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Thread XVIII:
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM

Keeping a respectful distance, you follow the four Centaurs into the tent city. You note that the tents seem to be arrange in such a way that, while there are innumerable pathways, 'alleys' and dead ends, that the mass of tents appear to have some sort of order to them, they have a few main pathways that extend in a straight line toward the center partitioning the city into several sections. If there is any order to those sections, you have no clue, as any number of proclivities can be seen. You see shop stalls, families making food, groups of centaurs singing bawdy songs while drinking from heavy cast metal cup outside one of the many tavern-tents that seem to litter the area. The smell of roasting meat, spice, and other exotic scents almost drive you to distraction, but you occupy yourself by checking on your companions.

McCain and Keel seem more out of place than you, pulling more of the plethora of stares from the centaurs giving you a wide berth on the thoroughfare. That said, only McCain seems concious of it, awkwardly trying to keep pace while looking around.
Keel in the meanwhile is somehow managing to walk and take notes at the same time, writing franticly into his journal with a pace that makes you worry about it catching ablaze. His mannerisms remind you more of your late father when he got an idea about something. You feel a pang of guilt as you remember that you've yet to visit his grave since his burial, compartmentalizing your grief after the first week with handling the ranch.

Shaking that thought out of your head you look over to Veles. If he is at all worried about the centaurs, it doesn't show. With the same unconcerned grace that he showed his first time at Riverport and Snake's Landing he outright glides through the mass of tents with Dahz at his side. You notice that with his length, the wide berth the centaurs are giving you extends more than fifty feet back behind. A fact you are silently grateful for rolling your shoulders as your colt induced scrape makes itself known with a flare of pain, you don't relish getting trodden on by these guys.
You come to a large expanse of flat land, noting a tent larger than the others in the center of the opening. Around it, you see other proto-roads like the one you are, turning the tent sea into a series of wedges that extend to different points of the compass.

Here Elim turns to you. [You are free to go about your business, the Ataman may wish to speak with you.]

[Shouldn't we stay here then?]

His face remains impassive. [I do not think that you will be hard to find.]

The other three centaurs disperse as the older one makes his way towards the tent.

>Wat do?
Hah, sorry humans and elves.
Apparently the most common two legged thing around here are savage trolls.
We'll have to work on that.

Let's visit a few of their shops or eateries. See how their culture does things, and what sort of stuff they have.
Oh, and I suppose get the other's take on things. What keel's writing, how Mccain feels about all this.
You turn to your companions, "This seems to be going well." You say brightly.

McCain huffs through his moustache as Keel looks up from his journal, "I'll say, The amount of coordination here in this encampment suggest ingrained military discipline that has been re-purposed. The main pathways make it for easy mobilities, but at a glance, the alleys between the tents are full of switchbacks, dead ends, and blind corners. It'd be a nightmare for cavalry to assault though I guess that's the point, tents are built pretty solid too."

"Is that what you are writing in your journal?"

"For the most part, disposition, observations, other things like that. We've had policy for meeting new races in place for a while. This is the first time in my knowledge we've had reason to use them. Its to prevent any misunderstandings or grudges among the natives."

McCain nods, but adds. "I'd have expected them to be right riled up with us showing up. Somethin' feels off about this, but I can't say what. I don't like it."
File: VelesIsUndettered.jpg (695 KB, 636x900)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
Veles in the meanwhile still seems unconcerned. "I have done this many times, there should be no problem provided we give them no reason to. They will likely be... how you say... standoffish, is nothing personal, is just their way. They have not had bad experience with outsiders yet though."

Well that's something to think about. You and your group make your way down another thoroughfare and come to what look to be a main bazaar, the smell of roasted meat, herbs, spices wafting from one area, whereas the sounds of Casimiran shouts from another remind you of shops in Riverport.

>Check out the shops first
>Check out the eateries first

Thank goodness the snake happened along, that fish almost drowned.
>Check out the eateries first
We just got into town (sort of) after a long trip, let's go get a bite to eat and excuse it away as cultural investigations.
We'll go shopping after. I mean researching. We probably don't have much to actually trade on us.
>check out the eateries first

see if you can't get some spices for Tai (was that our ranch hand's name? the one that knows how to cook) or at least learn where we could buy some of the plants for his garden he's working on. But if we do that we're also going to have to see if we can't find something for our harpy ranch hand. Ask Veles if he thinks we might be able to pick up a history book here or something. It's going to take a bit of time to translate it but that's something we can worry about latter.
I don't know what she likes, so a history book is as good a guess as any. Or knives, she seems to use knives.
File: ItsCalledDeruny.jpg (1.84 MB, 2560x1920)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Conferring with Veles, you manage to find an eatery that doesn't fit under the descriptor 'Mead Hall', a thing you've only ever really read about. There is a lull in volume as you enter though but picks up again when you move to a table. The lack of chairs is jarring, but in hindsight you should have expected that. Veles manages to negotiate a price using some of the trinkets you've brought along and you manage to get some food brought to you, with a side of what looks to be beer. Its still roughly breakfast time.

Keel and McCain were given a pair of baskets of fried disks, and upon inspection, it appeared to be pancakes made from potatoes with 3 mason jars apiece with different sauces, one of which containing a sour cream. The server then brings out your food, which appears to be a pile of some sort of vegetable dumpling or wrap or something, tentatively trying one you find it to be a oil baked cabbage stuffed with rice, bacon, and containing a sauce that you cannot place. Veles however, gets the lion share of this meal, with two servers bringing out a tray stacked high with boiled sausage.
File: ALiteralSausagefest.jpg (437 KB, 999x868)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
Rolled 14, 11 = 25

Your party regards each other for a little bit, before you begin sharing your food amongst one another, ignoring the stares from the other patrons. It is hearty food, and after being on the trail for a few days, you can put this meal up there with one of Tai's culinary performances. McCain and Veles finish their drink, declining a refill, whereas you simply taste the surprisingly smooth beer along with Keel.

You thank the server, and pull a few trinkets from your pack, letting the owner pick out a couple that strikes their fancy, thanking the servers, a pair of young centaur girls that seemed frightened to death and head back into the market, stomach protesting a bit as the heavy meal settles.

>Look for spices.
>Look for literature.

Going to need a pair of d20 rolls regardless.
Rolled 14, 11 = 25

>>Look for spices.
A better trade good than books. And we can get tai a gift.
We'll get our harpy some books later. If they have many around.
Rolled 4, 17 = 21

lets start with the spices since with those at least we don't have to translate them.
Rolled 7, 12 = 19

17 v 14

Heading through the bazaar, you try to find something on based around agriculture. While you do see a veritable heap of produce stands, very little is devoted to actual harvesting or growth of crops. There are tool shops, yes, but seeds for the spices are rapidly turning out to be a snipe hunt. You eventually broker a trade for a spice collection with a centaur at one of the stalls when something catches your eye. A pair of centaurs you have been seeing repeatedly, appear to be following you at the edge of the ring of centaurs giving you space.

"It would appear we are being tailed so to speak." You say to the air.

"Could it be the leader wants to speak with us?" Keel asks.

McCain drawls out, "Do these look the sort of people to be anything but blunt?"

"Point taken."

Continue about our business. They're probably just sent to keep an eye on us, since we're strangers or whatever.
Maybe keep an eye on them so we don't get surprised if they turn out to be less pleasant types.
you could turn around a corner and wait for them to pass by, then call out to them when they do. Other then that keep an eye on them and continue shopping for our other farmhand. If you can't find a book then look for throwing knives for her.
>Continue about our business. But keep an eye out just in case.
"They are probably just keeping an eye on us. No reason to give them anything to worry about. Lets see if we can find something for Marie."

Books are in short supply, but there is a vast collection of weapons for sale. Moving from stall to stall, you find most are geared towards heavy mauls, battle axes, and swords. Curiously though, you find a small collection of lighter weapons too, and you do manage to find 3 very well made knives that look light enough to be used as a throwing knife. The merchant lets them go for fairly cheap in your opinion, but you're not one to complain.

It is here you see Aleska and Mitay... walk, trot, whatever, toward you.

[The Ataman would like to see you.] She says as you see the pair that were following you slink back into the crowd.

>How to handle this?
Well, let's go.
We'll ask the guy in charge if those following us were his or not.
Also ask him about his people, and tell him a bit about ours.
Be polite, we'll go with them to see the Ataman.
Ask him about trade.
let the Ataman speak first and see what he wants to talk to us about first before we start asking things. Also on the way there ask Aleska and Mitay if they knew why we're being followed.
[That will be no problem.] you say, falling in behind the two. [Did those two you have following us tell you where we were?]

[We had no one following you. We simply asked where kutkh were. Is not like you are hard to find.]

That's disconcerting, but nevertheless, you press on heading back toward the main tent. A pair of centaurs bearing heavy leather armour and a pair of massive claymores stand at the front. They indicate that weapons are to remain with them. You take care to put your rifle and ammunition pack near them, and your packs you pile next to those before heading inside.

Inside the tent you see a series of tables, each with a group of official looking centaurs standing near them, pouring over documents, maps, and the like. At the very center of it you see a centaur nearly an 1/8th larger than the rest, you mark him for a major fighter, thus you are surprised to find yourself led before him and he quite literally looks down at your party.
[So there is more than one kutkh.] He says, more out loud than to you. [This is a... unique opportunity. The last one we had appeared more than 30 cycles ago.] You look over to Veles who is suppressing a smile.

[We've know that there were lands beyond ours for some time, however we've yet to pass the mountains to the north, and the ones we have scaled have only shown a vast expanse of sea. The stories of the great beasts suggested there were more than us, the children of Casimir, but none have been encounters, save for a lone kutkh who we believe lived in the mountain. The fact that such a kutkh is with you suggest you may hail for a similar place. Are you and yours of the mountains as well?]

Nah, he lives in the mountains, but we live in a valley past them. Past that are several towns, and then the ocean. We've been settling the area for a generation or so, and have asked veles to help us explore further. I'm Sasha, Nice to meet you.
Yes and no, we come from the other side of the mountain near it's base. We've been also trying to find a way across the mountain and until just recently we hadn't any success either.

If he ask anything about the UFK I think it would be best to leave it to Keel since he was the one who said that he was the one with some training in a first contact situation as to avoid problems or misunderstandings. If he wants to know why we came tell him we came to try and see if we couldn't set up trade.
Seconding>>32450125 but agree that we should let Keel do the talking if they ask about UFK.
Going to postpone for the night here. Storm rolling in and connection is getting spottier, will try and get going faster tomorrow.

See you at certain points throughout the day tomorrow.
I may have to excuse myself for some of it.
See you tomorrow, hope the internet treats you better.
Man, I completely missed this. What a shame,.
I'll give it a bump before I collapse to sleep.
What did we bring to show off, again? Clock gizmos, guns, anything else?
I think that was the size of it. Man, falling block his are going to be a big fucking hit.
Alright, getting back at it, thanks for keeping it live.
[Yes and no, he lives in the mountains, but we live in a valley beyond. We've been also trying to find a way across the mountain and until just recently we hadn't any success either. I'm Sasha Masterson, owner of the Lion's Head Ranch. Nice to meet you.]

He regards this for a second, [So, a szlachta kutkh. Well, we cannot have everything. That said, as protector of the inner lands, I am obligated to ask you of your business here.]

[We had been searching for a way inside the mountain for the better part of a generation. Thankfully we found Veles and found a way through. Our primary goal is to set up trade at some point.]

You see one of his advisors want to say something, but they opt not to at the last second. He continues. [I do not sense any disingenuity from you nor do I see any objection to your stated goal. You may continue with your quest for trade.]

Here Keel taps your shoulder. "Miss, if I may, I surmise that this is the leader of this outpost? If so

Veles and yourself translate for Keel, you supplying definitions and explanations of things Veles is unfamiliar with, and Veles providing a more coherent translation for some of the more abstract concepts. It takes some time, but you get the feeling that the Ataman is rather thankful for how frank you are being. Towards the end he offers to answer any questions you may have, in return for your answering so many of his that were unasked.

>Any questions?
Let's see what their thoughts on the troll like things from before are. Perhaps we could sell them some five pounder field guns.

Also, ask about life stock and such. Do they keep any?
File: WelcomeToCentaurLand.jpg (148 KB, 1024x685)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
[We ran into some of the fallen on the way here. Do they cause you trouble often?]

[They are mostly a nuisance, they have great numbers, but are only a threat to the weak, alone, or young.]

You get a vision of trading arms to the centaurs, but that would require getting a supply of weapons. Something you lack at the moment, so you put it off for now.

[How about crops, are there any you grow? Livestock?]

He gives a grimace of distaste. [That is the purview of the serfs of the szlachta, some of the camp followers keep swine and gardens, but the bulk of our food is provided by the szlachta in payment for our protection of the lands beyond their borders.]

[If I may ask, what kind, pigs, cattle, sheep?]

[Cattle? I do not know that word.]

Oh. Oh dear.

Oh boy. Perhaps a generic description of a cow for now. Perhaps a description of the cooked flesh.
File: Moresnakeswithhats.jpg (33 KB, 599x473)
33 KB
You are about to go into a lively explanation of what cattle is, what it looks like and how delicious it tastes when the Ataman holds up a hand. "That is a matter for the Szlachta. As I said before.]

You're a bit miffed but are about to broach your next set of questions when you hear the sound of hoofbeats approaching the tent. A messenger comes in and after frantic whispered conversation with the ataman he straightens up suddenly.

[My humblest apologies, it would appear some other obligations have made themselves apparent so I must end this audience.] You can't help but notice the same distatse in his voice as he said obligations as he did when he mentioned the szlachta.]

You are ushered out by the guards and go to pick up your things.

Give me 2d20 rolls please.
Oh dear, might have pissed away a fair bit of our meeting
Rolled 8, 12 = 20

Rolled 4, 7 = 11

oh, well, I guess they have to do military things now.
Great and super.

Maybe let's show off our gun a little and help them.

You go and collect your pack from the pile and sling your gun back over your shoulder. You also see the Ataman step out of the tent, looking down the eastern thoroughfare. You see cloud of dust coming from that direction, and you can just make out the glint of something shiny approaching at the head of the dust cloud.

A whistling builds up, turning to a keening wail as the things grow closer, the centaur guards gripping their weapons a little tighter as what is making the cloud comes into view.

Clad in shining silver armor, the lead having a cougar pelt draped over one shoulder, a group of what has to be at least 9-12 centaurs form a phalanx as they hurtle down the thoroughfare in step. The Kozak centaurs having long abandoned and pulled out of it making way for the newcomers. What makes these centaur so notable is the massive wings hanging off the back of the armor.

These pace of the hussars slow as they approach the tent, stopping as one in front of the procession. Close up, you see that each of the hussars has underclothes of yellow silk and the ones behind the leader are stock still as he approaches the Ataman, who addresses him. [What is your business here, Duren of House Krasick.]

Is it just you or does your bag feel lighter?

Going to call the thread here. Apologies, had hoped to get more updates, but this was the only window I had between familial obligations for this week. Will try and get another thread soon.
Well, see you next time! thanks for running.
Also, did we get our shit stolen? How do they even do that we had a huge zone of nobody around us.

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