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/tg/ - Traditional Games

File: Orksvar Qrvar.png (71 KB, 500x1398)
71 KB
Battle-Brothers, the time comes once again to march upon OMEGLE.

The strategy?

>Go to www.omegle.com
>List "grognard", "neckbeard", or "/tg/" as similar interests. Use "roleplaying" and "rp", if you seek to add stories.
>Attempt to coax unwitting plebs into /tg/-related shenanigans.
>Troll unwilling plebs with /tg/-related shenanigans.
>Get into /tg/-related shenanigans with fellow fa/tg/uys.
>Post results.

Regale us with tales, from this or previous excursions!
File: 1409120728339.png (71 KB, 500x1411)
71 KB
This one makes me bust up laughing every time.
File: 1344265503081.jpg (42 KB, 278x417)
42 KB
Nope. Not again. Last time I tried this shit with/tg/, I

>got caught by giant spiders and filled with eggs
>fell into a pit filled with thousands of worms that paralyzed me and then slithered into me
>got lured into a stone basin by what was apparently a loli fertility cult and then got turned into a loli and impregnated via cum bath

Seriously, /tg/. What the fuck.
That was with /d/.

/tg/ just implies that will happen.
File: Orksvar and the thief.png (133 KB, 500x3162)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
Motherfucker the tags were up there, clear as day. Neckbeard, /tg/.
....next up, someone will complain that /pol/ surfs /tg/....
File: 1363022097701.png (60 KB, 500x1008)
60 KB
File: 1363034693728.png (48 KB, 500x855)
48 KB
File: 1363039930317.png (61 KB, 500x1417)
61 KB
File: what the fuck.png (19 KB, 500x314)
19 KB
Man I suck at this.
File: 1363041679766.png (77 KB, 500x1344)
77 KB
File: Persistence Is Futile.png (102 KB, 500x2261)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
File: 1363309919944.png (69 KB, 500x1636)
69 KB
If it makes you feel better it seemed like a reasonable reaction to me anon.

File: Zombies.png (21 KB, 500x282)
21 KB

Oh, Brogan, when will the orcs stop ambushing you?
For the orcs, Brogan is a big guy. Who else are they going to ambush?
File: 1363309976260.png (66 KB, 500x1132)
66 KB

These will never not be hilarious. Bless you, Brogan, you're an inspiration to us all.
All but the last two and the Guitar one seemed to be forced, though. Brogan definitely could've waited a bit longer on each for a better time to spring the "ORC AMBUSH".
I would, but my robe and my wizard hat are both at the cleaners
File: Orksvar in highschool.png (152 KB, 500x3920)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
He inspired me.

>Needing clothing beyond a loincloth and furs
File: STEEL STALIN.png (48 KB, 500x874)
48 KB
I gotta admit, I got excited when he started playing along.

But in the end I pretended to be a girl for nothing.
>But in the end I pretended to be a girl for nothing.
You do for the sake of it, anon. Remenber that.
Honestly none of it was too too bad, but that name. Seriously.
I know, right? I was prepared to play along until I got to the name, and then I just couldn't stop laughing to type anything coherent.
File: 1415959052955.gif (232 KB, 510x662)
232 KB
232 KB GIF
"avin a peep at me wee bits"
Shit, I really need to get to bed right now, but I'm definitely doing this Tomorrow.
File: Paradigm Conflict.png (49 KB, 500x1039)
49 KB
Sometimes I just don't get how these people think. At least this was fairly civil.
File: it's getting weird.png (53 KB, 500x828)
53 KB
I don't fucking know what sake it's even for now.
Ha, bitch.
File: wizardpubes.png (51 KB, 500x1352)
51 KB
I'm surprised he played along for so long.
File: EMPRAH.png (52 KB, 1097x590)
52 KB
I'll have one in a bit. I feel so cruel.

Gentlemen, we have a TRAITOR amongst our forces.

He asked if....
Love can bloom on the battlefield.
Can it, though?
No, not unless you are a fag
This dude is just NOT getting it.
I just had someone under the tg tag ask if I knew any good sites for tg, so I sent him here.
File: how.png (471 KB, 456x3712)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
>(hang on,rough?)
I could not stop laughing.
File: 1415968809262.gif (597 KB, 255x144)
597 KB
597 KB GIF
I have now: 2 purity seals, and one iron halo.
Damn magpies.
File: Whelp.jpg (17 KB, 465x179)
17 KB
Every attempt I make ever.
File: 3c72b1f.png (282 KB, 500x7462)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
So instead of trolling, I ended up spending several hours actually roleplaying with this guy. Everything went better than expected!
Anyone still doing this?
Nah. I got banned for some reason. Damn mods.
even worse then 4chan, there.
Take initiative and set the scene. If they don't have one set, you'll have to do so first, so paint a picture. Either draw them in with an opening paragraph telling them your appearance, likes, maybe a little setting, giving them something to work from so they don't feel so lost, or ask them what they're looking for so you can work off that.

Basically, go in with a plan of an attack. People are looking to live a story. Some already have it planned and just want participants. Others have no idea what they want and just want to be involved. All of them, however, are looking for certain things. Figure out what those are and play off them, building them up to a climax..

..and then pulling away at the last second, like a scene from a harem anime. All buildup and no payoff, so that they're left wanting more.
>tfw the first omegle crusade made me start going to omegle when fapping to roleplay

Am I a causality?
What am I missing? This response seems totally reasonable.
Omegle is like a field full of timid rabbits. Even if you hold out a carrot they may panic and jump away
File: laugh6.jpg (14 KB, 225x225)
14 KB
>No one with grognard/tg/neckbeard
'nades are for spreading love.
>take up this great and holy crusade
>intend to troll magnificently
>end up doing really cute and sweet RP, holding back on the D as much as possible
T-this wasn't meant to happen
+1 "requisitioned" purity seal
File: Magpies.png (40 KB, 500x565)
40 KB

Next time, traitor. Next time!
This was fun.
I love the fact that rough hands is what gets him.

He went with everything else, and even seemed excited by everything else.

Eyestalks? Cool, man, can't judge that. Multiple mouths? We can make it work. Odd species persecuted by a gang of Star Wars thugs? That's just drama.

Rough hands? Look, I'm here to bang the spoiled wife of a businessman, not some field laboring peasant.
>The advertising at the end

I hope he gets paid a ton for roleplaying for hours and posting that link
The other possibility is that he thought
>Damn that was fun. I wish I could repay the guy somehow.
>Tower defense games are great! I'll share my favorite one with him.
Possible but it strikes me odd he posted the link to the game in thanks, I get the feeling he's not used to the internet.
File: Spoiler Image (1.19 MB, 500x9805)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
File: 1414536142124.jpg (27 KB, 400x336)
27 KB
I'm not entirely sure if you understood the point of this exercise.

I recognize a slav! Privet!
To be fair, I wasn't even the one who posted my own screenshot, and I already stole artefacts and purity seals from other BATTLE BROTHERS
>Not roleplaying as a female on omegle and going around filling horny guys fantasies

I do this sometimes when I'm a bit horny. I don't even know why.
D-did you email him again?
Is that you Sandra, 23 from Yorkshire? I had a feeling you were a dude
No,sorry to disappoint you.
File: RAMMING SPEED.png (15 KB, 583x474)
15 KB
File: Episode1.png (122 KB, 500x2853)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
My first episode. I'm going to make an entire Chronicle of Brogan. The man who has been chased by Orkz his entire life.
is it me or is omegle banning me often for saying dicks?
File: 3rgXBAWA1V2IPu4txK.gif (1.25 MB, 500x500)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
I've found actually fun, engaging RPs on omegle.

They're the outlier by far, but it's happened.

Is this actually a thing, am I stupidly lucky, or are my standards just shit?
>Can't find anyone under /tg/, grognard, or neckbeard.
>When I do, they immediately leave.
Not like I wanted a purity seal or anything anyways...
File: 1380520184387.jpg (124 KB, 500x489)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>Looking for a victim
>Find someone who's doing "Romeo and Juliet, w/ Demigods"

I just... Can't bring myself to join, interrupting like I will...

File: A TRAITOR.png (21 KB, 500x302)
21 KB
File: Orksvar fails his raid.png (136 KB, 500x3327)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
And now, Orksvar RIDES AGAIN!
File: FUCKING MAGPIE.png (22 KB, 500x383)
22 KB
> Part 1
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like Role Play.
Stranger: I'm Thomas, m 19. I have medium length shaggy black hair and deep hazel eyes. I stand at 6 foot 2 bare foot, and I have a slim but well muscled body. I have a large Yin and Yang symbol tattooed on my left shoulder blade. I'm looking for a dominant girl to play in my roleplay. In this scene I am a doctor, and you come in for a check-up. We've known each other since you were a little girl but never really established much of a rapport. Now all of a sudden you really want to get in bed with me. Subtlety getting me to put your hands over your body, blackmail, seduction, anything you can think of is fine. My preferred ages for this rp are 15-20. Let me know if you're interested by leaving your name, detailed description of your body and your outfit, and begin! I may ask for your panties description very in-depth, because they're kind of my fetish. If I get too annoying I can just stop asking, so let me know instead of leaving what will be a really good time. Thanks!
You: "I proclaim Loudly that I am the Matriarch of my clan and that is it my right by Khaine to seize any man I want!"
Stranger: (ooo, sounds like a great start)
You: "The blood of mere weak men has flown before my in rivers." Grabs your wrist and looks you in the eyes. "There are no elves of the light to save you puny human, you should of turned away while you still could of." Punches you in the face and knocks you unconscious. You wake up later feeling damp air and cold stone on your back, along with rough iron clasps cutting into your wrists.
You: You hear faint talking
Stranger: -looks up weakly, my head pounding, sending spikes of pain shooting throughout my body... I gingerly look around while sitting up, testing the restraints on me to determine the amount of mobility I might have, and move as close as I can to the sound of the talking as I can, straining my ears-
> Part 2
You: Two sharp and thick voices of men talking. "What are we going to do to the others?"
"She told us to keep the alive so we are, you don't want to get her upset."
"I know that, but what's so important about the human?"
"You can ask her when she gets her."
"I'd rather not. I don't want to wind up like Malious."
Stranger: -lays back down, puzzling over these words... I vaguely try to remember what was happening before I got to this place... I remember an elegant woman...one who struck my heart with respect, fear, and attraction all at once...but it's murky. What to do in this situation... what to do... -
You: Morathi the Matriarch walks in and the two voices stop talking. In an elegantly soft voice "Has there been any problems with the new arrivals?"
"N-no mam"
"That's a shame. It's always fun when they struggle." Walks past you, boots clicking against the stone. And the sound of another man whimpering arises. "Shut up you insolent dog! Or would you want another meal?" The way the last part of that sentence gives you shivers.
You: The whimpering stops in a heartbeat.
Stranger: -my eyes widen and I breathe rapidly, looking at everything in the camp, trying to make a plan-
You: Steps start moving your direction. "That's cute, you think you can escape." Spits in your eye, but it seems thicker than regular spit and you get a feeling of dread at the realization that it was blood. "Khaine has plans for you, and no mere mortal can escape the god's will." A wicked smile appears on her ashy complexion of a slender face. "No one has escaped these caves before and none shall ever!" A sharp slap falls across your face.Stranger: -I tumble to the side with the force of your blow... and lay on the ground for a moment, then straighten back up and look at you in the eyes- Are you ok? you spat blood on me, are you injured?
Stranger: -I smile, but the tone of my voice conveys my sincerity and lack of condescension-
>Part 3
You: Pulls out a knife that looks as though flame itself had turned into a dark blade, and laughs. "That wasn't my blood. That would be far too precious for an insignificant human to enjoy. No that was the blood from my last sacrifice." Grabs you by your hair and slams you back onto the stone slab. "Guards tighten his chains, I don't want our newest gift to be to uncomfortable." At that order the two men start turning a wench, in turn the chains start going deeper into the ground as though they were metallic snakes, only allowing your hands to move three inches away as your arms are pulled above your head.
Stranger: -I glare at you, unsure on how to lengthen my survival... so I decide to wait it out and see if I can't time a dodge or block and turn the tables...- Sacrifice? for what? -looks around- Who are all of you?
You: "Yes, a sacrifice for Khaine, he demands blood of those we capture." Laughs sickly, "We are the bane to our pathetic brothers, and you humans. For we are what true terror are." Leans in really close, the smell of blood fresh in her breath, "We are dark elves."
Stranger: -chuckles- Dark elves. What a melodramatic title. -eyes you with bemusement, and nods at your blade- I hope that tiny needle can cut me, otherwise you'd look the fool, would you not? -smiles widely and laughs yet again- Well then, let's get started shall we? -settles in to where I was dragged and cracks my neck, steeling myself-
You: One guard goes to strike you, but she lifts her hand slightly to stop him and laughs. "This one has spirit, I will enjoy breaking it." Grabs a hammer and smashes your right knee with it. Bellowing "Bring out the girl!!!"
Stranger: -cries out, grimacing in pain in spite of myself, but coughs out a laugh- Nice blow... -looks up and around for the so called "girl"-
> Part 4
You: A guard approaches with what appears to be a young girl, hands tied behind her back, bag over her head the eerie sound of her crying echoes of the walls, as all falls silent. Morathi pulls the bag off her head laughing. The crying girl stampers out "W-what's g-going on dad-ddady?"
You: As she looks at you.
Stranger: -my eyes widen, and in an instant I thrash against my chains, trying to free myself- Let me go! let me go... that's my daughter.. take me instead, or you will never even live long enough to regret crossing me and my family... kill me and spare her. -my eyes become daggers right to Morathi-
You: With a harsh cackle, Morathi stabs you in the leg. Acting as though she had not heard you threats. "This needle has a very special blessing upon it," Twists the knife before pulling it out, "it's name is kinslayer. Can you guess why?
Stranger: -laughs, at first a low few bursts here and there...- No, please tell me -grits my teeth and notices a weak spot in my hand chains and start rubbing it against the stone pillar to wear it down, pretending to be writhing in agony-
You: "It makes the blood of one’s family poison to their kin." Moving the knife close to your daughter’s throat. "One little prick with this blade will make your daughter become ill within moments as it takes its grip on her life. Of course your mate didn't believe that either until a drop of your son’s blood had her begging for death." Licking her lips, "But of course this one could always be used as food for our cold ones" grabbing her face.
Stranger: -glares, and sucks in air, taking another oppurtunity to weaken my chain, and roars- STOOOOOOP! You must stop. Now. Or I WILL end you. Fate and sacrifices be damned! -lunges against the chains, and noticeble weakness jolts down my arms as I sense the chain give slightly-
> Part 5
You: Walks over and laughs. You begin to feel pain shoot through your body, you didn't realize at first, but the pain seems to be coming from the spot where the knife went and is growing. "Do you feel it yet? The poison is already taking its affect. For your own sons blood will be taking your life." Hands the knife to your daughter and whispers something in her ear, an eerie smile appears on her face as she instantly stops crying.
Stranger: -tilts my head, looking at my daughter as I feel my consciousness slipping away... I struggle to hold on and live...to fight... - W-what did you say to her? tell me now, or I swear to you..
You: Your daughter looks at you. "She gave me her word I'll live and become strong daddy. I have to accept Khaine, and deliver him a gift. I'm glad you were ok when they attacked, thank you."
Stranger: -shakes my head, my face splitting in horror- No... she's lying to you, shes manipulating... y-you....-shivers as the poison spreads all over me, coursing mercilessly through my viens, my own panicked heart urging me to oblivion as I try to save my daughter- Now just.... throw the knife away.. and escape...
You: Morathi sounding shocked "Everything I have said has been in truth. Your mate and son are dead. And when you are to I shall take your daughter under my wing, who knows, she may even take my place someday. Laying city and town to flames, until Khaine rejoices at what we offer him." Your daughter walks forward place the dagger on your chest, a little to the left of the heart. "This is going to make me stronger and better, and one day I'll even be like Morathi."
>This wot

Just use the "Save as" and post a pic.
> Part 6 Stranger: -sighs....and knows that my daughter is lost, brainwashed... bewitched... I, in a flash, leap up, rip my chains apart and wrench the knife deftly out of my daughters hands, stabbing a dark elf guard to my side, and smiles, looking around, fearful- I...I will not die today. And you will not take my daughter. And I will have ym revenge. If any of you come after me I'll slay you with this.. you're a small race, all of you must be related closely enough to take this as one would take the plague-
You: Morathi laughs. "Go on ahead and try that, but know we are no small race, we have been dormant for a while, waiting for the best time to strike. Your cites are already burning..." Gets cut off by shock and horror as your daughter screams clutching her arm that didn't hold the knife, blood trickling between her fingers. "DADDY!!!" Sobbing gets louder as Morathi approaches her as though she were her own. "How could you do this to me!?" She starts trembling as though in immense pain.

After waiting a bit, I left the tab open and didn't receive a response for about an hour before ending the conversation.
Tonight... Is a good night.
Welp. I got someone.

More tales from the front would be appreciated, Battle-Brothers.
So that's how they keep finding him.
Brogan, it's "knave," not "naive."
File: THE EMPEROR'S WORK.png (45 KB, 500x744)
45 KB
We ride.
Anyone still doing this?
File: image.jpg (296 KB, 2048x1536)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
File: Socratic Method.png (48 KB, 500x952)
48 KB
I try to understand them, but they sure don't try to understand me. Can't recognize a hypothetical worth a damn, either.
File: image.jpg (346 KB, 2048x1536)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (362 KB, 2048x1536)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (380 KB, 2048x1536)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
File: image.jpg (449 KB, 2048x1536)
449 KB
449 KB JPG
Oh god this is great. I love you guys
File: ...Tiny... Miniskirts.png (123 KB, 500x3448)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
File: 09e880b.png (164 KB, 500x4052)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
First casualty of the night for me
Any further information, Battle-Brothers?

Few are taking the bait for me.
File: image.jpg (237 KB, 500x1134)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Get on my level.
Going is slow for me. Recently I've been going for the meta angle. (Why do you care if I'm actually m or f, etc.) Not many people have taken that bait though.
Maybe a little too much time and effort investment, but this was fun. Apologies for spotty writing.
...You. I like you.
File: Literal Boss.png (59 KB, 500x1212)
59 KB
I don't get why he disconnected, I did everything he said literally.
Seems you've stolen all manner of purity.
Bootleg Horned King with a naturey spin works, huh? I'll see if I can't snare another one into the trap. Maybe someone'll actually play out past the twist.
You're a heartbreaker, anon. I had fun.
I don't know why either, I finished.
I feel like there's a mythology being created from the various people chatting.
Purity seals, Magpies, miniskirts, chests and pouches.
They keep coming up in every conversation.
File: omegle Jason Bourne.png (129 KB, 500x3162)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
This went better than expected, up until the end.
>You both like /tg/, and grognard
>Partner disconnects immediately

For what reason?
Obviously, because you didn't also like neckbeard.
File: 1352068738942.gif (492 KB, 500x375)
492 KB
492 KB GIF
Well, shit.
I haven't seen a brother in 30 minutes. Is everyone gone or just in chats with each other?
I'm on.

In 8 different tabs.

But I'm also trying to find actual RP- hopeless mission, I know- so take of that what you will.
Bump, this thing can't die now, I'm only just startin' to have fun.
File: 5772e04.png (74 KB, 500x1660)
74 KB
So everyone knows of this incredible deal!
File: 9d93a17.png (100 KB, 500x2382)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
File: armstrong.jpg (371 KB, 1280x670)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
You knew it to be true, Jack!

You couldn't handle the truth!
File: 1381341404959.jpg (26 KB, 482x277)
26 KB
jack pls I didn't mean to scare you away

you could've just read it ;-;

it wouldn't have taken that long
Anyone still doing this at the moment?
I'm unable to, sadly.

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