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You are The Just and Necessary Executioner, Abyssal Exalt and necromantically-animated soulsteel-coated skeleton. After the 'accident' that left you fleshless, you floated in limbo for a time before your bones were reunited by unwitting hands, freeing you to walk the world once again, albeit temporarily without your dreadful spells or gorgeous looks.

While you seem to be currently beyond the grasp of death, you're pretty sure if you get clobbered enough you'll fall apart and drift back into limbo, helpless until your cursed bones coerce more fools into reassembling you again.

After getting the hell out of Deathlord-controlled lands, you have decided that your first priority is to hole up and meditate until you can once again grasp Necromancy. Not the most glorious or exciting task; however the party starts for real after it's finished!

> Caste: Day
> Gender: Female
> Possessions: Your bones, clothes that provide almost complete coverage, and a white skull-like mask.
> Allies: None
> Enemies: Countless!

Thread Archive:


Art by Shyft Nine

After a few minutes of careful consideration of the problem, you decide that going out of your way to look 'normal' is stupid. After all, you haven't actually done anything too grisly in this form yet, and your old enemies will not be searching for you! There will be plenty of time to worry about stuff like that once you've regained some semblance of your old skeletal legions.

So thinking, you march up into the least hospitable area you can find, keeping wary only of entrances to the Labyrinth. Honestly, finding an isolated place you aren't likely to be disurbed by wandering ghosts should be cake. Even hungry ghosts shouldn't harrass you, as you have no blood or flesh for them to crave. Well, not counting the trickle that occasionally drips from your caste mark, anyway.

You reach a nice flat area up high on the side of a rocky outcropping, giving you a nice view far into the distance. Patches of mottled sunlight filter down into shadowlands speckled across the landscape during the day, and the eternally overcast skies only ever reveal themselves at night, the dead stars slowly twirling to the rhythm set by the Calendar of Setesh in distant Stygia.

Well, this is as good a place as any, you guess.


[] Flare your anima. If trouble is going to find you, might as well summon it while you are still awake.

[] Stalk around the area, cutting down potential disturbances and making it harder to sneak up on you later.

[] Prepare a hidey-hole to meditate in.

[] Fuck it, time to surf the Void with your mind!
>[] Prepare a hidey-hole to meditate in.
We're a Day caste, if we can't hide from all of Creation and the Underworld we're doing something wrong.
waiting for 3 votes; or 5:30 EST, whichever comes first. In case of tie at 5:30 earliest winning result wins.
[x]Put Quest in the Subject Field.
One day, I will make a first post with no stupid mistakes. One day. But that day is not today, and not tomorrow.
Arright, fuck it, will try again next sunday. Don't want to remake the thread this soon. Sorry, anyone that cared.
S-sorry, I did not see the thread earlier ;_;
>[] Prepare a hidey-hole to meditate in.

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