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The condemned marched in line, their vestments of office worn above plain robes as they were arranged in a row upon the venerable entrance to St. Evengelion's Cathedral. Upon the flanks of the stairs stood fully twenty Astartes, their armor still bearing the marks of war they'd gained from the Betrayal at Varda, their hands placed upon the hilts of rested swords before them. The bells of the grand cathedral tolled five times for the condemned, the gathered witnesses ranging from nobles of the Governor's court to lowly beggars whispering that the bells would draw the Emperor's attention to this event.

Chapter Master stood beside the condemned as five of his brothers exited the Cathedral, bearing the anointed blades that would judge the Iron Monks before them. Several priests of the Cathedral offered prayers to the Emperor from the structure's doorway, empty containers of blessed water beside them. The five Astartes stepped between the condemned, all but the one nearest Chapter Master offering worried prayers to the Emperor.

Chapter Master surveyed the crowd as he unfurled the scroll in his grasp, banishing the whispers of the gathered. "These five do stand here before the Imperium and the Emperor to be judged by the Ordeal of the Blade for over one hundred crimes involving the Heretic Haran Dreifus. If you wish to admit your guilt to any of these charges, speak now and the Emperor's Mercy will be granted."

The silent priest simply turned his head toward Chapter Master and spoke. "Emperor forgive you, Lord Astartes."

With a simple gesture, Chapter Master signaled his Astartes to present the blades to the condemned.
File: 1396373571862.jpg-(248 KB, 900x1200, astartes.jpg)
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+File decryption complete+
+File Name: Intelligence Report GR-204b+
+Location: St. Evangelions Plaza, Tachion Primaris, Sector Deus, Sementum Obscurus+

Ghosts of Retribution Chapter got involved in a power struggle with Ecclesiarchy. After a direct confrontation Ghosts allied with other factions in the Sector and forced Ecclesiarchy to back down and give up 129 priests that were involved. Five of them are about to receive Trial by Blade, which will result in their deaths.

Our chat: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23RisingSons&server=irc.Rizon.net
Our wikipedia: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Chapter_Quest_Wiki
Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29320515/
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658 KB JPG
List of things:

- Using Favour to acquire additional Strike Cruisers, how much, how soon etc.
- Nestorium:
- Give them Eye of Titan
- Sell 'Burning Glory' for ~140W
- Purchase Hunter Destroyer Squadron - 120W
- Refit Eternal Purity
- Talk about how Chapter keeps getting severely fucked over and has no stable influx of equipment
- Use Sword-class Frigates 'Eternal Purity' and 'Strongback' as patrolling squadron around Mormark to ward off pirates
- Use Hunter Destroyer squadron to FIND (not engage) Haran Dreifus, and after that general patrolling
- Confirm I can replenish 5th, 6th & 7th companies by promoting Scouts and making more Scouts to replace them
- Confirm Varda/Novomark is repaired/going to be repaired with the money the Iron Monks were fined and what we paid to rebuild the generators
- Confirmation on how much we actually looted from the Frateris Militia at the end of Varda, MachineSpirit wrote up a list of stuff, I can't remember but he should, talk to him about it
- Regarding the crew of the Strongback, an excellent argument has been made: http://chapterquest.wikia.com/wiki/Drawing_Board#Chapter_Appeal_on_Strongback_Crewmen

As for the current Blade Trial....MachineSpirit had a big plan where this was going, it was my understanding that someone was meant to 'object' or something, but I can't remember.

Also hello.
Oh now I remember MachineSpirit's plan.

Prior to the Trial, we told the Order of the Bloody Tears, the White Preachers, and the Eaglebearers, that if they were to politely request mercy on the accused Priests (ie "Before those gathered, we beg you to spare these men, Honorable Astartes.") during the trial, we would honour it.
Oh hay, this quest looks pretty interesting
>Thread 83
Goddammit, this is just like Zeon Quest all over again!
File: 1396378158924.jpg-(94 KB, 600x600, Adeptus_Astartes.jpg)
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Added a new page using Luigi's ideas from the drawing board:
Indeed, however as I pointed out, it wouldn't be guaranteed that they will do this. Please roll 3d100
>Sell 'Burning Glory' for ~140W
Please clarify whether there was already an agreement on this and to whom you are selling it.
>Give them Eye of Titan
Please roll d100
Rolled 5, 18, 96, 87 = 206

Have one of Xyptus' agents in the crowd ask for mercy if none of the three show.

As for Burning Glory, MS and Perrow agreed with selling it, as to who its being offered to, Nestorium first, if not, Imperial Navy.

Rolling 4d100, first 3 for trial objectors, last for Eye.
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200 KB JPG
Your master Astropath, Nerial contacts you and informs that a new message was intercepted:

To the most honored Chapter Master of The Ghost of Retribution.

First of all let me express my sincere regret over the incident with the traitor Dreifus and my congratulation on your victory against this enemy of the Imperium. I, Anastasia Barbaross, would like to meet you to discuss your chapter current stewardship of Folkvangr. I was sadly occupied elsewhere during the transition of power and I would be endlessly grateful if you could spare some of your, assuredly, priceless time to meet me so we could discuss the future of my operations on the planet and maybe even their expansions.

With my most distinguished regard.
Anastasia Barbaross.

PS. My explorator magos would greatly appreaciate talking with one of your techmarine and if one could spare the time we would be pleased to receive him.
File: 1396380417859.jpg-(131 KB, 1080x712, 1340924232485.jpg)
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131 KB JPG
The rules of the Trial were simple. Accused priests had to hold extended swords in front of them, hailing the Emperors' statue while all of the charges against them were read. At first brothers suggested giving them Astartes-issue swords, but then it was realised, that weak, elderly priests will not be able to lift them at all, stopping the trial before it even began. Because of this reason they were given human swords, made of Imperial steel and blessed in the cathedral that was now towering above their place of execution.

The priests knew that they had no way to survive this trial - charges against them were 312 pages in length, Kvei Lohar(Governor of Varda) paid with his personal money to ensure that the best lawyer-scholars of Tachion Primaris would create that list. Even if read quickly(which wasn't the tradition), it would take at least four hours to finish the list. And as soon as one of the priests would lower his sword below his shoulders, he would fail the trial. This would result in immediate torturous quartering on the public square.

The Trial has just begun, but the priests were already shaking from fear and anxiety, swords didn't stay still in their hands, making it even harder for them. Some of the priests prayed, others cursed, one sobbed and soiled himself.

Suddenly, rows of spectators part and Amelia Engel, Canoness Preceptor of the Order of the Bloody Tears, appears. She walks towards you and once there is no more than a dozen steps left, she kneels and loudly proclaims:
>Order of the Bloody Tears pleads Ghosts of Retribution to finish this mockery of these men of the cloth. They have indeed sinned and Emperor will punish them, but they need to realise the gravity of their heresy. Allow us to take them into our custody and we shall deliver them into our Prison Covenant on Attero to repent for the rest of their lives. Please, Chapter Master, listen to our plea!
>The Canoness extends her grace to these souls when their peers abandon them. So be it. Remove these stains from this hallowed place, may they suffer all the greater from the weight of their heresy crushing them for the remainder of their lives.
File: 1396380853104.jpg-(34 KB, 320x240, crashed thunderhawk orbit(...).jpg)
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You receive a message from Regon, Fabricator General of Nestorium:
>You have my gratitude, Astartes. This relic will prove useful in restoring other Titans. Allow me to show our gratitude to you by sharing coordinates of a crashed Space Marine Thunderhawk that our automated probes detected on Sygma-477. I hope you'll find there something that will be of use to you.
File: 1396381306353.jpg-(272 KB, 1058x1326, 1359624627441.jpg)
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272 KB JPG
Please roll d100 as your public speaking skill. If you roll below Persuasion +10, you can choose any outcome you want:
>Benevolent: people will hear your words as merciful and your reputation as kind & honourable warriors will improve
>Dark: people will take your words as a warning against any other attempts to raise a voice against Astartes
Rolled 27

Choosing Benevolent by the way
File: 1396382654194.png-(38 KB, 318x472, Hate.png)
38 KB
>Confirm I can replenish 5th, 6th & 7th companies by promoting Scouts and making more Scouts to replace them
Confirmation granted.
>Confirm Varda/Novomark is repaired/going to be repaired with the money the Iron Monks were fined and what we paid to rebuild the generators
That is indeed so.
Your kind decision sways the hearts of the population and your words are greeted with cheers and applause. Priests fall to their knees crying from relief and thanking the Empeperor for sending them the salvation they prayed for so hard. However they are chained within minutes and sternfaced maidens of the Order take them away. Amelia Engel approaches you and smirks:
>That was well played, Chapter Master. Now the people think you are a hero and that I have a soft heart. I am wondering which one of those is further away from the truth. Thank you for this opportunity. What Iron Monks lose within Ecclesiarchy, the Order and our allies gain. Actually, after these events I almost think that your brotherhood could become one of them. But don't think that we are friends just yet.
She departs, while Nerial and Brethorius wait in the shadows for a chance to talk with you. Brethorius opens his mouth first:
>Milord, have you heard of the news that Master Regon sent? A crashed Thunderhawk! Who knows for how long it has been there. Would you want me to take a party and investigate?
Nerial also asks:
>Master, should I reply anything to this message? He shows you the scroll:
Reply as so Nerial:
Ms Barbaross,
Working to our mutual benefit on Folkvangr is of great interest to me, I would be happy to meet with you. I have business in Subsector Ionium so I will be able to meet with you soon.
Chapter Master of the Ghosts of Retribution.

Also I will add the marines and stuff
File: 1396384016467.jpg-(82 KB, 354x641, Centurion.jpg)
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Renard, leader of your Shadow Guard, salutes you:
>It seems we have a problem. Saragon Ursus, relative of our Sector Governor, is getting restless. He demands a chance to contact his relatives. However it seems that Ursus' Dynasty believe that he was killed during conflicts and they don't value him enough to confront you over his "death". What should I do with him?
I'm not sure, keep him locked away until I have a chance to talk this over with some other players when they show.
So left I've taken care of all the logistics, numbers are back up.
Next, I say we head to Subsector Ionium, meet with Barbaross and check out the downed Thunderhawk.
File: 1396385806258.jpg-(44 KB, 500x430, 1374526683920.jpg)
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Great, please roll d100 for warp travel and d100 for another important event. Please clarify on what is the current task force that accompanies Chapter Master to Ionium.
File: 1396385815095.gif-(1.8 MB, 460x256, 1394836874009.gif)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB GIF
Holy fucking shit
Rolled 76, 24 = 100

From henceforth, Gladius Squadron Alpha (Vanguard & Kentauros) will generally travel with the Aspera Dominus as Escorts. On this mission, the three of us travel to Ionium together, then Brehtorius takes Seran and GSA to Sygma-477 and investigates the Thunderhawk.
Chapter Master goes to Folkvangr for the meeting, see if any of the Techmarines want to meet with the Magos Explorator. Once we finish the meeting, we go to Sygma-477 and see Brethorius & Seran's progress.
The warp travel thankfully is not particularly eventful and you soon arrive to Folkvangr. It had been years since you were granted stewardship over this planet and at last you can dedicate some of your attention to its needs. Anastasia is already waiting for you in the orbit, she invites you aboard her ship, so that you could discuss her proposal.

Meanwhile, Gladius Squadron Alpha makes another jump to Sygma-477. Roll d100 for their success.
Rolled 34

just a liddle hop....
As the Chapter Master board the Rubhezal, a modified pilgrim ship, he is received by a woman in a dress that could only be called unpractical. Surprisingly there is little security considering the importance of the guests.
"Chapter Master, it is a pleasure to meet you so soon. I am Anastasia Barbaross and if you would please follow me I'd rather not have this meeting in a landing bay. Oh and I almost forgot Magos Temeritas is in the hold number 4 working on several heavy tanks. If you agree to meet with her I'll have a serf escort you to her."
As she say so she motion to one of the deckhands half-working half-gawking at the mythical warrior that grace their ship with their presence.
Turn to our Techmarines and ask whoever so wishes, to go meet with the Magos.
>A pleasure to meet you as well Miss Barbaross.
Follow Barbaross
The walk is rather short, two elevators and a walking through what was clearly a hydroponic farm and Barbaross leads the Chapter Master to what can only be called a garden, one that wouldn’t be out of place on Tachion Primaris upper spires. Here, the ceiling climb into a gigantic cupola made either of diamond pane or reinforced glass showing Folkvangr as the Rhubezal slowly orbit it. Chairs of suitable stature have been set and Anastasia motion them to your group before taking a seat.
“I’d like to welcome you in my gardens Astartes. I’d like to congratulate you again on your victory against Dreifus. I am also in awe of the compassion you showed during the trial of the blade, even though I wasn’t there to witness it myself. As you are aware I’m interested in your plans for Folkvangr and in how we could reach a profitable cooperation. This planet is rather important to me as its location far from my sibling makes it one of the most secure investments available to me right now. ”
"Indeed Miss Barbaross, after Lord Kerr granted me stewardship of this planet I was left in somewhat of a conundrum, the detritus of the Ionian Crusades is problematic. After investigating the possibilities of a full-scale clearing of the debris, it was clear such an operation would require resources far beyond our capabilities. However, I was hoping to be able to get the Order of the Ionium Tempest official sanctioned by the Ecclesiarchy, then arming and training them to be much more effective against the war servitors. However with the business in the Core Worlds and Varda I haven't had a chance."
“I see, while I’d love to help my dynasty sadly does not currently have the influence in Deus to help those endeavors. As such I’ll personally offer you my help should it be required. In exchange I’d like to have your blessing when I amass the capital necessary to expand my farming operations to more of the planet surface. I will not needlessly put my live in danger but I can act where someone of your stature couldn’t. The only thing I will have to refuse is providing help with hunting Dreifus as he is too good of a catch for someone in my situation.”
"I have no issue with you expanding your farming operations provided it does not cause any suffering to the people of Folkvangr, for their well-being is my primary concern and the purpose of my stewardship. As for Dreifus, anyone would want the sizeable bounty on his head. I can only wish you good luck and may the best hunter win."
“Yes Chapter Master may the best hunter win. Now that the important talks are out of the way would you care to dine with a humble servant of the emperor I am sure there is plenty I could learn from someone such as you and your retinue.”
[Barbaross Meeting End]
>- Talk about how Chapter keeps getting severely fucked over and has no stable influx of equipment

The Tombstone still doesnt have a forge?
Oh it does, we can make stuff ourselves but we need to pay for the raw materials and we're typically poor-as-shit, also we can't mass produce stuff on the cheap like a Forge World can.
Other than Varda and Mormak what planets do we have for mining?
Did we ever find out what the zog the Ice Wraiths are doing?
Also where the beats of war at? I vaguely remember one of our marines becoming a leader to the yetis
>Other than Varda and Mormak what planets do we have for mining?
Varda, Mormark and Folkvangr are the only planets we have any kind of jurisdiction on. Mormark is already being mined by the administratum so we can't take any of that and folkvangr is a massive warzone wasteland riddled with periodically awakened war-servitors.

Which really leaves Varda as the only real option. We're currently harvesting Natural Gas there as well as extracting some small gold deposits we found, but large-scale mining would require more thorough prospecting.

>Did we ever find out what the zog the Ice Wraiths are doing?
Also where the beats of war at? I vaguely remember one of our marines becoming a leader to the yetis

You remember correctly, it requires following-up but I keep forgetting.
Hold number four is but a short walk and ride upon the most blessed elevatus of the Omnissiah, a nervous serf squirming within his weak flesh at the silence of the Astartes beside him as they descend toward the massive bulk cargo hold. A trio of heavy tanks are the sole features within the hold, a pair of them twisted hulks but still perfectly identifiable as Crassus hulls. Neatly surrounded by an ordered selection of what appear to be spare components salvaged from the battlefield, both vehicles are forced to provide an interesting background to the wreck that dominates over half of the hold's deck. Twisted by an ancient weapon's impact, the hull still has clods of dirt and tall grasses clinging to portions of its battle-weary structure. Parts are neatly ordered upon the deck surrounding the hulked hull, many of them rent and warped by what was likely the fatal blow to the venerable war machine.

A hooded head rises from within what might still be called a tank, followed by a robed form covered in a combination of dirt and sacred unguents. Approaching, the figure's unaugmented hand rises to pull back the soiled hood, revealing a fleshy, female head and face with only minor augmentations for cranial circuitry.

"Blessings of the Omnissiah be upon you, Brother. I am Magos Temeritas Voughtius. Welcome to Hold Four." Even the voice seems unaugmented.

>Who are you?
>Techmarine Simmer
>Techmarine Actium
>Techmarine Destros
>Techmarine Destros
>Techmarine Destros
>For what purpose have you requested my presence Magos Voughtius?

>confirmed as Techmarine Destros

>What say?
This pretty straightforward

This or a veriation of it

The Magos takes a moment to subtly adjust its posture at your statement. "The Omnissiah's servants within this Sector state that your Chapter has a chapter forge rivaling that of Nestorium, with equipment crafted and blessed by the Priesthood upon Mars itself. With the facilities at this one's disposal, this venerable war machine will forever remain as it is. I wish to initiate formal protocol to beg your venerable Chapter's assistance in returning the Omnissiah's will unto this instrument."
>Letting outsiders into our Fortress Monastery is a large security risk, we would have to scan and check the vehicle to ensure it is safe to bring inside as well as visitors being under guard at all times. Such required measures dictate I request what the Chapter gains from such action.
>What you ask is possible, but not anyone is allowed acess into the halls of the Monastery. I would request you provide more information on this instrument's function.
It seems these worlds dont have a wiki entry im assuming we haven't explored them yet?
>Arcadia – Green world
>Shanga - Desert Death world
>Tyrardis - Green world
>Draloa - Mountain world
>"I would allow it but the decision is ultimately up to the chapter master. I will see what I can do about letting you use it, as I would very much like to see these machines fight again." (let her use the chapter forge)

Magos Voughtius' weak, fleshy face turns red as you query what the Chapter gains from such action.

"Have you forgotten the quest for knowledge, Brother? I have taken exacting measurements of this war machine since it has come into my care, and what information I've been able to obtain suggests that this instrument may be one of the ancient war machines of the Omnissiah known as a 'Malcador', or some more obscure war machine of similar geometrics. To learn of this machine and rouse it's spirit to into the Omnissiah's service once more."

Pulling a dataslate from her robe and connecting a data cable from the base of her cranium to the device for a moment, the Magos seems to hesitate, but offers the device.

"All of my knowledge of this war machine, little as it may be. What funds I have stockpiled. A favor begged and a debt owed, and what sway I may hold with Lady Barbaross until that debt is repaid. For An- Lady Barbaross, I offer what little I have to offer."
>It does indeed seem a venerable class. The Malcador ages back to the birth of the Imperium. I will make the recommendation to Chapter Master that you may utilise our Forge for repairs, once the proper checks and measures have been taken of course.

Approve use of the forge.
I like it seccond
>You speak of debts, may I inquire as to the nature of this debt?
>nature of debt

When you grant someone a favor, generally, they owe you some form of debt. Perhaps an unspecified favor at a later date, or a monetary payoff, or something else.
[Conversation with Magos Voughtius ends]

Skargan will likely hold a confirmation vote next thread.

Good night!
>If what you say is true, and this data confirms that you are, than I will allow you to use the forge for whatever you may need.

Night thanks for running. When would next thread be?
File: 1396404840710.gif-(956 KB, 360x173, CMQ.gif)
956 KB
956 KB GIF
Thanks MS, nighty night.

Not a single clue as to when Skargan will run next!
Rolled 47

Do you have a link to the full archive?

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