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A Saint Seiya Omega Quest!
When evil threatens the world, the warriors of hope will always appear.
Garbed in Cloths representing the constellations, they fight exploding the energy within them: their Cosmos.
They are the warriors who protect the love and peace of the world…
The Saints!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kouga:%20Saint%20of%20Mars
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
Opening; Pegasus Fantasy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqKCXeGW54Q
>You better watch it!

Today we run:
Reset the Scales (I)

After swiftly escaping Paris and the grasp of the Holy Church, your journey back home to the Sanctuary was relatively uneventful, at least no one attacked you on your journey back.

It probably helped that you took the long route and walked by land to avoid drawing any attention, and was extra careful with Italy and the Church. Sadly that meant that you took over a week to get back home, but at least you did it… you got everyone back home.

>335 Days Remaining.

Sadly Versa and Eden are indisposed from the fights they had, so that left you alone to report to Medea.

Yay... this will go just fine, your teacher is very loving and understanding and she will forgive your failure and still reward your efforts by giving you that cool wolf.

>You need to tell yourself better lies.

Your teacher, the dark witch Medea, is not too pleased by your actions in Paris, and even though the shadows that cover her face hide her expressions, she is more than happy to tell you with her words.

“So to finish this, you want to tell me that after recovering the book… you allowed it to be stolen from you, Kouga? From someone you invited into your party?” Medea doesn’t have to say anything else for you to understand what she means.

This is your fault for trusting someone else in the first place. As a witch who should be used to manipulations and betrayals you really should know better.
File: Medea C.Ball.jpg (43 KB, 960x540)
43 KB

That’s why Medea doesn’t give you any mercy as she continues, ripping your actions apart, “You should know better Kouga, in the first place you should have avoided entering in contact with the forces of the church; that was not part of what I asked you to do, boy.” From the darkness of her office, Medea somehow manages to give you a good glare, as she spins her crystal ball, someone calling images of what happened in your mission.

“Besides that you failed during in your planning when you decided to split off your party. You should either kept an eye on the alchemist personally, or have ensured the safety of the grimoire yourself. But you became distracted with keeping Leonard at bay, and gave that alchemist the perfect opportunity to betray you and steal the book.” In other words, you failed because you made Eden handle both Vivi and the book by himself, and that’s why he was overwhelmed by the enemies and almost died.

But that’s not Eden’s failure, but yours… because you ordered him to take the book and sent Vivi after him… In the end it’s your fault.

“In that end all of this is simply pathetic, specially coming from you, Kouga. I honestly expect better from my student, you should know better than forgetting your priorities or than to engage someone as strong as Leonard in that sort of condition (the city of Light), but I won’t be merciless my poor disciple. Come on, tell me what pitiful excuses you can give for a failure of this magnitude?” Her words are not kind at all, and her tone is vitriolic, and while you feel angry at her not being fair at all, you know better than to get angry and give her something more to grill you about.
File: Kouga- Oh man!.jpg (20 KB, 500x281)
20 KB

No, you won’t play Medea’s game today, you have to be calm and handle your cranky teacher.

You are Kouga, the Saint of Black Pegasus, and now you have to find some way to make your boss understand what happened in Paris. Medea might be cruel and evil, but she knows that she can’t do anything to you unless you give her a good reason, so you should be careful to not do that.

All you have to do is play it smooth and leave this place... to just keep it cool and answer.

So… what can you say to explain your failure in Paris, Saint of Mars?

>It’s your fault, you were too trusting…
>You promise to recover the Grimoire, you won’t fail again.
>At least we defeated the Church, that’s good right?
>I failed… I can accept that, this just means I have to improve.
>I never expected to be betrayed, it won't happen again.

Official Tasks to do:
[Main] Find Saori Kido and capture her.
[Main] Get even…
[Main] Reunite your nice friend with her missing sister.
[Side] Save Victor III, the target is Japan!
[Side] … unseal the truth of this world, she calls.

[Side] Check on Eden and BT
Upgrade Time!

We finished an arc, so you guys know must happen next, right? Yup, it’s time to become a bit stronger! So it’s time to upgrade!
Unlike last time we did upgrades, I am going to change things a bit to make buying new skills a bit easier on everyone. I will present some preselect skills to make choosing what to buy easier. In each of the five categories there are two (or more) skills which you guys can buy, so simply pick one and make your list.

Here are the upgrade options for this round, equaling the 135 Exp you guys have.

1) Light Affinity II or Elemental Equalizer- 25
>Light Afinity: Increases affinity with light-cosmos skills, unlocks healing magics and blessings as skills trees.
>Elemental Equalizer: Allows the use of other elements w/o penalties when using Evil Right (other elems. count as Darkness), with devouring upgrade you can absorb an enemy to upgrade Evil Right.

2) Magnet Chain! Vs Pegasus Comet Fist III- 25
>Spark Chain: Electric Type Skill, a crowd control skill that binds the enemy and pulls them towards you! Use it to enter into CQC [Chains into another elec move!]
>Pegasus Comet Fist: Particle Spray is more controlled, allowing for better sniping, and now Kouga is fast enough to perform his own follow up with a dash to reposition yourself.

3) Infight or Gunfight – 15
>+10 DC when fighting in CQC vs +10 when fighting at range.

4)Familiar II (Wolf) or Cursecraft II- 20
>Being able to make the wolf familiar now (and on the field) or learning better curses!

5) Blade Form or Voodoo Form or Own Darkness! -50
>Blade Form: Evil Right Upgrade, Your arm is a sword of evil that cuts mercilessly. (Cost DS: +50)
>Voodoo Form: Evil Right Upgrade, Your arm becomes a wand that curses the innocent. (Cost DS: +50)
>Own Darkness: Walk your own path, Kouga.

So please vote for which of the skills you want in each of the five categories!
>Write in the Upgrade you want to buy!
>You promise to recover the Grimoire, you won’t fail again.
>I failed… I can accept that, this just means I have to improve

Set backs happen, it's fine as long as we get it back.

>1) Light Affinity II - 25
>2) Pegasus Comet Fist III- 25
>3) Gunfight – 15
>4) Familiar II (Wolf) -20
>5) Own Darkness! -50
Wise Up: Take a break...
Hey, it's been a while,

I just want to say that I am sorry, but I won't be able to help you for a few days. I got into a scrap recently and have to take some days to heal myself... honestly I shouldn't have jumped the gun and tried to gank that bitch.

Still take care, Kouga, and don't do anything too stupid.

>Signed Silber, who will be taking a vacation with his older sister to relax a bit!
File: Medea 2.png (135 KB, 500x285)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
There are no real excuses you can give Medea, in the end set back happen, so all you can do is work hard and fix your own mess. “I know I failed, I can’t deny that… so all I can do is accept it. This just means that I have to improve and do better next time!”

Yeah, you just have to become stronger and do better, so next time no one will even thing of double crossing you and your friends won’t get hurt! Those thoughts help lift your spirits a bit, and even in your teacher’s dark, cold and soul-crushing office, you feel a bit better!

Sadly your optimistic words don’t do the trick because your teacher just levels a glare at you, and suddenly you don’t feel so nice. “It’s not a matter of doing better, but of being wiser. Kouga, the only reason your mission didn’t end in tears was because you were incredibly lucky to have such good teammates. You only barely managed to handle Leonard due to your friend, the alchemist, almost killing herself to protect you, and the only reason Eden barely managed to survive the attack from that Vivianca was due to his father’s blood. You returned here with all your friends because you had good luck, Kogua and that’s the problem.”

Even if you made a bad call that moment, you were lucky to do so, Eden survived because of his resilient blood, and without BT you doubt you could have managed to survive a round with Leonard… so yeah, you didn’t lose anyone because you were lucky.

“Kouga, witches are bearers of bad luck by nature, terrible calamities tend to happen to them, so I hope you take this mission as a lesson and are more careful next time, because I doubt you will be as lucky next time.” Medea’s words end up sounding ominous, like the witch is foretelling your future… but you decide to ignore that terrible child that runs down your back and continue your debriefing.
“Then, I will be careful, next time I won’t fail! I also promise to make up for this mistake and retrieve the Grimoire from the alchemists, I give you my word as the Pegasus Saint!” Vivi owes you a great debt, one that you will make sure she pays you… one way or another!

Hearing your words Medea just chuckles darkly, “You shouldn’t have bothered to say that, I already expected you to handle this problem you just made. The least I can expect for my student is for him to clean his own messes!” Medea stops talking for a moment to look at an old grandfather clock that you can barely notice in the darkness, “It’s getting late, so before we finish talking about Paris and move on to other business, do you have any more questions over what happened in Paris? Come we don’t have time to waste.”

You feel glad that Medea hasn’t cursed you over failing, but other questions? If it was important shouldn’t she tell you herself, or does Medea expect you think about what you want to know yourself?

This is a test of some kind, but you don’t have time to think too deeply, so you ask about something you still feel confused about what happened in Paris?

>The Church and Paris? The City of Light was for…?
>Beatrice, and Leonard?
>Alchemists, the Grimoire and the Sanctuary?
>Babel? [Do you dare?]
>Can you look for a friend I made there... his name is Al.
>Just move to the next topic... you don't care about Paris anymore.
>>Alchemists, the Grimoire and the Sanctuary?
She probably dosen't want this conversation but were going to bring it up anyway.

Also, Belkan. What is the Babel option referring to?
To the first Calamity, the one that the alchemist say will destroy the world soon, Babel! Also the reason the Church prepared the city of Light and started bunking in Paris.
Writing... for a while already.
File: Spoiler Image (97 KB, 590x710)
97 KB
“Then let’s talk about the Alchemists and the Sanctuary, from what I understand the Alchemists had some problems with us, but after Egypt the relationships got better, right?” Medea simply nods dismissively, and you take that as your cue to continue, “I just want to know why the alchemists wanted the Grimoire so much they were willing to betray their old allies the Saints over it?”

Medea judges your questions for a moment before she gives you her answer, “Currently that is simply an unknown, Kouga, the Alchemists could have wanted to use it to open a hell gate just like the ones who originally placed it in Paris, or maybe they have some other use for it, as the legends say it is a very incredible anti-divinity weapon…”

Medea pauses for a moment, and judging her next words as prudent continues, “We can’t be sure what they want with the Grimoire, this might sound illogical but my personal theory is that maybe the answer is that they honestly don’t need the thing.”

Wait! “You mean they just wanted to just take it away from us?” That sounds too paranoid… but that might explain some things. Vivi was willing to give you the grimoire when you first met her, it was only after learning that you were a witch that she exploded and betrayed you.

“Correct, we are currently not sure what the Alchemists of Atlas believe we want to do with the book, but whatever it is, they fear it enough to risk breaking the alliance the Sanctuary had with them over it. Is this enough, Kouga?” Not exactly, but this is helping you get a clearer picture of everything.

From the perspective of that alchemist who betrayed you… maybe you were the badguy?

How sickening... that doesn't excuse her!

Still you ask about…
>Why our relationship with the alchemists have been bad lately?
>What can the Alchemists do with the Book? [Press her!]
>Ask if Medea knows where the grimoire is right now.
>Ask about something else. >>35676294
>Move on to your next business.
>Ask about something else
>>Beatrice, and Leonard?
Time to step on a landmine.

It's embarrassing but I actually put in the wrong choice before
Roll Charisma!
3x d100
DC is 5/10/15/45 (aka not die)
This won't be easy boy... the heart of a witch can still be tender when dealing with certain things...
Rolled 33 (1d100)

Rolled 54 (1d100)

Rolled 12 (1d100)


I swear, if I ever run a quest I'm going to use a system where the closer to 50 you roll the better. Average rolling gets no love.
Hahah, that would be fun, tell me if you ever try it!

Well you guys got a 12, so that means Medea will tell you something... just a bit!

>The tender heart of a woman is hard to understand.
File: Medea.png (347 KB, 853x480)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
“About Leonard and Beatrice… I met them in Paris, and from what I understood, they were your friend. Teacher, could you tell me about them?” With a graceful flourish you bow to your dearest teacher and ask her this question with all your heart.

This is the first time you have ever bowed to anyone like this, you are not used to asking this nicely about something, but this time, you feel so curious that you feel it’s worth the small loss of pride.

“They are no-“ At first Medea dismisses your question and you feel she wants to laugh at you… but looking at you something makes her reconsider, and as your teacher’s face softens somewhat, she reminisces briefly. “Leonard and Beatrice… they were …my friends,” Hearing that word come from her lips with that sort of heavy sentiment is truly foreign, is this Medea? Did someone replace her or something? “They were members of the same Cabal as me… they were my foolish friends that dared to venture into heresy for my sake… but in the end…”

It might be a trick of the light, but, you think you see a small tenderness in your teachers eyes, a soft weakness that Medea only saves for those she truly loves, like Eden.“ In the end, they were all useless, and I left them. If you want to learn anything from that is that you shouldn’t bother with friendship, Kouga. The path of a witch… the path of the darkness is a lonely one, the more you try to change that, the more you will suffer. That is also one of the curses a witch like you and I must bear. Is that enough, Kouga?”

With those words you understand that Medea has ended the conversation, and she won’t accept anything else from you about this. You understand the message she wants to tell you good enough, witches don’t need friends… all a witch needs is the dark.

So what do you ask now?
>Ask about the Alchemists?>>35677138
>Ask about the Paris Mission.>>35676294
>Get on with your business.
>Ask about the Alchemists?
>>What can the Alchemists do with the Book?

A quick check to be sure we aren't going to show up and have to fight another god.
Then we're off!
“Yeah, I get it.” No need to push your teacher’s buttons, her past with Beatrice and Leonard is probably something personal that she is not willing to share with you, yet (at least you hope). “So what about the alchemists, what can they do with the book? Can you give me a concrete idea?”

“Like I told you before, I can’t be sure. They could use the tablet to create powerful flame alchemy using the First Flame as a template, or they could use the tablet to create a power anti-divinity weapon that steals the authorities of Gods ( following the so called the [Skill Crack] theory). They could use it to power up one of their incomplete god-killing Longinus weapons they have sealed in Atlas, or they could it use to simply seal one of the inhuman abominations they call Victor.”

Medea spins her crystal ball, as she continues to read into the nebulous future, “But I know what worries you, Kouga. You fear that they might try to use the book to summon a god or to bring the end of the world, right? Then don’t fear. The alchemists have always prided themselves as a group of humans who fight to preserve the Earth. Their distaste for gods and demons is quite high, and I doubt they will ever accept relying on one. To be honest, I will never know how Athena even managed to have them help her make the Cloths you Saints wear to defeat Ares and Poseidon in her first Holy War.

The Alchemists can do many things with the Grimoire, my dim student, but I doubt they are that desperate to do what you fear they will do, so do not worry about that… they can do something worse than summoning a god if they want to try, like making one. But that should be enough, do you have another question Kouga, we don’t have time to waste, and I want to talk to you about the mission my husband, the Pope charged you to perform.”

So that’s what she wants to talk about… well then, do you have another question?

>Ask why the Alchemists started to distance themselves from the Sanctuary…
>Ask about Babel… what is it? [Do you dare?]
>Ask about rescuing Victor... no Kazuki Mutou?
>Accept it… talk about Saori Kido. [Main Mission]
>>Accept it… talk about Saori Kido. [Main Mission]

Time to make a horrible mistake.
Come on, it can't be that bad... how did it go... turn mistakes into miracles?

File: Saori Kido 1.jpg (186 KB, 800x800)
186 KB
186 KB JPG

“Then let’s move on from Paris, and talk about the mission the Pope commended to me, have you found anything about Saori Kido.” Personally, you still felt somewhat wary about this whole business, considering this Saori was the sister of your nice friend, but you are a loyal Saint, and you will do as ordered… for now.

“Yes, while you were doing me that favor in Paris, I had the Martians under my command investigate the whereabouts of your target, and they have managed find a clue about her whereabouts in Japan, we believe she might not be far away from Southern Islands.” First of all, the Martians are Mar’s personal soldiers, just like the Saints are supposed to be Athena’s army.

Under the treaty that made Mars the new pope (and now you know it does not exist), the Martians became a separate army under the command of the Pope, in charge of protecting specific temples that Mars designated as important, and of doing intelligence work.

So surprisingly (or not), a great part of the Sanctuary's duty to fighting against Evil has been performed by the Martians in the past few years, leaving Mar's army as a more experienced army compared to this generation of Saints that was formed after the last war against Hades (or so your master, Integra, said).

Needless to say the older Saints have mixed feelings about that, but needless to say, they stay quiet about that.

Still, Medea found Saori Kido for you, so what do you do?
>Ask her if you can go to Japan to follow that information?
>If you are to go to Japan then you have to recover the Grimoire (and Victor).
>What is this clue? Anything more specific?
>Ask why this woman is so important they have to send you a Saint to search for her?
>What is this clue? Anything more specific?
>What is this clue? Anything more specific?

We must go deeper
“This clue, can you explain what your servants found to me, I feel curious.” From what Mars told you, they have been searching for this woman for a long while, so now they find her?

You feel you must go deeper into this.

“Very well, a few days ago, one of our Ninja Martians, the High Martian Dragon Fly Ulysses, and his intelligence team has managed to trace one of the accounts of the old Kido corporations that has been quietly going active every few years. With his connections, our Martian Ninja managed to trace the movements of that account to one of the retainers of Saori Kido, one that went missing alongside the heretic.” Medea’s words makes all of this sound very serious, and it is, you have to applaud this guy for being so modern to be able to hack into a bank and check accounts, but… you just want to laugh.

Really, Martian Ninjas… hahaha, that just sounds so ridiculous you just can’t take this seriously. Like really? A ninja from Mars? That sounds so funny you bet that the guy is probably some sort of weirdo.

No wonder no one takes the Martians that seriously… haha!

At least you have to thank Athena because nothing like a Ninja Saint in your ranks… now that would be even more ridiculous!

Still, somehow you manage to dissimulate your laughter, and keep your face as serious as you can and ask your question. (Medea just knows better than to pay you any attention when you get silly, and just ignores your shameful act). “Then I guess your guy managed to follow this retained to the island in question, right?”

“Correct, the man, a certain Tatsumi Komaru, has been a faithful retainer of the Kido family for many years, and he has seen sailing on a personal yatch to a small undisclosed private island for the few years ferrying a large quantity of supplies. According to the reports of my agents, we believe that Saori might be here.”

“Kouga, your mission will be to go to Japan to search for Saori Kido, and bring her alive. We only want her, so you have the permission to exterminate anyone who dares to oppose these orders, even if they are a Saint. Do you understand?”

“Yeah…” That was what Mars told you to do, so this is not that different, but that exterminate everyone who opposes you bit worries you a somewhat.

What do you ask Medea?
>No more questions, you know what you have to do? So when do you have to leave?
>About my Teammates? Can I bring my friends with me?
>About Victor III and the Alchemists, can I do a detour first?
>Saori Kido… is she dangerous? How careful do I have to be with her?
>Ninjas… like seriously, Ninjas? [Laugh out loud!]
>About my Teammates? Can I bring my friends with me?
>Saori Kido… is she dangerous? How careful do I have to be with her?
>About Victor III and the Alchemists, can I do a detour first?
So ties... have you heard how horrible they are?
Only from rumors whispered in the wind
Okay fine, doing all of them, just wait a bit longer!
File: Medea Smug.png (110 KB, 652x371)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
“First of all, I have a question... is this Saori Kido dangerous? How careful do I have to be with her?” From what Mars told you she was just a normal heretic, but something about this is telling you this Kido woman might be more special than what you think.

So it doesn’t hurt to ask and all!

Medea just smiles in that eerie way that only a witch can do and answers without any hesitation, “Do not fear, whatever powers Saori Kido might have already been sealed a long time ago by a curse. These days that woman is harmless, you made sure of that, boy. So you don’t have anything to fear, Kouga, that being said, be careful with her, and do not treat her roughly, you are a Saint after all.” You just ignore that bit about you cursing this Saori Kido, knowing this cruel witch that could mean just about anything.

Hell, knowing Medea, she had you practice your curses on this Saori Kido, and maybe she is counting on one of them taking effect or something.

So you do your best to ignore the delight Medea takes as she sees your confused face, and try your best to tune out her mocking laughs... really sometimes you wish you could travel back in time and kick the little-you who had the bright idea to become this woman's apprentice.

Really, that kid probably was an idiot.
File: Aries Kiki.jpg (116 KB, 900x575)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
So here is your next question.

“What about my teammates, can I bring others with me in this mission, like Eden and the Black Tarantula?” If you were honest with yourself, you feel like you should bring your friends with you on this, knowing your terrible luck you will end up in some horrible mess and will need them to save your sorry ass or something.

Sadly Medea shot you down, “From what I understand, your friend the homunculus is still in a very delicate state from what the Professor told me before you came, I am not sure she might be able to help you on your mission. In Eden’s case, I fear he already has something else to do when he recovers, he will go to Jamir to repair his Orion Cloth from the damage it suffered in Paris.”

Yeah, back in Paris, Eden’s cloth ended up in a horrible mess, it was almost dead, so you doubt that the alchemists here can fix it, so that left the Gold Saint of Aries to do the repairs, and sadly that guy is known as the most rebellious of all Gold Saints.

He tends to ignore most of the summons from the Pope, and he comes to the Sanctuary in a very whimsical manner, so that leaves all Saints who want to have the Aries Saint to repair their cloths to take the treacherous journey to the Jamir Temple to repair their precious cloths.

Only few return from there.

There is a reason that many consider the Aries Saint to be a horrible person. Which is a baseless assumption, because Mr. Kiki is always nice when you meet him.

“So I will have to do this alone?” This is just going great… really great.
“No, I will order the Dragonfly High Martian, Ulysses to join you in your investigation, with his help you should have no problem finding Saori Kido and bringing her to the Sanctuary so she can face judgment for her crimes.”

And she is asking you to go with the ninja from Mars…. Yeah. “So before that, can I take a detour pretty quick? If I am in Japan then I should take the opportunity to go and recover the Grimoire from the Alchemists while we can. If we do this fast we can stop them from misusing the tome.” Plus, during that you can go and rescue Victor III and settle your score with Vivi.

If you could, you would take the opportunity to rescue Victor III first from the Alchemists and then go tackle Saori Kido’s mysterious lost island afterwards, but you could do it the other way around… it would depend on what Medea allowed you to do.

After some deliberation, you Master simply nods her head, “I will allow you to do as you please in Japan. If you feel like launching an assault on the alchemists to recover the grimoire then I will give you full authorization… but only on one condition. That you take a chaperon with you that I will appoint, she will make sure you don’t do anything stupid.”

“A chaperon?” So Medea wants to have a pair of eyes on your back... she probably feels this will end like Paris and that if she gives you a babysitter she can save herself some problems before hand.

“Correct, if you accept being under the watchful eye of one of my servants, then I will give you Carta Blanca to do whatever to want in Japan… is that a fair deal, Kouga?” She probably doesn’t need to ask you to accept this, if she wanted she could simply impose you this chaperon, so maybe she is asking to be nice?

Who knows, but do you accept?
>Yes, I am willing to deal with that.
>No, I don’t need a caretaker?
>Do I really need a babysitter?
>Okay, but in one condition [negotiate for (write-in)?]
While I wait I will confess something, I am playing Pokemon right now... don't blame me!
>Yes, I am willing to deal with that.
I hope its Sonia

Showdown, XY or ORAS Demo?
>Do I really need a babysitter?
made it time! sorry for the lateness

what vertion of Pokemon
X/Y, I am preparing some mons for the new Megastones in ORAS. Just got a 5IV Weedle, and I know it will become a murder machine!

I already have the ORAS demo, but I have not started it because I am trading mons right now.

Also ties are bad.
Okay fine, combining it... gee the things you guys make me do.
1) Light Affinity II- 25

3) Infight – 15

4)Familiar II (Wolf) -20

5)Own Darkness: Walk your own path, Kouga. -50

sorry dood was reading the thread more carefully to know if I would change votes
Eh don't worry, I can deal with it.
File: Spoiler Image (28 KB, 500x281)
28 KB

“Wait do I really need a baby-sitter? I am not that bad, am I?” Sure Paris was a horrible mess, but Medea can’t blame you for that right? She should have known that the church was planning all of this, it was a set up! You can even swear it in Mars’ name!

“Sadly yes, this is a very delicate mission, and while I am not sure why Lord Mars assigned it to you, I would prefer to have someone I trust with you to ensure everything goes smoothly. It will save me some problems down the line.” In the end she is probably looking after herself, the evil witch… she really doesn’t think you can handle this! “Do not worry, I am sure you won’t dislike my choice for your escort.”

Like that makes it better!

“Okay, fine, I dislike the notion, but I am willing to deal with that.” But you know better than to argue too much, if everything goes well, you probably can get along with whoever Medea assigns you and convince your chaperone to see things your way… one way or another. “So who is it?”

At your question, Medea just chuckles happily, which means it comes out as an evil sound that terries angels and makes children cry, “Someone you know very well, my foolish apprentice. Prepare yourself, as soon as you recover completely, you will depart to japan with your escort, the High Martian- Hornet Sonia!”

With that sentence, Kouga’s cursed fate was sealed in stone, and a new life-changing quest will now unfold! This is simply how Kouga and Sonia’s bizarre adventure in the wonderful land of Japan started.

Honestly, Kouga simply blames Medea for this!

Do not lose hope, Black Pegasus!

>Kouga Quest Part 34 END

The keyword for next arc is Necloth! Don’t forget it!

>Born in cursed blood, shoot to the heavens and join the stars, Pegasus!

Next Time: Reset the Scales: The Arm of God versus the Spear of God! The more some things change, the more they stay the same…
With this we finish the current thread, I hope everyone enjoyed it. If anyone has any comments, critiques, suggestions, I am welcome to all of them, so don't be afraid to tell me how horrible I am. Next time I should have the start of the Silberkreuz flashback section and some other interludes, if I am lucky.

Next thread should be on Thursday, so keep an eye out for it!


From the look of things, it looks like you guys are aiming for more of a Light-Based Build... kind of a waste, but that's how life works. I would like more votes about this, so I will ask this again in the next thread, so don't worry if you miss this vote!
so we will fight Trishula next?

it's balancing light and darkness! The True Chaos Power will appear!

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