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You are Sergei Boystov, rogue pilot of the super mech RB-01 Cognis. Two days ago you switched the Cognis's Skypiercer railgun to strategic launch mode and shot down an IF satellite. Since then you've been running more than usual. Now, not only were the Cognis's secret creators tracking you, the International Forum's feared "Peace Keeping" task force was on your trail too.

To make matter's worse unforseen design flaws had caused severe damage to the railgun after firing, rendering it inoperable. After discussing things with your partners you decide to infiltrate a Foskoedal Armed Forces supply base with Agent Sang. If you could steal an FAF IFF transponder you'd be able to tranverse Foskoedal with a much smaller risk of detection. From there is would be a straight run across Greunia into Zanvra where asylum and a (slightly smaller) pile of cash awaited. While you're at it maybe you could see about abducting a technician to fix the railgun.


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It took a day to find a suitable supply depot: a small base that serviced the local border patrol. It took another two days to catch a lone cargo truck and ambush it. From there you managed to get some FAF uniforms and a way into the base.

Now you find yourself disguised as a pair of corporals from the FAF logistic corps driving a truck through the base checkpoint. The gate guard frowns at your forged documents.

"You're late, what gives?"

Crap, you need to make an excuse. You certainly look the part but if you open your mouth your Nevik accent could tip off a savvy guard. Sang didn't look like she was from around here at all, but surprisingly her command of the local dialect was much better than yours.

Roll 1d20
>"Ran into some engine trouble on the road, we fixed it but it took some time."
>"Tire blew out, had to replace it."
>"Alright, you got me, we goofed off a little, but cmon it's no big deal if this stuff is an hour or two late right?"
>"Shitty weather means shitty roads. Had to slow down a bit."
>Let Sang do the talking
>Write in
Rolled 15 (1d20)

>>"Ran into some engine trouble on the road, we fixed it but it took some time."
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Guess I'm not popular enough not to start in one player mode.

Good whateverthefuck time it is
The guard sighs "Shit happens I suppose, just don't let the Commander catch you. With recent events all military bases are being placed on alert. Move along to the the main warehouse and unload then head to the motorpool and get that engine looked at."

You nod and drive on through. For a moment you have no idea where the main warehouse is, all these pre-fab military buildings look the same. After looking at each building closely you can make an educated guess as to what each one is. Clusters of comm arrays mark one building out as the command center, almost certainly the location of a mobile server farm.

The motorpool is another obvious location, the various sheds, tire tracks and vehicles give it away. The barracks and warehouse are differentiated mainly by their size, finally there's also a mech hanger on site, you'd recognise a structure like that anywhere.

Sang leans over. "Should we go straight for what we came for? If someone notices that we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing things can quickly get out of control."

"True. Alright we can probably grab a transponder from the warehouse, or lift one directly from a mech in the hangar."

"I could also hack into the command center's server farm and steal some IFF codes. We could then load them into the Cognis's own transponder."

"I suppose it would be good to keep that option in mind, but server farms are usually heavily guarded, especially when a base is on alert like this."

Now what?
>Head to the Warehouse.
>Head to the Mech Hangar.
>Head to the Motorpool.
>Head to the Command Center.
>Head to the Barracks.
>Write in.
>Head to the Warehouse.
Warehouse, and talk to whoever is nearby and we trust about how they feel things are developing.
>>Head to the Warehouse.
Alright then let's do this.

You drive over to the warehouse and back up the truck into the loading bay. The bay doors are closed so you get out and head over to the main office round front. The main office is what you'd expect: the base quarter master sitting behind a desk which itself is behind a panel of bullet resistant glass.

He looks up at you and gives you a terse nod as you hand him the cargo manifest through a shutter.
"You're not the usual guy, and you're late too."

Your heart skips a beat as you realize your stolen uniform still has its former owner's name stitched on to it. This wasn't an issue at the guard post but if this guy noticed, you'd have a lot of explaining to do. You make a quick save by turning your body sideways and leaning against the wall.

"Engine trouble on the road. Yeah we just transferred in, the other guys got re-assigned to a different route. There's been a bit of reshuffling, you know... with recent events."

The quartermaster nods his head in a manner that doesn't reassure you.

You continue "It's been crazy out there you know, the higher ups are nervous and nobody's really told me what's going on. You hear any juicy rumors floating around?"

You can tell he doesn't seem to appreciate your unprofessional manner, but he humours you anyway.

"I don't know much more than what's in the news. Border skirmishes with Surden Nevik, terrorist attacks in Glesk, then somebody shoots a satellite out of the sky, Saint knows how they did it. Now the IF are all up in our grill demanding to know what's going on. They suspect we had something to do with it, ridiculous I tell you."

He files away your cargo manifest.

"At least your papers are in order, come on, since you're new I better how you where everything goes."

Roll 1d20
>"I think I can figure things out myself thanks."
>"Sure." (Follow him and make sure he never gets a good look at your uniform.)
>Write in
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>"I think I can figure things out myself thanks."
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>"I think I can figure things out myself thanks."
Rolled 5 (1d20)

backing this.

Looks like Sergei is a very charming fellow.

"I think I can figure things out myself thanks."

"Suit yourself. Your cargo is marked for section E-20. I'm opening up the loading bay doors, try not to dilly dally and don't even think about pilfering anything. There's CCTV in place."



You head back to the loading bay and update Sang.

"Now what? Do we just play along?"

"I could try and hack in to the CCTV so they wouldn't see us looking around. They'd figure out something was up eventually though."

>The warehouse is a wash, just play along and see if you have better luck elsewhere.
>Have Sang hack the CCTV then look for a spare transponder.(Roll1d20)
>Write in
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>>Have Sang hack the CCTV then look for a spare transponder.(Roll1d20)

"I'll take the cargo where it needs to go while you disable the CCTV."

Sang nods as you begin unloading the cargo: ammunition for various weapons, you find a forklift in the warehouse and use it to begin moving the ammo pallets from the truck. Meanwhile Sang slips off to find somewhere to plug in her hacking device.

You find zone E-20 quickly enough apparently it's a heavily re-enforced basement section where all the volatile supplies are stored. Shortly after you finish shifting the first load Sang comes back and taps you on the shoulder.

"It's done, the camera feed is on a loop that will show you moving the cargo. This should buy us a few minutes but eventually whoever is monitoring the feeds will begin to wonder why we're taking so long. I suggest we hurry."

You nod, now to find yourself a transponder.


Minutes pass, you haven't found a transponder. This place is huge and you don't have any idea where to look. So far you seem to have found the section with mech parts but even among those you can't find what you're looking for. You reckon the Quarter Master is going to get suspicious really soon.

>Just pretend you finished the job and move on. There'll be other opportunities.
>Wait for the Quarter Master to come after you then jump him. (Roll1d20)
>Stall the Quarter Master and get Sang to keep on looking. (Roll 1d20)
>Write in
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>Stall the Quarter Master and get Sang to keep on looking. (Roll 1d20)
You tell Sang to keep looking and head back to the Quarter Master.

"Job's finished."

"About time too. Normally I'd let sloppiness like that slide, but we're supposed to be on alert and that means shit gets done in a timely manner."

"Sorry. I'll do better next time."

The Quarter Master snorts derisively, unsatisfied with your apology but unwilling to expend the energy to chew you out further.

"So uh... this base see much action these days?"

His gaze snaps back to you.

"What are you stupid? Even with our heightened alert status, we don't have to do much outside the routine. Aldite isn't interested in rattling sabers and that's just the way we like it. Only thing we have to worry is the IF rolling in for resupply. Now if you're quite done gossiping I suggest you get out of here, protocol demands that I lock up the warehouse when access isn't required."

"Wait... don't!"

"Why, there something you're not telling me?" he glances at your uniform. "...Koschei. Funny the old guy's name was Koschei as well."


"Uh, wow I did not know that. Well my name is also Koschei, sometimes people have the same name."

"You also have a noticeable Nevik accent."

"I emigrated."

"You'd have to have lived here long enough to be naturalized if you wanted to join the armed forces. Most people lose the accent by then."

"Not always."

"You know Corporal I'm starting to get very, very suspicious here. I think the base commander needs to be notified. His hand moves to a nearby telephone."

Oh Fuck...

((I'm gonna cut it off here tonight. Sorry if the posts took too long. The QM mojo hasn't been flowing well these past two weeks. Stay tuned for something extra. Also feel free to leave any comments, questions and suggestions.))
Its fine man, I'm glad you still run.
File: Apex_Almanac_Redacted.jpg (490 KB, 1667x1669)
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Thanks, it's times like this I need to hear that people enjoy my shit.

Anyway. Here's the (still heavily redacted) Apex Almanac. Enjoy.
Those look like quad walkers huh

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