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You are Sergei Boystov, rogue pilot of the super mech RB-01 Cognis. Two days ago you switched the Cognis's Skypiercer railgun to strategic launch mode and shot down an IF satellite. Since then you've been running more than usual. Now, not only were the Cognis's secret creators tracking you, the International Forum's feared "Peace Keeping" task force was on your trail too.

To make matter's worse unforseen design flaws had caused severe damage to the railgun after firing, rendering it inoperable. You'd need a more knowledgeable technician and properly equipped repair facility to fix the damage.

Much of the last day had been spent putting a lot of distance between you and the last battlefield. Now, hunkered down in the middle of a forest somewhere you and your team have finally found some respite. Anya and Lev are busy consulting a map, while Sang has just returned from on of her "private" radio conversations with her superiors. You yourself are chewing on some turtle jerky and enjoying the last of the instant coffee. Now that Sang has returned you can have yourself a proper meeting.

"So what are our options?"

Anya looks up from the map. "We're getting close to the border with Aldite, if we can slip through we might be able to throw off our persuers for a time."

"Yeah but the way to Aldite is through a narrow mountain pass, we'd never avoid the border patrols, and once they see us they'll definitely notify the IF."

Sang speaks up. "If I may, we could continue moving south through Foskoedal more easily if we got hold of an IFF transponder for the local military, we could also use our ECM module to make the Cognis's sensor profie match that of a regular mech. It wouldn't stop visual ID but it would allow us to more effectively evade long range detection."

Lev raises a hand. "What about the railgun? Should we find a way to get it repaired? Do you think we can make it Zanvra without it?"

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Which train of thought would you like to board?
>"How can we get into Aldite undetected?"
>"How would we get hold of an FAF transponder?"
>"What are our options for repairing the railgun?"

Ask another question?
>Write in

>Previous threads:
>QM Twitter
>>"What are our options for repairing the railgun?"
>>"What are our options for repairing the railgun?"
>>"How would we get hold of an FAF transponder?"
>>"What are our options for repairing the railgun?"

Alright lets do this.

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You turn to Sang "How would we get hold of an FAF transponder?"

"We'd have to salvage it from an FAF mech. This would be tricky if we do it in battle since there's no guarantee the transponder will survive intact and engaging in battle would attract attention and drastically reduce our time frame. We coud also steal on from a military supply depot, we have a higher chance of grabbing a working transponder, but we'd be walking right into a hostile base."

You ponder this for a moment before turning to Lev and Anya.

"What are our options for repairing the railgun?"

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Anya sighs. "Do you really need that thing back online? We've proven it works, let the Zanvrans fix it once we hand over the Cognis."

Sang coughs. "As brilliant as the Republic's tech division is we are unfamiliar with the inner workings of the Cognis, it would take a considerable amount of time and money for us to repair the Skypiercer system, this would detract from the price we agreed to pay."

The two women glare at each other for a second, before you intervene.

"Having the railgun offline also puts us at a disadvantage in battle as well. That could be the difference between getting wrecked and making it out alive."

Anya sighs before pinching her nose in exasperation. "In order to repair the Skypiercer we would need a well equipped repair facility and a technician who is intimately familiar with railgun technology. Most railgun technicians work for Apex Warfare, so we would likely have infiltrate an Apex facility, or at least grab the relevant technician and bring him to a place where he could work."

"Are there no other possible candidates? Apex can't possibly have the monopoly on railgun tech?"

"I'm sure a suitable person could be found elsewhere, I just don't know where. An Apex technician is the most obvious choice, seeing as it was Apex that built the Cognis's railgun in the first place."

Lev pipes up. "Hey, would it be easier to just get the railgun to fire in normal mode again? We don't really need to hit anything in orbit seeing as we're out of strategic payloads."

Well there's an idea.
>Make plans to acquire an FAF transponder.
>Make plans to grab an Apex Tech and fix the railgun.
>Make plans to perform limited repairs on the railgun.
>Write in
>>Make plans to perform limited repairs on the railgun.
>Make plans to acquire an FAF transponder.
>Make plans to perform limited repairs on the railgun.

You want to try doing both!?

You frown and shake your head.

"It would be too much of a pain to get hold of an Apex tech. Let's just fix it up so I fire it normally."

Anya shrugs. "That certainly lowers the bar, but we still need to find an experienced technician."

Sang steps forward. "Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone. We could locate a suitably isolated FAF supply depot, then grab a transponder while the Cognis undergoes repairs at the base's garage."

"And how would we overcome the garrisson?"

"I could arrange for a commando team with combat engineers to drop in and secure the base, but since this would be putting in extra effort on the Republic's part, plus the nation would come under a lot of international pressure if the operation was ever traced back to us. This would significantly lower the sale price."

The thought gives you pause.

"Don't we know anybody else that could help us? What about that Dvorak guy?"

Anya frowns. "It's possible, but I doubt we could count on outside help now that the IF is after us, just being associated with us could bring unwanted heat."

Lev seems to have another bright idea. "What if we hired mercs to secure the base for us? That way Zanvra could keep it's hands clean and maybe not give such a huge reduction to our final price?"

Sang thinks on this for a moment. "This would be cheaper yes, but like Anya said the IF is after us. No merc company would take our contract except..."

You groan "The Blood Dragons."

"And they aren't known for their... finesse."

Lot's of options, none of them ideal.
>Go with Sang's plan and get the Zanvrans to help secure a transponder AND fix the railgun.
>See about contacting Dvorak for a favour.
>Hire the Blood Dragons to secure the base.
>Forget the railgun, smash and grab a transponder.
>Forget the railgun, try sneaking into the base and stealing a transponder.
>Write in
>>Go with Sang's plan and get the Zanvrans to help secure a transponder AND fix the railgun.
>>Forget the railgun, try sneaking into the base and stealing a transponder.
But keep your eyes and ears open for a grease monkey?
Rolled 2 (1d2)

D2 time.

File: GuyeCo_Almanac_Redact.jpg (613 KB, 1667x1669)
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613 KB JPG
"This all sounds way too risky. How about we table fixing the railgun for now."

Anya crosses her arms and gives you an "I told you so" kind of look.

"Sang, would it be possible for the both of us to infiltrate a supply base and steal a transponder, they're not that big."

She thinks thoughtfully for a moment. "It would certainly be a lot easier, slipping in an out of a base to steal something is much more doable than neutralising it's garrison and temporarily taking over its facilities."

"Alright, let's do it. You're a spy and I'm from the military, we should be able to bluff our way in with the right disguises."


"...although, maybe we could try abducting a tech if we run into one there?"

"You really want that railgun back huh?"

"IF we can grab a tech, naturally the transponder comes first.


"It's settled then. Sang and I will infiltrate the nearest supply base while Anya and Lev stay with the Cognis."

((And that's all for tonight. Sorry about the shortness of today's session, but this decision was a bottleneck in the quest arc that I needed to resolve before moving on. To make it up to you, I'll be posting the Guye Co. almanac which I hope amuses you. As always feel free to leave questions and comments.))
GuyeCo is either a fucking genius or a fucking retard.
What can I say, the man knows what he wants, and you've seen what can happen if those things get in range.
Yup, genius and insanity often seem to only be separated by success, and that's a distinction that's both blurry and arbitrary.

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