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File: Matrix.jpg (8 KB, 266x190)
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Transformers Quest 29



A sleek yellow car drives over rocky terrain at breakneck speed. The path it takes is dark purple and ground flat by the passage of numerous wheels over the years. It winds its way around boulders and drifts around spires of black volcanic rock. A trail of fine violet dust is kicked up by its passage.

"Come on." Says the tense bot standing in front of you.

The car leaps a patch of crystal spikes by way of a metal ramp. Not far behind is a familiar hovercraft, its blue and orange hull smudged with dirt and its turbine blazing.

"She has this..." Jackpot says, hunched into a near squat and a ticket clenched in one hand.

The two vehicles skirt a ridge running along a ravine. The hovercraft nudging closer and closer to the car ahead. The two zip along, crossing a steel bridge and coming up to a truly massive spire of stone. The large screen showing the race shows that after the spire is a straight away right to the finish.
"Come on!"

The yellow car drifts around the spire, pebbles and dust flying up from its wheels. The hovercraft takes the turn sharper though, cutting in front of the car and forcing it to swerve out of the way.

Now in the lead the hovercraft completes the turn and hits her turbo, rocketing down the path and over the finish line. The yellow car follows half a second later, its own turbo thrusters burning bright.

"WOOO!" Jackpot leaps into the air and you have to tilt your head with a grunt to see the screen. On it you see the hovercraft swerve and transform. Dasher cartwheels with the momentum before crashing into her pitcrew, the three of them laugh and whoop in exultation.

"And there you have it! Dasher, the Cybertronian speed demon wins the final race in the Yellowline Grand Prix! This gives her enough points to be eligible for the upcoming Redline event!" An announcer says while the screen shows a doven other vehicles of various makes passing the finish line.

Jackpot jumps onto the plastic couch you are leaning against and begins shaking his rearplate.

"Can you not do that?" You grumble, arms crossed over the backrest.

"Can't hear you over the sound of the money filling my account." He says.

With a growl you shove him, sending the laughing bot tumbling to the ground where he kisses his ticket.
File: 1420755397038.jpg (101 KB, 432x690)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
You are Kracken, an old lawbot trying to live in a galaxy that is making less sense then it normally does. The previous day an assassin found his way onto the ship by means of a space/time distortion of some kind and hypnotized your friend into attacking you. Luckily the hypnosis wore off after you dismembered the intruder. After that Gyro fell into a deep sleep and has been that way since.

On top of recent events is the nature of the space/time distortion, which you believe is most likely linked to your own newly acquired Quantum Processor. Only interrogating the new prisoner would shed some light on the subject but the hypnotist is currently in the CR chamber, recovering from your retribution.

You hope the assassin can point a finger in the direction of some answers.

Which brings your mind to the other prisoner onboard the Nova's Promise. Swindle had been very helpful in spilling info about activity in the region of Skomiloch. Info that would be useful in your investigation of a harvesting station that had gone dark a few days ago.

The ship had arrived at the hazy region known as the Skomiloch Territories earlier that day and looking out of the view ports had reminded you how hard flying through that mess was.

Currently flying just outside of the thick cosmic dust of the territories you wait for the ship's sensors to be upgraded enough to fly through the mess and detect any enemy activity.

>Check on Gyro, see if she's up and ok.
>See how Pulsar 9 was doing with those upgrades.
>Go have a chat with Cogsworth about the mess you've been tangled up in.
>Go practice with your Quantum Processor.
>Other (please specify)
>>Go practice with your Quantum Processor.
We'll check on Gyro in a bit, but this has really moved up the priority list after yesterday.

We don't even know if we're still in the same timeline.
Leaving the buffoon to roll about on the floor you take a walk through the ship while your mind wanders. Things had become irritatingly strange since you woke up on Kaamos, and you feel like you had risen into a tangle of wires connected to Primus knows what.

Astroclaw was the key to understanding this. He knew what what going on, him and the red boot you met in that place.

You need answers.

What are these new powers you have? Why did they give them to you? WHat are you supposed to do with the Crimson Energon?

Are you even in the same time as before?

You growl and round a corner.

You hate schemers.

Finding a nice empty room you enter and close the door. Pale off white with a single bright light overhead, it doesn't seem like it gets much use for anything considering its floor and walls are bare.

You take a seat in the middle, crossing your legs and resting your hands on your knees. You begging the basic mind-clearing exercises your martial arts instructor taught you to ready yourself for the experience.

>Beginning Quantum Processing

You feel suddenly disoriented, the world shifts around you in an odd way.

Your mind feels like it is being pulled in multiple directions, much like your first time activating the processor.

You become aware of the directions, focusing on them leading away from you without following where the threads lead.

Behind you your inner eye perceives a single path, moving back and beyond and looks like a tunnel.

Ahead of you the threads branch off down multiple paths, they give you a kaleidoscope of images that are impossible to sift through without traveling forward.

You sense a wide open space that opens just above you, expanding out and away. You feel like you can just pop up there, rising like you weigh nothing.

Below you is nothing, and you try to keep your attention away from it.

>Follow the path backwards.
>Follow the threads ahead.
>Don't look down. look down
>Shut it down.
I'd like to know more before heading down the paths, which seem like time travel.

Down is probably something to do with unicron, and that can wait for a later date.
Unsure of what is really happening you allow yourself to be pulled up.

Your point of view shifts and you watch as the white square of a room drifts below you. After you pass through where the ceiling should be is darkness, only the room and your body are below.

You continue to ascend until it fades from view and you find yourself in pitch blackness.


Focusing your optics you can make out faints lights in the distance, like stars that are so far away their light can barely reach you.

You turn and marvel at the faint, sparkling darkness, only for a familiar scene to come into view.

You find the table, a spinning galaxy sitting at its surface.

At the table, seeming to sit on nothing, is the red bot. His great silver pauldrens are hunch and his elbows rest on the very edge of the table, his hands clasped infront of his mouth. He stares intently at the galaxy.

He take a few steps forward, only to stop when you realize you don't feel your feet connecting with anything. You have advanced but there is no sensation to it.

With a growl at the strangeness of it all you continue on to the table.

You pause a moment as the bot doesn't acknowledge you, then speak.

"So what is all this?"

The bot doesn't respond at first, long enough that you are about to growl again and demand answers.
File: 1411868870541.jpg (56 KB, 972x670)
56 KB
"This is the apex of our universe." His voice seems to roll right through.

"Alright. But what does that mean?"

Without looking away from the table top he says. "Your mind is currently processing our entire reality on the quantum level. It cannot make all of this information available to your consciousness though. Not yet. So you get ways to view what you want. Right here, as 'here' as it can be, you are at the tip of the mountain, a mountain that is also a looking glass. Through it you may see."

"Right." You mutter.

>Pick three
>Ask about the paths you saw before rising.
>Ask why you have this power.
>Ask how you use this power.
>Ask what happened when he changed things
>Ask where Astroclaw is.
>Why give you the Crimson Energon.
>Other (please specify)
>>Ask about the paths you saw before rising.
>Ask how you use this power.
>Why give you the Crimson Energon.

We can sort of guess what happened when he used his power, and astroclaw so far has shown himself to be a mad scientist and we've got experience with that sort of thing from our brother.
OP ded?
Dammit I want to ask all the things. Hurm.

>Ask how you use this power.

Practical info first I suppose.
Folding your arms across your chest you look down at the spiraling galaxy. So many small lights dance and swirl across the table top it is dizzying.

You glance back at the bot. Illuminated as he is by the twinkling lights you notice that his optics are dark, as if they are turned off.

"So those paths and thread like thing I saw before coming here. What were those?"

"The singular path leading behind you was the past. It is what was. Those that spread out before you were all the possible futures you were able to discern."

"So... if I were to use one of those paths, I would travel through time?"

"Only your consciousness would. For now."

You grumble at his vagueness.

"Pleases sit." You says, his voice like bellowing brass.

You glance around yourself then glare at him. Though he sits, he doesn't sit on anything you see.

Grumbling you look over your shoulder then slowly sit. Once you lower yourself to his level you find yourself sitting, though you cannot tell what on.

"So I can't change things in time?"

"I wouldn't suggest trying. Not even Astroclaw has managed it without causing great harm even after all this time. You can see things though. Where ever you are you can see what once was, or what could be. With practice you will be able to see more, do more."

"So how does it work?" You ask, resting an elbow on one leg and your hand on the other.

"Viewing the past is easy, just let it wash over you. The rate at which your vision travels is adjustable and you will get a knack for it."

He tilts his head in your direction.
Sorry, it was a long one.

"The future is another matter. Focus and desire are what you need when traveling the nigh infinite paths that spread before you."

"Nigh infinite? I only saw maybe a dozen."

"Yes. In the beginning your mind will only see distinct paths, and ones that matter according to you."

"So the ones I see are the important ones."

"No. They are the ones you think are important."

With a grunt you ask. "So this is like that clairvoyance stuff the street mystics peddle I'm guessing."

"Yes. In time, maybe, you will learn to affect things. For now I suggest you don't. Even I find it hard to adjust fate without causing it to collapse, and I have been doing this for a very long time."

You stare at the bot some more and examine him. He certainly looks ancient, his joints more rigid and his hull hard. He also lacks any distinct mods. The Autobot Insignia on his forehead practically glows from the light from the table.

"What else can you tell me about it?"

At length he says. "Upon activating the Quantum Processor, you have effectively removed yourself from the time stream. You are now a blind spot with in it, and are directly unaffected by anyone else's
abilities. Even if you manage to master altering the timestream, you will not be able to alter anything from before you first activated the processor. It is Now a fixed event that cannot be changed, though the circumstances around it can."

You growl as a thought occurs to you. "If you can change things, why not bring Cybertron back? You can fix it can't you?"

"No." He says somberly. "If we are to live, then Cybertron must die."

You clench your hand into a fist then slowly release it. Honestly, you had believed there was a reason. Hearing it was still painful. Slowly a sensation begins building within you, like the artificial gravity of a ship coming on. You feel weights pulling you down.
File: Krackensfacealways.jpg (2 KB, 71x125)
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"The Crimson Energon. Why do I have it? The stuff is far to dangerous and I don't think I'd ever condone using it."

"You will. A time will come when death prevents death. For now, I simply want you to keep it out of Astroclaws hands. He is to selfish to be left with it in his power."

"What's the harm in offing the squids?" You ask then notice you are starting to sink.

"They have rolls to play. As I said, death will prevent death. I have seen it and made it so."

Your vision falls below the table top and you snarl, reaching fo it.

"Wait! Who are you to decide?"

You fall into the darkness below his voice chasing you.

"I stand at the top of the mountain."

Your optics come online and you are back. The room seem starker than before, its light almost painful to you.

"Slag all vague would be mastermids." You mutter

>Check on Gyro, see if she's up and ok.
>See how Pulsar 9 was doing with those upgrades.
>Go have a chat with Cogsworth about the mess you've been tangled up in.
>You need to smack something around. Swindle will do.
>Go outside and smash some cosmic debris.
>Other (please specify)
>Check on Gyro, see if she's up and ok.
>See how Pulsar 9 was doing with those upgrades.
In order.
And what were those upgrades again?
>>Check on Gyro, see if she's up and ok.
Sensors for the ship so we could see what we were jumping into
Holding your hand to your head as your sensor adjust to the lights you go off to find out if Gyro is awake yet.

Moving through the ship you pass several holoscreens showing interviews with various racers and officials for the Redline event. A new thing, to you atleast, it seems to be a races between the galaxy's best and boldest racers from every species imaginable. They go in depth into the racers personalities and histories, but you don't see one showcasing Dasher so you ignore them for the most part.

Coming up to Gyro's quarters you detect the bot standing in the middle of her room.

"Hey." You greet her as you walk in. The noble stand with her helm held against her hip with one hand, the other rubs the back of her cranium, teal lights and dark blue wires crossing it in alternating zigzag patterns.

"Hey." She says weakly. "Why does my chronometer say I've been out for a day, and where's my desk?" She asks while gesturing to the marks where the bolted furniture was torn from the floor.

"I through it a t someone."

She narrows her optics at you.

"How energized were we?"

You grumble low in your chest. You were somewhat uncomfortable having to tell her she was mind controlled by an intruder into attacking you and trying to liberate Swindle.

>Tell her someone snuck on board, you took care of it.
>Tell her she was attacked but thing turned out alright.
>Tell her someone attacked her, most likely to get to you or Swindle, but you stopped it.
>Tell her not to worry about it and that you'll replace the desk. Eventually.
>Other (please specify)
>>Tell her someone snuck on board, you took care of it.
Sorry about the desk.
Looking away you say. "Some slaggin' punk snuck onboard. I took care of him but it was kind of wild. Sorry about the desk."

"What?" An incredulous look crosses her face and slowly turn to exasperation. "Whatever." Donning her helm she then asks. "So what did I miss? Besides..." She gestures to the spot her desk used to be.

"Well." You say. "We got Pulsar trying to upgrade the ships sensors so we can do some long-range scanning in Skomiloch..."

"What's up in Skomiloch?"

Right. She wasn't awake for the news.

"Turns out that station you guys have in their went dark. They lost all contact a little while ago."

"SLAG!" She shouts then clutches her head.

"Yeah. So if we want to see more than half a kilometer in front of the ship Pulsar's doin' some tinkering. Other than that: a break in and I just had a conference with the 'bot on the peak'"

"The what?"

"Don't get me started."

"Why is everything so weird around you?"

"Keeps things interesting."

The two of you make your way out of her quarters as Gyro wants to discuss the station with Cogsworth. Seeing the holoscreens reminds you to tell her that dasher had made it to the Redline Grand Prix.

"Yes." She says while pumping a fist. "I knew sponsoring her would be a good thing."

>Go with Gyro to see Cogsworth.
>Check in on Pulsar 9 and Glitch.
>Go see what Stiletto and Jackpot are doing. (pick one)
>Go talk to Swindle. He knows Mindswipe and Astroclaw, maybe he has some kind of info for you
>Other (please specify)
>Go talk to Swindle. He knows Mindswipe and Astroclaw, maybe he has some kind of info for you

Honestly I think the assassin attack is more important right now than preparations for checking out the mining facility.
>Check in on Pulsar 9 and Glitch.
Man where is everybody?
File: 1420861369729.jpg (149 KB, 776x1080)
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149 KB JPG
Leaving her to go discuss matter with Cogsworth you turn your attention to more important matters.

Mindswipe an any possible connection he could have to Astroclaw. While there isn't any direct evidence connecting the two, that Mindswipe arrived on the ship through some kind of space/time anomaly strongly point to the mad scientists' involvement.

You arrive in the hold to find the con-artist lying on his back in his cage.


"Yes oh teleportin' terror of tumultuous teeth."

"So, your buddy Astroclaw sent Mindswipe to free you. Know who else he might send?"

"Rust me if I know. The bot has contacts all over the galaxy. He's friendly like that. Knows bots who know bots."

"Do I know any of these bots?"

He chuckles. "Maybe you know OF them. Hear he's worked with the almighty Shockwave a few times, that he has the Grand Arbiter under his employment, thought that's more of a rumor. Couple o' the surviving Senators to. Argon, Proteous..."

"Proteuos is dead. "You interrupt him.

"NO foolin'. Since when?"

"A while. Long enough to hook his chassis up to some kind of pupeteering system. Saw the rig on Kaamos."

"Pssh. The psycho."

He doesn't say anything else and you start getting mad.

"You're gonna tell me where I can find him, Swindle."

"Hey, he's a hard bot to find. He sets the dates and chooses the places we do business. I know a bot who knows a bot who could get in touch but otherwise ehhhhh..."

You growl. "Tell me about Mindswipe."

"What's to tell. He's slimeball."

A high pitched screech rings out as you run a bladed thumb down one of the bars of his cage.

"Hey it's the truth! No one bothers to keep track of him since his ability's so weak. Slagger's crazy to boot."

"So he doesn't have anyone watching out for him?"
File: 1412897988652.jpg (62 KB, 330x217)
62 KB
Sunday might not have been the best day to run.
"Well his bro Mindwipe is one of Shockwaves' guys, but I heard they had a fallin' out. So no, bot's been cut loose."

Which would mean no one would care if he never came back from his mission here you muse. But why send someone like him to extract Swindle or retrieve the Crimson Energon.

You need a way to get at Astroclaw. Thinking about it, your only choice might be to use Swindle or the Energon as bait, but that would be very dangerous. Or you could do it the hard way and work your way up through Swindles contacts.

Then again, your Quantum Processor could help out immensely.

>Ask about his previous business with Astroclaw.
>Find out about the attempt to poison Ultimecha with the Crimson Energon.
>Discuss his past with Mindswipe.
>Ask about his contacts, how could you get in touch with them.
>He might be willing to sell Astroclaw out to save his own hull, try to flip him.
>Other (please specify)
>>He might be willing to sell Astroclaw out to save his own hull, try to flip him.

Swindle may be scum, but if he becomes our scum we might not eat him. Also, I find him amusing
...Mindswipe and Mindswipe are different people? Huh. When I looked up the former all I found were a couple legos.
>Find out about the attempt to poison Ultimecha with the Crimson Energon.
Do we even have a good idea of this stuffs capabilities?
File: 1403213351483.png (46 KB, 328x340)
46 KB
Dude seems silly evil, I like him.

Mulling it over you realize it will probably be easier to get to Astroclaw with Swindles' co-operation. Getting his co-operation was easy, he may value money more than the Decepticon cause but you are sure he values his life even more.

The trick would be keeping him in check. With the dirt on him you are sure you can succeed.

"Swindle, If you can't tell me anything, then I don't have a use for you do I?"


"Then how would you like a one way trip into the nearest star?"

"What?" He says and jolts upright.

"Guess I could just eat ya."

"What?No! No no no, come one ol'fang face, let's make a deal!" He panics and waves his one arm around.

"Alright." You say and turn away from his cage.

"You help me get to Astroclaw, or someone eho can, and I let you go. No one one hears about you helping me. No one hears about you selling Phase Sixer tech to astroclaw. Dea?" You look overyour shoulder and see the Con pressed up against the bars of his cage, one hand extended.

"Deal!" He says, a grin splitting his face.

Gonna end it hear for tonight.

Next friday we do a little scheming of our own, then it's on to Skomiloch!

Questions, comments, concerns all welcome.
Can we get any details on the effects of crimson energon? Besides being bad, I get that much.
Thanks for running
File: 1420756867413.jpg (46 KB, 432x646)
46 KB
Well we haven't gotten it tested, so no actual details yet. Cogsworth would know someone who could test it for us.

Basically its a combination of Dark energon (the Blood of Unicron, highly destructive, poisonous, contagious, explosive, and creates zombies) and Red Energon (which makes bots goes fast, and I mean really fast, like running at mach 2 fast). So all things considered it probably some bad stuff.

Swindle also admitted that they were going to attack the Quintessons with it.
Any other exotic forms of energon we would know about?
Known to Kracken? No.

In the Prime series the is Synthetic Energon, but there are ways to manufacture Energon from other elements I don't think I'll be using that.

I did make up some types but am unsure if I'll use them.

Then there is Shockwaves Regenesis Ores from the comics but those won't pop up till later as they need to mature over time.

Well if we put some effort into studying the crimson, perhaps that'll give us insight into the other possible possibilities.
File: 1399699323174.png (509 KB, 500x500)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
Entirely possible.
>It is Now a fixed event that cannot be changed, though the circumstances around it can."
Have to say I don't understand this in the context of the first time we met this guy. He obviously changed the past, so does he mean we can only alter events back to the point when we first activated the quantum processor?

Also, is he implying we can alter things like teleporting people over vast distances? It kind of feels we need to make it a daily thing to practice with this power, at least so that we can start making sense of the possible futures.
Also, if the way down is Unicron, does that mean the way up is Primus?

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