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I'm currently homebrewing a sci-fi setting, and in the interests of verisimilitude (and because I enjoy this sort of thing), I'm compiling a list of slang and jargon. Some examples:

Beakerboat (n.): A research vessel.

Hopper (n.): A bulk freighter, particularly one that travels a circuit of colonies. Shortened from “Rock-Hopper.”

Jonestown (n.): Refers to any colony founded by religious groups, often with the connotation that the colonists engage in questionable religious practices or that the colony will end in disaster. Also called “Gold Bases.”

What sort of slang has cropped up in your sci-fi campaigns, /tg/?
Sphincter - Singularity
Eyesore - Star that is close enough to be a problem for the ship or any of its instruments
Airlock Party - Killing someone by shooting them out of the airlock and writing it off on official logs
Photon Torpedo - Ejecting the contents of the ships garbage/septic tank onto another ship
Sharing a Suit - When a person(s) can't/won't answer because they are having sex
Mud Hut - Planet with sapient inhabitants but pre-FTL/whatever technology
Kirking - Having sex with a member of a different species
Jibjabed - When something is not working and the person you're talking to either wouldn't understand the technical details or you don't feel like explaining it to them
Boogered - Caught in a tractor beam or other anomaly that hinders ship movement
Space - Common verb/adjective/prefix
Craub - General insult, no known definition/origin
I have one.

Freeze-dried (v): Death caused by being exposed to the vacuum of space.
Chasing the Red Fairy/ Red Shifters- people that get addicted to slight mix of nausea and exhilaration that is felt when viewing the outside of an FTL jump.
Airhog / waste of air: A useless person
Wasting air: Talking unnecessarily
EIC (derived from East India Company): Drug dealing network or senior drug dealer.
Gulag: A place where is hard manual labour to be done
Tombstone: Someone who is probably going to die soon
Sunshine: Any euphoric drug

>Easy bake
- An Ironic term used when an engine room is suddenly flooded with super-hot coolant while personnel are still inside

>Urinal Whiskey
- A term used for fluids (typically urin) that has been filtered through a filter brick often found in most survival gear. In some cases the bricks are out of date and do not always completely filter out the Uria resulting in it's golden brown coloration.
These are so good. I already use Space as a prefix, too.
>EIC (East India Company) is usually corrupted to "icey". Most people now elieve that is based on either cold personalities or ejections of debtors into space vacuum

Flat-packed or Sardine: Someone who is in a very small spaceship

Tin can: Small or cramped spaceship

Car bomb: Either a small or discreet bomb, or more generally something negative and unexpected

"Man's best friend" or a generic dog name like "Fido" or "Rover": A remote-controlled probe
to torpedo - sending objects floating through the ship in zero-g, tools or lunch for example.
Marsi- thank you, sometimes doubled either for sarcastic effect

>Marsi marsi very much
Krek- grey or brown mold or sludge that contains feral nanotech. Used in highly negative context.
If you need a lot of jargon have a look at orion's arm glossary: http://www.orionsarm.com/eg-article/4b816f633b041
Wiggle- verb, used to describe a malfunctioning device, usually of the small and finicky variety
Carpet Ride - Traveling from a planets surface into space
Smith - Alien species which humans have a hard time telling individuals apart
Jammer - Spaceship fetishist. Over 20% of recorded shipwrecks can be traced back to someone getting freaky with a piece of equipment
Freeballing - Operating without artificial gravity
People in my setting call useless people a "slow leak." Like a slow leak of air or water. Context is usually individuals who don't/can't do much other than exist.

Vacuum-suckers / Dirt-grubbers: respective pejoratives for those who were born and spend most of their time in space/on planet. Very common with military personnel.

Once-cycled : filthy, disgusting. From waste not having gone through enough processing.

Freeze-fried : to be fucked (either metaphorically or literally) from multiple directions. From the early travel danger of one side of a ship being exceedingly hot while the other is cold due to alignment with the a star.
These evolved from playing too much moonbase alpha and Space engineers with friends:

Mosquito - small hostile scavenging ships that crawl onto bigger ones

Tiny stone- small, simplistic ships for meteor harvesting

Kidney stone- a ship that got holed too deep on an asteroid and cant come back, normally with people inside.
These are quite fun to come up with.

Gold rush: A boom around the discovery of resources in an area

"Rocky" or : A very wealthy man, usually the head of a monopoly

"Oxen" or "mules": Light engines

Fireworks: Explosives or torpedo

Party popper: Explosive

Pull the cracker: Set off an explosive

Christmas present: Loot

Bicycle: A slow spaceship

Toaster: An AI (pejorative)

Deep Blue: An AI (neutral) [Yes; I know that Deep Blue was specifically designed to play chess and was probably pretty shit at lots of other things]

Least Concern: A slightly mocking term for someone who always seem to make it through dangerous situations

Put one's foot down: Go faster
OP here, I'm digging all of these. Have a few more I've already compiled.

Died like a Tourist: An expression indicating that somebody died in a very foolish, stupid manner. Ex.: “Charlie took a spacewalk drunk, and died like a Tourist.”

Dinner Belling (v.): Jargon referring to the habit of ships entering or leaving Slipspace to (respectively) blueshift or redshift for a brief moment. The brief change in electromagnetic wavelengths is easily-detected by any sensors in the area, meaning that leaving Slipspace is “ringing the dinner bell” for any potential hostiles in the area.

Interesting (.adj): Very dangerous.

Spacer’s Coffin (n.): A space suit, usually when alluding to the fact that many spacers die in situations wherein they are wearing spacesuits.

Tourist (n.): A spacer term used to derogatorily refer to non-spacers, or to people without common sense.

Traffic Controller (n.): Anyone who controls access to something, or manages a flow of people. This can refer to anyone from actual space traffic controllers to bartenders to pimps.
TARDIS: (Sometimes mocking) A UFO. "Doctor Who" can also be used to describe someone who gets a lot of facial surgery.

Chumming: To send out signals in order to bait another craft into approaching

Chinese lantern: An easily detectable object

Ghost: Residual water from the engines of a spaceship

In the trenches: Involved in a protracted war or conflict

Tic-tacs: Pills
we need more foreign languages in this I think

Maybe some spanish or chinese? Whoever the red necks and manual laborers are in this future
merry-go-round: a habitat that uses rotation to fake gravity, as opposed to "true" artificial gravity

going native: getting cybernetic/biological/genetic modifications to survive in an alien environment
Golfball (verb): A showy, but wasteful and potentially dangerous, action. Usually involves creating space junk of some kind. Derived from Alan Shepard's famous lunar swing on Apollo 14.

Yellow snow: Any waste, usually biological, that cannot be recycled, so named for the cloud of ice crystals formed when liquid waste is expelled into space. In a similar vein, ship septic tanks are often called "snowglobes".

Lakia: Someone undertaking a solo mission. Almost always carries the connotation that they will, or at least may, die while off-ship. You probably know this one.

Rabbit hunting: The practice of looking for recognizable shapes and patterns on planets, moons or asteroids, such as the "rabbit" on the near side of Earth's.

Air conditioning: Life support. (Never before has anyone been so distressed to hear that the AC is busted.)
I can see this thread going a long way.

Tack: Turn

Don't let the boom hit you: Said to unexperienced crewmen

Coffin: Small, cramped spaceship

Lead suit: Radiation shielding

Morning coffee: Stimulant drug

Jump across the crocs: To think one's way out of a tricky situation

Divers: People leaving spacecrafts / habitats in spacesuits

Mainsail: Main engine

Spanners: Essential tools
>You probably know this one

I don't, actually.
Lakia was the name of the dog the russians sent into orbit, she died during the mission. I think during re-entry
The dog is "Laika". "Lakia" is a region of Dagestan. Nice slang, though.

OP here once again. I've got a lot of Russian already listed.

Chuvak (n., Rus.): Russian term for friend, often used in a familiar context.

Khorosho (adj., Rus.): Literally “good, okay, or fine.”

Krovvy (adj., Rus.): Literally “bloody.” Often used as a negative expression. Ex.: “He’s a krovvy Tourist.”

Oo'zhas (adj., Rus.): Literally “awful” or “terrible.”

Pakhan (n., Rus.): Boss, or superior. Taken from a title in the Russian Bratva.

I've also got a handful of Japanese terms I stol- err, borrowed from Shadowrun. And a handful of Chinese ala Firefly.

I find my slang guide to be woefully lacking in Hungarian, though.
One that I really like is Belter, which is someone born/raised on planets that are outside of or part of an asteroid belt. Its neat because it can hint to a sort of space-segregation between different people based on where they live.

Some trivia: in our solar system, belters would be lanky and tall with weak bone structures due to developing in low gravity environments.
Well, forgive the wesbbo, but here's the best I can think of:
Derogatory term used for a planetary scale ruler and one World governments (specifically on any world with multiple, spread out, major population centers instead of less than a half dozen cities around a spaceport)
Also implies the current power is highly aggressive and expansionist.

>Ashi (short form of ashigaru)
Refers to inexperienced ground troops being stuck on a space ship. In practical terms its calling someone useless or deadmeat in space

Generally a positive term for a well-rounded, experienced soldier aboard a ship. Negatively it means someone who takes things too seriously and/or a self righteous individual. (For English spacer version, see: paladin)

Moving from Japanese...
Used by many nations and planets to refer to spacers of Martian or American origin. (Curiously, in this case American refers to Canadians and Mexicans too)
"Klark Kenter"- person that gets a living from gathering and selling "clarktech" artifacts produced by transapients
"Inhibitor/berserker"- a race of aliens that seeks out and destroys all nearby emerging civilizations
"Torched"- attacked with the use of multi- terawatt propulsion system most commonly known as "torch drive" as a weapon
"Auger in"- impact planetary surface fast enough to create a crater
"Rock"- RKKV, interstellar anti- installation mass destruction weapon that utilizes relativistic mass to cause damage. Extremely hard to detect and defend against.
"Torch fell off"- volatile fuel detonation caused by reaction chamber failure
"Mirror domes"- planetary defence system installed on an airless world resembling an array of energy weaponry and planet- spanning network of heatsinks that can fire until the surface starts melting from waste heat
"Savior 1"- pulsed antimatter engine catastrophic failure due to computer malfunction that launches second payload before the first one detonates
"Boombooster"- pulsed propulsion system designed specifically for rapid multi- gee maneuvering. Used in military unmanned drones to dodge intercept attempts.
>wasting money moving unoptimized laborers
The setting I'm working on has settlements using genetically engineered organisms for cheap labor. Can range from "brain-buckets" that operate heavy equipment (aka the poor man's AI) to human-analogues that are effectively humans except they were decanted.

Spawn: derogatory term for sentient, usually human-like, organisms. In the context Analogues, used in the same way nigger or spic is used.

Smear: related to spawn. "What petri dish were you smeared out of?"

Coa: From the initialism of Child of Adam. "Natural" humans, having a direct bloodline to the first humans. Sometimes Coe/Child of Eve.

Sapiens: short for homo sapiens. Used to refer to a Coa.

Ape: pejorative term for a Coa.

Super: short for super-Turing. Hyper intelligent computers, the ones that people feel uneasy putting in charge of stuff.

Seed world: settlements that are established by private entities or groups. Sometimes shortened to "seed".

Lorda: Indian word for "dick."

Headgear: cranial implants. Usually radios, computers, and sensors. Generally not used in context of "amps".

Laika died of overheating in space because of a malfunction in her spacecraft.
File: Homecoming_by_OmeN2501.jpg (141 KB, 848x1200)
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Trash compactor - region of space around industrialized planets full of orbital debris
Gretzky - unbelievable greatness "That was gretzky, man!"
Negative Fare (Nef) - a rich client who still isn't worth the exorbitant rate you charge them for transport
Combat janitor - anyone who does EVA
Cut and run - any situation where dumping the cargo and fleeing is the most logical plan of action
Skiptraceur - professional bounty hunter
Black Unicorn - an impossibly good deal; implied "dark side"
Shanghai - still means the same thing. still practiced by the Chinese.
Comrade - definitively not; someone who isn't worth the air they breathe
Chuga - someone with a deathwish
Gravity's Dimple - Lagrange Point
Quark - brilliant engineer with personality issues (very common)
Jordan - anyone good at Zero-G movement
Uni - derogative; implied newly graduated university student who thinks they know how things work in space. Often aimed at Ensigns.
Bunsen burner: Flamethrower

Guillotined or gilled: To be executed after a munity or rebellion

Guard dog: Alarm

Tailor or seamster: Person or machine who manipulates spacetime. Derives from the phrase "fabric of spacetime"

Golddust: A substance or good which is very valuable

Cullinan: An extremely valuable item
Green- Good

Orange- Bad

Red- Very bad.
Surely Shogunate should imply the government is isolationist and backwards. Like they isolate off-worlders to the Startown as Japan did with Dejima
True, I was more thinking general sengfoku period stuff, but forgot the actual shogunate was the stability and isolationist period.

Still, also interesting to Imagine it as slang used entirely by non-english spacers and such.

Just imagine how mad that gets.

A country starts a colony, the color eventually breaks away, the colony grows and makes its own colony, that colony breaks off. All the same root culture but time and geography alters them, and in time, their language.
"Deep Blue" might alse be used to refer to a specialised computer or AI

Mallocs and Defmacs: A C or CL / Lisp programmer, respectively, or any sort of programmer, especially one who seems to understand computers well

These are from a Traveller game
Fighting the Gorn
Making the Kessel Run
Checking for Tribbles
Imposing the Allamagoosa
Singing Rocket Man
Making it so
Having a close encounter
"Making it So" sounds more scatological than sexual to me
I can't help but feel some of this slang needs to be shortened a bit to make it feel more natural.

>"My dash is lighting up! Throw on some lead and go check on Blue! You'll have to go through the oven so make it quick!"

>"My instruments are reading multiple failures. Put on a radiation suit and go check on the computer core. You'll need to go through the engine room, so hurry up."
Fog: Clouds of water vapour

Floppy disc: External data storage

Piano: Keyboard

Country FM: A radio station

Send a pigeon: Send a message, often by radio

Hot air balloon: A spaceship with limited or no manouverability

Iceberg: Asteroid (this is my favourite one from this batch)

Fall overboard: Fall out of the ship into space

Man overboard: Someone who has fallen out of the ship

Limpets or barnacles: Habitats

I want a term for someone who has created a sentient artificial intelligence. "Frankenstein" feels too pejorative and implies that the creator hates the AI and vice versa, and that the AI is ugly or inoperational is some way. "Frankenstein" is fine as a pejorative but I'm looking for something neutral and one for more respectful, friendly, appreciative or celebratory.

Nice job man, that actually sounds good in my head voice

As far as the AI question goes I really like the Blue suggestion further up the thread. It references our history and honestly Blue is a really calming color.

On the flip side you can have Hal, an AI that has gone rogue or is malfunctioning
"Hal was framed!" if it turns out the AI was in the right.
>I want a term for SOMEONE who has created a sentient artificial intelligence. I'm looking for a neutral and an appreciative / respectful term. A friendly, matey one might be nice as well
something greek myth related might work...
Hephaestus made a couple of cool artificial constructs
I don't remember what they were called exactly

I.T. - Neutral term for engineer
Egg-head - diminutive term for engineer/programmer; "cracks under pressure"
Scotty - Friendly/matey term for engineer; comes through under pressure

>"Get I.T. down to check on Blue. We don't want no Egg-head; we need a real Scotty for this one."
"On the clock" - Paid contract
Brick - Portable, explosive charge; good for knocking holes in hulls
Freight - Large cargo transport ship
Fish - Rookie crew member
Hours - Experience in space environment

>"We're on the clock, boys. Grab a brick and pop a hole in that freight and grab the goods. And take the fish with you, too. He needs the hours."

>"We're doing a paid, timed contract. Take and use explosive charges to create an opening on that cargo ship. Once inside, take whats inside. And take the rookie crew member with you, too. He needs to get some experience."
Acronym today, phonetic tomorrow.
I like what you did there.
Only one.

Insystem - contraction of "in/within a/the star system."

I.e., "there are four star destroyers insystem."
>This isn't entirely related, but it came to my mind and I thought you would enjoy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81W8tG3wH_4

Henge or stonehenge: Computer too complex for laymen to understand

Druid: Programmer of one of these computers

Wizard or witch can also be used to refer to them.

Walnut: A person in a reinforced spacesuit

>A few nautical-themed ones

Take the wheel: Assume control of the steering, even if there is no actual wheel

Compass: Navigation system

Choppy: Turbulent

Whale: A very large ship. Often used in the context of a defunct ship being picked over by scavengers

Beached whale: Very large shipwreck

Hagfish: Scavengers

Desert island: An uninhabited, barren moon or asteroid

Whirlpool: A black hole


I only very rarely run intelligent aliens in sci-fi setting, but primitive native ones could be referred to as "Red Indians"

Cromwell: A puritanical , usually strict person, especially a captain or command figure

Playing pinball: Trying to stop things going wrong

Lunchbox: Ration tins

"The long trip", "Into the black", "Significantly delayed" or similar, euphemisms for missing presumed dead.

I always imagine a superstition that you never refer to a ship as destroyed or a person as dead until you have physical proof of some kind. This is more for the living, so everyone knows that people will keep looking no matter what.


"When I was three, my mother said to me, eat up your greens, and say your grace, while on TV they put a dog in space, and left her there. You shoulda seen her face."



Soong? Noonian Soong was the name of the guy who built Data on TNG.
"Armstrong" - First person from a ship's crew to walk upon the surface of a body

"Crusoe" - A survivor of a shipwreck on an uninhabited or barely inhabited body

"Going / swimming against the tide" - Moving against gravity

"Paddle" - Emergency engine
"Use the jump-leads": Coerce a person with threats or force
Captain Kirk Club - the informal grouping of people who couple with xenobiologicals. Commonly used in the phrase, "Joining the Captain Kirk Club"

Popcorn - a ship (or ships) that have suffered total explosive decompression.

Hickey - the peculiar bruising that occurs from vacuum exposure.

Loose change - tiny bits of debris in space; without appropriate shielding, colliding with any is... unadvised.

_ surprise - Spacer food, after being gussied up somehow (Usually with spicing). Known as such because of an old joke:
>So this is strawberry surprise, huh?
>But there are no strawberries...

Your Mom - any local space body or anomaly exerting enough gravity or other force to cause issues navigating.
>Hit the afterburners! I think your mom's following us!

Prairie dogs - any ground-bound species. Known as such for their tendency to pop out of their homes and stare(prarie dogging) when they see some indication of a ship.
>Your Mom
Screw the dilithium, my sides just hit warp 5.
Victors - People who shown shown bravery in battle. Dervied from the Victoria Cross. usually used by a certain segment of patriotic Brits, if there are any in the setting

Lobster - Spaceship heated due to being in close contact with a star

Signpost - A landmark

Footpath - An established route

Sputnik - A pioneering thing: a piece of technology, exploration, experiment or anything else.

What's a good slang term for radiation sickness?
>What's a good slang term for radiation sickness?
bopost- short for Hobo Signpost. A low tech satellite operating on simple radio frequencies that transmits a very few easily recognized pieces of information about the surrounding location for those who understand the code
Derogatory term for someone who as spent too long in low/micro gravity and has lost significant muscle and bone mass.

Depends on how severe.

"A visit from the tumor fairy", "Puking his genes out", "The gamma shakes"


Shindeirud / Kenshiro special
Lead casket job
Chernobyl flu
Organizing their own funerals.

"Golfball": A small (usually small-moon or large-asteroid size), roughly spherical, bare-rock astronomical object with craters.
fucking /tg/ letting these quints go unchecked.
pig disgusting.
also checked.
Dust - low orbit/close fly-by; a close call
Zip-lock - to seal something air-tight
Drop - enter atmosphere
Grit - to really try; "Turn that bolt and put some grit in it!"
Spare - Another term for a lone survivor

Example (using more terms from above):
>"Fish! Zip-lock yer lunch-box; we're gonna dust that ghost-ship to pick up a spare. It's only running on a paddle and we don't need lunch fuckin' up Blue before we drop."
>Chernobyl flu

Very nice
Thank you, /s4s/. What was your best get? I got a 222222 on /tv/
My God... when it all comes together, it's beautiful.
This thread has really started to inspire me.
I feel like I want to make a game with a salty crew of space truckers just trying to eek out a living out there.
What about "star scurvy"?
Paste - crew pulled through small yet powerful vacuum leak in ship
Tilt - system becoming unresponsive
Rattle - turbulence or uncontrolled flight/decent
Can - diminutive term for a ship; a crappy ship
Bondo - a crew member that specializes in structural engineering
Doc - a term for a medical crew member
Mess - where crew eat and prepare food
Mom - home
Nut - reinforced hard-suit

Captain: >"Eyetee, get a bondo to the mess and tell him to zip-lock this can. And check the AC; its getting hard to breath."
I.T.: >"What-for, Cap? We sprung a leak?"
Cap: >"Yeah, when we dusted that ghost, we hit some spare in a nut and it opened us up."
I.T.: >"Ah fuck. Should I get doc to pick up the fish?"
Cap: >"No use; he got paste'd. Hurry up! The sticks are about to tilt and I don't want to rattle down. Nothin' but mud-huts there so we might never see mom again."
>Nut- reinfroced hard suit

so if a hardsuit breaks, does that mean that you've busted a nut?
"Turned green" might work.

Gone to plaid - overshot the destination by a whole lot, usually through hyperdrive tampering/shenanigans.

Druish princess - very annoying passenger, royalty/wealth optional

Freespace - ironic term for currently travelling in hyperspace

Hat - helmet

Oi, I polled /tg/ for some spacer slang for various deaths in space last week. It may be a little messy but its all there

>Jizz - engine coolant fluid

>Getting funky - catastrophic coolant leak/life support failure
>Beakerboat (n.): A research vessel.
Chickenfarm. Cause that's where the eggheads are.

>"Send a pigeon to the I.T.s and get 'em to grab their spanners; the mainsail's gone but we've still got a mule working. We'll be swimming against the tide, though, and we're unlucky we'll drop - I'll check the compass and we'll have to hope we can find the limpets and that there's no loose change clinking about the atmosphere. None of us wants to be a spare.
>Gone to plaid - overshot the destination by a whole lot, usually through hyperdrive tampering/shenanigans.
>Druish princess - very annoying passenger, royalty/wealth optional

While it works in any situation where a person is distracted on the job, this is often refers to pilots and navigators who slack off on duty to open up recreational and non-duty functions of their system instead of paying attention at the helm.

This has led to many bridge consoles having all misc. functions removed. and then secretly added back in.

>"No use, cap! Eyetee is full of eggs and they're scrambling! I'll try an' get the paddle goin', but we're losing AC and Blue's going full tilt! Fish just took off with the last nut and lunch-box, cursin' this can on his way out. I didn't sign up for this! I just wanted some creds and ta' join the Kirk Club!"
I can't tell which is better, having this conversion with a heavy Scottish accent, or Homeworld's calm controlled voices.

>getting shot by ion cannons up the ass
>litarally 5 HP left and locational damage effects everywhere
>"cabin pressure dropping."

Lightning - ion cannon fire?

Is there any good slang for JEWS IN SPACE?
The fish did what?! I should have invited his sorry arse to the airlock party.

And Blue's tilting? Where the fuck are the mallocs? Listen, here's what I want you to do: find me some proper druids who know how it works and get them on it. I want it right as rain by the time I check up again!

It seems like we're going to drop and it's going to get a little choppy. I'm going to take my morning coffee, apply some fucking grit and have a good look for a signpost; tell all the men to eat their fucking tictacs. Hell, now would be as good a time as ever for them to use their sunshine if they've got any from the iceys.

We either get this right or we're all fucking tombstones, you understand?
>Is there any good slang for JEWS IN SPACE?
>Stars of David
>Protectors of the Hebrew Race
>Space Nazi Hunters
>Mel Brooks
>jews in space

You mean Star Trek TOS?

>Kirk and Spock roam the galaxy, performing mitzvahs and sending irishmen to their deaths.
Druids got the Chernobyl flu; seems they got it pretty hard from the last tub they crew'd after it nearly lobster'd goin' past Delta-47. One mallocs down there now; gonna try a hard rest, but he'll be only half ape after getting cooked in that close to the core.

Got a Scotty down in the oven right now; guess he's been a bondo before on the Star of David and can keep us up, but blind. Least we ain't popcorn yet!

Blue should be up soon, but we're still up-stream. We're gonna rattle down, cap! Most the crew is shinin' and strappin' in; thank gawd they ain't divin' like that fish. Fuckin' tourist!

Closest signpost we got instem is Lou's Diner; if we make a hard tack and dump cargo, we might make it off that rock."
Calpi: Milkpowder or Calcium suppliments for Spacers or colonists who spend their whole life in a space colony and couldnt afford fresh milk or milk product from cows.

>Calp and soybricks with a krill bar for an entire month.

West Indies: Legal vice goods person. Deals in alcohol, smokes and hookers

>Shore leave boys, remind me to visit the West Indies and get us ready up for the next round.

West Indian: To give up necessities in space for a worthless luxury. Similar to how Indian traded by cheap cast iron pots with animal furs or sugar

Gone bland: Stopped taking space spices
He's got radio.
I remember an old novel using the term 'docking' to imply sex between a man and woman in zero-gee.

>inb4 docking lel
Yeah. It would seem that fictional term is outdated and superseded by the real thing.
Let's get meta.
Space roar: unintelligible audio communication
>cf. Eliphas' "speech" to the Tau commander in Dawn of War (or was it DoWII?); all the Tau commander heard was static
OR excessively thick or profane spacer slang
>"I know we're among friends, Captain, but cut down on the space roar. We've got a Druish princess aboard."

Dumb hole: a ship that does not respond to communication, due to malfunction, lack of occupants, or hostility.
>"I've been trying to contact that freighter for the past ten minutes, but so far, nothing. It's a dumb hole, capta--OH GOD WHY IS IT SHOOTING AT US"
But it's not freeze-dried at all. It's suck-boiled. You lose heat very fucking slowly in a vacuum due to lack of a heat transfer medium.
Acne: scarring on the hull from repeated micro-meteorite and kessler impacts.

Kessler: man-made orbital debris. From Kessler Syndrome.

Sieve: A poorly-maintained ship, or one long past its expected service life.

Dandruff: airborne particulates. Result of a poorly-maintained AC or spills. Many things that aren't normally flammable are, or even explosive; unchecked dandruff can lead to

Firebelly: A ship gutted by a dandruff explosion. How to lose a ship in under a second. Sometimes 'bloat-slit', from how the hull swells and splits apart.

Shampoo: obvious.

Swissed: suffering from numerous small punctures.

Cheese grater: low caliber rapid-fire railgun battery, designed to cause swissing.

Flag: Transponder beacon.

Barnacle: Tracking beacons planted on a ship without the crew's knowledge, or against their will. Also applies to location-tracking malware as well as physical transmitters.

Flash Gordon: Alternately: Exceptionally blond and square-jawed; demonstrating exceptional valor in a crisis; favors a sword over all other weapons.

Vader: A terrible boss.
>Shampoo: obvious

Not obvious enough for me.
Means of preventing the accumulation of dandruff, and rapidly cleaning up sudden dandruff spills. Static wands, dust traps, vacuum cleaners, etc.
>Many things that aren't normally flammable are, or even explosive;
when in aerosol or powder form. Dropped the rest of the sentence.
Windowbox: a small farming-space

Porthole: Window (derived from the small, circular shape of many windows)
I'll try to re-enter this thread after a good night's sleep; my creative juices are running rather low.

I'll leave with:
What would be a good slang term(s) for a gas giant / gas planet?
Big Windy is the only one I can think of.
File: space_room.jpg (158 KB, 1280x640)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
ToyBox - Trash-collecting ship used to take down wasted satellite and other debris floating in orbit, and collecting the scrap that still have some value. Due
to the dangerousity of the job, and the need of frequent EVA, these ships have an extra ticker plating to protect thier hull, and always look pretty
damaged. By extension, it could design a ship with an oversized hull plating.
>"Where have you been? Your ship look like a toybox!"

Gipsys - The pilots of cargo ships, so basically, space trucker. They have a reputation to not paying a lot of attention to smaller vessels. Thus, "piloting
like a [fucking] gipsy" basically mean "piloting like a road hog".
>"Watch out, a lot of gipsys stops at this station."

Chewy - someone that you can't understand a word of what he's saying, no matter the langage he's speaking.
>"I can't understand shit about what this Chewy's speaking!"

Wally - A innocent, cute and naïve IA.

Hitting the horseshoes - When something was supposed to make some damage, ususally severe, and miraculously is deflected/stopped without making any.
>"There's nothing! The debris just hit the horseshoes."

Scrooge - The guy from the insurance compagny, the bank, or from the pawn shop.
>"Quick guys, help me hide the stuff, the scrooge is comin' in five!"

Void's call - fascination for the vastness of space. The subject will daydream, lose apetite, and became apathic. usually happen to newbies.
> "The new guy herad the void's call."
King's swan: something which is taboo to damage and usually precious
A low-velocity collision with a planetary surface, one slow enough to potentially walk away from. As opposed to auguring in.

A ship with a broken central computer core. Auxiliary systems may still have some functionality, as opposed to

Total electronics failure.

Subset of lobotomization; destruction of the computer core by precision laser or railgun strike. Beloved of pirates and Orbit Guard cutters both.

>Mama's boys
Crew of stations in orbit around garden worlds, so called because they never venture far from their 'mother', the planet.

>Mama's knee-breakers
Orbit Guard. Variants abound; Mama's thugs, Mama's knives, sometime's Mama's surgeons for their penchant for trepanation and similar precision disabling tactics. Favored Brother/Elder Brother, sometimes, because Mama always sides with them over you. Not Big Brother, though, that's already taken.

>Fool's Air
Gas mixes that you can't breathe, but don't trigger a suffocation response. You don't even notice you're dying until you're already slipping into unconsciousness; also called 'The Sleeping Death' for this reason.

Backup analog air-quality monitors. Almost never a literal canary. Almost.

>St. Elmo's Fire
Discharges of lightning between charged bits of space debris and salvage ships or astronauts.

To die of AC failure within sight of rescue. Sometimes also used to mean cockblocked.

>Leap of Faith
Emergency cryogenic capsules. They'll keep you alive when the AC fails... sort of.

Someone suffering from long-term health effects due to emergency cryogenic preservation.
A brain-dead ship that's still operating on analog backup systems.

A ship fully equipped to go zombie. Most ships don't have analog backups for every system, just AC and distress beacons; a full voodoo is rare. Sometimes also 'clockpunk'.

>Strange loving
Using nuclear weapons for mundane purposes; mining asteroids, distress flares, bomb-pumped radar, etc.

Extended hi-G acceleration harness. Fanciness varies; some are glorified couches, other have independent life support, teleoperation links, and full VR capability. Most commonly found on military ships, where they are also escape pods.

>White Bridge
A feature of some military designs, where the wombs and action stations are located in their own module mounted on the outside of the ship, where the entire thing can be jettisoned and become its own small spacecraft when it's time to abandon ship. Sometimes also 'Yellow Bridge.' As opposed to

>Heart Bridge
Where action stations are located in the core of the ship, with as many layers of stuff between it and incoming fire as possible. Two very different approaches to crew survivability.
Hotel: A spaceship which is comfortable but slow and / or unagile

Submarine: A stealthy spaceship

Chocolate ration: Anything good that happens unexpectedly

Particle wind / particle gale, depending on strength: solar wind.
>I'm unsure about this one; feel free to change it

Skyworld: Gas giant

Fortune cookie: An unexplored, usually interesting world or place

Snooker ball: A small, spherical astronomical object

Pearl: One of the terms for an ice-covered world such as Europa. This refers both to its appearance and to its value due to having water on its surface.
>I'm unsure about this one; feel free to change it
I've seen it referred to as Kentucky Windage once, in the context of compensating for its effects on extreme range relativistic railgun strikes.
I would trust a real canary over an automated, computerised monitoring system anyday.

A canary won't shut down expectedly, or be given the wrong instructions, or reveal a glitch in its programming. A canary is reliable.
Lady / Mistress: An engine which has difficulty running on cheap fuel. Sometimes referred to as spoilt.

Sunbathers: Solar panels

Scrub up / ship's bath: Spring-cleaning

>"Cap! We got issues! Blue is gone half-tard'd and lest we're good to go full voodoo, we need the crew to jump in some coolers. Some might go numb-skull, but with the AC limping and Blue down for the count, the canary can't tell us how long we got. Best bet, we drop the tourists and give that yacht over there some strange love. The blast should be enough to keep us from dusting our dicks on that rock and save the crew at least."

File: tarded.png (315 KB, 500x282)
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315 KB PNG
forgot image
Breezies: Another term for gas giants

Woops; I didn't read your post. >>41406273
Due to the way the corporate space race ended up going down, depending on where you are and who you're around, you're possibly going to hear a fuckton of Chinese or Russian. Got help for it from a buddy of mine who's actually native Taiwanese, and I can toss out a couple. Some of the literal meanings are fucking amazing.

流氓 - liúmáng [lee-ooh-mang] - thug, hoodlum, jerk, creep
下流 - xiàliú [shao-lee-oh] - scum, trash, run-off - lit. run-off
毒蟲 - dú chóng [du tsong] - junkie, lit. poison bug
菜鳥 - càiniǎo [chai-now] rookie - lit. vegetable bird
小姐 - xiǎojiě [show-jay] - prostitute, hostess, young woman
條子 - tiáozi [tiyao-tzu] - lawman, lit. a piece of paper, in reference to a ticket
十三点 - shí sān diăn - flake, lit. thirteen o’clock
王八蛋 - wángbādàn - son of a prostitute, bastard, illegitimate birth, lit. king 8 egg
小市民 - Xiǎoshìmín [shao-she-min] - small town person, humble backgrounds
跟包 - Gēn bāo - henchmen, tag-along, lit. bag that accompanies you

黑貨- hēi huò [hay-hwoh] - hot merchandise, lit. black goods
灌水 - guànshuǐ [gwan-sway] - knock-offs lit. to flood with water, originally a watered-down good
放血 - fàngxiě [fangshoe-aye] - deep discount, lit. to give blood
殺價 - shājià - haggle, bargain lit. to kill the price
媽的 - Mā de [ma-duh] - general expletive, shit, fuck, etc.
幹 - gàn - see above, but now only one syllable!
閉嘴 - bì zuǐ [bi zway] - shut up
胡说 - Húshuō- bullshit, you’re lying, rubbish
扯 - chě [chuh] - that’s a stretch

飆車 - biāochē [biao-cha] - reckless driving / drag-racing, lit. tornado car
動手 - dòngshǒu - fistfighting or get back to work, usually former lit. move your hands
動手腳 - dòng shǒujiǎo - to sabotage or tinker, lit. move your hands and feet
动手动脚 - dòngshǒu dòng jiǎo - hooking up, lit. move your hands and move your feet
厚臉皮 - hòu liǎnpí - cheeky, impudent , lit. to have thick skin on your face
夜總會 Yèzǒnghuì [Yay-zong-way] - nightclub or a graveyard
老大 - lǎodà- boss
侥 - Jiǎo - Lucky break, lit. 44
敲诈 Qiāozhà - [Chee-ow-zha] - to blackmail, to extort
放水 - fàngshuĭ - sabotage, lit. to release water
好说 - hăoshuō [how-shwo] - no problem, lit. easy to say
就是 / 94 - jiŭsì [jow-tsu] - exactly

Hope these are of some use if folks end up with Chinese in their settings. They're all written in pinyin, so every the ones that don't have pronunciation guides aren't too hard to figure out. I particularly like the difference when you go from 'move your hands', 'move your hands and feet', and 'move your hands and move your feet'.
These are great, thank you, sir. And give your friends our thanks as well.
Oh, and one last thing. While you should be able to pronounce them without much trouble, for people that aren't familiar with how to speak from pinyin might need some help. The accent marks over vowels indicate the proper intonation for them. If the tone mark tilts from low to high, you speak with a rising intonation. If it tilts from high to low, you speak with a falling intonation. For the caron -- that looks kind of like a rounded v -- you fall then rise. And if there's a flat line, you hold flat.
>henchmen are literally the same as fashion accessories

China, sometime you're the worst, but other times you're just the best.
It's stuff like this that makes me want to bring honor to my famiry and learn my ancestral language.

Apparently my Chinese name literally means "empty-headed knowledge" so thanks, mom.
Lead - shorthand term for any form of radiation shielding. Usually refers to emergency gear.
>Reactor containment failure, get the lead out!

Smoke on the Water - slang used by combat sensor operators to refer to the detection of a cloaked or concealed ship by its thermal, gas, or nonvisible light emissions (where there's smoke, there's fire). Always followed by the location or heading of the sighting.
>Smoke on the Water out twenty k, up 30 degrees, right 20!

Night-Flashes - the bright flashes of light a spacer experiences when stellar radiation passes through his optic nerve. Noticed most easily while a spacer is trying to sleep. A telltale sign of ships with poor radiation shielding. May or may not also indicate the presence of space ghosts.
>Urgh, I got some real Night-Flashes, how cheap was this boat anyway?

The Void - Regions of space between stars, where there is no major source of gravity or sunlight for multiple light-years in any direction. Generally avoided both for its lack of useful resources and for what might be there that is NOT known about.
>look, don't fuck up the jump. It's just The Void between us and Tau Ceti. Who knows what's out there.

Damocles Strike - the act of attacking an enemy ship from directly above (or below), utilizing most spacers' natural 2D-spatial mindset against them. Usually used against rookie captains or as a desperation tactic.
>Con, Sensor, he's right above us! It's a Damocles Strike!
Blowfish - boobytrapped or otherwise unsafe (radioactive, contagious, etc) spacesuit broadcasting a distress signal

Circling the drain - caught in a gravity well without enough engine power to escape

Spurs - afterburners, particularly if they tend to cause damage during operation

>"Shoulda known that nut was a blowfish! If Eyetee can't show Blue how to put the spurs on this bucket by six glass, we're circling the drain!"
Sorry for the thread hijack, but this is the only spacs sci-fi thread I saw and I felt my question doesn't warrant its own thread.

I'm also making a sci-fi setting, military sci-fi to be exact. How big would a spaceship have to be to serve as a mobile base for a regiment (let's ballpark it at 2400) of soldiers? This includes bunks, training grounds, and any other such facilities that a large number of soldiers would need? Is this idea feasible, or would it be more practical to split the numbers up further?
>May or may not also indicate the presence of space ghosts.
Sparkplug: Ion canon/weaponry
Bugzapper: Anti-Drone weapons
Zinger: Shield-penetrating missile (may also refer to a big penis)
Hot-Boxing: Purposefully venting oxygen into a breached room
Retro: Shorthand for retrograde
Gonads: The essential parts of an engine
FUGEZSR (pronounced Fu-geezer): acronym for "Fucked up, got ejected, zero survival rate"
>"Some squat wants to know how big a'tub he needs fer 24-hundo grunts? Shit, lest yer lookin' to dust-n-drop 2-kay of 'em on the nearest un-see-spectin' population, you'll need a hellova yacht."

Okay, that may have turned a bit redneck, but what you're asking isn't much to go on.

Its your imagination for that; so if you need quasi-active facilities for all 2400 soldiers, then look at things like air-craft carriers and cruise ships and that'll give you a ball-park idea. But who knows? Maybe the universe you've created has super-collapsed dimension capabilities and worm-hole guns and shit so you have a crew of a million in a ship that's the size of Earth on the inside but only the size of a shoe box on the outside.

tl;dr, how should i know?
>I want a term for someone who has created a sentient artificial intelligence.
Code God?
>黑貨- hēi huò [hay-hwoh] - hot merchandise, lit. black goods
Sounds like a "little dwarf" would be a good euphemism for a smuggler.
File: Spoiler Image (48 KB, 376x375)
48 KB
>May or may not also indicate the presence of space ghosts.
I don't think people would continue to use lead as radiation shielding. Rather EM shields. Lead is fucking toxic.
It's like calling fire resistant materials asbestos.
Most of the slang in my campaign is either the name of technical gizmos (which itself comes from contemporary space savants, like the Alcubierre drive), arbitrary chosen because it sounds cool (Lemman-Klein's algorithm), or adapted from the 21th century (e.g "a colonial" is someone from the colonies).

What can be of interest to you is the choice of languages: aside from the Standard Galactic English, some words from three languages managed to survive to space: Japanese (now used almost exclusively by pirates, bandits and mercs), French (used by technicians), and Spanish (used by traders and merchants). A very peculiar case is the word "friend"; in English, it means what it means. But in Spanish, it means "commercial partner", in French, it means "colleague", and in Japanese, it means "enemy"!

I also have those two:

Bifteck (n. m.): Money (comes from a region of space where food is literally money, and 100g of beef steak is the standard exchange rate).

Delorean (n. f.): Any ground transport that can go real fast (say, more than 190mph).

And otherwise, not much.
they aren't using lead. its slang harkening back to those halcyon days when actual lead was used way way back in the earliest days of space travel.
Lead is memetic, I think, that is when we think of radiation-blocking material, we think of lead. It makes sense people continue using this word even if it doesn't make sense literally anymore.

In the early years of firearms, people put fire to the fuse in order to shoot a gun. Now they just pull the trigger, but it's still called "firing".
Moaning: Communication signals or distress calls with corrupt or incomplete handshakes or identification codes. Usually indicates an old, heavily damaged or otherwise ransacked wreck, or signal bleeding from old or poorly maintained communications arrays.

Beeping: Signals with incompatible protocols, rendering them incomprehensible. Typically a result of contact with either outmoded probes and such or foreign vessels. Can also be used generally to denote any unknown signal of probable human origin.

Siren: Any crew member's significant other, should they not be on the ship. Originally referred to the pilot's partner, with the derogatory implication that they would distract them from their work (with predictable results), but can be used in reference to any crewmember and even as a term of humourous affection (see: "the old ball and chain").

Taking a pleasant stroll/going for a walk in the park: Gathering in a surveillance blind spot, either on a non-independent ship or policed space station, with the intent of exchanging contraband or participating in prohibited activities such as gambling. In the same vein, such blind spots are often called "park benches".

Extra passengers: On-board pathogens.

Towel: Any item of unintuitive or informed importance. Which is to say, apparently useless junk the crew have been ordered to retrieve, potentially at risk to themselves.

Our rascally friends: Pirates, especially those who establish unlawful tolls or racketeering rings. Can generally refer to any criminal element the captain has recruited or associated with.
To be fair you still 'fire' the cartridge. On the other hand I have no doubt that personal directed energy weapons will be called laser rifles (or 'PEWs') for a very long time.
>Top hole! Bally Jerry pranged his kite right in the how's-your-father! Hairy Blighter dickie-birded, feathered back on his sammy, took a waspie, flipped over on his Betty Harpers and caught his can in the Berty!

>Bally tenpenny ones dropping in the custard! Grab your ebb-and-fores and let's get the bacon delivered!
This would actually be great sarcastic slang for a crash landing.
>Personal Energy Weapon

It's... it's too perfect.
Or Particle Emission Weapon, depending on the flavor of the pew.
I imagine you'd have small arms divided neatly into guns and pews, corresponding to 'solid projectile' and 'everything else'.
Now there's a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is!
In a campaign I ran in a 'strange world' setting that had some pseudo-victorian themes we had a mounted, massive weapon that unleashed a wave of electricity through walls and barricades to kill rioters and criminals. It's correct name was the energized coil projector but it ended up being the 'Slip Gun' because it could slip passed enemy fortifications. I miss that setting.
Which reminds me:

>Hole puncher - An old-fashioned projectile gun, usually applied to handguns but can include long guns. So called for their penchant for causing hull breaches. Projectile arms were largely abandoned in favor of directed energy weapons and incapacitative devices that can be discharged without endangering everyone on the ship/station. Old guns are still occasionally seen wielded by those who don't know (land-lubbers) or don't care (pirates, mercs, crazies, people looking to intimidate, etc).
No gun that's remotely safe to fire in an enclosed space would produce enough force to puncture a spaceworthy hull, even assuming ships use a single layer hull that can be directly struck from the inside.

Ricochets (since y'know, tight corridors with few ways to absorb bullets) and equipment damage (since tight corridors packed with shit or with important shit placed behind thin dividing walls because space is at a premium) would be a major bitch, though.
>I find my slang guide to be woefully lacking in Hungarian, though.

Probably a bit late, but, bored hungarian here, ask away.
Looks like the main character from 'Air Fortress', the nintendo game. I like it.
"swimming pool" - larger ship without any artificial gravity systems
"red rum salesman" - assassin for hire
"examart" - a few steps up from super and mega markets
"airbrakes" - reentry
"cordless spacewalk" - exemplary "dangerous activity"
"fly into a flare" - go die
"brain in a jar" - overthinker, smartass, nerd
"dick in a jar" - someone who thinks the world is there for him to fuck literally/figuratively
"autopilot" - (derogatory) any AI/android on a ship
"highway to hell" - decaying orbit
"pass mexican food" - jettison the red hot reactor core coolant / ship heat exchanger towards an enemy
"go green" - supply the power needs of the ship via the extension of solar panels
"VFR enabled"(from visual flight rules) - (euphemism) lose power to all systems
"tango-man-go" - radio chatter of military space vehicles with incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo
"reverse the polarity with [weapon]" - fix a problem by destroying something
"play alice and the rabbit" - try to catch up to / keep up with someone in warp/slipspace
"flatters" (from flat-earthers) - scientifically backwards aliens
"shoebox" - vast carrier or drydock without much in terms of self defense or maneuverability
"cum" (from computerized unilateral messaging) / "photo pidgeon" - send out a short burst of information into a specific direction via slower than light radio communications
"X plane" - a mostly useless super advanced prototype spacecraft
"weather balloon" - unidentified spacecraft
"part of the water shielding" / "redshirt" - (derogatory) a person completely useless to the mission at hand
"schrödingers box" - spacecraft without radiation shielding
"go open a window" - fuck off and die
"kite" - solar sail
"SAD"(from space affective disorder) - mild form of depression caused by solitude, insufficient lighting, insufficient moving space
"machine queen" - spaceborne drone factory
"jellyfish" - sleepsack designed to work in 0G with gel filling
"tinman" - heavily armored not very mobile planetside and EVA spacesuit/craft
"atmo (suit)"/"walkie (suit)" - spacesuit specifically designed only for planetside use
unisuit - spacesuit for planetside use as well as EVA
"ghetto blaster" - a ship mounted LRAD
"walkman" - a portable LRAD
"christmas tree" - laser boat
"get the red referee involved" - escape a fight by atmospheric reentry
"entropically enhanced" - disintegrated
"stink of hydrazine" - be avoided like the plague
"do asimov 3 tests" - try to destroy a robot
"virgin ride" - short but extremely forceful (and painful) orbital insertion with dangerous acceleration
"tardy" - slow (sub light) ship
"empty bridge" - a bridge with no machanical parts, only non mechanical (touchscreen/holo) interfaces
"suborbital" - not very useful, not very good
"enable fusion lighting" - let the sun shine in
"the pantheon" - the solar system sans earth
"astrometric anomaly" - (euphemism) miss the destination by so much that you have problems determining your galactic coordinates from the stars
"paleolithic shielding" - hiding on the far side of the planet
"a rash" - a spacecrafts hull being damaged by micrometeorites
"e-mold" - von neumann probes
"space bugs" - flying debris
"windshield wipers" - debris shielding
"brick" - non atmospheric shuttle
Skimmer - System vessels that use a weak form of FTL
Silo - Small survival pods from larger ships re-purposed into colonisation habitats
Rad - As in radioactive, as in hot, as in good or having positive qualities
Disco - Shortened from Silent Disco: Emergency lights and claxton which activate in the event of an atmo leak or hull crack. The people writhing around, choking look like they're dancing in a silent disco under flashing multicoloured lights
Shine - Solar radiation exposure
Adrift - Drunk/High on duty
Insult - A sailor's pay for the month
Dragmouth - The psychosomatic sickness from travelling aboard a ship with artificial gravity and inertia
Hugger - Someone suffering chronic intertia-sickness (Clinging to walls for stability)
Kagg - A dispute caused by confined quarters
Jude - Machinery, material or tool which fails, betraying its crew (Judas)
Muster - To vomit, urinate of defecate
Nippinoff - A sailor who commits an act worthy of execution or is spaced through an airlock (said to be named after an incompetent officer, but is actually the joining of Nipping and Off, as in to leave suddenly)
>Insult - A sailor's pay for the month
that was a thigh slapper.
kudos to you
Fishtank - Used to refer to what can be seen through the portholes.
>Get that rookie away from the fishtank, he's been glued to it ever since we left.
>Sir, I think I saw something move in the fishtank, what do our sensors say?

Zero - Short for patient zero, someone who brings aboard an illness/undesirable agent (mold, bugs etc) that tends to spread.
>Looking at how the virus spread, I think our zero is someone from the upper quarters
>This is the third time you've zeroed in an alien std. I'm afraid I'll have to suspend your kirking priviledges.

Bottle - A distress call/yet to be deciphered message from an unknown source.
>Sir, there's a bottle in this system, do I open it?
>Good thing you found my bottle, or I was a dead man.
Damn, I like that one.
I just suddenly realized that video games will be mans best friend when it comes to non-exploratory spacers when it comes to fighting boredom.
There's always Spacebook.
OP here. You guys are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Major Tom: A lost spacefarer. Roughly equal to the maritime Robinson Crusoe.
I'm at work so I can't contribute the the thread as I'd like to, but I have archived it on Sup/tg/:

Sunburn: Another term for radiation sickness
>Rob's some bad sunburn. He'll be a goner if we can't get him to the meds on Ceres in time.

Fountain or water fountain: Water dispenser
>Fill me a couple of bottles from the fountain, mate

Blanket: Atmosphere

Fasten your seatbelts: Brace yourself / prepare yourself for something

>This world's got a thick oxy blanket so dropping might be trick. Fasten your seatbelts.
>I'll be lowering you into the cavern in 200 seconds. Fasten your seatbelt.

Moby Dick: An evasive enemy spaceship
>Moonbase C sent me a pigeon; there's a Moby Dick lurking insys. Gotta keep our eyes peeled; it could be anywhere in that dust cloud.

Outback: The barren surface of specifically Mars and more generally any red-soiled world, sometimes used for any "soiled" or "sandy" barren world
>I wouldn't want to crash here. There's nothing but outback for a hemisphere and the other side is mudhuts.

Duck pond: Coolant pond
>We've got a leak in the duck pond! It's spilled all over the engine sector and we've got a couple of men down!

Happy to help. Not going to check those quints though tbh
Teddy: Something with sentimental value, like a photograph locket of one's wife.
>Make sure to clean out yer rooms thoroughly before we take a carpet ride off this miserable hunk of iron and get back offworld. Don't any of ya forget yer tictacs, yer teddies, yer eromags, yer spanners, yer rubbers or anythin' else.

I'll see ya in the tin can in 45. Anyone still crawlin' on the surface of this outback gets unpaid leave.

Ruler: Handheld measurement tool

Extra leave: Being left on an astronomical object

What would be a good term for a stowaway / stowaways? Preferably a few, with different tones of meaning and positivity / negativity to them, as well as a neutral.

>reverse the polarity
Is this a Pertwee joke?
Would be a bit awkward in chinese since Dwarf is lit. 'Short Man'
So it'll translate to Little Short Man
Depending on how hard the setting is, spacer fuel is probably calculated precisely to maximize tonnage. Being off by just the weight of an extra person could jeopardize the lives of everybody on board.
Safety margins are larger than that.

>Barnacle, Parasite, Fridge Magnet
- A small tramp vessel without a warp/FTL drive of its own that attaches itself to larger ships on the sly in order to piggyback across vast distances. Rightly considered offensive and dangerous, these procedures have often resulted in wrecks and accidents.

- Someone bumming around a spaceport or station looking to hop a ship on the cheap. Accepting a hitchhiker aboard is considered by many Spacers to be a form of charity, especially if the 'hiker is trying to return to their homeworld.
A ship specifically designed as a FTL carrier for smaller parasite vessels.
- A large, unwieldy and ugly ship with a particularly powerful warp/FTL drive meant to deliver food, supplies and "magnet" ships to remote colonies.
Then once the stowaway it on boardd, you've used up most of the safety margin and you're in danger if anything goes wrong or turns faulty.
>Fasten your seatbelts
These terms and their definitions are all used in every day life now. How are they interesting space slang?
Rubber duck: A luxury which has none or little utilitarian value. For instance, pretty clothes, high-quality alcohol or a music player

>The grub's running thin so I've got a bit of extra space in my rucksack; I can shove a few rubber ducks in to brighten up the ride to SS Outer-1.
Yeah; I got a little basic with those ones.

It was early in the morning.
Along these lines, what might Spacers call something meant to set minds at ease and stop complaining but that really does nothing to solve the underlying problem?

Something like a small "rubber ducky" luxury given in lieu if a lay raise or a new safety system installed on a reactor that is you to continue leaking radiation regardless?
Copper Mouth - Someone who never smiles and/or lacks a sense of humour (A reference to the tendency of copper tubes to ignite certain gases passed through them, thus not showing their teeth, as though they would cause a backblast and explosion)
>Insult - A sailor's pay for the month
I love it.

>Here's your insult you once-cycled bastards, now go for your RnR. Don't go full argo, but make sure the fish joins the kirk club before he's back aboard

Argo, as in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH8lvwXx_Y8

If nut is armoured hardsuit, would soldiers wearing armour be nutters?

>We've got a company of marines and enough suits for a platoon of nutters

Does "Morgue" work for the power armour and maintenance part an armoury? (borrowed from some SF series)
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247 KB JPG
OP, you may be interested in perusing these archived threads on Spacer superstitions:


>Bugs on the windshield

A tactic used by some pirates of reprogramming salvage drones to go after active ships.
>"highway to hell" - decaying orbit

Maybe "Hells' highway" instead? It seems to me that slang is used to condense meaning, not make it longer.
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>Interesting (.adj): Very dangerous.
Not everything needs a slang term. Sometimes a decaying orbit is JUST a decaying orbit. Especially when you take technical meanings into consideration when you need to coordinate between people who might not speak the same language or even be the same species.

It's similar to reason why air traffic controllers all speak English in order to coordinate with Pilots (who also all speak English).
To raise the periscope: To make sensor checks

To weigh anchor: To land

Cattle grid: A selective entry system, like a gate which only opens in response to scanning an authorised ID card

Marvin: Unresponsive android

Fly the flag: Transmit some ship identification information

An artificial von Neumann machine could also be referred to as "Norman"
Or "a Norman"
Actually, I think "weigh anchor" might be better suited to entering an orbit around a planet / moon from space.

Not sure which definition would be better suited
Arthur: An android. Derived from "artifical servant"

A lot of people dislike using this term as they feel that it overly humanises the androids.

Tin hat: A military helmet of any kind

Penny sweets: Any substance rationed by weight
Treb: short for trebuchet, a high risk gravity slingshot maneuver
Pentacles: Xeno-cash that has no real value (like Canadian money in the southern US)
GG: short for Good Gravity, a g-force of at or very near to 1 g. "It's GG, captain."
these are pretty good
I've included a little slang in my current spess opera game. Not very original.

Refers to a transhumanist cult in which status is defined by how modded you are.

Similar to how it's used now, with a connotation of distance. 1 light year takes roughly 7 days in jumpspace

Any language other than one's own. Due to universal translators being so prolific, people don't need to learn more than one language.

Gas Giants

Spacer slang. Any inhabitted object. Usually planets, but can refer to asteroids, space stations, moons, etc.

People from Furtopia.
Furtopia was were all the genetically modified furries 'settled' after FTL was discovered. Currently have a catman doctor in the party. He's fucking fantastic.

Flying close to a singularity.

Fuck Those Guys. A type of anti-hull missile that pierces then explores. Needs for shields to be disabled in order to work.

>Emma (Empty, Emmy, Member of Parliament)

Destroying something by sending it into the sun. Sundiver is also a popular Vacuum Metal band.

1: anyone who spends most of their time in space, such as ship crew, naval personnel, pirates, etc.
2: a subspecies of human that have evolved and adapted to zero-G conditions

Refers to the subspecies of humans known as Spacers. Due to the detrimental effects of no gravity, Spacers have very weak bones. They're also super tall, easily 7 feet. They need either corrective surgery or medical braces in order to live within a gravity well for an extended period of time.
After the style of American soldiers calling enemies a common name (Charlie for the North Vietnamese, Jerry for Germans, etc), I figured spacers might develop a similar short hand for common alien-types.

Dorian: A hairless, oblong-headed, humanoid alien, often grey in coloration (Protoss, classic "Greys," Marvin the Martian, you know Roswell style "aliens")
Izzy/Isaac: A xeno-mechanical, non-biological alien (the Geth, Cylons, Daleks, whatever)
Audrey: A plant-like alien (Little Shop of Horrors' Audrey II, technically 40k Orks but not really)
Rico: An insectoid alien (Buggers, Tyranids, Zerg)
Maybe a "gov(ernment) fix"?
> the AI lockdown protocol is just a gov fix, if Blue goes Hal, none of us are getting out alive.
>any substance rationed by weight
especially rations
From GPS. Any local guide hired by an offworlder. Watch out for bad gypsies.

>Mute/The Mute

>Shhh Doors
Airlocks. Both from the idea that space is quiet and from the sound they make when they close.

A word used in place of a variety of Rock-Talk curse words by the translator. When it doesn't know what a particular swear word means, it usually says "grunk".
"You grunked up"
"That's one grunk looking ship"
"We grunk you now, grunker."
Grunk is now a common curse word in its own right because of this.

The nature of FTL makes determining destination somewhat difficult.
"They went gonewards"

A risk
Not to mention books, comics, television shows and movies (SpaceFlix, Holo, ect.). The entertainment industry's gonna be bigger than ever once people realize how boring the void is.
A spacesuit
>Liven (pronounced "live-in")
A permanent crew member on a vessel
A drug in my setting. Think speed. Used by some pilots to stay awake for weeks.
IRL naval slang for a boat designed to do one thing only: go fast.
Refers to smuggling ships that often transport fast.
An illogical argument. Also a verb meaning "to make an illogical argument".
>Boarding Action
Having sex
Equivalent to saying "RADICAL!". Very corny and outdated.
>Going Home
Describes something futile/impossible, usually frustratingly so
>"Bill is going home trying to find that screwdriver"

>Top Heavy
Expensive luxury ship with few real advantages over a cheaper one other than the ability to flaunt wealth
>Top Heavy
A female Spacer brought aboard as crew that, like a luxury liner, is beautiful and well built but not particularly useful.
>Urinal Whiskey
ahem, Pisskey, please.
Uhh... ever heard of things like:
He kicked the bucket? - he died
He would be turning in his grave - he would disapprove
hasta la vista - good bye

Sometimes things are said because euphemism or references, or simply because it sounds cool.

High | Way | To | Hell - 4 syllables
De|Cay|Ing | Or|bit - 5 syllables

>Is this a Pertwee joke?
A what joke?
Either way i think it's from Startrek, since reversing the polarity is the "turning it off an on again" of Startrek.
reverye the polarity == fix it
reverse the polarity with my gun == fix it by destroying it
Spacer (n): Someone living exclusively or born in space.
>Fuxxin spacers trying to walk around without his exoskeleton again.
Fux (n,v,adj): Corruption of the English word. It would be common to see swears slightly changing over time, but be somewhat familiar to us if the setting is only a few centuries away
>What the fux did you just fuxxin say to me, you little shert?
Gravmeat (n): Spaceship dead in the water, food for the gravitational field of a nearby object, can also mean the occupants inside a spaceship unable to move on its own.
>We completely destroyed his orbital computer, that pirate's gonna be gravmeat soon
Cather-bag (n): Insult based on the proclivity of catheters in some spacesuits.
>That guys a fuxxin cather-bag, silicon would be more valuable to have on board.
Newton'd (n): To be hit hard or destroyed with kinetic force.
>Target Newton'd, his hulls been split wide open by our tungsten round.
Phaser (n): Describes any energy weapon. From old earth media.
>I took my phaser and burned a hole right through his suit. Poor fuxxer didn't last long in a vacuum.
Forgot one more
Chromfux'd (n): Person or animal exposed to lethal radiation.
>A terrorist bomb went off on Titan station, Chromfuxxing everyone not in a suit in a 10km radius.
Watching this thread closely.
Sundial: Clock. Also, grandad derived from "grandfather clock".

This just gave me an idea. What about a ship captain who keeps a grandfather clock somehow wired into the communications system, so that the bongs sound through the ship's speaker system?

[spoiler[>someone suggests an English ship housed in the uprooted Big Ben Clock Tower, flying the flags of England, the East India Company, the British Empire and the herald of the Monarch; heading into atmosphere around the planet and either selling them opium or bonging over crowded area until they succumb and agree to become a Dominion[/spoiler]
Claiming all of the swans for the King and brawling with Spaniards
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A long, slow minimal-energy course. The standard in the early days of spaceflight, but in these days of torchships milliwatt orbits are exclusive to robot freighters and people with broken main drives. Term comes from the low amount of engine power needed.

>Wedding band
A ring station around an inhabited planet; pic related. Exclusive to very old spacefaring civilizations. Called a wedding band because it's a permanent union between ground and space. A single space elevator is sometimes called an 'engagement' as a derivative term.

Cracks caused in structural members by rapid changes in temperature, typically by emerging into the sun after an extended time in shadow.

>Flying Dutch
Being flung off the ship at high velocity while going EVA. As opposed to 'drifting dutch', drifting away from the parent ship while EVA at a low velocity.

What's left of the crew after a maser hit to the crew compartment.

Someone who's survived more then five seconds unprotected exposure to vacuum. So called for what such exposure does to your lungs and voice. Actual smoking on spaceships, of course, is virtually unknown.

>Raspberry Jam
What's left after a catastrophic acceleration compensator failure in the middle of a max burn.
I really like the wedding ring idea.
>>Wedding band
I thought it meant people in a space station often get hitched because they're stuck with each other for extended periods of time.
There should be a term for two Spacers that are married.
Fish flakes: Dried food
>Make sure to ziplock your fishflakes before we leave the limpet; we don't want to fuck up the AC

Linked system (however you want to abbreviate it)
or just "Rings"
Sounds like it would be a gigantic pain in the ass to weld in space.

>Sounds like it would be a gigantic pain in the ass to _____ in space.

Yes, it is.
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110 KB JPG
you. I like you.
Two different styles of construction on an airless rock. 'Innie' stations are dug out underneath the surface, while Outies are constructed on the surface. Outie construction is cheap; Innie construction provides greater radiation and micrometeorite protection.

>Cake Run
Shipment of fissionable materials. Derived from yellowcake, an intermediate stage in uranium refinement.

Dumping waste material into heavily trafficked space. A serious offence throughout all of civilized space; more than one person has been killed on EVA by a flash-frozen turd at orbital velocity.
>Two different styles of
That slang term is already taken...
Yeah, if you're in elementary school.

>Myco: Mycoprotein "steaks". Derived from fungus grown in vats and compressed into bricks (the fancy kind has a simulated grill mark texture). Cheap, complete protein source with a famously bland and grainy taste.
Look at what slang is used in space station 13 for slang.
Singulo makes much more sense then sphincter.
Spacing or airlocking is better then airlock partying.
A sterilization chamber, or other chamber you have to go through in order to go enter a public space or ship. Similarly, to "dry off" is to be decontaminated.

>Take a dip
To go planetside, or any other situation that you would have to be dried off after. Other terms include "get wet" or "dive." Someone or something that is "wet" is contaminated.

Personal propulsion system (ie. jetpacks)

>Life jacket
Personal air tanks

>Puddle Jumpers
Ships designed to travel low distances. Other terms include "rockhopper," "penguin," "rowboat," "dingy," "canoe," etc

Airplanes, helicopters, any other flying ship incapable of space travel. "Grasshopper" is also used.

Area of high radiation. To receive a large amount of radiation at once is to be "microwaved" or "nuked."

>Nerf gun
Any strictly nonlethal weapon, to become incapacitated by such a weapon is to be "nerfed."

Used to describe someone who likes another planet more than their home planet. Typically implies said person is either forgetting their roots are will only be temporarily enamored with said planet. A routine suckler is sometimes called a "milf chaser" or "cub."

Usually derogatory term for a vacation planet or any planet that is very attractive to non-natives.


The most popular drink in whatever region you are in.

>Breath Mint
Personal emergency air supply. Sometimes called "air freshener" when used ship-wide.

To be destroyed; damaged beyond repair

Any collection of same-type data. For example, every status report you have on record would be a "Status report book."

>Crystal Ball
Usually shortened to "crystal," any prediction-making program or function, can also refer to a prediction made by said function.

Device that freeze-dries food. Sometimes "salted" can mean freeze-dried.

Spacer whose spent so much time aboard a ship that he can't function in non-space environments.
>Yeah, if you're in elementary school.
That doesn't make it any better.
Innie is also slang for Insurgent. Also Chicken myco tastes great, with realistic texture and all. See: Quorn
i like atmosia for anything atmospherics related
diggers for miners
evac for evacuation shuttle
Sap: slang for a human, often derogatory

Buddhi: A spacer who had never eaten real food and instead ate soy, myco and calpi.

"The Buddhi never knew what it ws like to eat fresh fruit"
While I just steal a lot from Shadowrun and other things like that, there are a few others I use.

Spawn - Offspring.

Squid - Descriptor for any non-human species that doesn't have a full endo- or exoskeleton. Alternate: affectionate for offspring.

Starfish - Any sapient species that is radially symmetrical.

Meat Popsicle - Used to describe the reduction of a person to a commodity or goal, not always derogatory.

Fetch - Great.

Pocket - Used in regard to being in a bad situation with only one obvious way out. Similar to cornered.

Rimjob - Anyone who has spent enough time in the outer portions of the local system to become just a little off.

Casket - Exo-atmospheric Re-Entry Package, Individual. Drop pods or escape pods.

Jink - Hard lateral or vertical thrust to avoid an incoming object.

Hot Minute - A very long or very serious time, often used sarcastically.

Burpy - An unwanted task.

That's just the ones off the top of my head. I really should start up a document of these sorts of things, too.
Stop trying to make fetch happen anon.

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