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File: Random Encounters.jpg (69 KB, 500x400)
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The pic says it all. Tell stories of your real life Random Encounters.
Oh hell, I'll start.

Long ago, when Halo 3 first came out me an a friend went to another friend's to borrow their xbox, to play through Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2.

As we open the door, another friend of the guy we're borrowing the xbox from pulls out a shank made from a spoon, threatening, "I swear to god, if you tell anyone we have pot here I'll shank ya!"

My friend, being as hopped up on caffeine as I, pulls out a giant ass knife. The two of them stand there, staring each other down, and I' say, "Guys, there's no reason for violence here. Just let us borrow the xbox and a couple games, and no one will know anything of this."

The guy with the shank looks a little conflicted, but puts his shank away. My friend and me get the xbox and walk away. As we make our way back up the hill, my friend says, "that was fucking awesome."
Bump. These threads have always been good.
File: Lelshark.png (33 KB, 260x194)
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>worked as s first mate for ferry service one summer
>boat is kind of small and flat, but holds 40 people in the seats, me, and the cap'n
>Doesn't really have walls, just poles with tarp in-between. Sturdy enough, but there's a gap underneath and it isn't that tall.
>normal day, carrying people to an island
>everyone is happy, im standing at the back making sure no one falls overboard or whatever
>I actually fall asleep standing up because it was the end of the day and im bloody tired due to immense workload and being a lazy
>I hear yelling and wake up
>OH SHIT there's a 3 foot babby shark on board
>No idea what the fuck to do, start calling for the captain
>He can't hear me due to ferry noises
>Shark bites some lumberjack looking dude in the leg
>This giant of a man stands up, pulls a 1 foot knife/sword from his bag, and stabs the thing in the side, grabs it and slams it against one of the overhead support poles
>throws it into the ocean like a skipping stone
>proceeds to pull out medical equipment from the knife bag
>captain still doesn't notice
>Sharkslayer gets off the ferry at our destination
>I tap him on the shoulder as he passes and give him 10 dollars from my tip money as a quest reward
>Everyone just stares at him as he limps away to the island campsite

And that my friends is the tale of Sharkslayer, Defender of the Ferry
That's just like animals that go into Rage when they smell blood. They forget the puny humans can too. Solid level 4 human encounter.
Welp. Random encounters aren't suppose to be normal. Just thought i'd share.
>Mexican Kid with an AK walks out of a liquor store screaming about killing some Chinese and their fucking robots.

>White kid chases another white kid with a knife while a Mexican watches on with his face in his hands.

>Guy walks down the street with a broken nose and a knife.

>Numerous encounters with heavily armed Mexicans

Latino neighborhoods people. Stay out of them.
I wound say that's random, just a normal Latino neighborhood . Entertaining nevertheless.
Been a while since I last typed this one out.

>4 or 5 years old
>visiting grandma's apartment for elders
>she's nice, but not much to do there
>awesome playground 5 minutes' walk away
>pink snakey stairs-balance-beam
>blumpy slides that buzz as you go down
>monkey bars
>longest metal slide ever, you have to go up a hill
>meet a kid, maybe he was hispanic
>play and be kids together
>shit's cash
>kid cries when I have to go
>dad says I can stay a bit more
>it happens again when we're in the sandbox
>I stand up and break into "Tomorrow" from Annie
>earnest as can be
>kid's sitting there open-mouthed as I turn away
>dad later says kid's dad looked bemused from his park bench
>never see them again because I don't live in California

And that's how I was somebody's encounter.

Oh man, this one time, I went to see a movie.

All by myself. I was told at the front counter they had a "No Singles Policy". I was disheartened, so I left to get some of my buddies.

We got back to the theater and walked in halfway through the previews, so we really didn't miss much. I got up to get a drink when the fire door opened and a guy in a joker costume walked in and killed EVERYONE.

That's the last time I go see a Christopher Nolan movie. It's way too intense.
Not quite a "random" encounter, but a Surprise Round nonetheless...

>Be me, Halloween
>23. Escorting three kids. A 12yo, her friend, and her 8yo brother
>Tell them I know of all the good candy spots
>Unbeknownst to them, we're going to my friend's house
>Friend is a drug dealer, and he has a shit ton of candy
>But the neighborhood is prime with rich white people, so candy galore
>So we start knocking on doors and their pillow cases are to bursting within about three or four blocks
>Along comes the next house
>A Wild Nigger Appears
>He sells LSD & Molly
>He's high as shit
>Opens the door standing in his boxers. House is completely empty except a couch and a television on a large wooden cable spool
>He has a bowl of Fruit Loops
>Some sports game is on his tv
>I sway my arm between him and the kids and step in between them
>He starts approaching me, screaming at me and the kids, asking if we want to watch the game
>As he approaches us, I see his dick is falling out of his pants
>Grab my knife because, hey, we're in a dealer neighborhood
>Demand he back the fuck off
>He gets all apologetic and closes the door
>wtf just happened
File: That'sMyFetish.gif (832 KB, 290x188)
832 KB
832 KB GIF
>be a hipster on the beach
>chillin, enjoyin your iphone
>suddenly a nazi walks up to you from the boardwalk
>there's a naked dude with a red-tipped mohawk with him
>the mohawk guy is only wearing cargo pants
>"Hey man I like your stuff." they say
>flip out, I don't want no trouble man
>nazi pulls a gat
>fuck this.jpg
>they strip me naked
>take my sandals
>throw sandals and iphone into the ocean
>MFW I was the mohawk and friend was the nazi PC
>we were the random encounter
name of the ferry/location? not that guy, i just want to know if you can back it up at least that far
that's not a random encounter, that's leaving the safe town and venturing into the monster infested wilderness. on that note, encountering crime in detroit is also *not* a random encounter
>encountering crime in detroit is also *not* a random encounter
Calico Jack's. Worked there aways back. Good people, recently shut down.
>High school
>After drama club practice, 6 PM
>across the lawn next to the PAC, there is a guy in a gorilla mask and boxing gloves.
>He hides around corners attempting to ambush people.
>We keep yelling warnings
>Eventually go confront him
>Pull the mask off, he covers his face and runs

Maybe not very exciting, but it was weird as shit for that town.
I got one I've never forgotten from years ago when I went down to visit my grandparents in cornwall.

Was ages ago, bear with me.

>be about 5-6
>shops are up the road from her place about 10 mins along a quiet road (had family everywhere here)
>walking along and see two guys standing on a wheelie bin looking through a window of a house
>must have figured they were breaking in or something
>mum and dad say that's naughty
>run into the wheelie bin which sends them sprawling into the yard of the place
>it was lower than the ground floor, quite a fall looking back, though I was much smaller
>they start shouting at me
>think I'm gonna get in lots of trouble
>run up the road to the shops
>buy some space raiders and some sweets and wait a few minutes
>walk back along same road
>nothing has changed except the guys aren't there
>remember being really scared that they might follow me back to my nans house
>don't tell my nan what happened

They might have been talking to a mate or something, I just thought they were doing something wrong, I was much braver in my youth if a little misguided it appears.
>be me. Visiting bro in the city cuz he made it through army boot camp and we want to get drunk start fights and fuck girls
>Country bumpkin walking in and out of the biggest pubs I've ever seen, surrounded by girls wearing the least amount of clothes in public I've ever seen, listening to music I hate and hopefully never have to experience again
>I bully some skinny hipster with a godawful haircut and fake specs into giving me ectsacy
>drop 3 straight up cuz I'm invincible
>later on, past late, getting early, walk into an allyway to piss
>seedy as fuck dude in there
>I grab the dude around the shoulders and proceed to sing garth brooks whilst pissing on both our feet
>completely unaware dude is holding a little knife the whole time
>bro retells story next day
>my empathegenic experiencing country ass frightened the fuck out of some guy waiting around to mug poeple


I only half remember doing it and had no awareness of sharp objects being pointed at me untill the next day.
File: 1422051070930.jpg (179 KB, 778x658)
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179 KB JPG
Forgot my pic.
Excuse me /tg/ I shouldn't be awake at this hour
have you ever been to Detroit or are you just operating off of an ignorant stereotype of the city?
because Detroit has no more crime than any other major city. Less than New York or Chicago.
>walking late at night down town in a college town
>group of four, average height with some on shorter side, I'm 6'6
>stand by a wall for a second, talking about what to do
>four college girls walk between us and wall (gap of about three feet)
>one loudly says "I SURE HOPE WE DON'T GET RAPED" while pressing herself against wall to walk by
>maybe ten seconds later, man in full chainmail with a morningstar and shield appears
>starts talking with us for a second
>paranoid that this guy's going to try and start shit because of what those girls said
>suddenly shows the crest designed on his shield and his bible
>crest is a fetus on fire
>"Have you men heard about the crusade against abortion?"
>everyone walks away quickly

Not too uncommon near college campuses, but it was still surprising.
You sound like a bunch of faggots.
>Devil's Night
>Roving packs of feral dogs, known to attack people
>More abandoned buildings than any other municipality in the nation
>Whole neighborhoods that are no-go for the police, unless they're rolling twenty units deep

Detroit isn't a major city; it's a primer for the post-apocalypse.
You're fucking joking, right? Detroit's murder rate is literally 10x that of New York's.
If you go by murders per capita, Detroit is typically one of the highest in the U.S., but usually not the highest. NYC, Washington D.C., or New Orleans tend to take the number one spot, with the other three and Detroit following.

Although recently Flint, Michigan has been really high for some reason.
File: Being a IRL encounter.png (151 KB, 1277x1444)
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151 KB PNG
Surprised no one posted this yet
No? Total murders it's not the highest, but in 2014 it had the highest murders per capita (at 43 murders per 100,000 residents). It was 53/100,000 in 2012.
In 2014 Flint had 62 murders per 100,000. Detroit was Number 2, which is not unusual. It does put it above NYC, New Orleans, or D.C though. Apparently Flint doesn't show up in a lot of studies because of it's declining population.

Also, my statements were based more on which city has been the U.S. murder capital the most often, so if you only look at more recent statistics it could be different.

And Detroit has hit number one a few times, but New Orleans takes the spot most often.
>sound like
a nazi and a "red tip mohawk" fake keupon are prolly gay asf anyway.

This is also ignoring Baltimore, Murderland and Trenton, both of which make South Chicago look like a Buddhist temple.
You're not really taking into account that reporting of crimes in detroit is way down due to the overwhelmed police force. Did you not hear about those 11000 rape kits the cops stashed in a storage facility to make it seem like they were on top of things? They did a preliminary assay and it revealed 180 previously unknown serial rapists. 180. Thats as many as 18 tens, and thats terrible.
Wow, what the fuck is up in Flint, Michigan?

>Apparently Flint doesn't show up in a lot of studies because of it's declining population.

...just checking, but is it declining because of the murders?
People leaving don't know why.

I hadn't considered that.

It didn't know about those either, but I believe it.
>180 serial rapists

That is downright horrifying
Wow, I hadn't seen that before. Solid gold.
That's hilarious
Because it's shit, and no-one would be scared of a guy pretending to be an elf?
Super pale as fuck dude in lots of tats, playing weird ass flute music in the middle of the forest that the locals all swear to god is super haunted and has some super ghostly shit.

I'd be a little apprehensive.
File: 1369266331934.jpg (27 KB, 473x360)
27 KB
and Im not even making it up. Look that shit up, man.
>paladin in training who didn't have detect evil yet
I'm guessing you've never seen a Michael Moore movie. It's practically all the fat fuck talks about.

Basically, the story goes down like this:
Flint is essentially the capital of what is known as the "Rust Belt," which is a region in the northeast midwest of the US that got absolutely shit on starting in the 60s, but really badly in the 80s when pretty much all non-skilled manufacturing (think assembly lines for cars and whatnot) got hit by globalization and is now done overseas. You can read more about it here if you're interested:
Or again, you can watch Michael Moore movies, the most relevant probably being his most famous work of "Roger and Me" - he's from Flint, so it's his claim to fame.

Anyways, Flint gets shit on when what was overwhelmingly the largest industry shuts down (auto-manufacturing). When that happens, the property values plummet, since who the fuck wants to live in a town with asstons of abandoned industrial sites and no work. With no jobs, people begin to be unable to pay their mortgages, but with their houses literally starting to be worth hundreds of dollars, even after they sell the house they can't pay off the mortgage. The city enters a death-spiral where more and more people realize the only way to continue living is to turn to crime, or leave. The local government keeps trying to do the humane thing and provide people jobs and local attractions to draw tourism, but it just makes the death-spiral slower. So you end up with the third largest city in Michigan having easily more abandoned buildings than running ones (think not having a grocery store anywhere near by), a population less than half of its peak, and the general mentality of "It's easier to find a gun than a job" plaguing the city. It's essentially Detroit, but worse.
Nothing special. I was just wandering around in my living talking to myself when I heard a noise on the porch. Figuring that it was yet another raccoon, I grabbed the broom, turned the light on, and went out.

A big old black bear was tearing into the trash. He sort of just stared at me for a few seconds. Being a sensible human being, I closed the door, waited for it to leave, then repaired the screen and cleaned up the mess.
I love how this developed after I left to sleep.
Also, one of my favorite IRL random encounter stories.
>in my living room
Scooby Dooby Doo!
I bet you play Chaotic Evil characters, don't you? Degenerate.
I've experienced a couple and been a couple.
>be at monthly arts district event
>bring ball python every month, I have become known as the "snake guy"
>one guy asks to hold the snake
>with the most tranquil look on his face, he says
>"I am fucking terrified of snakes. I actually passed out from seeing one in a cage one time. I'm surprised that I'm not shitting my pants."
>says it like he's telling me that his kitten is the most adorable thing ever
>his friends lean over and say, "he is on so much acid"

>getting lunch while at a convention
>still in cosplay, but took off stuff like the tac vest and bandanna so I don't get shot
>still have on damaged, burnmarked hoodie, bloody gauze around arm, and ash/char makeup on face
>look up from my burger to see a woman and her husband approaching me
>They both immediately start chewing me out
>Not for being an adult at an anime convention
>But for being a crisis actor in a false-flag mass shooting practice
>the alex jones are strong with these two
>Harp on me for promoting the, and I quote,
>"Hussein Obama's muslim autocracy based on gun control"
>freak out and don't say anything
>they are drawn away from their order being ready
>leave asap
>5 or 6
>was going to bed
>for christmas I got a 4 foot tall life sized greyhead in a tube
>hear noise in the night
>look around my room
>can't find anything
>about to go back to bed
>hit another noise
>wake up again
> the alien is stand above me
>scream my head off and parents rush in.
To this day i don't know what happened.
Well, looks like I won't be sleeping tonight anon.
File: DSC_2916[1].jpg (4.78 MB, 4288x2848)
4.78 MB
4.78 MB JPG
Shit, you think that's scary? I wasn't going to post at all and this didn't even occur to me for this thread until that guy's story and your response. I usually only tell this in /x/

>Be little kid, probably about that same age
>Sometimes at night, I would see lights outside my window from my bed
>Would scream for my parents but they didn't come until the lights were gone
>It was just a dream, Anon
>Mom would stay with me for a long long time to calm me down, or even let me sleep with them sometimes
>Continued to happen sometimes when I would sleep alone
>One night, goes on for much longer than other nights
>Bedroom window slides open
>Little brown colored men climb up into window
>One of them has something like a musical instrument that plays a song or something
>When he's playing the song I can't even move or scream
>Other little men come over to my bed and put tape on my hands and face and other stuff I either couldn't understand or still don't remember
>Happens several other times before I get to a certain age

Now, I still have night terrors although I have them largely under control since I sleep with a girl much smaller and more delicate than myself and maybe those were the super-intense night terrors of a small child but damn if they don't really, really stick with me as real memories to this day.
All I could think of was Detroit blacks coming into your house blasting rap.
They seemed more like little elves
I just remembered one from my mom.

>Mom and dad goes to aunt's house.
>the place is old.
>They stay in my cousin's room.
>Mom wakes up late one night and sees little men walking around on the walls near the ceiling.
>They're about 2 feet tall, white skinned, have small pointy ears and needle like teeth.
>The men chatter at each other for hours before finally crawling into the upper corners of the room and disappearing.
>Mom refused to sleep in that room again.
> an old Soviet tank and 1d6 soldiers who give you a suspicious glance
> a little bat-cub hanging off a tree branch
> a family of hedgehogs following you for 2d6 turns
> a travelling Eskimo who wants to know more about your town
> two lvl2 commoners asking you for changing them some money, when you put out the money they grab it and try to run away
> two Chinese guys wandering around in search of someone to help them learn your language
> two cute elven girls eager to teach you to dance jig
> a shop assistaint handing you in a condom for free
> two Palestinians carrying a hookah and a bottle of arak ready to share with you if you buy them tobacco and coal
> a smelly hobbo talking on a mobile phone
> a hetero couple wearing military uniform kissing each other
> a huge dog with incredibly sad eyes paying no attention to you
File: 1402786716413.jpg (117 KB, 600x445)
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117 KB JPG
>working in a national park for DNR
>got us shacked up in some cool little cabins for the nights while we're off work
>it's just down the road from Dairy Queen so we decide to blow most of our food budget on blizzards every night.
>Final night of the work trip we're blasting Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight" on the way back
>pull into the parking area for the cabin and leave it cranked as the song finishes.
>get out of the truck and head to the cabin to get some sleep
>Hear rustling in bushes about 30 feet out from the trail
>pitch black outside, can't see shit
>call out to whoever is out there
>hear a tiny mewling noise
>realize it's a kitten, start talking to it figuring it's somebody's pet that's gotten loose.
>after about 5 minutes of talking to it it finally pops out of the woods
>Its eyes are crusted shut and it can't even see, barely any weight to it, clearly hasn't eaten in days, no collar
>clearly lost its mom in the woods
>pick it up and show coworkers
>one of the other guys falls in love with it immediately
>another who was a douchebag says that if it looks even remotely like it's going to die he's going to mercy kill it on the concrete curb near the cabin
>Stick it in a shoebox and carry it around with us for the rest of the night and the next day while we work
>name it Phil since clearly the power of rock had chosen this cat for greatness
>bring it back to our local animal shelter and a lesbian on the other crew falls in love with it and adopts it

And that's how I saved and subsequently damned some poor cat to be stuck with a crazy lesbian from Connecticut and her Canadian partner and their bizarre adventures as she goes to school in Canada.
>Having a Eng202 classmate, female type, appear on stage at a strip club.

>having the DJ from that same strip club show up in my class at Fort Benning.

>running into an Iraq buddy ten years later at a BDSM club in Etlanna.
Somebody never been innawoods on a full moon
Years ago a nature trail opened up in my hometown. My father and I went for a walk along it soon after it opened. As we were walking along a guy walked up to us and mentioned that someone had laid a fake snake on the side of the trail. Sure enough we come across its black head. I immediately tried to poke it with my foot despite my dad's warning. Turns out it wasn't fake and it recoiled. Also turns out it was a water moccasin and I'm lucky to be alive. Fun times.
>Living near to town with crazy old dude that dress' like a wizard with a staff and everything.
>Pretty much walks around all day smoking weed from his pipe with a cat resting on his shoulder.
>In the slightly worse part of town when I see three guys approaching said wizard.
>Hear one of them say something along the lines of "Give us your fucking cat"
>Reaches into his pocket and pulls out a 7inch blade and proceeds to laugh as he starts swinging
>Guys run off screaming shit like "Fuckin' pussy needing a knife"
>Wizard puts knife away and strokes his cat.
>Few months later walking around town with brother.
>Wizard approaches brother, shakes his hand, gives him money, let's him take a drag on his pipe, then walks on.
>"Wtf was that?"
>"Oh, I lent him some money, he's cool".

Honestly, He's loved in the community and is recognized as being a pretty chill dude.
Still a shock when you first see him though.
Well, and this is a fellow Montanan speaking here. we don't ACTUALLY believe the stories.

But dumb-as-fuck city folk eat that shit up, and it sells knickknacks at the general store.

But watch your feet in Flathead Lake, there is something evil in that water.
File: M4-Nope.gif (2.7 MB, 512x288)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB GIF
>Be 3/4 years old
>Was at grandmother's house, at night
>Grandma and parents were chatting, I was looking at the backyard
>See really huge tarantula
>Fast forward a bit, be 15 or so
>Spending some time in grandma's place
>Chilling in my laptop playing STALKER
>Feel like peeing
>Leave the room, head down the hallway to the bathroom
>At the entrance to the bathroom, there's a tarantula at least 7 inches long chilling and thinking of life
>Walk back to the room
>Put a towel to block the small gap between the door and the floor
>Go back home a few months later, never see it again.

I wasn't daring enough to enter its magical realm
File: 1406933044186.jpg (166 KB, 1440x807)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>waking up to find Detroit people have entered the house

I can believe there are more terrifying things to wake up to, but for the life of me I can't think of any.
Crazy ass shit can go down, man.
There needs to be more wizards running around.
Are you a guy or a girl.

Because that sounds like faeries, the bad kind.

Fucking unseelie goblins, I'll swear by it. Does NO ONE carry cold iron with them anymore?!
There is in my City, I actually saw him just the other day
>Does NO ONE carry cold iron with them anymore?!

Don't know the story behind this, care to explain?
So you can bypass their DR of course.

Supposedly iron, or cold iron depending on who you ask, repels fae creatures. Something like a cross for a vampire.
That sounds like sleep paralysis. You can experience intense hallucinations and be unable to move or speak. They can be fairly traumatic.
fool, everyone knows it's dumbbell iron that keeps the Goblins away
shoo shoo

Remind me of some hentai I've read.
Okay, that's pretty cool. He's even the Official Wizard. Does that make him the Arch Mage?
Gold is for the mistress -- silver for the maid --
Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade."
"Good!" said the Baron, sitting in his hall,
"But Iron -- Cold Iron -- is master of them all.

Tears are for the craven, prayers are for the clown --
Halters for the silly neck that cannot keep a crown."
"As my loss is grievous, so my hope is small,
For Iron -- Cold Iron -- must be master of men all!"

Yet his King made answer (few such Kings there be!)
"Here is Bread and here is Wine -- sit and sup with me.
Eat and drink in Mary's Name, the whiles I do recall
How Iron -- Cold Iron -- can be master of men all!"
Iron is the faeries foe/ brings to him every woe/ so if the wood-path you must go/ carry cold iron his face to show.
Thats from Gropey's contest! anyone have more screencaps?
Any one remember the man in the wolf mask, the old man on a dirt road, the porn fairy, or the lord of a distant land?
>false flag mass shooting practice
How the fuck do you practice a false flag mass shooting?
closest ive had to a random encounter
me and my friend just got off work and i drove him to his bus stop, his bus stop is right in front of walgreens. we go into the walgreens to pick up random munchies when we encounter someone who was too clean to be homeless but still had that look about him, he starts talking about weird things, angels and shit, hell was talking about the evils of satanists.
keeps going on and on for about 20 minutes, i dont remember most of his shit but i remember towards the end he announced he was a pedophile...
Dude, you met a prophet.
greetings from northern california, we too have a resident wizard who is pretty cool. he shouts at nonbelievers and swears he is the son of osirus and ramses while wearing a pharaoh headdress. on the days leading to the supposed rapture, he would shout with the rapture man and get into heated debates over the idea of rapture and heaven. he also calls me princess ariel because my hair used to be red, which makes no sense at all.

wizards are great, can we have more wizard stories?
must of had some shitty diviniation powers because i was a satanist and he didnt smite me... though i dont ping on detect evil so maybe thats what saved me

So back in the bad old days, people thought iron was anathema to fae creatures, which makes a certain amount of sense, representing man's dominion over nature.

Then you have this >>38093991
charming old rhyme, which is an exposition on how the power to kill people with weapons is really the greatest power.

Even though in these cases, cold iron is just iron, in DnD, cold iron is a special form of iron that's worked with no fires, and is anathema to fae creatures.
Actually had a similar experience, I had gone into NYC with two friends before we all went off to our respective colleges (All lived in small town not far from NYC) Took the train in and wandered the city drunk off of our asses, ends up being like 4 in the morning, three of us basically alone in times square, go about a block or two away get told by a bunch of random people "you boys shouldn't be around here this time of night" but booze keeps us going. We end up a few blocks further down and stop at the intersection, little old quasi-homeless man comes out of nowhere and asks if we have time to talk, we expect him to ask for money, but he just starts talking about all this vaguely religious/ spiritual shit and asks us all our names and we tell him and he takes each of our hands and looks us in the eyes one by one and says "Will you answer when I call you august?" we say yes and he nods and leaves
No wizard stories but heres some street wizard music.
Did you answer?
Still waiting, but every time I hear someone call the name august I look for that guy
My next campaign is the unseelie court going to war with an army of gym rats and gainsmen.
Aren't black bears huge pussies?
File: 1234456236.gif (1024 KB, 400x254)
1024 KB
1024 KB GIF
Once when shopping groceries I saw a man heading to the metro's escalator wearing a full ski suit and skis. He had a sports announcer with a megafon following him.

Once met a man from Lappland who told me I'm a good person. He had the bluest eyes I've ever seen. He'd be so disappointed in what became of me.

There's a camera in a security system at work that jitters and shakes up and down on its own. It's a static wall mounted indoor installation and shouldn't even be able to move.
It's not a poor connection since the view angle changes physically. Damn thing's possessed.

Once someone in a group of neo-nazis walking across the town square raised up a boombox and started playing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XNFokmDKrE - and they all sang along. Wasn't expecting THAT to happen.

Once saw a man whose leg was dripping out of his partially rotten pant sleeve. The stench reminded me of the time I visited a crematorium and the adjancent mortuary.

I've had countless people try to buy drugs from me. One tried to steal my sunglasses as well.
This one time I was actually there to buy a large cheramic flowerpot from someone I'd found on the local craigslist equivalent, confusion ensued.

I've seen people steal cars and beat up each other in the middle of the street. Mundane things. I consider it a good sign if I spot fresh blood on the pavement in the morning. Means I avoided the action.

Can't think of any even vaguely interesting ones anymore.
No, not normal
Let me tell you guys about my fucking metro station. Seriously, EVERY TIME I wait for something there, something weird happens.

One time, I was standing with a pal, and two chicks comes up to us. They say that there's a guy following them, and that we look like we'd keep them safe.

Another time, I as standing at the st. again, with the same pal, drinking some beers while waiting for the train. A guy in his forties comes up to us, and tries to steal our beers. The guys is very drunk, and fails. He then tries to talk us into letting him buy one. We tell him to fuck off. He does.

Another time, a guy higher than a kite walks around the entire station, asking for directions towards the central station. Several times.

Most recently was a black guy asking me for water. I didn't have any, and apparently, he took offense to that. As in 'fite me bro' offense to me not having water.

Aaaand reading this thread made me realise that my stories are lame.
That's sleep paralysis. It's always fucking terrifying.
Only when you don't recognise it for what it is.

Then it becomes a matter of pre-emptively shortening that experience. In the army I told people to shake me awake if I ever fell asleep in a vehicle or failed to instantly produce sound after wakeup.
One time, I ran into a thing that I believe is called a 'wooman,' though I may be mistaken.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime random encounter of truly epic proportions. I had left my lair of 18 years due to a lack of consumables, and as I stepped up from my basement-dwelling, I saw what I can only describe as a marvelously disturbing creature.

It was much like you and I, except far thinner and lithe, bearing a far softer face, and lacking hair along the neck-region. This 'wooman' creature also seemed to be blessed with odd adipose build-ups upon its upper chest area.

Truly, it was an odd creature, and I still feel lucky to have encountered it the sole time I left my lair. Never again have I seen such a creature, for upon seeing it, I felt an intense fear, and all of a sudden a large amount of spaghetti appeared in my pockets, and I began dropping it everywhere as I proceeded to trundle back to my basement dwelling, my food-needs sated by the pocket-spaghetti.

This occurred years ago, and I have not yet left my dwelling, for fear of encountering it again. Luckily, the mere thought of encountering it again is enough to fill my pockets with spaghetti.
Basically, there's "crisis actors" you can hire so your EMTs, faculty, or whatever can experience a realistic mass casualty situation. Conspiracy theories say that those are often used to fake mass shootings in order to push more laws.
I have a story, but before I tell it,
who here has been to Mission San Antonio?
Okay, I'm going to assume nobody at the moment.

>be a fifteen year old on a retreat
>drive for hours to get there
>it's a building in the middle of the fucking boonies with no nearby towns, and an active military base
>mountain lion sightings
>sp00k-ass forest
>one kid and his room mate said they heard knocking on the window
>so did another kid
>the kid sleeping alone said he heard knocking from his closet (which wasn't really a closet, more of a small room with nothing in it)
>When we're allowed to explore, we see that right behind the mission is an Indian burial ground
>accompanied by an odd little house with bars in the doorway
>and in the distance there's a huge cross on top of a hill, slightly obscured by fog
>me and my roommate are in a room at the end of the hall, right next to a locked room saying "out of order," though it looked like just a normal room from under the doorway
>friend/roommate organizes an escape at night, so we can explore around.
>8 other people willing to join
>attempt 1: failed, turns out they lock us in at night.
>attempt 2: before attempt 2 we found out they had cameras monitoring us in the hallways.
>attempt 3: windows? nope, grates. no escape.

Upon leaving and doing a bit of research, turns out that somebody actually did film a fucking horror movie there.
On the bright side, the military base's ip was banned from /a/.
Jesus christ...
What the fuck man.
... for breakfast we once got cold hot dogs and ketchup... no buns...

I remember the man in the wolf mask. Was that the guy some drunk guy confessed his troubles to, walked away, and the guy woke up feeling excellent?
And no one knew who the guy in the mask was, or that the guy was even there.

If I remember correctly, someone else in that thread mentioned their own experience which was quite similar. Apparently it's a thing. Encounter a mysterious masked stranger, confess your troubles, and have a weight lifted from your soul.

Wait, isn't that what a "Sin-Eater" is?
More or less.
File: go-into-the-light.gif (275 KB, 499x273)
275 KB
275 KB GIF

Sin-eater is someone who ritually takes on the sins of a household.
They're usually called in if there's been a recent death and there's a feeling that the dead might not rest so easily due to misdeeds for which they were unable to go to confession.

I've heard of other incidents similar to this, though. Including one case where it was the extended story of one such masked person which eventually ended after someone got to close before eventually offing themselves, causing them to hang up their mask and costume forever.

People place a certain trust in silent people, I suppose it's an indicator of a good listener.

> it was the extended story of one such masked person which eventually ended after someone got to close before eventually offing themselves, causing them to hang up their mask and costume forever

Someone acted as a Sin-Eater and the person confessing ended up getting too stressed out?
File: 1422492924711.gif (477 KB, 400x290)
477 KB
477 KB GIF

Person confided in them, stayed in contact, eventually became emotionally involved and found out their identity then lost contact for a long span, after which the "Mask Bearer" found out that the person had killed themselves.

The Mask bearer has set themselves up previously as a mute convention character with a weird mask, hood and coat, probably a roving encounter by himself.

After that happened they retired the persona entirely.
Not nearly as bad as being in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

Fuck that shit so fucking hard and this is coming from someone who has done both.
>the military base's ip was banned from /a/
What'd they do?

I sadly don't have any Wizard stories, but since I lost my jacket during the winter I just always went out in my bathrobe. So one guy at the nearby dollar store calls me The Wizard whenever he sees me. That's pretty cool.
It was some post about a waifu.
The image was gone.
Ah forgot my stories...I haz several of them a few in which I was in fact the random encounter.

>be thirsty but out of favorite drink
>So left to get drink a few blocks away from place
>be walking to gas station to get a drink
>Right when I was about to turn the corner to it
>Out of fucking nowhere a doe is hauling ass
>skids as it pulls a sharp turn
>Keeps on hauling ass as it runs across the block and around another corner
>Lose sight of it...mind is full of wut
>Suddenly redneck in a pick up check stops right next to me
>Comments on deer getting spooked and running off asked where it went
>I answer but notice he has a shotgun with him
>He drives off in pursuit
>Go get my drink and wonder what the fuck just happened

To add insult to injury I was in the middle of fucking town when this happened when I came across a baby deer being pursued by a redneck with a shotgun in a pick up truck.

Wish I was joking.

Now for another rnadom encounter...

>With buddy in car
>Stopped at red light just chilling in the cool air late at night
>Suddenly hear loud thrashing music charging right at us...but veers off stops right next to it
>Both of us look over
>See a guy in a suit who looked like he was dying, a drag queen, black gangster, and a nun all in this fucking car
>what in the fucking hell...we are in the middle of nowhere late at night and then this happens?
>Driver gives buddy a challenging gaze as he warms up the engines
>Realize he wants to race
>Challenge accepted .jpg
>I look at my buddy with the look of pure are the fucking serious
>Suddenly get thrown back in my seat
>The race is fucking ON
>Look over and see the other vehicle are full of hooting
>Looks like its gonna be pretty tight
>Charging down suddenly notice some oncoming traffic
>Game of chicken has been commended
>We both expect for the other guy to heel
>Fucker doesn't...in fact he is staring right at us completely ignoring what is coming for them
>We both start to sweat

to be continued...
I'm pretty sure me and some of my buddies are on a random encounter table after some of the shit we do. 31-40, 2d6 drunken sailors.

The importance of anonymity in those matters, I suppose. When you talk to a mask, you can sort of offload everything into it. When you unload it onto a person, suddenly it's a relationship and you're still dealing with it and the human being on the other end.

Do you think there's a place in modern society for the old rituals? I've been seeing a lot of wisdom in old practice lately, and noticing a lot of societal ills we don't have much of an outlet for. Maybe we need our shamans back? Our Sin-Eaters? Those weirdos that do the odd jobs that crops up in social interaction and smooth out the soreness from bumping elbows with so many strangers?
>See a guy in a suit who looked like he was dying, a drag queen, black gangster, and a nun all in this fucking car

Dude, you met the PC party. You're lucky to be alive.
But then big pharma would go out of business, anon! You should know better

>See a guy in a suit who looked like he was dying, a drag queen, black gangster, and a nun all in this fucking car

I could have sworn I've heard of these exact people before. But in the story I read, they just pulled up next to our brave anon and asked if he wanted a ride. Anon, being an adventurous lad, jumps in and rides along with them, stating his destination, and they just drop him off and disappear into traffic.


Must be a PC party, by this point a noteworthy one now that they have two stories about them.
>Do you think there's a place in modern society for the old rituals?

There's a reason, 2000 years later, why people feel comfortable telling intimate secrets to the parish priest they've known all their lives by way of a pathetic wooden grille. There's some sort of psychological catharsis involved in saying your troubles aloud, and to no one you can readily identify as belonging to your tribe.
>We keep charging down...but he just keeps on staring
>Now you would think eventually he would at the very LEAST glance forward right?
>Or even try to save himself and the others?
>He doesn't stop forcing the oncoming traffic to veer out of the way
>This fucks up my friend as he desperately tries to avoid crashing
>This fucking move allows them to win the goddamn race
>Once we catch backup they invite us to a party
>Figure why the fuck not?

It was after that I learned the true meaning of partying because as it turned out that guy really WAS actually dying. So he tied up is affairs cashed out and decided to go out in a blaze of glory. On a slightly unrelated note you wouldn't BELIEVE where you can get access to if your with someone who is 'dying' especially if they actually looked the part...

In other words ADVENTURE!

The nun by the way was picked up when apparently for some reason they broke into a convent...not sure why she joined them though.

The drag queen was acquired when he was partying and attended some sort of drag queen contest/rally.

The gangster...not quite sure how he tied into this besides it being his 'car' and his reason for joining?

He has never met somehow who knew how to fucking party so goddamn hard so it was a simple reason. Later on when I met him again he seemingly turned into a pimp.

and this isn't my last tale involving them by the way. We would both encounter them again as it would later turn out...all thanks to a certain shenanigan from that same buddy.

Oh you have no idea anon...

Wait fucking really?

You mean someone else encountered them too?

Holy shit.
>"Have you men heard about the crusade against abortion?"
It was at this point, my sides no longer existed

Catharsis, that's a great word for it. Get someone mildly drunk and have them speak their troubles or sins to a stranger in a mask, then have our masked man bow out without a word and continue on, swearing to silence.


There's actually treatment centers that work in preventative mental illness treatment when they can catch it early, and focus on socialization to help curb it. It seems to get results in a lot of cases, but they don't hesitate to medicate if it there's a need for it. Some people do need drugs to get better and some can be helped before it gets worse.
Well since apparently another anon met this very same group of people...guess I give the tale of how I encountered them for the second and last time.

>Buddy makes weird request and favor
>Wants to go to this convention to lose some people
>Eh why not besides owe the guy a fuckton
>least I could fucking do
>Failed to alert me to the fact that this convention was a furry one
>OR that we would BOTH wearing furry suits
>One thing I must say it DID work wonders are losing the people after him
>Never DID find out why exactly they were after him but still
>Anyway walking around in this furry convention...never go in the back areas
>Am super fucking hot and dying of the heat in this damned thing
>Uncomfortable too boot
>Also is a 'female' fur suit
>Sorta hate my buddy but fuck it if I didn't owe him so much
>Notice the water is having an odd effect on me...
>Fuck its spiked
>Try to locate buddy but drugs kick in before then
>However when I come around...for some particular reason I am missing the bottom half of my fur suit
>also said bottom half is naked
>and for some reason hear strange screaming/shouting coming from behind me
>And that i am running away
>Looked behind me
>See a fucking MOB of pissed off furries chasing me
>look beside me
>There is buddy in fursuit
>Tell him to split off and hopefully it will be easier to lose them
>He peels off
>I keep running but fuck my lungs...got asthma ya see
>Lungs are burning throat is risking to close up on me
>Damn furries are still after me
>Have no idea what I did
>Reach street and a car pulls up in front of me
>Buddy opens car door and tells me to jump in
>I fucking jump in
>Notice some similar group of figures...except the gangster is dressed up as a pimp, the drag queen is dressed up as a nun, and the nun...is wearing clown make up while her outfit has been transformed into...a uh fetish fuel version.
>Have strange deja vu moment when I see the guy in a suit where is suddenly all clicks
Imagine being the guys in the white car
>the alien is stand above me
Underrated post
>We speed off
>Notice the car has been upgraded
>Buddy tries to hand me pair of pants
>Instead though the top comes down opening up a slit in the roof
>Get grabbed by both the pimp and drag queen.
>They lift me up through it and raise up through it themselves
>I commence to flash everyone as we are driving past
>Notice my buddy in the fursuit hanging out the window on one side
>Meanwhile on the other is the nun? who is also hanging out the window
>Guess they couldn't fit
>After doing this and all of cheering...we commenced to sing a song I didn't quite know but tried to follow along anyhow
>Eventually we all fall back into spacious car and I put some fucking pants on
>Now no longer nude on my bottom half
>Asked buddy what the hell happened
>He tells me he ran into them on the street and called out to them
>They agreed to help out...
>fucking knew there was a but coming because he paused
>He finally spoke up again but we had to take a ride with them
>Goddamn fucking damn it.

Now I can't say for sure on what exactly happened due to copious amounts of booze and drugs also a plane.

>Only sorta remember bits and pieces. ALL of it was fucking awesome though.

Anyway finally we get dropped of at buddy's car...from a vehicle bearing the 'just married' and trawling mess of cans or something behind it.

>Except this fucking time the pimp was now a minister, the drag queen was in a wedding dress, the nun was naked, and the guy in the suit was...spotless.
>Also for some reason noticed a tux was splayed over the hood like a carcass
>No don't ask I don't recall much at all
>Right before they leave
>They asked us if we would join them on their 'world tour'
>Buddy who I always knew to be bastion and unflappable actually turned green where previously he was just gray before coming up with some excuse
>They look towards me...I say I got school
>So they left then we left

To this fucking DAY regret turning them down...I turned down ADVENTURE anons.

and for what?
File: wolf therapy.jpg (117 KB, 835x466)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
File: Dog-Watsed.gif (3.19 MB, 338x207)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB GIF

There it is, that's the greentext. Thank's anon.

A random picture from my folder as a thanks.
File: Angel Hierarchy.png (25 KB, 704x384)
25 KB
Wait, you had brown men?

Mine were gray.

They would come at night, when my family was asleep, and sneak in through the window. They had ape-like proportions, with long arms and short legs, but they had hairless, wrinkled gray skin, like an elephant. And they would stand around my bed, looking down at me, and I would get so panicked that I would just pass out, and then I would wake up in the morning.

It wasn't until years later that I told my mother about them, and she told me that she'd had similar dreams when she was pregnant with me.

Given the story you just told, I think you turned it down so you could be ALIVE TO TELL OF THE ONE YOU ALREADY HAD.

Still, hold out hope that one day you'll find them again. This is the third story we have of these legendary PCs. Still, be grateful that this happened instead of sad that it didn't continue. Who else has had the fortune to touch the face of divinity?
Mind's pretty lame but still seems kind of weird.

>be me
>out walking around my neighborhood at night
>suddenly see two dogs run up to me, barking like mad
>decide to show I'm no threat by putting my hands up in surrender and going still
>one of them stands off to the side and watches me intently
>the other circles me, sniffing me
>suddenly stops
>turns to his buddy and barks
>they look up at me and bark, even shaking their heads as if to gesture me to go back on my way

I haveheard of dogs being pack animals but that kind of a search was weirdly organized.
File: 1409574683096.jpg (385 KB, 902x539)
385 KB
385 KB JPG
Wish I had some more fantastical ones like I normally read

>Be big and scary looking according to everyone I know, people reckon I look like a bikie or skinhead
>Go to some opening night at a geek hang out with a mate
>Turns out to be a complete bust, everyone there in established groups that don't want to hang with new people
>Me playing the face as opposed to the short asian girl to try and get a game together fails horribly, no one's interested
>Fuck it, play some free arcade machines with mate, buy a couple magic decks, head out
>Walking down busy city street, talking shit, heading somewhere to play a quick game of magic then disappear home
> Bloke takes a swing at someone outside of a pub, starts dancing around in a boxer's stance talking shit
>Hand off magic cards to mate and sidle up behind guy who got hit, put an arm over his shoulder
>Be a head taller than both guys, smile "It's alright mate, you can still walk away from this"
>Boxer hurries off, yelling "Yeah, you keep him away from me"
>Brush guy off, he's fine besides the deer in the headlights look
>Send him back off into the pub with his mates, disappear into the night with mate
>Play a few games of magic at a Hungry Jack's, head home

Aside from that the only other interesting one I have is picking up some backpacker chicks after stumbling out of a punk gig. Minor stuff like chatting with a drunk gay about hunting and getting propositioned by an old gay bloke ain't that interesting.
I was part of some weird performance, where I was a weetbix dealer from the future, that was pretty random encounter-ish.

The icing on the cake was sitting at the trains station waiting for my train home. Id make eye contact with people, and almost every single one of them would look away, anyone who didn't I gave a big grin to because they were brave. I was a little worried about abos or lebs trying to fight me but they wouldn't fuck with a dude with a hand carved dragon cane wearing a top hat.
I live in Detroit, it's not the boogeyman story everyone thinks it is. It's pretty bad, but the main problems are with infrastructure and public systems like transport. For the most part it's just abandoned and people have it hard.
You won't get the shit kicked out of you or shot if you don't act like a stupid cunt, but if you do act like a stupid cunt you'll probably get your shit blown in.

The feral dogs thing is also bullshit, it was just a couple of dogs eating trash and one of them bit some people, everything you idiots know about Detroit is sensationalist and/or racist news shit.
>Be at anime convention
>decide to make some cash and bring 100 cans of 50cent energy drinks to flip for 2 dollars.
>Costume is some shit I threw together
>walking around shirtless with a creepy gasmask (think snorks) and big gay fairy wings
>walking back to room with friends after rave
>get a bit lost because crazy high so end up wandering around detroit for like an hour at 3AM
>every time we come across someone taking a smoke break or a hobo I give them an energy drink
>don't say anything, just hand one to them and keep walking
>Wake up next day to friend telling me about the trail of freaked out people holding energy drinks I left last night

I may have started the legend of the Detroit caffeine fairy
File: wtf.jpg (2 KB, 125x117)
2 KB
>Be 15, chilling at friend's pool in Tuscany
>Suddenly a cow bursts through the fence, scared as shit. Watches us, proceeds to smash trough the fence on the other side
>What the actual fuck
>Guy arrives running after 30 sec
>"hey have you seen a cow?"
That mental image...
I need to put the Energy Drink Fairy in a game now. Probably Shadowrun. Just doesn't say anything, just walks up to the runners while on stake out, looks at them for a second, produces an energy drink from his bag and leaves.
The costume works extra well because I'm 6'5" and extremely skinny. Just a touch too much muscle to be full skeleton but definitely creepy in a gasmask and wings at night.
>earth elemental thinks white car is kawaii
>Then you have this >>38093991
charming old rhyme, which is an exposition on how the power to kill people with weapons is really the greatest power.

Sorry. Not trying to be a dick, but that's actually part of a poem (Cold Iron) by Rudyard Kipling about a baron who rebels against his King but is forgiven. It's an allegory for Man and Christ; nothing to do with fairies.
There's a legend of a monster that lives in the woods near where I live. The appeareance of these legends happened to coincide with the period of time I was homeless living in said woods. At one point I was desperate enough to steal some campers food when they were off somewhere. I can't help but feeling like I contributed to this somehow.

Huh, I had dreams about aliens myself. T hen my mom said she had similar ones when she was pregnant.

Man if I have kids I'm going to tell them so much bullshit. Every time they tell me about a dream or imaginary friend or any of that shit kids say I'm just going to play along and get super serious as I explain how it's totally real.
Me and some of my friends once went skinwalker hunting for fun. We didn't actually believe in them, we still don't believe in them, we just wanted to have a monster hunting themed camping trip with our guns (It was fun as fuck btw.).

But we believed in some motherfucking skinwalkers when we were wandering around in the woods at midnight during the full moon though, you can believe that.

My favorite quote from that night is something my brother said; "I don't know if that was a bear, I don't know if it was a skinwalker, I don't know if it was fucking Anon, but god dammit I'm going back to the van." My buddy Anon was lucky he didn't eat lead, the dumbfuck. Funny, but WAY too dangerous.
These are fucking awesome, cap please!
Is this some kind of old poem I should know about?
>In the park one day
>a little girl is running terrified from a furious dog
>her parents are freaking the fuck out, the dogs owner is nowhere to be seen
>old guy runs out
>starts frantically waving around a red bandana and whistling
>no one knows what the fuck is going on
>then suddenly
>dozens and dozens of ravens
>they swarm from all over the park
>start dive bombing the dog
>the dog has no idea whats going on
>runs off whimpering as these ravens swoop over it
The guy had been feeding the birds at the park for years and years, always with this red bandana.
Back when I was still in primary school I used to go on bicycle rides across some nearby hills a lot and had plenty of strange encounters with animals. At least there aren't any bears in my area.

Once I almost got hit from the side by a deer with two of her cubs right behind her. They came running down a steep forested valley and sounded like a mud avalanche or something at first. They didn't spot me before hitting the road so it's a good thing I stopped. Then they saw me and quickly fucked off up the other side of the valley. They were a cute sight.

Another time, while on a more open road, a hawk or something decided to fly directly above me, directly in front of me, for about five minutes straight. Less than ten meters away from me. I was worried it might shit on my head the whole time.

Another time, when one of my friends was with me, we first played with this friendly local dog. Black Labrador I think. Later on we got lost just as it was getting dark. We were kind of dehydrated and our light batteries were out. My friend's mom (remember, this was before even high school) called him and whined at him for not being home yet for just long enough for it to go completely dark. Just as we were thinking how completely fucked we are, that dog from before found us and led us back down to a familiar road. Total bro.
This sounds like something out of Saint's Row. Now I want to write and draw a comic titled PC Party.
>Be me
>Driving around town
>After wedding party being held in community building
>Small as fuck town so I end up driving past it
>Notice movement near ground in park outside community building, looks like a dog or something
>Say fuck it, pull into parking lot and shine headlights on movement to investigate
>Couple from wedding party getting it on
>Couple notices headlights on them, gives up, and goes back inside
>I go back home
>be with a group of friends at a bar one night
>watching the game together
>there’s a new guy at the bar
>chris, the bartender, says he’s the new janitor
>but he does a lot more than mop floors
>this fat, short, smelly guy goes table to table, making sure everyone is talking about sports and only sports
>kinda sucks the fun out of the whole place but we try to ignore him
>watch the game, have fun
>game is over, talk about our favorite plays and other stuff
>eventually the conversation drifts more towards general shit like life
>the janitor comes waddling over, hot pocket in his hand
>what do you think you’re doing?
>uhh, just talking about shit, I don’t believe this is any of your-
>dude the game is over, I don’t think it’s that bad if we talk-
>dude, you’re spraying hot pockets in my face, please move-
>the only one with a bad mouth here is you
>fuck off, you can’t make us do shit
>this guy starts fuming because we’re right. He doesn’t even have any real power
>he has to call the bouncer to remove us
>see him stuffing down another hot pocket as we leave
>the bouncer tells us we’ve been banned from the establishment for 72 hours
>demand to see the owner
>he says we can’t because we’ve been banned for 72 hours or less
>what kind of fucking bullshit is that
>ask them how much they pay that bozo janitor
>nothing, he does it for free
it ate his magic beans
No they weren't gray they were brown. They weren't naked either they definitely had clothes. Brown clothes with packs and stuff strapped onto them, if my memory is clear.
Is it funny that people say that Mexico is hell when that shit happens in the US. You don't see kids running around with guns, racism is minimal and you're mostly out of trouble if you don't flaunt your money or move into ugly parts of town.

Of course, there's narco violence but that doesn't affect most of the country.
Unless it's north Chihuahua or Michoacan. Those places were beautiful and Calderon fucked them up.
File: GoatChaseGreentext.png (105 KB, 1422x1072)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
Reminds me of the goat fighter thing I saw. Animals sure can be random encounters.
File: 40181-Trick-Or-Treaters.jpg (253 KB, 1024x692)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
I typed out the whole thing in way more interesting detail, but it would end up being like ten posts or something and i'm not sure if it's interesting enough to be worth it. I'll give you the short version and if you want i'll post the entire thing into paste bin or something and link it. Let me tell you about the first Halloween i was allowed out without supervision. And why every halloween since i made my parents take me out.

>Me and three friends on Halloween alone. Feel like we can take on the world.
>Suddenly big kids.
>Some hispanic, scrawny kid in a skeleton mask sort of adopts the three of us into his group. Never stops talking long enough for us to get away.
>End up balls deep in the bad part of town. All his friends go home one after another and we end up asking skeleton's 30 something brother to drive us home.
>Brother is wasted but agrees. When we realize we've been driving longer than it took us to get to his place, brother realizes he forgot he was supposed to be taking us home.
>Before we can turn around some kids pop a hydrant on the car. Brother is pissed, pulls over and chases the kids inside
>Skeleton kid jumps out of the car with his brother and tells us to follow him. We do because we're already scared as shit and don't really know what to do.
>He knocks on the door, some big spanish dude answers, brother immediately blasts him in the face. Clearly didn't notice he was one of like three more inside
>Three huge spanish guys explode from the house and chase brother down. We run like hell for the car.
>All the while my friend is basically repeating over and over again "We are going to die tonight"
>As we're running, one guy picks up skeleton by the arm, skeleton jams my friend's plastic sword into the guys's fucking eye, we run screaming to his car and speed away while we're fucking screaming and crying in the back
>Eventually chill out a little, but we're going the wrong way and getting further away from home

>Brother loudly shouts "SHIT FUCKING ASSHOLES"
>They're fucking chasing us in some wrecked to shit white station wagon
>More screaming
>We're going like 90 into the city, through tunnels, dodging round blocks like a fucking popcorn flick
>Lose them but hit traffic. Brother slams the breaks and I smash my face against the center console. Bleeding like hell and split my lip open.
>Brother and skeleton take us to see a friend of his in the city who can give me stitches.
>Friend is some scrawny Haitian/Jamaican dude with stark white dreadlocks named Jabral or something. Lives in the cellar apartment of some Chinese food joint.
>Entire place is decked out in neon backlight skulls, posters, grateful dead stickers, weird symbols and graffiti drawn onto the walls with chalk. It was a smoke shop, but it looked like the dude had been living out of it because there was a mini fridge next to the pipes, a sleeping bag in the corner, and a ratty futon in the corner facing a small ass TV propped up on some boxes.
>We go into the back where there's even more crazy voodoo shit literally hanging from the ceiling.
>He rubs some shit on my lip to make it numb.
>There is a literal actual witch doctor gives me some stitches in my lip. I can't feel it but i'm still crying because this has become pretty much everything my parents told me not to do and it's like 3 am at this point.

(one more)
>Doctor tries to calm us down by telling us stories about his fat sister and laughing like a mad man in a thick haitian accent. Ends up being a really nice guy.
>Friends call their parents (I don't have a cellphone yet), doctor was talking to me and skeleton kid the entire time to keep us from freaking out while his brother made some calls.
>Told us some old folk tale about a man who got lost in a swamp or something, traded his head to a snake for a map to find his way out, but couldn't read it without a head so he died there. Then told us all about what the trinkets in his place meant. Each one had some kind of spiritual purpose like bringing luck or keeping your family safe back home. Then went on a stoner rampage about fate or something while cackling like a hyena
>Doc turned out to be a street surgeon. The guy you call when you can't afford a doctor, or need to get a bullet out of you and can't risk going to a hospital.
>When we finally headed home, the sun was coming up. The police were out looking for us by the time we got back, and took the brother in for some questions. There was actually a short trial later because of people saying we were pretty much kidnapped. But after telling the story and all of us vouching for it, Bro got a slap on the wrist for accidentally abducting us.

And so ended the most intense Halloween of my life. In the end, we didn't even get to keep our candy.

No idea if Doc's still in business. I've been meaning to visit that smoke shop again. Telling this story again, i think i will soon.
File: explosive pingu.gif (305 KB, 261x199)
305 KB
305 KB GIF
did you say pingu?
>night out with friends
>every bar is packed
>lines going in and out form automatically
>I'm in a line going in
>beer in my hand
>guy in the line of people going out to my side bumps into me
>I say "careful, wouldn't want to spill my beer"
>proceeds to spill my beer
>"Man, why you gotta be like this?"
>he punches me
>guy behind him headbutts me
>friend behind him punches me, for good measure
>lines move on
>they escape into the night
>my nose hurt for weeks

Goddamn drunkards.
>be innaconsciption army
>camping innawoods after a ruck, everyone tired out of his mind
>my turn to get up and patrol; it's me and my NCO going around the encampment
>thin dirt path in the middle of a thick-ass forest
>suddenly, hear rustling in the woods
>radio check says nobody should be there
>point rifle, Sgt goes "Halt" and all the usual schtick
>still rustling
>Say "fuck, it's June, it could be a boar"
>Sgt looks at me, we both realize we are still in basic so lolnoammoforpatrol.mp4
>He nods, both affix bayonets
>shine bright-ass rifle light in the woods
>see piglet run away squealing
>we both know small boar=mama boar close
>run the fuck away back to checkpoint, report potentially dangerous wild animals
>realize we got off easy via successful intimidate check

i have one like those.

>go to Florida for vacation
>down on the beach
>there for two weeks
>every day around dusk there's a bunch of Cuban ex-pats that sit around on the pier, drinking and fishing
>they're pretty friendly guys and have a little grill to cook anything they catch pretty much on the spot if they get hungry
>me and the girl i was hanging out with go sit with them for a while
>they tell us about Cuba, etc.
>one of them gets a bite, the pull is way heavier than it ought to be
>he's being dragged along the railing of the pier
>i guess this is what they were waiting to happen, because they suddenly all get excited and start talking about el tiburon
>the guy keeps fighting it
>he pulls it along the pier until it's in shallow-enough water for the others to run in and grab it, because it's so heavy there's no way he's getting it out of the water onto the pier
>the other Cubans eventually wrangle it and flip it over
>it's a fucking seven-foot great white
>one of the guys who had wrangled it pulls its mouth open, sticks his hand down the throat, and pulls the hook out
>they flip it back over and the thing swims away
>the guy who hooked it points to a tally-mark tattoo on his arm and tells me they get marks whenever one of them catches a shark
>they resume their dominoes game as if nothing happened.
File: 1417826674692.jpg (8 KB, 233x205)
8 KB
you cheeky fuck it took me a while
Holding your breath works too. You can still control that and it snaps you out of it.
The real answer is you haven't truly let Satan into your heart.

Druid to the rescue.
Generally not ones comfortable with the concept of walking onto a porch. Its not like an open air porch; if I had proper windows, I'd be willing to call it a Florida Room.

Any wild animal willing to essentially break into a house is either of the opinion that the house is abandoned, that they can easily deal with the humans involved, or they have gotten comfortable around humans.
Can you explain? I don't get it.
File: For free.png (344 KB, 1397x801)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
>he does it for free
>does it for free
>for free
The "bar" is actually the 4chan sports board /sp/
Oh, ok. I don't go to other boards.
It's about 4chan moderation.
File: 1377394332128.jpg (188 KB, 500x500)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
>Huh, I had dreams about aliens myself. Then my mom said she had similar ones when she was pregnant.
Mom and I aren't convinced that they weren't aliens, actually. Mom claims to have been abducted by similar creatures, and it's not impossible that their wrinkled grey 'skin' was actually a suit. I was in the single-digits when I was having those dreams.
It's stories like this that make me realize just how tame my own childhood was. Most exciting thing that ever really happened was the time a mountain lion left a half eaten deer on the neighbors back porch.
Ge never claimed that it was.
picture of the castle is somewhat diminished by the tourism sandwich board outside.
The hot pocket part really ought to have given it away
I had a random encounter with a bar full of bikers the first time I drank.

It worked out pretty well, aside from the head trauma.

Once you larp, random encounter start being called "tuesday." From bears, to teenagers who just can't say no to getting beat up, to a woman who tries to date rape men, you will see it all, and not think twice.
Face it anon, your dad was probably an alien.
Mostly true.
Stealing this.
Wouldn't this just make a nice little book? I mean, all the crazy ass adventures people have in their daily lives?
>their bizarre adventures as she goes to school in Canada

I'd watch Canadian JoJo.
>Although recently Flint, Michigan has been really high for some reason.

Spoken like someone who has never been to Flint. That place is fucking Innsmouth.
>That place is fucking Innsmouth.
This I understand.
>crest is a fetus on fire
You'd think with a crest like that he'd be for abortion.
>carrying in groceries through back patio
>see something in periphery
>turn around and lock eyes with a big goddamn deer in the middle of my yard, eating fallen apples

I live in the middle of the largest town in my state.
You missed a call to adventure.
Nah only one anon did so far in thread that which was more along the line of staying alive then anything.
Okay, that's true. That party is fucking crazy though.
Who needs life when you have adventure?
Skinwalker was scoping you out, m8
Hell yeah.
Don't have any random encounters with living entities, just... after-effects from them.

>Go have a family outing, everyone gets ready before we leave, all bathrooms get used and flushed.
>I used the one next to the front door.
>Only took a leak. Only one that used it.
>Return after a few hours
>Bathroom by the front door now has a rancid dump in it.
>No TP in the bowl
>No TP in trashcan
>Just massive horrid unflushed shit

We have no idea who the fuck shit in our toilet, but if the person that broke in our house to do it is reading this, thanks for not stealing anything that we know of and for locking the doors back.
>They wouldn't fuck with a dude with a handcarved dragon cane wearing a tophat
No, fucking with the mentally challenged is wrong.
>in Berlin as an exchange student
>riding the light rail when a homeless man with a guitar comes in
>starts playing "dirty old town" by the pogues with his one remaining guitar string and singing in English
>finishes the song and then says "buy me a beer" and puts out his hand
>walls around the whole car collecting money and berating anyone who didn't pay
>gets to a random qt asleep with large headphones on
>stands by her with an erection while asking her in a few languages if she wanted to fuck
>she doesn't hear him and stays asleep
>he says in English "eh, your cunt can't take this" while masturbating over his clothes
>leaves the train at the next stop
>be at a concrete half pipe at the back end of a nature trail in suburbia
>be causing a ruckus with some friends
>we head back down the trail to the cars, being loud and obnoxious on the way
>as we're back at the entrance about to get in our cars and go home, we hear somebody yell "ey, hold up!"
>about 5 teenagers, couldn't be older than 15, all dressed trying to be as gangsta as possible, walk out behind us
>"we heard you guys were talking shit"
>we're all confused as fuck and had no idea where these people came from
>one of us starts to explain that no, we had no idea they were on the trail at all
>lead hoodlum gets mad at us "interrupting"
>friend lets him finish
>"heard you guys were talkin shit, you want to fight, cause we can fight"
>that's all he wanted to say
>friend explains calmly that we had no idea they were there and we were talking amongst ourselves
>"yeah well, you better been talking to yourselves"
>they start walking towards us
>another friend goes to his trunk and pulls out a 3ft. section of steel pipe from his work, goes and sits in his car
>they stop, turn around and start walking back
>we're trying not to bust up laughing and stir up shit
>as they get to the entrance they turn around and start flashing what looked like gang signs, one of them pulls out a .22 pocket pistol so tiny it looked like a toy and fires two shots in our direction
>my friend takes the time to make a three-point turn in his car instead of mounting the curb
>Flint has had one of the highest violent crime rates in the country for at least 15 years
Detroit and Flint are holes. I know people in MI defend their state harder than Texans do, but don't lie. When I lived there, there was a gunman shooting into the crowd at 4th of July in Detroit every year until they stopped doing fireworks, the abandoned houses are loaded with junkies, and urban explorers have used the city forever to take photos on massive abandoned buildings. It is better now than when I lived there but it is also empty, and looks like North Korea at night.
Pretty mundane, but interesting

>Few years ago, we're about 16
>Walking with friend of mine who weird shit happens to all the fucking time, to go play DND with our buddies
>Walking down a long, near empty street when an older woman waves us down from across the road
>He and I, being Neutral and Lawful good, respectively, go to investigate
>This woman has a heavy hispanic accent, but after some difficulty, explains that she's a doctor from the Dominican Republic in city to give a demonstration at the local library
>She needs someone to show her where it is
>We do so, and have difficulty explaining why we're late to DND again
>at the local hospital*
I believe I've told this one before, but whatever, I'll tell it again.

>getting back from doing some shopping
>see a guy walking down the street, but I'm going at right angles to the way he's going
>I can hear he's muttering to himself, but I can't tell the context or what he's actually saying
>right as he gets to the point where I'd hear the individual words, he goes, really loudly "No, Richard, not me, the horse!"

To this day, I have no clue what was actually going on with that guy.
Rehearsing for a play about weather balloons.

There's a few floating around. It seems these guys are noteworthy. Maybe there's something online about them?
Holy fucking shit.

The state of Michigan is half the size of my country, and I doubt that nation wide we've had even 18 serial rapists.

Actually a quick Google search in both Finnish And English brings up 0 results for a Finnish serial rapist. Shit

Holy fucking hell, that shit is awful
...weather balloons? Why weather balloons?
why not weather balloons?
Where else would you keep the excess swamp gas?

Bet he was on the phone, using a headset that you didn't see, telling Richard a really hilarious story that poor Richie just didn't understand.
File: 1410981825371.jpg (63 KB, 720x479)
63 KB
normally I just try to scream loudly, usually that only takes a few seconds. I'll have to try that some time.

My sort of random encounter, first one isn't all that random though:

>23 year old me, 5'9", 130 pounds, ex-lightweight boxer, current musician
>at a bar, nothing special, just the watering hole three blocks from my house
>midnight, work the next morning at a restaurant, bid my friends farewell
>leave through front door, adjacent to outdoor patio with fence
>just before leaving, hear bouncer say something to guy on patio
>guy on patio jumps off, bouncer tells him to go back onto the patio, guy jumps back on, bouncer tells him to use the front door next time
>half-drunk myself, at this point basically opening the door, don't think much of it
>I leave the front door, and the guy and three of his buddies jump right off the patio and start yelling right at the bouncer
>me, trying to be diplomatic, put hand on nearest guy's shoulder, tell him to calm down a bit and tell me what's up
>I get sucker-punched
>get into stance, go for a couple jabs, and punch the guy right in the jaw, he falls over and doesn't get up right away, guy is around six feet and has about fifty or so extra pounds on me
>one of the other guys saw what happened, grabs his buddy, and goes back into the patio through the front door, without saying a word
>his other buddies that stayed on the patio just gave me funny looks

I got a bloody lip from that one, but apparently the owner heard of that, and he usually pours me a free shot of whisky when I'm there now

second story
>playing show in band, out of town, three days drive
>socializing with people at said bar
>somebody offers a spot on their couch for the night, takes me to somebody's house party first
>end up bunking with the lady who owns the place,
>wake up next to lady, picture of her and another lady next to her bed,
>MFW over breakfast I find out it's her wife, and they're on a break
I live in the same small town as David Icke. I frequently have random encounters with The Turquois One in the local Tesco.

One day I really should say something amusing.
But you're in Finland! Isn't it rife with random encounters?
That place is haunted is why.

There are things that feed on human misery and need, and that place is a breeding ground. The whole of the Great Lakes region is like that. those freshwater seas have something evil neath their waters.
Well as I said I was 5 or 6, though I still have a VHS called Pingu's barrel of fun (don't worry it's not a bootleg) in a box somewhere which has like 22 episodes or something.

>CoC Investigators exploring the mysteries of the Great Lakes.
This needs to be a thing.

That's completely untrue, I live in Windsor, ON and... wait... you might be on to something here.
Go forth and investigate the super natural. This is your call to adventure!

I've never heard of brown aliens. Do you mean foreigners or extra terrestrials?
I was expecting a white knight gag.
>naked nun
Did she at least look the part?
I had a friend in the army training in Georgia who almost got rushed by a boar while taking a shit on his entrenching tool.
Seconded, wuold do myself but im on phone
There's a guy in my hometown who walks everywhere backwards.
I've been thinking of doing this.

Besides, I already need a mask for my hotline miami cosplay.
>around midnight
>friend and i are getting chocolate milk from convenience store in town
>head out the door with delicious chocolate milk
>middle-aged, mustached man in t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots stops us
>"you boys be careful now, there's terrorists!"
>thanks, old-timer, we'll keep an eye out
>"i've got all their birth certificates, and none of them are real, not even the girls"
>alright, thanks for the heads-up
>"there's 30,000 in Mexico, 100,000 in Europe"
>"i took ten of 'em out with my dual katanas"
>he stumbles into the store while my friend and i walk back home
>same friend and i walking around town
>suddenly this skinhead-looking guy pulls up next to us on a motorcycle
>points at me
>"are you tom?"
>uh, no, i'm not tom
>"well good. i woulda beat your ass if you were"
>wait what
>"i'm glad i asked, or else you woulda been in trouble"
>friend says "i'm more glad you asked"
>gee guys i'm probably the most glad you asked
>"i've been looking all over for him"
>he tries to pull away
>stalls his motorcyle
>friend and i awkwardly stand there while he fumbles with the bike then rides away
>Be 16
> Be twatted on ecstasy
> Knock on random house and ask for beer

That dude was not happy. I am still embarrassed about it to be honest.

Since this thread has an /x/ vibe going on though. I am certain I was stalked by a big cat, in northern Scotland. I had to escort my little sisters back from sledging. We all seen a mysterious shadow crossing walls that the cows in the field could not have. I was about 13-14 and would be glad to say I was ready to defend my sisters but truly, I was shitting myself. Never seen it again though.
I've seen stories about big cats in Scotland, I find this some what believable.
Alright then.
>It's autumn of last year and dark as shit outside.
>Sitting on my porch with my phone full of ebooks.
>The streets are well lit, the ground covered in crunchy leaves and my cars in the garage giving me a full view of the street.
>Zone out looking up from my phone every once in a while between pages.
>Look up see nothing look down to read a paragraph and look up again.
>The previously empty sidewalk is now being occupied by someone standing in the leaves just beyond my driveway.
>I'm fat as shit but this guy has pounds on me. Not buff but fat, short and squat. Looks intimidating anyways and dressed up like he's preparing for winter.
>Open parka, thick pants gloves and boots. What looks like a knife on his leg.
>Fucker appears out of nowhere in less than a minute, doesn't make a fucking noise and somehow moved quietly wearing a shitload of winter gear and being about the size of a pro wrestler.
>I jump in my seat and the guy holds his hands up behind his head to show he's not a threat.
>Asks me for the time. I tell him it.
>Thanks me, tells me to have a good evening and walks off not making a fucking noise.
>Lose sight of him before he goes a couple yards.
Went in after that. I blame /k/ for my fear of quiet people who walk around at night.
Would you guys like to hear the random encounter of when we went to inner city Detroit to pick up my buddy for DnD?
It is absolute truth.I never said there were big cats in Scotland, though I am certain of it.
I've run games set in my home city in the 1950's. VtM is amazingly fun in the 50's version of Detroit.
Good enough for me.

>Be me 2 years ago
>Have DnD game through university group
>Going down there Saturday afternoon
>I'm pasty white as fuck
>GM, myself, and our Ginger as fuck German guy are going down Southfield to get to inner city Detroit to pick up the Black Bear
>Black Bear is like 5'10" and 300lbs of solid beef
>Driving a brand new lease car
>We drive down to his house in the middle of the worst part of Detroit
>Park in front of his house near a school
>Bunch of abandoned houses in the surrounding areas
>Get the package and we start to leave
>He's trying to direct us on how to get out
>I pull up to a stop sign and a cop car appears on the street to the right
>I stop the car and let him go while we sort out directions
>We go straight and the cop pulls into the street
>Parks diagonally
>Cops get out
>We're slowly passing them
>They pull out their guns
>Storm front of the house
>The 3 white people are deer in headlights
>Black Bear is telling me to floor it
>Gunfire erupts as they kick in the door
>Adrenaline floods and muscles engage on reflex to floor the car
>Hit 70mph in under 5 seconds
>Get back on Southfield as quick as possible
>Everyone is in shock
>Get back to GM's safe Jew home
>Play DnD and VtM
>Game sucked for that day
>Jew drove Black Bear home that night

That was a terrifying experience to say the least. Just happy my car didn't get hit.
Evil PCs caught the attention of the city guards.
It was a drug bust apparently.

Happened 300ft from a fucking elementary school.
I believe it. The west side of the state (Kalamazoo) isn't nearly as bad, but I've found drugs and a loaded gun just lying in a ditch before. Didn't keep em cause I'm not stupid.
I live in North California. Half the fucking time I think I'm just running into PCs in a breather session.
I got
>Cyberpunk characters stocking up
>Possible changeling kids hopping fences.
>Car Chase or street race between a minivan and one of those little cars from GTA V.
Michal Moore is from there. What were you expecting?
>underrated post.
Perhaps because of the goddamn MURDERS?
Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism
okay anita

>be 12 or 13
>running around country club warehouse near my house to get the workers mad
>run with friend into woods
>never been in this area of town before, between country club and main road
>go a little further into woods
>run into two brothers, a little younger than us
>"Come here," they say
>follow them into clearing
>they had built an immense tree-fort and dug a huge hobbit-hole in their backyard

My mind was blown, /tg/, it was magnificent to my young preteen mind.
File: gentlemen.jpg (33 KB, 274x374)
33 KB
>Find fancy clothing in friends attic
>Proceed with only logical course of action
>Dress up in fanciest of the clothing available
>Bowler cap, alligator skin shoes, white suit, brass gilded cane, the works.
>Fill suit pockets with monopoly money
>Have 2 friends dress up as bodyguards
>Travel town around pretending to be an eccentric millionaire
>Have friends randomly carry me around like a sultan
>Stop people on the street and offer them monopoly money to fight to the death for my amusement
>Walk into the most expensive jewelry store i can find "I would like to buy an anniversary present for my wife and a nicer one for my mistress"
>Chat up the staff then, scoff and leave when i find out they dont have anything in the way of 1lb pinky rings
>Do this shit all day. Never break character, not even once

No, Anon, you are the random enounters
File: anon meets the PC party.jpg (368 KB, 1440x3408)
368 KB
368 KB JPG

Here ya go.
I got lost going to the science museum once and the same thing happened. Put a damper on the human body exhibit.
Well she was obviously naked...and a nun so I guess.

Exactly anon.

Exactly why i fucking regret not going. Granted I was highly unlikely to live very long but it SO would of been worth it.

I...its just what i turned down anon. The amazing adventure I knew it would of been likely I wouldn't have survived it but goddamn if it wouldn't have been awesome and amazingly fun.

Wish I knew anon apparently it was in one of the earlier threads. Its why I posted the follow up story despite it not technically being a random encounter that time.

So far i know of three tales total of this IRL PC Party and I am but an anon who had the fortune to run into them not once but twice. Last I heard they were gonna travel the world and the one dying guy second time I saw him was looking much better.

Have no idea where they are now its been years since I last encountered them. Considering who was overall involved with the party though the social circles they dealt with were small like the Drag Queen or the Nun would be a good place to look when it comes to finding out more about them.

This is important.

In your time with them, did you fuck the nun?
well...shit anon I WAS sorta fucked up.

As for the story...its actually pretty crazy when it came to the nun for you see she was doing all this right?

To TEST herself. See she wanted to be tempted but NOT fall for it because she felt like her faith was being challenged enough or something honestly I never quite understood it. So as far as I know she didn't bang anyone. I did try though.

Even according to the party she was with they noted how uptight she was they DID say though that she would do women or they expected it at least...she didn't deny it claiming that there was nothing in the bible against it so. TECHNICALLY lesbians were okay but not gays. However as a lesbian if you become a nun you still had to uphold the vows.

She DID however makes comments on cock and I did try to finger her but she refused stating fingers were risky but then gave me this grin stating oral was better and okay hell even preferable

I had some weird conversations with her...apparently she HAD experimented before she became a nun but never lost her virginity. According to her the backdoor 'still counts' due to it having the same affect in fact she claimed it was outright unhealthy unlike classic vaginal. Fingers count due to them being able to 'pluck it' HOWEVER she stated oral was fine and that she would even encourage it among young faithful couples to help 'deal' with the urges.

...her logic was amazing anon you wouldn't believe how effective it was on religious types. Even better it turned out her logic was actually quite sound.

As for her experimentation...apparently she got tired of the lesbian scene and she wasn't really all that interested in men so she became a nun.

She was a pretty fucking cool nun too and hot. Which made it even worse...

eh you still around anon? I got some background info from the convos I had with them and what little i could recall elsewhere.
Basically anon I got close but no dice. We DID however compare technique which was fucking strange. and mutually masturbated.

That ended up happening when we had a conversation on how nuns get a free pass getting off to Jesus and if nuns masturbate.

That combined with the technique stories led to mutual masturbation.

That was when I confirmed she was a virgin...though in truth it was pretty easy to get her to confirm it depending on the circumstances she had no qualms to showing proof.

I tried SO fucking hard to bang her but only got to mutual masturbation and gotten close to oral.

Not quite sure what the hell happened but during a party or ride or some shit my face ended up in her crotch pretty sure a drinking game or some shit was involved.

She was actually pretty chill about it.

But yeah all the stuff I got from her and used against faithful ladies...shit was astoundingly good really helped in paving the way.

She was weird though left the covenant to test herself and because she was bored.

Strangely enough though despite being a lesbian she confessed to never using hardly any toys due to keeping herself 'intact' though interestingly enough she didn't claim to be pure stating that the two can differ at times.

Neither did she ever let anyone fuck or finger her up the ass.
Though what was most impressive was this.

We held hands and cuddled.

The other stuff only sorta happened due to weird convo and I THINK there was a bet or something to prove involved?

Hard to recall damn it.

As for the oral...i like to think that i was able to get close to it but got no dice.
I have nothing to share, except that one time where I saw people chasing some guy who stole some cremated remains. Though I can't blame the guy, the remains were in gilded box. The sort of box where you store artifacts and shit.
I had someone run to my house at 2am and start rattling my door knob.

So, I get up, only wearing a t-shirt and having my knob hang loose, and answered the door.

This absolute dwarf of a man, 5 feet tall, with a foot long beard pushes past me with a box of doughnuts.

About a minute later, a police officer sprints past my house and is soon followed by a cruiser checking between houses with it's light.

I ask the dwarf exactly what the fuck happened and he clarified that he stole the donuts.

We ate them together.
I spent a few months in Virginia, it turned out to be an odd place

>Out in town with some bros, going to bars
>Decide to go back home around 3am
>Leave bar and wait for a taxi
>Hear moaning
>Herd of 20ish people wearing zombie makeup coming up the street
>Politely move out of their way and watch as the limp by

>Go to local bookstore
>Have my head in a book when someone tries to get my attention
>Turn around and find myself in a conversation with two jedi
>Asking general questions about the area

Last one

>Come out of school around 10pm
>Had to stay late for a big project
>There's a small brick enclosure with a flagpole in it about 30ft from the school
>See a small red fox shoving it's nose against the brick
>Looks like it is picking grass out of the bricks and eating it
>Slowly approach it while talking to it softly so I don't spook it
>It just looks at me then goes back to picking at the bricks
>Get a few feet away from it and watch it for a while
>I eventually get tired and leave, the fox is still picking at the bricks
Chill fox
Foxes are cute but you should be careful around them if they don't seem afraid, they might have rabies.
Mailmen do this.
Not even joking.
More of a happening, but anyway:

>in university
>live in shitty apartment near the worst part of town (but a Canadian city so that varies)
>mostly just over-sized immigrant families and other students living in the this building
>get to elevator, tons of people waiting for it (live on 21st floor so walking up isnt an exciting option)
>time for elevator
>suddenly a whole ETF group (Toronto SWAT team) walks in and they are carrying more firepower than I have ever seen in my life
>they casually enter the elevator, some of us civvies try to enter as well
>lol no
>but no the building isnt on lockdown or anything, we just have to wait for the next elevator
>I take the stairs anyway and check which floor they were on
>they are literally 1 floor beneath me and two rooms away doing a drug bust

Freaked me out, honestly. I'm just some young country bumpkin, I never thought the city could be so scary.
Reminds me of the time I went to do some grocery shopping and there was an entire armed defenders squad (NZ equivalent of a SWAT team and keep in mind that they stand out even more because the usual cops don't carry guns) just standing around the cart return area chatting with some guys who clearly worked at the supermarket. Turns out I had arrived just after some nut had made a bomb threat, but turned out to be bluffing/insane.

Mailmen are some sketchy motherfuckers then. It's somewhat unsettling knowing that one person can both go through my mail whenever they please and apparently carries a set of lockpicks to enter my home when I'm not there. Even if all they do is take a shit. I hope.
This is a fucking cringey thread with fat basement dwellers telling lies to each other.
What are some examples that you find hard to believe?
All of them, because I'm a huge fucking faggot who thinks everyone's life is as shitty as mine.
Then you're also an idiot, since most of these stories are shitty and mundane already.
>on way home from Con, sitting on train trying to not look conspicuous while carrying a blood stained katana
>already got stopped by cops earlier and quizzed over what i was doing
>old Italian couple sits directly across from me.
>old man glances at katana and then at me and asks 'Is real?'
> i say no and run hand up the blade to show it was blunt.
>he nods sagely 'ok ok... I have real one'
>looks at me in the eye 'From war'
>smiles at me, his wife also smiles and they get off at the next stop
bloody wars vets

>Camping in the bushland Australia, about 12-13
>Get up early morning, go to warm myself on the fire
>two kangaroo's and a dog sitting around our campfire
>Dog looks at me expectantly, Roos ignore me
>I put some wood on the fire
>one of the kangaroo's gets spooked and leaves, other doesn't care.
>spend 15 minutes sitting around fire with animals, surprised that the fire hasn't spooked them
>brother wakes up, and makes noise inside his tent. both animals glance at it and then leave in the same direction as the other Roo.
>later see the dog wandering through the scrub-lands towards another campsite
fucking wildlife
File: well then.jpg (63 KB, 715x730)
63 KB
Do womenbeaters count? I've randomly encountered a lot more of them on the street than I'd ever liked to, and I've been told it's uncanny. I would like to say that means I get to play hero a lot, but my brain's pretty fucked and decides that's a brilliant time to shut down.

At a party with a bunch of drunks and a family member someone drew the attention of a lebo gang, and for a little while I was the only thing between them and something really bad going down. I was sober as shit, but my brain was a fuckwit again. Body pulled it's weight though.

In terms of dreams, I had one where I got attacked by wolves when I was seven or so. I realized it was a dream and took a running dive to hide my face so they couldn't scare me, and suddenly and horrifyingly felt them tear up my back, dig into, nose around and eat my insides. Lasted for a while, and gauged against damage I've received since it was pretty accurate for feeling like being eaten. I don't know how I had reference for that at the time, though. I cried when I woke up.
Your stories have been archived, you earned it
Enjoy internet immortality
Think you can drop us their names? I´d like to search for this group of crazy wacko PCs
oh i got one alright.

>age young, maybe 5-6
>watched the movie IT a while back
It is important to note that I am cursed and blessed with something I can not define and whatever it is, was much worse when i was a child
>completely real feeling, no dream sense
> a god damn clown walks in and proceeds to beat me
>do not wake up, merely lie there in pain, get up, no marks, scared shit less

Not the best but I had incredible dreams when i was young, they felt far too real. and weird things happen around me a little too frequently. Its a bit odd.
Poor shark.
>alien is kill
It was its own fault, it should've gone for weaker prey.
I keep an iron nail quenched in seawater under my pillow, sprigs of sage and rosemary in my door's keyhole, and a little glass box of herbs, mushroom stems, and teeth suspended above the threshold. It's decent enough. I don't even really believe in fairies, good or bad, but I was brought up on fairy stories, and little measures do well to quiet creeping fears
I once had a dream where I had to pretend to be a deaf-mute. Its harder than it sounds.
>be a field engineer working power plant worldwide
>visit Benton Harbor, MI for a job
>be in Holiday Inn hotel room
>sounds like someone is hitting door with hammer
>Fling door open
>Armed DEA in body armor standing outside facing down corridor firing 9mm down range
>Close door
>Get in bath tub
>30 minutes later phone rings
>Management "sorry blah blah blah blah"
>Pack in 30 seconds and check out

Apparently Benton Harbor is roughly halfway between Detroit and Chicago on I-94. That means niggers, spics, and other urban filth from both shitholes can easily meet there to do business without getting lost.

I fought in both Gulf Wars and did 2 tours in the Stan. I was never as frightened as I was in that Holiday Inn.
>Agent to me "Close your door"
would kek again

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