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Welcome back fellow fa/tg/uys, before we pick up from last night, I’ll run through the system we will be using to clear up any confusion from the past three threads.

We are using a d100 system, where higher is better, due to a request from the first thread; I’ll be keeping the dc hidden for flavour reasons.

I am mixing and matching genres from novels, to movies and comics, but I am borrowing heavily from Alien vs Predator: Extinction, a really good game, check it out.
We will have upgrades and evolutions soon and I’ll flesh that system out as we delve further into it,.

I’m working on a tech tree as well as putting together a levelling/perk system for our named PCs, and when I’m finished I’ll drop a .doc for your perusal, feel free to offer any criticism or advice on any topic; be it my writing style; story arcs; flavour text, or length of posts etc, as anything that will improve the quality of my posts will be appreciated immensely.

I want to give a shout out to SpookyAnon, for his drawings and outstanding drawfaggotry thus far, I only have 1 picture, but if it’s anything to go off, I believe we will have some fantastic OC to use in the coming quests.
Any other Drawfags, please feel free to go nuts, but make sure you sign your work so any and all credit can be given to their rightful owner.

more over; I noticed that in our last thread I overlooked and outright forgot about the distraction we had Fixer initiate before the marines had breached the med bay and if I had not done so the events that unfolded would have been drastically different, to make up for this, I’ll be offering a free level up to one of the current PCs; this entails a HP boost and a perk, the perk will be completely free form, so go nuts, tell me what you want and what it does(Within reason) and vote on it, I’ll include this in the updated Hive status post.

I’ll stick around at the end of the thread for a few minutes to answer questions and talk about our current arc, and PCs etc.

File: Spooky hive.jpg (58 KB, 1024x576)
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Dildo: Drone
level 2

60 HP
Hardened carapace, resistant to small arms fire. (half damage from high calibres, no damage from side arms.).
Fear (Smartguns cause half damage, but Dildo cannot approach a user of said gun without disadvantage in combat.)

Scree!: Warrior.
Level 1
Thick carapace: 100 armour.

Raptor: Drone.
Level 1
No armour
Fear (Smartguns cause half damage, but Raptor cannot approach a user of said gun without disadvantage in combat.)

Fixer: Drone.
level 1
No armour.

Spooky: Queen.
Level 4
2000 HP
2000 Armour
LARGE (Cannot use ventilation shafts, or move quickly through small areas.)
STRONG( capable of destroying most man made alloys with little effort.)
The BOSS( can command ALL members of its hive at distances up to 50km away.)
The Matriarch(can lay up to 20 eggs every 5 hours, d20 determines how many are unique[Praetorian etc.])
Sentient and Sapient(Is smarter than your average, bear! Capable of Human levels of intelligence, which extends to all under her control.)

ChatterBox: Genomorph
Level 1
10 HP
No Armour.
Forced evolution (Capable of altering the embryos within eggs and the DNA of existing xenomorphs.)
Memories of the host (ChatterBox, can recall ANYTHING that the host would have within his memories.)

38 x eggs (5 praetorian)

3 x Drones. Fixer, Dildo and Raptor
2 x Warriors (1 adult: Scree! and 1 chestburster.)
1 x Queen. Spooky,
1 x Genomorph. ChatterBox.

Now, let’s continue…
File: OP IMAGE.jpg (188 KB, 1731x2223)
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188 KB JPG

Smoke drifts upwards, slowly from a cigar clutched in the muscular talons of a mysterious figure, camouflaged by the darkly lit room and perched upon a boring, grey swivel chair the person slowly turns to face a woman opposite himself, he opens his mouth and exhales softly, smoke sails from his lips;
He speaks:
“Are you certain it is a Royal egg, I will not tolerate another incident!”

Sitting across from the silhouetted man a clearly nervous, young woman, raises her hand and wipes a bead of sweat off her brow, she glances sideways and then back to imposing figure opposite her; she opens here mouth, hesitates for a moment then continues “Y-yes, sir, we were VERY thorough this time, it is certainly a Praetorian strain genome within the egg.” she sighs and sits back heavily.

“Good, are the surgeons ready, we must move quickly, they found the ship.”
The man leans forward, slightly, his face partially illuminated by a nearby lamp, his eye is milky white and a long, thick scar runs through the left hand side of his face, stretching from his forehead to his chin.

“Everyone is ready sir; we are waiting on the go ahead.” She responds.

His lips curl up at the ends as a smile spreads across his face “Well then, if that’s the case… Go ahead”…

File: Daddies home..jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB

Spooky lays begins the egg laying process(d20 please) as the white drone begins to speak “I am not a pure strain, nor are you my Queen, someone or something has tampered with your genetic code and that is why you have gained sapience, a result of this tampering is me, from what I am able to discern, I and others like me are of a geno strain capable of absorbing the memories of those we implant and grow within, I know everything this man knows, and with time and practice can further alter our species. In short I can fix flaws and encourage our eggs to produce better xenomorphs. As well as alter the DNA and speed up the evolution of existing Xenomorphs within our Hive.”

You take the moment to ponder this new development, what does this mean for your hive, for your species?

Spooky turns her head towards the tiny Genomorph and begins to speak…

What do you say?

Meanwhile you have your Hive occupants do what?

A) Send the drones to scout for the remaining marine team.
B) Send your drones to investigate the Marine drop ship.
C) Send Scree! too? (what?)
Rolled 2 (1d20)

have the Raptor stick around the throne room to heal up a bit and send out the other three to find the other team before they realize they're down half there squad.

Also do you have a bigger version of the OP pic because the one up there is ant sized.
Unfortunately that's all I have right now, when Spookyanon gets here I'll ask him if he has made any progress.

Sorry for the d20 in the OP, that was an oversight, you guys already cleared that up last thread.
File: Spoiler Image (1009 KB, 1440x2219)
1009 KB
1009 KB JPG
>A) Send the drones to scout for the remaining marine team.

Also, would it be possible to modify the Facehugger to have them implant multiple fetuses/eggs/genetic viruses to create multiple chestbursters at once? I imagine it would make the gestation take a lot longer, but would increase host to xenomorph produced efficiency overall.

I was thinking about this two threads ago, something about the Xenomorph lifecycle has always bugged me. It's so inefficient and finite resource dependant.
Whoa, we have HP and Armor and stuff now. Awesome.
ok not going to lie I find that pic a little... "odd" to say the least. more fucked up then anything really.
Sending the drones to scout for the marines.

I need some dialog for your chat with ChatterBox, or you can just give me a brief outline and i'll pull something out of my arse.

I've been slowly putting stuff together, there is more to come.

And for those that may have missed the section in the first post, you get a free level and perk to distribute to one of your PCs, vote on what the perk is and does(Within reason and i'll update it.)
The whole comic, Aliens: Labyrinth, is really fucked up. It deals partly with a guy surviving inside a Xenomorph hive that's dying to some kind of toxic black fungus. He variously witnesses people being mutated into sacks of tumor meat, a guy who is made a hive for tiny tadpole-like creatures that screams his vocal cords out, the picture I posted, and finally being forced to mate with his own mother, after she's had her arms chewed off by xenomorphs.

He ends up strangling her to death instead, but it's still fucked up.
right. Also I know we have a second warrior who's just a chest burster at this point that came form one of the two solders we managed to bring in alive and then chatterbox from the other solder. Did we ever use that one survivor yet that Dil managed to snatch after getting shot to shit?

Oh and I vote we upgrade our full grown warrior since we're about to get into a fight.
We hatched a Genomorph and warrior from the two hosts.
so we still have the third?
You killed two members of the recon team and captured 2, the 3rd is from station personell webbed to the hive room, but you guys have not decided whether to implant her with a praetorian embryo or a regular strain.
ah, ok thanks, just seeing if we do have a free host lying around.
File: Operator Xenos.jpg (13 KB, 275x183)
13 KB
After taking a moment to ponder what has just transpired Spooky turns to ChatterBox and speaks,
“You say I am not pure strain, then how am I Queen?”

Chatter box explains that he is unsure how this is so, and that it matters very little as you are what you are and the Hive is flourishing in spite of this mystery “My Queen I wish to impart on you the memories within my hosts mind, and request permission to start learning about our…”

A) Learning about our Drones.
B) Learning about our Warriors.
C) Learning about our eggs.
D) Other.

GAINED SKILL: Human Knowledge(Anything a college educated, military officer of Lieutenant rank would know is now the hives knowledge[Including the number of troops stationed nearby])

Spooky orders the 3 drones, Fixer, Raptor and Dildo to scout for the remaining marine team.
Fixer heads straight for the armoury to investigate the remaining 3 personnel only to discover to his chagrin that the room is empty and the doors have been cut open.

Fixer announces over the hive mind “The hosts are missing, no sign of the recon team!”
Raptor and Dildo acknowledge this new development and split up, Dildo heads towards the medical bay, whilst Raptor moves over to the original insertion point for the second marine team.

After a few minutes of searching, Dildo is able to pick up what sound like footsteps echoing down the corridor leading towards the security room.

Dildo peaks over the vent on the roof and…

A) Attempts to locate the sound (d100 if selected).
B) Leave the Ventilation shafts and begin searching at ground level (d20 stealth if selected)
C) Observe from the vent and call through the hive mind for back up (Who?).
D) Free form.
>Learning about the eggs
The egg came before the chicken after all.

>Observe from the vent and call for back up from Raptor.
>C) Learning about our eggs.
>C) Observe from the vent and call through the hive mind for back up (Who?).
let's call in Scree.
>Learning about our eggs
Important to increase the growth of this lovely hive.
>Observe, and call through the hivemind for Scree

By the way, hey all.

I'd also like to have Chatterbox tell us what might happen if this patrol doesn't return..
Dildo extends into the hive mind and calls for scree and Raptor to make haste to him, as you wait and observe, you find that the noises you heard earlier were the 4 marines and 3 base personnel making their way towards the mess from the armoury.

3 marines from what you can have rifles, one of which is holding a motion sensor and the 4th a lithe, bulky woman holding the dreaded smart gun you have a health respect for from your previous encounter.

Back at the throne room, Spooky permits ChatterBox to begin its research into the eggs and the facehugger within, ChatterBox creeps up to the egg and opens its mouth, a long slender pale, pink tongue extends from within and forces its way into the egg and down within (Give me 2d100[are you inspecting a praetorian egg or a regular egg]).

Spooky asks chatterbox about the patrols within the station as he is inspecting the egg.

Over the hivemind ChatterBox mentions that the patrols are 8 of 11 people to make planet fall 19 hours ago, and that if they fail to make contact more marines will be woken from cryo and a full scale assault will be the next wave.

Dildo continues to observe the patrol as it moves underneath the ventilation shaft you hid within, Scree and Raptor take up positions beside you and wait…

A) CHARGE! (3d100)
B) Observe.
C) Set up an ambush. (3d20)
D) Other.
Rolled 43, 37 = 80 (2d100)

also the roll here is for the egg and let's start with a normal egg first

As for the next wave a marines, if we can get to their ship's radio we could bullshit them saying that they took out a few drones that were hunting down the locals but one of them managed to damage there bird. They can fix it but it's going to take time. Should buy us some time but lets worry about that latter.
I'll duck out for a smoke and when i return i'll write up what our 3 xen'amigos do, Chatterbox is working on a regular egg.
Are the base personnel armed with their flamers and such, or are they unarmed?
Rolled 7, 3, 4 = 14 (3d20)

I think the survivors have home made flamers but nothing military strength. Also rolling the d20s for the ambush
oh dear god someone else roll, for the love of god roll before OP get's back
File: Twins Basil.jpg (42 KB, 700x295)
42 KB
Base personnel have sidearms and one flamer.

Spooky growls menacingly at ChatterBox as you notice the egg deflate and crumple in upon itself "I apologize for the loss of the egg my Queen, but I did discover how to encourage our eggs to produce twins. Shall I make this a permanent addition to our hives DNA, or would you prefer I begin researching other xenomorph embyros?”

A) Research Warriors.
B) Research Drones.
C) Research Praetorian eggs.
D) Implement the twin facehugger strain.
How many Praetorian eggs do we have?
I'll need one more 3d20 before I finish the write up. Pray for all you hold dear, my friends.
>Implement twin facehugger strain

Do you think we might get it even higher? 3 or 4 even? It would make this hive incredibly potent compared to others.
Rolled 19, 2, 11 = 32 (3d20)

5 praetorian eggs and now 32 regular eggs. You also have one host in the hive waiting.
>C) Research Praetorian eggs.
>D) Implement the twin facehugger strain.
we'll work our way up
D and C are of importance.
Sorry guys, in my haste adn excitment to start the thread I forgot to include the title.

I'll link this thread to next one so other people can more easily find Xenoquest.
File: OH SHI-.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
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honestly if I encountered humans in that hive in those conditions I'd make every effort to murder them fast and shorten their suffering
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237 KB JPG

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