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Recently I've been working a little bit on this idea that's a simple puzzle dungeon-crawler. I was thinking of running a quest thread of it here, but first I was wondering if anyone had some feedback, advice, or help to give.

The rules are relatively simple: basically every player will create their own small party of characters, and then players compete to have their characters finish the dungeon first, and/or be the last surviving player. However the characters lack any stats except for HP, and instead they just have a bunch of adjectives describing them. Some of these adjectives will be color-coded, and you can only have one adjective of any given color. And some adjectives will not have a color, so you can have as many of those as you want.

Then, in each room in the dungeon you will get a seemingly minor challenge, such as "eat this ear of corn," or "do a jumping jack," or "say the alphabet". To pass these tests, you need to have a character in your party with the correct adjectives. For instance, you cannot eat corn if you don't have teeth, you cannot do a jumping jack if you don't have legs or arms, and you cannot say the alphabet if you are mute or retarded. If a player cannot complete a challenge, they have to roll to see how much damage their character takes.
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Character creation is done by drawing from a stack of Character Cards, and then from a stack of Adjective Cards. Characters Cards have certain fixed adjectives on them, and playable characters include humans, animals, mythical creatures, and even inanimate objects. Then you can add one of the Adjective Cards to one of your characters to give them that trait. For instance this Pirate has had the adjective "Sexy" added to him.

For every room that you complete, players are allowed to draw another Adjective Card. However, players can only have a maximum of five cards at any given time, and the only way to get rid of a card is to apply it to one of their characters. Players can apply their Adjective Cards to any of their characters, whenever they want. Once a new adjective is applied, the Character's name is changed to reflect this.
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Each level of the dungeon is randomly designed, along with each player's starting location. On each turn your party can move into another room of the dungeon where they will face another challenge. Each room has a color, which shows you what type of Adjective Card you will get if you complete the challenge. Each room also lists a "Challenger," this is the person who will be giving you your challenge. Knowing who your challenger is can help you guess what type of challenge you will face. For instance, a Coach will likely give your character athletic challenges, and a Teacher will likely give your character mental challenges. When a boss on that level is defeated, a new dungeon is randomly created. Each progressive level of the dungeon has harder challenges.
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So does this idea sound okay, and does anyone have any advice for a first-time game designer?

Also I was if anyone has any ideas for additional Adjectives, Characters, or Challenges? Here are most of the current ones along with their associated color, if they have one.
Seems cool.
Id play
>Also I was if anyone has any ideas for additional Characters
Listen I'm not even racist but am I the only one who thinks this would be perfect for that racist humor?

Clever, Hideous, Feeble, Rich, Bald

Retarded, Muscular, Fast, Smelly
Looking through the list. Here's some weird ones that use a lot of the adjective:.

>Goo Girl
>Gelatinous Cube
>Goo Girl
I gotta go.... study
- Let me shoot you with this flame thrower
- Drink this bleach
- Walk through this minefield
- How many fingers am I holding up?
- Let me take a blood sample
- Let me test your blood pressure
- Eat this ear of corn
- Drink this milk
- Cut up these carrots
- Coach
- Do a pull-up
- Do a jumping-jack
- Make a successful shot using a basketball
- Run 100 feet
- If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!
- Use this jumprope
- Spell "sacrilegious"
- Spell "cat"
- Make a paper airplane
- Pass this breathalyzer test
- Say the alphabet backwards
- Don't act suspicious
- Let me shoot you
- Fight this deer for dominance
- Ride this horse
- Get hit with this sword
- Hit me with this sword
- Cut some of your hair
- Brush your teeth

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