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File: Crux Terminator.png (2.37 MB, 1024x1448)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
+Status report+
Chapter strength: 685 brothers
Chapter realm: Varda, Tombstone, Folkvangr
Chapter wealth: 123 Wealth
Date: late 342.M41
These are strange times for the Ghosts of Retribution - you have just finished probably the most controversial mission in your Chapter's history - Operation Unseen Blade. Your elite team broke into Inquisitorial Prison on the moon of Nobis and freed a former Grey Knight Deiron, who was being held there under charges of Diabolus Extremis - he was unwillingly turned into a Daemonhost, his sacred protective wards have been removed together with his flesh and he was remade anew into something dark and unholy. These deeds would earn you the mark of the traitor, if not for one circumstance - you were committing all of these sins because you believe they are the lesser evil. Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn has convinced you that this is the only way to find arch-heretic Quixos, who seems to have been plotting against the Imperium on a scale unseen in this part of galaxy before... Now that you have Deiron in your hands and the final showdown with Quixos is just around the corner.
Thought for the day: Sooner or later wings of technology will fail, the higher you will rise, the harder you will fall.
File: heretical designs.png (2.08 MB, 1024x1448)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
Last session you earned:
Luigi: 1xp
Anon(could be MS or Lyk, but not sure): 1xp
TripMarine: 2 xp for the Chapter
Anonymous: 2xp for the Chapter
+ 2xp
+ 4 Chapter xp

Optional XP: For the brave anon who will put down the events of the Operation Unseen Blade on our wiki and create Character page for Kaldor Draigo will receive extra 2 xp(spend as you wish) or create a new Brother Sergeant special character for the Chapter of your own design.
>Anon(could be MS or Lyk, but not sure): 1xp
I claim that one for myself
File: Could be heresy.png (19 KB, 650x391)
19 KB
>For the brave anon who will put down the events of the Operation Unseen Blade on our wiki and create Character page for Kaldor Draigo will receive extra 2 xp(spend as you wish) or create a new Brother Sergeant special character for the Chapter of your own design.

File: daemonhost chained.jpg (51 KB, 180x493)
51 KB
Luigi provides quality stuff, as always. Reward granted: =2 XP=
After the mission, Eisenhorn managed to successfully extract your team from the Nobis' surface and now all of you are back the Aspera Dominus. What shall you do first:
>Speak with Sergeant Argos of the Void Squad - he seemed to be a little bit concerned about how the mission ended.
>Speak with Eisenhorn - he is the reason you and your men shed blood and killed innocent Imperials, it is time for questions and answers.
>Deiron is the key to many things, maybe you should try to interrogate him before you allow Eisenhorn touch him? You never know whom you can trust and maybe you could force the Daemon inside Deiron tell you things that Eisenhorn wouldn't be able to get from him...

[Warning: Choosing either of these options will change direction of the game and other options will become unavailable afterwards]
I think we should commend Void Squad on their exemplary performance first.

Other opinions?
From henceforth, any officers stationed at the Tombstone study Leadership, Tactics and Strategy.
Please roll d100 for their studies.
Rolled 15

Other: Ask Eisenhorn for a moment with our men before we talk/observe his interrogation

"Brothers, what we have done today is a dark deed, but we have done so in the hope and belief that what was sacrificed today will save more than what was lost. Brother Hull gave his arm for the Imperium, but we have all risked our souls today in what we hope will never be known as our deed. We have given ourselves unto the Imperium in flesh, blood and humanity to become what we are, and now we have given more of ourselves unto the altar of humanity, like our brothers before us. By bolter and blade we shall live and die as brothers, but no grave shall take us peacefully."

"If you would join me, brothers, I would offer words to those that sacrificed their lives to our hands and actions today. May their sacrifice be remembered by those that follow."

>lead Void squad through Oath to bring quick death to a fallen comrade, in past-tense, changing last line to: "Your duty is done, and now I must continue mine."
>Brother Hull gave his arm for the Imperium
File: 1355682427426.jpg (68 KB, 700x472)
68 KB
Quintor has always been a defensive commander, preferring to keep enemy occupied, while preparing a crushing counter attack to finish the battle. However the time he spent in the Academia at Tombstone during the last few years allowed him to study the classical works of military thought. He spent months playing simulation wargames based on the advice of Tactica Imperialis and Codex Astartes, this helped him improve both his strategical skills and ability to lead. Spending a lot of time with 5th company made him forge a very special bond with his men, who are extremely close to him, more like sons than subordinates. Because of this reason his ideas of the Deathwisher cult became prevalent among them. Quintor finds himself at crossroads now - he is following the ideal of glorious death in battle, but at the same time he is very protective of his soldiers. What kind of leader will he be only the test of iron will show.

Quintor gains:
Leadership (+20) skill
Strategy (+10) skill
Intelligence = 20 + 3d10
Willpower = 20 + 4d10

Please generate his statistics.
You approach Argos just as he is taking off his blood-stained unmarked power armour. He salutes you and puts down the armour plate he was holding in his hands. Squire-servitor continues to undress him, but he concentrates on you:
>Ave, Chapter Master. Congratulations on successful mission. To be honest, we all went in there with our minds prepared for death. Your leadership was worthy of Corax himself, we haven't lost a single man, even Brother Hull seems to be stable and Apothecary Simmer promised to get him back into combat ranks within half a year. Please understand this - me and my men, we, the Void Squad, admire you more than anything in this bleak existence. That is the reason why it feels so wrong that I am not feeling completely content with how this mission went. While we have won, it came at a blood price, not our own, but that of other Imperials.
File: Dark armour.jpg (273 KB, 450x810)
273 KB
273 KB JPG
>And the men we fought in the end... Grey Knights! Who could have believed that! They are the stuff of legends! And they held out against our squad led by you, Chapter Master, that is quite a feat, having in mind how we punched through hundreds of Inquisitorial stormtroopers like a powersword through flesh. Either way, this was a very strange mission, nothing like killing Orks in some half-forgotten rim worlds. We spoke with other men before the mission, what would we do when, if we survived. We spoke about our dreams and when I realised what we all really lacked our whole lives, I promised my men to ask you this after the mission. Chapter Master, we want to rejoin our brothers. We want to become part of the Chapter... To be part of a Company, to have a Captain. To get to know other brothers, not just listen to tales about their deeds. To dine with others in the main hall of Tombstone, to sing the Litanies of Hate and Fury on the Day of Emperor's Ascension. We understand that we are different and there is a reason that we know just you, Klementhos and your Honour Guard, but please, if you think that we did well on the last mission - let us become real Ghosts, like all the others. Or if we failed you in some way - let me know what can we do so that we would deserve this privilege.

What do you answer?
Rolled 5, 9, 2 = 16

Quintor's intelligence.
Rolled 4, 3, 10, 7 = 24

Void Squad is sort of Perrow's pet project so I think we should wait for his opinion on the subject.
Intelligence: 36
Willpower: 44
Deathwisher cult gains around 70 new followers in 5th Company.
>We want to become part of the Chapter
they have proven there valor many times over, and their loyalty even when they learned about their origin has never faltered. they deserve to join with the rest of the chapter.

Put hand on Argos' shoulder.

"I know that I have been cruel to you and our brothers, Argos. I have also seen you thrive upon the bonds you formed under the cruelty I showed you, and prove that you are Ghosts beyond question. I must take time to consider exactly where you shall be assigned and ask your patience of me in this matter, but you are my battle brothers as any other of our number. Is this acceptable, Brother Argos?"

>then this>>32002742
I say we let them in. HOWEVER, we need to make some solid traditions.

There will always be a Void Squad unless we happen to run out of gene seed.

They will be no larger then the size of a tactical squad, cannot join the first company, cant be known outside the chapter, if one dies then he and he alone is replaced by 1 new recruit.....

Sound good?
File: prayer.png (206 KB, 450x810)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
Argos nods and turns back to Squire-Servitor:
>Thank you, Chapter Master, we will wait for your decision.

[Persuasion/Leadership auto-success]
Your speech puts the minds of your men at ease and the symbolic Oath gives them sense of righteousness. Roll d100, on 51+ you gain 1xp.
>There will always be a Void Squad unless we happen to run out of gene seed.
Technically, you could harvest the geneseed from the void squad as well... However that wasn't sanctioned yet. Your supply of original Iron Warriors geneseed is limited.

>They will be no larger then the size of a tactical squad, cannot join the first company, cant be known outside the chapter, if one dies then he and he alone is replaced by 1 new recruit.....
Definitely possible. But what do you do with the extremely old or completely disabled marines, "retire" them?
What do you do next? Eisenhorn or Daemonhost?
Rolled 65

xp, huh?
I'd rather leave the Inquiring to the Inquisitor, Daemonhosts are scawy.
If they are members of the chapter then they should be treated the same as any other brother. I would however hesitate to toss them in the dread though.
File: All the Lost Souls.jpg (623 KB, 1046x1500)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
Rolled 11

+1 xp!
Eisenhorn seems to be pleased with your decision.
>While you are indeed a god on the battlefiedl, Chapter Master, there are paths too dark to thread even for the brightest angels of the Emperor. That's why there are men like me, we turn the shadows against themselves. I have completed preminary examination of the Daemonhost, "Deiron" seems to be possessed by an entity I have already encountered once in my search for Quixos. I shall not mention it's name here, but it is dangerous. Would you like to observe the exorcism/interrogation? I wouldn't mind you being there in case things get rough, but I wouldn't suggest taking your men with you.
Do you accompany Eisenhorn to his ship to interrogate Daemonhost? Y/N
Please roll d100 for Eisenhorn's interrogation:
+Willpower: 58
+Knows the True Name of the Daemon(+30)
+[secret trait] (+10)
+Total: 123

+Willpower: 85
+Thrice-Bound (-40)
+Hatred(Inquisition) +10
Total: 55

rolling for daemon contesting Eisenhorn
Rolled 20

I think we should accompany Eisenhorn.
>Reveal your secrets creature of the warp!
what's the worst that can happen it's not like Esienhorn has a blank accompanying him. That's just crazy talk.
I'm terrified he might reveal one of our secrets though
File: bequin.jpg (223 KB, 673x1100)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Before the ritual began Eisenhorn took you to the side and explained you what is about to happen. Daemonhost at the moment is bound to the person who created it, most likely Quixos himself. This means, that it serves and obeys specific rules and principles set out by it's creator. In order to successfully interrogate Daemon, Eisenhorn was planning to break this link, but to maintain the bonds that shackle unholy entity to this reality, this way trapping it and leaving it in a vulnerable position where it would have to submit to his will. You are smart enough [IN 45 autopass] to ask him:
>Does that mean that you will be effectively replacing Quixos as the master of the Daemon..?
Eisenhorn doesn't seem to be happy with this question, but he confirms it:
>That is right. Not a pleasant idea, but there is no other way to make this work and we NEED to get the information about Quixos. Don't worry, I will keep it under control and banish it as soon as it is no longer necessary for our goals. Just a temporary measure.
You both then entered the room where the Daemonhost is levitating in the air, chained to the floor with heavy silver chains; each chain link was inscribed with words of power that kept it weakened. There is another woman in the room, she is arrogant enough to stare you straight into the eye, not many mortals dare this. Looking at her makes you feel repulsed for some reason and only then you realise that you can't feel her on the immaterial plane, at all! It's as if she wasn't there, or maybe even the opposite - it's as if she would be sucking in Empyrean around her, like a black hole.
>This, Chapter Master, is our wild card in case something goes terribly wrong. I am pleased to introduce you to Elisabeth Bequin, she's as you might have already noticed, a Psychic blank. She can control her abilities very well, so her aura is currently at the lowest possible point, it will not affect the ritual.
File: unholy interrogation.jpg (685 KB, 1022x768)
685 KB
685 KB JPG
Bequin retreats to the back of the room and Gregor starts chanting - first in High Gohic, you can follow him quite well, but then he starts putting in words from some other language, a lot older and a lot more sinister than anything a human might use to communicate. You realise that he is calling out and challenging the Daemon, and the Daemonhost starts jerking like a doll controlled by a mad puppet master. Then, voices flood your head, the Daemon is speaking to you despite his mouth being sewn shut...
>Did you know that the wings of the Mormarkian butterfly have over 80 000 sensory spots...
>Why didn't you promote me!? If you would have picked me, Chapter wouldn't...
>I never had a chance to tell her goodbye, when the machines...
>01100101 01111000 01101001 01110011 01110100 01100101 01101110 01100011 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110000 01100001 01101001 01101110
>It has been this way ever since Inaria, fruitless search, darker paths at every turn, maybe it's time to...

What do you do?

=extra options=
1. Try to understand what is the name of the Daemon from the Eisenhorns litany =Sorcery(+10) test or Exorcism(-10).
2. Try to shut the daemon out by reciting the Litany of Protection = Exorcism(+30)
3. Go closer to Bequin
4. Try to listen more to one of the voices while ignoring the Daemon = Sorcery (-20)
We don't have skill in any of those. I say just stay still and let the interrogation run its course.
>2. Try to shut the daemon out by reciting the Litany of Protection = Exorcism(+30)
>3. Go closer to Bequin
can we walk closer to Bequin while doing the litany?
>can we walk closer to Bequin while doing the litany?
quietly with the litany, we don't want to disrupt the ritual.
You can do that as well, if you wish.
If that's a second vote to do nothing, then I'll post.
>If that's a second vote to do nothing, then I'll post.
sorry, that was me samefagging
Why does it say Dreadnought when it is clearly terminator armor? If it is supposed to be a type of dread termie hybrid, why does it clearly show the pilot being able to get out of it when the whole thing about Dreadnoughts is that they are the last chance of a mostly dead Astares to fight for The Emperor?
This is a demonic ritual, why the fuck would you start reciting litanies?
Because Terminator Armor is formally known as Tactical Dreadnought Armor.

Terminator armour is technically called Tactical Dreadnought Armour.

lurk moar faggot
i may be wrong but i thought all terminator armor was "tactical dreadnought armor"
File: it eats your sanity.jpg (210 KB, 1024x1065)
210 KB
210 KB JPG
The voices get louder and louder, it seems as if there is a whole crowd inside your head, all screaming for attention, all in pain, lonely, terrified and miserable...

Roll d100 for Litany of protection.
Willpower: 53(divided by 2); +30 = 57

Afterwards roll d100 for your willpower, success points from previous roll add to this roll. If you lose this roll, you lose d3 Willpower as the daemonic terror scars your mind.
Rolled 69

Rolling for Litany of Protection
Rolled 66

Foar Chaos!
No success, you have been reciting Litany too quietly and you cared too much about not disrupting the ritual.
Your first encounter with the Daemonic forces didn't go down well on your psyche, you lose d3 Willpower points permanently, please roll.
Finally, Eisenhorn is finished and the voices recede. Daemonhost continues to levitate above the ground, but the aggressive energy that was radiating from him is now gone. Eisenhorn turns to you. His eyes are red and his eye-sockets are black, he looks as if he went without sleep for weeks, even though just a few hours ago he looked perfectly healthy.
>We won. He is under my command now. Thank you for not disrupting the spell, it could have given him a second chance to try to break free. It answered my questions. I know where Quixos is hiding and I know what he is doing, or at least I know as much as our prisoner does... But first, I need a stronger drink.
Eisenhorn takes you to his office and opens up a bottle of amasec with seal from 40th millenium.
>Small vices that I can allow myself to indulge in. - He explains. - Now, let us first speak about more pleasant things. When i first came to this Sector, I asked you for help, hoping that you will see the reason for why I am doing what I am doing and that you will help me. You did that and more, you went beyond what is normally considered to be the duty of the Imperial servant. I promised you that I will be grateful and I didn't forget that. First of all, have this.
He opens a drawer and hands you a few neatly stapled documents with heavy red-vax seals.
>Imperial sanctioning papers. You have underwent special training while you were on Luna at the special chapter of Schola Psykana that was closed down a decade ago, so no one can check whether it was true. All of the documents are perfectly legitimate - now you are oficially a recognised, sanctioned psyker, congratulartions.
Rolled 1

>In addition to that I took the liberty of signing an Order of Closure for one of the auction Houses in Tachion Primaris that were dealing in semi-heretical goods, such as minor enchantments and non-dangerous xenotech, the owners are being sentenced as we speak and all the profits raised from liquidating their assets will be donated to your Chapter. Total worth is estimated to be around 50 - 70 million thrones. Or if you wish, I could liquidate only a part of the establishment and let you pick up some of their more exquisite merchandise, as you wish.

A: Gain 50+2d10 Wealth
B: Gain 25 + 1d10 Wealth + Pick 1 item from list
C: Gain 10 Wealth + Pick 3 items from list
List is not available until you choose.

>Finally, let me ask you, is there anything else I can do to make you happy and repay you for your help?

Your Willpower is now at 52.
>Finally, let me ask you, is there anything else I can do to make you happy and repay you for your help?

>To be frank Inquisitor, the only thing my Chapter truly needs is more equipment and funds, as we are perpetually short of vehicles and ships. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated, I know this is a big ask and I understand if you cannot help us with it.

I am leaning towards option A

"Inquisitor, I must ask if you have heard of the circumstances of quarantine upon Mormark and the situation my efforts to save the loyal imperial citizens upon that world has placed my chapter in."
>as we are perpetually short of vehicles and ships
loyal imperial worlds have fallen due to this shortage inquisiter
Ignore >>32006521

Go with >>32006571
we need to check out the sector governor.

Also ask Eisenhorn if low-sec had any security cameras because we took our helmet off in there.
File: 1341873943404.jpg (153 KB, 900x608)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>I have, indeed... Well then, it won't be a problem for me to conduct an Inquisitorial "investigation" into Mormarkian heresy and provide evidence to the Governor and High Lords of Terra that quarantine no longer serves its purpose. However bureaucracy will take at least half a year if not more, so I will look into this after Quixos is stopped.
>Fair point. I know an Inquisitor who has close ties with White Scars and owes me a favour, maybe we'll be able to work something out. Alternatively, I'll try to get one of the Forge Worlds to produce you something you need, but that will be harder, cogheads are under our jurisdiction only because Mars got a seat among the High Lords...
>Unfortunately I can't confirm that at the moment - it would be suspicious. I will do so as soon as the heat cools down.
>However not all of the things I want to discuss with you are pleasant. The Daemon serves me now and he spilled all of his former master's secrets. He was indeed created by Quixos. Daemonhost happened to be an unexpected side effect of the experiments on Deiron's body. When Deiron came looking for Quixos, he managed to capture Grey Knight and strip him off his outer layer of flesh, removing all of the protective sigils one by one and replacing the tissue. From daemons thoughts it is hard to judge whether it was originally done because Quixos is sadistic degenerate or is he a dark genius, who probably took the credit of corrupting first Grey Knight ever. Either way, he wanted to use Deiron as a personal assassin, a shock weapon - powers of the daemon in a vessel of an Astartes, scary combination. What he didn't count on was that Deiron is still somewhere inside, he wasn't consumed by the Daemon, simply suppressed. For this reason when it was sent to kill the Lord Inquisitor, Daemon hesitated, stopped from inside by Deiron and this bought Lord Weimar and Inquisitor Hesten enough time to subdue it.
File: 1341875203620.jpg (127 KB, 900x608)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
But this daemon-plaything, this shock weapon, wasn't the original goal of Quixos' research. What he was really looking for was a conduit. A living vessel, who could be used to channel warp energies into the Materium, maybe in a similar, but perverted way as the Emperor and his psychic attendants are conduits for the Astronomicon. That is the reason he spent last few decades trying to get his hands on every Alpha+ psyker in the whole Segmentum! He is building something, something big and something dangerous, on a distant planet of Farnesis Beta, i've checked Inquisitorial database - it's right on the edge of the Eye of Terror. Daemon doesn't know what it is, but from what it described I know for sure, that it's something horrible. Tonight I will send out astropathic messages to all of my closest colleagues and we will mount an operation to kill Quixos and stop his dark design. But I know that this will not be a game, we fought against Quixos before. That's why I would like to ask you to help me one more time. This would be the last thing I would ever ask from you. Will you accompany me to Farnesis Beta and help me kill Inquisitor Quixos?

=Session finished=
>Mormarkian heresy

"No, Inquisitor. I speak of bending the knee to the Sector Governor in order to save the population of Mormark from starving. The Sector Governor 'requested' an honor guard of my chapter soon after, and I fear that he has been subverting the marines assigned to him since then, while refusing my chapter access to them.

I fear that only one marine may resist the Governor's will, and he nearly panicked when I simply made to speak with them without his presence.

If it would empower you against Quixos and give us both a chance to ensure that the astartes of this honor guard are not suffering some form of control or being swayed to heresy, I would ask you to use your powers to claim them from the Governor, allow me and mine access to ensure their loyalties or do so yourself, and use them to aid in your mission.

Fate has granted me the means to resist any attempt by the Governor to demand another honor guard, and I believe that my brothers would serve you well, if they still obey the Imperium. I can provide brothers to ensure they are no threat while their minds are scanned."
I will reply to this next session! As I have an essay deadline on 16th of May it might be that I won't run till then, sorry.

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