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My DM is running a typical medieval world campaign where we have to fight a war against a larger more powerful nation. Each nation gets a specialty and mine happens to be engineering. I am still relatively new so I was wondering what are clever uses of magic and such to make weapons that can dominate a battle field. So far we have a flying warship with a portal of featherfall for paratroops but I wanted crazier and more clever ideas. We don't currently have gunpowder but our DM is very lenient when the players get creative. Any help would be appreciated.
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My character on Pathfinder created the "Eye of Vangelis" (Vangelis being my character's name)

Basically, it's an ameliored version of Archimedes's laser (pic related): It's an empty metalic sphere with the inside being a reflective surface, with a stone that emit light at the center and a focusing lense to let the light out (when you want it). The result? A laser ray using a first level spell and some clever engineering.
Thats actually pretty awesome, we have some slightly less creative ideas; a cannon for stone golems in a compact size that grow and fight on impact, a floating warship, enchanted ballista, and some metal gliders with flight enchantments to be used as flying scythes.
There are rules for enchanting siege engines in Heroes of Battle.

And there are many a siege engine in the game listed in the DMG and supplemental material throughout the run.

Additionally, there is a siege article in Dragon Magazine full of alchemical catapult ammunition, and a device to spray tons of alchemist fire on a battle field...but I must first direct you to the Spell Turret.

Go the the DMG II, and look in traps, and there you will find the spell turret.

build them in front of your keep to only be activated under the specific conditions of operation and with the right placement and rotation of spell effects you have a nigh impassible wall.

Put them on carts or along the bottoms of air ships and you have a means to lay waste to enemy forces on the battle field as you strafe across the sky.

It doesn't take much of a stretch to make their activation condition for someone wearing a specific medal to stand in a specific spot to command them all to action.

Stick a few on an animated chariot and watch the field be torn asunder.

Perhaps make it the focus of a summoned monster charge, making summon monster spell part of the rotation and have it summon a replenishing horde around it.

Drop them attached to statue pedestals in the middle of a fight to act as bombs with staying power.

The possibilities are endless.
Have you tried the broken system of a person to person railgun? move a cannonball from NPC to NPC and its technically an instantaneous action so it can cross a couple hundred feet in a matter of seconds before being thrown. My DM allowed it once just for shits and giggles.
Would it be possible to create some form of a nullification field against the magic? I realize that the enemy will mostly likely have mages and try to counter my mechanical devices.

And no, my DM said that he would like these things to be at least plausible.

The Spell Anti Magic Field.

Also, look in the Arms and Equipment guide, there is basically a rather weak antimagic chaff alchemical grenade.
You're thinking too "normal equipment + magic". Think about it: can you enchant a wheel to spin? Yes? You now have access to drills, motorised battering rams, tanks, saws, and giant spinning tops with scythes attached.
Holy shit you are my hero. That gave a bunch of new ideas, I have one other request for an idea; I would prefer for any inventions to not fall into enemy hands and for key assets to be able to be salvaged, is there any type of teleportation spell for large objects that would leave the people on it behind? or a destructive spell to destroy an entire area?

I realize that I know shit about magic when I ask for an anti magic type weapon and there is a spell called anti magic field...
Bag of holding
Another bag of holding
A spell of permanency
Ability to dispel permanency

All you now need are two or three things that can fly and can carry the weight of a wizard or other magic user.

First one flies over and drops a Bag of Holding so that it lands in the fortress open and pointing upwards.

Second one flies over the top and drops the second Bag of Holding into the first one.

The third (or first swooping round for another pass) casts permanency just as the second lands in the first and they implode and are sucked into Bagworld.

You have now just created a hole in the universe that sucks everything near it into Bagworld.

Once fortress is gone you dispel permanency and look at the crater. Cackle madly.
Someone actually proposed that with a bag of holding and a portable hole.
I claim to be an engineer.

Give me a spell and I will turn it into mass destruction if it is possible.

I'll need a translator for 3.5 rules though, because I'm going to use science.
Someone once designed a gun that fired bags of holding to suck everything in x foot radius of blast zone into other dimensions. Now if only I could find the goddamn image
Some simple ones then; Chain lightning, earthquake, or fireball.
File: 136928498564.jpg (76 KB, 580x420)
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I recall that. It's was arrow/bolt/artillery bolt or other. On the tip was a bag of holding, open end pointing towards the shaft of the arrow. In the middle of the shaft was a rolled up portable hole held back by a glass piece to separate the bag from the hole, which was fragile enough to break upon impact.

Fire the arrow, upon impact the glass breaks, sending the portable hole into the bag of holding, which causes a space rupture and makes a black hole in a small radius sucking everything nearby into the Astral PLane.
>Chain Lightning

You know those toe-poppers the vietcong used? Replace the bullet with a wand of Chain Lightning. Only good for defense, but it only shines when there are lots of of enemies nearby.


Summon earth elementals to dig a small tunnel under enemy fortifications. Trigger the earthquake until the walls collapse. Also causes mass panic in the city.

Real hard to beat just flying around and casting fireball with an active windwall.

If you have enough though, it could act as a gigantic internal combustion engine.
File: 20100323024929!Gundam.jpg (277 KB, 799x1005)
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>a cannon for stone golems in a compact size that grow and fight on impact

You know what you must do.
Contingency. You're new favorite spell. "If this object gets taken by enemy forces, activate spell X"
I was close enough.
Nitroglycerin Golems.
Using any spells try and create a rocket barrage that could be mounted on a warship for anti personnel combat, or a weapon of mass destruction on the smaller scale for per say a 1 mile area of effect.
Magic Missile Salvos best salvos
>Each nation gets a specialty and mine happens to be engineering. I am still relatively new so I was wondering what are clever uses of magic and such to make weapons that can dominate a battle field
take airship + cannons + metal plating + bomb bay full of alchemists fire = ariel ironclad, which = air superiority


the average airship can carry 100 passengers, a military regiment is 100 soldiers, add 100 rings of featherfall and you got yourself a paratrooper regiment.

also, apparatus of the crab outfitted with a firedrake siege engine, and you have a flame tank.

a glider fitted with an alchemists engine, an enchanted cannon with unlimited ammo and a rune on the yoke that fires the cannon every time it's tapped = fighters

alliances with dragons may need to be in order to insure total air superiority.

I'm full of ideas like this.
I always assumed that in high magic setting (or rich / powerful people in normal settings) fortress and other buildings would be built quickly and efficently with copius use of Wall of Stone and Stoneshape. I figure these spells would allow for some quiet advanced architectural techniques. It might also be nescary to lace all your walls with Wall of Force to stop pesky etherals flaoting through. However (at least some versions) the spell only allows vertical walls to be created. If you can't make "Floors and Ceilings of Force" it's kind of useless. Though I imagine the ability to create perfectly stable, weightless, floating platforms would have untold uses in modern day architectur. If you go this far with force as a key building material you might even be able to dispense with stone altogether. Just don't get carried away or one good Disjunction and your castles in the sky are liable to come tumbeling down.
Now I want to think of a way to be like: "well this is what I propose DM, the __________________ , otherwise known as gundam for short." Any ideas on an acronym for something that spells out gundam? golem something something blah.
Would there be a way to enchant some machinery to mass produce those or would a wizard have to individually craft both the portable hole and bag of holding for these forever?

Would it be better to keep a golem with nothing, or maybe arm it with some giant shield, sword or lance, or some gun like weapon?
Utilized for
I am playing a bardic spy and was wondering if there was any sort of weapon combination that would make a resuable bomb, the effects of the bomb dont matter, just something that can be used again and again for sabotage, combat, or stealth?
You're welcome! It's always nice to see people liking your ideas!

As>>32571019 Contingency is what you look for. But you can achieve the same effect with a mechanism that would shot an arrow into a bag of holding filled with alchemical fire if a code is not entered every hout. Or a mechanism that make a portable hole enter a bag of holding like (this >>32570973)
after a set ammount of time.

You can also use laser like this>>32569217 to create walls of burning light.

You can't mass produce magical item on D&D: you need someone to provide the spell and the XP. But you can have a shitton of Magewrights doing the job for you.
You could make a distinction:
Golems are slow and more-or-less autonomous within certain parameters, but easy to make and field.
Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-Your-Gundam's are faster, more responsive (having a pilot), but require more training to use and are more dangerous since they require being physically present on the battlefield.

This. It's just the right amount of meaningless nonsense.
Or, crafting homonculi. I've heard they're a really efficient way to craft magic items.

Basically, Eberon is your friend here.
Nail a bunch of undead to each other for use as a mech.
Call it Evanghoulion.
Resilient Sphere an it's variants may be useful. It is a spell that blocks spells of certain levels.
if you apply real world physics to a flask of endless water, things get rediculous real fast. add a small automaton and a gizmo that can cast mage hand and enjoy your new near-lightspeed rocket.
Explain the details of this, you have intrigued me.
Would a either larger weapon or WMD be able to be created like the locate city nuke but scaled down a bit, or not. Big is alright as well.
Sit in a wagon in space with the decanter of endless water (ignoring that there is no longer a down) and pour it. You are then adding mass to your system, which you can push away from you with Mage Hand at 5 lb of force. Which Newton says is also beng applied to you.

You are then accelerating an infinite amount of mass away from a finite amount of mass, so you can reach lightspeed, eventually.
I guess that >>32576053 would be a good WMD for an object at infinite mass has infinite kinetic energy, but that's not a very creative solution.
Wouldn't the water continue to displace itself and just create a larger and larger floating blob instead of keeping the same size and increasing mass?
dude what the fuck are you smoking?

>pour water into your space caddy
>throw water out at some non-zero momentum
>obtain opposite momentum for space caddy

Yes, you'll trail millions of gallons of water, but so what? It has velocity opposite yours.
I was thinking of it completely wrong and misunderstood apparently everything, my bad.
Bear in mind that Hippogriffs are cheap and easily trainable, and that, if you can get the MiC, there is a thing called a Blast Globe which is your friend, and better than any application of gunpowder ever.

Keeping with your themes, you could have a Heavy Crossbow with the enchantments Seeking and Repeating, which makes it almost a cover-ignoring machinegun.

If Undead are acceptable, putting the "spell stitched" template on a Ghoul or a Ghast with a phylactery of wisdom will let it animate dead, ignoring the material component cost, which lets them, coupled with a few adamantine heavy picks, turn a row of corpses into skeletal sappers to undermine the opposition. If everything collapses on them, all you'd want to recover is the picks. Down side, stench.

Also, if you can recruit monsters to your side, Treants have the most efficient siege force multiplier ever in the form of Quaal's Feather Token - tree, which can be animated by a Treant to give you another Treant.

Couple that with either a ring of fire resistance or a few potions of fire resistance, and the Treant fears only magic. Benign Transposition might work to get them into place, especially if you can get your source Treant to count as a mount...
Two words: Peasant. Railgun.
It doesn't work - there is no inertia in DnD. Just look at the flying rules.
File: RAILGUN.png (301 KB, 1366x984)
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301 KB PNG
I'm known as a siege wizard in my group because I thoroughly enjoy doing these exact things. There are some more complicated methods, but depending on the city you're besieging, you can utilize a few spells and be clever about it.

There's a city built into a mountain? Transmute Rock to Lava on the area above the city, or below it. It's the little things, really.

Then there's pic related.
File: railgunan.png (119 KB, 1491x1130)
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119 KB PNG
There is also this.

I've done both of these things. I've got one more that is more of a mass genocide thing and should probably be used as a last resort, which I have also done. I'll see if I have it in screencap format; if not, I'll type up how to do it.
File: how_i_wizard.jpg (177 KB, 1282x942)
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177 KB JPG
Ah, found it. The tome of explosive runes is another good one as long as no one fucks with it.
Is there a way to apply this spell to a whole area, like some delivery system or enhancement for range?
Review the rules for Permenancy.

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