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You are Shane Morris. You are a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Last night a strange storm swept through the school in the middle of the Halloween feast. The day had already been unsettling and this final event caused the student body to panic.

In the confusion at least 12 students went missing, and now everyone is confined to the Great Hall.

You have just finished confessing to Professor Morse about the day you were lost in the dungeons when you encountered a suspicious older student, and you have learned that he was likely the cause of the storm. You returned to the Great Hall feeling a bit queasy.

Your friend Jenny is angry that you didn't tell her about the older student you met, who was likely the one who gave her the large scar on her arm. She isn't talking to you.

The Great Hall is now filled with activity as students begin to settle into their temporary sleeping arrangements.

It is a bright sunny morning but unfortunately you cannot go outside.

>Try to get Jenny to talk to you.
>Check in on your other acquaintances.
>Try to sneak out of the great hall and [ ].

Previous threads/Twitter https://twitter.com/tiddlybum_HE

This quest is run using this system http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Harry_Potter_and_the_Tabletop_RPG

For those that don't know, Friday is now the day this quest runs.
>>Try to get Jenny to talk to you.
You return to Alex and Jenny and sit with them at the Ravenclaw table. Across the table two of your roommates, Lewis and Henry, are playing wizard chess.

“Jenny, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about meeting Robert. I was scared.”

“You think I wasn't scared? I had a mystery dark magic scar and fake memories. You as good as lied to me, and for that matter the Headmaster.” She turns away.

“You know he is sorry.” Alex says. “And you were really skittish for a while after that. If you had known it might be another student, you might have never come out of your room.”

You can't see Jenny's face, but Alex looks at you apologetically, and you know it didn't help.

“Please Jenny, I'm sorry.” You say. You don't want to lose her as a friend.

“Just go away.” She yells at you.
more incoming
“Jenny Brown.” You hear Lewis speak up from across the table. “That is no way for you to behave.” You and Alex exchange glances. Lewis has hated you since the first day you met him, and you have no idea where he's going with this. “He's sorry for whatever he did, even I can see that. And don't forget you owe him. Purebloods shouldn't forget debts like that. Now apologize.”

Everyone is staring blankly at Lewis, even Henry looks flabbergasted. He gives an encouraging nod to Jenny.

“I'm sorry.” She says quietly. It reminds you of how she was right after getting lost in the dungeons.

“Good.” Says Lewis smugly, but his smile melts as he looks to you. “I'm sorry as well. I shouldn't have acted the way I did. You'll never be as good as me at magic, but I think you proved you're a little braver when you found her in the dungeons and not me.” He offers a hand shake.

>Shake his hand
>Be polite but don't shake.
>Yell at him
Shake his hand, then pull him into an uppercut.
I like this
You offer your hand to him and you shake. Roll 1d10 to see if you succeed at pulling him in then punching him.
Rolled 2

Surprise, meatbag!
Aw crap.
He rolled 4

You pull at his arm but he pulls back and slams your arm into the table like you were arm wrestling.

“You're not stronger than I am yet though.” He smiles, he doesn't seem to have noticed you were going to hit him, but you feel like the moment is lost.

>Try to hit him again.
>Ignore him.
>Go check on other people.
Just give him a steely glare before going to check on others

Also really just one roll and thats it?
Arm wrestle.
I'd ignore him.

Alex is oblivious as always.

>Go check on other people.
Having lost your chance to hit Lewis (you're sure there'll be more) you decide to go check on some other people. The first familiar face you find is Linus, sitting at the Hufflepuff table with a huge group of people all laughing.

“Hey Linus. How're you holding up?” You ask.

“Good.” He says. “And you, if this was scary for me I can't imagine what it would be like if you're not used to magic.”

“I'm fine, though Jenny... is a bit angry.”

Linus throws up his hands. “Girls.” He gets a few dirty looks from the Hufflepuff girls but he smiles.

He stands up and drags you a bit away from the table. “Seriously though. Be careful, I sent a letter to my dad last night, he works in the Ministry. He said that he'd never even heard of magic that causes storms quite like that. It's dark magic Shane. Real dark. I know you went running off to help Jenny in the dungeons, everyone does by now. But magic isn't just a fairy tale, and you aren't living in one. Bad things happen to good people sometimes, remember that.” He smiles and slaps your back. “Good talk.”

You walk away confused.

Back at the table Robert, Lewis' usual crony, is sitting by his side while Lewis reads a stack of mail. You mean to ask him what all the letters are for, but instead as you sit down you gasp.

Carved into the table at your normal seat is a small set of curling letters. 'We know. The pact is broken.' As you sit the lettering disappears in a whiff of smoke.

“What?” Alex asks looking concerned.
Remind me who Linus is. I forgot.

Alex is a forgetful dude we met on the train here. Ravenclaw.
Jenny is a girl we helped "rescue" from the dungeons. Ravenclaw.
Lewis is a pureblood supremacist who thinks he's better than other people. Slytherin.
Linus is the guy you crashed into before getting on the train, and then met again after your first run in with Lewis. He's been a nice guy to you so far, and every time you meet him he likes to give you advice.
What was the name of the guy we found in the dungeon, the one who made the pact with us for shutting the fuck up, which we broke when we told the headmaster?

Jesus I need to keep a list of names.
Nothing, just think I'm about to get my ass kicked
Richard, though it probably doesn't help that I typoed his name earlier in the thread as Robert. I think I made a mistake with too many similar sounding names but it's too late to fix now. Just something I'll have to work on in the future.
Right. That should be enough to let Alex know that some guy we met in the Dungeon made a pact with us to stay silent about him, and we just broke that pact when we told the Headmaster about what went down here.
“Richard carved a message in the table, it said he knows” You yell back.

Everyone at the table gives you confused looks except for Jenny who grabs you by the arm and drags you away. Alex leans over your spot and looks perplexedly at the table where you sat.

“How do you know he knows?”

“Just now on the table there was a message and then it disappeared, but it said. I know it said, they're gonna kill me.”

“No they're not, because you're going to go back to Professor Morse and tell her what happened.”

“It isn't safe, if they know then they'll know if I go for help too.” You're starting to really panic, and cry again. You should really stop crying so often, but you've always been a bit too sensitive.

“Calm down.” Jenny says grabbing you. “N one is going to get you. The Professors are all here, and you've got me, and Alex, and the Hufflepuff boy, and even Lewis and your other roommates.”

“We're just kids.” You say.

“So are they.” She says back. She looks stern for a moment, stronger than you've seen her. Then she winces and grabs her arm. You grab her as she colapses. “Something's wrong.” She says.

There is a scream across the hall.

more incoming
>more incoming
Everyone rushes over, and you help Jenny hobble over as well.

On the Slytherin table lay a severed human arm, burnt at the stump, and the students crowded around it, though no one went too close.

When Jenny saw it she winced again and clutched her arm tighter. “Just like mine.” She said, and you knew it too. Whatever did this hurt Jenny too.

The teachers descended quickly whipping away the arm, and even the whole table, and shooing away everyone.

After that the Slytherins were left to find places at the other tables.

Everyone was reluctant to sit with the Slytherins. You heard whispers about dark magic, and old blood. By nighttime, no one was anymore in the mood to sleep than they had been that morning. The night was long, and dark, and there was little sleep.

The next morning many of the purebloods left, called away by their parents after the events of the past two nights. Jenny argued but was finally made to go.

“I'll send letters. I'll do research. The teachers will figure this out and I'll be back soon.” She told you and Alex.

Lewis stayed, much to your chagrin, but so did Lewis, so it wasn't all bad.

Your stuff was brought down from your rooms and a trip to the library was offered.

What will you do to fill the time?

>Study [subject]
>Study [spell]
>Research [topic]
>>Study [spell]/
can we find some form of offensive spell
>Lewis stayed, much to your chagrin, but so did Lewis, so it wasn't all bad.
Shane confirmed tsundere

On a more serious note:
Can we study some DADA, or some Occulmency? We're really going to need it.

What abilities do we have at the moment that could be handy in surviving? I know Lumos, which is damn handy if you're in the dark, but what else we got?
You look through your school books, and most of the first year books are lacking offensive spells, or even defensive ones.

But you have Incendio so you can make fire, and you developed the Strobe Light Charm so you can sort of blind people a little bit.

Another example of why I need more different sounding names. I meant that you were happy Linus stayed.

You've actually spent so much time studying you're really close to finishing your DADA and Potions credits early which would give you a bonus to resisting mind effecting spells, and let you make new potions respectively.
Mind magic is way to high level right now, and would require huge amounts of time for any pay off. I'd rather look into anything involving getting away from enemies as quickly as possible.
Good point. Potions sound good to you guys?
Potions are always best option.
You decide to work on your potions. Professor Ricimer gets you a kit from the Potions classroom and you sit aside with your kit and books while everyone else tries to shake off the shadow of the dark vacation they've been given from classes.

After a few days they announce that the final count of missing students is five. One being the poor Gryffindor girl whose arm was dropped by the mail owls onto the Slytherin table. The rest of her was still missing.

After only about a week you finish the last exercise in the potions book. As far as you can tell you've completed 1st year Potions all on your own. You've learned a bunch of terrible potions, like the Rotting Soak that makes things rot faster. But also some more useful ones, like the Elephant Skin Potion that will protect you from minor injuries.

The day afterward, while you are thinking about what to work on next you get a letter from Jenny. The front says 'Read this alone' in small print.

You take it away from the table and rip it open.
More incoming
>More incoming
Well take those away from the table and read those too.

When I got home I went straight to the family library to look for information on what was happening at school.

I found out pretty quick that the spell that wiped our memories was Obliviate, its hard magic, so it's not surprising that whoever used it messed up on you.

I found a couple of spells that change the whether, though I couldn't find anything that would make a storm that bad over the entire castle.

What I found that was most useful was an old journal that belonged to my great uncle or something. He says he was in a study group that met in the dungeons. He never talks a lot about it, but he talks enough that I can tell they were studying things that the teachers didn't want them learning.

He's got words written in the margins too. At first I thought they were random, but they repeat. I think they're passwords. I think they'll get you passed the door behind the skull.

End of Part 5
>I found a couple of spells that change the whether
weather, not whether.

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