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If you were going to expand Sisters of Battle to a codex the same sort of size as Marines, what would you do with them in the area of new units/redoing old ones?

Personally, I think a core part of it is to take a step away from the idea of 'Marines with worse stats' and more into units that do something different, or at least are enough of a twist on the ideas that they are identifiably different in a way other than 'Flat worse'
Reposting from another thread, an idea for a Heavy Sister that isn't just Terminator Armour

Perdition Support Suit:

A crude facsimile of terminator armour, though one that serves it's purpose well enough, the Perdition Support Suit was designed for breaching structures where even power armour was not enough to ensure safety. The wearer is kept behind multiple inches of ceramite and servos, the well protected armour stopping bolt round and flame weaponry without effort...though, unlike terminator armour, it's extended bulk does not keep it safe from weapons designed to tear tanks apart. Still, it's large amount of firepower has proven valuable in the assistance of the Sisters of Battle.

Large Infantry Base 1-5 models.

WS 4 BS 4 Str 3 T 4 W2 I 2 A 4 LD 9 3+/6+

Weaponry: 2 Heavy Flamers

Special Rules: Ceramite Armour, Flameslinger, Split Fire, Shield of Faith, Divine Torrent, Very Bulky

Ceramite Armour: The Perdition Support Suit is immune to damage from flame-based weapons of strength 6 or lower. Templates it is immune to may be placed over it as if it was not there.

Flameslinger: The Perdition Support Suit may fire 2 heavy flamers in a single turn. In addition, they may use Heavy Flamers as a close combat weapon with the following rules:

Heavy Flamer: Str 5, AP 4

Divine Torrent: Faith Power, gain Torrent USR

May exchange 1 Heavy Flamer for a Meltagun.
You make them something other than 'flat worse' by reducing their points cost.

Done, thanks, I'll take my paycheck in the mail.

Playwise, not army power levelwise. Making them a different army play-wise to Marines instead of cheaper, more plentiful marines.
They're already "marine" daemons (3+ saves, army wide invulnerable saves) with unique powers per squad that don't ignore Ld... how is that not different enough from marines?
>to a codex the same sort of size as Marines

And this is why SoBfags are faggots.

Because they are talking about a hypothetical increase in size to on par with the size of most codexes theses days? Dark Eldar are about the same size, though with less special characters
Sisters really need some sort of Anti-Air, to start.

Perhaps, rather than a tank based one (Though an Anti-Air Exorcist would make a lot of sense), maybe an infantry-based one?

Virtues (The Angels in charge of supervising heavenly bodies).

SOB with all having Flack Missile Launchers and a piece of Equipment that gives them Interceptor. Maybe toss them Stealth so they can hunker down in ruins and be hard to dig out by AP 3 templates.

Faith power gives them Ignores Cover for a turn.

Against non-flier heavy armies they are decent tank hunters (Each having half an autocannon).
>the size of most codexes

Wrong, the marine codex is far larger than any other codex.

>Dark Eldar are about the same

112 pages vs. 176, you fucking retard.

>complains about marines
>marines get too much stuff

You don't see why you're a fucking retard?

Ah, my bad. 23 Dark Eldar units (Not counting special characters, counting the court of the Archon as one unit), 31 Space Marine (Not counting Special Characters) units.

I forgot a lot of the units that Marines had added in the last couple of codexes (The new Anti-air, the second flier option, centurions)

Perhaps 'Dark Eldar' would have been a better example of size. Full size codex was the intended thing for it.

Do you have anything productive to add other than 'People shouldn't discuss a faction because they are talking hypothetical new units'?
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so whats going on here

Do SoBfags have anything productive to add to /tg/ ever?

No. No they don't. And shitty homebrews that nobody plays, shitting up other threads at every opportunity or mention of SoB, and circlejerking in SoB generals aren't productive.

Never compare C:SM as the standard because that codex also incorporates C:BT and will always have more anything than the other races, whether it be units, models, or codex size/pages.
Id give them tons of faith powers back along with some stolen ideas from the defunct black templars codex. Also add more lords of war like saints or angels and also cathedral style armor of wild and random chance.

Yeah, my bad. I used it as an example of 'Baseline codex' and didn't think it through.

Moving St Celestine to the Lord of War slot could allow some fun stuff to be upgraded with her.
New tanks.
Maybe Hover Rhinos and those open-top ones that carry twice the number of troops.
New tank chassis that ISN'T a Raider, Russ or Chimera. Completely new design.
Maybe base it off modern, low profile designs with a large and ornate weapon mounted in the middle.

Some kind of small, mobile vehicle or walker. Say the Penitent chassis made into heavily armed and armoured walkers.

A Flyer unit

An Anti-Flyer unit

Something really out of left field.
Say Sisters with Power Lances and Power Swords on Robohorses?
A walking turret like a modified Karamazov's chair.

Hospitallers bought in number and assigned to squads of your choosing.

That a good start?
So did a nun touch you when you were young or something?
File: 1371179023413.jpg (76 KB, 579x508)
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I got a few images people made that have neat ideas.
Lemme get them out.
File: 1350754779497.jpg (86 KB, 1111x679)
86 KB
File: 1330284298707.jpg (343 KB, 641x785)
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343 KB JPG
The sister termie.
File: 1316006024295.jpg (171 KB, 1321x778)
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171 KB JPG
A close combat variant that isn't a celestian. Maybe like a troop choice that leans more towards CC.
File: 1284161749279.jpg (67 KB, 650x464)
67 KB
Lastly...A sniper variant that is a flamer with torrent?
File: 1416273367087.jpg (277 KB, 510x600)
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277 KB JPG
If they would just make a Titan sized Exorcist complete with the giant fucking organ gun.

>You are now imagining an Imperator Titan with many organ guns instead of the giant castle on top

If they would just make that fuck it I'd buy whatever the fuck else they put out for SoB
Everything except hover Rhinos sounds okay. They don't fit the setting at all.
Then it's followed by a bunch of missiles that put a planet full of Katyushas to shame.
Not even excessively ornate ones blingged to the nines?

-Either Reduce the cost or up the toughness of the Repentia.
-Repentia as Troops for a HQ, like an Arch-Confessor or some shit. Make a footslog army with Flyers possible.
-Anti-Psykers, though make them glass cannons. Worth the risk if you pull it off, otherwise, it's 150 points down the drain.
-Anti-air, they're combat veterans that fight flying witchkin and shit, they should be able to fight flyers.
-Fix the Penitent Engine, and give it a kit that isn't a cunt and a half to put together.
-Reduce the price of Celestians, or make them a viable unit.

Those are the only things I could want really, unless we were getting into new units or getting St. Trollestien back.

I miss the days of Never Dying Saints and Fearing the Table Edge.
Fair enough. It says in that piece that the secret to making tham is lost now, though.

The images actually look damn cool.
>-Either Reduce the cost or up the toughness of the Repentia.

How many T4 unaugmented, non-hero/officer humans do you know of.
>lost now
That's just one retcon away.

Hell, just write the Sisters found an STC that covered the missing gaps in how to make and fix it and that's why Marines don't get them anymore.
It doesn't specifically have to be the Toughness stat, they need something to make them viable however. They're pretty easy units to shred through, which sucks given the costs.

I mainly take one maxed unit for Shock and Awe, and they work fairly well when coupled with support from a few other units, but getting them anywhere is a pain in the ass.
Incorporating the BT adds..what... 6 or 7 pages. Negligible.

And over 5 units and 20+ unique models.
here you go. It's much expanded with options to cover everything they were missing.

Critique appreciated.

The faith powers look more than a bit complex and I'm really not a fan of the Sisters Technologus being the techies, as I feel they really overlap too much with techpriests.

I'd actually make Sisters Prontarus the techies, if they need one. Less due to being techpriests and more to do with being experts at dealing with Relics both holy and Archeotech.
The Faith System is the one complex system the Sisters have otherwise they're more straight forward than basic Space Marines. It's very manageable compared to a lot of other armies like Chaos Daemons.

The Pronatus already have a very defined role in the Codex. I'm not vey keen on changing them.

I will however listen to any suggestions on how to change the Technologus which are an extrapolation on the somewhat vague fluff given in Imperial Armour 2: Second Edition. They're essentially SoB Techmarines.

Have they been mentioned before?
File: Tech-Sisters.jpg (1.58 MB, 1200x1600)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
Here's the page with all the fluff.

I extrapolated from this.

I think the Servo-Arms should probebly go. They are very mechanicus toys that don't really fit SOB.

Just give Ecclesiarchy their own techpriests.

The fluff literally says they use techpriests so why are you going full snowflake faggotry with female tech marines?
If they lose the Servo-arm they stop functioning as the Sisters Techmarine Equivalent.

It's an SoB Codex and the Sisters wouldn't send just any Techpriest into Battle, they'd send one of their own.

They may use Techpriests under the strict supervison of either the SoB or Ecclesiarchy, but they wouldn't send them into battle.

The Fluff says that their are Sisters of Battle specially trained in the ways of the Machine Spirit. They use both Canticles from the Tech-priest and Prayers taught to them by the Ecclesiarchy. The Sisters of Battle also aren't shy about taking Bionics so it'd make sense that a few Sisters have more extensive Bionics than a new eye or a replacement limb.

It also helps flesh out the Codex with more units.
>If they lose the Servo-arm they stop functioning as the Sisters Techmarine Equivalent.

They could have repair skills without needing mechanicus-only bionics.

How about actually doing something worthwhile instead of just making everything the SoB version of not-marines.

Oh wait, homebrewing shit on /tg/ or wasting time on SoB will never be useful.
refluff pentient engines so they arent just a veiled opportunity to put tits on a dread
Yeah, nah, not anywhere on that page does it say that the Sisters have any sort of Tech-Priest equivalent. Besides, if you wanted them to be more divergent and unique as an army, why insist upon having analogues of everything all the other Imperial armies use anyway?
>this is a bad thing
every single warlord trait is at least twice as powerful as it should be

at least one should be mediocre

I didnt bother to look at the rest because I know the whole thing will be OP fanwank
this is so overpowered, you are even giving units with established stat lines from other codexes better stats for less points
>14 HQ choices
Sweet Jesus.
How so?

1. The Warlord gets Crusader and Fear. Not that big of a deal considering all the Fearless units in the game.

2. D6 Infantry units get Outflank. Compare that to Master of Ambush from the BRB, your Warlord and 3 non-vehicle units get Infiltrate. There's also the Chaos Space Marine Warlord Trait Master of Deception: D3 Infantry units get Infiltrate.

3. Taken word for Word from Codex Inquisition.

4. Preferred Enemy (Psykers) and +1 to Deny the Witch. Really situational and not that great even against an army with a lot of Psykers.

5. Teken Word for Word from Codex: Adepta Sororitas

6. +1 Faith Point. Whoooo. You'll start off with plenty of these anyway and you still have to pass tests of Faith.

Trust me everything in the Codex isn't OP or Fanwank. Especially considering 2 of the Warlord Traits were written by GW, not me.
Which unit are you referring to? All of the Units in the Codex are from Codex Sisters of Battle/Adepta Sororitas or Witch Hunters.

I even removed Buff Priests and Exorcists cost 5 points more than in Codex Adepta Sororitas.

As compared to Space MArines 40+
>As compared to Space MArines 40+

Nice hyperbole, you faggot ass cockmongler. You make me want SoB to be squatted even more. I hope they do get removed just to spite faggots like you.
That's not Hyperbole Space Marines actually have 40+ HQ choices.

Here count: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Space_Marines%287E%29#HQ_Units
I just want sisters rolled into codex THAT GUY with dark eldar and a traitor guardsmen codex

If it's the servo-arms themselves that are the problem, would Mechadendrites do? I mean crunch-wise they could just do the same, or give them a hulking servitor with a servo-arm
A Servo Arm is just a large Mechadendrite.

Source: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Servo-arm
>demands all marines be rolled into one codex
>complains marines have too much shit in one book
>tries to make the worst faction in the game the new marines
>Chapter Master
>Mster of the Forge
That's six. If we add in the 'add-on squads' you can take, it brings it up to eight.

Just what are you smoking, exactly?
Hurring durring do, completely overlooked the special characters and realised the Damcoles shouldn't be on the list anyway. Now I feel silly.
>Immigrants put more in than they take out
[citation needed]

Typical woman
Not any of the OPs, and I personally don't care for SoB, but fuck sake, pull the stick out of your ass.
Every time you post that you'll be told by at a minimum of one person that the system is too complex.
Every time you hand wave it away.

Just saying.

Stop shitting up /tg/.
No you
I can't see a sniper flamethrower being remotely realistic, even in the 41st millennium. A sniper meltagun would work better.
A sniper flamethrower is a missile launcher with an incendiary missle
Or a special, explosive bolt full of a special ultra-high temperature, slow burning gel that will burn anything that is even remotely flammable.

Once the flames start, you can't exactly return fire anyway.
It wouldn't be a subtle sniper after the first shot but if they quickly relocate themselves after the shot it could still work to some degree.

Mind you, it'd work better as a long-range flamer in a squad rather then as a lone sniper.
Dominions - change it so every girl in the squad has a special weapon.

Retributors - change it so every girl in the squad has a heavy weapon.

Allow both squads to go up to 20 strong just like the Troops squad.

Both become more useful, more powerful and have dropped that 'up to 4' rule they copied from Marines.

Could you imagine a hill held by 20 Heavy Bolters?

Charging the enemy line with ten flamers and ten melta guns?

And don't say it's OP. They still are paying for al this and even with 3+, it's not that hard to kill a squad of t3 units.

Do the same with the Celestians. every girl can take a different weapon including twin Bolt Pistols to represent Celestians that came from the ranks of the Seraphim.
My wishlist is

>Generic living saint

>Biker sisters with power lances and suppression shields, with meltabomb-lance type upgrade

>Promethium Grenade wargear option
>1 use per game
>Place a Large Blast Template within 8 inches of this unit.
>This template blocks line of sight and any model inside or which moves through the template takes 1 S4 AP5 hit.
>This effect lasts until your next turn.

And something like this as an army wide ability

>Lingering Flame
>Any model hit but not killed by any flame weapon in this detachment becomes Ignited.
>Any model which is Ignited takes 1 S4 AP5 hit at the start of each turn. On a to wound roll of 1, the model is no longer Ignited
>Trust me everything in the Codex isn't OP or Fanwank.
Codices are one of two things; OP or shit.
>A Flyer unit

They allready have the avenger strike fighter
>I think we need to step away from the idea of marines with worse stats
>Posts a unit which is described as a crude facsimile of terminator armour

No they don't.

They have FW telling us that they can have one.

An actual plastic flyer release specific to them in an actual codex.

Come on, you know you want it.
>No they don't

Yes, they have, no matter it's FW or not, it's a legit flyer for the SoB, and a really good one with that.
So it's specifically theirs and in their codex?
>hunter flyer/bomber flyer
>ecclesiarch penators as cultists like cannon fodder
>mobile squads of altar-mortar martyrs that provide cherubim guided missiles as board control interception
>big transport vehicle (think land raider chassis or a bit more) one has support weapons other is a mobile acts of faith inspiring altar
Actually, I just wrote this in another thread. So that's surprisingly convenient.

Honestly, how much can you do with BDSM Catholic Space Nazis before you either run out of ideas or dip into Slaanesh territory?

I mean, what are you going to do?

Incense hallucination bombs that make enemies randomly attack everything in sight or even kill themselves?

A giant mechanical pew walker that picks up heretics and locks them in torture cages until they repent and die?

A Eucharist priest who buffs the sisters by giving them the body and blood of the Emperor?

Here's one I've been toying around with:


Grand Inquisitor (can purchase a wacky retinue)


Celestians (give them special issue ammunition, combi-weapons and a wider range of wargear options. Also the ability to purchase Sister Hospitallers, who can either give FNP or the ability to re-roll failed armor saves).
Repentia (revamp the unit to wear power armor, just bling it out with purity seals and oaths)
Sisters of Silence (a more elite melee unit, like Incubi. Give them the some of those wacky GK grenades and some anti-psyker abilities, like preferred enemy and increased resistance towards psychic powers)
Normal Inquisitors and their retinues.


Battle Sisters (can buy Sister Hospitallers)
Redemptionist Mobs (slightly better equipped Chaos Cultists)

Fast Attack

Penitent Engines
Avenger Fighter (or whatever their flyer was)

Heavy Support:

A SOB walker
A battle tank that isn't based on existing Imperial tanks (can be explained by some backroom deal with the church and the AM)

Dedicated transports:

What if they brought a truck onto the field that just had a big fat colossus of the Emperor on it. It is the biggest Faith Inspiration they have and maybe works against enemy morale, since the Emperor is literally looking down on them.

It has a really high toughness and enemy can shoot it to inverse its effects.
The Sisters went back to how it was pre C:WH and they are not involved with the Inquisition at all.
So no Stormtroopers either.

And why Sister of Silence? They are the Chamber Militant of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. No relation to the Sisters of Battle except being females in Power Armour with Bolters.
>Come on, you know you want it.

Come on, you know you want to see it.
Whilst Dragons would be objectively cooler then robohorses or bikes, robohorses would help further carry the theme and bikes is just further copying the Marines which isn't a good thing.

Also, dragons don't fit the SoB theme at all.

Maybe my idea would be called Codex: Ecclesiarchy then?

IMO it fits the anti-witch wibe of the SOBs, it makes sense that they would collaborate.
Fire breathing doesn't fit the SoB theme?

Besides, tell me pic related isn't totally awesome. I dare you.
>altar mortars martyrs are ecclesiarch cultist type guys holding the weapon in groups of 3 like bretonnian's reliquary

>repentia are divided into footslogging heavy cc weapons (bigass chainsword) wielding bondage fuel AND jump infantry with dual wielding light cc weapons (morning stars filled with incense) élite bondage fuel, their jump movements involve hooded cherubim-like servitors fused with them ala penitent engine
>this last version represents the "ascension" state of a repentia, near redemption but still under judgment, also buff faith of others, especially foot repentia [grimdark]they will never get free[/grimdark]

>"flagellant squad" heavy infantry comprised of master crafted armours and weapons, wield flaming long flails and storm bolters, works by lowering enemy ld leading to squads breakings
>helmet is KKK type long cone with inscriptions on them
Dragons in general and, yes, fire BREATHING wouldn't fit.
And your pic has nothing to do with dragons at all.
>And your pic has nothing to do with dragons at all.

>Dragon draped over Celestine's shoulder.


Fine, you can keep your robohorses, and i'll go make my own order! With hairshirts, and black dragons!
>heavy vehicle is an assault vehicle with exit on the front, has firing points on the front too, its support weapons are heavy flamers or requiems or multimeltas on the 4 sponsons and a big turret on the top, the turret is circular and has a big brazier, on its borders there're lots of requiems, like a hurricane bolter but bigger, this weapon can choose to shoot each weapons separately even to different targets or rotate to shoot everything against one, it gains shred or rending or both Idk
>the brazier on the tank gives a bonus to firing weapons on both the tank and the transported guys, soul blaze or something
>>2 specials per 5 babes
>altar transport is open topped and has 4 altar mortars automatic systems
>higher transport capacity but less armour
>big reliquary on top gives area bonuses (hatred, crusader,zealot or something) and can recharge faith points
>big reliquary is a statue of a saint, has her/his bones in a case
>manned by ecclesiarchy guy

What is this? It doesn't seen like a standard model from gw.
>Dragon draped over Celestine's shoulder.
Is that what it is? The pictures tiny I couldn't clearly make it out.
Do you realize that Lingering Flame literally already exists as a rule called Soul Blaze?
Jesus christ do you even know the rules
Their Act of Faith gives them Ignores Cover and Twin-linked.

If I kept it at 4 weapons per squad you could load them up in an Immolator and have 4 Twin-linked Melta Guns, a Combi-melta, and Twin-linked Multi-melta.

This is how it was in 5th edition + Ignores Cover.
Bump, please be constructive instead shitposting
Sisters on bikes could still be different enough from marine bikers to differentiate themselves. Give their bikes a built-in stormshield, and then give them power lances and hit and run. Give them an act of faith that buffs their hammer of wrath hits to ridiculous levels or something. Bam, awesome unique unit.
Return to the Faith Point system.

Any model with both the Character type and the Acts of Faith rule generates one Faith Point at the beginning of each turn(this makes it scale with game size)

In addition to the unit specific Acts of Faith, Faith Points may be spent on the following powers

>Righteous Purge: Improve any one Flamer weapon's AP by 1(AP5 to AP4, AP4 to AP3, etc) so long as that weapon is on a model with the Sisters of Battle faction. This lasts until the start of your next turn.
>Cleansing Ray: Any one Melta weapon, rather than simply rolling to hit, may be fired as if it were a Beam witchfire with the same strength and AP as its normal shots, but half the range. It is not actually a Witchfire and may not be denied; it simply fires in the same manner.
>Stalwart Belief: Improve the threshold for a single Deny The With roll by one; declare you are using this power before rolling
>Leap of Faith: Grant any one unit of infantry the Jump Infantry type for one turn
>Battlefield Canonization: Your Warlord gains the Eternal Warrior and Feel No Pain(3+) rules; use this ability only if they are either engaged in a challenge or have taken an unsaved wound.
>Prayer of Vengeance: Any one Sisters of Battle unit gains the Zealot rule until the end of the turn. If it is currently falling back, it immediately rallies.
Here's an idea: Sisters have access to the Volkite weapons from 30k.

A gun that burns enemies from the inside out seems like it would appeal to the Sisters.
Volkites aren't in 40k otherwise Imperial Guard would have them.

It's also not part of the Holy Trinity.

I get that "muh womynhood" is unavoidable when dealing with the SOB but this is just ridiculous.

You can't even excuse it as prometheum tanks as not even 40k is retarded enough to put flamer fuel in the general direction of a shitliad of bullets and whatever.
I suppose it would raise too many questions.
That's along the lines of what I did in my Codex, here:>>36481219
Units generate 1 Faith Point at the beginning of your turn.

All units have access to all the Acts of Faith (except 1), but get a bonus for using their designated Act of Faith.

Captcha: Fierchin Work
Maybe the nipples are really harpoons that shoot out and drag enemies to their demise

Your codex is fucking shit, stop posting.
File: 1400299251014.jpg (114 KB, 600x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
> thread made to discuss SoB homebrew rules. Suddenly ton's of anti-Sob posts.


A separate thread was made just for this topic, still told not to post. what is up with /tg/ lately.
File: 1371283115355.png (96 KB, 520x413)
96 KB
SoB Angelic Winged Hussars on Motorcycles. All of my money...
Sisterfag nothing, turns out the actual shit-heads have always been the anti-sisterfags.

Well, the SOB codex someone posted here is pretty shit.

I'd like to see, if they really want to make Celestians a melee unit some Blessed Blades for them. Because Str 3 REALLY needs some 'Totally not poison' to make it work in melee.
The rules for Celestians are lifted from Codex Witch Hunters.

I don't see what's wrong with Sisters units having unique special rules, unless you were going for 7th edition levels of bland.

Their Act of Faith also gives them +2 strength so they can take on a lot of units in melee.

I was talking in general, not about your cruddy codex.

Your faith system is really over complicated and some units (The Techpriest Sisters for example) are really junk.
Trolls ignore them.

I don't mind people tell me my Codex is bad as long as they tell me why, so I can fix it.

What makes the Tech-Sisters junk along with any other units?

Can you tell me specifically how the Faith system is too complicated? What situation would it become too much to handle outside of Apocalypse. Also have some Act of Faith Cards to make it even easier: http://j3fwt.deviantart.com/art/Acts-of-Faith-Cards-page-1-447447013

The Sisters don't need techpriests. It's been established in fluff they have normal tech priests repair stuff. Even if they did have technically inclined sisters, they wouldn't have servo-arms, which are a uniquely mechanicus upgrade. Techmarines have them because they have dual loyalties to the mechanicus and the marines.

Just toss them normal techpriests like the Guard codex.

It's an extra resource to keep track of during combat. It would be better as something passive or something each unit can attempt each turn, rather than something with a set pool.

If you keep pushing for female techmarines when you yourself provide a page explicitly stating they do not have these, and they actually have TECHPRIESTS, just stop fucking posting.
not the codex guy, but reading that bit of fluff, it sounds like the SoBs give personnel to the tech priests and the tech priests lend their services to the SoBs. Now i will admit, I do not know a lot about the Adeptus Mechanus, but could the tech priests the they lend the SoB's be former Sob recruits?
Torso and head are from tank kit
There's nothing in Fluff that forbids the Sisters of Battle from having Mechadendrites. What is established is that their are Sisters of Battle with bionics who can work with machine spirits and command Servitors. In game the only units who can do this are Tech-priests and Tech-marines.

It's not that big of a leap for the Ecclesiarchy to establish an Order of the Sisters of Battle who can perform all the duties of a Tech-priest. It even makes logical sense considering the Ecclesiarchy is more trusting of the SoB than the Adeptus Mechanicus. They may still make use of traditional Tech-priests, but they're overseen by Tech-Sisters.

The Acts of Faith System isn't much more complicated than the Psychic Phase, which a pure Sisters of Battle army completely lacks. They make up for it's complexity in other areas where they are dirt simple.

>There's nothing in Fluff that forbids the Sisters of Battle from having Mechadendrites.

Actually, if you accept the RPGs are a source at all, they clearly establish mechadendrites and servo arms are Mechanicus only. There is nothing in canon saying otherwise, so that's likely.

The Mechanicus would also never accept others having authority over them to do with machines.

The tech sisters are just a bad unit with bad fluff.
Id make the Sisters all about faith and buffing/debuffing

But what is the rest made up of?
There's techmarines too... They have mechanicus implant trait, eg a potentia coil.

Maybe the SoB tech units are in the AM like techmarines are.
Why not just use the current psychic system for acts of faith
>'Totally not poison'
Why not just say the blades are coated in 'holy reagents' that are highly toxic to the unfaithful (Anyone to be hit with it)
Some sort of toxic blade material would work too, perhaps something they use to punish heretics in the form of shackles and what not

I'd like to, personally, make the 'Faith stuff' more passive than active. I don't think having a SOB-only resource really works out too well.


Mostly because Holy weapons are already a rule (St Celestine has a unique one that's also a heavy flamer)
>Expecting any flavor in a modern codex outside a couple shit units
Can't pretend I didn't think of this as well, but there's already Ravenwing for winged hussars. Ish.
A friend has a unit of mounted sororitas, the so-called Sisters Emminence, and the shield-wielding Sisters Enclave, that both look awesome and have some nice rules thrown together by the people in the FLGS.
In contrast, I'd make the faith system more of a focus. The Warmahordes-esque mini-feat each unit has now is a good idea, but they need to be more desirable and impactful.
Just 'good at short-ranged shooting' is not enough of a distinction anymore.

The mini-feat is not a bad idea...however, I'd rather not make it too much of 'I need to deal with faith for every unit, every turn'.

On the other hand: I'd love to see a Warmahordes feat sort of system stay...but only for HQ units. So everyone has a small passive faith effect but St Celestine has a massive faith effect (Like, 1/game she can make the ENTIRE UNIT she's with roll to get back up when she does) and so do other HQ units.
I'd look at how they are different in premise from marines, marines being super elite designed to strike a telling blow in an instant.
Sisters are not super elite, they take hold of a world in a massive deployment of priests and conscripted militia to choke all the heretics.
I'd explore the burning down your neighborhood angle with flame artillery, possibly crewed by repentia or chained up male sinners being whipped by a power armoured dominatrix.
Quantum gothic style cannons and missile launchers .

Wrath of god orbital strikes and deepstrike not!terminators with heavy flamers. Possibly smaller versions of penitent engines up armoured.
Cheap mobs of unarmoured girls with flamers and chainswords and flaming chainswords that they can upgrade to eviscerators.
Melta missile launcher batteries that are slower exorcists, but can fire bursts of flakk too.

Basically, an army that can besiege a heretic force, shell them with flames then drive into them screaming warhymns.
Some idea might be to make the living saints into something more than one shitty character, instead giving them a chaptermaster-ish statline and some modular special rules a lá C'tan shard.
Three slots:
- one for a weapon: two-handed mace (Smash), sword&board (reroll failed saves), bow (maybe like a krak that *always* hits on 2+?), dual axes (Shred, Rampage)
- one for an armor: 2+/4++ or 3+/3++ or 3+/4++ with EW
- one for unit type: winged for jump/jet infantry, horse for cavalry, nothing for infantry with MtC and Shrouded
Just tossing out ideas here. Make Celestine a named version of these guys, with appropriate rules (EW, AP2 in melee and on the flamer; regain a spent AoF by killing an opponent in a challenge)
The issue with 'small passive faith effects' is that they probably boil down to just another minor special rule that has little actual impact on the game.
The idea of a one-time massive effect could maybe coupled with this? Like >Canoness pops her Act and suddenly *all* SoB units within, say, 12" all share their own minor acts; i.e Celestian retinue gain the acts of the nearby dominions and battle sisters, and vice versa.
I dunno, as is you can hardly just use the current acts, considering how powerful some of those are. Ignore Cover permanently on dominions would be insane.

That was my thought. Small passive effects for most units, big single use effects on HQ choices.

I think it would do a good job of making the SOB play differently to most, in that they rely heavily on support and careful timing for full effect.

The other thing I had for an idea would be that units share said special rule with whatever they are joined with. So joining a cannoness to a squad of Battle Sisters would give them her small passive (Maybe +1 Init or something) while also giving her their small passive (Reroll 1s to hit). So they feel a bit more like teamwork, rather than just a unit having it's own rule.
Maybe bring back the redemtionists for cheap unarmored chaff? Could bring in the Redeemer as a special character, too.
Also, in all honesty, sisters ARE super elite by any standard. Obviously not as elite as the space marines, but very much as elite as the storm troopers, if not more so. They just have a vastly different modus opperandi as those rapid insertion forces.

I'd probably pass on Redemptionist (As Redemptionists are described as not really supported by the ecclesiarchy) however Frateris Militia would be fun. Civilians who have taken up arms to defend their home and family.

Maybe, like the old ones, with a couple of unit leader options.

WS 2, BS 2 6+ save humans with either a lasgun or laspistol and CCW

>Community Elder: Gets Objective Secured within your starting zone (Protecting their homes)
>PDF Commander: Become BS 3 (Regular training and discipline.)
>Priest: WS 3, Furious Charge (Fanatics)
Maybe just generalize the cultist-equivalents into something like 'hosts of the faithful', which could include anything from the frateris militia and the redemptionists to more obscure shit like the bodyguards of the crimson cardinals or generic PDF forces.
2 3 3 3 1 3 1 5 6+
Unit Size: 10-30
Wargear: Laspistol & CCW or Lasgun or Shotgun
Options: one per ten may get a stubber, a flamer, a plasma pistol or an eviscerator; one may be made into a demagogue which grants +1Ld and Hatred
Special Rules: reroll failed morale checks within 12" of warlord

Yeah, quite possibly. The leader options were mostly to add a little variety to them but there is something to be said for simplicity.

Maybe a Special Character upgrade leader (The leader of the soldiers who helped the Defender of the Faith clear out the genestealer infestation or something) if you want to pay to have brave ones.

Lady Elaine of Corbenic VII (Blatantly stolen from Arthurian Mythology)

The Daughter of a King of a feudal world, she was the first to stand up and offer her support to the Defender of the Faith, believing his story that a great evil lived hidden on their lands. She led a squad of crossbowmen in their destruction, facing down against inhuman monsters with faith.

WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 1 A 2 LD 8 Sv 6+

Equipment: Shotgun

Rules: Spring of Faith, Whites of Their Eyes, Stubborn

Spring of Faith: Elaine and her unit have the Shield of Faith rule.

Whites of Their Eyes: Elaine and her unit may fire Overwatch at full Ballistic Skill
I'd like to see the Sisters of the Eternal Gate make a showing. Or at least, what they are part of. The Sisters Prontarus.

Relic Hunters. Likely make them agile, mobile sisters. Possibly the SOB equivalent of Scouts.

Maybe to separate them from actual marine scouts, make them the 'Repair' unit as they are Relic experts. With each member of the squad serving the place of a Servitor in the 'More dudes/better chance of repair' for the squad leader.

WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 I 4 W 1 A 1 Init 8/9(Leader)

Weaponry: Twin Bolt Pistols, Haywire/Offensive Grenades

Special Rules: Shield of Faith, Move Through Cover, Stealth, Relic Hunters, Objective Secured

Relic Hunters: Sisters Prontarus may reroll any test to avoid damage by enviromental effects. In addition, they <Rules for repairing like a techpriest, save the squad does it together rather than one guy'
I could see Frateris militia somehow interacting with faith. Like the ability to use one act of faith per game or dying in martyr. Obliviously it depend on what faith system you use.
Could also depend on the leader you chose in your idea.
Problem is if you are reliant on pulling off that one particular ability at that one specific moment to win, you have a shit design.

You should have a reasonable chance to pull off a victory even if you forgot the their acts of faith altogether.

>Ignore Cover permanently on dominions would be insane
Not really. A unit that can easily shift entrenched forces is just another tool to use and an obstacle the opponent would have to take in to account.

>Problem is if you are reliant on pulling off that one particular ability at that one specific moment to win, you have a shit design.
>You should have a reasonable chance to pull off a victory even if you forgot the their acts of faith altogether.

As much as Grey Knights who ignore psyker powers, yeah. It's not 100% required but it does provide a lot of support.

>Not really. A unit that can easily shift entrenched forces is just another tool to use and an obstacle the opponent would have to take in to account.

That and the two main weapons of dominions are Meltaguns (Who rarely deal with serious cover unless the target is popping smoke) and Flamers (Who already ignore it).

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