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File: devil hunter.png (136 KB, 641x320)
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136 KB PNG
So I'm back after a long, unannounced hiatus; sorry about that. I'm just gonna go back to the previous choice

am i a bad qm if i had to reread my previous thread to remember what i was doing.


>Luke turned into an ember spirit and you're having a hard time pinning him down; you know that spirits have cores, but Dominic has an idea. Do you...
>Follow Dominic's idea

>Try and find his core.

>>Follow Dominic's idea
>Follow Dominic's idea

If he has a plan, he has a plan. And fire spirit cores are a bastard to get at, surrounded by fire and all that.
>Follow Dominic's idea

Alright so you're following Dominic's plan.


good to have all of you.
I think I can guess the three who are here.

Cellanon and Erik plus little old me?
I can only hope I am so lucky
File: Mark.jpg (693 KB, 1511x865)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
"We'll go with your plan, Dominic." You say, spinning your glaive in an arc.

"No word on what the actual plan is?" You catch Eliza mumble, before she sheaths one of her swords, holding it out her hand to summon a spell.

"Trust me on this." Dominic replies, stabbing his greatsword into the ground; putting his hands onto the hand and taking a deep breath.

"I'll need three minutes."

"Got it." You bark, "Liz! On my count!"

"Ready when you are." You hear her reply as you dart to the side, Luke unleashing a mighty roar as he destroys your chains.

"You. Will. PAY." He screams, charging you.

Oh boy.

>roll 3d100
Rolled 59, 72, 23 = 154 (3d100)

Dusk's lament
Rolled 85, 55, 54 = 194 (3d100)

Toim fa Foightan!
Rolled 83, 17, 62 = 162 (3d100)


85, 72 and 62

Not too bad.
Rolled 37 (1d100)

not bad at all, everyone does well with the exception of dominic.
Dominic only does soso
And then big stompy fucks up.
File: fight mode.png (319 KB, 500x412)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
You realize almost too late that his blade is his strongest part; where all his magic is flowing. You jerk out the way as his blade comes crashing down, splitting the very earth beneath you.

This could be more dangerous than you thought. However this also makes a moment of opportunity for you.

Switching the blade in your hand; you change your stance to one you've been practicing non-stop for the last month.

Tricker's Parade.

As he dashes towards you, blade roaring; you wait until he brings his horizontal strike close to your body before spinning over the blade with ease; your flip is clean over his blade as you bring your own glaive in a devastating sweep that smashes into his torso.

He cries out. Even though he's a spirit, he still feels pain as he stumbles forward. But you aren't done yet. Spinning around and your glaive charging with energy once more; you unleash a flurry of stabs that force him back even further.

"Ruler of Darkness, his might is everlasting and his fist of iron.

Strike my enemy into the ground he rests!"

"Hammer of Dark!" Your dark fist shoots from a portal you had summoned above him and slams him into the ground. He roars in agony and you can see his body begin to glow in heat; but the magic this time holds.

"Liz!" She's appears next to you as you say her name, dashing forward; you can see the magic in her hand swirling into a vortex as it spirals into Luke.

The whirlpool of light that emmenates from her palm blasts Luke even further into the ground.

"Dominic! You ready?" You turn to him, his incantation is still in his mouth as he continues to chant.

"He can't reply, dolt!" Eliza shouts as Luke literally explodes.

"Out of the way!" Luke seethes, his feet explodes as he uses the acceleration to almost collapse on you.

"Alex!" Eliza cries out. But Luke is too fast, his sword swinging a deadly arc that would cut into your rib...end to my will." You hear a voice ring out.

"Echoes of Time, b

It truly has broken all continuum to be here, coming from Eris.
File: dominic.jpg (25 KB, 604x415)
25 KB
"Echoes of Time, bend to my will." You hear a voice ring out.

Suddenly, Luke falls over, his arms cut off and his heat completely disappeared.

You look around to where Dominic was.

"Over here." You hear him pant in the distance.

"Dominic?" You stammer, "What happened?"

You hear Luke groan, and Marry runs over, clutching her ribs.

"He's... normal again. What did you do?" Marry demands.

"I... I don't know." You reply, you really don't know what just happened.

"Marry..?" Luke mumbles, his voice normal and raspy but weak. "What... what did I..."

"Shush now Luke, you were being controlled."

As you leave Marry to care for Luke, you hear a clatter of a sword hitting the ground. "Dom!" Liz cries, rushing towards him.

You turn to find Dominic on his knees, clutching the sword for support.

"I'm... alright." He manages to say before suddenly hacking violently.

"Dominic!" You run to catch up

What do you ask him?

>What was that?
>Are you okay?

>also wtf happened to my writing
>>Are you okay?
my writing is getting so bad omg im ridiculously distracted someone keeps playing that song
>What was that?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uq-gYOrU8bA THIS SONG

>What was that?

(It was the McFist's pure power)

sorry for delays, my brother challenged me in ssb4 and i have to eat dinner
please hold~
>What was that?
Oh, that's why.

I thought you were writing a doctoral analysis of the technique Dom just used.

Or possibly on the Effects of the Multiverse on Alternate Settings through Paradoxical Insertion of Famous Elements.
if only, if only. I could describe more of what it did specifically.
File: dom's eye.jpg (42 KB, 853x480)
42 KB
"Dominic. What was that?" You ask as you jog up to him, Eliza was using a bit of her magic to help him up; but he still looked very much unsteady.

"It's... magic that stops time, I looked it up in the libraries once. I've never used it before." Dominic gasps, looking up at you.

His eye was completely red. As if someone had dyed his eye.

"Dom... your eye." You mutter, he looks at you questioningly.

"What's wrong?" He asks you. "You can... see properly?" You ask him, surprised. He shrugs his shoulders, "No reason why I shouldn't right?"

"Your eye is completely blood red." Liz prompts before you can say anything. His face goes white with shock as his hands fly to his left eye that was affected.

"I... what?" He murmurs. You shake your head, "That was dangerous and risky, but thank you Dom." You say as you pat him on the shoulder.

"Can you stand?" Dominic nods, and with a whirl, you turn back towards Marry and Luke; still in midst of their discussion.

"Marry! We have to keep going!" You shout towards them. They both turn and nod.

"Let's go." You vaguely remember the direction you're supposed to go. You head off, Dominic and Eliza in tow and Luke and Marry lagging slightly behind.

"...Dominic." You say as you sprint forward. "Yeah?" "Please tell me if you're ever going to use something that dangerous again."

You hear him laugh, but don't turn around. "Got it, boss."

He's a good kid, that Dominic.

You get quite far before you actually remember something. The guy who was trying to kill you 5 minutes ago is now just following you. What a weird situation.

"Marry, is Luke going to be allies with us?" You ask her, slowing down slightly to allow her to catch up.

"Yes, he is a good man. Tainted by... Mevon." She spat that name out.

"But what did that boy Dominic do?" She asked, "I didn't even see him move.'

"Dominic? Care to elaborate?" Dominic just shrugs.

"The book was kinda messed up to begin with; in a completely different language." He explains, "What I could extract from it was that it literally froze time and atoms in an areas except in a formation around you."

"It's incantation is ridiculously long though." He says, laughing slightly.

"Wait... do you hear that?" Eliza says.


>roll d20
Rolled 17 (1d20)

From Foightan ta Sneeky Breeky
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Yoo'z painted per pole ehhhh?
File: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).jpg (36 KB, 1280x720)
36 KB
ayy lmao

nufink ta see 'ere, move along... No orks 'ere, definitely not.
File: The beast.jpg (383 KB, 1600x1200)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
It's strange, you've never hidden from foe before unless you were planning on stabbing them or some other form of pain.

This was different. This... thing's... power was beyond comphrehension.

You scurried into a dark corridor where you waited anxiously for the power to pass.

Then you saw him.

He looked... humanoid, at least; but you knew better than to judge enemies based on their size.

He stepped into your field of vision and stared straight ahead for the longest time before he tilted his head and howls.

His howl almost blew your eardrums out, it was loud but imbueded with magic. To even release your voice with magic...

"It's the Beast." You hear Eliza breathe. "Must be," Dominic murmurs back before you shush the both of them as another voice rings out.

"Beast! This is where you end!" A gigantic lumbering oxman stands off against the man. It was easily several times his size

"I will destroy you, puny 'human' and I will become the new Beast! Now die!" The monster swings his massive axe in a deadly arc aimed to smash the Beast flat.

The blow crushes the stone ground around the Beast, billowing dust clouds everywhere. When the smog clears, you aren't surprised to see the Beast unharmed.

What you are surprised about, is that he's holding onto the ax with nothing but his hand, his other reaching for the gigantic sword on his back.

"Wuh?" The monster manages one word before the Beast grabs onto his sword.

"Weak." His deep, echo-y voice; somber in its tone; is so different from his previous howls that it strikes a chord in you.

Why does it sound so familiar?

You blink once to clear the thought, and thats when he strikes, instantly cleaving the gigantic monster in two, sheathing the blade without a second thought.

"What the hell.." Marry breathes, as the Beast takes a single step.

And disappears from view.

"I don't feel him anymore." Dominic says, and you nod in agreement.

File: MkII_07.jpg (213 KB, 1200x1638)
213 KB
213 KB JPG

"We need to move, now." You say, and the others agree; you couldn't possibly stay here.

Not while that monster is on the loose.

You eventually come to the wall that Marry had mentioned, marked by a small sign; no doubt by one of her allies. As you arrive, she pulls out a small spherical object.

"Stand back." She commands, before pulling something on it and tossing it at the wall.

"What does that d-" Dominic tries to say before a huge explosion breaks the wall down.

Marry just grins. "You have magic, we have technology. After you."

You walk towards the wall as it reveals a tunnel behind it; leading into a white room.

As you enter it, there's a vault door up ahead, and all of a sudden alarms begin to blare.

"INTRUDER, INTRUDER." A mechanical voice erupts.

"Go! Luke and I will cover you. You must finish the job." Marry says, pulling out a metallic, barreled weapon. Luke's hands erupt in flames.

"Stay safe." You say, as monster and machines begin to swarm the tunnel you came from.

You easily destroy the ones in your way as you, Eliza and Dom following you as you reach the vault door and destroy it.

A couple of doors later you run into Mevon, tapping away on his computer; not even turning around.

"Ah, what unexpected guests." He says, not even sounding surprised.

"Dominic, you've grown up." He says, without giving you a chance to speak. "I almost didn't recognize you."

Dominic steps forward, and you can feel his magical aura begin to pulse and grow in anger.

"So you do remember." Is all he says, his sword clenched tightly in his hand.

"Would an artist forget their masterpiece? Would a musician forget their best song? Would a scientist forget their greatest invention?" Mevon speaks rapidly, stopping his typing.

"I would not forget you, Dominic Mcqueen; Our Magnum Opus."


>What do you mean, Magnum Opus?

>Enough talk, surrender now.

>Cut him down, we don't have time for chatter.

>Cut him down, we don't have time for chatter.
Well, Dominic is a Haemonculus, in the literal sense of the term.

>What do you mean, Magnum Opus?
>Hold off Dom, wait a second.
>What do you mean, Magnum Opus?
yeah, but how is he different?
lets find out~
Oh, yeah. Go ahead and suck all the joy out of it for me.
oh, you return. Somewhat unexpected, yet not at the same time.

Well, you can find another ear worm for us ~
i am sorry you can still have the musics for me
File: mevon.jpg (68 KB, 1280x720)
68 KB

"Dominic, hold off for a second." You say, holding up his hand. He shoots you a look of anger, but steadies his blade.

"What do you mean, Magnum Opus? What did you do to Dominic?"

Silence, a deadly silence that is only permeated by the sounds coming from the computer screens.

"I asked you a -." You say again, before you are cut off by laughter.

Hysterical laughter. From Mevon, and you're tempted to cut him yourself.

"Oh.. this is rich." Mevon laughs, wiping tears from his eyes. "Dominic, you still haven't told them? I know you remember every. Single. Detail."

His voice sends shakes into Dominic, as he grabs his blade again, stepping forward.

"Dominic, was our... experiment. You realize how only one person can have one element. But what if one person could have many?"

"We... inserted some artifical elements into Dominic, realising quickly that we needed something more when the experiments initally failed."

"So we gathered many subjects, and extracted something... important to them." A wicked grin spread from his face.

"Bastard!" Dominic shouts, drawing his blade now; his magical output flowing out in waves now. "You tore them apart! You took their souls!"

Mevon cackles loudly, "Yes! That's what we did! And we put them in his body! At first his body resisted! Yes, yes but soon he started to adapt. Accept them! Our Masterpiece was coming to form."

"But wait..." You mutter, the whole thing becoming too much to handle; your head spinning from the sickening description. "You guys just let him out?"

"No... if we had our way... He wouldn't have seen the light of day until he was good and ready!" Mevon howls, "the Boss said otherwise, the Boss said we had to let him go! Said it "Wasn't humane!" When did he ever care!?"

Mevon whirls around now, and jabs a finger at Dominic. "He, who had sacrificed his own children to feed our experiments, and watched firsthand as we killed his own blood in front of Dominic!"

File: maduscientist.jpg (330 KB, 1280x720)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
"But I know the truth, I know why he cowered.
It was because of that MAN." He roars, furious now.

"That man?" Dominic asks, his blade faltering.

"We don't know where he came from or why he was doing it. But he came into our labs one night; destroyed 3 of our facilities and promised the annihilation of our entire family if we refused to let you go!" Mevon throws his hand into the air. "Nothing could stop him. Not even Our Beast."

"Someone stronger than that thing? Impossible." Liz mumbles, "That thing was stronger than Papa..."

"So! Here we are." He all but growls. "All I know was his title."

"Call off your Beast." You say, "And surrender to us."

"Pah! You think I can control that monster?" Mevon scoffs, "That thing does as he pleases. But fine, I cannot win as I am. I know when I am beat."

"Call off your monsters and machines then," You counter, but he waves his hands, "Already did that, my you're slow on the uptake aren't you?"

Eliza snorts, and you shoot her a look of apprehension. "Sorry, he's got a point. You're pretty slow sometimes."

Dominic stares at you. "Alex, you can't be serious about not killing him. What would Marry say?"

"He has a point, but then again; she hates all McQueen's; and you're a sweetheart." She jokes, and Dominic shrugs.

"Alex, what do you think?"

>You're right (Kill Mevon)

>I think he could have his uses (Capture Mevon)

>Mevon, lets talk business (Attempt to convince Mevon to work with you)

File: property damage.jpg (100 KB, 1280x720)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Oh the choices...

I am tempted to slightly play the devils advocate here...

Fuck it.

>Mevon, lets talk business.
>Mevon, lets talk business (Attempt to convince Mevon to work with you)
File: YES,YES.gif (933 KB, 500x281)
933 KB
933 KB GIF
do it.
>>You're right (Kill Mevon)

I've only hate in my heart.

Beware the edge.
>You're right (Kill Mevon)
you might get someone who isn't as antagonistic as mevon as an inventor but not as good. is good inventor > relationship with dominic

>You're coming with us to a jail cell, to face the full accounting of law. It's out of our hands, and he'll most likely die anyways.
>You're right (Kill Mevon)
alrighty then

Would you like to find out the title of Mystery man before you slaughter Mevon?

We must be swift like a coursing river!

Information ~

inb4 past us
you had such an interesting dream about it too
File: brownie.jpg (10 KB, 224x225)
10 KB
Rolled 2 (1d2)

"Dominic?" You say, he turns to you. "Have you gotten all your grievances out of the way?"

He stares at you questioningly, before slowly nodding. "I... guess so."

"Mevon, what was the title of that man?" Mevon only smirks.

"I know you're going to kill me, and I have no problem with this. His title was... Phoenix."

"I wish you peace in an afterlife; if you believe in that." You and Eliza turn away as Dominic steps forward and draws his sword. This was a personal moment between them; you didn't have a right to intervene.

You heard the nickering slice of the blade follow by a bodily slump. "It's done." Dominic says, his voice hollow.

"We have to go, we don't know where the Beast is." Eliza says, and you follow her out of the lab, Dominic close behind.

"Marry!" You shout as you spot them down the tunnel, her and Luke surrounded by broken metal and dead bodies. "Alex, is the deed done?" You nod, "We need to move, The Beast will know if Mevon is dead."

Luke nods "I agree. Let's move."

You feel it again, that sense of dread.

No, no, not now. Not when you're so close.

"He's here." Dominic says, panic in his voice.

The Beast lands in front of you, a light landing for someone so heavy looking.

"So, Mevon's dead." He says, his sombre voice still sending chills down your spine.

"Will you let us pass?" You ask, stepping forward.

"Most of you do not concern me..." He rumbles,
"Except... You." He points at you.

"Me?" "Yes, I sense a growing power in you. I wish to test your mettle. In battle, one on one."

"I will decide when the fight is over; whether you are dead or otherwise."

"I accept." You say, pulling your glaive out from its portal.

"Alex, you can't be serious! This guy is stronger than anyone we've ever seen!" Eliza says, and Dominic agrees "Liz's right, you can't win."

"If I don't agree, he'll kill all of us. I have to do this."

"Your friend is correct, younger ones." The Beast rumbles. "I do not have a qualm against any of you; but should you raise your blades against me, I will not hesitate to do the same."

The sudden crushing weight of his aura returns as he assumes a battle position. "And I guarantee you will not survive."

"Don't worry about me guys... I'll live, I always do."

"Give him hell, Alex." Dominic grasps your hand.

"What do I call you? The Beast is rather a mouthful." You call to him.

He chuckles, "You can call me Arkan." his rumble replies.

"I am Alexander Hawkens, I accept your challenge." You say, spinning your blade over your hands before assuming a stance.

"I admire your courage, Alex. Let us begin."

The battle for your life begins.

What do you do?

>Summon the Black Gate to attack him with dark magic to get a test of his defenses.

>Surge forward on the offensive, use everything you've got!

>Go pure melee on this, try to find his weakpoints!

>Summon the Black Gate to attack him with dark magic to get a test of his defenses
>Engage Trickster's Parade

Maximum defence.
mm i forgot to put that as an option. my bad
also ill wait a bit; gotta do laundry
>Summon the Black Gate to attack him with dark magic to get a test of his defenses.
i feel like everyones gone off so maybe ill call it here

thanks to everyone for participating!

i know my writing is sorta subpar right now but ill try my best to improve back to regular standards!
thanks for playing!
Oh, I was still here, but thanks anyways.

I guess for America it IS two in the morning.
File: 3.gif (71 KB, 600x338)
71 KB
yeah i know you are mr australia but not everyone has your time zone
missed it fuck

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