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Archive: http://pastebin.com/gRjJeLHV
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpyOP1
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Voting rules:
-First vote to 10, or the option with the most votes after 15m, is the option selected. Sometimes, I'll extend voting if it's important, but this is rare.
-In the case of a tie, both options voted for will be used if applicable. If not, a tiebreaker vote will be called. If the tiebreaker is tied after 10m I flip a coin and seeing what happens.

Conflict rules:
-Some votes will call for a Conflict Roll.
-Conflict Rolls are 1d100 rolls attached to voting options.
-Conflict Scores are calculated by the average of every winning vote.
-Conflict Scores are set against target numbers to be beaten.
-Higher Conflict Scores reflect being more successful (i.e. a Conflict Score of 51 against TN 50, vs. a Conflict Score of 91 against TN 50 reflects varying degrees of asskickery)
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It begins!
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Will we ever get to spying? Who knows?
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>The quest didn't start at 1 in the morning

Is this real life?
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374 KB PNG
Commencing Virtuous Mission
Rolled 32

007: KLK Undercover.

Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to "infiltrate" Mako.
File: image.jpg (56 KB, 610x632)
56 KB
>{3D Fiber Gear Intensifies}
Considering we're already being outed as a spy before getting the chance to, probably not.
File: exposition intensifies.png (367 KB, 705x416)
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367 KB PNG
Houka Inumuta poured over his laptop as he made his way to the Sewing Club's labs. The elevator gave him some time to think.

Something was decidedly wrong, and he didn't have all the data he needed. Goku Uniforms just... didn't do that. And where did that needle come from? Everything points to the transfer student being affiliated to the Anti-Uniform Guerrilla that's been attacking the affiliated schools...

And yet that Guerrilla works alone. Is it possible that the student himself is? No, there's been a thorough background check, and despite the fact that he's tangentially related to one of the other transfer students he would have no possible means to perform what the Guerrilla has been doing.

And yet...

The door opens and Iori Shiro turns from his project. “Inumuta-san. What brings you down here?”

“Always to the point, huh? Here. I need your expertise.”

“Of course you do. What is it?”

Inumuta puts down the laptop, tapping a few keys and brings up footage from security cameras. Footage of a certain someone swinging in to a classroom on a red thread attached to a needle.

“Here... look at this.”

The footage zooms in on the student's hand-specifically, the bright red thread he's holding.

“...Life Fibers? But he's only wearing a One-Star Uniform!”

“I know. That's why I came to see you. From what you've told me, trying to unweave a Life Fiber from a Goku Uniform-”

“-immediately causes them to cease to function, yes.”

“Exactly, but the Uniform is obviously still functioning.” He taps a few more keys, and the footage changes.
File: further analysis.png (746 KB, 837x468)
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746 KB PNG
The student is laying on the ground, bleeding from his gut. In front of him, holding Matoi Ryuko's Kamui, is Ogure Maiko. They're obviously talking when the student starts moving, and flings a needle out, which pierces her throat. The footage zooms in on the needle.

“Recognize this?”

“...looks like Anti-Uniform Guerrilla gear?”

“That's what I thought, but I confirmed that's not him.”

“Could they be working together?”

“Not from what we know.”

“Have you brought this to Lady Satsuki's attention?”

“No, not yet. Not until I know exactly what's going on. Speaking of which, there's one more thing I want to show you.”

He taps a few more keys and the footage changes. The student is lying on a medical ward bed, and there's a pink-haired Two-Star pounding her fists on his chest lightly.

“Notice anything?”

“...he's healed up already.”

“The Nursing Club used Life Fiber-infused stitches on him. Then when they took readings of him...” He pulls up an image of a chart alongside the bed.

Iori's eyes go wide.

“Wh-I KNOW that I didn't stitch a Uniform with a 15% Life Fiber count!”

“I know. Which begs the question how they got there, doesn't it?”

“...the only thing I can think of is that they might be growing, but that's impossible. The amount of energy they'd need... it'd kill someone.”

“Hmm. We'll just have to watch this Kristoph carefully then, won't we?”

“Are you going to bring him in?”

“I don't think that's necessary. I've set something in motion already.”
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 500x281)
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Well this aughta be fun

Welp. Time to fake our own death.
File: your accomodations.jpg (11 KB, 267x200)
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Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK5Sn-hGZ7M


Boss-rather, Kurumi-has been pounding on your chest for about half an hour. She hit you harder when you put your arms up, so you just decided to let it go.


“...are you going to stop any time-”


You sweatdrop. You come in bleeding out, your guts opened up... she comes here all worried, and that's why?


Your eyes go wide. “H-How-?”

She sits up and grins, picking up your camera and dropping it on your chest, your screen facing towards you.

Fukuroda's picture, broken and beaten, is staring right at you.

“Great shot! Wish I could publish it without the whole 'DICIPLINARY COMMITTEE COMING DOWN LIKE A HAMMER ON US' problem.”

You sweatdrop again.

“...uh... at least I won?”

She glares at you... then sits up. “Yeah, that's true. But look... stop getting into as many fights, okay? Some of the clubs... they're more powerful than they let on. Have more influence. If things come to fighting, the Shutterbugs aren't all that great at it, you know?”

You tilt your head. “But... isn't that part of the point of Honnouji?”

“It's part of Lady Satsuki's point of Honnouji. It doesn't mean it's part of Honnouji's point of Honnouji. People have friends, and those friends like to get even.”

You look down at the hole in your uniform. A member of the Disciplinary Committee put a knife in you yesterday and you still don't quite know why. She said... something.

[ ] “...hey Boss, who's Hakodate?”
[ ] Change the subject.
>[ ] “...hey Boss, who's Hakodate?”
>[ ] “...hey Boss, who's Hakodate?”
>[ ] Change the subject.

Yeah let's not give her a reason to keep pounding on us
>[ ] “...hey Boss, who's Hakodate?”
>[ ] “...hey Boss, who's Hakodate?”
Asking the right questions? Maybe. The real question is, is asking questions right?
Better to know now and take a light smacking than not knowing and getting pummeled to death by the unknown
File: boss and her notes.png (419 KB, 619x1000)
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419 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdVZ-yWZ9N8

She said something you won't ever forget.

“Hakodate says hello.”

She said it low, just enough so that you could hear it when she twisted the knife.

Apparently you have an enemy.

“Hey, Boss... who's Hakodate?”

You expected her to raise her fists and keep pounding on you like before, but instead she just looks down at her camera, lost in thought.

“Hain... if I answer that question, it could get you involved in something you don't want to be involved in. Something that could get you killed.”

So she was worried. In her own weird way, she cares. You smile to her.

“Isn't it our job to get the scoop on everything that happens in Honnouji Academy?”

She looks back up at you and smiles a little.

You turn your gaze down to your Uniform-specifically, the hole in it. “The girl who did this told me 'Hakodate says hello.'”

Boss frowns... then presses a few buttons on her camera. A side compartment opens up, and she takes out a small pad of paper from it, handing it to you.

“That's everything I know about The Racket. It isn't much, but...”

“The Racket?”

“Just read it. And don't tell anyone else what you read in there!”

Kurumi stands up and turns to walk out. “I'll tell the other Shutterbugs you're okay.”

“Okay... see you later.”

“Ja ne! Oh... Heinrich.”

Boss stops at the door. You were just about to open the booklet when she used your name-for the first time. You look up at her.

She's looking at you, worried for a moment, before she turns and points her pencil at you. “If you have to get into more fights, at least make them official! If the Shutterbugs get more influence, we can get more of our people into One-Stars.”

You grin a little. “Are you saying I should get into more fights, Boss?”

“No, I'm saying that if I catch you in here again, I'm going to tell the nurses to leave you to bleed out. Got it!?”

She leaves before you can respond.
File: the racket.png (775 KB, 838x416)
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775 KB PNG
Omiko Hakodate is the Captain of The Racket.

Officially, The Racket is the name of the Honnouji Tennis Club's best players, the team that goes to other schools to compete.

Unofficially, The Racket is the only group of students to evade the wrath of the Disciplinary Committee.

When test answer keys go missing, The Racket is to blame. When students are mysteriously absent or 'transferred out' The Racket is to blame. When students don't comply with The Racket, they put pressure on their families. If they keep disobeying, they disappear.

Takaharu Fukuroda and most of the Boxing Club were Racket enforcers, it seems. Along with members of the Archery, Juggling, Track and Field, Kendo, and Fencing Clubs. It's suspected that members of the Computer Science and even Sewing Clubs are part of The Racket as well.

Of course, it's all speculation... but there's proof that The Racket is an organization literally carved into your gut.

More than that, though, you know that Fukuroda was working for Hakodate to keep Mako hostage.

“Hakodate says hello, huh...”

[ ] “...maybe I should lay low.”
[ ] “...maybe I should say hello back.”
>[ ] “...maybe I should lay low.”
My skeleton detector is off the charts
>[ ] “...maybe I should lay low.”

Fuck it I know this is a trap. They want us to lay low

Time to plan
Playing it safe, huh?
Sorry about the delay, something came up but it's been handled. Back to writing.
“...maybe I should lay low for a while.”

The nurses discharged you before lunch, so you start making your way to the place Mako and Ryuko spend their lunch breaks. You still haven't gotten that interview, after all.

Over the passed couple of days, you haven't exactly been keeping the light off of you. Sure, you don't openly go see Ryuko or declare war on Lady Satsuki or anything like that, but if people started looking into you, it wouldn't be too hard to find out where you've cast your loyalties.

This Racket... it moves quickly, and it's got skilled people in it. You messed up their operation once, and they tried to have you killed for it. More to the point, you didn't even see it coming. If all of The Racket are people like Maiko, you can't afford to lower your guard once.

You get the feeling that this won't be the last time you run into them anyway.

Honnouji Academy may have declared war on Matoi Ryuko, but The Racket declared war on you.

And you answered with blood.

...you killed people yesterday.

It was in self-defense. More than that, it was in defense of you and your friends. They were shooting to kill. If you hadn't have done what you did, people you care about would have died. It was as simple as that.

Maiko wasn't.

That wasn't self-defense.

That was vengeance.

She couldn't have threatened Ryuko, not really, not when she disarmed herself to get the Kamui. And without going through Ryuko, she couldn't get to Mako.

She betrayed you. She faked friendship, she preyed on loneliness and kindness, she used your compassion to try and kill you because 'Hakodate said hello.'

So you took her life.

[ ] ...you hate yourself for it...
[ ] ...you almost enjoyed it...
[ ] ...you didn't feel anything...

[ ] ...but you'd do it all again.
[ ] ...and you wish you could undo it.
>[ ] ...you hate yourself for it...
>[ ] ...but you'd do it all again.
File: 9x6WGKF.png (143 KB, 299x288)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
[ ] ...you hate yourself for it...
[ ] ...and you wish you could undo it.

I actually felt bad for Maiko, but then again I read the whole thing with the "canon" Maiko in mind
File: im-just-a-dog2.jpg (39 KB, 600x450)
39 KB
>[ ] ...you hate yourself for it...
>[ ] ...but you'd do it all again.

I been thinking about this for way too long and well pic related
>[X] ...you hate yourself for it..
>[X] ...and you wish you could undo it.
Heinrich hasn't gone off the deep end yet, I see.

Remember that she was carrying a remote detonator, along with the knife.
Remember that you saw some explosions while solving a few of the traps.
Aren't you curious why the Mankanshokus sent a dog to bring Ryuko her uniform?
>[ ] ...you hate yourself for it...
>[ ] ...but you'd do it all again.
File: 1403599743571.jpg (95 KB, 500x375)
95 KB
>[x] ...you didn't feel anything...
>[x] ...but you'd do it all again.

Whatever gets the job done.
File: Spoiler Image (512 KB, 865x639)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
It makes you sick to your stomach.

The worst part is that it isn't regret.

If everything came down to it, if you had to do it all again... you'd kill her. You know it.

But... still, knowing you took her life away away...

Knowing that it was your action, your choice that brought her and anyone that cared for her pain...

Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0wqhdZn4v0

An image of a small child running across the street towards you enters your mind.

It's your friend, Grigor. You've only played a few times before, but he actually played with you, laughed with you, cared about you when everyone else wanted nothing to do with the new kid.

Promptly, it's replaced by the image of a bright red car slamming into them and swerving away.

It's like he was never there. Just one moment, running towards you, then... gone.

You couldn't really understand it. You called his name out, again and again...

But Grigor didn't answer.

Why didn't Grigor answer? Where did Grigor go?

Why is everyone screaming and crying? Did someone get hurt?

What's this red stuff on the ground...?
File: down for the count.png (956 KB, 837x464)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
You shake your head to clear your thoughts and focus. Out the window, you can see Mako and Ryuko enjoying lunch and talking.

What's happened is happened, and it'd be an insult to those whom you left behind to keep spending this time regretting it. Even Maiko doesn't deserve an insult like that.

What's important now is protecting your friends, not reminiscing about those that you lost.

Mako looks up and waves at you. Ryuko follows her, then does the same, with a beckoning motion.

Besides, you have good friends now. Strong friends. People that care. People that might just have a chance at surviving the war Honnouji declared on them.

Then she looks to Mako and her eyes go wide.

Mako goes stiff and falls over backwards, going limp right as she hit the ground.

The same way Maiko went limp when she hit the ground.

Your heart stops for a moment.

She's covered in needles.

Ryuko screams.

[ ] Smash through the glass and get down there now...
[ ] Sprint down as fast as you can...

[ ] ...digging deep, like the night in the warehouse!
[ ] ...and don't let anything get in your way!
>[x] Smash through the glass and get down there now...
>[x] ...and don't let anything get in your way
>[ ] Smash through the glass and get down there now...

>[ ] ...digging deep, like the night in the warehouse!

The time for games is over
>[ ] Smash through the glass and get down there now...
>[ ] ...and don't let anything get in your way!
>[x] Smash through the glass and get down there now...
>[x] ...and don't let anything get in your way!

Why are we so bad at keeping low!?
To be fair, getting into fights isn't exactly... attention-gathering in Honnouji.

We're coming, Ryuko!
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmPH8BTwPKU

Ice slides into your gut as you look on.

Someone's hurt Mako, badly. Using tools like the one Aikuro gave you.

...like the one Aikuro gave you...

You look down at your sleeve. The needle is still there, weighing your sleeve down just a little bit.

That's when you see the man.

A bright-red mohawk. Built like a professional wrestler. Strapped down with what looks like guns and grenades.

All your instincts scream at you to run from this man.

But she needs your help.

You throw yourself at the glass... and it repels you.

The man opens fire on Ryuko. She sprints away, drawing her scissor.

You need more speed.

You run back into the bathroom, then sprint at full speed, putting all the power your One-Star Uniform can give you to the forefront.

The glass shatters.

Their 'fight' was over in seconds. Ryuko is pinned to the ground at gunpoint.

Both of them look up to the sound of shattering glass. Ryuko's eyes go wide, while the strange man's narrow.

File: ratatatatatatatata.gif (609 KB, 500x281)
609 KB
609 KB GIF
He brings his gun up to train it on you midair.

You know you can't block bullets, and you know that you can't dodge this midair.

So you throw your needle at his throat, just like you did with Maiko.

It flies silently, glistening in the afternoon sun just enough to be noticed, the red thread that trailed behind it nearly invisible.

He steps backwards and brings his other hand up, catching the needle midair.

Then he pulls the trigger.

You hear a quick burst of six shots, and feel six pinpoint impacts on your chest, followed by a sudden wave of exhaustion.

He yanks back on the needle and sends you tumbling into the dirt.

You feel like you've been up all night all of a sudden. Casually, the man walks towards you, his... whatever that is... trained on you.

“Let me tell you two important facts. First-it only takes six jamming rounds to subdue a One-Star Uniform. Second-without your Uniform, you'll die if I shoot you again. Stay down.”

You roll over and look to him... and then passed him.

Her voice makes him realize her mistake.

File: gun vs sword.png (721 KB, 838x463)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
There's a bright flash of red light and stars behind him, and he turns his machine gun towards the source, opening fire.

Ryuko's there, though, and much too quick for him-she's in that same outfit from the other day, when she fought Lady Satsuki.

She couldn't have had the time to change, so it must have transformed. But what's a Life Fiber and how is she synchronizing with it?

Regardless, the strange man is completely ignoring you now.

You look down at yourself. You don't see any blood. He called these needles “jamming rounds” and now you're starting to feel tired.

No... you feel weaker. Like before, when you were only wearing the coat of the Uniform.

You start pulling back on your needle. It's sluggish, but it recovers, like there's a lag time between you pulling and the thread coming back.

Suddenly, there's a loud clang, and you look up. He's managed to block Ryuko's scissor using his gun, but just barely.

If you're going to strike, now is the time. You...

[ ] ...hurl your needle at the man's back... (Conflict Roll)
[ ] ...let Ryuko finish the fight.

[ ] ...drawing on that power from before! (Do not Conflict Roll if you choose this)
[ ] ...relying on your own accuracy and his inattention.
>[ ] ...let Ryuko finish the fight.
Rolled 61

>[ ] ...hurl your needle at the man's back... (Conflict Roll)
>[ ] ...relying on your own accuracy and his inattention.
>[X] ...let Ryuko finish the fight.
We can't fight every fight for our friends. Instead I'd take pictures of the man to show to our contact and check up on Mako.
Rolled 71

>[ ] ...let Ryuko finish the fight.
get pictures
She's a big girl, after all.
File: bang.png (464 KB, 838x464)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
Ryuko is strong. Much, much stronger than you are.

Hell, she might even have killed before, like you did yesterday.

She doesn't need your help to fight this creep, now that he's slipped up and turned his attention away from her.

You have too many questions about this guy, his weapons, his attitude, why he's attacking, why he's even here in the first place. Questions you can't answer if you end up in Medical Ward again... or worse.

So you let your needle slide back up your sleeve and take out your other weapon.

Your camera.

You get a shot of him pulling the second machine gun and firing it into Ryuko's gut.

You get the shot of him dropping grenades at his feet and jumping back.

You get the shot of needles in-flight as he sprays into the cloud. Shots of Ryuko parrying them on the other side, and shrugging off what connects.

Shots of her glowing again, and reverting to her regular outfit.

A shot of a needle impacting his forearm, with a small strip of paper tied around it.

A shot of him lifting his arm and pointing it passed Ryuko, and passed... you! You roll sideways as a piece of metal slams into the ground where your camera was.

“I'll be back tomorrow to strip you. And boy... if you interfere again, I'll kill you.”

Your heart stops again.

Something about the way he said it... the cold, casualness of it, how it was just an afterthought...

That man isn't like you. Killing for him is easy.

He means every word of it.
File: distraught.png (549 KB, 838x464)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
Ryuko falls to her feet, staring. Apparently, she felt it too-felt that insidious killing intent.

He beat Ryuko. Not just that, he beat Ryuko soundly.

That same girl over there, that almost helpless looking girl is the one that through sheer force of will.

You sit there for a moment before your mind gets back into gear. Reaching up, you pull the needles out of your chest and pocket them, sprinting over to Ryuko.

“Hey! Hey, Ryuko, I'm alright! Is Mako-”

“He said he just knocked her out... that she'll be full of vim and vigor.” Her expression is distant, unbelieving. Scared.

“...he did call these 'jamming rounds...' and they look the same as the ones in Mako. I think he wasn't lying.”

It seems to occur to her then to check on Mako, and she sprints over, kneeling down and putting two fingers to Mako's throat. Her shoulders sag in relief, and she starts plucking the needles out of her and throwing them over her shoulder.

When she's done, she hugs Mako tightly to her chest, sobbing a little.

[ ] Come up behind her and hug her.
[ ] Leave her to be alone.
>[ ] Come up behind her and hug her.
>[ ] Come up behind her and hug her.
I had a witty thing to post here, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was.
>[ ] Come up behind her and hug her.
Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIFq8lSMGFQ

She's lonely.

You recognize it when you see it-you lived with that particular brand of pain for a long, long time.

Mako was probably her first real friend here, before you. And for a moment, it looked like Mako died.

She was scared for Mako's safety, scared of something that she couldn't just fight her way through.

That's the reason she came to you last time-she couldn't just fight her way through finding Mako.

It's the reason you come to her this time.

You kneel down behind her and wrap your arms around her stomach, and she tightens up in response.


“Hey... we're all okay, right? We all pulled through. So cheer up a little, huh? You can't beat that red mohawk guy if you're sulking like this.”

You squeeze her a little tighter and lower your voice a bit. She relaxes.

“...we're here for you.”

You feel one single sob before she slows her breathing, and stands up. You stand up too.

Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMgPRG14O2w

She looks over her shoulder and smiles. “Yeah... thanks, Heinrich. Nice stunt you pulled, with the window. Totally badass!”

You feel yourself blush a little. “W-well... it was faster than the stairs. And it just got me shot, anyway. Falling over full of bullets isn't really badass.”

She grins, hoisting the scissor over her shoulders. “Yeah, true enough. Maybe you should catch the bullets with your hands and not your chest.”

You go back and forth with the banter for a bit as you gather up the needles. Ryuko helps, which makes the process much easier since she sort of hurled them all over the place. Occasionally, she mutters something to herself... sort of, like she was talking to someone else that isn't here. You decide not to ask.

As you're picking up the last few needles, Mako begins to twitch a bit. Ryuko picks up on it right away. “I should get Mako back home. You gonna be okay here?”

“Yeah. Go on.”
File: happy pepe.jpg (70 KB, 400x388)
70 KB
File: where you stand now.jpg (58 KB, 610x300)
58 KB
Ryuko hoists Mako over her shoulders and heads off out the Honnouji gates.

Leaving you with a pocket full of jamming needles, a camera full of action shots, and no leads.

Last time you were like this, you sought out Mikisugi. You vaguely recall him mentioning needles being 'standard issue' and he was the one who gave you the Sewing Needle in your sleeve now. He might know more about the situation.

Of course, you could try tailing the man with the mohawk... but he's a cut above most of the students you've seen so far, and if he spots you...

There is another option. He knows about you, but he doesn't know about your other friends. If you got the Shutterbugs to follow him quietly, he might not hurt them for 'interfering.'

Or he might kill them immediately.

You won't get answers to your questions if you don't act. You...

[ ] ...confront Mikisugi in his base.
[ ] ...trail the man with the mohawk.
[ ] ...try and recruit the Shutterbugs.
File: 1401580926639.jpg (6 KB, 220x229)
6 KB
>[ ] ...confront Mikisugi in his base.
Tell me about mohawk guy, why does he wear a bandage on his nose!
>[x] ...confront Mikisugi in his base.
Mohawk is dangerous. Let's not endager our club.
>>[x] ...confront Mikisugi in his base.
A lotta loyalty for a hired Nudist.


File: your employer.gif (901 KB, 500x281)
901 KB
901 KB GIF
Mikisugi is out for a long time.

It makes sense, you suppose. You already know he's more than a teacher, but to maintain that cover he has to handle things like after-school meetings, classwork and the like. More to the point, being seen doing that would help.

Still, the sun's setting and he's not there.

You go over what you know so far.

Aikuro has to be working for someone-at the very least, the same people who are paying you to get a Goku Uniform off of Honno Island.

The theory that this needle, or the needles he mentioned are unique went out the window today. Comparing the needle-shots to your own needle, you can see that the “bullets” are a very similar design, but smaller, more aerodynamic-an improvement on your own design, most likely.

Which means that these needles are likely attached to an organization.

An organization you work for, without knowing.

An organization that has weapons that can render Honnouji Academy's Goku Uniforms worthless.

These are all assumptions, of course.

When the door answers, you know you'll get your answers.

Mikisugi comes in, not even bothering to wear his teacher disguise. He freezes when he sees you, and you can tell he considered (perhaps he was already planning on) attacking you. But he relaxes, turns, and latches the door.


“Gakusei. You're here for answers, I'm guessing.”

In response, you dump your handful of jamming needles on the floor.

“Let me run some facts by you first, Sensei. First, whoever attacked Ryuko and I today had weaponry designed entirely to fight people with Goku Uniforms and Kamui. Second, those weapons looked like the needle you gave me. Third, when you first brought me here, you mentioned acupuncture needles being standard-issue, which tells me that you're working for someone.”

He simply nods his head, not bothering to deny anything. In fact, he looks... proud?

“The real question I'm here to ask is... who do I work for?”

“Nudist Beach.”
File: nudisto beeeeech.png (566 KB, 597x399)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
You sweatdrop.

“Come again?”

“We're Nudist Beach!”

“...I'm working for a bunch of nudists?”

“Yes! We are Nudist Beach, the organization founded to combat the evils of the Kiryuins and their vile clothing!”

...you're being employed by a madman.

Well, to be honest, you're in a school run by a madwoman, full of mad students, and today you jumped out a second story window at a machine-gun-wielding man with a mohawk.

Since you're probably mad too, you opt to roll with it.

“Okay... so that guy with the mohawk, he's a Nudist too?”

“His name is Kinagase Tsumugu, and he's one of our top agents. If a bit... troubled. I did all I could to dissuade him from going after Senketsu, but he's stubborn as an ox.”

Senketsu. So that's what he meant by 'coming back to strip her tomorrow.'

“Alright... next question...”

[ ] “...what on Earth is a Life Fiber?”
[ ] “...why am I even here?”
[ ] “...what did I do to Fukuroda?”
>[x] “...why am I even here?”
D) All of the Above
They will all get asked.

The order in which you ask them will reflect on you differently.
[x] “...what on Earth is a Life Fiber?”
[ ] “...why am I even here?”

technically >>33419961
Someone's figuring things out...
File: death glare.jpg (45 KB, 720x405)
45 KB
“...what am I doing here?”

“Excuse me?” He's grinning. Obviously he knows the answer, but wants you to keep going. It's obnoxious.

“However these needles work, you have to have tested them. If they're standard-issue like you said, it means that they've been proven to work. So you'd need something to test them on. Considering I haven't heard anything about needle-toting Nudists before, and I was hired to keep this quiet, it stands to reason you've managed to get one of these Uniforms off the island before.”

Mikisugi shrugs his shoulders and his shirt falls off his shoulders. And... yes, his nipples are definitely glowing purple.

You sweatdrop. It makes just as little sense as it did before.

“Not exactly. Our weapons were tested against Life Fibers, but never Goku Uniforms.”

“So how did Tsumugu know that six shots incapacitated a One-Star?”

“Lucky guess? He took out a few other One-Stars that day. Honestly, I'd put my money on him trying to scare you off.”

That... makes sense. He could have killed you, but he warned you instead.

“...so I assume Life Fibers are what make Goku Uniforms special.”

“Indeed. Life Fibers give the Uniforms their power. In One-Stars, it's just an overall boost-you're stronger, tougher, faster, more perceptive. They can be stitched in certain ways, made to respond to certain stimuli-that's what you see in Two-Star and higher Uniforms. Ryuko and Satsuki's Kamui are made entirely of Life Fibers.”

“...but you can't figure out how without getting one off the island.”

“Bingo. In order to combat these new weapons, we need to know how they work.”

Life Fibers respond to stimuli, Nudist Beach... this is a lot to take in. You slump back, looking up to the ceiling.

That's when you hear the cocking of a gun.

You tense up, and Mikisugi sits across from you, holding a pistol in one hand.

“Heinrich, what I've told you could undo years of work against the Kiryuins. So I just want to make this clear-if word of what I am gets back to Satsuki, somehow... if you tell the wrong person, we'll have to plug the leak. Students die in Honnouji frequently. Do you understand?”

You look to the gun, then back to him.

Ice slides into your gut, just like when Tsumugu threatened you. You know this is legitimate.

You nod.

He relaxes visibly, and puts the gun away.

“Sorry... it just had to be said.”

You relax a bit, too. He seems genuine about his apology-and what he's told you has put him at a lot of risk, after all.

In fact, he's been almost too forthcoming with information...

You move on. “Last question-the other night at the warehouse... I got int-”

He puts up his hand. “Heinrich. I know what you're about to ask me, and I can answer that question. But... the answer may obligate you in certain ways. It may change how you see your father, and your mother.”

Your eyes widen a bit. He knows about your mother?

“If you ask me that question, I'll answer it... but if you don't want things to change, stop here.”

He's serious. He knows something. You have only very vague memories of your mother, mostly photos of her and your father and impressions from early childhood.

But... you love your father, despite his flaws. What if Mikisugi is right?


[ ] “...tell me.”
[ ] “...I have to go.”
>[ ] “...tell me.”

[X] “...tell me.”
>tell me
"No man is without his imperfections, and they don't always make decisions they or the people around them can be proud of. But even so I need to know. The worst this can do is give his brightest moments contrast."

... i have no idea what i'm typing.
Just remember that you chose this.

>... i have no idea what i'm typing.
Welcome to my life
File: knowledge is a burden.png (182 KB, 436x249)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Theme music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jVQw4xiyJY

Knowing things can obligate you. It can change your perception of things, if it doesn't change things outright.

But you wouldn't be a Shutterbug if you were afraid of knowledge.

“...tell me.”

Mikisugi sighs a little, and looks out the window. After a second, he looks back to you.

“Hungry? Thirsty? It's a long story.”

He brings you a glass of water, setting down across from you with one of his own. Then he takes a cigarette out of his shirt (you're not sure when it came back on) and a lighter, igniting it. One deep breath later and there's smoke blowing out the window.

“I guess we'd better start at the beginning... with Nudist Beach field agent Kristopher Kristoph, and his wife and Life Fiber researcher Rose Cumberbatch.”

File: flashback.jpg (99 KB, 959x477)
99 KB







And archived! Thanks for reading!

And thank YOU for providing such a quality quest. ^_^
Thank you kindly for running.
Don't stop your creativity boost, OP. Don't you dare get us all hyped and make it die down out of nowhere... Oh yeah, and great job so far, keep it up!

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