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>level 1, 5e
>playing a warlock
>party has 2 barbarians, a cleric, a ranger, and a rogue
>go to investigate a house after killing a hobo in self defense, someone was watching
>send the rogue, the guards told us to gtfo
>rogue stealths to house, tries climbing window
>mind you rogue is drow
>wakes dog, dog starts barking
>guards look over, think nothing of it
>rogue fails athletics check to climb stealthily miserably, breaks a window, guards rush to check
>my warlock sees the guards are human, snuffs out the street lantern with an eldritch blast, knowing the drow would be fine in the darkness and the party can just mosey away while the guards fumble in the darkness
>Barbarian pulls out a fucking torch
>Guards can now see guilty af drow thief
>start arresting
>ranger shoots the fucking guards to prevent arrest
>cleric casts Light on my warlock's head
>two fucking archers among the guards
>warlock's head is glowing target, stealth plan goes completely to shit
>barbarians both screaming and frothing at the mouth
>warlock almost dies from all of this because glowing head and enemy archers

Tell me times you wish you had AoE to use on your party.

>Dumb half ogre player is scared and refuses to come out of room to help us fight mercenaries in an inn (on the third floor)
>Lawful good inquisitor sets half ogre's room on fire
>Inn starts burning uncontrollably
>Enemies in front of us, fire and screaming tenants behind us.
>Lawful good inquisitor sets half ogre's room on fire
>Lawful good
>sets fire to frightened party member's room

Dear fuck.
>Party is Cleric, Investigator, Wizard, Monk, and Sorcerer
>Literally everyone aside from the Cleric dies
>The Wizard dies twice, with the same character
>Everyone aside from one person rerolls into full casters
>Two more people join, both making full casters
>The first Wizard gets extremely salty whenever anyone else leaves behind useless magical items, and then does the same thing while also throwing up every scroll he deems "useless"
>Every fight is shit because the wizard refuses to buff unless the combat is about to be over
>Tried to murder a woman because of how obviously evil she was apparently being, got a sleep spell cast on him when that failed and the Cleric had to bribe said woman with a piece of treasure to keep her from murdering him
>Pretty sure Wizard plotting to murder the Cleric now
I fucking hate this group.
>>Lawful good
>>sets fire to frightened party member's room
Lawful Good doesn't mean Lawful Nice.
I'm well aware of this.

It doesn't mean you turn on your party member because he is afraid/refusing to do violence.

What you're defining is executing evil prisoners/slaying a village of Orcs/Goblins because they are innately evil/other examples of "crusading". I've played one of those characters.

Turning against a party member for refusing to do violence is just being retarded and a horrible representation of how to play LG, or any Good, really.
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>Joining a Pathfinder group, they seem pretty chill
>Level 8-9 character or so, high starting GP
>I'm not used to 'christmas tree' characters with tons of magic items
>Other players help me pick out good items
>They're not optimal for my character's build but they seem cool
>Party is told in-game via mentor NPC that my character is going to be joining them
>I show up, start telling them in-character how I can help them
>One of the players interrupts me mid-sentence
>"I roll for initiative."
>The party kills my character before he even gets a turn
>They start looting his corpse
>Turns out they just game my character items they wanted for their own characters
>mfw GM tells me to make a new character with no money or items
no fucking way that was serious.

Please tell me you just did a 360 and walked away.

Yeah, there were a tonne of civilians in the bar too (on all floors),there were probably more than a few civilian casualties.
I call bullshit, there's no way people like this are real.
>Worst group ever.
I've been partaking in something similar (except it wasn't entirely out of the blue). Back when we were 12.
If they wanted items so bad why didn't GM just give it to them instead of making a player create a character for the express purpose of making them a loot pinata?
And did your murder have any consequences? Or is was the murder just glossed over in-story?
File: BlankStare.gif (1.86 MB, 300x164)
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1.86 MB GIF

That campaign was full of questionable player decisions, one party member was introduced to us by us seeing him steal the treasure from the end of a dungeon, so we chose to attack him...Later on, he robs me at knife point and the party member who actually attacked him first decides to help him get away with all my money, which causes a chain of events that leads to an almost TPK (I survived by running when I saw what was going to happen)

Later, we decide to split up to investigate something on a mission that was supposed to be somewhat stealthy, the party finds where they need to go to find the informant or whatever, and without regrouping first, decide to head straight to the informant, where instead of trying to stake him out or being sneaky, they kick down his front door in broad daylight and get into a fight with his guards where they end up setting the building on fire, one of them dies to a mixture of the fire and the fact that they were outnumbered by the guards, and I get there barely in time to save the other two, though our informant of course totally escapes.

After that, the inn thing happened.

after that, one party member has a golem and a soul gem that he wanted to try and use on a dragon. One party member thought that since his armour was magickal and could seal itself air tight, he could grab the gem, he grabs it, gets soul sucked, flops over dead. Player with golem then decides that since the guy with armour is dead, he might as well try and kill me now, so I use lesser wish to take control of his golem and kill him instead, leaving me sort of alive (my soul was placed into the golem from the wish) alongside one other player, and that's where the campaign was ended.
File: thousand-yard-stare.jpg (25 KB, 550x300)
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Eh, nobody believes anything on /tg/ anyway. For what it's worth it did happen, and the worst part was the GM also owned the local FLGS and was a pretty decent guy.

The GM apparently wasn't aware of their intentions, afterwards he said he felt pretty bad about what happened but couldn't think of a different way to make my character not a target other than literally having no equipment for them to steal.

I did make a second character for that game actually, since he really wanted me to play. He even told the players not to kill my character again, to which they begrudgingly agreed. If he hadn't bribed me with free RPG books I'd have turned him down. I kinda wished I had in hindsight.

I manage to last all of one session of the second attempt before giving up. For the first five an a half hours of play everything was fine... until they made camp. You see, rather than just kill my character (Male human barbarian) they decided to poison his food, then the mage slammed him with Charm spells after he took about 12 WIS damage. Then they proceeded to use transmutation spells (that were somehow permanent) and +40-something Bluff and Diplomacy checks to turn him into a busty elf chick who would fuck them whenever they wanted her to.

>mfw I turn to the GM and he just shrugs, looking embarrased
Really? He can't keep his players from killing someone with anything of value?

Does he not know how to punish them for being edgy assmonkies??

I've had a party kill themselves when the opponent started breaking their weapons.

> Me: "Okay, you're hit with Disjunction. Your magic sword is now unenchanted, as is your Cloak of the Montebank."
> Kensai: "Fuck it. I kill myself."
> Rogue: "I kill myself too."
> Wizard: "Since everyone is killing themselves, I'll also kill myself."

This was in the final battle, no less. I like to think that immediately afterward, the BBEG sat down and thought really hard about what the fuck he was doing with his life.
>If they wanted items so bad why didn't GM just give it to them instead of making a player create a character for the express purpose of making them a loot pinata?
I believe the line of thinking here is following RAW ad absurdum. When you look at it that way PC is actually monster with the best reward/effort ratio, especially when you catch them by surprise. But GM can't pull PCs out of the thin air, so you have to have someone play one to get to fight one.

>party "We want more loot!"
>GM "Fight something that has some."
>party "Bob here has plenty of loot."
>Bob "You aint killing me, bitch!"
>party "Yeah, we can't just kill Bob. We're playing at his place."
>Bob "Can't we just fight another adventurer?"
>GM "Adventurers are only for players, you can't have adventurer without a player."
>Bob "What if we get some bloke to join our party? Can we kill him and take his loot?"
>GM "Geez, whatever."
And then Anon was the bloke.

To be fair, this wasn't "dysfunctional party" so much as "idiotic newb".

>Playing DnD 3.0, right near when it came out.
>Don't remember what the party was, but there were 4 of us, and the guy who was new to DnD was playing a Barb, because it's relatively simple.
>We're level 1 or 2, and tromping through the wilderness to the dungeon.
>night falls, we divide up watches.
>Barb's on watch.
>Succeeds at listen check, knows there's something out in the bushes, and quite a few of whatever it is.
>Decides to go looking for whatever was making the loud noises, the rest of us are asleep.
>DM asks in that tone of "you should really not do this" "Are you SURE you want to do that?"
>He thinks it over for a moment, and then brightens up.
>Yeah, they'd hear me if I'm in armor.
>So he takes off his armor, and then goes looking around in the bushes.
>We get TPKed by a random encounter.

He was a good guy, but damn, I've never seen anyone that raw the first time around. And he almost got us in trouble in town too, by speaking orcish to another PC while talking to the mayor so mayor wouldn't understand him, because that's totally not rude at all or anything.
>Really? He can't keep his players from killing someone with anything of value?
But that's what adventurers do.

Not even him, but you need to make society bigger than the adventurers, and have constraints as to when and where it's appropriate to kill and loot.

If they just flat out murderhoboed a PC in front of witnesses, I would feel perfectly justified as a GM to have an arbitrary number of guards with big magical backing come in, kick the crap out of them, and throw them in prison. And take away all of their equipment, since that seems to be something the party valued to this extent.

Then they can have an escape from prison adventure, and learn how to play when they have the power taken down a notch.
If I was in that gm I'd have kicked the players off my table immediately.
Average city ruler won't care about adventurers killing adventurers. He needs to protect his own people - merchants, craftsmen and the like, not some radom scumbag that's only passing through.
Fantasy should be closer to the way wild west looked at these things than the way present day society does.
>not making a character that could kill the rest of the party by himself given an emergency.
I always do.

Uhm, what?

First off, as a ruler of a city, I would be concerned any time you have unaccountable mercenaries drifting into town, especially if they have the capacity to be deadly on a large scale. As a matter of course, anyone who looks like they're an 8th-9th level adventurer would be watched, and if they cause trouble, they get taken down.

>Fantasy should be closer to the way wild west looked at these things than the way present day society does.

Why? Why shouldn't it be something more akin to a medieval society it supposedly (usually) apes? Why shouldn't it be a society that tries to work with the contingencies of magic and the sort of individual power that exists in DnD land? Why should there be no law, or at least loosely enforced law, where you have actual enclaves of civilization?
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I pray that this isn't the only group you have access to...
File: enlargedprostate.jpg (2.28 MB, 2289x1527)
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2.28 MB JPG

>Lizardfolk village is holding a human child from a neighboring settlement hostage
>While negotiating a ransom with the obviously boss-monster chieftain, Sorcerer decides to volunteer our Fighter to an honor duel with the creature
>To the death
>The chieftain immediately and enthusiastically agrees, throwing off his ceremonial cloak and drawing his weapon while the rest of the village forms a circle around us
>Ranger, 200+ feet away, takes this opportunity to fire an arrow at the creature's chest
>We're like, level 3 at this point
>Ranger has no hope at all of hitting this guy
>Arrow plinks harmlessly off his chest
>Entire village gang bangs us

I don't even know who's more at fault.
This type of shit. Pelor's beard, who knew it'd be so hard to stick to such simple plans?
I had a similar incident where a friendly player tried to interrupt an honor duel between one of our guys and a yeti chieftain (it was obvious he was gonna loose, but he wanted to anyway). There was only one thing I could do in order for us to survive. I shouted at him for defiling the honor of the yetis and killed him on the spot before presenting his head to the chieftain.

Player was pissed, but hell I valued my own life over his and didn't was a TPK. The guy fighting the Yeti didn't even die, he was had two fingers cut off for his insolence.
Am I the only one that laughed? I mean, that's shitty, but come on, that's so ridiculous that it's kind of funny.

Ever since I took Leadership my GM has ruled that my cohorts' gear "dies" with them to prevent abuse like that. I roleplay it as my character insisting they be buried with their belongings and going apeshit on anyone who even comes near the body.
In 5e it specifically states that the gear of an adventurer who dies can't be looted or transferred to another player
Your group roleplays psychos only?

Do they give an in-universe justification for that?
Nope. It's just there to stop bullying and shifting your old gear to a new character
It is pretty funny to imagine a fresh faced adventurer introducing himself to his new companions and they just knock him down and start tearing him apart for his valuable shinies
Okay so here's what you do to prevent this. Buy shittons of trade goods. Wander around with no actual money or decent items, but have a menagerie of livestock, carts full of food and pelts, and enough building materials to make a small town. Whenever you need something, barter. Trade the local blacksmith and wizard a few kegs of ale and the materials they need to make a magic item or suit of armor. When you're done with it, sell it to some other adventurer. Keep nothing of value to adventurers aside from food, and share it with your fellows freely. Be a simple roaming trader who dabbles in adventuring only when the mood strikes him to sell things.
>Okay so here's what you do to prevent this. Don't play with cocksuckers.

Fixed that for you.
>GMing homebrew transformers game
>one of the players is new so we help her make a character
>she rolls up a char based on steath/spying/etc
>during game present her with opportunity tailored to suit her skills
>finds secret room where shadowy decepticon leaders are discussing betraying predacons due to "racial" prejudices
>they haven't noticed her
>me "what you like to do?"
>her "I march up to the table and demand to know whats going on"
>ask her if she's sure
>she is
>for real though, this is a bad idea
>she's sure
>marches up to them and demands to know whats going on
>outnumbered, she's quickly subdued and taken prisoner.
>she doesn't want to rp anymore
>she doesn't want to rp anymore
that may be a good thing
yeah but it was midgame when she refused to go on and we were forced to stop. One guy was her ride and she wanted to leave. never got that game going again.
Very rarely do I advocate physical violence.
killing the character - fine it happens
looting the copse - I'd expect no less
No, it's that they pretend to help you.
That's low, the type of low that requires a pic related type response.
not for vengeance, but to make them better people.
File: 1411347091085.png (332 KB, 481x360)
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332 KB PNG
Now THAT'S what I call a bunch of faggots.
You should have conferred with the GM and coordinated to build a new character with the same arrangement, different set of items.

Every item is trapped and your body is rigged to explode into a poisonous gas trap shortly after looting.

Basically, I'm saying if your GM was okay with a PC being killed without any real explanation, he should be willing to kill all of them off with just as much and restart the game.

Literally make them replay the entire campaign from start, except with monsters leveled as before their deaths, so they get to enjoy it even more this time around (and they might actually need your help as a person instead of a gift box)
Or have the GM set up a BBEG to wheedle away at the team by convincing them to converge on another player for his gear, and continue to do so until there is only one left. Since they all seem to be such good friends.
This has to be fake.
>> Kensai: "Fuck it. I kill myself."
This is how you KNOW beyond a doubt that the DM has fucked up, and the game is so boring.
What the fuck did you do to make them hate you so irrationally?
File: Fuckinwat.jpg (51 KB, 500x375)
51 KB
>DM is a pretty decent guy
>Let the new player get killed and looted in the first 5 minutes.
>Lets the new player get turned into a mindless sex slave.
>DM shrugs looking embarrassed.
>Lets it happen not once, but twice.
>in the same game.

I don't think DM was a pretty decent guy Anon.

Not the guy you're responding to, but I've seen a similar reaction. Do anything that damages or takes away the gear of the players, and they treat it like it's the most horrible thing ever.

I had a guy quit my game, because when they left their gear unsecured in the seedy tavern they were staying at, my random encounter table got "thieves steal stowage", and one of the bandits made off with one of his two spellbooks.

I really don't understand it, but I can totally see this reaction having if the baddies dared to use something like mordekainan's disjunction.
File: KVl3uob.jpg (103 KB, 720x1280)
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103 KB JPG

>seem pretty chill
>a pretty decent guy

Your judge of character is wrong
it is very wrong

I don't believe this at all. The only way it would make any sense is if you're an insufferable cunt IRL and they were taking revenge on you.
>Playing Factotum
>Rest of Party is two fighters with sub-17 STR and a Sorc
"Oh this'll be fine, just protect the blaster Sorc then or let her debuff"
>Sorc runs into combat and casts shocking grasp
>Runs into melee threat range
>Insists she needs the CON items from our fighters to make Concentration checks
Let's just tack on the complaint that really matters here:
>GM allows Diplomacy/Bluff vs PCs

Yeah okay
While I agree with this, sometimes its a fun story device.

The right way is the last PF campaign I played. A TN half-elf ranger, a LG human paladin and a CE tiefling wizard (or was it a warlock, not sure) who purposely rolled himself with stunted height so he could use a hat of disguise to give himself the appearance of being a halfling. He then proceeded to successfully bluff everyone into thinking he was a NG halfling adventurer, while occaisionally casting the usual world breaking spells to mess with the DM's obstacles. Sure, it might have cheapened some spots of the game, but it was on the whole a pretty funny experience.

The wrong way would have been towards the end of my first PF campaign, where a friend of ours joined late in the game as a CE Inquisitor who spent the entire game claiming everything else was evil, and then proceeding to try and kill it. This led him to sunder a leg from a DMPC prior to approaching our party, and then attempting to bluff them that he had taken the leg legitimately and then that the DMPC was actually an evil spy.

Nothing worked, and our party was eventually forced to take some kind of action, so we tied him up. The player was extremely offended by this, even though we didn't kill him, and proceeded to repeat that "you can't do anything in this game." Guy to the end.
Can we get a writefag on this or something? I need it for... reasons.
I literally had to spit my tea back into the cup to stop myself from spewing it all over my computer. I don't even care if you're lying or not, that's an amazing story.
>join completely new and unfamiliar group playing homebrew game
>group consists of a few normal people and 2 That Guys
>That Guy 1 always wants to play furry and scaly characters and speaks in character with shitty American vernacular *walks up to guard* "yo whats up bruh"
>didn't pull it off in a way that was relevant to the character or setting either, not even delivered in a particularly funny manner
>That Guy 2 is an attention whoring gamur grill that always plays slutty elves, alcoholics, and various other annoying attention hogging characters
The only redeeming quality they had was that neither of them could keep their characters alive for more than a couple of sessions, which was rather funny at times.
>speaks in character with shitty American vernacular
Would you rather he speak the Queen's English?
I was hoping the "yo what's up bro" part would give an idea what I mean. I'm no go with voices or anything myself, and definitely speak American English both in and out of character. But it's kind of immersion breaking when a single character is inexplicably speaking like he's a surfer dude/valley girl.
>Playin DG
>I'm the only one who has experience with Call of Cthulhu
>GM makes me leader of Cell L
>Make grizzled veteran with a hateboner for cultists
>My previous Cell mates all fucking died on the last mission I went on
>Fresh batch of new recruits
>Most importantly, Douchebag and Broguy
>Douchebag is the BLEEDING EDGE of Military might
>Orphan, raised to be a soldier, knows nothing but war, has "blackmarket contacts", violent tendencies, weapons expert
>In fucking 1990s USA
>He's supposedly a member of Delta Force
>Check his sheet
>No Pilot skills
>Player knows this is an investigation game
>Takes fucking no skills but Gun-related ones
>Less than useless
>Broguy is some British NSA-style cryptographer that A Cell nabbed and forced me to babysit
>What the fuck, Adam?
>Game starts
>Douchebag is edgy as fuck, openly talks about killing my character
>Despite the fact that it was BLATANTLY CLEAR that he was being a metagaming little fuck (we hate each other IRL because he's a magical realming That GM and I helped ruin his last power fantasy, but I make sure that never bleeds into the game)
>I tell him to stop acting tough, he can suck my dick later
>Warn them that, depending on what happens, we may be forced to shoot another Agent (due to insanity)
>His fucking eyes light up
>I write in my report that "Agent Lance exhibits classic symptoms of Shan infestation and being a total asswipe."
>Spookiness happens
>My guy goes insane at one point
>We roll
>I get "violent psychopathy"
>Run out of the room I'm in and blindly fire at Douchebag and Broguy
>Hit Broguy
>Broguy still alive, confused as fuck
>Grapples with me, knocks the gun out of my hand while I'm jibbering about "the numbers and the Dark Man"
>Got me in a pin
>Douchebag immediately stops shooting at the cultist he was shooting at and aims his assault rifle (GM never should have let him take that) at me
>Kindly remind him that Broguy is RIGHT FUCKING ON TOP OF ME
Honestly, if we're talking 3.5, a Kendal losing his personal, ancestral weapon is worth honorable suicide. I can understand it if the guy role played it.
>DouchePlayer shrugs
>Starts rolling
>This is despite the fact that Broguy has me completely pinned and under control
>And there was a fucking immortal bitch coming up the stairs that he should have been worrying about
>Everyone at the table is sick of him trying to metagame my death
>I'm annoyed, but I don't say anything
>I DID tell them that they might have to kill someone
>Douchebag rolls all 20-ish dice that his automatic weapon can do
>Broguy stands up and shouts at him to cut that shit out
I know it sounds lame, but there is a lot of detail I'm leaving out due to fatigue and poor memory. It was pretty righteous when it happened.
>Douchebag mumbles an apology
>I manage to do a fucking ridiculous amount of damage with a headbutt to Broguy's face (I was still insane, and I wasn't going to not roleplay. I did apologize OOC)
>Like, 9 points of damage
>Broguy unconscious
>Face is completely mangled
>Douchebag occupied
>Grab my gun
>Check how long I've been crazy for
>Ends just as I'm about to shoot him
This is good. I don't like killing other PCs. I was purposely not rolling all of my attacks with the gun in the first place, because I didn't want to turn anyone to paste.
>Fucker still tries to shoot me, even when I drop my gun and puke my guts out
>Nearly shoots me until I remind him that I'm the only one with medical training
>Save Broguy's life
>MFW I nearly cause the end of the world because of some shit I read
>MFW Broguy saves my life by knocking me unconscious before I can involuntarily cast a spell
>Douchebag asspained that he wasn't allowed to shoot me
>We survived the apocalypse

I was a jerk, but at least I had a reason.
We did not work well as a team.

I was more than halfway through your story when I realized that "DG" meant Delta Green
>DMing PF Homebrew setting
>New guy to the group, first session
>Druid with a rhino animal companion
>Cool sounds awesome
>First town
>Actively at war with the town several miles south
>"Can me and the rhino get matching tattoos?"
>I guess, soldiers love tattoos
>Finds a tattoo artist and gets his tattoo
>Now its the rhino's turn
>I figure the rhino is not cool with this
>ask him to roll handle animal to keep the rhino from freaking out
>3, like 6 after modifers
>Few more chances, nothing over 8
>Rhino freaks out and runs
>"I chase it."
>Corrals it out of town and into a field being bombarded with magitech howitzers
>Its super dangerous out there, your rhino is probably beyond saving
>"I follow, yes I'm sure"
>He gets hit by a shell, which happens to crit not that it matters, and dies.
>"Why did I die? I just wanted to tattoo my rhino."
Believe it or not
When you rob the Kensai of the blade he has putting himself into
you know, the shit that defines his class
it gets shitty to play the kensai real fast
>the BBEG sat down and thought really hard about what the fuck he was doing with his life.

>"I think I'm on a completely different plateau of evil than I previously thought."
>"Is this where I need to be?"
>"Will I be remembered as a villain? Or a misunderstood hero?"
>"How far in either direction?"
>"This is some serious shit, man."
>"Maybe I should find a girl and settle down instead."

>an animal companion would rather be bombarded with howitzers than get a tattoo

Yeah, you totally weren't dicking over a new player who got a few low rolls or anything

Alignment systems: Not Even Once.



Failed rolls should have meant the Rhino kept fidgeting or twitching or whatever, and the tattoo artist couldn't finish the tattoo/flubbed the tattoo refused to finish until it calmed down.

You don't fucking send it off rampaging through a town and a warzone over a fucking tattoo.

Great job punishing a player for having a cool idea and getting a few low rolls, though.

Taking away a Kensai's blade is pretty much the new "Your paladin falls."
>Running a planescape game
>That Guy is a "Paladin" (he did enough evil acts to be CN
>Almost-That-Guy is a fighter
>That Guy gets into a fight with a demon
>they manage to beat him in a contest of strength due to magic items
>They get drunk and wreck the tavern
>when they wake up the bartender calmly says "You're gonna pay fer that"
>Demon whines to older brother, he offers one fourth of the damages for the Paladin
>He says fuck no, and bartender shows them a way out (under contract of fixing the damage)
>Fighter says that they can give Paladin to the demons then bust out later
>Fighter grabs his arm
>Paladin pulls out sword
>Paladin brutally beats Fighter within an inch of his life
>shatters acestrial sword
>slits fighter's throat with shard

>Eventually the Fighter came back as a revenant and locked him in a carcerium (a fate worse than death)
Safe to say we don't play with that guy anymore

Totally unrelated, but you reminded me of this weird joke our GM pulled on us once.

>Be about 9th level.
>Characters get drunk.
>Wreck the bar that we're staying at.
>Come to the next morning.
>Bartender wants us to pay for the damages.
>We had most of our equipment off-site at our base, and not enough money on us to pay it all.
>He says we can work off the balance by killing some rats in the cellar.
>Seriously? We're not first level. And how bad are these rats that he's willing to overlook about 500 gp worth of damage?
>He gives us some (shit) weapons and says they're not your ordinary rats.
>Go down into the cellar.
>See a (juvenile) dragon skeleton down there.
>Holy fuck the rats were tough.

>having table girfriends

You had it coming. It's, like, rule number one.
So a 6 means that an animal would rather run into danger, represented by explosions, rather than stand still and get a tattoo?

You're a shit DM. Way to punish a new player and drive them away from the hobby because you're a literally minded retard.
File: geehmee.jpg (69 KB, 500x375)
69 KB

Wow. I honestly don't know how you guys manage to find them. All my experiences with groups have been pretty tame compared to some of the stories shared around here.
Regardless, first thing would've been OOC discussion. After that...

>Skulls for the Skull Throne
"That DM"
File: topalov10.jpg (38 KB, 450x347)
38 KB
>Bro invites me to a Sabbat V:tM game.
>Says no one ever talks, that the table is made up of shy omega gamers.
>His char is a Lasombra priest with soul cancer named Jacob Santos.
>Requires a vampire soul every night or a Tremere he diablerized a year ago will probably take control.
>Sounds like an awesome game.
>Finally roll up a Malkavian based on Hunter S. Thompson.
>Start playing and realize everyone is afraid of my bro.
>No, Anon. Your Bro is That Guy.
>Begin undermining his authority in a series of LSD-fueled adventures.
>Other players begin actually playing, speaking up, enjoying themselves.
>Diablerize his protege for fucking up and almost getting us all killed.
>Learn from the memeories of Protege that he and That Guy are in the Black Hand.
>That Bro conspires to kill me with the Tlacique GMPC to set an example.
>Succeeds, because I am useless as fuck all in combat.
>Tears out my dead character's fangs for a trophy.
>Now. It's. Fucking. On.
i would say any party with some shy arse rogue who is always avoiding everybody is pretty dysfunctional

I think its a rather good way for things to go from a "funy randum" idea to complete chaos and the player still has the nerve to walk straight into the line of fire.

You would think after the first two failed rolls you would give up and accept that you are not a sue.
File: angry samurai face.jpg (89 KB, 432x303)
89 KB

>Reroll a Lasombra piano virtuoso with a father-figure complex
>Eats children
>Literally cannot eat any child over the age of ten
>My only discipline is Potence 5
>Gain Jacob Santos' trust as an eager student
>Character legitimately loves Jacob Santos
>Five goddamn months of game goes by, the entire party goes back to fearful silence
>People are now complaining OoC about That Bro's behavior every week.
>I act as Jacob's trusted enforcer and muscle
>My PC kills over a hundred children and I slowly grow to despise the evil I am playing
>Archbishop of DC thinks Chopin was a prophet of the apocalypse and that his music holds the answers to fighting Gehenna
>My char plays the piano for him occasionally
>Jacob Santos, being a megalomaniac, pisses off the archbishop
>My character is tapped by His Emminence to remove the Santos problem
>Is the GM throwing me a bone because he realizes Jacob is goddamn toxic to fun? Probably.
>Just As Planned
File: ohwell.gif (462 KB, 500x232)
462 KB
462 KB GIF

>Enlist femmebro playing a Gangrel in Operation Fuck Jacob Santos
>"Hey Jacob, want to go alone to a warehouse district out of town and diablerize a blood sorcerer for the Archbishop?"
>Find random vampire on St. Patty's Day.
>"That's him, Jacob!"
>Throw a knife
>"Botch"; "accidentally" hit Jacob in the gut.
>Take down the poor random dude in ten seconds.
>Jacob chows down on his soul.
>Diff 2 to hit someone who is eating a soul.
>Takes 14 Agg from us.
>Jacob Santos gets wishboned by me and Gangrel femmebro.
>We return to the party triumphant
>They murder us and eat our souls out of loyalty to Jacob
>No longer have to play a child murderer
>pic related
>Bro ragequits the whole campaign
>I reroll a delusional Serpent of Light who weighs 400 pounds and thinks he's Indiana Jones

"I sneak out of the tavern into the alleyway" always results in instant death as a matter of fiat after Harry "Scenestealer" Vespers, the shittiest rogue to ever walk the land.

...did you ever find a good group?

I don't know if I would game again for a while after experiencing that distilled purity helpless GM and terrible players.
oh i would rather that then having to look at 50 variations of i hide in the corner of the tavern while everybody else has fun is

Why the fuck would they keep playing with your friend for months of his abusive faggotry?
>Do anything that damages or takes away the gear of the players, and they treat it like it's the most horrible thing ever.
It's okay to do this ONLY if players intentionally fuck your world/campaign/whatever for no reason at all AND for some reason you still want to play with them. Ever heard of gentleman's agreement?
>tell characters that they may be forced to put down agents that are driven insane
>go insane and try to murder a fellow agent
>everyone gets mad at "that guy" for trying to put you down
>then a second later your character tries to kill his
>continue to get mad when his character still tries to put down the man who almost caused the end of the world and actively attempted to murder two fellow agents
"That Guy" is probably a shitter, but you sound like a real cunt too.
File: comeatmeheretic.jpg (221 KB, 2048x1152)
221 KB
221 KB JPG

Or...you could be adults and talk things out before it devolves to passive aggressive sand kicking.

I don't want to be playing in an escalating conflict with shitty players or a shitty DM.

Everyone here could have used a big fucking pair of big boy pants. Call time out in the game of make believe you're playing with other adults and talk shit out.

For fucks sake.

>Malkavian based on Hunter S. Thompson
>piano virtuoso with a father-figure complex >Eats children
>a delusional Serpent of Light who weighs 400 pounds and thinks he's Indiana Jones

Son, stop wasting awesome PC ideas on that shitty TKing group.

I never understood the fascination with gear in ttrpgs. I guess D&D's always been about killing things and getting loot, but I've always enjoyed interesting stories ad character interaction more than equipment. In my old Pathfinder group, the GM would ask the group if there was any gear that they would really like for our characters, and it would usually eventually show up. But I never knew what to ask for because I didn't really care that much.
My question is: If it was the first town, why didn't he just start off with matching tattoos?
Why did the Cleric give you The Best Target Ever on your head?
The key to being a good GM is not to say no, but to say yes, but...

Don't tell them they are wrong, show them. The guy was introduced by an important npc? Npc is obviously pissed, there will be consequences.

Also they live in a world with active gods. The LG god of justice took affront to this heinous act. They now have an entire religion including all its Paladin orders against them.
>The key to being a good GM is not to say no, but to say yes, but...
That's a great axiom and all, but it doesn't remotely apply to this case. They weren't trying to do something cool or do something in-character. They were shitting all over the new player and metagaming to get items.

A good GM would tell the players to knock that shit off or get the fuck out.
>after killing a hobo in self defense
There is a munchkin fu card about this I remember

What? No. Failed rolls do not mean SOMETHING CATASTROPHIC MUST HAPPEN. It just means whatever you were trying to do fails: in this case, put a fucking tattoo on the rhino. Honestly, when my PC have awesome RP ideas, I tend to try not to shit all over them for it.

And maybe, just maybe, the character figured that you would kill him or his fucking animal companion off within the first game session. Obviously, he was wrong. I hope he left your ass and found a better GM after.
File: devfag.jpg (110 KB, 489x672)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

That is...a really good question. It should have either been assumed to have happened before the game started to speed things along, or happen without rolls (or any rolls just determine minor things like tattoo quality and legibility.)

Did you just call a legitimately awesome idea like getting marching tattoos with your fucking war rhino "funy randum"? Because is so, you need to stop GMing.

*wouldn't, christ
I'm a fine GM, it's just when my players decide that they're going to be cute little random snowflakes I don't roll over and let them.
How is "failing at a task" without that task becoming a disaster of epic proportions being a special snowflake?
>getting a tattoo
>cute little random snowflakes
You are That DM.
You may want to get yourself tested for TGMS. I say this as a friend. Knowing is the first step. Treatment is simple, but most effective if you can catch it early. Try not murdering your players for having some silly fun right off the bat, see if it helps.

Confirmed for shit tier DM.
I'm currently playing a 5e game chock full of "odd-couple" dysfunction and hilarity, but it fits together surprisingly well for roleplay and when shit hits the fan, we complement each other very well.

We're playing with dwarves that hate humans and wizards, (and elves, and orcs, and goblins...) and two humans that hate dwarves (one of which is also a wizard).

Every session is comprised of us making fun of each other, (or outright insulting each other) until something endangers the party and we instantly switch modes to, "Oh no you didn't! No one punches my human but me you bastard!" Then as soon as it's over, right back to insulting each other.
it's a fucking tatto. You don't want them to get tattos, don't let them.
Just say the Rhino just scares the guy so he isn't willing to tatto the rhino if you really want to "punish them" for failing their rolls or whatever.
Not him, but wanting to get a matching tattoo with your familiar isn't wanting to be a special snowflake.

You really should feel bad for alienating that new player that way.
This is precisely how PC's hating one another should be.
You mean being a tsundere?
Being a tsundere is better than being a PC-killing cunt.

It was an awesome level of enmity. The dwarves and humans hated each other. The hill dwarf made fun of (was jealous of) the mountain dwarf for being so damn tall (a whopping five feet). The mountain dwarf made fun of the hill dwarf for being so old. The wizard didn't trust the other human because he was a professional thief. No one trusted the wizard because he was a wizard. *sniff* It was a thing of beauty.
Wow, you're a piece of shit DM, I feel bad for the player

Be ashamed, very ashamed!

Pic very related
The guy wanted to get a matching tattoo with his animal companion. A little silly, but for a narrative, this is perfectly reasonable.

It's not that you "didn't roll over and let them." It's that you decided the correct course of action was to have the Rhino stamped into a battlefield was a logical decision over getting tattoo'd.
this anon gets it

this is the one time where "rocks fall everyone dies" is the appropriate DM response
>To be fair, this wasn't "dysfunctional party" so much as "idiotic newb".
no, it wasn't, the story you told us was of a literal retard. I bet his IQ was 70 and he drooled
noobishness had nothing to do with this
If you read what he said, his character was under a temporary supernatural insanity effect at the time in a game system which required him to behave in such a manner.
The entire team was fully aware of it and trying to contain him until he regains sanity, which he did. also
>then a second later your character tries to kill his
this in fact did not happen, he explicitly stated the insanity effect wore off. he pointed a gun at him and then overcame the insanity effect and dropped it without actually firing at him
>The paladin is that guy
really, this isn't what i got from the story

>Fighter makes friend with demon
>They wreck a tavern
>They refuse to pay for damages
>Paladin puts up with it
>Fighter offers to sell the paladin's soul to the demon for lolrandumb
>Fighter attacks paladin, paladin wins, kills fighter
sounds like reasonable behavior for paladin
You are literally the shittiest DM to have ever graced this board.
but the paladin wrecked the tavern too. the fighter proposed a sloution and that guy decided to kill him. a paladin can only kill justly or he will fall. thus was not a jst kill.
File: How come.png (69 KB, 528x386)
69 KB
>current character is an elven bard
>That guy is a tiefling sorceror/bard
>He does not like that I'm a bard
>Some skill that lets him take small amounts of HP from 'those allied with him'
>"I take 6 HP from the elf over there"
>It keeps happening.jpg
>Reach the end of the tower we're going through
>Minor boss at the top is some kinda barbarian warlord that is exceptionally good at murdering face
>Get crit, left staggered with like 3 HP
>"I take 6 HP from the bard..."
And that's how I left that fucking group.
>the fighter proposed a sloution and that guy decided to kill him.
a solution? he tried to sell the paladin to demons.
And the fighter is the one who initiated violence

>but the paladin wrecked the tavern too.
it could be read that way, or they could be fighter and demon.
paladins can't get drunk anyways (immune)

>a paladin can only kill justly or he will fall. thus was not a jst kill.
It was a very just kill
the fighter
1. cavorted with demons
2. tried to sell the paladin to demons
3. attacked the paladin first
did he try to justify it by saying "oh, i was only an asshole to you for ic reasons"?
It's a combination of out-of-character us VS him behavior and reasonable in-character actions.

Putting a bullet in the poster's character's brain would have been a completely rational and reasonable response to seeing him have a murderous psychotic breakdown. They weren't old buddies going on an adventure -- they were professional agents who were explicitly told that they were expected to put down agents who were driven mad.

It would have been pure metagaming to assume that the poster's character was totally fine and wouldn't gun them down as soon as their backs were turned.

Not to mention that the tension in-game was high, meaning the characters would be much more inclined to make snap decisions for the sake of survival/completing the mission.

Like a lot of "That Guy" stories on /tg/, it's more a matter of everything getting really awkward because one guy doesn't quite fit in with the group rather than anyone being particularly bad. Nerds being nerds, basically.
No, he outright stated that he took exception to my being a bard as well. Even if he was split doing sorcerer things and I was just being a bard.

He was a dickcheese and I hope to never meet that fat fuck ever again.
>Putting a bullet in the poster's character's brain would have been a completely rational and reasonable response to seeing him have a murderous psychotic breakdown
there was nothing "pyschotic breakdown", it was a status effect from handling a clearly magical item, while the party is beset by the BBEG, and furthermore, another agent had ALREADY RESTRAINED the insane one, he was going to shoot BOTH the insane agent AND the perfectly sane agent that was restraining him.
THAT was when the party cried foul OOC. specifically and explicitly the player of the sane agent
This reminds me

>New gaming group, we haven't played with each other before. 4 veteran are RPG veterans, 1 girl is new to TTRPGs
>She makes a sorceress
>I make a wizard
>We friendly
>3 other guys start raising an OOC stink, browbeat her into being hostile because "sorcerers and wizards hate each other, he is muscling in on your schtick"
>Girl was a 4/10, this wasn't a "omg we can't let him have her" deal
>I suggest that she doesn't actually have to do it, but she wants to avoid confrontation. roleplays her character being mean to mine
>She drops out after that session
>I drop out 2 sessions later too because they are assholes
You're not looking at this from in-character. There's no such thing as a fucking "status effect" in-character and they had no reason to believe that it was just a temporary psychosis.

>agent fucks with magic artifact
>goes fucking psycho and tries to murder teammate
Trying to shoot the poster's character when he was still on top of the other character wasn't the greatest idea, but I really doubt that the bullet would have completely pierced through whatever armor they should have been wearing, through the guy's body, AND still have enough force to penetrate whatever armor the other guy was wearing.

And reading through it again, the poster actually already HAD shot at both That Guy and the other guy:
>Run out of the room I'm in and blindly fire at Douchebag and Broguy
>Hit Broguy
and the pin did jack shit because the poster's character breaks out of it two seconds later and points his gun at That Guy.

That Guy's character would have had to be retarded to not fire at the poster's character. How is this even an argument?
Because you want your waypoint town to be known for murdering travelers, right?
Broguy was pinning the poster's character, not the other way around
File: Bruh.png (300 KB, 324x424)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>I'm a fine GM


Okay guy, whatever you say
>playing with people you hate IRL
Whatever idiot.
You're right, my bad. That doesn't change the fact that the pin accomplished nothing and that the poster's character wasn't "under control" for even a moment. He opened fire on his squadmates in a high-pressure situation, smashed a dude's face in with his forehead, then prepared to shoot at one of his squadmates -again-.

Like I said, That Guy may have been a shitter, but the dude who posted that story is just as bad if not worse for trying to paint That Guy as the villain.

This guy gets it.
>You're not looking at this from in-character. There's no such thing as a fucking "status effect" in-character
the fuck there isn't. in character they are fully aware of the fact that magic can affect you like that.
These are AGENTS who deal with the supernatural, not random peasants

>Trying to shoot the poster's character when he was still on top of the other character wasn't the greatest idea, but I really doubt that the bullet would have completely pierced through whatever armor they should have been wearing, through the guy's body, AND still have enough force to penetrate whatever armor the other guy was wearing.
The poster's characters was physically restrained UNDER another character. Not vice versa.
And the DM explicitly warned him that spraying a machine gun at them at full auto will hit both, and thatguy said "meh, worth it".
this is all happening simultanously to the BBEG coming up the stairs at them, so thatguy was trying to kill 2 teammates instead of shooting at the BBEG
>You're right, my bad. That doesn't change the fact that the pin accomplished nothing and that the poster's character wasn't "under control" for even a moment. He opened fire on his squadmates in a high-pressure situation, smashed a dude's face in with his forehead, then prepared to shoot at one of his squadmates -again-.
Except NONE of this actually happened. You literally failed as shit to read

>Poster handles magic artifact
>Goes nuts
>Broguy immediately pins poster's character before he does anything
>Thatguy points a machinegun at them and says he is shooting them
>DM says it will hit both
>Thatguy says worth it
>broguy, in character, starts arguing with thatguy to not shoot him, thus taking his focus off of poster
>poster uses that opportunity to try to break out of the hold and rolls a crit success, resulting in the headbutt that broke broguy's face
>poster then aims his gun at thatguy... and drops the gun, overcoming the insanity.

So no, nothing you said actually had anything to do with the story.
>He opened fire on his squadmates in a high-pressure situation
never happened
>smashed a dude's face in with his forehead, then prepared to shoot at one of his squadmates -again-.
Happened AFTER thatguy tried to shoot them both and happened BECAUSE of it as well.
>in character they are fully aware of the fact that magic can affect you like that.
Yes, they are. And they were explicitly told that they'd be expected to shoot anyone who came under those effects.

>so thatguy was trying to kill 2 teammates instead of shooting at the BBEG
There were threats present both in front of him and behind him. He chose to remove the threat that was not only in the midst of his team but also between them and the exit.

And as the other anon also pointed out, I did get the pin position wrong. Which just goes back to my original claim that both players are guilty of being dumb.

Guys, guys. You are both missing the bigger picture here:

How much of a faggot That GM >>35128635 is.
the only answer if you haven't walked away is to walk away

and if you really don't want to just walk away, begin plotting how to set them all up to die (in game of course; actual murder is bad and al)
>Yes, they are. And they were explicitly told that they'd be expected to shoot anyone who came under those effects.
which would have made it perfectly acceptable for him to shoot the poster if the poster WASN'T pinned.
it did not make it ok for him to be shooting a teammate who is perfectly sane and restraining the poster

>There were threats present both in front of him and behind him. He chose to remove the threat that was not only in the midst of his team but also between them and the exit.
He didn't remove the threat, broguy removed the threat. then AFTER the threat was removed he tried to kill the perfectly sane agent called broguy... so that he might ALSO kill the pinned and helpless poster. He furthermore made the poster a threat again because by doing that he contributed to broguy failing to contain the poster

If he instead just pointed the gun at them and said "I am only gonna shoot if he breaks free of broguy" instead of "I am shooting both, its worth it" then he wouldn't have been acting like a thatguy (although still pretty damn stupid, should have been shooting the BBEG instead)
>How much of a faggot That GM >>35128635 is.
I >>35133307 >>35133209 am not missing it

No doubt that DM >>35128635 is a huge faggot.
Its bad enough where DMs go "hurr durr, you rolled a nat1, now ded!" (those DMs are such faggots).
no, it was "hurr durr, you got a 6, that is too low to pass the check, your animal companion is ded... you want to try to save him? roll not to die! welp, you failed the roll, now you both ded! Hurrr!"
And his justification was "spechul snowflake". it wasn't even spechul snowflake, and even if it was, you don't use bullshit rolls to kill the character, you just say "no, you can't be X, its too snowflake"
This is why serial killers exist
Yes, but that's the story as That Guy typed it.

All these stories are always skewed in favor of the posters opinion, because that's how they see it.

We'll never know what actually happened and it's pointless to argue over such.
I'm gonna be playing a 5e game soon and I wanna know how bad the monk is in this edition. I'm gonna play one anyways, but can I expect to be worse or better that 5e?
What if everyone's a good powergamer?
That anon was arguing that it was justified with the story as we were told. NOT that he believes the story to have been lies
If you think anon lied (which happens) then say anon lied. Don't try to justify murdering broguy while he is successfully containing the guy under a magical status effect.
Or the dm should have said "Take five," Taken the new player aside for a bit and told him he's now the boss monster. And given him 5 more levels and a vorpal dancing sword of flaming acid.
>I'm gonna play one anyways
what is wrong with playing a different class, putting down "raised in monestary" in your background, dressing like a monk, having social status of a monk (background), and telling people you are a monk?

Remember the rules explicitly say that characters are not aware of their classes, and should not be restricting how they roleplay.
>Remember the rules explicitly say that characters are not aware of their classes
Really Oh man fuck wow
We've been doing in-setting classes as training academies. People don't really seem to mind... I think.

They can get a new one. Christ, you people are such children.
The only way for that DM to redeem himself is to give you a character capable of TPK'ing the party. When they try that bullshit again they all die, your character takes their stuff, and you all start a new campaign. If they complain roleplaying is not for them.
it is a core spell, a rather shitty one, but honestly there are a million reasons and justifications to destroy a blade. And it takes exactly 24 hours for the kensai to repair said blade.
oh, and it was the final boss of the entire campaign
and the weapon wasn't even destroyed, it was just no longer magical
Gear is a big part of most characters power level. Thats why I like to play monks.

As originally conceived, monks cannot use magic items and are at their most powerful when fighting empty handed. Also, they're immune to haste, so no magical help. To compensate for this, they deal a fuckton of damage.

You're probably a good dm, but the general consensus of this board seems to be that you make a mistake.

Fun times. I think after the first time I'd sorta stand up and walk behind the guy, all "I don't think you want to give me a reason to stop being allied, bro."

Shame. I like allying with the new characters, whiteknighting them IC if you will. It has the added bonus of preventing a lot of ERP, to which I prefer Holding Hands

5e monk is fully playable. Its nowhere near as broken as ad&d or various homebrews, but its infinitely better than 3.5 monk, especially given how balanced everything else is. I personally don't like the flavor of ki points, having come to view monk as a resourceless class, but you probably don't have my bias.
>I get "violent psychopathy"
>Run out of the room I'm in and blindly fire at Douchebag and Broguy
>Hit Broguy
>Broguy still alive, confused as fuck
>Grapples with me, knocks the gun out of my hand while I'm jibbering about "the numbers and the Dark Man"
>Got me in a pin
Did I miss the part where timetravel was involved?

>Douchebag mumbles an apology
>I manage to do a fucking ridiculous amount of damage with a headbutt to Broguy's face (I was still insane, and I wasn't going to not roleplay. I did apologize OOC)
>Like, 9 points of damage
>Broguy unconscious
>Face is completely mangled
>Douchebag occupied
The only relation between "That Guy" and the headbutt is that it happened because "That Guy" acquiesced and returned his attention to the BBEG instead of disabling the highly trained agent that was going berserk in the middle of the squad.

Take your own advice and actually read the damn story.

See above. Broguy didn't accomplish shit. He tried to treat a psychotic special agent with kiddy gloves, and almost got the squad killed for it.

>(although still pretty damn stupid, should have been shooting the BBEG instead)
The BBEG was "coming up the stairs". The poster's character was opening fire from within the squad's position and had knocked one of the squadmates unconscious in the middle of a fucking firefight with cultists and a BBEG. "Quick, DPS the boss down! This debuff only lasts ten turns!" is pure metagaming vidya bullshit.

I was trying to forget about that. RIP rhino buddy.
>You're probably a good dm
no he isn't

>Player rolls handle animal for animal companion. rolls a 3, total is 6. animal runs to its death
not even a crit fail (which would have been bullshit too)
>Players tries to save animal companion. Roll once to not die. fail roll. dies

>DM explicitly justifies it as punishing the player for trying to be special snowflake

>Gear is a big part of most characters power level. Thats why I like to play monks.

So what? You're kind of dependent on the DM issuing out challenges that are appropriate for however your party is configured. Sure, if you lose your best stuff, you'll be weaker, but a good DM will note that a Xth level party with clubs and in rags isn't nearly as tough as they ought to be, and give out weaker monsters. And a bad DM who wouldn't care is probably going to fuck up your encounters even if you are fully geared.

I can sort of understand disliking loss of gear. What I don't get is that players who don't bat an eye at their character dying, even in a much less ressurectable system than DnD, will fly off the handle more often than not if you dare touch one of their precious items. I honestly and truly don't get it.
Its called tact dude. Learn it. If we yell "SHIT DM UNINSTALL DOTA!" he probably won't take our advice. If we accept the fact that he probably doesn't RK (rhino kill) every session, we can begin to view him as ourselves, ultimately well meaning but humanly fallible.

Hoarding psycology. Its the same reason I have shit saved off /b/ from fucking 2008, that I'm never gonna use.

My friend, the name field is not really for your name. While I am excited for your warblade, you may actually provoke derision and rejection from people who think that you have a sense of entitlement. We all give up our names to post here, only assuming identities when absolutely necessary. These imageboards are anonymous by default and quite popular for that feature.
Sorry, I'll put up the right name from now on.
File: 1377243114927.gif (1.65 MB, 228x128)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
>CoC Campaign (d20 version, but hey everything goes)
>Party of 5 players, 3 are first-timers, then there's me (at that point I had only played a lot of D&D) and one other guy who had already played
>GM tells us the game is going to be an investigative campaign in Miskatonic Uni
>Roll up a linguistics professor, other chars are a doctor and two other academics
>the one guy with experience makes an ex-military gun nut with only weapon skills
>campaign starts
>we spend only like the first half hour of the game in the University, then the GM sends us to some mesoamerican jungle because of reasons
>even if no one of us except the soldier have a logic reason to be there
>Spend the next ten sessions making way through the jungle, attacked by natives, and following a very tenouos lead on Mythos-related stuff.
>Most of the sessions are combat, and only one character has good combat skills.
>Also, the soldier player complained that combat rules weren't realistic enough, so the GM introduced some sort of homebrew wound system and we need to spend the other half of the sessions recovering from the wounds
>My character fails a sanity roll against some sort of vision, but that's OK, it's to be expected
>the doctor player decides that it would be funnier if he started slipping me drugs instead of meds, the DM consents
>GM tells me that I have become a junkie, I'm even more useless during the game
>finally get to the climax, a big battle against a horde of jungle dwellers, DM bullshits somehing with an NPC intervention because we only have one player who can shoot

So basically what happened here was that the GM gave too much leeway to the one experienced player he had, and retooled the game on him without telling us; then when the things started dragging because we were a bunch of fish out of water, OKed every lolrandom thing that came up during the game. Luckily the game died down soon after.
>Did I miss the part where timetravel was involved?
yes, the part where you explicitly gave his justification for executing the agent as
>smashed a dude's face in with his forehead, then prepared to shoot at one of his squadmates -again-.
Both happened AFTER he stated he is gonna shoot them both and after he was talked out of it OOC

I will grant you the
>Run out of the room I'm in and blindly fire at Douchebag and Broguy
>Hit Broguy
So, the poster did indeed shoot at them. This makes 1 of your 3 statements true. While the other 2 were still nonsense time travel bullshit justifications.

>The only relation between "That Guy" and the headbutt is that it happened because "That Guy" acquiesced and returned his attention to the BBEG instead of disabling the highly trained agent that was going berserk in the middle of the squad.
Except this is bullshit.
He had no reason to predict a ridiculous improbably in escaping from a pin and critical damage on an unarmed headbutt.
And he was going to shoot through the perfectly sane and healthy guy doing the restraining. Explicitly stating that he is perfectly fine with shooting them both.

You are putting your own imagined scenario out there that explicitly contradicts what we were told.
Could it be lies? sure. But don't defend the scenario as written.

Now, if he had gone with
>'let him go, I will shoot him"
>"I am gonna shoot him as soon as he escapes"
instead of
>Hurr I kill them both even though he appears to have been restrained
then he would have been justified, but that isn't what he did in the scenario which you are defending
>Its called tact dude. Learn it
dictionary says
>a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations.

Oh look, there is absolutely ZERO reason to not to try to offend the guy. And this isn't a difficult or a delicate situation.

I meant to offend, he deserves to be offended. This isn't funeral or a hospital. Dude was being a shitty GM. No justification to sugar coat it for him and coddle him.
Shaming people into not acting like shits is a core mechanic of humanity. Its what peer pressure exists to do. "do not bring shame to the tribe"
>then the GM sends us to some mesoamerican jungle because of reasons
By boat.
No, the thing is, we were asked to find the whereabouts of a missing colleague of ours. (arguably as teachers it shouldn't have been our job, but the game has to start somewhere, right?).
Next thing we know, we are in Belize, and the only lead we have bring us in the jungle.
Now, I am well aware that it was pretty out of character for most of us to even be there, but it was either follow the rails or no game, and it was the first Cthulhu game for most of us. It's not like we didn't complain, too.
I admitted that trying to shoot through broguy was retarded, but the poster pissing on That Guy for wanting to shoot him at all.

>He had no reason to predict a ridiculous improbably in escaping from a pin and critical damage on an unarmed headbutt.
He had no reason to believe that a special agent driven mad by mythos magic might be able to break a simple pin or use a headbutt?

>So, the poster did indeed shoot at them.
And after knocking broguy unconscious, he tried to shoot at them -again.- The poster's character was a huge threat and should have been disabled immediately, which according to the poster's character meant shooting him.

Broguy was an idiot for treating the poster's character with kiddy gloves and almost getting the squad killed for it, the poster was an idiot for gaming with a guy that he clearly couldn't stand, and That Guy was an idiot for playing with people who didn't like him.

The whole situation and everyone involved were pure dildos.
James, gtfo
What about the fact that lighting private property on fire is illegal and called arson. He ain't lawful either.
>I admitted that trying to shoot through broguy was retarded, but the poster pissing on That Guy for wanting to shoot him at all.
I never said that the issue was wanting to shoot him at all.
I EXPLICITLY said multiple times that the issue was the fact that he wanted to shoot through broguy.
also, you seem to mistake "this factual statement you made is false" with "I disagree with you on everything".

A mistake would imply that he looked back on that decision and said, "Yeah, I should have handled it differently."

As it is, he *actually believes* that is how you interpet rolls, and that the player was being "randum snowlfake" for a cool little bit of character flavor that fit perfectly with the described setting and character. THat is the hallmark of a shit GM. He came here to complain about a shitty player, we are here to inform him that no, he is in fact the one t hat is shit.

If he's smart, he'll take the fact that /tg/ had a pretty much unified reaction against his faggotry as a sign that he needs to reconsider his ability to GM, and get a lot more humble.
>"I disagree with you on everything".
This is 4chan. That statement is implied in every single post on this board. Come fight me, faget
touche anon
>Shit DMs
Yeah, and someday I might get a gf
Theoretically possible, but it still isn't going to happen
File: wizard.jpg (197 KB, 717x960)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
It's okay, your reward lies ahead

It could happen.

It sure as shit won't happen if you dance around the subject, however. "Tell them they are shit, and let them decide what to do with that information.
File: 1410544117293.gif (1.65 MB, 200x150)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
>someday I might get a gf
>Tell them they are shit, and let them decide what to do with that information.
All of the stories in this thread are basically why I haven't played any DND like game, since none of my friends do and I wouldn't be able to trust randoms to not be complete shitbags
I can actually vouch for shit DMs improving.

>be my first DM
>homebrewed essential combat rules to oblivion
>by level 4 party is pretty much capable of destroying most CR 6 or 7 encounters without casualties
>made several classes unplayable by also homebrewing magic but only for wizards

I told him how retarded that campaign got and how half the party basically just watched as the wizards got literally everything for free, and how while the campaign had fun moments, was pretty shit

>when houserules, makes apply to everyone
>houserules make sense
>goes hard but fair on PCs, every fight is a struggle and every victory is sweet
>campaign is amazing

>be me
>DM first time
>build world from scratch, hand drew every map in detail, was sandbox of detail
>campaign was gonna be exploration and intrigue because of how plot
>5 of 6 party members make entirely combat characters
>most, by some whim of the dice gods, rolled up 18s in STR and DEX
>no exploration, no intrigue, they bruteforced everything and simply refused to try any other method
>I kept trying to return it to exploration/intrigue by dropping plot hooks left and right

>I build my world halfway and wait for the players to make characters, and adjust details of the world so it fits
>I believe that if something adds to fun, I let it happen
>If the party wants to do something, I start working on that rather than trying to force a plot or a way of playing

I'm actually kind of proud of myself.
Did you ever get to use that first world how you intended? Seems like a waste otherwise.

>Hmm. Apparently, I am shit.
>But if I date this guy, I might not be shit.

It's like a 4chan version of the Old Spice Man.
File: thevale1.jpg (124 KB, 1240x895)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Nope. I'll just post the setting map and someone else can use it. I might use it someday, but for now I run one-shots and very short quests.

So try them out and if they're douches, move on. Most of these stories start with "I was gaming with a bunch of new people, when..." Not "I gamed for six months with these people when..."
same anon; building worlds, while fun, is generally a waste unless players are experienced or are specifically looking to explore a world rather than just fight in it and solve its problems.
I dont get a whole lot of time off work, so spending a day/night with a shitty group of people to ditch them is like 50-80% of my off time, it doesn't seem worth. Would rather play video games, or play these things in IRC if I could find one that would help me get into it.
I had a DM who did the same thing as you his first time around.
The problem started when he didn't tell anyone it was going to be a campaign based around a single major town and a lot of politics. I personally lover intrigue, but I didn't make a character that could do it because that is a niche area compared to other, more rounded interests
DG anon here.

It was very late when I wrote that story. I didn't expect anyone to actually read it.
Re-reading my post, I realize that I didn't explain several key points as well as I should have. Chock that up to fatigue and poor memory.

I'm not going to lie, I was being a bit of a shit. I should have dropped my guns when I went crazy (I took MASSIVE penalties to hit things since I wasn't actually aiming. The fact that I hit broguy [determined by a coin flip because he and douche were in the same hallway] was the result of poorly timed luck. Same with the headbutt. I had <10% to hit with that and rolled 001) and just tried to punch them. I also refrained from shooting my full RoF, reasoning that I was crazy enough to forget my firearms training. That's probably too
metagame-y, but if I had, I probably would have turned both of them to late.
I really wish I hadn't rolled "violent psychopathy".

The headbutt was meant to just demonstrate that I was still violent. They almost NEVER hit. Headbutts do 1d3 +Damage Bonus.
I rolled a critical, so 2d3 +DB (DB of d4). And then proceeded to do almost max damage.
It was a pretty shitty day to be Broguy.
Please note: I had hoped to be able to kill some cultists, but all ones on the floor I was on were already dead and Broguy and Douchebag were standing at the top of the stairs (Douche didn't even take cover, despite being TACTICOOL STAY FROSTY RAMIREZ BREACH AND CLEAR: The PC).

I don't disagree with what Douchebag tried to do, because yes, it was "right", but he was also far, far too eager to kill me, and had been the whole night.
I don't think I conveyed that well.

I don't know how I can emphasize how much of a cock Douchebag was being.

The GM and I coordinated a pre-game interview where I basically assessed the PCs in-character to see if they were suitable for recruitment. The other players loved it.
Dude threatened to shoot me because I asked him a basic psychological assessment question.
My girlfriend threw a spear through my back on out first bossencounter together, because I didn't allow myself to get raped in camp by her disgusting dwarf whom did not identify herself as a certain sex
sex. I failed two death checks and we had two/three failed medicines. Third medicine was the lucky charm.
Was meant to quote >>35124097
She rolled a 20. The mood could've been better.
Oh. That explains everything.
This was painful to read. Please don't post again until you've sobered up.
What happened next?
Then you make a character who can run away from the rest of the party at the drop of a hat.

Jesus, DMs like that are the reason two of my players will only take actions like"I attack" and "I roll for skill x"
Playing a Wizard with the Divination school. New to wizards (and 5e), where exactly should I be headed? Right now, trying to get a defensive wizard.

Now I want a skeleton thread.

Also I'm not very sure how to become a Necro, I keep finding conflicting or vague information.
Grab every single divination you can, and if you have spare "spells gained per level" grab any abjuration you can.
>towns several miles away at war
>Shooting magitech howitzers at each other
>Totally missing the town though
>concentrated fire into a random field and not the town

You are so fucking stupid
Yeah. Totally thinking that the guy that posted here about it is kinda a faggot.

>"That guy"
>Oh shit guy shooting at us
>Oh shit he shoot my ally/ or me (can't remember the faggot's whole story)
>Oh shit a critical hit on ally with head butt
>Oh shit he is pointing a gun at me
>bbeg on the way
>Don't have time for this, put him down so we can deal with bbeg

>/tg/ faggot
>Hurr durr, Why you mad bro? I only tried to kill you both several times
>>Broguy immediately pins poster's character before he does anything

No faggot, broguy pins him after he already shot broguy

Broguy seems way OOC to be honest.

>Guy shoots me
>It is cool I will just hug him and not fight back
I was the OP for /pol/quest tonight, so yeaaaahhh, I'd say that premade party ended up pretty disfunctional seeing the first three rolled actions were "Attempt to kill the jew and the black guy"... so much for trying to add a bit of creativity, I'll find a way eventually...

/thread, couldn't have put it better myself.
Not an RPG but some friends of mine and I were playing Guardians of the Multiverse (or something like that, I forget the exact name. Superhero card game. I've played it all of 3 times).

I'm playing this beatstick dude who is explicitly designed around getting the finishing blows on weak dudes (bonuses on that, doing so powers up some of his cards, etc).

The villain we're fighting has boatloads of weak minions and if he has like 10 in play at once we lose, period. We also know he has a card that pulls a bunch of his minions from his discard pile to play.

Said card triggers, puts him at like 8 minions, and I tell the group to wait until my turn so I can kill them all and put them under a card I have to power it up (that way they aren't floating around waiting to be ressed and make us lose).

The group then proceeds to kill each and every one of them despite me asking them not to during each of their turns because “I can't do much else,” which leaves me with almost literally nothing I can do on my turn (I think I did one point of damage).

Normally these are great guys, but that pissed me off to no end. I could literally have made the boss unable to win, but instead they just focused on their own killcounts in lieu of actual strategy.
Sentinels of the Multiverse. And yeah, some heroes are complete cock in terms of situational ability or balance. Other times one hero lords over everything. Still worth playing on the hardest settings in order to suffer together and lose 5 times before winning. I personally know the feel of being useless, as my favorite guy is actually the worst in the whole game.
Wild West had few murders. Surprisingly few, in fact- the highest individual kill count was something like 7, and most of those occurred DURING another crime.
One time I, as one of the two dedicated tanks, was not chosen as the recipient of the Amulet of Natural Armor we found because the Wizard almost died that one time the boss of that adventure sneak attacked him, while I (due to shitty Dex and lack of decent armor) had gotten knocked unconscious 3 times so far that campaign (including that fight).

It was a decision the group (other than me) agreed on so I didn't complain after it was handed over, but man did that bother me.
Yeah, that's the one. Who is your favorite character?

So far the 3 times I played:
I was equipment-dependent comboking (1 of 2 in the group) vs a boss and terrain that blows up equipment like there's no tomorrow.
We tried an easy boss and roflstomped him in about 5 turns.
The one I described above.

The game seems really fun, I just have yet to run into it's fun potential.
Funny, I get
>Paladin gets into a fight with a demon, wins nonlethally
>”They” get drunk and wreck the place (definitely demon + Paladin, possibly also Fighter and other demon)
>Demon offers to have his brother pay 1/4 (I'm not sure how many people were involved so idk how fair this is)
>Paladin says F U
>Bartender offers non-payment way of squaring the debt
>Fighter offers to sell the Paladin (him, not his soul) to the demons for the cash then just jailbreak him later
>Fighter touches Paladin's arm during this
>Paladin murders Fighter

Either I'm misreading this or things were fine but then the Paladin went all that guy (and evil). Normally I'm not a big fan of Paladins falling, but murdering a friend because he briefly touched your arm and proposed a (kinda shitty) solution to a problem sounds like a textbook reason to lose one's Paladin powers.
Absolute zero. The "power is hurt myself no other effect" hero. Fun times. Other people have identical ability cards that are strictly better to his best.

Terrible party wise, my worst has got to be when our party face was a "lawful good" (chaotic evil) cleric with an obsession with religious artifacts. Ruined the ability to ever get friendly relations and ended up nearly TPK every other session. The other players were spotty n attending, except for one 7-in-all-mental-stats barbarian who couldn't RP to save his life. Wandering around wilderness until the DM got bored of his own setting.
Ahh, yeah. I was him in my first game Vs Citizen whatshername on Mars. I think I spent literally almost a third of my turns re-playing destroyed pieces of equipment.

I play with a guy who has a distinct tendency to play "totally not CE" characters (and by that I mean he acts CE but tries to justify his actions as LN or TN).

He's also the guy who's always collecting body parts of slain enemies regardless of the smell they'll generate later on after he doesn't bother doing anything to preserve them.

Thus far many of his characters have deliberately been terrible at anything resembling diplomacy (there have been multiple occasions when the group has successfully lied to someone and he's piped up with WAIT WEREN'T THOSE THE GUYS WE KILLED THE OTHER DAY?).
i met my girlfriend at a dnd session. That session we burned an old man to death, killed a child and she went to prison while i ran away. we both DM at times
Dude, don't you watch movies?

It's better to just pin the crazy dude down. Trying to fumble to get your/his gun pointed at him will result in it knocked across the room.
Be a better power gamer.

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