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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of Succubus War Quest!

Last session we saved Old TO and ate Angel wings! I also forgot DP, so let’s just say since the hostages you’ve earned around 300 extra DP! So let’s get to the next bit, bed!

For information on characters and old threads:


After a nice, long and hearty meal you decide to retire for the night. The battle for the day has left you weary and longing for the comfort of your bed. Before you decide to head to bed, you travel on over to Wilhelmina’s bedroom, wanting to see how she’s adjusting to the present currently. You give three loud pounds on Wilhelmina’s door before she opens it up a crack.

Wilhelmina opens the door a crack, just enough to poke her head out and look at you. “Inquiry, yes.”

“Hey Wilhelmina, I just wanted to see how you were adjusting right now.” you reply to her.

“Oh I am adjusting very well. My vision quest was one thing, but it’s nice to be back into the comforts of civilization yet again.” Wilhelmina says.

“Sorry that most of the belongings in your apartment were destroyed.” you tell her.

“Oh that’s not of concern to me. At most I had a few minor things in here. In all likelihood I’d probably be able to pick up everything I had and more once I get my first bit of time off.” Wilhelmina replies.

“You sure?” you ask.

“Y-yes I’m sure. Everything is fine.” Wilhelmina replies. “The only thing of true value I had was my family’s blade, which has been reforged anyways. I understand how this may appear Brooklyn, but honestly I’m doing fine. I’m not hiding the truth from you again.”
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“After what you’ve been through, I trust that you are Wilhelmina.” you say leaning against her door. “I may be your bo-”

As you lean against the door, Wilhelmina’s balance is thrown off a bit, causing her to shift her weight a bit, nearly tripping as she drops what appears to be an Old World device on the ground.

“You know I didn’t give you permission to be talking to those boys I saw you with earlier today right~?” a smooth man’s voice says on the other end, sounding more like he’s seducing you rather than disciplining you. The sound of a slap follows before the recording continues. “Honey, you know that I don’t like to do *that* to you, but sometimes you make it so *hard* for me to control myself...”

You lower your jaw a bit as you look up from the device to Wilhelmina’s beet red face.
Raise an eyebrow and say in teasing voice "I see, so THAT'S the real reason you asked me to judge you."
>> 37378843
I support this teasing

Thriding >>37378843
Cause why not...
How did that space get there? Oh well, you know what I meant.
Punish might have been a better word than judge, oh well.
You raise an eyebrow before replying in a teasing tone. “I see, so THAT'S the real reason you asked me to judge you.”

Wilhelmina’s gaze slowly goes away from your own.

“Don’t worry Wilhelmina, go ahead and take the night off. You earned it.” you say to her before turning around and walking away.

“Thank you milady.” Wilhelmina says as she slowly closes the door.

As for tomorrow... You’ve got plans... Oh yes... Big plans...


“Hahahaha!!!” you laugh over the roaring flames in front of you. “How does it feel to be utterly helpless to the flames that are currently consuming you?”

“Um... Dutchess...” Nalika says with a tone of fear in her voice.

“Your will, your spirit... Let your rage and despair out! I’ll consume them all until you’re nothing left but a shriveled husk of what you once were, all to feed my own ambition!” you say with a sadistic smile on your face.

“D-Dutchess Brooklyn! Please listen to me!” Amanda says pleading with you.

“Now the feast begins! Which of you shall be my first sacrifice!?” You say looking down at your helpless victims. “I’ll pick... YOU!”

“Here’s your bacon then~.” Shiva says passing your piece of bacon.

“Do... Inquiry, do you really need to do that every time we eat breakfast.” Wilhelmina asks. “The guards are staring at us.”
"Don't question tradition Wilhelmina
pretty much

“Yes.” You firmly reply as you take a bite into your bacon.

“If you think that’s bad, you should see Excel.” Your father says pointing behind you.

“YES! BURN! BURN UNTIL YOUR FLESH IS CHARRED AND CRACKED!” Excel seems to roar above the flames.

“That is so many different kinds of wrong that I’m not even going to touch that.” Brodin replies looking at Excel.

“...Still, today you’re going to have a few things on your plate today Dutchess.” Nalika replies, eating breakfast with one pair of hands while holding a book with the other..

“I think I got them in mind, but go over them anyways.” you tell her.

“First off there are still people who wish to challenge you for your throne.” Nalika replies.

“God damnit they’re still trying that!?” you reply.

“The guards took out a few last night while I killed one in your room that was about to strike you while you were sleeping.” Ada says to you.

“What!?” you say in shock.

“The correct answer is ‘Wow, that’s amazing! I’m so thankful Ada! Please let me give you a fourth of the city as thanks!’” Ada replies.
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“The good news is that since the Celestian battle, a lot of people dropped off the list. Most of the ones who did most likely accept you as their ruler, which still leaves about half of them left.” Wilhelmina replies. “There’s also the matter of going over our inventories.”

“Inventories?” you reply.

“Yes. We have the inventory of our magical item stock that both the Pride and Greed demons left behind here in the castle. Meanwhile the Church of Pamille has had it’s Miyians safely extract more materials from the vault that we found, and not only just the weapons.” Nalika replies. “Lady Ishtar would also like to speak with you as soon as you have the time as well.”

So, we start the day with the meeting with going over the Inventory. We can schedule a lunch meeting with Lady Ishtar giving us the afternoon to conduct live-fire combat practice... I mean duel with some of the challengers...
Sounds about right. Meeting with the Federal Count council for dinner?

We are a busy person having to organise rebuilding, stabilize our rule of the city, planning upgrades for the cities defences, increasing the size of the military, conducting numerous negotiations; both political and trade...
is that a no?

Which Inventory first? The inventory of magical items is here at the castle while the ones involving the vault belongings are inside of a church warehouse.

Warehouse yes, too many injured currently to be at the main church and I doubt you want them sent to the University blindly.
Lets do the vault stuff first.

“Then let’s go to that vault warehouse. I’m interested to see what they have found inside of there.” you reply.

“I’m going too!” Excel mentions.

“What?” you reply.

“I want to see a piece of actual history!” Excel replies.

“Fine then come! Just be ready in a half hour.” you reply.

“Are you sure that is wise?” Wilhelmina asks.

“She’ll follow us if we don’t. Are you sure you’ll be able to protect two people?” you ask.

“I swear on my life.” Wilhelmina replies.


As you take a carriage to the assigned location a bit on the outskirts of Old TO, you can see that the entire facility is fiercely protected by elite warriors from both the Warriors Guild, the Church’s best men, and also a handful of your palace guard. During the fight you only had a few weapons and ammo from the vault stored here, a handful of common guards to guard it to make it appear to Celestia that it was worthless. Now however you are not taking that chance, assigning your best guards to watch over this place. The last thing you need is another Science Lord wandering about. ...Speaking of which.

“Wilhelmina, remind me to kill that Science Lord in Australia someday.” you tell her as you step out of the carriage.

“Yes Dutchess.” Wilhelmina says as she jumps out behind you, with Excel coming out last.

“Dutchess!?” a church sister asks as she approaches you over the sound of howling winds. She’s wearing sister’s clothing, but is also wearing what appears to be a blacksmith apron with various stains on it.

“Yes, it’s me Dutchess Brooklyn. And you?” you ask.

“Forgive! My name Natalya, I tour you through facility yes?” the stained Succubus asks.
File: 00250_andorra_1680x1050.jpg (401 KB, 1680x1050)
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401 KB JPG

“Please do.” you reply as you follow her. “So tell me, what did you manage to find in the vault?”

The Succubus sister seems to laugh before throwing open the doors to the warehouse. “Hehehe... Lots of things!”

Your eyes go small as you see the warehouse below, seemingly the size of Fredika’s stadium is down below, a small army of pristine Old World devices, all of them facing a stark contrast of the new world as a small army of Miyian’s and Aide’s seem to be working on figuring out machines below. Even the poker face of Wilhelmina comes undone as she goes wide eyed, staring along with Amanda and Excel down below.

“Woah.” you say in an impressed tone.

“It good yes!” the Succubus says to you as she begins to head down a flight of stairs. “Vault had MANY things inside! Thankful that we also have passwords to turn off force field and anti-detection devices, or else we never find!”

“Wait! Is this a Infinity Cyclinder Hexagon Barrier System in personal size!?” Amanda says scattering over to a nearby class storage container. “And that... That’s a Quad-triangular Spectrum Scrambler! Even in the Universities these were only mentioned about in theories!”

“Ah! You smart one too yes! Yes go ahead and touch, smart people can touch!” The Russian Succubus says.

“Smart people?” Excel asks, her eyebrow twitching.

“Miyians have an innate understanding of items Excel. I think what Natalya means is if we press the wrong button we could accidently rip Old TO in two.” you reply.

“Yes! Dutchess is right! No touching, even you my Dutchess! Many thing we are still look at!” Natalya says.

“Do you know what some inventions can do at least?” Wilhelmina asks.

“Oh yes! Still many things!” Natalya says with a laugh. “We not stupid after all! Vault was Prostasia, meaning protection, LOTS of protection! We have vaccines, invincible safes, near unbreakable code machines, armour for buildings, or even one thing I like, GIANT Forcefield bubble for Old TO!”

“Giant Forcefield bubble?” you ask interested.

“Ja! Forcefield bubble would be nearly invincible powered up! Only something like Demon King or Queen actually break it!” Natalya says pointing to what appears to be a small metal emitter on the ground in front of you. "No communication with outside World possible when it up, but nothing is sure to get in either! Also barrier can have no gaps either apparently."

“Were there any other axioms like this inside!?” Amanda asks in an excited tone.

“Not many. Miyians of Old World put different axioms in different vaults, make sure that no one could learn everything from one vault. We have some minor things such as powered armour suits or weapons, but they not nearly as powerful as the armour. Still, some weapon understanding of the Old World is nice too!”
You're basically free to request what you want, as most likely the vault will have many Prostasia rated items ranked 1-5. In case you're wondering what Prostasia can do, refer to this PDF. Yes this is for the nWoD, but we can find a way to convert nearly everything inside.

An armor that either compliments or doesn't interfere with Amanda's armor. Something with a suite to defend against mental intrusions and attempts to locate or scry on us with magic. Untraceable communication for our teammates (that would be Protasia and that other science). Armor for all of our followers if they want an upgrade. Oh, and a vehicle, preferably some sort of stealth troop transport to move our party around in.
I want a puddle jumper.
Oh yes, one more note.

Remember that when wearing armour, only the highest armour protection applies. It can be different sorts of armour (EX: One armour protecting against the physical while the other one protects against the mental).
Install a cage trap in our throne room and a barrier in our bedroom.

Somewhat surprised you didn't say castle.
I assume it has one of those.

Not on the level the vault has to offer.
Physical defensive armour, with special defenses against non-Katastrophic diseases and so on.
Upgrading the castle would a more longer term project. Completely redesigning the castle with the Prostasia defenses in mind would make it more effective.
Ok, I'm curious what the hell a spectrum scrambler does. Signal jamming system?

Science talk, but I was mainly referring to this in Prostasia:

Prostasia and Radar:
Any amount of Prostasia of nearly any sort is, when activated, enough to render its wearer or user invisible to
radar, sonar, and similar mundane scanning technologies.

Prostasia can be used to shield against scanning (Apokalypsi) and teleporting in or out (Skafoi).
Will this work against non-Miyian arts? Do the Pride Demons use broken Miyians?

Pride Demons do have broken Miyians, but like Latooni said they're forbidden to use their techniques.

In this case you'd be defending against demons with Space magic.

That said it works against anything and everything. If it's mundane it'll be totally ignored while supernatural (including magic, super science, psychic powers, Fae reality warping, and other things) will have an extremely hard time getting in.
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“Can they be used to make traps?” you ask.

“Traps?” Natalya asks looking confused for a few seconds. “Eh... It possible. One would need to trick opponents into force field trap however.”

“That’s fine. If possible I’d like you to install such a thing into my Throne room, for when guests get too rowdy.” you mention. “Put a barrier around my throne as well, just in case some idiot tries to attack me while I’m busy.”

“Are you not going to put such a thing around the castle?” Wilhelmina asks.

You shake your head. “That’s long term. Short term is what I’m looking at for the moment.”

“Brooklyn! Brooklyn!” Amanda says walking towards you, holding a literal armful of gadgets in her arms. “We’ve got to open the market to these!”

“Pardon?” you ask her.

“Think about it Brooklyn! We could open the market up to the lower end of these devices! People will flock to purchase our Prostasia armour devices in droves, even the weakest versions of them! Natalya, the Automata plants are able to construct Prostasia devices yes!?” Amanda says turning to her.

“Ja, but only Prostasia. It fine piece of equipment, but we afraid of tinkering with settings too much. We won’t order it make anything other than Prostasia.” Natalya replies.

“Then that’s perfect! We can construct so many things! Unbreakable code devices, super safes, it doesn’t matter if it’d be illegal in Articus’s lands, EVERY Noble or merchant will want one of these things!” Amanda says.

“While that may be trust, I question the safety of our own security. Even if we put out items like safes or codebreakers, the enemy may be able to analyze our technology, or at least devise countermeasures against it.” Wilhelmina warns.
"What about a device to protect a vampire from the sun? That would sell quite well, and would help out politically. As for the others, I think we should do that, but don't sell military equipment to pride demons. We're going to want to take Articus's entire territory soon anyway."
works for me
“What about a device that can help vampires go out in the sun?” you ask.

“Hm... It possible I think. Vampire sunlight problem is... complex. Still, should produce something which does not kill them in daytime yes.” Natalya replies.

“Alright Amanda, see if you can make something like that for that market.” you reply.

“B-But what about the outside market!?” She asks.

“Nothing that can be used to a military advantage. Only sells safes which you’re sure a few Miyians of yours can crack or codes we can break. We’re at war with Articus right now, and I don’t want to be giving them things that could be used against us.”

(Alright that will be the thread for the night. Around lunch time my time I’ll be back to do another part or two, then a quick class and I’ll be back for all of Thursday)
I seriously with there was an ebook version of this quest. Thanks for writing!
uestion regarding Hero's and Myian Wonders. Does the Hero get a power-boost equal to the strength of the barrier, his opponent, or the Myian that created the Wonder (Either their strength when they made it, their current strength if they are still alive, or the height of their power?)

Basically, if our Hero Nemisis was fighting us and we trapped him in a barrier which, for examples sake, was made by Miyu, would he be as powerful as us, the barrier or Miyu?
Us w/ our equipment taken in account to a degree. Heros are always level *, where * is the equivalent strength of their enemy. Basically, fate will allow him a chance to fuck us up in a 1-on-1 basic fight, but we can still beat him if we're clever.
What's Sandact's timezone?
somewhere in murika
File: 1389679186318.jpg (102 KB, 443x448)
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102 KB JPG


Newfoundland Standard Time. We have our own time zone.
hum for items tempted to get the supper pills from Injustice gods among us (the lamp shad explaining why people like the joker can survive getting thrown into a fusion reactor in a fight with superman) but they would cause so much trouble if they did exist.

Wondering did we ever find out what happened to the people who were inside the vault?
You back or just popping your head in?


Shiva, for example, would still *very* likely beat him in a 1v1 fight. Fate would give the hero however a chance to wound, hit, and Dodge Shiva's attacks no matter what Shiva does.

Popping in while eating breakfast. I'll start my lunch break (which is three hours) four hours from now

There were people inside the Vault?
I'm pretty sure it's a regular vault, not one from Fallout.
This anon needs sleep, so last bump I can give the thread, going to need other anons to keep it alive for Sand.
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364 KB PNG

This is what happens when you miss a class and need to take a lab to catch up.

I'll write my update now before heading off to my next class.
“Was there anyone inside that Vault at all?” you ask.

“Nyet. Some automatons is all. Try to kill first team, few dead but all part of job hazard!” The sister replies.

“Lady Excel, please be careful over there.” Wilhelmina says as she walks over to her.

“I’m just looking!” Excel calls out as she looks over some armours in tubes.

“So... Can this Prostasia machine make super science armours to enhance the powers of our troops?” you ask.

“Only defense wise.” Natalya replies. “The machine... She only make Prostasia items. During Science Lord wars, many other Science Lord’s wanted other Science Lord weaponry in order to combine their technology with each other. Too bad they kill each other to do so! We have limited powersuits with enhancements built in, but machine can only build armour and not things like strength enhancements or weapons. To do so we need other vaults.”

“Brooklyn, if I may.” Amanda says walking up to you. “If combining vault technology with each other enhances both vaults, then might we do something like contact other parties who opened said vaults?”

“Like Russia?” you ask.

“Yes exactly. I think if we contacted Russia, they may be willing to trade some of their vault relics in exchange for our own.” Amanda states.

“I from Russia!” Natalya says stating the obvious. “Russia is very... careful about her relics, understandably so since they fight off nearly three different factions at once! They may make good partners!”
Small update before I go back to class for another hour and a half, I'll be back after and continue the thread for the rest of the day.
"I completely understand, Natalya, which is why we would be making sure such a deal is fair to both sides, specifically in helping them survive. There would be other things we could trade for instead of relics, they DO need them for their defense after all. Simply allowing us to study their relics, while they can study ours would benefit both sides immensely. And they could even have a steady stream of Prostasia goods if they can part with any excess food they have, within reason of course.

You wouldn't happen to know who might be best to contact about such an agreement, would you Natalya?"
"I completely understand, Natalya, which is why we would be making sure such a deal is fair to both sides, specifically in helping them survive. There would be other things we could trade for instead of relics, they DO need them for their defense after all. Simply allowing us to study their relics, while they can study ours would benefit both sides immensely. And they could even have a steady stream of Prostasia goods if they can part with any excess food they have, within reason of course.” you mention.

“Brooklyn! Russia is the group whose Vault contained Katastrofi weapons! Think of the advantage that could give us!” Amanda protests.

“Ja! We lucky to find such vault, made evicting the demon forces then repelling Mad Scientists, Celestia, Cli, and Pride demons possible!” Natalya replies. “They *very* careful about protecting veapons, but for Prostasia vault they may allow some trade.”

“You wouldn't happen to know who might be best to contact about such an agreement, would you Natalya?" you ask.

“Oh no problem! Just open gate to Russia and send diplomat! If you bring samples of vault or goods then they will send diplomat back!” Natalya replies. “No like Pride Demons or Celestia where they’ll send you to specific areas!”
"Sounds like a reasonable idea. Would you be interested in going there, with an escort?"
"Sounds like a reasonable idea. Would you be interested in going there, with an escort?" you ask.

“Nyet! I not negotiator! Good at casual, not so good at doing something like diplomatic politics!” Natalya replies.

“I’d go since Russian in my mother tongue, but I’d rather not leave your side Dutchess.” Wilhelmina replies.

“I’d... Need to study Russian in order to even attempt going there.” Amanda admits. “However from what I know I think one of the twins may known Russian, you know the Nitorin girls.”

Hmmm... the twins Are daughters of a merchant, and are likely to know something of the art of negotiation from that... combined with the fact they are Gemini, they should prove to be good diplomats...
Yeah, plus they haven't done anything in a while.
Erika might also be a decent fit.

Erika only knows English and High Astral though.
She could attempt to learn psychicly, and would make an excellent Face for the mission. Amanda has the obvious bureaucratic abilities, however.
It's not a good move to send a mind-reader as your diplomat. It shows that you don't trust them at all. Amanda has already pointed out that she doesn't know the language.
“Very well, send the twins to that location. They’re merchants and one of them is a fighter. They should be more than capable of doing such a thing.” you reply.

“Very well, I’ll tell them as soon as we head back to the castle.” Amanda replies.

“If we’re done here Dutchess, we still have a few things left to do. Such as meeting with Matriarch Ishtar or going over the looted magical items that we acquired from the Pride, Greed, and Celestian forces.” Wilhelmina says.

“Unless Dutchess vants something else ‘ere!” Natalya replies.
"As long as the previous items can be made, that's fine. I'll make sure the twins talk to you about what items to show as a sample for the Russian diplomatic mission, Natalya. And thank you."

Where's the next place you want to go/do then?
I wanna go see the magic loot. Maybe swing by the hospital and see how everyone's doing.

“We’ll be fine Lady Natalya. Keep doing the work that you were doing before.” you tell her.

“Without saying Dutchess, without saying!” Natalya says as she makes a small bow in front of you.

“Excel, we’re leaving.” you call out to her.

“In a second!” Excel shouts back.

“Now!” you yell back at her.

“ALRIGHT FINE!” she barks back as she storms towards you.


“So Ada, did we find anything good from the Pride Demons?” you ask her as you desend into the castle armoury.

“Oh quite a few things.” Ada says as she opens up the door, showing a room nearly the size of your dining room, filled with various arms, armour, and trinkets of all sorts.

You give out a small whistle as you walk by the the pieces in the armoury. “Quite the haul we have going now.”

“Yes, I apologize for the late inventory, but I’ve been terribly busy as of late.” Ada says as she takes out what appears to be a large book. “Everything we’ve gathered from both the Pride Demon and Greed Demon noble houses are itemized in this book.”

“And for an Ice aspected Pride Demon house, I bet most of these are going to be water related.” you reply standing up.

“That will be correct. The majority often gives some benefit to water, but we also have items boosting other core elements such as Earth or Wind.” Ada replies. “We also have the weapons and armour looted from the Celestian Adventurers we defeated during the defense of Old TO. Those items came in all shapes and sizes, which only the divine weapons are useless to us demons. I swear killing an Adventurer is like getting a grab bag filled with prizes.”

“Any idea what we can do with all of this?” you ask.

“Outfitting our castle guard would be one option certainly. Even if they lack water magic, the extra protection would be a significant step up from mundane armour. We also have the option of selling them or trading them for favors.” Ada replies.

“Trading for favors?” you ask.

“Of course. A lot of Demon nobility over give magical weapons to Adventurers in exchange for a potential favor.” Ada replies. “Very useful on those who have a high sense of honour and duty.”

“I suppose us being Succubi makes it easier for us to get them to accept.” you reply.

“Exactly.” Ada replies in turn. "Artifacts like this are often far more durable than Miyian Super Science weapons and armour, plus they don't have the tendency to backfire in your face."

Hm... You could easily get a new axe weapon here, or you can get a magical blacksmith to upgrade your current axe sometime for a price. God knows you have enough things to trade now.
Let's pursue the axes we have from this lot, there may be something special our blacksmiths would be hard pressed to recreate.
Makes sense. Probably also want a backup dagger. And to upgrade all of our friends.
Make sure we get upgrades to everyone's weapons and armour. Do what we can to upgrade the current palace guard, holding any items not worth their use for trade.

Also hold any special items, in case they have anything like that (utility items and the like).
“What have you got on axes?” you ask her.

“Quite a few.” Ada says as she looks over her inventory, walking on ahead of you before stopping at a rack in front of you, showing a few axes on the rack.

“First off is this Greataxe.” Ada says pointing to a large silver axe you see on the rack, it’s double headed crescent blade at the top gleaming a wicked silver colour.

“I may be a demon, but I’d be barely able to hold that for long.” you mention.

“It does give it’s wielder haste.” Ada says as she moves onto the next one. “The next three are lighter axes, still two handed ones but easier to wield. All three boost the water magic attribute, but there are various enchantments on each. One gives a bonus to one’s dodging, the other seems to have a special enchantment to striking damage, and the third is the most unique in that it appears to have a neverending supply of acid on the inside. When it hits an opponent, the axe shatters to shower the opponent in acid, before refreezing in a blind of the eye back to an axe.”

“Parrying that last one may as well be useless then.” Wilhelmina comments.

“Two axes are like yours, basic axes that boost water magic power with little else. The last two however are a bit interesting. They’re a pair of throwing axes that boost both water and light elements while also having a special effect while thrown. The axes when thrown will seem to shimmer and distort to those viewing them, making it difficult to predict where they’ll land.” Ada comments. “They’ll also automatically return to your hand no matter what distance they’re at. We believe this must’ve been a scouting weapon for some Envy demon.”
I'm in favor of the throwing axes
Those throwing axes sound like a great thing to have, but o think we should carry a main melee weapon along with it. Any chance that great axe can be improved in a way that it is easier to wield? Not sure if that's a thing we can do. If not, get the dodging axe. Also see if we have anyone who could make use of the big thing.
“Throwing axes are nice, but something with a little more punch in melee would be good too. Is there any chance you could do something to make a greataxe fair easier to wield?” you ask Ada.

“You do have Darkness control Brooklyn. You could use gravity to make the axe much easier to swing around.” Wilhelmina says.

“Yes what your bodyguard said.” Ada replies. “Such a big thing would be quite hard to get used to however.”

“I know my axes well enough, I think I can make it work.” you reply. “Mark these axes as my own personal ones for now, I’ll come back to finalize a selection on them later.”

“Very well.” Ada says writing something down in the massive tomb in her hands. “And you Lady Wilhelmina?”

“I got this.” Wilhelmina says gesturing to the blade at her side. “I’m good.”

“Very well then. Aside from the axes, shall I give the rest of our little group free reign over what’s inside the armory?” Ada asks.

So long as no-one tries to horde the equipment...
Mostly free. Make sure no one gets overly enthusiastic in their selections.
File: 01285_ufo_1680x1050.jpg (867 KB, 1680x1050)
867 KB
867 KB JPG
“Mostly free. Just make sure people don’t get too greedy and keep track of what goes in and out.” you reply.

“More knives for me then.” Ada says walking away.


“Excuse me Dutchess Brooklyn, but I am here to deliver the daily news.” Nalika says approaching you during teatime in the study.

“Do people still cower in fear when a Wrath Demon approaches them?” You ask her.

“Most of them haven’t today.” Nalika replies. “Lady Amelia is making steady progress and should hopefully be discharged in a few days. The Archangel that Wilhelmina nearly sliced in half is still in critical condition however, and many of the healers at the church of Pamille say that if Wilhelmina didn’t hold back the Archangel would most certainly be dead.”

Wilhelmina stops as she’s about to sip her tea. “...Hold back... I was aiming to kill.”

“Apparently the Archangel is still alive, but just what kind of life it will have upon waking up is another issue.” Nalika replies. “Many of the Adventurers in the Church of Pamille are now healed enough to be discharged, and many in the church of Pamille are asking how they should be discharged.”

“Discharged?” you ask.

“Keeping this many Adventurers alive in one area is considered bad luck, as the only thing that will happen is that more adventurers will attempt to come and rescue them.”

“We own a city-state, adventurers are going to come to kill us on Principle for being demon rulers.” Wilhelmina replies as she sips her tea.
Take all their equipment if we haven't already. Then give them minimal gear and hand them over to the warrior's guild for processing. They should be able to release them in a more organized fashion. Also have each adventurer has a debt to the guild to pay reparations for the damage they have dealt.
sure second

Can we feed them jobs in the form of messing with Pride Demon supply chains? have them overhear information about 'an artefact of vital importance to the Duchess' which just happens to be a Pride Demon outpost, or patrol... or supply convoy... maybe going as far as held in a Stronghold's vault...

Alternatively, we could feed some of the uncooperative ones to the queens... I say that we also offer the arch-angel to them once we've questioned them... unless some kind of deal is struck... which knowing them, is unlikely...
>Alternatively, we could feed some of the uncooperative ones to the queens... I say that we also offer the arch-angel to them once we've questioned them... unless some kind of deal is struck... which knowing them, is unlikely...
i like this part
“Discharge all of the Adventurers who lack strong loyalties to Celestia, have their respective Guilds charge them for damages rendered on the city proper before issuing a... 10 years ban on them re-entering the city.” you reply sipping your tea.

“And those who are loyal to Celestia?” Nalika asks.

“I got special... plans for them.” you reply.

“Can I have a Cleric?” Wilhelmina asks.

“Sure go nuts, more than enough to go around.” you reply. “But make sure we interview them first. I doubt they’ll tell us anything useful, but you never know.”

“Wouldn’t letting them go be a sign of good faith of Celestia? Maybe they’ll like us a bit better.” Nalika says.

You all give each other a glance before roaring out loud in laughter.

“Oh... Oh my Nalika... And here I thought you terrible at comedy...” you say with a sniffle. “Na we’re going to ghost those sons of a bitches.”

“Very well. On another note my brother will be coming to visit within this week.” Nalika states.

“Your brother?” you ask.

“Yes, a Wrath Demon noble, which unlike certain *other* members of my race actually performs political duties.” Nalika states.

“I didn’t know you were nobility Nalika.” Wilhelmina comments.

“Low ranked, I like to keep it hidden.” Nalika replies. “Anyways he’ll be coming to discuss terms in person, but he wants to know what some of the things you’d be able to offer him are.”

“Entertainment, god knows we have enough Succubi in the city.” you reply. “...Also if he wants magical weapons or something Prostasia related he’s come to the right place. Those are the main things we’re offering right now.”

“I’d be nice to get some food imports before we start facing food shortages as well.” Wilhelmina adds.
Worth noting that the Knights of Nii get exception to our treatment because we had a deal.

Indeed so.

Anything you want to offer Nalika's brother or what you'd want from him in return?
We can also offer magic tech support. For when a wrath demon has a problem that can't be smashed.
From him in return we'd like wrath demon mercinaries mainly. I was thinking we'd offer to equip grunt wrath demons (up to like baron maybe) with armor commiserate to their skill in return for helping us against the snow man.
Depends what he'd like, specifically. This sounds like a forward-thinking Asurian, so he might want something on the intellectual-side. He might want to visit the library, for example.

He also might want to see us fight challengers.
“Mercenaries.” you reply after. “Wrath Demons are known far and wide for their fighting prowess, so anyone who can help us with defense and attack will be more than welcomed.”

“Very well.” Nalika replies.

“Also mention that elite troops will have their selection of weapons and armour to use from the armory, and after they complete a tour of duty they’ll be able to keep it.” you say while sipping your tea.

“You know that we can’t use Water magic right Brooklyn?” Nalika asks.

“Better than nothing.” you reply.

“Point taken. I shall inform my brother.” Nalika replies. “Is there anything else you wish me to do at the castle Dutchess?”
"Said weapons can have their enchantments changed to provide defensive, offensive, or both effects instead of a boost to Water control at a reduced price, with a term of service."
I was more thinking mass produced protesia armor actually. That's probably substantially better than what grunt or low level noble wrath demons can afford.
File: crazy sun.jpg (169 KB, 1680x1050)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
“If any noble is willing to spring the cost for altering an artifact, they can front that bill or do an additional term of service, but far less than what most other Blacksmiths would charge.” you say putting down your cup of tea. “Alternating some aspect of an Artifact involves melting down and reforging the entire thing from scratch. Witches at the Okarian Library make an absolute murder off such things.”

“Yes if you can make artifacts then you’re the type of person who can set their own prices.” Wilhelmina says.

“Wrath Demons are also accomplished crafters. We do put our multiple arms to use other than fighting at times as well.” Nalika replies. “However the fastest builders I’ve ever seen for artifacts must be either Miyians or Sloth demons.”

“Ironic considering the latter’s name.” Wilhelmina muses.

“They work fast to have more time slacking off.” Nalika replies.

“Still we have tons upon tons of Prostasia armour with the ability to make more. If they give us supplies then we should be able to make some basic Prostasia armours for the Wrath demons, which while they’re not artifacts they’ll still be much better than anything mundane.” you reply.

(Anything else you wish to add/comment?)

I think that covers the thread then.

Apologies about earlier, but I couldn't say no to a lab class that I thought I missed.

We'll start this next week at the same time and I'll be here to answer questions!
When are we going to talk with Beck about the whole frame up thing?

Or at least the Miyans in general to undermine her?
thanks for the thread Sand
we need to visit Mina and give her more hugs, we also need to spend some lewd time with the twins before they head to Russia

Next thread most likely.

I was also going to cover the raid against the Sloth Demon that the Pride Demons were hiding.
I'll second those, we need some personal time with our girls All of them
This. Mina needs love, Nalika needs more then orders, we should talk with Erika and Amanda, Wilhelmina could use a visit...
Don't forget the twins, we'll have to throw a party for them before they head to Russia on their diplomatic mission.
Oh of course. I'm not a huge fan of the twins, but they have their own charm, I just wanted to make sure everyone didn't forget the others.
File: 1393276058393.jpg (126 KB, 600x750)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
oh boy.... that is probably going to end badly. As soon as the greed demon knows it is up he will unleash all his super science stuff and most likely he is either knowingly or unknowingly in league with you know who. Not sure what Beck will do or will she even believe us.

Prepare for anything.......

something has always bothered me... who made the deguar? Beck can't as it is a magical process. do greed demons know magic or are there even more hidden actors?

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