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Transformers Quest 26



You are Kracken, the ugliest, most ornery ex-lawbot this side of the Kvi Cluster.

Atleast you used to be.

A recent overhaul and a generally positive feeling in your spark from having evaded the scrap heap would have others calling this into question. Not to your face, though.

Your hardwired curiosity has a penchant for getting you tangled up in the threads of other bots lives, something you learned to appreciate long ago. Currently, you are enjoying watching the latest subject of your eploits flail around, tangled up in cables from a failed escape attempt.

"You shall not keep me bound! These shackles of happenstance cannot suppress my rights!" He roars in a tenor voice made hoarse by disuse. The Con, bright fuchsia with little silver and orange details, twists and turns at a little above your opticevel, his legs and torso wrapped in power cables that hang from an opening in the ceiling.

"Please sir you need to calm down." A more nevous voice pleads. Below the uselessly struggling Con Glitch, a fragile looking white transformer whose chassis evokes the image of what organics refer to as an egg, attempts to cut the other down with a plasma torch. The struggles of the fuchsia Con keep causing them to flinch away and flitter about nervously.

"Calm comes before the storm. But now, I am a tempest!" He spins in his bindings and tangles his arm, a harsh grinding noise can be heard as it's twisted at an odd angle. He seems to not notice. "A tempest of resolve! None shall deny me the struggle for freedom."

Glitch jumps away from him with an eep as the Con tries to headbutt the little bot.

"Let me down so we may have a proper go!" He yells.

The scene becomes less funny as he targets Glitch with violence so you decide to oblige him. You reach up and cut several cables with a blade emerging from your wrist and the hole mess goes slack. The Con crashes to the floor in a clamor.

"Ruffian. Tyrant! I will show you my resolve." You moans as he trys to lift himself up. You see a gapping hole leaking oil and energon where his arm used to be and looking up you realize that it's still firmly tied up.

Before he stands and causes any more damage to himself or, in the off chance hurts Glitch, you push him over with your foot, making him struggle to rise off the turbine sticking from his back.

>"Back to the CR chamber with you old-timer. And this time I'm locking it."
>Inform him of his freedom, conditional it may be.
>Tell him that if he threatens your friend again he'll lose more limbs, then start grilling him.
>Other (please specify)
>>Inform him of his freedom, conditional it may be.
gotta explain enough that he stops tearing up the ship in badly planned out escape attempts. Start with the date.

Then probably.
>"Back to the CR chamber with you old-timer. And this time I'm locking it."
>Inform him of his freedom, conditional it may be.
"Your damn war was won an epoch ago for Primus' sake. Calm down before I start regretting hauling your sorry chassis from the tendrils of those damn squids. Sit down, shut up and let us repair your injuries. You've got an eon of catching up to do rust bucket so don't go making enemies of friends."
File: 1414647410893.png (1.77 MB, 1980x1024)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG

"Easy there." You say while offering your hand. "You don't want to blow a gasket now."

He looks up at you defiantly.

"You're not our prisoner. More of a guest really. So stop breaking the ship, I'm just a guest here too and I think I'm responsible for ya."

After a moment he relents and lets you pull him to his feet. He is a head shorter then you, his helm smooth and without adornment besides a single vent running along its apex. His face is orange and he has a large cleft chin and red optics.

"If you are not my captors, then I request that I be delivered to my compatriots."

"Not happening."

He stiffens but you wave him off before he says anything.

"Listen, you've been out of the loop for a while now, to put it mildly. Your war was an epoch ago and Cons nowadays are a farcry from the noble liberators of your time."

His back still ramrod straight he asks, "How long has it been?"

"Millions of years by my guess. Floron fell near the beginning of Nominus' reign."

He visibly deflates. "Noble Floron is no more?"

"Yeah. It was some political thing."

"And this Nominus..."

"Was Prime. After Nova. There's been a few since him."

He slumps into a chair that Glitch hastily moves behind him.

>Let him collect himself, talk a little more.
>Get him to the CR chamber, he can get caught up after he's fixed up.
>Call Gyro on the comms, explain things to her to keep Cogsworth from flipping about any damage.
>Other (please specify)
>Let him collect himself, talk a little more.
Though we need to get him to the CR chamber shortly after that.
>Call Gyro on the comms, explain things to her to keep Cogsworth from flipping about any damage.

Maybe pull down his arm so that the CR chamber or glitch can reattach it?

This also has the added benefit of giving him a bit of time to collect himself.
File: 1411868870541.jpg (56 KB, 972x670)
56 KB
Seeing the introverted look on his face and knowing it well you decide to give him a moment. You tap your comm on to get a hold of Gyro while turning to the dangling arm.

"Gyro, this is Kracken."

"Hey chief."

"You might uh, get some kind of alert about some minor damage soon. Don't worry about it, the issue has been resolved."

"... what issue?"

"Nothin'. Our knew friend is a little unfamiliar with the way we do things is all."

You grab the arm and cut it down. The light above you stutters and dies. You hear Glitch eep again.

"We'll be heading back to the CR chamber soon. If Cogsworth asks tell him we're handling it."

You hear the cables flop to the ground before Glitches plasma torch lights up bright enough to illuminate the room.

"Please don't get us kicked off the ship." Gyro implores you.

"Don't worry about it."

You go to hand Pulsar his arm but he just stares dejectedly at the floor so you tuck it under your arm with a sigh.

You flip the comm off with a "Kracken out."

A minute passes with the only sounds being the plasma torch and Glitches' fidgeting before you try to get things moving.

"Are you alright?"

You pat his shoulder to get a response.

"I... don't know."

You share a knowing look with Glitch.

"Well lets get you to the CR chamber. You can sort thing out after."

The three of you leave the workshop and head towards the Medbay. Pulsar 9 says nothing along the way, he either stares at the ground or glances over Glitch to gawk at the holo-diplays.

When you get close to your destination you detect to energy sources loitering in front of the doors. You detect the large form of Cogsworths' grey bodyguard, which probably means the diminutive merchant should be there too.

You growl lightly.

>Go introduce the newest guest aboard Novas' Promise to its captain.
>Pulsar needs repairs, you'll deal with Cogsworth after.
>Scrap this, you are not dealing with this right now. Get out of there before they notice you, you and Glitch can probably repair his arm.
>Other (please specify)
>Pulsar needs repairs, you'll deal with Cogsworth after.
Just wave his arm about if they challenge us.
I'm torn between
>Pulsar needs repairs, you'll deal with Cogsworth after.
>Scrap this, you are not dealing with this right now. Get out of there before they notice you, you and Glitch can probably repair his arm.

Whichever is less likely to get us or Pulsar kicked off the ship I suppose.
Mentally saying slag it, the three of you head on. Rounding the corner you see Cogsworth standing in the middle of the hall with his clasped behind his back, his optics on the holo-displays. He doesn't move to intercept you and if his bodyguard was going to he blanches when you wave Pulsars' severed arm in his face. Glitch greets the two with a polite 'sirs'.

After getting Pulsar and his arm into the CR chamber and activating it you turn around to meet the gaze of Cogsworth. The little bot stands right behind you, glaring at you and the CR chamber. The rotund grey bodyguard stands with his arms folded in the doorway.

"Did you have a pleasant stroll?" Cogsworth asks, all polite tones.

"Yeah. Gotta keep those joints are being repaired properly. No burrs on the rotator."

"Proper maintenance is key." He says, some what sharply.

"We saw that ceremony, the cease fire..."

"Yes yes, that silly thing. How Tyrest managed to play out that charade I'll never know. Chrome ball-bearings I suspect. As if no one knows something is going on with our people." He marches up beside you and looks into the CR chamber through its dark view port.

"So this is him, yes? The ancient."


"He doesn't look that old. Not as old as you did, atleast."

"They probably kept him in stasis most of the time."

After a moment you hear Cogsworth mutter, "Never would have thought..."

"Thought what?"

"That he would be one of the old anarchists." He says while turning away.

"Anarchists? Hardly..." You stop and growl.

File: 1406096431041.jpg (19 KB, 426x438)
19 KB
>side note- last thread I said Floron was killed by Nova, that was wrong and was suppose to just be "He still fell, like all the others."
What he just said wasn't sitting right in your head. "Gyro said you told her about the part dealer.You knew he was down there, didn't you?"

"I knew that a Quintesson was selling handcrafted Cybertronian technology."

"And you sent Gyro into that?"

"Yes, and I knew full well that if anything happened you would get to the bottom of it."

Pick two.
>"You don't use Gyro like that. Or me."
>"So you got him, now what?"
>"The old Decepticons were liberates, treat them with some respect."
>Switch things up "You said the cease fire was a farce."
>Other (please specify)
>"You don't use Gyro like that. Or me."
So we did get what gyro needed. We just didn't know it. A little warning next time, cogsworth.

>"So you got him, now what?"
Though I can guess he's going to start up a side business selling handcrafted cybertronian parts. Which may not be terrible for pulsar, but we're definitely going to check any contracts before signing.
>"So you got him, now what?"

>Switch things up "You said the cease fire was a farce."

The matter of being angry or not is secondary to finding out what's going on. Even if we tell him not to use us he'll still try and manipulate us for his gain, may as well try and find his angle on this instead.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

>"So you got him, now what?"
locked in

1>"You don't use Gyro like that. Or me."
2>Switch things up "You said the cease fire was a farce."
Yeah I think we'd be fine jumping into the lions den, if he'd just have the courtesy to give us warning about it.
You growl again, at Cogsworth, at the Con in the CR chamber, at the universe.

"So you got him, now what?" You rumble.

"Now? Now I offer him a job."

"A job."

"Yes. You see, Gyro and I are building something. An enterprise that will put us in good standing with the Decepticons and the other scattered remnants of our people. Energon is the key."

You remain silent as the merchant begins pacing.

"The fuel that drives us, the life blood of our species. This is the key! If we control it, we control those who need it."

"I'm pretty sure the Decepticons can manufacture their own energon."

HE whirls on you. "But for how long? I already have reports of sabotage. Whether it is the Autobots or infighting between the Decepticons it doesn't matter. There will be a point where they will have to turn to other sources."

"And they won't do anything about it? Say, Straxus decides he now owns your little enterprise and sends an armada to bring you to heel, now what?"

"Bargaining with him will come last. First we get all the neutral parties on our side, any remaining Autobots who want a way out that doesn't involve the business end of a blaster, those Decepticons who remain loyal to Megatron but find themselves running fo their lives. We will offer them sanctuary, a home so that they may rebuild their lives. We will colonize worlds solely to convert their resources into fuel, fuel that we will control, that we will have a say in how it's used."

You can see where he's coming from. Unless something changes Cybertronians are facing a slow death. While you know many will jump at the chance, many more will refuse or downright oppose this idea, and bot are harder to control than Cogsworth realizes.

"Still don't see how that stops Straxus. He'll probably destroy the whole thing out of spite."

"He will be half a galaxy away from us, and when the time comes we WILL make him step down."He clenches a fist and stares at it. "I know it."

Growling once again you ask, "How?"
File: 1401513048648.png (376 KB, 591x347)
376 KB
376 KB PNG
"That's where you come in my terrifying f-"

He doesn't finish as your hand clamps around his arm. You hoist him into the air and his little fists beat at your arm and a holographic projection of roiling storms engulfs him in his panic.

"On that note," You send the bodyguard a scathing glare, his nevous fingers twitching as they grip a scatterblaster. "You do not use Gyro like that." You swing your head around and it clangs against his. "Or me."

You set him back down and the hologram flickers and fizzles, switching between lightning clouds and fiery smoke.

"I will not be treated like this on my own ship." He says.

"As long as we understand eachother it wont."

Surprisingly the little bot manages to stand there and glare at you for a minute more before turning and leaving.

Huffing, you turn and look at the CR chamber. Its occupant drifts in stasis, nanobots repairing his damaged chassis.

Your sensors detect Glitch hiding behind a traction bench.

"It's alright, you can come out." You call.

Poking their dome chassis up you see their visor is in place.

"That was scary."

>Reassure Glitch.
>Get in contact with Gyro.
>Contact someone else (Stiletto or Jackpot)
>You need to blow off some steam, hit the firing range.
>You need a drink.
>Other (please specify)
>Reassure Glitch.
Relax. That was me being diplomatic. If I wanted to be scary, you'd know.

>You need to blow off some steam, hit the firing range.
That said, today has been rather annoying all around.
>Reassure Glitch.
>You need to blow off some steam, hit the firing range.

After that invite Gyro for a Drink.
Going with these.
"That's not scary. You'll know when I do scary."

They slowly make their way over to you. You are once again peering through the view port at the slumbering Pulsar 9.

"I thought you were going to hit him."

"Wanted to. But that wouldn't have been right."

"Then I'm glad you did what was right."

You chuckle and pat the domed top of their chassis and make them fidget some more.

The two of you stand in silence for a while until Glitch excuses themself to go and repair any damage caused by the unsuccessful escape attempt. You ponder the Decepticon in solitude, an old an out of touch transformer in a universe that just keeps on changing, with no regard for what's right or wrong.
A drone flits through the air. A sphere with a skirt of an anitgrav ring, it projects a holographic target above it as it zigzags and loops around int the large area of the armoury set aside for a firing range. The room is a dull brown with stalls seperating it from the rows of weapon racks and workbenches.

You stand in one stall, hands held near your hips, and track the drone with your optics and sensor array.

>Roll 6d100 Dexterity, Ranged combat (taking the first post only)
Rolled 64, 37, 38, 62, 62, 35 = 298 (6d100)

>rolled six success!
You wiggle your fingers just as the drone completes a loop, then your holsters pop open and you draw your pathblaster lightning quick.

The first two shot soar through the target simultaneously, both just passing by the bullseye side by side. The next one passes through the center, causing the drone to freeze in mid air. You turn sideways and put a fourth through the center just before it drops to the floor with a clatter.

You go three more times, the drones' movement becoming more erratic each time, before you drop the last one as it's mid barrel roll.

With a satisfied nod you spin your pistols and holster them.

"Not bad for an old-timer." A voice says from behind you.

"Think you can do better, Jackpot?" You growl without turning around. Not that you have to. Your sensors clearly pick up the bot bouncing some kind of ball of the weapon racks behind you. He's currently using his elbows to keep it from touching the ground.

"Maybe. Maybe not. Guns aren't really my thing." He swipes at the ball and bounces it off the stall wall next to you.

"Unless..." He trails off invitingly.

You ignore him to input some commands into the console embedded in the stall counter.

When he realizes you aren't going to take the bait he swipes at the ball again and sends it sailing passed your head. It strikes one of the drones now lifting up from the ground and sends it spinning.

"Unless you want to make a bet." He says.

"What kind of bet?" You ask.

"Weeeeell, say I win. Then you, have to help me impress Stiletto."

You grunt.

"Come on dude, she is so awesome! And respects you! You got to help me."

"What would I win?" You ask.

The bot crosses his arms and leans back against the stall, a smug, knowing grin on his face.

"Oh, I dunno. Somethin'."

>No bet, you're gonna go have a drink with Gyro.
>Sure, you'll play with the youngin'
>Force him to tell you what he's so smug about.
>Other (please specify)
>Sure, you'll play with the youngin'
The need to clang is strong in this one.

Time for us to show him to respect his elders.
>Sure, you'll play with the youngin'
>Force him to tell you what he's so smug about.
"I survived a terrorcon assault. I fought off a small army of decepticons. I've gutted things that would rip Megatron or any prime to shreds. And you're challenging me to a shooting match. You've got an edge. What is it. Targetting computer? No, any idiot can slap one of those together. Fancy trick-ammo that goes past the target them fires secondary shots backwards in a scatter pattern so any miss turns into a hit? Seen it before. Remote hack on the drones' control systems? That seems your speed. What is it?"
I read it that he was smug about what he could give us if we win rather than having a cheat prepared.
"What is it you got hmm? Targeting computer? Aim-assist gun? Nah, those are cheap tricks. Did ya hack the drones?" You say, twisting the barrel of your gun while depressing a switch, causing the gun to shift as it goes through an auto-calibration.


"Then what's your edge punk."

"I don't lose bets."

"No? Well your about to."

"Ha!" His giddiness would be contagious if it wasn't so annoying.

He claps his hands and jumps into the stall next to you. He pulls out a gun, long barreled with a sight atop it and says, "You ready?"

"How many shots?"

"One of course. Who ever hits the drone first when the green light come on wins." After checking the gun over he reholsters its and readies himself.

You grunt in acknowledgment and holster your own weapon.

Jackpot activates the range and a drone begins loop-de-looping around. A second drone falls from the ceiling then begins hovering in midair. It holds for a second, then a red light flashes on it.

>Roll 6d100 Dexterity, Ranged Combat (taking the first two posts, you need 9 successes or a crit to beat Jackpot)
Rolled 1, 40, 20, 78, 82, 73 = 294 (6d100)

Be gentle, dice gods
Rolled 11, 3, 3, 30, 87, 73 = 207 (6d100)

More than one roll this time?
>11 successes plus a crit
never loses a bet my ass.
So this is a roll under type deal? Either way if we do win we should still help hook him up. It's not paint off our back if he wants to hook up with someone.
but Stilleto is best girl

We can help him by teaching him to be a badass. Chicks love badasses.
I dunno, it's not like we can teach him to turn into a dragon and breathe hull melting death.
So we have to work around a few handicaps. He's a bit of a fixer upper.
File: 1417294553301.gif (325 KB, 502x500)
325 KB
325 KB GIF
>Rolled 11 successes! Crit success!
One,two, you count

The red light flashes. You can practically hear the Jackpots' servos groaning with how tense he is. A mistake. You let your own arm go relax, feeling the oil between the gears keeping you loose and smooth.

Three, four.

The target drone dips low then arcs up and inverts.


The light flashes green, and you are the first to draw, fluid as can be. You fire on the target drone just as its mid loop, putting the bolt not only through the center of the target but also blowing the drone itself to bits.

A split second later Jackpots' own bolt flies through the small explosion.

Holstering your gun you walk around the stall wall to find Jackpot standing there, just staring out across the range.

"So, what did I win?" You ask a ghost of a smile on your face.

He doesn't move for a moment, but when he does he does a double take from you to the smoking wreck of the drone.

"Nice." He says. Then he throws his gun out across the range, striking the drone with the light.

"Well?" You prompt with a growl.

"Yeah. Right." He pulls a large coin from a compartment in his chest and hands it to you. It fits in his palm and is made out of some kind of dull grey metal.

"What is this?" You ask.

"My lucky coin." He sulks.

Experimentally you bite it. There is a slight screech, then your tooth shatters.

"The slag?" You say while Jackpot tries not to laugh. "What is this, adamantium?"

"Yep! Found it ah, scavenging in Protihex."

You thumb your broken tooth. "Could have said something."

"Heh, you'll get it fixed." Jackpot says and turns to leave. You give him a boot to the rearplating as a send off.

Having blown off some steam, you feel like getting a drink.

>Drink alone.
>Get Gyro for a drink.
>Get Stiletto for a drink.
>Get Glitch for a drink.
>Get mutilate bots for drinking with. (who?)
>Other (please specify)
>Get Stiletto for a drink.
Haven't really talked to her for a while, may as well see what's going on.
>Get Gyro for a drink.
We should talk about Cog's plans and see where we stand on it.

I'm personally fine with inviting Stilletto along as well but talking with Gyro seems more pressing.
What is the mutilate bots option?
Choosing multiple characters to drink with. Say if we wanted to drink with Gyro Glitch and Stiletto at the same time.
And suddenly this turns into transformers centipede quest.
Well I'm assuming its a typo that is.
This option seems good.
Op ded?
Fucking spell check, how does it work
You call up Gyro on your comm and say two words.

"Shots. Lounge."

"Yeah I'll be there."

After that you contact Stiletto.

"What's up?"

"You should join me and Gyro for a few drinks in the lounge. We can regale each other with stories of our sordid pasts."

"Pfft. Sure. Lemme finish this junk then I'll head on down."

You arrive at the lounge. This time you aren't glitched out, so you have a chance to appreciate it. The floor is tiled in a red and black checker pattern, and the wall are all mirrors. The room is lit up by a chandelier that dangles overhead, its circumference lined with glowing white crystals. The ceiling is pale red.

The bar itself is made of bronze, polished to a mirror finish.

Gyro is already here. She stands behind the bar mixing enge with oils and other chemicals.

"Heey chief."

"Gyro. We need to talk."

She shakes a canister. "I assume this is about whatever has Cogs all up in a fuss."

"He knew about the squids on Kobol."


"He told me that he knew that garage was being run by Quints."

She sets the canister down.


"Yeah. And have you heard about his 'master plan'?" You say then take a can of the oil Gyro is using and down some of it.

She begins tapping the canister in irritation. "I told him to never tell anyone that." She groans.

"So you know about it?"

She snatches the can from you and pours some more into the canister then finishes it off herself.

File: 1408442060697.gif (256 KB, 500x383)
256 KB
256 KB GIF
Sorry, sleep beckons. Gonna have to wrap this up soon.
"I told the little maniac to never say that out loud again. We are going to start a shipping company, and we are gonna run some energon refineries. That's it."

"He sounded pretty excited about it."

She finishes shaking the canister some more then promptly downs all of it and slams the canister down.

"Why do I surround myself with crazies?" She says while stifling a belch.

"Must be your sparkling personality."

"Listen. Just... forget what he said. I'll talk to him and... slag I don't know. Get him to defrag."

Pick two.
>"You really need to straighten him out. He was full on monologuing."
>More drinks.
>"Well we have someone who can fix the Aegis now. Where do you want to go from there?"
>Stronger drinks.
>"Gyro I need something to do. Sitting around this ship is scrambling my motherboard."
>Other (please specify)
I mean, the options, in order, sound like a reasonable conversation.

But if I had to pick one, I'd go with-
>"Well we have someone who can fix the Aegis now. Where do you want to go from there?"
>"You really need to straighten him out. He was full on monologuing."
>Other (please specify)
"Stiletto, I just thought you might want to have a talk with Jackpot. He tried to rope me into a crazy scheme with sharkticons and an energon inverter to try to impress you. Don't want to put to fine a point on it, but if you don't let him know you think he's cute soon, the kid is going to hurt himself. He already challenged me to a sharpshooting competition." *Hold up the coin* "Sucker tried to bet me my help versus his lucky adamantine coin to try to impress you. Do me a favor? Wear it as a necklace and tell him managed to get me to agree to making the necklace and give it to you. I'm getting too old for this slag."
"You definitely need to straighten him out." You say while grabbing a bottle of engex.

She groans again.

"Well, on the bright side, we have someone who can fix the Aegis now. Where do you want to go from there?"

"That depends, what have you gotten out of Swindle?"

"A whole lot of nothing. Seriously. He talks and talks without actually saying anything. He tried to sell me an air refinery. Sure I now know that if I want anymore info on this phase six tech I need to get my hands on there top scientist, but he doesn't know where they are. He just knows who knows how to get in touch with who knows, and they're all Decepticon Commanders.

"So we'll start working our way up."

"Now whose crazy." You say and guzzle some engex. "Though, it is appealing, in a simple kind of way."

"Come on, we'll be like Malware Brigadiers. Fighting the good fight from the shadows and all that."

"Wasn't anything good about the Malware Brigade." You grumble into the bottle.

"Oh now what's this pity party?"

The two of you turn to see Stiletto sauntering in.

"Heeey, just in time. We were discussing becoming wandering vigilantes." Gyro says and slides her a drink.

"Having targets that would need careful planning and disposing of would make us assassins."

"That would mean we enjoy the killing."

"I knew some assassins." Stiletto says. "Not all of them enjoyed it. Sometimes you just do what you're good at. Or you need money. It's not always the thrill."

"Speaking of..." You slap the adamantium coin down onto the bar.

"What is that?"

"Wait, is that Jackpots' thing? His lucky charm deal?" Stiletto says and sends the coin sliding across the counter.

"Yep. He lost it in a bet." You grab the coin and begin turning it over in your hands.

"Why would he bet that?"

"Wanted to impress you."

"Primus dancing in the Pit." She moans and sits on a bar stool.

File: 1401053164462.jpg (89 KB, 500x413)
89 KB
"What, you don't like him?" Gyro asks.

"He's nice but you should here some of the things he says about Decepticons."

"Can't be to far off the mark." You say.

She pointedly ignores your barb. "And he doesn't know the meaning of personal space. I had more privacy living in a box with my brother back in Tarn."

"Yeah, what happened to him anyway?" You ask.

"You know when you asked me to come down for a drink I thought we were gonna have some fun. Here gimme that." Snatching the coin from you hands she places it on its edge, finger holding it up. "Alright now, Gyro pour us a bunch of shots. When I spin the coin, we start drinking. You stop when the coin falls. If you finish your drinks, you slap the coin down ad yell Blitzed Prime! Ready? Ok...."


Gonna end here. Time for the little death.

Questions, comments, concerns welcome, I'll answer them in the twitter.
Nothing better than spending quality time with the harem.

Though I will say I think better of cosgrove now. His plan lacks detail in some very important points (like how to deal with decepticon warlords) but it's a damn sight better than laying down and dying.

Thanks for running.
thanks for running

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