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Most Noble Senate, Representatives of the Peoples of Earth, Servants of the Emperor, your humble spreadsheet monkey bids you greeting once again.

We captured a pair of deviants attempting to steal important military secrets (see pic). One appears to have modified himself to have pointed ears and green blood. They have been dealt with as befits all traitors to our Glorious Empire: with gleeful stabbing.

The records of our previous session can be found here: >>43779943 . I believe our archivist is also maintaining long term records in the "sup/tg/" Imperial Codex archives.

When last we met, agreement was reached on ship designs and research priorities. I tasked the Murcurinius Gulf Naval Shipyard with the construction of the new Decius class Gravitational Survey Vessels, and the Capriarius Marine Naval Shipyard with the construction of the new Scipio class Geological Survey Vessels. Each has three slipways, so we can construct a significant number of our new vessels at a time.

The desired single Turret Tracking lab could not be managed as we have such a restricted number of Leading Scientists. The Senate has already outlined its plan to deal with the deficiency of creative philosophy, and in time this should become less of a problem.
Glorious Imperial Senate, I am pleased to present my report.

In February, one of our administrators developed a health problem. Although he was not currently assigned, this reduces our pool of potential mining colony governors.

In March, our expert designer Appius Tertinius Soulinius completed our Commercial Engine. I thereby commissioned the Cicero class Freighter, the Trajan class Colony Ship, and the Gaius Marius class Oiler, and set our shipyards to begin building a pair of Oilers and a Freighter. With the exception of Murena Naval which continues its expansion, we are now operating at full shipyard production capacity.

Later that month, our esteemed Terran Governor and friend of the Senate Servius Avitus Cato underwent routine retesting and was found to have increased his administrative skills even further. Rumours that he may have bribed the examinarii with promises of lucrative public education contracts are of course scurrilous and nothing with which the Senate should concern itself.

It is now August of 1757 IVC. Dominus Spurius has concluded his research into Construction Rate enhancement plans and we have put them into operation throughout the Empire. One laboratory continues research into Turret Tracking Speed; the others await your command.

Our survey ships stand at 78.1% complete.
(The next research priority has not been made clear so I'm leaving it open to the floor. I'd prefer not to list every single available advancement; if you give the Senate Monkey an idea of what you want either I'll flesh it out or one of our resident Aurorabods will.

Some example possibilities include maxing out the turret tracking tech and beginning work on researching a turret design using our rather OK lasers, or beginning work into better missiles. Working towards Ion Engines by starting research Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor tech would be a good idea too, long term. But there are lots and lots and lots of other good options too.)
As a general research priority, I propose working on missile technology- reload speed specifically, so that antimissile launchers become viable at all.

Also dangit monkey get a twitter or something.
Yes, missile tech seems the most reasonable route to take at this point. After all, the space barbarian hordes cannot flank your forces if you crush them from afar with your missiles!

(Also, for the sake of creative narrative, are you actually an uplifted/cyber monkey? Wielding a wad of spreadsheets in a toga?)
So, while on the subject of weapons production, from which doctrine should we adapt traditional roman tactics?

While the navy seems the most logical jump, I personally believe that adapting army formations and tactics for the stars would be the most tactically sound. The ships of today's era are much more versatile and hardy then those of yore.

Why, one could even compare them to a legionnaire or centurion on the glade.

What do you, fellow senators, have to say towards this proposal?
How does one even play this?
Start here:

Read ALL the tutorials. Unfortunately the wiki is currently down so prepare your anus.

Get the game here, this is the packaged install that should allow you to run the game with a single click and not have to mess with various computer settings. (in theory) Don't forget to run as Administrator.

Or if we're talking about the thread, just join in and vote, Senator!

>(Also, for the sake of creative narrative, are you actually an uplifted/cyber monkey? Wielding a wad of spreadsheets in a toga?)

After the Second Caligulan Deliberative it was determined that statistical analysis provision for the Senate must be presented by a monkey in order to assist the Senate with, and I quote the glorious Caligula II, "some entertainment to keep their addled minds upon the sacred task to which they are assigned".

And now, a mere few centuries later, here I am. There is little more to be said.
>As a general research priority, I propose working on missile technology- reload speed specifically, so that antimissile launchers become viable at all.

There are two potential options in this regard, both at the end of fair to medium length research chains. The first is box missile launchers, which require research into smaller, slower reload speed launchers; the second is rapid-reload systems which take up significant space but do not require a docking to reload. They are unfortunately not really compatible doctrines due to requiring research in opposite directions.

>Also dangit monkey get a twitter or something.

(So far, these threads have been remarkably successful at staying up without one, I'm really impressed. Maybe need to be careful over the weekend though. @SenatusSimia may or may not occur at some point.)
The Future lays in Weaponized Mass Drivers, why spend money time and resources on manufacturing unnessecary complex missiles when there are a wast ammount of Asteroids just waiting to be fired at any barbarians we might encounter.

And even if you, dear Senators, insist on Missiles, why not assist them with mass drivers, I dare you to say that more Speed is bad.
I agree senator, but at this moment missiles are our priority. They are at this stage the best choice of weapons.
Honored Senators, I would suggest the senate directs it's attention towards engine technology.

Better engines allow for faster ships at the same engine space while also benefiting missiles. (to-hit % is strongly based on speed)

(Also, I know shit about Latin and literally only use what an on-line dictionary tells me.)
Okay, Then I'll just in on this fun little thing.

What fuck is our objective anyway?
Galatic Domination?
Being the richest?
Purge the space xenoi barbarians?
I wanna purge some space barbarians.
That sounds fun.
Should we call other life starbarians then?
Our Honored Spreadsheet Monkey is running a game called Aurora, a game more annoying than Dwarf Fortress and in Space. We as the senate of Space Rome get to decide what info we feed the game with.

also i like Starbarians
Also see
for th beginning and more details
>more annoying than Dwarf Fortress
That's possible?..
Huh, thank you then I'll read these I'll still probably have no idea what I'm suppost to do however.
I vote for rapid reloading missiles over the box launchers. It's not like we will be getting fighters soon anyway. Also, we should start colonizing as soon as the surveys are complete. Also more research labs.

Erm, ook?

I'll need a decision before we can continue and get these darned survey ships up and running.

(Also bump I suppose)
Engine technologies are very important, but they are also extremely transformative. A new propulsion method necessitates the design and research of new engines, and often calls for upgrades of our entire fleet of ships. The disruption of such change means that improving our engines should not be taken lightly.

As for missiles, think of them instead in terms of offense or defense.
Offensively, launchers of either stripe can perform well. Small launchers allow for alpha strikes, but have little endurance. Use of non-missile weapons offensively is rather beyond our technology for a while.
Defensively, minimal-increment reload time of antimissile launchers is king. I'm sure someone could argue the merits of reduced size launchers in that role, but at the size that defensive missiles sit the investment to reload them quickly is relatively small compared to offensive missiles. Use of non-missile weapons defensively is not excellent at our technology, but definitely viable.
(Here I go bumpin', bumpin'.

Gonna be away all day tomorrow, mah spacegazelles, so get your delicious technology votes in naaaaaow!)
As my fellow Senators have informed me that Mass Drivers and Railguns are still in the early prototype fases i say we spend the 10 RF we have on Missile Manouverbility (for now)

When the Turret tracking finishes please put the one point in bigger railguns.

Also if there is a tech that makes research more efficent i say we put the 10 RF we have now to get one level of it before the Missiles
I mean alternate construction and Resaerch eff.
my personal experiences with missiles
>first xenos race gets purged out of range of their energy weapons
>there is no such glorious moment like when two squadrons of cruisers fire from all their launchers ever ten seconds
>I wish I could see their face when missiles fell apart into final stage of warheads and every second to several decoys just to confuse point defence
>large battle spend two years supply of ammunition
>stockpiling missiles is not possible, they became obsolete very quickly
>second xeno race has faster missiles, my long range missiles are too slow, all ships get destroyed before they can hit
>I really shoul not underestimate countermissles, I quickly run out of them
tl;dr missiles are awesome, but there are some problems especially with logistic.

Also, I would recomend to build specialized flag ship filled only with various sensors and save space on other ship just for more launchers and magazines.

I agree with all suggestions.
>Also if there is a tech that makes research more efficent i say we put the 10 RF we have now to get one level of it before the Missiles

Research Efficiency improvement does exist, but is very expensive and time-consuming. With all but one of our current Research Facilities it would be completed by May next year.

Building more Research Facilities may also help, as will our currently in-construction Academy (by training new Leading Scientists).
OK, I dont think that reasearch is right right now, and with what >>43827504 says i feel Worried, soo can we set up tech to build some halfway decent anti-missile-missiles?
File: 1408241156113.jpg (252 KB, 1335x750)
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252 KB JPG
To construct a sound antimissile shield, several things are required.
Firstly, reload time. It is extremely desirable that an AMM launcher is able to launch a missile for every tactical interval of time.
Secondly, agility and speed. Antimissiles are useless if they cannot intercept incoming munitions.
Thirdly, range. This comes both from their engines, the space left from everything else being more efficient, and is also dependant on fire control radars and missile-aware sensor range.
I believe we have good warhead technology- that would allow us more space in the design calculus to meet the other objectives, since a strength of one is sufficient to destroy any unarmored missile.
I will make some proposals sometime later this week
Fy anything I can agree on more research labs, but I want to build production facilities along with research labs. So maybe 50/50 split of efforts when we have time?
Our current industrial plans call for constant expansion alongside research labs and other facilities, I believe
Ah, I see.

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