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/tg/ - Traditional Games

A Saint Seiya Omega Quest!

When evil threatens the world, the warriors of hope will always appear.

Garbed in Cloths representing the constellations, they fight exploding the energy within them: their Cosmos.

They are the warriors who protect the love and peace of the world…

The Saints!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kouga:%20Saint%20of%20Mars
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BelkanSniper

Opening; Pegasus Fantasy!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqKCXeGW54Q
>You better watch it!

Today we run:
>The City of Light (II), The Book of Fire!
File: Beatrice 2.jpg (77 KB, 500x404)
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Your name is Kouga, the brave Cloth-suited Soldier that fights for the sake of Love and Justice! And because you are the cool brave hero of darkness that you are, you traveled far from your home,to the horrible city of Paris to meet the Witch of Light, Beatrice.

But you didn’t come to meet her just to talk, you are here for your job, but before even that, you ask the strongest witch, she who conquered the dark and replaced it with her endless light, for a favor.“I want to ask you a personal favor then, Lady Beatrice. Please teach me what the light is… just help me with that.”

The witch doesn’t bother to say anything, and with a wave of her wand, golden butterflies surround you. In an instant you see light, light that doesn’t belong to an inhuman goddess that can never understand humanity, but rather the light of humanity, the light that shines with the possibility that humans can love and understand each other.

This is the light that the Witch of Dawn once saw… and now you have seen it yourself. You feel your head growing faint, and you fall to your knees… and all goes white.

>31 EXP for the Light Affinity Skill.

The Light is something that will never be truly yours, it shouldn’t be something you strive for. Just like the darkness is something that will never truly accept that girl, the light will never love you. But even so…

“Kouga, come back. Wake up!” When you come to be, you find yourself leaning on Eden’s shoulder, who is helping you stand up.
File: Kouga bishi.jpg (125 KB, 800x310)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
“Kouga, do you understand now?” Seeing that you are still too stunned to say anything, the White Witch asks again. “Do you understand what you have seen, student of the Witch of Darkness?” Beatrice’s voice sounds almost worried for you, but in the end she won’t allow herself to care too much for you. You are a true child of the deep darkness after all, and the student of the most evil witch that exists.

You still feel dazed after everything, but somehow you steady yourself, “Yeah, I understood, thank you, Witch Beatrice.” You really mean it, and having recovered your strength, you playfully shove Eden back (who curses at you) and take the stage again. “Thank you for your help, my Lady, but that was a personal favor I asked you, now I want to ask you something as a representative of the Sanctuary and all the Saints. It’s about a certain book of Fire that is inside this city.”

The Witch of Light just smiles, as she chuckles softly, “So that was the reason she sent you here, if Medea believes you can handle that disastrous book, then your magic skill must be quite advanced, Kouga. I must believe that your teacher wishes for you to recover the book, right?” At this you nod, “Then, don’t say anything more, I will help you recover that book under one simple condition... Do not get me involved in your recovery?”

“What?” Eden and BT look like they wants to add something, but a quick motion from you silences them. Between witches only witches may speak, so instead you ask, “What I mean is… what do you mean by imposing that condition.”
Beatrice simply explains without wasting any time to sugarcoat it or to lie, “I mean exactly what I said. I will arrange for you to get access to the book and some protection so it does not attack you, but I do not want to get involved with whatever you do with that thing. After you leave my atelier, simply don’t come back to seek aid from me regarding that grimoire, that is my only condition, is something you can accept, Witch that blossomed under the darkness most Fowl?”

Why is she reacting this way? You feel that after she learned you are Medea’s student, the witch is reacting more distant to you, it’s almost like she wants you to get away from her, which might be what she wants to do.

>Accept, that’s fair right? This is your fight?
>Decline, you need her to help you personally!
>Ask her what does her help entail exactly?
>Ask her why she doesn’t want to get involved now?
>Ask her is she is doing this because of Medea, if so, why is she helping you?
General Notes.
>Who are you?
You are Kouga, one of the brave soldiers that fight for the love and peace of the world, a Saint. You were raised in the Sanctuary by your Master Integra and under the tutelage of the Witch of Darkness Medea. The Sanctuary considers you a prized soldier because you were born under the blessing of a Dark God, who hopes to use you as his dark messiah to destroy the world of light.

But you won’t have any of that… thus your main mission right now, besides being a Saint, is to find a way to make the darkness you wield yours and find a way to stop the Dark God from possessing you again.

>What are you doing right now?
How does love work? Also you must now face the Witch of Dawn, Beatrice!

>How do your powers work?
Generally you have two elemental powers, the first are your electrical powers, which sadly over the years you have neglected. They serve as your primary ranged damage source and they have a low chance of stunning the enemy.

Then you have your Darkness Type Moves, which are used through Evil Right, generally you obtain some dice bonuses and DC bonuses depending on the type of attack used and when Evil Right is equipped you can use Curses and Witchcraft without having to waste a turn to prepare them.

In general Kouga build resulted in you having weaker physical capabilities, and in turn you should use things like Elemental advantages and Curses to even the field.
>Accept, that’s fair right? This is your fight?

She giving us access to the book and protection to carry it back to medea.

That pretty much what we needed.
Hey BelkanSniper, where the fuck is our light stuff?
File: 1405058649303.png (79 KB, 1482x792)
79 KB
>What is the elemental wheel?
Certain Elements beat others, the general idea is that if you use a super effective move on an enemy, you deal extra damage and will have an easier time rolling, the end. Some elements beat the weaker, generally it goes,

Wind > Elec > Earth > Water > Fire (> Wind.)
With Darkness > Light (>Darkness)

>Then what is an attack type clash?
Generally speaking attacks can be classified in three types, the first are Strikes, which are precise speedy attacks, and the second are the Guards attacks, which are iron tight defensive maneuvers, with Crashes being the third type which are powerful moves that exist to overwhelm the opponent.

These three attack types have a triangle relationship, in which Crash>Guard>Strike (>Crash). When you use an attack that beats the attack of your opponent, you gain an advantage, which translates in some extra DC bonuses.

>What is the DS thing in the Stat Sheet?
It’s how much influence the source of Evil Right has over you, the higher it is… well you guys know how these things generally go, right?

>Why didn’t you include X option in the choices?
Most of the time I just write what comes first to mind. If you want to do something else, have a different idea or want to use one of the skills not listed, then use the Other Option. It’s there for a reason.

>Have there been any changes to skills?
Yes, thinking of changing the DC system to take into account enemy stats more… need to work it better.

Last of all, you all can ask me questions, if you want to know how something works or what does a skill do, just ask. A QM is here to answer your questions.
>>Hey BelkanSniper, where the fuck is our light stuff?
AH that's in the Skill List Exel Doc. It's a discount on the Light Affinity Skill. If you mean where is the Light Skill in the Stat Sheet, then it's in the seal of light passive skill. Your light is still too small to burn by itself, it needs her seal to act as a kindle for it to burn inside your small universe.
Oh thanks.

Hopefully we can get Kouga light up to D/C rank and do some blessing/healing shit.

Our black pegasus armor is light elemental right?

Isn't Kouga Cosmos element Darkness/Lightning/Light?
WISE UP: Girl Talk III
So you say that you still believe in me… I… I… thank you. It really means a lot to me, thank you Kouga.

But to topic, Kouga, just saying that you will strive the balance between the two is not easy, I have seen many men face the same problem that you will face one day, those men tend to either try to convince their loved ones to follow the ideals they champion or to give up and protect their loved ones, even if what they do is evil itself.

Needless to say they fail to find that balance that allows them to protect both things: what they believe in and what the people they love.

There is a reason they say that the heart is the greatest weakness of all man, even the strongest man might find himself falling because he got careless and started caring for the wrong people. That’s why some simply prefer to never love. That way they will never have a weakness to be exploited nor will they have an enemy that they care about intimately.

But I don’t think that living aloofly like that is right; maybe it’s my sister, but I like to think that caring for others is not wrong… I become as strong as I am because I cared for them and fought for their sake, so I feel you are not wrong in thinking that way.

I wish back in the day there had been more men like you and [him], maybe that way the world would be a better place...
But Kogua, [his] path is not an easy path, what you are looking to do is rejecting both paths. Uncompromising, you will face your future and will not sacrifice neither your ideals nor your loved ones. That’s a brave way to live, but remember this, those who reject everything but a single path, need to be strong, but those who accept everything and refuse to give on anything, must be even stronger.

The Path you want to take is the path that will ask the most out of you… are you sure that you want to do this? When you say that you will not sacrifice anything… what you mean is that you will sacrifice yourself instead, right? If so, then what you need is to be strong, to be so strong that you will never have to make any sacrifices… and that will be a path more hellish than what you might believe, Kouga.

There is a reason that sometimes I think that the one that suffered the most back then... was [him], in the end [he] fought for the sake of everyone, [he] saved the world in their name, and gave everything [he] had for them until he died... and in the end no one remember him. [He] rejected both the Law and Chaos and made an enemy of almost everyone... so it's unsurprising that in the end [he] couldn't handle it, and... couldn't enjoy the world [he] wished for.

I feel you are heading the same path, Kouga, the path of the Martyr... are you sure that living like that is the right way to live?
>Write-In an Answer?
>Stay Silent
>Ask for another WISE UP
>Ask Silber a Question.
Unofficially yes, but it does not count because Kouga is using someone's else Cosmos to create the Light he burns... until he obtains a true light affinity, Kogua will remain a Darkness/Lightning user.

Kouga's Black Pegasus cloth is a Darkness Cloth, it became truly alive because it inherited the shadow of the original Pegasus Cloth and Kouga's darkness powered it up. Now it's a sign of calamity, a Pegasus of darkness that spells doom to all gods, just like the original Pegasus of Light did since the Age of Myth.



>Shines like the stars in the sky!

Isn't the armor light elemental?
>Ask for another WISE UP
>What to capture the heart of women?

Save us grand master Silber! Kouga is too much like a maiden in his heart.
I mean
>How to Capture the heart of women?

Ask your onne-chan if you have to.
You caught me... I am not used to having people remember everything... but that vote wasn't about the Armor Element, it was about something more important. You could say that your light allowed the Black Pegasus to be truly born in that moment.

But, the short of it, the armor was designed for a dark element user in mind (Victor III), that's why it react so strongly to the power of darkness and allows Kouga to use the techniques that belong to the Evil Right without having to equip the evil hand itself or interact with the Dark God.

The cloth being darkness-elemental is not bad, it's what allows it to seal the Dark God, and the light you gave it at the start allows it to have a good compatibility with the other elements. I guess that saying that it's Dark- Elemental is just me nitpicking a bit.
File: Beatrice 1.jpg (112 KB, 450x319)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
“Then we accept, that’s enough for us. Thank you Lady of Light.” You still feel a bit tired from the sudden learning experience you just had, but you have to continue. When talking with a fellow witch, you can’t hesitate to show any weakness.

“Understood, then take these items.” The Golden Witch waves her wand again, and suddenly two small objects appear in your hands. One is a small letter, and the other is a brown magical bag.

“The letter is an explanation from my part to the Curator of the Museum, he is an old friend of mine, and if you give him the letter, he will allow you to take the book without any problems. The second item is a bag of sealing, it should mask the magic signal of that tome and protect you from the influences that the item has, with these two items, the recovery of the grimoire should be easy for a witch of your skill, Kouga.”

Yes, Beatrice was right, the main reason you were sent to do this was because Medea wanted you to use your magic to seal the grimoire, but if the bag already did that, then anyone could have done this… which is now really worrying you. Medea probably could have made a seal similar to this bag… so why did she feel the need to send you here to do this personally? There is something else going on here… something fishy.

But this is not the place to worry about that, instead you give Beatrice a small bow, and talk, “Thank you my lady, I am quite happy to receive your help.”

“Then your business with me is done, unless you have something else that you need from me?” You feel that the witch of light had been nicer to you before you rejected joining her Cabal… maybe she feels sore about that.
Medea better thank you for this, you just rejected the most wonderful and cool witch in the world to keep being her stupid apprentice... she better learn to appreciate you more. And now you realize that you just threw away the best opportunity to stop being Medea's apprentice that you would ever get, while also making a cute witch really cross with you.

That's peachy, just peachy. The worst thing is that you know that Medea will never say anything about this, and will just allow you to suffer if Beatrice really gets revengy at you.

Great, you made another cute woman mad at you, you just know that someone in the underworld will laugh at you when he finds out.

Still, what do you do right now?
>Just leave, you have what you came for.
>Ask the Witch about Medea? How does she feel about your teacher personally?
>Defend the honor of your teacher, Medea is not that bad…
>Ask Beatrice about who might be after the book.
>Ask Beatrice why she doesn’t want to get involved in this.
>Ask Beatrice if she can become your friend, you don’t want to part like this, with your heart tense and hateful at each other?
>Ask Beatrice about the Dark God, has the Witch of Light heard of the most evil god of darkness?

>Ask Beatrice if she can become your friend, you don’t want to part like this, with your heart tense and hateful at each other?
>Ask Beatrice about the Dark God, has the Witch of Light heard of the most evil god of darkness?

Let be friends. Please.
HELP US Silber-kun! Teach us how to capture this Onee-san heart!
>>Ask Beatrice if she can become your friend, you don’t want to part like this, with your heart tense and hateful at each other?
You are associated with her great enemy, the woman who ruined her life... I don't think you can charm your way pass this one so easily. Either give up on Medea now, or try again later, when you help ease the wounds of her heart.

Don't know what any of that means, but Onee-chan told me to write that to you.
>Signed, Silber...

I guess we can be friends right?
File: Beatrice.jpg (206 KB, 450x338)
206 KB
206 KB JPG

“Wait, can’t we become friends, I feel that we are parting on the wrong foot here. It shouldn’t be this way… it’s just too… too…” unfair. But you can’t say that word, life is never fair, because if it was fair then it wouldn’t do half the thing it has done to you and it would ensure that everyone had a happy life.

“You feel it’s unfair, right? You feel that the way I am distancing myself from you is unfair?” Beatrice’s black dress dissipates into motes of golden light, leaving behind the pink suit she welcomed you with, her words are filled with a morning tone, crying in sadness because of what she has to tell you, “Sadly there is nothing I can really do. I like you Kouga, but sadly I can’t say I like your teacher too much. While I am not in the camp that would jump at the chance to gut her into pieces, I do not have too many fond memories of Medea. Maybe if you had joined me as an apprentice, things could have been different, but sadly, you wish to keep associating with the Witch of Betrayal.

Your teacher is someone too dangerous and hated to just play around her, especially if she has someone with your potential by her side. It’s just not convenient for me or my cabal to join you and your teacher. She is simply someone too dangerous… and many would call her the greatest monster born out of modern magic. So sadly, it’s for the best that I keep my distance, at least for now, but that might change in the future.

I hope you understand the why of these things in the future, Kouga.” Beatrice smiles sadly at you, like her heart really is in pain at not being able to be your friend… but you don’t buy into it. You just lack the love to buy it.

>I hope you can understand in the future? What does she think you can’t read between the lines?
No, you can them just fine! Beatrice considers Medea too dangerous and is probably still mad at Medea for whatever she did, so since you refused to join her, she will carefully keep her distance from you until you join her camp or things change and it becomes a good thing to join you.

Basically politics mixed with her personal feelings for your boss. It’s not even your fault!

Great, and you were so excited to meet this witch of Light.

What do you say?
>Thank you, I am sorry it has to be this way, too.
>THANK YOU *Slam the door and leave angrily*
>Defend the honor of your teacher, Medea is not that bad…
>Isn't there some way you can trust Medea and me?
>Ask Beatrice about who might be after the book.
>Ask Beatrice why she doesn’t want to get involved in this.
>Isn't there some way you can trust Medea and me?
>>Isn't there some way you can trust Medea and me?

So she wants a good reason to be our ally? That's fine, we specialize in fulfilling unresonable demands.
File: Beatrice S1.jpg (28 KB, 365x547)
28 KB
“Please, isn’t there some way you could trust Medea and me? I am sure that if we did something we could show you that we really mean our offer of friendship.” At this point you know it would be very hard, but it’s worth a try right?

You expect anything from Beatrice, but the face she gives you when she hears your words… is one of pure and unadulterated shock. Her mouth hanging, and her soft skin pales, as she finally understand something about you.

“You… you… you really don’t understand, do you?” Beatrice’s face flashes into anger, into pure and unadulterated anger for a mere second, but then the emotion vanishes, it vanishes until only ice remains. “Sadly, no. There is nothing you can do at the moment to help me understand that you really mean what you say. Even right now, I am taking a great gamble by offering you my aid in your quest to seal the Grimoire of the Original Flame, and now you want more from me. Just associating with Medea would put the member of my Cabal in great danger.

Most would have killed you the very moment they had found about your master, but I still gave you the benefit of the doubt and decided to trust you Kouga. I warmed you with my light and supported your quest, what else do you want from me?

In the end child, this is not a matter of trust, because I have already given you enough trust, no this is a matter of forgiveness, and sadly Kouga, there are some things that can never be forgiven. There are some things that can never be taken back, and what your dear teacher did is something no mage would ever forgive. In the end, Medea is simply too dangerous, and I have to put my Cabal as my main priority and protect them first. That’s why I cannot be Medea’s friend, as you say, Kouga.”
File: Eden CU.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
You want to move to say something, this sounds like she is thinking on her political side first, thinking about her group first and not about you or Medea, but before you can say anything BT stops you… and motions to your side… to Eden, who signals you with a code.

>Kouga, stop, she is getting mad. She is lying about her reasons. This is personal. Back off.

So this is not about her Cabal? You aren’t sure about that, but Eden is better at this stuff than you, so maybe you should trust him and back down.

But you personally feel that you could get to the heart of the matter if only you pushed… just a bit more. The question is, do you really want to push that bit?

>Thank you, I am sorry it has to be this way, too. [Leave]
>THANK YOU *Slam the door and leave angrily* [Leave angrily]
>Understood, and for what it’s worth it, Lady Beatrice, I trust you too. [Leave]
>[Push] That is just an excuse, you can overcome the hate and forgive Medea!
>Ask Beatrice about who might be after the book.
>Ask Beatrice why she doesn’t want to get involved in this.
>[Push] That is just an excuse, you can overcome the hate and forgive Medea!

Kouga feels this. We go by how he feels or we die.

Not related, but currently hearing this.
>>[Push] That is just an excuse, you can overcome the hate and forgive Medea!

Personaly,, I think this is crazy, but I have no other ideas.
Well writing!
File: Beatrice Laugh.jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
Generally, you probably would have followed Eden’s advice and just backed off. You know the “prince” is certainly has more experience than you In these social matters and can read people really well, but if Eden can analyze the heart of people, you have always been attuned to the darkness in it.

So even if you can’t reason the why people are acting as they act, you can understand initiatively the fears they have.

That’s why this time, you simply ignore Eden, and trust your instincts. “That’s just an excuse. You are just using your cabal as an excuse to avoid Medea. We both know that if it came to it there aren’t many mages that would dare challenge you to a fight. So come, just be honest with me, and just tell me why you are this angry. Then you can overcome this stupid hate and forgive Medea, that’s the right thing to do.” Your speech is good, and all is going pretty good, until… you finished your sentence and in the background you could simply hear Eden facepalm.

In hindsight you also should have facepalmed too.

“Forgive her? FORGIVE HER?” Beatrice just brings a hand to her face, as she laughs… she laughs an angry, bitter and horrible laugh that echoed across the room. It is the saddest, heartbreaking and terrifying sound you have ever heard in your short life. “Kouga, the one who should be asking for my forgiveness is her! She is the one that betrayed us! Medea was one of us, she was a part of my family, my friend and a member of “The Covenant of the Black Plume”. I even thought she was my best friend back then! What an idiot I was!” Now Beatrice’s laugh becomes mocking, but the one she mocks is herself, the self that once was naïve enough to believe in a monster like Medea.
File: Beatrice Serious.jpg (67 KB, 420x262)
67 KB

“So you want to know what she did, you wicked flower? She betrayed our sacred covenant, she betrayed the friends who accepted her no matter what and trusted her with everything our Cabal had! She killed our leader, chopped his corpse into pieces and threw it down the river! She denied his magic and its foundation, she destroyed his life’s works and in the end, she cursed all the others… scattering them so we can never meet again!”

Beatrice is laughing, laughing so hard that the violent sound drowns the tears that fall from her eyes, “And you are telling me to forgive that traitor, tell me Dark Bringer, are you stupid or has that traitor brainwashed you? The one who should ask for forgiveness is her! She should come here and implore not me to forgive her, but our master and everyone else she cursed! And even then, the only way to forgive a bitch like her would be to kill her, and salt her soul and hope that in her next reincarnation she finally learns to not be bitch!” The only thing Beatrice feels for the traitor is only hate, a deep earth-scorching hate.

There can never be any consideration, any mercy, any good-will or love… the only thing this Golden Witch will allow her heart to feel is her hate; because that’s the only way she can atone for her own sin.

Back then she could have stopped this, she could have just killed Medea before she finished off their innocent leader… but she hesitated. Back then she had been an idiot, the witch Beatrice had believed in the things called love and friendship and failed to stop her friend.

But her love was paid by betrayal and now the only thing she has left is hatred, hatred for the friend she loved deeply and everything associated with her.

The only reason she had allowed that boy to enter her domain was because she had been curious… about Beatrice and about the sort of boy that she would allow to go near her heart as a witch.
But this boy was just another idiot, another idiot that twill get used by that bitch and then broken down. Maybe then he will stop being so stupid, and stop trusting a monster like Medea.

Eventually she calmed her laugh, and slowly recovered the elegance she threw away in her rage. “So Kouga, there is no way I can forgive Medea, no even if the world ends or even if the gods order me, I can never forgive her. In the name of [the Covenant of the Black Plume], I will not forgive her. But I can see it in your eyes… you don’t believe me, you still trust Medea, but that’s fine… it just means I can’t trust you, Kouga.” The witch of light points at the door and declares to you her final sentence, “Now I have finished all business I have with you, Kogua. Don’t come back until you are willing to understand the truth about the Witch of Betrayal. Just let me warn you, Kouga, if you keep believing in a monster like her, you will end up like me, betrayed by someone you trusted.”

Looks like negotiations are really broken, you don’t need Eden to explain this for you to understand this, but before you leave, you want to say one last bit.

>Hatred is not good, the one who is suffering is you, Beatrice.
>I am not my master, so don’t blame me for what she did.
>I believe in Medea, she is not what you think she is.
>Beatrice, have you even though why Medea did what you think she did?
>Sorry, but to me you are a worse monster than Medea right now. A witch of hatred is worse than a witch of betrayal.
>Say nothing… there is nothing to say.
>Without love, you can't see it, Lady Beatrice.

>I hope one day you can learn to forgive her, Lady Beatrice.
>Even if she betrayed me, I would still love my teacher.
>I hope that at least you could consider becoming my friend, Beatrice.
>Without love, you can't see it, Lady Beatrice.
Want to make the correction that at the end it should be.
>because she had been curious... about Medea and about the sort of boy...
Before you leave you whisper something to the witch that was once your hero, “Lady Beatrice, without Love, it can’t be seen.” Beatrice has lost all love in her heart, that’s why she was being blinded by her hatred and sorrow.

In other words her own heart had become a demon that tortured her endlessly.

But you also heard another whisper, which carries Beatrice words for you, “No, it’s because I have thrown Love away that I can finally see her for what she is, a cruel witch that only loves herself. I am sure that one day you will see the same thing as me, but I hope you don’t lose everything in the process… like me.”

With those words hanging on your neck like a death sentence, you leave the Golden Canary house, followed by Versa and Eden.
File: Eden.jpg (27 KB, 498x392)
27 KB
After you three walk several blocks away from the detective agency Beatrice runs, your team turns into an alley way, to talk and regroup. You lean against a wall, while Versa (who is still cheery about everything) takes a moment to pull over and make a small chair with her alchemy, but Eden…

Eden breaks that plan, because the moment Eden notices no one is paying him any attention, he furiously slams his fists into one of the brick walls of the alleyway, almost smashing it down to pieces. “That woman, who dare she say those things about my honored mother, she has… she has no right to say that. Calling her a traitor and a monster, my mother is nothing of that sort, I know it!”

To the proud prince hearing the witch of light talk in such negative terms about his mother in silence was something his noble heart couldn’t tolerate. The only reason he didn’t rise to his mother’s defense was because he remember his station in that meeting, and knew fully that the one who had the right to speak at that moment was Kouga, a witch of the same station as Beatrice.

But even so… that was simply unfair… and Eden felt mad… no he still feels that rage, and that’s why he punches the brick wall again, cracking it almost in half vertically.
You probably should do something to calm Eden down, but you aren’t sure what you could do… after all you feel that Beatrice is probably not lying about what she is saying… and so how could you defend Medea before Eden.

What do you do?
>Beatrice is Right, Medea is not someone to trust easily.
>Medea is a witch, having a dark past is expected.
>Lay it down, witches are creatures of calamity, they hurt those they love. That’s their fate.
>Your mother is not a traitor, I am sure Beatrice is wrong.
>Maybe Medea has an explanation for this, we could ask her when we meet her.
>Maybe have BT help you, her cold logic could calm Eden down.
>Say nothing.
>Your mother is not a traitor, I am sure Beatrice is wrong.
>Maybe Medea has an explanation for this, we could ask her when we meet her.

We find out the truth by asking Medea the truth.
>Even If it's not the right way to live for a person it is the right thing to do, especially since I'm a saint!
>besides as long as there are at least one person who belives in me and in this ideal, I'm not alone

also seems like I made it before the end of the thread
>Maybe Medea has an explanation for this, we could ask her when we meet her.
>Lay it down, witches are creatures of calamity,they hurt those they love. That’s their fate.
>Maybe have BT help you, her cold logic could calm Eden down.

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