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File: wetwork idols quest.jpg (169 KB, 1500x1100)
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That might be the first time Karan has refused to answer, instead of just deflecting or avoiding a question.

Has she had someone killed before?

Sleep is fitful, but it always is. Maybe tonight’s is slightly different from the others. You couldn’t tell.

You wake up late, at least by your standards. The small, green digital clock reads late AM. At least you have that one nice thing.

You sit up and lean back against the headboard of the bed and rub your eyes. You said you’d deal with Karan’s thing today but now that you’re no longer in the moment, you’re not sure if you really want to.

She’s mean to you.

Maybe you’ll float it. Maybe you’ll just do it.

You think about it as you brush your teeth and run one of your new brushes through your hair. When you’re finished you still don’t have an answer.

You dress yourself in a pair of loose cotton pants and a t-shirt and go downstairs.

Karan doesn’t greet you but, maybe, that’s not such a bad thing. You don’t think having her attention has done anything good for you yet.

You lean against the island in the kitchen, looking out over Lake Michigan and, below, your small stretch of private beach and wonder what to do with today’s day of no work.

>Conspire with Karan
>Ignore that, find something else
>Spaghetti harder

Ask ourselves if karan's right. We do kill for money, both in the miltary and outside ofi t.

But that doesn't mean we like it, does it?

When we finally speak up, ask if we should look for anything in this guy's server setup - i mean, if she's being e-raided, maybe there's some missing pieces to put back?
this works, we need to get a better idea and picture of the target and figure out how to make and carry it out so it can't lead back to us
Sorry for the radio silence. I'm usually a little more chatty than this, but I wanted to finish my book, and so I did.

It was good. I now have four more before me.

I'm going to write now.
I've had the chance to examine replies now.

>Ask ourselves if karan's right.

I don't think I follow. If Karan is right in regards to what, exactly?

>if we should look for anything in this guy's server setup - i mean, if she's being e-raided, maybe there's some missing pieces to put back?

Likewise, I'm not sure I totally understand.
Addendum: I was out in the kitchen refilling my water glass and I realized how late it is.

I'll only be useful for another hour or two. I don't believe more posts past the one I owe will be of any use.

I feel it's a fair trade to, instead, offer my time to answer any questions or whatever you the readers may have. After all, we've spent a year together. I'm sure you all (three of you) have your thoughts.

If I may offer my own opinions, I feel satisfied by the quest. Really, my only disappointment in it has been me and my own performance, which is both known and difficult to self-correct. I do sometimes wish we had a few more players, but I also realize that's also my fault. Maybe this year I can get my shit together and be more productive.

Speaking of this coming quest-year, I look forward to it. I hope to start escalating the difficulty and complexity of missions while introducing Michelle more to the life and times of Echo City and the world at large, as well as the various going-ons at the company. Essentially, getting her (ie, you) more engaged in the world at large. I also hope to start laying groundwork for a few possibilities I have for what could be the middlegame and, eventually, the endgame of Michelle's career, should it not end shortly.

I hope to be able to further develop Skyler and Wendy, and their relationships with each other and with Michelle, both individually and collectively. I don't know how well, objectively, I've done it, but I feel pleased by my performance writing them thus far. Obviously, if you disagree, please write me. I'd like to do better, if performance is unsatisfactory.

As to characters, I plan to introduce a few more. Whether they have the same priority as Wendy and Skyler is undetermined as of now, but will generally be determined by Michelle's own prerogative. Relationships she pursues will have more development than those she only has contact with briefly and infrequently (as in real life.)
>I hope to start escalating the difficulty and complexity of missions
I'm not sure thats the best of ideas seeing as we're only a week into this job and we've only been on 2 missions and both were close calls that we only got through unscathed by luck, increasing the difficulty this soon (relative to actual progression in the story) seems a bit premature and unwarranted.
That damn character limit.

I kind of sound like an asshole, don't I? I sound so formal, stiff, and chode-y when I re-read my replies. What a dick this OPFOR guy is, shit.

That's true. I'm speaking from what I'd like to do with the entire year, though, not specifically this week or this month.

How much we get done depends on me, and if I can't get much done the status quo may not move (much).

To continue in regards to characters, personally I'm of the opinion that as a creator/GM/etc I prefer a limited amount of characters who are developed deeply, rather than many characters who rotate through relevance.

This, of course, is my opinion and is secondary to Michelle's own actions. Characters will be introduced as often as Michelle seeks out those to interact with, and those characters will be relevant as long as Michelle wants them to be. They themselves might feel otherwise, as some people might or do.

Really, what I want from this year, from the quest, is more of what we have. More threads, more posts, more activity. More and better and more complex, thorough, and nuanced portrayals of Michelle, Skyler, Wendy, and Karan.

I feel optimistic about this year. I know the immediate future is cloudy with potential full time employment, but regardless of its eventuality I will find a way to settle into a routine that accommodates Wetwork Idols.

There's probably plenty I'm forgetting, which will be added to the state of the quest address as they come to mind.
I knew I was forgetting something, and that was my reflections on this past year. I mentioned briefly that I felt satisfied, but I'd like to offer a more thorough insight into it.

I started Wetwork Idols as a personal protest. This time last year I was a heavy reader of quests (now, due to time being scarce and other hobbies and interests more engaging and fulfilling, I'm only on /tg/ for Wetwork Idols), and I noticed a few patterns and trends that I thought I could improve on.

Whether I've been doing better or not I don't know, but I started doing regardless.

I had no idea what to expect those first few sessions, and my trepidation increased as I introduced Wendy, Skyler, and Karan.

I wasn't sure how people would react to the premise. I wasn't sure if people would empathize with Michelle as the main character. I wasn't sure people would empathize or care about Wendy and Skyler, either, with how abusive, toxic, and generally damaging they are individually and collectively.

Fortunately, my apprehensions seem to have been unfounded as, one year and not as many threads as there should be later, we're still here.

I'm glad Wetwork Idols happened, I'm glad we've made it a year, I'm glad I've found a way to express my voice, even if it's in a small and unheard way, and I hope that next year I have a similar opportunity to explain what I did and what I hope to do.

>that damn limit again
Obviously, all of you, players, readers, are to thank for that. Without you there's just me and a thread on /tg/ I watch go from pages 1 to no longer existing, and it's your continued interest that in turn keeps me interested. I may have made it sound like I have a detailed master plan, but that is far from the truth. I come into every thread wondering "I wonder what'll happen today, and what sort of terrible things we'll do," and I'm really happy I have that. It's an opportunity not everyone everywhere has and it's important to not just recognize it in public, but also to thank those who enable and contribute to it. So, again, thank you. There's no quest without you. I hope that all of you find satisfaction and joy in the quest, and I hope I don't sound smug or self-satisfied as if I am delivering you all some great and wondrous thing. I just like doing it, and feel bad or upset when I can't.

I think this is the most articulate I've ever been about the quest, and I hope everyone reading it understands both it a little bit better because of it.
>I don't think I follow. If Karan is right in regards to what, exactly?

Her original pitch offer. read up on things she's said to us.

Also her last talk regarding missing memory.
>>38886390 here
we should probably review the surveillance we did last night after we get cleaned up and shower and get ready for the day

no worries OP, I find this fun so I'll keep playing and posting when I can as long as it stays fun for me
Sometimes I forget things, but I think at point is her original assessment(accusation) that Michelle likes hurting people?

I understand now regarding the missing memory part.

Need to re-read some of what I wrote in my gdocs, then writing the post.

Aannnnd i just realized i was replying to the QM

Yeah when karan first asked us to do this she had a large spiel on, oh, say how killing for her is no different than our other career moves, and trying to get us to admit we liked it so she could use it as leverage.

Also things she said the very last thread.

THIS is why i dislike the all day threads. Not only does basically nothing happen in them, its impossible to keep track of things that actually happen because its so spread out.
When it works it works really well. More than 48 hours of quest posts and context inside a single archived package. Giant Size #1/Wetwork Idols #27 is a great example of what happens when a thread sticks around for a while.

There aren't many readers, though, so keeping the thread around that long is difficult, understatement intended.

Maybe something changed about me and my enthusiasm around November/December/New Year's? It's hard to self-assess in this particular case. something must have changed, though. It has five votes, nothing since has come close.

The alternative doesn't work well for me either. Whether it's some sort of mild ADD or just poor discipline, it's hard for me to be at the ready for 8 hours, trying to make 30-45 minute posts, which doesn't include interruptions or distractions outside my control, like this weekend ending up being.

I hope this sounds explanatory instead of argumentative.

Anyways, reading and writing.
well theres always akun as sad as that is, it solves the issue of threads dying and needing large chunks of time, if only there was a version of akun that was still /tg/
I don't know why there still isn't a /cyoa/ or /quest/. If it's a quest, it goes on /quest/, where threads per page is increased, and post and image limits are increased. A single general can be stickied and refreshed/replaced every few days so as to not have some sort of insane 7chan-tier 10,000 post bloated sticky.

It puts all the quest fans in one place and all the quest runners in one place and everyone can hang and mingle. I really don't see any structural issues to this or something like it.

I guess I'm in the minority with this opinion, since it hasn't been done.
way too many issues with a quest board and not enough support to justify it, the discussion for it is years old and its never been worth it yet sadly, the best alternative to /tg/ will remain akun until it explodes or something takes its place which isn't likely
I suppose I'm not around enough to appreciate the full context/nuance of the issue.

Seems to me like there's hella peeps, though. At one point it looked like half the boards had their own slice of the quest pie.

Anyways, got re-acquainted with what we meant so eventually I'll have a post to post!
File: Karan 1.jpg (681 KB, 1600x991)
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681 KB JPG

You drift elsewhere, into your own head, as you look over the water.

Was Karan right? Is Karan right? You’re not sure what tense that’s supposed to be in.

You think back to yesterday. It feels like a long time ago. It really wasn’t.

Karan asked you if they ever showed you images of your head and brain and, as far as you remember, they never did.

Maybe if you had thought to ask. You had other things on your mind.

You said to her that you were mad about a lot of things, big and small, and she asked you why not just stay mad?

You couldn’t, or didn’t, answer her. And what she said after you couldn’t really disprove with facts…

Whatever. What could she know? She’s only been in your life for a few days. She couldn’t possibly have a clear picture of you.

Speaking of clear pictures, are you supposed to see Miss Nakamura today? Nothing actually happened last time, are you still supposed to go in? You text Wendy quickly and then put away the phone, not wanting to distract yourself from you.

You don’t think about things that often, you shouldn’t ruin the moment when you do.

Still, though… You said you didn’t trade money for murder and that’s kind of true? Karan isn’t technically paying you so...you can’t be a mercenary, can you?

Besides. It’s not like you extend the process or are somehow inhumane about it. ..right?

You wonder if the thing with the girls and the bus counts. You’ll say it doesn’t.

That still leaves the second assignment That feels a little uncomfortably grey area and Karan said that you didn’t really have to kill all the protection. Blah blah you were under smoke and only had to kill the girls, blah blah, blah blah blah but you killed them anyways because you wanted money blah blah.

Whatever. Fuck Karan. She doesn’t know you anymore than you know her.

File: Karan 2.png (631 KB, 800x600)
631 KB
631 KB PNG

Fuck her trusting you, how can you trust her? As far as you know she could be some sort of ageless, death assigning murder planning killbot.

...it sounds sort of ridiculous when you yell and shout internally like that, but Karan doesn’t inspire loyalty.

At least not yet.

Is that worth it? You watched a lot of people die, some of them decent ones, for a lot less than what Karan says he’s doing. She’s doing. It’s doing. Whatever whoever is doing to her.

Could one shitty life be worth you and Karan getting along better? Is it selfish to think so?

It probably is. What would it mean if you actually did it, though?

You don’t know.

Maybe she was right about why not just being mad. It felt good to yell and snap back at Wendy and Skyler.



“Yes, Jacket?”

Oh, how wonderful.

“You said you were missing some memory?”

“Bits and pieces. Logs that end suddenly and resume several seconds later in several places. Bad checksums and hashes.”

“Am I supposed to, like...fill those gaps back? Is there something I’m supposed to find at the house?”

“I highly doubt it. Even if he did, somehow, copy the data that I am missing and has it stored locally the security risk for you and me to attempt to reclaim it is too high. It is best if you conduct your operations securely in the realm of three dimensions, rather than two. You were, after all, complaining about safety.

They cannot find fingerprints if you don’t leave any. Everything you introduce into the system is a potential clue for them to find you. And me.”

That...makes sense, you suppose. You’d lose a little to gain a lot, and if this guy is as annoying as Karan says he is, you’d be willing to trade a few memories to have it all go away.

File: Michelle 3.png (362 KB, 550x436)
362 KB
362 KB PNG

Still, though...you don’t like trading murder for favors. Or money. Aside from your job. Jobs. Whatever.

Do you?

You don’t really need to decide right now. Probably.

You wonder when the Captain made his decision. Have Wendy and Skyler made theirs?

Does someone even need to decide, or can they exist without?

You’d really like someone to tell you for sure.
I might have gotten carried away with the introspection. I don't know, I felt excited and enthusiastic. We'll pick up next week with a prompt. Doesn't make much sense to leave one hanging here at 0200 local.

I've also noticed that I've been forgetting to do something I feel is important.

thread is archived now

thanks to everyone who plays in the thread and/or reads in the archives, there’s no me without you.

Follow me on twitter @WetworkIdols to stay up to date on what's going on. If you don't believe in twitter, bookmarking the page is just as good as following me. As long as you remember to check.

Catch you next time.
thanks for the thread OP, see you in the next one

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