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/tg/ I have a story about a game 'system' that I used before I got into D&D, called Tears of the Gods. It was run by a lot of people, changing from time to time to keep it alive.

The general story was that the King of all Gods had died and the two brothers, Aldis, God of Light and Traxis, God of Darkness were both hoping to acquire the throne. Things were normal for a few months, then Aldis disappeared. Turns out that Traxis had imprisoned him, and from there he took the throne as the last surviving Royal God. Two years later, a band of rebelling gods freed him and a war began. The goal on both sides was to kill the other Royal.

Players created characters who were gods of various spheres of influence, that ranged from

Major: (Time, Nature, the four Elements, the Sun, Moon and Stars) things that were important in the universe.
Minor: Relatively unimportant things (Helium, Travel, Acrobatics, Pirates)
and Normal: Things that sort of fell between those categories: (Humor, Music, Stone, Metal, the sea)

Spheres of Influence were the equivalent to the Domains in 5e, except there was a lot of variety. Depending on your starting spheres of influence, you had a certain number of powers that were made by whoever had them. These powers were NOT permanent and could be changed at any time.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Why would gods need powers n' shit listed, silly anon?" It's because these gods died (a lot in my case) and the killer obtained their spheres of influence, which then changed their personality. It was all a monopoly for having the most spheres, so that in the end YOU had the right to kill one of the Royal gods in combat and take their singular Sphere of Light, or Darkness.

Unfortunately, when I joined this RP during it's brief segment in ROBLOX, I had no fucking idea how any of it worked.

tl:dr Anon dun played a forum RPG about being gods and hopes you all are interested.

(Pic related is Vraxx, the War God who helped kill the God of Darkness one time)
>The abbreviation for Tears of the Gods was TotG, which is why I thought this was the best place to start telling the story.

When I started playing, the war had already begun. Since this RP was half about a god war and half about making something that was lucky enough to live for more than 20 posts.

My first attempt was Drago, god of Spirits. He lived in Night, basically a black version of Hell and commanded spirits. He survived based on the fact that he had no idea what was going on in the first place. All he did was summon spirits and then someone summoned something else to fight the spirits so that they could be ignored.

The reason the system was so flawed was because the ability to do someone was determined by one d6 roll in one round of combat. The other flaw was that only Admins were allowed to roll for fights in this sandbox RPG. Eventually the ROBLOX stop died out because of a LOT of spam, so I was left without a fix.

Then we had some kind of major overhaul at a new forum. We had powers now and a few more admins and an alignment thing.

You were either Good (sided with Aldis,) Evil (Sided with Traxis,) or Neutral (sided with neither or some kind of third party faction, which happened a LOT.)

We also decided on Spheres being major, normal or minor and how many powers were gotten per sphere (3 for Major, 2 for Normal, 1 for Minor and 5 for a Royal sphere.)

It turns out if you kill a lot of people in an RPG like this you end up being the god of a LOT of things. On top of that, you also had a lot of +1s and +2s to your d6 rolls that combat against OP characters was just bullshit. What was even worse was that an admin decided exactly how much damage certain rolls delivered to certain people. On top of that, admins controlled Aldis, Traxis and whatever other NPCs they wanted in order to 'progress the plot.' Sound exploitable? You bet your sweet Mudkipz it was. That's where my story starts folks.
It starts with a guy named Soard.
Soard, or soardlo, was this guy who had been with the game since the beginning. His main god was Adrios, god of Water. During the first game, Adrios had gotten lucky against quite a few gods and eventually was the first person to ever kill a Royal (Traxis) and the first person start their own faction of gods. People thought "Oh shit, that's cool, a nice way to end the RP I guess."

After a couple of sequels referred to as Sins of the Kings and Wrath of the Ancients, the story and the concept started to get old to the original players decided that the game was over...

until a few months later when soard asks the original creator of the forum if he has the right to take the original intro and rules to post it somewhere else. He proceeded to do just that and apparently caused a shitstorm with gems such as

>Ramikorn, the Unbreakable

He was immune to so many debuffs and was buffed whenever he was on the defensive. Whenever someone ever DID try to break the Unbreakable, soard's shitstorm was a furious one. Suffice to say this happened a few times. The forum ended with Adrios, god of Water, killing Traxis a second time in a more badass fashion.

Suffice to say the original players were not amused one goddamn bit. Eventually someone else took the totem stick and decided to run the game for us all. I'll refer to him as Book, since that's what we called him sometimes.

It's because of Book that the thread continued on for the months that it did and it was because of Book that I had joined the RP on Roblox. When I joined, it was during one of the sequels and as I mentioned, I had no fucking idea what was going on. By association, neither did my gods. This sequel took place when the whole war had ended, the third time this thread had been remade somewhere else.

Want to know why the war ended this time?
Turns out someone had killed Traxis in an epic battle to the death.

Fucking Adrios.
Of course at the time I joined, I didn't know that this story had repeated itself three times now. All I knew was that there were strong gods and weak gods and right then, I was the bottom of the barrel. Suffice to say when that thread ended I was pissed I didn't really do much, so I was surprised when Book (or Bookington) sent me a message about a new forum being made and another place we could write about powers and character personalities and backstories. It was all amazing. It still hung on to this d6 system though, which was my only complaint.

So I decided to make a new god. Malyc, God of Assassin's and Dragons. I decided maybe I could do something interesting this time and decided to be neutral in the war.

The first and only thing I end up doing with this god is engaging in battle with the god of the Forge, Rory. I end up fighting, rolling at least five consecutive 2s, then summoning some dragons who ALSO role at least 3 consecutive 2s. Then my demigod son Drega'mire joins the fight and also rolls low. Suffice to say Rory and his son (in game son, a demigod) mopped the floor with us. In record time, I make an angsty god of Souls named Mordred who proceeds to sprint straight to that battle and make DBZ references. We end up fighting, even more 2s are rolled on my side (I'm starting to think the admin in question didn't really like me.) The God of Death (named Death, what a fucking shocker) eventually shows up because of the carnage and kills Rory's son and I, getting 3 spheres of influence in the process. My demigod then asks to be Death's servant (which I use as an excuse to later make him into a god all of his own, since Demigods are MUCH weaker than gods.)

Turns out that Rory was played by a guy called Birm, who also never had his time in the limelight in Tears of the Gods as of the time I met him. We ended up having a lot of fun making different characters who always ended up killing each other.
Since we were allowed two gods at a time, I made two different ones. The first was Arak'thur, god of Animals, who I let birm kill since he was useless to me. The second was my personal favorite god of all time.

A while back, Bookington told me that he named his gods using a random name generator. He went on this generator that day and found one of the random names was Assmor. The player behind Death said, after laughing for a few minutes, "I'll leave this forum if you EVER introduce a god named Assmor."

With all of my current attempts at a god dead, I responded promptly with Arghmor, god of Pirates (a minor sphere, if you were curious.)

He too, does battle with Rory, immediately after Arak'thur was assassinated by Rory. As you would expect, he died and Rory and his son, Rory Jr. each had a couple of spheres. So as I went to write up my next god on our piratepad, I noticed that there had been a lot of arguing in the chatbar, Bookington and Soard were screaming at each other about something.

This time around, soard was just in admin in Tears of the Gods and owned the Cove, the forum we played on for this sole purpose. This apparently got to his head, because he was allowed permanent access to the sphere of Fire (which, like the four elements and the sun, moon and stars, were all crucial to the plot,) and his god of Fire, Embrax, turned out to have been receiving all sorts of buffs. Even better than that, he remade Ramikorn, god of Earth (equally as important as fire.)

Let alone was it unfair that Soard was allowed to have two characters with Elemental spheres, they were both ridiculously overpowered, Embrax gaining a +2 for every action he ever made if he completed certain 'rituals' and the ability to be reincarnated (which was IMPOSSIBLE) while Ramikorn was his same Unbreakable self.

Alongside that he had even more gods that were more powerful than they were supposed to be.

>Error: Comment too long
For example, one of Soard's gods was the god of Alchemy. That was a minor sphere, since gods do not drink fucking POTIONS to get stronger. They do it by killing.

Nope, not according to soard. According to him, Alchemy and medicine advanced mortal society a fuckton and deserved to be major.

Allow me to mention two things based on this:
1: Tears of the Gods did not have any 'mortals' of any kind, the weakest you could be was a demigod.
2: With that in mind, major spheres are major if they're either an abstract and unique force that is so important philosophers think about it, (like Order and Chaos) or it's something primal that represents a lot of things (because of Avatar, Fire, Water, Earth and Air were four of these alongside things like Nature, Creation and Destruction.)

I started taking parts in these arguments, mentioning these things to soard every time he tried to do something even MORE overpowered.

Since Arghmor and the other one had died, I created Drega'mire as his own god, the god of Balance and Phantoms.

According to soard, Phanotms was a normal sphere. I bitched for a little about that, but I knew there wasn't much I could do. So I sent him out to stop this fight between the Corruption and Death.

Guess who was playing the god of Corruption?
He was literally corrupting everything in sight, the earth, the trees and even Death's ice. We all agreed that didn't make sense. When Drega'mire arrived, he tried to use one of his powers (which made it so that all buffs and debuffs were neutralized if people fought with or against him, or in his presence.)

Didn't do anything. While I was sitting here twiddling my thumbs against this behemoth of a tree, I was thinking and talking with Bookington.

Me: Book, I want to make a god that isn't so easy for soard to kill, can you help me?
>I'd say a good way to do that is to get a major sphere for your character.
Me: Cool, cool. Sadly, all of the major spheres seem to be taken.
>How about Time?
Me: Time, you say?
I toiled, writing and revising a character sheet for this new god. I named him Khamewyvus Nirn, then just shortened it to Wyvus since no one could pronounce that Gods awful name. He awoke and the world shook. Unfortunately, according to the Corruption, no one gave a shit. I had gone through five gods at this point, so I was about done dealing with this soard of bullshit.

Wyvus proceeded to encounter Aldis and discuss plans with him whilst I had my powers approved by an admin (powers could not be used in combat unless approved and could not be unapproved, only modified.)

As soon as I had my powers approved, I knew I had one that would work well with the rest of the Aldians (gods who followed Aldis.) If I charged it for three turns, I could give myself a +3 for the next turn. I then had an ability where I could apply one action to a group of people, like an AOE.

I charged for three rounds of combat, explicitly stating that I was doing exactly that, then during the fourth round I gave all of the Aldian army a +3 for one turn.

Soard could have easily told me in a private message that my attack was relatively overpowered. He could have requested that I change it next time or something equally reasonable.

Instead, he said in the public chat in front of about 5 people, "No thats too OP you can't use it."

I said "OK, I'll just use the other ability that allows me to do one action twice and buff up Death."

What it said on the power was that I could attack twice, so I quickly went into the board and changed it so that it said I could use one action twice. Given all that soard had done at the time, I thought I was fighting fairly.

"Bcuz you modified that ability you can't use it this battle!"

No one had told me this rule explicitly, it was implied, but no one ever said it was a rule. But because soard said so, I complied. I was now a god with only two powers, just as useful as before. This time I was smart enough to teleport out of combat.
File: TIME GOD.jpg (61 KB, 366x535)
61 KB
>pic related is Wyvus. Sadly, the only pictures of time gods were pictures of Cronus.

Because he had been so helpful before, I decided I could just rp with birm, so Wyvus proceeded to ask for some weapons, some really weird ones, a gauntlet with a blade extending out of it (called a pata) and a katar (basically a brass-knuckle/knife. Thanks Wikipedia!) In the meantime I made one more god, since I figured someone might kill Wyvus

Her name was Myrganna, the Stone Breasted Bitch, goddess of Stone and Music. I figured she'd show up eventually, so I put her right next to Wyvus and Rory. She sang for a moment and I decided to log out for the night.

The next day, I was surprised to see that soard was online, since he had been on and off that week. I was also surprised to see that he posted.

"I have been resting for eons beneath the earth and an usurper such as yourself DARES to use the sphere of Stone while I am alive? I SHALL TAKE IT FROM YOU!"

He then initiated combat with my two remaining gods. I mentioned in the chatroom that Ramikorn seemed invulnerable, how the hell was I supposed to fight him? I also said that we need someone else to roll for the fight, since soard could EASILY skew the results in his favor.

Imagine for a moment, being an all powerful god, about to go to battle against something that shouldn't be more powerful than you, but is. Now imagine all of a sudden just poof, not existing.

Now imagine the look on my face when I go to check on the forum after arguing with soard about all of the shit he's done and seeing one message in black text.

*You have been banned from this forum*
Lass message is why I don't deal with forum rps.
As for what explicitly caused me to get banned, over the course of two weeks, whenever I noticed some of his overpowered gods and other general lack of common sense, I pointed out and started arguing with him. Whenever people were arguing against soard, I tried to disprove his ability to properly marshal the rules by mentioning these things. Eventually he says, "Oh I'll ban you if you keep up with these stupid arguments." And, being the cocky guy I was, I called him out on it. I didn't think he'd do it, because at the time I thought we needed everyone we had.

Clearly, I was an idiot. I talked with Bookington for a little while, said my goodbyes and told myself that I didn't regret a thing. Eventually, the Cove closed and I didn't expect to hear from any of them, especially soard, ever again.
I wasn't as smart as you were, Anon. Months later, I ended up going back on Roblox, since I felt like being nostalgic (I played roblox as a kid for a few years, then stopped, only coming back for good RPs once in a while)

That very day, I had a message from Bookington. They were making a new RP, he was an admin now and the two other admins who didn't particularly like me before were perfectly alright with my joining. I thought maybe this would be fine. For a time, it was.
You never fucking learn, do you?
What happened after that ?
File: TolRethMus.jpg (18 KB, 339x228)
18 KB
The admin that wasn't soard as I mentioned didn't really like me, or at least how I was reacting to soard, but after that, he turned out to be an amazing writer. He played a god named Tol'Reth'Mus, the god of Crystals and Stars.
>That's Tol there, in the pic.
There was a rule about the Sun, Moon and Stars. Were a god ever to acquire all three, they would 'Ascend.' Tol was the only god to do this, but did it multiple times. This time around, when he had all three spheres, it was different. Tol was inhabited by a force called the Nexus. Eventually, it became a giant sphere of energy and the remaining gods of all three sides. Literally every god that was still alive ended up fighting it, abandoning our dice system entirely. We had to knock it down to exactly zero HP, while it gained a certain amount per turn. Eventually the whole thing just exploded, all of us left unscathed. Tol wrote a conclusion to the story and we thought that it was one of the best tears to date.

Minutes later, we saw that it was deleted, replaced with a post from soard

"Fuck off, Tol, I'll write the fucking ending."

Soard wrote something that was OK, but there was one thing that was off about it. The nexus created a void. If a god didn't start with a sphere, it was removed from their person. Everyone went back to where they started.

Turns out that soard's characters had less sphere's than ours and wanted to get even.

I was happy with this campaign, I remade Drago as a god of Destruction and Dragons, and when the Nexus absorbed, he had the spheres of creation, balance and destruction
>The rules behind having creation AND destruction were really complicated, I'll explain the rules to this game later, if you're interested.

Before soard decided to fuck our ending and make us keep going in his game, we were fine. Then he introduced the Four Horsemen.

You heard that right, it's not enough to take our spheres, he also copy-pasted an overused concept into our mostly original RP.
What ? You mean you still joined the RP knowing that soard was still admin ?
It's levels of stupid I don't understand but I keep reading
We went along with it. But the rest of us, the rest of us were filled with enough salt to make all of /b/ quake in fear. We waited and watched what happened next.

Nothing changed, soard just wanted to be OP as fuck, like before.

As for: >>43663647
Yes, I did. I thought book being an admin and the original creator of Tears being there, alongside Birm would be a sufficient way to offset soard's tendencies to be a schlong.

We played and played, but one day I had to go through Night (as a refresher, Night=literally a darker Hell) in order to cross to the other side of the continent, since apparently we weren't allowed to teleport to the other side, or even SWIM due to the dangerous "more powerful than god monsters." I start walking and all of a sudden the Four Horsemen appear and surround me, requesting that I, Drago, God of Creation and Destruction, become their minion/work with them. (With soard, I knew it would be the first one.)

I'm curious, so I read their description in our list of characters. What I saw didn't surprise me as much.

Underneath the description of their powers, it described that when the four of them were together, they were stronger than ANY of the Royals, whether it be Aldis, Traxis, or someone who kills either one of them.

I checked, I was surrounded by all four. Since I realized it was this or another damn character death by the hands of a godmodder, I joined the Horsemen.

Luckily for me, the forum didn't last long enough for that to matter.

Everyone else on the forum; Book, Birm, Tol and the three or so others who had been with us began to describe how they had slowly realized what soard was like.

The next day, I checked the forum. The background was a giant middle finger. Every single thread was deleted.

And everything that was still there was titled

We made one final rendition of Tears, the first one that could boast it was soard-free. Sadly for us, it didn't last long before everyone was too damn busy to post and keep playing. Weirdly enough, soard's raging was the reason why I clocked in and out every day. I'm not sure if that's his way of offering the final fuck you, or if it's just that rage does make us all stronger. Either way, it almost makes me cry, to remember all the horrible shit we went through then.

I'll make a new forum, on the anniversary of the day the first forum like it was made and I'll run it myself, one more time.

Maybe then, my tears will be real,
Real tears of the gods.

With that dramatic ending aside, that's the end of our story folks. If you guys have any questions about how the rules work, or any questions at all, I'll be here.

Stay salty, Shiplords!
You are an idiot for joining the same fucking game over and over again to expect something different. That is the definition of insanity.
>I'll make a new forum, on the anniversary of the day the first forum like it was made and I'll run it myself, one more time.
When would that be?

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