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File: wetwork idols quest.jpg (169 KB, 1500x1100)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Miss Nakamura does not blink as she is on the phone, and she does not break eye contact.

The small smile has slid off her face and a scowl has replaced it.

You feel uncomfortable already. When Miss Nakamura reaches into her desk and sets a small white block on the table and your hearing turns into nothing but white noise, you begin to feel a little panicked.

She turns around in her chair to face the wall. You’re left in a crackly silence for what feels like forever, but the chrono on the wall indicates was less than a minute or two.

When Miss Nakamura turns back around and disables the devices and sets her phone down and back into its cradle even you can tell that her mood has visibly soured.

Her smile doesn’t return as she says, “You and Wendy seem to have been spending lots of time together. Define the relationship to me.”

>Answer vaguely
>Answer clearly
>Deflect vaguely
>Spaghetti harder
You are Michelle St. Claire, and today is your fourth day on the job.

It hasn't been a great start.

Liquid: 2588.90
Income: ~2200/wk + bonuses
Expenses: 5500/mo lease
Captive money: 10k security deposit
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WetworkIdols @WetworkIdols
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Wetwork%20Idols%20Quest
>Answer clearly
A mentor?
Is she in trouble?
...or am I in trouble?
writing in 10
eating lunch. post to follow.
File: Miss Nakamura 3.png (188 KB, 392x278)
188 KB
188 KB PNG

“Is she in trouble? ….am I in trouble?”

You begin to squeeze the arms of the chair again.

“Please answer the question, Miss Saint Claire.”

You pull at the crew neck of your t-shirt awkwardly as you say, “She’s a mentor. I guess. She could be a lot better at it…”

“I see.”

Her attention is suddenly diverted from you. She looks back down at her desk with great intensity as her eyes quickly bounce between left and right.

“I’m sorry, Miss Saint Claire, but our session must end early today. I have deposited your pay into your account. I will have my assistant send you an itemized invoice for your services rendered. Please see yourself out.”

O...okay. You could’ve used some more time with a counselor than this.

You push yourself up with your arms out of the chair and leave her office.

You have an entire day off. If only you knew what to do with it.

>Speculate internally
>Speculate externally (with who?)
>Go home
>Go elsewhere
Check up on Wendy.
Engage paranoia.
writing in 10
File: Wendy 3.png (70 KB, 143x314)
70 KB

Wendy is around here somewhere. Supposed to be around…

You walk quickly towards one of the more common common areas, hoping to find her, nervously scanning ahead and behind you.

Hopefully you don’t look as panicked or paranoid as you feel right now, but you’re interrupted as you nearly run into the woman you’re looking for.

She looks better than she did this morning.

Wendy is smoking, a half burnt cigarette in her mouth. She seems anxious.

“I didn’t know you smoked.”

“Sometimes. Like when my meeting is interrupted by a phone call so important he turns on a white noise generator and turns his face away.”

“Wait...what? Your counselor is a man?”

Wendy takes a final, heroic drag on her cigarette to finish it and flicks it towards an ashtray.

It misses.

She exhales and shrugs, “Is that weird for you?”

>Isn’t that...weird?
>Maybe a little
>I guess not
>Change subject
I guess not, mine just did the same thing.
writing now

slow day.
File: michelle 2.jpg (100 KB, 720x960)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

“But what about, you know…”

You drop your voice to a whisper, “Girl stuff?”

Wendy groans and looks disappointed and disgusted in you.

“Unless you meant the phone thing. Mine did that too and like half the time before the white noise generator or whatever you called it she was just staring at me. Do you think something, you know...happened?”

Wendy pulls out a carton of cigarettes and a polished lighter from her purse, and brings one to her mouth and lights it. She puts them away before speaking.

She says in between drags, “I guess. It’s not like a phone call out of nowhere is ever a good sign in the first place, right? And they’re usually pretty ice hearted so if that mystery phone call rattled them enough to end early then we should probably leave right now.

Oh. My counselor was asking questions about you. It was...weird. He normally doesn’t give a shit about you. I didn’t say anything, obviously.”

>Really? That’s weird, mine asked me about you…
>Spaghetti harder
>Laugh awkwardly, deflect or avoid
>Maybe I need a cigarette too
>Really? That’s weird, mine asked me about you…
with a side order of mild panic

also im going to bed.. europe time
catch you next time. thanks for playing!
>Really? That’s weird, mine asked me about you…
>Panic internally
writing in 5. yay, a player!
I try to make it to all of these. I don't always succeed.
I don't make it easy. I'm not very consistent.

I try, though.

Also I wasn't actually writing, I had to drive someone to the train station and I just got back.

For real writing now.
File: Michelle 3.png (362 KB, 550x436)
362 KB
362 KB PNG

“Really? That’s weird...mine asked about you too…”

Wendy hardens instantly and stares you down. You begin feeling cornered, even more paranoid than earlier.

“What did you tell her, Michelle?”

She pulls the cigarette out of her mouth and holds it between two fingers, hanging it in space uncomfortably close to your neck.

“I didn’t say anything I didn’t say anything all I told her was that you’re, like, my mentor and that we’re friends.”

She pulls the cigarette away from your neck, “I have more questions, but the walls have ears.”

You exhale, heavily. You might’ve been holding your breath a bit. Wendy grabs her bag from one of the chairs (was she waiting for you…?) and walks quickly, the points of her heels causing an echoing click-click-click as she leads you through the hallways.

She leads you to her car and says, “Get in.”

“But my c-”

“Get in the fucking car, Michelle.”

“Okay, okay...god…”

You pull open the door and get in, closing it shut behind you. Wendy does the same.

She doesn’t start the car.

“Did you tell your counselor that I might move in?”

“No….why? And why are we talking in your car?”

“Because this is probably less bugged than the office. And the reason I asked is because you don’t tell them anything about someone else. If I wanted them to know, which I don’t, I would tell them. Which I didn’t. Get it?

Whatever. Don’t answer yet. Do you have plans for the rest of today?”

>Yep, I’m going to ….
>Maybe, why?
>Spaghetti harder
I'm going out to dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday in a bit. I'll probably be out until around 8 or 9, but probably before 10, PM PST.

If the thread is still here when I get back, we'll keep playing. If it's gone, it's gone, and I'll run a second thread Thursday or Friday maybe.

Catch you all later tonight (but possibly later this week)
Eventually Michelle will have an actual day of relaxation. I hope.
Hey pals. Should be home in a hour or so. Maybe 90'

Thanks for waiting and being patient.
30 minutes to go....
Ha! I Follow AToW, patient is my middle name.
Ran a little late. We stopped for gas on the way back.

Writing now!

I don't know what that is, but cool!
>>33925609 here, have to leave for work unfortunately now, goodluck all
bye! thanks for playing!
File: Wendy's...tattoos.jpg (57 KB, 649x513)
57 KB

“No. ...why?”

Wendy rubs her face. You can see heavy, discolored bags under her eyes. Did she not put on make up?

You can’t really see her facial tattoos, though…

“You said you needed to go shopping and get clothes. Plus I need to replace the outfit I ruined and threw away and there’s new seasonal li- why am I even explaining this to you. Do you want me to take you to all the nice places or not?”

“I don’t understand why you’re being…”

Wendy interrupts, “Being nice?”

You nod vigorously, “Yeah.”

“I feel bad for trashing the house, okay? Stop pressing it.”

You put a hand over your mouth in response.

“You got paid, right?”

You nod.

“A lot?”

You shrug, “I don’t know. She didn’t tell me how much, just that I’ll get an invoice and I was already paid. I’ll check.”

You pull out your phone and log into the secure financial server. You scan your thumb and index finger with the fingerprint sensor in your phone and wait as the credentials are checked.

At least you’re still connected to the company’s wireless out here in the parking lot.

After a few seconds of a loading screen you’re brought to the account of MICHELLE ODETTE SAINT CLAIRE.

You push the “balance,” button and…

Oh. Wow.

That’s a lot of money. Even more money than last time, which was already a lot of money.

So that’s...You don’t know how it’s broken down.

All you know is that there’s a cool forty thousand that wasn’t there yesterday but is today.

“I checked. It’s a lot.”

“How much is “a lot”?”

>Tell her
>Spaghetti harder
Sorry for the delay...needed to help my mom with some stuff,
>>Tell her
It's probably less than her's.
writing in 5.

sorry today has been shitty, lone player.
It's alright but its close to midnight now so I am gonna snooze. I will read this thread in the morning. Thanks for writing! I hope someone will take my place and vote if this continues longer.
It...might. It might not. I think we're both PST.

Pretty late for both of us, but I'll do at least one more post so your vote has been counted.

After that, not sure...
File: Michelle 4.jpg (141 KB, 600x748)
141 KB
141 KB JPG

“Forty thousand lots worth of a lot.”

“Oh you motherfucker...goddamnit. You must’ve gotten the credit for the idol kills.


You stammer out, “S-sorry…”

“Whatever. I still cleared like thirty or whatever. I don’t need to buy another five or ten or fifteen or twenty thousand dollar dress or anything like that until the new fall/winter catalogues come out anyways.”

...what? Twenty thousand dollars on a dress?

Wendy must see your face because she asks, “You seem confused.”

“Twenty thousand?”

“Twenty is a cheaper dress. I haven’t been working here that long, though. I made it in time for spring/summer and that’s it. Skyler’s earned more since he’s worked here longer but he doesn’t spend money except to pay rent and buy heroin. Asshole.

Anyways. Do you want me to take you out or not?”

>Yes ma’am
>No thanks…
>Spaghetti harder
>>Yes ma’am
It's getting pretty late for me, Anon.

If I don't get another vote in 15-30 minutes I'm going to end the thread and head to bed a little earlier than usual.

Otherwise I'll stick around for one or two more posts.
sorry for being an asshole today.

thread will not be archived, but will be continued thursday or friday as #18. I'll repost all my posts and we'll start from the last point of play (now)

I think that's better than archiving a shitty thread.

any questions/etc can go here.

Thanks for palying and sorry for being a jackoff.
That's fine, pity I missed the whole thing over here in EU land.
I just got back from work and caught up, all good by me, thanks for running this so far, cya in the next thread.

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