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>This is a prologue for my upcoming quest that's going out tomorrow

It is the start of WWI. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand the 28 of June in 1914 created an amalgamation of utter chaos between opposing factions like Germany, Britain, and the Austro-Hungarian empire, this war took intensive tolls on the populations and destroyed not only the Austro-Hungarian empire but submitted the German nation for its loss. During the time of war the neutrality of the Spanish nation provided it with a massive boom in economy due to the constant production of weapons and provision for both sides of the war, this not only provided restoration for the economic loss of the recent Cuban revolution but also gave the Spanish nation an incredible boost in military, due to the fact that the Spanish people created an exceeding of military provisions and thus kept for themselves.
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During the end times of the hundred-day offensive, having only been involved by sending a few troops to the French army. The country of the United States of America launches a surprise attack in the European front thanks to its alliance with the newly named Spanish empire.

The war is prolonged for 5 more years

By agreeing begrudgingly to an alliance the Franco-German Empire is created and not only successfully drives off the American army but manages to completely wipe off the Spanish nation of the face of the Earth. The remaining Spanish fled to Latin America to settle in most of the north side countries (Suriname and Venezuela especially both receiving a massive boost in economy and progress). Due to the defeat of the by-the-time undefeatable nation the Franco-German empire with its popularity consumes most of Europe and becomes a super potency encompassing all of Europe and the west most part of Asia.

File: nukes-1.jpg (404 KB, 1600x1000)
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With the defeat of United States of America the nation of Japan prepares an attack on pearl harbor to try and take as many territory as it can but its stopped when the Franco-German empire Successfully persuades Japan to bide its time and gather its strengths

September 2 1945

2 nukes are detonated above Washington and New York by the Franco-German Empire in collaboration with a joint attack with Japan effectively sweeping the nation into Chaos and destroying both the Moral of the Americans and their branches of power

In 3 years the United States of America ceases to exist and in it stead the South Nippon Nation and the North Franco-German Empire appears

While the following years are of relative peace (Canada developing a incredibly peaceful alliance with both nations south of its borders) The S.N.N (South Nippon Nation) carefully plans its next strike

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While the years passed along in relative ease the Colombian nation secretly reinforces its military not only hiring scientist from around the world, But also developing weapons with years of advance due to the fear of suffering an Invasion from their northern neighbors. After creating an alliance with the Venezuelan nation. Colombia bides it's time for the imminent fallout.

The year is 1976

The S.N.N Declares war on the Central American front, despite the efforts to dissuade it by the N.F.G.E (North Franco-German Empire). The S.N.N takes complete control of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize within 2 years.

In 1979 while he nation of S.N.N plans of taking Salvador and Honduras 312 nukes are bombarded through key points of the Central American land by supposedly the Brazilian Country

This information was leaked by the Colombian country in alliance of the Venezuelan nation.


>Okay these updates are gonna get slower now
Due to the gratitude of the S.N.N for supporting the nation in its times of need 2 million soldiers from the Nippon empire are sent to Colombia and Venezuela and with its combined forces declare war on the Brazilian people.

Strangely enough the Brazilian people while they themselves tried to defend their land they never did specify on their intentions for the mass nuking. The Colombian nation believes it was a "lack of communication on both sides"

In 1982 the nation of Brazil annexes itself to the Colombian nation on the stipulation that It helps with the further annexation of Venezuela and the encompassing nations surrounding it.

On the year 1985 the Colombian nation changes its official name to the United Nations of Colombia

The following years are of extreme invasion by the now extremely powerful U.N.C (United Nations of Colombia) Taking almost all of the Latino American country except for Chile (due to a preemptive peace treaty) as well as providing itself with a rich cultural exchange thanks to the Japanese settlers and the peace treaty between them

Yet even then a storm was rising in a different battlefront

Due to the rising tensions between the British (since they refused to be annexed and grew more in power as time went) and the Franco-German empire (whose nations situated in Europe started to riot due to low income and high taxes required for the military sustenance, thing which the British nation would gladly use for a massive pilgrimage) the future was being spelt out that this would become another war that would end rather quickly

Yet due to the rapid response of the British nation in collaboration with the country of Russia and a good amount of south west Asia as well as Indian Colonies on the south the war prolongs itself indefinitely.

While the British/Franco-German empire war raged on in the Chilean territories chess pieces were being pulled and strengths were being gathered from all around the world creating a military superpower capable of rivaling the U.N.C...

Its 24 hours before WW III begins

This is not a story of how you defeat the odds, this is not a story about how you become a hero....

...This is the story about how you survive in this world....

>and thats it! This would be my second quest I start. While I dont know If Ill be able to manage to different quests at the same time (Im currently doing a fire emblem quest right about now http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Fire%20Emblem%20Quest%20) but I really wanna give this a shot!

>Please check my twitter for more info on both quests! https://twitter.com/nerokiller12

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