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What would the 40k universe be like now if each Primarch had been as incorruptible as Sanguinius and the other loyalists?

We have to consider a few things.

>all Xenos would be wiped out shortly
>Technological advance would never stagnate
>no warp travel; instead humanity took the webway and purged it of xenos
>most humans remained heavily religious despite the enforcement of the Imperial Truth
>Spess Muhreen legions would, after conquering everything, serve as private retinues to their Primarch's whims

It would end up being USSR in space; basically the Imperium of today, minus Kim Jong of Mankind being worshipped as a God.

The heavily-religious populace of the Imperium will stick to their faiths, and many would even go over to Chaos due to oppression. This is why the Horus Heresy happened in the first place; the Emprah wouldn't let Lorgar worship him.
Space Marines would be even more racist towards normal humans, and they would be atheist oppressors who keep the peace no matter the cost. Human lives would be even more worthless, because for a lack of enemies, people would over-populate.

Those who are part of the "party", or rather, those who accept the Imperial Truth would be favored over others, and would live great lives. The rest would just be constantly oppressed proles with their every move guarded by Space Marines.

Millions of people would be butchered in an enviroment with an ever-escalating stake in keeping order. Oppressing people for their religion leads to conversion to chaos, conversion to chaos leads to more oppression; eventually leading to rebellions, and space gulags, and our beloved Spess Muhreens acting as a much more ruthless and effective Inquisition.

Eventually, pressure would mount and result in a huge serf-revolt like the French Revolution, with the Space Marines, loyalist "class-traitors", and the Emperor and his Primarchs duking it out. And then the world would stagnate in that eternal conflict between the oppressed ordinary humans enhanced by Chaos, and Space Marines loyal to the Emperor on the other side.
Oh and, warp travel would be used only by the rebels, whereas the loyalists would use the webway. Battles wouldn't even be fought in space, because there wouldn't have been any space battles for a millenia.
Maybe Space Marines would still have fighter craft, which would in turn mean that the rebels would be using altered trading ships and mass-produced subpar space-craft.

The rebel ships would focus on speed, as they would go into the warp and reemerge somewhere else to strike where the Imperium is weaker; creating strongholds where they could train more men or bring in hordes of daemons.

Worlds lost to the loyalists would be hard to retake, as the dregs of Chaos would likely open up the webway to the Warp. Which means that eventually, Space Marines would reinvent warp travel for the purpose of retaking fallen worlds.

Travelling with the webway would become more and more impossibly difficult, and the Imperium would likely not prepare fast enough for this. After the webway is overrun, a relatively short dark-age where there would be few communications between disparate worlds, which in turn would mean even more worlds falling to Chaos until FTL comms and travel is re-established en masse in the Imperium.

Space Marines would probably get grinded down, and then when threats like the tyranids and Necrons start appearing (Orks, Eldar, Tau, and others long-dead) the galaxy would be even more doomed than it is in this 40k.

I'd say this is a pretty solid inference taken to the logical extreme. Good job.

The crusade would have ended where the last vestigment of humanity were before.
The webway would have been secure enough that the imperium of men would have stable travel to the more important places vut I still believe Eldar would have their own foothold, especially the harlequins.
The navigator would have been purged but some might habe survived to live as smugglers in space.
But when the crusade ended you wind up with a lot of space marines unable or even unwilling to return to civil life.
i presume some primarch would also be unsilling to become statesman.
So you end up with the larger imperium with smaller realms within like Guiliman own personal empire, khan ruling at the edge of the imperium, lorgar having a considerable big realm with religious background, dorn being head of the administarum and such.
The question would be what the emperor would do.
Would he purge mechanicus? Would he plan to crush the religious people under lorgar? Would the imperium crumble under it size or would malcador and the emperor be enough to keep it running? Would the emperor abdict to sanguinus and do some space magic to battle chaos?
As I can't pretend to know what a all-powerful being would do any of this might be possible.
> with the Space Marines, loyalist "class-traitors", and the Emperor and his Primarchs duking it out

Meant to say, duking it out with the Chaos rebels. No idea why I didn't finish that sentence. Oh well.
> I don't think humanity is incapable of escaping religion.
Remember, Less that 5000 years ago, we learned the written word.
2000 years ago we thought someone was literally the son of god for doing shit that any damn street magician can convince people he can do today.

Today many people are already Atheist, or at least admits they don't know.
>implying we wouldn't have god tier total wars between a now fully empowered humanity with all of its primarchs, legions, and DOAT technology against the entirety of the hive fleets, necrons, and eldar races.

Although if some of those primarchs with radical ideas were allowed to stay loyal, there might have been a lot of minor 'non- threatening' xenos given space or have non aggression/vassal status. Probably by fudging their sentience so they classify as fauna.
Space Rome.

Nah, if the Emperor survived he definitely would have culled the Necrons before they've even awoken. I mean, if someone with the knowledge of them and the psychic ability to detect them like him would exist at the helm of the strongest tarpit consisting of endless amounts of manpower and muh pauldrons in the entirety of 40k, the Necrons would've been offed quite easily.

Same for Eldar, really.
Well my point was more that GW would let the Necrons or Eldar become real powerful so they could become the other BIG BAD EVIL or FINAL BOSS so humanity can be unleashed.
Hmm... true, true.

Whatever sells best > Practicality/Facts

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