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Stage 54: The conduct of allies and the disposition of enemies.

As much as you hate to admit it, things are going to heaven very quickly. Sure, you're not scheduled for any duel, the police and Japanese Internal Defense Forces are moving out, and you've been stitched, bandaged, and hugged and kissed, but that's about all the good that has come out of today so far. You've been beaten badly enough that seeing the Catholics (who you have now discovered are the source of Rie's cat youkai being hunted and killed as well as being responsible for trying to do you're-not-sure-what to the local nogitsune youkai born population) is a bad idea at best and potentially suicidal at worst; your Shen reservoir is down to less than two-fifths normal capacity leaving you more than merely tired; Er Yin has suffered an injury that will take incredible magic to heal well and will leave her crippled otherwise; you have a delegate and her interpreter representing the aforementioned clan of nogitsune-born spirit children in the living room; and finally you've placed yourself into a bad bargaining position with Hinata-hakase after sending your pre-demigod cousin to receive spiritual aide from the priestess.

And that's just today!

Yui finishes the last of the bandaging of your right arm and Akari helps you put on the new dress shirt sleeve and helps you with your new jacket. You're dressed much like you had this morning, save your clothes are clean and pressed, and you're not wearing the sunglasses. Anyone looking at you would be worried about some evil organization recruiting them or offending some high ranking official. Black silk slacks, tailored jacket, blue silk dress suit matching your sapphire eyes and horns, and of course slip on shoes with silver cuff links. You did let your hair down, but then had Akari knot it up once more and you added new silver and dragon hairpins. You also had to replace the black lace lingerie with less revealing satin underneath, but it will suffice.
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The Wood oni-child and the Void dragonette that are your cousin's lovers are held quiescent under the power of your sister's excellent talismans are in the guest bedroom, while Er Yin sleeps under a similar one, soothed by your touches and presence. Apparently your love works for them a little at least, even if it won't help her heal.

But now you have to deal with the next disruption in your impossibly busy life.

[] Have Yui and Jinyuu remain with Er Yin while you and Akari and Yuuhi speak with the mysterious youkai-born.
[] Have Yui keep watch over Er Yin, take everyone else.
[] Have Akari keep watch on the Void bitch and the Wood bastard, Yui watch over Er Yin.
[] Have Jinyuu remain with Er Yin and Yui check on the two prisoners.
[] Have Akari remain with Er Yin, and Jinyuu check on the wards on the two idiots you captured; Yui and Yuuhi can come with you.

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