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Sailing the skys edition.

Last Thread;

(Out of date)Pastebin;

Working on:
WIP Google Doc;
Oh now you tell me there's a new thread.
Also, nice to see you System!
Gonna repost here what I just posted over in the dead thread to start up skill discussion.

So I was reading through the skill lists looking for a way to group them and make them balanced/neater and I somewhat went a little overboard, I've merged/ added a few skills to make it fit the categories neatly.
I'll post an explanation of it in one moment.

- Earth Studies
- Flora
- Alchemy
- Fauna
- Animal Husbandry
- Tracking
- Swimming
- Earth Culture

- Sky Scholarship
- Navigation
- Sky-Sailing
- Climbing
- Balance
- Rope-work
- Flight Stones
- Sky Culture

- Diplomacy
- Gather Information
- Medicine
- Command
- Resolve
- Perception
- Subterfuge
- High Culture

- Construction
- Fine Tools
- Athletics
- Trading
- Combat
- Cooking
- Thievery
- Under Culture
Skill and category explanation

>Skills about Earth knowledge, and all life and beings upon the Edge.
- Earth Studies
>Involves all academic studies of earth, librarians knowledge, glisters, rock research etc
- Flora
>Plants and deepwoods Flora as before
- Alchemy
>Mixing plants and materials together to make potions etc
- Fauna
>Animal Life around the edge
- Animal Husbandry
>How to train and ride animals
- Tracking
>Tracking , hunting, and hiding in the deepwoods.
- Swimming
> All things Waterbased, Swimming, fishing maybe?
- Earth Cultures
>Alternate name for Foreign Cultures . All the differing cultures of various tribes and races around the edge.

>Skills about flying and the Weather.
- Sky Scholarship
>Weather knowledge and prediction, cloudspotting, raintasting, Light and Darkness etc
- Navigation
>As before, How to plot a route.
- Sky-Sailing
>The actual flying of the ship, applies to various roles, Captain is piloting the wheel etc
- Climbing
>Climbing rigging, and ladders.
- Balance
>Balance tests, General Skyfooting, Walking across gangways etc
- Rope-work
>Using Rigging, Ropes, Tying things up, Raising and lowering anchor chains
- Flight Stones
>Knowledge about flight stones and stone piloting skills.
- Sky Culture
>Merged Pirate Lore and Sky-ship knowledge, Knowledge of how a skyship works, famous other pirates and leaguesmen, traditions and manners for dealing with other Pirates
>Mainly social and knowledge skills, named 'high ' after Sanctaphrax, the high city and home of knowledge, social climbing and all of the skills listed.
- Diplomacy
>Friendly discussion and negotiations, arbitrations etc
- Gather Information
>Finding and discovering information required, spying, eavesdropping, research...
- Medicine
>Medical knowledge.
- Command
> New skill: still being discussed, Leadership and Command effectiveness. Used for ordering subordinates or asserting superiority
- Resolve
>New skill: still being discussed, Mental strength. Used to resist insanity effects, telepathy, intimidation etc.
- Perception
>Listening and observing.
- Subterfuge
>Lying, misdirection, intimidation, coercion, seduction, persuasion
- High Culture
>Knowledge about the manners, etiquette and life of the elite, Who's who and how to address them.

>Under skills are physical skills and represent the different tasks and traits commonplace in Undertown.
- Construction
>Manual Labor craft and work skill for building, and crafting things that are physically intensive.
- Fine Tools
>Fine craft and work skill for creation and manipulation of smaller finer goods
- Athletics
>Run, Jump, leap, stamina etc
- Trading
>Trading, buying, selling, bartering, price negotiation.
- Combat
>Self explanatory
- Cooking
>Creation of delicious meals
- Thievery
>Sneaking, stealing, larcency,
- Under Culture
>Street knowledge, Shady contacts, shortcuts through undertown, who to avoid, where to recruit good crewmembers. Knowledge about undertown
Obviously I don't expect much if any of this to be included, Just some additional thoughts and ideas on new skills and different ways to sort the skills we have.

There might be some gems in there worth keeping :P
Heading off for a bit now.
I've been around a little, mostly posting anonymously.
Was it you i was talking to earlier in the other thread?
But I gotta run, I should be around tomorrow.
Regarding the note on minmaxing from last thread, I feel I should clarify that you only receive the payout from your professions after two years so, while you can select your third at 21, it's only a fluff/RP thing unless you keep doing it for the remainder of the year(s).
Was it two or three skills you get from each profession?
Two skills per profession, three from the background and all from the race, as best as I recall.
Ah okay that last example was assuming 3 from each profession,
I suppose an easy way to remember it is 4321
4 from race
3 from background
2 per profession
1 per age block age up
I was just thinking of how useful the Edge Chronicles Maps book might be for running a session of this RPG. Anyone have it?
That is a pretty good mnemonic. Keeps everything simple and easy to remember.

From an organisational standpoint, I like this. Additionally, it makes generating skill lists for classes (both for us and potential GMs) much easier, as you have vague groupings from which to draw in the first place.
Animal Husbandry works as the combined train/ride.
Resolve works (both as a counterpart to the Athletics skill discussed last thread and as a concept in and of itself important to the game), but Leadership does not: I would run asserting dominance as opposed Resolve rolls by default, substituting in a different skill if necessary (probably Subterfuge).
>No Parenting skill.
Not that there is one canon character who could be considered to have taken it...
Cloud Wolf was too busy min-maxing his dual professions as Captain and Knight, obviously.
Thinking about it, Vox Verlix probably had it at d12, alongside every other skill to exist.
He probably had d14s or d20s.
I dunno, he seemed to ignore combat and by the end of his life was going down to the d2 range for physical skills.
Aw shit.
This man doesn't seem like the absolute pinnacle of Fourthling fitness?

Good new skill layout. I'm torn on Leadership, though- maybe just works as a bonus to other's Resolve checks? There's definitely characters in the books that use leadership skills beyond the normal ability, but it's hard to imagine in game.
Vox Verlix is getting on the swole patrol.
File: Voxold.jpg (538 KB, 1191x1880)
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Fuck forgot the image
>that body
I want to punch Vox
File: 479px-Voxyoung.jpg (69 KB, 479x679)
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Vox is the very epitome of everything for which /fit/ stands. Just look at those massive, bulging pecs. Going from being bullied by Twig to the huge-in-every-sense-of-the-word Most High Academe reveals a genius campaign best described, as above, as the "swole patrol".

Leadership shouldn't be a skill, but rather a function of roleplaying or a suitable skill (generally Resolve or Subterfuge, depending on style but possibly something specialised, such as Sky Culture when acting as a captain.

Opposed rolls of such skills to determine dominance does give a non-combat opportunity for all that mutual EP loss that such rolls bring.
To expand on that, RPing should be the first recourse and allows a roll versus a static TN (which generally means lower losses). The opposed rolls are for when the debate boils down to "Be my minion." "No."
Fair enough, a backup roll system works fine for when players can't RP.
This both accommodates such players while rewarding those who actually make the effort to out-think the opposition. It's the same principle as combat: the only way to keep all your EP is to prevent it from happening through wit and planning.
Vox did nothing wrong.
Orbix Xanthix was always right.
Those gains.

Glad you like it.
It also somewhat sets up apart from most RPG's slightly with the groupings, making them more 'edge-like' but still is understandable to new players.

Also, thoughts on the 'four cultures'?
Specifically Sky Culture being Pirate lore merged with Skyship knowledge?
It appears that Everyone seems to like Resolve, but Leadership as a skill is out.
That leaves us with a blank slot for a High skill aka Educational / Social /Sanctaphrax-y skill.

Whilst doing that list up yesterday, I was wondering if Subterfuge should be broken up into:
>All social things dishonest
Lying, Cheating, hiding intent, trickery, bluffing
>Ways of convincing NPC's to do stuff.
>Intimidation, Seduction, Coercion, Command, Encouragement
Though I ended up going with Command as a standalone skill.

Anyone have thoughts on a proposed High skill?
Do you mean an existing skill or one we feel should exist?
Edge chronicles lore appear to have taken over my brain recently.
I found myself idly wondering about the how the different races and subraces came about.
It's been theorized that evolution and environmental adaptation happens at a much faster rate than on our world due to the influence of glisters. Especially during the period after the Great Storms hit due to the large number of glisters it blows in.

But Slaughterers are interesting to me, There are no 'sub-races' of slaughterers, yet they appear quite commonplace.

Mobgnomes are in a similar boat. Mobgnomes
are described as looking like 'A cross between goblins and trolls'. So I assume that Mobgnomes and other gnomes are the result of crossbreeding between the two races (Lop-ears/ Symbite Goblins by the look of them).

There are four 'major groups' of Deepwoods races that have a high number of variations and thus lead me to believe they are the 'big four' / original four races that most of the other races stemmed from.
Trogs, Trolls, Waifs and Goblins.
After several generations of interbreeding, you end up with FOURthlings.

Here are some of my speculations

LopEar/Symbite Goblins + Trolls = Mobgnomes
Trolls + Waifs = Oakelfs/barkelfs
Long haired Goblins + Trolls = Slaughterers.
Goblins + Waifs = Dwarves.
Goblins + Trogs = Grey Goblins
Trogs + Trolls = Grey Trogs
Trogs + Waifs = Grey Waifs

Mobgnome or Slaughterer + Grey Waif = Fourthling Mix 1
Elves + Grey Goblins = Fourthling Mix 2
Grey Trogs + Dwarves = Fourthling Mix 3
Combine these with all the other exisiting races and you get fourthlings.
Trolls + Spindlebug = Gabtrolls :P
Well, If Command is out then we have 3 groups with 8 skills and 1 group with 7, So I feel as though we need another 'high' skill to balance it.

High Skills are social/mental skills somewhat associated with Sanctaphrax
So I'm chasing suggestions I suppose?
I'm in way over my head, clearly.

Fourthlings are named as such because Kobold the Wise claimed they stemmed from all four corners.

Not saying that all that work isn't cool, but just throwing it out there.
If there's not a High Culture analogue (representing a knowledge of the workings of Sanctaphrax politicking) maybe an Acclaim/Clout/Weight-to-Throw skill that allows grant funding (positive in your favor, or negative to stop experimentation your enemies are undergoing), win better positions (possibly with concrete benefits), or simply have a lavish base of operations?
Yeah I know about Kobold 'Four corners of the edge' definition.
My main problem with this is that the Edge isn't really a square shape and the one /actual/ corner: The stone garden / end of the edge itself doesn't have any sapient inhabitants that we know of. :P

>Way over your head
Need me to explain something? I was just talking about my re-categorization attempt up here >>36637378
There's a High culture skill listed.

- High Culture
>Knowledge about the manners, etiquette and life of the elite, Who's who and how to address them.

This covers some of the mechanics of what you described, not sure about a lavish base.

Sound like a kind of 'Status' skill which could be actually be applied to all different kinds of characters and background.

Status rolls would affect Notoriety for Pirates and Slaver. Scholarly acclaim for academics. Trade reputation for Leaguesmen and perhaps Folklore myths and stories about you for Deepwoods hunters and mire caravaners.

Rolling status could be used to get into exclusive areas, meet higher-up clientèle for more lucrative deals. Deterimine if Deepwoods tribes would trust you or attack you on sight?
Not sure how much I like it though, as it seems something that would mainly be used to give bonuses to other rolls like Diplomacy, the Culture skills and Subterfuge
For example, Your crew encounters a Woodtroll tribe that you wish to trade with.

You have a few options of how to proceed.

>Earth Culture: Roll to see if anyone has knowledge of Woodtroll customs

>Status: Roll to see if any of the Woodtrolls have heard stories about your ship and crew.

>Diplomacy: Introduce yourselves to the Woodtrolls and hope to establish good relations.

Sucessfully passing any of these three provides a small bonus(+1) per pass to Trade roll deals made with the Wood trolls.

Opposed rolls would have the opponent using the applicable Culture skill to recognize?

Really not sure how I feel about it =\
I'm just picturing a swanky new Sky Pirate captain swaggering up to table of established Sky Pirates in a Tavern.
'Greetings! I am the Sky Pirate Sun King!'
>Rolls d6 in Status
>2. Fail.
"I'm Sun King man, Legendary outlaw?... Guys?"
>Try to salvage with a Diplomacy roll
>1. Crit fail
They shrug and go back to drinking and ignore him.
>Loses Edge points from crippled self esteem.
I'm considering trialling some 'rare' backgrounds just to cover all different areas of the edge. Perhaps making them only obtainable by rolling your background.
Preferrably I'd only want to have 4 of these max.

These first 4 are the one's I'm leaning towards.

Stone Gardens
Grew up in the Stone gardens, eithier as a rock tender, rock seller, funeral master or a hermit.
>d4 Flight Stones
>d4 Animal Husbandry
>d4 Construction
>d4 Sky Culture
>d4 Climbing

Those who lived or spent a significant portion of their lives in the Mire
>d4 Fauna
>d4 Earth Culture
>d4 Athletics
>d4 Tracking
>d4 Trade

Twilight Woods
The lost and damned from the twilight woods who escaped with little memory of thier past lives,
Or The immune who lived in the woods.
>d4 Tracking
>d4 Resolve
>d4 Navigation
>d4 Rope-work
>d4 Flora

Those who lived in and around the Edgelands, usually those who worked in the cliffsides there as miners.
>d4 Construction
>d4 Ropework
>d4 Climbing
>d4 Balance
>d4 Resolve

The next two I'm somewhat against, Nightwoods can be fluffed as just another part of the deepwoods.
Skyship is way too profession specific and more feels like more of a profession than background.
Though I suppose it could be a way to bring a new player into the group mid campaign. Eh.

Those who live in the dark Tangled thorny Nightwoods
>d4 Resolve
>d4 Flora
>d4 Fauna
>d4 Perception
>d4 Gather Information

Sky-ship child
Though sometimes viewed as unlucky, some children were brought up on sky ships typically becoming 'Ships boys'.
>d4 Sky Culture
>d4 Ropework
>d4 Navigation
>d4 Sky Sailing
>d4 Balance

All of these 'rare backgrounds' would be an 'at GM's discretion' option.
Clearly Kobold was enough of a badass to reshape a square into a point.

Why have we been giving Vox and Cloud Wolf shit when Kobold is the most OP shit this setting has?

>defeats all demons, only missing the Gloamglozer because it ran away like a bitch
>makes the Edge not a murder-world while he is around
>names a whole species
>Gloamglozer dies because so much love and happiness is going around

What a guy.
Uniting 1000 Tribes is quite the accomplishment.
Maybe the edge was a square until that great storm hit and turned it into a Triangle? ?
I always feel that the Maps from the First and Second age fail to show the true sheer size of the deepwoods.
Probably because most people didn't go that far into it.

Most people stay our of the murder death woods.
>murder death woods.
Probably a much more accurate name.
I like them. While they aren't strictly supported by the books, I think we shouldn't be afraid of branching out a little.

Wasn't sure if it was taken out, my bad. Status seems a good alternative, assuming it's relatively rare in Professions and absent entirely from Race or Background options.

Or they just don't make it out. Besides, it's pretty hard to map woods- think early maps of our world, they're rough approximations at best and bullshit guesswork at worst.
>rare backgrounds
I'm still not sold completely on them, I'll continue thinking about them for the moment.

>Status Skill
The only backgrounds which I would consider adding Status to would be Sanctaphrax Academic and /maybe/ Undertown Merchant. But I can see the arguments from having it only be earn-able as the campaign goes on.

I have no doubt that there were several barkscroll maps in the Great Library created by Earth Scholars sitting on a shelf somewhere forgotten. Sky Scholars only care about showing the different levels of sky, Scantaphrax, Undertown and the twilight woods. That's why that's all we see in Quint/Twig books.
Leaguesman/Undertown Merchant does seem like it needs Status if we add it (bear in mind that you don't get all of your background skills).
If you have to employ someone to hold your hat in place, odds are you're going to be recognised and feared.

All in all, I'm in favour of adding the Status skill as the remaining High skill: it has clear utility and minimal overlap with other, existing skills.
If it is included in the Undertown merchant background, they still have to lose out on another skill. Those that choose status are likely to be rich self important leaguesmen, those who don't are the various other high merchants.

Another Status related crunch I was thinking about was that maybe if you reach a d12 in a skill You can gain 1d4 of Status if you do not have any dice in it yet, just a bit of minor acclaim to represent your character occasionally being known for his skill in that skill?
Just a proposed layout for skill entries and an example entry

Skill Name: The name of the skill goes here.
Type: Which of the four categories (Under, High, Earth and Sky) the skill belongs to
Description: A brief description of the skill and what it entails.
Applications: Common applications and situations in which to use the skill
Suggested Specialties: If Specialities are implemented later on, common ones appear here.
Skill Level: Brief sentence of what each level of mastery can do, the number of dots you have in a skill represents which dice you roll.
○○○○○ : Represents an untrained skill. Roll 1d4 and subtract 1 from the result.
●○○○○ : Represents a novice knowledge of the skill. Roll 1d4.
●●○○○ : Represents trained knowledge of the skill. Roll 1d6.
●●●○○ : Represents being highly skilled at the skill. Roll 1d8.
●●●●○ : Represents exceptional aptitude in the skill. Roll 1d10.
●●●●● : Represents complete Mastery of the skill. Roll 1d12.

Skill Name: Ropework
Type: Sky
Description: Ropework is the application, usage and knowledge of ropes, braids, lacing, cords and chains.
Usage of Rigging aboard a sky-ship.
Tying and untying knots.
Escaping from rope restraints.
Manually raising or lowering sails and anchor chains and hull weights.
Swinging on a rope to board an enemy ship
Lassoing a target.
Braiding your pet Twig's hair.
Suggested Specialities: Rigging, Knots, French Braids .
Skill Level:
○○○○○ : Untrained - Can probably only tie the lacing on a vest.
●○○○○ : Novice - You know a few basic knots and can untie about half of them
●●○○○ : Trained - You can probably attempt swinging, lassoing and knotting with some risk.
●●●○○ : Professional - You can reasonably attempt any rope-based task with moderate success.
●●●●○ : Exceptional - Your hands have a gift with ropes and most rope activities are simple to you.
●●●●● : Master - Ropes are an extension of your limbs, your knot knowledge is unparalleled.
That seems good, formatting-wise.

I'm still not sure on specialities, considering how hard it is to balance them, although they are an interesting concept that seems like it should be integrated.
Yeah, I'm still not sure how to make specialities not completely broken or completely useless and pointless.

It's a placeholder.

I kinda like the 'dots' system for measuring which size dice you have in a skill.
I feel it works well for clarity of terminology also
Place one dot in a skill of your choice vs
Gain a d4 in an untrained skill or one dice-up in an already trained skill
We WoD now.
Hey plenty of systems use dots, I'm only suggesting it as a clarity thing and it fits with the d4-d12 scaling of skills
But if people are against it, I get that too
Nah I like it.

I like the d4 Status for reaching a d12 in another skill, too. As it is now, Status is hard to gain (appropriately), and having some fame based on your mastery of a skill sounds useful.
Yeah currently the only way to gain status is spending age skillups unless we add it to bgs or profs
I've been referring to "die steps/levels" in a manner not dissimilar to your "dots". I suppose the latter is closer to standard industry terminology. The former, however, seems to me a little more "grokkable" (what a terrible word): it isn't that simple to intuit, say, that four dots translate to a d10 (does WoD do this better? Dots there translate to dice pool size, correct?), while four die steps seems more intuitive (at least to me). It's probability just me being autistic about this, so let me know if none of that makes sense.

On an unrelated note, I do approve of allowing a d4 in Status for getting a skill to d12. I'm not sure if this should stack (with additional d12s increasing Status by one die step), however.
Unsure about status bonus stacking with multiple mastered skills, i can see arguments for and against it.

I suppose the question is, is someone who is an Master in two skills likely to be renowned more/ have higher status than a master of one?
If so, maybe have a cap at the amount of dice levels/ dots that can be gained through mastery?

>In terms of dice levels and dots
Yeah, I get what you're saying. There isn't an immediately obvious correlation between dots and which dice to roll. The closest correlation is " times 2 plus 2" ie 3 dots : (3x2)+2 = roll a d8. But this isnt obvious to a player and i assume dots to dice would just become a part of the system theyd have to remember.

In wod dots do represent number of dice to roll, yes. Which is a lot easier to remember. I think both ways have their benefits and trade offs, ill keep thinking about it and see if i can come up with anything else.
I don't have anything inherently against using dots (I don't particularly like the way they look on character sheets, but that's purely personal and not really relevant). Having a simple system of terminology does make the crunch significantly simpler to understand.

That said, I still prefer referring to the skill terminology as "die levels" rather than "dots". The former simply seems more sensible and doesn't requiring cluttering documents with empty circles.
Rather than, as you mentioned above, saying "place one dot into any skill", you'd instead say "raise any skill by one die level".
Im cool with either really. :)

Now that most have agreed on status as the remaining high skill i might try and mock up some updated character sheets which include the skill listing with places for die levels .

Also, i just realised that i like the way "under, high, earth and sky." Rolls off the tongue and thus might sort the skill groups in that order.
Physical, social, knowledge then flying essentially i guess
>Physical, social, knowledge and flying.
It's just like Maslow's Hierarchy, if self-actualisation allowed you to fly.

In terms of character sheets, it doesn't seem necessary to have every skill on them as opposed to a block in which players write the skills their characters do have: doing so saves space and makes it far less confusing to read at a glance, especially since most PCs won't have even a third of the skills; listing them would necessitate the busywork and clutter of writing "1d4+1" altogether too many times.
Just here to say that I loved the books as a kid and I'm looking forward to a finished product from you guys. Keep it up!
I suppose you dont really need the unused ones on there, but in comparison to most other rpg games ours is heavily skill based with no core attributes, derived stats, spells, alignments or feats to put on the sheets. I just figured weve got plenty of room to spare if were going for a standard A4 sheet?
Feel free to look over what weve got done so far and provide feedback or join in and contribute if you feel like it! We really appreciate it :)

That last post was me, btw
If anything needs more space on the sheet, it's equipment: the latest version barely has room for a few items and would be full a session or two into a game.
I'm not going to have an opportunity to edit it for the rest of the month, so if you want to make a better sheet, go ahead.

A smallish sheet does allow you to possibly fit your main and alternate characters on the same page, though (was it the Drowning and Falling RPG that called it a "characters sheet"?), although that's hardly a necessity and can practically be seen as a downside, as by its very presence on the same page the alternative character devalues the primary character, thereby encouraging risky play.

Feel free to read through the documentation and contribute: more help is always appreciated.
Yeah we do need to put some more work into equipment. Thats probably the main area i havent really thought about in depth so far, you bring up some good points about the alternative / secondary characters and as nest it would be to fit them on the same page i agree it probably would make the player devalue their character,

You going away for the holidays or something?

Also I think a some form of separate and smaller "vehicle sheet" for the parties skyship might come in handy, listing the ships equipment, crew manifest, name , current cargo, damage etc
Equipment does need some work: we know the general effects it can have and a few cursory lists have been constructed, but at no point has it received the same focus as every other category, possibly because it is to a large extent GM-determined. Regardless, we do need to work on some related issues (I'm not sure if the books ever offered a conversion rate from quarters and gold pieces to roundells and dockets, but that seems quite relevant).

Vehicle sheets do seem like they could be highly useful, considering that skyship stats have been discussed and your items and the contents of your cargo are entirely distinct. I think System posted a trial for those (in a very basic state) around thread 2, but I may be misremembering.

I am away, yes; I'll next be at home around New Year, so don't expect much in the way of charts from me until then.
File: 1416390121614.png (339 KB, 1008x784)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Said sheet, as best as I recall, was based off this, with areas shaded out to allow for numbers.
I'd be happy to write more up. Are we okay with using a Reroll, Reroll+1, Reroll+2 layout for common equipment trios? It worked well in my playtest- most items they bought were of the lowest quality just for assurance they wouldn't crtifail, and the significantly higher price for the next step up made them dither and discuss which skill, of the whole group, would be most useful with a bonus.
Those options are good. Not allowing more than one reroll while still getting gradually more ridiculous does make for equipment with a significant but not overpowering effect.

Artefact-tier nonsense is, of course, another matter entirely, but that consists entirely of special cases and is thus by no means a priority.
I'll go back later today and read what was said about ships in the other threads.
Small weapon (dagger, shortbow, etc): Reroll
Medium weapon (sword, axe): Reroll, add 1
Large weapon (pike, greataxe, twohanded swords): Reroll, add 2, social penalties to be determined later
Light Armor (fur, hide, leather): When a combat check results in a character losing EP, Light Armor reduces the amount lost by 1
Heavy Armor (plate, chain): When a combat check (or other physical damage) results in a character losing EP, a Heavily Armored character reduces the amount by 2. Balance and Climb do not get a reroll.

Basic Kit: Reroll.
Ship Kit (too large to carry without a cart or beast of burden): This large chest of medical equipment allows a reroll with a +1 bonus.
Doctor's Equipment (too large to carry, must be on a ship [in a dedicated room] or in a building):
This fully equipped room has equipment for both longterm care and trauma surgery. Rerolls gain a +2 bonus.

Stone Pilot Gear: This heavy coat and hood protects Stone Pilots from extreme heat, forcing any roll of fire or steam damage to be rerolled, and the lower result taken.
Parawings: This back-mounted set of wings deploys at the tug of a cord, allowing a character to make (Honestly, I'm not sure what skill should be used for this, and I'm not sure it should even be anything more than luck...)
Mire Shoes: Prevent the slowing effect of the Mire, but inflict it in other areas.
It wasn't much. Just some thoughts on a system of hull points and subsystem damage (never really fleshed out) and flying by pooling the skills of the captain and stone pilot (which worked in playtesting).
Looking good so far. Mire shoes should allow a reroll on balance checks to avoid getting stuck in the Mire.

Parawings, if they use a skill, should use something related to flight by default (or possibly balace, I'm not sure).
Navigation Tools:
Skychart: This chart lays out the position of reliably consistent stars, and allows a reroll for Navigation (night only).
Astrolabe: This cunning brass sphere has a number of rotating rings around it, allowing a user to accommodate for seasonal shifts in stars and providing a +1 on a Navigation Reroll. However, it is very easily damaged.
Orrery: This grand model of star movements is locked in place and simulated with clockwork, tracking their movement across the night sky. It allows a +2 on a Navigation reroll, though is best used for plotting expeditions.

Basic tools (hammer, saw, nails, etc): Reroll.
Builder's Kit (includes basic tools as well as some specialty tools, too bulky to carry without a cart or beast of burden): This kit contains everything necessary to make a furnished cabin or small Skyboat, granting a +1 on Construction rerolls.
Architect's Gear (too large to carry without a dedicated room in a ship or stored in a building): This workshop contains nearly every tool you can imagine, as well as a supply of materials for models and experiments (though not for actual construction), granting a +2 on Construction rerolls.

Hanging brazier: This tiny stove can be hung from rafters or branches, granting a reroll to Cooking.
Mess Kit (too large to carry without a cart or beast of burden): This kit contains a small stove, a few pots and pans, a spit, and a few small jars of spices to mask or accentuate flavor, granting a +1 on rerolls.
Kitchen (too large to carry, must be on a ship [in a dedicated room] or in a building): This room has everything you might need to transform organisms to entrees.
I don't think the books ever really feature a character skilled with parawings, it's mostly a "certain death by falling or possible survival by semi-controlled fall". Knowing my group, at least, having Parawings operate under a skill would result in aerial attacks on everything before being hauled up on a rope to the Parthinian Skyship.

Was it Balance that gets checked in the Mire, or was it just an automatic speed reduction?
Deepwoods Mocassins: Unlike the clunky, but protective, footwear of Undertown, hunters and trappers in the Deepwoods wear thin leather shoes to muffle their approach: Reroll.
Trap Wire: This thin wire can be used for snares or as part of a larger trap, as it's nearly too thin to see. Grants a +1 bonus on Tracking rerolls.
Jaw Trap: This mean-looking contraption snaps shut on the leg of whatever is unlucky enough to step on it, causing significant damage and often tethering it to a stake. Grants a +2 on rerolls, though they are extremely suspicious in civilized areas.

Climbing rope: This thin rope is specially woven to include a series of solid bulges down the length, easing climbing and granting a reroll, though it cannot be used for other ropework easily (take a dize size penalty to Ropework checks done with a climbing rope).
Climbing Harness: This belt secures you firmly to your rope, allowing the use of your hands (though you cannot ascend or descend without at least one hand on the rope). Grants a +1 to rerolls.
Climber's Kit (too large to carry without a cart or beast of burden): This collection of gear includes rope, a harness, a hammer and pitons, small metal locks, and even a Caterbird cocoon-style hammock. Grants a +2 on rerolls.
My group would also spring for the ability to jump from ship to ship. Perhaps it is for the best to leave parawings to chance (at most granting a bonus to high-quality pairs).

Are we going to implement to any extent that certain skills (such as construction or alchemy) can only be used at a penalty without cheap, basic equipment or is it all solely for bonuses?
New Parawings probably only kill you on a roll of 1 from a d10. Every use increases that by one without a successful Fine Tools check, maybe?

I figured the most basic things (constructing a barricade, mashing up a root paste into a lubricant with your hands, etc) can be done without equipment, but I feel like in the Crafting skills, TNs should drop from an elevated position if you have any sort of equipment.
Actually, maybe a roll on a d20. Nice little throwback to automatically failing five percent of all your actions taken under duress, and it means a large crew won't statistically lose a member each time they go down (they might anyway from the failures that result in going down, though).
That sounds good, all in all. Parawings aren't overpowered engines of flying doom (for that, you still need your skyfiring broadsides) and construction works in a logical fashion.
We don't really use a d20 for anything else, so I'm not really sure if using one here is appropriate. A d10 works just as well (albeit with a doubled chance of failure) and losing about one crew member jumping out of a skyship from a great height and relying on a tiny set of wings to survive is entirely reasonable.
A few miscellaneous items:

Redundant Rock Rig: This secondary cage around the Flight Rock also contains a fine system of pipes, allowing a more even heat/cooling distribution. Grants a +1 bonus on rerolls to Stone Piloting.

Leaguesman's Catalogue: This monthly publication gives a snapshot of market prices, letting you know about fluctuations and shifting markets and I don't know, I spent high school economics distracted by the girl next to me. Grants a reroll on Trading.

Skill Tome: This treatise contains a well-argued thesis on the finer points of a very specific subject, granting a +2 bonus on a reroll for (GM choose one: Earth Studies, Flora, Alchemy, Flora, Animal Husbandry, Earth Cultures, Sky Scholarship, Sky Culture, or Medicine). Only works for a specific subject, determined when created/found/purchased.
>Skill tome
I take it these have to be specific even within their fields? You won't find "the Big Book of the Sky", you'll find "Vilnix Pompolnius' Dissertation on the Properties of Rain in the Presence of Stormphrax" or something similarly specific?
Exactly. The broadest you can hope for is about a species, weather phenomenon, illness, or race. It's really more of an interesting treasure item/plothook that could, conceivably, be useful.

Say your crew is hired by a waif assassin to procure Hoverworm venom. You could purchase (or rent, maybe?) Linnitus Lumbricus' Intraseasonal Migration of Aerial Annelids to help track down a creature that leaves no footprints. Alternatively, you could shell out (remember, this is a high quality item and thus very expensive, so buying multiple is unlikely except for possibly campaign climaxes) for Vermes Microchateus' A Study of Self-propelled Flight: Hoverworm Venom and You, if you are doubtful of your alchemist's ability to cure any accidental envenomation.
That is interesting and makes thematic and logical sense.

Just remember that they aren't tomes, they're barkscrolls. That's quite important.
Yup. Also a note to GMs: When playtesting, just wikipedia whatever your academic is about and use some random latin from the article as their name.

Anyway, that's it for items for now. Hopefully we'll have another playtest tonight and I will be forced to come up with some more on the spot.
It also adds the capacity to offer a compromise: do you absolutely need the Complete Treatise on an Absence of Sufficient Lighting by Tacitus Noxius, head of the Academy of Gloom or are you willing to risk consulting the Dank Manual, produced and edited by the staff of Viaduct School 137a?

Getting random subject Latin for academics is actually a really good idea. I've been using canon characters or making up vaguely-appropriate dog-Latin.
If Parawings were to use a skill check,I'd say a the players would have a choice of Balance, Sky-Culture or Sky-Sailing.

In order to stay constant with the way we've worked 'death' in the system. Characters only die when they run out of edge points. This leads me to think that 'falling to your death' is essentially caused by failing to pass skill checks over and over until you run out of ep (or maybe hit your lower treshhold) which represents hitting the ground.

Sky-Sailing both contain knowledge about flying a skyship, wind currents and sails and I'd assume that how to use parawings are fairly standard thing to learn when learning how to fly a ship. This would be the skill experienced pirates would use, passing this check allows the user to glide safely to the ground and land in a safe area. TN would be Easy-Medium

Sky Culutre contains various pirate knowledge and would probably include a vauge idea of how the wings work, this would be used by your everyday pirate with a success allowing them to probably glide to the ground in an area nearby with minimal or no EP damage. TN would be Medium
(Think The majority of Stormchaser's crew in the crash in Beyond the Deepwoods)

Balance contains your inner sky-footing and staying upright, it would be used by those who are new to sky life or passengers and don't have Sky Culture or Sky sailing skills that would teach them how to use parawings, instead they flail about trying to stay upright. If this test is sucessfully passed, they manage to land but will be far away from the rest of the crew and potentially in danger TN would be medium-high

I'm enjoying the image of a player falling with fairly full ep and frantically rolling his balance dice over and over as he plummets, losing EP with every failure as he nears the ground. Finally passing a roll after losing 12 EP and landing dangerously near a bloodoak glade.
You are right on that, yes: the character doesn't die until its EP hits 0. The suggestion of skills does make sense. However, the chance of Parawing failure can stay: if it hits, it's now hard Balance checks all the way to the ground as you attempt to survive falling without the aid of your parawing.

Saying "Roll X, Y, and Z" and then telling them to reroll until they die if they don't pass seems kinda long.
For the GM's section, we'll include some generic pre-stated character templates for players to interact with.
I planned on doing a 'Name Examples' section in the races descriptions. But I think we can add Example names for the NPC's in the GM section too.

Pretty happy with that post number.
Sounds perfect.

I could whip up a little d10 table of Parawing malfunctions, rather than just harder checks?
I'm happy for it to just be Balance checks. Would make the skill more useful for sure.
The other two were simply to give the players more than one way to approach the problem. Especially seeing not all sky pirates are going to have balance.

In terms of length, It's a pretty dire moment with their character plummeting to their death. I don't really see a player getting bored when their character's life is on the line.
I suppose you could make it a distance to ground based.
Depending on what level of Sky you're in you get a certain number of attempts?
That sounds a bit better to let them choose and depend on the height.

Something like

>Hovering-Hanging out above the ground.
>Lower Sky-Flying low enough to see the ground in detail but high enough to avoid most ground objects.
>Middle Sky-Low level clouds, the ground is just a sight below you, and you really don't want to fall.
>Upper Sky-High level clouds, weather and temperature problems, can't really make out much of the ground.
>Open Sky-What are you doing out here?
One roll (with accompanying chance to critfail) per height category, then?

Open Sky, obviously, is not nearly as pleasant should you lose your footing on the ship.
Y'know, one of my players glided back onto their falling ship when he had to bail.

Good thing, seeing how he was the Stone Pilot.
And yes, that sounds fine to me.
So uh. All this talk of gliding around with Parawings gave me a totally unique and original character idea.
The Famous Sky Pirate Vigilante: Dark Bat

aka Brucius Wainius

Background - Undertown Merchant (Son of)
d6 Trading
d4 Under Culture

Race Fourthling
d4 Diplomacy
d4 Subterfuge
d4 Trading
d4 Combat

First Profession - Knight Academic
Combat, Sky Sailing

Turn 18 skill up - Combat

Second Profession - Sky Pirate
Ropework, Balance

Turn 20 skill up - Combat

Third Profession - Sky Pirate
Combat, Climbing
Gain d4 Status from Master d12 in Combat

Final Skill Stats
>For use as Dark Bat
d12 Combat (Initially trained by master combatants in the Knights academy)
d4 Sky Sailing (For use with Parawings to glide around the city.)
d4 Ropework (Grappling hooks and swinging)
d4 Balance (Swinging and failed Parawing checks)
d4 Climbing (For use with ropework and climbing buildings)
d4 Under Culture (Knowledge of the various dodgy leaguesmen)
d4 Subterfuge (Intimidation and disguising true identity)
d4 Status (Who's afraid of the Big Dark Bat? Everyone in Undertown knows he's a master of combat.)

>For use as Brucius Wainius
d8 Trading (Using Parents money for acquiring Master quality Parawings, grappling hooks etc)
d4 Diplomacy (Charming and suave heir to fortune)
I'm fucking done.
Best part is that its totally legit as a starting character. Except the d8 in Trading would not make you a millionaire. Maybe I should take out Climbing and Balance for two more Trading skills to get d12 in Trading and another d4 in Status for Brucius Wainius being know for being extremely wealthy trader.
If I did got the extra Trade skills, I suppose it would be better for representing him 'first starting out' and learning as he goes.
Undertown is quite like Gotham. Corruption is commonplace, petty crime is everywhere, People pay officials to look the other way and it's got a nearby floating city filled with scientists just waiting to go crazy and become super villains.
Looks like I killed the thread with Dark Bat.
Truth be told, there isn't really that much for me to contribute.

>people pay officials to look the other way
You're implying that Undertown HAD officials. The place was one giant black-ish market over a definite black market.
Similar to how I did the skill layout, Here is my current Species description layout with an example following:

Species Name: Self Explanatory
Taxonomy: Parent clans and families listed as Order, Family, Genus and Species.
Other Names: Other names for the species and nicknames
Description: Description of race and their personalities.
Physical traits: Brief summary of what they look like.
Height: Average height
Weight: Average weight
Starting Skills: The four starting skills they start with.
Additional Notes: Special racial features, Telepathy, aura sight, etc
Naming Conventions: Words, letters and themes found in names
Example Names: Self explanatory
Species Name: Crested Webfoot Goblin
ordo - Goblin
familia - Symbite
genus - Webfoot
species - Crested Webfoot
Other Names: Crested Goblin, Webfoot Goblin (Generalisation)
Description: Crested Goblins are a subspecies of Webfoot Goblin, like all Webfoot goblins they are find themselves most at home in the water, their scaled skin and webbed feet make them highly proficient swimmers. Like all Symbite Goblins, Crested Goblins are highly communal and are often found in close knit Deepwood tribes or Undertown families. They are have an affinity for less physically demanding jobs finding themselves at home working with fine tools. They often take up residence around sources of water such as the Great Lakes or near the Edgewater River. Crested Goblins differ from the rest of their Webfoot kin by their easily identifiable and namesake crested head. Their crest changes color depending on how it's owner is currently feeling. This emotional transparency aids them in befriending strange tribes and cultures.
Physical traits: Distinctive color changing head crest linked to their emotions, slimy and scaly skin, webbed feet, sometimes webbed hands. Flatter face and nose than most Symbites, otherwise normal Symbite Goblin features with an average size physique.
Height: 150-170cm
Weight: 50-80kg
Starting Skills: Starting as a Crested Goblin grants the character one dice level in each of the following four skills:
Fine Tools
Earth Culture
Additional Notes: Crest emotions colors are as follows:
blue - sadness
red - happiness
Naming Conventions: Names contain many of the following: ph , f, l, y, th, m, g, h
Example Names:
Given names: Mafphwyllin, Phlythiss, Grefphith, Slifph
Surnames: Glyfphith, Thymlygth, Phfglimth, Fthphymh
Obviously looks a lot better with formatting done. Will copy into Google doc.
Would anybody mind if I went through and proofread the Google doc? It's really just minor grammar changes
Most of the stuff I've chucked towards the bottom (Backgrounds, Races and Skill stuff) Isn't final copy stuff and will likely be re-written before final release.

Go ahead if your keen, can't do any harm if its just minor grammatical stuff. I'll be on the Document chat if want to change anything major.
>Document chat if want to change anything major.
Preferably post it in the thread so we can keep it contained, and so we don't have people doing their own thing in different places.
I was meaning major grammar changes or wording changes though I agree its best to keep everything updated here.
I'm continuing to work on the Races, specifically working on a phylogenic tree to easily display the races we have.
File: showimage (1).png (54 KB, 1000x2968)
54 KB
I got carried away again and ended up theorizing on evolutionary patterns of the edge in the phylogenic tree. Most of this is purely speculation and thus shouldn't be included in the RPG. Thought I might share it with you all regardless
>Totally legit as a starting character.
Only if that character is 22, not 21. Otherwise the final profession doesn't give its payout (he's still mostly complete, just with d10 combat and no climbing or status).
For example, Fourthlings are definitely not just an offshoot of trolls.
Elves and Trolls are probably related not too far back.
Ah yeah, forgot about that.
How many sessions / adventures would you think it would take to age up a year?
Depends on how long each of your sessions go for and what happens.

If you do several hour sessions, each typically chewing up a few days in game time as I do usually, then at least a dozen sessions.

If your in-game time has been longer, than obviously the time will be shorter.

I will note that my players liked the age=level concept because "you're not a bunch of punks if you're really skilled but some grizzeled ass vets who have seen some shit.
The age block is more for downtime. I can see the GM awarding a die increase during play (as it's the closest equivalent to xp or character points). This would allow the valiant and absolutely original Dark Bat to acquire the missing skills during play, as a reward for his accomplishments.
Yeah, I do really like the Age = XP system, it really fits the Edge Chronicles universe.
Downtime and so on must also be considered. The best example is that flying from Undertown to a trading post in the Deepwoods probably takes a few days at best.
Id guess the profits from a load of cargo might be able to tide the crew over for about a month
Of course, they still have to make repayments on their ship and have some other expenses.
On the subject of having the crew all be rolled up characters, this is the best time. Just let the occasional monotony of normal flight incite them to destroy each other.

When I did my game, everytime we ever had downtime to travel anywhere, the lookout spent the entire time tormenting the Stone Pilot.

I'm sure by the end of it, we were glad to see the lookout go.
During my game I ruled that a cargo run from the Deepwoods to Undertown was a two week round trip.

Also, assuming the session ends in relative peace, I'd ask my players if they're alright with a couple-month timeskip.
A two-week round trip seems appropriate, not considering stopovers (you get three days in the Great Shryke Slave Market, but other expeditions are of variable length).
Depends on where the market is, after all it moves around.

Fucking Shrykes.
Starting a new playtest session, stayed tuned.
I'd say we can probably assume that trips can take variable amounts of time depending what level of sky they choose to sail in.

From memory in the start of Winter Knights, Wind Jackal manages to make it from the deepwoods to the Stone Gardens in one day in order to attend the funeral for his closest friend.

This would be achievable by Flying in High sky, which is highly dangerous.
So for a round trip
Two days there and back in High sky, two weeks in Middle Sky, two fortnights in Low Sky?
Continuing on from where you left off?
What's everyone's thoughts on renaming the 'swimming' skill Aquatics and having it incorporate various Water based activities not just swimming.
Swimming, Diving, snorkelling, swimming underwater and holding breath, Staying afloat, Rafting/canoeing/boating across a river/lake, maybe fishing.

Gives the skill broader use and potential to actually come in handy for having a dice level in.
I usually through all that under the swimming umbrella anyway with the exception of maybe the watercraft and fishing stuff.

Canoes and rowboats are more of a strength/balance type deal and fishing is sort of survival.
Survival isn't actually a skill we have currently, It was formerly a category.
Are sky ships going to be statted? If so is there anyone working on it?
They are as far as I know, We were discussing it earlier in this thread and extensively in the 2nd/3rd thread.
Current idea is that a skyship will have it's own character sheet which will keep track of things such as:

- Components and quality of components
- Crew roster
- Current Cargo / Capacity
- Flight stone/s and quality of them.
- Weapons
- Hit Points / Edge Points of the different sections of ship

Not sure if anyone's currently actively working on it.
I'd like to add a 'Failure examples ' section to my skill description template. To give ideas of what could cause players to lose EP upon skill failure.
Fair enough. Is there anything for combat rules yet?
Sky Combat or regular combat?

Both involve the Combat skill with bonus from weapons. Probably best to check out the old thread where it was discussed.

If Distantlands or System arearound they can probably explain it from memory better than I can
I was referring to regular combat, but i've taken a look at some of the older stuff and I see that's already been done. The system looks really neat so i'm curious if there's a playtest coming up soon? Also can you link some of the older archived threads? They're sorta a pain to find.
Thread 1 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36261395/
Thread 2 : https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36343881/
Thread 3 : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/36420920/
Thread 4: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/36501450/

This is Thread 5.

We've had two local playtest groups run by anons 'Playtest' and 'CaptainADHD' . We have yet to have an online one. It was discussed last thread but most of the main thread posters are in different time zones I think?
What about running a Play By Post game somewhere? Let it happen over a longer period of time.
Still super busy, mostly stopping by for a read through.

I'm also GMT-8 if it means anything to anyone.

We could probably do a play by post on a google doc or something if we really wanted to.
I've just updated the Google Doc with the Skill section. I've done all of the Under Skills so far except the Skill level descriptors which I've left for now.
My finals are done next week, so anything after that I should be much more open for in tests.
Would it be possible to update it with the rules for charges? I'm not 100% sure I get them since its sorta spread out, so having it centralized would be nice.
Chargen* not charges. God damn mobile 4chan
Distantlands anon is the expert on the Age blocks, but I'll do my best to post a brief summary here.
I might try and write up a detailed Character Creation section of the Google doc today If I have time..
But for now I'll summarize my understanding.
Experience is tied to Age in our RPG. See attached image for the default Age block.
The standard starting age of a new campaign is 21.


First pick a race you wish to play as.
You receive all skills listed for that race.

Second pick a Background
You can select three of the five skills from that backgrounds. Note some backgrounds offer a d6, this counts as two. If in doubt follow instructions in the background description.

Now age your character up to the starting age as per the age blocks.

Each time you take a profession, you can choose two skills from that profession.

Every few years you also gain 1 skill point spend on any skill you are already trained in.
Note that you receive the skill points from profession /bonus point at the END of the year you turn that age.
So if your GM has you starting at 21 you begin with
4 skills from race
3 from background
2 from profession
1 from age up
2 from second profession
1 from second age up.

Once the current year you turn 21 in ends, you gain the two skills from your third profession.
File: 1417864915647.png (21 KB, 948x204)
21 KB
Forgot Age block file
Is there a list of races and their skills somewhere? I'm creating a demo character to see how it works.
Also professions
Now that I can help you with.

I haven't posted the updated Race list in a while so I figured I'd make a new pastebin and dump it in there.


Professions havent been updated in a bit. But you can find the list in the old out of date pastebin
I wasn't aware we were now allowing for two professions by default age?

I thought it was just "new skill".
Starting age is at GM's discretion.
21 is simply the recommended starting age which allows two professions.
Added more info and layout for Skills section to google doc.
Also wrote up Layout for Character Creation Overview section.
The original ageblock was written by System when over-tired and was only clarified, not edited. Consider the two professions something of a standardisation of the procedure: when you always get two skills per profession, it's reasonable to give them a standardised length, in order to simplify character generation.

That can be found, last I checked, in the TitanPad, which doesn't seem to have been linked this thread.
I've just taken a look at the Google Doc for the first time in a few days and it's looking very impressive. I'll see what I can contribute on a phone.
All this stuff is really cool for someone who was a big fan of these books way back when. I just wish I could contribute something.
Thanks :)

I'm doing a bit more work on describing how skills work at the moment on the doc.
Gonna have to do up the Section on Edge Points soon as the two concepts are pretty intrinsicly linked
Okay, I've added a few more bits here and there.
Explanations of the the different results of Skill tests and EP loss and gains for each.

Going to take a break for a while now though.
If you wanna help, a huge project we haven't tackled yet is alchemy effects. Poisons, cures, potions to help passive skills, and the like.

One idea I had about it was a multiple ingredient justification-
Active Ingredient (the thing that cures the poison or helps the injury)
Secondary Ingredient (optional, but increases potency)
Stabilizing Ingredient (locks it into a specific form)

Different forms could include unguents, which need to be applied over several days, tinctures, which need only be taken once (for a larger immediate boost but less bang for your buck overall), decoctions for when you have hardy ingredients but not a lot of equipment, or infusions when it's vice versa...

I don't know, I might be making it too complicated.
That is a pretty big one, havent though too much about it myself yet.
How did the playtest go?
Sounds good. Are you going to codify losing EP on an ordinary failure? At times I ran "lose 1 EP on a normal failure and 1d4+1 on a critfail", but at times forgot the former.

I'm going to edit in the non-Dice-Gods-reliant character generation in detail.
Well, a lot of alchemy effects in the Edge Chronicles seems to be like normal medicine.

Those Ingredient Effects are fine, Edgeraces big list of flora helps IMMENSELY.

Remember, this isn't Dee En Dee, potions won't make you super strong or let you not get killed by fire, they'll just help when that horrible hoverworm bites you or to make your wounds scab over.

Only Riverrise Water has effects that are well and truly supernatural.

>inb4 players do nothing but try and stock up on that shit
The most helpful part will, of course, be the Plants with Known Effects section. I'm not sure to which extent we'd have to use the others.
I'll probably regret this later, but I could give Alchemy a shot. What are we looking for at the moment, alchemical properties of known plants? Mechanics? Recipes?
Classical chargen is up now.

Formulae would be appreciated, but anything will help: we have the Alchemy skill, a list of plants and that's it.
So something like
>Hyleberry Salve
>Main reagent: Hyleberries
>Secondary reagent: Deadwood bark
>Stabilizer: Gelatinous

All you would need are the hyleberries and the stabilizer, but adding deadwood bark grants a numbing effect as well
That seems good. As a layout for formatting,
>Primary Reagent:
>Secondary Reagent:
>Stabilising Agent:
does work, so go ahead and keep using it. Such concoctions are indeed what we need.

In terms of skill effects, perhaps a TN4 check is required to make basic poultices and other mixtures, with each additional reagent adding 4 to the TN (which means that your three-ingredient mixtures are TN8, but something more complex such as Vox's concoctions will be more difficult still, requiring pooled rolls (which should be capped, because after a certain threshold you just interfere with productivity) and elaborate equipment).
You could run something like having the concoction give a reroll but apply a -1 modifier.
Making the mix properly with a successful test gives just a die increase.
A success and using all the reagents (or crit without) gives you a reroll and a crit success with them all on a mix would give a reroll+1 or something.
Of course this could apply only to specific ailments, like you need a good burn ointment for fire related damage making a skilled alchemist pretty key out in the sticks.

Depends how we run items.
Should the secondary section just be other ingredients that have synergy with the base creation? Obviously you could add whatever you wanted to, but that would give players an idea of what works well together
That seems like it could work. So, depending on your skill, you can add one or more secondary reagents, at the cost of increasing the TN of creation, all of which modify thr base effect with one listed under the entry of that reagent.
I'll try another, then
>Basic Healing Potion
>Main reagent: Brindleweed
>Recommended secondaries: Deadwood bark (Numbing), Lyptus (Healing), Dampseed (Numbing)
>Stabilizer: Liquid
Looking good. I just noticed now, but it you've just been noting the stable form.
I suppose it'd make sense to have a small number of stabilising agents for the various forms.
>Solid Paste: Clamshrub root.
>Gelatinous: Bullbracken
>Liquid: Meadowsage

I'm not sure if that's remotely lore-friendly (I picked those at random), but something along those lines would help.
I'll take a look through and figure out stabilizers. I just wanted a general template first
Well, insofar as a template is required, yours works.

Just a thought: we may wish to rename "stabilising agent" to "catalyst". I haven't put too much thought into it, but the latter seems to work (and avoids the question of why you'd need a stabilising agent for solid leaves in a poultice).
I was thinking the same thing. Maybe every recipe requires a catalyst, but if you start throwing in too many extra ingredients you need a stabilizer too
That sounds good.
Should stabilisers be allowed even earlier as an optional ingredient to select the final state if, as suggested above, different forms (liquid, solid, gel and so on) give slightly different results)? Effectively, even before a stabilising agent is required, you can add one (with the appropriate difficulty adjustment) to get a nondefault stste for the mixture.
Once an agent is required, it can be a specific one, limiting the more-complex mixture to one form only.

TN calculations can be rebalanced once we know what alchemy entails in full, I suppose, but at the moment a TN of twice the number of ingredients seems about right.

All of this is very complex compared to combat, but that is in part the point: preparation, planning and crafting are the cornerstones of the system, not fighting.
Catalyst is a better term, yeah.

My idea was to have a certain category of ingredients primarily be used to determine final state. However, the most volatile ingredients might also require an added stabilizer to lock in their increased potency.

As a simpler task for those who want to do it, there are a number of poisonous herbs that correspond to a specific cure. Most listed in the books can be found in the wiki, or you can make some up from the Flora with unknown properties list.
I can see a group of herbs mainly used to determine the final state working (especially for less potent tinctures), with more complex mixtures absolutely requiring one that makes a given state (noted under the mixture description).

Some basic equivalences (herb X cures poison Y) can work and give a non-alchemist a chance to survive, although adding a catalyst and possibly some other ingredients will make it proportionally more effective (allowing a reroll on the effect and whatever effect the secondary reagents apply).
In essence, good luck if you don't have Alchemy.
Based off the type of treatment, too. Disinfectants and burn remedies are unlikely to be useful if you sip them.

Depending on how poisons end up working, the cure a non-alchemist can produce might just prevent the worst of the symptoms, but not all. For instance:

Shadowbushes have no effect in the books, but for this example contact with their leaves produces a rash that causes a dice size penalty on any skill that requires concentration, which eventually leads to shingle-like scabs that require you to take the lower roll for any physical activity.
While a successful TN7 Alchemy check can make a salve with
>Main Reagent: Lyptus
>Secondary: Deadwood bark powder or Dampseed
>Catalyst: Gladebarley (to thicken)

An untrained TN4 might result in
>Main Reagent: Lyptus (smashed and rubbed on rash)
Which will stop the rash from progressing to shingles, but not deal with the itching and burning.
I went by the rules listed in the pastebin.
Only done it for passive skill checks to so far.
Which is: Crit Suc: +1 Fail: -1 Critfail -2

I'll probably do active today.

Nice work on the chargen stuff!
That does seem sensible enough and is more or less in line with what I envisioned. Untrained, you can still try something (note that the TN is impossible for a single untrained roll, so it takes two clueless alchemists to break some leaves with a 50% chance of success), but doing it trained is infinitely better.

On a different note, I assume you would need to roll Flora to identify the plants, but Alchemy to understand their use in crafting (apart from folk-y stuff like "good for burns", which can be learned through Flora).
No complaints there. I can't remember if active rolls grant more EP on a crit success (you certainly lose more on a failure), but if not, it might be worth including.
I feel as though there should be ingredients which can be gathered from using other skills in order to make Alchemy not so reliant on Flora.
Just some thoughts:
Fauna - Animal extracts, droppings, bone dust etc
Earth Studies - Various dirts, Glister Residue, Chine
Swimming(If we expand it to Aquatics as per >>36688045) - Liquids from streams and certain lakes Algae. Riverwise water
Sky Scholarship - Stormphrax, Phraxdust. Cloud samples, Sifted Mists. Rain-tastes.
Flight Rocks - Powdered Flight rock.,

That way we can have alchemy representing both gabtrolls herbal tea remedies and also Mad earth scholars trying to create and record concoctions (Or create life... Okay no.) life in a Secret laboratory.
We'd have to homebrew a lot of stuff, but I think that's fine.

Also I think that one of the key ingredients in Hoverworm antidote should probably be bark/extract of a heavy tree such as Ironwood.
So you'd roll to gather and identify the ingredient with the gathering skill, then use the Alchemical skill to identify it's properties or make a potion out of it?
Absolutely. This also means that Tracking and Combat come into play for bringing down alchemically gifted animals, and provides a wide range of activities for a fairly simple plothook (your captain has fallen ill!).
Woah, thread was almost on the last page.

Whole quest lines based around gathering of rare ingredients from across the edge in order for some elderly earth scholar to create all-powerful potion, which eventually is revealed to be just Edge-Viagra.
Alternatively, to have his apprentice critfail an ingredient preparation and set off a chain reaction that culminates in six miles of debris and a smoking crater in the side of Sanctaphrax.

Also, >>36688045
Definitely a good choice.
Or creating a Blood-Red Glister

>Swimming into Aquatics

Still not 100% on the name. But another usage would be determining if water was safe to drink maybe?

>Blackwater Fever is a form of malaria caused by protists carried by some insects or bred in stagnant pools in the Deepwoods. All of Twig's crew were killed by the fever after drinking tainted water, and Twig himself was made seriously ill.
Though Earth Culture (aka Foreign Cultures/ part of Deepwoods Lore) could also be used on a pool of water to determine drink-ability, as it was fairly common deepwoods knowledge not to drink from a stagnant pool.
Aquatics is a good name, but I think the Earth Knowledge skill should cover knowing what water is safe to drink.

And giardia, maybe, but not malaria.
Just some more neat lore I had forgotten about

>Sky Nectar was water which had passed through a type of fungus which grew at the top of Ironwood trees. The fungus made the water taste very sweet and delicious. Quint and Maris drank Sky Nectar after the Galerider crashed and they had climbed up an Ironwood tree for safety from the dangers of the ground of the Deepwoods in the book Clash of the Sky Galleons. It was possible to find Sky Nectar at the bottom of Ironwoods, but this was dangerous to drink as more other substances often got mixed in with it, so Quint and Maris climbed to the top of the tree and drank it with pine-kernels. Other names for Sky Nectar were Kobold's Tears, The Gift of Riverrise and Cloudtree Juice.
Earth Studies represents scholarly earth studies performed by academics and librarians.
Earth Culture represents knowledge of races, tribes and their customs. Also general wilderness lore, myths and legends.

If I was GMing I'd potentially allow them to roll on either of these skills provided they justify it.

Maybe if they roll and successfully determine the water is unsafe THEN they could roll aquatics if they want to to determine what's in the water / safely collect a sample for later alchemical fun.
I just think that such a fundamental task (finding fresh water) shouldn't be limited to a single, relatively uncommon skill.
You can easily attempt to find fresh water with any of the three skills, I suppose.
The TN wouldn't be very high so it'd be easy enough to attempt unskilled if needed, but that would be just as dangerous as usual, risking failing and not finding water (-1 EP ) or critically failing and finding unsuitable water which makes you slightly ill (-2EP)

The Deepwoods is a dangerous place, Even Twig who grew up and spent his whole life in the Deepwoods struggled finding water early on, and later got all of his crew killed doing the same thing.

I suppose you could just take whatever water you find and use a cooking check to Boil it to kill any bacteria also?
Just filling out some more skill descriptions on the Google Doc Currently.
Got distracted by a potential alignment system. Gonna go back to working on the doc now.
Care to elaborate on that potential alignment system?
Please no.
I was thinking about where the random dice levels you obtain between professions came from and what learning the skills represents other than just naturally getting better at something you already do.

I theorized that if there were an alignment system that these points could be awarded for staying true to your alignment for that year.
As there are some pretty nice moral variations that present themselves in The Edge Chronicles. People who value various concepts as of paramount importance often come into conflict. Profit, Freedom, Family/Loytaly, Knowledge.
Started to fiddle around with Skills lists in an oldschool alignment chart to develop skill lists that people of varying alignments could develop that dice point using combinations of the existing categories.

Didn't really like the result and it ended up being more of a background-y kinda feeling system.
High-sky is Sky Scholar, Undersky is Leaguesmen etc
Especially after I listed out 28 different combinations of the broken in half skill groups

Picture attached is one of the things i was fiddling around with at the start.

Alignment would over complicate character creation which is something we really dont want as Simple Character creation is one of our systems strengths.


Don't worry, I agree.
If an Alchemist makes a healing balm or or potion which mends broken bones faster or something similar, they roll medicine to use and apply their product to the person right?

You use Alchemy to create potions and products and identify ingredients properties.
Then you use Medicine to apply healing potions and balms on yourself and others?
From my understanding, yes.

Also Fauna/Floral if they have to forage for the ingredients in the first place. Creating stuff is a bit of a process.
We also discussed other gathering skills here >>36705579

Potential Skill order storyline for campaign

Important NPC is sick
Roll Medicine to Diagnose him and find out what is needed to heal him: An X Potion.
Roll Alchemy to determine ingredients of X potion:
- Female Woodwolf fur,
- Dampseed
Roll Earth Culture to remember and find place where both are found
Roll Navigation to plot course
Roll Sky sailing etc to get there.
Group spread out and searches for Fauna
Roll Flora to find and identify Dampseed.
Roll Flora to Gather it carefully.
Roll Tracking to find footprints and track a pack of woodwolves
Roll Fauna to identify a female woodwolf.
Roll Animal Husbandry to attempt to take some fur.
Roll Combat when that goes wrong.
Go back to the ship
Roll Alchemy to mix the potion.
Roll Trading to sell it to Important NPC for a high price.
Roll Medicine to apply potion and stabilise NPC
Finished the High Skills to the same level as the under skills in the doc.
22/32 skills now. 10 to go.
24/32 Skills now. Taking a break.
Also updated listed skills for some of the races in the race pastebin.
Offline for a bit now.
Hope the thread is still here when I get back.
Basically, no one skill is overly favoured. That's good.

Don't worry about that. For some reason, /tg/ was ridiculously busy last night, but it seems to have died down now.
Yeah, Alchemy is already a pretty rare skill, having it this way allows it to be contributed to by the whole group
File: Maugin.jpg (415 KB, 721x761)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
Just another gentle nudge to keep the thread alive.
Also Maugin.
Poot Maugin. Bad luck plagued her entire life. She just couldn't catch a break.
Maugin is best murder-death-woods waifu.

Maris a shit.
Threadly reminder that Maugin is unsuccessful in her amorous ambitions. Probably.
She didn't screw that waif, man.

Faithful as fuck.
Would anyone...?
You go for a decades long dry spell and see what you don't jump on.

Also, this is /tg/, m8.

Someone would fuck a waif.
What a horrifying thought.

I was merely referring to a scene in Stormchaser that implies that her relationship with Twig wasn't absolutely, 100% chaste. Just about 99%.
"Twig" is a terrible name to have for sex occasions.
That in mind, it's hardly surprising he was chaste with Maugin.

...Do we really need to talk about waifus? As someone vehemently against such nonsense, this is really uncomfortable. Don't we have some mechanics to discuss or something?

Alchemy seems mostly sorted, at that. Do TNs of twice the number of ingredients involved still seem suitable?
It did the job and bumped the thread.

And I'm drawing a blank on what TN means.
The bumping was invaluable, I suppose.

TN is Target Number.
Ok then, in that case I'm not totally clear.

Are you talking "ingredients needed" or "ingredients added for funsies"?
Total ingredients needed.
So a basic concoction, with a primary ingredient and a catalyst, would require a TN of 4 (attainable with one die level, more easily so with help or alchemical apparatus), with the TN rising by 2 for each successive ingredient.
That sounds like a reasonable progression, yeah. The TN12 potion that can work miracles would require six exotic and obscure reagents, that's enough for at least a whole session of questing, if not more.
More importantly, should I start fluffing some more reagents?
Even with that, it won't be too unbalanced: your masterwork TN12 potion has a primary reagent, three secondary reagents, a catalyst and a stabilising agent. Thus the system balances itself.

That does seem like a good idea.
Deadwood- This tree's bark, when powdered, has powerful numbing properties.
Scarlet Pine Trees- The bright red resin is a useful thickening agent.
Rosy Heartapple- This delicious but deadly fruit kills upon ingestion.
Dewdrop Trees- The thin branches of this tree are widely spread around a central bud. Dew runs down the branches and mixes with the mild sap to produce a clear liquid that aids memory.
Sweetwoods- These slender saplings have little use, but squeezings from their roots can sweeten even the bitterest brew.
Gladebarley- These oats can thicken thin tinctures into unguents.
Hairy Charlock- This herb can be made into a tea that boosts Resolve, though it can leave the drinker weak and shaky.
Blackanis- The oil pressed from this herb can be used to thin concoctions.

Okay this is harder than I thought. What effects do we want out of the Alchemy skill, exactly?
We need stabilising agents for various states (those are probably interchangeable in more basic recipes provided you use ones of the right type) and a few basic effects along the lines of:
>Accelerates healing (use as a base to help the EP restoration rate or as a secondary for a lesser bonus).
>Numbing (use as a base to ignore penalties from going below an EP threshold or as a secondary to aid the effectiveness as the recipient's body resists less.
>Staunches bleeding/helps with burns/etc (use as a base to help with effects such as bleeding or burns that have a long-term penalty until cured. The secondary effects will probably vary by ingredient.)
>Poison (Use as a base to try and harm the recipient. As a secondary, some poisonou reagents can have a beneficial effect, but be very careful to get it right.)

Additional effect categories may be required, but those are the ones of which I could think off-hand. I hope that helps.
Immediately after posting, I realised that I failed to account for any sort of boost and ways to make a concoction more palatable (the effect of which may be comparable to a numbing secondary reagent).

Concoctions with an effect that isn't more or less a single-target buff or debuff also fall outside the scope of that writeup, so it may be beneficial to note an additional category of nonsense such as Vilnix Pompolius' water purification system or Vox's drugs and explosives.
File: Mistsifters.jpg (203 KB, 768x859)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Mistsifters: truely the height of Sanctaphrax fashion.
File: Edgedancer.jpg (46 KB, 515x547)
46 KB
The Edgedancer flies in glorious full colour.
With luck, it will carry this thread until someone else arrives.
Ship did not deserve the short life-span it got.

As for another note.

Charlock and Hempleaf can be used to not die from a Hoverworm.

Pretty important.
.. Maybe I shouldnt have posted that picture of maugin.

Read through the list of flora in the pastebin i made in thread 2, theres a whole bunch of potential ingredients which have no properties that we can homebrew.
Milkwort fronds- this fern, when used in a poultice, will slow bleeding and draw out any foreign matter
Plateleaf lilies- these huge leaves can be used as a catalyst for poultices, but when used by themselves, they can be layered into a temporary light armor
Sky Moss- when used in a poultice, this moss heals frostbite or other exposure-caused injuries
Woodgorse- poultices containing woodgorse draw out poisons introduced by injuries
Playtest happenin' tomorrow.

Will share results and responses.
Unguents are pastes and salves that are spread on wounds.
Meadowsage- When present in an unguent, the cap at which EP restores daily rises from by two (for example, from 5 to 7) and grants an immediate recovery of 1 EP
Sytil Moss- typically found in banderbear fur, this moss, when used in an unguent, raises the cap at which EP regenerates by 4 (for example, from 5 to 9) and grants an immediate recovery of 2 EP
Lyptus- This aromatic leaf, when used in an unguent, raises the cap at which EP regenerates by 1 (for example, from 5 to 6) and grants an immediate recovery of 3 EP
Cloudberries- When used in an unguent, these berries raise the cap at which EP regenerates by 1 (for example, from 5 to 6). When treating burns specifically, the cap raises by an additional 4 and grants an immediate 2 EP recovery.
Isolated list of Edge Flora.

I've been thinking about how to lay this out in the Core book.
Alchemy should probably have its own chapter or be a part of an expanded skills chapter broken up into

>How to use Alchemy

>>Discovering a Potion
Description about how to roll to find/remember/research a cure for an illness or come up with a poison needed for a situation etc

>>Gathering Reagents
Description of how to find and gather reagents using the different skills possible

>>Analysing a found reagent.
Finding other uses and effects of a reagent found

>>Making the Product
How to mix reagents and make potions and poisons.

>List of Reagents
>>Earth Studies
>>Flight Rocks
File: Professors.jpg (9 KB, 261x233)
9 KB
Forgot Sky Scholarship
Eh fuck 'em.

Who needs those Sky Scholars?

Note for the thread, how do you guys feel about item stats?

I ran the Hammelhorn coat as giving you a +1 on Survival Rolls(or what they were at the time) and a reroll to anytime something tried to eat you.
So I was talking about doing a PbP playtest earlier, but would anyone actually be interested in doing that? Preferably someone better with the rules would DM, but I can organise one.
I'd be down to participate. I could DM as well, but I feel like that might lead to embarrassing fumbling of the rules.
Sometime next week I'll probably be around to do it.
So that's 3 people. Also I should probably stop being Anon to make this less confusing.
I made up some reagents/ recipes based on that padtebin list of deepwoods plants. Its just a start though feel free to build on it and change stuff.

>> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-CrD0U45PVtlgyGKBSyTlBdfC3OumgPYUdgOEoraJMM/edit?usp=docslist_api

Jesus Christ I spent my Friday night on this!
Distantlands, System, and Edgeraces all understand the rules better than I do, so I wouldn't be the best choice for GM.
I'd be up for it, as mentioned before, but as that relies on getting everything to work on a phone, don't rely on my presence.

It's a good start in terms of defining the primary reagents/TN2 concoctions that you can try to make untrained with only one ingredient.
I would be up for a play by post Game.
Not sure If If I'd have the time to GM it though.

Now I just need to decide on a character to play..
Leaguesman named Edger Aces?

Deepwoods explorer named Edgera CES (Certified Earth Scholar)

Sanctaphrax sky scholar Ed Geraces?

Maybe the Sky Pirate Captain of the Edge Racer?
Your names have, at least, potential.
The best I can come up with is the unlikely duo Distantl and Sanon.

I'll echo the "no time to GM" sentiment (plus, as a foreverGM, it'll be fun to play for once).
True, mine were kinds simple, but don't worry.
I got your back.

Grand Librarian Distan Tlandsanon
Kinda works if you pronounce the last name kinda like you would Lancelot

Trainee Sky Scholar Miss Di Stantland - ANON (Academy of Nocturnally Occuring Nimbostratus)
System, of course, will not have a hard time.
>Sy Stem, Deepwoodsman.
>S. Ystem, Undertown knife-grinder.
>Syst Em, Sanctaphrax student.
I think the anon Wind Jackal has it easiest.

Once we've finished up the GM's section, I think we could each stat up a character for the 'sample NPCs' section.
I'm looking at the various Things to be Done in the Google Doc. It seems to consist of skill writeups, random character generation (Edgeraces has the appropriate charts), race and profession writeups, the "how to into rolls" section (I'll try to find an opportunity to work on that) and the setting details.

Once all of that is in place, we can work on the self-indulgent, meta-joke-filled example of play.
File: Ruptuspentephraxis.jpg (143 KB, 512x897)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
A lot more to be done than that. Though we're working through it at a good pace.
I can mainly do content monday-fridays currently.
I'll try and get the skills finished up asap.

Enjoy the picture of High Leaguesmaster from the Quint Trilogy. You'll probably be bumping into him.
File: 480px-Gianttreefromp.jpg (56 KB, 480x643)
56 KB
File: prowgin carriage.jpg (305 KB, 1304x1167)
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305 KB JPG
Tree Fromp you say?
The illustration speaks for itself.

Prowlgrins are acceptable too.
File: SoDashing.jpg (356 KB, 983x1699)
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356 KB JPG
I do kinda wish there was a Trilogy based on Wind Jackal's childhood.
He probably had a terrible father.
>you will never be as suave as Thaw Daggerslash
He mentions that his father taught him how to sky pirate, so maybe not?

Thats what role playing games are for!
Maybe that's why we don't have the Saga of Wind Jackal: his life was fairly dull and routine because his father raised him to be competent and the sane, reasonable foil to his friend Linius Pallitax.
So what method will we use for the PbP? A forum? Google drive(somehow)? Something else?
Actually, did everyone think that Wind Jackal was out of his mind regarding the name? I can't think of a single instance of jackals being known on the Edge. At least Cloud Wolf had woodwolves.

If nothing else, we can use the chat function that seems to be bundled with the TitanPad. Roll20 is an option, I suppose (if we can work out the details regarding that). It has text chat, a dice-rolling engine built into said chat and the GM can share relevant images with minimal fuss.
The keys are close on my keyboard!

There are a lot of options I suppose, Roll20 could work but it'd be a bit screwy since it's designed for live sessions. The main problem is whatever service we use it needs a dice roller, unless we just have the DM do everything.
File: More Suave than Thaw.jpg (456 KB, 1107x1712)
456 KB
456 KB JPG
I'm afraid Roll20 is the only service I've ever actually used to run online, so I can't really offer much in the way of advice beyond it.
File: Palaceofshadows.jpg (584 KB, 1101x1712)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
>Short buildings in Sanctaphrax.
>at least 80 feet high
What a shack.

I can get like...ten of those.
Makes me wonder about how many different Librarian Schools and Academies were demolished/Taken over and converted after the great purge.
I assume the Knights Academy was once used to train Librarian Knights and Stormchasing Knights.
Also, I do somewhat wish to play a crazy viaduct professor 'Water Scholar'. Who insists that Waters is Equally, if not more important that Eath and Sky on the Edge.
>Edgewater river brings life across the edge, from the great water source of Riverrise.
>Great storm heals the edge, all those clouds and storms the are filled with water.
>Great Clams are mystical in nature and water based.

Everyone else is just convinced Water academia is just derivative of earth and sky studies.

But he know that Water Academics is where it's at.
File: 300px-Hirmina.jpg (25 KB, 300x430)
25 KB
I feel kinda sorry for Hirmina, Wind Jackal's wife.
6 Kids and all of them boys. I really think they must have been trying for a girl.

Maybe -she- went crazy and burnt down the family home and ran away and started a new life with Turbolt Smeal in the deepwoods?
She does have crazyeyes.

It might be unnecessary, but should we
A) Make Water Scholar a skill? It's not represented in the series, but the equal divinity of Earth, Sky, and Water is referenced obliquely but frequently in later books.
B) Just have a format in place for campaign-specific skills? These could be optional per campaign either as a rare incidence (IE, your crazy professor) or just as a feature of the Erage (phraxcrystal engineering, phraxcrystal weaponry, Librarian Skycraft, etc)

I dunno, the latter might be more useful in the long run for converting to later ages of flight but I do like the fluff of the first.
Aquatics currently covers many water related things. Though Water studies are broken up into Earth (For all the rivers lakes/ riverrise studies) And Sky (for Clouds, storms and rain)

It's been stated that Earth Scholars do study water stuff in the books as part of Earth. Chine (The healing water dirt form riverrise is the Earth Scholar equivalent of Stormphrax.)

As for campaign specific skills I dont think we need them as a mechanic so far. Our existing skills can pretty much cover everything.

Phraxcrystal engineering would be covered by Sky studies.
Phraxcrystal weaponry is no different than any other form of combat.
Librarian Skycraft is just another form of sky sailing.
Guardians of Night would also use sky scholarship.
Ghosts of Screetown would be ropework heavy I assume.

As we make splat books for the different ages, Maybe some of the skills will be replaced, but at this point I cant really see a need yet. Perhaps just simply renaming to be more age specific ?
>>36748897 was me.

Also another point of interest was thinking about some sort of group fighting mechanics in terms of fighting a group of minions, or a bunch of lesser threats simeoultaneously.
I'd imagine the GM Would just have the group each have no points in combat and pool a roll or something then have you roll against it with your combat skill?

Not sure what the average rolls for a group of say, 4 untrained henchmen versus a character with a combat skill of 1d8

4 x (1d4-1) vs 1d8
Alright, if we wanna keep it trimmed down. Just rereading The Immortals now and things are a lot different.

I've been doing it as rolling dice for all enemies (most with d4, maybe one or two d6), dealing damage with any roll that surpasses a character in combat's roll, and one dying every time a character surpasses the enemy's rolls.
I still haven't read the Immortals, to be honest.

They would pool their skills thus, I believe.
Test 2 commentary.
>combat still needs clarification as to benefits of weaponry, sneak attacks, and in general
>combat was far more deadly this go around, with even my combat focused character getting the shit knocked out of him
>not sure on how TN works
>trained vs untrained is better defined
I played as the Dm and I had a few specific things I'd like to bring up.
First of all, there seems to be no existing consensus on what happens if you get a skill twice, or if you even can. I ruled that if skills overlapped, you just add another die to that skill, but I can see how this might be overpowering.
Combat needed fleshing out, or at the very least a more defined structure. It seems like it could work either as a stripped-down, ultrafast system with very few mechanics or as a more detailed process. Stripped-down seems like the direction it's going in right now but it still needs work.
Dealing with situations that don't require any specific skill was a little awkward. What or whether to roll for pulling a heavy object for instance. This will probably stop being a problem as the skills get more polished.
Overall, though, the system is coming along great. The character creation process went really smoothly, and the rules do work for actually running a functional game.
Playtest here, overall. This game went better than last time, probably because I wasn't GMing and the rules are a bit clearer.
Does anyone have those lore/location posts that were kinda added here and there to add to the Doc?
Also, fuck the new captcha system
I saw the thread on page 10 and panicked, so have a more in-depth response now.

I've run (and seen) combat as follows:
>Pool all of the first group's rolls.
>Pool all the second group's rolls.
>Each member of both groups loses EP equal to half the lower pooled total, rounded down.
>Each member of the lower-total-rolling group loses EP equal to the difference between the higher and lower totals.
>Repeat as necessary.

So, as an example.
>Our valiant party pools their d6, d6 and ď10 in combat, rolling a combined total of 13.
>The vicious slavers pool their three d6s, rolling a total of 12.
>Each member of both the PC party and the slaver group loses floor(12/2), which is 6, EP.
>Each slaver loses an additional (13-12), which is 1, EP.
>Repeat until either side is dead or retreats/surrenders.
Side note.

Fuck the Mire.
Not sure what you meant by 'Getting a skill twice'
Do you mean at character creation?
If so, yes You do add an additional 'Dice level' not an additional dice.
Say if you have a d4 Flora from Race Banderbear and you take Deepwood Wilding as a Background which also grants a dice level in Flora, That character now has d6 Flora.
>Situations where there is no skill apparent and players are unsure what or whether to roll.

>For whether to roll.
Moving a heavy object, It depends how heavy and if the GM deems it worthy of making it a skill check.
If so, it would be an Athletics check.

>Players being unsure what to roll

Personally I believe the best way to counter this issue is to have all of the skills listed on the base character sheet, this gives players an idea of all the different skills their characters can attempt at any time, trained or untrained and not have them have to remember all 32 skills.
Hi, I was the third person from Playtest's game tonight since I know him in real life. I said I'd make some commentary when I got home and I kind of forgot to until now, whoops.

>the gameplay went a lot smoother than last time. character creation was more speedy and easier to work out.
>as our GM said, we decided to stack dice for things that overlapped (like fauna knowledge for an apothecary and fauna knowledge for a slaugterer would be two die levels combined, so d6 instead of d4 and ?)
>combat was awkward, as mentioned. as the system is, weapons seem to have no effect -- both type and if you even have one. it seems to me like a hit with a big sword should have some inherent damage worth over a hit done with bare fists.
>we could use more professions if we're going to let people take one every other year
>untrained skills vs trained skills was much easier

although untrained skills are (for good reason) so frustrating because of how awful you are at it. ha.

I think that's about it.

comment to be broken in two parts because of length, so (1/2)

Side question that I have unrelated to our game, since both our characters were 21: when in the character's thirties, do they lose die skill points to PROFESSION skills they haven't trained in ten years, or is it general skills?

i.e. A 38 year old mercenary is a crested webfoot goblin who has not trained his diplomacy skill nor his combat skill in ten years. If his diplomacy is a d4 from racial traits, and his combat is a d6 from professions, would the final result be untrained diplomacy and d4 combat, or d4 diplomacy and d4 combat?

I like the idea of there being a complete list of skills on the character sheet with blank spaces for players to pencil in die levels. Mind if I draw up a draft character sheet? I found one on the pastebin, but it's both missing a race section and seems like it could have a few other things worked into it.

Also sorry for not being around to update the doc lately, but it's all looking good! I think removing the "taxonomy" part from the races section might be beneficial for now, though. It seems a little tedious to do that for every single type and race and it would make the process of listing each race/type easier. Taxonomy could be added in later once we're just polishing things up. Y/n?

And seriously, fuck the mire.
Here's the character sheet I've been fiddling around with. It's got Dice level points as skill measurement on it, which is what I find easier to use.
Feel free to make your own though :)
Also I pretty much assumed that I'd be the one who ended up typing up the majority of the races content.

Taxonomy is my methodology of keeping track of the organisation of the various races and allowing players to see where their traits come from. It's mainly for goblins as they have a whole clan descendant hierarchy going on which I've already charted and mapped out.
For example

->Symbite goblins (Community based goblins)

The reason I have Crested Webfoots as the example currently in the doc is that they are one of the four Webfoot Subspecies, which have the largest taxonomy chain.|

The races chapter is for additonal flavor and fluff about the Races that you can choose from. I'm thinking of having a simplified Race Table for the start of the chapter with A simplified
Layout for players to be able to sort through and find a race which has the skill they want speedily.
Also not sure if you saw my post earlier in the week about the list of races with updated skill names and categorization.
I'll be starting converting these into the proper format over the course of the coming week.
Just did a few more touch-ups on the google doc, hoppinig off for a little bit now
Aaah, thanks Edgeraces. Have mostly been skimming the threads since I was busy all of this last week or so. Sheet looks good :-) I'll leave the races up to you since it's your specialty then. It just seemed odd to me since there weren't more examples is all, ha.
>fuck the mire

In my defense, the guide looked like was going to kill you.

This is when we could've used that fucking Waif.

Fuck the mire.

You and the guide never did get to have that conversation about manners and how stabbing people is not an acceptable action to take when suspecting shifty behavior. Hmm.
Look, my first reaction to ANYTHING was to just spike the shit out of it, you got to admit that knife-throw was pretty fucking good.
At the same time, did we come to a consensus on weapon ability?
>take a skill twice
From the same profession, within the same two years, no. From the same profession in two different age blocks, a different profession or other sources, yes. Each instance of the skill adds one die level.
I hope my example from earlier helps.
Perhaps Edgeraces is right and we should list every skill on the sheet. That will take us closer to the A4 that is our eventual target.
Moot, pls. This message took me thirteen hours to send because of that.
That looks really good. Perhaps it's a bit redundant to list "profession" at the top and in the block, but that can display current occupation. Everything fits together neatly enough.
Robot detected
Part of the reason my formatting is so shitty on that post is because when I went to post it told me that it was a spam post.

I had to copy paste it, email to myself and post from a different compooter.

And could you link or quote the specific example you are talking about, please?
Combat in a nutshell.

Super-light and abstracted (maybe just allowing a +1 for situational bonuses) seems to be the best way forward.

It's a hard life being a robot. The Gloamgloazer keeps trying to recruit me based off imagined kinship.
We ran combat as a sort of weird-half doing of that. We rolled together if we were all attacking at the same time on the same targets, or independently at times.

Like on the initial skyship I fought 3 dudes at once and got the shit knocked out of me.

At the same time, I don't see anything in that post about weapon effects. Didn't we have a small, medium, and heavy deal with no bonus, +1, and +2 respectively?
Yeah, I originally had Current Profession and Past Professions, but the first didnt fit and the second didnt look too good.
Could change it to be Occupation
Or change the category to be Profession History or something?
File: Spoiler Image (52 KB, 440x362)
52 KB
Totally forgot weapon effects, to be honest; that post was basically a reiteration of opposed rolls in general.
Basically, weapons (if I recall correctly) add to the margin of success if successful.

You can roll individually (I had a player who minmaxed a d12 in combat and tried), but it'll be quite fatal, especially if there is more than one opponent.

Pic is "phase 2" of a CAPTCHA I received. Couldn't even make heads or tails of how to proceed.
Has anyone done any expansion on my initial work on alchemy? I know its a bit of a far off goal but it'd be nice to work on it some.
There was a few people posting more stuff earlier in the thread I think, not sure if you saw it.

Speaking of. We've hit auto-sage.
Gonna have to make a new thread soon before this one disappears.
New Thread is up.
Last two
New thread

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