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/tg/ - Traditional Games

Roll five moves and describe them
This is your monk/brawler

File: 006_max.jpg (153 KB, 567x920)
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>Killer Palm of Automaton Chants
- A powerful palm strike meant to teach the victim to contemplate their sins even as they die. If the attack succeeds and forces the opponent into negative levels they instead kneel and chant as their HP ticks to -10

>Snake Leg
- A leaping kick that can also initiate a grapple for free if the attack connects

>Yielding Mud Foot
- A two step technique where one stops the ground beneath one foot. As the opponent advances you advance and force their feet into the hole trapping them until they can pull themselves out

>Wild Devil Clap
- An offshoot of the Demon Flip technique. This skill allows the individual to leap over the heads of their opponent at which point the user can attempt to slap the ears of their target to cause them disorienting pain

>Throw of Ten Thousand Demons
- One of the forbidden throwing techniques. Upon successfully grappling the opponent the user initiates a Demon flip with the goal of several wind up spins before forcibly slamming the opponent into the ground with the full force of their body weight
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>One Million Guardians Attack of Unholy Trenches
• The monk channels power from the Million Guardians shaping it in negative force. After a brief delay, a big hole resembling a trench is made all around the monk. The monk is incredibly powerful while he is in the trench. Unholy technique that can be executed only on certain locations; lasts one minute.

>Sacred Uncountable Birds Roll
• After some seconds of channeling, the monk rolls a short distance and then with a big leap resembling a bird hits with fingers of both hands the target's head.

>Strike of the Nine Saviors
• Nine consecetive punches at fast velocity. The technique is so fast that it seems the monk resembles the messiah (depends on the setting).

>Titanic Shiver Pull
• The monk enlarges his arms and grab the enemy (short distance), pulling him (or them) at a close distance. The target has some kind of penalties for some turns if he fails a willpower check.

>Toe of Yielding Mysteries
• A powerful kick right in the weakest points of the enemy. If the kick is powerful enough and the enemy fails a willpower test, they realize how many mysteries the world holds.
File: monk lexxy.jpg (375 KB, 800x1857)
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>Hellish Emperor Grasp
-A technique from the Wrestler Philosopher Narkanius. The technique has the user incapacitate the opponent with a powerful punch to the solar plexus forcing them to bend over followed by a swift grab and leap where in the user's backside and weight is used to smash the opponents head into the ground.

>Nine Iron Noose
-A snake style technique attacking the opponents nerves and pressure points. Nine precise blows are needed around the throat to force the muscles to violently contract causing immediate lose of breath for several seconds.

>Souther Tackle of the Crippled Demon
- An unusual variation on the Demon Flip where in the user leaps forward closes to the ground at the opponents legs usually rolling or rolling into a powerful kick to attack the legs

>Thunder of Hellish Phantoms
- A powerful kicking technique. the User leaps into the air with the kicking leg on high brining the heel of the foot down usually upon the collar bone or upon the top of the head

>Cerulian Cloud Thrust
- A leaping side kick powerful enough to project the user into the air. On occasion it can be used to instantly kill an airborn foe.
Little bump, it's pretty neat

>Attack of the Astral Sitting Soldier
by siting still and concentrating to enlightenment in the mists of battle you may astrally project yourself and posses other actors of the battle. but be careful you will probably need to defend your real body

>Clutch of the Yellow Emperor
as long as you are grasping your target they are driven closer to madness as they try to repel you

>Fighter's Eternal Hold
once you start grappling you may not let go until you or the target are dead

>Gentle Demon's Hand
you may reach out to powers beyond this world for reassurances. you will feel much better after this short conversation. your reciprocation of reassuring your demon partner is a requirement at some later date

>Perfected Trip
once daily you can immediately go on the most powerful wonderful enlightening trip of your lifetime that lasts exactly as long as it needs to and helps you somehow in the following waking period
>Attack of the Astral Sitting Soldier
Wow. This... is cool
>nine iron noose
make a noose to strangle enemies out of your fathers haunted golf clubs with your bare hands
File: Duel in winter.jpg (222 KB, 1024x724)
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222 KB JPG

>Charioteer Lock of the Sun
-Charging with the force of a war chariot the grappler places both arms in an X form aimed at the targets neck. Upon successfully catching them in this attack the attacker usually forces the target into a wall or other obstacle for additional damage.

>Falcon Submission
- A techinque usually performed from an ambush where the user uses the Eagle claw style fist to dig their fingers into the nape of the neck with their fingers like an Eagles talons.

>Angel's twist of the Placid Sword
-A defensive technique require great skill to catch a sword blade with ones fingers and twist the blade out of the opponent's hand forcing them to drop it.

>Transforming Demon press of the Shadow
- An Arcane technique calling upon a demon's shadow to form and aid the user in battle copying the summoner's movement except reversed.

>Spirit's Southern Stomp
-With a mighty stomp you force the ground beneath an opponent to rise violently launching them into the air.
>Cross Stance of the Panda
A defensive stance that sacrifices damage for armor and improved grappling.
>Destroyer Hammer of the Chaotic Dance
Wild, hammer-fisted blows that reduce the opponents ability to defend
>Gold Knuckle of the Flails
A finger flick that knocks your opponent wildly off balance
>One Million Lonesome Snakes Thrust of Roaring Ivory
Better left unfluffed. Locks the opponent down with a continuous attack and deals piercing damage.
>Thrust of the Bears
Finishing move for the above. The enemy's shame is now complete.
>mighty pinch

you heard me
not punch, pinch!

pinch your enemies to death
watch them squirm, wormy squirm
>Charioteer Snap of the Lance
A large chariot lance is spawned from his chest quickly thrown towards it's enemy
The lance has base damage 100 and reaches up to 60 feet 5 pow and 5 str ki costs 20mk level 1
>Finger Hand of the Ten Thousand Innocent Murderers
A large black hand erupts from the floor and tries to take the objective down to the ground, killing them.
PhR 100 pow 25 range 30ft 6 will 105MK level 3
>Mysterious Pole Touch
Various poles emerge from around the caster covering a 15ft spread around him, their base damage is either twice the presence of the user plus his power or it's weapon damage. Aditionally they cannot be counter attacked
5 con ki 5 pow ki 20mk lvl 1
>Saintly Hot Submission
Enhances a trapping maneuver with two large white energy wings on the enemy, additionally said wings are covered in magical fire, using his power instead of dexterity or strength to get freed of the trap, neither he can teleport away
Trapping str 16 18 str 7 str ki per turn 55 MK level 2
>Shaman's Firey Strike
The character's attack erupts into various magma jets aimed towards his enemy attacking them 5 times in a row
5 dex ki 8 con ki 6 pow ki

>he didn't stat them.
>with the clear system that everyone is using
>stats in a creativity thread
Anon please
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126 KB JPG
>Unthinkable Thunder of the Monster
- A savage blow with one's fist require the synchronized movement of the body and muscles for maximum power. One of the most powerful Southern Style fist skills.

>River Thrust of the brides
- A spiritual techinque taught by the Ghost king's concubines. The user thrusts their hands in a knife palm creating a wave of energy that strikes like an arrow.

>Divine Swing
-A grab and throw used by powerful barbarians accustomed to tossing heavy logs. The strongest can swing a man several times before tossing

>Immortal Pull of the Four Purgatories
-The ground erupts with phantom chains spawning from the 4 directions preventing an opponent from teleporting or flying away

>Heroic Madman's shield
- Used by the mad hero Kanguran. The user is whipped into a frenzy and their body becomes immune to all but the most grevious of damage. This technique suspends the pain of damage till after it ends

>Queen's Fortuitous stretch
-A special technique of the assassin Queen making use of her supple and flexible body to avoid most attacks.
>Hellish Panda's Whirlwind of Candles
A defensive maneuver Designed for situations where the monk is completely surrounded, the monk spins, never leaving his back open to any enemies, and lashes out at anybody who gets too close.

>Mud Storm of the Horse
An attack designed for fleeing from groups of enemies. As the monk runs, should anybody get too close to him from behind, he stops immediately, leaps into the air and delivers a series of kicks to the pursuer, using these to propel him further onward.

>Raid Foot of the Sixty Crippled Automatons
A series of precise kicks, lined up specifically to both break an opponent's leg, as well as be in a good position to repeat this on the next person. This technique has been proven succesful for up to the sixtieth repetition, afterwards the strain on the monk's muscles becomes too great to ignore.

>Savage's Mud Smash
A quick. fluid maneuver that knocks an opponent off balance and smashes his head directly into the ground.

>Superior Destroyer Fist of Pearls
Compared to the rest of the monk's body, the fists are much, much tougher, to the point where blunter weapons can barely scratch them. A punch with these fists has been known to snap a sword in half.

Or it's just punching everybody in the groin really hard

So... mainly a monk who specializes in defense and taking on multiple opponents.
>Drunken Dance Lock
A series of carefully coordinated stumbles and trips in order to trick the opponent into believing that the dancer has lost his footing. When the opponent presses the attack, the dancer uses the new opening in the opponent's defenses to grab him while the opponent is in a poor position to escape.

>Ghastly Seeker's Fist of Herbs
Requires the fighter to concoct a specific mixture of herbs and put it in his fist, proceeding to punch at the oppenents face, only to twist his fist and open his palm at the last second, making sure the opponent smells the herbs. The smell of the herbs is so foul that the opponent soon falls unconsious.

>Groom's Touch
The first step of a two step technique. The fighter presses his body against his opponent's and lays a single finger on a pressure point.

>Grand Ten Thousand Grooms Avalanche
The second step of a two step technique. The fighter, with a finger still on the pressure point, suddenly bears his entire weight upon his opponent so that the two fall down together. On the way down, the fighter executes a lightning-fast series of pokes and jabs at the opponent's throat and pressure points. A true master of this technique will never truly fall.

>Unfriendly Diviner Swing
A simple fake-out technique. A quick jab is thrown at the opponent, pulled short as the opponent tries to block, followed by a powerful swing that the opponent cannot defend against.
>Barbarian Pull of Legendary Mutinies
-A grab and throw technique where the user pulls the opponent back towards him as he falls then kicks chest or stomach and pushes the foe away

>Foot of the Aquatic Star
-The secondary aspect of the first skill where the user pushes themselves into the air from the ground, flipping back and stomping with both feet on the prone opponent.

>King's Coral Storm
- Summoning the might of the sea god your skin becomes spiky like a coral reef allowing you to add additional damage with your fist and blows

>Rain blow of the Birds
- Usually done from the top of a mast or rafter the resulting elbow drop is powerful enough to smash through weak flooring.

>Cinnibar Sacrifice of the Bride
-Taking hold of the opponents legs you drag them to the edge of a cliff or the side of a ship and flip forcibly causing them to tumble in the air with you on the way down.

A powerful barbarian pirate
>Clutch of Fatal Ghosts
After a successful grapple, the Monk calls upon his ancestor spirits to drag his enemies soul from its body.

>Grave Thrust of the Lazy Rooster
The Monk leaps over the top of the head of his opponent, extends his legs to thrust it's head into the dirt, and doesn't even bother crowing at the sun.

>Imperial Transforming Drum Kick
A move from the Old Dynasty, while gripping the opponent to keep them in place the Monk rapidly and repeatedly kicks them in specific places, in tempo. The beat (heh) throws off their bodies natural rhythm, stunning them for a long duration.

>Toe of the Frozen Beetle
Channeling Ki, the Monk launches a frozen projectile from a kick, which has a 50/50 chance of piercing the target or shattering for splash damage.

>One Million Devils Tornado of Falsehoods
A Forbidden Technique, the Monk becomes Rage Incarnate as uncountable shadowy clones of himself leap at the enemy, screaming obscenities against all that lives as they circle and pummel it into the next world. The Monk must make a difficult save, or be consumed as well.
>Badger Twist
-A manoeuvre for escaping from surrounding enemies. Combines a slashing motion with the hands and feet with a leaping spin, which damages any enemy who attempts a attack of opportunity and allows the monk to move 5 feet in any direction.

>Divine God's Sacrifice of Terrors
-A ki charged strike which damages enemies that causes fear or terror. If it kills the enemy, the Divine God blesses the monk with resistance to fear or terror for a time equal to the enemy's challenge rating.

>Dreaded Horn Uppercut
-A powerful concussive blow that causes fear in enemies who witness it

>Infinite Spirits Strike of Drums
-A spectral flurry of blows that seem to emit a sound akin to drumming. This can harm ghosts, as it is not actually the monk who is striking

>Lonesome Soldier's Block
-When facing an enemy (or multiple enemies) alone, the monk steels himself and takes less damage from each blow, determined to weather the blows.

Sounds like a monk from a deity worshipping order. Looks like he'd be okay in most situations.
>your reciprocation of reassuring your demon partner is a requirement at some later date
Funniest mental image.
It looks like my Monk is an execution-based build. He has 2 ways to hold targets in place for his 2 execution techniques.

>Wild Astral Bone Bite
By coating his body in milk, the Monk is able to access the astral plane of skeletons, creating skull phantasms of spiritual calcium with every punch and kick. The skulls boney teeth dig into the enemies' flesh, instilling them with fear and hampering their movements.

>Distant Cat's Hand of Executions
The monk forms a claw with his right hand and begins slashing the air wildly. Each slash increases in speed and power before the monk finally releases a slash powerful enough to send a powerful current of air forward, ripping through anything in its way, leaving a wound that would be mistaken as a tiger's claws by even the most experienced doctors.

>Underwater Grab of the Shamans
A specialized technique designed for water battles. By channeling the spirits of water, the Monk can clap their hands into any body of water, creating 2 powerful currents in the shape of hands that can grab any target at least halfway submerged in the water.

>Floating Block of the Spirit
By spinning their arms and legs while in mid-air, the Monk can create a powerful shield of air and chi, allowing them to temporarily levitate while blocking most strikes and projectiles. The spinning of the limbs creates a sound similar to that of shrieking banshees.

>Saintly One Thousand Desolations Tornado
A powerful execution technique granted to the Monk by Gods, used only to punish the truly wicked. The Monk grapples any targets in his path and carries them into the air, leaving a mighty vortex in their wake. At the height of the jump, the monk raises the foes above his head, spinning them in the opposite direction as he unleashes a mighty storm of strikes above him. Any foe with inadequate defense will be ripped to shreds by the Monk's arms, creating a shower of meat as they are ripped into a thousand pieces.
Second roll here. Liking the thread so far

>Emperor Clap of the Infinite Earths
• The fighter start clapping their hands and advancing towards their target. As soon as the target reacts, the next clap will be directly on his head, stunning them. First done by "Grand Emperor C". The story wants it's called "of the Infinite Earths" because the emperor used to do this almost in any battle and, he said, he'd kept doing it even in other planets if he could.

>Fortress Leg of the Infinite Philosophical Searchers
• English is not my main language and I'm really having a hard time with this

>Great Stomp of the Boar
• The warrior emits a massive earth-wave travelling all around by hitting the ground with both hands.

>Knuckle of the Cursed Lake
• One of the mighty punching techniques teached by Asa Kaa. It's a very simple yet effective move: after a punch into the stomach, the fighter open his hand and twist the skin trying to damage and rip parts of it.

>Radiant Ever-changing Sapphire Torture
• The Guild of the Sapphire is well known for this torture. Every member of the guild must have a sharp sapphire attached on their front. The torture consists in going head to head with the prisoner, damaging their front very slowly while looking them into the eyes. It is said that the tortured people start to see different colors and precious gems everywhere, that's why this technique is known by this name. It is more of a psychological torture than physical.
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>Unholy Buddha Clap of the graves
- A technique made by the Enlightened Undead to sooth the souls of desperate spirits. The rythmic clapping and dancing causes those around you to be lulled into a since of fainting calm oblivious to everything around them.

>Phantom Drop of water
- Also known as the Sound of Autumn rains. A quick series of chants causes everyone to hear the gentle sound of rain while masking all sounds even talking

>Spirit Knee of Silver
- A technique developed by hunters to channel the power of holy silver in their body. They force parts of their body to assume the form of silver increasing their damage to demons and evil spirits weak against it.

>Trip of the Defensive Clever Savior
- A strange technique created by the Thousand Faced Scholar. By using a distracting manuever like reading a book or scroll the user expertly avoids and trips oncoming attackers without averting their gaze

>Grab of the Intelligent Boar
-A powerful defensive technique that turns the charging attackers power upon them forcing them to stop violently

Smart and can kick ass.
>Hammer of the Destroyer
I guess it's just a powerful hammerblow that annihilates my foe.

>Dreaded Tornado
I'm gonna start spinning and nobody's going to stop me. Anyone who gets near gets a wallop.

>Raid Torture
Uh. Some sort of pinning maneuver

>Soldier's Dance of the Hole
A series of evasive maneuvers to rely upon when put on the defensive, putting survival at all costs.

>One Thousand Sitting Ghosts Lift of Yellow Rings
It's a very interesting grapple where I pick up my foe and then weird shit happens. Ghosts may be involved.

Those started basic then got strange fast.
>Lock of the Seventy Plants
Executed in a typical grapple where the combatant is behind his opponent, the Lock of Seventy Plants requires the combatant to cross his ankles about his opponent, grasp the heel of one foot and pull that foot into the opposite knee. This position leaves the combatant's hands free to assault his opponent whilst his legs apply substantial trauma to the ribcage, gradually leading to asphyxiation.
>Fifteen Serpents Stomp
Executed against a prone, helpless or disadvantaged opponent with their back exposed whilst the combatant is standing. The combatant brings his heel down against either the acromioclavicular joint in the shoulder or the acetabular joint of the hip. The force of the blow permanently fractures and deforms the joint and delivers agonising pain, rendering the limb effectively useless. Alternatively, this technique is rarely used on the cervical vertebrae for a quick and clean kill.
>Elbow of the Wise Raiders
There are three stages to this technique, each involving the careful positioning of the elbow. In order to initiate, the elbow must be driven against the opponent's sternum in order to stun and debilitate them. Once this is achieved, another blow must be delivered in quick successful against the sacrum from behind the opponent. This is preferably accomplished with as much force and weight behind the strike as possible. In most situations, this leads to the temporary paralysis of the opponent's body from the waist down, lasting up to five minutes. A second blow to the sacrum ensures the paralysis is permanent.
>Five Mercies Slam
Five steps are required in order to complete this, with the technique requiring perfect ambidexterity. To begin with, an overhand punch must be landed on one side of the opponent's face, with the combatant delivering a second punch to the other side in quick succession. This is quickly followed by a pair of jabs with a single hand against the torso with the intention of stunning, disorientating or winding the opponent. Finally, the combatant smashes their open palm against the opponent's nose with appropriate force, shattering it and permanently disfiguring the opponent's face, in addition to causing violent bleeding from the remaining crater.
>Fang of the Rabbit
Perhaps the cruellest technique of the five, this technique exists entirely for the purpose of a slow and humiliating death, requiring the opponent to be stunned before hand. A jab must be delivered to the opponent's face, preferably striking the mouth. A second punch is delivered but with the purpose of forcing the middle and index finger into the opponent's mouth and rest them against the roof, whilst the thenar of the palm is pressed against the opponent's central incisors. The fingers are then forced through the roof of the mouth and pulled back, ripping out most of the palate with them as well as the central incisors. The opponent is expected to slowly bleed to death through the wound in their mouth, likely drowning in their own blood in the process. The teeth removed through the use of this technique are commonly kept as trophies and are referred to as 'rabbit's teeth.'

Uh, I'm guessing these techniques are used by very, very sadistic monks with a focus on inflicting suffering and humiliation on the opponents they've already stunned or wounded.

>Attack of the Cold Whirlwind
- A spinning double lariat attack that causes a whirlwind of ice needles.

>Fist of the Fatal Hammer
-Simple, effective hammerfist strike that draws on earth chi to strike the inherent break points in all objects and magnify its damage a hundred fold.

>Hand of Old Axes
-Like the above, a knifehand strike that uses metal chi to focus the edge to a razor. The oldest trees in the forest are the mightiest, and only the oldest axe can fell them.

>Kick of Legendary Fighting Goddesses
-Passed down over centuries by the ancient goddesses who created the concept of fighting, this is the master kick that combines all of the best traits of different sorts of kicks into a single, fluid snap of the leg.

>Unknowable Strike
-It is not possible to know this strike. If someone did manage to know this strike, such as my character, no-one could defend against it, because it cannot be perceived or known by any means.
File: my battle deity.jpg (1 MB, 3000x2000)
1 MB
>Avalanche Pull of the Peaceful Bandit
An over the shoulder counterthrow that doesn't harm the subject, but empties their pockets.

>Shield of Protective Happy Snakes
An art in itself, it is a method using rapid palm strikes to divert blows. Can be performed while in lotus position.

>Teeth Stretch
I light my hand on fire and punch you in the mouth. By technique alone this melts and reforges your teeth into any shape I can mold in the time of the strike.

>Unseen Peace-loving Murderer Underhook
I... What? Okay, this move is a variation on the forbidden Murderer Underhook that sacrifices lethality for speed and stealth. Performing this move knocks out the opponent so quickly and slowly, it appears that they became tired and fell asleep 20 seconds after they are hit.

>Western Five Lavas Thunder
My ultimate move. Lighting not one, but both my hands on fire, along with my feet and head. It hurts like hell, but do you really want to get hit by a guy on fire so fast it makes us both get hit by lightning? NO.
I honor this guy and proclaim this the best post
Dream Finger of the Thirty Queen Horses - An ability granted by Nightmare Moon. The horrifying, terrible dreams she had of her sister being ravaged now realized in a single technique. AoE violation of the worst kind.

Mighty Codex Sweep - Ever been flying through a book so furiously the motions could be turned in to a martial arts move? Twilight Sparkle has. With a sweeping motion, turn the pages of a book, or of time on your opponent's face. Those wrinkles may not be of age, but, for the split second when this connects, you won't be able to tell the difference.

Sacrifice of the Blessing - Sometimes, the Elements of Harmony; the pursuit of Good, just get in the way. Pinkie Pie knows this deep down. Sacrifice the elements within yourself to achieve a mental state where morals don't exist, and turning your friends in to cupcakes is as acceptable as breathing.

Thrust of the Codex - Ever found what you were looking for in a book and made a thrusting potion? Whether a fist pump, a pelvic thrust, or a mighty punch of victory, Twilight Sparkle knows. When this move hits, victory is assured.

Tracking Grab - Animals, sisters; friends who can fly fast enough to break the sound barrier: Apple Jack has a lot on her plate, yet always seems to achieve that perfect grapple whether with her body or a lasso. Just be sure your intentions are maternal and benign, or you might end up one bad pony.
>Submission of the Fist
The martial artist seemingly kowtows to the enemy, but in fact is aligning his pressure points in such a fashion so that he can redirect his chi flow towards his back, projecting an invisible but powerful fist of pure chi from each vertebra in his back. Overuse of this technique can result in permanent damage to the spine, though, as the recoil from the punches builds up over time.

>Forty Ghosts Thrust of Airborne Hearts
This martial art is empowered by a massive necklace of forty blackened obsidian orbs. In truth, these obsidian orbs are the condensed version of the shriveled, dried hearts of forty men and women, slain by the user of this art and wrapped in special perservative medicines which are compressed with the hearts using palm techniques. By channeling chi through the necklace of beads, the user can summon the ghosts bound to their hearts to strike the enemy, but overuse can result in the ghosts turning upon their master in a moment of weakness.

>Iron Stretch of the Suave Buddha
The martial artist does an incredibly suave stretch, discarding all clothing and equipment as part of the meaningless physical world, and enters a state of enlightenment. While in this state, the martial artist's sex-appeal is ironically unparalleled, charming enemies into adoration.

>Warped Strike of Sunrises
The martial artist extends his arms above his head in a circular formation, condensing the light of the sun into a ray of pure heat. Though this solar lance is powerful indeed, its weakness is that the martial artist must maintain both feet upon the ground at all times in order to cycle the Yin chi of the earth, or else be consumed and incinerated by the overbearing Yang chi of the sun.

>Superior Sweep of the Miserly Ants
The martial artist uncorks a flask filled with fire ants, and projects forth a wave of chi with his palm, sending the ants flying at his opponent. The miserly part is because of how expensive the ants are.
>Avalanche of the Youthful Saviors
Leading a gang of young roughs to mob someone down infront of a dark alley.
>Bite of the Ten Confused Raiders
Biting while grappling. Dick move
>Burning Strike of the Peaceful Rooster
A sucker punch or a kick to the nads.
>Claw of the Clever Grashoppers
A feint then a left hook.
>Devil Storm of Forgotten Spices
Metsubishi/Pocket Sand/Pepper/Whatever to blind and disorient. Chances are he'd mix it with drugs, like Mescaline and Peyote.

Behold! The Suckerpunch Monk!
Victory Fist of the Drunks - Ever been uppercut'd by a drunkard? It was probably a Drunken Master. A blazing quick swagger to get in close, before dropping low and tossing the foe skyward with the bro-est of fist pumps.

Diviner's Unstoppable Spin - A grab intending to use the victim as a bludgeoning tool. After a low sweeping grab at the legs, the grabber will swing his victim around, clubbing any who dare to approach a spin that would make the Wheel of Fate itself blush. The victim is released, spinning like a frisbee.

Crystal Hold - A strange, constricting lock that is rumored to crush even crystal. Intended to be inescapable, the grappler grabs the target in a series of joint locks, crushing the target like a snake to a mouse.

Unstoppable Dances Shield - This technique was originally a ritualistic dance, to celebrate the gods of protection, but has since been adapted by the Unbroken Enclave to serve a purpose on the battlefield. When a Brother of the Enclave begins dancing, it induces a sort of trance state, giving him almost perfect reaction time, to the point of being untouchable. However, in his trance, the Brother is incapable of aggression, and is unable to counterattack.

Palm of the Phantom Guardians - Calling upon the guardian spirits of their holy temple, the monks of the Keepers of the Dead can deliver a devastating palm strike, breaking not only the body but even the soul. However, this technique is completely useless outside of their holy ground, for obvious reasons.
>Block of the Dissolution
The monk takes the opponent's blow into his body, directing the force down into the ground, breaking up the force of the impact over a large area.
>Fortress Drag of the Tiger
By relying using the whole body to pull, the monk is able to drag and pull objects of immense weight. Time to tow a Tarrasque.
>Old Thunder of the Buddha
Storing up air in his lungs, the monk shouts, and all foes who hear this must immediately make a will save or be pacified for the next hour.
>Scroll Pose of the Ten Thousand Melancholy Snakes
A variation of the serpent stance, the monk adapts a much looser, gentler pose that causes others to feel fatigued so long as the monk adapts this stance.
>Twenty Heroic Dogs Uppercut of Horrors
A special move that can only be executed from the Melancholy Snake stance, the monk quickly executes a powerful uppercut that transitions into the Dog stance. The speed and ferocity with which the monk attacks are so great that the opponent struck by this move must make a will save against fear.
Apparently the 5 I got were intended to be a combo.

>Drunk Dance

Get sauced up on booze

>Priest's Profane Touch

Grab to the opponent's crotch

>Curious Finger of the Wicked Mud

Insert Finger into pooper

>Stretch of the Bloody Moons

Pull cheeks apart until they are goatse

>Plague Thunder of the Foul Pig

Enjoy taking delicious fart from their [Bloody Moons] into mouth.
File: 1394390536694.png (705 KB, 3304x3317)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Oh, hey /d/.
Glad to see you're alright.
>Ant's Stomp of the Eighteen Falsehoods
Traditionally used to gain ground against opponents much larger than one's self, this series of eighteen lightning quick punches is done in tandem with eighteen small steps to gain leverage.

>Ghost Clap of Horrors
The move can be initiated where one would normally clap against their opponents ear. instead of completing the clap, the monk feints away and attacks from an unforseen angle with their other hand. those lucky few who have survived the technique swear that they hear the whispers of a million dead in the ear that would be slapped.

>Phantom's Stretch
The monk is able to hit from a distance with this technique, as his spirit stretches beyond his mortal form and delivers the blow regardless of range

>One Hundred Maces Knee
designed to fight those wearing heavy plate mail or similar armor, the user must already be in a grapple. he knees the target in the breast plate, bending it inward and thereby making it harder to breath.

>Seventy Pandas Full of Diamonds
What is my magical realm doing here?
>My ultimate move. Lighting not one, but both my hands on fire, along with my feet and head. It hurts like hell, but do you really want to get hit by a guy on fire so fast it makes us both get hit by lightning? NO

>Bride's Dance of Swords
An alluring and attractive kata which rotates the practitioner through multiple combat stances. May be performed either barehanded, as an artistic display, or with two great blades, as a dance of war.

>Olive Claw of the Happy Goddesses
A cruel swipe made with sharpened nails and hooked fingers. It initiates a grapple that pulls the target in to an intimate embrace, where the user has the advantage of leverage.

>Pig's Throw of Suns
A common followup to the Olive Claw, the Pig's Throw bends the victim double, then forcibly introduces their face to the mud.

>Swing of the Dishonorable Guardian

Called shot to the testicles, with a big display up high. Make them look up, and strike a low blow.

>Toss of the Dragons

Calling upon hidden inner reserves of power, the practitioner hoists their victim into the air, tosses them skywards, and then, with incredible strength, leaps after them. Once the victim reaches the zenith of their trajectory, the practitioner, airborne themselves, initiates a grapple in mid-air, which they then use to smash their foe to the cobbles.
>Athletic Crane's Stance
Fairly self-explanatory. User raises one knee up as high as it will go, preparing him/herself to unleash a volley of kicks. Raises accuracy and damage, at a heavy defense/dodge penalty.

>Serpent's Cyclone of the Boiling Memory
A counter technique in which the user dodges an attack, grips the attacking arm/leg, and flips the opponent end over end. Often causes dizziness and confusion.

>Silent Raider Foot of the Spice
A technique adapted from the brutish raiders to the far south. The user distracts his opponent with flashy strikes, then swiftly attempts to sweep the opponent's feet from under them, leaving them prone.

>Sulphur Underhook of the Lazy Snake
A counter-grapple. The user waits for the opponent to attempt to strike them and lets the blow glance off their chest, leaving the opponent off-balance. The user then grapples said limb and proceeds to attempt the next move in this list.

>Underhook of Miseries
Having proceeded to successfully performed a grapple on his opponent, the user of this technique begins viciously striking the joints of whichever limb he's managed to grapple, with the express intent of dislocating the limb in the most painful way possible. Needless to say, this technique is generally frowned upon.
>Devil's Dance of the Scythe
Spinning, sharp strikes, meant to incapacitate.
>Mark Shield of the Intelligent Tigers
Strong hands, tiger stance, using it for defense.
>Strike of White Rubies
Okay, I guess firm punch?
>Unholy Guardian Meteor
A diving strike meant to kill assailants rather than incapacitate?
>Unseen Infinite Mice Trap
I got nothing.
The Terracotta Men, a solemn order of monks said to be dedicated to binding the demons that escape the confines of the earth and locking them in new prisons.
The Keepers of the Celestial, a secretive order that claims to understand the mysteries of the heavens themselves. If that is true, why do some of their most vaunted techniques desecrate all that is holy?
The Hellsent Sons, said to forever bar their spirits from reaching the heavens in exchange for the power of the demons beneath the earth. Despite their damned state, they seem to adopt a jovial demeanour, showing no fear of death.
The Vessels are said to be an order of mystics rather than martial fighters, philosophers capable of utilise their enlightened state and oneness with the universe in combat. Yet other philosophers look upon them with scorn, claiming that they are hollow men that fill themselves with the wisdom of the unearthly.
The Way of Two, said to be filled with fearsome fighters that fight with the speed, the fury and the strength of two men. It is said that in dire times, they are capable of revealing the other warrior trapped within them, an entity that is hardly human at all.
The Fellows of Girth, a travelling order of jolly, ascetic monks that are usually broad and plump for their vow of poverty. They are said to never wither or weaken so long as they earn the charity of others, aiding those in need across the land.
The Married Men are said to bind their own spirit to those heroes that passed long ago, in rituals that are oddly similar to those of marriage. They have no qualms when it comes to recruiting foreign barbarians into the ranks and are said to even favour them over native students.
The Hidden Legions are only few in number, said to borrow their strength from the very people they fight. The more they're outnumbered, the more furious their methods are, with each man said to rival a legion.
>Airborne Boar Hammer of Sunrises
A flying headbutt aimed squarely at the opponent's face. Extremely dangerous for both parties involved.

>Floating Tiger Uppercut
The martial artist crouches low for a moment, preparing for his opponent to move in for a strike. When they do, a mighty flying uppercut is loosed, sending the opponent flying through the air. Those who have seen the move performed swear that both parties seem to stay in the air a little longer than they should at the moment of impact.

>Hammer Dance of the One Thousand Spirits
A rapid series of crushing blows, each strike lent extra weight by the practitioner's ancestors. Very few can stand up to the onslaught, but the canny observer will note that in devoting all one's strength to this maneuver, one leaves themself wide open to retaliation.

>High Savior Toe of Waters
A potent rising flip-kick, said to have been used by the eponymous wandering warrior of the epic poem, 'Chi-Er Hei.' Said to have split the Serpent's Dam River in two.

>Hold of the Eight Horses
A vicious disabling grapple in which the user tries to pull his opponent limb from limb, akin to a criminal being pulled apart by a team of horses.
File: monk.jpg (612 KB, 679x1300)
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612 KB JPG
>Happy Phantom Bite
-The monk channels positive ki into his palm before striking. If the attack lands, the opponent must make a will check. if the target fails the check, he bursts out into hysterical laughter for 1 round per 2 points of damage
>Nothingness Drop of the Ghost
-The monk delivers a powerful, chaotically charged ki blow, meant for a caster. The target must make a will save, and another if they fail the first. Failure of the first causes the target to be silenced for 5 rounds. Failure of the second causes the target to lose all readied spells, or lose the ability to spellcast for the day if they are a sorcerer.
>Madness Clap of the Gods.
-The monk leaps towards the target, slapping either side of their head with thunderous force. If the target fails a fortitude check, they are blinded and deafened for 1d6+2 rounds
>Dreaded Press
-The monk strikes at the opponents chest with a closed fist, transferring negative ki into the target. The target must pass a will save or suffer a fear effect for 2d4 rounds
>Swing of Phantasmal Desolations
-The monk strikes the target with an open palm , imparting negatively charged, frantic ki. if the target fails a will check, they are subject to hallucinations of phantasmal monsters created from their nightmares.
I don't think any of these things will work against nonliving opponents
>Soldier's Hold of the Two Jewels
I guess it's a grapple oriented against men that involves crushing their sack midgrapple?
File: 1389422026516.jpg (131 KB, 600x848)
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131 KB JPG
>Destroyers Foul Thrust
I palm strike that causes disintegration to all but the most foul individuals
>Falcon's Hammer of the Rain
A flying ax kick, delivered at incredible speed. Makes moist all those it strikes.
>Mouse Fang of the Mirage
A Ki-enhanced blow to the head that causes hallucinations (it's usually a hand chop)
>Theif Tackle of the Seventy Snares
A diving take down meant to disable one or more of the opponents joints
>Thrust of the Meteor
A really really really really REALLY hard punch.
File: monk.png (167 KB, 324x259)
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167 KB PNG
>Bear Palm
A starting technique that teaches the initiate to stun the foe with a strong sweeping strike to the face.
>Leg of Inescapable Gods
A stance focused on punishing evasive movement with a strong pinning kick shot through the air.
>Phantasmal Attack of The Executions
Refined from the Bear Palm, the user shoots a blast of cutting air at his enemy in a chop or sweep, intending to decapitate them.
>Saintly Ghost's Tornado of Earths
The user shoots themselves forward with air, spinning them before they leap upon their foe and initiate their grapple.
>Variable Tackle of The Gold
Based upon the divine and soft bending properties of gold, this technique is initiated as they leap, latching onto their foes while keeping themselves shifting with their foes attempts to counter them.
>Bedlam Slam
A grapple followed by a headfirst slam into the earth, causes disorientation.
>Bloody Disk Lift
A technique where the monk thrusts his chi-empowered fingers into the flesh of an enemy and lifts them.
>Demonic Sunset Toss
A throw straight into the air followed by a kick to the teeth shortly before the target lands.
>Drop of Leaves
Quickly the monk drops to the ground avoiding most attacks.
>Twisted Killer's Noose of the Mercy
The monk puts the target in a nigh-unbreakable, but painless choke hold.
>Cat's Snap of the Wild Palm
By drawing into the many possible realities that could be you strike with an open palm. And so do the rest of the You's that could be. The result is a dozen simultaneous strikes that continue to strike before and after you have done so. Though if an arm, any arm, is damaged then your arm will reflect the damage.
>Forbidden Sacred Chaos Sacrifice
By sacrificing a Celestial under your control to a Dark God, thereby defiling the profane through betrayal, you can unleash the resultant demonic creation upon a target. The demon will either die before killing the target or kill the target and come for the instigator of their new existence. The caster. You.
>Perfect Phantom Noose of the Hatred
Upon instigating a fight with a person(s) you consider to have done Major ill-will with malicious intent towards you can transform the hatred in your heart into a physical object that rests upon the throat of your enemy(s). This noose is invisible and intangible and cannot be removed except by your dismissal or imperfect death. As long as you are both engaged in combat with each other you can concentrate on tightening the noose. The noose becomes real after the inflicted has died.
>Trip of the Bronze Thieves
Channelling strength into a single finger you attack a vital point on the enemy and puncture it. The enemy is now losing life-force. The puncture-wound will stabilise, if not healed, after 5 life has been lost. The Trip of the Bronze Thieves can be repeated on the same pint after it has been stabilised.
>Two Obedient Seekers Strike of Ivory
If two or more people are able to perform a simultaneous Ivory Strike upon an enemy, and thus immobilise him, then you can perform the Two Obedient Seekers Strike of Ivory to force his body to convulse against the immobilisation, thereby tearing and ruining the immobilised part of his body.

>>>This shit sounds like something out of Exalted.

> Aerial Stalker Submission of the Lie

A technique that relies on a series of fast moving feints in order to confuse and disorient the opponent. The goal is the opponent to either lash out foolishly or leave an attack path unguarded, at which point the attacker unleashes a deadly flying kick.

> Knuckle of the Demon

A close in strike to the right side of the body with the center knuckles slightly forward to concentrate the force of impact. When properly applied the damage to the opponents liver will render them unable to breathe or fight. Named for the excruciating pain it causes said to be like "having your entrails seized by a demon".

> Meteor of the Crippled Phoenix

A desperation technique, a savage running kick at the center opponents chest meant to shatter the sterum. The technique is devastating if it lands but leaves the user open to a devastating counter attack.

> Murderer Blow of the Twelve Maces

Another close in technique, a long series of powerful punches meant to wear down and exhaust the opponent leaving them open to a final strike. Typically a dozen punches are used for the set up, but this varies in order to prevent the opponent from anticipating and deflecting the final attack.

> Seven Insanities Hammer

Another dangerous technique to both the user and the opponent, the seven insanities hammer relies on superior speed and timing in order to avoid attacks from a seemingly unguarded pose, then counter attacking. Suicidal against a faster opponent, but utterly devastating against anyone else.
File: 1402551669129.jpg (363 KB, 708x970)
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363 KB JPG
>Buddha's Tornado of The Sorcery
A master technique, the user channels their ki and magical energy together in meditation then releases it in a whirlwind of arcane projectiles around them to disintegrate his foes.
>Choke of the Rampart
A anti-casting technique aimed at the throat of the foe, the user projects a stone or force fist that clenches upon ki points in the throat to prevent magical energy from flowing through the victim.
>Pull of the Wild Fire
The monk shoots a trail of fire forward that encloses the target which leaps up and seizes them once it surrounds them. The monk uses this technique to pull them into spells or areas they've cast magic upon.
>Thrust of the Ten Miserly Diviners
A melee strike between the eyes that projects ten visions of vague, half-done divination into the enemy's mind. These visions distract and make the foe second guess their moves while the user seizes upon their disorientation.
>Underhook of the Foot
A defensive attack trained to allow the monk to maintain their somatic spell casting by guarding and striking with the feet.

They are the Order of the Jade Wonders, those who have refined themselves to be paragons of magic and martial arts and they strike against those who misuse the arcane gifts bestowed upon their kind!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (42 KB, 1280x720)
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>Bedlam slam
You take them and throw them on the ground
Incoming grimdark ooooooooh
>Shiver of the Unholy Sage
A quick glare from the monk, filled with negative ki, forces the victim into a troubled sleep.

>Stalker Pose of the Lead Touch
Touching the target and falling into the pose allows the monk to sink into the victim's current dream or nightmare.

>Dream Blow
A simple tiger's claw strike that cuts through the dream, hitting the victim's deeper conscious and brain.

>Pose of Nooses
Elaborate grapple where the monk uses the victim's own body weight in a chokehold. Assisted in some cases by a length of fabric that would denote the monk's rank.

>Raider's Meteor
A penetrating punch for when dealing with anyone bloody else.
>Barbarian Tin Grip
The point of this maneuver is to control your opponent, but not keep too firm a grip on him, and keep said grip on pressure points specifically designed to cause pain. This sets the targget up for other moves.

>Boiling Seventy Destructions Throw
Generally a follow-up to Barbarian Tin Grip. A series of blows are executed on an opponent in the clinch, and when the blows are finished, the opponent is thrown to the ground over the shoulder.
>Bull's Trip of the Forbidden Wizardry
This is best used to knock a spellcaster out of concentration. Charge at them from a few paces away, and as you're about to connect, dive to their side. Come up, headbutting the spellcaster in the side of the face, following up with a sweep against the back of their knees.
>Dog's Hold of Dreams
A sleeperhold, used by locking your jaws around the neck of the person you're trying to knock out, and using your teeth to stimulate the pressure points in the neck. Good for ending a fight without bloodshed.
>Drunken Submission
When going into a submission hold on any part of the body, it should be accompanied by a swaying, jerking motion, in order to agitate the limb and force a submission faster. Alcohol is optional.

Overall, I'm part martial artist, part dirty fighter.

>Fifteen Gentle Crossbows Stance
-The coordination of internal ki as well as physical stillness creates a buildup of energy similar to that of a drawn bow. Unwary opponents are caught by surprise by a straight punch of uncanny force, launched from a stance similar to that of firing a loaded crossbow.

>Tornado of the Infernal Killer
A footwork technique which emulates the movements of an infamous wandering bandit. The practitioner darts around their opponent by shifting their momentum in unpredictable ways, encircling the victim for a killing blow.

>Falcon Tackle of the Eighteen Bones
The practitioner leaps from a higher elevation and dives into their foe. Upon contact, he or she proceeds to tackle the opponent to the ground and systematically break their bones so as to prevent them from further movement, much as a falcon debilitates its prey before feeding.

>Dragon Slam of Frosts
A continuation technique of the Falcon Tackle of the Eighteen Bones. Rather than pinning the opponent to the ground for a rapid succession of breaks, the practitioner gathers their energy and jumps upward, sending both themselves and their opponent high into the air. The user proceeds to use chi to kick off of the air itself, resembling a fish climbing a waterfall, and waits in the cold of the upper atmosphere. Once the victim has all but frozen solid, the practitioner drops down in a suplex in a manner which resembles a dragon crashing down from heaven.

>Fiery Sacrifice of the Crosses
Forbidden Desperation Technique. The practitioner uses some means to draw their own blood, running chi and invocations to evil spirits through the liquid medium of life. If the correct spirit is contracted, a cross will rise out of the ground and bind both the user and the victim to opposite sides. Back to back, both unfortunate souls burst into flame and die together in agony.
This thread is now diamonds in all senses

When did the bronies arrive?
The Winding Fools, a large order that demands little respect from more sophisticated warriors due to their unorthodox methods. A strong ally of the common people, it is said that a Winding Fool master can be found at the heart of every peasant rebellion.
Common amongst coastal villages, the Sweeping Wave Brothers are a thorn in the side of any legitimate trader, utilising their techniques to disrupt trade along the coast line and seize any food and coin for themselves. So long a master of the Sweeping Wave has an opponent to break his fall, he can drop any distance without suffering even the slightest bit of damage - or so they say.
It is said that the Old Kings are the last remnants of an ancient dynasty from centuries past that once ruled over every inch of known land. Although their motives are unknown, rumour has it that only one who carries that long lost bloodline is able to truly master the ways of the Old Kings.
The Order of Right is known for its stalwart monks, their bodies almost as immovable as their minds. Dedicated servants of their one true god, it is said that the deity they worship is in fact a demon of some breed. Yet if that is the case, why are they given such great strength in exchange for naught but devotion?
They are given the name 'the Leashed' due to the powerful bond that they share with spirits of every breed. The more helpful monks of this order wander from town to town, providing any troubled villagers with spiritual aid, whilst the more malicious of the Leashed are far more dangerous than any single ghost.
>Foot of the Variable Fang
A powerful strike that is never done the same way twice, an arcing kick to the opponent's head that resembles the fang of an animal.

>Ghostly Two Lives Fist
Calling on the power of your ancestors, an overlap of a spirit appears around you, as you rush in to punch, the spirit leans to the side, striking a seperate place to make it more difficult to avoid or block, also allowing attacks to the ethereal.

>Toe of Smashing Insanities
A sweeping kick to the face, your foot appears to contort in ways though impossible by any realistic sense, driving the enemy to insanity as his jaw is crushed, and allowing easier strikes to aberrant foes.

>Warped Drop of the Grimoires
A technique learned from ancient tomes that would destroy the minds of lesser men, a grabbed opponent is slammed into the ground in ways thought physically impossible, and hurts as if dropped from a much greater height, despite the impossibility.

>Warped Iron Smash
Another move from the aforementioned tomes, the monk's weapon seems to bend and contort around any logical defense an opponent might use to defend himself from the attack, the strike delivered breaking the minds of lesser men. The monks' weapon is permanently twisted and bent in illogical ways that are impossible for normal crafting to obtain.
>Barbarian Slam of the Wise Beetles

A move executed only by those of great physical and mental prowess, the monk slams himself against the enemy at just the right moment, making the enemy loose their balance, often falling over.

>Clap of Slaughters

An infamous finisher move, very few are able to execute this move since it requires you to hit the enemy multiple times keeping him stunned, and finishing up with a clap on both sides of their head making them bleed from their ears, nose, eye sockets, utterly destroying the brain.

>Cruel Phantom's Foot of Destructions

A move perfected by monks that were confronted by armoured enemies, by channelling energy into a very powerful kick some monks were able to simply pass straight through armour, a side effect of such speed is the ghastly appearance they take while performing the move.

>Mighty Spirit Rake of Gates

A move executed by keeping the hand in a claw like form, if performed correctly it will forbid an enemy from ever coming back to the place they were defeated by this move.

>Seventeen Immortal's Shield of Roaring Whirlwinds

A move that consist of spinning oneself so quick that a roaring whirlwind forms and engulfs the performer of the move, shielding him from all attacks, deflecting projectiles and other attacks alike.
>Airborne Platinum Uppercut
A low dash forwards leading into a diagonal leaping uppercut, aimed at the chin, which strikes as though made from solid metal, and gleams so brightly that it might blind the enemy if it connects properly.

>Dissolution Smash
A single strike with two extended knuckles which reverberates through the body of the target with a caustic energy, causing the flesh around the blow to dissolve into the air as a red vapour.

>Perfect Storm of the Crippled Tiger
A technique which rely on the left foot of the user remaining anchored to a single point on the ground while the rest of the body becomes a whirlwind of strikes that tear flesh like the jaws of a tiger

>God's Talon of the Hidden Bow
Sometimes, range is required. Sometimes, it's best that the opponent doesn't know you have something that works at range. This technique involves a precise movement of the hands outwards in the shape of a bow, before the user lifts their leg and delivers a heel slam into the air which launches a pillar of semisolid energy forward at high speed.

>Sweep of the Unstoppable Execution
The user surrounds their leg with a sheath of destructive force in the shape of a blade or cleaver, and then delivers a spinning kick to around the neck and shoulder area. The blade extends outwards about a half meter at the mid point of the kick, giving the attack more reach than one would anticipate, and is capable of cutting through solid iron. It also persists for a few seconds after the technique is completed.
>Legendary Protector Strike of Flails
Defensive move. Bludgeons and binds the attacker with iron ki.
>Murderer Strike of Ghastly Glaciers
A powerful blow infused with the power of the victims of the Titanic.
>Shaking Chop of the Guardian
Defensive move. The molecules in the users hand vibrate fast enough to penetrate any armor.
>Sixty Dragons Twist of Gold Fears
A tornado of spinning kicks. Anyone who is hit all 60 times will give away all their possessions and live the rest of their life in humble poverty.
>Submission of Celestial Kingdoms
A supreme attack that will defeat, but never kill, any foe. Has no effect on people of the cloth and Chosen Ones.
>Bandit Snap of Dissolutions
The user channels ki into a swift chop, causing a partial dissolution of flesh or bone at the point of contact.
>Fist Palm of the Lonesome Shaman
A palm uppercut which, upon striking the head, temporarily sends the target's consciousness into the afterlife.
>Grashopper Ivory Lock
The user leaps while holding an enemy, transitioning into a slam widely known to break bones.
>Perfected Lonely Spirit Fist of Vines
Wood ki erupts from the user's fists, covering them in a vine-like armor.
>Rebellion Block of the Uncountable Cowardly Shamans
A block, transitioning into a grip on the wrist. Successful use strikes the target with an unnatural fear.

So I'd be a aggressive, debuffing-focused monk. Time to fluff this.

>The Priest of Bloodied Fists is a bandit, possessing a few corrupted Taoist techniques. He's been known to attack indiscriminately, and follow the roads in less civilized portions of the realm to evade patrols.
File: 1399778911934.jpg (445 KB, 900x700)
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445 KB JPG
> Crooked Skull Choke
- A control method used by monks, the Crooked Skull Choke is a two step process. The monk first initiates with a strike to the side of the target's head, stunning the target. The monk then follows up with a choke hold with one hand, allowing him or her to disarm or strike the target.

> God Twisted Lift
-The God Twisted Lift can be used as a follow up to the Crooked Skull Choke. First, the monk grips the target's neck as well as any other body part before lifting the target and smashing him or her into the ground. Head first.

> Pinch of the Glacier
-Another move used to stun a target. The monk pinches a vital point, stunning and cramping the muscles in the surrounding area. Survivors often claim that the numbness can be compared to touching a glacier

> Six Silver Finger
-An attack used by monks as a cantrip in unfavorable scenarios. Thrusting with two fingers, the monk strikes three times, alternating each arm, at the targets vital points.

> Swing of Unholy Stars

-A lethal move used by monks on forsaken targets. Grabbing the target, the monk swings him or her in an overhead throw. The target is then pummeled into the ground head first with a force said by onlookers to be equal to a falling star.

2 stuns, 2 executions and a cantrip. Executor monks?
>Leaping Steel Sorcery Leg
The monk charges energy into their leg, making it feel as hard and dense as steel to any target it hits, before performing a high jump kick toward an opponent's head and/or face.

>Murderer's Spin of the Trench
The monk leaps forward rapidly, grabbing the opponent's neck in a vice-like grip, before performing a series of horizontal aerial spins that send the opponent smashing into and through the ground below them repeatedly, before eventually flinging them back through the destroyed area of land for additional damage, leaving them in a deep trench afterward.

>Powerful Frozen Sin Sweep
The monk performs a sweeping kick toward the opponent, knocking them off their feet; as the kick passes across the ground, it sends a wave of freezing energy outward, freezing the ground beneath the opponent (and the opponent to the ground) to make it more difficult for them to stand afterward. More effective against Chaotic and Evil targets; less effective against Lawful and Good targets.

>Queen Stone Rake
The monk digs the fingers of one hand into the ground, then pulls upward, tearing the surface beneath them out and upward to land upon the opponent as a number of thick strips. Most effective when on a rocky or otherwise hard and heavy surface.

>Southern Twenty Idols Knee
The monk amplifies their speed, then strikes the opponent with their knee repeatedly in the span of a few seconds.

>Diamond Hold of the Kings

A move usually used by Martial Artists with Royal Blood. A Grapple that is so strong that anything that is caught in it tends to be pressurized into diamonds.

>Ethereal Serpent's Whirlwind of the Trumpet

A Roundhouse kick where your foot is covered in a Snake-like Aura. Tends to make a Trumpet noise for no apparent reason.

>Finger of the Crooked Ridge

A defensive move. Grabs your opponent by the wrist with a bent finger and allows you to slam them onto the ground, depending on your strength it might leave a crater.

>Underhook of the Transforming Cats

You need to know how to at least partially shapeshift to use this technique, pretty much using a Tiger-handclaw to stick your underhook onto your opponent.

>Wolf's Whirlwind

A Simple technique in concept but difficult in practice, Roundhouse kick and be agile enough to bite the opponent as he reels from the blow.
>Ant's Supreme Choke
The monk focuses their energy into an attempt to crush the enemy's throat with strength fifty times that of a normal martial artist.

>Nineteen Phantom Monsters Attack of Warped Mines
The monk takes on a stance that makes their body appear warped and twisted, reacting to an enemy entering their range with what appears to be nineteen simultaneous strikes, but is actually eighteen feints being performed along with a powerful strike to the opponent's least defended body part.

>Shadowy Sixteen Combats Submission
The monk rapidly makes precise strikes to deliver sixteen crippling injuries to an unprepared opponent, leaving them unable to move or speak, yet in no danger of death from the injuries. The teaching of the move is discouraged by most orders after it was used by an apprentice who disabled, then tortured his master for weeks.

>Shiver of the Floating Serpent
The monk touches the face of neck of a target, with no outward injury resulting. Five minutes after the technique is used, the target begins to shiver uncontrollably, with a high fever resulting soon after. If the technique is not recognized and treated by a high level healer or monk, the target will die of hyperpyrexia within the next hour. Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, incorporeal creatures, and creatures immune to critical hits cannot be affected.

>Underhook of Lances
The monk makes a quick jab to the target's head or chest, and takes advantage of the opening to grapple the opponent. The next grappling technique has an additional +2 bonus to success and damage.

Shit, I just realized while posting that my monk is pretty much an assassin.
>Palm Press of the Grim Stalker
The monk strikes the target in the chest with the base of the palm, leaving an invisible mark on the target that allows the monk to located the target by focusing on it. The mark lasts one week, but can be removed by the erase spell if seen/identified.

>Forbidden Strike of the Wolf
This strike acts as a touch attack. The monk makes a feral strike at the target, leaving claw-like lacerations underneath armour and clothing. If this technique scores a critical hit, it also deals 1d3 points of constitution damage.

>Hand of the Brave Angels
Monk's hand is coated with white flames. The next attack counts as having both Smite Evil and Smite Chaos applied to it, treating monk levels as caster levels for damage calculation. The monk gains a bonus to will saves for two rounds after the attack is made.

>Destroyer's Blow of the Gray Rain
The monk lands a powerful ki strike to the target, stunning them for one round. This attack uses its full base attack bonus and catches the defender flatfooted unless they pass a spot check. This attack has a critical threat range of x2.

>Silent Leg of the Obedient Foxes
The monk stomps their foot on the ground, casting silence with a one minute duration around them.
Yeah, that happens occasionally.

>Crystal Blow of the Barbarian Diviner
This is an odd and brutal way to confer visions on another. The target is struck on the forehead, with the blow giving a brief glimpse of the future.

>Pinch of Mutinies
A pinch reserved for traitors. The target has a nerve pressed upon, and chi is injected into the area. The disruption of chi causes nerve damage and partial paralysis.

>Stance of the Battler
A highly versatile stance, capable of being used with any weapon, no matter how odd and inconceivable.

>Thrust of the Darkness
A blow to the middle of the face, causing pressure in the eyes, and leadign to temporary blindness accompanied by hallucinations.

>Deathly Insane Savior Grab
The move is used to stabilize a wounded target. Grabbing the target by the throat, the user regulates the unbalanced chi flow in the target, partially closing wounds.

So... I'm an insane mystical berserker monk. I'm cool with this.
>Destiny Claw
Very hard attack to defend against. Only real defense is to meet it head on, on your own terms.
>Falcon's Touch
A grappling attack done from directly above the target,
>Flying Enduring Bear Tornado
Defensive technique emphasizing sweeping, powerful strikes and mobility.
>Stretch of Earths
Counter for charging attacks, practitioner gives ground steadily, absorbing energy all the way
>Supreme Guardian Grab of Scythes
An angular striking technique with effects similar to grappling. May trip, throw, clinch, take down, or even pin an opponent with a single strike.
You could create an entire story around that technique.
>Battle Blow of the Eight Greedy Thieves
If dealing nonlethal damage against someone who has committed a crime or wrongdoing in the presence of the monk, the monk receives a +2 bonus to hit and damage. If dealing nonlethal damage to a criminal that the monk has been tasked to apprehend but not kill, this attack is a critical.

>Bird Roll of Southern Horrors
The monk moves in a way that no living being should be able to. The monk may make any single move action as a free action, without provoking an attack of opportunity. If used to move within attack range of an enemy, they are caught flatfooted. A move action made with this ability is not hampered by conditions limiting speed.

>Eight Letcherous Soldiers Whirlwind
The monk may perform a sunder or called shot to all enemies in a 3x3 area around them with -2 to the attack roll, stacking with the penalty for a called shot. If an enemy takes up two or more squares, that enemy receives two attacks, with an additional -2 to the attack roll. Named for its first use, in which a female monk castrated a group of men who were attempting to accost her.

>Roaring Twelve Scythes Toe
The monk makes a flying kick in a straight line towards their enemy, striking down all other enemies in their path. The monk may ignore terrain but not obstacles. Enemies in the path do not count as obstacles and receive one attack when the monk passes through. Allies and neutral characters count as obstacles. The targeted enemy hit with this attack may only make a single move or standard action on the next turn

>Shield of the Ninety Codexes
The monk plants both feet and adopts a defensive stance. +4 bonus to AC, and 10 point damage reduction if an attack hits during the round. The monk is immune to both critical hits and automatically passes massive damage saves for the round. If the monk has Combat Reflexes, they may make attacks of opportunity in response to an enemy's attack.

MonkCop will take down your criminal ass.
The Guild of the Sapphire embody every facet of the earth - precious stone, tempered metal, violent tremors and according to their doctrine, even bellowing thunder. One of the seven cherished elemental orders, the monks of this guild are considered the most stalwart servants of the emperors, callous, unflinching and inhumane in their loyalty.
Known only as the Soothsayers, they are one of the few orders that deal in spiritual matters without binding or enslaving the supernatural. With a slew of techniques dedicated to protecting the mortal realm from the onslaught of spirits and demons, the Soothsayers are dedicated to bringing peace to the land and maintaining the borders between worlds.
The Rabbit's Ways are not as meek and innocent as they might sound. It is said that these techniques were developed by a talented magistrate who devoted himself to the punishment of the wicked. His methods were found to be so violent and dishonourable that they were outlawed and he was stripped of all authority. In a twist of fate, these days his techniques are only used by the thugs and brutes he hunted.
The Wyrding Ones are said to have learned their methods from the spirits and gods of old, who gave the monks of this order dominion over everything they can grasp. Air might elude them, water might seep through their fingers and fire might burn them but it matters not, for their mastery over earth, metal, ice and all things solid shields them from any harm.
The Fellows of the Soft Hand are oddly pleasant folk, for a collection of bandits. Their methods teach you are only to bring harm to aggressors. Those that only wish to defend themselves have every right to do so and you are welcome to nothing but their coin. It is said that each time a master of this order sets any part of himself aflame, his skin only becomes softer and smoother, rather than burned and scarred.
>Monster's Knee of Astral Candles
A forbidden technique. After an intensive ritual done before the battle, the attacker knees the target. Upon contact, astral fire spreads through the target, burning away their flesh within minutes. Only divine magic or a great destiny can quench the flames.
>One Million Battlers Tooth
Another forbidden technique. This attack requires the user to sacrifice themselves on a field of battle containing at least one million soldiers. Upon sacrificing themselves, the caster summons one million blades from the sky to impale one million men, friend or foe. The blades vanish after striking their targets.
>Rain Choke of the Priests
Grabbing the throat of the enemy, the user summons water into the target's lungs at a slow, steady pace. Unless the hold is broken, the target will drown.
Roll of the One Thousand Lead
A technique used exclusively with advanced firearms. The user performs a roll and, using their ability to sense the battle around them, fires off their weapon as they roll. Requires many years of practice.
>Seeker Uppercut
Using chi sense and natural intuition, the user delivers an uppercut which is guaranteed to hit. Requires the user to be blindfolded.

Jesus Christ if this character doesn't scream "overpowered villain".
File: 1376049736226.png (827 KB, 639x859)
827 KB
827 KB PNG

>Destroyer Unknown Elbow
An opening elbow drop meant to surprise the enemy and inflict a lot of damage.

>Miserly Raider Drop of Executions
Drop kick to the neck, direct and done with minimal energy to not exhaust the user.

>Nine Religious Lutes Rake
Hands touching together as if in prayer, enemy is clawed with tips of fingernails nine consecutive times as hymns are sung.

>Skull Avalanche
Headbutt the enemy from above so hard that their head hits the floor.

>Underhook of the Old Searcher
Grapple and hold the enemy and lean them down so their eyes are looking at the floor.
>Eternal Thrust of the Monkeys
>Bite of the Submission
>Bear's Lift of the Grinding Diamond
>Celestial Bull's Hammer
>Grab of the Liberty
You made the mistake of learning your techniques from the Scroll of Swallowed Darkness.
>Kind Bird Fist of the Vision
A quick, chi-infused rap of the knuckles to a point between the opponent's eyes. The chi infused in the knuckles is transferred to the target, altering the target's vision. Allows for the use of Love Kick or Romantic Boar Bite.

>Love Kick
Disabling blow with the flat top of the foot. The target's altered vision shows the kick as the arm of someone that they hold strong affection for, gently reaching towards them.

>Romantic Boar Bite
The monk grapples the opponent from behind, wrapping their arms around and clenching tightly into the shoulders. They then infuse their chi into the target, disrupting the target's own chi flow and rendering them unconscious. To the target, the Bite would appear to be a comforting embrace.

>Noose of Fierce Lonesome Dogs
A tight, but nonthreatening headlock. The initiating arms resemble the jaws of a hound. Used to either more easily apply Kind Bird Fist of the Vision, or when the other two abilities don't succeed at disabling the target.

>The Fourteen Pious Phoenixes Kick
If no other path of a peaceful nature exists, the monk takes a standing prayer. He goes through the chant of his order exactly fourteen times, no more and no less. After the fourteenth prayer, the monk flies into a heel-first kick that is reinforced fourteen times.
...I'm pretty sure Snake Leg is an actual move

I would have thought that the thread had died. I am pleasently surprised.

I was going to re-write it it make it more flavorful

>Snake Leg
- A descendent technique adopted from the Snake style fist school the users of this style practice supreme balance and endurance to allow them to use powerful kicks freely and often.

The signiture aspect of the move is the near constant movement of the leg like a snake bobbing and weaving side to side before going into the strike. Not only can grapples be inititated from this stance but can also be used to feint and cause the opponent to be flatfooted on a failed perception or sense motive check
No I mean in real life. Like a flying leglock or something like that.
Skip to 2:15 if you just want to see the full-speed
>Seeker Claw of Nodes

The user lashes out with viciously curled fingers and fires forth lashes of energy, forged from the user's internal power.

>Spiritual Strike of the Rebellious Panda

The wielder adopts a low stance and strikes wide with an open palm, much like the Panda's claw swipe. Though the body suffers little harm, the true purpose of the blow is to disrupt the target's Chi, striking at his spirit as one would use a gong to strike the side of a bell, powerful vibrations throwing the target's internal power into disarray.

>Suave Devil's Storm of Crosses

A throwing technique first utilized by a villain who infiltrated The Vatican, the user blankets an area in dozens upon dozens of thrown objects using long sleeves, sleight of hand tricks, and economy of motion. Due to the weak force behind each individual throwing star, it works best when utilized with an oblong object that will carry its own momentum better, such as the Christian crosses the famed devil used.

>Submission of the Confused Rooster

A defensive maneuver where the user utilizes the frantic motions of a startled rooster to retreat from his target. To the uneducated, it is no different from a frenzied retreat, but to the wise every motion is made to give the illusion of weakness and fear where there is none.

>Twist of Executions

A simple technique used by assassins, the user aims to grapple the joints of the target and give a sharp twist to dislocate and disfigure. The ultimate target is the neck.
Touch of the Defensive Shadows: Battle-mediation stance. The monk cannot make an offensive move towards an opponent, but anyone touching the Monk's shadow is paralyzed. The paralysis lasts for a few minutes after contact, unless the monk attacks.

Divine Rake of the Northern Winds: As the Monk strikes with his fists, a great gale of frozen wind blows from the north. The monk's fists become rimed with great shards of ice.

The Phantasmal Guardian's Storm of the Misery: Meditation that causes a great storm to form around the Monk. Those caught in the rain are crushed by defeatism and sorrow, slowly draining their will. Those few who make it the monk, are cut down by his spectral sentinel.

Infernal Trap of the Peace-Loving Bride: ...I guess a very hypnotic pair, followed by marshmallow hell... I guess my monk is female then?

Devil's Chop of the Sulphur Earthquake: A single chop of the monk's hand creates a fissure traveling towards his opponent. Releasing the smell of fire and brimstone, the strike erupts in fire and molten stone.

It seem like monk is a sneaky little bastard and a bit of a black widow too.
>Eternal Sixteen Killers Choke

Through channeling the memories of over a dozen past lives of truly murderous natures, the user strangles his opponent with inhuman force and instinct. This move is almost guaranteed to kill, though the user will become temporarily insane with the lust for human bloodshed.

>Palm of the Mighty Phantom Snake

This move features the user to thrust his hand forward with powerful spiritual and physical strength. Upon contact with the enemy, this blow will cause the foe to feel himself being crushed by great invisible coils while he struggles to breathe.

>Savage Spiritual Pinch

The user grips his oppenent's skin or muscle between three fingers. As he tugs and twists at the flesh, the user drains energy and fighting spirit from his foe in an attempt to leave the adversary too weak to fight.

>Shroud Stretch of the King Spirits

By focusing on creating and transmitting energy through a worn or held scarf, cape, or robe, the user makes said object magically elongate and extend. This object moves as if it was a part of the user's own body, able to deliver blows stronger than another human's punch or kick. This move also allows the piece of clothing to combat incorporeal enemies, often striking fear and awe into creatures of the Spirit World.

>Titanic Stomp
The user brings his foot down with such force, the resulting blow is like it was delivered by a mighty giant leaving the indent of its enormous heel upon the surrounding ground.
Barbarian Whirlwind of the Panics- Blood vessels enlarging all around the arm, turn your arms a bright red. The epitome of beards grows on your face (applicable to female/and other characters that lack facial hair.) and you give a punch with more force than ever! however you also gain a beard.

i cant write all this. Way too much work, i was going to have each move come with a more and more masculine appreance marker. and like that'd be your monk power
>Confident Fox Shiver
Less of an actual move, this is both a stance and a taunt meant to goad the enemy into attacking, using shivering motions to appear as though you have holes in your defense. The confident part comes from how the user projects an air of undue, undeserved confidence, encouraging attack further.

>Deathly Drag of the Dog
A finisher, this move involves the monk dragging, either with their actual jaws or hands mimicking jaws, their enemy quickly across the ground, making them hit rocks, scrape skin and so forth. Performed on prone opponents.

>Heroic Rooster Grab
The monk boldly grabs an enemy that's flapping and flailing their arms about in a chaotic defense.

>Savior's Clap of Boulders
The monk claps the enemy on both sides of the head at once, impacting like a boulder and leaving the opponent seeing jesus.

>Twisted Foot of the Greedy Cats
The monk employs a cat-like style, and when the time is right, lunges at the opponent's leg like a cat going for catnip, twisting their ankle.
>Avalanche of Triumphant Sorcery
An art first performed by the White Sorceror in his battle against the Seven Demon Kings; a series of sweeping blows from the arms projects waves of crashing sorcerous power like waves of potent mist to overbear opponents.

>Crane Shield of Deadly Pains
A defensive technique involving using winglike strokes of the arms to crush and repel incoming blows, inflicting great physical pain.

>Smash of the Fiery Priestesses
An exorcist's technique originally used by the Seventeen Sisters; a heel strike delivered to the ground erupts in a vengeful flame, the damage of which is magnified in proportion to the number of evil deeds the subject has performed.

>Unseen Swing of the Plagues
A swift clawing strike whose speed cannot be measured, aimed at destroying the opponent's capability to fight. Once used by the assassins of the Eight Plagues to perform brutal executions, it has been reclaimed as a weapon of justice.

>Western Blessed Twist
An evasive technique in which the user cries out and twists their body. Originally taught to the Towering Monk Issho by four hard-shelled insects from a distant western isle.
>Ebony Snap of the Savage Goddess
- You know that sassy black woman snap? That, with an added STR bonus afterwards. Tyrimmle ain't marry no bitch ass ho monk!

>Fourteen Miserly Skulls Toss
- Calling upon their penny pinching ancestry, Shimaqua grabs the opponent and throws them with all their might.

>Lock of the Legendary Star
- Once again calling upon her Jewish ancestry, Shimaqua locks the opponent in a full nelson... SHAPED LIKE THE STAR OF DAVID!

>Sacrifice of Dancing Romances
- I don't even know with this one. Suicide as an ode to Beauty and the Beast? I aint got shit.

>True Whirlwind
- Shanquayamoniqua pulls out her gat and unloads on a poor fool. Think your fancy ass spin kicks make some wind? Check this, homie.

>Cyclone of the twisted lie
"Now, we will fight with honor-good gods, what is that over there?" When the foe turns his head, punch the back of it repeatedly.

>Powerful Phoenix Torture Kick
Analyzing the foe's movements, the shin can be kicked in just such a way it explodes. If it's not just right, it still hurts like bitch.

>Mighty Stomp of the Buddha
Attempt to reason with your opponent and appeal to their better nature. Upon discovering they have none, stomp on their toes while they're relaxed and then stomp on their head when they fall over.

>Lock of the Dreaded Badger
Teach the enemy the despair of the badger's mighty bite by pulling their pants around their ankles and letting shame slash them like badger claws.

>Unholy Youthful Grasshopper Blow
Fearlessly hold your adversary's gaze, looking deep to see the true measure of their fighting spirit. Then, if possible, poke them in the eyes because they're not paying attention to your hands.

>Sacred Lift of the Priestess
A female foe is a rare adversary, but not to be taken lightly or attacked as crudely. She bears a heavy burden upon her chest; take it in your hands and help her carry that weight, grasshopper.

>Kite Elbow of the Sixty Distant Assassins
A slow, methodical movement of the hands and a shift in body language marks the beginning of this technique. A flurry of swift and merciless kicks in the balls while your opponent tries to read your body language ends it.

OK, so my Monk likes Dirty Trick too much, so sue me.
>Amethyst Thrust of the Irrational Dog

A rolling twisting kata reminiscent of a maddened dog. Once the opponent determines the moves' weakest point, a sudden tense and release of the muscles of the practitioner should end with the blade of hand punching through his ribs.

>Beer Thrust of the Lonely Assasin

A killing move developed by Hao Xia, the Eight Saint of Drunks. Requiring the drunken belligerence that only the consumption of beer can bring, it is characterized the seemingly-wild swings (reminiscent of Hung Gar sweeps or Tiger's Claw) ending with a brute thrust that usually targets the opponent's nose or mid-section. Constant practice makes this move lethal.

>Book Pose of the Dishonorable Warriors

The wide-legged beginners' stance of the School of High Tome. Banned in most eastern port cities.

>Cold Kite Uppercut

A trio of uppercuts known to drive the opponent higher and higher. The sequence of blows is as follows: Kite, Tail then String.

>Coral Ten Raiders Whirlwind

A defensive stance with roots in Shao-lin stances. A writhing series of blows puts opponents on the defensive while the individual winds tear into the opposing formation, akin to a windstorm tearing a house apart.

12/10, would join and defend the honor of
File: 1362590537812.jpg (551 KB, 541x1000)
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551 KB JPG
>Angel's Lock of the Great Nothingness
- A technique of the Gentle Sisters. This technique relies upon the knowlege of pressure points where in the Sister wraps her arms around the target, usually from behind and presses her fingers into certrain pressure points causing the target to be immobile with a feeling of vast nothingness before them

>Flip of Amethyst
- A variation on the Demon Flip employed by the Terracotta Men, used defensivly a sister will flip backwards away from an attack while their soul shadow leaves a faint outline of their form to confuse less intelligent foes

>Charioteer's Hammer of the One Million Hells
- The truely offensive skill of the sisters. A powerful chopping blow aimed at the shoulders to force an opponent to their knees as if to humble them before the charioteer who takes them to hell

>Jade trip of the Distant Madman
- A movement skill based on the Flip of Amethist. The user darts and weaves through waves of opponents leaving their soul shadows to cause confusion and madness in their wake

>Clap of Marrow Madness
-A special strike slapping the ears of the oppoents. The fingers are placed to strike the pressure points behind the ears and transfer of chi to send uncontrollable spasms and vibrations into the muscles and bones of the target
>Chop of the Fighters
A sacred technique with a whirlwind of open hand strikes I shave my opponent until they have muttonchops, even if they don't have a beard.

>Infinite Ghosts Swing of Diamond Whirlwinds
I push my opponent on a swing so fast and so hard their spirit leaves their body and their body is now diamonds.

>Invisible Mouse's Lock
I do that thing where I peench your head between my fingers from a distance except it works sometimes.

>Monk Uppercut of True Carnages
Uppercut a dude so hard that EVERYONE's head explodes... Including my own.

>Plague Flip of the Squirrels
Jump in the air and flip at an rpm faster than diamonds and release the bubonic squirrels in my gi.
The White Lotus Clan has been known for producing enlightened philosophers and warriors. Though they are pacifists, ti would be wrong to suggest that they are weak.
The Red Crucible is an impious league of assassins, who are as deadly with their fists as they are with the room around them.
The Dog-Faced Butchers sport an often-inelegant and monstrously effective form of martial arts, which is said to intimidate the spirits themselves.
The Primal Hands are a group of warriors that has studied the techniques of ancient masters, from before civilization was born, in an effort to bring justice to the unjust.
The Bodhisattvas of Lies are an odd order of monks, each dedicated to personal peace through interpersonal violence, often in dishonorable ways.
The less said about the Slithering Red Vines, the better.

>Bear's Meteor
You launch upward with a successful jump-check of 15 or more. Roaring loudly you windmill and twist, causing your body to become a kinetic blur as you streak back down toward your target. Roll 1d10:
1-You smash into the ground in front of your opponent, paralyzingly yourself for 6 turns
2-4-You smash into your opponent, paralyzingly both of you for 3 rounds
5-9-You smash fist-first into your opponent doing damage equal to (STR mod + CON mod + DEX mod) x 1d6
10-You streak at your opponent, seeming to burst into a fiery comet with burning eyes. Roll 1d20, with a 20 resulting in the instant vaporizing of your opponent. Otherwise you do damage equal to (your monk rank) x (4d6) x (all ability modifiers added together or 5, whichever is greater)

>Claw of the Four Flames
You chant in Draconic as your hands move into claw-strike position. Slowly flames grow, one from each finger and of 4 different colors. A successful touch causes 4 points each of acid, fire, electric, and frost damage per hand.

>Fighter's Dreaded Chop
Once per day you can prepare a delicious meal. This meal will grant up to 3 other characters who eat it +6 strength and +6 dexterity for 6 hours. After this time they will be completely immobilized with painful shits for a full day.

>Invisible Bear Swing
You appear to levitate, rocking back then forward. Every time you rock into the enemy they inexplicably suffer from 4 claw attacks in addition to your kick damage.

>Leaping Protector's Toe of Plants
You gracefully arch into the air and spiral with leg extended and snatch plant life with your toes. Choose from doing an additional 1d8 of damage per plant in range from the branch you picked up (plants determined by environment and dice roll), an additional 1d4 of poison damage per round for 1d8 rounds due to a poisonous plant your foot shoves into the enemy's mouth, or gaining a flight speed of 10 feet as long as you remain in a wooded area as you use your toes to climb.
GF's rolls

>Ebony Claw of the Cheerful Priests
A technique specifically designed for emasculating lecherous holy men in robes.

>Fifteen Bandits Stance of Cursed Nooses
This graceful stance allows the grappling of an opponent's undergarments to be used in a smelly choke hold.

>Fortuitous Sweep of the Diviner
Sweep dust into an opponent's eyes and then make a prophecy about more dust being swept into their eyes. Fulfill said prophecy. Repeat.

>Spirit Palm of Lanterns
Keep your hand strong and focus on the knowledge of ancient ones. Strike with the back of your hand with all of your ancestor's fury and snuff out your opponent's lights.

>Terror Throw of the Diviners
Get a satchel full of religious texts and idols and chuck every single one in rapid succession at your enemy until the gods hate them.

Attack of the Nine Shivering Pandas
>Quickly strip your opponent. Blow on their shame-sweat to cause them discomfort.

Eighteen Ruthless Brides Swing
>Walk until you are standing close to your opponent. Give a dramatic or intense speech explaining who you are. Ask them their name. As they respond swing for their genitals.
>Just keep swinging at their genitals as hard as you can while sobbing.

Murderer Perfected Drop
>While your enemy sleeps, drop a big rock on his head.

Theif's Smash
>Similar to Murderer Perfected Drop, but rob them first then drop the rock on their genitals.

Throw of the Five Roots
>Remove your pack and take out the Five Roots. Throw them.
Just got a SPICAY combination. Love rolling accidentally themed ones.

>Spice Swing of the Drunken Barbarians
Reaching your hand into a spice pouch, you whip your hand forward, releasing the spice to blind the enemy, hit them hard, and place down spice for the Eighty Pigs.

>Eighty Pigs Roll of Spice
Using the spice you have placed down with the Spice Swing, you sweep the legs out from under your foe and whip more spice out from the pouches at your side. You use the foe's momentum from the sweep to begin rolling them precisely eighty times, finely dusting them in the spices.

>Palm of the Spice God
A chi technique that, whipping your palm forward as if from a Tiger Stance, you ignite the spices that the enemy is coated with.

>Spice Platinum Lift
Variation of the grapple. After the spice is ignited, the opponent is spun one final time before being held above your head as an offering.

>Spice Uppercut
A basic uppercut laced with capsaicin, the first technique of the school taught.
File: Kotaro-sw4.jpg (56 KB, 800x800)
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>Hidden Infinite Terrors Hold
A hard-to-execute pressure point strike to the head that, while it is maintained, renders an enemy helpless as they're forced to relive their worst nightmares. If the Hold is kept for long enough, the target goes insane from the experience.

>Leaping Confused Automaton Tornado of Earths

The warrior disappears beneath the earth for a short time, before springing up behind the enemy and leaping high into the air. As the two descend, the warrior spins like a tornado before bringing his foe crashing head-first into the ground.

>Leaping Uncountable Shivers Clutch

A technique that is as powerful as a warrior is swift. The warrior ambushes his foe of a high place and executes many pressure point attacks. Each strike lowers the foe's internal body temperature by 1 degree Celsius. A particularly skilled warrior can use this to freeze an enemy from the inside out.

>Plague Tooth of the Diviners

A rather unorthodox (and some say dishonorable) technique, the warrior bites his enemy and flows his hatred and disdain into them. The technique is rarely fatal initially, but the Plague Tooth of the Diviners ensures that the wound will become infected and hard to cure. Even more skilled practitioners of this technique can use it to seep their way into their enemy's mind to learn new information or techniques.

>Priestess Block of the Shining Book

This defensive maneuver allows the warrior to effectively block and counter-attack. The counter-attack is in the form of a quick gouge to the eyes, rendering the enemy blind for a short time. Usually, this is just long enough for the warrior to reposition or use another technique.

I could imagine pic related using these types of moves.
Ape Toe of the Seventy Falsehoods - Savagely kick someone as many times as they have lied in their life. Each kick has the force of 70 guerrillas.
Buddha's Leg - The ultimate dance move of enlightenment.
Bull's Noose of the Uncountable Thunders - A very strong, noisy, and electrifying choke hold.
One Million Storms Stomp - Stomp out a motherfucker with the destructive force of a hurricane.
Seventeen Boastful Beetles Bite of Burning Destructions - 17 powerful strikes to an opponents weak points. The ultimate technique.
Master Sun-Nippin-Rip

>Blasphemy Pinch of the Eleven Angry Birds

Fury of nipple pinches aimed to shock the enemy under the sheer horror of mega pain.
Chipping screams while the punches fly are a must.

>Fourteen Bloodthirsty Stalkers Stance

Wave and curve with his hands pinching in the air. As the name sugggests the blood thirst is menifested in blood red eyes.

>Pinch of Dooms

A final pinch to end it all. It would have beed an acto of mercy, however the doom is not singular as multitude of fatal changes occur in the victim.

>Snake Western Swing

Master Nippin-Rip have extendable arms, so his pinches can go far and wide. Whip sounds are prodused.

>Snake Whirlwind of Unseen Executions

This is his group fighting technique. Multiple nipples are being ripped while he moves at dazing speed.
Dare to beat me on this te-ge
>Fighter's Thrust
A punch with both fists at once meant to exploit a weakness in defense.

>Ivory Attack
A grapple of the shoulder followed by a crushing jab to the solar plexus, moving in an arc similar to an elephant's tusk

>Rabbit Tornado of Cascades
A technique used to defeat many enemies surrounding oneself by hopping on one leg in unpredictable patterns and striking out with the other three limbs.

>Silent Eighty Dreams Slam
A blow that causes the opponent to fall into a slumber in which they are assaulted by horrible nightmares which persist into their waking moments for the next day or so

>Southern Touch of the Badger
A claw-like three-fingered strike intended to tear flesh and destroy ligaments
>Cat's Northeastern Hold
A grapple technique intended to restrain much larger foes, by grappling with all four limbs simultaneously.

>Dreaded Sixteen Clouds Cyclone
A series of fighting techniques that involve kicking enemies whilst hanging onto another, twisting and vaulting over their shoulders in a disorienting maneuver.

>Phantom's Claw of the Transforming Suffering
A pressure point attack in which the blow itself is practically painless, but leaves an after-effect that is described as being torn into by clawed animals of varying shapes and sizes.

>Unstoppable Pose of the Drunken Wolf
A variant technique of drunken kung fu in which the practitioner sways side to side on all fours. Utilizes tumbling and weaving that almost resembles Capoeira.

>Unthinkable Bandit Pinch of Graves
Considered a dishonorable technique, this is a vicious pinch that targets the inner thigh incredibly close to the groin, causing both agonizing pain and also potentially damaging or rupturing the femoral artery.
File: 1402361278219.jpg (458 KB, 500x667)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Dragon Ghastly Hold:
Great for crushing enemies into ghastly remains over a long period, pressure cooking.
Dreaded Hawk Hold of the Wine:
Getting everyone drunk mid-air grappled.
Pinch of the Gallows:
Seems straight forward, front of neck pinch that is a neck snapper.
Thirteen Peaceful Priestesses Throw of Candles: Throwing a lot of heat, calmly.
Wealthy Madman's Shield of Crossbows:
This one, takes some effort. Firing many crossbows at once to form a wealth wasting wall of bolts, still figuring out how I do it, perhaps coordinate some minions.
File: 2582752875892.png (281 KB, 592x448)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
>Awkward Assassin's Tackle of Earthquakes
This is the bastardization of a much stronger technique (Think Dan Hibiki's Gadouken to Gouken's Hadouken.) that allows the user to move mountains with a lunging tackle. This version only shakes the ground violently.

>Cat Underhook of Traps
A full-nelson like technique that pinches the nerves in the back, completely immobilizing the opponent.

>Chaste Pig Avalanche
A held back version of a much more devastating elbow drop attack. It's said that this version feels like an avalanche of pigs hitting the target, whereas the unrestrained version feels like an avalanche of boars.

>Grim Horse Pull of the Bone
An all-purpose extremity disjointing technique. A simple pull of the arm, leg, or in more severe styles, neck and it completely pops the bone out of place rendering the extremity useless, and in the case of the neck severing the vertebrae in the neck and paralyzing the opponent.

>Wild Snap of the Monks
A secret technique passed down the generations that summons the ki of monks past to surge into the user, granting them beyond super-human strength.
> Blade Swing of the Fifteen Boastful Tigers
Attack that, if successful, automatically hits everyone standing on the adjacent squares. Must use a sword.
> Chop of Western Demons
That's a technique to use with an axe. Basically, some Warrior feat in the Monk interpretation
> Flip of Foul Gods
The monk jumps, hits the foe in the face and rolls back, escaping the counter attack. You end up three steps away from the foe you've just hit. If there's a wall, you end up next to the wall; if there's an obstacle, you end up on/behind/next to the obstacle; if there's a character, you end up in xir square, the character is hit prone next to you.
This technique is good for avoiding close combat.
> Queen Claw of the Angry Ape
Grapple your enemy's balls and topple your enemy on the ground. The enemy gets hurt, and helpless for 1 round.
> Rat Fang of Chaotic Cyclones
You punch your foe in the face so hard your foe's ears twirl on the middle of xir face.
>Bite of Bronze Nodes
One of the Forbidden Techniques of Gal'Jun Zhar. This is a crippling move that is used when grappling a foe from behind. It is done by biting down hard on the spot slightly below where the spine connects to the skull bone of the foe. If executed correctly, this will sever nerves and tendons, leaving the victim crippled from the neck down.

>Crazy Destroyer Trip of the Plant
A technique from the Savage Destroyer school of fighting. Essentially a crouching legsweep that that utilizes the momentum of the sweep to execute a rise and heeldrop finisher to the back of head of the now prone foe

>Eternal Twelve Wolves Pinch
A rapid pinch to one of the shoulder nerve-clusters that, if executed correctly and with enough force, causes the nerve-cluster to rip apart, bringing agonizing and debilitating pain to the recipient.

>Cloud Knuckle of the Unfriendly Savages
Another technique from the Savage Destroyer school of fighting. This is a rising uppercut using the monk's Ki reserve to impact with force enough to send the recipient flying up several meters into the air.

>Monk's Slam of the Leaf
A technique from the Leaf Palm school of fighting. It is a combination of a stomping half-step to create momentum and reach, and a downwards slam with the back of ones open hand.
>Charioteer Avalanche
A swift and overwhelming assault consisting of mostly of jabs and elbow blows.
>Bite of Crossbows
A technique combining the explosive power and range of Changquan and the pinpoint accuracy of a Ba Gua Zhang's finger strike.
>Flying Hold of Silent Shielding
A defensive sleeper hold executed by wrapping one's arms around the opponent's lower head and neck, which can be easily expanded into a dangerous rolling throw.
>Stance of the Four Kingdoms
A wide-legged and stable stance, made primarily for defensive fighting, where each limb is one indepenedent 'kingdom'.
>Cyclone Leg of Fallen Meteor
A seldomly used techinque, since it requires the user to get on a higher elevation than the opponent, whereupon one would dive straight downwards into a savage axe kick.

>Extra due to awesome name
>Fist Blow
>>Blow of the Seekers
A simple punch combined with a specific mantra that calls up and temporarily binds your soul to a specific air elemental, resulting in a punch that will always hit, though for a small amount of damage.

>>Driven Fighter's Shield
A technique wherby you first block an enemies attack with both arms raised together in front of your chest combined with a back step while maintaining the arms position, lessening the damage and allowing the enemy to over extend and loose balance. You then slam forward with both arms still raised to completely overbalance them.

>>Spectral Savage Claw of Candles
A magical attack with the focus being three small lit devotionary candles, held between the fingers of one fist. The energy that would be released by the candles burning slowly is released at once as you slash at the enemy with holy flame.

>>Twenty Spices Blow
A nerve punch that causes disorienting flavors in the mouth of the enemy.

>>Unseen Sage Lift of the Portal
A german suplex combined with a portal- you move behind the target, grasp them firmly and flex backwards bringing them down into an open portal that leads to an exit elsewhere.
>>Cat Block of the Fierce Node
A combined block and nerve strike requiring great dexterity-after blocking a punch the arm used to block is extended around the attackers limb and the thumb extended from the fist and placed on a specific nerve, the defenders other hand then falling onto their fist in an over hand strike like a stonemason working with hammer and chisel.

In this manner a light then extremely hard blow is delivered to the nerve, paralyzing the opponents arm if used correctly while causing extreme pain in the shoulder while numbing the opposite leg. This is followed up with a jumping back step and a strike with the back of the hand to the opponents temple to ensure escape.

This technique was the first created by the Abbot of the Four White Mountains School in his time as the Chaste Bandit before his schools founding when he observed stonemasons in the Walled City working with hammer and chisel. It is a painful and debilitating technique that is hard to block when unexpected which it always is as it is dumb as hell and can break your own thumb if done wrong.

>>Chaotic Fox Stretch

This technique involves grasping the enemies wrist and and executing an arching stretch of your whole body while standing on the side of the enemies foot and swinging your weight away from them, pulling their arm up and away from the side of their body and putting all your body weight on their ankle.

Correctly performed this will dislocate the victims wrist, elbow, shoulder and ankle while throwing their body over yours, setting them up for a simple body weight through, made harder by the fact that you are also unbalanced.

This was the second technique created by the Abbot of Four White Mountains in his youth as the Chaste Bandit.
>>Chaste Bandits Smash
The technique which made his reputation as great martial artist instead of a lowly bandit, this technique is designed to knock the enemy from horse back and slam them against the ground, dealing great damage.

You must execute a flying leap to land with one foot atop the mounted enemies opposite foot in the stirrup and the other raised and placed on the saddle, before turning to leap up and away, pushing yourself with the foot against the saddle while turning towards the enemy.
In that split second you must flick the foot resting on theirs to kick them in the back of the knee forcing their leg to bend, raising it from the stirrup and grasping the arm on your side securely, executing a twisting through that will hurl them from the saddle in a horizontal trajectory, preferably head first into a wall.

This technique leaves you in mid air next to a terrified horse, which you should either mount till it rides out the fear or swiftly run away from.

This technique was notably used to steal the horse carrying the treasure box of the Fifth High Tax Collector, when the Abbot ended his time as the Chaste Bandit, and fled the Walled City after the events of the one month crackdown and the execution of the Chaste Bandits gang of thieves and muggers.
File: you would tap too.jpg (50 KB, 431x388)
50 KB
>Profane Cheerful Assasin Dance
-Your legs begin moving with startling precision, each footfall taking you out of the way of danger while you approach your target. This series of movements that onlookers would describe as a profane dance lead up to a series of kicks to vital points on the body.

>Sacred Toss of the Wolves
-Gripping your opponent in two places on their torso, you howl loudly and hurl them directly upwards. Where you grabbed, your target looks like they have been bitten several times by wolves.

>Swing of Southern Brides
-Showing the pure cajun fury of a housewife wrestling an alligator, you grab your enemy and spin in a circle, launching them away with ease. Survivors swear they hear ghastly banjo plucking.

>Throw of the Holy Bull
-Horns of divine light sprout from your temples, extending a foot in front of your face. Bulking yourself up and hunkering down, you meet a charging enemy with your face, goring them and throwing them away using purely your horns.

>Infinite Terrors Lock
-See pic
File: 1384798797871.gif (993 KB, 250x250)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
>>Swing of the Southern Brides
>>Drunks Magical Fist
This was not the end of his infamy however, as he went on to become the one known as the Ghost Drunk of the Purple Forest, where after spending his stolen tax money he spent several years surviving by burglarizing the many famous distilleries and brew houses of the purple forest. In this time he developed his Drunk`s Magical Fist technique, a form of drunken boxing designed to be used while carrying a large cask of wine or clay vessel of spirits between the arms.

The added weight is used to give momentum to a series of spinning jumping kicks and roundhouse punches designed to overbalance enemies who may stop you while fleeing, and allow fast movement in a straight line while weaving considerably to avoid arrows and quarrels, and also because he was continuously drunk for seven years.

>>Nothingness Trap of the Ghosts

This was the technique the Abbot used to supplant the previous incumbent of the Four White Mountain school.

This move is a complicated pinning grab that relies on the enemies own body-weight- once pushed of balance your feet are used to push the enemies legs into crossing over at the knee, which is used as a step for one foot while the other is placed behind either of the enemies, while a simple shoulder pin is used to push him away from you, allowing you to lean back so that you counter balance each other exactly while leaving the opposite arm free to complete several strikes against them until they give up or try to explicate themselves, whereupon they find that doing so breaks both their knees and dislocates the shoulder you had pinned.
Is that Gordon Ramsey

File: walls of ramsay.png (500 KB, 891x479)
500 KB
500 KB PNG
Chris Jericho does look kinda like a younger Gordon Ramsay, doesn't he?
He actually does. Huh.
File: genkisudodance.webm (790 KB, 284x212)
790 KB
Anyone else here not really like the mystical monk backstory and prefer to replace "ki" with "adrenaline" and have a less kung fu movie marital artist? More a boxer/wrestler? Or use a more grounded interpretation of eastern martial arts?
>one hundred earthquake knee

>Bird Choke of Scrolls
A move commonly used with scrolls but can also be done with a ponytail, the practitioner soars through the air catching the opponents throat with said implements.

>Boulder Attack
A powerful stomp on the ground. If it hits the opponent they will be dazed. If they manage to roll out of the way, then the move sets up the Unmovable Sloth Defense.

>Buddha's Toe
You step on the secret pressure point in the toe causing the opponent to very briefly experience true enlightenment. Usually this move is used by masters who see their opponent as a potential good student.

>Cauldron Drag of the Crane
A move to be used on larger opponents, the Cauldron Drag of the Crane jumps toward the enemy, focuses chi through the hands into the opponents head and uses both the momentum and the paralyzing force of the chi to drag the opponent to the ground.

>Clever Monk Fist of the Ice
A higher level move wherein the monk uses a series of fast attacks to distract and chip away at the enemies defenses. The final punch hits a pressure point that paralyzes an enemy and makes them feel cold.
>Shadowy sweep of the bandit

A foot sweep that stuns opponents and causes them to drop all their valuables.
Confused Madman Grab of Endings
>a move used only when near defeat or to surprise the opponent with an utterly irrational action. The practitioner gets a crazy look in his eyes, lurches to the side, falls, or jumps spastically, then attempts to latch onto the opponent with all four of his limbs. The move was originally developed by sentient octopi, for whom it makes much more sense. Because of its origins it is sometimes known as 'channeling the Eight'.
Dance of Emeralds
>part of a style developed by forest-dwelling monks, the Dance of Emeralds is meant to emulate a rain of falling leaves during a summer storm. Yes, that seems a bit specific, which is why the move is used only when the practitioner can make use of nearby trees to cover his movements. The goal is to strike downwards at the opponent from all points in a rhythmic cadence, creating a continuous disruption.
Floating One Million Spirits Pinch
>a more esoteric version of the Floating One Million Spirits Punch. The conditions required for this move to work are so uncommon that there has been only one documented successful use in an actual fight in two and a half centuries of recording, and that was against a cabinet possessed by the spirit of an angry massage therapist.
Grab of the Plant
>an incredibly simple movement that uses foot placement and body language to make the opponent trip himself on a nearby root.
Saintly Flaming Dance Shiver
>only masters and saints – appropriately – have been able to utilize this move. The practitioner must move according to the proper pattern to align his chi, then by releasing it in a specific manner (the 'shiver' mentioned in the title) causes a burst of energy that sets the target on fire. This is most effective against opponents who have mastered a style that emphasizes perfect physical defense, as they will usually fail to understand that the practitioner is attempting.
>Assassin's Trap
An armlock meant to counter an attempt to stab you in the back.

>Squirrel Claw
A style that focuses on rapid movement and use of the environment to evade and defeat larger foes.

>Demonic Spell Fist
A series of strikes that tap into the inherent anger and aggression that lies in the hearts of even the most tranquil of people.

>Heart Twist of the Persuasive Panda
A disturbing technique that involves wrenching the victim's heart in a full circle while it is still in his chest.

>Perfected King Stance of the Hatred
A stance that enables the user to embrace the darker parts of his psyche for the sake of a noble cause.
Dude you're ORAORAORAORA-ing with your KNEES. You baller.
>Automaton Swing of Haunted Poisons
Gripping the opponent with hands unto steel, the practioner swings them in such a way to agitate latent lactic acid in the muscles, exacerbating them causing pain and exhaustion.

>Bird's Wicked Sacrifice
Leaping like the bird in flight, the user sacrifices their body to strike their opponents upper body and throat with a wicked set of diving cross chops.

>Nine Mice Tornado of Pains
The user becomes unto the speedy mouse and spins, gathering great speed before launching a tornado of crippling pain-inducing circular sweep kicks!

>Nine Unjust Prayers Pull
Pray for your opponent's soul as you armlock your opponent before pulling the arm out of its socket. NINE TIMES.

>Touch Lock of the Suave Shamans
FINISHING ART. The most gentle of touches placed upon a secret pressure point in the back of knee area locks the opponent to the realm of pleased spirits(Metaphorically) where all is bliss! Warning, use move only on preferred gender of choice. Use at own risk
>Badger's Stomp of the Eastern Dances
An incredibly strong stomp that causes all badgers in a straight line due east of the user to fly ten feet into the air

>Bride's Fist of the Transforming Blessing
Only usable if user is engaged. If the user has the spouses parent's blessing to marry their child, it removes it. also works vice versa.

>Dog Clap of Decrepid Bows
The user produces two canines of comically small size. They then proceed to clap their hands together, and the canines are transformed into a pair of broken longbows.

>Spin of the Marrow Fighter
The user spins rapidly, accelerating until the marrow of their bones explodes out of their body, damaging anything in a fifteen foot radius.

>Warped Horse Twist
Only usable on mounted targets. Moving at incredible speed, the user twists the enemy horse's ear. This causes the horse's rear half to twist one hundred eighty degrees.

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