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Thread XVI:
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Legacy%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LamiaLegacy
Opening Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCQmQwKEEOM

Wincing, you make your way on the long trek back to the camp. By the time you pass the springs you can feel the tenderness and bruising of your injury distracting you from your surroundings. You take the time to give Traveller, and your new horse the opportunity for a drink, though the colt takes the water as an opportunity to try and dislodge Tai from its back, which proved unsuccessful. Other than watching your ranch hand become acquainted with the decidedly colder river, there is not much to see. You do hear a bird of prey cry as you rest near the hot spring, and in looking, you see a falcon orbiting the area. You ignore it for now and it lazily flips its wing and turns back toward the mountain. Reminding yourself to ask Veles the range the birds normally fly you pull Traveller's reins again and begin to lead her off, dragging the colt and a thoroughly soaked Tai with you. By mid afternoon you make it back to the camp, placing the colt in the corral, your chilled ranchhand in the bunkhouse, and yourself in the care of Marie, who does a surprisingly quick job of patching you up using a poultice of, according to Tai, cabbage and winterbloom before bandaging it loosely. Even now you can feel the pain bleed away.

>You still have a few hours of daylight. Action?
Sorry I showed up late OP.

Didn't Veles give us his journal to study the centaur's language a while ago? If not then let's pay him a visit.

We're going to meet them soon so we need to make communicating with them a priority.
Yeah you've got a journal on that. He also gave you a few lessons yesterday when you spent the day there. Between the month of on and off study between the bandit attack on the ranch, and that primer, you've got a decent grasp on the language.
File: 1396896191502.jpg-(57 KB, 500x270, ThisIsActualCursiveHandwriting.jpg)
57 KB
You briefly entertain the thought of going back to Veles and attempting to learn more of the Casimiran language, but with the fading light, and the fact you had visited him just yesterday, you decide against it. You opt to spend the rest of the afternoon looking into his journals on the centaurs again. Over the last month you've poured into this book, absorbing knowledge and the intricacies. Their alphabet in particular is easy enough to wrap your head around. A few more letters than you are used to, but they cover the basic range of sounds you'd expect. What really frightens you is the 'scrap' of Centaur script that they use for annals and records. You were a dab hand with elegant cursive, and this is almost a travesty to you, a sea of loops and unintelligible marks that looked more like the doodles you made during sunday school when the teacher went over something you had already understood.

It is dinnertime when you finally take a break from reviewing the book, and you think you have the basics of the spoken language. Enough to get by until you actually meet them you think.

McCain seems to have taken over meals for today, Tai opting to sit by the stove watching and instructing, wrapping himself in a blanket. You are worried that he might have caught something but he assures you that he is just taking preventative measures. After you sit down, the hands ask about what the plans are for when the surveyors arrive are.

Well, I think we're going to stick veles with them.
We might visit them ourselves occasionally while they are out surveying, but I trust the job to get done.

Not much I can think of TO do with the surveyors other than greeting them, having a man go with them, and maybe telling them about the things we've found already.
upon further thought, I guess we should go talk with the military men at some point. We don't really have enough hands to go on the exploration later on ourselves, so we'll probably need to bring one of their men along.

this leads me to the further further thought of getting that area of mountain veles lives in officially purchased and owned by either us or veles. Don't want people jumping our claim.
File: 1396899223128.png-(976 KB, 900x643, Sleeptime.png)
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976 KB PNG
"Well, for starters, I'm going to stick Veles with them. He knows the area better than us, and he'll be know where NOT to take them. I'll be keeping tabs on them in any case." You say.

McCain nods, "Understood, also you two." He says, gesturing to Tai and Marie, "Keep quiet on anythin' regarding a path through the mountains. Last thing I want to hear is some slip of the tongue resultin' in a land grabber getting rights to what is ours."

Marie pipes up here, "What do you want us to do in the meantime?"

"Just act natural. Go about your chores, and answer honestly. We really don't know anything about what is back there outside our initial look around. Don't need to tell them what we saw, I already told Serrak all they need to know. Tai will work on breaking our new horse, and I'll finally see about which of the city slickers I'm going to contact about selling it."

Tai nods at your plan, "And after they leave?"

"We go about getting Captain Keel or one of his to come with us to round off our group. You two will be handling the ranch while we are gone." This elicits a grimace from both, remembering last time but you continue. "Speaking of, I should probably see about contacting him soon."

You pause here and lean back, wincing as your bruise comes in contact with the back of the chair. Finishing dinner, you bid the hands goodnight and slither your way into bed.

>Tree in the Ruins.
>Drifting Ship
>Burned Village
>>Tree in the Ruins.
Let's check out the tree.
Still wondering on the significance of dream sequences. Probably something to do with mccain.
File: 1396901945945.jpg-(490 KB, 640x800, YouAregettingWarmer.jpg)
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490 KB JPG
You first see a faded view of the burned village, and a sense of finality, as if you had seen all there was to see there for now. From there it goes the opposite way you saw McCain take in your last dream, skirting through paths and woods. Passing through a city on a river, before coming to the coast. Another city, massive, beyond any you have seen before... but in a way, a shadow of its former self. Built upon a city of old, the harbor and its surroundings make up this new city. From there it spreads out, the forest making itself known once again as it slowly reclaims the masonry. It is here you see a courtyard, nearly overgrown, but maintained in a way unlike its surroundings. Inside you see youths training, each with an blued metal amulet, depicting some sort of bird around their neck. It appears to be some drill of sorts, but the youths are led by what appears to be their rank leader, one you recognize as your harpy employee. She leads them through a series of manoeuvres, before they pair off into groups and head out into the woodlands, reporting to a group of adults as they do so.

You wake to the throbbing in your back, thankfully dulled with time and barely noticeable, but still irritating enough to put the thought of your dream behind you as you head downstairs. You didn't beat everyone up, but you did beat Tai, who stumbles in and pulls a face at the meal Marie prepared, as you eat in silence for a while.

>Plan for today?
Burned Village (McCain) - Completed
>Plan for today?let's see if Tai needs any help with the horse. And then check to see how marie's been keeping the rest of the ranch.

Assuming there are no major problems we have to spend the rest of the day fixing, we can then move on to legal concerns of where exactly our land ends. Also getting to know the local constabulatory better. Not close to expedition time yet, but we're probably going to be asking them.
File: 1396905452151.jpg-(49 KB, 400x600, SomethingSomethingGirlsAn(...).jpg)
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You spend the morning watching and helping out to the best of your abilities, despite your back protesting. Marie and McCain work getting the cattle fed while Tai works on the other animals. By late morning McCain is out with the herd, and Marie is doing an orbit around watching for trouble. You settle yourself in watching Tai run the colt, first getting it halter trained, which is no mean feat. He manages this with a little difficulty, but easier than you'd expect for a wild horse, and then proceeds to acclimate the horse, running it from one end of the corral to the other. Its almost hypnotic in a way, as he tries to tire the horse out...

"Ladies." McCain's voice, barely suppressing his mirth, makes you jump and look around. "Greenbriar threw a shoe, its not too bad, but I've got to take care of it, Marie, get back on the herd." You turn and see the harpy who, unbeknownst to you, had been watching Tai's display with as much fascination as you had sheepishly take a running jump and wing back toward the herd. McCain turns to regard you, "Were you plannin' on taking anyone with you to Nitor posting, Miss?"

look, we love horses, shut up. Anyway.
I hadn't had any plans on taking anyone with, but maybe let's take marie. We've not spent much time getting to know her at all, and she seems like she could use a break. Also, she doesn't need a wagon or horse as much as bringing someone else, which might save our remaining horses some work, given greenrbiar's re-shoeing.

Ill second this. need to spend more time with the bird lady
File: 1396908680997.png-(2.8 MB, 1090x1800, IDidn'tEditTheseSoTheyWou(...).png)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
"Don't give me that look." You say, feigning injured pride. "It was interesting. Stop that." He just continues to laugh. You give him a bit for the mirth to subside before you answer. "I was thinking on going alone, but on second thought, I may as well take Marie. Seems only right. We can talk about horses."

You see him shake his head, "Alright, I'll get Tai on Traveller to watch the cattle then." and moves on to relay the orders before heading toward the barn where you see Greenbriar hitched.

It takes some doing to get Marie out of the air again, and when she does land she grumbles about waisted energy, but changes her tune when she hears about going to the town. You head to your room, grabbing your money purse and your rifle.

You meet Marie waiting near the road, you still note that she carries no real gun, but you do remember the knives she had. "Other than the Nitor, anything we going to be looking at Miss Masterson?"

>Any other objectives on this trip?
>Anything you want to talk to Marie about on the way?
>1d20 Travel Roll, lower is better.
Rolled 9

>Any other objectives on this trip?
well, I have some legal concerns about who will own the pass when it goes public, but I don't quite know where we'd go to resolve them. If it's nearby, then that. If not, then not really.

>Anything you want to talk to Marie about on the way?
Ask her about hobbies. How she got into the ranching business. How she'd feel about being alone with tai for another long while.

looks good. is the ranch in need of anything Like to get ordered or whatnot?

convinced rammnh --- alright captcha i get it you want noodles...
Rolled 18

your dice missed
Son of a...its email field dice 1d20 right?
dice 1d20
gotta include the space
Rolled 1

Rollan for travel I'll remember how to do it i swear.
File: 1396910208454.jpg-(59 KB, 600x433, WhatHoAnotherCritical.jpg)
59 KB
Right then.
Rolled 11

well at least it wasnt a combat roll...
oh, no, we critsucceeded.
Got that. Beginners luck I guess
File: 1396913174551.jpg-(263 KB, 650x856, TheSummoningOfTheDrawfagF(...).jpg)
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263 KB JPG
You and Marie chat as you make your way toward South Fork. You find out that she's big into history, and has a made a couple of trips already to the travelling library on Sundays to check out a collection. You offer to let her peruse your fathers study, and she excitedly accepts. You then broach the subject of how she got into this business.

"So how did you end up ranching of all things. McCain never did mention your qualifications."

"Don't have any to be honest Miss Masterson. Grew up in New citadel, parents were poor, wound up on the street and beggin' in the ruins. Luckily fell into the right crowd. Learned a few skills and set off for myself. Just landed in Riverport when I came across those drunks Mr. McCain took care of. Ranching seems easy enough though, beats what I was planning." She says a bit sheepishly.

"And that was?"

"Hired muscle."


"Yeah, like I said, I've got a few skills."

"Huh.. well, at least that reassures me when we head off into centaur lands. You going to be ok staying here with Tai?"

She frowns at this. "Well, I'd have liked to have gone with, this is bound to be historic, but hey. At least I was here for it. So long as I can see it before it goes live I'll be alright."

"I think that can be arranged."
File: 1396913239390.jpg-(148 KB, 1024x685, TheLandOfTheCasimiran.jpg)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
You reach South Fork without incident, and you manage to see a familiar face coming out of the nitor office. Captain Keel in civilian clothes. You catch his eye and he waves you over.

"Ah Miss Masterson good to see you."

"Hello Captain Keel. Off Duty are you?"

"For quite a while I'm afraid, mandatory furlough. I've got to take the next month of leave off or I lose it. Apparently not taking any R&R for 3 years rankles some of the Schola. Too much to do, but no sense getting another angry letter every couple months. Was there something I could help you with?"

You hear Marie under her breath, "No bloody way."

>As a matter of fact there is.
>We should talk in private.

>How much do you want to ask/tell him?
yeah, I don't mind her coming with second trip. It's just veles and Mccain insist on being with the first time, and we don't want to leave the ranch with only one man.

ah, crap, I have no idea how much exactly we should tell him. Let's start out somewhere plausible and ask him if you'd get any kind of big reward from the government if you found a way through the mountains. You're going to put up surveyors, and you have high hopes.
Apologies on the delay, you already know that the government has an interest in finding a way through the pass.

Also, is that for talking in public or private? Just want to confirm.
oh, yeah, mostly in private. Just go and sit down somewhere with him and marie to talk about it.
marie already knows this stuff.

and if we already know the government has an interest, let's ask him how it would go down if we found a pass, then inform him we are actively looking. Hopes are high.

we'll actually tell him we have a pass when we're ready to go on that expedition, which is after veles is done with survey stuff.
File: 1396918436457.jpg-(32 KB, 640x360, welp.jpg)
32 KB
You and Marie share a glance and move up alongside the Captain and hurry him into the Nitor office. You recognize the Sergeant you saw on the ship at the front desk and Keel, having at least some sense of your wanting to be discrete, forestalls the sergeants inquiries with a hand and takes you into a back office.

He eases himself into the chair and gives you both a look, "What seems to be the trouble?"

Marie speaks first, "Well, its more a thing of trying to be subtle." Keel's look speaks volumes.

"Right, and what is it we are being subtle about?"

You continue, "Well, we managed to hire some surveyors to properly look into our land. Looking for resources, ores, scouting around, the like." He gives you a nod "and well, we are hopeful that we may just yet find a pass through the mountains."

You see him ease forward in his chair and place his elbows on the desk. "This is quite something. I can see why you would want to keep it quiet."
File: 1396918569323.jpg-(30 KB, 300x250, ThisIsAnOppurtinitytoSpee(...).jpg)
30 KB
"Yes, and well, I'm worried about land grabbers or, no offence, government seizure of the land if that were to be the case. Also, we were looking for someone to come with us to explore the other side, if there was a way."

"Well, I'm certain if there was a way I'd be happy to wrangle a platoon together to look. Part of the Nitor's mandate after all. Discretely of course, speculation is all well and fine for stocks, but we made a point back in the day to avoid land rushes."


It'll be hard to explain the rule of four without giving you hand away...
>Let him in on what you know.
>Let it be at that for now.
>Abandon trying to get his help
>Let him in on what you know.

we're still being discrete about this right? don't see why it'll hurt.
tough decision man. I'm racking my brain trying to think of a way to tell him about a people limit without just spilling the beans altogether.

which I'm tempted to do. Fuck it, go for it. Tell him we have a way through, but using it is... complicated. For now, we'll not be able to do more than a very small group of four people.
Do you want to inform him of the centaurs?
I don't mind telling him about natives, but I sort of want the "they're centaurs" thing to be a bit of a surprise for him.
Mostly for the giggles on this point.

and we can be entirely truthful in saying we've met one so far.
what he said.
File: 1396922333913.jpg-(48 KB, 525x700, MeanwhileTryingToUpdate.jpg)
48 KB
You tense and exhale through your teeth before responding. "We are pretty sure Veles knows a way through the mountains."

His expression doesn't change. "Veles? That positively ancient lamia you had with you? The one that had my file audited due to reports of a male lamia?" he sees your look and continues, "The nitor was founded by a lamia. We were pretty sure we had all we knew on lamias until he showed up. Only other report of a male was one in a clutch far north in orc territory near the ice. It died in egg."

"Yeah, well, he lives in the mountain south of me. Knows about the natives on the other side."

It is here Keel stands up slowly from his desk, walks to the door, and turns the lock. He also heads to the window and draws the blinds before lighting an oil lamp before sitting back down. "Run that by me again. The WHAT living on the other side?"
File: 1396922401141.gif-(2 MB, 250x253, INeedToPutMoreDahzBackInT(...).gif)
2 MB
You give him a quick primer on what you know, forestalling his queries on you just having found out about it yesterday, which was 'technically' true. You also stress that there Celes warned of a cultural thing of there being not more than four people in a legitimate group unless you are a loner. You refrain from mentioning they are centaurs however.

He drums his fingers on the table. "This is significant. Moreso than you know. I'll keep quiet on it for now, but I will be in that expedition, and I will have a contingency in place. Men I can trust, at least eight, that's two four's yes? I'll have to figure out a means to keep contact with them, but you said we have time?"

"Until the surveyors are done yes. And Veles and his land?"

"His claim on this land, if what I wager is true, pre-dates the UFK. We can hardly lay claim on something like that and I'll see what I can do about making it official."

Marie lets out a sigh, "Good, wouldn't be the first time the UFK has forgotten crucial contributions though."

The Captain regards her, you see his eyes flit down, following the necklace chain she wears, before the light of understanding shines in his eyes and he lets that comment pass. You have no idea what just went on and you make a note of it to talk with Marie later.

>Anything else?
I suppose ask him what he'll do with all his vacation time in the meantime.

We've got the really, really tough question out of the way, now it's mostly letting things fall into place and a little preparing for expeditions.

Oh, and ask if anything ever came of those attempted cattle rustlers.
File: 1396924063245.jpg-(388 KB, 1032x720, UpdatedMap.jpg)
388 KB
388 KB JPG
You cough a bit to change the subject, "In the meantime, what are you planning on doing for your vacation time?"

He turns back to you, "Mostly loiter around here or Snake's Landing. Why, was there anything else, apart from this."

"No not really just curious. Speaking of curiosity, those rustlers?"

"You mean McCain and his crew?" Its weird to hear him talk like that and you slap Marie with the end of your tail to prevent her from making a comment. "Outside of the casualties, he got away scot free. The mages backtracked his teleportation to a slum in Riverport, but him and his crew were long gone. It didn't look like they were set up to be here a while, which is curious. What I read on him was a smarter than that, 'specially when he was with the Nitor."

"Perhaps it was a copycat?" Marie says, and you shoot her a look.

"I've entertained that thought as well, but the reputation is too much to ignore. And if it was an imposter, I shudder to think what would happen if he ran across the real McCain. Not to mention the partisans using 'Two Hands' as a Robin Goodfellow analogue."

You suppress a bit of mirth with this, and bid your farewell to the Captain, who gives you a nod before you exit the Nitor Office.

>If head home, I will need another 1d20 travel roll. Lower is better.
we've mostly got things settled for now. We're close-ish to one of the towns if Marie wants to visit for any reason, but we don't have any major shopping or recruiting to do right now, other than vague stocking up for an expedition eventually.
Rolled 17

and by this I mean head home travel roll go
Rolled 18

might as well roll
File: 1396927207608.jpg-(263 KB, 500x360, coyotes.jpg)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
You ask Marie if she had anything else in town for, she shakes her head no, and, with that, you opt to head back home as the mid afternoon sun shines down. You are a ways down the trail until you hear a familiar, but unwelcome sounds. The keening of coyotes greats your ears and you instantly unsling your rifle. You give a nod to Marie who takes to the air.

>How do you want to go about this?
like we did last time, I suppose.

don't let them get too close to the horses, and scare them off with gunshots if they try.
File: 1396927768265.jpg-(119 KB, 630x420, HadYouBeenAANageYouMightH(...).jpg)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 10 = 14

You don't have horses this time. Greenbriar You slithered the distance. At a decent clip given sun and lamia stance, that and Marie gliding along with you. Do you still want to try avoiding them? You'll have to roll a 1d20+2 thanks to your coloring. Green scaled, dark hair, and frontier working clothes working to your advantage.
eh, sure. Let's just slip past 'em.

We don't have any real issues with coyotes, and they shouldn't have any with us. We should be big enough to scare 'em off if they do happen to see us.
Rolled 19 + 2

dropped my dice again
Rolled 13 + 2

File: 1396928957949.jpg-(136 KB, 628x842, LatestOneOfTheseCameOutTo(...).jpg)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Rolled 3, 8 = 11

Dropping down flat you hear the keening grow closer, and you can even see the pack as they make their way across the road. You see Marie swoop towards one of them, and the pack follows, crying and yipping off into the underbrush. Using this opportunity you make your way further down the road as fast as your tail can carry you before you've put a good distance between yourself and the noise. Off in the distance you can see Marie soaring above, climbing higher and higher before she starts making her way back to you. She flops down next to you without a sound. "Led them off into the wilderness then got the sun behind me, Miss Masterson. Persistent buggers though."

"Well done" You say weakly, watching her pop back up in the air and make for home.

You see McCain out in the pasture with the cattle, he catches sight of you and rides up on Traveller. "Greenbriar's gettin' used to the new shoe. Any good news?"

>comes out today
oh ho
Well, we've got a military man to join us on the expedition, and he's said he'll keep quiet about it for now, and that everyone would get to keep their respective property.

We'll see how truthful he was about that in the coming weeks.
File: 1396929749042.png-(317 KB, 694x800, HowManyTimesWillYouGuysCo(...).png)
317 KB
317 KB PNG
"Well, we've got a military man to join us on the expedition, and he's said he'll keep quiet about it for now, and that everyone would get to keep their respective property. We'll see how truthful he was about that in due time"

He nods, and you see Marie take over watching the herd from McCain as you settle back into the chores on the ranch. All in all you think you've got things pretty much well set up for when these surveyors come.

>Pausing for now, if the threads still alive tomorrow will continue. Apologies if it was a bit slow today.
no worries, it was slow on our end too.
Thanks for running!
Aw man, I missed it.
well, it might continue today.
I sure hope so
File: 1396976429875.jpg-(243 KB, 718x972, More an indication I am b(...).jpg)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
With your assistance the hands finish up work early today. The animals fed, watered and everything else taken care of, Tai heads off to tend his modest herb garden while Marie orbits the herd in the late afternoon sky. You settle on the porch with Veles' book and look out over your ranch.

>The survey team should be making contact tomorrow. Anything you'd like to do for the rest of today?
>late in the day
Hmm, not much we can do.

I suppose clean out a few extra bunks in the hand houses in case they have to stay here at all.
File: 1396978333184.png-(519 KB, 742x550, ManualDexterity.png)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
You head over to the bunkhouses with the intent of airing out a few of the beds just in case the team needs to sleep here. You start with the side Marie has claimed, noting with surprise that despite having an entire room to herself her personal effects are organized such that they don't go beyond her bunk. Its got a professional, almost military look to it. From the bunk you see a target in the common room with several knives sticking out of it like a parody of a dartboard. Not wanting to snoop you just focus on changing sheets on the unused beds and getting them ready for possible use. On the other side you see curiously don't see Tai's stuff outside a small bed until you look behind the bunkhouse, he has yet to empty his cart. Slithering through here you repeat the process, careful not to disturb Tai or McCain's things. After that you head back inside. Tai is on cooking tonight and the meal reflects that. You regale them with the tale of the coyotes and Keel's reaction, prompting McCain to scowl when the subject of the rustlers comes up. Sooner rather than later you head to bed, wanting to be able to greet these surveyors at the top of your game. You lay out some plain but respectable clothes and put your head down for some rest.

>The tree in the ruins.
>The Drifting Ship.
>The Burned Village (McCain's Story): COMPLETED
I guess we finished the village, so the ship?

also, we might want to help tai unpack later.
File: 1396979773410.jpg-(133 KB, 707x1000, ShouldIWaitForMoreVotesBe(...).jpg)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>The Drifting Ship.

You see the LSID pulling away from the drifting ship as it finally breaks apart and sinks beneath the waves, aboard the Nitor vessel you see the boy standing next to a figure covered in a sheet. There are no tears, there is no time for them as the ship pulls into Riverport. On the shore you see a familiar figure on horseback, but you can't place it.

You extract yourself from today's restless sleep induced knot and make your way downstairs. Marie and McCain are there to greet you as Tai comes in halfway through breakfast. There is an air of nervousness and excitement among Marie and tai though, the surveyors being due here today. You figure how to best handle them...

>Go get Veles as soon as possible.
>Let them get started before getting Veles.
>more votes
Eh, not many people are around to be honest.

and I suppose let's get Veles and have him be here before we talk to the rest of them. That way, we can keep where he lives/the teleport circle mysterious more easily.
Let's go get Veles now. No sense in waiting.
File: 1396981612719.jpg-(695 KB, 636x900, lamiamale.jpg)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
After breakfast you head to the gateway, it opens again with little concentration this time, but you still get a feeling of unease as you pass through it. Inside you are greeted by the sight of the empty room again, though it appears that Veles has made an attempt to clean it. Passing through the rookery you notice many of the falcons not even bothering to look at you as you pass. Familiarity breeding indifference among them.

You find Veles in the main chamber, this time tinkering wih more of the crystals at a workbench. Dahz laying nearby. He hears you coming this time. <Oh hello Sasha, good to see you again, just give me a second.>

You watch as he fits a red crystal onto an apparatus. Then you see him channel a small stream of magic into the tube containing it, causing a bright red light to shine through it, the light hits a lens of unknown make and then impacts a prism. You expect it to go out the other end, but in fact you see the light hit a wall to the right of where he is pointing. He hands the apparatus to you. <Birefringence light and total internal reflection. If I can miniaturize it I can use it as a pointer. Dahz enjoys it.> He says, whipping the small beam of light around as the wolfdog frantically chases it.


>Kill some time here looking at what else he's been working on
>The survey team will be here soon, lets get him going.

>Kill some time here looking at what else he's been working on
Just a little. Ask him how long it took him to figure this stuff out, and what else he's working on.

Then get going because we DO have guests coming over.
Let's get him going. I am paranoid about every one keeping a power face.
Make that a poker face. Fuck.
that makes a bit more sense.

We can ask him questions on the way if need be.
File: 1396984122914.gif-(1.88 MB, 360x200, HaveFalconWillTravel.gif)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
"How long did it take you to figure this stuff out?"

<Well, the manipulation of the crystals, learning the basic principles, all that business... I've got about two decades tied up in it. That of course being actual time working on it, not 20 years continuously of course.> He says, giving Dahz a run for her money as she tears off after the light.

<Really... anything else you have been working on?>

<Not much, just a little combination lens to try and minimize chromatic interference in light for my telescope.> he says, showing you a lens seemingly fused of two of varying curves. <I think I got the math correct, yet to test it though.>

<Well, you might have to put the testing on hold, those surveyors are due today and I figured I'd get you to them without having to show them the gateway. They might ask questions.>

You see him place the optics equipment back on the bench and grabs a harness that he puts on the unresisting wolfdog. After grabbing his pack he follows you through the gateway, handing you a leather glove on the way through the rookery and placing Daisy on it. <Since I'll be indisposed for a while, it is as good as time as any for you two to get better acquainted.>

Opening the gateway once more you meet up with your hands. There is a perfunctory greeting and Marie instantly takes the opportunity to dote on the little falcon. Off in the distance you can see the dust of a wagon approaching.

well, I guess we have a falcon now.

Pet your falcon with marie while you wait for the surveyors. Let's give them a big greeting, maybe some food, introduce them to veles and get their introductions, then let them busy themselves about their work. They can use the bunks if they happen to be nearby during their survey stuff and night comes.
File: 1396986030853.jpg-(202 KB, 1600x1200, DaisyUnnervesCityfolk.jpg)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
You pat the falcon as it nuzzles against your hand before rolling out the welcome wagon for the surveyors. There are four of them in total, two humans, an orc, and if the equal parts suit and robes is any indication, an elven mage from the UFK. One of the humans appears to the leader and gives you a curt nod, "Sasha Masterson? Waylon Jenkins, Serrak hired us."

"That'd be me, pleasure to meet you" you say, extending a free hand to shake his. "Your guide in the area will be my associate Veles. He knows the area."

The other three are introduced, Dahean, the Elven mage, is a mineralogist working for one of the magi patrician groups, and Harold and Kar are manual laborers, though you suspect a more accurate term would be hired muscle. Your offer of board in the bunkhouse is politely declined by Waylon, over the protests of Harold, as apparently their cart is stocked enough for them to spend several weeks in the wild. They say they have a line of credit to the nearest shop, which you suspect is Enos' general store in South Fork.

Despite their rough appearances, they seem professional enough and your ranch hands go about their business. Veles moves in front of the procession when Dahean addresses you, gingerly taking steps around the falcon on your arm. "Serrak was a little vague about what is back here. Is there anything you'd like to tell us to look for?"

well, first check the iron site to see if there's anything of value there. Then, you might want to check out the hot spring, serrak said he was quite interested in that one for some reason. Other than that, we did sort of get these guys to look around for us, so you know, keep your eyes open.

Veles, keep 'em honest and safe.
File: 1396988468815.jpg-(148 KB, 500x749, DahzMeanwhileIsObliviousT(...).jpg)
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148 KB JPG
"Well, first check the iron site to see if there's anything of value there. Then, you might want to check out the hot spring, Serrak said he was quite interested in that one for some reason. Outside that, we don't know much about the area, kind of why we wanted it surveyed." You say.

He nods, "Alright. I suppose that makes sense."

With that, the group follow Veles off into the woods behind your property. You watch them go until the bird on your arm starts flapping in indignation that the petting has stopped. You figure now you might just find out what you have around your land.

>Ending thread here. Will try and get a more regular thread schedule going soon.
allright, see you next time canid. Thanks for running, as always.

Now to hope they don't try to doublecross us the instant they find supergold.
Thank you for the run. Sorry for the slow participation.
Thanks for running.

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