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Welcome to Exterminator Quest #4.

>Last time you stood your ground and took down two mastiff-sized bats

>Setting fluff:


>Character Sheet:




Threads are archived here:

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As the adrenaline fades, you start to feel the pain in your shoulder from where that bat bit you. Although most of the immediate hemorrhaging has stopped, you've already bled enough that you feel a bit dazed. To stop the pain, you retrieve the GEC issue first aid kit from the back of your van and bandage yourself up before swallowing a handful of pain pills. It's going to be a while before you're back to full health, but this will keep you on your feet at least.

Health: [8/8] (normally 10)

You now have two incapacitated giant bats to haul into your van if you want to collect the $75 dollar reward from GEC for capturing a breeding pair, one member of which is currently snoring on a wrecked car behind you and the other is back on the second floor of the church. Additionally, you should still verify if the bats had any young if you want to complete the job properly.

>Haul the tranked bat into the back of your van, then get the one from upstairs (will use two points from your STR/STA pool, currently at [10/11]
>Get assistance from a local [expends one STR/STA point, $5 cash, roll 1d20 for quality of the help]
>Get assistance from multiple locals [expends no STR/STA, $10 cash, roll 2d20 for quality of help.]
>Just grab the bat out here before people gawk [One STR/STA], check out the hollow roof to see if these guys had a love nest.
>Other (write-in)
Rolled 3, 14 = 17 (2d20)

>Get assistance from multiple locals [expends no STR/STA, $10 cash, roll 2d20 for quality of help.]
You wave down two lovely local boys who look like they could use a spot of work. In reality they're grubby faced punks, one substantially larger than the other, but they'll do. You promise them the cash after the job is done in broken Chinese and they seem to understand.

The three of you lift the first bat off the car it landed on and lug it over to your van by the wings. The bat wings are leathery and full of massive veins but you're loathe to reach into the animals fur, which you can see is full of fleas and probably other parasites.

It lays docile in your van, and will likely be asleep for four to six more hours.

Getting the other bat from the second floor is a bit more of a task, and maneuvering it down a narrow stairwell proves to be too much for one of your assistants. He trips and falls while still holding onto one of the bats wings and, though it remains attached, there's a dreadful popping noise as he twists the joint attaching the bats wing to its body.

He quickly recovers and glumly helps you out the rest of the way, ultimately refusing payment at the van. His opposite number does not.

Money: $2927

Now you can check out the hollow roof if you want or you can survey the surrounding area for shops and materials to improvise with.

>head straight upstairs with your wrangling stick
>look through your supplies
>survey the area
>bribe someone else to go in first [$15, less with 3d6-1 roll to beat 11]
>look through your supplies
lets not get shrekt again
also database error when I try to post?
I was having that problem too. Not sure what caused it, though we fell all the way back to page 8. Also, I may have to call an early end to the quest after maybe two more prompts (have to go to the hospital to see a family member).
>looking through the supplies

You decide to take a quick stock of your supplies. In the GEC van, you still have some chill pills and a complimentary replacement lighter.

You also have:
-wrangling stick, one trank dart attached to the end
-trankgun, loaded with darts that are compatible with your wrangling stick
-poison bait, attractive and lethal to all creatures
-sprayer, poisonous to insects
-screechbox, fist size electronic box that emits a loud supersonic screeching that drives out most things into the open

>go to second floor of church and exterminate any bat offspring remaining
>survey area
>pay someone else to go up ($15, roll 3d6 to beat an 11 to pay less)
Take the poison bait and screechbox, then survey the area

You strap your wrangling stick to your back and stuff some bait and the screechbox in your pockets. Then you take a look around.

The area is largely residential, so there aren't too many big shops. You note a 7-11 and a local pharmacy. There's also a toy store full of cheap toys.

>toy shop
>forget it and head to the second floor
Actually, I'm closing it here. I've got to go. Quest will resume most likely sunday, though check the twitter for details @qmsimmons
ok, thanks for running
Well that was pointless.

It helps if you link the thread on twitter and announce it more than 45 minutes in advance.

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