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A Saint Seiya Omega Quest!

When evil threatens the world, the warriors of hope will always appear.

Garbed in Cloths representing the constellations, they fight exploding the energy within them: their Cosmos.

They are the warriors who protect the love and peace of the world…

The Saints!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kouga:%20Saint%20of%20Mars
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper
Opening; Pegasus Fantasy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqKCXeGW54Q
>You better watch it!

Today we run:
>The City of Light (IX), Opening Stage= Fire!

Your name is Kouga, the Saint of Black Pegasus who fights for justice under the name of the Goddess Athena (at least on paper) and also a witch, a magician who uses the power of darkness to bring catastrophe and curses to others.

To some yours might be a paradoxical existence, but you believe that your cursed powers of darkness can be used to protect the world as a Saint and right now you in deep trouble, but at least this time it’s not your fault… probably.

But you probably should go over how this mess started, you are in the city of light, Paris and your current mission is to recover a certain Grimoire from the Louvre Museum and then take it back to Medea so she can bribe you with your new wolf familiar (do it for him!), but things have just gotten more complicated.

Reading the ley lines of the city, it appears that there is a massive accumulation of magical energy all over the place, enough that it could fuel almost any sort of spell… it would be enough to turn this city into a literal gate to hell.

In other words, if someone uses that stupid stone tablet you were supposed to find, they could literally turn this stupid horrible city into a hell on earth filled with real demons.
File: 1405058649303.png (79 KB, 1482x792)
79 KB

Needless to say, you have to stop this. Still you wonder why no one has noticed this, Beatrice is the custodian of this city, this couldn’t have happened unless she willed it, and Medea is a great witch, shouldn’t she know about this?

Plus, curses… why did the alchemists stay silent about this? Shouldn’t they be raising the alarm about his mess? Why didn't they formally contact the Sanctuary about this mess, your organizations should be allies (unless the Sanctuary knows... and you haven't been told) or could it be that the Alchemists want to hide this from the Saints?

Great... Great, this is confusing... too confusing.

Your head hurts and you don’t know what to do, but you will…
>Call the alchemists, you have to scream at them.
>Go meet Beatrice, you have to talk.
>Contact Medea, she needs to know about this.
>Go and get the Grimoire, go to the museum.
>Contact Medea, she needs to know about this.
File: Medea C.Ball.jpg (43 KB, 960x540)
43 KB
Right now your first impulse is to just run to that museum, break in and steal that stone table and just get out of this city before everything goes to hell, but you know better. Whoever is behind this is probably protecting the Grimoire, and considering how big this is, you doubt your friends and you will be able to handle this by yourselves,

Being impulsive here won’t help you, no it probably will just get you killed, but that’s fine, you are also the student of a witch, so you know how to be devious.

That’s why you pick out a small crystal ball and call your master. The light imposed onto this city is one that hates the darkness, but the authority of your right arm is one that surpasses that light, and thus your darkness is able to connect you to your teacher, Medea.

The figure of your master forms in your small crystalline sphere. The thick shadows of her atelier are dark enough that you are barely able to distinguish your teacher’s figure, save for the dim lights coming from her crystal ball that barely illuminate the contours of your master’s face.

In the darkness she looks imposing, but what draws your attention is how her eyes somehow manage to shine brightly even in her dim atelier. “Kouga, what reason do you have to contact me? I trust that your mission is going well?” Your teacher’s voice is soft, almost ethereal, and combines with everything you are seeing it somehow manages to send an unpleasant chill down your back.

For the first time in a long time, you remember what your teacher is, a cruel witch that curses men and spreads misfortune, but you don’t have the time to hesitate. You have to talk to Medea about what’s happening here, but you also feel that you might want to talk about other things first.

What do you do?
>Ask Medea about Beatrice, could she be the type to trick you?
>Ask Medea about the Alchemists, did she know they were here.
>Tell Medea about the Leyline and the Demon Gate that could be opened.
>Ask Medea about her old Cabal, the Covenant of the Dark Plume?
>Ask Medea about Beatrice, could she be the type to trick you?
>Tell Medea about the Leyline and the Demon Gate that could be opened.

I feel like these two are the most relevant ones, so lets just cut to the chase and not waste her time.


Just a friendly reminder, in this city of light the demons and the darkness they represent shall not be tolerated, that’s why you will not be able to contact that friend of yours Child of Man. So instead, we, who represents the will of the God of Light and Order, will take over this duty momentarily and help you.

Child of Man, if you find yourself lost or with a inquiry during your remaining time in the city, please do not hesitate to ask, for I promise to answer. Remember that as a servant of my most glorious lord, my tongue is only allowed to speak the truth and only the truth, I hope you grow to understand the value of that virtue of ours.

>Signed, the Foundation.
File: Medea.jpg (59 KB, 612x425)
59 KB
“Greetings Teacher, I am pleased to see you.” You don’t have time to play around, so you immediately start explaining the situation. You explain the massive buildup of magical energy in the earth pulse surrounding the city that hold enough energy to fuel any sort of Grand Ritual. Then you explain your theory, about how the museum has been turned into a ritual grounds, in which the Grimoire of the First Flame will be used to create a gate to hell. “…and that’s what happening, if I am right (and I know I am), then this city and the world are in danger, and we have to do something, teacher.”

Your teacher stops to think for a moment, weighting fully your words, “Kouga, this is just a theory, even with the conditions you have described me, opening a gate to the underworld would not be a small feat. The chances of this sort of half-baked ritual succeeding are not that high, so I feel we could afford to ignore this problem.” You honestly should have expected this, your master has never been the type to believe any wild theories, her rational character is the thing you hate about her.

“You don’t understand, teacher, the fact that the chances exist is what bothers me, plus you know that if this fails…” Honestly opening the gate to hell is not the worst outcome, it’s what could happen if these guys fail, at best they could summon an ancient God but the worst outcome is blowing the city away… alongside the whole western half of Europe.
File: Kouga- Oh man!.jpg (20 KB, 500x281)
20 KB
The witch Medea is the sort of woman who could accept that sort of outcome, after compared to what will happen, that sort of loss would be nothing… but in the end she knows that her son and her student won’t run away from this situation, and simply nods, “I concede, then let’s change your mission parameters, Kouga, you and your team are to do everything in your power to stop this from happening, but concentrate on retrieving the Grimoire, that artifact is probably the lynchpin on whoever is planning this.”

You want to feel surprised about this outcome, but you feel that your teacher knows that she can’t argue with you, and simply accepted that she will have to help you. That’s why you ask your next question without hesitation, “Teacher… do you think that the Witch of Light Beatrice could be behind this? She is the warden of this city, the one who took the mantle to protect these lands from evil, and I doubt that someone managed to arrange these changes to the land without Beatrice knowing.”

This type of change to the flow of energies is too big to go ignored by people, especially someone like Beatrice, she should know and if she does... it means that she might be your enemy.

“No, Kouga, I do not believe that she knows about this. Beatrice was… no, she is not like you and me, she is not the type of soul to allow anger and hate to cloud her heart, …her light is too bright for that, so I doubt she would become the type of woman that would plan this, I sincerely believe that, Kouga.”
You study your teacher’s face, and for a moment you almost believe her words… except that you know Medea, and for a moment you are able to piece the mask your teacher projects to this world… and you find hesitation.

Great, all your life you have wanted to see what sort of situation would cause your cruel teacher to drop her stone mask and cause her to hesitate… sadly it had to be now of all the times, just when the world could end.
You know for sure that your teacher is probably thinking the same as you… Beatrice is probably involved somehow.

But now is not the time to bring that up, because you have to ask your teacher for… [Ask only one].
>To teleport troops here, ask for Silver Saints! [Teleport]
>To ask a Gold Saint to come to Paris.
>To prepare a spell for the worst case. [Mana Burn the Land]
>For her to prepare a weapon against a light-user? [Beatrice Killer?]
But i'm pretty lost on which one would be best, Perhaps see what Media would recommend?

If not, i guess
>To prepare a spell for the worst case. [Mana Burn the Land]
Mana burns refers to destroying the leylines of the city, aka turning it into a land devoid of the earth pulse, needless to say it won't be good, but not worse than allowing the city to become a demon land.

Also, Medea suggests that you suits your plan the best. If you feel you are going to get into a fight, then asking for reinforcements is probably for the best, but if you want to avoid fighting, then don't pick something too flashy or golden.
You sigh deeply, just calling for reinforcements would complicate this mess, no, what you want is… “I need you to prepare something to disrupt the ritual, teacher. I feel you know what I am talking about.” You can’t be sure what sort of school of magic the enemy will use here, so that leaves only one realistic option as a countermeasure. “We should use a spell to take out their source of power.”

Your only solution is to cast a simple curse on the whole city… a curse called Mana Burn.

Medea smiles in the darkness and you feel that if this situation would have not been as grim, she would have started laughing, “So you have decided to pick this cruel option, even though it might do more harm than good… hu, it seems you truly have the most important quality of a witch, my student.” That quality being the ability to be cruel to others, “Very well, I agree on your choice, I shall start preparing the curse, but remember, the one who will bear the responsibility for it will be you… are you prepared Kouga?” Medea almost sounds hesitant for a moment, and you feel like laughing, like you have a choice about this.

Witches were not born to be kind. They are cruel existences that can only spread curses and darkness around the world. Your powers can’t bless or give to others, they can only take and destroy… that is the core existence of what they call a witch.

That’s why the only solution to this dilemma is only a cruel and twisted one… to stop this city from becoming a land of demons, you will curse it to the ground if you have to. The mana burn will consume the energies that flow though the earth pulse until the surrounding land become hollow ground, a cursed territory that can no longer support life and is disconnected from the ley lines.

Medea studies your eyes, and probably finds the resolution you feel in them, as she smiles gentle, in a way that would never fit a old crone like your teacher, “Kouga, I will prepare the spell, when you need me to cast it, you know how to contact me, but be warned, this is a last resort, you don’t want to see what will happen if we misuse this curse.” You know that already, but a part of you is glad that even Medea is hesitant to do this, so you try to smile at her.

“At last, Kouga, if the curse fails… then I want you to try to hijack the gate ritual… if you manage to somehow obtain dominion over the hell gate, then closing it should be possible for you.” With that your crystal ball grows dim, and the light dissipates, meaning your master left you.

So now what should you do now? Your friends are still packing their stuff in the room, which gives you some time to do some more private talking.
>Go and get the Grimoire, go to the museum.
>Call the alchemists, you have to scream at them.
>Go meet Beatrice, you have to talk.
>Call the alchemists, you have to scream at them.

to be honest, i'm not a huge fan of being the only person voting today.....
I feel it's partly my fault, I keep postponing running the quest this week, and I feel that's why there is no one here.

If you want we can finish early and continue tomorrow...
That's probably for the best
Then we will end here today, I will try running tomorrow. Sorry about this.

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