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Ten years ago you lost her, Carna, who ran with butterflies in the meadows. Now ten years later, she dances with death in the dark.

Today's a big day. You're to meet with your teacher Masoch and give him your answer; as to whether or not you'll meet the Grand Librarian and commit your fate to The Seekers, to decide what path you'll take in dealing with the Little Witch who took your heart those years ago, to decide who you will take with you in pursuing the mystery of how you'll take back Carna and the tales of demon Frangelico's past.

You slept late, but you woke up early. Before the dawn you've laid your notes out in front of you; with the demon inside you asleep, you've some time to sort your thoughts out alone. On the desk of the dorm room that you'll soon leave behind, lay the few leads you've uncovered during your journey...

Within the very city of Deneb itself is the only man who has bonded with the demon Frangelico and survived, a man who could teach you to control the fiend that's taken a hold of your heart and Carna's life.

By The Highest Peak where The High King rules, just outside the capital city of Rascha is one retired knight who has seen the demon vanquished in a previous manifestation into the world. His instruction may be what you need to slay the demon that holds the girl.

In the southeast of Belgrand where snow ever falls, a survivor of the demon's destruction may yet live. Even if so they'd be well within their old age by now but... the demon within you beckons to find them. What relationship could they hold?

Still, you need not meet Masoch immediately. Some time to talk to your friends and sort yourself out may be worth investing in.

>What will you do?

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Librarian+Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibrarianQuest

Computer is alive. Let's go, let's go!
If we use the one question we can never back out of being a seeker. We should talk to the man who bonded with Frangelico before agreeing to become a seeker.

Also, we're obviously teaming up with either Rein or Sheryl.
File: Don't worry about it.png (16 KB, 110x196)
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We should talk to everyone before jumping in.

We've already found Carna. This organization shouldn't hold much more for us.
There's nothing wrong with just joining the Seekers if we save Carna. No reason to get them hunting us.

Send a message to Gos. Explain what happened to Carna, but only mention the name Frangelico, no other details. Have him come to Deneb, or ask the retired knight for us.

Whether or not we bring him, I'd rather he was somewhere Frangelico can't reach him.
File: librarianquest.png (45 KB, 600x400)
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Before you make any commitments, you ought to see that man in Ragamuffin. The sun is still just coming up, but there's little time to waste. With each second that passes, Carna will slip further away... but still, a blind search will stall you more than a thoughtful one won't it? Until the others awaken, you might as well get some work done. Taking out one of Kran's enchanted papers, you scrawl down sendings to your old friend Gos, a Paladin of the Raschan Kingdoms. You give him write-up on what happened to Carna, as well as choice words on Frangelico. To finish, you instruct him to find the knight, and meet you in Deneb. Hopefully his own duties won't impede him too terribly.

Stepping into the main halls, a sight catches your eye. Your friend Yu'yen has his arms flailing about, making strange movements in the lobby.

"Did a demon take hold of you!? Are you summoning to ghosts!?"

"What?" Yu'yen stops, standing on one leg with his arms in mimicry of bird wings, "No, these are my morning stretches... Lunese thing, you wouldn't understand."

Who says? You're well-read and plenty adaptable. Still, you'd rather not have one of the girls walk in on you pretending to be an animal.

"Why're you up so early anyways, Yu'yen?"

"I'm always up this early, my father always made me wake before the sun and I never quite dropped the habit... at least one thing good learned from him." Yu'yen shakes his head. "You're always up so late... though, I suppose Anlak always got up later."

You spend a moment to reflect on Anlak's loss, but the two of you snap out of quickly in exchanging your usual banter on things. Soon enough, the girls come out one by one, and your classmates are gathered around. You exchange your pleasantries, but before they leave... perhaps you ought to make for more serious conversation?

>Do you talk to them? What about? What will you do?
God I am so bad with trips.
Thank Yu'yen for the wand. Ask if there are less lethal uses for it.

Ask what they plan on doing for the day.
Tell them what we're up to. No reason not to tell them. And, we shouldn't ask any of them to come along but maybe someone will volunteer.
Well, they all love us. So.
"This wand came in handy, I don't suppose you have more magic powder?" You ask Yu'yen.

"Of course, I'll pay a visit down to the slums and find some charges for you later; free of charge, of course." He smirks, you groan. "That stuff has a few other nice uses any ways, I may as well stock up. Explosives, entertainment, explosives... explosives."

"By slums, you mean Ragamuffin Way? I need to pay a visit to the place, I'll come along."

"Fantastic." Yu'yen slaps you on the back.

Now how do you go about this tactfully. Sheryl and Rein you've already talked to about this, but Leona and Yu'yen are still in the dark... speaking of Leona...

"My head is like a flying accident, equal parts feathers and equal parts screaming matrons." Leona presses on each temple with her fingers, her usual neat braided hair is a mess today. Rein is sticking close to her sister today.

"If you're not feeling too terrible, is it fine if I talk about something? I need to tell you all the rest of my story..." Better hop right into it than skirt around...

...You explain the circumstances between yourself and Carna once again, her bond with Frangelico and your bond with the other as well, as always you feel yourself shrinking towards the end. Sheryl and Rein are calm enough, and it seems Leona has gone sober with your sombre words, but Yu'yen, he doesn't look happy.

"Hound's breath, what is this?" His sharp look hones to a point, pressed down by furled brows. "What do you mean!? What're you trying to tell me!?"

The usually laid-back fellow of yours grabs you by the collar, you're just the slightest bit taller than him, but these days it's hard to feel big.

"I know what you're telling me! That girl you've been chasing these ten years killed Anlak!" He shoves you back roughly.

"Calm down." Sheryl says, your Lunese friend shoots her a look, then one back to you before turning and stomping towards the door.

>What do you do?
>What do you do?
Stand there and look totally unsure what to do.
This seems to be the unspoken consensus.
Change the stand to sit; and you have exactly what the people following the quest are doing.
>If you want someone to be angry at, be angry at me, I put him in that situation.
4 people killed him:
Me, for being a stupid fool.
Frangelico, with all the malice you expect.
The other seekers for not expecting that their demons could be controlled.
Carna, because she didn't trust me.

You can throw the blame around all you want, but it won't change anything. Too many mistakes have already happened.
That was the point.
You're at a loss of words, his outburst wasn't unwarranted but, it was unexpected. Anlak and Yu'yen shared a past, but they never seemed to have much present between them. Everyone else is as silent as you are, letting the stomps of Yu'yen's boots echo through the room...

"It was my fault!" You exclaim, as his hand reaches the door. "I was foolish, and he suffered for it... you can be angry at me, but please listen, I put him in that situation, I killed him."

Yu'yen stops, he meets your gaze with a turn of his head.

"Anlak signed up for this knowing his likely fate, as did the rest of us. The hands that split him were a demon's in malice. The Seekers sent him there, against the girl that couldn't control the beast." Sheryl sighs. "Let's not pass around the blame, if you want to make up for his death then we can do something about it, but you boys shouldn't get so... girly on us."

"...you said you had a lead in Ragamuffin, right? Friend?" Yu'yen turns his head away, facing the door again. "I'll go ask around, if not for you then for me, if not for me then for him... I'll forgive you for owning up, but don't make that mistake again... if you want to come along, go ahead."

It seems that for better or for worse, the topic is over. He pushes the door open and exits, leaving the rest of you standing quiet again.

"Are you going with him?" Rein tugs your sleeve softly.

Maybe it'd be best to let this boil over, but you wouldn't feel right leaving it alone. It'd just be some short steps to catch up to Yu'yen, and waiting to see what he digs up could take longer than the day you have.

>What do you do?
Explain the him the important stuff: Frangelico can control the the demons of contractors up to a certain limit, he likes romantic tragedies, and only Masoch could probably take him on in a straight fight.

So how do we get to Belgrand anyway?
Follow him?
Explain to them how we still want to find out how we can save Carna, that if there might be a way. If there isn't a way that we don't know, but we still have to do something, even if we're totally unsure on what to do.
Perhaps sit there unsuredly while we say this; unspoken consensus and all.
"I'm going with him."

"Are you sure? He seems pretty angry, angrier than when that old man... whoops." Leona places both hands over her mouth.

"There might be a way to save Carna, so I'm not going to wait around here. I'm sorry to ask this, but if you could..."

"Leona and I'll see if any wagons are making way to Belgrand." Rein answers you before you finish.

"I'm going to go over my notes again." Sheryl nods, before stepping back towards her room. You could thank them more, but time is running...

"Decided to catch up did you?" There's still a harshness in Yu'yen's voice when you run up beside him.

"You wouldn't know what you're looking for."

"Guess not." The snow is almost completely melted, and soon the Spring will bring in the Raschan new year. You make way down the wet roads with Yu'yen, tension running between you...

...And both too soon and too long, you arrive at Ragamuffin Way, the slums of Deneb. There aren't many men out and about, the weather is warming but it is still not yet warm. You share with Yu'yen more details on the demon as you press through the slums with little lead on who you're searching for other than a wide location.

"What do you think? Where would a retired contractor who escaped one of the most dangerous demons to ever walk the planes be? Bar? Brothel? Library?" Yu'yen pauses. "Nyne's tits, we have way too many libraries in Deneb." Did he just realize this?

"We could ask the locals." You suggest.

"Not a bad idea, though it might help if we had an appearance to work with."

>What do you do?
Get some wand charges, and while doing so inquire about a certain Frangelico.

It's the only name we have, may as well use it.
>Get some wand charges
Why do you keep posting this? It's unnecessary since we learned the attack spells.

I vote not to waist time with the gunpowder. And ask people about a former contractor.
>Takes a full minute to reload and uses rare and expensive ammunition.

Cutting weave
>Doesn't take ammunition and doesn't need to reload.

Let's just forget about the wand. Or give it to one of our friends that isn't good at weaves.
I remember back when weaves were simple party tricks and magical flash lights or lighters. Kids these days don't know what it's like sending a piece of lead through someone with the concentrated force of an explosion.
You're totally right though, especially with demons being not very vulnerable to it

Lets ask with the locals about Frangelico. Worst case scenario everyone gets a laugh at such a silly name. Fra---aaangelico!
Because we need something buy. It's easier to get information when it doesn't seem like the main point of interest.

Do you think there are black market books or something to buy?
"Well, it's a start." You don't have any better ideas, so you may as well ask blindly.

"My friend might have some ideas."

"Which one?" Yu'yen has really been getting around this town, although most of his company doesn't sound terrible reputable.

"He's a magic powder supplier, we can restock while we see him."

"I'm not sure I'll need it." It did come in handy against the revenant, but, "I think my weaves are handy enough."

"If you insist friend, don't get cocky though; there aren't many weaves that'll blow through a man the way Lunese craftsmanship does." Yu'yen shrugs, wordlessly the two of you split up to question the locals...

"Frangelico? That some kind of liquor?"

"Where's that name from, Belgrand? Sounds like a dandy lah lah man."

"Well if you need a contractor, I know a guy. Fixed my roof last week!" This is terrible, no one around here sounds like they'll be of any help. Half of them are inebriated, the other half simply stupid.

"If you wann' find out about demons, the old guy at the bar might help." Turning away from another useless crowd, a voice catches your ear. You look towards it, where a young boy stands is standing, "Information is a Ra around here sir." He cups out his hand, looking at you and expecting.

Anyone could've made a statement like that, but it might be worth checking out. You could find Yu'yen first, but it might just be easier to leave him alone while you do this. With the time you're spending down here though, you could well be making preparations elsewhere.

"Ahem, sir. One ra."

>What do you do?
Give it to him?
Hold out one Ra "Take me to him".
We'd be a fool to fall for this type of swindle, I mean really the old guy at the bar. Old guys at bars know everything, we need the right old guy.
No matter how this ends though make sure the kid gets 1 Ra, for futures sake.
"Take me to him." You say, dangling a coin between your fingers. Yu'yen can catch up later...

You've been at this bar before, once before for Yu'yen's "birthday". The Daktori waitress isn't prancing around, it wouldn't be a surprise if she'd quit and gone somewhere else, neither the patrons nor the building seem well-structured.

"So which old guy am I looking for exactly?" There's got to be a few of them around here, and none of them look like contractors. Too lively, not quite crazy enough. The boy raises his finger and points it at the bar table, where behind it an man who could unremarkably be described as "old" runs a hand-cloth around a dirty glass. Messy grey hair, a black patch over his left eye.
You drop the coin out from your palm and onto the boys, and make your way over...

"Ordering something?" He peeks over your way.

"I'd like a little word about Frangelico, recognize the name?"

He drops his glass, it hits the counter in front of him but quickly rolls to a stop on a flattened side. "Whew, didn't break..."

"Looks like you know something."

"Maybe, maybe just a little bit."

>What do you do?
How do you part one with its contractor?
This. And I'm off to bed.
This. He said he only knows a little bit, lets keep it quick & dirty with him.
"You contracted with Frangelico, right? I want to know how you got out." You keep your words whispered, but you keep your words firm.

The man picks up the cup and sets it on it's bottom, he taps pensively on the brow above his eye-patch...

"You've really got me caught with my pants between my legs here stranger, I was expecting someone to bust down the door looking for me someday, but not to ask a question like that."

"I need to know."

"...it wasn't much of a contract to break, the demon I had was tired, ragged, he'd been floating around the place for so long without any reason to do it... maybe I should start at the beginning?" You'd wanted to get this done fast, but it sounds like that wouldn't be easy. The old man takes a deep breath, "I once worked for a noble, the corrupt sort you hear so often about around this place. I had my orders, as men often do, and I followed them strictly. One of them as to contract this demon... Frangelico."

You nod, and wait for him to continue.

"Evidently this one had been drifting around for awhile, causing all sorts of trouble. By the time I found him he'd already been through dozens of men. He was real powerful-like, but so bored, so tired. I followed my orders, and he followed mine... but the house fell apart when I was out on the job, and it was just me and him sitting around, doing none of nothing. I sat down, thought angrily at him, and then; he was gone."

"How pathetic." It awakens in your head, the Frangelico that you hold, "I bet that me that he had was some cheap imposter, I wouldn't ever be so weak to be forced out by idle thoughts."

"For contractors, I figure; you're either holding hands or pushing against each other. You do the latter, and you end up cracking, or one side just gives up."

Maybe that's what happened to Carna.

You could go see Masoch now, but a few more questions might not hurt, or perhaps another meeting with your friends to gather your thoughts...

>What do you do?
So we can BORE Frangelico out of Carna?

Umm. That actually sounds like a reason for Franny NOT to help us.
Did you ever get to know him? What memories did you see, specifically from before contracting?
If it was a clone of Frangelico was there any remnants of before that he saw or knows. Also seriously is being a party-pooper to Carna/Frangelico a viable method to get him out?
"Did you get to know the demon at all?"

The man goes silent for a good minute before bursting into laughter. "What kind of question is that? You aren't some fresh newsboy are you?"

"Is there something wrong with what I said?"

"There ain't much reason for me to be making talk with demons, ain't much reason for anyone to. Those things are all monsters, I was glad to be rid of the fiend; but that lord aside, I was gladder to be rid of Frangelico. They just eat the life out of you, you can't be making friends with them."

You can feel your chest squeeze just the slightest. "What about memories of the demon? What did you see when you were contracted to it?"

"Memories huh... you know a lot about these things don't you, one of The Seeker kids on an assignment? Terrible things mostly, I was stuck with nightmares of the lives it took and the horrors it wrought. Got used to it though, I cared less and less about the dreams as the demon cared less and less about it's craft."

"Don't waste your time, whatever me was inside him must've gone insane to lose its hate." Frangelico snarls.

"Did you see anything before you contracted with the demon?" You ask your last question.

"Hm? Why would I?"

"I'll answer that one for you so we can get out of here sooner." Your demon is getting agitated. "You only share dreams when you're in a contract jester, the exception is you... and I."

With those questions answered, you exit the bar...

"I don't suppose I can bore you out of me."

"I am already bored of you, but unfortunately this is neither the time nor place for me to be lurking about. I don't intend to be made a skillet on some cat-thing's claw."

"What about the other Frangelico?"

"Oooh how I wish I had his place, to torture that stupid woman instead of being stuck in this stupid you. I doubt he intends to let himself out as he is, but I suppose you could try to speaking to him again; with all the good that did."

You'll need to think this over, but for now...

>What do you do?
Well I'm stumped. Was there some prior arrangement we had? Oh yeah! Lets meet with the waifu regiment and try to hold our spaghetti long enough to learn some more before speaking with Masoch.
Get to know Franny. Only thing to do now.
Do it while meeting with our friends or on our way to speak with Masoch.
Do something about Yuyen too of course. Send him to find everybody for us if we decide to go straight to Masoch.
Finding Yu'yen here might be even harder than finding that old man, hopefully he'll head back on his own when he tires out. If not, he still owes you for that pegasus incident. You make your way back to the dorm, to think one last time before you give Masoch your answer...

"What do you think had that Frangelico bored to death?" You make idle chatter on your way back, hopefully no one you know sees you whispering to yourself.

"He must've been stuck with some shit-eater like you, I can already feel myself shriiiinking away. NOOOOOOO!" The demon cackles tastelessly to his own poorly thought joke. "Who knows kid, I don't. We all come from an origin beneath the seams of the world, but I don't know what he saw during his life, I don't even have all of my own thoughts together."

"Just the memory of that one friend of yours?" You've nothing to talk to him about, but the one dream that you two shared.

"I don't have any friends... never did..."

...You return to the dorms to be greeted by the smell of food drifting from the kitchen. It hasn't crossed your head until now, but you haven't eaten yet have you. You follow the scent to where the girls are seated, the girls, and Yu'yen.

"Hey friend, was wondering when you'd return." That bastard, he left you. You left him, but he left you first!

You sit down at the table, there's already a meal ready for you. Rein's cooking naturally, she's already displaced your dorm's chef entirely.

"It looks like you're in luck, all sorts of traders are moving to Belgrand this season." Rein tells you, informing you of her search.

"They're all trying to stock up on Belgran steel in case another Dylian War begins." Leona adds.

"I haven't found anything useful yet..." Sheryl's ears are flattened. "Sorry," She whispers.

You'll need to see Masoch after eating, but before you do...

>What do you do?
As long as we don't know what we're going to do, we can enjoy our friends company.
We don't know how hard it is moving around in Belgran, we could see who is the most receptive to joining us when we do.
We have a large list of things we won't do, but we can't focus on that. We should talk about the rumors & gossip about Masoch.
Ask about the potential Dylian war
"No, you HAD a friend, and even after he betrayed you, he never hated you."
"Dylian War?" Didn't Carna's father serve in that?

"Just another dispute between Rascha and Daktori. We're angry at them because they worship a giant demon and make human sacrifices, they're angry at us because we set fire to their fields and spend hours talking about sheep." Yu'yen tells you.

"I swear, your entire nation is five hundred years of warfare." Rein shakes her head.

"Your nation literally began with The Murder Princess sending the heads of fifty nobles to The Highest Throne."

"Why're you defending Rascha? They conquered your people." Leona raises a brow at the squint-eyed gent.

Yu'yen shrugs, "I like the women."

"That's neither here nor there, and chances are likely that we'll never have to deal with it." Sheryl puts an end to the conversation, "Let's worry about other things. What're you going to do?" The eyes turn your way.

"I'll be paying a trip to Belgrand as soon as I can, there might be a hint there, anyone interested?"

"I don't know if I can show my face around there..." Leona's eyes drop, she makes a strained laugh.

"Well, I'll think about it." Rein smiles at you, but it doesn't quite look genuine.

"It's so fucking cold up there." Yu'yen groans.

"If you insist, I guess..." Mumbling her words, Sheryl avoids your gaze. None of them seem too excited to pay a trip to the Belgrand winter...

"Well, we'll follow you anywhere you need us to friend, short of the underworld. Tell us when, and we're ready to suffer. Though, if death's the case then count me out." Despite their complaints, it looks as though the four are all ready to join you in saving Carna. You just need to decide who you'll take with you for the last leg of your journey before you find Carna again...

Dinner ends, it's time to meet Masoch...

...You've arrived in front of Masoch's office, having walked to The Archives from the dorms. You'll have to decide now what you'll tell him when you enter.

>Will you meet The Grand Librarian?
>Where do you want to go?
>Who will you take?
SHIIIIT I don't know the answers to any of these questions. Feels like a kid again, with a million things I hate doing but not a single idea otherwise.
I dunno man, I don't even know what the ONE QUESTION should be.
We still have one last lifeline before we HAVE to ask the one question and be stuck into the Seekers.
>To Belgrand
>With Sheryl
"Have you made your decision yet?" Masoch greets you through the door, "Will you meet The Grand Librarian?"

"No. There's still hope for me elsewhere without The Seekers' aid, and I can't promise to be loyal if it will endanger Carna." You lower your head, you've told him your honest thoughts.

"That is acceptable." Masoch gets up, opening his liquor cabinet. He fishes out an unlabeled bottle, and returns to his desk to pour just an inch into a cup. "Then, where shall I send you this next month for your final practice?"

"I wish to go to Belgrand... I have business there."

"I thought you'd be tired of the cold by now, but there're certainly jobs we could have you do out there. Of course, I'll need to keep someone watching you."

"I'd like to take Sheryl along with me." Her company is appreciated, but more importantly, you want to be at her side as she finishes exploring her father's notes.

Masoch takes a pause, he swishes around the liquid in his cup, there's a thoughtful look in his eye. "I will send the details to you soon enough, so get some rest."

You nod, and begin to take your exit.

"I don't dislike your passion, so keep it up. Somehow, I think you'll get what you're working for."

As you pass the door, it closes itself behind you...

Soon, you'll leave for Belgrand with Sheryl. It might be hopeless, but it's a chance to save Carna, and almost impossible is good enough for you. To chase her hand again, you'll walk to the end of the world...

And so, life goes on...
Really starting to feel the write-in vaccuum.
Yeah it is tough making decisions when we're in a spot where we know what we want (Carna), we know a few ways we can act about it, but most of all we know that we aren't willing to try any of those ways. Well except for our terri-bad plan of tricking FraaaaaaangeLICO!
Gonna archive this?
So I need you to be honest with me anons, are you one person?

I don't really mind a small playerbase, five people is pretty much perfect for me. If there're only a couple of you sitting around out of sympathies though, I'd rather not continue. I'm pretty thick-skinned so one ded quest won't hurt me, and I'll probably try running something else in the future if it really is the case. I understand it's a very slow portion of the story and my computer issues have made it difficult for me to run consistently, so maybe there're just a few quieter readers around waiting for things to pick up that like the quest; that's good enough for me. I don't like commitments but I hate breaking them even more, so I won't drop this if there're people who want to see the finale, but I don't want you to sit around bored, reading because you feel like you have too.

In regards to Librarian Quest itself, it's my first quest and it's much more work than I originally anticipated. When it goes well, it's fun work so I'll probably quest again even after this ends and even if it ends prematurely. I've learned a lot about my own writing as well as the ins and outs of QMing in the time I've started, but a lot of my mistakes in inception and through-out have made it difficult to do what I want to do with it; and that's to let you run amuck and have fun.

If you could come out of the wordworks and just tell me that you want me to continue, then I will oblige. You've invested yourselves into this as much as I have, so I won't leave you hanging just because I'm getting bored of it. Just tell me, what do you think should be done here?

My apologies for the trouble.
No, we're at least more than one anon. You just have more than the usual percentage of lurkers due to how choice works now.

As the "Stab self" anon, I am obliged to see this to the end.
Do not stop the quest. Both >>33741562 and >>33741609 were me yes. I am not trying to artificially prolong or change the quest. We are more than just me haha.

Do not worry for the trouble, I await to see where this goes.
I follow the quest and I really like the story, only problem is im only here for the end most of the time because of my work, please keep going and thx for running
I also love the quest but only have access to a phone when you run so I mainly lurk. I hope you run the quest to its conclusion but if you dont feel like its worth it for a small playerbase I understand.

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