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“Hey, Sarna, it's me!” You hold your hands in front of you as though that and your words might be enough to placate the immortal as the green flames around her fists grow in intensity.

It's all you can do to duck aside from the first strike, her fist missing your jaw so close that you hear the crackle of the flesh on the side of your head as it chars from the fire.

The second comes too fast for you to account for.

Sarna's blow catches you in the sternum with a sickening crunch as you're quite sure it fragments whatever had been left of your ribs. The sheer force of the punch sends you bouncing across the room, end over end, until you slam hard into a desk that splinters but manages to stop your momentum.

Despite the visible damage, you manage to pry yourself back to your feet, though taking note of the obvious broken bones as they jut through your decaying skin alongside shards of glass and wood and aluminum.

Whatever is in control of your favorite little witch takes notice that the blow hadn't quite finished you off, and the helmet of sensors remains locked on you even as Sarna's body begins to charge on bare feet.

Desperately you reach for a weapon. Any weapon. But find only the worn old Hi-Power, still in its holster at your side.

Wrenching it from the leather, you level it and take aim.

While you may not have any nine millimeter platinum ammo, the strange helmet encompassing Sarna's head is likely less immune to fire than her otherwise immortal self.

Though even as you open fire, the witch ducks skillfully aside as your shots go wide.

She's fast, the only thought you have time to process before the spinning, flying kick catches you in the arms. Your left limb crumpling in uselessly as the bones shatter like glass.

This isn't the first time you've been on the receiving end of Sarna's blows, but this time is decidedly different. While she may have been quite tough before, she seems an entirely different monster now.
Papa-N thread and I don't have work!

Also you do that OP boss?
A point emphasized as another punch sends you flying yet again.

“Tia, now!”

You look up at the sudden shout and see Dian, eyes shining as the fireball burns bright in front of her outstretched hands.

Only a second behind the magical orb of orange flames, Tia comes screaming behind it as she raises a heavy desk chair over her head.

Sarna swings in an open backhand, knocking the fire aside where it explodes as it meets the closest wall.

Tia, still airborne as she poises to strike, is caught as Sarna closes the distance impossibly fast. The little brown witch, screaming, is thrown backwards, losing the chair in the process as it clatters uselessly to the ground.

Dian, not fast enough to move aside, is caught by Tia's spinning body and both crash to the ground.

Only now a few of Hart's men, shaken from the initial strike, have their weapons in hand again.

A torrent of gunfire erupts inside the large room as several of the soldiers track Sarna as she quickly drops low only to spring forward yet again.

You can't even shout out a warning before she's on them, flaming fists beating hard at men soon turned to corpses from the impacts.

With only your right arm intact, the left hanging useless, you again raise your handgun and crack off several shots. Again Sarna moves too quickly for you to track with the sights, and again she's almost on you.

Desperate now, you clench your teeth and look for anything that might save you now.
I got out later than I thought I would today but I rushed home. Yeah I doodled that after looking over my previous attempts at Sarna and not liking any of them. I wish I had more time to try to improve but I think I'm a bit better than when I had started.
Looks good man. Definitely getting better.
And find nothing.

All you can do now, with an aggravated roar, is cock back your right arm as Sarna charges, despite knowing full well how hopeless that is.

Though in your desperation you sense something in the far reaches of your mind. Not a spoken phrase. Not a touch. Not even a whispered, wordless breath.

Just one thing, voiceless and without form.

But you know what it wants to convey.


Barely aware your left arm now seems quite strong, no longer broken and worthless, you're already pushing yourself forward to meet the little immortal as she pulls back an arm, poising to strike.

Though already you're throwing your own right fist forward, all of it happening in a blur of motion as the world around you seems almost at a standstill.

As you throw the punch, you catch a glimpse of violet jutting through your veins. A flash, barely visible, lasting no more than tenths of a second.

The blow seems to catch Sarna by surprise, as her body makes no movement to evade or block. Your fist slamming into the series of sensors and cameras adorning the front of the mask.

With a jut of sparks they are crunched inward as Sarna is knocked off her feet and onto her back. Though even still, her body moves to rise from the floor.

But you're already on her, slamming the small body back into the ground as you straddle it and strike again.

The front of the helmet crumples inwards, metal screeching in protest as several pieces go flying aside.

With new found strength, you grasp the metal at her temples and wrench at it. Though the pieces are tough, they eventually give and you toss aside more and more of the helmet as you rip it apart.

As more of the parts are torn free, Sarna's face begins to show, her eyes closed and lips parted as she breathes slowly.
“Fuuck...” Hart groans as he rises on unsteady legs, grabbing at his face which is leaking blood.

“Did you manage to take her out? I mean... Whoa.” He stops short of you, staring hard through his one uncovered eye.

“What the hell happened to you?” He asks with obvious uncertainty.

It's only then that you take a moment to glance down at your own body, brow furrowing, puzzled at the sight.

You had awoken and shuffled along on this mission as little more than a ragged bag of bones of loose skin and rotten pieces.

Now, though, you seem substantially healthier.

Though you continue to draw no breath, and your heart still remains silent, the changes of your exterior are blatantly obvious.

What had been pale flesh sagging from bone is now tight muscle and taut skin. You feel at your torso and find your ribs quite intact, along with the left hand and arm touching at them tentatively.

Even the recent burn on your face from the searing heat of Sarna's flaming fist has disappeared entirely, leaving behind what you remember as your actual non-corpse jawline. Even a faint hint of forming stubble.

“I know you're no wizard, boy, were you gifted the same curse as myself? No. No that wouldn't have taken so long to mend.” Mattias draws the jacket tighter around his waist, otherwise naked, as he walks toward your end of the room. His body now noticeably more intact than it had been after Sarna's home run swing with the M2.

You turn your arm back and forth, looking it over for any sign of the violet flash earlier. But of that you see nothing. As to what it had been, you're unsure, but there's no question that it coincided with bringing back your less rotten self.
Taking quick stock of the room, you grimace at the results.

Of all the men Hart had brought down with him, only four remain alive, not including himself. Cooper one of the last few still breathing, though now with a set of broken legs.

“She did a bit of a number on me.” He groans as one of the other soldiers sets him up with a few morphine injections.

Tia, meanwhile, helps a still groggy Dian to her feet. Immortals they might well be, but even they feel pain and have to heal.

“How are things topside?” You inquire, and Hart answers by showing you the crushed remains of his radio. Though you both try others, none seem to be working, leaving you both uneasy.

[ ] Attempt to wake Sarna

[ ] Leave Sarna alone while you get Cooper to run more scans

[ ] Leave Cooper and Sarna, take Mattias and head further into the underground to keep searching

[ ] Other

Feel free to >talk/question/action if you have other ideas
>[x] Attempt to wake Sarna
We're gonna have to get her moving again at some point. Best to do that sooner rather than later, I think.
>[ ] Attempt to wake Sarna
How long do we have down here? Because kinda want to do them all but getting Sarna unfucked seems though I do want to wait for Dain and Tia are a bit more ready, just in case.
>[ ] Attempt to wake Sarna
>[x ] Attempt to wake Sarna
Leaving the worry of what might be happening above ground, you take a knee beside the limp, blonde immortal resting quietly.

Though after what she's been through, her body might deserve some rest, you can't give her that luxury. Not here and not now.

“Yo.” You give her shoulder a shake, rocking the small body back and forth easily.

“Hard to believe something that small can do all of this.” Hart gestures around to the destroyed room and the corpses of his fallen men.

“She was always a fighter. First time I met her she punched me around like a ragdoll, but she wasn't this tough. She wouldn't have done any of this willingly.” You turn back to Sarna and give her another rough shake.

“Come on, kid, need you to wake the hell up.”

Still, Sarna makes no motion to rise.

“That won't do you any good.” Dian offers quietly, now standing just behind you.

“What do you mean?” You turn your head to look at her.

“Her body is there. Her soul. But her mind...” Dian shakes her head before looking away uncomfortably.

“How?” You demand, grabbing the standing witch's wrist so she turns back toward you.

“What do you mean?”

Dian shrinks back a bit at the barrage of questions, fidgeting and refusing to meet your eyes with her own.

“Isn't it obvious?” Tia answers for her as the small native girl walks to stand above Sarna.

“She was rended. At least partially.”
A surge of anger blossoms in your chest. So fierce you think for a moment it might restart your dormant heart.

“So this mask...” You lift one of the pieces.

“It's a control unit. Of sorts.” A new voice answers, though not one unrecognizable.

Hart spins toward the newcomer, rifle at the ready, but you manage to jump up and wrench the muzzle down before he can fire.

Standing in the open hole that Sarna had used as a doorway stands a rather short young man you'd known, if only briefly. Ragged clothes are covered in a series of straps and belts, each containing an abundance of small glowing spheres of glass, most different colors.

“Damon?” You gawk.

“It's been a while, for you, at least. I'd been keeping an eye out to see when you'd finally wake back up.” The young immortal wizard starts walking toward your now small group.

“Who the hell is he?” Hart asks, still gripping his weapon tightly.

“A friend.” You answer.


ask about Sarna and how we can get her mind back, about how things are outside topside and what he's been up to while we were taking a dirt nap
>Good to see you. Still carrying around all those witches I see. They haven't been giving you any trouble?
>You can fix this? When we find her mind.
>General catchup from his side of things of how the world has gone to hell without us

This isn't about if's we will get all our witches back 100%. So he better know how to fix.
Ask him how we get her mind back where it belongs so we can obliterate the bastards responsible for this whole mess.
Once the young wizard is close enough, you clasp his hand in your own and clap him on the shoulder.

“It's good to see you're still around. Had a bit of a shortage of people I know recently. Still carrying around all those souls, I see. They haven't been giving you too much trouble, I hope.”

“Hardly,” Damon smiles and pats one of the orbs, “These are just a few I haven't managed to piece back together yet.”


“Oh I've reassembled a handful or so this whole time. Nothing major, a paltry force, really. It's her I've been trying to track down, she's rather slippery.” Damon strides past you to kneel down beside Sarna, where he pushes a strand of hair from her face and smirks.

“Can you fix her?” You ask, having put off that question as long as you can stand.

“Can I? No. She'll fix herself when we get her to her own mind. Make no mistake, we aren't quite as helpless as needing assistance to find our own forms.”

You look down at the still form of Sarna, and back at Damon.

“She's missing her mind.”

“I know.” He nods, before standing, “We should find it here.”

“What? How can you be sure of that?” You frown.

Damon stands, stretches, and shrugs.

“Because I've burned every other place I found to ash, and given witches long rended back to their full forms.”
Hart, seemingly unable to control himself, blurts out “You mean all those...?”

“Well I didn't do it alone. But yes,” Damon nods, “I've cracked open a few choice places my nose lead me to.”

“And while I've been a bit busy myself, but I'm glad to see you got right down to business when you finally came to. I would have tried to wake you myself, would my own magics have worked. Thankfully she finally found you, before it was too late.” He pokes a finger against your chest.

“Who? Kiara?”

Damon nods.

“You think that great spreading death is random? She may well be barred and chained and perhaps rended, even, but there is no coincidence. She was looking for you, and it appears she finally found you.”

“But...” You search for the right words, “How would she even...”

“If you've been led to think you're a mere zombie, the raised magic of necromancy, you're rather mistaken. If Ruin had used such miniscule magic as a simple undead pact, you'd have withered to nothing after being forced apart. No, she used something far, far stronger.”

Damon shakes his head as his eyes squint, as though looking at you anew.

“I can't say as to when or how she did so, as this is rather unprecedented and some would say impossible, but she didn't raise you as a corpse. She bound herself to you, and you to her. Where your soul rests, so does a part of hers. And wherever her soul may be, so is some of your own. How else do you think that even now her magic courses through your body?”

You know my next question already. Can this connection be reverse-traced, to the the other person?
So we can we use that to track where Kiara is?
She waited for a while to find me, and just then I was able to tap into a substantial amount of her own power. Does she this mean that Kiara is still aware and active somehow? Has she been waiting until now to take action?
and also ask about the situation topside, if shit is no longer hitting the fan then we need to get Hart and his men medical attention, then we can take our time dealing with the rest of this facility
I guess just ask where to next.

It'd be nice to know why she used that absurd level of magic on us, but it'll be far simpler to ask her later.
"Well, it's good to know she cares. I was pretty corpsey up until a couple minutes ago.

Can we use this to find her?

How're things topside?"
>She bound herself to you, and you to her.
So when's our anniversary?

Congrats you cheeky bastard, you put a ring on that catgirl and you cherish her
That's fucking right!

>Papa-N @HereticalLoveQ Feb 17

>Also proposing so yeah that. She said yes. Fuck I'm getting old.

Congrats man and you are old! Just like the rest of us.
Unsure of what to think, you unconsciously place your right palm against your chest, as though you could possibly feel out whatever piece of Kiara's soul might reside there.

“You came in from behind us, didn't you?” Hart asks, alarm clear in his voice, “What about the rest of our forces topside? I've lost communications, are they alright?”

“They're quite safe. My own motley troupe has finally made itself known and overwhelmed the group attacking. I hope to find their minds down here as well.” Damon nods in the direction of the doors, “Somewhere deeper below.”

“So if our souls are... Connected? Can we use that to seek her out? Can we use this station to find where she might be?”

Damon nods, before shaking his head.

“Well yes, we certainly could. Though I'd hardly deem it necessary. I've mapped out these areas of death myself, with a bit of help from a few Order members... Persuaded to help me. We've known for a while that she isn't here, on this continent. But it wasn't until we put the puzzle together, as it were, that we have a good inclination as to where she might be held.”

“And? Where is it?” You interrupt.

“There's only one place on Earth right now emanating so much magical energy that it couldn't possibly be anyone else. Though even this source is well above and beyond whatever anyone had thought her capable. It's a place just outside Geneva, Switzerland. Not an Order stronghold, but rather what we believe to be some sort of laboratory. Perhaps you've heard of the Large Hadron Collider?”

So the plan is to get Sarna's mind back, then go to the LHC and free Kiara, murdering the shit out of anyone who gets in the way, put a stop to the apocalypse, then go home?

Killer. Let's get going.
Well. I think that's enough chit-chat for now. Lets get our fist witch up and running again. Get some tickets to Switzerland or perhaps to where ever Dad and go wreck some shit.
"Any thoughts on if they're just containing her there, or if they're trying to use her to power something big and nasty?"

Next on our list in finishing looting this place, getting Sarna up and running, and arranging transport to Switzerland.
sounds good to me

>then go home
and put a ring on Kiara
It's still scary as fuck. I figure I have to tell her about my hobby of writing fapfiction on a Laotian fingerpainting imageboard, though she already knows I'm as addicted to 4chan as I ever was to nose candy.
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Fuck yeah! Congratulations papa!
"Well let's put poor Sarma back together again and beat up some nerds."
Don't worry Papa-N, Me and some guys are plotting... I mean planning your wedding gifts already.
“The LHC? I mean, I've heard of it, sure. But I always figured it was just some science-y nonsense, finding dark matter and all that jazz.”

“On the surface, sure. That makes for great cover. Hard to just build something to that scale and keep it hidden. As to why, even I'm at a loss. But we do know that the magic emanating from there has been progressively growing in magnitude for months now.” Damon shifts one of his straps across his chest before scooping up the sleeping Sarna in his arms.

“Why don't you take the rest of your men topside, get them fixed up?” Damon asks Hart, “We'll find what we're after down here and meet you when we're done.”

Hart looks uncertainly between the two of you, but you don't object.

“I guess we aren't much good banged up as we are, eh? Sure, we'll meet you up there. Just don't take too long, yeah?”

“I'm not going to stay down here any more than I have to,” You grimace, “Sarna crushed my smokes.” You hold the smashed pack gingerly before tossing it aside.

“Here.” Hart reaches into one of the pockets of his plate carrier and tosses something your way, “My last one.”

Graciously accepting the cigarette, despite it being rather bent and a bit crushed, you let Damon light it for you with a snap of his fingers.

“Well what the hell are we waiting for? Let's go.” You rummage around the room until you find your CAR-15, still intact, and head toward the door, before thinking better of it and stepping through the gaping hole Sarna had blown through the wall.

Hart and the remainder of his men break off and head for the surface, while you, Damon, Mattias and the two immortal witches you'd come down here with head further into the depths.
>You rummage around the room until you find your CAR-15
did our .458winmag M1 make it through the fight?
I gotta head to work now, thanks for the thread Papa, I'm looking forward to catching up on it when I get back.
“I imagine my sword is still here. You go on, I'll find my blade and meet back with you.” Mattias tilts his head toward a branching hallway.

“The armory.” He adds, when you shoot him a puzzled look.

“And how do I know you won't be waiting to ambush us?”

“I gave you my word on my knighthood, lad. I won't break that.”

“Fair enough. Just don't make us wait up for you if we head back first.”

As the Phoenix heads off on his own into the darkness, the rest of you continue on down and down and down. Despite the rather sterile looking white tile and walls, the feeling of being more and more underground is ever more vivid.

Though more fiends creep in the darkness beyond, Damon shoos them away with a few white hot pops of lighting from his fingers. Yet you can't shake the feeling of eyes watching you through the pitch black doorways lining the halls.

Even as the passage narrows, only darkness beyond, you press on. The path illuminated by orbs of flame from Dian, who you notice stays close to Tia, who's fingers open and close, clearly uneasy at being absent her immense weapon.

So quiet is the place, that the sudden crack of gunfire jars your senses and sends you ducking for cover as more rounds impact along the wall where only a moment ago you had stood.

“Automated defenses.” Damon remarks, nonchalant, as he raises a hand and a rainbow flurry of lighting arcs forth into the darkness.

“Without power?” You peek out from the doorway you'd sought protection in.

“Not entirely.” Is all he offers, “We're here.”
You watch the great darkness beyond as Dian's orbs of blue fire go forth to illuminate the area beyond, and the small, nondescript platinum door there.

Both witches shy back at the sight, but Damon seems less hesitant.

“It has to be there.”

“What is?” You look from him to the door.

“A room of minds. A place where the rended pieces have been put to stay, well away from the souls above.” Damon look over to you before nodding his head at the doorway.

“This is as far as these two and I can go. Take her, and enter.” He reaches out Sarna toward you.

Though you accept the small witch, cradling her in your arms, you hesitate. You aren't sure what you had expected. Giant tesla coils? Huge tanks full of floating witches?

Certainly not something so plain as a platinum door.

“Will she be alright?” You ask, looking down at Sarna.

“Well the platinum will affect her, to be sure, but better to limit the exposure as much as possible without simply releasing all of those minds. I'll do my best to sort them all out later, but that will take time, time we may not have with the events taking place across the planet. Take her in and bring her back, we'll be waiting.”

“Don't worry, we'll watch your back.” Tia offers, though the strength from her voice seems to be well wavered if not gone entirely.

Dian looks as though she means to add something to that, before turning her head away instead.
Now we discover that Sarna is actually Surya?
Though you notice that, you don't press an inquiry.

Instead you steel yourself, wondering what might lie beyond that simple door. Hopeful for the best, but expecting the worst.

Still, you aren't about to shy away here. You've fought off Order hunters, ancient Atlantean mages, and magical goats. At this point, you're ready for just about anything.

You might have taken a deep breath before opening that door, if you'd still been breathing. Instead, you simply work the handle and push. The hinges are silent as the door slides open, revealing a dark room beyond.

One-handed, you crack a chemlight and hold it forward, still supporting Sarna in the crooks of your rejuvenated arms.

The room, or rather expanse past the doors, is massive. The roof towers overhead and the expanse continues on past where your light can manage to illuminate.

Your attention is drawn toward a faint blue in the short distance, one you approach quickly. As you draw closer, you can see now that it is a small screen adorning a simple podium. The insides of the room, you note, are all at least coated in platinum, if not made of a solid layer entirely.

It feels similar to the room with the walls of soul boxes in its stillness, though at the same time different.

Able to read the screen in front of you now, you're greeted with a series of commands.

[ ] Storage

[ ] Recall

[ ] Emergency Release
>[x] Recall
>[ ] Storage

Can somebody give me a quick reminder on Damon? It's been a while.
the tracker immortal who discovered how to store souls released from the platinum boxes, and who has been successfully hiding from the order for basically forever.
>[ ] Recall
I guess?

this basically >>38160503
File: PLOTsuits.png (366 KB, 1920x1080)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
All I have to give back are stories that rape (sometimes literally) the canon of established franchises. And plugsuits. I had forgotten how much I like plugsuits.

Basically this.

He was in your party briefly in the ruins of Pompeii.
>[x] Recall
It's kind of a synonym for what we're trying to do.
Not exactly well versed in the system architecture of Order computers, you hesitate at the options, a bit unsure. You could go ask Damon, but you doubt he would know much more than you.

Instead you reach a finger out and touch the RECALL option. For a moment, nothing happens. But than the screen begins to count through a few sections of visible code before arriving on a new screen.

This one is equally as alien as the last one.

[ ] A-F
[ ] G-N
[ ] O-Z
Actually, change this to
They may not be alphabetized by first name.
Plugsuits are great. Everything needs more plugsuits.
Ignoring the alphabetical prompts for now, you instead press the SEARCH option and wait. Again, more lines of code scroll in white lettering across the small blue screen.

This time, you're greeted with a command prompt.


Stumped for a moment, you reach out to the keyboard with your right hand and peck out the word:


Before hitting ENTER.

Again the screen processes, before flashing the word WELCOME and leading to a screen with the simple prompt of SEARCH:_

This time you slowly enter the name SARNA.

A short scroll of text later and the screen stops yet again.


Along with a short blurb underneath.

Prior Order hunter-witch. Rogue status confirmed. Contained by ADMIN_001

Underneath all of that are several more commands.



I guess again?
we can carry her out, have Damon make sure it's the right one before we pour the wrong mind into Sarna's head.
They're a bit fun to try to draw. I actually surprised myself and in a drunken stupor managed to get a character design down that I liked even when I sobered up. Still working on it, though.
Just got her and catching up. But, yeah getting much better.
Figuring it's probably best not to just hit the release button on a whim, you instead press the TRANSFER TO BOX option.

For a moment, nothing happens, but you hear the faint mechanical whirring that starts up from the side of the podium console.

A second later, a small platinum box no larger than a deck of cards comes sliding out of the side of the computer, even as the screen returns to the initial prompt you'd first seen.

This box you snag, pulling it from the slight resistance of two rubber rollers, before palming it enough to give it a look over in the faint lighting. It has MX1408D engraved across one side.
A bit unsure of exactly what to do next, you figure you'd best consult with Damon before just prying the thing open. Thus you turn back toward the door and pass through, seeing the three immortals still waiting for you.

Only now, Mattias is there as well. This time quite less stark naked than you'd seen him last.

Instead, the old knight is clad once again in his armor. Though now absent the tabbard with the Order sigil.

Resting in its sheath at his left side, the sword you recognize well by now.

“No trouble finding it?” You ask.

“A few fiends drawn by its power. Nothing I couldn't handle.”

“Right. This is what I got, Damon. If it isn't right, I'm not sure of what to do next.” You reach out the small box, though Damon makes no move to take it.

“Oh, right. The platinum.” You frown.

“For now, just set her down.” Damon offers.
Taking his advice, you ease Sarna to the white tile beneath, making sure to mind her head. Though now that you think about it, as immune to damage as she seems, that courtesy might not be required. It's not like you're going to injure her with your comparatively puny self. If she can blow through concrete walls, clunking her head on tile is probably not going to even make her blink.

“That's the box you got?” Damon asks, “It's the right size for a mind container. They aren't nearly as robust as the soul boxes, don't have to be. You should be able to crack it open with a knife or a bullet.”

You pause at those words.

“You want me to just open it on up?” You ask hesitantly.

“If it isn't her mind, it won't have any effect. You can't just swap bodies, souls, and minds. It doesn't work like that.”

“Right...” You look down at the box in your hand yet again.

Without knowing what else to do, you draw a knife from a sheath at the small of your back and set the box on the floor.

“Here goes nothing, I guess?”

The tip of the blade presses into the box, and with a quick movement, you thrust the tip through the thin gleaming metal.
Congrats bro, Im legit happy for you.

Also I love the variations of 4chang, give me a nice chuckle every time. Went back and read Z&W again and been plowing thru HLQ again before bed, having a great time.
Nothing happens.

“I guess I'm not sure what I expected.” You frown, “Did it work?”

It's only then that you feel the small hand close around your wrist and turn your head slightly.

Sarna, breathing fast now, eyes open, stares at the ceiling.

Her tired eyes rise to meet your own, and in that moment, she smiles faintly.

“You didn't forget...” She says quietly as tears form at the corners of her eyes and her hand grips your wrist tighter.

“C'mon, who do you think I am?”

I've been re-reading a bunch of threads recently. Also coming up with more ideas. Too many, to be honest. I've been replaying KOTOR for an hour or so before bed every night and it's got me itching for something Star Wars too. But if that happens it will probably be like my Eva idea, in that it would be just a handful of quick threads.
Hug her
Ruffle her hair. Give her a hug.

Ask what the last thing she remembers is, catch her up a bit on current events and objectives.
"I'll spare you the hugging. I'm still a bit... you know. Dead."

"Welcome back."
"Had to return your hope, figured you might want it back." Head ruffles

Been a while since I've played that, you did a pretty good HK-47 in HLQ, just passed that thread the other day.
These two.
Even as the drops roll down her cheeks, you pull her up off the ground and into a tight hug. Against your cold, unbreathing self, Sarna feels like life itself.

"Had to return your hope, figured you might want it back."

“Dummy, you can't give it back yet. You'll still need it, unless you already found her?”

“Nah. Not yet. But we know where she is now, and after this I'm going to go get her.”

Sarna pulls back slightly to look around, before jerking in your arms at the sight of Mattias.

“Oh, him?” You ruffle the blonde hair under your chin, “Don't worry, he's with us now.”

“R-right...” Sarna hardly sounds convinced, but she makes a sort of squeak when she sees Damon.

“You're here?”

“Well, you know I couldn't just leave this guy to himself. No telling what trouble he'd get in if someone wasn't there to push him in the right direction.”

“He always seems a bit lost, doesn't he?” She smiles as you hoist her to her feet and relinquish your hold.

Sarna gives herself a quick look-over, scowling at what she sees.

“Not really my style.” She comments at the sight of the ripped and dirty combat fatigues.

Mattias jerks his head toward the way upward, and you catch his meaning.

“We'll get you a change of wardrobe, but first we should get out of here. Let's walk and talk.” To emphasize, you give her a small push toward the upward ramping floor, following close behind her.

Along the way, you fill her in on everything you know that she doesn't. How long you were out, what state you found yourself in, the perilous state that the world is currently in. She seems to take it in stride, though her face visibly darkens and her eyes harden.

“You know she isn't doing it on purpose. She may be scary, but she's not evil... I think...”

“Yeah, I know. So the sooner we get her out of there, the faster she can fix this mess.” You reply.
“Do you remember anything after you were taken?” You ask, knowing she probably won't want to recount what had happened, but needing to hear it regardless.

“Not much,” Sarna shakes her head, “Those robots snatched me away and blindfolded me. There was so much platinum...” She bites her lip.

It's Mattias who speaks up next, rather uncharacteristically.

“And a man named Machiavelli? A wizard? Anything of him?”

Sarna gazes far upward at the towering knight, the distrust still evident on her face.

“No.” She finally says, “I don't remember any names. It was the robots... And then I was...” She shudders.

You don't press the subject, but you don't have to as she continues.

“I didn't... I don't... How horrible it was. If I had known, I'd have never...”

“Hey.” You stop her, placing a hand on her head and rocking it back and forth slightly.

“Enough of that. You did what you had to do, same as anyone would have. But that's over now, and we're going to fix all of this. The Order is over as soon as we break ol' Goat out of her cage.”

Sarna nods once, then again, as though to herself.

“So how do you think she'll be? When you find her, I mean?”

“Kiara?” You grind your right canines together in a pained expression, “Knowing her? Really, REALLY pissed off...”
When your group finally emerges into the sunlight outside the massive dam structure and its terrible secrets beneath, it isn't to the sound of jet fighters and gunfire. No fireballs, no witches in metal helmets.

Just serenity. Birds singing, wind blowing, and the sounds of water.

Hart is there waiting for you, along with a contingent of soldiers crowded around several witches resting on the ground.

“Found what you were looking for, eh?” He asks, eying Sarna over.

“Can't blame her, but I left a lot of my men down there.”

“What's he talking about?” Sarna asks, looking up at you.

“Nothing.” You shoot Hart a look, and the soldier quickly gets the hint.

Instead, you're directed to a slew of waiting vehicles, and seat yourself inside a Growler. Though not physically worn out, you've been under a bit of mental strain, and just sitting down feels like a relief.

“You coming with us?” You ask Hart, who makes no motion to board.

“Nah. I'm going to shore up things here. We'll get to work on recovering what we can from here, get these souls and minds up to the surface. Besides, President Jensen wants to see you, personally. Best not keep him waiting.”
>President Jensen wants to see you, personally.
>wants to see you
File: Spoiler Image (575 KB, 600x784)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
>President Jensen
He didn't ask to lead America through the magic civil war.

“Long story.” Hart bangs his hand on the rear of your Growler and the driver shifts it into gear, depressing the gas, and you're away.

So it is that you find yourself winding back through the roads, away from the dam, seated alongside three immortals all looking young, though hundreds if not thousands of years older than yourself. That no longer seems bizzarre.

Mattias himself had caught a ride on the truck behind you. Either because he didn't want to be around the witches, or he knew they likely wouldn't want him around and so excused himself. You'd like to think it was the latter.

Though you yourself don't seem to need sleep, perhaps only fifteen minutes go by before the three immortals are snoozing. Sarna rests on your shoulder while Dian and Tia are both sort of clumped together, heads together. Tia with a bit of drool at the corner of her mouth.

You aren't sure how many miles go by before you spot the craft in the sky above. Though you are a bit surprised at how fast it seems to be...

“Are they landing on the road?” You ask in a bit of alarm as the massive Boeing VC-25 comes screaming above you, close to the ground. Way too close.
“Holy fucking shit.” The soldier riding shotgun comments, bracing himself.

The driver slams on his brakes as the jet in front of him lowers further and further until its tires touch down hard on the otherwise empty highway. The jetwash shakes the Growler even as it slows to a stop.

Rather nimble for a plane so large, Air Force One rolls to a final stop atop the sun beaten asphalt.

Despite the jostling, not a one of the witches beside you awakens.

And no sooner as the staircase hits the deck, a man you recognize comes stumbling out into the open air beyond. Wild-eyed with a disheveled suit matching his unkempt hair, with at least five crystals of varying size dangling from pendants around his neck. It couldn't possibly be anyone else.
File: 1411022156790.gif (873 KB, 500x275)
873 KB
873 KB GIF
Awww yeeeeeeeah, our favorite platinum foil hat is back!
Before you can so much as open your mouth to offer a greeting, Kenji is already waving his hands and shouting as he runs toward your vehicle. His security forces scramble to chase after him as they all shout.

“Mr. President, you should let us secure the area first!”

“I don't have time for that!” Jensen shouts, exasperated, “I need to know!”

Thus he slams hard into the side of the Growler, out of breath as he rattles on and on in his usual manner.

“So!? Did you find it?!” He presses.

“What? Find what?” You ask, bewildered, as he grabs your shoulders to shake them.

“The reptilian base, obviously! Why else would I have sent my men here?”

“The what?”

But he ignores you as he continues to rant.

“How about the hatchery? Did you find any eggs? No, my god! Where they already all hatched? Was it too late?”

Then, with a sudden change, he releases you and takes a step back quickly.

“How do I know you aren't one of them? Reveal your true form, skin changer!”


I'm going to take a few minutes and grab some chow, haven't eaten since like 5am.
"Me? You're the damn president now, how do I know you're not some lizard trickster!?"
>Never change Kenji. Never change.
>Still searching for that base man... Did get a lead though. Maybe somewhere in Switzerland.
Hell if I know. Never good dealing with this guy.
>Reveal your true form, skin changer!
He should ask Tia, as she may or may not be Navajo.
The real Kenji would have asked me what the implications of Atlanteans have on the reptilian scheme to take over the world! With your blaise disregard for the re-emergence of a greater political body of the magi-technological world, you've revealed your hand, lizard fiend!
I want to second this.
Alright I'm back, getting to writing now.
"Me? You're the damn president now, how do I know you're not some lizard trickster!?"

Kenji recoils at this, scowling.

“Accusing me? That's just what a reptilian would say!”

“The real Kenji would have asked me what the implications of Atlanteans have on the reptilian scheme to take over the world! With your blasé disregard for the re-emergence of a greater political body of the magi-technological world, you've revealed your hand, lizard fiend!”

Kenji stops suddenly, staring at you, making no moment until he finally turns back to his security that is only now catching up.


“Sir?” One of the men in black suits and dark sunglasses asks.

“Have there been any mind control ray detections? Old Soviet band stuff, even?”

The man seems momentarily taken aback, looking to his fellows who all shrug in turn.

“No... Sir? We haven't detected any such thing?”

“It could have been a masked transmission. But if I've being controlled, the crystals should reveal that.”

At this, he grasps the hanging minerals suspended around his neck and raises them to eye level, staring intently. What he sees, if anything at all, is beyond you.

“No, no I think I'm still me. But you... Here!” With a sudden thrust he pushes one of the crystals into your hand, the band snapping from his neck.

You hold the crystal uncertainly as he watches, but after several moments he seems satisfied.

“No reaction. Good. Good. So it really is you.”

“Well yeah, obviously. I mean if anyone here is a skinchanger, it would probably be injun girl here.” You jerk a thumb at Tia.

“Who, me?” Tia smirks and giggles slightly, “I wouldn't worry about it.”
“Jesus, man!” Kenji leans down and pulls you closer to him, speaking in a hushed tone now, “What are you doing bringing a skinwalker here?”

“I'm pretty sure she's joking,” You laugh, “At least... I think she is...?”

The apparent President shakes his head disapprovingly even as he steps away.

“Fuck, I don't have time to deal with them right now. Anyways, you had better get on the plane, I don't like staying in any one place for too long. Never know when someone might plant a bug, or take over one of your guards...”

Thus even as you and your little group of immortals and one ancient knight make your way onto the massive plane, Kenji makes each of his guards take hold of a crystal in turn.

“Just to be sure.” He assures them, though none of them seems overly thrilled.

Tia, Dian, and Sarna are all a bit taken with the plush interior of the Presidential jet. Tia having quickly snatched a bottle of pop from a nearby mini fridge set into the side of one end table.

Mattias simply removes his sword belt and rests the blade across his lap as he seats himself.

The security look like they want to inquire about taking the sword for now, but none appear too eager to approach Mattias concerning that matter.

Kenji waves them off from relinquishing your own armament and quickly shoos them into a different room.
Oh man, fucking Kenji haha
“Tell the pilot to take off right away! We've already stayed here too long!” He adds before closing the door.

Already seated in the interior cabin, several more stately individuals are already waiting it would seem.

“Who're they?” Sarna asks in between bites of a candy bar.

“My cabinet members. Some former government officials. Don't worry, they've already been cleared of involvement and tested to assure they aren't reptilians in skin suits.” Despite his words, Kenji eyeballs them like he doesn't fully trust a one.

“I was the highest of us in the old government. I'm the former Deputy Secretary of Agriculture...” A man offers.

“Whatever they might have been before, they're my war council now.”

“War council...” You marvel, pointing toward one of the other seated members, eight in total, “What were you before this?”

“Manager of White House janitorial services.”

War council...
File: 1369889302735.png (68 KB, 202x286)
68 KB
So we're all thinking it.

How did he become president.
man, it's crazy how i've been following you all the way from the very first HLQ thread all the way here. and now you're married. congratulations, motherfucker, you've earned it a hundred times over
File: 1365610687958.png (601 B, 74x42)
601 B
601 B PNG
The fucking janitor and a factory farming pimp. Jesus christ Kenji. You sure know how to pick 'em.
Probably strangled the last one (Probably some Order homunculus) with his scarf, then like a true warrior society he was made the new president.
File: You have amused Aku.gif (895 KB, 640x480)
895 KB
895 KB GIF
>“War council...” You marvel, pointing toward one of the other seated members, eight in total, “What were you before this?”
>“Manager of White House janitorial services.”
>War council...

A fucking Janitor. Really man?
Just what we need to.. clean up our country.
File: 1322181855223.jpg (45 KB, 640x480)
45 KB
hardtack cutlass duels
Because out of everyone he saw all this coming and tried to warn them. If a man predicts the apocalypse and managed to gather information on an order that ran the world for hundreds of years without exposure wouldn't you start listening to him?
File: Janitor.jpg (189 KB, 1280x800)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Don't knock cleaning-based warfare.
The plane shudders around you as the engines whine and the craft begins to pick up speed on the rough highway beneath. A far cry from most airfields, but manageable for the customized aircraft.

You feel it in your gut as Air Force One finally climbs into the air, the wheels retracting.

“Alright, so before we go any further, I just need to know. How did you get elected? How were you even in the running? I mean most people aren't ready to face the reality of the feminist conspiracy and reptilian takeover.”

What seems like a slightly uncomfortable silence takes hold for a moment, before the Secretary of Agriculture coughs into his fist and begins filling you in.

“Well during the initial chaos of what would become the civil war, President Jensen, then not yet Commander and Chief, personally led an attack that overran the former President's barricade before he could board this very plane. A ragtag group, really, but he and his band of preppers, bloggers, and anti-vaccine activists managed to pull it off...”

“Killed him in single combat. Went to try to remove his skinsuit, but I think it was a new prototype, it wouldn't come off. So advanced that it actually made him appear fully human. I've already started research into that.” Kenji adds.

“Killed him with what!?” You ask, a bit taken with the sheer absurdity of it all.

“Was a hard fight. I had a sword, he had a table leg. Both disarmed each other. He went for a coffee mug but I was faster. Bashed his lizard head in with a mechanical keyboard.”
File: ....well then.gif (826 KB, 245x170)
826 KB
826 KB GIF
Fuckin' hell Kenji. What've they been feeding you?
>killed the president with a mechanical keyboard
I don't even. Just well played.
>Killed him in single combat
As it should be, Kenji the hero we need.
“I'll never get the stain out of that carpet...” The janitor gazes toward a far room, shaking his head.

“Okay, so you succeeded in assassinating him. Then what? I mean that's a bit of a jump.”

“President Jensen started disseminating the information he'd gathered over all his years of hard research. He filled the rest of the world in prior to his valiant attack. Upon capturing this plane he used its communications suite to enhance his broadcasts. Before the power grid failed, everyone in America was tuned into him.” The Agriculture Secretary continues.

“Right... And then?”

“Well right before the power grid failed we ran an election through the only means we had. Obviously voting booths and the like wouldn't work with the raging war and all of that, so we had to resort to an online polling service.”

“Excuse me?” You ask with a slight sense of alarm.

“Strawpoll, to be exact. President Jensen won in a landslide, though there were some accusations of rigging and the like... The poll was only up for some eighteen hours before the last of the grid failed... But with no way to conduct another election or a recount... Well... Here we are?”
File: xpEzh8u.gif (1.33 MB, 300x200)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB GIF
File: 1414124600046.png (34 KB, 856x388)
34 KB
You know. I believe my government would do something as stupid as this, as much as I don't want to.
File: 1419922980706.png (105 KB, 800x1025)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
“...We elected the fifty second President of the United States through strawpoll?”

“It's all we really had to work with.” The Secretary of Agriculture shrugs, opening his palms.

“Do I even want to know about the vice President?”

“Well on that our initial plan had been to give that position to the runner up. However Godzilla could not be reached to confirm his appointment, obviously. We aren't quite sure how that choice made it onto the poll, security analysts were working on that before the power went out... Thus the title was given to the third place.”

“And? Who was third place?!” You gawk. If second had been a giant Japanese monster formed from errant radioactive testing, you aren't quite sure you want to know who placed third.

“Oh, that would be me.” A familiar voice replies as it enters the room.

Socrates raises a handle of bourbon in greeting before seating himself across from you.

...we did this, didn't we. only 4chan would conceive of such a mad scheme
This is the best day.
File: 1407179231460.gif (37 KB, 200x194)
37 KB
>vice president socrates
>Motherfucking Socrates is VP
Hey the world isn't totally fucked over. Neat.

Bro fist/hugs etc are needed. Though I'm surprised to see him out and about really. Something happen to the library or did things outside finally interested him enough to stop being a NEET?
I don't even know what to say. Godzilla didn't win, election was samefagged.

"Well... this is all so much to take in... Im glad you're here tho man world is gonna need ya." Bro fists
"Pour one out for your dead homie?"
“And here I thought we were all doomed. What the hell finally pulled you to the surface? I thought you'd pretty much resigned yourself to books and booze? Fucking hell it's good to see you.”

“Well I hadn't really planned on it, but even I knew about the rising sea levels from the moon drawing closer and closer. Eventually I decided I had best not just ignore it any longer. One thing led to another and, well, they put me in a suit.” He shrugs.

All you can do is shake your head as the Greek wizard pours you a few fingers and passes the glass your way. You drink eagerly and deeply.

“So that's pretty much what went on when you were gone. Which was where, by the way?” Kenji squints at you, as though suspicious.

“We were ambushed by Order... Drones? They were like nothing I've ever seen. Came from the sky before we really knew what was happening. There was so much platinum that not even Kiara could do much to stop them. Then they used something on me, and she was gone. After that I was out.”

“Some of the last word we had from Europe mentioned flying Order drones. Humanoid?” Kenji asks.

“Yeah, partially. Sort of bird-like, too, though. Anyways, Mattias here is pretty sure he knows who controls those things. And I've got a damn good hunch they're the ones who took Kiara. We think she's in Switzerland, just outside Geneva. Either in or near the LHC complex.”

“There's no telling what they could be doing with a structure that huge and secret. Hell, they might be using it as a portal to their homeworld for all we know.” Mr. President rubs his jaw.

The seated group look around a bit uncomfortably.
File: 4chan in office.png (301 KB, 512x700)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
oh god we elected him......
Internet went out the second I posted this. Trying to get it back
Nice try Lizard. Oscar Mike to the Keys to rescue Papa.
File: Choo Choo Motherfucker.png (277 KB, 356x600)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
>...We elected the fifty second President of the United States through strawpoll
I wish I was still there, the internet is slow but more reliable. Just called my ISP and they said it's an area outage and the ETA is 5am. I had two more sections left to post of just what I had written up and a good cliffhanger planned out.

Was only a third of the section.

I'm hoping they're wrong and it only takes a few minutes to come back. I am not ready to be done tonight.
Oh man that sucks, you seem to have a lot of net problems. I recall them coming up a lot in HLQ.
My guess is it's weather related. It's currently -2F here before wind chill.

Any suggestions? It would be difficult on my phone screen, it's smaller than my old brick. Times like this when I miss my hotspot functionality.
the waifu have a phone with hotspot capacity?
If you have it typed up, you could post it to pastebin and I could copy it into thread for archive not sure what eats up more bandwidth 4chang or pastebin.
There is only one broadband ISP in my area. Charter. Being the only game in town, they don't try very hard. Only alternatives are DSL and sat bullshit.

Had problems with this ISP being shit since I first moved over from dial up when cable first came to my area.

At least during HLQ I could just pop on my hotspot and keep going. Sort of regret trying this iphone for a change
I don't think I've ever heard good things about Iphones but, I've never really looked into em.
Any idea how to get it from my PC to phone? Short of taking a picture?

She's the one who got me to try this damnable iphone after my old droid was on its last legs.
save it as a .pdf, upload it to the phone, post the PDF as an attachment to the 4chan post?
Email or text it to your self.
Oi. No internet mate.
Oh right, sorry tired. Connect your phone to your pc the xfer it over as a document or something
I'll see if this works
I can't get a PDF to transfer over. Anybody know how to work that in iTunes? I'm switching back to android as soon as I find a model I want
godspeed, papa
File: image.jpg (176 KB, 1920x1080)
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176 KB JPG
I could upload them as images? If someone wants to type them back out as I go so the archives don't lose them
could you not simply copy the text files to the Iphone? I'm sure there's an anon here who could be trusted to receive the posts by email and copypasta them to 4chan for you
I've never had a smart phone so I can't really help with it but I could help with >>38165262
You need to use itunes to transfer files to an iphone?
What the fuck.
Do you remember that guy who got cursed with immortality? He pissed off an old wizard while asking him for a drink. Wizard gave him his drink along with a curse.

Now, do you remember what happened when Kiara was taken away from Last? Sarna, instead of running away, hiding or trying to fight, runned to Last and pushed the straw

of a juicebox to his lips. She gave him a drink and then she just stood there waiting for drones to take her, like she already did exactly what she wanted.

She totally cursed him with immortality.

Of course Sarna knew how to do it - she mentioned working for Sword's RnD, and there is no way RnD of antimagic order weren't researching the only known way to make

regular human immortal and able to fight on par with the strongest witch ever, especially at the cost of making some magic user older and weaker.

Of course she were able to do it - originally it was casted by an old wizard, which means he gained immortality at old age, which means he was weak (or casted it

before, but it is stupid to cast spell that makes you older just to screw with someone, so he probably was using that for the first time, not knowing exactly how it

would work).

Of course she would think of using it - she had the Phoenix right before her eyes, beating drones with a knife, ignoring platinum rounds and being a badass. Getting an

immortal fighter like him to fight against Order was an obvious choice.

And Last is definitely alive because of the immortality course. Just look at Matheas.

Curse makes him radiate magic, but platinum doesnt hurt him. Last contains some magic and has platinum in his veins as well.
That's what I'm wondering. Never had an iPhone so I don't know what kind of interface it has with windows but it would seem odd not to be able to move over even a plain txt file.

Curse makes Matheas immortal despite platinum case (I mean armor) separating him and his immortality source. Kiara is encased in platinum box, but Last is still alive.

Curse grants Matheas regeneration thousand times stronger than that of human body, allowing him to regrow parts. Curse grants Last regeneration thousand times stronger

than that of dead human body, allowing him nothing since thousand times zero is still zero.
When some of Kiara's power was applied to his body in a fight against Sarna, he began regenerating again since he was partially alive at that moment.
Or it's just that platinum in Last's blood slows the regeneration, as platinum spikes prevented Matheas from regenerating. Matheas did comment on the fact that Last

regenerates too slow for the curse, but he does not know that we are full of platinum.

Curse keeps Matheas alive even when his organs are torn to pieces, and Last can live without functioning organs as well (Kiara wasn't sure zombie can survive bullet


Curse allows Mathes to live even without water and food, and Last is still alive after lying unconscious at least for six months (Kiara's necromancy-bonding-thing

still required him to eat).

The only thing that is left unanswered is why it took Last so long to ressurect. Maybe that curse always takes some time to kick in. Of course, that would explain

magic burst that allowed resistance to find Last. That would also explain why Last's body is in such a bad shape - he was properly dead for a long time and started to

get bad, so when curse activated, it decided that it is normal for cursed individual to be slightly rotten and didn't fix it. Or maybe dead bodies just don't

regenerate even when cursed, as mentioned above. Or maybe platinum in the blood again.

Considering all that, Kiara is going to be terribly mad in four years.
Neat theory, but that ignores two crucial things. That Kiara was severely weakened when she made last her familiar, and that Kiara warned us of taking physical damage. If we did have super regeneration, she wouldn't have told us to try not to get shot in the head, and that we were still mortal in the first few weeks of our acquaintanceship.
Actually, I take back that earlier comment of the two now that I reread your argument. I still think it's unlikely because it was said Last is specifically attuned to magic through Kiara's signature brand of juice. Being successfully infused by another brand is highly unlikely. Remember how the bishop warned other witches of injecting Last with their magic to rejuvenate his decomposing body?
File: image.jpg (396 KB, 1920x1080)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
Yes. It doesn't make any sense. It's a horrible, horrible system.
Welp. Thanks for giving me another reason to stick with my S4. Holy shit that's dumb.
What I mean is Last was cursed not by Kiara, but by Sarna, and it happened when both witches were captured by drones. Kiara warned us agains physical damage far before that, and even now she does not know about the curse.
Yeap. Read the theory again. And I think it's unlikely due to the whole, "attuned to Kiara's, and only Kiara's brand of juice." Bishop warned the other witches of rejuvenate Last with their own power, due to the whole, "he's not your bloodtype" thing.
In all honesty, can't say that Sarna's rejuvenation works perfectly now.
I've been typing this if anyone else had been as well let me know and I can stop.

"That's a bit unfortunate. As of now, we have no real way to get you or anyone to Europe. Subs prowl the seas, at least the ones that haven't been mined already. As for the air, we've lost contact with every aircraft that has attempted the crossing. So far as we can tell, the whole coastline is lined with missle batteries."

"It's a fucking mess." The janitor adds for emphasis.

"So there's no way you can get me to Europe? You grind your teeth, trying to think of something. Maybe you could have the witches magic something together."

"That's not entirely true. I think I might know of a way. Someone tell the pilot to divert to Beale air force base." Kenji points at one of the security peeking his head through the far door, "You. You do it."

"Beale? What could possibly be there?" One of the other group, not yet introduced, asks with visible confusion.

In fact, nobody in the room aside from Kenji seems to know what he could possibly be talking about.

"Let them launch all the missles they want. All you have to do is outrun them. Have you ever heard of the Aurora project?" He grins wickedly.

Unfortunately for him, you'd never heard of such a thing.

"You mean like the northern lights?" You frown, not following him on this latest train of thought.

"Yeah, like the northern lights. if they could cruse along the edge of space and atmosphere at mach fucking six!"

While you aren't exactly a jet head, if you remember right, the SR-71 did maybe around half that speed or so.

"Have you actually seen this supposed spacecraft slash piloted death missle?" You inquire.

"In person? Well, no."

File: image.jpg (457 KB, 1920x1080)
457 KB
457 KB JPG
>world is mine
>twenty times
Why. Why do that to yourself?

"And you think that, for some reason, this craft is going to conveniently be parked in some hanger that we can just stroll on into and fire the thing up? I mean, I can't fly one. Can you?"

"That's an interesting proposition..." Kenji rubs at his jaw, "I'd never really thought about trying."

You can tell just by looking at the way he acts that he's never so much as flown a remote control plane, let alone being able to take the helm of some black project craft that may not even actually exist.

And even if he could somehow get the thing started, either through dumb luck or whatever his brand of magic is, you've damn sure you wouldn't climb aboard for the test flight.

"Why would this spaceship even be at that air base?" The janitor asks the question on everyone elses mind.

"Well partially because it was one of the prior operating bases for the Blackbirds. And also because it's in an area where the most Aurora sightings have taken place. Lots of secret activity going on all around that place." Kenji prattles on as though all of this were fact rather than conjecture based entirely on internet blogs and forums.

"Alright, so suppose we do find this plane. We have nobody to fly the damn thing." You would rather shift this conversation toward a more realistic way to get your own ass to Euroland.

One of the other men gathered, another still not introduced, raises a finger to offer up a point.

"You don't have to raise your hand, what?"

"Beale is actually firmly in the control of our own forces. I'm not saying the bird is still there, but if it is, it's likely that the crew wouldn't be too far away, right?

I KNEW there was a reason I pulled you off that elementary school literacy committee and brought you along," Kenji nods.

"You pulled him from a what?"
Fucking Kenji, man.
>Missile misspelled
Note to self: actually install cracked version of word I have or at least get open office instead of using note pad.
Ugh. Make sure to get 2003 or something. I've got 2010, and it's got so many features linked to the internet, I've got to disconnect wifi whenever I start it for a bit. Else, it runs this complicated as hell internet feature suite that has to be deleted lest it find my copy fake and using phoney keys.
I'm pretty sure its 07 or 05 and its clean, been used on a few computers with no problems. Got it a couple years ago, its just sitting on an external, I haddn't gotten around to installing it on this computer because I don't type at all.
I've been using libre office since Z&W first started I think.

I forgot the
Prompt here
File: image.jpg (521 KB, 1920x1080)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
And the picture.
"Are we there yet?"
I don't know... Just go with whatever gets us over there in one piece option. Still in shock about President Kenji of all things.

Wait what about Russia. Couldn't we swing in through there... We'll be dealing with Magical STALKER if we go to Russia won't we?
>complete and utter showfag
so am I
Ya'know, I'm really fucking scared of what kind of witches Russia will have. Putin is pretty high on the crazy/ruthless bar. Going there does not sound fun at all.
Hmmm field too long, by 195 it seems.
Going to Europe/Asia period doesn't sound like fun at all.
Just get ready to land And find aurora.
"That isn't important right now." Kenji waves off your cabinetry concerns as he checks his watch, "At our current speed, it won't take us all that long to arrive. This bird is a bit faster than most credit her with."

"Right... So do any of you know the current state of Europe? I've only heard a few things."

"It's likely we don't know all that much more than you do. What radio signals we do receive usually don't last long. It's likely the Order is actively seeking out broadcasts and shutting them down to keep us out of the loop. What we do know however is that things are far worse over there than they were here. For the most part, our war is over. If any of the recent broadcasts can be believed. Theirs is still at its apex." The Secretary of Agriculture shakes his head, "But with the amount of false information we believe the Order is feeding out as well, nobody can really be sure."
Dian looks uncomfortable at those words, perhaps even a bit distraught.

"Something up?" You ask.

"I have friends over there. Friends I haven't seen in a long time. I just hope they're alright." She smiles despite herself, but you can tell it's just a mask.

Similar thoughts have been eating at you this entire time as well. Your own father had little and less to live for aside from you and his criminal empire. Having lost both and departed for the ancestral homeland, you just hope he hasn't done anything brash.

"Don't worry," you try to cheer her up, "Kiara may be a bit bratty at times. Hell, even a bit of a shut-in. But once we find her and break her out, she'll set everything right."

"How can you be so sure? I mean I only know her through story, but..."

Socrates is the one who cuts off Dian before you can try to answer.

"I've known that witch for thousands of years, though I'm a great deal younger than her I admit. Even if for no other reason than rage, she'll make sure to see to the end of days for the Order. If there is only one certainty about Ruin, it's that she is a woman best no spurned."

"Yeah. And for the love of god don't try to steal a bed from her." You grimace as you remember the spectral goats and the attacking showerhead.

"I need more smokes and a mix tape, a funky one in order to pull off this rescue."

Can we get Diego to meet us there? He'd probably enjoy the flight, and the fight.

Need to be blasting this when we find Kiara, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_izvAbhExY

Been stuck listening to this at least once a day from my reread of Z&W.
File: image.jpg (630 KB, 1920x1080)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
File: awful.gif (1.89 MB, 280x218)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB GIF
Aw boss, we know you're a degenerate already. Don't need to go waving it in our faces all the time.
What time is it there? It's getting 10am in Finland. Shouldn't you be in bed with your catgirl wife?
File: 1412828479087.jpg (211 KB, 1332x1154)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>no good butt images
No matter how fast Kenji assumes this plane is traveling, it certainly isn't mach 6 or whatever he claims that supposed black project craft can hit.

As the clock ticks on, you only grow more and more anxious. If this doesn't work out, what then? Even if a submarine could get through the supposed blockade, how long would that take? Weeks? You aren't well versed on your submersible speeds.

And if not by air or by sea, you don't really have any ideas as to how to reach Europe.

Maybe through Alaska? You ponder that perhaps that would be a less guarded route. But all it would take is a few missile batteries in nearby Russia to smack down any conventional craft's attempt at reaching. So maybe by boat? You figure piloting one of those large crabbing vessels wouldn't be overly difficult.

"Hey, mom?" You ask aloud, "are we there yet?"

Despite the question, the answer is no. Not for what feels like several more hours to you.

Though you watch as the three immortals rip hungrily through anything set in front of them so much as resembling food, you have no such appetite. Do you even need to eat at this point? You don't breathe and your heart doesn't beat. So likely not.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the pilot's voice crackles across the cabin speakers.

"Yeaahh... This is theee Captain speaking. We're been cleared for landing, Mr. President. Should be uhhhh... About fifteen or so to touchdownnn... Current weather at Beale is sunny, temperature at abouttt ahhh seventy to degrees. Crew prepare for landing."

"Hey, you might want to put your seatbelt on." One of the Secret Security guards tells Mattias, who laughs.

"This entire plane could crash and burn into the middle of the Atlantic and I would survive and swim my way back to shore."

"Right..." The man leaves well enough alone.

When the plane finally slows to a stop on the tarmac, you're the first one on his feet.
File: image.jpg (273 KB, 895x1158)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
God Damn it, phoenix, what if you pinball around the cabin and kill everyone else in the cabin who could have survived without your lard ass crushing them? Seatbelts are there to keep moving objects to minimum, not to save your platinum rodded ass.
Good thing we're dead so that it doesn't really matter. Can't get sick of there's no life!
"Mr. President?" Are the first, puzzled words of a worn looking man in an unwashed looking suit covered in medals and the like asks as he gazes up the stairs into the plane.

"That's right. I'm here for the Aurora." Kenji wasting no time, walks out right past the man you assume must be in charge of the place.

"The, uhh.. Aurora, sir?" The man turns to follow his Commander in Chief.

"That's right. Plane, big, fast, secret. You know the one I'm talking about."

For a moment you expect the man to deny having any such notion as to what Kenji is talking about. Thus it's quite to your own surprise when you're offered a ride in a black Suburban through several security gates, all manned, you notice.

"I'm going to be honest, sir, were you ever briefed on this installation? I don't believe we've ever spoke."

"No, I read about it on the internet. But you have the aurora, right?" He stares at the man, you assume a General or some such, right in the eyes.

"Well, yeah But nobody really calls it that, that was just a project name."

"So what do you call it?" Tia asks.

"Officially? The GL-96. The crews, though? They just call her the rocket."

You might have questioned that name, prior to arriving in the hanger and seeing the craft for yourself. Now having witnessed it, however, you see where the nickname comes from. It certainly does appear more rocket than aircraft. The most prominent feature of the rather large craft being two immense engines built tight against the smooth, black fuselage.
Actually, it's a mental thing. The human is only able to deal with specific amounts, sources, and types of stimuli at once. "Overloading" it will cause psycho-physiological discomfort regardless of actual digestive health, or the lack thereof. So, yeah. Vampires can get nausea, and so can zombies with mental faculties appropriately preserved.
A man shoving a fresh dip into his lip watches the group of you with a rather bemused expression behind his bushy mustache.

"Some people looking for a joyride?" The man, you assume to be the pilot, asks.

"More like a flight to Europe. You game for that?" You reply.

The man chuckles.

"Oh, yeah that's not a problem. We might be ducking missiles the whole way, sure, but I could get you there. Tell me, though, you ever been on a roller coaster?"

You frown at this sudden challenge.

"Sure. Big ones. Why?"

"Because compared to this bitch, a coaster is like a big wheel versus the space shuttle."
File: image.jpg (209 KB, 863x790)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Hell yes it is the ride. Matias and whichever of the witches is the strongest.
Question! Where do we land?
mattias and sarna
And to add, if we do have a landing area...

>[ ] Mattias
>[ ] Sarna

Not a question about bring Sarna and Mattias is going to have some crazy blood rage for the dude we're about to hit from what I recall.
File: 1414832129356.jpg (61 KB, 1920x1080)
61 KB
Anon, you don't fill me with confidence in this plan..
While at one time, that may have been daunting, as of right now it doesn't seem all that insane. Not after what you've seen, been through, and battled against thus far. Compared to a psychotic mage seeking vengeance over a long sunken civilization, this is mundane.

"Sounds like a party." You shrug.

The pilot chuckles softly, shaking his head in a "This guy has no idea" sort of way.

"Well this is the fastest way to Europe, right? Possibly the only way right now?" You look back toward the supposed General of the base.

The man grimaces, but nods nevertheless, "Yeah, it probably is. But you do understand the risks, right? This craft's only real defense are speed and altitude. Despite that, it's never really been field tested against anything more than whatever the Cubans and Venezuelans have. It's one of a kind, so we've never really put it against some place like Russia or China. Too valuable to have shot down."

"That's assuming anyone could shoot it down," The pilot interjects, "And nobody's got the goods to bring down this rocket."

"I'm not really an expert on aeronautics and the like, but aren't there missiles that go way faster than mach six? Couldn't they catch this thing?"

At this, the pilot closes his eyes and laughs quietly, shaking his head.

"Mach six," he laughs, "He thinks it only goes mach six."

"It goes faster?" You ask the General at your side.

"Than six? Yeah. Yeah it goes faster than six."

Is this your ride to Europe?
[ ] Yes
[ ] I'll find something less suicidal

You can take two passengers with you:
[ ] Sarna [ ] Tia
[ ] Mattias [ ] Dian
Hey, getting into Switzerland doesn't mean we need to think about such middleman stages like landing. We can skip the landing part and still end up in Switzerland!
File: image.jpg (573 KB, 1374x981)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
>Mattias and Dian

Both have reasons to be there and I bet Sarna wants to catch up with Damon.
File: Christmas Fire Cat.gif (73 KB, 325x325)
73 KB
Fuck, forgot about that. Supportan'.
Also thanks for doing this. If not for you, the archive of the thread would be lost if images were purged.
Not on my watch they won't. Least I could do for all the hours of entertainment you've given me.

Also didn't you say you've been up since before 5am, its like near 3 am for you and theres been no HUE whats sustaining you?!
Yeah it's 9 minutes to 4am here. Staying up as long as I can manage so I'm acclimated to night shifts for the coming week.

At this point I'm running on Sailor Jerry's out of the bottle.
eh. it's the same time here, cept it's jim bean
Ah booze, the life force of all QM's it seems. I couldn't do alternating shifts that'd mess me up and booze puts me to sleep least I don't get hang overs.
Yeesh. Maybe that's true for ya'all American ones. Crusty makes hot cuppas with honey. QM's get weird when they're sozzled. Soma turned our rather nice wife in Life Quest into a nymphomaniac because of it's influence. Though to be fair, I've a feeling Azure'd be dead and buried without it to deal with the rampant shitposting and horrible decisions his players are so found of making.
Some can't handle its power. But wow that seems like a pretty big jump in personalities and a hot cuppa with honey sounds pretty amazing right now.
File: image.jpg (412 KB, 800x1276)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
Beer tends to make me a bit tired now, but not spirits.

Think I'm going to call it here, my body is finally catching up with me. It's the end point I wanted as well.

Probably would have fit in more if not for internet trouble, but glad this solution at least worked until the end of the thread.

I'll stick around for a little while like normal while I grab more chow
>As far as I'm concerned, babe, this thing ain't got no brakes.
Oh god help us all...

Thanks for the thread boss. Any ideas on the next run time?
Post weekend. I work nights the next four days.
Alrighty then. How many more threads you think this got now?
"You know where we're headed, right?" You ask over the headset inside your own helmet.

"Geneva, right? Can't say I'll be able to land us too close, depends on the local welcoming party. But I'll try my best. You ladies nice and comfy back there?

"I feel like a sardine." Sarna announces uncomfortably as she struggles to adjust the straps holding her to the seat.

"If you think it's bad now, just wait until I've got this thing screaming."

The pilot and co-pilot are seated more toward the front of the craft themselves, and from where you're at, you can't see either of them. You'd boarded a different area than they had, after all. From your understanding, you're back in the area normally crewed by intelligence officers responsible for managing the suite of electronics you'd been expressly told not to touch.

Having said your farewells with a promise to return quickly enough once securing Kiara, you'd boarded. And now it would seem the short wait is over as with twin shattering, rumbling booms, the engines fire to life.

Faster than you'd ever been in an aircraft still grounded, the rocket lurches forward and begins to speed its way across tarmac. Even from where you're seated, you can watch as it barely avoids other planes or supply trucks. A few ground crew even hurriedly run out the way as the craft begins to pick up more and more speed.

"Whoa!" Sarna yells as the aircraft jerks violently to avoid the jutting tail of a large cargo craft. The force of the turn pulling you against the right side of your seats.

"Ever think of using the brakes?" She continues, sounding a bit irritated.

The pilot and co-pilot both laugh through your headset.

"Brakes?" The pilot finally chuckles, "As far as I'm concerned, babe, this thing ain't got no brakes."
File: Soul Dying.jpg (16 KB, 178x230)
16 KB

I know your suffering, Papa-N. I started working overnights at a local gas station, 10pm to 6am. I'm also looking at about 400-500 total for a CCW, mandatory training course and an IWB holster.
File: (~~)7.png (48 KB, 114x294)
48 KB
Thanks for the run bro, gonna archive unless someone else is doing it.
Depending on the length, 1-2 or so. It's almost the finale.
Yeah nights suck. I mostly just keep warm in our trucks. When it's nicer out I like to walk around more.

And 4-500 for that? What holster setup are you looking at. How much did you get your class for?

It was fun. I'm glad the image thing and the based anon typing them all out worked. Would have sucked to just end it early.
Archive up, pretty tired hope it and the typing came out okay. Been up since pretty early my self but, its only around 2am here.
What were president Jensens promises to the general population that spearheaded him to victory?
>leisurely flight
Bueno. Papi like
Well, the fee for the CHCL/CCW itself is around 150 dollars, and the holster I'm looking at is a Crossbreed Supertuck for about 70 bucks with some j-clips thrown in, then a good belt for another 60 or 70, so about 140 all told for the holster/belt. I was considering a DeSantis MadMax, but they don't make them for the Cz-75 compact.

Dunno the prices of the classes, but some quick googling shows some in a nearby town for about 100 bucks, so I'm betting on 100-200 total there.
So yeah, 400-500 dollars as conservative estimate.
Removing fluoride from drinking water. Reptilian tests for all elected officials. Hot pockets tax credit
>Hot pockets tax credit
Totally lost my fucking shit.
I've heard the supertucks are nice. I hardly ever IWB. I don't really care if I print a bit during the warmer months. Nobody around here cares.

Best belt I've ever found are wilderness instructor. Go for the 1-3/4" with polymer insert. Just get the sizing right. Triple check that before ordering. I own three of their belts now. And I think you can get one shipped for like $60. My five year old one is in nicer shape than any of my 5.11 belts which seem to degrade quickly.

$150 is the standard fee here too. And $100 is pretty standard for classes I think. I didn't pay for mine.
Cool long as you're happy with it.
Also link for new people and the like.

Fucking hot pocket tax haha.

Anyways I'm out night.
>Fucking hot pocket tax haha.
Tax credit.
Thanks. See you next thread
Noted. I've heard good stuff about the super tucks, and honestly, the only reason I'm really going for an IWB is that I work in a gas station by myself, at night. Usually I just chuck it in my man-purse (an old yugoslavian rucksack) and call it good.

Luckily, the gas station I'm at usually has plenty of police officers coming and going, and is well lit, but y'know, I don't want to take any chances.
Dunno if my boss will be too happy at the thought, but I'm leaning towards what he doesn't know won't hurt him.
I finally got home from work and caught up, thanks for running Papa
Are you going to drop it for over a year again after this thread? Because I'm not even going to bother if you are.
A little slow there anon, also read his posts, he ain't dropping anything.

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