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Adeptus Evangelion thread! Well /tg/, I hope you're ready, because I've got an AdEva campaign story to tell! Will keep posting until my fingers fall off.

Pilots: Pete Walker, the First Child. A Neospartan athlete with a short temper and a tragic past, he tries to hid his own insecurities beneath a layer of “cool” and his signature Boston Red Sox cap. A Boston native, he pilots Eva Unit 1-7. A possible flash point between the pilots, Command has marked his file for special attention.

Lilly Smith, the Second Child. A Manufactured misanthropic with agoraphobia. She is unaware of her past, thanks to Dr. Chandra’s tinkering, but retains an edictic memory and a lethal allergy to fluorine. As a result, she only drinks bottled water. She commonly uses a grey hoodie to limit her agoraphobia, which unfortunately also hides her stunning red hair. Her catchphrase is “How Unpleasant” as she pilots Unit 4-2.

LaKeitha Brown, the Sixth Child, and the last to be found. A civilian who was nonetheless tapped by the Marduk Institute for the upcoming Angel War, she has shown Prodigal skill with the AT Field. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, she distrusts NERV and the Evangelions as a whole, reluctant to pilot. A leg injury from her youth never properly healed, leaving her depressive and prone to chronic pain. Initial synch with Evangelion Unit 3-7 has lead her to become a fearless thrill seeker, as her leg no longer bothers her while immersed in LCL.

NERV Personnel:Commander Nathan Douglas: An enigmatic figure to most of NERV, Commander Douglas is nice to everyone, always sporting a shining smile and prone to jokes. He has salt-and-pepper hair, smile lines around his bright blue eyes, and a firm handshake.
November 25th, 2016: Ragnarok Begins, A Fated Meeting!
World:NERV Base 03, in Boston-02.

The Earth is in ruins. The Second Impact obliterated Japan, and the resulting tidal waves destroyed much of the coastline of the world. Millions died in the following years as war, chaos and strife plagued the world. The UN rules the world through the Valentine Treaty, and the Evangelions are humanity’s only defense against the Angels. Where Tokyo once stood is a featureless black glass plain of obsidian, a reminder of the awesome power of the Angels and a memorial for the billions dead since.
A lone figure stands in the center of the airport’s V-Tol landing pads, long black hair billowing in the downdraft from the massive aircraft, his hands held behind him in a military stance. The V-Tols land swiftly and the passengers begin to disembark.

Pilot Pete strides out confidently. Pete is a Neospartan, trained since birth in the science of war, and NERV summons are not unfamiliar to him. His battered Red Sox Baseball Cap sits nonchalantly on his head, as he sizes up the others. A thin smirk appears at the side of his mouth. He is not impressed by what he sees.
>Commander Nathan Douglas: An enigmatic figure to most of NERV, Commander Douglas is nice to everyone, always sporting a shining smile and prone to jokes. He has salt-and-pepper hair, smile lines around his bright blue eyes, and a firm handshake.
Pure evil detected.
so is this a quest or something or are you just going to paste your fanfiction here?
Because there's /a/ and fanfiction.net for that.
Lilly emerges next, considerably less enthusiastic about the wide expanse of open ground between her V-Tol and the unmarked black van waiting for her. She tugs the hood of her sweater tight around her head and inches out onto the tarmac.

The imposing figure, Operations Director John Parnassus, smiles gently and beckons. At his motion, Lilly moves at a fast walk and disappears into the NERV transport. Parnassus looks to the final V-Tol, missing Pete’s eyeroll of derision.

Incredible. He thinks. I’m supposed to work with a freak like that?

Last to exit is LaKeitha. A civilian tapped for NERV mere days ago from Atlanta, Georgia, she is the most uncomfortable of the four. The sight of all the military uniforms is unnerving to someone who has spent her entire life safe and comfortable.

After squeezing the entire parcel of Pilots into the van, John Parnassus takes the opportunity to show off a little, driving at the van’s top speed of 80 miles an hour through the empty streets of Boston-02. Everyone else manages to successfully pass their willpower checks to not scream. They arrive in a massive parking lot and travel thence to a huge glass elevator. When Willy Wonka fails to appear, the group enters and descends the vast distance to the Geofront, the excavated cavern that is NERV’s Base of Operations. The grounds are covered in greenery, lakes, and pleasant paths, with various objects d’art. The pilots, save Pete, all gasp in excitement or wonder. Well, Lilly twitches and gasps in terror, but Parnassus nudges her gently and she snaps out of it.

As they descend, Parnassus takes the opportunity to explain to them why they were summoned. The three of them were selected by the Higher Powers of the Marduk Institute to pilot the Evangelions, giant robots that are humanity’s only hope of defeating the Aesir. The pilots ask what are Aesir, and Parnassus says he’s not sure himself, save that they caused Second Impact. Apparently info is "need to know".
Dude, how new are you to not grasp the concept of campaign storytime?
I'll break it down Barney style for you.
OP is telling us what happened in a campaign that he either ran or was in.
This is a campaign of Adeptus Evangelion I'm running with my friends, it's been going for about a year, so there's plenty of material. AdEva is a tg/ crafted example of Getting Shit Done, and is a fun if clunky system based on Dark Heresy. Go google that shit.
Also, I was under the impression tg liked storytime?
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Parnassus asks them if they are willing to pilot.

Pete’s enthusiastic, though he is more interested in averting another Impact than defending the human race. Lilly’s pretty apathetic, but does as she is ordered. LaKeitha is the most reluctant, not wanting to kill anyone. At this point the elevator hits the ground floor of the Geofront and everyone disembarks.

Parnassus leads them to a large natural amphitheater, carved in the Greek style, where hundreds of NERV employees are gathering for the Commander’s Opening Day speech. The Pilots sit in the front, while Commander Nathan Douglas says his piece. It reiterates what Parnassus said, that NERV is to defend humanity from the Aesir, that he, as Commander, summoned the “best and brightest” of the world to Boston-02 to “become the spear that will drive the Angels back into the dark oblivion they came from!”

Parnassus’s growing grin is cut short as the Commander points out the Pilots and calls them “the tip of our spear, the carriers of our hopes and dreams, the Evangelion Pilots!” Of course, in their varied civilian attire, they stand out like a sore thumb against the blue of officers and beige of regular NERV staff. Parnassus groans slightly and the Pilots aren’t happy either.

After the Commander’s speech is over, Parnassus quickly whisks them away from the curious crowds of NERV personnel and into the waiting arms of Dr. Chandra, head of Projects E and C.

The Pilots are introduced to the Entry Plugs, LCL, and Synch with their Evangelions for the first time. Nobody has any problems, and Synch Ratios are steady across the board. Pete and Bill experience a strong surge of endorphins and adrenaline respectfully, but nothing out of the ordinary. All of LaKeitha’s hair stands up upon synching, something that causes Pete to chuckle a bit.

Next log shall detail initial combat simulations.

Pilots 0-7,2-7,3-7,4-2, ready to connect.

Activate EVAs in 3,2,1.








RAVEN Base Computers estimate Collateral Damage at: Medium.


The Evangelions are loaded first and have a few minutes for the Pilots to get accustomed to moving around. To her surprise, LaKeitha finds that her previously debilitating and painful leg injury no longer bothers her. She gleefully revels in the Eva’s running ability, bounding and jumping across the simulated landscape of Boston-02 with gleeful abandon. Lilly finds out her agoraphobia, or fear of open spaces, does not seem to bother her as much within an Evangelion, despite the fact that she can see for miles within the Eva’s cockpit. The others move around as well, but to their dismay, LaKeitha is soon far ahead of them and right next to the materializing Sachiel!

Sachiel decides to be gracious and as LaKeitha and Eva Unit 3-7 are just out of melee range, says hello with a massive Cross Blast that rips through the Evangelion’s armor and leaves the raw muscle of her chest steaming. As a civilian, Miss Brown is petrified by the Angel and is unable to move, simply screaming in agony as all her nerve endings tell her the her chest has been flayed open and roasted.

The other pilots race forward, but Sachiel and Unit 3-7 are too far away for most of them to reach even at a run.
Sachiel is on the attack once more and stalking to melee range, leisurely impales Eva Unit 3-7 with an Arm Ram, causing her body to enter a state of shock. Fortunately, LaKeitha has found her fighting will and tries to fight back with her prog knife! Due to having no idea where to hit, the blade merely slices up the Angel’s arm, doing cosmetic damage that is quickly repaired.

At this point, the rest of the Evas arrive within range and proceed to unleash all manner of hell.

Pete Ramsey charges forward bellowing war cries, determined to succeed where his “pseudo-nemesis of cool” failed. His SQUEAK-E Hammer, though primitive, impacts the angel with several thousands of Joules of force in the chest and sends it flying several city blocks, and away from LaKeitha.

As Ramsey stops to check on his fellow pilot, the other female on the team, Lilly, storms forward, determined to close with the Angel as quickly as possible, prototype maser pistol held in hand.

Sachiel narrows its eyes, sensing a new threat, and lets loose with another Cross Blast that Lilly’s Unit 4-2 weathers implacably due to the massive layers of armor and redundant organs it possesses. Unit 4-2 was built for defense, and it does its job well. Gritting her teeth, Lilly raises her pistol and empties the battery clip into the Angel’s core at point blank range.

Sachiel explodes into a massive pillar of cross-shaped light, severely damaging Unit 4-2 and cooking Unit 3-7 just a little bit more. Still, the simulated Angel was defeated with relatively little collateral damage and no Evas “destroyed”. Parnassus and Dr. Chandra are pleased with the exercise, but there’s no rest for the weary pilots. The Commander has called them to his office!


Social interaction, living accommodations, and a new school! All things the pilots must get used to as they settle into Boston-02. But will team strife and poor sleep shatter humanity’s defense already? (Yes)

The Pilots adjourn to the showers. Pete’s used to wringing LCL out of his hair, etc. while the two girls remain slightly damp and smell like blood. Parnassus escorts them through the maze of corridors to the Commander’s Office, which looks like a cross between a military command center and a smoking room. Thick carpets, bookshelves stuffed with old worn covers, and THE COMMANDER sitting at his desk, savoring a glass of single malt liquor.

Commander Douglas toasts the three Pilots with his glass as you enter and invites you to sit down. Some meaningless small talk is exchanged, then the Commander drains his glass and sits forward. “So tell me, what did you kids think of the EVAs?”

Pete answers “tolerable, powerful,” and after a slight pause, “different. The power cables are gonna take some getting used to.”

"Quite true, quite true. Dr. Chandra tells me he’s got people working on a viable alternative right now based on the data, though logistics are proving an issue."

The Commander speaks with the ease of a military man, someone who is accustomed to managing large numbers of men, supplies, and logistics. Pete nods his assent as Douglas turns to LaKeitha.

"Now young lady, as I understand it, you’re new here to the Eva program, but your opinion is just as valuable to me. What were your first impressions of our billion-dollar tax sinks?" Lilly crooks an eyebrow at this, while LaKeitha waxes poetic about her speed, strength, and newfound power in the Eva. She also whines a little about the pain inherent in piloting, even if that was just a simulation. The Commander nods and assures LaKeitha that everyone in NERV, wants to avoid as much pain as possible. “NERV is not in the business of hurting people, only the Angels.”
He asks Lilly what her opinion of the Eva was, only to get a monosyllabic “Unpleasant” and nothing more. After writing something down on his desk, the Commander is suddenly all smiles.
"Well then, if you all agree to pilot these robots to help NERV save the world, I’ll do my best to keep you all safe and comfortable, starting out with your own apartment here in Boston-2! How does that sound?"

LaKeitha and Pete are overjoyed, while Lilly takes the news with a stoic calmness. The Vice Commander comes forward and gives them their NERV badges and uniforms. Apparently plug suits will be provided for them at NERV. Parnassus guides the Pilots out and drives them home.

Home turns out to be a medium-sized, ten story apartment complex in the downtown area of Boston-2. The Pilots have a wraparound suite midway up the building that is simply massive. Lilly makes a Perception check and sees that several other apartments had their walls knocked out to create this gigantic one. The Commander means well, as he clearly spared no expense. LaKeitha convinces Parnassus to take them all shopping to help furnish the apartment. The Pilots, with “unlimited access to NERV funds” go on a spending spree that includes a plasma TV, a waterbed for LaKeitha, several shelving units, and unusually a large ficus. Parnassus orders Pete, who has been sulking ever since they left NERV, that it will be his responsibility to maintain this ficus, and it will be Lilly’s responsibility to remind him if he forgets. Pete’s face falls in sheer disbelief. He’s worked for how many years at NERV? And now he’s being asked to do something this stupid?

When asked if this was a waste of time, Parnassus sighs, shakes his head, and says no. He then proceeds to make Watering the Ficus an official order.
Pete grumbles, but waters the ficus. As soon as Parnassus leaves, Pete decides to be rebellious and “waters” the ficus using his own urine. Charming. LaKeitha finds this hilarious, while Lilly despairs over her idiotic teammates. Pete leaves to walk to the baseball stadium, only to find it closed. He slips in anyway and goes a few rounds in the batting cage to work off his anger.

Meanwhile, LaKeitha boots up the stereo system to some heavy metal while Lilly sets up her workspace and prepares for the next day’s school activities. She finds an unusual e-mail on her computer, written entirely in Cryllic. Translating it with Computer Use, it is in fact a message from another Eva pilot! The pilot introduces himself as Alexi, and wishes Lilly luck in the upcoming Angel War. He makes mention of his OD being a “hardass” and hopes Parnassus is doing well, and that “his dammed lizard hasn’t grown fat and lazy yet.”

Lilly looks up to see said lizard, Caesar, looking down at her from the air vent in the ceiling. She gives it the finger and throws a shoe at it. The lizard scuttles away. Shaken, Lilly goes back to the letter, which has an attached picture of Alexi, who is tall, muscled, and possessed of a very large smile. Due to a critical success on a Perception check, Lilly finds a glitch in the photo which expands into a single line of green text: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

Now thoroughly creeped out, Lilly slams the computer shut and dives for her bed, wrapping herself up into a cocoon of blankets and sheets to shut out what she just saw. After and hour, when Pete’s return shakes her out of a stupor, she grabs a t-shirt, (Pete’s actually) and shoves it into the air vent to block Caesar’s creepy spying.
The next day, the Pilots are awoken by Parnassus and Caesar who are a) in their living room and b) playing some annoying song on a very large trumpet. (Cruel Angel’sThesis if anyone cares)

Lilly proves to be a morning person and grabs the shower first, while LaKeitha stumbles out of bed, frizzy hair in a massive pile around her head. Pete just glares at Parnassus, then slowly and deliberately walks over and waters the ficus. Parnassus beams and says they are all doing well bonding as a team. The Pilots think that’s a load of bull. After a formula One-level trip to school, courtesy of Parnassus, the pilots arrive at the Boston School of Exceptional Development, a school designed to take in and educate the many orphans from Second Impact.

They sleep through Herbert Frost’s Pre+Post Impact lecture on Iceland, having failed their willpower rolls.

When Mr. Frost shouts questions at them, Lilly is the only one not caught flat-footed, even though she’s got drool on her cheek. LaKeitha looks at her admiringly and resolves to try and get her fellow pilot to do her homework. Pete resolves to go to bed early tonight.

Their Shop/Woodworking class proves to be much more interesting. There the pilots meet Tontam, a lazy but amiable student who wants to borrow Lilly’s homework for their math class. Though Lilly declines, LaKeitha is far more interested in the washboard abs he is sporting and begins to plot…

Two students come through the door arguing furiously over the “budget up for perusal”. Surprisingly, the male student, Adrian Bartz, is wearing a suit, and is gesturing angrily at Reah, another Student Council member. Apparently, Reah is far more lenient regarding Priscilla’s proposals than she should be.
Bartz is an ass. He’s on as many sports teams as possible, and in commanding positions as well. He’s a straight-A student, with a position on the Student Council, plenty of extracurriculars, act. He’s the kind of boy the Ivy schools would be drooling over if they weren’t all sacked or rebuilding after the Impact Wars. He loves being in charge and making sure everybody knows it. His main goal is keeping order and “the proper way” within the school, while Reah is in favor of letting their classmates have fun once in a while, jeez.

Pete grinds his teeth in frustration. He loathes Bartz and isn’t afraid to show it, his face set in a frown of dislike. Bartz decides to argue the point with Pete to assert his authority, but Lilly and Reah step in before the male dominance show can really get off the ground. The two girls share a grateful look and drag the boys to their desks as the class starts. Pete swears for revenge as the class continues. Lilly, meanwhile can’t stop staring at Reah’s hands, which are deftly carving a delicate swan shape out of a solid block of wood.Pete’s revenge begins to take shape while LaKeitha, oblivious, attempts to carve a bong out of her block of wood. She is unsuccessful. (thank the dice gods)

The class eventually wraps up and Bartz begins barking orders, maneuvering his classmates to clean the room in the shortest amount of possible time. While he is distracted, Pete sneaks over to Bartz’s discarded suit jacket and fills all the pockets and collar with sawdust and wood shavings. When Bartz puts it on, the scene is fantastic. Wood shavings cover his eyes, his hair and some even slips into his mouth. The entire class starts laughing and even Reah manages a chuckle or two. Bartz rounds on Pete, eyes promising murder. But before the two can come to blows, the air raid siren sounds and the PA system orders students into the bomb shelter below the school.

All Eva pilots report to HQ immediately.
>When Willy Wonka fails to appear
Is anybody reading this?
Six Arms Zero Fucks: Hermondor, aka the Grape Ape

As the Pilots exit the front doors of the school, they see Parnassus in a black NERV van with the engine running awaiting them. Parnassus is ranting codes and firing solutions into the phone, and LaKeitha spots the telltale streak of a mortar shell in the sky above them. The air around them is filled with cries and screams as people run in all directions, seeking shelter. As soon as the pilots enter the van, Parnassus takes his foot off the break and proceeds to haul ass to NERV HQ. But he’s not fast enough.

The sky above them grows dark and Parnassus slams on the breaks as a 20 ft by 20ft ball of crushed metal smashes into the pavement ahead of them. Parnassus swerves through a bridal shop in order to avoid it and the pilots look out the rear window as they resume their flight. It’s two M-1 Abrahms tanks, crushed together as if by the hand of a petulant child. The Operations Director growls an order into his cell phone and the noise of unseen tank battalions fills the air.

The pilots make it to NERV HQ and their launch bays. they find the EVAs shiny and awaiting their entry plugs.

LaKeitha’s Eva: colored green and orange, Codename: Bushido Brown

Lilly’s Eva: Dark Grey and Dull Yellow, Codename: Grey Knight

Pete’s Eva: colored Red and Blue, Codename Big Green Monster

After plugging in and synching, the Pilots are treated to a video link with the Operations Deck where the Commander, Parnassus, and the Vice Commander are. The Commander assures them that “You guys have totally got this! Go kick some Angel ass!”, while Parnassus simply nods confidently at them. Lilly and LaKeitha feel buoyed by this expression of confidence, but Pete’s impatient for his first Angel battle. The Evas launch upwards to Boston 02 at Mach 1.
The Spatial Anomaly codenamed: Hermondor emerged from thin air and landed on top of a bridge across Boston Harbor. It is twice the size of an Eva and gorilla-shaped, with six powerful arms that end in human-shaped hands. It has no head and instead its fang-filled mouth occupies most of its chest cavity. It emits a bellow that sounds like a tortured whale as the Pilots reach the surface and spread their AT-Fields.

The Pilots have been deployed in the city center unfortunately, and rush forwards in an attempt to challenge the creature, LaKeitha letting out an over exuberant war cry of “CHAAARGRE” as she does so. The Aesir isn’t too happy about these beings that have decided to defy it, as it hurls tanks and slabs of concrete at the pilots, but they patter off the AT Fields like water on rock. Enraged, the Aesir rips up several of the bridge pylons around it and hurls them at the pilots, this time encased in a shimmering projection of it’s own AT Field. Lilly, due to her Eva’s massive size, is unable to dodge in time and is impaled through the shoulder with the pylon. Fortunately it doesn’t do much damage, though it does shatter her prog knife.

Parnassus orders LaKeitha and Pete to zigzag to throw off the Aesir's aim, which helps somewhat as more AT-wrapped projectiles impact around them. Pete swings his SQUEAK-E hammer and manages to launch several former tanks at Hermondor, which sends the monster reeling off balance and forces it to grab the bridge for support as the structure creaks and groans dangerously.

Minutes pass as the Evas get closer, with NERV HQ watching with bated breath. The Aesir, now severely frustrated at its inability to hit its targets, reaches inside its own cavernous gullet and pulls out a large glob of mewling, formless flesh, which it then hurls at LaKeitha, who is the closest to the waterline. The flesh-thing hits Unit 3-7 square in the face and immediately begins to sizzle and melt the armor around it.
File: carpet-squares-2.jpg (3.48 MB, 3311x2217)
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3.48 MB JPG
I for one have pulled up my carpet square
LaKeitha howls as the acidic, half-alive creature begins to eat its way into her face. Her Eva drops to its knees and begins scrabbling futilely at its own face, trying to stop the pain. Parnassus, who has shattered his cellphone out of stress, shouts for the dark-skinned pilot to grab her prog knife and “cut the fucker off!” LaKeitha is unable to respond, or unwilling.

Lilly moves to help her as Pete, with his hammer, reaches the shoreline. He ejects his umbilical cord and leaps forward across the open bay, smashing into the Angel with a CRASH that demolishes the weakened bridge and sends both tumbling into the water below.

Lilly unloads her M-7 hand cannon into the flesh-thing, and manages to get its attention. The thing grows twelve mouths and howls at her, but Lilly’s unfortunately damaged LaKeitha’s head as well. The head armor is now gone entirely, but the Eva’s face is obscured by the formless spawn. Mouth pressed into a thin line of determination, Lilly wrenches the pylon out of her own shoulder and uses it as both a lever and battering ram to dislodge the creature.

Beneath the water, Pete is fighting for his life as Hermondor's six arms pummel his Eva, smashing and ripping the armor away from its body. His hammer is trapped between him and Hermondor, wedged between its jaws to stop the Aesir from swallowing him alive. After several failed strength and toughness checks to try and stop the relentless barrage of hammer blows,the Big Green Monster is in bad shape and has entered critical damage levels on its chest. Purple blood begins to cloud the water around them, but Pete succeeds on a perception roll and manages to finally spot the red core Parnassus has been shouting for him to find. It’s inside the thing's mouth!
What's a ficus?
File: 1337284401199.png (528 KB, 848x1214)
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528 KB PNG
I used to love those things.
Failing to say anything over the radio to NERV HQ to Parnassus or his fellow pilots, Pete plunges into the abyssal maw, dragging his hammer with him and screaming incoherently as the bloodlust of combat begins to take hold. The Angel clamps its teeth shut, sealing him in, but he presses on, ignoring the flesh that rises up from the ground beneath his feet, grasping for his feet.

Meanwhile, Lilly and LaKeitha manage to rip the flesh spawn off the latter’s face with a combined strength check. (For such a little beast it proved surprisingly difficult to dislodge. as DM I was surprised.) They then proceeded to impale it on both the bridge pylon and LaKeitha’s prog knife. They then ejected their cables and rushed towards the spot where Pete had disappeared.

Unfortunately, the Angel was there to meet them, rising out of the water and roaring in triumph. Its six arms spread wide, as if to welcome them. LaKeitha cleared at it, eyes red-rimmed and face red from pain and a high synch ratio. “You’re going down, you Grape Ape.” she snarled. Thus christened, the Angel roared in response and barreled forward as Lilly executed a textbook hip throw, sending the Angel smashing down onto the shore in a cloud of rock and displaced sand. She then proceeded to return its pylon, by way of impaling Hermondor through the palm with it, immobilizing one of the six arms. Over the next few rounds, though they cracked and strained some of their armor in the process, the two girls managed to impale or dismember the Angel’s six arms as it tried fairly to stop them.

Inside the Angel’s cavernous gut, Pete carried on a running battle against the fleshy Angelspawn as he forged closer and closer to the shining red core. His Eva’s legs were covered in clinging spawn, but he ignored the pain and rushed closer. A particularly hardy Angelspawn ripped its way through his ankle, and his left foot spun back into the darkness.
File: 1406817243198.jpg (33 KB, 492x479)
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>He doesn't know what AdEva is.
Using all of his strength, Pete slammed his hammer into the Angel’s core, crushing the object so vital to the Angel’s continued existence. But the Angel refused to die quietly. In one last act of spite, the Angel converted the rest of its body mass into pure energy, producing a cross-shaped blast equivalent to several kilotons of force. LaKeitha managed to throw up a barrier power to protect her and Lilly, but Pete, at the epicenter of the blast, was not so lucky.

His body was hurled high into the air, the armor on his arms boiling away in molten sheets around him and hissing as he dropped into the water of Boston Harbor. As the other pilots approached and radio contact was restored, he could hear exclamations of relief from the girls and from the rest of NERV HQ. He could even hear the Commander cheering in the background.

He wavered on his stump for a moment like a punch-drunk boxer before collapsing into the mechanical arms of his teammates, the automated words of the base computers ringing in his ears.

Spatial Anomaly Hermondor: Destroyed.

The next few weeks are quiet ones for NERV, and life goes on.
Pete gets a lecture from Parnassus about communicating with the rest of the team, but is praised by the Commander for getting the first Angel kill. “I always knew you had it in you, kid!” Parnassus rolls his eyes, but lets it go. The kid’s black and blue from sympathetic bruises, and he sprained his ankle getting out of the dammed Eva, but he’ll be fine.

Due to a moratorium on news within Boston-2, footage of the Angel attack is quietly smothered outside of the city and the world outside remains unaware of the Pilots existence. NERV did release a NO SOUND version of events to the UN, as proof that the Evangelions were worth their investment.
>the Ivy schools would be drooling over if they weren’t all sacked or rebuilding after the Impact Wars
Top lel
Parnassus works with LaKeitha on marksmanship and training lessons, teaching her to keep her head in a crisis, and the former civilian from Atlanta takes it all in swiftly. Pete continues to water the ficus, while the Pilots begin to grow a small group of friends in school.

Reah proves to be a good friend to Lilly and Pete, though LaKeitha has caught Lilly staring dreamily at the student council member and teases her mercilessly. Tontam and LaKeitha quickly become partners in crime, as Tontam proves to be friendly with almost everyone in school and their shared hatred of homework.

After Bartz slapped her ass in the hallway one afternoon, Lilly vowed to topple him from his lofty position by any means necessary. Bartz would come to rue that action. The agoraphobe’s resolve was already becoming legendary among the school population and so she began to lay the traps that would see Bartz’s fall and her own rise to the position of Student Council. She also joined the swim team.

Pete trudges through school like it’s a prison sentence, but manages to find a friend in Thomas Einstein, a former school baseball player who has sunken into a deep depression and drinks rubbing alcohol on the sly.

On December First, 2016, LaKeitha decides the calm has gone on long enough. She recruits Tontam for a prank on Lilly, as the other girl clearly needs to “loosen up and get laid or something, right?” Tontam is to sneak onto Lilly’s side of the girls shared bedroom and stack boxes of condoms around her. When asked why LaKeitha can’t just do this herself, she simply replied: “Trust me, this will be better.” (A critical success on a Fellowship roll is the only reason this worked.)
>Codename: Grey Knight
This pleases the Emperor
File: 1353095645568.png (51 KB, 277x360)
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At first, everything goes as planned. LaKeitha leaves the door to the apartment unlocked and convinces everyone to go to bed early. “Because if we never know when an Angel might attack, we might as well get our beauty sleep! Of course some of us need it more than others.” Though Pete flips her off, he does think more sleep is a great idea. So it is that Tontam, chubby and impressively stealthy, manages to sneak into the girl’s bedroom, boxes of condoms in hand. But he is not nearly stealthy enough, as he slips and ends up planting his face directly on top of Lilly’s.
(this was the point where the entire group went: OOOOOOHHHH SNAP!)

Lilly awakes in three stages: confusion, then terror, then rage. Realizing that his life may end in the near future, Tontam runs out of the room, scattering condoms all over the place. Lilly is hot on his heels, ficus in hand as an impromptu murder weapon, screeching death threats while LaKeitha is laughing so hard she can’t breathe. Pete remains asleep.

Tontam reaches the stairs and takes them two at a time, quickly gaining a two flight lead on his pursuer. Lilly, with several impressive agility checks, vaults over the side of the building and tucks into a rolling landing two stories down on an extended balcony. She then proceeds to leap from balcony to balcony, finally tackling Tontam as he reaches the ground floor.

It is at this point that Section 2 arrives, in the form of the tall, black suited Jake Berenson.

(Rough picture of Pete here)
TRANSCRIPT: Sec-2 Interrogation:

Jake Berenson. Where do I start? There are legends about Jake Berenson in Section Two. Apparently he and the Vice Commander used to do network ops before Second Impact. He once escaped from a military base in Kosovo and managed to knock out every single guard in the facility. I’ve seen him fight three agents at once in the sparring ring. He’s a whirlwind. So yeah, Austin and I figured the kids’d be safe while we went for a coffee run.
(laughs bitterly)
So we get back and all hell has broken loose.
Jake towers over the Eva pilots, his face a mask of cool professionalism. He picks Tontam up off the ground by the scruff of his neck and holds him there effortlessly. Jake is six foot four, with brown hair, and an angular, slightly stubbly face. One single eyebrow wordlessly rises as he stares at Lilly, who realizes she had been attempting to murder a classmate with a ceramic pot and puts the ficus down. Jake sighs heavily and kneads his forehead with his free hand.

"Could someone tell me what is going on here?"

Lilly begins to explain that this CREEP snuck into their apartment and was going to do something to her, so she kicked his ass. LaKeitha, who by this time, has caught up, taps Jake on the shoulder. Well, she tries to tap Jake on his shoulder. It’s actually more his elbow. Jake turns, still holding Tontam, who is whimpering softly.

"Actually sir, Lilly’s completely wrong about that."

Jake’s eyebrow raises again. It seems to be habitual. “Explain.” He growls. “It is two in the morning, I’m running on coffee and adrenaline right now Pilot Brown, so I suggest you be brief.”
LaKeitha strikes a bit of a pose. “Well, that whole thing about falling into Lilly was an accident, you see. Total accident.” She coughs, faking embarrassment. “He was here to visit me.”

"And this young man would be visiting you in the middle of the night WHY?"

LaKeitha coughs, faking nervousness. “Well, what other reason does a man have to visit a fine young lady like myself in the middle of the night?”
Jake and Lilly stare at her. Lilly’s eyes are wide with shock, while Jake merely looks surprised. The Section Two leader turns to Tontam.

"Is this true?"

Tontam looks behind him, where he sees LaKeitha nod. Sensing a lifeline is being offered to him, he squeaks out a “Yes sir.”

The hand around his neck releases and he drops gasping to the floor as Jake runs his hands across his face, trying to make sense of the insanity that he is currently mired in. It’s not quite the craziest thing that ever happened to him, but it makes his top twenty list. He turns to Tontam and extends his index finger like an ancient colossus pronouncing judgement. “Kid, get out of my building.”

Tontam takes the cue and scrambles to his feet, but before he can flee, Lilly is before him, grabbing his shirt.
"Give me your phone number you miserable little weasel."
Confused, he stammers it out and satisfied, Lilly lets him flee into the night. At Jake’s curious look she simply replies,

Jake nods. That’s something he can understand.

The three NERV employees return to the apartment, exhausted in different ways. LaKeitha returns to bed, disappointed.
"Not quite as planned, but sufficient in the long run. Maybe being considered a slut could be useful…"
File: 1353123216255.png (441 KB, 1035x800)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
As she ponders, Jake and Lilly take one look at the multitude of condoms strewn all over the floor and abdicate to the couch. Wordlessly, Lilly goes to the kitchen and retrieves a container of vanilla ice cream and two beers. Jake mindlessly flips through the TV channels and shrugs when the young pilot offers him one. Draining the bottle with all the practice of a master drinker, the weathered Section Two agent and the petite Eva pilot sit there, eating ice cream and watching Nicholas Sparks movies, until the dawn breaks.
Thus ends session 5

Sorry about the breakups, the word count's a bitch.
The next morning Lilly wakes up to find herself tucked in neatly on the couch and all the condoms mysteriously gone. LaKeitha smirks the entire way to school, while Pete and Parnassus say little, sensing the brewing thunderstorm. Pete mentions to Parnassus that he had a dream where he was a viking, to which Parnassus relates a dream he had a month ago involving a hot tub time machine. Pete failed to mention the graphic and highly bloody ending of his Viking area, feeling it would be in poor taste.

Surprisingly, they do not arrive at school, but instead at NERV HQ, where Commander Douglas reveals the next phase of the Angel War. Striding up and down behind his desk, oblivious to the confusion of the pilots, he declares that NERV will need to train the Pilots in harsh weather conditions. Pete, being a Boston resident is confused.

"With all due respect sir, we’re in Boston. It’s snowing out there, but to be fair, that’s not what you’re looking for."

The Commander nods gravely. “Pilot, you are correct. The weather is not nearly extreme enough for Evangelion testing.” He leans across the desk and the pilots lean closer.

"That is why we are going to the North Pole."

The pilots are taken aback. Lilly is the only one who manages to blurt out, “Why, sir?”

"Because, if Santa Claus is an Angel, I want his head mounted on my wall."

After the hubbub had died down, and the Commander had finished laughing, three things had been determined. Nerv was indeed going to the North Pole to determine if Santa Claus was an Angel. It was right there stamped in black official ink. The secondary objectives were: extreme weather training and an intra-NERV liaison. They were leaving within twenty-four hours and cold-weather gear would be provided on the trip. Yes, they were bringing their Evangelions. And no, Pilot Brown, you cannot abstain. You are going as a team.

The Commander flashed his shining grin. “Think of it as a vacation!”
Session 6: You can (Not) Swim
December 10th, 2016

Preparing for a trip to the North pole is no easy task, even for NERV. Parnassus and the Commander manage to wheedle two aircraft carriers out of the US Navy for the voyage, as NERV is not allowed to have human weaponry under the terms of the Aesgir Agreement. The Reagan will hold LaKeitha and Pete’s Evangelions, while Lilly’s gargantuan Grey Knight takes up the entire deck of the George Washington. In front of the convoy is a Scandinavian icebreaker the Commander has managed to buy off a defunct shipping line.

Goodbyes are said at Boston harbor, with the Pilots each saying goodbye in their own…interesting ways. Pete waves goodbye to his friends Thomas Einstein and his sort-of friend Alex Fogg. LaKeitha slaps Tontam on the ass, winks at him, and struts off while the others just stare. Lilly and Reah share a quiet but emotionally charged goodbye, with Reah expressing the hope that they come back soon and safely. They hug and Lilly blushes like crazy. LaKeitha grins at Lilly conspiratorially, but says nothing.

Once they get on board, Parnassus informs them it will take approximately two days to get to the North Pole, with the Scandinavian icebreaker leading the way. He informs the Pilots that they should find some productive way to spend their time. LaKeitha, of course, mishears the word “productive” as “awesome”, because she tries to goad the crewmen into firing off one of the 20mm guns for her own amusement. When they refuse, she later sneaks down to the armory and attempts to liberate a 20mm shell. When she is caught, the Commander bans her from the deck, and she is to remain confined to her cabin for the rest of the cruise.
File: 1353871832468.jpg (187 KB, 1236x1600)
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187 KB JPG
Meanwhile, the Commander and Pete organize baseball games with the Navy and few NERV personnel on the flight deck. While the weather is mildly clear, if freezing, they manage to get enough converts to have a decent game or two. Lilly spends the entire voyage in her room and bundling up in layers of hoodies when she absolutely must venture outside, due to her agoraphobia. She realizes that she’s come to expect the antics and presence of the other Pilots and her friends around her and, holy crap, she’s actually lonely!

Unfortunately, the introspection doesn’t last. Because LaKeitha, in a sterling example of whining, Fellowship rolls, and Agility, has snuck up onto the flight deck to mess with her Evangelion. Feeling a little homesick, she climbed on top of it, sat, and watched the stars, showing a quieter side to Pilot Brown we haven’t seen before. In her melancholy, she tells the Eva she’s going to sing a lullaby that always helped her sleep. About halfway through the humming, she notices the Eva is rumbling in time with her. Then the rumbling becomes a growling, then a cacophonous blaring. The sound is so harsh, LaKeitha’s ears begin to bleed as her eardrums burst and she falls off the Eva as it begins to strain against its bonds.

Across the convoy, lights flick on, instruments go haywire, and all the NERV Pilots spring to alert as the distinctive growl of an active Evangelion is heard. Lilly and Parnassus meet up in the halls of the George Washington and race towards the Evangelion lashed to the flight deck. According to Parnassus, who’s got a hand computer with an uplink to Hughnin and Munin, it shouldn’t be possible for an Evangelion to be active without a pilot inside the entry plug.

Lilly: “Well, obviously they’re wrong! Now where’s my plugsuit?”

Parnassus: “Forget about the plug suit, just get in the damm Eva!”
File: 1358403151636.png (76 KB, 777x753)
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They reach the flight deck just in time to see LaKeitha’s Unit 37 rip its way out of the last restraining bolts, reach up and tears it’s own face off, howling at the sky. It turns their way to reveal the face of their training opponent, Sachiel, now with a cavernous black maw. Lilly is paralyzed with fright and confusion and Parnassus’s jaw drops. Fortunately while they stand there in fear, Pete and the Commander have not been idle.

The Commander has managed to bulldoze his way through the crowds of military personnel and after practically throwing Pete into his Eva, runs towards the screaming, out of control Sachiel and the bleeding lump lying beneath it.

Pete disengages the restraints and the aircraft carrier rocks as he pulls out his SQUEAK-E Hammer. The two titans stare at one another for one breathless moment and charge forward. The humans on the deck scatter below, rushing towards the giant armor-clad feet, save the Commander, who dodges the spiraling remains of an F-16, grabs LaKeitha’s prone form, and runs back towards the hatch and relative safety.

Sachiel claws ineffectually against Pete’s “Big Green Monster”, lacking any weapon. For his part, Pete rears back and brings his hammer across Sachiel’s howling face at speeds close to Mach 1. The Angel’s mask shatters and it spirals backwards, smashing into the coning tower and threatening to topple it. It’s eyes glow an angry red once, and then it slumps, defeated. In the sudden silence, Pete hefts his hammer into a batting pose. “Home Run Bitch.”

(Lilly's Eva here)
The debriefing is short, but full of action. The Nerv passengers meet in the Commander’s room deep within the USS Reagan. The flight deck is wrecked from the short combat, rendering any sort of jet or plane launch impossible. The coning tower has sustained medium damage and LaKeitha’s Eva has been strapped down with double the number of restraints, leaving the other two Evas nerve-wrackingly loose in their binds. No one questions the necessity of it now, especially now that LaKeitha has been locked in the ship’s brig for the remainder of the voyage. Having been knocked unconscious by the fall and the Eva’s roar, she remains ignorant of what exactly she is piloting, but Pete and Lilly are not nearly so lucky. They realize that the Sachiel combat data they fought months ago came from the Angel itself and they press the Commander about how exactly NERV managed to stuff an Aesir into armor and if they did, what exactly is inside their own Evas?

Commander Douglas diverts the question, asking Pete and Lilly how they managed the combat. Pete proceeds to turn a war council into his personal bragging session, waxing eloquently about the necessity of swift action, and his bravery in the face of fear. He also makes some pointed remarks towards Lilly about how she froze in terror and he saved everyone. Lilly argues that she was unable to jump across without capsizing both ships, so she had to hang back. They bicker for a few minutes until the Commander breaks them up. He says that since Pete has killed the most Angels and has shown the most ability on the battlefield, he will be given command of the Eva pilots, under Parnassus's jurisdiction. Pete cheers and Lilly's face twists into rage and confusion. The meeting is quickly adjourned by Parnassus, who can sense the explosive forces building in his petite protege and wants to get her away from the Commander ASAP.
Unfortunately, she manages to give Parnassus the slip and ducks back to find the Commander standing looking out over the ocean. She confronts him about the absolutely ridiculous decision of giving Pete, of all people, command ability. Also, she views the Commander's decision to not tell them about the Aesir inside possibly all their Evas as a massive breach of trust. "I mean, if I'm going to be riding around in some abomination beyond space and time, I'd damm well better know about it!"

The Commander turns to her and Lilly feels an icy shard of fear penetrate into her chest. He is no longer smiling. "Pilot, do you know why I chose Pilot Walker for Command when you are, respectably, the most sane member of this little group?"
She nods hesitantly.
"It is because he is perhaps the most broken among you. Pilot Brown acts out to disguise her fears of being forgotten among six other siblings. You have crippling agoraphobia and an inability to connect socially. But he suffers from a far more debilitating disorder: he is afraid."

Lilly brings her jaw back up from the floor. "Afraid, sir?"
"He is afraid of what will happen to him when NERV does not need him to pilot. I've read his files, studied his notes. He views himself as a tool of war, a weapon to be wielded and is afraid of what will happen if such a tool becomes useless. This promotion is my insurance, so that he knows there will always be a place for him at NERV, even when the Aesir are gone."
The Commander pats Lilly on the shoulder in a fatherly manner.

"There is a place for all of you here at NERV Pilot. I want you to know that. Also," he winks conspiratorially, "I think you're the best Pilot I've seen so far. You keep a cool head in a crisis and respond well to battlefield conditions, the makings of a real leader. In time, wether or not Pete's got the authority will be meaningless, because he'll listen to you automatically. I see a bright future for you Lilly Smith. Just don't tell the others."
File: 1399226564052.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
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Still here? Just FYI, it'll take me a bit longer to reply now because I've got all my notes right here, I just need to type them out. What do you think so far? Any predictions as to how the story will go?
Keep hammering them out. I need more inspirations for my ad eva group that I am running.
December 12th, 2016-Arrival

After several uneventful days at sea, the NERV Boston convoy arrives at the North Pole to find two other battle fleets waiting for them. The Russian NERV base codenamed 05 based in Moscow, and the South African base called 03. Bad news: They also brought Evangelions.

The Commander orders all the Pilots into their Evangelions, weapons armed, and told them to basically stand there and look impressive while he negotiates with the other NERV Commanders. "Hopefully nothing happens, but just in case..." he shrugs and climbs into the dinghy to zoom across to the Russian fleet, where discussions will take place, Parnassus at his side. There is a moment of tension as LaKeitha climbs into her Evangelion and synchronizes with it, but nothing goes wrong. Its face has been rearmoured and regrown, though the mismatched spare battleship plating from the hold of the Reagan makes it look like a demented Eva-scale orthodontist has gone to work.

The opposing Evas are just as varied as the American ones. The South African one is bright yellow, wielding a massive sniper rifle with glowing blue energy sizzling along its length. It looks sleek, shiny, and very new. The Russian variant, perhaps unsurprisingly, is thick, blocky, and covered in red paint. It's holding a chainsword and a hand cannon, which it holsters in its pylon to wave jauntily at the American Evangelions.

Pete and Lilly cautiously wave back as LaKeitha mimes a headshot motion at them using finger guns. The Russian Pilot is the only one to open a channel to them, though Lilly chooses to limit it to SOUND ONLY. He speaks in broken English but is very enthusiastic. They exchange greetings and discover the Russian pilot is named Alexi and his Operations Director is "a bitch". The South African pilot has said very little, save that her name is Maria.

"I think," confides Alexi, "she is even worse at English than me!" He chuckles and soon he and the American pilots are swapping stories.
>Because, if Santa Claus is an Angel, I want his head mounted on my wall
Khornate Eva
Everyone's gettin' killed
File: lionfish.jpg (31 KB, 400x200)
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Alexi is somewhat disturbed by the sequence where Lilly tore a pylon out of her shoulder like it was nothing, but says that they are all very brave. He is telling a story about his instruction in hand-to-hand combat when the bridge of the Russian ship, Dovasdonya, erupts in a tower of flame and smoke.
The Evangelions attempt to contact their Commander or even Parnassus, but there is no response. Suddenly, in response to some unseen order, the Russian and SAfrican pilots both level their weapons at their American counterparts! The Pilots do the same and a standoff quickly ensues. No one is willing to fire without further orders, but they aren't going to let their guard down either.

LaKeitha and Pete are chomping at the bit to jump over there and save the Commander, but Lilly holds her own pistol to LaKeitha's head in a desperate attempt to stop them. Excellent Decieve check by Lilly's player. "You've already had your head replaced once this week. Do you want to do it again?"
The question is never answered as a rising white noise, and a massive EMP blast shuts down all the Evangelions.
After a minute or two in the dark, LaKeitha rolled crazy high on Synch Ratio and restarts her Eva through sheer force of will. (Not Berserk, but dangerously close) Lilly jury rigs comms back up between the three of them to see the other Eva pilot struggling to her feet while Alexi's inert Eva sinks beneath the surface, followed by the thrashing of a massive fin.

It's an Aesir!
>LaKeitha rolled crazy high on Synch Ratio and restarts her Eva through sheer force of will

In the long run, perhaps. We're not done yet, but I'm setting up one Pilot for death. Not that they know it yet. This is complicated by the fact that LaKeitha's player is leaving university for severe depression, leaving our team in a bit of a shambles. Now I'm uncertain what to do with the character. Just kill her off? Because at this point she's woven into the game pretty hard. Sigh. It sucks.
>We're not done yet,
Why are you doing a dump of this magnitude if the story's not even concluded?
If you're uneasy about killing the character off maybe just some kinda forced retirement?
You could toss her into a coma like they did with the red-haired-what'sherface
Kill her. Character death is more meaningful when they leave dangling plot threads and relationships as a reminder that they were there. Since you're playing AdEva, a Bardiel-alike would be a good method for this.
>Now I'm uncertain what to do with the character. Just kill her off? Because at this point she's woven into the game pretty hard. Sigh. It sucks.
Talk to your players about it. Really. This is important enough that you should be talking to them, not asking /tg/.
File: 1349128859947.jpg (105 KB, 380x360)
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105 KB JPG
Seeing the Aesir's fin disappear below the water, Pete does the practical thing: he jumps across the ocean to the Dovasdanya and wraps his hands around Alexi's cable. (This required an Agility and a Strength test at difficult levels and he managed to pass them both.) He pulls with all his might, sending the ship rocking severely, and with a mighty heave manages to pull out the top half of Alexi's Evangelion.

The lower half has been bitten off, filling the water and the deck with blood. Pete rips open the back of the Eva and tries to pull out Alexi's entry plug. Meanwhile the Mysterious SouthAfrican Pilot Maria has been firing blindly into the quickly fogging ocean. Turns out Eva blood is a really good smokescreen, on top of the Angel's cloaking abilities.

A few rounds pass with LaKeitha, Lilly, and Maria all firing semi-blindly into the water and with the Angel firing cross beams back at them and missing. Everyone looks stupid and I the DM briefly despair for any narrative sense of danger. (I later found out the players likened this to Jaws and thought I was fudging the rolls to heighten the tension. I wasn't, the dice were just that dumb.) However, Pete disconnected from his Eva to jump across, so he's almost out of power. Now he has to cross back, with the Aesir lurking below. (He could've just used one of the other cables, but it was agreed that someone needed to be the bait.)

So he jumps and there's a beautiful Kodak moment where his Eva is backlit by the enormous Aesir breaching out of the water, teeth wide open and hungry. All the other eva pilots managed to shoot it as it breached, wounding it and revealing that the Angel's blood is white and glowing. LaKeitha made several off-color semen jokes, but the Aesir's grabbed Pete in the bargain! Not good.

Inside the Angel once again, Pete thrashes around blindly agains wet slimy and definitely organic insides, panicking as water begins to rise around him.
Mostly because this thread is a good way for me to remember all the foot times we had so I don't dwell on the negative too much. Plus, it's fun to keep you guys entertained.
Thanks, by the way, this is good reading.
Lilly uses quick thinking and the natural authority of an Evangelion pilot to get the US Navy to scan with their sonar/radar rigs, combining with the other ships in the respective fleets. The Aesir's AT Field can block all incoming waves sure, but at least then we'll know where the fish ISN'T. (Major props to Lilly's player for good thinking.) The Navy, seeing the sense in this, also start dropping depth mines in the hope they'll frighten the Aesir enough to get Pete free. The charges don't do much but disorient and distract the Angel, with its surprisingly low AT Field, the Navy has a very clear idea of where it is, even when cloaked. LaKeitha tries to be bait again, but the Aesir fires a few cross blasts up to fry her pretty good, and she doesn't do much after that.

With his hammer unable to maneuver in the tight and slimy space, Pete elects to simply punch the Angel repeatedly in the core, going full on Fist of the North Star. The Angel explodes and launches Pete's smoking, nearly wrecked Eva up just enough that LaKeitha could grab him. And Alexi turned out to be alive! There was much cheering and fellowship.

In the infirmary, everyone looks like death. LaKeitha's poking at 2nd degree burns from the conducted heat of Aesir lasers, while Lilly's nearly had a nervous breakdown over the open space of the North Pole. The Commander and Parnassus then walk in, covered in soot and embers. The Pilots ask what the fuck happened, and the Commander brushes it off as a Misunderstanding. He praises everyone's contribution to the battle and gives LaKeitha a wallet filled with contraceptives. (Section Two filled him in on the Incident.)
Glad to hear!
>anal sphincter
Is there some other sphincter I'm not aware of?
If I ever DMed an AE campaign I think I'd try to end it like this.
File: Laughingcage.webm (478 KB, 430x215)
478 KB
>He praises everyone's contribution to the battle and gives LaKeitha a wallet filled with contraceptives
There's one in the esophagus and one in the stomach.
Lilly later recovers and walks out onto the deck at 2AM to see a massive black box the size of the aircraft carrier itself, being bolted down onto the deck. When she questioned the Commander, he replied that the Mysterious Package was Santa Claus. She left it at that.

Meanwhile, LaKeitha decides to take advantage of her hospitalized state saving everyone by trying to get a well muscled Navy nurse to give her a sponge bath.

December 14th-16th: The Voyage Back
As the Pilots heal, Lilly spends her time golfing on the deck of the carrier, trying to gradually get over her fear of open spaces. The Commander joins her occasionally. She asks him why there wasn't any extreme weather training. "Why, do to the lack of EXTREME weather!"

Upon further calculations, Lilly's player discovered his Eva can run at 1/3rd the speed of sound, though with massive collateral damage.

During the night, Lilly decided to take a walk and see what exactly was under the black box on deck. Using sneaky abilities, she managed to dodge the guards and slip under the massive tarp covering the box. The box is made of a smooth, obsidian-like material and appears to be seamless. Upon further investigation and one harrowing moment with a Navy guard and an Agility check, Lilly discovered a crack in the box, barely large enough to put her finger into.

A blinding red light is emmenating from within the crack and Lilly cautiously puts a finger into the gap. The box cracks even more as the Eva-scale red spear within it begins glowing blindingly bright, and as Lilly collapses to the ground in incomparable pain. She blacks out for just a moment, but when she looks back, there is a red tree-like tattoo on her hand and right arm, the roots following the paths of her veins. She barely sneaks away from the guards and the Commander, who does not know the Spear is missing.

(accurate depiction of Lilly. Just imagine her with a hoodie and tons of secrets and you're set.)
Oh boy, AdEva thread!
File: Shinji all grown up.jpg (731 KB, 1024x1551)
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731 KB JPG
Lilly manages to steal some gloves from a Navy supply box and never takes them off. LaKeitha continues hitting on everything man-shaped that comes her way and fails at getting laid. Pete sleeps, heals, and is withdrawn and quiet. (Result of Trauma table from getting eaten AGAIN) Upon disembarking, LaKeitha praises her superior as "Real Nigga Commander" who apparently knows how to keep it on the down low. Tontam, Einstein, and Reah are waiting for them at the port, with Lilly receiving flowers and a perhaps overly affectionate hug from Reah. LaKeitha teases them about being lesbians and both blush. Lilly begins plotting payback and Pete tells LaKeitha to "shut the hell up for once in your life". Lilly begins reflecting upon her sexuality, prompting the title of this session:

5.55 This is (Not ) a Date
File: 1357771536914.jpg (85 KB, 600x600)
85 KB
NERV orders all the Pilots to go see Dr. Longueville, NERV's resident psychologist. She proves to be very unhelpful, asking pointed questions about how well they liked working with the Commander, did they respond well to authority, and how they felt about their lives in general. She paid particular attention to Lilly's taking command during the most recent Aesir battle, which gives Pete an opportunity to grouse about usurping command, ect. (In a breach of protocol, she had all three Pilots in the same room where they could hear each other's responses. This was the first clue she wasn't a 100% professional psychiatrist, but the players and the characters didn't think to question it. I was disappointed.)

Dr. Longueville ends up giving Lilly anti-depression pills to help her get over her fear of open spaces, and warns that she must take them regularly or she'll make it an official NERV order. Pete dodges all her questions and skips out. LaKeitha gets labeled a "deviant", so she storms off. (Warning Number 2: Psychologists are never so judgmental about patients.)

Meanwhile on the school front, Adrian Bartz's behavior has grown insufferable, so Lilly vows to take him down and get a seat on the Student Council to fuck him up even more. Thus, she makes a deal with the Devil (here personified in the form of LaKeitha and her player). Things do not go as planned.
I'm anxious to hear more
To begin with, the Pilots go to Priscilla, the Queen Bee around school. She's pretty, popular, and also on the Student Council. She's been trying to get an extravagant budget passed for Homecoming a few months down the line, but Bartz is blocking it at every turn, thinking it's a waste of money. Lilly says that if Priscilla uses her influence to help get Lilly elected to the open position in the Student Council, she'll make the budget get through with minimal cuts. LaKeitha later teases Lilly that she should've used her "lesbian seduction powers" on Priscilla instead. Lilly mentally assigns the Pilots new names in her mind.
Pete-The Wild Card
LaKeitha-The Harbringer of Stupidity
Lilly-The Brain
Alexi-Dumb Muscle

Plans are discussed regarding how precisely how to dethrone Bartz. Elaborate booby traps are planned on his locker then abandoned. A bomb is suggested, then discarded as being too dangerous. (Guess whose idea that was.) Finally they come up with the simple and effective idea of just beating the shit out of Bartz in a public area to prove their dominance. There's no way that can go wrong.

The next morning, all is right with the world. The Pilots walk to school, trading jokes. "The Cubs baseball team grows up and becomes the Bears every two years." and "Why did the Russians not help us against the Angel? Because they were Stalin'." Bartz then passes them on the street and slaps Lilly on the ass. The Pilots promptly decide that "Not Dead" is the most he's going to wish for, the scum ball.

They strike later in the day, while Lilly is distracted by Reah (critical Willpower failure makes her oblivious for 90% of this fight, she can't look away from Reah. The players begin to seriously consider Lesbian Shipping.)

With a critical success of both Pete and LaKeitha's parts and a Crit Fail by Bartz to defend himself, it turns into a bloodbath. Turns out letting the pilot with Bloodlust into a fistfight wasn't a great idea.
Ok, so what do you do in this game? Eva pilot seems to me like a career that offers more or less no agency.
>Guess whose idea that was
In the current editions, you can end up with a fair amount more agency than you think. If your GM allows it, at least.
How so? Isn't the gist of being an eva pilot "too young to do anything, and expected to fight on demand for NERV, with your only exception asset tied by an umbilical cord to them?"

You pilot the robots (warning: robot is a very loose definition).

You saves the world(s) (exact number of worlds on the line is up to your GM).

Nothing terrible happens to your characters.

Then you RP having breakfast.

Foil vast international conspiracies.

Ruin some dudes decades-long plan for Third Impact at the last possible chance mostly because you cant be bothered to listen to the explanation on what he is trying to accomplish.

Learn valuable life lessons.

Retire at the age of 15 as a worldwide celebrity hero. Start a band.
The GM is kind of under an obligation to let the pilots gain access to hints and clues and outright reveals they maybe shouldn't get to see, if things were run perfectly. It also helps if the GM gives the pilots the chance to win support on a personal level, like, friends in the organization willing to jeopardize their jobs for the sake of letting the kids right wrongs... or, more likely, fuck up doing so.

v3 will come with mechanics to help enable this.

Alternatively, they could be semi-railroaded to a bad end, though the GM should make it clear it's going to be a grim game.
Pete rolls a 05 and breaks Bartz's collarbone and his nose. LaKeitha is horrified and impressed at Pete, while Lilly's surprised the plan worked so well, though the Berserker Pilot thankfully didn't decide to rip the kid's throat out. The teachers drag Pete away from Bartz, who is wheeled off to the hospital, while the Pilots go to the Principal's office.
The Principal, a Melissa Chapman, turns out to have a flask of indeterminate alcohol in her desk, which she drinks from before talking to the Pilots. LaKeitha proves her worth by calming down the Principal with the memorable opener: "As you can see, I am a woman." The Pilots escape getting expelled, but solely because of their Evangelion status. Apparently the Principal has to make weekly reports to NERV on how they are doing, which annoys her because it interferes in the operation of the school. Lilly decides now isn't a good time to bring up the Homecoming budget. Pete interjects.
"I need to wash my hands, they're covered in WEAKNESS!" Turns out he's been dripping Bartz's blood all over the carpet and nobody noticed. Chapman offers to let them go back to class, though she notes they'll be late to woodworking class. Pete wonders what the point of being late to woodworking class is. According to LaKeitha, it means, "less time to work wood." (mastubatory hand gesture)

Lilly, Reah, and the Principal all gain 7 points of insanity. LaKeitha and Pete leave school to go get hot chocolate, declaring the rest of the day to be a waste. Lilly and Reah go to Woodworking and work together on a swan sculpture. There is hand touching and lesbian subtext. "As if a million brain cells cried out in unison and were suddenly silenced." is how Lilly's player described this scene.

Pete on Bartz-"We McFucked him up."
LaKeitha on Bartz-"Ruffigain, hooligan, and attempted rapist."
File: 1350350272558.gif (437 KB, 269x178)
437 KB
437 KB GIF
It really depends on how much the GM and the Commander tell you. Are you an ignorant pawn in other people's games or do you break out of that old and attempt to change things? For better or worse, the Pilots are not irreplaceable and experienced Pilots have a certain amount of immunity from bullet-to-the-head syndrome. They really are the only ones who can defeat the Angels.
>The Principal, a Melissa Chapman
>Principal Chapman

>oh god, the animorphs flashbacks
Good someone noticed the Animorphs references. I learned quite a bit about suffering and the horrors of war from that series, thought I should return the favor as a DM.
Thanks for doing this, OP, this is great to read.
File: 1349859223522.jpg (238 KB, 750x1250)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Unfortunately for everyone involved, LaKeitha and Pete run into Russ Ruskins, intrepid reporter, in their cafe search for hot chocolate. LaKeitha and Pete are hoping they didn't get Lilly in trouble, but Ruskins overhears them. Apparently he's a reporter sent to Boston by the EU to find out why there's been no news about the Evangelion pilots. Everybody thinks they're adults and experienced badasses, but he's managed to hack some files and find the Pilot's names. Pete clams up, but LaKeitha can't turn down easy money and nearly outright says they work for NERV in an Eva-related capacity. Ruskins slides her a $20 and Pete leaves, saying he has nothing to say to a slime ball like Russ Ruskins. Bad idea, because LaKeitha really starts to spill the beans.

She talks about the Evangelions, what it's like piloting them, the pain, the stresses of school. She's very enthusiastic about describing the Angel fights, with lots of arm waving and explosion noises. Russ Ruskins records it all. It's at this point that a black Section Two car speeds up and black bags both of them, driving off to NERV.

The Commander is furious and Parnassus is none to pleased either. Talking to a reporter, beating up a classmate in the hall, gross misuse of pilot credentials. It's a bad day to be a Pilot. LaKeitha and Pete squirm in their seats while Lilly remains flabbergasted at LaKeitha's seeming betrayal. As punishment, the Pilots will have to undergo group training and until then LaKeitha is to remain locked in solitary confinement in 37B with absolutely no Eva contact. Pete is going to visit the psychiatrist and this time, he's going to give her some straight answers! LaKeitha gains Fear: Commander.
Goodnight, sweet prince! May flights of Aesir sing thee to thy rest etc.
File: 1356935791274.png (363 KB, 500x750)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
Liking the story OP, hope its there in the morning.
December 18th, 2016: You Can (Not) Save Yourself

Ignorant of the crazy that's happening at NERV HQ, Lilly attempts to make everything up to Reah. She apologizes for her crazy friends, but admits that she's finally starting to open up to people, people she trusts, people she likes, and admits that Reah has been a big part of that too. Somewhere in NERV a dial labeled "Lesbian Levels" shatters.

Meanwhile, LaKeitha's getting a sinking feeling as Jake Berenson and Section Two agents come up behind them and she is dragged off in handcuffs. Pete, who has decided to try and fight his way out, is quickly subdued and is injected with a mild relaxant, on his way to Dr. Longueville. La Keitha is dragged into an elevator she's never seen before which goes far deeper into NERV than she's ever been. Further down than the cages, further than the test plugs, further still until it finally stops. The door opens onto long rows of steel walkways, metal trapdoors over a massive black pit that seems to absorb all light from the lamps on the walls. Terrified, LaKeitha asks what's going to happen to her and Jake Berenson replies that she's gouging to be put in solitary confinement, just like the Commander said. It's at this point that a Mysterious Figure in a black robe appears to materialize out of the darkness of the room and walks towards them. The Section Two agents order her to halt, and when she doesn't, they open fire. The Mysterious Figure ducks into a roll and comes up shooting, hitting every single agent square in the neck or face. Jake Berenson refuses to let go of his charge however, so the Figure takes him out with a brutal kick to the face. LaKeitha tries to wriggle back into the elevator, but the figure throws back her hood to reveal that it is in fact, LaKeitha's mother!
File: Well then.jpg (50 KB, 159x578)
50 KB
>LaKeitha's mother
I thought a dead mother was a requirement for Eva Pilots
File: 1354993047444.jpg (225 KB, 800x683)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
Kind of. LaKeitha's Eva was an early experimental model, when NERV was working out all the kinks in Evangelion tech. You'll see why her mom's not in there and believe me, it's not a good thing.
>Custom AdEva campaign

>MAGI keeps generating frantic warning messages about the "King of Shame."
>MAGI also keeps calling the pilots, even the male pilot, sluts and whores, and insists that they must consummate their relationships with the Evas before the King of Shame arrives.
>Several NERV staff members are named after horrific historical figures who follow the same general pattern as William Burke, who murdered old people so he could sell their corpses to medical schools.
>Entry plug doesn't go into the Eva's spine, it goes down the Eva's esophagus
>LCL is extremely dangerous to anyone except the pilots, and everyone is forbidden from telling them why
>Seriously, incredibly dangerous. Ramiel no longer shoots a beam weapon, it streams LCL, and deals just as much damage.
>Pilots wear helmets that lock into place. Visors contain a layer that can become opaque in sections, software connected to cameras censors the pilots' vision to prevent them from seeing sections of their own Evas where the protective outer layer has been breached.

Guess Operational Director Green's terrible secret, and win a prize!
Varies wildly by game. I feel the "dead person in eva" never plays out right and you're better off not having to shoehorn every fucking pilot's family into NERV staff somewhere in the past.
LaKeitha, perhaps understandably, freaks the hell out, with plenty of screaming and pointing and questions. Apparently her mother used to work for NERV a long time ago, until she realized some things they were doing were wrong, so she tried to out them. NERV offered her this deal: out us and you'll be erased. Not even your family will know you're dead. And you're daughter's just beginning to grow up, wouldn't it be a shame for her to lose her mother? So Mrs. Brown settled down into a family life and took a job as a nurse, never mentioning her involvement in NERV. It had taken her some time to decide weather or not to come and try and save her daughter, but she finally mustered up the courage to do it. She begs LaKeitha to trust the Commander and says that he's a good man,despite all the lies and what he just tried to do, she promises LaKeitha he has a good reason for it.

LaKeitha asks if she had a good reason to kill all those section two agents, I mean holy shit Mom! Mrs. Brown shows her the gun, which is a repeating needle gun tipped with a nonlethal toxin to paralyze and drug the agents. She warns LaKeitha that aside from her friends and the Commander, she should be careful who she talks to. LaKeitha feels very guilty about that whole "spilling my guts to a reporter" thing, but doesn't mention it. Unfortunately, it's at this point that Jake Berenson musters up enough willpower to push through the drugs coursing through his system.

His hands are shaking and his vision is blurry, but he sees someone bending over Pilot Brown. He's been assigned to protect the Pilots. QED: THREAT. Despite repeated shouts to "Step Away from the Pilot!" Mrs. Brown does not do so and instead raises her needle gun. Jake fires first and his aim is far better.
LaKeitha's mother is hit in the throat and this time, it's not a needle. She stumbles back, bleeding profusely from her throat, and tips over the side of the railing, disappearing into the black depths below.
True, but the Players did come up with their own backstories. LaKeitha's player had her mom a former NERV scientist, I just worked with what they gave me. And she's a special case anyway.
That's pretty clever! Are they in the Eva's stomach?
>She stumbles back, bleeding profusely from her throat, and tips over the side of the railing, disappearing into the black depths below.
Almost as good as the time my pilot got shot in the head by someone who turned out to be her mom.

Easiest way to get the entry plug saturated with LCL is to just jam it in until it hits the stomach.
File: 1412385771960.jpg (75 KB, 880x352)
75 KB
Figured this was relevant.
File: 1353091824492.png (272 KB, 640x423)
272 KB
272 KB PNG
LaKeitha is furious, screaming, biting, and clawing at Jake who is still pretty drugged. He's running on anger, adrenaline, and sheer will right now. He staggers over to the trapdoor labeled 37B, unlocks it with a keycard, and throws LaKeitha in. She's swallowed up in formless black liquid that flows into her mouth and her ears and her eyes and then she can no longer see or feel, or hear.

She floats alone for a very long time. At first she thinks she's going to drown, but realizes that whatever this black liquid is, it's like LCL. She can breathe and swim in it. So she decides to swim to the side and make some noise, maybe find someone to let her out. It's a slim chance, but it's better than nothing. Maybe she can communicate with another prisoner and they could escape. Ideally, they would escape and kill Jake Berenson.
She picks a direction that she's pretty sure isn't up or down and starts swimming. She doesn't reach a wall. She picks another direction and swims. No wall. Terrified, she swims and thrashes against the liquid for what feels like hours, tiring and sleeping, only to wake up and swim some more. No wall. She begins to cry, alone in the dark, another scared orphaned little girl in a world full of them. All her brash attitude, and sassy sexuality is gone. She's just a girl from Georgia who's been drafted to fight a war she doesn't understand against creatures she can't understand and right now it's a little too much for her.

Pete is being wheeled down the hallway in a wheelchair, drugged out of his mind by more sedatives, when the pretty lights come on. The sounds are not so pretty and he wants to put his hands to his ears and block them out. nasty, loud noises that are telling him something important...It's got something to do with the Evas...His Section Two handlers look up in surprise and one of them curses. The Aesgir Alarms are sounding.

(Accurate depiction of Pete at the moment)
Shinji looks retarded
File: 1353112037193.jpg (560 KB, 788x1044)
560 KB
560 KB JPG
OK, I'm tired and it's almost 1AM where I am and I have class tomorrow. Bump this thread loyal NERV minions, and I'll be back tomorrow morning, bright and early! If the thread dies, I'll be back tomorrow. Do you think this is worth archiving?
I want to guess something to do with AIDS, but that might just be me reading too much into the sexual imagery and the deadly bodily fluids.
Don't kinkshame please.
Bump for storytime.
Bump of preservation.
So why exactly is Pete drugged to the gills?

Also, is the secret under this version of NERV HQ either Nidhoggr or Yggdrasil?
Pete's drugged to the gills because he tried to fight his way out of the Commander's office, surrounded by Section Two agents. Not the best idea.
File: 1353095162828.jpg (226 KB, 1680x1299)
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226 KB JPG
OP has returned to cover you in glory and LCL!

Lilly has arrived at NERV HQ to find Parnassus bellowing orders into a handset while the Commander is on the phone with the US Air Force, negotiating a possible N2 strike in case the Pilots fail. This is problematic because th Aesgir has decided to materialize right in the center of the city, which it has proceeded to tear apart and bombard with high levels of radiation and gravity anomalies all across the spectrum. Lilly immediately gets in her Grey Knight and heads for the launch bays.

Meanwhile, deep in the sightless bowels of her sensory deprivation prison, LaKeitha is undergoing an interesting and terrifying crisis. If the Commander knew what she was trying to do here, he'd shoot her on the spot. Rolling a critical success on Synch Ratio allows LaKeitha to tap into the deepest parts of her psyche, where she finds a tenuous thread of a bond between the girl and her Evangelion. She doesn't know about the Angel and if she did, she wouldn't care. What she cares about now is finding Jake Berenson and ripping him limb from limb. Bleeding profusely from the nose and ears, LaKeitha sees something begin to materialize in the endless blackness before her. It is the fanged, toothy may of her Evangelion. Love, enthusiasm, sexual pleasure, these things it cannot understand. But rage, the desire to rend and annihilate your enemy? it understands that very well.

In the Eva bay, to everyone's surprise, LaKeitha's Bushido Brown activates and tears the restraints off its arms like they were made of paper. It turns towards the observation deck where the Commander is and a voice comes from the loudspeakers. It sounds like LaKeitha, but beneath the southern twangs and Georgia accent, there is something old and bristling with power and hostility. It speaks only four words, sound rippling from its loudspeakers: "Show us our enemies."
Was this arranged OOC ahead of time, to allow her to participate in the fight while imprisoned?
File: 1353954117513.jpg (567 KB, 2264x1176)
567 KB
567 KB JPG
Depiction of Angel it's huuuge.

Lilly's gaping at whatever the fuck is happening to LaKeitha's Eva, because that sure doesn't sound like her. Parnassus is trying to hold together the battered remains of an air Force squadron the Aesir just swatted out of the sky, and the Commander is contemplating if he can hold back the Brown Eva and if he really wants to. The sight of Pete's Eva playing "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" with its hands and singing Backstreet Boys music is enough to get him to acquiesce. He straightens his tie and presses the intercom.

"Pilots, the situation you face is critical and your circumstances are inopportune. The Aesgir above us stands poised to destroy the entire city of Boston-Two, along with thousands of lives within it. You must destroy it, or the Air Force will level this place to stop it anyway. Good luck!"

Not the most inspirational speech, but it's better than nothing. The Evas launch, with Bushido Brown growling for blood the entire way up the shaft.

Once they hit the surface, things go to hell fast.
Nope. The player came up with it on his own, and it was in line with the plot hooks I was setting up, so I let it happen. It was a cool moment though.
File: 1355085780009.jpg (76 KB, 524x654)
76 KB
It's at this point that the Raven supercomputers chime in. "Spatial Anomaly codename: Snôtra engaged. Estimate High level of collateral Damage. Proceed with caution."

As mentioned, the Angel turns out to be effectively a second sun hovering 100 dm above the city. Too high for the Evas to jump at it, but too low for anything orbital. Plus it's over a populated city. Lilly suspects this means the Aesir are smarter than NERV had given them credit for. She cautiously picks her sword and pistol out of a supply cache and stares at the massive thing hovering overhead. It's ripped up several dozen buildings which are now orbiting around it like asteroids, or a defensive shield. The Evas wisely spread their AT Fields, but that just attracts its attention. It begins to sing, a haunting etherial music that Parnassus would later compare to "the music of the spheres".

The Pilots would normally easily resist this psychological assault, but they aren't in top shape right now. Pete succumbs completely and wanders off towards the baseball field, dropping his weapon and causing some collateral damage as he walks straight through an unfortunate office block. LaKeitha's physical distance, along with her Eva's rage-bond, makes her more resistant to the attack, but she loses a bit of sanity anyway. Doing her best to block out the sound, she pulls a Minigun out of a storage building and opens fire on full auto. Most of the bullets either miss entirely, or are blocked by buildings, but one gets through. It plinks off the Aesir's fiery skin, which immediately turns pitch black and begins launching entire buildings back at its assailant.
>She cautiously picks her sword and pistol out of a supply cache

>giant sun 1km in the air
>let me grab a melee weapon and a peashooter
File: angel throne.jpg (644 KB, 800x721)
644 KB
644 KB JPG
LaKeitha sees this coming, drops the Minigun, and throws up a Barrier of unparalleled strength, which manages to block ten buildings, though the final two still get through for massive damage everywhere. Howling in rage, Bushido Brown begins simply hurling shattered pieces of building back at the Aesir, to little effect.

Seeing one Pilot AWOL and another just get hit by most of a city block, Lilly decides to fight smart. She retreats back down the launch shaft and has Parnassus overclock it to launch her up to get a better shot at the Aesir, without wondering how she's going to get back down. Using some AT Field manipulation to serve as a midair dash of sorts, she manages to scramble onto one of the floating buildings in Snôtra's radius. She starts to aim at the Angel's body when LaKeitha decides to become Aesgir Targer #1. This prompts the Aesgir to start launching buildings, including the one Lilly is standing on!

What follows are several frantic rounds of Agility checks, strength tests, and AT Field dickery as Lilly jumps from building to building as the Aesir tries to launch her back down to Earth and pummel LaKeitha to dust in the bargain. Pete continuously fails Willpower checks to get his head in the game and is retroactively expelled from High School Musical. It's a scene Michael Bay would masturbate to. Mass explosions, giant robots cartwheeling through the air, ineffective military munitions going off, millions of dollars in property damage, the whole shebang.

Eventually, Lilly manages to jump off enough buildings to get close to the Aesgir itself. She takes a leap of faith, nullifies like crazy with LaKeitha's help, and jumps at the floating star. Her sword digs into its side and the Angel screams in terror. It begins frantically rotating buildings around itself and shaking in an effort to dislodge its unwelcome passenger.
If /tg/ doesn't like storytime then I have no idea what else it could possibly like. Chill OP, this faggot posted in the last All Guardsmen Storytime too. He's trolling, I hope.
>he is more interested in averting another Impact than defending the human race.

Er, what's the difference? Did he care more about the glory, or about the coastlines?

>Pete and Bill experience a strong surge of endorphins and adrenaline respectfully

Who's Bill? Lilly?

>When asked if this was a waste of time, Parnassus sighs, shakes his head, and says no. He then proceeds to make Watering the Ficus an official order.


Thanks for the storytime, hope you don't mind questions. Will keep reading.
Rather than get battered to death, and because it worked out pretty damm well for the last two Angels, Lilly decides to rip the Angel open more and climb inside it, where she can continue to murder it to death. The innards of this angel are pretty abstract, with really bright colors, floating blobs, and intense star-level heat. Unsuprisingly, Lilly's Eva begins melting, but she's got a shit-ton of armor and Extremeophile perks, so she survives for a few rounds. Lakeitha has the bright idea to keep shooting the Aesir while her friend is inside of it, and chips away at its health some more with the mini gun. A few bullets hit Lilly indie the angel but again, because of OP armor and low velocity, they don't do much damage. Pete finally pulls his big boy pants on and comes running to help, but because he's almost exclusively melee, he can't do much except call the Aesir fat and make obscene hand gestures. Parnassus decides to invest in a sniper rifle and some marksmanship training because these kids can't shoot worth a damm.

It's at this point that everyone notices the news chopper which has been hovering out of range, taping the entire fight. Parnassus seriously considers shooting it down.

Inside the Angel, Lilly's finally getting close to the Aesir's core and they both know it. In desperation, Snôtra triggers a suicidal last move, Gravity Bomb, which forces the DM (me) to get out a calculator to figure out how much damage that did. Like morons, LaKeitha and Pete were standing almost underneath the Aesir when it plunges down and turns into a Singularity, and Lilly isn't much better off.

The Gravity Bomb obliterates a significant portion of the city and defeats Pete and LaKeitha's Evas outright. Lilly's Grey Knight is critically injured almost everywhere except the head, but it crawls out of the rubble more or less in one piece. Lilly succeeds on an Intelligence check and realizes that the rubble she's in looks very familiar. It's what's left of her school.
My mistake, the Bill there is indeed meant to be Lilly. There was a fourth player who showed up, created a character, then disappeared. They are non-canon and I've wiped their involvement. Looks like he snuck in one last time.
You actually make AdEva sound fun. How tedious were those fights during actual play?
Goddamn am I jealous of your players. None of the AdEva games I join seem to work out that way, if only because they die early.
File: 1370402614745.gif (1.85 MB, 400x173)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB GIF
Back in NERV, Parnassus and the Commander breathe a sigh of relief and begin the recovery procedures. Parnassus grabs a team of medics and soldiers to grab the pilots and begin to clean up the rubble, while the Commander calls off the Air Force.

Meanwhile, Lilly's using her Eva's massive hands to dig through the rubble of their school, praying she doesn't find any bodies, that everyone is safe in the shelter. The universe is never so generous. She finds Reah sticking out of the rubble, legs crushed to jelly underneath rubble, her right eye and a chunk of her face is mostly missing. Lilly takes massive SAN loss and scrambles out of the Eva. Grabbing the limp dying body in her arms, she holds her there and cries. (Her player passes a Willpower and an further Synch Ratio roll at Very Difficult Levels) Suddenly her arm begins to glow, the tree tattoo pulsing in time with her heartbeat. Unsure of what precisely is happening, Lilly decides to try and will Reah back to life. After all, if the AT Field is constructed out of her will inside the Eva, why can't she do that outside the Eva? It's shaky logic, and the premise wouldn't work, but the Lance knows what she wants.

A blinding red light shines in the ruins of Boston-2 for a moment and the Lance passes to a new owner. Before her tear-stained eyes, Reah's legs are reconstituted, tumorous growths, then bone, muscle, skin, forming out of nothing but red light. The flesh over her face helas cleanly, as if there had never been an eye socket there at all. Her remaining eye opens wide as Reah forces air back into her lungs and it glows a dim red.

Parnassus coming over the hill with rescue, saw it all, and so did that helicopter.
Both the Angel fights were a little tedious, but it was my fault as DM both times, not the system. First, I didn't really get the distance system, so I placed Hermondor, aka "The Grape Ape" super far away and the players had to spend two rounds running to get within range. The second Angel, Nòdrör aka "Angelfish" had invisibility cloaking and was hidden by blood in the water, so the players couldn't get a lock on it. But Lilly's player solved that issue well I think.
It's at this point I think where all the players went: "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUCKK!" or some variant thereof. I wish i had a camera, just to record their faces.
AdEva dev here, don't blame yourself too much. The distance problem is totally part of the system's fault - v2/2.5 needed a huge explanation of how to set up angel fights and what to not do that it never had.

Like, sure, it's not directly the system's fault, but there's a ridiculous amount of expertise you need but don't start with to make a fight fun.

For someone who is indisputably evil incarnate, the Commander seems like a pretty cool guy so far.
File: Ohfuck.jpg (146 KB, 568x429)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>It sounds like LaKeitha, but beneath the southern twangs and Georgia accent, there is something old and bristling with power and hostility. It speaks only four words, sound rippling from its loudspeakers: "Show us our enemies."
I take it you're going to some sort of zone setup for v3 (aka AdEva 3.0: You Can (Not) Reroll), then? As in, Melee, Close, Medium, Distant, Extremely Distant or something of the like?

Speaking of which, how long before v3?
Yeah, we're using zone bands, pretty close to how you described.

We have a target date we're trying to get the open beta ready by, it's not too far away, and we'll quite possibly hit it. That's all I'll say on due date.
Thanks for the reassurance. Also, I've been having difficulty tailoring Angels to the player's skill levels, making something that's enough of a challenge but won't insta-kill them. But that's probably just me being bad with monster level tailoring in general.
It's certainly difficult. My advice is to err on the side of lethality, never let the players see the angel's sheet, and lie or fudge rolls if things are looking too severe.
V3 GM here, this is definitely the case. If you try to make things 'balanced' for the players, you're just going to end up with a curb stomped giant eldritch horror that challenged no one.

Now, I don't have a problem with this, and I'm sure you probably don't care either - but. This name really makes no sense in Russian. I'm just smirking here, that's all.

Was it supposed to be Dosvidanya?
v3's way easier to balance compared to v2.5, since both the players and the angels have anti-'instant splat' cushions.
You'd think so, but you ain't seen some of the shit I've seen. I've often had to rewrite half of my Angel crunch on the fly on like turn two, because that turn one anti-splat was all that held it away from dying.
December 20th, 2016- You Can (Not) Run Away

The Pilots wake up in prison cells. LaKeitha's already in isolation, or as the players call it, Double Jail. Remotely connecting with her Evangelion took a chunk out of her Ego Barrier, so she goes a little bit crazy in the dark. Implied masturbation and I swiftly steer the game away before we hit Magical Realm levels. Meanwhile the other Pilots are in regular NERV jail. Lilly and Reah are in a single cell together which is hermetically sealed and with strange runic symbols on the walls. The front of the cell is a huge glass wall that they can see out into the corridor. Pete and Russ Ruskins stare back at them. Ruskins looks disheveled and unshaven, like he's slept in his clothes. Pete is in a hospital gown and his peeled-off plugsuit is in the corner, in a puddle of LCL.

(going to be half an hour before I can post again, I have an International Relations class)
Probably. I just tried to make something sufficiently Russian.

That's a pity. LaKeitha is my favourite character in this story. Well, maybe after the Commander.
This. The only AdEva game I've seen actually work is the one I ended up running. It still has yet to die. Now I'm jealous of my players.
>"I need to wash my hands, they're covered in WEAKNESS!"

My sides.
Man. Great work, OP. You wrote one of the best storytimes I've read here and made me wish even harder to get into an AdEva game again some time. I hope you'll post a follow-up when the campaign is actually over.
File: 1347322758347.jpg (40 KB, 624x480)
40 KB
Pete didn't see the Lance lightshow, but he does know that something weird happened to Lilly and this Reah girl, so the Commander freaked out and quarantined them in there. They've been here for two days and the girls just now woke up. He doesn't know where LaKeitha is, so he's really worried.
Russ Ruskins proceeds to preen and strut around his cell, saying that he knows everything about the pilots thanks to LaKeitha's assistance and some hacking of his own. Ruskins also adds that the video feed from his helicopter is going to be worth millions once the news organizations get their hands on it. First, it's hands-on footage of an Aesir battle, not the sanitized NERV releases. Second, he knows that the pilots are children and he is very excited about being the one to break this story or "child soldiers, thrown into battle by callous government officials". He asks Pete if he has anything he'd like to tell the world and Pete tells him to go sit on his camera. Russ also mentions that he's got no idea what the lightshow at the end there was, but it makes for good TV. It's also gotten NERV very interested in the girl. (Reah) Lilly points out hat Reah has nothing to do with this and she did nothing wrong. (Tagline for the rest of the campaign: REAH DID NOTHING WRONG) Reah realizes that she can't see out of her right eye and goes silent, clinging to Lilly in a death grip, who tentatively pats her on the head and eventually draws her into a touching hug. Ruskins says nothing but smirks, clearly making mental notes. (Pilot Love Fest Discovered: NERV a Den of Sin!)

From somewhere deeper down the corridor, doors unlock with a heavy-sounding THUD and the Commander and Dr. Chandra, Eva expert, come strolling down the corridor. A listen check by Pete reveals the Commander wants Lilly and Reah in Level Five Containment, Just above Subject 20. "And for the love of god, don't let them see him."
File: 1353116725570.jpg (96 KB, 900x563)
96 KB
The Commander looks like hell. There are bags under his eyes so large they could barely fit in a luggage compartment and from the careful, controlled way he walks, Pete correctly guesses that he's been drinking. He walks over to Ruskins's cell and punches in a code that Lilly manages to see: 0531. Once the door opens, the Commander punches the reporter in the face, hard. There's the wet smack of fist hitting flesh and Ruskins goes down. The Pilots get some measure of satisfaction from this and the tension drains from the Commander's shoulders. he rotates his shoulder. "OK, now I feel better. I should thank Dr. Longueville, she does give good advice."
Pete mutters something to the effect of "that bitch gives shitty advice" and this draws the Commander's attention. He abandons Ruskins and strolls over to Pete's cell. "So Pilot, would you mind telling me what the hell went on out there?" Pete replies that his recollection of most of the battle was fuzzy and he can't remember much other than the music. Lilly experimentally hums a few bars and Pete's face goes slack disturbingly quickly. The Commander shoots Lilly a very venomous glare and she stops. Douglas turns to Dr. Chandra, an aging, bald, skinny Indian man with a pencil mustache. The scientist shakes his head. "we checked. No more that the usual amount of psychological contamination, it's probably just residue, should wear off in a day or two, given enough rest."
The Commander's voice is guarded 'And if it doesn't?"
Chandra shrugs. "We'll need to put him on benzoadines to stabilize his sense of self. Maybe make it a permanent part of his diet, to avoid memenic implantation."
The Commander stares in at Pete, who says nothing as they digest this ominous statement.
"And the likelihood of implantation?"
The Doctor waves his hands frantically. "Very low, very low. Dr. Longueville agrees with my analysis, but suggests that she see him as soon as possible."
Does Chandra basically look like Gandhi? Not even real Gandhi so much as Civilization Gandhi.
The Commander stares in at Pete.
"Pilot Walker, you swore oaths to serve NERV and her leaders to the best of your ability until your retirement or untimely death. Correct?"
Pete swallows the lump in his throat. "Yes sir. And I still will, even after you've drugged me and thrown me in jail. NERV is my life, sir."
"And it will continue to be so. Do I have your word you won't try to take a swing at your Commander again?"
"Yes sir."
"Good. Because if you did try that again, I'll break your arm, wether it reduces your combat ability or no."
He gestures at the doctor, who pulls out a folding wheelchair from the corner.
"Now, go trundle along to Dr. Longueville and don't try and weasel out of it this time. We need your mind in fighting shape as well as your body."
Pete nods reluctantly accepting the sensibility in that. He wheels his way off with Dr. Chandra pushing him every once in a while when his arms tire.

It's at this point that Russ Ruskins drags himself off the floor and decides to open his fat mouth again. "Ah, Nathan, so good to see you again."
The Commander rounds on Ruskins, teeth bared. "Ruskins, you are lucky I don't have you shot, so shut your mouth!"
Russ continues on, uncaring. "I must say, you've risen much higher than the last time I saw you. Who'd you have to bribe this time, the Army, the President, the UN? Come on, you can tell me, we're old pals!"
The Commander takes a deep breath and suddenly his smiling, peaceful face is back, a mask all the more terrifying for its sudden return.
"Alright Ruskins, I'll spill. Just tell me where your tapes and I'll let you go. It's a better deal than most get, but to be fair, I'm impressed. Taking a helicopter up in the middle of an Evangelion fight, that takes guts."
Ruskins grins and slaps his own rather ample beer belly. "Well, I've got plenty of those, right? Heh heh heh. Anyway Nathan, I'm not telling you were the tapes are,because we both know those tapes are the only reason you haven't beaten me blue."
Yeah, that's what the image in my head was. Not quite as kindly, but basically the same and with a tendency to get really frustrated at AT Fields. LaKeitha's given him more work than the UN ever has in regards to papers to write.
I forget, when did Pete swing at the Commander? Was that when he tried to break out?
Reah's gonna get whacked or something.
Fuck reporters.
File: 1363785423435.jpg (23 KB, 432x283)
23 KB
The Commander's still grinning, but Lilly sees his hand inch ever so slightly towards the gun at his hip. "That's true, that's true but those tapes are a lot bigger than the usual robot-on-monster action the public loves to see. And our imbecilic Pilot Brown's testimonial needs tending to as well."
Ruskins twists his face into a false look of confusion. "What testimonial? I got nothin but a name for the girl. honest."
"Please, Ruskins, do you think I'm stupid? You've either got those tapes in a dead drop or in one of the few free pockets of the Internet the UN hasn't censored, just waiting for the word to be sent to every station on the planet."
The reporter spreads his hands in a gesture of conciliation. "Nathan, don't worry about it. How about a compromise? You let me run a fluff story about our brave pilots here, cut out all the bits you don't like, and NERV gets good press and some more funding to go with it! You can always use the funding, right?" His grin turns sly. "Besides, if you don't let me go in the next twenty-four hours, those tapes'll be sent anyway. Gotta keep an insurance policy, right?"

Lilly notices a slight twitch of the Reporter's hands and a Decieve check helps her realize he's lying, and the Commander, staring his opponent in the face, might not have seen it. Deciding that gaining the Commander's trust might be rucial to avoid being dissected like a frog in science class, she opens her mouth. "Hey Commander Douglas! I'm pretty sure he's lying. He wouldn't have those tapes set up like that, he's too stupid for it." Reah gives her a questioning look and mouths "what the hell are you doing?" Lilly makes an empathetic head motion meaning: "keeping us alive, duh!"
The Commander steps back and studies Ruskins for a moment and nods. "Thank you very much Pilot Smith. Your assistance will be noted for the record." Ruskins starts to protest, but the Commander pulls his gun from its hip holster and shoves it harshly into the reporter's mouth.
It's up at >>35555403 and yeah, that is when he swung at the Commander. Sorry I didn't mention it. My bad.
File: point.jpg (508 KB, 970x868)
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508 KB JPG
Yeah, fuck reporters
File: 1355184115481.jpg (11 KB, 360x270)
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The Commander looks over his shoulder at Lilly and Reah, who are watching with a kind of horrified fascination. "You girls may want to close your eyes for this," he advises. He actually waits until they both do so and turn around to pull the trigger.
There's a THUMP and the sound of something heavy being dragged. The girls do not turn around and Reah begins shaking from fear. Lilly is only marginally better, but her NERV training and Angel experience has made her a little more resistant to crazy shit. A man being shot in the face isn't too out of the ordinary.
A few minutes later, the Commander walks back in and there are squelching noises. Lilly cautiously peeks and to her surprise, the commander has gotten a mop and is currently working at cleaning the blood off the floor of the cell. He catches her eye and shrugs. "Sorry about that. It's not a pleasant business being Commander of NERV Boston. It's not all jet-setting and UN dinners." The mop squelches as it picks up a few shards of bone and brain matter. "It does mean you have to get your hands dirty every once in a while. Besides, it's important for people to see their commanding officer doing regular work every once in a while, helps bring him down to their level."
Lilly stares incredulously. Is the Commander really giving her a leadership lesson? "You-You just shot him in the face!" She blurts out. The Commander nods. "yes I did, and I'd gladly do it again. Russ Ruskins has been the bane of NERV for the last five years, always sneaking in where he wasn't wanted, getting information he didn't need. A real investigative reporter of the old school."
He dunks the mop in an adjacent bucket of water. "a shame. He could've been useful at NERV, but he was convinced we were the big bad wolf of his story. Such naiveté." He wheels the bucket and mop out of sight and returns with a folding chair which he places in front of their cell. "Now girls, what's to be done with you?"
(Gendo intensifies)
That's pretty brutal
10/10 would follow into hell
Reah almost immediately breaks down into incoherent sobs and variations on "Please don't kill us". Lilly really wishes she had her hoodie right now, but stares the Commander directly in the eyes. he doesn't seem inherently hostile, but then, he didn't seem hostile when he shot Russ Ruskins in the face. "Pilot, let me be plain here." He rests his elbows on his knees and enters The Pose That Has Been Passed Down the Ikari Line for Generations.

"Both you and your girlfriend here are very important to NERV regardless of whatever that light show two days ago was, though i have my suspicions. You are important because you can pilot Unit 4-2, one of the very few Evangelions in this planet. Miss Reah here is important because she has thus far proven to be a good friend to all three of you pilots. This goes for Thomas Einstein and Tontam Litsen as well, though to varying degrees. Because of that, I am willing to allow the both of you a great degree of latitude, though it must be tempered with caution. Do you understand?"

Lilly jabs a finger at the Commander through the glass wall. "No needles! No injections, no medical experiments of any kind! If you do, I won't pilot anymore!"
"That's a ridiculous thing to say Pilot Smith. I'm disappointed in you, bargaining form a position of weakness and with such an obvious threat. If you want anyone to deal with you fairly, you shouldn't shout like a petulant child. Save your indignation and anger for when it can be used, not for when it uses you. You've both undergone considerable physical trauma in the last Aesir attack and you do need to be looked at. We already did the preliminaries while you were out of course."

Reah looks furious as well now. "You had no right-"
"I have every right. I'm Commander of NERV and I have a responsibility to ensure the safety of my pilots and if that includes drawing a few vials of blood without consent, then so be it. Dr. Chandra may be bound by the Hippocratic Oath, but I am not."
File: khornate eva.jpg (250 KB, 800x956)
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250 KB JPG
You called?
>getting mad over medical exams

C'mon. Save being mad for later.
Lilly is about to begin shouting agin, but the Commander barrels on. "Face it Pilot, you can rage and accuse all you want, but in the end I will still be out here, in command of a base with hundreds of soldiers and the ear of the United Nations and you will be in there with your girlfriend. The sooner you accept that I have all the power in this situation, the quicker we can get around to answering pertinent questions like: Why you both haven't exploded into atoms, or Why other NERV bases tried to kill us at the North Pole! THINK Pilot Smith, there are more important things at stake here than your ability to sit in a comfortable apartment and drink illegal beer."

The Commander bows his head and the girls sit in silence, digesting his outburst. Reah mouths the phrase "exploded into atoms" and looks at the red tree mark on her hand with a newfound sense of terror.Lilly finally shakes her head in defeat.
"OK Commander. We get it, you win, congrats. But here's the deal: You do need me, and I need Reah, and we want answers to our own questions. like for example, what exactly was in that box you brought back from the Arctic, and why does LaKeitha have an Aesir inside it? You answer those, as well and any others I haven't thought of yet, and I'll be your test subject. Just leave my friend out of this."

Reah is now bright red and is looking at her friend with something approaching wonder or perhaps the Third Coming of Jesus Christ. (The Second Coming happened in Pyongyang, North Korea twelve hours before Second Impact and was thus completely ignored.)

The Commander starts chuckling and then progresses into full out laughter. Soon he's laughing so hard, tears are trickling from the corners of his eyes and he has to pull a handkerchief from his suit pocket to withe them off. "Ohh Pilot Smith, you are a gem, and absolute treasure. I knew I was right about you." He grins. "Alright, those seem like fair terms. You have a deal then. "
Took the words right out of my mouth.
>(The Second Coming happened in Pyongyang, North Korea twelve hours before Second Impact and was thus completely ignored.)
Sides orbital

So... back at the North Pole, the other Evas were all set to attack them only for the ambush to be thwarted by the Aesir? Because I thought that was a more spontaneous thing...
What do you mean, spontaneous? The other Evas were ordered to attack the US Pilots in the moment, but they didn't want to. The Aesir just showed up then. Plus, the Commander is operating off of suspicion and incomplete information right now. He was attacked, but not unilaterally. There's a split in NERV that we're just about to find out about.

I think I thought they were (over)reacting to what happened on the Russian ship. That they drew guns on them in response to that, thinking they had something to do with it, rather than as part of some premeditated plan.

But yeah, that makes more sense. And anyway, the Commander would probably view it in the same light either way.
File: 1363053597365.jpg (136 KB, 750x760)
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136 KB JPG
The Commander punches in a few numbers off to the side and the glass wall between them slides open. He holds out his hand and Lilly shakes it. He also shakes Reah's hand and apologizes for all the stress she's been put under. There is a Moment.

Then the commander's phone buzzes. He pulls it out and holds it to his ear. "Commander Douglas here. what is it?"
As he listens, the color drains from his face. He turns to the girls and shouts. "Evas, now!"
He grabs Lilly by the arm, who in turn grabs Reah, and they begin to run towards the Evangelion cages.

Pilot Pete Walker is not having a good week. He's been threatened with detention, drugged by an Aesir, drugged by his commanding officer, he's being forced to go to a psychiatrist when there's nothing wrong with him, when all he wants to do is sleep, and he forgot to water the ficus this morning. Parnassus will be snippy about that, he knows it. Right now he's being kidnapped.

It was a relatively calm kidnapping, all things considered. Two suited thugs came up behind Dr. Chandra and began hitting him until he let go of Pete's wheelchair. Pete tried to jump out and help the Doctor, but his legs felt like jelly underneath him and he almost fell on his face. One of the thugs grabbed him by the neck and dumped him back in the wheelchair and now they're wheeling him out of NERV and towards three identical news helicopters. He can see Dr. Longueville in the front seat nodding in a pleased manner. That bitch.

It's at this point that Jake Berenson, whos suit is covered in blood (not his) and pointing a Stinger Missile (certainly his) emerges from the entrance to NERV and fires. One of the non-plot critical helicopters blows up, fulfilling the DM's explosion quota for the session. He drops the launcher and draws his pistol, but this time his assailants are faster. A hail of bullets hit him in the chest, and one passes completely through his left cheek.
If the bullet Doesn't kill him, the Lakeitha whose mother was killed in front of her very eyes will
You commentary with this this hilarious.
Man. LaKeitha is going to be denied her vengeance, isn't she? If not right now then later down the line, Jake Berenson is going to bite it heroically in battle, and it won't be from her.
Refusing to surrender one of his precious Pilots, the head of Section Two falls to the ground and keeps firing. Two of the men next to Pete go down and a gun lands right in Pete's lap. However, Pete decides to be a complete fucking moron and throws the gun to the ground, declaring that he can't kill humans. (Players have an annoying tendency to be contrary sometimes. Fuckin Pete.)

Once Jake's body is sufficiently riddled with bullets, the kidnappers load Pete into one of the remaining two helicopters and fly off, broadcasting warnings that if Parnassus tries to bring them down, they'll kill the Pilot. Dr. Longueville slips ANOTHER drug into Pete's neck and he's out for the count. The kid's getting so messed up it's amazing he hasn't gotten an addiction or some serious side effects. (Note to self bring up long-term side effects?)

Pete wakes up in a dark room in his hospital gown and chained to a different wheelchair. There is another needle in his arm and an electrode hat on his head. Beyond a window in front of him are four silhouetted figures, none of whom are familiar. Pete asks them what the *%#! he is doing here and adds that when NERV finds them, they will (insert long rant about sodomy with an Evangelion horn here). The Mysterious Figures are unfazed and reply that they expect NERV to come for him. But while they wait, there are some questions for him. Apparently the needle in his arm has been administering truth serum and the Figures are surprised he has so many other drugs in his system. Male Figure One speaks admiringly about the resilience of Evangelion pilots, the sacrifices that are necessary to produce a better world, until two other figures hush him. They all hold up their wrists to reveal that they too have been injected with Sodium Penethol and have similar electrode hats. Apparently if Pete or his interviewers try to lie, they will be given a painful electric shock.

They begin by asking Pete to describe what exactly went on at the North Pole.
Goddamnit Pete
I'd probably do the same but I'd still be an idiot

I know, right. Could've bluffed them at least. Or shot to wound.
Well when you're drugged to hell you probably aren't gonna be shooting straight
File: 1361871690903.png (437 KB, 1327x965)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
They ask which NERV branches were there, how many Evangelions, and how they defeated the Aesir that showed up. Pete says the bare minimum and decides to test a lie maybe he can bluff these yahoos into letting him go. (Pete's not the brightest Pilot.)
"There were two NERV branches there with us, a total of twelve Evangelions, and I beat the Aesir to death with my bare hands."

As promised, he receives a painful electrical shock that sends his eyeballs rolling in their sockets and his teeth clench so tightly the muscles in his jaw spasm.

One of the figures leans forward. "You lied. Now, how many Evangelions were there?"
Pete replies in a strained voice. "five."
"very good Mr. Walker. Now, have you seen anything like this?"
A picture of a massive red, spear-like object floats before his eyes. It was clearly taken at dusk and from far away.
"Have you ever had any reason to suspect someone was carrying this? A smaller version, or perhaps a carrying case? A silver box handcuffed to their wrist?"
"Nope. Nothing." Pete chuckles and pauses to spit some unidentifiable wad of phlegm towards the window. It falls short. "Sorry guys. If you've lost your fancy stick, I can't help you."

A long pause, while the heads turn and talk amongst themselves. Then another picture appears before him. It's LaKeitha.
"Do you know who this is?"
Pete grins. Even if he gets shocked for this, it'll be worth it. "A bitch."
Surprisingly no shocks jolt his wheelchair.
"Elaborate on her identity. What is her name, her family history, her experience with the Evangelion?"
"Her name is LaKeitha Brown. I've got no clue about her family, she left them behind in Atlanta, Georgia, and she's a damm good pilot. a fuckin wizard with the AT Field, she's saved my ass more than once. If you think I'm going to sell her down the river to you chucklefucks, you've got another think coming."
(This is where he fucks up. He told them where she came from.)
"Has her Evangelion ever displayed unusual behavior?"
>a bitch
>no electric shock
Top kek
pls continue
File: 1346683281974.jpg (309 KB, 1280x1920)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Pete rolls his eyes. "Unusual behavior? Listen chucklefuck, everything about the Evas is unnatural! Lilly's uses sunlight as a backup battery, mine has bodybuilder muscles, and they don't collapse under their own weight! Hell, Boeing and Lockheed tried to build that Jet Alone piece of shit last year, even invited me to the testing. Their robot fell apart as soon as it started walking! meanwhile our Evas can jump around like ballerinas and regrow limbs! So if you want unusual behavior, be more specific!"

One of the Figures stands up and points at Pete. "Alright, listen here kid you-" his voice is cut off as a sizzling sound and the smell of charred meat fills the room. The Figure drops to the floor and someone else walks in to calmly drag the body out and replace him. The other Figures do not react.
"Pilot, what we mean is: Has Unit 3-7 ever violated the established behavior of Evangelions, or behaved in an overly violent manner? Began howling at the sky perhaps, or maybe it tried to eat one of the Aesir? Perhaps it self-harmed?"

Pete stares at the Figures. "That was oddly specific."
"Answer the question Pilot."
"It tore off its face once and started screaming. It might've done more, but then I hit it with my hammer." he beams. "Knocked it right the fuck out too." He spends a few moments recalling the fond memory.
The figures speak among themselves, but they are worried and Pete catches a few stray snatches of conversation.
"-I warned them about the procedure"
"Possibility of cascading instability"
"Keep Balder and the pilots until we're sure it is properly subdued."
One of the figures looks at their watch and bakes a cutting motion with their hand. "Enough! We have little time left, let us proceed."

They turn back to Pete, who pretends to have been ignoring them. He pretends just a little while longer, just to make them squirm. "Pilot, one last question, then you will be released."
Pete's store of fucks is running low and winter is coming. "Fantastic."
To give credit where it's due, Pete was doing a fantastic job trolling those guys.
"Have you ever seen this individual? Or anyone who looks like him? Perhaps a hooded figure under heavy guard, possibly chained or muzzled?"
A picture of a teenager flashes up in front of Pete one last time. The individual looks very much like a Greecian Apollo, except for the jeans and antique ACDC t-shirt. He is smiling at the camera, leaning against a brick wall. It's the kind of face Michelangelo would sculpt. Even in photo form his gaze is penetrating and Pete finds himself studying the face intently.
"Pilot Walker?"
"No, sorry. I haven't seen him. man, you guys loose all sorts of stuff don't you?" he laughs. "Should've gotten a guard dog."
"We've got one. Arguably the best kind."
A blue light begins to flash in the room and the Mysterious Figures all stand up. "Thank you for your time Pilot Bartz. Your Section Two should be arriving soon to collect you."
The Figures swiftly collect their papers and file out of the room. Pete sits there is silence for a few minutes, but no one bothers to untie him. He begins to shake and rattle his chains.
"HEEEEEEY! YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! LET. ME. OUT. HEEEEEYYY!" For someone on at least three drugs, he makes an impressive amount of noise.
He hears booted feet and shouted commands. Soon a dozen masked, armored soldiers burst through the door, with NERV emblazoned on their helmets in bright red. "Copy that November Fox, we've found our boy."
Pete bristles. "Hey, I'm not a boy! I'm the leader of the Eva pilots!"
The Section Two agent nods. "Sure thing Pilot."
They untie him, slowly pull out the IV drip of Sodium Penathol and bandage the now very irritated spot on his artery where people just keep sticking needled, damm it. One of the agents offers him a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and Pete notices for the first time that the room is freezing. He's just shrugged into the shirt when Parnassus bursts in through the door and wraps him in a bear hug. "God, kid,I was afraid we'd lost you."

Pete smiles and hugs Parnassus back. "So was I"
File: rage PERFECTLY CALM_1.jpg (74 KB, 300x309)
74 KB

>These are the people quest threads have brought to this fucking board
I can imagine.
There are shit posters everywhere, my friend.
This was basically one of the most exciting and hilarious sessions we had, at least In my opinion. Suddenly everything's getting turned around and the players have to think on their feet. LaKeitha had her own adventure we'll get to next.
File: 1349122054402.jpg (249 KB, 1000x646)
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249 KB JPG
Now it's time for a brief break and Impact Facts: Random world building with AdEva DM!
1. when NERV redacts documents for public consumption, it uses Wingdings instead of a black marker. Nobody has bothered to translate it.
2. In woodworking class LaKeitha attempted to carve a bong, Pete carved a hammer, and Lilly carved a series of chess pieces.
3. The few remaining Japanese refugees and remnants have settled in Australia, where they have carved out a small community killing indigenous Aesir (normal Australian animals) and selling them as delicacies.
4. There is very little true freedom of the press, with the UN heavily censoring the internet in all the countries under its control. Pirate radio broadcasts and websites from Pirates and rogue states are widely accepted as the only way to get real news.
5. Adrian Bartz will make a full recovery. Nobody came to visit him in the hospital.
6. Germany is the capital of the world and the base of NERV 03. Evangelion parts and the organic Raven computers come from there.
7. The Vice-Commander is in fact in my notes, but he doesn't do much other than scowl at the Pilots, disapprove of collateral damage, and act as the Bad Cop to the Commander's Good Cop, so he has been ignored up until now.
8. Bridge Bunnies are equally irrelevant, save for one important upcoming technician.
9. An Aesir has been ruling the island of Madagascar for the last ten years. Nobody knows or cares.
10. Medical care in the Evangelion universe is ridiculously advanced. Artificially grown limbs, enhanced musculature, artificial suspension in treated LCL, all can be used to greatly extend or save lives. More than a few NERV employees have received artificial limbs from NERV during the Impact wars.
>killing indigenous Aesir (normal Australian animals)
>An Aesir has been ruling the island of Madagascar for the last ten years. Nobody knows or cares.
>9. An Aesir has been ruling the island of Madagascar for the last ten years. Nobody knows or cares.

So some of those things have just been hanging around in different parts of the world, instead of always coming to NERV bases (and that one North Pole rendezvous) to get knocked down?

File: 11_eva.jpg (76 KB, 600x425)
76 KB
December 20th-21st 2016: You Can (Not) Forget

The Commander Nathan Douglas, Lilly,and Reah have reached the Eva hangers after an exhausting 15-minute run through NERV corridors and a very uncomfortable elevator ride. (Impact Fact 11: The elevators in NERV play this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl6NzC1gnmU)

NERV technicians have almost completely finished refitting the Grey Knight with it's immense armor plating, save for one or two patches. As a result, Reah's first impression of the Evangelion is that it is certainly a robot. She looks at in awe for a while while Lilly and the technicians go over the startup checks and Lily decides to rename her god-machine Atlas. (it's some other sort of reference to a mech game, can't remember what it was. Armored Core? idk) The Commander is grinning at her.
"It never gets old, I can promise you."
Reah looks at the Commander in confusion. "What?"
"The Evangelions never get old. Believe me I know, I've been working with the brutes for years and every time I stand in this room it takes my breath away." He gestures at the colossal behemoth in front of them. "When NERV was founded, when we finally understood what the Evangelions could do, everyone involved with this project knew they would be used for war sooner or later. I'd hoped humanity would be able to at least get past the Aesir before that happened, but maybe I was too optimistic. Parnassus says I still am."

A lout screech of joy and confusion emanates from the Evangelion's cockpit. The Commander's grin gets even wider as he tosses Reah a plugsuit. "Hurry up girl, you're keeping your copilot waiting."

Five minutes later, as the now dual synch Evangelion is going through its final calibration tests, practically bouncing on its heels in excitement from the pilots inside, Parnassus joins the Commander in the command post. "I still think this is a crazy idea Commander. A dual pilot system has never been attempted before, and on a civilian at that.
From Battletech universe, One of the oldest and longest lasting designs. Its a low tech zombie of a mech with at the max size a mech can go and a nightmare in cqc. 100 tons of angry skullfaced death
[sue levels intensify]
They do, basically everytime your scenario isn't "the battles are proxy to get funds except for the angels it's a real chance to get freedom", as per original series.

It's cool to start the game with "Ramiel is circling the earth on a fractal course and calculation says he'll be at NERV HQ in four months. N2 mines don't do shit, Evas just might. Find a way to deal with him until then, or get your shit lasered. You get as many tries as you want. Get it done rather sooner or later, unless you are comfortable with him randomly nuking everything from a city to a deer while you dance like you want to win."

After you fuck up the first time, he will recognize Evangelios as threats, and fire at them from much greater distance
File: 1353887823669.png (49 KB, 693x528)
49 KB
"And I don't think Dr. Chandra's going to want to wake up if he sees what you've done to his work."
The Commander shrugs. "Call it a hunch Parnassus and humor me for now."
The OpsDirector shrugs helplessly. "Fine. The girl's parents will raise absolute hell for this you know, and PR is going to have to take the hit if word of this gets out."
"No they won't, because I'll handle the visit myself. Worse case scenario, they raise hell and the girl can't pilot anymore. Best Case scenario, we get a backup pilot and some more emotional stability in their group."

The smooth mechanical voice of Hughnin and Munin announce the Evangelion's activation. "SYNCHRONIZATION HOLDING STEADY AT 97% REVISING UPWARD COMBAT PROJECTIONS."
The Commander pulls a cigar from his jacket pocket. "I love it when a plan comes together."
Parnassus just rolls his eyes and returns to the task of securing his smoking wreck of a city. "Quoting the A-Team doesn't make you right Commander."
The Commander reluctantly tucks the cigar back into his pocket. "I wish it did."

LaKeitha was still floating in a dark void. The return to the silence and lack of sensation had been very disorienting and more than a little painful after her Eva had presumably been crushed by a falling Aesir. She'd waited on tenterhooks for what seemed like hours, but there was no world-ending explosion, no hellish creatures tearing her to shreds. Satisfied, she assumed Lilly and Pete must've defeated it. She absolutely refused to consider the alternative. So she spent the time imagining what horrible excruciating things she would do to Jake Berenson once she got her Eva's hands on him. If she could synch with her Eva from a shithole like this, she could do it from anywhere, right? No more need to jump in a plug suit and get doused in disgusting LCL. The stuff never seemed to quite come off, even after two showers and half a bottle of shampoo. Gross.
File: Reaver Titan.jpg (361 KB, 1284x930)
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361 KB JPG
>Best Case scenario, we get a backup pilot and some more emotional stability in their group."
This guy is making too much sense, where does he think he is?
>The Commander pulls a cigar from his jacket pocket. "I love it when a plan comes together."

File: 1353093894833.jpg (42 KB, 450x338)
42 KB
Hey, it was Lilly's player's idea, not me. I just let him run with it. Plus, I'm a sucker for pilot romances. This way, the Commander gets all sorts of delicious data from the plug suits and monitoring systems. Also to elaborate with juicy DM knowledge: The Spear right now is good for three things: Starting or Stopping Ragnarok/a Third Impact event, killing any Aesgir instantly, or making someone into a pilot when they weren't in the first place. The first and last are the only actual uses right now, unless Lilly wants to just throw her girlfriend at an Aesgir and watch her explode out into a giant Lance. Pic may be related.
File: Mackie.jpg (397 KB, 1000x1104)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Atlas a overrated.

One of the late mark Mackies was superior in every way. Even if you made it 3025-compliant, it would be saying 'hello' with 2 PPCs and an AC20, plus such and sundry, plus no heat problems in the right brackets, plus comparable protection, plus zombie status due to 20+ heat sinks.
File: Friends.jpg (382 KB, 1920x1440)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
>The first and last are the only actual uses right now, unless Lilly wants to just throw her girlfriend at an Aesgir and watch her explode out into a giant Lance.

File: 1353090484745.jpg (57 KB, 701x400)
57 KB
First she'd rip him in half slowly, watching as his vertebrae popped like popcorn and his screams reached a higher and higher pitch. Or maybe she'd bite him in half before he could try and apologize. Maybe she'd be delicate, using a finger to crush each one of his limbs until he begged for mercy. Maybe...LaKeitha sighed. There were only so many ways you could satisfyingly kill someone with an Evangelion and she was beginning to lose steam. She really hoped the Commander was going to let her out soon, because solitary confinement really sucked. With nothing else to do, she attempted to contact her Evangelion again and found to her surprise the flood of rage and visceral joy she had felt before was gone. Now it felt much more peaceful... Was it, dreaming?
LaKeitha closed her eyes and let her consciousness float away from her black surroundings, into the light and color of the Evangelion's mindscape.

She was floating in the sky, surrounded by thousands of fruits that seemed to drift in every direction. LaKeitha looked at herself and realized that she did not in fact, have a body. So she focused on herself, remembering her frizzy hair, the freckles across the bridge of her nose, the bruising from the Aesir fight that had yet to heal, the light brown of her palms and the texture of her own skin. And then, with a gradual sense of coalescing, of becoming, she had a body. She was of course naked, but several attempts at creating clothes just created some vaguely sapient jeans and a writhing cloth bundle that might've been a pair of underwear. Shrugging, LaKeitha floated in the direction the largest concentration of fruit seemed to be going. Maybe there was something there.

(we mindscape now)
This probably isn't healthy
File: 1353095418314.jpg (33 KB, 545x392)
33 KB
She finds the Aesir or rather her Eva, sitting in the middle of a forest of butchered enemies. The bodies and creatures are foreign to LaKeitha, but she does recognize the Aesir they had first fought, Hermondor, the one Pete had nicknamed "Grape Ape". Its body was impaled there, its legs there, it's arms there, there, and there. It's like Vlad the Impaler went to town on a bunch of monstrosities from outer space. Her Eva, which she recognized from the familiar feeling of psychotic rage it sent her way, was busy tearing a glowing ball of light to bloody pieces, which it then stacked methodically on an empty tree-stake. It turns and looks at her quizzically, bird mask moving from side to side. She senses hostility but also a familiarity and guarded curiosity.

She reaches out a hand towards it as the Aesir does likewise. Their palms touch and there is a Moment.

The Moment ends when it impales her on her very own tree.
Turns out, being impaled on a tree, even in a dreamscape is pain beyond anything LaKeitha has felt so far. She almost loses the connection and for one terrifying moment she is back in the black void and oh god her chest hurts. She grits her teeth and focuses even harder and then she is back in the forest, but no longer on the tree. The Aesgir reaches for her quizzically and she backs away.
"Ohnonononono. Not again!" She puts her hands in front of her and to her surprise a hexagonal barrier springs into existence. The Aesgir touches it and then draws back, its body language suddenly tense, ready for combat. A long glowing blade slides out of its hand and points at her. LaKeitha frantically waves her arms to show she has no weapon and pleads that she means no harm, that she was just curious. She desperately pushes an image to the front of her mind of herself and the Aesir empathetically NOT murdering each other. And no stakes.

The Aesgir draws the arm blade back inside itself and studies LaKeitha closely.
>All this set-up on a player who left the game

Hahaha, I can feel your pain, broseph.
File: 1339123732992.jpg (321 KB, 1402x1057)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
She feels some vast force press in around her and the air (if there is air) becomes hard to breathe. The tiny AT Field in front of her shatters and with horror LaKeitha sees parts of her are beginning to melt into each other. Her feet are becoming amorphous blobs, her nose sinking back into her face, her teeth growing larger in her mouth. With some very impressive Willpower rolls she manages to stabilize herself and stares down the Aesir. It makes a lawnmower noise and she realizes it is laughing. She reaches her mind across, a much weaker version of the connection the Aesir just tried to make and finds herself successful. (Godlike Fellowship rolls here.) She senses a primal joy, the laughter of Vikings clustered around a fire, blood covering the earth.The Aesir's joy swells as it allows her to deepen the connection and she feels a similar fire leap within her chest. Looking down, the fire has become a quite literal one, a small golden flame burning inside of her chest, where her inner organs should be.

The Aesir reaches down and rips off her legs. She is first struck by how non-painful it is. If that impalement hurt in the real world, why didn't this? Instead of bone, her body simply stopped at the torso. The Aesir's face bulges and rips with a sick meaty sound, massive white blocks emerging from wet flesh. It tosses one of her legs into its newly-fashioned mouth like a chicken wing and offers the remainder to her. as it chews, she can hear the bones, her bones, crunching.

LaKeitha looks from her own leg to the Aesir to the leg again. The black colossus pushes it closer to her in a universal gesture of offering, feeling expectant or perhaps eager. She guesses it would be unwise to refuse.So LaKeitha Brown reaches down and takes a massive bite out of her own leg. This time it doesn't hurt either. The Aesgir makes the lawnmower noise again and slams its fists into the packed earth next to her. On reflex, she screams and jumps slightly, but the beast does not see.
Thus my indecision at the moment. What to do with the character?
Kill her.
She become a angle, party has to kill there own, sanity checks everywhere.
Tang, or have her become an unwilling part of the Aesir hivemind.
Toji her so hard his voice actor feels it.
Do whatever would bring about the best reaction, if she's leaving she becomes plot and thus yours to do with as you please
Which probably involves killing.
File: 1352185669677.jpg (55 KB, 250x250)
55 KB
The impromptu deli would have continued, but the Aesir is clearly disturbed. Something bright and blinding is glowing on the horizon and a clear horn note, like a trumpet or a war-horn sounds in the still air. Ignoring LaKeitha, her own Aesir clambers to its feet and bellows its own clarion call, shaking the forest around her and causing LaKeitha to cover her ears. The black and bone-clad beast gestures in her direction and marches off towards the glow, gnashing its massive teeth. LaKeitha finds herself fading, her body becoming more transparent, but she fights the urge. She feels she NEEDS to see what this golden light looks like, what form this Aesgir will take. But the pull of reality is inexorable and she returns to the black nothingness with the taste of blood on her lips and a name to go with it.But the name is no longer important because as she reaches down, as she struggles against the pain that is wracking her teenage form, she realizes there is a large chunk of flesh missing from her left leg: smooth, circular, and it matches the marks of her own teeth.

Lilly and Reah have been cut loose. Their Evangelion has been given a prototype N2 Reactor, the bulky, dangerous radioactive unit sitting behind the Eva's shoulder blades. Hughnin and Munin have given Lilly the location of Pete's tracking chip, which has proven to be in the lower part of New Hampshire. They have been told to run all the way there and damm the collateral damage. The news choppers have an hour's advantage on them, with Parnassus and the inevitable Section Two strike squad ahead of them by about half an hour in V-Tols. So they run. They run and they run and they run, legs pumping, foreheads ceased with sweat, willing the massive god-machine to strain reality as much as it can, to go faster. They're using the interstate highway, boots shattering the concrete and sending lucky cars spinning out in the growing rainstorm. The unlucky cars just get crushed.
Aesir hive mind sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the idea. Subject 20's the Tabris-analogue though, and he's going to be fucking shit up VERY soon.
>What to do with the character?
Talk to your players.


I can't stress this enough. Don't ask /tg/, just go and talk to the group about it. Work out something that everyone likes. Don't kill her off for extra grimdark unless the group is into that kind of thing.
>she realizes there is a large chunk of flesh missing from her left leg: smooth, circular, and it matches the marks of her own teeth.
Is it wrong that the first thing I think is "that's some impressive dexterity"
This makes Evangelion seem like a lot of fun, maybe I'll go rewatch the seri-
File: newman.jpg (7 KB, 170x208)
7 KB
Do it.
No thanks
File: Spoiler Image (43 KB, 458x458)
43 KB
Don't tell me you're afraid of getting into the fucking robot.
No I just don't really want to watch it.
File: 1349859097139.jpg (296 KB, 1000x1542)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Atlas and its pilots arrive at the tracking signal's location to find a fairly significant portion of an army waiting for them using old Cold War and Post-Impact tanks, choppers, and missiles. To an Evangelion of course, human weapons are useless, so Lilly and Reah simply stand there with an AT Field up and tank the fire. Lilly orders the soldiers to stand down, and a few do. Unfortunately, many more of them refuse and turn on their comrades. Lilly tries to use the AT Field to separate the fighting groups but it is hopeless. Compounding this, Parnassus and his strike team are coming upon their position in V-Tols and the human forces will have no problem downing a couple of regular choppers. So with grim inevitability, Lilly and Reah set about demolishing everything that could pose a threat. Tanks are crushed, enemy aircraft are swatted out of the air and the full power of an Evangelion is unleashed upon human forces. Men simply explode when they contact the AT Field, little blossoms of color on the forest floor below.
Parnassus and his men set down in a clearing and immediately rush into the compound built into the mountain next to them. The grey Evangelion hangs its head in regret, but Lilly maintains that they gave the soldiers every possible chance to surrender. She's not too broken up about it, but Reah is noticeably shaken. The fact that she can't see the carnage at her feet helps considerably. Lilly spends a few minutes consoling her friend and is jolted to awareness when the comms report they've found Pete, shaken, but mostly unharmed. They give him clothes, shove him into a bulletproof vest, and begin to ransack the compound for materials while the remaining soldiers are held hostage by Atlas outside. For once, it looks like things are going to turn out ok.

Of course, that's when a massive golden-armoured fist hits Unit 4-2 full in the face and sends them slamming into the mountain, cracking the facial armor.
C'mon, the Atlas is great.
It's not the best, but you get it in somewhere close and just paste 50 tonners in a single turn.
The Mack is great because 2 PPC, but it has heat problems. And it can't do what the Atlas does when you get under three hexes.
Oh boy here we go.
Based on pic I'd say it's an Eva but I'm gonna bet on Aesir out of nowhere.
I blame Creed
File: 1352836294014.gif (1.99 MB, 250x282)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Back in NERV, the Commander stares at the screen, face white with fear. He turns to a nameless NERV employee. "Get me Blaskowicz now and have him start thawing out the Bifrost. We need more Evas out there now!"
The drone salutes and runs off while the Commander cracks his neck muscles. Looks like Pilot Brown will be on duty sooner than he thought.

Several minutes later, LaKeitha's world is thrown into disorientation and pain as blinding light pierces her vision, coming from somewhere directly above her. A rope is tossed into the black sludge and she grabs blindly for it. As soon as her hands close upon it, whoever's on the other end gives a mighty heave and LaKeitha rises out of her prison. She looks around to try and tell how large it had been ,but there is no sign. Just featureless black sludge, as far as the light can reach.

She's surprised to find that the hands hauling her up into the electric lighting and cold metal of NERV to be the Commander's. He's breathing hard from the exertion and gives her a grin. "Guess I'm not as young as I used to be Pilot Brown. Either that or you're getting fat."

She tries to punch him, but he catches the punch and judo flips her onto her back. Just to drive the point home, he presses his shoe down on her chest. "Alright Pilot, it's crunch time, so I'm going to be very blunt. Today I've killed a man who once saved my life and spared someone I really should've shot, so tell me, are you going to make me regret my decision to leave you alive?"
LaKeitha shakes her head and Douglas's shoe eases off her. "Good. Now listen here: Your fellow pilots are currently in very grave danger very far away from here and I need an extra piece on the board. Right now that's you. I don't care if you want to kill my chief of Security for what happened to your mother a few days ago and right now that's irrelevant because he might not even make it out of surgery. What I need you to do is get in your damm Evangelion and go save your friends.

Poor Commander, everyone wants to punch him.
File: 1354675845038.png (385 KB, 498x840)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
"Now in order to do that, I'm going to use the Bifrost, another little thing our friends the Aesgir forgot about before humanity crawled out of the mud. This is going to be very risky and I need to know if you're on my team."
LaKeitha looks up at him before replying. "And if I'm not?"
The Commander shrugs. "I kill you and send the body home with a medal for glorious valor in combat, then work on the onerous task of trying to save two pilots and my Operations Director without a functional Evangelion on the East Coast. Difficult, but not impossible, just in case you thought you had any kind of leverage." He bends down to LaKeitha's level and looks at her with cold, calm eyes.
"You see Pilot Brown, the important thing here is that I don't like you. I think you're a liability to my team and I've just lined up a suitable replacement who is also out fighting for her life. And I know you're irresponsible, sexually promiscuous, and are currently a KFC Bucket full of issues, but I'd like to avoid glassing another land mass sometime this decade. Let's go."
He holds out his hand and LaKeitha takes it.

In New Hampshire, the Pilots are fighting for their lives. A massive golden Evangelion has shown up out of absolutely fucking nowhere and smashed Atlas into a mountain, then pulverized most of that mountain into dust with its bare hands. Parnassus, Pete, and the human-sized Section Two agents are in the middle of a furious firefight with the remnants of the mysterious army. Their gear is unmarked and has no IDs, something that worries Parnassus more than the twenty-some morons firing at his squad. He's given Pete his spare pistol and boot knife, but the kid's crouching there like an idiot, gazing petulantly at the weapons in his hands.
"I can't kill people!" he declares, though it's drowned out by the roar of semi-automatic weapons. Parnassus reaches over and slaps the kid across the face. His face is absolutely shocked.
"SHUT UP AND SHOOT!" Parnassus bellows.
File: 1397114794243.jpg (269 KB, 1024x768)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Pete looks at Parnassus with what might actually be tears in his eyes and inches his finger around the trigger. Parnassus reaches across and flicks the safety off, nods, then resumes the important task of trying to make sure they survive the next five minutes.

Above them, Gods are brawling. The golden Evangelion is fast, launching six punches in as many seconds, elbows in like a boxer. Reah's combat inexperience is working against them, forcing Lilly to take over most of the piloting work. Her sword parries a two punches and she's forced to turn Atlas to the side to tank several blows on her empty shoulder pylon, which shatters. The maser pistol in her left hand comes up and sends three point blank shots into the enemy Evangelion's face, shattering the armor and sending it stumbling back into the mountainside.

The human combatants are flung from their feet as the Eva's impact sends shockwaves rolling across the area. Parnassus lobs a grenade into the downed cluster of soldiers in front of them and Pete waves goodbye to some more sanity as the area in front of him becomes a meat grinder. They are trying to fall back to the V-Tols, but the enemy soldiers are swarming in, trying to cut them off, probably while they try and blow the choppers to smithereens. A grey-armoured soldier inches around the side of the log Pete's sheltering behind and the Pilot reflexively squeezes the trigger repeatedly. The soldier is hit in the face and neck, and tumbles back behind the log. Pete grips the gun so hard the metal grip creaks and rolls into a crouching position.
Damn Commander, that's cold.
Goddamnit Pete.

Also what's the Bifrost?
Poor Pete
Thanks for doing all of this, OP, it's great to read
File: 1399225909177.jpg (153 KB, 480x546)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Back at NERV, LaKeitha's managed to get into her Eva, but this time the elevator is sending her caged Aesir down instead of up. When she finally finished moving down, the elevator opens onto a massive subterranean room with some very gross-looking thing in the center of it, pointing right at her. The Commander's voice chimes in over the intercom.
"Don't worry, it's not a threat."
It sounds like he's said this before, the rote recitation of his voice.
"This beautiful abomination of God's laws is the Bifrost, the device that won the Vanir their war over the Aesir a long long time ago. And it's going to win us this one, I can feel it."
LaKeitha examine the thing more closely. There are wires and circuits, recognizable mechanical parts to it in some areas, but mixed in with it are pulsating throbbing organs righ next to what looks like some kind of circuit board made of a nervous system. She shudders.
"It's disgusting Commander."
A third voice clears its throat and another comms channel opens in her view screen.
"actually Pilot Brown this is perhaps the most advanced device you've ever set your eyes on, unless you stumble on an S2 Organ in the course of your travels."
It's Dr. Chandra, accompanied by a beefy NERV technician who looks like he'd be more at home pumping iron than pushing buttons. The doctor waves. "This is Joseph Blaskowicz, my college and we are the only ones who can operate the Bifrost Device with any degree of success."
LaKeitha raises an eyebrow. "You still haven't told me what it does."
"Quite right. Now the Bifrost, as impossible as it may seem, channels energy to split open the barriers between this world and another that serves as a kind of highway."
The doctor, his face covered in bruises and bandages, makes a walking motion with his fingers. "Eva goes in, walks, Eva comes out somewhere else entirely. A portal bridge, you see?"
LaKeitha grins. "Sweet."
That's pretty disturbing
File: 1411400615682.gif (1.31 MB, 320x240)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB GIF
"Now, normally I would love to explain how exactly we think the Bifrost works, let alone why the S2 organ in it was missing when we found it, but the Commander has impressed upon me that time is of the essence here, so perhaps we'll just get to it, shall we?"
The Commander nods. "Please, Doctor."
The scientists move over to a massive bank of computers, monitors, and two massive steel boxes the size of tanks next to the machine. Even as he presumably boots up the alien system, Chandra feels the need to explain. "When we first found this wonderful creation, it had its own fascinating guidance system, but it was far to unwieldy for humans, so we had to jury rig it with our Hemindall computers here."
The scientist pats the boxes. "Such useful discoveries."
The Commander reaches over and jostles Chandra out of his reverie. Blascowicz has pulled several important-looking switches and the organs along the Bifrost's length are beginning to pulse more rapidly, electrical share sparking across the mechanical components. "Docktor, we are ready!"
Chandra moves over to a computer, does some calculations, and turns to the Commander. "You said the coordinates were?"
"44.28, 71.3"

The Doctor nods and gives Blascowicz a thumbs-up. At this point, the Bifrost is throbbing violently, shaking the cavern and reminding LaKeitha uncomfortably of the last time she was in front of something large, organic, and throbbing. "Hey Doc, this thing isn't going to-"

She never found out if the Bifrost was going to do what she thought it was, because reality ripped open in front of her and in she ran.

(Bifrost explanation get. Also the Vanir are indeed a separate group of God-things. Commander Douglas will explain later. Gif related.)
Then I'm achieving an appropriate Eva-related atmosphere.
>Hemindall Computers
This pleases me
Thor's resting in fucking pieces. Most of those are inside the Moon and I highly doubt the players are going to be stupid enough to try and put him back together. Just figured I'd mention it.
Well there goes my fucking smile then
File: geometry bitch.gif (495 KB, 360x203)
495 KB
495 KB GIF
Things have gone from bad to totally fucked. On the ground, Pete's killed three more soldiers and lost some more sanity as he's forced to accept that he's killing human beings. four Section Two Agents have died out of fifteen, leaving eleven to fight with Pete and Parnassus, who's nursing a shoulder wound from stray shrapnel.

Up above, Lilly's doing marginally better, dodging, ducking, and weaving to avoid the Golden Evangelion's punches and blasting it with her maser pistol every chance she gets. Reah failed her fear test when Golden's faceplate shattered, revealing a burnt head wreathed in white-hot flame and two coal black insectoid eyes. Lilly's decided to not think about how there's an entry plug in there somewhere. Its armor has shattered from the repeated barrage of hits to its body and the Pilots can see the charred rib homes and blackened flesh beneath. Occasionally giblets of flesh flake off and rain down on the forest below. One such chunk did crush a few soldiers firing at Pete, so it's not all bad. The Gold Eva has yet to land a single blow on Atlas and its pilots, and has encased its fists in flame out of frustration, but Lilly's being forced on the defensive and sooner or later she won't be able to dodge in time.

It is into this melee that a massive black tear in reality opens up and a Green Evangelion comes charging through to tackle Lilly's assailant, howling a single name.


Their collision blasts trees out of the ground for meters, sends the humans flying, and registers faintly on the Richter scale.
He's seriously bad news. Battled a Vanir in the American Southwest in ancient days and made the Grand Canyon. If he was around, or he's resurrected by [CENSORED} then he'll be Zeruel equivalent. Just wrecks everyone's shit and sends them scrambling for fate points
We'll call 'em MASERS

And what the fuck is up with that gif
AT Fields, I ain't gotta explain shit.
I think you gotta explain some shit
File: 1347325743266.jpg (91 KB, 960x1280)
91 KB
Pete's fumbling to reload his last magazine of pistol ammunition when LaKeitha arrives. He's tossed to the ground and has a wonderful view of Balder's foot backpedaling right onto the spot where he and the rest of the Section Two agents are standing. He fails his Agility check to dodge, twice and was going to burn a Fate Pint.
Except then I had an evil idea and asked him if he wanted to keep the Fate Point, just in case. His player looks at me suspiciously, but agrees. So Parnassus pushed him out of the way as the foot came down.

Almost all of the humans involved, Sec 2 and "terrorists" combined simply disappear under several tons of metal and organic meat. Pete pulls an Armin and just stays there on his knees as the foot lifts back up and moves away. There are red smears ALL OVER EVERYTHING! Ding ding ding, it's SAN loss, kids! Pete now has the highest Insanity in the group with LaKeitha a close second. It's such a shame NERV's psychiatrist tried to kidnap them.

LaKeitha and "Bushido Brown" manage to shove Balder several decameters back away from the mountain, forcing him away from Lilly and Atlas. Balder finally succeeds on an Opposed Strength check and suplexes LaKeitha into the ground. As they pick themselves up, Lilly and Reah can sense their friend's AT Field rise to unbelievable strengths, turning the air around it an shimmering rainbow of hues as Balder turns and does the impossible.

With a squelching sound, two additional armored arms unfold from the Golden Evangelion's innards, shattering its wing pylons to grab the layered Prog Knives within. It then proceeds to stab those knives through its own wrists, lining them with what looks like lava.

"NÖDJÓR" the flaming Evangelion utters, spitting the name from unseen lips like a curse.
The hatred between these two entities has lasted for thousands of years and everyone present can feel it. Back in Boston, something chained deep beneath NERV stirs and grins with pale lips. Finally, an opportunity.
That picture is great
I'm pretty sure that's what it looks like when an eva punches you with its AT field.

Either that or it was the angel trying to brainpunch the eva, and it backfired hard.
Brb, require sustenance. Also I'm taking bets, who do you think will win the fight?
Aw shit
Just fuckin' watch 2.22
I'm going with the Evas. Two on one is always good.
The thing in Boston
Not us.
File: nat 20 disarm.gif (714 KB, 320x200)
714 KB
714 KB GIF
The cross counter, when it happens, is suitably dramatic. Unfortunately, Balder's six arms wins out over Nodjor's two through sheer weight of numbers. LaKeitha's evangelion goes flying and is stunned upon impact. Lilly takes this opportune moment to put a few more holes in Balder's back with her pistol. Balder idly throws one of its prog knives at her and it slices through her AT Field like butter.

The attack catches Lilly flat-footed and the knife sinks deep into her elbow, preventing her from holding a stable firing stance. Nodjor gets back up, shakes its head like a punch-drunk boxer, and launches itself in the direction of its immortal foe.
Six arms and an extra reaction action lets Balder parry incoming knife strikes from Nodjor and LaKeitha while dodging Lilly's erratic maser blasts. (Don't ask me what that looks like because I do not know. Probably some Gun Kata shit.) Having just about had it with this fucking flaming Evangelion, Lilly decides to go "balls to the wall" and charges at Balder while it's preoccupied by Nodjor's latest flurry of attacks. Getting into point blank range, Lilly empties what's left of the clip into Balder's back and draws her hand back to strike for the Entry Plug.

Meanwhile LaKeitha's managed to rip two of Balder's six arms off and is beating its adversary over the head with them, surely a humiliating experience. She's then treated to the wonderful sight of Atlas's grey armored hand forcing its way through the shattered remnants of Balder's ribcage, clutching a cylindrical entry plug. It then rips its way out the back of the Evangelion with terrible force, sending innards spraying over dozens of meters of forest below.

And as she looks down at the delicate white object in her hand, everything seems to stop. Because the face she can see through a shredded hole in the entry plug? It's Lilly's own face.
Whoever wins, we lose.
And then turn into Tang.
Whelp, there goes SAN
File: sw-luke-vader-helmet.png (289 KB, 600x517)
289 KB
289 KB PNG
>Lilly: "I don't understand!"
>Commander: "That... is why you fail."
File: 1292131159182.jpg (146 KB, 1000x1000)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
It's funny how subjective time is. For LaKeitha, it's only a brief moment before Atlas's fist clenches and crushes the pilot inside into organic jelly. For Lilly and Reah, the moment goes on forever. Lilly sees the face, Reah sees the face, and in that instant they both know exactly what it is. Neither of them know who decides to close the hand, and perhaps that's for the best.

Lilly loses a metric shitton of sanity and some Ego Barrier in the bargain. She gains Denial, which she immediately begins using to its fullest extent. She closes off her mind. She saw nothing, the pilot's face was unrecognizable, right? They just had sustained far too much injury, so crouching her was a mercy. Preferable to a slow death or a life lived out as a paraplegic, surely.

Reah looks over at Lilly's pale, strained face and says nothing. But she does reach over and rest her hand on the dividing wall, just to show that she's there.

the last five minutes certainly have been interesting for Pete. He's gotten much better at running while being interrupted by miniature earthquakes as Evangelions punched each other into oblivion. He'd be thrown from his feet, scramble up, and keep running towards the V-Tols that had been his original goal before Parnass-
He's shot a few of these unmarked soldiers along the way too and he's found that as long as he doesn't look them in the eyes, he'll be fine. Just shut up and shoot. One time, he managed to stay on his feet during a heavy exchange of blows and shot a soldier who was in midair. He kept running and didn't stop to see if he'd died or not. Pete finally reached the clearing with the V-Tols, guarded by at ten Section Two soldiers, all of them looking worse for the wear. Parnassus's second in command, Julianne, bent down and cupped Pete's face in her own as she pried the empty pistol from his hands. Her voice is soft and soothing, a comfort to Pete.
"Shhhh. It's OK, kid. It's OK. Now listen, do you know where Director Parnassus is?"
G'night, OP.
Thanks for posting all of this, it's superb to read
File: 1341933898988.jpg (88 KB, 994x768)
88 KB
Pete's face supplies all the answers she needs. They guide him into the V-Tol, wrap him in a blanket, and strap him in. He does not resist. Pete Walker is simply at the end of his rope for now.
Lilly is similarly comatose, or perhaps she is simply sleeping with her eyes wide ope, it's been known to happen in combat zones. Reah feels Lilly's mind edging away from her own, granting her full control of an Evangelion for the first time. She wishes it was under better circumstances, but Reah gently places the entry plug on the ground and drops Balder's carcass next to it. She wants to say something, but there aren't any words. Is she supposed to say that she's sorry? She isn't. That thing was terrifying and Lilly killed it. The Lilly inside the entry plug looked terrifying and her Lilly killed it. She'd never seen her friend with the expression of blind hate that had been on the double's face.
Atlas radios the V-Tols to follow her back to Boston and walks away.
LaKeitha meanwhile is ecstatic.
"Oh my God Lilly, did you see how cool I was? I dropped in from a hole in the sky and was super dramatic and everything! I think Nödjór, that's my eva's name, likes being super dramatic, yelling the gold guy's name like that."

No response
"Anyway you missed out on so much shit, you wouldn't even believe what happened to me! The Commander got me out of solitary confinement, which is super creepy but I don't mind because it helped me meet Nödjór, so it's kinda cool..."
The walk back to Boston feels like the longest walk of Reah's life. Lilly moves the controls of her half of the Eva with a mechanical precision, her face blank and unreadable. Reah can see from the indentation that she's gnawing at the inside of her cheek.
"So I jumped in and had to run down this super long hallway that was literally freezing cold! I mean the LCL in my plug started to turn to ice! But Nödjór saved me so we could come here and fight!" LaKeitha pats the armrest of her Evangelion affectionately.
File: 15a.gif (1.94 MB, 500x281)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB GIF
Goodnight reader! This thread may continue into tomorrow, but we're nearing the three-quarters mark of my notes.
File: Boston post 20.jpg (319 KB, 990x690)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
It's at this point that both Evangelions and the attending V-Tols are hit with a tremendous wave of electronic data, a cybernetic scream across the ether that sends their systems into complete haywire. Sounds of explosions, alarms, and gunfire batter their ears while files spring into existence across the Eva's viewscreens:
SUBJECT 17: DOD November 25th, 2016. Cause of Death: Brain Hemmorage.
SUBJECT 18: DOD November 30th 2016 Cause of Death: Suicide.
SUBJECT 19: DOD December 11th, 2016 Cause of Death: Transorbital lobotomy to prevent cascading gain of memory.
SUBJECT 20: WARNIG! SUBJECT HAS ESCAPED CONTAINMENT! Threat Level Cobalt. Activating additional armor plating.
Subject has breached Plating level one. level two. Level three. Level four. level five. Subject has entered populated NERV spaces. WARNING! ALL PERSONNEL EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY. WARNING! ALL PER-

<Signal Lost>

The Evas reach the top of the last hill to find that Boston has ceased to exist.
>so it's kinda cool..."
>And I bit off a piece of my leg but no big deal
File: Blown up.gif (90 KB, 768x368)
90 KB
The most salient new feature of Boston-2 is the massive crater in the Earth that reaches all the way down to the Geofront and beyond. It's large enough that Atlas could jump in and not touch the sides. The hole is perfectly clean and circular, as if it was simply removed from existence. A few shattered runs still stand, here an there, some quirk of geography or luck sparing them the worst of whatever annihilated an entire city. LaKeitha's Evangelion beeps a warning: its power cell is about to run out. Wearily, Lilly takes back control of Atlas and unspools a charging cable from the massive backpack that holds the N2 reactor churning away on her back. LaKeitha takes it and nods in thanks, though the gesture seems hollow. The connected Evas move down the hillside towards the city and Julianne radios them, her V-Tol buzzing around the Evas heads like an angry wasp.
"What the hell do you kids think you're doing? We don't know what did this, and it might still come back! We need to get out of here and tell somebody!"

Lilly sounds like she's aged a thousand years in a few short hours. "I'm going home."
LaKeitha grunts in agreement.

By some miracle, or perhaps the cruelty of its architect, this apartment had been spared the wholesale obliteration the rest of the city had faced. Which isn't to say it had fared well. The entire front face of the building was scorched as if by a massive heatwave, and two lonely shadows, one bumming a light off another, were etched into the stucco. LaKeitha an Lilly move to partially eject their entry plugs and exit the Evas, to try and see if they can salvage some of their home. Pete wakes up from his nap in the V-Tol and is guided outside, where he shrugs and begins picking his way through the rubble, heading towards the apartment building. At Lilly's questing fingers, Reah quietly says that she would like to remain alone inside the Eva for now, thanks. Lilly says she understands and rolls down the ladder attached to the entry plug.
File: 1349856144452.jpg (412 KB, 701x775)
412 KB
412 KB JPG
The apartment itself is in ruins. Lilly's bookshelf is tipped over, books scattered over the floor. LaKeitha's pristine Tyranid army (Warhammer 40,000, 8th edition) painted black and orange, are lying in a disorderly pile, limbs broken off and paint chipped. The plasma screen TV is cracked, synthetic goop spilling down the front. Lilly and LaKeitha tramp into their room to gather clothes and attempt to salvage what they can.

But Pete sees something on the kitchen table and goes over to look at it. It's a letter, addressed to "Evangelion Pilots" transcript follows:
File: 1354581214894.jpg (266 KB, 1948x1488)
266 KB
266 KB JPG

Pilots, I know the last few months have been hard for you. Transitioning from a civilian to a military life is not an easy one. Hell, I remember crying in my bunk for two weeks after i got drafted post-Impact. But I want you to know how proud I am of you, how proud all of NERV is. Even the Commander, though he doesn't show it very much. And we're not just proud of you because you save our asses from Aesir on a weekly basis. You may be kids, but getting in the Evas and continuing to fight is something I know grown men would shrink at doing.

So i was thinking, when things cool down and you manage to recover, how about we all go out on a bit of a vacation? There's a lake up in Maine I used to ice skate on every Christmas break as a kid.

Just remember kids, no matter how weird or how scary things get, we're all behind you. and personally, I'm proud of the young men and women you're becoming, regardless of what happened to this Bartz kid, I know you mean well and you have bright futures ahead of you. Even if you did forget to water the ficus.

(With this, I shall leave you for tonight. See you tomorrow morning, hopefully the thread is still here.)

None quite so disgusting and invasive as the questfags, though.
File: kawrou on moon.gif (356 KB, 500x360)
356 KB
356 KB GIF
OP here, signing off. I'm going to let the thread die unless somebody wants to archive it. I'll be back at some point in December with the rest of my notes and the Grand Finale. Thanks for all your advice and amusing reactions. I had a great time typing all this out and spending two straight days reveling in the creativity and enjoyment I get out of torturing fictional teenagers. See you space cowboy...

(Why do I even have this gif?)
We are now Archived.

Return soon OP

God bless you, OP. You have been entertaining.
400% synch ratio out of 100%, would make landmark show with dissatisfying animated finale, an even crazier movie, then remake it in a series of increasingly off the rails movies years later.
>LaKeitha's pristine Tyranid army (Warhammer 40,000, 8th edition) painted black and orange, are lying in a disorderly pile, limbs broken off and paint chipped.

War is hell.
Thank you again, OP, you are spectacular
Well that's heartbreaking

I put this thread in Suptg and it will stay in .moe anyway.
File: 1382830697157.jpg (114 KB, 600x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>the pilots meet Tontam, a lazy but amiable student
>LaKeitha is far more interested in the washboard abs he is sporting and begins to plot...
>So it is that Tontam, chubby and impressively stealthy, manages to sneak into the girl’s bedroom

It's not on your watch, it's on your computer
>The elevators in NERV play this: [shit music]
>not https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YjGmTI_fPU

Pure Platinum Pleb.
File: EvaISIKv01c07-177.png (610 KB, 710x1023)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
>Now listen, do you know where Director Parnassus is?
I really shouldn't laugh. I'm going to anyways.

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