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Tell me about the races in your setting, /tg/
No magic, Kender only, Final Destination.
For real though, standard stuff for DND, just a casual game with friends.
Races are just sort of there, they keep to their own territories except for the odd merchant or explorer

Not everywhere is fully explored so I can introduce more races into new areas if I need to for some reason

Generally tolerate each-other except for some ambiguous wars mentioned in the past, several races don't much like each-other at all

>jacks of all trades
>Mercantile for the most part, sells all sorts of services, goods, whatever is needed
>Live in the jungles to the south
>Builds tree houses and lives in them to escape the dangerous jungle fauna below
>Strong warrior and honor code; will accept other races into their ranks if they can prove their resolve through combat or other means
>Ruled by evil Pig-warlord
>builds castles and shit to the west
>Biggest standing army of all of the races known
>Hate all other races and want them dead
>Live all around the land, they're fucking birds they go where they want
>Neutral in most affairs
>Homeland is the Mountains in the East
>Very low population
>Mostly monks and nuns
>asian themed
>Easily the most capable fighters of the bunch, too bad they're all pacifists
>Never really leaves the mountains
>Secretly they're all so well-trained because there is one of the last surviving dragons slumbering underneath their biggest temple and they have to be prepared in case it awakens

and whatever else I feel like adding, it's serviced us fairly well-so far
Forgot to say the monkeys also live in the eastern mountains. They're on real good terms with the bird people
I r

Wouldn't these be the same thing?
nah monkey people got hair all over and tails and hand feet big round ears and stuff like that
Still kind of working it out but currently building the world based around pathfinder so using alot of the advanced race book

>world is populated bymost of the race book semi evenly, compared to the normal mostly human, elves, dwarfs, etc and everyone once in a while a unique slowflake of a Damhpir shows up that most fantasy worlds do

>races are are still mostly seperated based how they would live in the world, elves in woods, halflings in hills sides grippli in swamps

>many of the more animalistic races like Tengu and Kitsune come from the more eastern influenced part of the world.

>working on creating races for naga, and Insectoids like pic related

>also want to add tiny creatures like fairies as well
this is 5e

I ripped Pangoll straight from /tg/, they are easygoing armadillofolk who live in seperate mostly nomadic communities across the globe.

I altered Thri-kreen into several races of insect people (bee, mantis, moth and ant) that war with each other and the lethal fauna and flora for the scarce recourses on their remote island
They are shunned by most others because they eat other sentient lifeforms.

I got some fairly standard Kenku as well, they live in tree-villages and are in constant conflict with elves.

I based my elves on 8-bit theater, so almost everyone hates them though secretly, the only reason they are like this is because of a cursed otherworldly artifact that corrupted the very soul of their people by first taking over the high-priest and working his way down. This artifact and its "brothers" are the main BBEG

The other races are mostly standard, though tieflings mostly dwell in the deserts and dragonborn come from various places depending on their draconic heritage.
Ive always been a sucker for insectfolk
Makes if difficult to not magical realm.
good thing my world is high magic, then.
One of the descendants of the firstborn. Structured themselves after insects, and ended up having a civil war in which the losers (The drow) were cursed to have their appearance be as if they were burned (Black skinned, white hair).
Expelled from the elven kingdoms for rejecting the idea of having a matriarch and thousands of mindless drones. Jack of all trades, populous as humans are in other settings. 5ft on average. They're basically the glue that holds the other races together.
Animals given human souls, which have bred with drow and other races throughout the years. Basically short-stack dog-folk/cat-folk of varying furry-ness
Fighters from the old world who drank the blood of the servants of the gods. They eat other intelligent races.
A runt clan of giants. They average about 9ft tall, and with the help of the Folken, they escaped the giants. With them, they brought the secrets of the forge and together with the Drow, formed massive cities.
Late comers to the party, originally created to hound the other races so they wouldn't become complacent. When one of the Goddesses realized that Humans were created without her approval, she sent her servants to go eradicate them. Humans prevailed in the end, and the other gods stepped in and gave them proper souls. Basically a race of terminators.
I got a bunch of humanoid animals who are really just racial stereotypes.
>cat people split into lions, tigers and ocelots, names pending
Tigers are high fantasy high magic high brow high everything, especially the kind induced by drugs. They live in basically the Garden of Eden of this world. There's shitloads of all kinds of natural resources and the magic flows like water, and they abuse it as much as they can. Everything is an art to them, and they revere self-expression so they're basically an ultra-hipster paradise.

The entire ocelot race sees itself as one massive convoluted family unit, and everyone tries to keep in touch with everyone else. Everything they do is to take care of their family, and they do a good job at it. They're very isolated from the rest of the world because they're small, stealthy, don't like strangers and live in an impossible mountain jungle. Also they have a witch doctor caste who are marked at birth by solid black fur.

Lions are imperialist assholes, I think. Currently they have yet to be fleshed out.

>Lizard people, named Laash
A magitech merchant empire with sun paladins. They're good with magic and technology and like to combine the two, they love commerce and business and have massive business guild/cult hybrids dedicated to earning wealth for a chosen god by working that god's favored profession, like mining or tinkering or politics or slave trade. They also have an order of paladins who worship the sun goddess and serve as their primary military force and sole source of law in both legislation and enforcement. Also they can choose to inhibit their own growth when they're young as a sign of status, with shorter and weaker individuals being richer and more powerful. Only the sun paladins can get away with growing to their full size and still be accepted by society, and they're clearly visible due to the bright yellow scales they get as part of their initiation rite.

>other beast races of yet to be determined importance and identity, possibly northern raider wolfpeople
Have you seen the Monkeys Kingdom in Dominions 4? I bet you could get some inspiration from those.
A sample
>Lizard and bugs who produce a soft down off of their wings every morning
>the lizard folk protect the bugs and use the fluff to cover themselves for the chilly weather
>getting a coat from a non-flyf (some of the bugs that can produce two batches a day) is considered a symbol of trust in friends, a lifelong bond between an insectoid and lizard, or a marriage symbol
>the grand viziers produce a magnificent rainbow fluff once a week which is much more delicate and their lizard compatriot is the only one allowed to tie this fiber
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Seeing as how I am not terribly creative, my races are mostly just the standard fantasy ones, though I folded gnomes and halflings together into one race. They're officially referred to as gnomes, though halfling is used as a racial slur. The problem is that gnomes do not find it terribly offensive, seeing as how, yes, they are usually half the height of the humans trying to insult them.

Most populous, jack-of-all-trades, etc. Nothing new here. Well, except that tens of thousands of years ago they ruled the world as its sole sapient inhabitants, but one day the magical overlords that granted them their power vanished without a trace. Long story short, the gods came back and didn't like that these human super-mages had locked them out of their shed, so to speak. The ones who aided their return became their heralds- Angels. The ones who tried to stop them from coming back were cast out to the far reaches and became demons.

While not as populous as humans, they're only somewhat less ubiquitous. As per the norm, elves are guardians of nature, though their disposition varies greatly depending on what sort of clime they call home. Elves are permanently attuned to the climate of their ancestry. Each type of elf has a sacred tree that binds them to the land. If it dies, so do they. One of these trees was successfully destroyed, eradicating swamp elves.

Like halflings, mostly. A blend of curious/adventurous and quiet/traditional. Incredible amicable, able to make friends with just about anyone. They actually came to be from the dreams of humans, elves, and dwarves combined in the time when the Gods were asleep. Human curiosity, elven swiftness/love of nature, dwarven fortitude/traditionalism, rolled into one creature that sprung from the spirit world.

There's more, but typing on this thing is a bitch.
Lizards, rats, monkeys, dwarves, part-construct people, orcs, etc.
Hwill- 'Rabbitfolk'. Smallest around. Friendly farmers, but surprisingly brutal and accepting of death. Dueling is also very prevalent in their culture. This is all due to evolving from a prey species. Renowned beastmasters, tame things like giant spiders to eat intruders or other creatures who tread on their crops. Follow several local deities and spirits. Believe all races come from curious spirits possessing the bodies of animals.

Humans- The tallest around. Apemen* nomads and known as masters of all forms of ranged combat. When they show up at one's door it can either to be to trade or raid. Infamous for having a tendency to fall into fanaticism. Because they can travel long distances and brave harsh weather better than other races they are the most widespread. However, this also means their population is very diluted and sparse. Follow their God of Day and Goddess of Night. Believe all the races are descended from the punished children of these deities.

*(They look just like us, but for flavor purposes they're presented and perceived as another beastman race)

Apisoma- Relatively large 'Beefolk'. All members interacting with the other races and the outside world in general are defective workers that abandoned a distant hive. Release powerful communication pheromones that some races and creatures are vulnerable to. Through this they can 'speak'. They go crazy for sweet things and are baffled by the "drones" of other races doing any kind of labor. Not known to follow any deities.

Skrgrrut- "Birdfolk" or Raptors. Resemble the Sinornithosaurus. Can glide and climb incredibly well. So much so that they have networks of poles and structures to help them travel easier. The males are garish, flamboyant, and incredibly colorful compared to the female's plainer appearance. Stereotyped as having unhygienic habits or being very honest. Have one god based on their image. Insist the world and races never had a beginning.

Other races are heavily WIP
Fuck the hwill sound cool as fuck can I steal them?
Yeah, go ahead. I figure we're sharing our ideas to do that to each other anyway. If it works for your setting or game feel free to use them.
I think it would be pretty interesting for a fantasy setting to have the races be different species of primates that convergently evolve into humanoid forms. What do you guys think?
File: Homos.jpg (115 KB, 588x531)
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I think there were some threads/discussion/world-building around that idea. I'm fond of it myself, although personally I'd stay within the homo genus.

If you want some ideas for that kind of setting look up neanderthal predation theory on youtube. Pseudo-science but entertaining nonetheless.
See also: >>38672912
I like this. It's none of the standard races except for humans, but they're still close enough to what we know that I could imagine playing as or interacting with one of them.
I don't like this. It boils down to fully reversed stereotypes.
using basically rodents for this setting and there's no humans around for whatever reason. i have long descriptions here so bare with me.

by far the most populous race of all in the known world. They're comparable to most parts of dark ages Europe and have a slight dislike for technology. Awfully xenophobic at times but with a god reason, that almost everything else are trying to eat/kill them. Ambitious and incredibly deadly with sheer numbers but almost always plagued by infighting.

Formerly the most advanced, most powerful of all races until they screwd themselves up with wars and went through an age of strife and decadence. However, it seems that they're picking up again and their latest generation are trying to bring back the golden age. They are very fond of working together with spirits to acquire magic from and a making it a huge part of their everyday lives. some went as far as forming death cults to honor blood spirits so they may have obtain more powers. They're mostly a savage and tribalistic lot. Don't expect them to be friendly the first time you meet them.
>Jagárhí. Evolved in a dangerous primordial forest. Pointy ears, tan skin, claws and inherent basic fire magic. In ancient times a legendary king united them and led them to a valley where a meteor had crashed. Out of the rocks they built a huge octagonal wall and founded their capital within.
>Norians: They stem from the steppes far beyond the Great Wall (a mountain range). Allegedly, they learned to tame and ride the animals of the steppe before they crafted tools and lit fire. They founded two different civilizations, but most still live in the vast steppes of Noria.
>Núubani: Jackal people modeled after the god Anubis. They are devoted to religious zelotry and the conquering and magical bio-engineering of other races.
There's many more though

>Blue skinned humans
>Live in crowded ghettos along the edge of the Incarnum river
>Talented users of psionics and incarnum, spiritually inclined
>Live in poverty

>Bird people
>Live in the highest towers
>Not as magical as the Azurins, but martially inclined

>Rodent people
>Secretly dwell in the undercity
>Their existence is a closely guarded secret
>They have their own shadow-government
>Tend to prefer illusion magic

Water Orcs
>Horrific amphibious abominations
>Dwell along the coasts where the Incarnum river empties into the Sea of Chaos
>Powerful bruisers, but also highly skilled in meld-shaping the Incarnum
The dwarves of the setting basically. they especially love technology, wealth and excavations. Despite their technology and apparent intelligence, they do not have large swathes of territory (which are confoned to mountains or places rich with minerals) or adept magic users (unless one happens to be one which is comparable to Rats). Most of the time they're only neutral and will only help or fight if it's in their best interests. because of this, nobody really bothers them but themselves. They're the first race to create and appropriate the use of matchlock tactics in their military among other unconventional tactics.

Being the best diplomats of the setting, they function well as traders and for formal businesses. They are nearly wiped out since they have been subjugated by a mouse empire but they have retaliated and conquered said empire to establish an equally tyrannical nation. likewise, the ones that ran away to the deserts established another nation and prospered by adopting said desert cultures alongside their traditional ones. Opnions may vary for weasels, though, but they are generally sneaky and cunning to say at the least.
they used to be nothing more than ferocious beasts to everyone once upon a time but now, it seems that they have acquired a newfound sentience that allows them to form primitive tribes and cultures. Basically tha barbarians/vikings of the setting, most percieve them as violent, cruel and ill-tempered lot but nothing's further fron the truth. They are territorial, yes but the ones who stay within their burrows are willing to accept outsiders visiting and even learn about them. While they're generally not very smart, they have developed a fondness for magic and started developing primitive runes to bound them within objects, usually spirits. By far the most primitive but have much more room to grow and never too proud to use technology whenever appropriate.

>everything else
some partially acquired sentience but not to the degree of forming simple cultures but some do have them and rather stay the way they are than taking it further. in this case, Cats are actually sentient but they never wanted anything more than their simple way of living

In my setting "Human" is not a race but a state of beeing. Act like a Human, you are a Human.
Act like an Animal, you become a mindless animal.

Some of the more defined races in the place most of my story takes place in:

>Ethnicities vary more than they do in real life
>Ethnicities thus become almost Sub Race like
>Ethnicities are also based on Idea, act like a German, be a German (in this case: Pale Almost grey skinned Barbarians who cannot understand the concept of good natured Humor , compared to slavs who here are more colourfull and have a ridiculous overabundance of facial hair and are almost imprevious to the effects of alcohol)

High Elves
>Attempted to become more than Human
>And succeeded, at the price of their humanity
>Only race that truly wields outworldly "magic"
>Move in weird stilted wys, almost as if they are pulled around by an unseeable force
>Almost devoid of colour, scar like markings go around their skin, starkly distored too pointy faces
and inhuman distortions of the body
>Kill on sight in about half of the known world

Dark Elves
>High Elves that escaped the Religious genocide following the rise of monotheism that cracked down on their hubrirs
>degenerated with weird nonhuman features
>Both less powerfull and inuman than the High Elves
>However they will still never be truly human
>Banned from entering Churches however have found ways to weasle themselves into powerfull places, ofthen used to hunt down Enemy High Elves
>Dwarves are a form of Dark Elves, like in nordic myth

Wood Elves:
>Common in less civilized areas
>While the High Elves distinguish themselves from Humans by attempting to become more, Wood Elves never chose to become Human in the first place, refusing to take concrete shapes
>Dont have a uniform appearence, appearing animal or Human like at whim
>Can never truly be Human or know human emotions
Well there are humans, which dominate. That's kind of a tired trend, but we're egocentric like that.

There are giant mantis bugs with terrible scythe-arms.

Their polar opposite would be these robotic cyborg men, who are all about building stuff.

They fit in well with this race made entirely of energy who are all about peace.

Giant, golem rockmen are the thugs of the place.

Psychic slugmen are the highway-men.

There's also some total robot types and an old dead crystal empire, but whatever.


>Not realy Lizardman but an old Reptillian race
>Live in Fortresses that are mountains hollowed out to a bare skeletal structure, constantly smoking from hundreds of chimneys and fires burning inside, keeping warm the cold blooded Host
>Not seen as Humans by many empires
>One particular eastern strain is the descendants of an empire from before the rise of the Homo sapiens that strongly degenerated after desperatley devouring the God of starvation that resided within their domain, causing them to prey on each other, now, simmilar to the Wood Elves stuck between Human and Beast
>Unlike the Wood Elves, to become more Human, they have to devour sentient beeings, the more they rely on non sentient food sources the more primitive and primal they become, in terms leading them to prey on men yet again

Bird People
>Due to beeing highly mobile, these creatures have some of the highest level of technology in the setting, combining technological findings from all over the World
>Have an affinity for shiny things, ofthen wearing Decorative Helmets made out of rare metals
>Employed by several empires, they usually live either in the mountains or large open steppes

Fish People
> literaly Dutch people
>They have wide shark like grins, more humanlike ones tend to have red beards

>Mountain dwelling fur covered race usually refered to as bad spirits by the local population
>known for raiding in the winter and their impressive horns
>have overly expressive faces
>Due to their physiology they are neither capeable nor willing to wear advanced equipment
>Only the most desperate of countries would employ those brutes
>Act like an Animal, you become a mindless animal.

I'm more into the trans-humanism thing:

Elves as the post-humanist seperation of the "beutiful people". They have nice toys, which operate mostly on their own. Most live as "high" city elves in towering self-sustaining ziggurauts, but the tree-hugger and emo cave variety exists as well. Elves move about as their moods change. Although they enjoy a post-scarcity society they limit breeding as a deep set culteral convention. There were serious wars about this a while ago. Their lives revolve around drama and the court. Most adventurering elves are ones who have turned their back on their society for whatever reason or those who get exiled (which is their death sentance equivlent, without the city's services, elves age normally). Elven warriors are made up of those in (wuffie)debt, those who enjoy it, or those looking to make room for someone else to have a kid. But if push ever comes to shove, the elven gods (who are really just the rock-stars with the most access) would bring the hurt with the big guns and direct the dragons to do their bidding. Some even still listen to the deepset genetic code. Of course, that's what caused most of the world to be wiped clean. So the few remaining elven cities operate under a ceratin MAD truce with each other and ignore the lesser folk.
Dwarves are morlocks. They're the post-humanist seperation of the geeks, nerds, scientists, and IT crowd. Technocrats who have done what they can to abandon the world. They hone their "magic" down in the depths of the earth, ever looking for exotic "gems" and "ores" (uranium, lithium, etc). They made the elven cities and all that makes them elves. They also give birth to the dragons, and imprinted the control routines into their heads. But they went their seperate ways a while ago after dwarves automated the elven toys. Every great once in a while, the elves have to beg the dwarves for a new power source or to fix a toy. They're ever looking for insight into their dark arts and hope to spread out to the stars (Oil has run dry = no rockets). As keepers of the sacred flame throughout the age of dragons, many are obsessed with safeguarding ancient tomes, ruins, and whatnot. So they bury it under mountains and shit. The surface has been more or less written off as a mess. Dwarven adventurers, like elves, are often exiles, but some volutnarily set out to scout how the surface is doing, or to research some long-lost treasure trove, or to inspect an ancient cache of whatnot. All are strictly forbidden of causing any ruckus amoungs the elven nobles least the prats start at it again.
Humans are the outbred standard that survived on the fringes of the wars and is now coming back.

Orcs are the inbred freaks that survived the wars and came out the worse for it. Deformed, agressive, more animalistic, less socialized. They also have a greater variety and many local flavors.

A lot of monsters are simply evolved/experimented animals. Gnolls, owlbears, giant frogs, centaurs, and the rest are biproducts that were chucked out the back door and left to fend for themselves.

Dragons were the workhorse of the old wars. The ultimate mobile tank. They were tasked with raveging the surface and they did well. The old ones have the strongest imprint and will heed the beck and call of those with the proper access codes. I mean, "know their true name". They mostly sleep in maintanence mode awaiting the next war and their next instructions. The younger ones born during the age of dragons, and later generations, are more independent and have started to collect hordes of wealth. And then there are these degenerated drakes that serve no master at all, but don't have anywhere near the dragons power.

So magic is out the window, but high-technology largely replaces it. The elves and dwarves can't bring back the dead, but they can insert a previous version into a vat-grown body. A wand of killIt makes a large noise, throws out some stuff and does essentially the same thing as a shotgun, because it IS a shotgun.

Ruins are fucking EVERYWHERE. There is no such thing anymore as pristine land. Everywhere has some history to it where man shaped and molded it to his will and then blew it the fuck up.
i like that idea. also gods that are basically rock stars, thats an idea that appeals to me.

Wouldnt realy fit my setting.

You might notice my definitions of races usually have very little cultural components and thats because my Setting is a Fantasy version of the real world means most races can exist in various Cultures, tho, as you might have noticed with alot of my races beeing mountain settlers, my specific stories are set within Austria hungary.
i like the general idea of your setting as a trans humanis future that turns out like a fantasy universe.

I had a simmilar idea to that but instead of beeing an evolved future, it was a post nuclear Holocaust society with mutated people and the only books left were the DnD Player Companions and people mistook them for history books (that conveniently fitted the mutated society)
File: Beeperson.jpg (104 KB, 600x507)
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104 KB JPG
I like you. Have a bee.
>i like that idea. also gods that are basically rock stars, thats an idea that appeals to me

Well when you've got crazy-future tech that can fight death, bring down lasers from space, send genome-targeting assassin plagues, giant flying air-breathing monsters, near-invisible sniper drones, and can spy on you from the heavens and through walls.... the people who control that technology might as well be gods compared to those who don't have it. And in this case, it's a democracy. Who rules a democracy? The most popular. Who would be the most popular amounts "the beautiful people"?

And when I say "crazy-future-tech" I'm talking about today's technology: Medicine, satellites, helicopters, and looking through walls is a real thing. Takes an array of radar in a van right outside your house, but it's been done. The only thing holding back the tyranical oppression is that we're a democracy.
So.. Endtown?
never heard of that
>dark heresy
I can make whatever the fuck I want!
File: 1422966141537.jpg (53 KB, 456x453)
53 KB
There are three types of Overraces in my setting. Man, "Elf" and "Insect People" that were all crafted by the gods. Man was created by the god of the moon, the Wind God, in order to fly endlessly in the heavens above. The Insect people were created by the Sun god to fill their bellies full of endless honey. Both of these races were screwed out of their endless fun with the "elvish" outsider god of the earth which bound the two races to the earth.

Man, "Elf" and "Bug" all mean "person" or "People" in their respective language. I use quotations for elf and bug as a way to establish that I have gave them an entirely new name to coincide with Man.

For man:

Humans, meaning ape man, are nomadic people who wander the earth guided by oracle bones and the changing of the winds. They all huddle into one giant massive migration known as the Grand Pilgrimage. They are really good with microeconomics as they tend to trade with anyone and everyone.

birdmen: Haughty as hell bird people who live in massive rocky outcrops known as the Ayrie.

Lizard men: Aztecian people who utilizes its bayou to go up and down its own rivers.

Wolfmen: dog people who are extremely territorial and are against the Catmen. They are like the native americans.

Catmen: My not!african tribal people who are against the wolfmen


fire elves live in a volcanic area filled with smoke and soot, they are also known as dwarves as they dig deep underground. Their entire country is destabilized is an endless warlord era/warring states period.

Storm elves who create automatons naturally are the most prideful of all the races put together. They look down at lesser races and acclaim themselves as pure elves.

Desert elves: Live in giant crabs and masters of the arcane arts. They are a society lead by the "True bones" who can only marry another true bone. True bones are pasty white and green eyes, while other bones are ebony of skin and black of eyes.

Frost elves: Not!vikings/mongolians


Everything else is a waste of time.
True elves: Rarest of the rare, and the most sadistic. They are unknown to the world and look like cenobites from Magic: the Gathering. They are the outsiders who came to this world after they have succumbed to the Lucifer project(See Spiritual science on "history" for both laughs and what I am trying to use). They lost their love and are twisted and corrupted.

Bug people:

Ant people: Mindless drones who do what their queen tells them to. They are the slave workers of the empire.

Wasp people: Giant rampaging behemoths that are controlled by the empire itself.

Bee people: Owners of the entire empire, they are the dominate race in the empire and established their god-queen as ruler of everything. They use pheromones to control the wasp people to rampage on certain people than mindlessly killing everything in their path.
File: Corvin.png (206 KB, 993x1252)
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206 KB PNG
Humans are the warrior/barbarian race. Some human nations are more civilized, but magic is nigh impossible for them, apart from golem crafting. Most human golems are dirt or rock based
Satyrs are small humanoids with great skills and magical abilities. They make the most advanced automata. They're also elitist and disdain other species. Their golems are like the Golden Army from Hellboy
Fauns mix nature and civilization well. They treat their homes, usually in beautiful places away from industrial civ, as gardens. They get on week with spirits. They're similar to satyrs, but are human sized and less likely to wear pants. They use living wood and rock golems.

I'd also like to include a flying/winged race and maybe lizard people, but an still in the early stages of world building.
My setting essentially progressed to the point where all you need to know is that there is a troll Illuminati
Also, satyrs/fauns invented golem crafting. Humans learned it from the fauns. Typically human ones are stronger, but don't last as long.

I think a bug species might be fun, too.
I'm always looking for ideas.
In my Sci-Fi setting I have 12 "core" races plus humans. The 12 core races are based on the different zodiac signs because I was really into Homestuck when I started making this setting, sue me I was hoping to make some "new and original" races for my setting but ended up with a bunch of humanoid races with different skin colors and animal parts. I only really care about three of them, the rest are just filler at this point.
> Aries-based race of expansionist Space Roman Ram People
> Psuedo-communist tech driven Saggitarians
> Queen Shittingly British Axolotl/Fish Pisces people who have a massive navy and trade empire
I'd go into more detail but I'd be here all day if I did.
I have... extensive notes on the races of my setting. I've dropped the core races because I think tired of them.
You may as well post them.
The three oldest races still kind of exist but are way past their prime...

The Spriggans were a species of plant people who were older than the planet itself. They fucked with some crazy science and devolved into a species of sentient pine trees.

The Elves were semi-intangible, glowing humanoids who lived in the sky. They were forced to become a solid, non-glowing sub-race of humans to survive.

The Human civilizations have collapsed but humans are still around and doing pretty alright, I guess. They're divided into four subraces: sea-faring and technology-loving Kalians, the militaristic and clannish Burgedi, nomadic and shamanistic Colters and the quasi-Elves.

The three "lesser" races were Gargoyles, Mimics and Golems. They're becoming more powerful and supposedly, the Golems will soon become the dominant race of the world.
File: AntarcticBedrock.jpg (509 KB, 1400x1400)
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509 KB JPG
World is starting its industrial revolution alongside its "scientific" revolution. Magic is present and vaguely understood as present in the natural world, though with a supernatural/divine/eldritch origin. Not every magic user is a scientist, not every scientist a magic user, but there's overlap. Few large Imperial states among smaller kingdoms/republics/theocracies/city-states. World geography based on Antarctic bedrock.

Races separate into a few main "species" with different "subspecies" among each.

Humanoids divided into the following:
-Humans are H. Sapiens, generalist save having the best stamina/HP comparatively. General civ is similar to Age of Exploration Portugal mixed with Industrial Britain in the north, industrializing Imperial Mali in the south, and a Meiji Japan with Carthaginian flavor in the far east. Main religion is centered on Minerva Victoria, Goddess of wisdom and martial victory, with numerous saints and angels underneath.
-Gauls are H. Neanderthalensis, burlier, stockier, shorter, and less politically organized but get along swimmingly with the "base" humans. Based in the central region of the main continent, while "tribal" they're not "primitive," due to close relations with humans. They possess a shamanist belief system with a dash of Celtic/Slavic flavor that's falling out of practice due to influence from the Minervist faith and is on its way to obscurity, one of the larger points of tension between Gauls and other Human races.
-Dwarves are short, bearded, surly, and industrious. Adapted for living around mountains and caves and somewhat nocturnal, so in addition to being rugged they have good night vision. Have a large Imperial state centered around an Alps-sized mountain range close to the Gaul homelands which helps regulate trade. Vaguely Norse polytheistic religion with ancestral ties to the faith of the Gauls, giving hints of a common ancestor between the two.

-Elves are gracile and arboreal, adapted for forests. Most have taken to making forest "city-states" vaguely like compact versions Renaissance Italy's states, largest being basically Switzerland in size, government, and temperament. Exception is the "feral" elves, who are xenophobic headhunters and will kill intruders for sport. Vaguely Native American skin tones and body types for all, tan level changing depending how close to the equator they are (lighter skin in northern communities, more tanned in more southern ones) with "feral" ones restricted to the north and have lighter skin, though that's more often than not covered in body paints; blue, green, and purple being the most common. City Elves more often than not follow the religious systems of other races and are fond of mystery cults and esoteric beliefs, denouncing the animistic faith of their "feral" cousins.
Next group is the reptilians, divided in two:
-Nahua are frilled, tall, tropical, bipedal lizards with a vaguely Aztec culture mixed with Imperial Russia (serfs everywhere). Amazingly good beast tamers but have less energy at night than other races. They are centered in a large island not far off the main continent, with colonies/tributaries nearby. Have a Trinity-Astrology religious system focused on the Sun, Moon, and Earth as aspects of the supreme being, with Stars as the "messengers" of the divine.

-Gekkans are shorter, nimble desert dwelling bipedal lizards who behave like a mix of Imperial Persia and Shogunate Japan. Inward-focused and defensive with a Zoroastrian/Shinto belief system, chief Goddess is the Sun from whom the Emperor descends lineage. Exception is the Hashshashin/Ninja-esque group, who double as adventurer-spies, and are the only reptilians that have managed to train themselves to working at night. They are based in a central, dry equatorial western region near a mountain range on the main continent.
Avians have some small tribes/colonies scattered around the world but all come from one main Empire:
-The Garuda are highly advanced cassowary-sized raven people that possess claws on their wings like the Hozatin. Their homeland is a floating island kept up by magic, and culturally they are similar to India with a Sioux twist. They are ruled by a near-immortal, extremely magically powerful "deity" known as the Thunderbird. Those living on "ground level" are commonly merchants and craft-makers, moving away from the caste system of those above.

Lastly, the Thule Race are cephalopods and ocean dwellers divided into two sub-species:
-Thula are biologically immortal (cannot die of old age) priests, merchants, and naturalists, living a life mostly apart from those on land. They live in large seafloor cities centered around that city's patron "deity," the largest, oldest and most powerful who are linked with the mysterious supreme deity known as the "Great Old One" and supposedly carry out its will. They are dismissive of but not openly hostile towards the land-dwelling races, believing it their own damn fault if they keep poking at things which can shatter the minds of weaker bings.

-Thila are large, Viking squidpeople that reject the Thula's life of obscurity and openly raid ships and occasionally coastal living areas of the other races in search of wealth and glory. They travel on and with the largest and oldest of their kind, ship-sized battle-hardened warriors known as the Kraken, who see their battles as a form of worship to the "Great Old One" and believe one day it will lead them to "rightful" domination of the world.

I have more ideas for other races but these are the ones that are the most complete, at the moment.

>Squid vikings

i can dig that
Yeah, I guess.
> Super Religious Capricorn Goat people (closely related to Aries race because goats and rams are kind of related)
> Vehemently neutral reptilian Libra based race that acts as the arbiters between other races
> Aquarians more or less exactly like Pisces but fewer in number and more elitist/racist
> Taurus are peasants and laborers who work on agri-worlds for Aries race
> Leos are ruled by the Aries race like Taurus, but they're used as elite warriors and get paid hand over fist so they've become lazy and spoiled as a race and gave up all their colonies
> Cancers are monarchic people with chitinous shells who try to stay out of everyone's business and strict isolationists
> Virgos are wanna-be peaceniks (also rather communist) who want to unite the races under one government but lack the numbers and balls to take over, so they get pushed around by everyone else
> Scorpios are a race of hedonistic dick-ass thieves who live on a desert planet and are the galaxy's best mercenaries and fight for everyone
> Geminis aren't important. At all.
> Also Ophiuchus is represented by a mysterious race of nomadic space mongolians
And then there's humans who are relatively new to the scene and are caught between the Pisces Trade Empire and the Aries War Machine.
I'd like to write a book series about it but the scope would be way too huge for me to tackle at my current writing skill. One day, though...
Please tell me someone archived this thread...
Use Archive Moe
Why has no one heard of this? It's just foolz but with a different name.
>The usual shit
>Large mongol-based empire has 3/4 of human landmass
>Richer western-based confederacy has 1/4 of human landmass
>Both have client kingdoms
>Main mounts are slightly more horse-like relatives of giant ground sloths

>Sorcerer caste rules city states that are based around magically-grown great trees
>The stronger the sorcerer, the higher the tree, and the greater the respect
>Worker class cursed to be subservient and worse casters, but physically stronger, by sorcerers 3000 years ago after religious civil war
>They're pretty much serfs now
>Capable of gliding at a 45 degree angle
>Short humerus; can't wear other races' heavy armor comfortably without modification
>Inca flavored

Newt people
>Freshwater and saltwater, native to tropical islands
>Live along islands and coasts of other regions now too, generally not rich enough to bother conquering
>Thin skin is less resilient to attack and poison, but has toxins that poison against bite attacks
>Good alchemists and quicker healing
>Water breathing
>Smaller than humans but still medium sized
>Religious unity but no big governments
>Legal assassinations, morag tong style
>Famous mercenary companies
>Appearance (coloration, crest) varies regionally
>Salamander reproduction; no cross-breeding across species here
>Basque flavored

>Claws are good for digging dirt and unarmed attacks, but adapters need to be used for human/bird/newt-made weapons and tools (not human/newt armor though)
>Buildings are made of rammed earth and have aboveground floors = underground floors
>Cultural values vary by regional soil (soft loam = bad defensive structures, but more peaceful and farming; clay = stronger walls, more aggressive, etc.)
>Made by a different god than the other species
>Byzantine/Albanian flavored
Minor races (not well fleshed out yet)

Mushroom people
>Keep to themselves in small communities
>Bioluminescence and spore based communication
>Most stats are below 10
>Can learn to write but can't talk (no mouth)

Goat people
>Big, bulky, and ugly
>Basically the trolls or ogres of the setting

Deer people
>Really freaky and vicious
>Inspired by skinwalkers + forsworn (Skyrim) + reavers (Firefly)
>Some demonic elements, but not demons

Moth people
>Peaceful and quiet
>Hang out in the woods
>Communicate with wing sounds, short-range telepathy, and written language
>Sometimes thought to be fairies
>newt people

you had me at basque

also sloth mounts are cool, i try to incorporate weird mounts in my setting aswell.

Primarily in the Austro-Hungary / Ottomans shift since the ottomans are essentialy magical diesel punk, Hungarian riders need to ride weird shit to compensate

>moth people

now is that not a /tg/ classic.

I alwys like creepy deer people tho...
Are moth people a classic? I don't think I've ever noticed them.
Your Deer people remind me of wendigos or
this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHO8YC2V-oM

They were a homebrew race around for a little while and are popular for cute derails.
Wendigos and skinwalkers often get kinda mixed so that could definitely have inspired me too. And now that I think of it, the Capra demon from Dark Souls, too, even though that's goat based.
Drawfag here

anyone fancy a race pic? I am partial to ratfolk and rabbitfolk, personally.
In that case could you draw the Rabbitfolk described here? >>38694049

Those characteristics presented however you choose them to be.
Sure! If you wanna have a go at any of mine that'd be great

Just for more physical info:

The bird people will look very human-shaped and like hoatzins. Short humerus, inca themed.

The newt people will be somewhat kobold-esque but no scales. The crested newt would be a good one to look at but more tropically colored.

The mole people... I haven't decided what they look like yet. Not that hairy.

Mushroom people either. I don't want them to just be Dark Souls mushrooms.

Goat people are as written. Big, bulky, and troll or ogre-like in build. Dumb and mean. Large size class.

The deer people look freaky as hell. Look up skinwalkers or wendigos, but less undead/skeletal looking because they are just sapient animal men that live in the wild when they're not terrorizing people. Tall and slender.

The moth people are white and tan to dusky brown definitely more moth than people. Small size class.
bit of a drawfag myself.

Main problem right now is that i cant find a single picture that works as a reference for my lizard guys.

Lizard people are an extremley widespread fantasy race but so very few artists get them right.
without basically making them walking animals anyway.
Not the drawfag, but can you explain at all what you're looking for? Do you want more human-looking ones?
File: Bossk.png (1011 KB, 720x800)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
Are you looking for somewhere inbetween anatomically correct and more humanoid?

Like the Bossk from Star Wars if they were digitigrade and had a tail?
Nononono not at all, very reptillian actually.

However, not Warhammer Lizardmen like. Basically very reptillian but still able to wear clothes and armor, my setting kind of requires them to wear kind of Landsknecht esque gear, i dont even want them to have full human posture.

Face wise, very much lizardlike, tho id prefer if i could create the face in such a way that i could give them facial expressions, which is a tough nut to deal with since reptiles cant do that at all.

i dont want too heavy dinosaur faces, they shold be kinda slim heads without beeing too much like garden lizards.

Its a very tough balance to strike, im actually deliberatley going with a more stylized style just to have a better shot at making it work.
>Dark skinned islanders of the Eastern sea
>The most varied of known races in terms of culture. Many live on islands that have never been touched by the outside world while others built mighty empires of trade and warfare that have long since been swallowed by the sea
>The most well known civilisation of the Yaultites being the Trade Empire of Olt, built on the ruins of the warlord Quemti's dynasty. It stretches across 12 major islands to touch mainland
>Still much of the Eastern sea is haunted by pirate cults, ancient curses and towers of immortal sorcerers
>Bright-eyed and dark-haired settlers along the steppes meeting the sea
>Craftsmen and tellers of tales, most likely the youngest race, considered mongrels by the prudish
>Much of Votarian life is centred around a series of colourful but convoluted stories that make up their religion
>Mostly divided into city states and nomadic barbarian tribes who are frequently engaged in petty conflicts. These are kept in check by the God Council of Oligarchs
Men of the Stone/Myrmidons
>Pale and grim faced castliers dwelling in the mountains and forests of the north
>Believed to have been driven from the sea by the mysterious "Shellmen" they have since taken to the art of fortress building and record keeping
>Known for disciple, godlessness and devotion to a community which centres around maintaining one's fortress
>The fear of rebellion is ever present, especially further north where peasents have abandoned their lords to join caravans of elves or stone worshipping cave people
>Halflings: Little folks who dwell far in the north and are said to eat sand. Some are said to well in islands to the east where they build mighty monuments to the gods
>Elves: Immortal men who lose their memory as time passes, founders of many gypsy caravans and pirate cults. Some are said to retain their memories and rule over invisible cites
File: 32746216.jpg (217 KB, 663x662)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
Polyvalves (aka pollies)
>basically wormy-bodied clam people that live inside giant suits of armor
>slow and low HP
>strong and high endurance, comes with heavy armor as standard starting equipment
>mediocre intelligence
>industrious and goal-oriented
>affinity for trade
>half-sunken coastal cities export scrimshaw, pearls, soaps, paints and varnishes
File: Kirk-fighting-the-Gorn.gif (481 KB, 245x159)
481 KB
481 KB GIF
did they steal the costume from the ST studio?
File: drag.png (235 KB, 1000x1000)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
the closest i got in terms of what i want would be: Argonians from the ESO cinematic trailers
Bangaa in Final Fantasy Tactics
Lizard archers in Dragonshard
Iksar Shaman in Champions of Norath
>pic related

by me, rough sketch because i still havent figured out what i want them to look like, helmet inspired by Austrian Dragoons
I ripped off a few races from Redwall, added my own sentient stone golems who worshiped their mountain fathers, added most of the D&D races, and called it a day.

Yes, I know I'm a horrible person.
You think you're clever, but then you realize you don't have a good education if you think evolution works that way.
File: 1347717346893.jpg (54 KB, 420x306)
54 KB
Others cont...
>Sunmen: Dwellers in the western desert and master mapmakers. They considered good natured but secretive. It is said they know the secret paths to forbidden lands like Leng and Yondo
>Caliban: Mutants of any race. Those who are born different than their parents. Some are said to be half-elves, halflings, or touched by unsavoury forces. Implies bad blood or an unfaithful mother.
>Westerners: Men with slanted eyes said to dwell beyond the desert. It is said they build incredible towers to talk to their gods and have even learned the secret of flight
>Beastmen: Aberrations of dark magic and thankfully rare. Their true origins are unknown but may have something to do with the Curse of the Werebeast.
>Metalmen: Odd folk with metal flesh. No tow are quite alike and they seem to have no society what so ever but they have been around as long as anyone can remember
HobGoblins, named after a Valley, call themselves orcs, call themselves monkey like, are spawns of an eldritch horror and their advisor, and whose society is modeled like that of a college campus.
File: Rabbitfolk and steed.jpg (145 KB, 1000x685)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
They are pretty damn similar to my own homebrew rabbit people.
might have a crack at one or two later.
damn youre good, youve got some awsome expressiveness on those characters.

Any thoughts on my dudes?
Kinda desperate for some inspiration at this point.
File: thats not bambi.jpg (99 KB, 846x1057)
99 KB

Are you >>38701071?
Your creepy deer people intrigue me.
no im this guy >>38696549

talking primarily about this >>38701432
File: bunny cops.jpg (245 KB, 1505x831)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
I think /tg/ has a soft spot for bunnies in general.
I'll be stealing most of these for my future campaigns. /tg/ has some cool ideas.
File: 1402875544185.jpg (163 KB, 1058x1000)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
I personally think it's because a lot of us like cute things. No matter how much of a joke handholding and cuddling as become, there's some truth behind it. And I'm sure a good few anons were raised up on Redwall books.
File: basil the rabbit.jpg (611 KB, 843x1400)
611 KB
611 KB JPG
Truly. Meeting the mind behind them and having my book signed was a major highlight of my childhood.

One day my kid will read that worn copy of Mossflower too.
File: 1402866997897.jpg (114 KB, 800x600)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>I never got to meet Brian Jacques
>my dad gave the dog-eared trio of Redwall books that I read over and over as a kid to the local library

Granted, I can easily get more, but I loved those books. They had beautiful, colorful covers and small pictures at the beginning of each chapter.
They don't print them like they used to. I got my nephew a couple of Redwalls and they have new, less homely covers on the paperbacks. Its a shame.

So I decided it simply wouldn't do and got him the classic hardcovers that still had the old styles.
File: HeightChart.jpg (435 KB, 1360x772)
435 KB
435 KB JPG
Redoing this more concisely.

Swiss-army-knife of people. Again, nothing new/interesting except that they used to rule the world and fucked it up.
They protect nature and come in varieties ranging from Galadhrim to Koa warriors. Sea elves are bros but jungle elves will murder the fuck out of you with poison darts.
They're dwarves. They come in two main varieties. Forgeborn and Runeborn. You can figure out what each excels at.
Pretty much halflings except with some exaggerated proportions. Forest gnomes are nearer to their fey ancestry (thus, weirder) while hill gnomes are basically hobbits.
Lizardmen. They hate mammalian races 99% of the time. Seem convinced their rightful rule of the world was usurped thousands of years ago.
Rat people. Three varieties- The normal kind (rats), the desert kind (gerbils), and the tree kind (squirrels). They're fast and clever and have keen noses, but get a bad rap.
Similar to other settings' half-orcs in appearance. They live in the desert. Brutish, tough as hell, bred to endure the elements. Not inherently evil, but they have distinctly evil outliers.
Largely subterranean. Known for their ability to eat just about anything organic. Large ears/strong sense of hearing. Similar origin as gnomes, except malign rather than benign.

Also have plans for tanuki and monkey people in Not!Asia.
Pangolin-people called the Ezkutona:

* Eight feet tall

* Bipedal or quadruped

* Thick armor plating, continues to grow throughout life. When it gets too heavy they leave their communities and go to a chosen site where they wait until they die.

* They solve personal disputes by stepping onto a slightly raised, circular platform and attempting to push the other off.

* Live in communal groups, farm the sides of the huge redwood trees in the forests where they live.

* Haven't been seen so much anymore, since they're getting hunted. Many societies believe ground Ezkutona plating can cure maladies.
Awesome stuff! Thanks!
I've always included corvids in my homebrew settings in one way or another. Usually bro-tier, though that's probably due to a massive childhood-related bias.

Crows in the apple trees were the best. I used to feed them stale bread.
Had an older cousin who was a huge ass to me when I was little. So when he'd start screwing with me I'd go outside and hide in the trees. Crows were used to me and stuck about in case I brought bread, but one time my cousin followed me and started throwing rocks.

Bastard hit a crow and that peeved them right off. Big flight of them all rose up and divebombed the shit out of him. From then on he couldn't go near the apple trees or he'd get pecked or shit on so I spent a lot of time there.

Crows are bros, feed them bread, read them stories, and always have an apple tree on your property.
Sadly making pictures is still on my to-do list, so descriptions only.
Gimmick of the setting is that all the humans are long gone, and there's a different array of fantasy races to the usual, each tied to one of seven elements. Everyone can use magic, but it's much weaker than it is in some settings. Think Avatar level shenannigans at most.

>Beefy, one eyed guys with a single horn, living in temperate climates. Stand around 6'-6'6" average
>Courageous and strong, but have a reputation for idleness. Known for their smithing.
>Element is Light, which includes lightning for offensive casting. Since it's a high-risk form of magic, however, most of their warriors stick to martial weaponry.
>Have a Greek/Roman aesthetic
>Highest population of the races.

>Short jungle dwellers, around 5' average. Greenskinned, with water absorbing spines covering their back and tail.
>Known for being fiercely loyal to those they trust, but standoffish to strangers.
>Element is Earth, including rock, mud, and plants. Not metal, though. One of the most magic heavy races due to wide varieties of utility their magic has, although their mages aren't so scary as those of other races.
>Every Savad is given a Mask of Stories at birth. Initially a small piece of wood, they add to it as they grow, only removing it around family. A Savad without a mask is no Savad at all.
>Politically, they're bros with the Astrai

>Huge muscle-mountains from the desert, 7'8" at least, nearing 9' in some outliers. Dark skins run from brown to red, rocky protrusions out of shoulders and over skull. Still have hair. Glowing eyes.
>The "brute" race of the setting, known for explosive rage. They're not very bright.
>Element is, as one might predict, fire. Usually used in conjunction with big heavy weapons, it doesn't have much utility outside of the battlefield.
>Have the most territory, but due to its inhospitably, the population is thinly spread in nomadic tribes.

He's not, but I'm >>38701071

Glad they're intriguing. I've probably read too many innawoods stories on /k/

And awesome drawing!
>including plants

Needs more batfolk. Birdfolk a shit.
>Needs more batfolk.

>Two short horns and extremely long hair, grows out of the back of their wrists and shins too. Don't have hooves.
>Fairly cheery and independent type, often optimistic, sometimes irresponsible.
>Element is Wind. Lacks much lethal application without dedication, but good for exploring.
>Live on the steppes, usually in small bands. Known for their riding, though there are some permanent settlements.

>Several sub-races based on caste, which determines depth. Rulers live in the ocean trenches. PC caste are amphibious, leathery skin, fins, and webbed hands. Have both legs and tails.
>Arrogant, claim to be oldest race which humans (and thus the others) are descended from.
>Element is Water unsurprisingly. Versatile and very powerful when in the ocean, more limited on land.
>Very little interaction with land-dwellers.

>Mimic face of whoever's looking at them. Most find this creepy. Can be dispelled with practise, giving very blank grey faces and white eyes. Some find this worse.
>Furtive, not very well liked for above.
>Element is Shadow. Very little offensive application, but a lot of tricks with illusions.
>Smallest population, no territory of their own. Travel in small groups around world.

>Mostly as albino humans in appearance, but skinnier. Sharklike jaws and slit eyes.
>Always hungry, and they're not fussy about what they eat, as long as it bleeds. Hunger gets worse when they see a living creature. The most commonly evil race, many are worse than animals.
>Associated with Entropy rather than a creation element, usually manifesting as ice. They don't feel the cold.
>Used to rule most the world, but their empire got too big to sustain itself and fell. Now trapped beyond the north mountains.

Other thing I forgot; races slowly push local biome towards their element the more of them there are present, part of reason that Astrai are so dominant, as they make it more hospitable.

Felt appropriate with the Vietcong vibe they were getting, not to mention it made a lot more sense with the environment affect mentioned in >>38704143 than rocks did. Took away something Water could use on land, but wasn't too bad a trade I figured.

lol. You like? Here, I've done a lot more.

File: 1388732372487.jpg (284 KB, 1513x1142)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
>Other thing I forgot; races slowly push local biome towards their element the more of them there are present, part of reason that Astrai are so dominant, as they make it more hospitable.
Hey! I ran with almost the same idea, although based on Pantheon instead of the race itself, nice to see that great minds think alike.

Also love the Savad, a bit influenced by the Sadida I presume?

Well, as stated above. I also kind of ran with the wakfu idea of that the Gods influence your form. Although in this case over generations rather than at the moment of conversion.

I only really have two separate races, with humans being the majority by far. But as said above, some groups of humans don't look much like it anymore, those who grown so attuned to the gods of beasts will soon grow primitive and be called fey, elves or dwarves depending on their shape. There are also wizards, who find themselves shaped by the swifter and much more fickle hand of the magic they wield, sometimes becoming as alien as the demons they summon.

Then there's the insects, they are giant centipede-like creatures who communicate by bursts of electricity. They have actually figured our to make Teslapunk (in a world otherwise at Han China technology), but because they can only manage to hold an empathic relationship with a handful of close individuals and are by nature viscous, they're mostly stuck using that technology on each other.

These are awesome as well, need to get some rest but I'll go through this thread tomorrow. Might expand on the two most widespread "ascended" human types, "the people below" and "Hruri".

Pic unrelated.
Alrighty, we've got Embers of Pyre, good stuff here. Basically 4000 years after a magical apocalypse.

Humans. Humans are humans are humans. They fuckin err'where. Get different stuff based on where they're from.

Elves. Long time ago, heaven decided to step in and help humanity survive the magipocalypse. One of the angels said, hey, being "human" wouldn't be too bad, so he got God to make him more human. Thus Elves are born. Also about 10 variants.

Dwarves. Similar vein to elves, except they're descended from demonic Earth Elementals.

Dark Elves. Elves who began worshipping the moon rather than God. A lot closer to humans than other elves.

Deep Elves. Elves that live underground and worship the demonic spider queen Anansi. Also spider elves (read: drider), also worship Anansi, who encourages her two cults to kill each other. She's kind of a hitch like that.

Centaurs. K. Gargoyles. K. Beastfolk. K. Talking animals. K. Giants. K. Cyclops. K. Minotaurs. K. Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Kobolds, etc. Standard faire.

Fairies. Swiggity.
Avians. Bird people. Swiggity.
Tortugans. Wait, wtf? Yup. Turtle people. Motherfucking ninja turtles.
Pangolians. Anteater people. Fuckin A.
Merfolk. Awww yiss. Also Fishfolk. Reverse Merfolk. Yeah, they're a thing.

And then there's these fuckers. The polar ends of the spectrum. Remnants, robots made in ancient factories that come into their own sentience. And sometimes their own magic. And then there are Cohesions. They're spells. That have become people. Let that sink in. Magic that has gained sentience. And they take the form of their spell. Like Refraxion, the Crystal Burst Cleric. She was a fun one to play.

Yeah, there's a lot. Its a huge setting. Its also not out yet. Be on the lookout for it, though, because this is some awesome stuff!
Sadida were a big influence on them indeed. Heck, half the reason they're green skinned is because my first Sadida had green skin, after my hand slipped on the colour wheel. The idea of the gods shaping the races was nabbed from there, too, although in my case it was a more permanent (and arguably forced) conversion to create entirely new species.

Quite like the sound of your insects, although it seems like "The Insects" is somewhat lacking as a race name.

Is that your picture, or are you just using it for examples? Either way, they're a pretty neat selection.
Why are humans gone Anon?
File: 1380055091287.jpg (299 KB, 773x999)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Honestly, other than the elves-as-angels idea, most the races sound pretty standard. Pangolians and Tortugans are a nice addition to the standard formula, but aren't as out there as you seem to be imply. And why have bird people when you could have bat people?

The idea of living spells is quite nice, I remember seeing something similar in D&D4e's Monster Manual. As a player race, that's a pretty neat idea.
File: Noctalus.png (154 KB, 993x1252)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
I thought they were a good idea too
One of the main mysteries of the setting. All that's known for certain is that all the races (except maybe the Merfolk) are descended from humans - specifically, the gods of the setting, known as Incarnates, made them into the previously listed races in likeness of them, which also inferred them their magical powers. But where actual Homo Sapiens went? There's a few theories.

A popular one is that they just died out, that those who chose not to side with one of the Incarnates weren't numerous enough to stand the test of time. Or that none of the humans denied the Incarnate's gifts. Nice and clean, nothing underhanded.

More suspicious minded folk say that the Incarnates didn't give them any other choice, or that they wiped out all those that they didn't convert. They don't talk about that openly, though. The Incarnates are still in charge, after all, and they probably wouldn't appreciate such accusations.

One more out there theory indicates that the Sehrai are the actual remnants of humanity, forced to flee to the north where they were slowly corrupted by demonic forces left over from the Dawn War. It explains why the Sehrai's element is destruction, rather than creation, if nothing else.

And some say the humans aren't gone, that there's still some hiding out there, somewhere. There's sometimes the odd rumour of strange people living in hidden villages, but nothing's been founded yet. Maybe they fled across the sea. Maybe they'll come back some day.

Maybe all of the above is true. Or maybe it's something else all together.

(From an out of game perspective, really, it's up to what'd make a better story at the time it's revealed.)
File: 1351616271309.jpg (39 KB, 544x489)
39 KB
Go fuck yourself, snowflakes
Wait, so how advanced is technology in this setting?
File: EtherealFEM1.png (421 KB, 500x900)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
But are they really special snowflakes if there's an entire species of them? That seems to infer a lack of uniqueness in that setting.
Around late-medieval would be correct, I think? I'm not great with tech periods. Guns aren't a thing as of yet (possibly because the abundance of magic users makes them less notable), but widespread steel weapons and armour are. Possibly just a different path of technology progression to IRL.

I'll be honest, I've not given the exact tech level a huge amount of thought yet. Heck, I had bronze in common usage for armour not too long back, before realising that didn't cooperate so well with the big swords I like so much. As much as a copout as it is, I'd say it's roughly the "typical" fantasy tech level, the sort of thing you'd see in Lord of the Rings or Dark Souls.
Should have been to >>38706439 ,my mistake
Cool, and what is the name of the planet?
File: mossfolk.png (372 KB, 1200x800)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
The Mossfolk!

These cute little dudes are an idea I’ve had for a while: a race of moss-based life forms who live in a far-off future ravaged by magical warfare and the pollutants of man. They live peaceful tribal lives in scrapyard forests, full of song and craft. Though they may seem like simple beings, their society is complex and multi-faceted.
As they find rusted objects from the scrapyard and “grow into them” (though “grow over them” seems more fitting) they fill a niche that their tribe needs. Perhaps the pictured refrigerator-bodied mossfolk might follow a group of smaller mossfolk as they gather food and shiny objects.
Yeah, a lot of them were mostly borrowed from other systems and mythology, though the system as a whole relies on your ability to do and be basically anything you want. Minotaur ninja that can steal magic? Check. Phoenix (oh yeah, forgot those guys were a player race) with explosive magic who can juggle swords? Check. A living crystal explosion who can walk through a mountain and cast holy magic? Check. A mutant half-vampire (botched edition) who lives in a coffin carried by a lesser gargoyle and who has (Twinked out) telekinetic powers? He's That Guy, but Check.

Anyway, I did forget to mention Phoenixes, they're another race who left heaven to live on earth. They're also essentially timelords, minus the limited number of regenerations. They can take an alternate form that is unique for each reincarnation (Isaac took the form of a human in the process of "evolving" into a red dragon - and yeah, that is a mechanic of the game - while his reincarnation, who called himself Zephyr, took the form of an Elementine, or Half-elemental, Sylvestris.) they along with elves are the only really immortal playable races, but phoenixes do it better. With more fire.

There are a couple other races I didn't mention, mostly because they're untested thus far. Reptilians, Troglodytes, Oaken, Satyrs, Unicorns, Wanderers (interdimensional alien entities), Shroomlings, Brownies (essentially gnome/shillings with minor innate magical powers), Doppelgangers, and Draig (winged dragonlike humanoids). There's tons of them. And then there are nonracial options and magical abilities besides.

Our group joked about doing a Bad Cohesion game. We would be lead by House, a Cohesion of Shelter, which makes a small hut wherever it gets cast. And he has jumping Frenchman of Maine. So if you call his name too forcefully, you'd get buried under magical huts. It can be so much fun trying to mess with a system still in production.
Also implying Bat people aren't covered under Beastfolk. They're not explicitly stated to be, but that's what I'd classify them as. Although, that would be a cool addition, I'll have to put a word in with the author. Thanks, based anon.

Ah crap, I'm on mobile and forgot quick reply doesn't put my name on it automatically, this one was me.
Well. At the moment it's Eora, but I noted that's rather similar to another game I have heard very negative things about (Eoris I think it was), so I'm considering changing it, or at least giving the setting another title. Any particular reason you ask?
I find it odd when a planet doesn't have a name.
File: 1376557274791.jpg (61 KB, 798x597)
61 KB
Well, fair enough. At this point I've probably given enough on it to put it in the world building thread, but no time to be polite and review someone's stuff right now. Strange that they're considered separate thread topics really.
Perhaps if it's still up later. Thanks for the interest, still.
Humans (referred to as apemen by other races)
!Not-elf-orc hybrids that I put in because im tired of both, but my friends are lame
bat people genetically engineered by the last real elf
cajun gatorfolk
crystal people that fall from the sky
No Dwarves, gnomes, halflings, or other NotHuman Races.

We got elephant/Wharthog men who share a nation with brutish, hairless, crest-headed honeybadger men, and also small bat people.

We got Armadillo-like Communist lizards.

We got cannibal inuit musckox trolls who also become more Mongol-like the farther south they go.

Amphibious marine semi-amorphous diatomaceous chordates that are reproduce like fungi and communicate through chromatophores. They come in thre flavors: Normal Atlantian types, Deep One scavengers, and zaidaco satmarsh hicks.

Ascetic Vulture men who live in mountainous necropolises and play their femur-bone flutes.

Wolves and Jackelmen who are at constant war due to one side following the strict teachings of some prophet dude and the other side basically going full Kadath

Manti gypsies who like to con people into buying "ancient elven blades foldeda Thousand Times!"

Farapidaan and Mothkin

extinct ungulate elves who got genocided by everyone because they tried to fedora the fabric of reality away.

Dragons that are basically Time Lords from Galiphrey minus the space thing.

literal shiprat race from across the sea who sail around sell anything and everything because thier home is to overpopulated.

6 different Gnoll species, though I'm thinking of downsizing.

Humans, who are the only race that can into beards, who can become Giants and Titans by pleasing their patron god. Other humans split up in minor kingdoms and nation states

bio-mechanical robots leftover from the old empire who mostly isolate themselves on this giant space colony.

have yet to figure out how centaurs fit into everything, but they come in multiple forms. Been thinking of making Taurism a parasitic condition.

thats it so far, but I'm thinking of expanding more on the different sub cultures and sub-species of each race.
I keep on-and-off pondering about various settings. My most current:

>Rock Fell, Most-Everyone Died
Your two main (sapient) races are Liches and Goblins. I'm tempted to branch "Liches" out into "Undead (General)" or some other specific Undead subtypes, but I feel like just Liches serves the idea better. Might possible do some Deep Sea stuff too, but since there'd be little interaction between them and the above they aren't exactly necessary or relevant for any campaigns in the setting.

Long story short, the surface be fucked all the way to Amarillo. Pretty much everyone topside after [unknown disaster, thinking either a Dwemer-tier "You fucked up" magical cock-up but not finalized there either] died immediately, and those who didn't died soon after. Traditionally subterranean-but-near-to-surface races fared little better, but some were "lucky" enough to face a slow and ignoble death instead of a fast and similarly-ignoble one.

Resource scarcity made an already shitty situation (savaged cities, devastated houses / populations) even moreso, until eventually the "groups" that were able to bounce back strongest were Goblinoids (who at that time in their development were already VERY proficient at surviving off scraps / bouncing back from severe population drops / had little infrastructure to lose) and the odd subterranean Lich (a small number of which STILL aren't aware of what happened outside their own little world).

Further development requires setting in stone what other races USE to exist, whether it will be high or (relatively) low fantasy, and so-on, but the main things I have in mind are "Goblins are neither green gnomes nor compulsive backstabbers" and "Nobody fucks with the Liches anymore for damn good reason."
File: spoopytapir.jpg (90 KB, 600x400)
90 KB
made a setting based on my country and it's fucked up hybrid dynamic of two very different halves fighting over power with one half having little choice but to suck it up and find ways around the other to gain more independence, two major factions, but I'll just go into the races.

Jack of all trades, most humans live in the Eastern front although plenty live in the higher western lands, where they also control most of the legal and illegal trade, have a long running history of ups-and-downs with most races, primarily traders, but also known for being skilled smugglers and good fighters. No magic, they can understand what magic is but can't wrap themselves around how to use it, high technology

Half-elves of unknown origins, instead of your average elves, their origins are mostly tribal, having learned much of their more civilized ways from human eastern settlers that went into their lands in search for resources and treasure of the eldest races. Cambari are short stature, usually 4.7 up to 5 feet tall. Very friendly towards humans and other humanoid races, will tolerate the lesser human looking races too. Very jovial but also dedicated workers, master wood-smiths and have learned from humans to be master traders, not good fighters, would rather have humans do the fighting for them.

Tapir like people who are older than the Cambari themselves (believed by humans to be the first intelligent settlers of the east) Very large creatures, standing up to 8 feet tall, very bulky. They live in villages near, over and/or under the water. Powerful swimmers, although peaceful by nature, are known not to take kindly to intruders and take manners very seriously. They don't trust humans, but will interact with them for trade, however they are open brethren of the Cambari whose music and magic has delighted them for centuries.

part two coming up
We are ape people you plebeian.
File: didisey.jpg (229 KB, 857x678)
229 KB
229 KB JPG

second part coming in, finishing the eastern races and going into the westerns, possibly going to have to add a third part.

>Moss-Hill Giants
Moss-hill Giants resemble huge, bald, knuckle walking hulking sloths. Their extremely thick hide cannot grow any hair whatsoever, towering over most any other creature, natural predators are not of their concern, but smaller, more intelligent creatures that hunt them for food, bones and glory are reason enough for these giants to hide. However, something so large is very hard to hide, even in the dense jungles of the east, as their stride will sometimes topple a young tree over. These giants flock to the hills were they are often alone and feed of thick leaved trees on top of these hills, much like their entire body, their digestive system is slow and they can spend entire days slowly feeding. Moss from these hills is rampant to grow and often does grow and the bodies of these giant's thick hides, the moss attracts insects which in return attracts birds, which the giants have a fond enjoyment of, because of their bright colors and lovely chirps and melodies. These gentle giants are smart enough to have developed a very basic language consisting of only a few words, however they do not completely grasp the concept of society, factions or war, for which they avoid all other races and can grow uneasy when they feel their young are threatened by them, their powerful bodies are enough to deter most, but sometimes the message has to get sent through by tossing a stone the size of a small hut or swinging around a tree pulled fresh off the ground.

Sounds like the Ukraine...

the western factions are significantly more different in culture and biology due to the extreme change in geological conditions

>Copper-kin (Kullampu)
The Kullampu are truly ancient, very few of them are left, their skin glossy and shiny from an oil they secret to protect themselves from the harsh conditions of living in the dry cold mountains. These natural oils and the strong sunlight in the mountains above the clouds makes them look as if they had metallic skin. Their skins are much tougher than those of humans, their eyes very dark and deep. So few are left and even less that are willign to make contact with outsiders that it's a mistery to most regarding their origins. What is known is that most western races either descend from them or were once very closely linked to them in ancient times. Master metal workers and architects. They reside in the very few dozens of temples in the mountains, few venture to go that high just to see the race that will likely not even direct a single word to an outsider.

The Oru are a race of powerful, stout humanoids. Their skin thick and greyish (some males have been known to grow a blue hue skin tone). The Oru are thought to once have served the Kullampu themselves in their prime, now they are a race who distrusts most if not all races. Specially holding a grudge against humans who once enslaved them, the Oru will choose a Chieftain who must master the skills of a Craftsman, a Warlord and Shaman. Despite their crude image and politics, the Oru are surprisingly efficient and can rally their people who are spread across the west very quickly. Their current Chieftain holds much power to trade routes in the west. Oru's will grow long, black thick hair. Once they reach puberty, males will begin to grow tusks from their lower jaws. Despite their chieftain always being a male, females will also occupy role of regional and spiritual leaders.

File: llama.jpg (56 KB, 474x592)
56 KB

Finishing the western races here, not sure if thread is alive anymore but might as well.

>Silver nomads
Perhaps the most scorned race in the West and quickly making a bad reputation in the east. Silver nomads are a small, frail sickly people who are rumored to be descendants of the Kullampu themselves. Unlike the Kullampu, whose shiny metallic looking skin mesmerizes, the Silver nomads have a skin that looks like rusted metal with hints of silver. They are a primitive, aggressive people who will fight and squabble over small coins and shiny trinkets. They don't do any work such as farming, building, crafting or cleaning. The males send their females to large cities and towns to collect change and beg for scraps, while their young are skilled pickpockets due to their small size and nimble feet. Some silver nomads will just pointlessly wander and find a corner to sit in. To what most seem to find unfortunate, this race has unnaturally long live, believed to be a trait given from the Kullampu themselves, as to how they fell from grace, no one knows, but no one wants one sitting outside their business or house.

Camelid people of the mountain, their long necks and bizzare appearance has been the cause of much inspiration, mockery and awe. These beast-kin is as old as the very cold air of these lands. They wander the dry plains, setting small camps all around, dotting the plains of small huts lit by small fires which can be seen from the mountains like bright warm orange stars on the pitch black night. These camelids need no clothing because of their very thick fur, their legs are long, muscular elegant limbs as ar their delicate long arms which they pick weeds and flowers to brew medicine with, their long elegant neck is the last thing you see before the abrupt reality of their less than pretty faces comes forth, crooked long teeth that never really stop growing, round bulging eyes and a mouth that doesn't really stop salivating.

File: WoWScrnShot_041312_181712.jpg (348 KB, 1920x1080)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
I recently decided I want to have some sort of panda people in my setting, though I'm not sure how to go about this without just having them be a straight rip-off of Warcraft's pandaren. With my other races as they are, not!pandaren would be the last nail in the coffin of my setting and I'd have to resign to just calling it Nazeroth.

What could I do with pandas to give them new angle without losing the appeal of big, genial bear people?

how about pandas in a setting that isn't asian.
Like maybe give them a monk or priest ideals without it having to be eastern.
Considered that, but that just feels... wrong, somehow. Kinda like it defeats the purpose of them being pandas at all. They could just be regular bear-people if they were located somewhere else.

It's a weak excuse, I know, but it just doesn't work very well in my head. Knight pandas, pandas in turbans, etc. It's just hard to imagine them without the Chinese aesthetic.

>captcha: rumpr
>It's just hard to imagine them without the Chinese aesthetic.
perhaps we need to call upon a drawfriend who can imagine it for us?
The only area I don't really have mapped out is the northern section of Not!Asia. Perhaps they're dwellers of snowy mountains rather than bamboo forests?
>What is FTL for 500, Alex

Good on you though, FTL is a great setting with unique races.
This is 5e

Normal humans. They occupy most of the lands and come from farmers up to emperors. Average but powerful and plenty.

Fox people. Human looking with tails of fox and fox ears classic weeaboo. The more magical the more tails they have with tails equal to the level of spells they can cast (so 9th spell level casters have 9 tails). They are composed of priests and bards. They are charismatic and wise and thus have lots of positions of power among the courts as advisers and consorts.

The bastards of human and kitsune unions and the only half-breed of human and beastfolk. While they breed true and produce other Half-Foxes when crossed between them and kitsune, they only produce humans when breeding with humans. (They are for all intents and purposes Half-Elves). Half-Foxes never hold positions of power.

Catfolk. They are cat looking, dextrous, wise and lucky. They are known as powerful archers, great rangers and swift swordsmen. They don't have power and are considered wanderers.

Birdfolk/Aarakokra. They are known as the hounds of heaven. Most reside in close knit communities and outside of human civilization.

Ratfolk. Resembling rats, dexterous and intelligent. Known as thieves and wizards. The highest they can hope for is being a scholar and most never become more than a merchant.
Working on a setting that is heavily inspired by Lovecraft, Voodoo, Tribal, Dark Souls, and other esoteric themes. No pantheon of deities, but rather vague concepts of spirits and primal "entities" that are beyond normal comprehension, ie great old ones, etc. They don't play a role in the world, and are barely understood if at all acknowledged. The main races are seperated into the Surface races and the Subterranean races.

Surface Races-
Orcs: Similar in physique and appearance to standard fantasy orc. Culturally and thematically similar to tribal Native Americans, more specifically the pacific northwest. Shamanism, totems, etc. They are NOT the fierce, blood thirsty, warring orcs of standard fantasy. They live in a symbiotic societal relationship with the goblins, making up for eachother's physiological advantages and disadvantages. The orcs are bigger, stronger, wiser, and more adept at leadership. There are three distinct "subspecies" of orcs, the "brutes", the "sages", and the "chiefs." Each can be born of any parents, but determines their role in the tribe.

Goblins: Similar in appearance to that of the standard fantasy goblins. Divided into two subspecies, the gremlins and the runts. The runts are more agile and adept with physical tasks, but are more fragile. The Gremlins are more intelligent, creative and ingenuitive. They live in a symbiotic societal relationship with the orcs. They are one "culture", essentially.

Lizardfolk: WIP. Being fleshed out still. So far the idea is to make them African, voodoo, and alchemy themed.

Warforged: Will be renamed. Also currently being fleshed out. Mayan, Aztec, south american themed. Orderly and peaceful culture and society. Made of stone, precious gems, and metals.

Subterranean Races:
Drow: Visually similar to standard drow. Culture influenced and based around Hinduism. Divided into an upper and lower caste.

Duergar: Being fleshed out. May be replaced.

Svirfneblin: Being fleshed out. May be replaced.

There's still a lot of work to do to finish the setting. Humans as of now don't exist, but may be a primitive species only barely more than wild animals.
>tree people, about 6 to 8 feet tall
>high sexual dimorphism: males covered in bark, females stemmy and leafy, like gardevoir
>need no food, only water and sunlight
>vulcan in mannerism, very cold and logical
>culture values fair trade, honor and diplomacy, but hates undead
>no one knows how they mate
Here are my 2 current ideas for bad guy races
Weeaboo Orcs- Take the standard of green, strong, and fast breeding and add Samurai and other elements of Japan at its most warlike and expansionist. Even with honor duels to the death being common(if your not willing to die for your honor, their are 5 more guys who will and can take your position), their still suffering from over population, so their on the war path to get more land.
Templar Centaurs- I admit I got this from /tg/. Extremely religious centaurs with a strict caste system. They practice something eugenics, the priest caste taking directions from on high to select couples to make the next generation better at their birth assigned task, generating distinct breeds. They see themselves as better than the two legged races because their gods spent generations of hard work and selective breeding to make them better.
Original races are as follows.

>Tall creatures with eight eyes, three fingers, and a triangular mouth.
>The Yog have very large brains and high intelligence.
>Eidetic memory is very common.

>Big lizardmen with regenerative abilities.
>Their very souls are incapable of casting magic.
>The Sargiss are technologically the most primitive, though they still forge metal, but they are the most socially advanced, they live with nearly zero crime and corruption.
>They are physically the toughest and strongest major races, being able to bench like 1,000 pounds if trained.
>My favorite

>Snake men created to serve their old gods.
>Lower body is a giant tail. Snake head with poison bite.
>The Hish are devoid of all unnessecary emotions and sensations.
>They only serve the whims of others. Though few are born with free will.

>Bird men that worship a dead dragon.
>The Draal fight the Orq (My name for Orc) in a constant battle for dominance over their wasteland terrain.
>Draal are quick, agile, and mean. They fight dirty and do anything to win.

>Horrible fish men
>Faces like an angler fish
>They feed off the suffering off the other races.
>They reside in the cold bottom of the sea.
>Lo can influence the tides and storms.
>Very scary

Other races include
>5th dimensional time traveling beings that surpass gods.
>Most powerful major race (In my setting though there really isnt a most powerful, just the Elves are believed to be the strongest)
>Sons of stone, they live in mountain cities.
>Green/white raiders. Deadly but very poorly educated and without any mounts making them barely a threat to any great power.
>8ft-tall muscular bird people with solid bones.
>They control a massive empire that is mostly situated in the southwestern regions of the "central continent" of my setting's world, and have steampunk tech.
>Originally made to be my setting's dorfs, but instead became more like a less religiously-fanatical and more torture and conquest-happy analogue of WHFB's Empire.
>They believe they are destined to dominate the entire world, and usually go on conquests to meet that destiny.
>Conquered enemies are usually given the choice of either becoming "vassals" or continuing to die fighting the Ferroken Empire.
>They don't automatically go and try to conquer every foreigner they see though, and are fairly pragmatic for the most part. They often see that it's better to study another group and wait for the right moment before sending their armies forth, and will make temporary alliances whenever they see fit.

>Slenderman/grey alien-like people who live on the moon.
>Hinted to be descended from remnants of an ancient civilization who fled to the moon to escape their empire's destruction.
>Mostly isolationist, content to remain ignorant of the world below and live long, decadent lives on the moon that they've turned into their own sort of personal pleasure paradise, until in recent times.

>Tar people with some Dark Eldar and Xenomorph characteristics.
>Descended from outcasts of Runakvir society, who were exiled from the moon because they practiced stuff that was considered to be heavily forbidden by the Runakvir.
>They like messing around with "chaos magic" and "bio-magi-tech", and have created various sorts of hideous monsters to serve them.
>Heavily despised by most of the other races in my setting, and are one of the few races on the Ferroken Empire's "0/10 would not offer a chance to be vassals" list.
>The Runakvir, having recently found out about them and what they've been doing, naturally want to exterminate them as well.

>Rat/lizard-like people, most stand at about 4-5ft tall.
>Most serve the Ferroken as vassals.
>Arguably the most numerous and loyal of the Ferroken vassals, though there are still plenty of "wild" and independent Kobold clans scattered across my setting's world.

>Started out as 2hu ripoffs.
>I dunno' what to do with them at this point.
>Barely fleshed-out.

>Actually a minor race in this setting and not very common.
>Are an experiment made by the Youkai/Fairfolk mentioned above.
>What look like actual elves and dorfs are actually just human subraces, and probably more minor than the humans.

>Lizardmen who worship some sort of "great tree" and a magical well or spring or something right next to the roots of said tree.
>Are split into a wide variety of subraces based off different kinds of reptiles.
>Total bros with my setting's treants, and often charge into battle riding treant and dinosaur-like mounts.

Got a bunch of other races planned for my setting, but they either have almost nothing to them or I can't be bothered to list them all.
I decided on how I'm going to establish my panda people. Reclusive mountain-dwellers that were driven north by the imperialistic humans to the south in ages past. They once dwelt in peace with one another until a particularly puritanical emperor decreed that "beast people" were to be removed from the world, and were a blight that infested human lands.

The monkey-people were driven south-west into the protection of my Indian-themed nation (but eluded the attempts on their lives for the most part), while rat people just flat-out resisted being wiped out by their numbers and survivability, before the next emperor took the throne and rescinded the frivolous crusade.

The panda people, however, were not as swift as the monkey or ubiquitous as the rat, so they had no choice but to find somewhere to hide.
I like this, I like the way you think
How about Siberian tigers?ures
They can have a mixture of russian and chinese cultures
The demons in my setting are simply the undead, which will actually regenerate, the more flesh they consume, the more they consume, the more they remember of who they were, friends, family, homestead, every bite they recover more of themselves, until one day they stop being mindless beasts, and are now sentient beings, physically identical to who they were, but despite having recovered memories of their former life, they now have so many memories of their new lives that the two find themselves in conflict. The turning point of this conflict is when this zombie consumes enough to recover the memory of his death, at which point he is truly reborn, reforged by this memory, into a creature defined by it. The man who died being eaten by a pack of wolves, will e reborn as a werewolf, she that died in the passionate arms of her lover shall become a succubus. the combinations of circumstances are endless.
File: tigerman.jpg (159 KB, 800x933)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Not a bad idea, though I was mostly trying to find a place to toss pandas into the mix.
My group plays a custom setting i made since i'm pretty much the eternal DM. It's mid to low fantasy inspired by things like the souls series and ASoIaF, so most of the races are just variations on humans. I'm worried they're not really interesting enough though. Tell me what you think.

There are many different cultures and races, but the primary one is a combination of greek and chinese. Only difference physically from regular humans is that in this the average human can live up to 200 years.

Giants from the north, nomadic vikings, specialized glands on their throat allow them to breathe fire.

Humanoids with long necks, slender bodies, rough leathery skin, and lizard like horns accenting their features. Desert people with natural affinity for magic.

Physically near-identical to humans, but the proportions of their arms/legs are slightly more apelike. When adrenalin rises, they double in size, hair increases, and gain the proportions of a gorilla (knuckle walking, tiny legs, etc). But otherwise still look like big burly humans. Think Jekyll/Hyde: the race. Also the most technologically advanced.

The only beast folk in the setting. Humanoid fish creatures deep-one style. Wild Yheleshi are entirely solitary and animalistic so they lack individual culture. Can still survive indefinitely on land, so they've been able to integrate into various human societies. Though they are much simpler and more aggressive than other races.

Large humanoids (somewhere between Human and Salamir in hight) with red leathery skin, no hair, and one large flesh covered horn on their forehead. Females have two horns. Sort of aztec tribals, but more complicated. Rarely, members of their race literally ascend to godhood due to a rare genetic configuration.

If anyone is actually interested or wants to hear more about the individual races, just ask. They're all very fleshed out, i just wanted to keep it all in one post.
Military science fiction setting I'm working on.

>Lizard-people -- space dragons, because why the fuck not.
>Heinlein-esque government, fairly militant.
>Held a strongly unified society for a couple centuries but as the darker side of their government came to light, their civilization began to fracture under the strain of government overreach.
>Strong aesthetic inspiration from post-coldwar USAF childhood.
>Quite xenophobic following their encounter with the Val'Turri, known as the Extinction War.
>Lost 19 billion people and 33 planets in the War.
>Still trying to pick up the pieces.
>Kinda built around my concepts of an ideal "Space America"

>Vaguely dog-like
>Extreme and extensive cybernetic enhancements
>Travel the stars in a single massive locust-like fleet
>Grow artificial organs such as brains to help control their starships
>Strip planets of biological matter to grow these organs, and then break down the planet itself
>A lot of Hadeans ended up being "biological matter"
>Got BTFO because one fucking crazy military officer was fucking crazy enough to "liberate" and weaponize civilian mining equipment, which ended up delaying them enough for newer Hadean warships to come online.
>Lost two thirds of their fleet in the final battle and escaped using an unknown FTL system, haven't been since.

>Not present at all
>They aren't nonexistent, just on the other side of the galaxy, where they have no impact on anything whatsoever.

I actually wrote a couple HFYs based around this setting for shits and giggles. One of them, "We Had Come for the Val'Turri", still gets posted here once in a while.
saving this
>Motherfucking Squid Vikings
Squids are the best
Well copy Human races with slight variations is insanely boring to me. I dont really even like having Elves and Dwarves (I never include shit like Gnomes or Halflings).
Is that a picture of a beard elemental?
Are their mages called Ah K'ins, Ah Nakoms, Ah Itz, and Camazotz?
File: 152387432984672.jpg (6 KB, 224x224)
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oh fuck
File: 1424882495193.gif (80 KB, 223x199)
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>I dont really even like having Elves and Dwarves (I never include shit like Gnomes or Halflings).
U're a shet too
I just dont waste time on terrible races. I dont think ill include Dwarves either.
Please stop spreading heresy. Thinking of elves or dwarves only as "human variations" is the pinnacle of your stupidity. I recon you're a murderhobo-loving DM ?
Races adds diversity in a game. It adds interaction between the players and the GM. In a way, it help them being "clever" players. Going full human can be a good choice in some settings, but justifying it by saying that other races are shit is a proof of how hard you are that GM
Dude, shut the fuck up. Including ten variations of the Human race with height differences is boring as shit. How about you actually read my post, you stupid fuck, and realize that I said variant Human races are boring, I never said other races all together are boring. I include a dozen nonhuman races. Fucking read you idiot.
File: 1425346980818.jpg (161 KB, 500x628)
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161 KB JPG
>Human races with slight variations is insanely boring to me. I dont really even like having Elves and Dwarves (I never include shit like Gnomes or Halflings).
> I dont think ill include Dwarves either.
>Human variations are boring, that's why I don't like elves and dwarves.
Okay, I though that you used only human. But you still consider dwarves and elves as "variations" of human.
In a way, yes they are. But they are so much than that. It's like saying that human are monkey derivation, so they suck
So, calm your jimmies man, there's no reason to get angry.
>I include a dozen nonhuman races
How are we supposed to know that ? Stop being a faggot
Then dont say shit like "pinnacle of your stupidity". Sorry though, I probably got a little to angry. Anyways I dont like the short races in particular, Dwarfs, Gnomes, and Halflings are hard to make interesting. I find other races can cover those areas far better. Elves are alright.
I never said I didnt include other races, I was talking about the races I dont like. If you look at the original post I responded too, his world only had variant Humans. So shut up and read, maybe then you can know what other people are talking about.
>I never said I didnt include other races
But you never said you were
How about you dont make assumptions on things you know nothing about and keep your mouth shut?
>le epic jimmy maymay
Migrated to the Continent from the North in two waves in the equivalent of the Stone Age; their descendants would go on to form the nations of Valtrusal (not!Mexico/Morocco) and Ardennia (not!Eastern Europe/Morocco). About 1700 years ago, during the equivalent of the Iron Age, new men came from the hitherto unknown West and founded the largest empire seen in millennia, Erath (not!France/Cyrodil). Erath has largely diminished in power since then, and is now on par with Valtrusal. Humans as a race are generally aggressive and imperialistic, not taking no for an answer.

>Elves, "White Elves" or "Common Elves"
These are the run of the mill "normal" elves of The Continent. They lived here before the humans, sometimes as nomads, but were known to on occasion settle down into small communities. They now are most often found living beside humans in the three human nations, however there is a growing White Elven Union in the snow north of Erath who seek autonomy. White Elves as a race are naturally more adroit than their human counterparts and find themselves filling high positions in the Church of the Four and the Arcane Lodge, however some elements of human personality have rubbed off, and they are just as often found adventuring and fighting.

>Merelves, "Blue Elves" or "Sea Elves"
At some point long in the past, elves diverged as a race into three groups: the second of these were the Merelves. Their skin varies in shades of light blue, and their hair ranges through seafoam green, deep sapphire, cloudy white, and in rare cases even lavender. They are adept sailors and live in the warm nation of Sykon. Their innate grasp of wind and water magics only furthers their sailing abilities. In matters of character, Merelves are even more free-spirited than humans, but lack the hard hedge in favour of a weathered joviality. In the past they warred with their Nagaki and Aethos neighbours, but circumstance has brought the three together as staunch allies.
Ruled by a council of wizards. If you can prove to enough people that you should be allowed into the council, then you are in.

>Ethereal Spawn
non-intelligent creatures spawned from magical energies. It is said no two are alike. These range from nuisances to horrors the size of cities. Very destructive. Hated by everyone.

>The Lost
Primitive humans who still wander the ethereal plane. Every now and again a group of them stumbles upon the rest of humanity. They probably outnumber the rest of humanity, but nobody really knows.

>Foocubi (working name)
No traditional language making communication with other species difficult. Not organized in any significant way. They view magic to be a form of self-expression in addition to being a tool or weapon. Humans see no benefit in bonding with them, but their relationship isn't hostile.

>Bull/Crab people (working name)
Beastly people who want to take what humanity has got. Generally organized in small clans, but sometimes clans will group up for a particular objective. They couldn't survive an outright war with humanity, but are a threat nonetheless.

>Loner Demons (name not final)
They built a bunch of stuff in the Ethereal Plane that is now abandoned, having moved on to build something else. They just want to be left alone. Many of their structures become inhabited by other groups.

broad term used by humanity to describe anyone not in the above groups
>Hebelves, "Grey Elves" or "Mountain Elves"
The third elven race. They are so rare that many don't believe that they even exist. They live in the massive Indas Mountain range northwest of Erath. They rarely venture forth from their mountainy strongholds, preferring the safety of isolation. Much shorter and hardier in stature than their more fair cousins, the Hebelves are a suspicious and serious folk, devoting much of their free time into building ever higher and deeper their magnificent stone cities.

>Nagaki or "Lizardmen"
Also hailing from Sykon, these bipedal lizards build their cities underwater along the shallow coastlines. They are a physically intimidating race, towering between 7 and 9 feet tall, with hard scales augmenting whatever armour they choose to wear. Their art and craftsmanship is often described as primitive and alien, and few non-Nagaki ever venture into their cities. As a race, they rarely practice magic; instead, nearly every Nagaki knows to some extent their ancient martial arts, fighting with their bodies and strange weapons. Masters of this style are even able to manifest their fiery will and discipline as jets of flame projected from their hands and feet. Characteristically, the Nagaki are a deliberate and thoughtful people, staunch in their beliefs and iron in their willpower.

>Aethos, or "Halflings"

Colloquially called Halflings by almost all other races, the Aethos are as old as time itself, though no-one is quite sure how they came into being. They are a long-lived people, with a stature rarely exceeding 5 feet. Their hair is most often curly and black, skin tanned by years in the warm Sykian sun. They are known as the finest artists and craftsmen in the world, building enormous monuments, statues, and buildings. In personality, the Aethos are creative, starry-eyed, and fun loving, which belies their incredibly long lifespan. They are now allies with the Merelves and Nagaki, forming the Sykian Consulate.
>Ayikke or "Bearmen"
They are a semi-nomadic people that wander their eponymous snowy lands north of all other nations. They are the size of real-life polar bears, and are almost exactly the same in appearance, except for their slightly more opposable thumbs. They spend as much time on all fours as on two paws. They aren't known for their craftsmanship, eschewing weapons over claws. They do make simple clothes out of animal skins, and trade for wool cloth with the people of northern Erath. They don't have a formal government or border, but most clans do answer to the Roving Council, a nomadic group of wisemen who have left their clans to devote their lives to thinking and neutral advisorship. In personality, they are gruff, tight-knit, and prone to bouts of rage.
Since the socialist revolution, this once wealthy race of traders and craftsmen have grown isolationist, only leaving their underground strongholds to trade gold for things that cannot be found underground. Their once gaudy metalwork has turned austere: functionality is the prime directive. In recent years, the Leader and his advisors have grown corrupt, skimming off the top of the massive production of the Dwarven Union. Rumours of rebellion spread, though few outside the isolated nation hear them.
A race of super-religious theocratic people with an aptitude for all things stone and metal. They're really big and tall and made of stone.

A superhumanly intelligent race of short people who make gadgets and things that blow up. They are without exception insane and have set their entire civilization back to the stone age by accident thrice in recorded history. They currently are making progress in developing space travel.

A highly educated and intelligent race with a democratic republic governmen, a monotheistic religion, and a powerful church. They are highly technologically advanced in comparison to other races but not as advanced as gnomes, despite having safer technology and more infrastructure. They fight wars with guns, bulletproof armor, and iron steam-powered ships. Humans are one of the world's superpowers, the other being the golems.

>Baya Basu
A race of philosophical semi-nomadic people who practice martial arts. They are like humans but with pointy ears, cat-like eyes, and metallic-colored skin.

A race of physically powerful, but slow walking trees.

>Wood Elves
A race of elves. They're actually made out of wood and have wooden skin. They are ruled by druids and do not respect the lives of other races, except the treants who they're good friends with.

>Sea Elves
A race of elves with bodies made of seawater. They're prolific traders and pirates.

>Frost Folk
The first race to walk the earth, these are viking peoples who're like humans but physically tainted by the essence of elemental ice. They're wise but not very smart and can berserk in combat. They don't have a unified government and instead live in separate city-states that often fight each other.

A magically potent race with whispy, insubstantial bodies made out of all the magical elements (air, earth, etc.) combined. They have a magocratic government and worship powrful elemental spirits instead of gods.
I should mention that these races were made in a game of Dawn of Worlds.
Humans, except lots of people are born with minor innate magical talents, and are trained to use them by Knightly Orders.

Also fishmen who raid the coast and batmen who make the jungle terrifyingly dangerous
So a feudal Europe version of One Piece?
Since I have two worlds/planes in my setting, it's a little complicated to explain it clearly, but I'll try anyway...

First World: Very low magical setting. It's size is really small and there's not many people and countries in it. A third of it is one giant forest, the rest is based of different combinations of Mountains, plains and deserts.

>They all live in the forest, in small villages medieval-like. The workers serve the warriors, class who protect them from the various dangers of the forest. Why would they stay if it's dangerous ? Because it's worst out of it.
Some villages have fallen to monster attacks, leaving ancient ruins, but most of them are still populated. They usually stay in their villages, but some of them leave , seeking for adventure or glory.

The Spider people (called Nakala):
>Guardians of the forest, they tend not to attack unless you provoke them. They are not considered to be sentient by human people, but they all serve a queen. They mostly live in the upper level of the trees, and only react if threatened, or if some trees are cut. >Considered as a legend by some villages, or even worshipped. Quite curious in nature.

>Leave in the mountains in the Cold north. Considered as legendary people of mighty warriors and blacksmiths. They don't leave their mountains, which are impossible to access (unless you can survive the glacial environnment).

Kilbia's tribe:
>Sand people who live in the hungry desert (named like that because of it's obvious hunger for human lives), they don't like to speak or trade with srangers, but they will respect them if they pass a trial to join their tribe. Kilbia is the name of their leader. Each time he dies, the new one start woring this name in order to honour their ancestors.
A few barbarian tribes:
>They live in the plains, are NOT peaceful (at all). They are all about proving their honour and abilities to fight. They organize various events, most of them including killing the giant beasts that roam free in the plains (mammoth and dinosaurs-like creatures, from 5 to 30 meters high).

Undead people:
>They live in a desolate land, hidden by a few mountains from the people of Kilbia. They serve various lich who are fighting each other to gain the title of overlord and the right to attack the other countries. They are all very loyal and serve a complicated etiquette. The lichs (5 in total) represent most of the wizards of the entire world (7 mages in total).

Cont for other world
Might as well toss my lot in here as well

Chosen people of the sun god, they adapt quickly to most situations, but without propper order they fall apart and get picked off easily. They are foolish and arrogant, sometimes sacrificing anything to their goal. Their greatest vitrue is their bravery, being able to fight fear and fight aginst terrible odds, some say they just don't comprehend the danger of it.

The orginal chosen people of the moon before they turned their backs to it. Darker skinned triblistic people, prefer dense forests or small caves. Their race is cursed by so that they may never show their face in the light or they shall die. They have better tactics and teamwork than most of the other races, silent, clever and wise.

10 humans made a deal with the Demon Sangul, gaining strength and skill without the fear of death. They are tied to 10 bloodlines, known as the 10 demon beasts, each with a specific weakness, (and their general weakness to a stake through the heart) and powers (invisibility, domination, flight, ect.). They see themselves better than most beings but mostly whine and bicker between each other, and are lethargic to doing anything but drinking blood of the living(doesn't have to be humanoids).

The second children of the moon, taken from the flock of the other races, these are but beasts now. They have the ability to bond with the spirts of the world when they hit the age of 7, and after that point they are bonded to it, and at points are unable tell the difference. During the full moon they go bezerk and are but beasts, unable to control their base desires and wants, but some do not make it back and become what is known as Wendigos.
Second world: Magic isn't a common practice, but there's a few magical schools and families that rule over it. The main family/faction is the Darkmagic one. Despite their name, they are not about dark magic of any sort. They usually are very powerful magicians, and only them can cross the barrier with the second world and still use their powers (because your magical potential is diminued if you go their (not permanent)).

>They are everywhere. Litterally. Used by a lot of other races for tasks or jobs, they are commonly used to do the taxes for example.
>Light-hearted, they tend to quickly panic if they go in trouble or are being menaced.

>Not that common, but they are well-known adventurers and fighters. They invented mousquets and cannons, but they are keeping it a secret from the other races. Otherwise, classical fantasy race.

>Armor bound
Forged by the Sun to first protect the humans, but later given free will, these are living armors, with a magical fire inside that grants them life. However durable, they can be cut and heal like any other race, however their biggest worry is that their fire was kinded by the sun, but now that the sun is asleep they must find new ways to stoke their internal furnace.

Orginaly mindless undead, some Lemius looked for a way to cheat death, and they found it, by making a deal with the Demon Termio and they become the first 6 liches, each taking the name of a color, these 6 control the undead and give some lucky champions minds and memories, a type of Faux-soul. They have no grander desire than to live in peace, however their people grow hungry, and they may take over places for their own desires.

(As a note a big theme in this game is duality)
Oh i sorta expected this thread to be dead in the morning. Weird.

That's pretty much my exact problem. It's hard if not impossible to find a comfortable middle ground between a lowish fantasy setting and having animal people walking around. Plus i'm just as bored by "it's a familiar animal but it stands up and wears pants" races. Basically if you can describe your race as "___people" then it always rubs me the wrong way.

Care to explain? I got that word from some native american dictionary/ word generator or something years ago and have no idea if it means anything.

No but i'll be fucked if i don't find a way to implement beard elementals into any future games.
>Dominant race on Earth due to industrial revolution that took place after magic left the world
There are also subtypes of humans
>Chimera: People born of a cursed bloodline that makes them part animal. Common because before magic left the earth, gods and wizards handed out curses like candy.
>Hob- Human/Demon hybrid or a descendent of such a mixture. Many come from one island where thousands of years demons enslaved and bred with human population.
>Undead- Self explanatory. One continent was wiped out in Bubonic-esque plague. Whole continent now undead.

>Ape people that evolved alongside humans
>Enslaved before able to develop their own culture
>Now almost fully integrated in human society

>Abe Sapien-like fish people
>Rarely deal with surface dwellers

>Sentient dragon subspecies
>Once had prosperous nations that lasted since before human civilization
>Reduced to bickering tribes due to human imperialism

>Experimental machine race built by humans
>One gained sentience, forced scientists off of island
>Mass produced sentient robots that now rule their own nation

>Three foot tall colonial arthropods that live deep underground
>Less than 1% of population decides to leave their colony and live with surface societies

>Extinct squid people that worshiped Lovecraftian gods
>Ruins have advanced technology that humans and merfolk attempt to reverse engineer
Elves - look like a mix of greys and human, rare, savage, highly magical
Dwarves - think of the romans, but dwarf size.
Make up most of the world population. Have spread across the entire world, highly militaristic.

Savage, tribal catfolk. Previously known for hunting and eating humans, intense military intervention has lead to a genetic bottlecap, survivors have either survived as bandit clans, or integrated to certain human societies. Only race to successfully perform necromancy, which is regarded as a way to honor the holy dead. Ancestor worship is incredibly culturally important.

Subterranean lizard men. Large, strong, and have powerful mages. Masonry is a very important skill, with craftsman being as well respected as war lords and priests. Statues are carved to honor cultural heroes. The only group in contact with humanity is descended from exiled demon worshippers.

>Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders
A race of giant, intelligent, friendly talking spiders. Whimsical race of naive arachnids content to live a life of comfort and gnats.

A deep race of wizards and artificers living beyond the scope humanity and others, locked in a centuries old conflict with a deadly insectoid race. Capable of incredible magic using hand carved crystals.

Yes, I'm running a campaign based in Jeff Vogel's Avernum/Exile universe, and it's glorious.
File: 1409367996086.jpg (209 KB, 1145x1358)
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209 KB JPG
I have a futuristic space opera game in the works. Races aren't done yet, but here's what there is so far. Starting with my most fleshed out race. Humanity, of corse.

Humans as a species are some of the most technologically advanced in the universe. They augment their bodies with mechanical enhancements from silicon based micro-systems, to replacing a third of their natural body with fully mechanical replacements by adulthood. A "raw human" is an extremely rare thing, though purists do exist. Human's are notoriously aggressive and considered to be a warrior race by most others, as even their politics are laced with treachery. All results of losing their home system.

Having developed on a death world with somewhat low gravity and a relatively toxic environment, they may be smaller than other races, but they are much denser, meaning they hit harder, jump higher, survive more grievous injuries, and are capable of great feats of stamina.

Humans once had an impressive empire spanning dozens of systems, with more individual nations than many other species combined. Spent so much time warring amongst themselves that they never managed to contact other species. Created the Arc Drives, space station sized computers capable of perfectly storing human brainwaves and reuploading them to bio-mechanical bodies, effectively creating immortality. Before cataclysmic events, entire populations could be uploaded to an Arc Drive and just come back at a later date when their population could be sustained. The technology needed to create an arc drive was held in absolute secrecy. It was only ever held by a handful of people, and never left earth.

File: Android.jpg (545 KB, 1200x800)
545 KB
545 KB JPG

Eventually first contact was made, and a war was started over something absurdly petty. A mining ship being destroyed or a single worker being accidentally killed. The resulting war led to the Earth and sun system being destroyed, taking most of the Arc Drives and the knowledge on how to make them with it. The human race committed genocide after genocide against the perpetrators and their allies, of which only few remain, and now occupy their homeworld as their own. Calling it "New Earth" in typical human fashion.

Today there are many human worlds, outside of their foothold on New Earth, but not nearly as many as before the war. While Humanity tries it's best to stay out of the affairs of other species, Human mercenaries are commonly utilized as shock troopers and elites by allied species.

And the rest

Not necessarily a race all their own, androids are the result of a human returning from an Arc Drive and being put into an artificial body. Despite having all their same memories and personality, having copied the exact brain activity from the human’s time of death, many don’t consider the same human that went into the drive to be the same as the one that cam out, only a copy. Further, the bodies of the androids are fully manufactured, even what few biological functions they maintain.This distinction has warranted many to consider Androids not human.

Androids who’s artificial intelligence has also been created, as opposed to transferred from an Arc Drive, also exist. Though they are referred to as A.I’s. The difference is minute, but it matters to them.

This is the only alien race i've come up with yet.

The Kkratoan race are one of the most deadly creatures in the galaxy. Though not because they're particularly powerful, in fact the Kkratoan are notably frail. But because of a passive pathogen they carry from their home planet. The Kkratoan home world is infected by a plague of parasitic microorganisms that live inside all living things, as well as being air and waterborne. While the native species to the planet have long since evolved to coexist with the organism, it's proven to be invasive and deadly to anything not from the Kkratoan home world. This has made the Kkratoan people extremely poisonous to all other races. Called "The Kkratoan Plague", the organism has been known to quickly contaminate the environments their hosts visit. The Kkratoan home world is strictly off limits, as any shipments or people returning from the planet are considered contaminated, and individual Kkratoans are only allowed to travel off world if specially allowed by galactic council. While off world, Kkratoans must remain in a regulated environment suit to contain the plague.

The Kkratoan Plague is a unique case of a species having a contagious immune system. Once infecting an unfamiliar host, the organism will attempt to do it's job by purging all "foreign" bodies. The plague targets unfamiliar RNA specifically, and judges it as invading disease and infections. Once the "threat" has been clearly established, the microorganism will begin to search and destroy. Unfortunately, everything inside an alien body would be foreign to the organism. Causing it to attack every cell or microstructure it comes in contact with once inside. In a desperate act to "heal" what it perceives as a body being attacked on a massive level, the parasite will expend all it's available energy to multiply at an extraordinary rate.

So i know all that was a mouthfull, but if anyone read it, can i get some feedback? Would play/10?
My world is mostly typical fantasy fare, deliberately so because in all my years of tabletop I never got to do a cliche Tolkien-esque world. There are a couple big differences though, namely that the dwarves are the rulers of the great empire that spans most of the continent. Elves have their own client kingdom inside the empire and more or less get along with everyone, they're less smug pricks and more "friend of all living things". Gnomes are a client race of the dwarves and are mostly rustic, vaguely Germanic woodland dwellers. Halflings don't exist, but basically got blended with Gnomes. There's a rival human empire across the sea who use gnolls as an elite military force after they killed Yeenoghu and enslaved the entire Gnoll race.

The only original race I've got is a race of seafaring lemur people who originate from a tropical island off the coast of the human empire.
You're all a bunch of faggots.

Here's the races from my setting:
>Soviet Russian Humans

>Tzarist Russian Humans

>Capitalist American Humans Actually Russian Federation Humans
File: 1357010151771.jpg (89 KB, 640x1004)
89 KB
Science Fantasy / Space Opera setting. Only three races, though each has a lot of variety within it.

The progenitor race, from which Mannequins descend and who built the first Oneiroi. Their culture is ancient and filled with infinite nuance. Most infrastructure and technology in the universe was built by them, though a particular human and any other race of approximate age/experience could understand the technology and reproduce it equally. However, most technology was designed and understood by and for humans, thus humans enjoy benefits such as better medicine, designer genetics, and much better cybernetics. Sexual reproduction is slower than what is used by other races, and thus humans have the smallest population (though much greater than Oneiroi if Erebos is exluded)
>variants include natural, various genetically altered/improved types, and various cyborgs.

The result of genetic tampering of an alien species by humans. Mannequins a genderless humans born from said alien (an immoble plant-like creature). They are born quickly and age quickly, though are somewhat more ridged physically and even emotionally than humans. Strongly communal, treating their whole community closer to how a human regards their immediate family. Have pale, coarse skin/hair and lack most soft tissues and cartilage.
>Variants include various common to rare mutations ranging from closer copies of humans to large gorgon-like beasts.

And the Oneiroi, who don't fit in this post.

And a lot of non-sapient aliens and robots, but I assume they aren't relevant.
So malnourished potato, crazy potato, and greasy potato?

That's boring having nothing but potatos plus it'll all make your gut all fat. Add in some onions, a bit of cream, some venison, carrots, and a good strong stock.
File: 1312226916922.jpg (459 KB, 470x658)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
>Humans/Half elves are the most widespread race many humans used to be (and some still are) tribal before they could rely on magic
>Elfs and Dark Elfs (both descendents of Cave elfs)
>Gnomes - basically extinct, were incredibly technical and poor at magic
>Skar - Lizard/Dragon people very aristocratic society worship dragons
>Soleirans - Cursed humans and elfs who have been turned into scorpion people
>Naga - have huge underground cities under desert oasis'
>Centaurs - Warrior clans that live on desolate wasteland, very common to see them raiding
>Satyr - Most Lavish themselves on fine wines and clothes and barely fight
>Ogres - Basically the setting's giants, nomadic
>TBD - Arctic Asian Tiger people
>TBD - Aztec Octopus people
>TBD - Hard-working Mouse people

And that's excluding mostly magical races like types of spirit etc.
Never read or seen One Piece. Only know it by its specific aesthetic.
Jesus christ thank you. Beastmen are boring and way overdone.
I actually enjoyed these race ideas. I love variant humans, although most variants I've seen are just terrible. Yours however I like.

Personally I'd like to see more human variant races with some actually interesting ideas, without random assholes complaining that it's not relevant to their interests instead just shutting the fuck up and ignoring it like goddamned adults. Although that's just my opinion, which is automatically worthless.

Anyway, good work would love to hear more.
I once tought "hey, what if all the wild and savage races lived in one single nation and they dispute their differences via WWE-styled wrassling?" and made something like Gladiator but with more intensity and the drama of WWE
To be more specific with this, in this nation the following races are toghether for that single reason
Dinosaur people[humanoid Dinosaurs, like Turok's Dinosoids]
Werewolves[and any other Were-whatever]
Half-whatever that is strong combined with Human or Orc
Skeletons with lots of calcium
Super Humans[Amazoness for example, tall and strong enough to beat the average orc in hand-to-hand combat]

So yeah, you can picture an orc version of Macho Man Randy Savage beating the shit out of the mentioned races.
You forgot the minotaur amazons. (Actually strongly allied with the skellies. Where do you think they get their calcium?)
Once controlled the entirety of the Northern part of the civilized continent, they no only control a moderately ruined chunk of the north eastern shore. Essentially Cold War America with the mysterious Orc nation to the east being their USSR

Lords of the Southern part of the civilized continent. Essentially emotionally distant historians who believe that they're long lives entitled them to write history the way they see it. Relationship between High Elves and Forest Elves is like the Southern States during Jim Crow. Fortunately, they hate Drow even more than each other and routinely cave in the only entrance to the Underdark.

Dwarven culture revolves around what guild they join to where guilds have superceded flesh and blood clans. The royal family is literally the eldest family of the most prosperous guild. Thanks to jokes about my last Dwarf I played, the ruling king is essentually a dwarf version of Hank Hill.

>Halflings and Gnomes
Literally the descendants of humans and dwarves, they've been propping up human civilizations ever since humanity has been fucking it up going to war with dragons and orcs every other year. Because of that, there or no all halfling/dwarf towns.

Created by Tiamat and Bahamut eating humans during the war that destroyed humanity's last huge kingdom and vomiting out dragonborn to even their respective playing fields. They're only welcome in the new multicultural kingdom that sits in the middle of the northern half of the continent

Humanity has had several stupid plans trying to stop the advance of dragons on the civilized continent. One was giving over their souls and their descendants' souls to Asmodeus to gain power. They obviously go screwed in the matter, and after the huge human kingdom was shattered, they were banished to the far west. Thanks to being isolated, their culture is basically feudal Japan.

There are other races I haven't fleshed out yet.
if you're replying to me [>>38737331] then you should know that there are no Minotaur amazons, what you are looking for is Holstaur, the female Minotaurs[same thing but with Cow features, including big breasts with nutrious milk] and yeah, i forgot to mention those in the Fantasy World Wrestling Federation
Work in progress writeup for one of my races.
File: myths-perish.jpg (487 KB, 1280x853)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
I've actually been trying to figure out how many/if I have any races in my game. Theoretically this is going to be my go-to custom setting for kitchen sink/D&D style fantasy gameplay. So far the European part of the world I've made is politically a mix of 16th to 18th century Europe: 80 Year's World meets French Revolution kind of deal. Tech wise clockwork Renissance. As such with such a sort of alt-Earth base I am not sure if other races will throw feel off. Ideas I have right now:

Most widespread, every continent has them. They are the heads of all (most) civilizations. If I include other races they have interbred with them enough that most races are extinct through interbreeding.

They are like the ones in the image. The size of whales that are sometimes (dependence on legality from place to place) hunted for their oil (magical properties still undecided). For the most part the stay away from civilization and while are mammals have lungs like whales so spend much of their time deep underwater. Their culture is very alien. If they are in it, I am contemplating a dwarf merfolk (so the size of a orca) being part of my Venetian city and actually runs the main crime family.


Probably the most widespread of non-human races. There are a variety of them from sentient animals to ones that look human on everything but a genetic level. So far I've thought of a doing a different variety then normal for them. Including antelope, maned wolf and tiger.

Not really a race onto themselves but there are a few legendary creatures out there of enormous size. So far there is the progenitor of merfolk. She is large enough that when she surfaces for a few centuries she is still long enough for plants to bloom and people to settle. That is till she stirs and dives down taking all with her. Or a legendary sphyinx, or simply a huge human giant that knows all the secrets of nature.
That setting sounds like one of the best settings ever.
The way to avoid having nonhumans throw off the feel of the game is to have them be a bit further from humans than normal--none of the "just humans with pointy ears and longer lifespans"--and try to tie them to a possible evolutionary development. That doesn't need to be explicitly discussed, since people in-universe wouldn't have arrived at that kind of thinking quite yet, but having it in your head will keep the race from going too far off the rails. Think through as many implications as possible and address them. And don't always address them in a way that makes them more human--make them a little weird every now and then, and their weirdness will inform quirks of society that will make your setting look deeper.

In addition, I'd suggest having races integrated into societies, rather than having racial societies. Players are going to make assumptions if you tell them that you're going to the kingdom of the elves, but if they can't latch onto a single cliche, they'll engage with the more complex whole.

The important thing to remember is that the races should be contributing to your setting, not walling off portions of it for themselves. You want a polyphonic texture.
>Average 9 ft tall

Do you even know what dwarf means?
I meant a dwarf compared to the average size of a merfolk.
>covers mating behavior
Not sure if magical realm or autistic attention to detail
I don't know, i kind of get it. As someone who's made custom races from scratch before, it's kind of easy to go out of control and start writing about shit like that. You tend to just start building on what you have, and before you know it you're talking about the kinds of foods they cook and fucking fabrics they like to wear. Sex and mating behavior is surprisingly easy to get into on a mindless ramble when you're making an entire species from scratch.
An important addition to this: There should be no situation in which a race lives more than twice as long as any other race. If you have a race that only lives for fifty years, the longest that any other race should live is one hundred. Oh, and maturation speed should be relative to total lifespan.

Any greater difference than that, and time scales between the different races will just be too far off. Society is kept moving by the filling of dead men's shoes, so any pair of feet that defaultly lasts more than twice as long as another pair of feet is going to warp society around it.
So far besides the giants which don't really count as races they only race with different lifespans are the merfolk who live as long as you would expect a essentially humanoid whale to live.
File: Mossfolk.png (453 KB, 1200x999)
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453 KB PNG
I liked your ideas so I put it in the image.
I wouldn't expect a humanoid whale to live all that long, actually. They'd be giving up a lot of things that make whales efficient.
I have Batgers, huge humanoid bats that digs holes into the ground then hum sweet songs so that they can see if anyone is coming to investigate. Then they reach out and grab them and wrap them in their sticky bat arms and crush them with their badger hands.
>Homo Sapien
>Habitat: All
>Not Habitat: Africa and Asia

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