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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Random%20Dimensional%20Quest
Some character stuff: http://pastebin.com/q7T8pqRK

You are Nick Trimmers, Dimensional Mystic and Barber.
Your wanderlust brought you to a vibrant world full of nature and primal energies, but you also found yourself interrupting the operation of some sort of cross-dimensional strip mining syphon.
As you wrapped up and pinned one of the armed and armored figures guarding the mechanisms and portal, you were met by a force of beings partnered with elementals who were rushing to respond to the incursion.
You currently have foot on the armored figure, along with the butt of his odd rifle, and are maintaining two and a quarter times gravity on him, and have just greeted the approaching force.

The mix of humanoids being carried by unseen air elementals hesitate for a moment, surveying the area then land nearby,
Cautiously the approach, pausing for a moment, the one in the lead converses at the plant-being holding a leg. While the tree creature only seems to rustle and make bending-wood noises, you do sense that the two are communicating on a deeper level than the words and sounds they make. After a moment you understand the lead's words as he finishes speaking to it, "I see.. thank you brother.", and treads your way.

"Hail! You there! What business do you have here, and what has happened?" he calls as he draws closer.

Responding honestly enough, "I was just travelling, and I'm not rightly sure. I saw a somewhat horrific sight, and I guess instinct kicked in. I'm Nick Trimmers, and you?"
"Greeting Sir Trimmers," he bows, "I am Winston Lowell, I suppose I'm leading this particular unit.."
He pauses for a moment, uncertain of how to continue.
"Did you.. did you really stop an incursion singlehandedly?"
He seems to be a mix of incredulous and hopeful.

"Well, only sort of. Most of them were on the other side when their door closed, and one did get away. That a ways, if you think you can catch him. What are they after?"

At your words, he gives a look to one of the others and he nods and gestures for others to follow him, and then half of them launch into the air, heading in the direction you indicated.
He turns to regard you again, in the distance behind him see the ground force approaching still.
"They are stripping the this plane of it resources and murdering the immortal embodiments of the natural forces, destroying them to fuel their mad endeavors!" he states, a fire in his voice as he responds.

"That sounds horrible," you say, and give the one under foot a nudge, "Anything you'd like to say in your defence?"

The one underfoot coughs as you refresh the effect on him and question him.
"We do what we must to save our universe, This place in nothing but an unclaimed wealth or resources, and we have laid claim to it. Do not interfere!"
Rolled 30

Hello, still writing?
Rolled 78

How are you today? I always find these threads. I don't keep track of the schedule of these threads. And I haven't missed a one. Great quest, btw.
Lowell doesn't seem to follow the conversation with the one underfoot, but agrees with your first statement, "Yes, it is a horrible thing that War has come to the homes of the elements. We few that know work with out Brothers" he pats the tree "to do what we can to protect them from this insane threat.."

How would you like to proceed?
>Kick the armored figure.
>Ask more about the situation.
>Ask if they can watch him for a few minutes while you try and attune yourself to this dimension and learn more.
>Tell them that you want to claim this person's belongings.
>Ponder escaping all of this.
>Other. Write-In.
All set, and thank you.

As always, if there are any questions or comments, feel free.
Rolled 13

Hey, do the elementals have a... sign language, or spirit language, or something? I usually understand every mundane language. Well, mundane as in spoken.
Rolled 71

This was an other, btw.
"Pardon, but do the elementals have a... sign language, or spirit language, or something? I usually understand every mundane spoken language after a few moments, but not them. Though I do feel more from their body language than most."

"Our elemental brothers have a primal language all their own, one of power and nature, We who are bound to the elements are blessed to be able to understand them. They can understand the spoken word.. though as straightforward essences of the elements, they have little understanding of our world or guile," responds Lowell. He then adds, "Just having a sense at all of their feelings is more than most mortals can claim, truly we are blessed to have you here. You must be a mighty wizard to have been able to close their drill between worlds."
Rolled 34

Not a wizard, a Dimensional Mystic. It's easier to close a portal then to open one. If you have heard of spatial mages, I am similar to them. There are some differences, but the main one is that mystics magic is more instinctual than spells. Have you contacted anyone from another dimension to speak of the plight of this world?
Nothing to see here.
Rolled 93

Even less when I fuck up.
Rolled 16

You are aware that 'wizard' may refer to magic users that have their abilities through training and practice with not particular connection to a specific aspect of magic. Though it is often used as a blanket term, your impression of Winston Lowell is that he would favor the formal usage.

"Not a Wizard, I'm am a Dimensional Mystic. It is easier for us to close a portal than other magic users. If you have heard of Spatial Mages, I am similar to them. There are some differences, but the main one is that my magic comes from a more instinctual connection to the source, rather than training and a connection," you answer him before raising a question of your own, "Have you contacted anyone from another dimension to speak of the plight of this world?"

Winston tilts his head curiously at you mention of Spatial Mages and Dimensional Mystics, as to some of the others with him, "I cannot say that I am familiar with your order, Sir Trimmers, but if you a capable of closing a portal on your own, your might in that field is unrivaled. Out general tactic is to beat them back and pour all we can into the rifts to keep them from reemerging. We only have a handful of allies with such capabilities and they usually need our aid to have enough energy to close them. Sadly, this takes a toll on them, and we try to keep them back from the front lines."
"As for contacting others, the word is slowing spreading to Warlocks throughout the realities, but travel here is not a thing we can do on our own."
He eyes you approvingly, you can imagine what he must be considering, but has the restraint to avoid asking just yet.

Underfoot, your prisoner starts to squirm again and you spend a moment refreshing the gravity effect on him. He groans weakly.
Rolled 74

If you want, I can easily open a portal to a semi-major pocket dimension called Arsenal. It sits just between (However many different dimensions it connects to) dimensions. Sadly, it's the only hub I know of that's safe. If you want, I could also look for a different dimension.
(Does anyone mind that I keep leaving conversation largely without prompts? I can work more in, but I do enjoy freeform responses.)
Rolled 3

Well, if you could put a bit of greentext at the end of the conversations to signal that you stopped writing might be nice.
Aye, I've been a bit lax on that. Sorry.
Rolled 84

It's fine. It's just i don't really know if I should respond or if I should wait for the next post.
Most of the permanent links go to various worlds within the Three Galaxies in one dimension, and all are pay-for-passage. You may also have concerns that most of those worlds are tech-centric, and these people seem to be living more simply than that. If they were interested in buying arms though, Arsenal's a great place.
Rolled 59

Yeah, but I sorta wanted to find some info, and Arsenal is the best place to look.
Information on what? You know Arsenal pretty well at this point, many things you may know off-hand.
Rolled 31

Information of perhaps, how to find the location of a certain group who mines dimensions.
Your previous examination of opponent has shown that he's clad in full body armor, possibly environmentally sealed, though it is far less sleek than what you've seen in Arsenal. Also, judging from your time in Axmel's shop and the looks of some of the gold and silver leads at the joints, it has techno-wizardry of some sort included in its design, and the gun in your hand is definitely TW in nature.
Techno-wizardry is more of a niche market in Arsenal, but you know through Axmel and Administrator Anderson the the United Worlds of Warlock practice it heavily.
While you aren't familiar with any group among them engaging in such activity, you are aware that Warlocks, elementally attuned magic users, where a founding element of the star-nation.

As for tracking down where they are from, at the least you could examine one of their portals while open, or step through one. You could also see if anything shows while attuning yourself to this world, though it might not be great chance, though learning more about this place in general likely couldn't hurt.

"If you'd like, I could easily open a portal to Arsenal, if you were interested in buying weapons, it would be an ideal location. Also you can buy passage to a number of other worlds from there. Assuming you have something to offer them in exchange for their currency."

Lowell looks noncomittal, "Alas, we are not a wealthy movement, few of us are men of means, and our Brothers cannot repay us. It is not really a concept know, much of what is happening to them here is a mystery to them. And mysteries make them angry."

"..we.. will persevere.." weakly grunts the underfootman.

Lowell glances down, "As such, if you want to keep holding that thing, keep it close. They at least recognize it as the enemy by this point. Going far would not end well for it." He adds the last while glancing at the paste that was the fellow caught up by the tree-creature.

>How would you like to proceed?
Rolled 21

(To Prisoner) So friend, where are you from? What's your worlds name? Know how I can get there?
(To guy) Are you sure you have nothing of value? The things of nature have value, also. You could look and find some plants, and ask to take a single part. Most plants need trimming to thrive.
Speaking in his language, you address your prisoner, "So friend, where are you from? What's your worlds name? Know how I can get there?"

A labored voice responds, "Ch- chaos.. everything coming apart.. we.. will.. persevere. Your crude arts.. matter not.." Lot of anger in that voice for a guy being lightly crushed, he must be putting extra effort into it.

Looking up again, you speak to Lowell, "Are you sure you have nothing of value? The things of nature have value, also. You could look and find some plants, and ask to take a single part. Most plants need trimming to thrive."

"We take what we may while maintaining balance, to do so too greedily would risk the same harm these beasts are causing," he replies, punctuated with a spit onto the faceplace of his enemy.

>Maybe I can find out more, could you keep this guy from being squished while I try to focus a bit?
>Yeah, I'm done with this guy, just give me a moment to peel him out of his shell and he's all yours.
>What do you know about these guys? *tap foot on armored guy*
>You know what is great? Cheese.
>Other. Write-In.
Rolled 69

1st option.
Please roll 1d100, roll low.
Rolled 62

Ok, will do.

Slight additional delay as I've realized my lightheartedness might be solved with food.
Rolled 81

You ate yet?
You ask Winston if he can keep you prisoner from being squished, he frowns at first, but given your aid he obliges your request, spending a fwew moments trying to explain to the elementals around him that they are not to squish him, unless he runs for it.
This last point you make sure to translate to him before you remove your foot. For them moment, it seems he has decided it is best to remain still.

Moving to one side you locate a good place to sit while you meditate, judging from the strike force combing the area, you feel you are reasonably safe (well, as safe as you can with hillsides striding around).

Closing your eyes and reaching out you feel out the nature of this place.. and find a swirling rush of elemental energies pouring into, out of, and around this place.
All the elements are empowered here, and you can clearly feel the presence of the other Elemental Planes. Primal places where elementals live in their element, and this, the Central Elemental Plane, where those forces interact with each other in a seemless cosmic dance of immortal forces..

Or at least, that's what it should be.

But something is wrong. Deeply wrong.

The dance is off a step and partners starting to jostle each other as the dance floor begins to come apart around them, destroying the building in turn, and the fallout potentially causing devastation across the megaverse.
Cutting through the tortured metaphor, you think something is disrupting this plane enough that it is starting to destabilize the rest of the elemental planes along with it, which could have cosmic repercussions.
You don't have a clear bead on the details or a timeline, but you know something is wrong in paradise.
Yeah, I'm hoping it will help more after some digesting, still feeling off.
Rolled 11

Yeah. Something's definitely wrong in paradise. The dance is off-key.(Say that)
It's cool, just making sure you're still here.
Sorry for the extended delays tonight. Having some strange issues. Bit concerned.
Rolled 39

What's wrong?
Inexplicable bleeding that seems to be in my nasal cavity somewhere, or something in that area.
Also apparently really warm in the apartment, just went around opening windows and such. Downstairs neighbors must be running a sauna for this much heat transfer.
Rolled 39

Go see your physician. Now. If you have trouble writing, take a break AND SEE THE FUCKING DOC!
Think I will take a break, gonna go closer to to cool air, seems to help.
My apologies for flaking out a bit. If everything clears up I'll try picking up again late.
Rolled 68

It's fine dude. I'm the only one here. And I'm ALWAYS HERE. GO TO THE FUCKING DOC! GO. NOW. GO. NOW. GO. NOW.
Or at least call one and explain the symptoms.
Rolled 12

Oh, turns out I'm not the only one here. Hey Leyline!
Son, I am disappoint.
> You must be a powerful wizard.
Not saying
>I'm not a wizard, I'm a barber.

Also hi. I just woke up.
Rolled 35

I couldn't destroy their little minds that a BARBER held of an onslaught of their worst enemies in a losing battle.
But the look on their faces would have been priceless.
Rolled 18

And it would have stayed on their faces. Because they would be brain dead. Anyway, I'm heading out. Peace.
Thread archived. Here's hoping you feel better soon, Slow Ass.
Sorry to worry everyone, seem to be doing better now.

Caution, some gross medical-ish stuff follows.
Was a bit of a perfect storm of things. Nosebleeds in general are not an entirely uncommon thing for me, though that one was higher up than is usual, but in hindsight that side also seemed exceptionally dry breathing through it.
Then it turned out the apartment was way warm, downstairs neighbors may have actually been on fire for that much heat to be transferring over. I am not a friend of heat; tiredness headache, lightheadness, occasional nosebleeds, etc. Me and heat do not like each other, but i seems the temperature inside raised gently enough that it was like boiling a frog and I didn't realize it until I was cooked, which was about two hours in and wondering wtf at a bleed high enough to join my post-nasal dip without much help while feeling lightheaded, which is enough to make one worry, which begets stress which begets more bleeding.
Once I realized it was hot I was less concerned and got everything cracked open. Then ended up falling on the couch near the sliding door, just woke up and starting typing this when it got cold enough to actually awake me up again.
Also may have been more tired due to wakings up a lot earlier than I normally would have the night before due to a similar bleed.
As for seeing a doctor, that step is reserved for when I am prepared to go through medical bankruptcy, since I live in a lovely state that decided that spite was more important than coverage and my finances are rather limited at this time.

Apologies again for flaking, I could continue now if anyone is still up for it.
Still alive.

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