem on for now
>attempt to enter gem
>write in

You get home and shitpost on your favourite sith imageboards and wake up to pages of threads of just pictures of drawfags drawing the ghostly gazelle.

>what do now?

>Alex! Alex is an energetic older kid at 14 1/2, who loves sports, music, and adventure

We should get the mom calamari one when we buy a ship

>try to enter ir for a bit
Rolled 76 (1d100)

You decide to opt for the older kid option, a little less moodier you presume, but after you accept you get a disclaimer email saying that Alex is a force sensitive troublemaker and has been through a lot of Big Brothers for a lot of many reasons.


When you wake up, you talk to the gem one last time,
"Ready or not, here I come"

"But i'm not ready? Whatever" You hear as you focus your essence onto the crystal, attempting to blast yourself into it

You find yourself dissolve into the world in the gem, and since the world isn't changing to have security walls or laser grids, you assume you've snuck yourself in.

You find a computer station with three buttons.

A tiny button labeled "self destruct", a middle sized button hardly used labeled "project self" and a large well used button labeled "project thoughts"

You don't see anyone around but a few corridors, so you press the button labeled project thoughts and hear only one thing in your head.

Your name. Three times. Rapido.

You quickly release the button, not doing that again

>unless you want to do that again
>find them
>look around (for anything specifically)
>write in
Project self!!
You click project self....
And nothing happens.

You guess that projects her image into the real world as one you can itneract with.

Though you feel her, and she feels you're here.

Yep, a she, because she screams and tells you to not look for her and to get out.

>what do?
Look gal, Kyran once fapped to wookies getting assfucked by a saarlac, I aint judging you
Look for her obviously. I mean really what else would Master Plow Poon do?
"Look rudegyal, I've rubbed one off to a lot of shit in my time, including something involving wookies and a sarlacc, no need to feel guilty about thinking of someone as great as me"

"Please just shut up and get out, please, i-i-i'll deal with this"

"Master Plow Poon doesn't say no to a female in need" you say navigating the corridors for her

"just go, there's no one back here"

But you find her

Fetal at the foot of her bed, one hand sloppily looking for respite between her legs, light tears on her face

"I-i-i can't help it, it was that mind trick you used! i-i don't get like this!" she says before the tears speed up and her sniffling gets slightly more violent

"millenia of information rest in me, I was a powerful person who could survive anything, but during that...." she stops while trying not to think of that threesome you had, "i felt it. I felt it all, felt it all from them, but not enough, i felt what they felt and asked for more, but couldn't get more, i'm so ashamed, I don't know if I can survive this..."

She brings the hand not between her legs over her eyes, sobbing into it

>what do
Is okay. Exogorth still hungry.
use your words blad
Unless you want convo based off "is okay" for the lewd.
File: 1449888624257.gif (969 KB, 380x281)
969 KB
969 KB GIF
"It's okay lass, not even a goddess would be free from the ultimate power of the Exogorth, now KNEEL before your master"

Then BDSM dirty ralk we picked up on those other sith porno flicks we watched.

>writing, but any more positions or convo or whatever will be added as i'm writing so
How about standing up 69?
Cockchocked doggy?
Reverse flyby?
The Mexicana?
Cockchocked doggy?
Reverse flyby?
The Mexicana?

are those even real?

I'm leaving them out if you can't explain them

i'm writing a bit of everything at the very least.
File: 48001855_p0.jpg (1.08 MB, 1200x1200)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>mfw I wander off for a few moments and Magic happens
Best qm being best
>cockchoked doggy
What it says on the tin, senpai

>reverse flyby
Ass up in the air, ram fully in and fully out

Make her ass burn like she ate taco bell, namely by spinning her with the force while fucking her ass
You sit her up and hold her and wipe her face till there's no more tears

"It's okay" You whisper, "not even a goddess would be free from the ultimate power of the Exogorth" you say to her surprise, before taking both her hands into yours, and pushing your mouth onto hers, pushing her back onto the bed as you hover above her, dictating the pace

She's trying to kiss like a neiomidian pornstar, has no idea what she's doing.

You slowly back out of the kiss leaving her tongue on the air desperately searching for yours, and remove your hands from hers, but with your knee still between her crotch from the mounting so she can't touch herself.

She just stares into your eyes in abject nerves as you slowly unbutton her nightie, pulling it over her head, and palming her chest for a short while as she bites her hand, before you work downwards.

Don't want to get a snack after you've came in it right?

Your tongue all warmed up, you begin to teach her about the ancient mandalorian art of vagina tongue speak, and she howls, she arches, she seizures, her legs go loose and then tight again, she ruffles your hair with wet hands, all while you explore her baby cave with your spelunking tongue, savouring the sweet juices and scents and textures filling you, washing over you.

And she cums. Violently, squirting right all over your face, she starts apologsing profusely and wiping your face with her sweaty nightie, trying horribly to wipe you off, when you notice something.

She's beautiful, you don't know if this is what she looked like when she sealed herself into the gem, whether this is what her spirit looks like, or if this is what she remembers of herself in ehr prime, but her ghostly skin gives way to giant beautiful black eyes, giant grey topped tits, and hips that make roundabouts seem straight.

"i-i-i'm feeling much beter now tha-WOAH"
You push her down and whisper lewd into her ear into her ear, and then retreat a little as she falsely protests.

You take your shirt off over your head and pull your beast out, feeling it twitch when you hear her gasp of fear.

You feel yourself get slapped but nothing's happening so whatever, maybe it was an unconscious mental reflex of hers.

You take her arms in yours, "You are mine now" You growl, tying them above her head with your shirt.

"I'm not sure how comfortable I am with th-Aahn"

You're not waiting any longer, this prodding at the entrance stops now, you want this and you know she does too.

You hear a loud distinct pop and an extremely loud squeal as her hands dig into the shirt holding them together as you push all the way to her end in one go.

God, in this dream world in this gem everything is amazing! The smells are sweeter, the lights are more vivied and colourful, and her little moans of delight sound more fun.

You like it here, you want your own.

Though that wall could use a painting...

And a painting appears on the wall

Huh, guess you're in charge right now.

The shirt around her hands disappears into into rope, which goes around ehr entire body, exacerbating her best features,and keeping her completely still

She only groans harder and louder the more you fuck, and you look into her crsytalline eyes, depositing two big shots in, as she screams in ecstasy, throwing her head back as far as the ropes will let her.

As you pull out, you lose focus and the bindings disappear.
She stares up at you doe eyed, with hearts replacing her pupils.

"Are we done yet?" she says feeling on death's door for the first time

"Not on your life" You say flipping her onto her front and plunging all the way in, and all the way out, and all the way back in, and all the way out again, hokey kokey'ing her pussy and driving her wild, with her whimpers when you pull out of her and her quivers when it's back in

You continue this for two of her orgasms, soaking your lower and upper torso completely in her juices, when one thrust accidentally goes into her backdoor

You're about to completely nope the fuck out when she begs that you pay attention to that hole too, and she's really feeling it

Well, she's completely clean back their, probably due to you willing it to be clean or her taking an enema of some kind before trapping herself in her for the rest of eternity, you don't know, but what you do know is that it feels completely different from vagina, clamping down in all sorts of ways or angles, feeling her internal parts fuck you just as much as her vagina ever could.

you let her cowgirl you before lying back, grabbing her by the legs, abd beyblading herself on you with the force, and she squeals contentedly while you have trouble keeping your composure yourself.

She screams like a wookie in a heat as you bust several million wasted lives into her shitpipe, and pull out, dropping her on the bed, and leaving her to lay there over flowing

"there's poon here" several otherworldly voices tell you. Duh, you know, you were just in it for the last hour or so.

And why does your face hurt so much?

You push these thoughts to the back of your mind and jump into the new spectacularly clean bed (mostly because you didn't want to sleep in your cum juices and hold her tight)
"Not asking me for help on sexual issues is insulting" you say

"Sorry master" she says cuddling up to you

"Make sure you come to me next time"

"Don't worry, I will"

"Good, because i'll be coming here a lot"

"One question though, why is your face bruised and bleeding?"

you don't know, but the lightning explains it.

You're make do defibrulator'd back into the real world, coming face to face with a slightly worried KJ with extended electricity arcing off fingertips and a very worried Athena

"What the fuck man"

"Oh finally, you're awake, we've been trying to wake you for two days!" says KJ

"Days? it only felt like three hours or so in there"

"In where? Your dream? Your coma?"

"No the stone"

He just blanks you

"We should take him to a hospital. If screaming that there's poon around couldn't wake him, and light beatings couldn't do it either" you put your had on your face and feel the bruing and burst blood vessels, "and force lighting had to do the trick, there must be something deathly wrong with him" athena suggests.
>what do

and wargwan brudda
you're welcome

still not sure what that is nigga.
"Look it was just some new force medidation I came up with, don't worry, so what did I miss?"
O duck my ribs must be bruises i love you qm
Let's go wtih this.
Yo hold this gem for a sec while I go get cleaned up and get some damned food.
>you let her cowgirl you before lying back, grabbing her by the legs, abd beyblading herself on you with the force, and she squeals contentedly while you have trouble keeping your composure yourself.

She screams like a wookie in a heat as you bust several million wasted lives into her shitpipe, and pull out, dropping her on the bed, and leaving her to lay there over flowing

A million keks, this is dude is a literary genius
ayy bby

writing em
thanks bbz
Yeah definitely the funniest quest going right now.
i'm trying to write, stop making me blush


You get out of bed, noting that there's half dried wet dream spooge soaking the sheets, and hand the lightsaber to Athena

"Yo hold this gem for a sec"

"What gem? You mean this talis-" she says, passing out, probably being pulled into the gem by Push'ti Taulk, thinking it's you, and falls face first into the spooge pile, making a light splash noise.

There's enough there to drown in, and you can her KJ shouting her awake, screaming for your help as he tries to move her without getting your sperm on him

You just take half a sandwich from the fridge and begin eating it, turning on the TV and putting your feet up, paying no attention to the panicked screams from KJ

After a while, you hear a large zap, followed by a large slap and Athena comes down and fucks the lightsaber at your head, you catch it with one hand while continuing to eat your cereal with the other

"What the fuck Kyran? Why is there a dead bitch in there?"

"Fuck if I know"

"This is really serious Kyran!"

You just look at her.

"You look a lot like space tom cruise"


"I'm dreaming of a white life day?"

"What are you on about?"

"Have you faced your cum fear?"

"if you don't start talking sense i'm going to punch you"

"You fell in my jizz, you're fucking covered in it you snowman looking rudegyal"

She blushes hard enough when looking in her reflection on your TV that the heat evaporates some of it, and she runs to the bathroom for a few minutes, coming out looking less fucked.

"...I'm going now..."

"Bye Athena!"

She doesn't close the door behind, but KJ does, and then sits down next to you.

"That stuff about the girl in the stone true?"


"that's some mythical shit"

"yeah I know, shit's wizard"

>what do

>watch TV and what?
>didn't you have an orphan to meet today later? get ready/be early for that?
>finish your cereal (combinable with the other options)
>explain the girl in the stone
>write in
Finish eating watch the news about the kidnapped senator lady. Hey Kj catch. Toss gem.
>didn't you have an orphan to meet today later? get ready/be early for that?
Take KJ alongside us, we're hacing force sensitive fun
You switch from the cartoons to the news

"We still don't know who was behind this kidnapping of the senator, but she gets kidnapped a lot, so maybe it'll resolve quickly, though our thoughts go out to her family in this difficult time"


"And the jedi were once agian the heroes we needed!"


"Unfortunately, bingo the dog's tail is lost forever"


"Are you force sensitive? No? Exactly,y ou have no edge on the people that control your life!"

Oh this one sounds like something worth not Space-TiVo'ing through

"We at the "Fuck Force Sensitives" party we'll seek to no longer let us perish under the rule of those with predetermined powers, and elt them abuse us as second class citizens! So sign up to join today! Entry is only 300-"

pyramid scheme, psh, the news is plain af today

You remember when you finish your cereal that you've slept a couple of days, and now you have that orphanage thing in two hours, enough time to get clean and dressed and KJ too

"KJ, you're coming to my big brother thing today"


"Because she's force sensitive and could be a handful"


"Oh yeah, catch!" you say throwing the saber at him, but he catches it with the force and gives it back to you without touching it, spoilsport


You decide to bounty hunter outfit this job, sans the helmet, along with your weapons, incase you hit a situation wit a darth and you don't have weapons and have to make up an excuse to go home again.

Well, you're going now. Stop anywhere on the way?

>nah head straight there
>job related, baka, jedi, w/e
>poon related, baka jedi, w/e
>food related, baka, jedi, gyro, etc
>write in
Gyro bring one for the kid as well. Kj is paying. Cuase he cheated the gem poon.

Show the kid our light saber jugfling vid
Rolled 33 (1d100)

"Come on loser, we're going big brothering"

"If you say so"

So you go to a gyro stand first off, making KJ pay for cheating the gem out of meeting him, and getting three, which you put in a plastic bag for later use.

You walk to the orphanage, finding that the person has left a note saying "be back in 5"

That's great.

You sit there and wait, refusing the compulsion to dig into your gyro when someone comes from around the corner.

And it's awkward af.

"Wargwan" you say

"How'd you find me?" says alex

"I didn't, i've just started this big brother thing"

She pushes her hair out of her face

"When you said you wanted force sensitives for something, i didn't think you'd be like those scumbags and recruit though this"

"I'm not, it only told me you were force sensitive as a disclaimer after I accepted"

"You still picked me though"

"How was I supposed to know you were called Alex?"

"True, who's that?"

"My apprentice"

"Apprentice? So what, you're a jedi, a sith?"





"That lightsaber juggling video online is me."

"Really? impressive"



Man, something about her makes you feel off


"Hell to the yes motherfucker" she shouts reaching into the bag and pulling one out, you and KJ following suit

You guys all wolf down your gyros when she looks at you.

"I don't know if you guys are planning to force me to be in weird porn," she says smirking, "or try to lecture me or-"

"I told you, we're not Sith or Jedi"

"Whatever you are, surely you didn't expect me to walk did you?"


>Yes you lazy cow
>Nah, the driver's on the way (phone kj's gyaldemting)
>nah, we're gonna steal one
>nah, we're gonna go buy one now, want some input?
>write in
>nah, we're gonna go buy one now, want some input?
>we are not a force academy, we are a fun academy
>>Yes you lazy cow
>>we are not a force academy, we are a fun academy
just randomly shout that?
i'll ease it into the convo
so yes you lazy cow but if she protests go buy a car since you were gonna do it anyway?
Sure but say it in a halfjoking tone, the cow thing.
Have KJ nod with everything you say for kicks
Be smooth with a dealer as you do your dance routine while this bitch steals a car.
Know what would be cool? Of we tied our sabers to the car like tirespikes.
You narrow your eyes at her.

"Yes I am expecting you to walk you lazy cow" you say smirking, KD nodding along

She narrows her eyes back at you.

"You know, you're different than all the other big bros that come by here"

"Yeah I guess I am. But I guess i'm so different because i'm not just some dickhead, I understand what you're going through" You say, as KJ nods along.

"Do you now?" she asks mockingly.

"I've never met my dad, all he left me was that helmet you threw at my face the other day. My mom went missing a few years ago, and they say she might be out there, but she's dead. I feel her in the force, she's moved on, and so have I" KJ nodding along vigourously

She shifts rather nervously, is that guilt you detect

"W-w-well, i'm not an orphan for starters, I just ran way from home when I was younger... Don't get me wrong it was bad, reaaaal bad," she exaggerates, you can tell by her tone it was nothing more than arguing and a hasty runaway, but you let her have the lie for now "so I left, and have been shipped from foster home to foster home, never finidng a place, and now i'm here"

You pat her on the head, and she goes to deck you in the balls, but you deftly avoid it and KJ nods and puts his thumbs up

"Don't get big yaknow! You're only my older by like two years!" She has a point, "and you're surely not epecting me to walk after trying to guilt me like that are you?"

"only to the dealership, calm it kid" confirmed by KJ's nodding

She huffs, but follows, and shouts "WILL YOU PLEASE TELL HIM TO STOP THAT?"

KJ nods in reply

roll1d100 along with what kind of vehicle you want.
Rolled 72 (1d100)

Sports speeder!!!! With racing stripes that make it go faster!
You'd also have the jedi on your ass.

Right now, one purple master saber, two pink dueling sabers (one being KJ's), one yellow saber with a ghost in it , 9 red sabers (5 being KJ's) and two unknown colour double sabers. To let you know what you can put on your car.

If someone does that in paint or photoshop/makes anything for the quest really, i'd gladly put it in.
Rolled 10 (1d100)

Flying nuclear GT-R in Char Azanabe Red.
You arrive at a dealership and take the two aside to brief them

"Right, while I distract the guy, you guys hotwire and drive out of there"

"I thought you said we were buying it, 'big bro'" She says mockingly

"Oh we are, but with a force fingered discount" you smirk

They sneak off and you approach the dealer

"Yo wassup mate, got a light?"

"No i'm afraid I don't sir, and if you aren't buying i'll have to ask you to leave2

"alright alright, i'm going, but first, you got a ciggy mate?"

"Leave ruffian, before I call security!"

"please mate, i'll dance for em, i just need one"

"Aha, this'll be a laugh"

You begin busting out your wedding dances,your wavey arms, your macarenas, your cossack dances, and then otu of nowhere pull out the most amazing breakdancing this side of the galazy, leaving him amazed, so amazed in fact he doesn't see the sports GT-R speeder in Char Azanable Red with the sports racing stripe up the side hurtling straight for you, sicne you're blocking the only exit out of here

You force throw him out of the way and brace

Rolled 87 (1d100)

Pontiac Firebird, the newest one, in hovercar form
Rolled 20 (1d100)

Rolled 28 (1d100)

Ahh fuck
Sorry, already picked, but i'll take that roll for this one if you don't mind, and the car now has a firebird on the hood.

kinda sad you were late, that blazk tranz-am with the phoenix on the front is one of my favourites, saw one in real life once, fucking beautiful
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Please tell me this counts for the new roll instead
Rolled 76 (1d100)

Eh good enough, nice rollerino
You hit force speed without thinking, and it seems even slower than normal, you're getting better man, a lot better.

You crouch and punch the ground, force punching yourself airbourne at eye level, spinning yoursel with so much momentum you think your hair might become an afro, becoming the drill that pierces the heavens, and you drill through the windscreen inbetween KJ in the driver's seat and Alex in the passenger side, spinning in mid airto loungein the middle backseat, arms spread eagle like you're in a hot tub

"we're gonna need a new windscreen"

Their heads snap back like owls and are speechless, KJ even forgets to drive and you have to force the brake pedal and steering wheel to park in the side alley.

"You girls wanna stop gazming all over my new seats and get us away from the crime scene KJ?"

"uhh, sure"

You finally arrive at the safehouse you had during Baka's heist, and find it's completely empty of everything, even the incinerator has been dismantled.

You clear your throat.

"You may resume gazming now"

"Holy fuck" "Holy fuck"

5 minutes later the thrill finally wears off, and you vacate the vehicle.

"I'll call the mechanic to come over here with a new windscreen and change the vehicle's signature so it can't be identified as stolen and give us fake plates. It'll run some credits though, we're out of favours with her"

"Do it, we're loaded"

"So," Says Alex, "what do we do now?"

>Yeah, what do roody poos?
You're lucky it did. Without it, a best of 28 would've landed you in deep shit.
"Wanna play forceball?"
internet's spazzing, pray for me
Rolled 30 (1d100)

Rolling for internet stability
"Yo, ever played forceball?"

"No, how do you play?"

"Basically, we got loads of balls of paper, and we split an area off into three parts, and then throw them at each other with the force."

"Sounds dumb... I'm in!"

so that's how a 19 year old, a 16 1/4 year old, and a 14 1/2 year old threw paper at each other until tmidnight, got several takeaway gyro's and pizzas and that, and retired to your sofa with you in the middle, KJ on the left, and Alex on the right, after repleneshing fluids with the TV on for background noise with old cartoons, laughed and joked until the early hours of the morning.

you yawn and put your arms around both of them

"Three cheers for big brothers!" you say

"Cheers!" from an over excited alex!

"cheersss" from a slurred and very tired KJ, who falls asleep spilling his water on the floor, guess the kid was exhausted after having to deal with you all day.

You two continue watching TV for a while

"Shouldn't you be getting back soon?"

"nah, i usually use this time to stay out a few days, going back in the morning isn't a problem"


You continue watching tv some more

>what do now?
>write in

30 minutes lads, let's make it count.

Does force precog work on videogames?

And more importantly, does KJ feel like taking Rancor-Juice the strongest energy drink in the galaxy?
We can find out times 2.
Rolled 11 (1d100)

With dice or?
Nah mate not Rancor-Juice that shit tastes like shit and smells worse. We need Amalur Energy Bars.
You force lift KJ off the sofa and onto the beanbag to give yourself and Alex a seat and a half each, with optimal shoulder bumping position to knock her off course during the racing game

You split an Amalur Energy bar between you, but you have something with a little more kick to it.

You reah onto your coffee table, open a secret hatch, and pull out two shots of rancor juice

"Is that?"

"Yep, we doing an all nighter or what? I'm thinking video game tournament, you up to it?"

"Isn't that stuff illegal?"

"Only because of how cool it is"

"Bring it on then!" She shouts, prompting you both tot ake your shots, and the world changes around you, fuckin hell, you're mashed senpai what the fuck is this?

"i feel weird"

"me too"

But, on you game

Yep, roll 1d100
Rolled 89 (1d100)

Rolled 24 (1d100)

Rolled 73 (1d100)

Apparently you are.

Well at least Sleepy's got our back, we ain't getting sleepy tho.
Rolled 4 (1d100)

Wew, u rolle 4 her?
She gon get rekt
Power outage.
Phone mobile data until it's back on or i give up

You have some amalur energy bars and wash it down with a hidden supply of rancor juice energy drink shots.

"Aren't they illegal?"

Only because of how fun it is you think, but when you both slam your shots you see why. Holy fuck you're fucking spinning and shit

You totally destroy her on star wartal kombat, and she returns the favour on "now this is podracing!"

Just one game left.

A motion control game set place in a fantasy world without the force or any kind if lasers.

You play the dance part, and while she presents a vailant effort, no one out dances a mashed up kyran.

You both fall back after beating her two one, sweaty and exhausted collapsing onto the sofa

"Thanks for today. I really enjoyed it." she says resting her head on her big bro's shoulder.

>what do now?
P.S. if you want loodness I'll have to pastebin it wheneber my electric comes back on
Yep. Wanna mess with Kj? Get some whip cream real quick it's in the fridge.
File: 1360763577047.png (42 KB, 1000x1000)
42 KB
Fuck yeah vidyas
Seems fun enough, still that guy is gonna need a break. We could give him a day off with his girl or something to compensate for having to babysit his master and this random chick
kiss and nothing else for now
So you want to learn force shit?
How about lightsaber shit
Wait no well gmm....
Give her a Saber?
And yeah, give KJ a break he cool
We should start that Master stuff we say we are and do stuff with him at some point tho
Toothpaste, on his hair, the most evil thing.
You monster
That's nothing. Nair hair remover to my friends face while he slept. Now be looks like joe dirt.
Alternative: break some eggs and put all that gooey stuff inside his underpants. When he wakes up apologize and tell him the exogorth hungered
Might do. Strain yolks first
"Hey, you wanna mess with KJ?"

"Nah, i'm comfy for the first time in a long time, use the force to do it.

You open the fridge door with the force and with the whipped cream above KJ's hand, Alex uses the force to squirt some jn hjs hand.

You then both tickle xhis face with the force, at which point he sprjngs awake and fucks the cream at you, which you catch and fuck back into his face.

She shrieks in laughter whjle he fucks off to clean hjs face and sleeep.

She goes back to leaning her head on your shoulder, "if only everyday could be like this one, i wish id have met you sooner bro"

"Don't get sappy now kid" you say before she punches you in the arm and goes back to using you as a pillow w

>What do now ฿θ¥¥¥?
Reading,kiss and nothing elss

Also those were sick prank ideas.

Next time

Writing, still say
>what do
After kiss though
No kiss. She is the imouto. Hey wanna buy some force?
Let her be comfy and retreat inside your consciousness.

I don't think diddling the orphans, even if they aren't reallt orphans, sits too well at the orphan place where they store orphans
Kissing is fine btw, just don't diddle her
You kiss her on top of her head and lean back, comfortable on the sofa.

She lifts her head and looks at you, getting uncomfortable levels of close, and laughs before saying "haha is that your true intetion br-" which is replaced by a "MMPH?" of surprise at first when your mouth breaches hers, which is then replaced by a "mmmhn <3" when you get in.

Wow, you didn't mean for this to happen, but the rancor jujce has got your head spinning in ways you dont understand, and you carry on making out for a good while ljke only two teens know how to do, before your tongues depart with a farewell river of saliva bridgjng them together.

"So," she says trailing her hand on your chest, "what now?" and the thought knocks you jnto your senses, and you push her away.

She sjts dejectedly on the end of the sofa until you grab her from behind and pull her into the space between hour legs, so she can lie back with her head on your chest and her arms on yours around her.

That was close, last time you diddled someone you were an older brother too too fast, they put you in prison

You wake up.
Holy fuck yoir head hurts.
What the fuvck happened last night
Oh you had thr rancor juice and there's your imotour onyourlap, wrapped around you, witha trail of tears connecting uour mouths
Oh fuck
You use the forceto check, and the ecogorth hasn't beenused.what a relief youthink, beforea slap snaps you into reality

"Oh, good morning athena. Wannabuy some force?"



"This isn't what it lookslike"

"Thats good cis it looks like youre being a kiddy fiddler"


>write in
>explain calmly and rationally saying what
>lie througj your teeth saying what
>you're the real kiddy fiddler you sket
Also my data is being killedso if i just stop my phone's ran out or I've falen asleep
"Use the force to see what happened"
"Or check the security cameras, or Icy"
Really cuase I'm only 16 lady girl parts, wanna buy some force? Sorry can't think right now. Halp?
The - I am underage - card is also good.
Damn son where do you live if you have electricity breaks and a data cap on mobile
I know it's not Finland because neither hapens here
"Use the force to see what happened why don't you?"
And she does so
And returns with the coclusion that you've got a teen on your lap you've shared saliva with instead of cock.

She's not budging.

"Well you're right, she aint 15 yet, but im 16 so..."

She looks at you andlaughs.

"Pricless excuse, so you aren't 22 like me like our records say then?"

You eye her down and tell her you really are 16

Abject fear when the realisation hits her fills the room

"So... I-i'm the pervert? By the force!" she shouts freaking out and running away slamming the door nehind her

Which wakes up your imouto

Who looks you in the eye, garbles gibberish, pukes to the side, wipes mouth on the right side of your shirt, then sets her head on the left side.

You sigh getting up, and she stays on you like a front bacpack as you make and eat a sandwich.

Long day ahead.

>what do

New phone, pay as you go ten pound. Spend all day on computer so not much use for phone, not ebin at all
Just noticed i forgot to include twtter and archive
It's WynautQM, and star wars murderhobo edition quest thnxto anon who first archived when i left.
"Let's get you cleaned up and some food in, hm?"
"Also, you might maybe have to help me fix a thing. Or not, your call."
Get her cleaned up, detoxed, fed and then get on with business. Find KJ and ask him what's up fore today
You get her cleaned up, helping clean her teeth, through slurred speech, she tries communicating with you.
"You must haye me after what i did"
"I don't"

"You must think i'm such a kid, having to be dresaed by you and stuff" as you replace her pukey pullover with one of Ranlis' old sweaters you kept
"I don't, now shutup and lift your arms up" you say with the jumper half covering her face, her tanned toned skin and sports bra exposed, which you don't eventhink about struggling to get it over her arms, finally getting it on. It's a little loose.
"See I'm just a dumb baby" she says asyou hold up the soup spoon.
"Shut up already geez"

You put her on the sofa with some green tea and a duvet, and it appears she's calmed a bit now.

You text kj to come downstairs and inform him of today's plans for you both.

Multi option post time, write in, then choice and write in
> what do today

But first,you sit next to Al.
"Don't you leave alright? Or answer the door."
She nods, and then leans forwards and stops expectantly.
>kissu, huggu, headpattu, sayyu something but what,wave goodbyeu, write in
Look kid, don't get it wrong Kyran is a manwhore but he's not sure his time is now, unlike John's
And by this I mean don't go all out
boop her nose
You hold her face to let her know to not move it, and give her three seconds of light lip movements before retreating, letting go, patting her head, lowering your own in shame, and walking out with KJ.


"Shut up I'm 16."

"Really? Shit."

>what do today with kj
Trips retconn after lowered head of shame, you boop jer head and leave with firther lowered head of shame.
>let's fo for a ride on the car
>grab the girl, the Special K and go test that nitrox
the question is can the force boost your cars speed?
I will do this at the start of next run tomorrow, along with anything else you guy's put.

3:15 and I'm sick of phone typing and have morning shit on.

Thank you all so much for playing and the compliments my bredrin, means a tonne, but unlike john cena,my time isnot now, so i will see you all later
Thanks for the run mate.
See you tomorrow bro, thread already archived so it's all k
Go to the Mandos and see what's up?? Just hang around and chill with them.

awake and writing and jolly old 8:55am
You decide taking Alex for a joyride with KJ, but she could hardly get dressed, and you'd rather not have vomit or cold sweat all over your new car.

You know car repairs are expensive, so you take a big pile o' credits with you to the safehouse your car is in.

When you too get there, you're greeted by a jolly looking mechanic Zeltron who waves at you and runs over and hugs you.

"So you're the one who helped me out with that stalker problem? Much fucking obliged there. Good to put a name to a face, i've heard so much about you from KJ here calling me for help and your behalf I was beginning to think you were made up."

"Yeah it's no problem at all"

"Ahaha shut the fuck up lad, it better not be a problem after all i've helped you with. Now onto business eh? I've replaced and strengthened to rear and front bumpers, the stock suspension is no longer a piece of shit, i've changed the electrical signal it gives off, replaced the man sized hole in the windscreen which I have no idea how it got there through amazingness, and i've painted over the entire car with a thin layer of invisible nanobot paint so a press of a button will turn the body clean white, well, any parts not scratched or shot that is"

That's gonna run you a lot

"So how much is this gonna run me?"

"With parts and labour and transporting it, you'd be looking at 120,000 credits with anyone else, but since you're a long time pally o' mine, 60,000"

You begrudgingly hand it over, putting your supply down to 130,000 credits.

"Well, you go and take this badboy for a spin, i've got a ride back, bye boys!"

"Bye" "Bye"

You look at KJ

>who's doing the maiden voyage
>a write in, somehow

>where do you go?
>write in
Let's try it out.

Morning op.
Wargwan bruv
location in mind or just joyride?
Always Joyride. But we should make it short so we can take the kid back to the Gulag soon.

Then maybe just snoop around town, see what's up.
Also Wonder how the girls are gonna view us when it gets out that we're 16, might be something to think about later.

Jedi chick seemed to be having a breakdown.
You jump into the driver's seat and your nerd shouts at "shotgun!"

Next thing you know you're slamming the pedal drown and whizzing through streets and side alleys before you hover up and start flying in the air.

The adrenaline is dangerously addictive as you loop and spin, and forcing oncoming hover cars to crash and swerve around you, driving all over the road, wrong side, right side, in between.

You're having fun, but KJ is a ghostly pale, so you brake and kick him out so he doesn't puke everywhere, but he assures you he's fine and that since he actually has a valid license whereas this is your first time driving, that he should be fine.

You grumble and let him drive you home, looking around town through the windows.

Seems there's been a surge in crime recently, but nothing violent, mostly property damage, theft, by the looks of things and people's emotions.

You get home and see Alex still under the duvet curled up, but awake.

"Come on, get up. Taking you home"

"Don't wanna"

"Are you gonna be a kid about this"

"i'm not being a kid"


"look, just take me back to the safehouse alright, they'll look after me if it's such a hassle for you, and if the orphanage sees me in this condition again, I don't know what they'll do."

You hear yourself sigh, hard

>take her back
>comfort and take her back
>let her stay
>take her to the safehouse
>write in

no matter what you choose above,

>what do during or after?
>message call jedi chicks (saying what)
>write in
>>comfort and take her back
We can just make up a bullshit story about how she ate something bad, some sort of alien food.

>Call Jedi chicks
"We still good to go?"

Did we ever get the name of the Sith lady receptionist, I want to troll her some more.
Also remind her that she'll get to hang out with us again.

And we can just adopt her, isn't she a force sensitive?
Her name was Clatia, and yeah, if you got the number for the sith academy, you could phone up and magic words or tease her or something.

She is yeah, she force pushed you through a door first time you met, still patting myself on the back for that twistoru

You quickly call the jedi chicks up, Athena isn't answering, so you call trayce instead.


"What the fuck Kyran, you're 16?"


"You know how illegal what we've done was then don't you?"

"It's only illegal because it's fun"


Ah, well you message them asking if "we still good to go?" and hope for a response.

Alex is looking at you inquisitively.

"Come on, get up, you're going home"

"I don't have a home"

"Don't pull that shit with me, come on"

"I can't stand up properly yet"

You scoop her up and carry her to the car and fuck her in the back

"Why are you taking me back there? Why not to the safehouse"


She pouts in the back of the car


Eventually you get there.

"Well, want me to drag myself to the door?"

So you carry her to the door and prop her leaning against the railing.

"I will be back to visit you know"

"That doesn't mean anything to me she says looking at you expectantly.
>how say/show goodbye


>what do after goodbye?
"It kinda should, because we might be seeing a whole hell of a lot of each other, I plan on starting a better force academy, and guess what you can do? SO I am probably going to be adopting you soon, Just got to figure out how to cheat the system first. Now stop being a mopey bitch."

Give her a hug.

Now, off to troll the receptionist, It's been too long.

Also I just figured out how, KJ is over 18 he can adopt.
"It kinda should, because we might be seeing a whole hell of a lot of each other, I plan on starting a better force academy, and guess what you can do? SO I am probably going to be adopting you soon, Just got to figure out how to cheat the system first. Now stop being a mopey bitch."

She looks down.

"S-sorry, it's just that you're not the first person to roll up and fill my head with ideas of bigger heights, just to leave"

"I'm not leaving"

"I know... I don't want you to adopt me and be your daughter though"

"That's why i'm going to get KJ to do it"

"ah, that makes a sorta sens-"

You pull her into a hug and rest your head on hers as it rests on your chest.

She won't let go at first, so you stroke her hair a bit as her hands squeezeingly look for refuge on your back.

You then head to her car and laugh while the two girls who'd been in the doorway since halfway through the hug start asking her embarrassing questions about you and the night turning her face red, and raising her pitch and volume

You get into your car and rev your engines for kicks, taking a moment to savour the looks on their faces before zooming off somewhere quiet.

You search for he Sith academy reception and phone it up

"Hello Sith academy"

"Is clatia there?"

"one moment sir i'll patch you through"


"Hello? Who's this?"

>where you at shorty
>why are assassins coming for me
>what did the kyran say to the receptionist?
>write in
>>what did the kyran say to the receptionist?
"Knock Knock"

"...Who's there?"

"Me nigga"

"You aren't making sense!"

"Fine, what did the Kyran say to the receptionist?"

"Ill play along, what did the Kyyraaan so to the... receptionist..."

you hear a really low whisper of "quick trace the call so we can find him and send the task force, no risks, darth reginald hasn't come back ye-"

"He said "ayy bby, wan sum fug""?

You hope the magic words work over the phone, you've never tried before

But when she almost orgasms into the headset followed by a chorus of wtf's from people in the room with her

"Please, not again, I can't take how this feels, please"

"Ahahah how have you bee-"

"552 shitfit road, hurry, i don't want to be left like i was last time you said that"


You're busy, but you guess you could always turn up to a place filled with guards specialised in taking you out in the city just for poon

or not

hard choice

>what do
Let's go fuck em up and get more lightsabers.
And text KJ about the adoption and that you're going to meet people who specialize in killing you.
writing brah
You text KJ that he's going to need to adopt force sensitive children for you, alex being the first one, and also that you're going to fight a squad of people specifically designed to kill you, and that he can you meet you there if he wants.

7 minutes later you get an out of office reply

Lazy cunt.

you arrive at the location to the door and listen

"Look, sources say he's still looking for transport so we've got another 30 minutes tops before he gets here"

"what we really need to do is tie up this slobbering cockfiend, I swear she's going to lose her hand if she keeps rubbing like that"

"leave her, she's harmless now"

>How do you do this? no rolls for now, depends on what you do
Knock on the door and then saber whoever opens it.

Also cover the peep hole with your finger.

After that's done ask if they have a minute to talk about their lord and saviour space jesus.
You knock on the door and cover the peephole


"I don't know, the damn peephole's busted"

"What do you mean it's busted"

You cough

"Excuse me but do you fellers have a minute to talk about our lord sand saviour space jesus"

"Sorry bud, no"

You hear his hand shift for his saber, but you're faster, and jam your own in, hitting him in a the shoulder between his armour and taking him down before pushing the door open and waltzing in

The receptionist leaps up and slits the throat of the one guarding her before she is thrown across the room by the only guy left standing, slumping.

1 down, 1 injured and standing back up, 1 who's fresh, and both are in the cortosis armour you saw on Korriban.

What do?
>which sabers/knife/blaster
>what tactics
>what one off tricks
>write in
Yellow saber, time to put ghost chan to good use, the pink one as well.

Kill the fresh one first, then go for the throat on the wounded.

Try a mind crush first, if it doesn't work force push the injured one into the wall.
Switch the pink with the knife, just read about the cortosis.

Sorry, been up for a while.
Rolled 55 - 25 (1d100 - 25)


Rolled 53 (1d100)

Did I make it?
You throw off a mind crush and want to kill yourself when you remember the special forces helmets block force powers out, and you barely dodge before saber swings past your head, which you duck and jam your sith knife into his stomach, it getting stuck in there, so now you only have the yellow saber to deal with this guy this action, with your dueling saber and blaster still in your sleeve

The injrued guy drops to the ground, you only have a fresh one across the room left to deal with now, who looks at you suspiciously, preparing


oh your stone's awake

"Listen to me, I can feel how powerful that guy's lightning is, don't get hit"


"Block it with your blade? force push first and hit his hands and break his fingers? I don't know"

thanks a bunch

>what do now with roll1d100
Rolled 11 (1d100)

>follow the advice

Hope I don't fuck this up
Rolled 86 - 10 (1d100 - 10)

Don't we have a force point to use?

Being electrocuted hurts a lot.

You shouldn't have ran at him spinning your blade thinking it would stop the electric.

It didn't work well.

You sit there singed, probably with some more permanent scarring on your back when he picks up his comm.

"Yeah i've captured the target, awaiting pick up now" he says tieing you in force restaining shackles"

He heads to the door to find KJ standing there

You are Kyle Gek Loran

Your master is tied up, there's two dead bodies, one with a sith blade in it

this guy is a master electrician, you recognise him since his helmet fell off in the scuffle

Yes, but I already finished writing,
and i thought this would be interesting for a moment
oh yeah, forgot

>What the fuck do?
Fuck em up!

And ah, I guess it's too late to use it and just pull our blaster and shoot him in the head then?
Shit, use the force to throw a dead boy at him and then rush him and go for the face with our saber.
Rolled 67 (1d100)

KJ does have two blasters if you want to elect to use those. The guy hasn't got a saber out, could get lucky, Kyran is tied up though.

You could also burn an edge point not just for a reroll, but to get a heavy modifier bonus depending on the situation and a guaranteed not a critfail.

if the blaster shot fucks up, then yeah

If you want to use an edge point for this roll, add 35, if not, use just 1d100
Rolled 85 + 35 (1d100 + 35)

Dead body trick
Give me a minute to figure out to write this as a crit success
ideas would be helpful too.
KJ says nope throws BOTH dead bodies then rushes over and stabs him in the face repeatedly till he stops moving.
You throw the dead body at him and he swats it away catching his hand on the blade still in the body, flinching and grabbing on to it., before the next body flung hits him in the face and he falls, struggling to finally stand.

You then draw your blasters and start unloading into his shoulders, hitting so many blasts that the whole armour disconnects, aswell as they're only being bits of burnt skin keeping his hangings arms attached, before he rushes at him stabbing him in the face repeatedly with his saber until the body stops reacting and his head is dust

"Wargwan blud, have fun?" Kyran jokes with you, "If so, untie me please"

>what do
>Untie him
Also grumble about him being stupid.
You crouch down and untie him

"Ah, thanks"

"Don't mention it you idiot"

"Hey now that's uncalled for!"

"You got caught"

"Fair point mate"

"But what are you gonna do about that unconscious girl over there? With the head wound?"

"I dunno"


>back into kyran and what do next
>stay as kj and what do next
>write in who and what next
>>back into kyran and what do next
Grab the girl, gtfo and get to the jedi temple to see a healer about our back.

And grab the lightsabers.
drop her off and tell KJ to watch her, be kind of akward going to the temple with her.
First things first, you pick up their sabers, 4 in total! All red!
Total of 19, 6 more till an unlockable!

You head to the jedi temple with the girl in the backseat

too late lol
awkward shenanigans ahoy

You pull up, and drape her over your shoulder and carry her in while KJ watches the car.

You know where you're going now, and head to straight to the infirmary with her, and plob her down on the bed next to you.

"So what's wrong today" the nurse says chipper

"Force lightning, all up me back"

"Ah okay, hold still"

She applies something that makes you wince like a little a little bitch, twice

"There, the bacta and salve should have that healed up in no time, for now, i recommend healing and rest"

"Thanks doc"

"Now what's her problem"

"I dunno, passed out when her horniness got too high"

"She's bleeding out the back of her head"

"Yeah that too"

She stitches up and bandages the receptionist and leaves her to sleep in a different bed.

>what do now?
"So, KJ, why didn't you text me back bro, so rude!" Just make small talk

Also ask if it would be ok to move our female friend back to our house.

If the nurse is still there.
God dammit I'm too tired for this shit.
Nigga just take a nap and i'll resume thread/start a new one later ennit
You text KJ

"you my nigga why didn't you reply back?"

"I was busy running to your aid"

"stilll a little rude"

And he just blanks you, comedian

You ask the nurse if you can move her back, and you find that no, you can't, since even if she wakes up, she's a recognised sith, and will be held there for questioning

>what do
Alright then, thanks for the fun op, So about the old flame who is now a Sgt in the Imperial army, anything planned with that or was it just back story?
i don't have any notes at all
this is all on the spot

you could meet her again i guess, they might send her after you, or you could've even chose to jump into her perspective a while

sandbox quest bro, notes are for chumps and wastemans

night night
Explain to them that she can question her but other than that they'll have to g through you for more, as she is our second apprentice.

But if they need answers urgently we can readily give them as to her being there.

Fair enough, you're pretty good op and you write decent smut, have a wonderful morning
I'll start next thread or thread revive with that

Cheers man, good night.
So after fixing her up and telling her she's our new student and kouhai to KJ we should get KJ to do the adoption paper stuff
Can we maybe get the receptionist to join up?

By the way, maybe it's time for a training session with KJ
File: 21932709.jpg (271 KB, 635x1330)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Yeah, about time.
Art of poon plow?
At least his gurl might appreciate it
writing lads
You call up KJ again, and tell him to come here to the nursery to start his first bout of training.

He arrives

"What training shall we do here master?"

"Wake her up."


"Wake, her, up"

He puts his hands on her and applies lightning, zapping her into a state of awake

She's confused, but when she sees you, her eyes widen and she starts shifting under the covers, dribbling slightly


"You did a good job, killing one of your own to get to me"

"I...did that? Oh god no"

"Don't worry, no one knows, and no one will know. I'm making you my new apprentice, and you'll help me teach my current apprentice something."


"I'm going to teach him how the art of plow poon"

Her breaths become more ragged and rapid the closer you get, and you look to KJ

"Now say the magic words, ayy bby, wan sum fug?"

She falls onto her back spreading her legs, completely gone, mind you, you've said that three times and she hasn't had you yet, maybe she'll explode if you say it again.

"And then, you show her the ancient art of mandalorian tongue vagina speak" you say, proceeding to point out all the correct parts to stimulate, the proper technique, and after getting hit in the face with spray, say "She's ready"

"How big are you KJ"


"How big?"

He mumbles under his breath "7 inches"

"Hey, not too bad, it ain't an exogorth, but it's good"

he just looks shy as you put your hand on her toned abs and slam full force without even lining up, you just know where to thrust without even looking

"Always slam full force in, stop, move slowly, gauge her reactions, and move faster and faster the more you think she'll be able to take it"

He's obviously trying to take notes, but the screams keep making his pen slip.
You let him know all the correct places to touch, how to stimulate, etiquette and seeing what she's into before tying to surprise fist or w/e, and eventually you speed up, grabbing both her IV's for leverage, and pull yourself in, hammering and hammering until you shoot 3 medium bursts like a FAMAS in the pussy.

You think she dies, get's resurrected, and joins with the force she screams that loud and high pitched, a really force sensitive in a training room on the other side of the building faints, a sith dog on korriban's ears perk up, and your grandma's goldfish bowl in a different reality shatters.

"Now give it a while" you say leaving it in for a bit, pulling out 5 seconds later, watching the primary burst explode out and slow into a steady white waterfall as your last shot flies across her and hits her up the nose, causing a sneezing fit that knocks her out again.

"Never use condoms"

"Why? because it takes away the feeling?"

"No, because it takes away the fun!" You say pointing to her gaping leaking snatch witha trail that leads up to her forehead, "pretty cool right?"

"I'm not going to discuss the semantics of the aesthetics of your semen sir, but thanks for the lesson"

"Fair enough, force powers are next week by the way"

"Thank you"

"Now go home, link yo girl-"

"she's at work"

"Alright, go home, adopt Alex for me, when she gets back from work, tell her you've adopted a ne'er do well who's life you're about to change and when she thinkgs 'omg such a great guy' give her what i've shown you. Make us both proud Kyle Jek Loran, that's our way."

"Will do sir"

>what do now
Go look for Athena. Eyy bby wan sum talk?
Rolled 62 (1d100)

Thank god that last word was talk.
What ya thought it was gonna be fug? For shame man for shame.
Athena might be able to give tips or help out with Alex' education so that'd be cool
Gon b fun
Shame on me indeed.
You can ask, but if she ran away shouting earlier, she obviously doesn't understand fun like you do.

You decide that you want to talk to Athena who's blocking your calls, so you just walk around asking randomos where she is, and eventually you discover she's with a group of younglings on the fourth floor.

You head there, and walk through the open door to a chorus of little eyes looking at you, shouting "big bro kyran!"

"Wargwan likle yutes, u cool yeh?"


"Excuse me Kyran, this is a private lesson" says Athena

You just look at her for a minute, and then start booing, which the children quickly join in on

"Alright, fine, what do you want!"

"Just to talk outside with you for a minute"

"...kids, meditate amongst yourselves for a minute"

You head out and she closes the door behind her.


"I just wanted to talk but you weren't picking up"

"I'm busy"

"we both know you're avoiding me"

"Of course I am, the age of consent here is 18, you're 16, i'm 23. god, the things i've sent you and done to you, you know how long I could go away for?"

"It's only illegal because it's fun" you remind her

"Yeah, that's still as funny as earlier. Look, just, keep your age on the dlow for a while for me, i'd hate it to bite me or trace in the ass later"

"Sure, but one more thing"


"About that girl from earlier..."

"What? Your new dutty slag is it?"

You tense a little and she senses it

"Don't fucking talk about her like that Athena"

"...Sorry. What about her anyway?"

"i'm getting KJ to adopt her, and i'd like to help train her in the force"

"She's sensitive"


"Hmm, unless you were teaching her the jedi co-"

"Not happening"

"Well, just teach her your own philosophy and tactics, seems to be working for you so far"

"Well, thanks, and i'll see you around yeah?"

"... see you around"

That was interesting you guess.

Send her a pick off our butt. Fully clothed. But preface it with a warning and run like hell away from her and hide in medbay.

Go find some offworld place to base our academy?
Maybe a cheapish ship?
To build an academy you'd need upwards of 2 million credits, for permits, amterials, labour, the plot of land, it's much too early to be thinking about unless you want to find some dilapidated out of business seafood shack and apprentice like 3 people max and sleep bunched together in sleeping bags.

You could try the ship route to do it, buying a big enough ship with enough rooms and lving quarters and space for training thoough

You consider doing your academy thing now, but you're way too broke for that, so you send athena a pic of your ass saying "touching this ass could get yours pounded in prison, is that what you're so worried about?" and so leg it telling KJ to ditch the receptionist with a reply of "she's a receptionist? ok" and gtfo out of there, and to the car, and drive off

"To a place to buy a ship KJ!"

You drive to the closest junkyard witha wide variety of cheap fucked up ships,

What one do you pick?

>write in cos idfk, just post pics and descriptions, or wookiepedia links of what you want, we'll figure it out.
File: 44216936_big_p7.jpg (90 KB, 600x580)
90 KB
Ebon Hawk
File: unnamed (1).png (110 KB, 578x254)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
Not SW but:
>lots of sex
Eh sr-2 rather than that
No comfy in that
Yeah the normandy isn't in your pay range, like at all.

You can still gt the dynamic class freighter, i.e, ebon hawk, and it'll runn your 50,000 of your credits doing so

>Nah and leave
>Nah and post more ships
Maybe a small tramp freighter for now. Possibly a little bigger than the ebon hawk.
File: 24334944_big_p1.png (1 MB, 1000x1200)
1 MB
Rolled 82 (1d100)

Yes, handwave discount to 30-40k
Will it be new or used as all fuck?
A good question
And how up/downgraded is it
Or stock version?
used as all fuck, like everything here, but really overpriced, like everything here, because such short supply.

So a medium tramp freighter like bigger than the millenium falcon and the ebon hawk, but not too big, pull off whatever mind tricks needed to get a discount,

old smuggler's shit, hidden passages and shit, decent weapons for a shitfuck, also why they're so expensive.
That's gonna run you most of what you have especially with everything in it, at a discount.

You'll have to take smuggling work or summat to get off planet properly.
Do we have cash for comfy?

How do we get cash even?
Could we buy some steady business and get steady revenue with someone else administrating it?
Would any talk show host have us there? GONE VIRAL
That would be okay if we could work with the Mandos some more. If they don't hate the Kyran.
interesting ideas.
You don't have an agent, apart from KJ you guess, and if he wasn't busy adopting Alex and then fucking his gyal he'd do it for you
The business option, is possible, but not if you buy >>44264987
ship as it'll run you too much. enough left to get shares in somewhere that's guaranteed to earn credits, you could also buy shares and then completely execute the competition making you double investments over night
mandos don't have work unfortunately, they're not even on coruscant, they're testing those power armour suits out on a mission.
We should look for an agent then

Or that receptionist, I mean she survived in the academy where even the janitor is a backstabbing fuck sos he must have skill
Don't even act like that janitor isn't a badman war criminal famalam.

That receptionist is going to be in jail a long time unless she escapes or the empire breaches the temple and takes her back.

But they'll never do that, right?
>Should we buy the ship and discuss jobs after or so no to the ship for now?
Shit now this is swag
Can we use >>44264913 for discount waving?
You could try though mechanics are hardasses so either they don't feel it, feel it and give you the discount, feel it and don't give you the discount, or straight up die and now you have to go to a more expensive place.

There's more ways to diplomance through a situation than mind crush, especially against someone it might not work against.
mechanic's a twilek
File: 48877546_p0.jpg (366 KB, 533x746)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
ayy bby, wan sum fug?
ayy bby, wan sum fug.
Twi'lek a best
Ayyy bby wan sum tal I mean fug?
Rolled 100 (1d100)

Let's just chat her up then
It was a male, it was just a hint that because of part of their brains being in their tentacles, that mind crush doesn't really work.
And now it's a female

File: 43877030.jpg (100 KB, 640x640)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
The end is now
The end is here
File: 1443177231144.png (169 KB, 608x402)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Who cares? It's not gay if it's a Twi'Lek.
Male twilek are buttfugly
You admire a Wayfarer-class medium transport ship, running your hand along it, looking at the holopad attached to the front.

Wow, that's a lot of credits, more than you have actually, but this ship comes with a lot, several starifhgters, shields, the whole shindig.

You sigh and put the holopad down, when you hear a voice shouting to you.

"Bit out of your price range huh?" says a dark blue female twilek, well, there's patches of light blue in there, you think that's her real colour and the darkness is jsut what happens when you're a mechanic.

"Just by a bit"

"Well that's because that ship's famous"

"Famous you say?"

"Yeah, belonged to a famous smuggler named Joey Steeldick"

"That name sounds familiar"

"it should, he was public enemy number 1 for a while, a mandoa of ridiculous proportions. He stashed this ship here, and then died later, kept it pristine ever since"

"This sounds too convenient"

"Nah really, look at the decals"

You look along the ship, art upon art of women tied up, ropes, chairs, handcuffs, everything.

"They called him the escape artist, was into this apparently"

You respect this man, your exogorth respects the art, and the twilek appreciates the growing beast in your nether region, licking her lips and twirling the end of her tents.

"You know, how much you got?"


"Eesh, you know, you're just short, but I think we can work something out" she says smling, grabbing you by the crotch, and pushing you into the ship wall, before unzipping your bottoms,
"Wow, you're short in funds, but not here, last time I saw one so big was on old steeldick himself" She says before plunging it into her mouth before you can reply, the sensation unbearbale for any normal man, but you are not a normal man, and you let nobody else take charge.

You grab her at the base of her tents, using her face as a dirty cyan onahole and fuck it for a good while without her needing to stop for breath, and yo bust down her throat, some spilling out of her nose and lips, and onto her hands.

She giggles licking it off, "time for the main course eh" she says tying to put her arm behind you, but you spin her around and push her face first into it.

"You seem to be misunderstanding who's fucking who here, twilek"

"Ara ara, so rough <3" She moans as you rub her slit a few times with your length for a bit of lube, before plunging in, not stopping, but jsut going full ham straight away

She moans and roars with enough ferocity every time you thrust to break half of these patchwork shitbuckets, moaning as only a twilek can.

You slap her ass a few times, juices and sweat flying off her ass and vag as you do what you do best, hammering and hammering until her legs wobble like jelly in an earthquake while your mom walks past, squeezing down on you, forcing you to cum aswell, filling that loosey used womb with more baby batter than she's had in a long time, weirdly enough, she stays standing, taunting.

"That all, you got? Need more than that for the discount...kid"

She wants it? She's getting it
You stay inside, grab her legs, and spin her 180 degrees on your cock and pin her to the wall with nothing but your weight keeping her off the ground

"I've got a lot more, trust me"

"Aahn, we'll see" She says as you start thrusting again, getting to see first hand what you've got, while you get a great view of her voluptuous curves and bouncing breasts

But that tanktop is in the way

You rip it off and begin palming her tits viciously, before turning her head, and dragging your tongue across the only non dirt covered spot on her neck, hearing her squirm beneath that coupled with your vicious pumping.

Tastes weird, sweet like natural twilek, but sour like work sweat, but if she wants rough, she'll get it you think spitting in her mouth

She just laughs, so you remove your hands from her breasts, noticing you've covered her once clean breasts with your dirtied hands, demand an apology for said dirty hands, and when she just smiles, you start making each thrust more forceful, and give ehr a big slap with your right, and then with your left, leaving to big black hand prints on her face

Once more her spasms and seizures give way to your own, and her womb squeezes you dry, filling her to the brim and more which explodes after 30 seconds of stillness.

You move back and she drops to the floor, just leaning against the wall, clearly satisfied for the first time in a long time.

"Good enough for ya? Rough enough for ya?"

".. You're not on my level, yet, uh, kid" she says crawling on her hands on knees

resilient, you'll give her that much

She presses a button on the holopad at the front of the ship

"There, security.. is off... go give the money to my son... get the keys"

"Thanks sugar tits" You say slapping her arse a with a delightful squelch before heading to the house.
You knock knock

Some pale brown looking twilek with green eyes unlike his mom opens the door, bout 18 years old.


"Here's 120,000 credits, i need the keys to that Wayfarer-class medium transport ship"

"It's no where near that cheap"

"me and your mom worked out a deal"

He looks you up and down, seeing you as dirty and sweaty as she was.

"Looks like you have, look, normalyl i'd deck you or you choke you ou for just leaving my mom out there like that, but for some reason i like you. Here's the keys and papers" he says after fishing them out from a box in the front room. "Just get that junk out of here already, I hate seeing it there."

Either he has shit taste, or hates how it makes him feel, but you nod and hand over the credits, get in and fly it to a further away part of the junkyard, ready to pick up when you want to leave.

Time go home and shower first though.

You get home, shower, wipe your car seats down, and ponder what to do next

>what do

P.S. lewdboner was strong during this one, thanks, didn't think i was going to have to write lewd either.
Gonna take a bit to read Ll of this
So, we just bought our dads ship and met our possible brother.

Not even close blud.
Okay just finished reading.
Get Al Capone and Special K to check Big Boss' new ship

Grab an eyepatch too and put it on, for no particular reason

I don't think humans can impreg twilek
They can, it was confirmed lorewise.
clone wars pretty sure that episode where one deserted and fathered two twilek kids.

And kk
no eye patch though
okay an eyepatch, but as soon as it inconveniences him it's coming off, kmt.
Nightvision, Sexy, makes your opponents underestimate you.
It's all pluses.
So how much we got dosh now that we got phat ship of awesome pooning
I was just about to post my convoluted theory about how you were lying but saying you weren't and that I wouldn't suspect you but I actually did.
You decide

"Holy fuck, I have a ship now"

This is a weird feeling, like getting your first gungan and red seaworm gyro, or your first poon, you jsut wanna share it with everyone, no matter how bad the result.

You drive to your house and find Special K on the sofa smiling.

"Why you so happy for?"

"Because she came 4 times because I did"


"Why you so happy for?"

"Just bought a famous ship by right of sexual conquest"

"as you do"

"as you do"

Your front door opens, to reveal Al Capone.

She looks at your smiling faces

"what are you two so happy about?"

"new possessions" you reply, "anyway why are you smilling?"

"Because KJ just adopted me obviously, and I get to dump those losers and their team and join up with some real badasses"

"Legit reason to be happy" KJ adds.

"Anyway," You start, "get in the car losers, we're picking up my ship"


You get there, turn it on, fire it up, feel that mf'in purr, and wonder,

>where go/what do now?

Bout 200 credits
u broke nigga
and no one you know is hiring
i can't help it blud
nice catch btw
We have the force, and also have evolved to see in the dark, the amount of times we had to get chagned and find our shit in it before jumping out the window
Yeah, cover up one of his dreamy eyes with something that implies disfiguring
>makes your opponents underestimate you
Or see him as a battle hardy pirate.


let's go check our slave/receptionist/cocksleeve
Gruff is sexy bruhv, tastes vary.

Go find somewhere to train with the kids for a bit, somewhere we can cause maximumcollateraldestruction
You rev the thrusters and speed off to the jedi temple, parking directly in the middle of the plaza next to it, illegally.

Your ship gets some stares since it looks familiar but none of them can place it, so you leave your crew on the ship and head in.

You break through the locked door into the infirmary to a crowd of faces surrounding the bed with the receptionist on it, looking at you weirdly

>What do
"How much for this chick's fine?"
"Hey guys, I just got this cool new ship, want to see it? I'm really excited about it!"
File: 49147454_p0.png (217 KB, 1604x1024)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Sup apprentice #3 how's it doing sorry for leaving you for a while had to buy a ship/academy
Spider bitch is better.
Would jedi accept a deal where we rehabilitate sith into more or less functioning members of society that don't help the empire?
Spiderbitch best character.
Haven't read since Cascade though.
I haven't read since Blind bitch killed spider bitch for the first time.
With a high enough roll and good enough write ins that made sense to the jedi, then sure.

You'd have to come up with plans and bar graphs first though, not now, specially since their trust of you is low, and the only ones who like you barring the weed jedi now won't talk to you cos 16
pthoo, i spit at your horned sket
Make Her Pay wasn't it?
Huh, so we lost our jedi waifus and gained a pureblood sith waifu.

I guess I'm ok with this.
Nah w didn't lose her
Just need some spess to realise its illegal cus its fun and not wrong
We could just get crime statistics and show that despite our members not being the most upstanding they still commit less crime than the sith.
Maybe show that the likeliness of a sith joining us instead of jedi is much higher which means we can decrease the chaos even if without converting them to jediism

Anyway, we could maybe do some raids on a dark lord of the sith or perhaps bust a criminal empire to get more fame and get them to see us bit betterm
"Yoooo apprentice number 3, we going or what? thinking about leaving world soo-"

"She isn't going anywhere for a long time, she's been behind many assassinations on the jedi over the years, some personally carried out. She isn't a newcomer or anything, she's been around centuries striking at us, killing our order."

"But she's my new apprentice? Just ask he-"

"Your new apprentice can't talk."


"Whatever happened to her has left her a drooling mess, parts of her brain are forever changed and broken, we have no idea what you did but she's broken"

"Huh, never actually fucked someone's brains out bef-"

"No kyran, too soon" Jaysun perks up.

maybe he's right, though someone in this academy has committed a greivous sin.

There's cum in her mouth, that you didn't put there, surely taking advantage of comatose people is just for whiny neiomidian cartoon protaganists, not for jedi

Whatever, let their shite order fall to the dark, they're all cunts anyway.

"You guys don't get to see my ship then!"


You leave in a huff and get back to the ship, without your apprentice

you sit there thinking for a while

>what do now blud

yeah, space, time away from the exogorth, time a timeskip of two years, or good write ins with a good roll away from getting em back.
But "lower crime rate" since when you've done nothing but steal and plot and heist and get caught doing it lmao

I've got lasanga so discussing ideas after the option is a good idea because i'm gonna be slow to finish and write.
Huh go back and mention the comatose abuse, nobody fucks your apprentices except you or people they allow to
will write when done with food
any particular thing you want to say?
what after that aswell?
Well, mentiom what you noticed, call in a couple masters and tell them that for all our weird shit we will not allow anyone to abuse someone who is completely out of it. Specially someone who saved our life against sith warriors.
Threaten to call the police to investigate if no one does anything, or the news. Plead that they do the right thing and cleanse the real dark hiding beneath their noses.
I wonder if givinf her the D would help heal from the ayy bbys, or if using the secret pussy drier technique would help it m'lady *tips*
you could try i guess
so be as fedora in front of her as possible and see if she wakes?
decent enough
Rolled 20 (1d100)

Kek, that would be hilarious. Fedoras against coma.
So do we roll?
>Kek, that would be hilarious. Fedoras against coma.
as funny as it would be, nah, too much ayy bbys completely warped her mind m8
she's broken forever, a shell of her former self

So jsut going in criticising, threatening news and police
you could use the news as a talk show step up to get paid to talk about viral saber video aswell, but that's not yet

Rolled 55 (1d100)

No way to even wake her up? Ayy

Not even through force fuckery or implants or any crazy sci fi shit?

Anyway, onto it
Crazy force fuckery you don't know how to do and are still to inprecise to pull off even if you knew how, which is what the jedi are trying to figure out.


Nah, you're not having that, no one cums in or on your female apprentices except for you.

You trudge back to the academy, into the infirmary, and push through them all.

Fuck em, time to sow some discord you think, before exaggeratedly pointing to her mouth.

"You see that? Cum. Pissy watery retard cum, i.e, not my amazing avalanche viscous lively cum, i.e, somebody has came in her mouth while she's been unconscious!"

They all looked shocked and appalled

"I'd say that i'm surprised, but you're all so fucked in the head i'm not. However, no one cums in my apprentices except for me, and if you don't follow up with an official investigation of some kind, i'm taking this news large. They'll listen to me, i'm the lightsaber guy. Get fucked"

You trudge back off pushing jedi out your way, and even flooring a medical droid on your way out.

Fuck you're steaming.

You get to the ship and fly up and off without even thinking about the people near the ship caught in the blast or whatnot

>where to/what do
Rolled 54 (1d100)

66 now to confirm Jedi aren't gonna pussy out of it
if you roll a 53 or 57 i'll give you one free action/force power/character meet from canon/legends
Tatooine, go raid some of the shittier hutt crimelords, one with a lot of enemies that want him dead or hold grudges
Rolled 35 (1d100)

How about Order 66?
Rolled 10 (1d100)

Train apprentices 1 and 2.
Rolled 22 (1d100)

no way maaan
>tfw no force powers to fuck with the rolls
Rolled 93 (1d100)

File: 309085.jpg (446 KB, 550x600)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
Yeah let's >>44266980 head to Titland and while en route >>44266991 train the kids
Fuck seconding this actually.
Go somewhere pretty empty to get some force training for them.
As yiss time to train the kids
I've stated before that if you want to stumble upon a cryogenic chamber and wake in a different era i'd let you.
Sounds good
training in hypserspace there sound good?
thanks for confirming, thouugh...

sleepyanon did get the highest roll, so it's only fair to let him decide if he's still there, and can say what he wants before I finish the write up.
also stop rolling u bumbaclarts
I am >>44267025 and >>44266980
So I guess if we can do like the other anon said and train on the way to tatooine, that'd work even neater.
Yeah sure train in hyperspace.
Time for a new thread
yeah i've actually wrote a lot so wasn't gonna change it anyway but i like to let my players feel special


You push the fucking lever and take off into orbit and head for tatooine.

it's a fucking dump, but a dump with crime lords you can crush for favour and money, steal money from, or take work from.

Either way, you kind of want to throttle someone, so it's a good place to be.

It's a two week journey through hyperspace, putting you at a total of ten weeks in this journey when you arrive.

In your free time you take to training the apprentices

"we here at the academy of fun and good times, or the academy of fagt's, put fun above every other priority.

Some people say priority number 1 is balance, or chaos, or surviving, but we say Nay! Priority number 1 is to thrive, as a you who enjoys life, who has fun, good times, great experiences and lots of friends, unless that's now how you have fun.

If you are in a situation, say combat, and are angry, but centered, what do you do?

Use the anger as strength, but enjoy the feeling of the strikes, use peace with yourself to guide your strikes, but enjoy the dance, rejoice at the fact that you will win a fun fight and celebrate with merriment and more fun! For that is our way!"

You talk general politics for three days, arguing and debating how deidcated one should be to relaxing, or whether certain activities are moral or not, and the three of you are forming a nice basis for the first three members nicely

The next three days you practice force powers, trying to teach them your own and learn off each other.

turns out KJ is the only one who can use force mind trick, and you can use a force mind crush, while Al has some weird force temporary blindness to her presence, or blindness completely, really useful for the sneaky little tart.

The seventh day, is the day of rest, and you do not work.

Instead you lounge on your bunk deciding what to do

>what do? about 10 hours until you get there.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

Playy twister
Shit post. Shit post everywhere. Swiggity swooty Ghostly Gazelle comin fo yo booty!!!!!
starting new thread with these and anything else put
team saber juggling?
put the vid on our own account, remmebe to practice firdt beofre doing it to have betterr odss
Yeah that sounds cool


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