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File: exterminatorquesttitle.png (308 KB, 576x384)
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308 KB PNG
Welcome to the first thread of Exterminator Quest.

You will be playing as an exterminator, a man just trying to make an honest living in the near future.

Character Sheet Here:




Fluff forthcoming. Let's get started!
The year is 2037 and Hong Kong is in the grip of a midsummer heatwave. You awake to the sound of the portable klaxon you call an alarm clock. You bring your hand down on the device and smack it against your night table. The noise stops.

You can scarcely believe how early it is and the first gray rays of the morning sun are already pushing their way into your room.

Groggy, you still manage sit up and get on your feet, getting yourself to start the new day through sheer force of will. You make the grim slog to the bathroom and splash your face with cold water to jumpstart your nerves.

As word of advice, have your first post ready.
File: dirty sink.jpg (34 KB, 615x409)
34 KB
The bathroom is filthy, but not much different from the rest of your apartment. they don't give the top-tier real-estate to convicts after all.

Looking up into the mirror you see yourself, unshaven and balding. A real mess. They tried to reform you back in the States but they couldn't quite pull it off. Not after what you did.

Actually, what was it you did again?

1) you burned a man to death
2) you drowned your wife
3) you were a fraud
4) you were innocent!

(2/2, my bad)
3) you were a fraud
Pyramid scheme.
File: tie.jpg (126 KB, 556x556)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Ah yes, you were a fraudster who made millions scamming the stupid rich for their money. The fuzz got you eventually, but not before you spent it all in a gratuitous show of excess. They'll never wring those memories out of you.

But they could put you to work. If this one thing this future has in spades, it's a pragmatic attitude towards human life. Well, no use dwelling on the past. Now's the time to think about how you want to look on your first day of work.

> shave
> don't shave
> shave
Can't look shaggy when we're exterminating [insert lifeform here]
File: razor.jpg (18 KB, 250x188)
18 KB
you decide to shave. Your razor is starting to get a little scuzzy but you feel like you made the right choice.

>Gained: Clean Face

You finish washing up and change into your uniform, which you've left hanging from the back of the bathroom door. First you pull on the pleated white pants, then button up the matching collared shirt. You pull up your long sleeves, rolling them up just behind your elbow, and fasten your name tag to the upper left quadrant of your chest.

"Certified Exterminator", it reads and then, a little below that in a smaller font:

"Vincent Esperanza"
And now we see the man BEHIND the curtain!
You do a quick self-inspection in the mirror. If prison taught you nothing else, it's that appearances are important and you try, although you do not always succeed, to make a good impression on those around you. Today being your first day actually on the job (you've spent the last few months in training) you're certain to make several small tweaks before leaving your bathroom and heading for the door of your apartment.

Hanging from a hook beside your door is the final component of your uniform: a stub visored white cap with the simple logo of Global Extermination Corp, a flipped over roach with a big red X through it, right on the brow. You put it on, grab your keys, and head down to the ground floor of your apartment complex.

You don't encounter anyone on the way, as it is still way too early for the average Cit to be awake. You find the barren halls a bit unsettling but the upside is that you get to make it to your van without disturbance.

The van, white and adorned with an even larger version of the GEC logo, is just as you left it, parked across the street in front of a local deli; you and the deli owner are on poor terms, so you've been parking in front of his store to drive away customers by implying he requires your services. You hop into the front seat and turn your keys in the dash. The center dash comes to life, first displaying a grandiose Mitsubishi logo before defaulting to the same exact question it asks everyday:

Manual or Automatic?

>Manual – Will allow you to control the car on your way to work, offers the possibility to sight-see or take shortcuts that are off the beaten path.
>Automatic- The car will drive itself to your job. There is zero possibility of you being late and you'll be able to enjoy a nice healthy breakfast on the way.
>Manual – Will allow you to control the car on your way to work, offers the possibility to sight-see or take shortcuts that are off the beaten path.
We spent too much time with our choices being made for us back in prison.
Either roll it or break it yourself.
I'm going to give it ten more minutes. If no one weighs in, I'll roll to break it.

I'd really much rather have players do this though.
That's stupidly long delay. You really should do it ten minutes after the last vote if things are really tied. It's silly. You can't rely on stubborn anons to change their minds.

File: hongkongmorningbW.jpg (1.27 MB, 3000x2000)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB JPG


You reach down and press “automatic”. The engine starts and the van quickly pulls itself out of park before setting a course for the nearest highway. The streets of Hong Kong pass you by, more or less devoid of activity at this time of day anyway. Flipping through the options on the center console, you order and pay for a small breakfast from a nearby fast food joint. The van swiftly adjusts its course and moments later you have a small coffee and a greasy sausage biscuit in your hands. You chow down quickly because before you know it, you're at work.

> +1Health, +1 Awareness for the next 8 hours

>Spent 8 dollars, 2992 remaining


Yeah, I'm learning how not to be stupid as we go here.
The local GEC HQ is an enormous but nondescript office building in the heart of the Kowloon Penninsula. Nobody likes having exterminators as neighbors, so the only sign that GEC is here is the presence of trucks like yours shuttling in and out of its garage bay in the wee hours of the morning. You pull up to the bay doors now and they unshutter themselves, revealing a steep downward ramp into the parking complex below. When you reach the bottom you spot three other vans, meaning you're the fourth to arrive here today.

Apparently waking up early pays off.

You make your way over to the elevators and find that one of your coworkers is already waiting there. She glances over at you as a way of acknowledging your presence and then turns back to the elevators. She's clearly Chinese, likely a Hong Kong native. And like you, she's likely a criminal.

>Say hello. It can't hurt to get along with your coworkers.
>Ignore her and wait for the elevator. She's ignoring you as well, so it seems fair.
>>Ignore her and wait for the elevator. She's ignoring you as well, so it seems fair.
>Ignore her and wait for the elevator. She's ignoring you as well, so it seems fair.

You opt to ignore her and focus on waiting for an elevator to arrive. Seconds later you hear a ding, and a set of steel doors opens up. You step in first, eager to get moving.

She steps in after you, a bit more sluggish. You notice there are large bags under her eyes.

Soon you're on the main office floor and the door is opening back up.
File: cubicles.jpg (402 KB, 849x393)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
Stepping out of the elevator, you enter into one of GEC's many call centers. All around you is a maze of cubicles, all of which will be filled within an hour or two. You and your coworker navigate towards the Exterminator's Armory, where your boss is undoubtedly waiting.

The Exterminator's Armory is a mix between a locker room and a briefing hall. Indeed, the first things you walk by are lockers, containing all your standard, company-owned and -issue equipment. Beyond that, you step suddenly into a circular area, about thirty feet in diameter. The curved walls are covered in GEC propaganda, extorting the multi-national's goodwill towards the public and the importance of its mission in the new, post-war world. There's also a little bit about rehabilitating people like you and how great that is, but you notice messages like that were printed well below eye-level.
You assume a straight-backed military pose in preparation for briefing, but notice that your colleague has assumed a more relaxed position, hunching her shoulders and stifling a yawn.

Is she trying to get fired?

>admonish her for not standing up straight
>don't say anything, the boss will punish her
>relax your own pose, seems like discipline doesn't count for much around here anyway.
>>don't say anything, the boss will punish her
Unless... she IS the boss.
>don't say anything, the boss will punish her
File: shittyoffice.jpg (66 KB, 600x400)
66 KB
>don't say anything

You opt to keep your mouth shut and focus on your own affairs. This slacker will surely get what's coming to her.

After what seems like forever, the walls in front of your part and your boss steps forward. He's a short man with broad shoulders and an oily face. He smells of tobacco smoke and his uniform is rumpled. The nametag on his uniform reads Chris Devlinson, Chief Exterminator, Hong Kong Branch.

“Good morning you two. Especially to you Claire.” he opens his mouth to reveal a yellow toothed grin. Claire, that is, your colleague, ignores him and he turns your attention to you.

“Mr. Esperanza, nice to see you in so early on your first day. Why don't you two follow me inside and we can talk about your assignments for today.”

He turns and walks back the way he came. You and Claire follow him into his office, a cluttered space that reeks of cigarettes. Your boss makes his way behind his desk and gestures for you two to both be seated in chairs covered in tattered paperwork. You clear your seat off before sitting down but you notice that Claire just plops down on top of the documents like nobody's business.
“So what is it today, Chris? More Muta-Rats?”

“Oh no, Claire” he says, flashing that lecherous grin again, “I have the perfect job for you today; you're going to be clearing a nest of Shikoku Wasps from the local water purification plant. Apparently they've taken up residence in a maintenance tunnel of some sort.”

He retrieves a clipboard from somewhere under his desk and hands it to her.

“Here's the details”

You note that she grimaces immediately upon skimming the paper.

“Am I going alone on this?” she asks.

“Quite possibly, I would send the rookie here with you, but I had another mission in mind for him. Something nice and simple. You'd like that, wouldn't you rookie, a nice easy start to your first day?”

>Offer to go with Claire to exterminate the Shikoku Wasps, whatever those are.
>Go with something nice and simple
>>Go with something nice and simple

I'd like it as much as I'd like the bomb in my neck not to explode.
>nice and simple

>Nice and Simple

You smile.

"Nice and simple sounds good to me, Mr. Devlinson."

Claire glances over at you, nervously grinding her teeth. You're not sure if she's concerned about you or herself.

"Please, Mr. Devlinson was my father!" says your new boss, laughing to himself.

"Here, take a look at this."

He pulls out a clipboard just like the one he gave to Claire from somewhere within the huge piles of paper that coat his desk.

"It's a boy's school in Kwun Tong district. Apparently they've got some kind of roach problem in their basement and they're too afraid to deal with it themselves. Not Muta-Roaches either, just regular size ones. You can go in with just a sprayer if you want."

"See? Nice and easy."

He's right, that does sound easy.

>go for it
>eh, hold back and maybe try to switch to claire's job.
>>go for it

Time to go back to school.
>going for it

writing quickly.
>going for it

"Alright, I'll get right on this. Am I dismissed?"

"Are you dismissed?" Devlinson's eyes bulge and he erupts into laughter. "Get a load of this guy Claire, he thinks he's in the Marines!"

Blood rushes to your head and your fists clench, but you contain your anger. You don't like to be mocked just for taking things seriously. This is supposed to be your redemptive service to society, he could at least show a little respect...

Claire looks over at you worriedly and the change in your demeanor affects even Devlinson.

"Calm down kid. You're dismissed, your gear is in your locker and you'll find which locker that is on that paper I just gave you. Try to use that anger effectively out there, okay?"

He finishes his little rant gesturing vaguely towards what you assume is supposed to be the outside world, although you're sealed in here with him behind several layers of concrete.

Sighing, you turn your back on your new boss and head back toward the lockers. The paper directs you to locker 32B and your thumb unlocks it.

Inside you see a hazmat suit, a sprayer and tank which you can strap to your back, a large bag of poison bait pellets (all purpose), a wrangling stick, which is essentially a pole with a tightening cable loop on the end, and a bag to carry it all in.

You decide to take it all. As you're packing, you notice Claire is taking what looks to be some kind of gun or weapon out of her locker. Maybe some kind of advanced new sprayer?

You don't have time to worry about these things. It's time to go.
File: school.jpg (261 KB, 1067x800)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
You take the elevator down and toss your bag into the back of your van.

Hopping into the front seat, you punch the address of the school into the van's console and begin to look over the papers Devlinson handed you a little more closely.

This school is apparently pretty old, having been thrown up by missionaries way back when Hong Kong was a British Colony. An extensive basement bomb shelter was added during the Cold War and apparently that's where all the roach sightings have been, although no one has been able to locate exactly where the roaches are hiding out.

Presumably they could just gas the place, but you assume that they're holding off on doing that in order to keep the school operational.

Your eyes drift over more mundane details, profiling the school...

...Principal Yuan has publicly stated.... Proud school traditions.... Jeremy Yu, missing student....

Wait, missing student?

Yeah, apparently a 13 year old boy vanished last month. Probably kidnapped but according to this the case was a big deal with the local police because he went missing during school hours. Fishy as hell.

Just as you finish all this, your van pulls up in front of the school. Time to get started.
Haha time to find insect lad.
File: maristbrother.jpg (79 KB, 960x1074)
79 KB

You grab your equipment bag and head to the door.School's off today, so there's no students but you still have to be buzzed in by an unfriendly sounding chinese secretary.

Once inside, you're left standing in a white washed corridor which is seemingly devoid of life.

Just as you're about to give up however, you hear the sound of feet on a hard stone floor. A black robed individual is approaching you, his hands held behind his back.

Somehow you hadn't realized that this is a Catholic school....

"Good morning!" declares the black robed brother with exuberance, "You must be the exterminator!"

>indeed I am, now wheres the problem
>I am, but I'd like to ask, what happened to Jeremy Yu?
>Nooooo, I'm just a guy who stole an exterminator uniform and came after you called an exterminators office
>Actually, this brings back fond memories of my time in school...
>>Nooooo, I'm just a guy who stole an exterminator uniform and came after you called an exterminators office

>>I am, but I'd like to ask, what happened to Jeremy Yu?

Did the roaches scare him off?

"Noooo, I'm just a guy with an exterminator's uniform who decided to swing by after you called GEC." you say, laying on the thick sarcasm.

The brother raises an eyebrow and grins.

"What a shame, I was just going to complement you on your professional demeanor too."

That shuts you down.

"I assume you'll want guidance to the basement? That's where we've seen the most roaches."

"Actually, I'd like to ask about Jeremy Yu."

"Ah, yes, Jeremy. Really unfortunate about what happened to him, just vanishing during the lunch period like that. Strange thing is, we've got camera's posted by every entrance and he didn't show up on one. Must have found an alternative way out."
"Do you think the roaches scared him off?"

"Quite possibly, though we like to think our boys are made of sterner stuff than that. Honestly, I'm inclined to believe he was smuggled out of the building somehow."

As he finishes saying this, you once again hear the distinctive sound of hard shoes on stone. Another much younger brother is running down the corridor, apparently in great distress.

"Brother Thomas!" He shouts at the brother standing next to you.

"Yes, Brother Michael?"

"Brother Thomas, Brother John just assaulted Brother Brevis!"

"What? Why?"

"I don't know, we were in the middle of prayer when Brother John burst in and began shouting about heaven! Brothre Brevis attempted to calm him and John just walloped him and ran off! It was the maddest thing!"

Brother Thomas rubs his forehead exasperated.

"I don't suppose I could ask for your help detaining Brother John, could I, Mr. Esperanza?"

>yeah, of course
>no, thats a job for the police, I'm here for the bugs
>>yeah, of course
Stumbling on sweet, sweet outlet for violent anger? Great.
>>yeah, of course
>Sure, I'm down for chokeholds


"I suppose I could give you a hand, Brother"

"You will? Oh, thank you. I am so loath to get the local authorities around her involved."

"Brother Michael, do you think you could work with Mr Esperanza here to help track down Brother John?"

"Of course!" Brother Michael replies with exuberance, although he still seems out of breath.

If you're going to be chasing down a madman, you're going to need to go unencumbered and leave your bag of equipment behind. Is there anything from it that you want to take with you?

>poison pellets
>hazmat suit
>sprayer and tank
>wrangling stick
File: wrangling stick.jpg (55 KB, 858x638)
55 KB
>attached pic is wrangling stick
>>wrangling stick
We can only carry one right?
>hazmat suit
You can take two, sorry, should be more specific.

The poison pellets are also universal bait is something I should mention as well.
>wrangling stick
>hazmat suit

Going to have you go with these two, unless there objections. Writing.
File: hazmat.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB

"Brother Michael, if you would just give me a moment, I'd like to prepare for this."

You place your bag on the floor and pull out the wrangling stick and your hazmat suit. You then begin changing into the latter right in front of the shocked Brothers.

"Don't you think that's a bit extreme, Mr. Esperanza?" asks Brother Thomas. "Brother John is an old man..."

"He's delusional," you counter, "And according to section 47-C of the GEC handbook, delusions are a sign of potential environmental contaminants."

"Well, what about me?" asks Brother Michael, "Should I even go with you if contaminants are such an issue?"

You think for a moment as you zip up the final components of your suit.

"If you have a first aid kit somewhere nearby, they usually contain basic facemasks."

"We undoubtedly do... but there's also no time to waste. We have no idea what John is doing right now and he might be hurting himself... or others."

Brother Thomas nods.

"Time is of the essence."

>spend a few minutes looking for a first aid kit to rip apart
>skip it, go find Brother John now
>try to come up with something else to cover Michaels face with
>>skip it, go find Brother John now
The most important person is safe, ie me.
>I'm in a comfy cocoon where nothing can hurt me, lets go

File: stairs.jpg (5 KB, 191x230)
5 KB
"It's just protocol for, Brother Michael, I'm sure you'll be fine."
"Well, I hope you're right. Brother Thomas, get yourself somewhere safe."
"I will. Go with God, you two."

The older brother makes the sign of the cross at both of you and Brother Michael returns it. Then you both take off at a swift pace.

"The school has three main floors," says Brother Michael as you make your way to the stairs together. "The first two are where the students get taught. The third level is where we brothers make our domicile and pray, and it's likely that that's where Brother John still is."

You nod, somewhat distracted by the build up of warm breath in your helmet as you hustle up the stairs in your hazmat suit. This thing is not good for endurance runs.

"The building itself is a square, and the corridors run around just inside the perimeter and the stairs are at the corners....." drones Brother Michael as you two arrive at the top of the stairwell. You note that the stairs continue upwards even past the third floor, presumably as a form of roof access.

Before you can finish that thought, you're interrupted by a horrified scream from down the corridor ahead of you. A Brother, apparently in great distress, bursts from a room down the hallway and runs towards you.
>protocol for me*

"It's John! He ambushed Christopher and I in the hall..."

You note that this Brother, like Michael, is quite young. It makes one wonder why they need your help with detaining an old man...

"Calm down Brother Long. Thomas and I have conscripted the exterminator into helping us detain Brother John. Now, what happened to Christopher?"

"He... He's still in the room with John! "

"Wait, what?" you interject, "He couldn't get away from an old man?"

"No, my friend. You don't understand, Brother John is not himself anymore..."

"Whatever. Brother Michael, I think it's time we made our move. We know John's in that room down there, this should be easy."

"Agreed" says Michael, "but how would you like to approach?"

>charge in, try and catch the old bastard by surprise and overpower him before he can do anymore damage to Brother Christopher
>move in slowly, be methodical about taking down an old man
>write in
>>charge in, try and catch the old bastard by surprise and overpower him before he can do anymore damage to Brother Christopher

Clearly he's gone even further beyond Super Catholic 2.
>>charge in, try and catch the old bastard by surprise and overpower him before he can do anymore damage to Brother Christopher
>charge in

You run down the corridor and rush into the room, wrangling stick in hand and Brother Michael close behind.

Inside you find two bunk beds on either side of the door and two shared writing desks to match. But no sign of Brother Michael.

>Roll me 3d6+1 to beat an 11
No sign of Brother John or Christopher*

My bad.
Rolled 4, 6, 4 + 1 = 15 (3d6 + 1)

treacherous buggers.

how many rolls?
Also, I would normally use a success based system, but since we have so few people playing right now, I'll just accept a single roll.
Rolled 6, 2, 4 + 1 = 13 (3d6 + 1)


It was a good roll anyway.

And yeah it's late, are you yuropoor or something.
File: brother john.jpg (34 KB, 848x517)
34 KB
Just yours.


Realizing your mistake, you push Brother Michael back and look up at the ceiling just in time to see Brother John or what was Brother John lunge down at you.

You manage to avoid him and his lands right in front of you. he old man's pupils and iris have melted together into what appear to be the worlds worst cataracts.

"Heaaaaa-ven" he wheezes.

>lunge forward and attack with your stick
>let him come to you and then counterattack

>Roll 3d6 regardless.
I'm butchering it with these damn typos.
>He lands right in front of you*
>The old man's pupils*


Cracked out Ameripoor actually. Knew I wouldn't be sleeping, so I figured it was finally time to run a quest. Starting to struggle with captchas tho.
Rolled 5, 2, 5 = 12 (3d6)

>>let him come to you and then counterattack

This assignment might be dipping into the nerves pool tonight.
>narrow success!

The thing that was Brother John wastes no time reorientating itself and attacking you, plowing forward with unnatural speed.

Just as it gets close, you duck down and swing your wrangling stick as best you can in the cramped confines of this room. It catches the thing in the right leg and it crashes to the ground, facedown. It screeches horribly and struggles mightily but you manage to plant a foot on its back to hold it down.
You guys have exorcists right.

That's what the church is for.
Rolled 4 (1d4)

"That was amazing!" exclaims Brother Michael behind you.

"Yeah, well get me something to tie him up with!" you shout, struggling to hold down this improbably strong old man.

"Just a moment!"

Brother Michael will return in 1d4 turns with some kind of rope. Each turn that passes will sap your strength.

Current Stat Pools:
Nerves: 12
Strength/Stamina: 10/11
Ahahahaha here wego.

Where did Long go though?

And Christopher is sitll missing.
>4 turns

You hold down Brother John for what seems like forever. The bastard just won't stop struggling, it's like there's something else living inside of him.

Finally, Brother Michael returns, carrying what looks to be some pretty good rope.

"It's about time!" you declare, and he nods. Between the two of you, you manage to tie a pretty decent set of knots to restrain Brother John's limbs.

A quick search of the room reveals that Brother Christopher is in fact here. He seems to have been hurled atop one of the bunk beds by John for some reason...

>pull him down and try to rouse him
>leave him be and focus on dealing with John
>Remaining Strength/Stamina: 6/11
>You are still able to perform as normal, but that's not going to be the case much longer.
>>pull him down and try to rouse him
is he infested already. oh dear.

maybe get his limbs tied first.
>pulling down and tying up

"Michael, make yourself useful and retrieve Brother Christopher from atop that bunk bed"

"Right away, sir!"

Huh, he called you sir. Maybe it's just that he's so young but it seems like he really respects you.

As Brother Michael climbs the short ladder leading to the top bunk, a bloody knife tumbles out of the covers and clatters to the ground.

"Oh no." whispers Michael

"What is it?"

"He opened Brother Christopher up like a fish, Mr. Esperanza. It's awful."

>well, pull him down anyway. and try to keep him in one piece
>ugh, leave him there, I'm not sure what I'd do with him down here anyway.
Long fled the premises like a sensible little bitch.
>>ugh, leave him there, I'm not sure what I'd do with him down here anyway.

Yeah let's just take John and lock this room up tight then.
>leave him there.
"Forget it Michael, let's just focus on getting Brother John here to someplace where he can get help."

"Of course..." Michael's voice trails off distractedly while Brother John rocks back and forth wildly on the ground.

"I'll take the back, you take the front?"

Michael nods his agreement and, with a little struggle, the two of you are able to carry Brother John out of the room.

"Now lock that thing behind us, I don't want Brother Christopher coming back to give us more trouble."

"What, like a zombie? Don't be ridiculous, Mr. Esperanza, zombies are fictional creatures!"

"Lock it anyway."

Michael gives you a skeptical look but locks the door behind you anyway.

As he does so, John begins to thrash about even more.

"Heeeee-ven! Heeeeaaaa-ven!" he wheezes and then, unexpectedly, he turns and focuses on Michael.

"Miii-kael. Mikael. Close."

"Brother John?" Michael asks, and quickly gets down on his knees to talk with his corrupted brother.

>Roll me another awareness check, 3d6+1, first rolled, first served.
Rolled 1, 5, 5 + 1 = 12 (3d6 + 1)

jesus don't get close to him you moron do you want it to hop bodies.
Rolled 5, 6, 4 + 1 = 16 (3d6 + 1)

File: spores.jpg (34 KB, 325x500)
34 KB

Just as Michael gets down on his hands and knees, Brother John's eyes burst open, releasing a cloud of what appear to be spores right into his face. Michael reels backwards immediately, coughing his brains out.

You weren't expecting any of this and you momentarily freeze with panic.

>Nerves 10/12

When you recover, Brother Michael has pushed himself up against the well and Brother John's body has gone completely limp.

>check on Brother Michael, see how he feels
>don't go near him! he's one of them now!
The wall?

>>don't go near him! he's one of them now!

Dammit I was here for bugs not fungus.
>don't go near him! he's one of them now!
Try to confirm that his still sane by talking.

Correct, the wall, not the well.
File: school hallway.jpg (3.79 MB, 5349x3566)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB JPG
>don't got near but have a chat

You keep your distance to avoid contamination but continue to decide to talk to Brother Michael to see if he's okay.

"Michael, can you still understand me? How do you feel?"

"I'm fine!" he says, "I just need a moment to recover my nerves, I don't feel different at all!"

Well, he seems okay and you are wearing a hazmat suit. You ponder your options.

>drag a possibly contaminant ridden body down the stairs to show someone and call the police, making this a true clusterfuck.
>stay with Michael and observe what happens to him
>investigate around the school to try and understand whats going on
Still.... how about I tie you up, brother.


>it's for your own good

Going to write this unless someone objects.

"Michael, just to be careful, I'd like to tie you up."

"Mr. Esperanza, I feel fine!"

"It's protocol."

"Ugh... fine. Just don't use the same rope on me that you used on him." says Michael, pointing to John's corpse.

"I got the rope earlier from a maintenance closet down the hall and on the right. There might be some left."

You nod and immediately set off down the hallway. Finding the closet is no trouble at all, although you struggle to find any remaining robe. Instead you fallback on some bungee cords you find at the bottom of the closet.
File: American-cockroach.jpg (316 KB, 1000x605)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
As you're walking back with the bungee cords, you spot a roach on the wall. This is the first actual roach you've seen since you've got here and you were told the place was infested with them.

>kill it!
>wait, watch what it does
>>wait, watch what it does
>watch and wait

You watch the roach as it scuttles along the wall and then the floor, steadily picking up speed and, it seems confidence as it speeds towards where Brother John and Michael are. you practically have to jog to keep up.

"is that a cockroach?" asks Michael.
"Yup." you answer, fascinated. It's entirely out of character for roaches to run down a well lit hallway, seemingly without fear, especially when a large strangely garbed human is thundering along alongside them.

The roach quickly investigates Brother John's corpse, waving its antennae around particularly near the head. Then it makes a beeline for Brother Michael, who swiftly crushes it.

"What did you do that for!"

"It was coming right at me!"

"It's was just one roach..."

>roll me yet another awareness check, and beat a 13 with 3d6 + 1
Rolled 1, 6, 1 + 1 = 9 (3d6 + 1)

rivalry between bugs and fungi.

Now let us tie you up and lock you in a quarantine room michael.
well fuck.

"i don't care if it was just one roach, Mr. Esperanza, we brought you here to get rid of the things, not fawn over them!"

"I'm not fawning," you protest, "I'm just trying to learn more about whats going on in this building, it might be a unique-"

"I don't care how unique it is!" shrieks Michael. "the stupid thing wanted to eat me, I could tell!"

Oh god. He's really losing it now.

"Look, Brother, I know this is stressful for you but-"


"Wait what?"

"Do you hear that?"

"Actually yeah, it sounds like thousands of tiny-"

Before you can finish your sentence, a ceiling panel crashes down beside you, completely swarming with roaches that make a beeline for Michael.

"Oh my God!"

"We have to get out of here!"

You turn to run but there are already roaches crawling all over the walls and the floor in every direction. A few have already reached Michael and started to climb his robes, even as he swats them off.

>make a mad dash out of here solo
>try to grab michael and have him make a mad dash with you
>just get out of the roaches way and let nature take its course.
>make a mad dash out of here solo
>just get out of the roaches way and let nature take its course.
The circcccle of life.

Haha time for heaven.

You guys are heartless. Writing some kind of combo result.
I liked Michael. But it's too late for him.

>but he's begging for help


Also you dropped trip.
File: prayingskelly.png (103 KB, 600x1011)
103 KB
103 KB PNG

You begin to run but quickly realize the roaches are ignoring you. As you turn to look behind you , you realize that they're entirely focused on Michael, and he is screaming as they swarm over him in growing numbers, the lone sound among the chattering of swarming insects.

After a time the screaming stops and the roaches, as if on cue, disperse, leaving a neatly picked skeleton in their wake.
whoops, sorry.

Obviously the last few posts are me.
Time to get to the bottom of this. The basement.

Once we get our supplies anyway.

>Nerves 7/12

Witnessing the gruesome death of another person who was speaking with you just moments ago has a deeply disturbing effect on you. You wonder if it really would have been that hard to help Michael out but eventually silence your doubts and make for the stairs; there's nothing here for you now and you should report what has transpired to Brother Thomas anyway.

Pushing open the door to the stairwell, you begin to head for the first floor. That is, until you spot the child waiting for you at the bottom of the first flight.


It's been hours and I need a break. Sequel thread will commence this Saturday at 3pm EST, if nothing goes wrong.
Neat. Looking forward to it.

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