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File: wetwork idols quest.jpg (169 KB, 1500x1100)
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169 KB JPG
You sit, crosslegged, looking at nothing in particular as you eat ice cream directly from the weird plastic cartons they’re sold in now. You try not to let any drip onto the leather of your new couch.

At least you can walk outside without covering your eyes and face, you guess. The hair thing wasn’t the only problem. You didn’t understand the science but one of the chemical warfare SSGTs. said it had something to do with desiccation and desertification and high winds. All it meant to you was your face was cut up by sand if you didn’t wear your gear.

It’s the little things.

You keep staring at nowhere as you eat.

Your legs are getting cold.

You jam the spoon into center of mass and rub your legs with your free hand. It’s getting cold. You already changed, but maybe you should put pants on.

You compromise and just put the ice cream on the coffee table in front of you. You have to lean forward to get at it now, but what you sacrifice in exercise you make up for in returning body heat. This is good enough for now.

You need one hand free for your spoon so you tel-, ask, Karan if she can turn on the TV and start scanning through channels at one every few seconds. Now with noise and flashing lights to keep you in the moment, with that same free hand you enter in the suspected address into your imagining and map program of the phone and look around at it some more.

Nothing appears to have particularly changed since you last looked.

You groan. “This is hard.”

“Pathetic. I knew it was wrong to attempt to trust you.”

You are Michelle St. Claire.

Tonight was terrible.

Karan is worse?

Liquid: 30,544.9
Income: ~2200/wk + bonuses
Expenses: 5500/mo lease
Captive money: 10k security deposit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WetworkIdols @WetworkIdols
Archive http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Wetwork%20Idols%20Quest


Google Docs reports that we have 20 pages of writing that has never been comitted to an actual archive, so here it is reproduced in probably-full: http://pastebin.com/4eR7j886 . I advise reading it, it’s not like my writing is particularly dense or difficult.

The last thread: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/38048270/
Whoops, I should have put something in there.

One year anniversary! I can't believe it's been a full calendar year of Michelle, Wendy, Skyler, and Karan already. Crazy.
File: Karan 1.jpg (681 KB, 1600x991)
681 KB
681 KB JPG

“Is it not? It’s been days and my problem still has not been solved.”

Your upper lip pulls back and you drop your spoon. Karan doesn’t seem to care.

She helpfully selects a program for you on the television, “I have found something suitable for you.”

It’s an old nature documentary. Some sort of large cat is chasing something fuzzy with horns.

“I find I empathize more with the predators.”

>Snap back
>Spaghetti harder
>Roll over

>Spaghetti harder
>Roll over
Indeed, happy anniversary

Lets, you know, actually do this sidequest.
I'm all for that, just don't know where to start
I'll let it go for another 15ish minutes and then I'll start writing.

Then lets just let the GM prompt us and refresh us on what we DO know.
Sorry this is taking a while. There was an accident down the block on our access street so I went to take a look.

Also I had to get the grill ready for dinner.

Post forthwith.
File: Karan 2.png (631 KB, 800x600)
631 KB
631 KB PNG

You can’t win against Karan.

She won’t let you.

For some rolling over is just a saying. For you, Michelle, it’s a way of life. You pull your legs under you and fall on your side and take the ice cream from waist level and just let it sit on the floor and resume shoveling it into your mouth.

Karan lords over you from the television and says, “How foul the human condition is. It hurts me that I need external assistance.”

“Maybe I should have contacted Wendy regarding this. She seems to be equal parts mercenary and violence prone, unlike a certain insect on my couch.”

“I’m tryyyyiiiiiiinggggg. I can’t just walk in and walk out like we’re raiding houses in some shitty village in some shitty province of some shitty barely functional state.”

“I see. I already knew you were a coward, I should not be as surprised as I feel in this moment.”

“Fuck you. It’s not your life at risk.”

“Isn’t it, Michelle?”

“I said I’d do it, it’ll get done.”

“I’ll be watching.”

Her image fades from the television screen and is replaced by one of those lions or whatever they’re called with a bloody face eating the stomach out of whatever the thing with horns is called.

You turn it off with the remote.

You suppose you should get actual physical intelligence.

“Do you at least know what he looks like?”

“Unknown. I presume fat, greasy, unwashed, unkempt, loathable, short, foul. Goblin or gremlin-esque. Male.”
“That’s not very helpful.”

She flits into existence on a wall to shrug unapologetically at you.

“And do I need to actually kill him or just trash his shit?”

“I require him dead. He will rebuild or replace any damaged equipment, plus double down existing defenses and offenses. I would be further inconvenienced if he were to do so.”

“But you don’t actually know where he lives.”

“Only a general address, which you already have.”


“You understand it will take a few days of surveillance to figure out who he is, right? More if he never leaves.”

Karan remains silent.

“That’s what I thought. Now stop giving me shit about it. I’ll do it as my work schedule allows.”

“You have several accumulated days off.”


“You could use them.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I would consider it a favor owed.”

...Hmm. Is she...desperate?

Still. You just got those days off and this job is worse than the last one. Should you use them so soon? For Karan and a vague promise of a “favor,” no less…

>Spaghetti harder

We can use a day off soon but not immediately, and we won't use all our days off.

We already haggled over price ages past, and agreed to it.

>Other: Hit up the store, get some deniable assets, pay cash. Hoodie, skimask baseball bat or knife, etc.
>do recon

She's one-upping her initial offer. Best take it before she goes apeshit or works around us. You can only delay so long before she'll cut us off.

and we like her, even if she is a robot. She's still more suportive than literally anyone else we know.

"Alright, I'll do it. You told me this guy is trying to hack you - so what, did he make you too?"
>>38818467 here
changing to seconding >>38818610
File: Karan 3.jpg (118 KB, 800x606)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
"Alright, I'll do it. You told me this guy is trying to hack you - so what, did he make you too?"

“How disgustingly loathsome a question. I already told you he’s made many penetration and intrusion attempts. He may have stolen code, I am unaware. There are gaps in my memory.”

Ha. Get it?

Karan made a joke.

“Memory. I got that one.”

You laugh.

“Is this just a game to you, Michelle?”

Her smile and former optimism; gone.

“N-no. Nevermind.”

“I have tomorrow off, I’ll start then.”

Did she not get her own joke?

Maybe she’s just that much of an asshole, like a smarter Wendy.

“Why not now?”

“I’m busy now.”

“You don’t truly believe that, do you?”

“So what?”

Karan looks at you but only because she’s staring through you.

“Look, what am I supposed to do right now? Just go down to some store and pay in cash for a ski mask and a crowbar? Yeah, because that’s totally normal. I’ll be on a thousand different security cameras.”

Karan...does something. Is that a pout?

Can Karan even pout?

“I told you I’ll deal with it tomorrow. If you want to help you can try to figure out his habits from whatever logs or surveillance or whatever you have or do.”

She disappears. She must not like it when you’re right.

You feel better about yourself. You beat off Karan, at least for now. That’s something.

You wonder how much of this ice cream you should really eat, though. It’s starting to get soft around the edges too.

Sorry for that longish post. I was eating dinner, and then the washing machine started to leak bad.

But everything seems probably under control.
put the ice cream back in the fridge and see what real food we can cook, we should probably message Wendy and ask if she wants to get food on the way home or not
where'd the others go?
Elsewhere, I suppose. It's late EST and otherwise. Australian Anons and Pacifica Anons should be around soon, I think.
well one down under anon is here
I'll give it some more time and then I'll write anyways. Better to keep the thread moving and near the top of the stack.

I"m just arriving.

Put the icecream away, and then start drafting up a loose plan-of-attack drawing on our military training.

Karan knows we're capable of this, but what she forgets is infantry work best when they're not winging it.

But we could still show her we're applying effort to the problem.

So pull out our whiteboard and start making checklists, plan-of-attack, required gear, etc.
That's what happens when I have a bunch of tabs open and forget which I'm in.

How many tabs do you have?
7, but one is my gdocs, one is this, only one of the others gets checked frequently but I've also got my book (Operation Overlfight/Francis Gary Powers).

Writing and reading and flipping back and forth gets disorienting, especially since I'm not always the sharpest tool in the shed.
Oh. For a moment I thought you were like me.

I have like a billion.
That many and Pale Moon starts to fuck up worse than usual. I'm just the average kind of moron.
File: michelle 2.jpg (100 KB, 720x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>post was 3 hours ago. Aren't I just a faggot.

You put the ice cream away. MRE heavy diets made even the shittiest (get it) of runs backed up like a dam. All this dairy at once was probably going to do the opposite. You’ve already had more than your share.

You lock it back up in the freezer next to its friends and idly consider messaging Wendy.

Maybe not. What an asshole.

“Look, see. I’m working. It just takes some time so I get in and get out clean.”

On your phone the neighborhood looks a lot of like Wendy’s. The house sort of looks like Wendy’s. His might be nicer. Wendy doesn’t seem very gentle, even with the things she likes, like her bags.

“I already said it doesn’t look like it has much for physical security, but still. Not really an easy place for surveillance either…”

“That sounds like your problem.”

“Oh shut up. This is a favor, remember.”

You imagine she looks unhappy. She’s not in view.

“I don’t know. It looks like a shit shoot. If he’s as paranoid as terrorists I’ll probably have the one chance to drive through the street. Now stop giving me shit about it. Before I can make a plan I need to know what I’m planning for.”

You tell her, Michelle.

You go girl.

Wendy and Skyler can choke on dicks, as long as they don’t die from it. As awful as they are you can’t imagine getting paired with people better.

You suppose there’s the Captain. Anyone who made Captain can’t be bad.

Wendy doesn’t like him, though. But Wendy doesn’t like a lot of things, including you, so fuck her.

>>post was 3 hours ago. Aren't I just a faggot.

Well you are namefagging...
should we go for a drive to case out the general address? see if we can notice anything from the street and ground level?

Yup. Find some take-out in the area, go for a drive.
Is it just me, or does Mercenary 2030 seem kind of familiar?

I didn't think I had that much influence.

I was playing video games. I won, now I'm writing.
not particularly, while its gritty, its set in the post apocalypse with a very different MC
Oh. The name caught my attention so I looked at the prologue thread and the first choice was to sob and a disclaimer that basically read "bad feels on the way." Then I saw the stuff about CMEs and I'm like that's cool and all but not really my jam.

That, and this is basically all the awfulness I want in my life.
File: Echo City 1.jpg (569 KB, 1280x1084)
569 KB
569 KB JPG

“Karan, what restaurants are there by the address you provided.”


“That’s not really the question I asked.”

Maybe she’s still feeling hostile because you fought back. Why would whoever made her do such a good job replicating emotions? You don’t need this in your life.

Or maybe she somehow just randomly formed.

Maybe she built herself.

You don’t like either of these things.

She still hasn’t answered.

“If you find me a restaurant in the area then I can find a driving route that will take me past his house on the way there and the way back, and then I can get photos or video from a bunch of angles, and then I’ll be on camera and have a receipt putting me somewhere where I can be without looking weird.”

If the length of Karan’s silences is equal to how unhappy she is then she’s probably super mad, because she takes her time replying.

You sit down on a stool at the island and wait.

Finally she says, “Fine. What do you want to eat.”

“I don’t know. I feel pretty full already. Is there someplace good in that area?”

“Anything at all, Michelle, is better than you.”

She sounds mad.

“Just… Fine. Find me a diner that won’t make me spend of all tomorrow shitting my brains out, and then plot a route that goes through this asshole’s neighborhood. This entire thing is for you.”

“If you leave now it should take between sixty and seventy minutes to arrive at the diner.”

“The fuck? Where are you sending me?”

File: Michelle 3.png (362 KB, 550x436)
362 KB
362 KB PNG

“You said to route through the neighborhood. You are going significantly out of your way to make it appear organic. In addition, this city is far larger than your pathetic little existence can possibly comprehend. I doubt you have seen more than a percent or two of its total area.”

“What is your plan regarding photography.”

“I don’t know, Karan, you’re one jumping down my dick for me to do it right now. That’s your problem as the fucking computer.”

“Just attach your phone to the window and record it.”

“Right, because it wasn’t fucking obvious enough already, what I should do is stick a camera to the car so any asshole with working eyeballs can see that I’m filming it. Now they have my plates, registered to my name, at my address.”

“Your car has a limited amount of cameras with limited resolution. I will attempt to manipulate them.”

“Whatever, Karan. I’m starting to get over this. Did you send the map and route to my phone?”


“I’m going to go change now.”

You pull on the same pair of jeans from earlier and your pair of well worn jump boots. They were black, once. Now they’re maybe a light brown.

You killed someone over these shoes once.

You idly daydream as you relace them loosely and change your loose t-shirt for a closer fitting one and a jacket. You pull the hood over your face and walk back down the stairs.

“Let Wendy in if she gets here. I’ll be back later.”

You get into your car and Karan copies the route plan from the phone to the car’s memory, and it pulls away slowly.

Now you get to wait.

look around the car and see if we have a book or a bag or something to help disguise what we're doing when we go past the address and make sure we personally don't actually look at the address
Man, it's already 4 AM. I gotta call it for the night right now.

It's our One Year Anniversary! so I really hope that some plucky, enterprising players will be able to keep the thread alive until I wake up in the morning.

In case we don't make it, thanks to everyone for playing and congratulations on one year of Michelle.
File: SALUTE.gif (473 KB, 500x281)
473 KB
473 KB GIF

grats. been here since the beginning. I gotta say its slowed odwn a lot lately but it was always kind of interesting and showed up right around the same times i got online so i stuck with it.

in case the thread dies overnight, thanks for running OP, I'll be able to give it a couple bumps but its nearly 2200 here so I'll need the assistance of the other anons
It's been a bumpy 6 or so weeks, but I feel like we're getting back on pace. The overnights are pretty hit and miss but having tried to do and done it, trying to compress the entire quest into a single 8 hour span or whatever just wasn't doing it for me.

We have a lot more false starts this way, but I feel as if the quest has really opened up in terms of how much more lateral information I can include.

I know I said I was going to bed but I say a lot of things.
if threads falling off the board in the night is an issue you might want to maybe check out Anonkun, as stupid as the guy who made it is and as clunky as it can be, its got some good points
I've done anonkun on both sides. It's pretty alright.

I prefer 4chan, though. It feels better here.

I was goign to suggest going back to the previous format, because the pace moves a lot faster and people can acutally plan to show up but to each his own.
You've probably noticed, but I don't always focus well. Giving myself more time is the best way to handle that issue.

And, if anything, I think that having a thread open for more days allows more people to participate...assuming the thread can run Thursday-Sunday.
Alright, I'm peacing for real. If I see you I see you, if I don't I don't, but I do hope we get to keep playing. It's been a while, and I hope to get the chance to deploy some special new things to celebrate.
>and I hope to get the chance to deploy some special new things to celebrate.

Well this anon needs to get some sleep so have this bump, can the other anons help keep this thread alive please?

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