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You are Anya Artemievna, formerly a high ranking coporate exec in Apex Warfare's Surden Nevik branch. Months ago your career was on the up and up. Years of ladder climbing and political manoevering were about to pay off. A position on Apex's board of directors was in your reach, but then it all fell apart...

---1 Year Ago---

It had been a shitty day. In less than a week your uncle Anatoliy was due to retire from the board of directors and name you as his successor, but now that simply wasn't going to happen. Turns out the old man had been caught embezzling from the company and was promptly fired. You didn't believe he did it, or if he did he wouldn't have been stupid enough to get caught. Somebody set him up, no doubt one of his rivals. Either way him and everybody under his wing was now fucked. The only reason that you hadn't lost your own job yet was because the Cognis project was in a very delicate stage right now, that and you were too well connected to simply be discarded. Whomever replaced Anatoliy would take time to erode your power base, but it would happen sooner or later and then...

"Miss Artemievna?"

Your thoughts are interrupted by your secretary Lev. A handsome man, but you hadn't just chosen him for his good looks. He was effective, unobtrusive and he knew how to please you. Right now he was holding the daily status report and you wave him into your office.

"There was an accident while testing the Skypiercer system. Three engineers are going to be on sick leave for a month. The new specs for the power grid arrived from LHI..."

The rest of the report just washed over you, nothing you couldn't handle normally, but today it all seemed so irrelevant. Lev notices that your thought's are elsewhere.

"M'am is there something wrong?"

>"Pour me a drink and sit down Lev."
>Ask him to fetch you some coffee and cake.
>Use him for "comfort".
>"To put it simply Mr. Durchenko: we're fucked."
>Write in...
>>"Pour me a drink and sit down Lev."
>Use him for "comfort".
>"To put it simply Mr. Durchenko: we're fucked."
>Previous threads:
>QM Twitter

File: With_Drink.jpg (6 KB, 200x150)
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"Pour me a drink and sit down Lev."

He senses the weariness in your voice and moves to the drinks cabinet, expertly pouring out your favourite whisky based cocktail. Drink in hand you regail him with stories of the last meeting you were in as you gradually get more drunk.

By the end of it all you aren't sure whether you're about to have a fit of rage or an emotional breakdown. You sigh as you finish your third drink then walk over to the office door and lock it. Up till now Lev has been sitting across from your desk nodding sympathetically.

He now bites his lip nervously as you sit down on his lap, one hand aggressively stroking the back of his head, the other reaching down.

"Uh...Anya, are you sure you want to do this here?"

"Screw it Lev, it's not like getting caught will make things any worse, besides I really need this right now."


"So there you have it: To put it simply Mr. Durchenko: we're fucked." you say while smoothing your blouse and straightening up your hair.

Lev was busy straightening the furniture and applying air freshener to the room.

"M'am...Anya, what if I told you that a certain opportunity has recently presented itself to me?"

You look back at him quizzically.

"Go on..."

File: Bad_Guys.jpg (222 KB, 1300x866)
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222 KB JPG
---The Present---
"So it is agreed then: 1 trillion, and then only if it is capable of doing

everything you say it is."

"It is."

"Of course, but I hope you understand that my superiors may be a bit skeptical.

We will require a demonstration."

"Of course, just tell us what you want us to do."

Sitting across from you in the hotel restaurant is Agent Sang of the RZIC. You had just finished negotiating the sale of the Cognis to the Republic of Zanvra. Taking out your phone you take a moment to call Lev and give him an update on the situation.

As you end the call you glance out the window to see an unmarked black van roll up to the lobby. Seconds later armed men burst out the side, scattering the bell hops and various other guests.

"We've got company..."

You are currently unarmed and in a restaurant on the hotel's second floor.
>Try to get to your room on the same floor.
>Make a move for the ground floor using the stairs.
>Make a move for the ground floor using the elevators.
>Try to find an alternate escape route.
>Write in...
>>Try to get to your room on the same floor.
>>Try to get to your room on the same floor.
Let's get to the room then.

File: 300px-Smith&Wesson625.jpg (13 KB, 300x225)
13 KB
You know you only have a minute or two at best to act before those people find you. Sang understands what's going on and calmly follows you as you leave the restaurant.

"I take it you have plan."

"Something like that, but first I need to arm myself."

You reach your room and rumage around in your baggage before pulling out a revolver. Down the hall you hear a team of soldiers step out of the stairwell and start searching rooms. Agent Sang for her part pulls out a holdout pistol.

"You know we're not going to be able to fight our way through those guys."

"Know, just give me a moment..."

>Wait till they storm the next room then dash down the corridor. (Roll 1d20)
>Hide under the bed.
>Try to move through the air vents.
>Write in...
>>Try to move through the air vents.
or maybe make it seems we went into them to make them pursue their lead
>Try to move through the air vents.
Air Vents it is.

You look up and decide to open up the air vent.

"Sang, give me a boost."

The agent obliges and you manage to squeeze into the vent. You have some trouble helping her up but in the end she manages to join you. The vent is not quite as spacious as it's made out to be in the movies and you have trouble wriggling through it. It's also dark and you have to illuminate your way via the light of your cell phone.

After a few minutes of shuffling, you have no idea where you're going. As you try to deduce where you should be from your mental map of the hotel you end up shifting your weight on to nothing but air. Before you know it you're tumbling down shaft. Luckly there seems to be a trolley full of dirty towels to break your fall. Doesn't stop pain from shooting up your arms though, after you check to make sure no bones are broken. You move aside and Sang lands on her feet behind you.

You appear to be in the laundry room one floor down.

>Head out to the hotel lobby.
>Try to make it the car park in the basement.
>Try to get out the back.
>Write in...
>Want to take this somewhere more private?
>>Try to get out the back.
Uh... I'm going to assume that first one is a euphemism for heading out the back...

File: black_ops.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
Once you and Sang collect yourself you decide to pull the old "escape out the back move."

Of course the bad guys thought of that. What kind of two bit black ops operation didn't cover all the exits. No sooner do you poke your head out the back do you see two guys who instantly train their rifles on you.

"Come out with your hands ups!"

You slam the door and dive to the side as burst of bullets ridles the door.

Now what.
>"Fuck this, let's find another way." (Basement or lobby?)
>Lure them inside.
>"They don't know there's two of us. I'll surrender to them and when they come to secure me you take them down."
>Lure them inside.
For the bottom two actions I forgot to say roll 1d20.
>>Lure them inside.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 9 (1d20)

Rolled 2 (1d20)

>Lure them in, as long as there's only two of them, we should be okay
Hoo boy. lets lure them inside then.
There's probably a joke about feminine wiles in there but I can't think of it.

File: Shoot.jpg (58 KB, 500x282)
58 KB
"Take position in the corners, we'll lure them inside."

Sang nods and moves to the side.

Sure enough the guys decide to breach the door. The first guy kicks down the door. He knows to check the corners, but you're ready for him and he doesn't know exactly where you are. You shoot him in the head a fraction of a second before he can bring his rifle to bear.

His friend was ready to back him up though and as soon as the first guy drops the second guy sprays the area where you were standing. You try to back away from the storm of bullets but one catches you in the leg and you fall over screaming. You don't even have to be that theatrical, it really hurts like a bitch.

Confident that the threat has been neutralised the second guy moves in to "secure" you and Sang empties her pistol into his back.

Lucky for you Sang quickly applies first aid to you before moving to loot the corpses. After grabbing an assault rifle she helps you to your feet and together you limp out the back door.

File: drive.jpg (366 KB, 1348x1077)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
As luck would have it one of the black vans is parked at the end of the street. Sang shoves you in the passenger side before getting in the driver's seat.

"Cover me while I get this thing started!"

You heft the assault rifle and point it down the alley you came from. Sure enough more soldiers start showing up and you fire off a burst to keep their heads down. The recoil catches you off guard and almost sends you falling back onto Sang.

"Brace it on the window sill and put your shoulder into it idiot!" she growls as she fiddles with the wires.

You glare back at her, unused to being ordered around. Your next few bursts are a bit more accurate but the gun quickly runs out of ammo. As the realization that you've run dry begins to dawn on them the soldiers start to move up and before long bullets start to ping off the van's flank. Thank goodness this thing seems to be bullet resistant.

"Any time now Sang!" you yell as you pull out your pistol and start firing back.

Finally the engine starts. Sang floors it and wastes no time in driving the van off into the busy streets.

((I'm gonna end the session here guys. Sorry if it seemed a but short or lack luster. As usual I'll stick around for some Q&A. Next session is planned for Tuesday night, but make sure you check the twitter in case I change my mind.

Besides the usual "how's my QMing" I have a more specific question for you guys. In a previous session I outlined what you can do with the hacking ability (mainly apply a lot of debuffs) are there any suggestions you wanna make for improving it? And no, you can't take control of enemy mechs, that would be too OP.))
Looks good so far. Hacking seems fine. Thanks for running!
I think hacking seems pretty good right now. Thanks for running, and have a good night.

Thanks for participating :)

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